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ZUL EFENDI 15th Way Muhammad Hatta, Padang 33062 E-mail: zuleffendy09@gmail.


SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Training, exposure and demonstrated capabilities in variety of related areas, including computer operating systems, language, computer networking, and database management. * Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Excellent scholastic record, with demonstrated ability to quickly learn and grasp new concepts. * Capable of working independently or as part of a team effort. * Strong organizational, research, and analytical ability. * Demonstrated resourcefulness and ability to resolve both technical and non technical problems. EDUCATION: POLYTECHNIC OF ANDALAS UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Science Degree Major: Electronic Industry GPA: 3,5 Cum Laude

SKILLS PROFILE: Software: Office 2007, Quickbooks, Outlook Languages: C, C++, Cobol, Visual Basic Internet: Frontpage, Dreamwaver, ColdFusion, HTML, Workshop Operating System: Windows 8, NTS/DOS Database: Oracle, SQL, Access Control and Programmin System Good skill spoken and written in englishu