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85. Which of the following mixture will be a buffer solution when dissolved in 500 ml. of water? (A) 0.

20 mole of aniline and 0.20 mole of HCl. (B) 0.20 mole of aniline and 0.20 mole of NaOH (C) 0.20 mole of NaCl and 0.20 mole of HCl (D) 0.20 mole of aniline and 0.1 mole of HCl 86. The conjugate acid of NH2 is + (A) NH4 (B) NH3 (C) NH2OH (D) N2H4 87. There is no effect of dilution on pH of the following (A) 0.01 M CH3COOH + 0.01M CH3COONa (B) 0.01M H3COONH4 (C) 0.01M NH4OH + 0.01 M NH4Cl (D) in all cases 88. A 0.1 M solution of HCN is 0.01% ionised, the ionisation constant for HCN is 9 7 (A) 10 (B) 10 5 3 (C) 10 (D) 10 89. Consider following cases: I: 2 M CH3COOH solution in benzene at 27C where there is dimer formation to the extent of 100%. II: 0.5 M KCl aq. solution at 27C, which ionizes 100%, which is/are true statement (s)? (A) both are isotonic (B) I is hypertonic (C) II is hypertonic (D) none is correct 90. The osmotic pressure of a 5% solution of cane sugar at 150C is (A) 4 atm (B) 3.4 atm (C) 3.55 atm (D) approx 5 atm 91. 100 ml of liquid A was mixed with 25 ml of liquid B to give a non ideal solution of A B mixture. The volume of this mixture would be (A) 75 ml (B) 125 ml (C) close to 125 ml but not exactly 125 ml (D) just more than 125 ml 92. Glucose is added to 1 litre water to such an extent that Tf /kf becomes equal to 1/1000. The weight of glucose added is (A) 180 gm (C) 1.8 gm (B) 18 gm (D) 0.18 gm

93. The freezing point of equimolal aqueous solution will be highest for (A) C6H5 NH3Cl (C) La(NO3)3

(B) Ca(NO3)2 (D) C6H12O6

94. The ratio of the value of colligative property for KCl solution to that of sugar solution at the same concentration is nearly (A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 0.5 (D) 2.5 95. The Vant Hoff factor of a 0.005 M aqueous solution of KCl is 1.95. The degree of ionization of KCl is (A) 0.95 (B) 0.97 (C) 0.94 (D) 0.96 96. Which of the following polymers do not involve cross linkages? (A) Meimac (B) Bakelite (C) Polyethene (D) Vulcanized rubber