Just imagine

By Daniel J Towsey

If you controlled all the money what you can achieve in more than a 100 years.... Its not a conspiracy theory that there is rich powerful New World Order Zionists controlling everything....They have possession (control) of all the money making enterprises, key jobs in every field....They have total control...They have had the money to educate their own...to get those key positions, and buy all money making enterprises. It's easy when you can create money out of thin air. Why do you think they killed John F Kennedy...because he was a free thinker...They always destroy the free thinkers. He was in the process of shutting down the federal reserve and CIA. We will never be able to fix things until we, The people control the money....The money should belong to the people...The USA should own its own "Bank of the USA" and all its currency. The US government has no bank account or any money. The American economic system is a disaster..as a result the world is now a disaster.. Open your mind really, really wide. Now, open it some more. Now you might be able to just start comprehending the magnitude of the problem...They are controlling everything through the money.......By the way the reason they invaded Iraq is because Saddam Hussein started selling his oil only in Euro dollars...If the other oil producing countries followed suit...It would of destroyed the American Federal Reserve Note...Now do you get the picture........

Note; Iran is now getting ready to sell its oil only in Euros. and that’s why they want to attack Iran.. Daniel Towsey August 29 2005

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