effect of divorce on family life will give impact to children’s psyches

because they become traumatic of love

- they also will think that there is no affection between their parents that they love - children will unbelief to the word that has named ‘love’ - they will be afraid to make a relationship or a family


making lessen relation on family - one family comes from two families which are different - become one family because the relationship has been made when they got married - if they divorce, maybe their relationship that they have been made with another family will tear down - they will be an enemy for each other social


the changing of personality from the doers - will get a title ‘widow’ or ‘widower’ -Indonesia those titles have lots of influences for person who has one of those titles especially for person who has title as ‘widow’ because people usually think that the title usually identical with negative perception - family will ashamed with those titles. will influence their personality

leha…kita sama buat 2 effect bwh ni sy jg sertakan conclusion if u want, just use it to conclude our topic.

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