Hitler in Central America: A historical novel and a thriller based on a PhD Diss ertation from Columbia University.

The book reveals dark secrets of Nazi plans i n Central America to take over the Panama Canal and the hidden lives of both Naz is and anti Nazis, Americans and Germans who were trapped in love and hate stori es. But the book is also a plight for women`s , Jewish and Gay rights. A Ransomed Yankee History, by Frank Elliott Sisson One week after Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, on a calm morning, the Whaleship Milo sailed out of New Bedford harbor on a voyage that would impact ma ny lives and make Civil war history. This is her story. Go to www.franksisson.ne t for related photos, illustrations, maps and more detail. Robert S. LA Forte, "Remembering Pearl Harbor: Eyewitness Accounts by U.S. Milit ary Men and Women" Publisher: SR Books; Second edition

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