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marketing project

marketing project

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Published by Anshu Gupta
marketing project on share khan
marketing project on share khan

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Published by: Anshu Gupta on Feb 02, 2013
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This is to certify that I have completed the Project titled “Study of Retail Investor’s Preference” under the guidance of “Ms.Surbhi Malhotra” in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of “Master in Business Administration” from “Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, New Delhi.” This is an original work and I have not submitted it earlier elsewhere.

Name of the Student: Anshu Gupta Enrollment No: 03715903911 Class & Section: MBA „A (Signature)


CERTIFICATE (From Guide) This is to certify that the project titled “Study of Retail Investor’s Preference” is an academic work done by “Anshu Gupta” submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of “Masters in Business Administration” from “Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies. Surbhi Malhotra Designation of the Faculty: Assistant Professor. New Delhi.” under my guidance and direction. RDIAS ii . To the best of my knowledge and belief the data and information presented by him in the project has not been submitted earlier elsewhere. Name of the Faculty: Ms.

Surbhi Malhotra. faculty and internal guide. for his kind cooperation and who as my guide helped me in completing my project work. I express my sincere gratitude to Amit Sharma. PLACE: New Delhi DATE: (AnshuGupta) iii . I thank to Ms. for his able supervision during the course of the project.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is indeed a pleasant task to thank all the people who have contributed towards the successful completion of this project. Department of Business Management.

People have lost their millions in the stock market. The speculators are one who loose most of the money. At the same time I have tried to find out as in which financial instrument investor invest during different phases of market. The data in the project can also help the company in making the strategy for potential investor‟s. This work is a detailed study of stock market and about the way in which investors invest. iv . The next phase was about the study of investment pattern for which a questionnaire is developed and a survey is conducted between the retail investors. their products and the functioning of the stock market. The initial phase of the project explains what I have learned about the company. Lot of analysis is required to decide in which instrument one should invest. I have tried to explain the entire cash and derivative market with examples. Though hedging doesn‟t always give good returns but it helps one to take out his money with remarkable profits. Before stepping into investment process one should get the entire knowledge about the financial instrument options available in the market and the risk factor involved with the instrument and the estimated returns the investor would probably get. This is a place of gambling for those who don‟t know where to invest. Many people think that particular time is the best time to invest but the fact is that it depends on the investor and his capacity to take risk and invest not the time. and this has led to many innovation and development of new ideas for making various investment channels for investment. The market behaves differently to differently people. There are hedgers who keep risk in their mind but try to minimize it by using different strategies. Investors have always focused on the fact of increasing the returns and minimizing the risk.Executive summary The time one talks about stock market. another word also clicks and that is risk. This project will help the people in getting lot of their answers related to investment options and the ways to analysis the market.

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