Heart Blocks

Man/Husband = P wave Woman/Wife = QRS Complex

1st Degree AV Block

In the 1st year of marriage, the man goes out with his friends every Friday night and tells his wife he will be home by midnight. He consistently comes home at 01:00 am. He is late, but always exactly 1 hour late. His wife is somewhat concerned, but rationalizes “I know he loves me and it’s only one hour.”

2nd Degree Type I (Wenckebach)

In the 2nd year of marriage, the man notices his wife doesn’t seem to be to troubled by his tardiness…..so much like all men…..he pushes his luck. He begins to come home later and later. He comes home at 2:00 am, then 3:00 am, until finally one day he comes home at 04:00am and she’s gone. There is a note on the bed that states “I’ll be back!!” (It rhymes with Wenckebach)

They are under the same roof. Except now it doesn’t matter when he comes home because she continues to sleep out every now and again. (“Mo-Bitch” instead of Mobitz) 3rd Degree AV Block By the 3rd year of marriage. Now. the man finally realizes the marriage is over. He knows she has found the attention elsewhere…regardless of how much he begs..2nd Degree Type II (Mobitz) Still in the second year.again much like all men….after ruining a good thing. There is no relationship between man and the woman. .. He files for a divorce. but in the meantime she agrees to let him live there until he finds his own place. when he goes out he always comes home at midnight like he promised. he realizes the error in his ways.. but they come and go as they please.

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