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McGraw-Hill Education

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Online Learning Centres
Most McGraw-Hill Education texts are accompanied by an Online Learning Centre (OLC), a text-specific website hosting digital learning resources. These include interactive resources for students and password-protected resources for adopting lecturers. Resources include:

Instructor Resource/Solutions Manuals Lesson plans, teaching notes and solutions to help instructors get the most out of McGraw-Hill textbooks PowerPoint slides Chapter summaries that can be used in class or as a revision tool EZTest Online A powerful and easy to use assignment builder supporting McGraw-Hill textbooks. Assignments can be built in 4 easy steps with the options of editing or adding your own questions. Deliver within EZTest Online or opt for one-click export to MS Word, Blackboard or Moodle learning management platforms Artwork library A selection of image files from the text that can be used by instructors to help deliver their course

VitalSource eBooks
Selected McGraw-Hill Australia titles are available via Vitalsource Bookshelf—the most advanced eBook software in the world. You get three-way access to your books: download, online and mobile. Take and share notes, search and highlight content. Titles available as eBooks are marked in this catalogue with

Connect Plus
McGraw-Hill’s Connect Plus Automotive prepares students for success. It is a web-based assignment and assessment platform for Automotive Mechanics, 8th edition by Ed May and Les Simpson. An eBook is integrated within the Connect platform which allows the questions and activities to be directly linked to the text’s content. Interactive digital tools connect students to their coursework and powerful management features let instructors spend less time administrating and more time teaching. Easy to use and manage, Connect Plus Automotive is flexible enough to suit all levels of technology infrastructure and requirements. To find out more about Connect Plus go to www.mcgraw-hillconnect.com. For more information on Automotive Mechanics, 8th edition turn to pg 4.

McGraw-Hill Create™
The future of custom publishing is here—‘Create what you’ve only imagined’. McGraw-Hill Create™ is a self-service website with a powerful search engine that allows instructors to create customised textbooks within minutes. This innovative system allows you to pick and choose content from any McGraw-Hill VET, Higher Education, Professional or Medical title as well as including your own course notes to create a textbook that is perfect for any course. McGraw-Hill Create books are available in print or eBook and can be personalised with your institution’s logo and your choice of cover. For more information visit www.mcgraw-hill.com.au/digital

Training Packages Correlation Grid Automotive Industry Retail Service and Repair Business Services Construction, Plumbing and Services Electrotechnology Financial Services Graphic Art Information and Communications Technology Manufacturing Metal and Engineering Retail Services Music Tourism, Hospitality and Events Training and Education Transport and Logistics Index by Author Contact Information 2 4 6 11 13 16 20 21 22 23 29 29 30 31 31 32 Back Cover

Hill & Coxhill Event Management Wrathall & Gee Vocational Training and Assessment Hill. Gionea & Fraser Computer Accounting using MYOB 13e Neish & Kahwati Management Accounting 3r Neish & Banks Financial Accounting Mills Fundamentals of Business Law 7e Barron {Graphic Design} Australian Style Manual Barnum et al Engineering Drawing 8e Boundy Mathematics for Technicians 7e Alldis & Kelly Retail Services.Training Packages Correlation Grid Automotive Mechanics 8e May & Simpson Approach to Automotive May & Simpson Offfiice Skills 5e Horsfall & Turner Marketing 7e Rix Consumer Behaviour 2e Webb Management Strategies and Skills Dwyer & Hopwood Plumbing Services Series Puffett et al Electrical Wiring Practice 7e Pethebridge & Neeson Electrical Principles for the Electrical Trades 6e Jenneson & Harper Economics for Business 4e Fraser. Perlitz. Hill & Pertliz A Framework for Supply Chains Oakden & Leonaite 2 .

Hospitality and Events TAE10 Training and Education TLI07 Transport and Logistics 3 . Craft and Design Training Package MEM05 Metal and Engineering SIR11 Retail Services SIT07 Tourism. Service and Repair BSB07 Business Services CPC08 Construction Plumbing and Services UEE07 Electrotechnology FNS10 Financial Services CUV03 Visual Arts.AUR05 Automotive Industry Retail.

When the driver requires more power to increase speed or quick acceleration the petrol or diesel system is utilised. greater learning Connect Plus Automotive is a unique online assignment and assessment platform that is perfect for instructors and students embracing eLearning. Most hybrid cars on the road are petrolelectric hybrids. although there are also diesel-electric hybrid cars. The petrol or diesel engine is used when more power is required and the electricity is used when less power is required. more teaching.mcgraw-hillconnect.2. the engine is idling or decelerating the electrical power source is used. A wealth of detailed full-colour diagrams. For a detailed product demonstration visit www. The two volumes cover principles. practical applications and end-of-chapter review questions. 7 wheel. This chapter explores the hybrid systems using a general approach. located above the transaxle. 12 power cable 18 .indd 388 14/9/09 2:51:48 PM 4 . photographs and point-of-view instructional videos (available on the Online Learning Centre) clearly illustrate the presented theory equipping students with the skills they need for a career as an automotive mechanic. Connect Plus Automotive offers an extensive online assessment tool with automatic grading. 6 front hub. 2 electric-motor assembly. GM. digital and audio technology. For instance. 9 fuel line. Service and Repair Training Package.mhhe.com/au/may8e 388 PART 4 • ALTERNATIVE DRIVE SYSTEMS A motor vehicle that combines two or more power sources that can directly or indirectly drive a vehicle is a hybrid. Inverter The electric inverter.Automotive Automotive Mechanics 8th edition Ed May & Les Simpson Automotive Mechanics is the market leading Australian automotive text that is a widely used and invaluable resource for all automotive students and technicians.2 Skeletal arrangement of a hybrid-powered vehicle 1 hybrid vehicle.com 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 1 1 12 11 10 Figure 18. With the high technology of control systems and the operation of these engines with assistance from transmission designs and regenerative braking systems. Main and recharge motors The electric motor and generator on a hybrid car are very sophisticated components using advanced electronic controls and very high voltage to act as a motor to drive the vehicle and acting as a generator to charge the battery source.1 Hybrid engine bay HONDA Main hybrid system components 1 2 Connect Plus Automotive 3 Petrol or diesel engine The main engines for hybrid vehicles are typical petrol and diesel engines. is used to convert DC and AC current between the Less managing. when the engine is first started. These texts engage students by providing simple explanations. these systems are better for the environ- ment. Refer to those chapters for the operation and further information. applications and general servicing requirements that relate to passenger and light commercial vehicles. including Ford. Honda and others have vehicles available with hybrid technology. 5 front brake. workshop safety and environmental issues ONLINE LEARNING CENTRE     Volume 1 | 9780070271876 Volume 2 | 9780070271883 Vols 1 + 2 Shrinkwrap | 9780070285613 www. Over 40 point-of-view instructional videos Instructor Resource Manual EZTest Online Image Library Figure 18. 4 engine. Most of the major vehicle manufactures. they use less fuel and emit less harmful emissions. The authors Ed May and Les Simpson both have extensive and varied industry experience as automotive mechanics as well as many years of teaching experience in TAFEs throughout Australia. A full competency grid is available in the text and on the Online Learning Centre Fully Australian content and safety standards Coverage of the latest developments in new automotive technology. Toyota/Lexus.May Automotive .Vol 2 8e. 8 steering assembly. There are many hybrid systems used by vehicle manufacturers so it is not possible to cover the full variety. plus an integrated eBook for 24/7 access to the text. 11 fuel tank. KEY FEATURES Mapped to competencies in the AUR05 Automotive Industry Retail. 10 high-voltage battery. Hybrid system components The main parts of the basic hybrid arrangement are shown in Figure 18. 3 radiator.

Incorporating up-to-date material from the 8th edition. tables and incorporates a discussion on relevant legislation. basic principles. Including nearly 200 illustrations. aligned to the AUR05 Automotive Industry Retail. Heavy Vehicle Mechanics includes multiple illustrations. Approach to Automotive Ed May & Les Simpson Approach to Automotive has been adapted for schools from the classic McGraw-Hill Australia text Automotive Mechanics by Ed May and Les Simpson. construction and operation of systems and components. 9780070271913 Text | 9780028034621 Text & Workbook | 9780077238780 5 . KEY FEATURES Written specifically for the VET in Schools program.Automotive Industry Retail. the workbook provides practical workshop assignments that parallel and complement activities within the text. repair. as well as diagnosis and service. diagrams. troubleshoot and maintain diesel engines in the real world. The text includes terminology. Service and Repair Training Package Fully Australian content and safety standards Safety tips and handy hints throughout the book broaden students’ knowledge in each subject area and offer practical advice Engaging full-colour graphics and photographs enrich the learning experience Spiral binding allows for ease of use and PVC cover protects the binding 9780074520819 Diesel Mechanics 4th edition Erich Schulz & Ben Evridge Diesel Mechanics takes a hands-on approach with procedures and techniques needed to diagnose. Service and Repair Heavy Vehicle Mechanics Dr Ian Nicholson Heavy Vehicle Mechanics provides information on coaches and on-road trucks that is suitable for use with trade and advanced trade courses in TAFE colleges. it addresses the essential components of the VET in Schools program.

attractive design. knowledge questions and an integrated workbook allow students to reinforce their understanding of the material covered. risk assessment and control. KEY FEATURES Each chapter is mapped to the relevant competency of the BSB07 Business Services Training Package Workbook sections are included within each book An abundance of diagrams and tables to aid visual learners Online Learning Centre      9780074712634 Instructor Resource Manual EZTest Online Case studies PowerPoint Slides Online chapters www. forms. Features such as case studies. demonstrations and thirdparty reports. hands-on approach and clear.com/au/stewart Book 1 | 9780070277281 Book 2 | 9780070277298 Book 3 | 9780070277397 www.Ofifffiice Skills Offfifi ice Skills a Practical Approach 5th edition Occupational Health and Safety Margaret Stewart & Frank Heyes Occupational Health and Safety takes an organisational approach to hazard identification. practical examples and activities. It is especially suited to business and financial services. Students are encouraged to demonstrate competency by employing evidence portfolios.mhhe. Book 1 covers Certififif icate I in Business. as each chapter relates OHS theory and application to real workplace practice and scenarios. Each of the three books in this series covers a different level of the TAFE and VET in Schools Certifications for Business and Business Administration. help students complete each module. such as tables. real-life examples. practical work tasks. Margaret Horsfall & Sharon Turner Offfifi ice Skills: a Practical Approach appeals to students through its practical. Book 2 Certififif icate II and Book 3 Certififif icate III. learning journals. rather than focusing on hazards individually. role plays. Key learning tools.com/au/horsfall5e 6 .mhhe.

and when? These are the questions marketing research tries to analyse in order to reduce business risk. Was each firm’s action ethical? • Methodology. you took note of respondents’ contact details as possible future leads. Featuring a wealth of colour photographs of contemporary marketing campaigns. including your salary level and contact details. It is ideal for students of Certififif icate IV and Diploma of Marketing in the BSB07 Business Services Training Package. real-life marketing campaigns Attractive full-colour design. in a shopping centre. KEY FEATURES Covers marketing in the digital era. students are able to engage with material and examples they are familiar with. This edition has been completely revised and updated to suit the rapidly evolving nature of marketing and the needs of today’s VET students. or that the weather was unexpectedly hot or wet on one of the interview days.Business Services Marketing Marketing a Practical Approach 7th edition Peter Rix Marketing: a Practical Approach has a successful. You asked visitors to the stand to complete a survey on their views of aspects related to your industry.indd 104 JENNY RIX 6/17/10 5:59 PM Is there enough consumer demand for another CBD shopping complex? If so. Was your action ethical? • Recently. teamed with a wealth of tables and diagrams that create an engaging and accessible text for today’s VET students Online Learning Centre        104 PA RT O N E MODERN MARKETING EI EI ETHICAL INSIGHTS SELLING THAT PRETENDS TO BE RESEARCH • Recently. you were approached by a well-dressed young woman who asked for your cooperation in research she was conducting into people’s holiday preferences. Two weeks later you received a phone call from a firm selling holiday time-share accommodation. The survey was the brainchild of your firm’s marketing manager. and how. A detailed analysis of the findings and what they mean. no-nonsense presentation of the principles of modern marketing. Examples might include a comment that a small but significant proportion of respondents misinterpreted a question.com/au/rix7e 7 . exactly what goods and services do shoppers want to buy there. your firm participated in a trade show. • Findings. MARKETING ON THE STREET MARKETING ON THE STREET ON THE STREET Instructor Resource Manual EZTest Online PowerPoint slides Videos (with accompanying notes) Marketing Plan worksheets Artwork Library Extra Case studies and activities Text | 9780070287006 eBook | 9780071016124 rix87006_ch03_076-112. who saw it as a good opportunity to better understand your customers. Before handing the completed surveys to the marketing manager. retailing and globalisation Each chapter contains snapshots of current. This analysis should also include any qualifications—acknowledgments of problems or faults in the research process. www. A detailed description of the research methods and tools used. You agreed and she conducted a short survey during which you revealed a number of personal details.mhhe. award-winning pedigree—for 20 years it has provided marketing students with a comprehensive.

mhhe. global issues.com/au/essentialrix 9780071458290 8 . The clear and accessible writing style and key learning tools such as group activities. catalogues and print advertising.Marketing Selling Managing Customer Relationships 3rd edition Peter Rix Selling: Managing Customer Relationships focuses on the fundamentals of personal selling with an in-depth coverage of customer relationship management strategies and personal selling techniques for practical success in the field. real-world information with practical exercises and questions for a hands-on approach Integrated marketing plan workbook provides practical experience in developing a marketing plan Focus on marketing strategies relevant to small businesses 9780074715611 www. Coverage of internet marketing. 9780074712252 www. It includes all the latest tools and techniques needed for success in today’s digital. This book takes a practical approach by offering case studies and exercises to give students a real world understanding of marketing. ethical challenges and marketing in a small business is provided from an Australian perspective. multi-channel marketplace. fully covering the development of direct mail advertising. case studies and review questions reinforce concepts for maximum retention.com/au/rix3e_selling Successful Direct Marketing Methods Bob Stone & Ron Jacobs Successful Direct Marketing Methods helps marketers understand and implement complex direct marketing tools and techniques. KEY FEATURES Common sense. Essential Marketing Skills Peter Rix Essential Marketing Skills provides the fundamental concepts of marketing for those students who do not need the depth or detail of Marketing: a Practical Approach (also by Peter Rix). This book provides valuable coverage of the creative process.mhhe.

Instructor Resource Manual EZTest Online PowerPoint slides Artwork Library 9780070278370 www. interviewing. reporting and ethics. Consumer Behaviour 2nd edition Karen Webb Consumer Behaviour is a hands-on. practical text exploring the individual. focus groups. the book reveals secrets for anticipating instead of reacting.Business Services Marketing Research 2nd edition John Boyce Marketing Research is a hands-on text with plenty of exercises. KEY FEATURES Includes new material on situational influences. while tackling the nuts and bolts of market research: project and survey design.mhhe. such as consumer privacy and the impact of the internet. as well as updated illustrations and exhibits New topical ‘Marketing in Focus’ case studies give students topical real-world examples Colour advertisements and graphics available on the Online Learning Centre 9780074714218 www. This book covers issues affecting marketing research today.mhhe. research analysis. key terms and review questions reinforce the presented theory Online Learning Centre     Time Management 24 Techniques to Make Each Minute Count at Work Marc Mancini This hands-on guide features 24 time-saving tools and techniques that you can put to use right away to make every minute on the job more productive.com/au/webb2e 9780071493383 9 . eliminating procrastination and delegating tasks. This book is written specifically for VET students and structured around Certififif icate IV Marketing in the BSB07 Business Services Training Package.com/au/boyce2e Chapter summaries. activities and examples for students. social and lifestyle influences on consumer motivation and how this information can be used to assess and devise marketing strategies. social marketing and eCommunication. Dispelling myths that can actually cost instead of save valuable time.

mhhe. and much more. Flowchart A flowchart is a visual mapping tool that consists of a set of symbols and shows the sequential steps of a process or activity. Get the most from your course. This text will also assist the licensed gasfitter to understand and correctly interpret the standards laid down in the current code for the installation of gas burning appliances. ASK YOURSELF: What options do you have to implement a solution? Who are the stakeholders you would involve? How would you involve the emergency department? A flowchart is a visual mapping tool detailing the sequence of actions within a process. The Online Learning Centre provides addi resources and a powerful learning experience. Puffet new_CVR. LPG.indd 1 Solutions Manual PowerPoint slides Plumber profiles Artwork Library. The OLC for students and instructors is available at www. • new chapters on sustainability. safety devices. In this third edition. How to use the tool ■ interview relevant individuals to gain an understanding of the process operation ■ agree on the current step and flow of the process ■ use the appropriate shapes graphically to show the process ■ analyse the process and compare the existing process to an ideal or proposed new process ■ draw a new flowchart of how the revised process operates.com/au/puffett www. communication and OHS in the workpla • thought-provoking interviews with plumbers. with extensive use of succinct tables.13. in the Plumbing Services Series. Basic Sk covers all the basic knowledge required to meet the challenges of working in • a wealth of helpful illustrations and photos plumbing industry.mhhe.Business Services Management Management Strategies and Skills Judith Dwyer & Nicole Hopwood Management Strategies and Skills is mapped to the Frontline Management & Business Management qualifications of the BSB07 Business Services Training Package. The text encourages learning with a logical pathway: the theory is presented. This is an invaluable teaching tool for all management students and lecturers in the VET sector. Table 11.indd Sec1:372 8/26/09 2:06:58 PM Text | 9780070277670 eBook | 9780071016094 www. one shows the flow of a ‘yes’ decision the other the flow of a ‘no’ decision Instructor Resource Manual EZTest Online PowerPoint slides Management Asset Gallery Marketing Plan worksheets Online ‘Risk Management’ chapter Videos (with accompanying notes) When to use the tool ■ a flowchart can be used to define or document a process. incorporating thorough and wide-ranging revisions to meet the requirements of the CPC08 New features include Construction. review questions. Dywer_Ch11_Iss. meters. A foundation tex • full colour internals to enhance the learning experience McGraw-Hill’s popular and long-running Plumbing Services Series. it could also be used as a training tool or to agree the workings of a process. 226mm back cover KEY FEATURES Well-structured chapter openers give clear learning objectives for each chapter while end of chapter summaries. Plumbing and Services Training Package. insufficient medical staff scheduled. • • It includes: • • • • This new second edition of the classic McGraw-Hill text Gasfitting. studying a flowchart may enable managers to identify problems within a process ■ a flowchart can be used to help to investigate the performance of a process (an example of such a flowchart is on page 378).13 > Flowchart symbols Symbol Circles or rounded shapes Use Denotes the start and end of the process Arrows Connects the shapes and shows the sequential flow of the process or activity Rectangles Describes a process step Diamonds A decision in the process is required This symbol may have two arrows coming out of it. continuous • a trade maths chapter covering maths in applied plumbing situations flow hot water systems. The main flowcharting symbols are shown in Table 11. it highlights the actions and decisions within a process. group activities. the reader is asked to reflect with ‘Ask Yourself’ questions and then the student is engaged in practical applications with ‘Apply Your Knowledge’ sections. web-links and case studies ensure these objectives are easily met Up-to-date case studies help students understand and apply management and communication issues within real organisations ‘Good Practice’ features at beginning of each chapter highlight real business practice Online Learning Centre        372 PART 4 Management of operations Ask yourself Assume you have responsibility for implementing the interventions to solve the problems of: 1. • expanded review question sections on easily removable perforated pages spiral binding for ease of use New features include: new material on regulators.com/au/dwyer 10 . abnormally high patient numbers 2.mhhe. in which they describe the experiences working in the industry • revised and expanded colour illustrations and photographs • a competency grid aligned to the Training Package • worksheets to accompany each chapter Gasfitting 2e is accompanied by a website with a suite of PowerPoint® slides and a library of all the images in the text.com/au/ www.mhhe. Basic Skills has been completely updated. this text conveys information to the reader easily and is ideal for visual learners. Written in plain English. incorporates thorough and wide-ranging revisions to bring it up to date with the requirements of the Plumbing and Services Training Package. pipe installations. diagrams and a full-colour internal design. ventilation.

L.J. these texts feature an abundance of illustrations and photographs.indd 44 11/10/11 11:32 AM 9780071014779 (April 2012) www. B.mhhe. Puffett. Bruce Paulsen R. Gasfififitting and Drainage are the first texts in the updated Plumbing Services Series which will also include Water and Roofiffiing. Hossack au/plumbing fett2e McGRAW-HILL hhe. R.J.2).1(a)) and these eliminate the problem of blade twist and wobble. Miles. but also includes information on the latest machine-cutting tools and techniques used for the wide range of approved plumbing materials. J. accessible style.3 3.5mm 226mm front cover 19/10/11 3:32 PM NEW KEY FEATURES A wealth of helpful illustrations complement the presented theory Expanded review questions section printed on perforated pages Protected spiral binding for ease of use Online Learning Centre    CHAPTER three Cutting and drilling Learning objectives in this chapter you will learn about: 3. Basic Skills Plumbing Services Series place heir Drainage Basic Skills 3rd Edition Plumbing Services Series Plumbing Services Series Michael Burn. Written in a clear. but is not used on flat sheet metals. ( c) pi s t ol gr i p h ack s aw ( d) met aw or k h ack s aw tension lever (a) (b) (c) (d) Puffett_Ch03. Bruce Paulsen R.J.J. Paulsen. Plumbing and Services Integrated Framework. The main purpose of all tools is to make work fast.J.J.J. Hossack.J. L. Instructor Resource Manual PowerPoint slides Artwork Library The blade is suspended across the bow and attached to steel pins at each end. Peter Miles R. Most hacksaw frames are adjustable to accommodate blades of different lengths. Burn. Puffett.1). comfortable and safe. F i g 3 .J. with the cutting teeth facing away from the handle (Figure 3. A variety of designs is available for different applications (Figure 3. Puffett & L. Kavanagh. Hossack 3rd Edition ng C08 text in Skills g in today’s Plumbing Services Series The new editions of the classic Plumbing Services Series have been thoroughly updated to cover all the essential competencies of the CPC08 Construction.com/au/plumbing 11 . Stone dditional Rob Kavanagh. 3rd edition M. for example.J. Puffett & L.J. Hossack 9780071015042 Gasffiitting. the adjustable wing nut at one end of the bow is tightened until the blade is in tension. A ‘junior’ hacksaw is often useful (Figure 3. Blade selection and use Hacksaw blades are made with various grades of cut so that they can be used for different cutting operations.J. irrespective of the shape of its section. creating a visually appealing and engaging learning tool. P. R. This section deals with the hand tools used for cutting in current plumbing practice. Burn.Construction. usually 250 mm and 300 mm. When the blade is placed in position.2 cutting with hand tools how to sharpen drills 3. easy.J. L. Puffett. Since tools were first used technological innovation has constantly improved the equipment—from the simple stone tools of prehistory to the sophisticated new tools and equipment used by today’s workforce. Hossack Drainage Plumbing Services Series Rob Kavanagh. Puffett. The hacksaw is a bow-shaped frame with a handle. Basic Skills. L. Plumbing and Services Plumbing Michael Burn.1 3. Stone 9780070278912 Drainage. Soft materials. P. Peter Miles R. ( a) t ens i on lev er. introduction Many of the metal fabrication and assembly processes the plumber is expected to perform require the use of various cutting tools. should be cut with a coarse blade (fewer teeth) and harder materials cut with a finer blade (more teeth). Miles. R. 1 Var i ou s t ypes of h ack s aw .com/au/plumbing 17mm slot area spine 12. ( b ) ju ni or h ack s aw. Puffett. the series gives students a thorough understanding of the subjects. Hossack & J.4 the types of drilling machines tapping and threading. 3rd edition R. 2nd edition M.J.1(b)) since it can cut in awkward places more readily than larger hacksaws. Basic Skills. In full colour for the first time. L. Hossack Hand cutting Hacksaws The hacksaw is used to cut most types of metal. Some brands of hacksaw are provided with a tension lever (Figure 3.

to pouring the foundation. real-world approach—theory is tied in to the process of building a timber-framed cottage End-of-chapter review questions reinforce presented theory Carpentry & Construction 5th edition Mark Miller & Rex Miller Carpentry & Construction takes you through every step of house construction. demonstrate each phase of construction: from selecting tools.500 photographs and illustrations. additions. KEY FEATURES A wealth of detailed diagrams and illustrations Practical. Dieter Mylius & Stuart Arden Practical Australian Carpentry is an ideal resource on carpentry and joinery for apprentice carpenters and practising tradesmen. tools. This book contains all the tasksimplifying details needed for professional and DIY projects. each logically organised by building stages. This how-to handbook also covers remodeling.Construction. and repairs. Clear instructions. Book 1 covers Framing and Construction whilst Book 2 covers Joinery and Advanced Framing. These classic texts provide comprehensive coverage of basic skills and theory and contain information on materials. along with more than 1. construction and regulations. Book 1 | 9780074521281 Book 2 | 9780074521298 Books 1 + 2 Shrinkwrap | 9780070087064 9780071624718 12 . to finishing the interior. Plumbing and Services Construction Practical Australian Carpentry Jack Barrington.

installation. Lowe 4th edition Text | 9780073510880 Activities Manual | 9780073303420 LogixPro PLC Lab Manual | 9780077477998 Electronics for Electrical Trades offers comprehensive coverage of electronics for the electrical trades. A free student CD is included featuring lab application assignments.mhhe.com/grob11e Instructor Resource Manual PowerPoint slides EZTest Online Solutions Manual Electronics for Electrical Trades James F. The theory in this text is complemented by numerous diagrams and photographs while worked examples and chapter summaries are also included to aid in revision and comprehension.Electrotechnology Electrotechnology Grob’s Basic Electronics 11th edition Programmable Logic Controllers Frank Petruzella Mitchel E. Schultz 4th edition Grob’s Basic Electronics is written for the beginner student pursuing a qualification in electronics technology. this text focuses on essential topics for the technician. ControlLogix and function block programming Computer Lab Manual and Activity Manual also available Online Learning Centre     Text | 9780077410094 Experiments Manual | 9780077427108 Problems Manual | 9780077238322 www. and the all-important development of testing and troubleshooting skills. and maintenance procedures. www. In covering the fundamentals of electricity and electronics. This book features a wealth of full-colour photographs and diagrams to clearly illustrate key concepts. No previous knowledge of PLC systems or programming is assumed. human machine interfaces. Programmable Logic Controllers provides an up-to-date introduction to all aspects of PLC programming. KEY FEATURES Real-world examples show students how to apply their knowledge New and expanded coverage of industrial networks.com/plc4e 9780074526088 13 . Extensive review questions and problems allow students to reinforce the theory learnt in each chapter.mhhe.

The Wiring Rules Clause 3. a conductor is a wire or other form of electrical conducting material for carrying current in a wiring system.mhhe. these texts make a great reference for trade professionals wishing to brush up on new developments in electrotechnology.23 and Clauses 1. Note 1 to Table 3.1. In the interests of efficiency. Visual learners will apreciate the abundance of fullcolour diagrams and photographs that explain key concepts. It is achieved by the use of electrical conductors or cables interconnecting the various systems and eventually terminating at equipment that converts the electrical energy to some other form of energy that can be used by the consumer.1a explains the basic definitions for a conductor and a cable.4. their resistance must be low. that is. www.32 should be studied and well understood.4. VOLUME 2 KEITH PETHEBRIDGE IAN NEESON This book is complemented by a rich online learning package to assist teachers in preparing and presenting classes.com/au/pethebridge7e 7 76 14 . The or instructors and /pethebridge7e ual VOLUME 2 KEITH PETHEBRIDGE IAN NEESON 7th EDITION Electrical Wiring Practice is a complete learning resource for Certififi f icate II and III in Electrotechnology in the UEE07 Electrotechnology Training Package. as well choice for classes of apprentice and non-apprentice trainees.au for more information. The Online Learning Centre for instructors and students is available at: 7th EDITION mhhe. otherwise an uneconomical power loss will occur within the conductors.1b.org.31.worldskills.au for more information Online Learning Centre    ELECTRICAL WIRING PRACTICE—VOLUME 1 The transmission. the two predominant materials used as conductors are copper and aluminium. Figure 4.com/au/jenneson6e A portion of the profits from this book will to WorldSkills Australia. explores electrical machines in the sa ELECTRICAL WIRING PRACTICE The text is a suitable resource for teachers and tradespeople. It contains many new and updated areas that reflect current technology and practices. 4.5. s independent study will be easier. a poor connection can result in loss of supply. Visit www. au for more ed by a rich o assist teachers ng classes.31 and 1. Features include: • • • • • • om this book will a. reticulation and distribution of electrical energy from the power station to the consumer’s equipment is carried out over great distances and sometimes through intricate and complicated circuits.org.32) Volume 1 | 9780070286412 Volume 2 | 9780070286436 Volume 1 + 2 Shrinkwrap | 9780071011877 Single-wire bare conductor (no insulation) used for collector wire for trains. electromagnetic radiation and mutual inductance.com/au/pethebridge7e In addition to being an ideal learning resource for students. See Table 4. Visit www. The wiring of an installation is designed to have relatively low power loss and the aim is for all power conversion to take place within the consuming equipment. Other definitions related to cables are given in Figures 4. Volume 1 of the new edition features new and updated content on ele Volume 2. conductors used for the supply or interconnection of electrical equipment must offer minimum opposition to the flow of electric current. new and extended explanations in key areas problem examples chapters divided into topics and subtopics for ease of use full-colour photographs and illustrations self-assessment exercises and answers for students to try out end-of-chapter summaries.3a (p.17) Instructor Resource Manual Artwork Library EZ Test Online 4.4.Electrotechnology Electrical Wiring Practice 7th edition Keith Pethebridge & Ian Neeson ELECTRICAL WIRING PRACTICE AS/NZS 3000:2007 This sixth edition of the classic textbook Electrical Principles for the Electrical Trades has been thoroughly revised.mh KEY FEATURES Extensive end of chapter summaries and review questions and answers ensure retention of presented theory Student-friendly writing style with clear graduation from simple to complex content A portion of the profits from this book will go to WorldSkills Australia.17 to 1.3 allows for smaller conductors.mhhe.4. cables used for communications must offer minimum interference to the information from cable characteristics such as impedance. trams and cranes Single insulated cable Non-insulated busbars used in switchboards and bus duct systems Figure 4. property damage from fire or shock through breakdown in insulation.4. and includes: • Instructor’s Resource Manual • PowerPoint® slides • Test Bank • Artwork Library www.4. Particularly in the electrical system. Conductor material and applications For power wiring. Conductors defined as CABLES (Clause 1. available separately. The language has been simplified and layout made clearer.1 and Table 3. with full c New. up-to-date pictures. a radiator element or Conductors defined as BARE CONDUCTORS (Clause 1. diagrams and charts illustrate the content. The definitions for cables and related terms in the Wiring Rules are used in a precise way throughout the trade. The order of chapters is arranged to reflect a more natural pathway. The cabling of communication services is designed to have minimum loss or distortion of the information they transmit.worldskills. To ensure the effective transmission of voice and data information.4. 78) and 4.1 Conductors and cables For the purpose of the Wiring Rules. but it is too expensive for use in power wiring and it is used as a conductor only in electronic devices and other special applications. Silver is the only metal with a marginally higher conductivity than copper. 80). the winding wire in a motor are not considered conductors within the scope of the Rules as defined by Clause 1. These texts extensively reference and provide practical applications of the Australian and New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2007 and 2009 amendments.1c (p. CAUTION Connections and joints The electrical worker must develop skills so that connections or joints do not become weak links in the chain of electrical distribution or data communications. therefore Clauses 1.3 specify the minimum size for conductors for various types of wiring systems.1a Conductor and cable definitions Sheathed cable www.

photographs. but it is simple physics in action. a rotor or armature. Such a closed magnetic circuit is often made of a toroid of iron or ferrous materials. some magnetic field may take a “short cut” or even “miss a corner” where there is a sharp turn. graphs and figures clearly illustrate key concepts Student-friendly writing style demonstrates the logical flow from simple to complex theories Revised and updated exercises and examples allow students to assess their understanding of the material Online Learning Centre      E l e c t r i c a l P r i n c i p l e s f o r t h e E l e c t r i c a l Tr a d e s Volume 2 > Magnetic circuits 1.2.2 Knowing that a magnetic field may be induced into magnetic materials. When the field in the magnetic path becomes too dense. KEY FEATURES A wealth of diagrams. 6TH EDITION well as an excellent ull colour throughout. while spacing the “lines of force” into whatever space is available. the magnetic flux must get from the stationary part to the rotating part via the surrounding air.4 Magnetic leakage 1. in order to maximise the efficient use of the magnetic force. This is known as magnetic leakage. 6th Edition Volume 1 + Volume 2 9781743070789  15 . 1. Volume 1 covers electrical principles and Volume 2 covers electrical machines.4 depicts typical magnetic leakage Instructor Resource Manual EZTest Online Test Bank of questions PowerPoint slides Artwork Library Magnetic Leakage Figure 1. When inductance is the only requirement of a coil. 7th edition Volume 1 + Volume 2 Electrical Principles for the Electrical Trades. Jim Jenneson and Bob Harper mhhe. The combination of a clear. 1. or the short cut becomes too tempting (low reluctance) some of the field will take a path other than through the designed the magnetic circuit. the lines of force will tend to take a path through the iron core rather than air. That means that the lines In electric machines the magnetic circuit cannot always be constrained to the magnetic circuit. nt. Fig. 1. ay.3. Note that iron and copper losses were covered in ‘Electrical Principles for the Electrical Trades’ and will not be repeated here. As iron. or similar ferrite materials have a lower resistance to the magnetic field.indd 4 9/20/11 10:15 PM Electrical Wiring Practice.mhhe. Figure 1.Electrotechnology electrical principles. a closed magnetic circuit confines the magnetic field and results in minimal losses. This text provides students with the fundamental knowledge needed for a career in the electrical trades.1 MAGNETIC FIELDS MAGNETIC FRINGING The magnetic field will attempt to take the shortest possible path. These two volumes are the ideal resource for apprentice and non-apprentice trainees as well as practising tradespeople.com/au/jenneson6e Presented in two volumes.3 1.2. e same way. the path of the magnetic circuit becomes important. simple writing style with full-colour diagrams and photographs make these accessible and engaging to all students and professionals. The reluctance of iron is several thousand 4 www.2. of force tend to spread out sideways while taking the shortest path around the circuit. which may result in increased losses and current flow. This sounds simple and typical to anybody that watches car racing.2 MAGNETIC LEAKAGE When a magnetic field passes around a magnetic circuit. so that even ELECTRICAL PRINCIPLES FOR THE ELECTRICAL TRADES VOLUME 2 Electrical Principles for the Electrical Trades Jim Jenneson & Bob Harper ELECTRICAL PRINCIPLES FOR THE ELECTRICAL TRADES VOLUME 2 6e Jim Jenneson and Bob Harper 6th edition will go Electrical Principles for the Electrical Trades provides a logical learning pathway for Certififif icate II and III in Electrotechnology in the UEE07 Electrotechnology Training Package. The attractive force is a direct result of the lines of force tending to take the shortest path while repulsive force is a result of the lines of force tending to repel each other to take up the available space. A toroid is a shape similar to a doughnut or car tyre being a circle of iron usually of square section with radiused corners as shown in Fig.com/au/jenneson6e 4 Book Value Pack  Sample page from Volume 2 jen13178_ch01_001-010.3 Magnetic circuit in a DC machine Volume 1 | 9780071000338 Volume 2 | 9780071013178 Volume 1 + 2 Shrinkwrap | 9781743070819 Traditional laminated core or shell type cores may also be used but the trend today is toward toroids as they are generally simpler to manufacture (by modern machine) and have a better efficiency and lower weight. Where there is a moving part.

6 MYOB ASSETMANAGER PRO V3. such as updated tax tables.5 and MYOB AccountRight Enterprise v19. It is ideal for students of Certififif icate IV Accounting in the FNS10 Financial Services Training Package.6 William Neish & George Kahwati This is the ideal learning resource for accounting students and professionals of all levels.6.indd 1 9/11/11 1:27 PM Economics for Business 4th edition Ian Fraser.Economics Accounting WILLIAM NEISH & GEORGE KAHWATI WWW.5 MYOB ACCOUNTRIGHT ENTERPRISE V19.com/au/myob19 .6 Neish_MYOB19_CVR_FIX. net present value analysis (NPV) and other financial modelling tools A wealth of tables and diagrams present information in an accessible way for visual learners Online Learning Centre     Computer Accounting Using MYOB Business Software v19. KEY FEATURES Revised and updated to incorporate instructions for the features of MYOB AccountRight Plus v19. KEY FEATURES Australian and international case studies help students place economic concepts in context Extensive end-of-chapter review material allows students to practise and assess their knowledge Coverage of break-even analysis.com/au/fraser4e 9781743070864 16 www.mhhe.mhhe. John Gionea & Simon Fraser Economics for Business provides students with a valuable introduction to economics. whether in a classroom-based or self-paced learning environment.6 The accompanying student DVD contains 110 videos taking learners step-by-step through the most common and important functions A wealth of large screenshots throughout the book illustrate the presented theory Online Learning Centre     PowerPoint slides Instructor Resource Manual EZ Test Online Artwork Library 9780070998438 Instructor Resource Manual 2 online chapters (Ergonomics and MYOB Help) Assessment solutions MYOB example data files www. This book is ideal for students of Advanced Diploma of Accounting in the FNS10 Financial Services Training Package and for introductory economics units at undergraduate level.6.COM/AU/MYOB19 13TH EDITION MY B O COMPUTER ACCOUNTING USING BUSINESS SOFTWARE VERSION 19.MHHE. MYOB AssetManager Pro v3.6 MYOB ACCOUNTRIGHT PLUS V19. This edition is accompanied by a booklet containing updates that relate to MYOB version 19. bringing a challenging subject to life by providing thorough explanations and straightforward examples of economic concepts.

PAYG withholding and PAYG instalment Current Australian Tax Office forms are used to develop student expertise Accessible writing style. end-of-chapter review questions and easy-to-follow examples to assist students with practice and revision An abundance of tables and diagrams illustrate complex theory in an accessible way Online Learning Centre      Workbook Solutions Manual EZTest Online PowerPoint slides Web links Accounting templates PowerPoint slides Instructor Resource Manual Solutions Manual EZTest Online Artwork Library 9780070278448 www. KEY FEATURES Content incorporates BAS provisions including GST law.com/au/bookkeeping 17 .Financial Services Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles and Practice Association of Accounting Technicians & David Willis This resource is written for Certififif icate IV Financial Services (Bookkeeping) students in the FNS10 Financial Services Training Package and is also a useful resource for a wide range of introductory accounting courses. wine equalisation. Featuring a user-friendly layout and writing style with updated revision exercises. luxury car. Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Accounting in the FNS10 Financial Services Training Package.mhhe. KEY FEATURES User-friendly writing style and layout engage students A wealth of self-test questions. graded tutorials and worked examples aid in the comprehension of presented theory Online Learning Centre      Management Accounting Principles and Applications 3rd edition revised William Neish & Alan Banks Management Accounting is an invaluable resource for students of Certififif icate IV Financial Services (Accounting). exercises and trial exam papers found in the main text. this text is ideal for management accounting students.mhhe. fuel and fringe benefits tax laws.com/au/manacc3r 9780071013932 www. A free workbook is included which features multiple-choice questions.

then reinforcing learning with examples. beginning with the basics and working its way into more complex problems to ensure maximum student learning.mhhe. This book is ideal for students of Certififif icate III Accounting in the Doug Mills FNS10 Financial Services Training Package.mhhe. This book is suitable for any course containing a basic budgeting unit.com/au/willis2r assessments and graded review questions. Featuring an easy-to-use structure and layout.com/au/mills 9780070172555 18 www. 9780070997882 www. selfwww.Accounting Available September 2012 Introductory Accounting 2nd edition revised Financial Accounting An Introduction David Willis Introductory Accounting is an accessible and engaging text for accounting. Written in a simple and straightforward style. This book provides a logical learning pathway through financial accounting 9780074719718 concepts by presenting students with theory. KEY FEATURES Student-friendly language and presentation for ease of use Logical learning pathway through financial accounting A wealth of review questions in each chapter Online Learning Centre    Instructor Resource Manual PowerPoint slides EZ Test Online Budgeting 3rd edition Alan Banks & John Giliberti Budgeting provides an in-depth insight into the principles of budgeting and forecasting. Training Package.mhhe.com/au/budgeting3e . the book presents a logical explanation of budgeting. this It also includes a free student workbook new text offers complete coverage of Certififif icate IV containing blank journal and ledger accounts that in Accounting in the FNS10 Financial Services are linked to the text by cross references. office administration and business courses.

The robust theory is complemented by case studies and newspaper articles. www. This book is written specifically for students who are studying business law as part of any business studies course. providing students with a real-life focus and further opportunity for discussion. Peter Lucas & Gary Norton Written in clear and uncomplicated language.com/au/jopling2e Principles of Internal Control and Corporate Governance Alan Trenerry Supported by a wealth of recent and relevant newspaper articles The ‘Law in Action’ feature gives students a functional demonstration of how certain laws work in society Principles of Internal Control and Corporate Online Learning Centre Governance provides an examination of the necessary responsibilities and accountabilities of  Solutions Manual  PowerPoint slides directors and management in relation to the corporate  Model answers  EZTest Online responsibility provisions in the legislation. Barron This book provides thorough coverage of Certififif icate IV Accounting core unit FNSACC403A ‘Make decisions in a legal context’.com/au/barron7e 9780070159235 www. KEY FEATURES Extensive new cases and statute references Completely updated coverage of consumer protection legislation. competition law.Financial Services Business Law Accounting for Business a Non-Accountant’s Guide 2nd edition Fundamentals of Business Law Ray Jopling. employment law and workplace relations law 9780074712320 www. Accounting for Business: a Non-Accountant’s Guide clearly explains and demonstrates basic accounting concepts. consumer credit law. This book is ideal for students of Diploma and Advanced 9780071013956 Diploma of Accounting in the FNS10 Financial Services Training Package.mhhe. This is the ideal resource for students in any business course who need to cover the key accounting elements but do not require the depth of a traditional accounting textbook.mhhe.L.com/au/trenerry 19 . 7th edition M.mhhe.

giving students and professionals the knowledge. The pursuit of cleverness. 22/08/11 11:03 PM www. h artistic representations have been made of cultural icons since andy Warhol painted Marilyn Monroe and elvis. They can encourage us to think beyond our experience and perspective to hold the attention of viewers.mhhe. interactive digital media. magazine design and advertising provide. Designer jeremyville Client the vader project Instructor Resource Manual Artwork Library Design brief exercises 9780071011051 50 GraphicDesign_CH2_concept-st4. Craft and Design Training Packages. key term lists and web-links provide extra resources to give students a complete understanding of the topic Online Learning Centre    { Chapter 2 Conceptualising and process the iDeas start here Ideas can be intelligent. goals and practices that characterise the society in which we live.com/au/graphicdesign 20 .indd 50 Culture is the set of shared attitudes. Concepts then become the frame that holds the content or elements of the communication together. This book is written for VET students of Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. The theory and thought behind graphic design in an Australian and New Zealand context is covered. first year undergraduate students and design professionals who would like to refresh their knowledge. Suzie Haddock. KEY FEATURES Full-colour internal design featuring extensive use of photographs and illustrations exclusively showcasing local design talent A wealth of profiles of Australian and New Zealand designers provide inspiration Design brief exercises allow students to apply the theory in a practical context Tip boxes. that broadcasting. or problems. now there are new materials and new images. and mass production is much cheaper. stimulating. values. It is suitable for all state-based accredited Graphic Design courses and those falling under the ICP05 Printing and Graphic Arts and CUV03 Visual Arts. social media and advertising kiosks. interactive television. Mass civilisation and the inherent culture in which we live compel the design challenges. tools and inspiration to channel their creativity into professional practice. Graphic designers often use concepts to centre the theme of their designs and layouts. Examples include websites. Interactive digital media are electronic media in which the user participates. challenging and conceptually rigorous. novelty and innovation drives many graphic designers and other creatives to produce a new format to communicate an idea or promote a product.Graphic Art {Graphic Design} Australian Style Manual Andrew Barnum. Astred Hicks & Felix Oppen {Graphic Design} Australian Style Manual is the first graphic design book written for TAFE and university students and professionals incorporating a unique Australian/New Zealand perspective.

in-depth explanations. arrays. CompTIA A+ Certififif ication All-in-One Exam Guide 7th edition Michael Meyers This expert guide covers CompTIA A+ exams 220701 and 220-702. including variables. operators. Arthur Conklin & Greg White Principles of Computer Security is an in-depth reference that also offers full coverage of all exam objectives for the CompTIA Security+ certification.vaughanmultimedia8e. including debugging and security. functions. forms. This book includes hands-on examples and exercises that reinforce practical learning for real-world applicability. objects. and a wealth of photographs and illustrations. is included. strings. Designed to help students pass the CompTIA A+ exams with ease. exam tips.com 9780071633758 JavaScript A Beginner’s Guide 3rd edition John Pollock JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide gives readers step-by-step coverage of the fundamentals. A free CD-ROM is included with digital practice exams. It teaches fundamental multimedia concepts and explains to students the process of managing multimedia production. 9780071748469 www. and frames. A wealth of full-colour diagrams and photographs are included to illustrate the theory. techniques. Principles of Computer Security CompTIA Security+ and Beyond 2nd edition WM. Coverage of more advanced techniques. practice exam questions. this definitive volume also serves as an essential on-the-job IT reference. Each chapter features learning objectives.Information and Communications Technology Multimedia Making It Work 8th edition Tay Vaughan Multimedia: Making It Work covers the most current multimedia tools. 9780071632959 9780071701334 21 . and technologies including web and mobile content design and delivery. event handlers. This hands-on guide explains how JavaScript works with XHTML Transitional and covers the new features available in JavaScript.

and optimising business practices for maximum productivity and profitability. What is Lean Six Sigma? Mike George. This plain-English guide explains how this remarkable quality improvement method can give businesses the tools to identify and eliminate waste and quality problems. and real-life examples. This prescriptive guide offers real-world solutions for implementing lean manufacturing. this practical guide covers the fundamental methods and tools of Lean Six Sigma. and production aspects as well as business culture concerns. how it may affect work areas and what it can mean to you personally. This book demonstrates the big picture of what companies hope to gain with Lean Six Sigma. and improving overall performance with the promise of huge early gains. cartoons. and concise explanations make the material easy to understand and end-ofchapter quizzes and a final exam reinforce key concepts.Graphic Art Manufacturing Manufacturing Lean Six Sigma Demystified 2nd edition Jay Arthur This book contains proven techniques for simplifying. controlling quality and inventory. 9780071625074 22 . streamlining. 9780071749091 9780071426688 How to Implement Lean Manufacturing Lonnie Wilson Lean manufacturing is a powerful formula for eliminating waste. helpful diagrams. Dave Rowlands & Bill Kastle Lean Six Sigma combines the two most important improvement trends of our time: making work better (using Six Sigma) and making work faster (using Lean principles). covering the technical. What is Lean Six Sigma? reveals the ‘four keys’ of Lean Six Sigma and how they apply in the workplace. engineering. Written in a step-by-step format. Packed with diagrams. Clear examples.

hydraulics and pneumatics drawing.mhhe.Metal and Engineering Metal and Engineering Maths technicians 7e for The seventh edition of Mathematics for Technicians retains all the popular features and continues the successful building block approach of the previous editions which has made this the leading Australian text for students completing the Engineering Training Package. New to the seventh edition and in keeping with the author’s philosophy. a new section on Statistics in line with the recent changes to the Engineering Training Package updated examples and exercises to all chapters cross references to additional exercises. Reality-based trade scenarios demonstrate how the theory would be used in different engineering careers. This new edition provides thorough coverage of mechanical engineering drawing and expanded coverage of electrical. The meticulously presented step-by-step format offers students maximum accessibility and convenience.mhhe. ensuring that even students with poor mathematical literacy can easily meet the required competencies. competency-based training courses and current Australian standards. Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Engineering under the MEM05 Metal and Engineering Training Package and UEE07 Electrotechnology Training Package.com/au/alldis7e 9780071016766 www. you will find: n Mathematics Available August 2012 7e Maths technicians 7e 7e for additional reality based scenarios that increase the relevance of mathematics to the student’s future careers. KEY FEATURES Wholly Australian content. examples and problems A wealth of diagrams and illustrations Easy-to-follow. that teaching maths can be an enjoyable experience for the student.W. KEY FEATURES New content on matricies and statistics User-friendly layout and writing style to engage students A wealth of graded exercises to reinforce knowledge Online Learning Centre  Instructor Resource Manual  Solutions Manual  Student workbook featuring extension activities  EZTest Online Solutions Manual PowerPoint slides Artwork Library Extra CAD drawings/activities 9781743070772 www. structural.com/au/MFT7e Engineering Drawing 8th edition A. The OLC for students and instructors is available at www. written using Australian terminology. This book features graded questions to guide from the basics through to advanced applications of mathematics. The online Learning Centre provides additional resources and a powerful learning experience. It is both an indispensable resource for students and a useful reference for professionals.com/au/boundy8e for BLAIR ALLDIS VINCENT KELLY 23 . extension material and testbanks on the Online Learning Centre n n n Maths technicians BLAIR ALLDIS VINCENT KELLY Get the most from your course.mhhe. step-by-step instructions to aid understanding Complete learning package—sketchbook included which enables students to practise sketching on the spot Online Learning Centre     Mathematics for Technicians 7th edition Blair Alldis & Vincent Kelly Mathematics for Technicians has been revised and updated to meet the current competencies of Certififif icate IV. Included is a sketchbook which provides a complete course in sketching orthogonal and pictorial views freehand. Boundy This leading Australian text for engineering drawing and graphics students is in line with the MEM05 Metal and Engineering Training Package.

end-of chapter problems. This text includes many worked examples. introductory dynamics and introductory strength of materials. Each chapter contains worked examples and self-assessment exercises to encourage students to test their own skills and knowledge as they progress. found at the Online Learning Centre. Through using this text.com/au/ivanoff 9780074703045 ROGER KINSKY Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials Roger Kinsky This renowned. exercises and illustrations. Technical jargon and large blocks of text are kept to a minimum to create a readable and uncomplicated text. students are able to understand and apply calculus in a real-world context. 24 9780074521557 . The theory is supported by a wealth of detailed illustrations and diagrams to give students a complete understanding of the subject. 9780071010030 www.mhhe. comprehensive text is an introduction to applied engineering mechanics and strength of materials. The clear and logical layout is supported by numerous worked examples and review questions to ensure students understand the subject.Metal and Engineering VAL IVANOFF Engineering Mechanics Val Ivanoff Engineering Mechanics is an ideal introductory text for first-year engineering students covering the three basic topic areas: statics. Instructors have access to the Solutions Manual for this book. Introductory Calculus Blair Alldis & Keith Pantlin Introductory Calculus is the ideal resource for students who are studying an introductory mathematics unit of any course.

It extends the basic thermodynamic knowledge obtained in the companion text Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics: An Introduction. allowing for a selfpaced approach to learning. Thermodynamics: Advanced Applications is designed to cover a second course in thermodynamics. Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics: An Introduction. 9780074704424 25 . 9780074703120 9780074702383 ROGER KINSKY Fluid Mechanics Advanced Applications Roger Kinsky Fluid Mechanics: Advanced Applications is designed to cover a second course in fluid mechanics by extending the basic knowledge obtained in the companion text. Numerous worked examples and self-assessment problems are provided. The writing style is clear and easy-to-read and avoids unfamiliar terminology or jargon.Metal and Engineering ROGER KINSKY Thermodynamics Advanced Applications Roger Kinsky ROGER KINSKY Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics An Introduction Roger Kinsky This classic book is an ideal introductory text for first year mechanical engineering students.

Krar. It provides an overview of machine trades and career opportunities followed by theory and application. The text is structured to provide coverage of tools and measurement.Technology of Machine Tools 7th edition Machining and CNC Technology Update edition Steve F. drilling and milling machines. machining tools and procedures.mhhe.com/fitzpatrick Solutions Manual EZTest Online PowerPoint slides Text | 9780073510835 Text + Workbook Combo | 9780078010514 www. Online Learning Centre    Instructor’s Manual EZTest Online PowerPoint slides 9780077388072 www.com/krar7e 26 . KEY FEATURES A wealth of photographs and diagrams to illustrate key concepts End-of-chapter review questions reinforce presented theory Clear and simple design for ease of use Comprehensive glossary and appendix materials Online Learning Centre    Michael Fitzpatrick Machining and CNC Technology provides the most up-to-date approach to machine tool technology available. computer-aided machining and metallurgy. It also covers computerrelated technologies including CNC and computeraided design and manufacturing.mhhe. This book comes with a free DVD containing MasterCam X4 Student Version to provide CAD/CAM programming experience for students. Gil & Peter Smid Technology of Machine Tools provides training for the use of state-of-the-art machine tools in manufacturing technology including up-to-date coverage of computer numerical control (CNC). Arthur R. with its integrated coverage of manual and CNC-based equipment.

Bohnart Welding: Principles and Practices is the ideal text to teach welding training in the VET and secondary school market. The aim of this book is to present a practical approach to metal fabrication from basic marking principles to advanced layout work. KEY FEATURES Practical exercises to assist students in developing their manipulative skills and technical understanding Coverage of metals and their welding characteristics.mhhe.com/welding4e 27 . using a step-by-step format and providing a variety of examples and problems. welding symbols and the fundamentals of print reading Online Learning Centre      Marking-off Techniques for Metal Fabrication Cec Cox & Graham Meyer This comprehensive marking text is for boilermaking and metal fabrication students at technical colleges. It is also suitable for on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs.Metal and Engineering CEC COX I GRAHAM MEYER Welding Principles and Practices 4th edition Edward R. metalworking and industrial technology programs. 9780074510049 PowerPoint slides Instructor Resource Manual EZTest Online Videos Artwork Library Text | 9780073373713 Workbook | 9780077475079 Text + Workbook | 9780077898434 www. It can serve as a supplementary text for classes in building construction. Its approach is simple. safety practices.

piping offsets. 9780028025001 9780028024103 28 . It offers practical examples and activities and is illustrated with an abundance of detailed diagrams and photographs. This book enables pipefitters to solve difficult problems they will face in their work by providing instructions and calculations for both common and unusual tasks. It also contains a review of elementary mathematics including multiplication and division tables for easy reference. Foster This reference is ideal for sheet metal pattern drafting and metalwork students at VET and secondary school level. Frankland Pipe Template Layout provides an illustrated guide to producing templates. Daughtery. This manual is a must for any pipe fitter. Both students and professional pipefitters will find this an invaluable resource throughout their study and career. shop foremen and metal workers. Frankland This handy reference is an ideal companion to Pipe Trades Pocket Manual by the same author. Frankland This pocket-sized reference contains calculated tables for pipe bending. 9780028024004 9780026656801 Pipe Trades Pocket Manual Thomas W. Robert E.Metal and Engineering Fabrication Pipe Template Layout Thomas W. miter turn fittings and many other activities to eliminate on-the-spot calculations and human error. Powell and Homer L. The Pipe Fitter’s and Pipe Welder’s Handbook Revised edition Thomas W. Sheet Metal Pattern Drafting and Shop Problems James S. It is also a useful on-thejob reference for draftsmen.

This text provides complete coverage of Certififif icate III in Retail in the SIRII Retail Services Training Package. 7th Edition | 9780078025099 5-CD Set | 9780077377724 Study Guide | 9780077438876 www. accessible and engaging writing style. as seen in their other bestselling text Vocational Training and Assessment (page 28).com/kamien10e    Instructor Resource Manual PowerPoint slides Videos of retail practices in action Text | 9781743070741 eBook | 9781743070758 www. Dan Hill & Mathew Coxhill Retail Services is a dynamic new learning resource that will equip students with the knowledge and skills they need for a challenging and rewarding career in retail and related fields. activities and examples engage students with practical. and timelines. 10th Edition | 9780078025082 9-CD Set | 9780077377625 Brief Edition. Using three retail-themed images (a mannequin.mhhe. modern. Richly illustrated part openers within the text provide historical and cultural context. some sweets and the fitting rooms) to emphasise the range of scope within the subject. This edition is complemented by a refreshed program of musical selections on the CD sets. Authors Lee Perlitz and Dan Hill both have extensive experience in the retail industry and as educators.com/au/retail 29 . KEY FEATURES Author team has extensive education and industry experience A competency grid is included both in the text and on the Online Learning Centre Simple.mhhe. with bulleted summaries to enable students to process information easily Coverage of the growing online retail sector Online Learning Centre Music An Appreciation 10th edition Roger Kamien Music: An Appreciation features a clear presentation of musical elements and history. maps and colour photos illustrate important events or works of art. Australian case studies. Full text.Retail Services/Music Cover not final Available September 2012 RETAILCES SERVI LEE PERLITZ & DAN HILL 1. real-world applications of the presented theory. Their writing style is user-friendly for students. carefully chosen repertoire of musical selections and insightful listening guides. Retail Services Lee Perlitz. colourful and fun. The vibe is hip.

review questions and web links ensure students acquire all the skills they need Online Learning Centre   o We have become a force of nature … Not long ago. planning. we have joined God. Within this framework corporations have an ethical responsibility to ensure that their practices are environmentally sustainable. forest fires. powerful enough to influence these events. hurricanes. A wide range of case studies. event presenters do not function independently but are part of the broader framework of society. tornadoes. KEY FEATURES Accompanying workbook is available separately incorporating extra activities to aid student comprehension Australian and Asia-Pacific examples. By implementing policies to reduce resource usage and promote the adoption of greener technology. They have both in part been caused by rising levels of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmospheres. case studies and event profiles. drought. The impact of environmental practices to the financial bottom line can be minimal. by extension.com/au/wrathall 30 . musical. sporting. Climate change describes the change in global weather patterns.mhhe. Hospitality and Events Training Package. environmental sustainability and legal considerations.1 Understand the benefits of sustainable event practices Global warming and corporate responsibility Corporations and. Solutions Manual PowerPoint slides Other benefits of sustainable event practices Waste reduction and recycling are not only good for the environment. merchandising.indd 27 08/06/11 9:12 AM www. the economy and the environment. Why introduce sustainable event practices? Learning objective 2. farming and deforestation.Tourism. cultural and corporate events Clear. However. whereas global warming describes a gradual increase of the earth’s temperature from the mid-twentieth century onwards.) of the event itself and the event presenters. including musical. event managers can demonstrate their commitment to environmentally responsible practices. championed by figureheads such as former US Vice-President and environmental advocate Al Gore (see Figure 2. Information on employment opportunities is included to give a complete understanding of the industry. sporting and corporate events provide students with a full and varied understanding of real-world events. even earthquakes and volcanic explosions were accepted as ‘natural disasters’ or ‘acts of God’. Event Management provides detailed content not featured in other event texts including information on securing visas for international guests. floods.1). how Text | 9780070279001 Workbook | 9780070997387 Text + Workbook | 9780071014694 Figure 2. Corporations are accountable not only to their shareholders—those who have a monetary investment in the company—but also to their stakeholders—those who are influenced and affected by the decisions the company makes. Hospitality and Events Event Management Theory and Practice Jeff Wrathall & Abby Gee Event Management: Theory and Practice provides coverage of core competency units of Certififif icate III and Diploma of Events in the SIT07 Tourism. like all aspects of events. but the minimal additional costs of conserving resources to create sustainable events have a positive impact on attendees’ perceptions (and in turn their uptake of ticket purchases.1 Former US Vice-President and environmental advocate Al Gore AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATION FOUNDATION/GALIA 27 Wrathall_Ch02. This book takes students through the complete process of event management. Environmental scientist and advocate which are directly attributed to the increase in greenhouse gases generated by industry. organising and managing an event. starting with developing a concept. etc. But now. There has been a significant increase in awareness of climate change over the past decade. easy-to-read layout with attractive full-colour photographs Chapter 2 • Environmental management and sustainability Learning objectives.2 Dr David Suzuki. examples and event profiles from cultural.

The book is written specifically for the TAE10 Training and Education Training Package and is mapped directly to the relevant competencies. KEY FEATURES Learning features.mhhe. such as end-of-chapter questions and discussions. KEY FEATURES A competency grid is included both in the text and on the Online Learning Centre Flowcharts and tables benefit visual learners Simple.Training and Education/Transport and Logistics Vocational Training and Assessment Dan Hill.mhhe. The student-friendly writing style provides a comprehensive yet concise overview of logistics as the science and art of availability. The book covers core and elective competencies of the TLI07 Transport and Logistics Training Package.com/au/oakden 31 . Terry Hill & Lee Perlitz Vocational Training and Assessment is a complete learning package for Certififif icate IV Training and Assessment.com/au/training PowerPoint slides Instructor Resource Manual Solutions Manual EZTest Online 9780070997783 www. accessible and engaging writing style with bulleted summaries enables students to process information easily Customisable electronic templates available on the Online Learning Centre Online Learning Centre     A Framework for Supply Chains Logistics Operations in the Asia-Pacific Region Roger Oakden & Katia Leonaite A Framework for Supply Chains is a unique text that deals with the specific conditions of transport and logistics in Australia. New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. local case studies and group projects aid in complete comprehension of the topic Chapter questions and case studies are presented with graded difficulty to suit student requirements and capabilities All Australian and Asia-Pacific content gives a unique picture of supply chains in our region Online Learning Centre     PowerPoint slides Solutions Manual Form templates Artwork Library 9780070998445 www. A simple and accessible writing style is used to create a book that is engaging and easy to understand. creating a cohesive and logical learning pathway.

Ian Fraser. Alan Barnum. M. John Gil. Mike Giliberti. Roger Kastle. Suzie Harper. Ivanoff. Simon 23. Margaret Hossack. 24 12 22 17 17. Jim Jopling. Nicole Horsfall. Bohnart. Fraser. Bob Heyes. 31 31 10 6 11 24 8 15 19 16 29 22 11 23 32 . Ray Kahwati. 18 20 12 19 27 23 9 11 21 27 29 28 10 5 26 28 28 16 16 Gee. Stuart Arthur.W. Astred Hill. Judith Evridge.L. Frankland. Thomas W. Terry Hopwood. Arthur Cox. Boyce. Edward R. Blair Arden. Vincent 30 22 18 26 16 20 15 6 20 29. Ben Fitzpatrick. Michael Conklin. George Kamien. Rob Kelly. Andrew Barrington. Boundy. Dan Hill. Jay Association Of Accounting Technicians Banks. Dwyer. Gionea. James S. L. Arthur R. Cec Coxhill. Matthew Daughtery. Homer L.Author Index Alldis. WM. Val Jacobs. Jack Barron. John Burn. A. Frank Hicks. Michael Foster.J. John Haddock. Abby George. Bill Kavanagh. Ron Jenneson.

Graham Meyers. Trenerry. Peter Stewart. 5 27 21 11 12 12 18 12 14 16. 31 14 Petruzella. Rix. Greg Willis. Mitchel E. William Nicholson. 17 5 19 31 20 24 11 29. Lucas. Roger Krar. 8 22 13 5 4. 25 26 31 13 19 9 4. Erich Simpson. Puffett. Margaret Stone. Gary Oakden. Dieter Neeson. Bruce Perlitz. Tay Webb. Ian Norton. Marc May. 5 26 6 8 11 19 6 21 9 21 17. Ed Meyer. Frank Pollock. Roger Oppen. Jeff 13 21 28 11 7. Peter Rowlands. David Wilson. Keith Paulsen. Ian Neish. Sharon Vaughan. 18 22 30 33 . Bob Stone. Doug Mylius. Rex Mills. Keith 24. Felix Pantlin. Lonnie Wrathall. Peter Miller. Les Smid. Mark Miller. Dave Schultz. R.Kinsky. Schulz. Lee Pethebridge. Michael Miles. Leonaite. Steve F. Katia Lowe. J. Peter Mancini. Alan Turner.J. Karen White. James F. Robert E. John Powell.

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