Read the sentences and decide if they express a fact or
an opinion. Mark them “F”(fact) or “O” (opinion).

- A pear is a fruit. Pears are often juicy and
sweet. They can be yellow, green or pinky.
- I think that melons are sweeter than
- White chocolate is the most tasty snack
ever invented.
- Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and
- Crisps are thin slices of potato fried in oil.
- I think milk is the most disgusting drink
on Earth.
- There is no other more fattening food than
cakes in the world.
- Tomato is a vegetable. When ripe it’s red
or yellow and it tastes slightly sweet. It’s
also very juicy.

2.The following adjectives describe food.
Write the names of at least two foods or
drinks next to the adjectives that could
describe them. You can use the words in
the box more than once.
honey crisps tomato potato coffee tea
sausages orange cola pizza chocolate
milkj lemon peppers ice-cream carrots
chilli onion lemonade
Sweet ______________________________
Sour _______________________________
Bitter ______________________________
Tasty ______________________________
Spicy _______________________________
Fizzy _______________________________
Crunchy ____________________________
Crispy ______________________________
Salty _______________________________
Fattening ___________________________
Healthy _____________________________
Appetising __________________________

3.What do you think of these foods? Write sentences using “too”, “very” and “(not) enough”. Use food
adjectives to express your opinion.
coffee without sugar, cream, honey, lemons, chocolate, yoghurt, lemonade, green tea


Rewrite the sentences so they have the same meaning. crisps/biscuit s crunchy milk/coffee filling cream/youghur t sour chilli/pepper hot Sausages/pizza salty honey/jam sweet __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Cocoa is worse for you than tea. Sausages are not as salty as crisps. _ Write if you agree or you disagree in the arrows. _____________________________________________ _ Ham is father than sausages. _____________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________ _ Honey is more expensive than peanut butter.4. Cars are safer for you than bikes. _____________________________________________ _ Riding a race car is more exciting than riding a bike. Give your opinion about the following pairs of foods or drinks. _____________________________________________ ___________ _____________________ __________ _____________________ ______ _____________________ _______ _____________________ _________ _____________________ _________ _____________________ ______ _____________________ _______ _____________________ _________ . _____________________________________________ _ Comics are more interesting than books. _____________________________________________ _ Watching TV is more relaxing than walking. _____________________________________________ _ Dresses are nicer than skirts. tea/cocoa/ delicious cola/lemonad e sweet Crisps are saltier than pizza. Crisps are the saltiest food here.

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