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Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

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Published by Navin Thirugnanam
New Product Development
New Product Development

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Published by: Navin Thirugnanam on Feb 02, 2013
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book. Essentially a youth oriented brand with majority of its customers falling in the 15-29 year age bracket Each café. • • • • .Key Features • First Café was opened at Brigade Road . is a relaxed and fun “hangout” for the emerging urban youth The company operates its cafes in various formats. Therefore. Coffee. It is a place where customers come to rejuvenate themselves and be themselves. highway. Bangalore as a Cyber Café (first of its kind) but later. depending upon its size attracts between 100 to 300 customers daily. lounge. garden. and cyber cafes. with the burst of cyber cafes it reverted to its core competency…. such as music.

most of the eatables have been adopted to meet the Indian taste buds like samosa. • Their Merchandising includes Caps. . Coffee Powders. Bags. tikka sandwich etc. which is coffee and ice cream blended together. coffee filters. Coffee Mints. • Best selling item in summer is frappe. masala sandwich. • To capture the Indian taste along with classic coffee. mugs. And in winter its Cappuccino. Pens etc. T-Shirts.Products • Product Mix constitutes a wide range of products that appeal primarily to Indian coffee and snack lovers.


Product Mix .

Product Mix .

• • • • • .New Product Opportunity Scan Urbanization Increase in number of young professionals Increase in distances between office and home Increase in average commute time Therefore. more number of people leaving home’s earlier in the morning • This leads to a reduction in consumption of coffee at home.

Hierarchy of customer value Core Benefit – To provide coffee Basic Product – Different varieties of coffee Expected Product. a place to relax and have a goodtime. Augmented Product – • Alternatives to sugar infused in coffee • Combo meals .Hangout place for youngsters.

Hierarchy of Customer Value Augemented product Wifi .wide range of snacks and alternatives Basic product Store .serving size.toppings.different types of coffee Core benefit To provide world class coffee experience . Expected product Tasty and fresh coffee .ambience .

Potential product –(New Product analysis) Perceived value – To make coffee more accessible and convenient for working professionals Target – Working Professionals of India How : • Drive through facilities • Andriod/App Store application • Call and SMS services • Breakfast menus • 24 hours outlets .

serving size. Expected product Tasty and fresh coffee .wide range of snacks and alternatives Basic product Store .New Hierarchy of Customer Value Potential product …accessibility and convenience Augemented product Wifi .ambience .different types of coffee Core benefit To provide world class coffee experience .toppings.

Product Matrix • • • • • • • Drive through accessibility Android / iTunes/ ovi smartphone apps Book on a call /sms facilities Specific 24hrs outlets Highway kiosks Breakfast menu Revised operating hours(7-11) .

• Working professionals would be facing a reduction in time for breakfast and their morning coffee. • Market research indicates that the number of cars is steadily increasing. (1400 stores) E X I S T I N G M A R K E T • To continue to grow and sustain the growth.ANSOFF ANALYSIS • A market penetration strategy followed by CCD was really successful. • Taking these things in mind an application for ccd should be created. • Also. therefore we need to increase its accessibility and convenience. people would need coffee that is available easily and conveniently. a breakfast menu has been planned as the professional would want something to eat along with his coffee. • For this reason. Additionally. the average commute time has also increased. NEW PRODUCT . • Coffee is an impulsive buy. CCD needs to develop a new product.

• • • • Assorted cookies. Integrated app and call facility. Coffee adons Fruit teaser shakes .PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE • • Drive through concept. Granitas Veg/non veg bites Speciality steaming • • • • • Melting moments Frappes Hot coffee classics Cold coffee Choco lattes • • • After coffee mints .

S.Before the product ( new value ) launch 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Implement our Launch Blog and develop our social media base early Preview and validate our product Develop. (backend operations) 7) Identify and recruit launch partners and affiliates( Indigo airlines) 8) Instore and operations procedure enhancement 9) Create our Launch Plan and Project Schedule .P. refine and test our U. In store advertisement/ alternative avenues (cabs) Develop our pre-launch content plan Implement and verify our e-commerce and other order-processing systems.


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