Group Assignment for MMII The objective of this assignment is to familiarize students with different techniques involved in promoting

their products and get a grasp of various theories and concepts guiding these techniques. The basic ground work for this assignment has already been laid down in the last lecture. It will be evaluated for 10 marks. Each group will select a well known and successful Indian, regional or international brand and analyze its Promotions Strategy highlighting the following aspects:  Techniques deployed over the years  Theories and concepts guiding the promotional plans In the classes on Feb 3 to Feb 5, one group will be asked on each by the draw of lots to present the case. The group will be given 15 mts. to complete the presentation. In total, 3 groups will therefore get the opportunity to present. All the presentations including those already discussed in the class will be collected on Feb 7 and submitted for evaluation. ***************************************************************

• Attract attention: Intention is to only attracts the customers attention so that the customer pays attention to what is being said. • Create interest: In this the step information about the product that arouses the customer's interest. This means that customer is interested to know more about the product, but is not really thinking of buying it. • Kindle Desire: Here the salesperson links the product and its features to the needs and wants of the customer. This results in customer perceiving the product as a means of satisfying his needs and wants, and doing this better than other competing products.

• Take action: Just because the customer is convinced about utility of a product and desires to buy it does not mean that he or she will actually decide to buy it immediately. The salesperson must further lead the prospect to place the order. This is also called the process of closing the sale. .

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