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Baylor Health

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Program Information
Clinical Pastoral Education
Radiology Allied Health School Pharmacy Residency Dietetic Internship Clinical Pastoral Education
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The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program includes: Clinical Experience Baylor's CPE participants experience first-hand a variety of ministry situations. Service specialties offer occasions to minister in areas such as cardiology, oncology, transplantation, emergency/trauma, pediatrics, rehabilitation, geriatrics, outpatient services and chronic illnesses. An assignment to a specific area may mean you are the primary chaplain on that floor. Individual and Group Supervision Weekly verbatim reports of interactions with patients are presented to the CPE Supervisor and peer group. These opportunities for feedback help you assess your strengths and limitations in pastoral care. Didactic Seminars Formally structured seminars on a variety of ministry-related subjects are presented by professional chaplains, clinical health care professionals and CPE supervisors. Each seminar provides helpful theoretical and theological foundations for pastoral care. Interpersonal Relations Seminar (IPR) Sharing personal experiences in a small-group setting teaches group process and leadership skills. You learn both from insights gained from peers about your pastoral effectiveness and from situations other colleagues encounter and share with the group.

Contact Us
Chaplain Carlos R Bell, Director of Pastoral Education Office of Mission and Ministry Baylor University Medical Center 3500 Gaston Avenue, Truett Hospital, 1st Floor Dallas TX 75246 (214) 820-2542 Carlos.Bell@BaylorHealth.edu

CPE Schedule
One Year CPE Residency Full-time Introductory Summer CPE Unit June-August Extended Introductory Fall or Spring CPE Unit August-December January-May Part-time 20 hrs/wk + on-call Lay Minister, Pastor, or College Degree

Program Dates



Full-time 40 hrs/wk + on-call One CPE Unit Preferred

Full-time 40 hrs/wk + on-call Pursuing Seminary Degree


A Typical Day A typical day in CPE is a day of administration, self-reflection, peer consultation, theological reflection, didactics on various topics and patient visitation. You are assigned to a parish (clinical area) and meet regularly with a CPE Supervisor and professional chaplain regarding your ministry. Your pastoral ministry includes on-call, which you are responsible for every death, code, advance directives, etc. Resources
A Guide for International Students interested in CPE in the United States

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