-Do you guys know how to do this? -Yeah sorta -Alrighty so who does what?

-Don’t we have to do the table

-you want me to do that? Alright 

-idk if its correct -do you want neg in the y -Yeah actually lets put some negs -I mean fraction

-are you sure this graph is right? -no im not sure -Lets ask mrs Mcgoldie

-Mrs can you tell us if we’re doing this right?

This is all I wrote!

They corrected their graph

-ohh so we see everything -and range [-4, 4]

Group 2 thought they had finished already, without making a table…I had to tell them they were missing lots of info

-we did the graph -HUM -its linear? -idk bro
-when x is one y = 0.301029957

-what -how did u get the 1 for the y

-lets make more points -yes
-yeah that’s why I said we need to make more -ohh ok 

-it’s a curve
-we shall see -:P

-its like an inverse -yup -where it’s a curve that almost touches 0 but not -no -nopee -nope

-find different properties of the function y = log base 2 of x -write on the board I mean -ok thanks -np -are you sure -aha idk

-power of 0 gives you 1 -yes sorry I got mixed up -I don’t know how to but the base 2 on my calculator
-wait I’ll try something else -now we do a graph?

-does it go up by one?

-the values on the y axis
-yeah it goes up by one -kk good

-what are we suppose to do -I know make a chart -decide on everything we think is going to be in the function -and a graph and talk about the properties -we are allowed to use our calcs now

-I don’t even know what its suppose to look like -I think we have to wait till _does the chart then we graph the chart -but you can make points on the graph and put a line through them

-I think its going to look like an exponential function -how did you get the y value -y = the exponent 2^0=1 2^1=2 2^y=x -what if x = 0 what is the y value?

-so I think it has an asymptote that never touches the y axis -ok well I’ll write this in the properties

-Did miss give us a rule? -didn’t she said log base 2 of x -I’ll use your table for my coordinates -I think we’re better off increasing by one -Good idea

x=0 It will never be negative That’s what I was typing :P Your mic is on

-It looks like a square root function -With this function, it will always be 1 since exponent 0 always gives one -true but it doesn’t have a vertex -true unless theres h or k value