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Published by: Lewis Christian Beltejar Saribay on Feb 03, 2013
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On the court

Will this be over? Play again? Her serve is so high, I smashed it once more

She clears to the left, she hits to the right But, “Oh!” I missed her drop too tight It’s her serve and I’m ready to begin Oh how I wish this game I win

But she missed! My wrist is so sore!

Game point for me as everyone sees I served short, she fell on her knee The game is over, the points I have won

I retrieved the bird and hit it so far She cleared it back like blazing star It is time for me to smash it right down My turn to start another round

My coach had said “A job well done!”

Short serve to the front? Long serve to the back? My leg is so sore, I want to slack I serve her short and she lifted up high I dropped it down, her moves so sly

I lunged for the bird to keep it in play, Luckily she missed… great display! Game point for me, just one more to go I serve the bird, but “NO TOO LOW!”

Her turn to serve the score is seven-ten,

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