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AOTop Program (v2.06) Release Notes

AOTop Program (v2.06) Release Notes

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Published by Pierre Desloover
AOTop Program (v2.06) Release Notes & URL
AOTop Program (v2.06) Release Notes & URL

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Published by: Pierre Desloover on Feb 14, 2009
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AOTOP PROGRAM V2.06 RELEASE NOTES http://www.ataspec-software.com AOTop Version 2.00.006 (Version 2.

00, Build 006) ================================================ End User License Agreement ========================== General Terms of Product End-User License Agreement (EULA): The AOTop (tm) Product Software Programs and Files collectively known as “AOTop” are provided to the End-User “as is” without any warranties expressed or otherwise implied. Ataspec Software, the manufacturer and distributor of this Product, promises solely that Product will perform as described in the Program Help Documentation and that End-User may request refund of Product cost in the event they are not fully satisfied with the Product within the first 30-days of Registered Product License use. Ataspec Software shall not be held liable for any program errors, system incompatibilities, damage to the End-User’s data or system, or loss of time that may result from using this Software Product. The Product may not be copied, modified, disassembled, or reverse-engineered. The Product may not be transmitted, sold, rented, or distributed by any other entity in any format, electronic or otherwise. The End-User License or use of it does not imply or grant ownership of the AOTop Product Software. The Software manufacturer retains exclusive ownership of the AOTop Product. The Software manufacturer and its direct assignees, retain exclusive worldwide distribution rights for all distribution methods (electronic or otherwise) for the AOTop Product. Specific Terms of the 1-Year Subscription Product EULA: This is a Single-user, non-transferable, one-system Software Program Copy Use License that grants Full Feature Use of the AOTop Product on their computer system for a period of up to 1-Year from the time the Product is Registered on End-User’s system. When the 1-Year Subscription period expires, the EndUser has option of renewing Product License Use by re-registering their Product Program copy. The product may be used on only one computer system at a time and by one user. End-user may make one Program copy for back-up purposes only. End-User agrees to destroy their Product copy promptly in the event that they are refunded Product cost. End-Users may upgrade their Product version at no extra cost provided their Subscription is not expired. End-User is also entitled to free limited Technical Product Support for answers not found in Program Help. Note: Use of the Registered AOTop Product by End-User is an acceptance of the EULA General Terms and the Specific Terms of the 1-Year Subscription Product EULA.

Product Release Information =========================== Product Release History and Modifications: Version 2.00.001 2.00.002 2.00.003 2.00.004 2.00.006 Build Date 04/20/02 05/04/02 06/02/02 04/02/04 02/12/09 Modifications Initial Product Release. New “Terminate Pop-up” feature. “Terminate Pop-up” feature fully functional. Allow "Http://..." AOTop Link Titles. XP and VISTA OS support added.

System Requirements =================== System Requirements for installing and running AOTop (tm) are: Oper. System: CPU Type: Memory: Hard Drive: Display: Mouse: Keyboard: Printer: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, VISTA 486DX or higher, Pentium-Class recommended 64 MB RAM minimum, 128 MB RAM or more recommended Required (must be installed on a Fixed Hard Disk Drive) VGA, SVGA or better. Microsoft or PS/2 compatible 101-Key or better Optional

OS Compatibility Information ============================ AOTop Version 2.00.006 (Version 2.00, Build 006) supports all Windows 32-bit Operating System versions (95-Vista) and is intended to replace all previously released versions of AOTop. Windows XP/Vista users must use Administrator's account to install/run AOTop. Windows Vista users will not be able to use the program's Left mouse click feature to access AOTop's Help System because it is incompatible with Vista. There are no future plans to update this Help System. Vista users can still benefit from the program's Tool Tip Text help for individual controls, but they are recommended to consult the AOTOP Program’s Official User Reference Guide and Help Document available for download on Ataspec Software's web site for complete and detailed help if it's needed. Windows XP users should note that AOTop is not compatible with the XP Start Menu "All Programs" link when it is clicked-on, but this does not impede AOTop's operation or cause any other OS problems beyond this single exception.

Discontinued Product Distribution Methods ========================================= AOTop is no longer offered via diskette distribution method, nor via the UNPAK utility as an alternative to the Zip File distribution method. The only place to get (or purchase a license for) the AOTop product is via manufacturer's web site: www.ataspec-software.com.

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