I Have No Time for You

By Elton Camp Old Dad wants memories to share Yet, his child hasn’t the least care Though he’s elderly, he still tries But his words she does despise “No, I don’t have time for you More important things I must do. To interrupt me don’t you dare Your tired tales I just can’t bear.” “Really, it doesn’t interest me I am too busy, can’t you see? You tell about times long ago. To that I’m indifferent, though.” If he persists in trying to talk, Out of the room, she’ll stalk. “Your ideas are so out-of-date To hear them, I utterly hate.” Old Dad is very deeply hurt At her actions & words so curt Another time he’ll again try Now, he sits alone with a sigh After some years, the time came Dad no longer knew her name So no more did he try to share Only confusion remained there He would bother her no more With words she did so abhor

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