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Jake Taylor - Diary of an Ex-Gay

Jake Taylor - Diary of an Ex-Gay

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Published by Ruben Miclea
Jake Taylor presents his diary as an ex-gay. Authentic and captivating
Jake Taylor presents his diary as an ex-gay. Authentic and captivating

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Published by: Ruben Miclea on Feb 03, 2013
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There's a great article about gay cruising at the Deseret News. It shows how
the police force there is using psychotherapy to help men who have the
compulsion to seek sex with other men in public places.

It's interesting because they are using many of the techniques used by
Reparative Therapy - and it's all supported by the local gay rights group!
They use the technique to help men stop and think when they want to act-out.


They have to realize when they feel lonely (or whatever) and then try to fulfill
that need in a healthy way. The program has enjoyed good success, too.

The comparison to Reparative Therapy is obvious. If these men continue to
pursue psychotherapy like that, I'm certain that their homosexual desires will
decrease (of course, I believe that all gay men can become somewhat
heterosexual if they undergo enough therapy and provided they put in enough

Anyway, one part of the article caught my eye. The police force was saying
how the men that cruise usually are family men with a spotless police record,
and less than 1% of them are involved in drugs.

I'm sure the reporter put that little statistic in there to help "prove" that gay
men are not drug abusers, as so many anti-gay campaigners claim.
However, let's look at that statistic from a different perspective. The official line
of the pro-gay lobby has always been that the higher levels of suicide,
depression, and drug abuse in the gay community are due to oppression and
"homophobia". But is that really true? No.

It seems that the more one is involved in the gay world, the "gay scene" with
the bars, clubs, bath houses, etc, the more susceptible to drug abuse one is. It
seems that men who keep their sexuality secret and lead a covert life hiding
"in the closet" seem to be able to cope with life without abusing drugs.

Yet, those people who do have the "loving" support of a lively community,
other gay men, boyfriends, gay culture, and gay support groups, seem to
abuse drugs to a shocking degree!!

Surely, if it was "homophobia" and intolerance that caused the high rates of
drug abuse, then those people more involved in gay culture should have lower
rates of abuse. But they don't -- it's the other way around!

The simple truth is this: the high rates of drug abuse among the gay
community is due to the gay community -- and not due to the so-called
"homophobia". That's a cop-out excuse and the only people who would believe
are blind, ignorant, and most of all, incredibly dumb.

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