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Jake Taylor - Diary of an Ex-Gay

Jake Taylor - Diary of an Ex-Gay

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Published by Ruben Miclea
Jake Taylor presents his diary as an ex-gay. Authentic and captivating
Jake Taylor presents his diary as an ex-gay. Authentic and captivating

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Published by: Ruben Miclea on Feb 03, 2013
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Today is pride parade day in the capital, London.
Uggghhhh, looking at that on the news makes me feel sick. I mean, why want
to be a real man when you can be a prancing effeminate queen wearing tight
spandex pants doing simulated sex moves in the street?

Yuck. Their so-called "pride" is a self-deception. It's not really pride, it’s more
defiance - a defense against a system of masculinity they feel hopelessly
outside of. Inferior, but doesn't care anymore. It's a child sticking its tongue out
and saying "nah-nah, I'm better than you!" This is, of course, with the comfort
of being around people who understand, as they are also outcasts of masculine

If anyone thinks the above comments are "hate speech", think again, Mr.
Ignorant. I used to be gay, and anyone who has spent an iota of time in the gay
world knows that masculinity is held up above all else as a highly desirable
quality. The more masculine-looking guys are always higher up the gay
hierarchy, with the femmes right down at the bottom. The femmes are
resented and looked down upon. Gay personals ads usually ask for a "straight
acting" guy. It's not unusual to hear a gay male say "I hate those prancing
effeminate puffs!"


Think about it, gay porno is full of masculine blokes, with many "movies" based
on truck drivers, army cadets, policemen, doctors, gang members, mechanics,
etc. There is little market for porno of weak, skinny, effeminate guys with high-
pitched voices working in a florist. It's rugged good looks, muscles, masculine
clothes, power, and strength that is desired. Masculinity is what gay men want
more than anything else.
And when you decide to increase your own sense of masculinity (e.g. in
therapy), that's when the effeminate ways of some men are all the less
appealing. In fact, they're not just unappealing, their actions are repulsive. The
mannerisms they have chosen to act out represent everything we are trying to
get away from.

Hence, I know its not just heterosexuals who think the gay parades are, well,
hideous. Many straight-acting gay men think so too. Parades are just femme
blokes, drag queens, and narcissistic muscle-bound blokes (and the only
attribute they have of any value in the gay world are their bodies).

Emptiness. Narcissism. Vain. Outrageous. "Look at me! Look at me!!!" Yuck.

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