Pathophysiology of cerebrovascular accident

PREDISPOSING FACTORS: -Age -Gender -Race - Hereditary

PRECIPITATING FACTORS: -HPN -Physical inactivity

-Heavy drinking and smoking

Obstruction of blood vessels

Decreased cerebral blood flow

Decrease O2 supply

Stimulation of Mitochondria

Production of lactic acid

Change in pH level (acidic)

Anaerobic Environment

Decreasedproduction of ATP by neurons

INFARCTION Decreased depolarization

Increase cellular death Medial aspect of one frontal lobe or both Lateral hemisphere and deeper structures of frontal, parietal and temporal Occipital lobe, anterior and medial portion of temporal lobe, thalmus involvement

Cerebral penducle, cerebellum and brainstem

spontaneous pain. vertigo. problems in decision making or performing acts voluntarily. dysphagia . homonymous hemanopsia. altered consciousness. cognitive and affective disorders Contralatral hemiplegia (face and arm). aphasia. slowness of thought. left-right confusion Homonymous hemianopsia and other visual defects like color blindness. aphasia Oculomotor nerve palsy. memory deficits. loss of sensory modalities. impaired gait. visual disturbance such as diplopia.Paralysis of foot/leg. loss of central vision and visual hallucinations. dystaxia. urinary incontinence.

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