It is during the month of May that the contrast between the heat coming from the sun and

the cool breeze carried by the frequent rain signals the end of summer. The humidity brought about it causes me uncontrollable perspiration, like the feeling of being in a steam room. I realize how similar this summer was from last year, and the years before it when I hear the monotonous dripping of the water coming from the leak in ceiling of my room. I hear summer is about to end. The noise my electric fan makes, even if the wind it produces does not compensate the loud swooshing of the propellers, created background music for the dripping the water leak made. It stayed like that for an hour or so as I remained immobilized in my bed, practically glued to it, fearing a gush of sweat will come out of my back as I have not moved an inch the moment I woke up. I laid there for an hour or so thinking of how my summer was spent doing the same thing every time I wake up. I notice how much thinking I have done the past weeks by doing this, lying in bed thinking, but I really haven’t done much after that. I simply wait for the last drop of rain water before I rose from my bed and eat breakfast. Another thing I noticed is that I look forward to doing it again the next day. It must be due to the thinking I do when I lay in bed staring at the ceiling; I have realized a lot more than I should. I haven’t been thinking of what I wanted to do after summer ends until today. It was when I looked at the clock and the calendar and the books that I realized that I’m going back to a place where I can no longer do what I do in the morning anymore.