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Future Bazaar, Reliance Fresh and Easy Day

Group 7 Section B Shruti Patra (73) Dhruv Devgan (74) Reena Kumari (79) Rupesh Jain (83) Vaibhav Maheshwari (88) Anshul Bansal (102) Ravish Kapoor (133)

JV between Bharti Retail &

Walmart. Rajan Bharti Mittal is heading the operations in India. The first Easyday store was opened in Ludhiana in 2008. One-stop shops that cater to every familys day-to-day needs. Mission : Enable India, Live Better.

Warm and Caring Service

Strong emphasis on the values of Ethics and

Integrity. Work environment that welcomes early identification of challenges and mutual Empowering Customers resolution of complaints. Right and their Assortment Their success is the result of the hard work Families to live a better and dedication. life Recognizing the contribution of each associate.

Always in-Stock Status

Assured Savings

Bharti retail is an equal

opportunity organization, there are no minimum qualification for store level. In order to create a retail industry talent pool, the Company has established the Bharti Academy of Retail (BAR) to provide basic retail training free of cost. Also company induce middle management in technical training like ERP etc.

Bharti Retail believes in the

power of open communication and equality. Calling each other associates is symbol of this belief of equality. Top management listen to their associates and have formal processes like the Open Door and Tell Raj. Following bhartis associate friendly culture an associate can be transferred to desired department or company.

Part of future group - founder by Kishore Biyani. It is a hypermarket chain in India. Offers a wide range of merchandize, food products,

electronics,leisure and entertainment. The mission of the company is to deliver anything , anywhere to any customer in the most profitable manner.

Kishore Biyani has divided India into 3 classes Emphasis is on Customer Satisfaction and happiness Leadership Respect Openness Value and nurture relationships Adaptable

Selection process

Selection through interviews by regional HR Undergo training program named Prarambh There is a dress code for the employees Language and religion is not an issue in hiring and


Namaste Big Bazaar to greet the customers Joining employees are introduced to others in the Fun

Zone Farewell is given to the leaving employees Regular activities and games are conducted in the fun Zone Trophy with Big Bazaar logo is given to star of the month employee along with cash reward of Rs. 1000

Area manager

Store manager

Team Leader

Employe e

Supportive in resolving the issues of the employees Control is loose and flexible Risk tolerance is high Means are more important than the ends.

Part of Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries. Started its operation on 30th Oct2006. More than 1000 outlets Plans to invest Rs. 250bn in next 4 yrs

integrity Honesty Respect Responsibili ty


Purposefuln ess

Citizenshi p Fairness


Essence of values:
Each employee conducts the company's business with

integrity, in compliance with applicable laws, and in a manner that excludes considerations of personal advantage. But the sad part is : these values only have meaning on paper. Role of Rituals :Not very prominent Stories : Some
Highly informal

Without any distinct boundaries

Selection Process:
Background in agriculture is mandatory. Different Rounds: Technical, HR rounds and Aptitude test. Selection is followed by Induction and Training Program.

Effect of top management:

Policy of transparency Basic data is available on their SAP system

Socialization Process:
Employee Feedback Grievance Redressal