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123444211 Wisdom of an Avatar

123444211 Wisdom of an Avatar

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Published by James Levarre

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Published by: James Levarre on Feb 03, 2013
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  • Chapter 3 The Avatar explains the journey to spirit and the folly of man
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5 Spiritual Truth from an Avatar
  • Chapter 6 A Simple Guidance to Meditation
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8 Light from an Avatar
  • Chapter 9 Wisdom and Understanding from an Avatar
  • Chapter 10 Light on the Pathway
  • Chapter 11 The Super-Consciousness Mind
  • Chapter 13 The Earth and the Reality of Spiritual Truth
  • Chapter 14 Towards Enlightenment
  • Chapter 15 Food for the Soul
  • Chapter 16 Some Prophecies from an Avatar
  • Chapter 17 Spiritual Insight from an Avatar
  • Chapter 18 Between Two Worlds
  • Chapter 19 The Reality of Truth from an Avatar
  • Chapter 20 Understanding: The Divine Way
  • Chapter 21 An Avatar’s Wisdom
  • Chapter 25 Religions, Prophesies and Dimensions Beyond Earth
  • Chapter 29 Where Have All The Wise Men Gone?
  • Chapter 30 Pure Wisdom from an Avatar
  • Chapter 31 Earth: A Necessary Illusion
  • Chapter 32 Wisdom and Spiritual Truth from an Avatar
  • Chapter 33 The Only Way

I come with God’s message of divine wisdom and the boundless peace that only He can
bring to a life.
I come that in our moments together you can stand aside from that world and leave
the material and all that it brings to a life. I come that you may dwell with the
Divine, briefly though it may be, and feel the bliss that you can feel when God
touches your life with only the loving intimacy that God can bring.

How empty are lives that know not God? How empty they are in their daily activities
when they can only focus on the physical, and either do-not know or do not care
about the true potential of them selves, from whom they are, from whence they came,
and where they go. Not just at the journey’s end of this life they are living, but
through eternity.

When you read or hear in your world of adventures into the space that surrounds
your planet, excitement reigns supreme when something unusual develops, they get so
excited and hope and expect that and so much more will come when they hear of it.
If only they could develop their consciousness and travel into the dimensions of
the cosmos with God, and see unfolding the wonder of the ultimate in creation that
is God. How very mundane would that be that they think is exciting.
Whilst they pursue the material and materialism and all the other physical
phenomena of that world, while that is their goal they are limited; it is all a
temporary illusion for the moment: it is motion in illusion.
But when awakening souls pursue the spiritual path, expanding their consciousness,
developing that wonderful soul growth within and they move into this great wisdom
and understanding that is God.
That which they can experience and know is limitless, it brings into their horizons
of understanding a vastness of truth and reality that is hidden from the human
conception and is only visible to the reality of the awakened self.
I do not say this idly, I do not bring empty promises or vague pleasantries when I
bring these words to you. I am a teacher for God I bring only truth that you may
know it; but that what I give has the authority of god behind it.
When I tell you all these wondrous things are there for all to find, you can be
assured that this is so.
Live for the divinity within and not the material without. Move along this path of
enlightenment to the one supreme source of all things: who is enlightened in all
that is: who is the creator of all that is; then in truth you will see wonders
unfolding that you cannot even dream of in the fallible state of yourself at the
moment in time.

When you look at the beauty of your world and the magnificence of the creation in
that world in its unspoiled state, and in the variety or the wonders that there is;
if you could magnify it untold times; if you could visualize beyond that beauty,
limitless in its expansiveness, perhaps you can grasp what little there is to see
and know with the eyes of the spirit.
The beauty of your Earth is a glorious gift of God, but it cannot compare with the
beauty of spirit with the eyes of the beholder to see, and the higher the conscious
the greater the beauty to behold.

Never be content to let your consciousness dwell on the lower levels of
understanding, even in spirit. Seek to expand this, higher and higher, deeper and
deeper, and move into God’s great dimension of intelligence: then there is nothing
that can equal that which you will behold.

When you feel a sense of excitement of what you see and hear in your material world
it is minute, infinitesimal compared to a one experience of divine expansion of
consciousness that can unleash for you so much to see and know from God.
Never be content to move in the doldrums of the spiritual search, and never limit
you horizons to the meager effort that you will think you will make because it
seems the easier way to do it.
Discipline yourself relentlessly, have the courage, have this divine insight to
know you have to make the greater effort: you have to sacrifice something of the
self and that material world if you want to if you want to experiences these vaster
experiences that lie before you.
No one is going to bring them to you, no one is going to offer them to you as a
gift, you have to earn them and find them through the efforts of the spiritual
Avatars at their will can direct their consciousness to see behind all thing that
which the wish to see. They can move in that Earth but they can dwell in the bliss
and the wonder of God.

I think man has made that world very ugly. Has he not?
Man has bought to that world the very worst of negativity, greed, disillusion,
poverty, cruelty, and injustice: all are base qualities that are harnessed in
mankind’s make-up.
Man is operating in so much of his activities at the very lowest level of his
vibration of ability; thus he will bring in its wake the results of that
negativity, and all the baser results of his actions will emerge in that material
world you call Earth. Many will regard this as normal, just one of those things
that was meant to happen—but it is not!
That is the so-called quality that man should lose. He should disregard it and
elevate his consciousness to a level where he is incapable of any mean action,
word, thought or deed.
As long as man wallows in that very abyss of spirituality he will bring to that
world the debasing that he is now doing.
In these actions he is not only debasing that world but also the other forms of
creation within it, nature, the animal kingdom, birds and humanity.
Man is destroying, he is mutilating, and he is wreaking havoc in the sea, in the
air and on the land.
Man cannot be allowed to continue what he is doing at the rate he is doing it; it
cannot be allowed to continue for much longer.
Man is closely approaching the danger point of-no-return in that material world.
There is so much dormant that he has created waiting to explode in your world, so
much poison is waiting to be emitted into the atmosphere, through some human error,
through some mistake or decay that is from the result of that which man has
created. It is like a sleeping serpent waiting to strike and man is finding it is
beyond his control, it is getting too big for him to look after, to handle. ‘Is
this not truth, my children?

So many countries in your world have so many problems with what they have done,
they have not the means to remedy them and in some instances they have not the
knowledge of how to do it, how to cope, and how to undo that which they done. I
can give you in truth when I say . . . ‘They are doing it now.
They are interfering with the procreating of life; they have their nuclear power
stations, their nuclear inventions and their weapons of war.
It is being done now to the humanity of that world, to the crops of that world, to
the animals, to the birds and to the fish, anything of creation they are tampering
with to prove they are superior in their understanding over that which exists—but
they are not!
Know in truth that mankind will have to reap the harvest of that which these so-
called cleaver people are doing. They are creating monsters that they cannot
control, undo, nor recall. Once a cause has been set in motion the law of cause and
effect has to follow its natural course.

You have the opportunity in your own lives to look at that world to see it with the
eyes of divine wisdom. Look at that world for what it is then you will have the
decision to make of whether you will step aside from that and deeply pursue the
spiritual path of your life.
As long as people are content to dilly-dally in the decision making of their lives
the will find they are standing still, no one will be progressing anywhere. I am
sorry to say it . . . but this is the truth, my children
If you are content to let that world become your habit, and the activities of that
word become your normal activities, then you are not going to move to God—you
cannot move to God!
If you have the courage to make the decision, to apply the discipline to the search
for God that you need to do, and apply your life to it consistently and
dedicatedly, then indeed can you move forward and you can attract to your life
these great qualities of the Divine that are so vital to your soul growth.
Every thought you send to God of true longing for Him, of true love for Him; every
time you utter the true words of love for God with the true conviction of the soul
you are taking a stride toward Him. But if you are indifferent to God then He will
be indifferent to you: not intentionally, but He cannot reach those who have close
the door to His love, to His energy and His approach of longing for those to return
to Him. God cannot drag you kicking and screaming to Him, you have to come
willingly lovingly and longingly, toward that Godhead.

I understand the difficulty of living in a physical body in that very material
world; this I think is one of the worst eras of existence since man was created.
It’s the most difficult to be spiritual in. It’s the most difficult to be able to
push aside the material world and devote the love and the time to God, that you
need to do. I understand all that, but the choice has to be yours and for others
like you. You and you alone have to make that decision for God or that material
world—but you cannot have both!
I do not mean you have to ignore your world completely, or that you have to try and
live on a cloud-nine away from everything. You naturally have to live in that
physical world and devote time to your duties to your economic survival; to the
welfare of yourself, to those you are responsible for, and those around you that
you can help. These efforts are natural; but these are not such absorbing tasks
that do not allow you to give the priority of your time for God.
You give your attention to that world with the devotion that it needs, but it does
not mean you have to be tied to that world and be in bondage to it.
You perfunctory perform your duties with a responsibility that must come, should
come, and needs to come. But the true focus of your time is to be on God, if it is
God you are seeking. If it is this great awaking of the inner-reality that you are
seeking, then it must be God you focus . . . The Divine Beloved that you focus on.
Feel this core within you responding to the core of divine wisdom. Feel the very
essence of the self stirring to the awakening and the reality and the immenseness
and the vastness of the potential that you have. What God is you can become—and
that is truth!
If you hesitate and weaken in your resolve; if you are content to take from that
material world the pleasures and the sensations of the flesh that keep you happy in
that world: that is your right and your choice. But know also you are spiritual
beings awaken to truth through lives gone by. You are in flesh this time for the
purpose of gaining greater growth and greater understanding.
If you apply this wisdom that you have and translate that into action, then you
will attract to your life a greater force of divine energy and greater changes will
come to you life whiles you are in flesh. It is the law!
What you seek you find and you become. Those who only want that material world who
are content with all that negativity will only attract to their lives more
negativity, you can be very sure of that: corruption will only bring more
The love for money will not bring more money to their lives, it will bring misery

of the disillusion that money does to a life when that is the longing and the
ambition of a life.
When money is used wisely and it is used with the qualities of understanding to
enhance life in its highest form: then money is a gift to enjoy, but when it
becomes an obsession, when it becomes a longing to have, to use, to keep, and not
for helping and sharing but for the self-gratification: then that money is a
disease that will bring to a soul the results of that disease. Can you understand
I think when you look around you where you are now you see greed already in your
part of that world and the results of that greed. Is this not true?
The twentieth century and the last few years in your Earth time has been the time
of a very great changes in humanity: in a short hundred years there have been some
tremendous changes of the living of those in your material world. I think you will
Great changes from peaceful quietude, from simplicity, through wars; and through
the last few decades there have been tremendous surge of inventiveness, of
electronic achievement and of speed. In all things man has lost the art of moving
slowly through that material world and enjoying what he see, he is speeding madly
through it. Man is losing sight of the simpler, gentle things of life and demanding
sophistication, excitement, new things all the time to entertain him, to sustain
his interests and to satisfy his senses.
How many people pause to walk in a garden and just look at a flower? Many people
will rush through the garden without seeing the flower: it is only a means of
getting through somewhere to get to somewhere else.
God has given your world such beauty, such an opportunity to enjoy the bounty of
that world, and to benefit from that which He has that given the bounty to the
world for people in all countries have, but they have exploited it, and they have
abused it.
The young in that world are going to be the saviors of that world in the years that
are coming, they are rebellious in so many instances because they are unsure and
uncertain, they are disillusioned, and they have nothing that seems to satisfy this
disillusion within them. They have to find a way through the darkness of their
living. And they will do it!
Your world is despoiled with the use of drugs, with the abuse of alcohol, and of
all the negative activities that they are indulging in. At this present time they
are destroying so many lives and so much happiness in that world; but you will
ultimately find it is a sickness that will burn itself out, because man cannot
sustain this way of life and survive.
So many young people that are being born into bodies today are very highly
evolved . . . I have given this before, I give it again. They are coming into
bodies for a purpose of balance in that world, and they are going to achieve (even
in your lifetime) the beginnings of change.

There will be a sickening of the disillusionment that your world is experiencing,
in politics, in morality, and in all the economic disillusionment of the world.
There is so much happening that will bring about almost a-turn-a-round in the years
Mankind is going to want something better, something greater, and this is where the
young souls coming into bodies are going to play a prominent part.
The older generation is too deeply steeped in their own ideological ideas; too
deeply embedded in their habits of old for many of them to change; they will leave
their bodies as they came without growth; without having moved into any great
spiritual achievement. The young are going to bring about a balance of spirituality
in that world.

You are going to see the economic climate of your world changing slowly but surely
from the imbalance it is giving to the world, in as much as there are too many
wealthy ones with great wealth and far too many without anything, there is a great
imbalance between the haves and the have-nots in that world today and it is

apparent throughout your world. Is it not?
This is going to bring about a change, because it is going to be a more leveling of
people’s well-being, economically.

The old conception of exploiting other people for their own ends is going to
disappear in the years ahead. There is also going to be, a more sense or equality
of need answered then there is today.

Religions have not helped bring to your world the answers that man is seeking.
There are so many beliefs, so many different dogmas, all promising their follows
they have the answers to life, the answers to eternity in many instances, but they
are not satisfying the needs of their follows, because they are not expounding the
truth of God as it should be told.
All souls are a part of God and all souls reflect the divinity of God within to
varying ability to understand that inner-self; but the core of God throughout all
humanity will respond to the rejection of that which they are receiving; even in a
small way they are not going to be satisfied ultimately with what they are
receiving because they will instinctively know that it is wrong.
No-matter what is told them the soul within has to accept or reject that which is
spiritually satisfying to it: many souls are still dormant and sleeping.

People are still going to be receptive in the ultimate. That which is now being fed
to them in religious doctrines as truth, as reality, as spiritual, will in the
ultimate be rejected as theology. People will yearn for the spiritual truth: the
spiritual future of that which they are.
You are going to see it is as if they are in a state of sleep in so many instances
and all of a sudden there will come a time when there is going to be an upsurge, a
stirring, an awakening coming to souls you never dreamed of. These are going to
question, they are going to challenge, and they are no longer going to be sleeping:
because this divine energy of God is going to be manifesting in your world to a
greater degree.

There is going to come to that material world a tremendous surge of spiritual
energy into the souls of all humanity. This is going to be God’s helping hand to
humanity to be able to reject that which your world is bringing to their lives.
They are to suddenly, without understanding why, emerge from this darkness of
ignorance into a slow awakening. They are going to ask questions more and more, (I
do not mean the immediate future I am speaking of the time that is coming to the
world in years and years to come) this will be slow and gradual.
You are going to find the soul of man is going to respond to this input or divine
energy and it will bring about a slow awaking of consciousness that they have been
keeping dormant unwittingly within.
You are going to see a lessening of power of religion over the populous, over the
followers of these religions. Then, my children, slowly but surely this new
thinking will emerge in areas of your world that you would have never thought it
possible to happen.
A consciousness, a responsibility is going to come in their actions, in their way
of living, and change will emerge into the whole concept of your world of matter.

Beloved children: It is impossible for humanity to remain where it is in this
inertia of understanding.
Those people who call themselves agnostics and atheists will no longer claim those
beliefs; even those people will find they are seeking to look and think and reason
This will not come to be in your lifetime, but it will come to your world, and God
will never interfere with free-will, He will never compulsively make this happen,
he will never dominate or be dogmatic that it must happen. It will be a case of
their response spiritually, to their own need to grow spiritually. Can you see the

As the young souls come into the bodies and emerge into their lives with the
spirituality that they will bring to their lives on Earth a spirituality that will
bring about a spiritual reformation to your world that is so vitally needed.
But in the intervening time, there must come to the world a restraint on man in
order that the world will not suffer irreversibly because of that which they are
now doing to it.
Experiments in the laboratories are going to fail unexpectedly. Many who are
working upon these so-called experiments are going to find that they are going to
be without success, and they will not understand the reason why.
Where an experiment is beneficial to mankind, it will proceed. But the many which
violate the laws of God are going to find that they are not moving in the success
that they hoped or expected they would.
Too much already has been allowed to progress and find its way into your world’s
activities. They must be checked, and they will be checked.
They in their experiment in their ignorance will continue with their experiments,
but the results that they are seeking will not be achieved.
In accordance to the divine laws free-will is still being allowed to prevail, but
the control of the divine wisdom is still going to remain the overriding power of
all creation. Can you see this?
I want you to understand the loving wisdom and logic of the Creator at work. I want
you to try and comprehend this steadying hand upon the tiller of creation. God
knows all, He understands all, He sees all, He hears all, He gives the love, He
gives the wisdom, gives the compassion and man must be able to ever respond to that
which is ever flowing from God. A positive way must be mankind’s response, if the
response is negative, or if the response is nil, then there comes as a result a
detrimental effect to your world.
God understands the limitations He must allow and He understands the course of
action that must be taken to prevent the destruction of that world.

Your world is polluted now to a point that is very dangerous; it’s being destroyed
in a way that God cannot tolerate.
All things are in a state of planned action, spiritually. You must not think
because this world of spirit is not visibly to mankind that it is remote to
anything that happens in your world. It is not! It’s still the overriding power
behind that planet, with spirit being the superior aspect. Is this not the truth?
The material aspect of that world is matter, but there is still the power of divine
wisdom behind it, allowing everything to exist including humanity.
God will use the spiritual of that which is in that world to override the material
of that world in a way that is necessary to counteract that which man is bringing
to that world. You may not realize it, you may not understand it but it will be so
and sometimes events will occur, events that are beyond man’s comprehension, and he
will not understand. Mankind will not know the reason behind it but you can be
assured that there is a reason. Nothing happens under God’s direction that is
without logic, or a pattern, or a reason, or a need.
Acts of nature are sometimes vitally necessary to the well-being of your world even
though they may be detrimental to humanity living in it.
Humanity is expendable in as much as the physical counterpart can perish, but the
soul within is indestructible and will live on.
That planet Earth as a whole is integrated, and sometimes you have to hurt one
aspect in order to save another: that which is the greater need will transcend the
lesser. This is logic, I think you will agree.
Sometimes there has to be disasters, there has to be geographical happenings that
bring misery to humanity on your planet but are important to the balance of that
planet, and they occur in accordance with God’s laws as nature and God decree.
Sometimes you hear people referring to natural events as the law of nature: nature
is only an expression of God in action.

My children, I want you to understand this law. . . . Materialism, in whatever form

it is, is inferior to the spirit, and the spiritual will always override the
material, when, and if, the need arises.
Spirit is eternal and indestructible; the material is only is only an aspect of
things for a time and is perishable and destructible.
Never for one moment, let the fallible thinking of the physical mind be the wisdom
that you apply to events of importance.
I do not speak of man-made events; I do not speak of where pollution is the result
of man’s activities, where material disasters occur, of things exploding, of fire
burning, or rivers being dammed and causing damage because their courses are being
changed, they are man-made disasters. Are they not?
However, when you see nature in its own inimitable wisdom bringing disasters to
your world that automatically come in certain moments in time to that material
world, then you can be assured that there is a pattern to these activities beyond
the wisdom of the physical ability to understand this natural action. These will
and must occur in order to remedy or right an imbalance to override something that
would be worse to come: there is a logic behind all these things that is important
to the planet or it would not occur.
Divine wisdom, is the governing wisdom behind all of creation, therefore, it must
take all priority over man’s wisdom. I think you can see what I mean.
The greater wisdom, the greater power of the divine will always be paramount in
anything that happens to that planet. At present man thinks he is in control of all
his activities, and he is free to do what he will, when he will.

My beloved children: Man is going to find the lessons he is going to learn are
going to be very painful, going to be very definite, very dramatic, and very
Life may not be comfortable at times, it may be painful, it may be disastrous, it
may bring misery, but remember that humanity living on that planet Earth are there
as visitors only, temporary, in borrowed bodies of flesh for the soul within to
manifest in that material world.
Even if life be destroyed though events of nature, the soul within is still growing
and living and moving along the eternal path of life in its journey to God. Thus,
that what may seem tragic in the human understanding, but to the overriding wisdom
of the spiritual wisdom it may be very necessary and expedient to the whole of that
particular aspect of life. Can you see what I mean?
I want you to enlarge your vista of thinking. I want you to apply divine
understanding to that world, do not shrink your thinking, and do not limit your
understanding to the barrage you receive through your media of that world, in
whatever form it may be. So many experts are busy pronouncing judgments on so many
subjects. Are they not?
These people are fallible: you think with the inner core of understanding within
you; apply this spiritual logic to that which you see and hear and you will have a
very different understanding to that which other people are trying to give you.
Look at the mistakes other people are making, look at the errors of judgment that
is so manifest in that world today, errors of all sorts in every corner of that
world, in allsorts of situations. People are making decisions of monstrous error.
Are the not?
They are bringing in their wake so much misery to other people’s lives and to the
world: through their misguided judgments of what they think is best, what is right,
and what they think should happen.
It is all because they are thinking materially; thinking with that narrow confined,
fallible material thinking. They are not applying that wide vista of divine wisdom
to their decision making.
Don’t fall into that habit of thinking: look at everything with the wider aspect of
divine understanding—you can achieve it—just practice it.
Don’t take at face value anything you see or hear: look through it, look at it with
the eyes of God and not with the eyes of that world.
Try and live your lives in the light of God’s wisdom. The decisions you make, let
them be the ones you are sure are governed by the spiritual laws and not the

material wisdom of your world.
All your desires, what you seek from life, let it be based on what is best for the
whole of the self, not just the physical body and the physical life. Think what you
are doing with your life, how it is going to affect the growth of soul and the
Think what you are doing with your life, how you are progressing towards the goal
of spiritual realization in God.
Everything you eat, everything you think, everything you do and everything you say
has an effect on the whole of the self and not just the body.
If you think mean thoughts, if you think thoughts of hatred, of anger, of envy,
greed: all these things have a retarding effect upon the soul and the
If you are mean to other people, if you are selfish, if you are insular in thinking
about what your life needs and not what the world needs: then you are retarding
your spiritual growth and retarding that wonderful expansion of the consciousness.
You are a guest of God on that planet Earth. You are a visitor privileged to have a
body in order that you can experience life in a material atmosphere. You have a
responsibility to the body, but you have a responsibility to the whole of that
material world, because God has placed you in it, as part of the life on that
planet and you must respect the rest of that planet. If you do not do that then you
are failing yourself and you are failing God.
If you misuse your planet in any way, then you are betraying your trust in God and
you are betraying His trust in you.
If you misuse your own body through actions, thoughts and deeds that are wrong, you
are betraying the trust God placed in you by giving a body and a life to experience
life in this present incarnation.
It is a very serious responsibility to be in a body in that world, and only when
you are spiritual aware, only when you have earned the wisdom that you have are you
able to comprehend the immensity of that responsibility. Is this not truth
If you have not awakened to spiritual truth or you cannot understand why you would
did not think of it: it is a case of being alive in that material world: that is
all you are: a human being in a material world.
But when you have spiritual understanding, then you have the added responsibility
of knowing what you are, from whence you came, where you are going, and what you
must do while you are there.

Beloved ones: Ensure from this day forward that your lives are responsible lives
and that which you do with your lives is also responsible. Then that which you give
to God is the gift resulting from the acceptance of that responsibility.
If it is realization in God that you seek, if it is truly the emergence of your
consciousness into His consciousness that you are wanting, then you have to apply
what you are and what you do—right from this moment: or you will wander in no-
man’s-land until you do.

I cannot even begin to explain to you the complexity of the divine existence that
is the whole of God. I could not begin to explain to you how vast is the existence
that God has created; of all the dimensions there is, and all the universes within
those dimensions. I could explain to you the vastness of creation. I could not
begin to tell you of it, but you can understand it when you think with the mind of
God. When you have expanded your understanding into His understanding, you
instinctively know, you do not have to be told.
There are no words in the human vocabulary that can explain the immensity of God
and can explain the complexity of creation.
Slowly and gently you take the steps along the pathway until you reach Him: then
you will know all, because you are one with Him. But those steps you take can be
vital, and they can be giant steps if you want to make them giant steps – you can
make them little tiny steps or you can make them big steps, but this depends upon
the effort you put into your search for Him, it also depends upon the discipline
you bring to your life, the consistency of the effort you bring, and the

application of it to that which you are.
If you want to be narrow in your thinking, if you want to be insular in your
understanding, then that is your privilege; but if you can cleanse the mind, if you
can sweep away from the physical mind all the little narrow, silly, material
thinking that goes on in that world. If you can think with the vastness of the
spirituality that you have, you can see and look at that world and you can see it
is like a lot of little ants running around in circles in that world, eating each
other, destroying each other; or you can see them as creations of God, seeking
understanding, seeking growth, seeking the awakening of the inner-self to Him.
Then you can watch with compassion and understanding as they make the mistakes that
they do, and as they make the decisions that are so wrong. You then can, with
compassion, as you move though life, help where you can, to sow the seed of truth
and to bring the comfort and solace to the life of someone who is lonely and hungry
for God. Just a word, just a thought you can give can bring to some-ones life a
comfort you could never understand.
Do not go through that Earth life with blinkers on and do not go through that life
locked in a material prison of ignorance. My children, do you understand this
teaching that I bring to you?

Live the understanding that you have, live the wisdom that you have earned, and
live that longing for God, that love for God, and make that longing and love that
activity that takes you to Him.
How can anyone want to live in that narrowness of materialism when there is this
vastness of divine bliss before them, waiting for them to enter?
Man thinks if he goes to these little planets that are waiting beyond his planet
and that he is seeing creation unwinding before him, that he is seeing the universe
unfolding before him. Man understands not. It’s like walking along a beach from one
grain of sand to another: that is all they are doing.
Creating is too vast, too big for anything that man could ever understand until he
becomes one with God.
Why do the waste their energies in seeking to visit other planets when they are so
busy destroying their own? Why do they want to waste all their on these efforts of
exploration into space when it should be given to the betterment of the planet on
which they are living? Why do they seek such knowledge that is material in its
make-up? All this is beyond them.
Their wisdom, their knowledge can only come through the expansion of their
understanding into the understanding of God who is the controller of all creation.
God has the answers to everything, seek Him and you will know the answers.
If man goes out into space in their space ships all they will see is more physical
creation; they will not find God in those places and yet they are wasting all this
money on seeking them when there are children starving in your world, dying in your
world for the want of medical care. Where are their priorities? Where is their
My children: Do not live their wisdom, live God’s wisdom. Apply in your own
everyday life the divine laws of understanding and your life will grow and expand,
then you will attract to your life so much more than you ever dreamed of.

It is for me an urgency to persuade you not to dwell upon what that world is
bringing to the lives of the population of that world. You must know it, you must
feel it, I understand, but do not dwell upon it, do not let it color your optimism
and do not let it bring despair to your thinking.
See it all through the eyes of divine wisdom as a melting-pot of growth, a melting-
pot of all varying degrees of evolution, struggling and threshing about in their
need to understand, to find and to awaken.
Stand aside and feel the true spirituality of the self overpowering the physical
aspect of your-self.
Know that in time, through all the agony and through all the suffering will come
the purification of every soul incarnate that the world will be cleansed again for

My children: Let everything you think be positive, everything you do be positive,
and do not measure any happiness for yourself as the result of dependency that your
world has to give.
Seek your happiness and seek your peace from deep within that well of divine
understanding that is lying there within you.
Let your higher consciousness be the gentle sponge that soaks in the wisdom of God,
and makes it your own obvious wisdom of growth and living.

Beloved ones of that material world: Live the divine way and let that material
world move along and you will not be caught up in it. Tell yourself you will not be
part of it: you are only in it because you are in flesh.
Let The Divine Creator guide you, and follow that guidance until you are at one
with the bliss of God.
Let you’re your strength be the strength be the strength within, not the
materialism of that world.

I come with a great abundance of love, and I leave that love behind because I want
everyone to feel it. I want all to know it is there to uplift, to protect and to
No-matter what you have to do in that material world, what decisions you all have
to make in your daily lives, always know if you make the decisions with love and
wisdom behind them: then you cannot be doing anything that has not the divine
authority of God behind it: because you are drawing upon the spirituality of the
self and not the fallible reasoning of the physical mind.
Nothing always will be perfect, nothing always will workout right, nothing always
will spare you hurt, but it will take you lovingly and gently through this sea of
experience into the bliss of God’s lagoon of His own pure perfect wisdom.

May enlightenment be the light that illuminates your path-way. I leave my love, I
leave my peace.

I am Bethesda.

For a soul to find enlightenment, spiritual truths have to be earned and lived
The divine laws that I so frequently refer to; are the law of love, the law of
compassion, the law of sharing and giving, the law of attunement with nature, the
law of attunement and caring of the animal kingdom, and the and the conservation
necessity of living in that world of matter.
There are no, one, two or three, four, or five spiritual laws. They are simply a
reality of the whole of the law. Every component part is interwoven with the other.
In living the laws, you live the whole automatically. You do not live cruelty, you
live kindness, and you live compassion.
You do not number them and tick them off and say . . . ‘Today I will be kind,
tomorrow I will have compassion—the next day I will have something else.’ That’s
not the way to live God’s laws. You live them or you don’t! As you live each law,
you need to live the whole of that law.

Live gently with nature and find yourself in harmony with other evolutions of
creation around you. You do not have to understand to know: you have to feel. Feel
the love of God flowing through a tree. Feel that oneness with God when you walk by
a river. Feel that oneness when you see a little ant hurrying along the ground, and
know God is the power within it.

Do not look at the pollution in your world! See the rivers running sweet and pure.
See the oceans, fragrant and clean. See the beauty of the fish that are basking in
this purity. See the birds flying through clear skies with not pollution. See them
finding their safe landing places, where there is plenty of food to sustain them.

See the sweet waters for them to drink, where their tired wings can find a place to
rest, unimpeded by man’s desire to destroy or eliminate. See the animals gently
feeding in the meadows, the fields and the wilderness; unafraid that tomorrow there
will be nothing left for them. See no more forced breeding, no more forcing of
animal numbers to feed the ever-expanding masses of people in that material world.
See not this overpopulation of animal species so that man can slaughter and eat

See not the need for hard medicines of your world that poison the cells of the
body. See only nature as being the cure that man uses to heal, to make whole from
God’s delicious nectar of divine energy that flows to all that exists.
See the gentle rain that falls upon that earth. It does not flood. It does not
overwhelm: it simply replaces and replenishes.
See the sun gently warming the earth as it grows the food to eat. Man will know he
can eat your Earth’s food with safety, without the infliction of chemicals upon it.
See the world with divine wisdom and know you are seeing the future!

May God’s peace and love, be the constant companion to all those loving souls that
are truly seek divine enlightenment.

May all loving souls that exist in that material world recognize that the condition
of enlightenment is the pathway that leads to the super-conscious min, that supreme
condition of being one with God—then truly you have become an Avatar!

I am Bethesda.

One day mankind’s material dream will end, and the spiritual reality will replace
Back cover
The Wisdom of an AVATAR
A must read for those who seek enlightenment.
A perfect read for those who are trying to reach the higher consciousness.
Wisdom is constant and sure: it is never ending and has no limit.

These are the teachings of an Avatar who has reached that supreme state of unity
with God. His wisdom guides the reader along the divine pathway to enlightenment.
When you are in the presence of an Avatar you need no one to lead you to God: you
just feel God

The Avatar shows sincere seekers the pathway to soul growth, true spirituality,
enlightenment and the higher consciousness.
It is not easy, if it were it would have no value.

Enlightenment gives you the understanding of creation: you will know what you
cannot even dream of knowing. With greater soul growth you can tap into the
universal mind of God; you evolve spiritually into that state of supreme
consciousness. Enlightenment leads to the higher consciousness: it is a divine
experience, a merging of the supreme consciousness into the mind of God.
The window of the soul gives a vista of truth to those who have the wisdom to see
through it.

Religious beliefs can be changed. Spiritual truths cannot.
It seems as if insanity has been unleashed upon this planet we call Earth. Greed,
cruelty, torture and material desires are rife in this world as never before. Now
an Avatar brings divine wisdom and great spiritual insight to a darkened world,
profound wisdom that is long over-due.
Most intellectual people see the material world and energy as a commodity. They do
not recognize the power of The Creator behind it.
There are people in this material world with great intellect, but even the greatest

of them can only reason as far as the intellect allows. When a seeker of
enlightenment learns to think with the mind of the soul that mind transcends the
intellect, it goes beyond and sees things that the intellect cannot grasp.
When you live in a material world it is very hard to see the divine.
The Avatar brings to the reader the reality of that which God is.
It is by necessity that you are in a physical body, this world is you training
ground—in truth you do not belong there.
Front flap

To the scientists, if the soul cannot be tangibly examined and practically
examined, it doesn’t exist.
The Avatars that have come to Earth in the centuries past have come to this planet
Earth and tried so very hard start a movement of understanding to help people
living in that material world to understand spiritual truths.
Sadly, civilizations past and present in this world of matter have misunderstood,
ignored or distorted spiritual truths in favor of religious beliefs and doctrines.
Avatars such as Jesus were glorified by man and mistakenly called god and given a
godhood they never claimed or wanted.
If Jesus came back tomorrow he would not recognize the truths he spoke a little
over two-thousand years ago, as spoken from the pulpits today, and he would recoil
in horror at the amount of wealth religions are making in his name.
The Avatar Bethesda has frequently said God has no shape or form, has no skin
color; is not male or female: God is the pure energy of creation. God is the super,
supreme intelligence that governs and controls all universal life and rhythm — God
simply is.

Lao Tzu once said . . . “The Tao is without shape or form, though the Tao has no
shape or form you can see the Tao in all things.”
The Tao is silent, but in this silence it tells you many things.”
It truly was a wise way of describing that unseen something we call God.
In this book are teachings from an Avatar from dimensions beyond the Spirit world:
he takes twenty-six letters from the alphabet and turns them into pure wisdom.

If mankind cannot recognize by now that the hidden force behind all existence is
God, then they are only perpetuating their own dark destiny.
Learning is man made knowledge, but wisdom is the voice of God.

Enlightenment is but a word: it is in truth a condition of the consciousness
awakened into the vast understanding of God.
Enlightenment is that condition of being you can only attain when you have truly
surrendered to God in the fullness of your awakened consciousness; when you have
left behind all else but this great understanding of becoming one with the creator.
Can you see what I mean?
Enlightenment cannot be taught to you, it cannot be given to you by another person.
You can be helped, as we are trying to help sincere seekers to become enlightened
in God. It is only through the efforts of the self: no one can give it to you; no
one can tell you how to feel it and know it: you truly have to become it through
your own disciplined efforts, your own growth to God through your own
Enlightenment is in effect, understanding the divine consciousness of God and
becoming one with it. Can you see what I mean?
I make no apology for you all to push away the world from your living and move to
God on wings of love and longing. You cannot imagine what awaits you when you are
enlightened, when you are one with God. This material is just a physical aspect man
is creating and perpetuating, aggravating, destroying, hurting . . . all the
negative thing s that I can think of to describe it.
Would you or any true seeker hold yourself back in these heavy vibrations of
Free your true identity into this divine energy of God.

There is so much man could have but he has lost the ability to reason with his
soul. The soul is the ingredient of God within man.

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