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123444211 Wisdom of an Avatar

123444211 Wisdom of an Avatar

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Published by James Levarre

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Published by: James Levarre on Feb 03, 2013
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I want you to understand, this communication is a combined operation betwixt the
two worlds and not one sided from our world only.
Individually you are of God. You have the right to have your individuality
respected and your trust not violated in anyway. We bring to your world, the
quality of truth that God intends you should have. This sacred trust must be sure
and firm betwixt the two worlds. Must it not?
There must be no room for suspicion or doubt if you there are to convey with
conviction that which is given from our world. If you are to convince seekers of
truth of the integrity of that which you give, you must first believe it yourselves

or you cannot convey it to others with any sense of conviction. Is this not logic?
It is therefore important that we build this trust between us on firm foundations
of mutual understanding and responsibility for that which is given and that which
is received.
It is not intended for us to bring the teachings of trivia, nor communications
inconsequential to the greater ramifications of truth that you seek and need to
know. The quality of communication must always be of a high standard, both in the
transmission and in the receiving and in the information given and received. I
think this is something that you will agree with.
You have no time for trivia in a world that is so desperately in need of
enlightenment. We have no desire to bring gems of information inconsequential to
the ramifications of understanding that you long to know and others will seek from
you. I think this would be acceptable, would it not?
This will be the foundation of the program and progression of that which is to
come. If you can visualize the enormity of the task before us, then I think you
will understand the need for this to be a condition of our exchange of
understanding in what is given.
It is, I know, important to many to have the inconsequential communication with a
curiosity of excitement in communicating with discarnate entities, casual
communication with the astral world is not.
The very desire of your soul for this way of life has led you to the mission of
those seeking unity with God. This is not the type of search that should be taken
on in your incarnation. You here have experienced this way, and you have laid aside
this aspect.

My beloved children: You have come through many facets of searching before you
reached that level of soul growth that you have today. Is this not so?
The goal of your lives you have now decided is the serious desire to find God in
the fullness of what God is, and in the absolute sense of divine existence. You
have discarded the fringes of knowledge. You have probed the depths of truth that
lie there for all to know; now at this moment in time you are linked you with those
in our world. If others are prepared to walk that narrow path to The Beloved
Creator this can truly be a blessing for them also.
There are evolved souls from this higher world who are destined and responsible for
guiding you along the way you have chosen. I am sure you can find in the words I
bring, a consistency of teaching in the direction your lives will take you.
There is no deviation from truth in order to satisfy the individual egos and
longings of those who are not truly dedicated to this oneness of understanding and
longing for God.
We cannot accommodate truth to satisfy those who are more interested in satisfying
the ego within them-selves. These people have no desire to reach for the greater
understanding that can only be found in the humility of submission to the divine
understanding that is God. There are those in your world and in the astral world
that caters to such egos. We are not of that ilk! We are teachers of truth and
enlightenment for God. We are humble in longing to bring to Him, those who truly
We understand that the road is difficult and long, with a pathway that is very
narrow and very demanding. It is too disciplined for many to submit their lives to
the ultimate in this goal. Therefore, when we have true seekers that are single-
minded in their longing and determination to follow the divine pathway regardless
of the material temptations in your world, we give all the help we can.
True seekers will have to face the many difficulties that will confront them at
times; then we in our world are truly united with all those who are on this pathway
of soul growth. We are completely ready and truly united to serve you in your work
and your goal to help you find that which your soul is longing to know.
As you acquire greater soul growth, you will find yourselves completely immersed in
aspects of wisdom that you could not have known before this spiritual awakening.
You would not have thought this possible if it had been given to you in your
earlier stage development. It is only possible for us from our world to bring these

truths to you, if you continue this single-minded way to God.
If that material world becomes your goal, then it is not possible for us to take
you to these greater depths of understanding. I give you this, only because
encouragement is important to those who are on the divine pathway to God.
You see we understand the heaviness of matter, although we are far removed from the
confines of the physical world. We understand the difficulty of seeking and loving
God with the intensity that you have, and we understand that at times you have to
withstand your world’s demands upon you.
The purpose of seekers lives is so clearly defined to evolved souls from our world:
it’s not the body that we are viewing it is the soul glowing within—that is the
book we read! It’s not the lives you live that is your yardstick of your future, it
is the divine hand writing the pages of the book of your life, visible only to eyes
empowered to see for God.
When you think of yourself, you think of the physical manifestation of yourself
that you see in the mirror. Do you not? You calculate your worthiness according to
the interpretation of this physical mind above the body that clearly says . . .
‘It’s you, with all your faults and your failures.’ I am sure the criticism you
heap upon yourself at times is indeed intense. Is it not?
This is perhaps unnecessary because when you have sufficient soul growth you are
able to see the inner-self that we can see. If you could look deeper into the core
of the self, you would not be as harsh as you are when you are viewing the
physical. Then my children, you would not be so strident in assessing the efforts
of your attempts in the spiritual domain of your endeavors.
This does not mean you can lessen your efforts in the spiritual search for God,
just because you cannot truly understand how far you are along the pathway: it does
not mean you can excuse yourself when you weaken to the temptations of the world.
It does mean you judge not yourselves entirely when you can only see that physical
form. You cannot judge yourself at all until you can feel with the ability of the
inner reality to assess that which you have become.
If you were only that which you see with physical eyes you would not be in the
search for God as you are at this present time. You would not give your life and
submit yourself to the discipline of the search for God and enlightenment. You
would not have rejected the material pleasures of that world as you have, and you
would not have single-mindedly chosen this spiritual pathway to God.
If you are something more that physical body that you see, it’s because the inner-
self is so far evolved to The Beloved Creator and so determined to find Him. The
journey may be slow, and the pathway may be difficult: this is because the real you
within that physical body, is a very different person to that which you see. You
also are prepared to submit your lives in the way that you have in the search for
The Beloved Creator.
I know discipline is important to a spiritual seeker, but remember, all time you
give to God is food for the soul. It is equally important that your thoughts be
centered on the inner-self, according to the truth that we bring. We offer it
lovingly to all who have embarked upon this journey to the supreme goal, and say in
all truth . . . ‘There is no other way!’
We give to you this knowledge, but unless you live it, it is wasted. Unless you
accept it as reality and apply it to your living and your activities, then there is
no purpose in knowing if you cannot live these truths. It is always important that
your physical lives be molded according to the reality of acceptance that you can
give to the truths that we bring.
If compassion, tolerance, understanding, and love are denied to those around you
and denied to the world at large, then how far have you progressed along the
pathway to God? Think of what God is, and what God represents. Compare that to what
you think you are to Him, and evaluate how far yet you have to go.
`Beloved ones: It is not to discourage you I give these words; it is to encourage
you. If you are honest with yourselves, if you are fair to yourselves, I think you
have the qualities more deeply embedded in your thinking than you have really
understood. You love, you care, and you feel for your world the compassion that it
needs to be given to help it through the trials of this dreadful era of existence.

You would not willingly hurt another, even in thought if you could avoid it. You do
not choose deliberately to inflict pain or suffering upon anyone, be it in thought,
word, or deed. These are the qualities of God. If you are honest and examine
carefully the approach you have to life, you will find much greater are the
conditions of understanding that you possess for the qualities of life. You will
find it is a deeper understanding of truth that you have, and a level of wisdom
higher than you really thought you possessed.

Humility is a quality of vital importance to any seeking God. But be very careful
humility does not become self-derision through the desire to be honest in the
assessment of your-self. To be inadequate is a misused word when applied logically
and literally to the one so declaring. Unworthy is also a word that is not always
accurate and very erroneous. In the eyes of God, there are none that are unworthy
of His love, of His devotion, and His compassion.
The greatest sinner in your world receives from God, the love equal to the saint:
for God loves everyone with great equality. It is not for God to segregate
according to the purity of the one: who to many people seems evil. You see the
difference is not in the giving from God, it is in the measure of the receiving of
the one who is seeking God. A person, who does not love God, receives nothing of
God’s love. This is because he or she has rejected it. Not because God isn’t
sending, but because it has been rejected by that person. Can you understand that?
The one who is seeking God’s love is receiving God’s love. He is receiving it
because he is aware of it, and embraces the love, and builds upon the love. That is
the difference! It is not in the giving from God, but in the receiving by the soul
who is the recipient of this divine love.
The churches teach their flock that God only loves the good: this is only half-
truth, because God loves everyone. God does not refuse His love to those who seem
not to deserve it in your world: that is in the material and the physical
qualification. The Beloved’s love is unqualified, it is endless, and there is no
finality to the measure love that flows from God. The only difference is the
ability of the soul to receive it, to use it, and to feel its presence.
A soul may be living in darkness because he has chosen that material world, with
all its frailties, and with all its illusions to satisfy his living. A soul, who
has rejected the concept of anything beyond the material existence as reality,
automatically closes himself off to the ever-flowing love and light of God. This
perpetuates the darkness within his very existence, because that soul is lacking
the ability to understand.
There are those who accept the existence of the Creator, who are so willing to
accept that which He gives so lovingly, endlessly and so compassionately. A soul
accepts it with the understanding wisdom of his or her very being: and that is the
one who is receiving the treasures. Such a soul who is storing within its inner-
self, this great ability to flower, to evolve, and become fulfilled in the true
meaning of its very existence—that is the soul who is receiving real wealth.
It is therefore urgent that all humanity is awakened to the reality of God’s divine
love, to the availability of the love, and to the existence of the love.

It is of no avail to try and comfort someone living in darkness until he has been
shown the way to accept the reality of his origin and his destiny. When that person
is aware of this reality, then can the soul push through the heavy darkness and
confusion of the material existence of your world; that person then can let that
spark become a flame within the inner-self, because it has become enlightened unto
truth. It is this understanding of reality that is vital to your world. Is it not?
It’s no good trying to force someone into submission of belief. They have to be
encouraged to accept it, in order to be able to reject the ignorance that they have
been locked into for so long.
My beloved children: When you think of the extreme religions like the Islam faith,
and the fervent closed mindedness of so many of the religions that will not allow
any other to be right but themselves. When you think of the complete fervency of
their belief, you have to accept that there is something within the people who

believe this way, something that is prepared to accept the concept that there is
something greater than the world of material existence. At least they have this
acceptance of a power beyond the material that is governing their lives. Is this
When it is possible, we can help them to look even deeper than that which they
already believe. When we can show them the vastness of the truth, the freedom of
the truth, and the release from the bondage of the ignorance in which they are
living, and when we can show them the alternative to that which they have come to
accept as truth; then you will find that this core within them will suddenly be
enlarged into a great light of understanding. This understanding has the ability to
obliterate the past and present for them; their future potential is their true
I understand the dilemma you have in the understanding of the seemingly remote
possibility of swaying the masses—the masses that are now deeply embedded in the
irrational fervency of what they have come to believe.
Remember this: Every soul is an atom of God, thus, it is linked to God and is
linked to all humanity through this oneness with God. It is the outer covering,
which at present is locked into the falsity of their beliefs. It is a physical
condition and not a spiritual one!
The mind is that which convinces each one of them of their belief, but the soul
within is not convinced, and it has in the ultimate the final say in the analysis
of that which they are in matter. Thus, it is imperative that the soul within is
touched and enlightened, and then the outer can fall away to reveal the inner
reality of understanding.

You are what you are to day, because you have become what you are today. You have
had many trials and enlightening experiences and subsequent growth into the reality
of the awareness that is now yours. Can you not envisage the possibility of others
achieving that which you have achieved?
Time, I know, must pass, but before a conclusion is reached this must come to be
before this can be reality—a beginning. Thus, beloved ones, the beginning is
vitally important and eminent, because those in your world are receding from
reality at such a pace it must be contained before it is too late.
You are witnessing a dilemma of the human factor, in a way that was never before
been so dramatically an anti-spiritual reality.

Conditions of life in so many parts of your world have never been more degrading,
more prolific in suffering, more denied in justice and in the dignity of life that
is their rightful expectation.
Man’s ability to exhibit cruelty is almost at a fever pitch in some parts of your
world. Law and order is being challenged at every level of life. Is it not?
Morality of home life, of commerce, and of everyday existence, has become weakened,
has become cheapened, and almost none-existence in some areas of your world. All
these qualities lead to the degradation of life instead of the improvement of life
on that planet Earth.
God’s intention for that world must be given momentum, must be given the
opportunity to start to flourish and flower. Voices must be heard. They must become
louder and more definite in the proclamation of truth and the reality of life. It
must take people of courage, and dedicated conviction to convey this truth, and it
must be given by people who will not be swayed because of opposition, derision, and
even scorn from those who understand not. It must be undertaken by those who are so
deeply convinced within their very soul of that which they believe and stand up for
in all that, which is absolute in spiritual truth.
You cannot fight the world from only the physical; you must harness the physical to
the spiritual if ultimate victory is to be God’s. You need to work with the power
of the spirit flaming within you and shining forth into the darkness that is yet to
come. It is essential that souls in your world dedicate themselves to this task or
you will make no mark on that darkness.
You must give the truth to the world with the authority of God or it will carry no


My beloved children: I want you to understand the importance of the communication
we have established from our world with your small group. It must be of such a
caliber that no one can deny its truth or its existence, and no one can possibly
prove it to be other than reality.
Forcible pushing along the pathway only brings negativity of growth. It is so is
wrong in your world for the religions to so dominate with their own doctrines and
with their own dogmatic determination to fill the minds with teachings they declare
is God’s law. Souls then have no room to maneuver.
They blindly have to follow the teachings or they are excommunicated from that
religion, this leaves them fearful of being spiritually isolated. If they start to
question, to think for themselves, and to challenge that which they have been
given, the usual response of any religion is . . . ‘If you don’t think like us, you
can’t come in.’
Only the strong in mind, the strong in conviction, and the strong within are
somehow able to overcome the inertia of this religious assertion. They are the ones
who are able to break free. Then look around anew, to seek greater wisdom, greater
truth, and greater logic to the meaning and true purpose of existence.
A soul, who is unconvinced, yet prepared to look and listen, has a greater
opportunity of discovering the divine truth. He is closer to experiencing
enlightenment; much closer than one who is firmly convinced in his mind that he
alone knows the answer.
He who thinks he has the answers will not listen to any other opinion other than
that which he himself is forming to his own conclusion.

I give you my love. I give you my peace.

I am Bethesda.

Closed minds will never find God!
The organised religions of the world have a great detrimental effect on the spirit
of man. While the earth human indulges in religions the spirit dwindles.

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