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FADE IN 1A. EXT. HIGHWAY ROADS/DEVARAKONDA TOWN - EARLY MORNING We see shots of the Sagar road highway. As titles roll, the warm sunshine bakes the countryside gently. Wheat fields, long empty stretches of highway, blue skies, a milestone reading Devarakonda 1 KM, the odd early morning traffic, the shepherd with his flock, small hamlets with empty fires, an army of piglets scurrying, a tiny rivulet awaiting its dhobhi, green rolling hills all over... DISSOLVE TO: 1B. EXT. DEVARAKONDA TOWN - EARLY MORNING We approach the still asleep town, surrounded by hills on all sides. Devarakonda is a typical highway town, quaint old buildings, relics of the past, nizam-hindu kings-the british raj, merging with present day India, walls whitewashed, doors colored in contrast, muggu on cemented pavements, the town centre with a Gandhi statue and banyan tree, an empty school yard awaiting the hustle bustle, the panchayat office-an old army barrack, rows of empty 7 seater autos, green and orange flags on a masjid and temple and in still quiet lanes, a very contemporary Malgudi setting. Very quaint and calm.... CUT TO: 1C. EXT. DEVARAKONDA MAIDAN - EARLY MORNING We see a pair of 7 seater autos hurtling through the town. Its very evident that one of the autos has a clear lead, aggressively and dangerously making its way through the town, the one behind is struggling to catch up, the race opens into an open maidan, acres of emptiness ahead, we see the first auto lead on, leaving a cloud of red dust, from the top we see it screech to a halt....a man gets out, dressed in a pathan suit, he waits with his hands folded for the second auto to finish the crossing line...behind the pathan suit guy, we see an older man, sitting on a chair, enjoying his viewpoint.... The other auto finally reaches the finish line....we see the pathan suit guy and the older gentleman cackle up in laughter at the sight of the defeated opponent....we hear indistinct cries of shabhashs and we leave the activity from behind, we see the defeated auto driver, leave with his head down....


2. EXT. DEVARAKONDA FORT - EARLY MORNING The scattered remains of a fort peep through the foliage and rocks, the view from the fort is magnificent. You feel like, its YOU and the WORLD below. Amidst this setting we see a shack, more like an open garage. Nestled among the ruins and the rocks, we see its actually an old tourist information office, now a makeshift home to our hero Akbar. We notice that his terrace setting is actually his version of a roof penthouse, cupboards, cycles, a study room, all sorts of antique dust collecting stuff, a picture of the mecca, a picture of himself with his father (mother conspicuous by her absence), machine tools, open toilet etc. We close in on Akbar, stirring awake on his mat, we notice that he is an averagely built, fair but rugged looking young man. We see a wind propelled light bulb, still glowing, it bursts and falls on Akbars text book by his side..As the waking sun shows on his face, he blinks awake. We watch Akbar as he rises slowly, a little annoyed seeing his burst light bulb, his hands go to his face, sitting up on the mat, he stretches and looks at the sun. Making his way to the cliff edge, we watch Akbars eyes as he watches the town ahead from his roof top. His eyes intent on making this a glorious day... 3. EXT. DEVARAKONDA FORT - EARLY MORNING This fort is his kingdom. We watch him take a dip in a pond, iron his clothes, brushing his teeth and shaving at the same time, he takes a few minutes to leaf through a textbook, makes a few notes and memorizes a few lines, shoving his books into his bag, he gets ready for the day. We watch Akbar say the namaaz, kneeling west on a mat. He takes his cycle out of the shack, locks the door and makes his way down the hill and into the town. The wind in his hair and his eyes looking forward to the day ahead. Written and directed by Anish Kuruvilla (title card) 4A. EXT DEVARAKONDA TOWN - DAY The town has now come alive with early morning activities. We see Akbar make his way hurriedly through the bylanes, dodging children taking a bath by a pump, pouring out a thin line of water into fields, even more children taking a dump by the open drain, men in lungis, hands by their crotches, brushing their teeth fervently and harried women quarreling near a water tanker, we hear a voice amidst this chaos as Akbar wades through the crowd...


MAN VO Akbar...ivvala indian express kaavaali raa...application form padutundi ... Akbar waves a 'sure', smiling in acknowledgement. We see him make his to a parked milk van by the highway and come out with packets of milk in a bag. As he weaves through the town centre, we see him stop by news vendors, we see him pick a big package of dailies, with newspapers and milk in toe, our man goes about delivering them diligently. We see him make his way through the town centre and into the bylanes, we watch him drop off his merchandise in different households. Akbar is very well known in the neighbourhood, several people acknowledge his presence, asking questions and getting answers...we see Akbar interact with people in the town, moving in and out of their homes with his milk packets and newspapers.... 4B. DEVARAKONDA HOUSES - MORNING OLD LADY (WORRIEDLY) Entra..,.ivvala Bandh anta... AKBAR aa... evvaru pattinchukuntaare..telusu kada neeku... OLD LADY Aithe.. pakkurlo gudiki vellochantaava...evaro swamulawaaru vastunnaranta.. AKBAR Oo..bramhandangaa vellochu...tommidintiki centerlo unte nenu teesukeltaa...kaani dabbulu teevatam marchipokamma...ippatike naaku padihenu roopaayalu ivvali... OLD LADY (CUTELY) Poo raa, ee musalammey deggara emmtheesukuntao! AKBAR (SMILING) Sarrey, sarrey....aithey mee payasam naaku baaki undi... CUT TO;


OLD MAN IN CROWD Arrey Akbar,ivvala ratri tirigochetappudu koncham naa kalla jodlu tesuku raa ra..koncham ibbandigaa undi... AKBAR adagaala tatayya...edi receipt ichcheyi...happy ga paduko... CUT TO; YOUNG GIRL Akbar bhayya ivvala school taravaata tuition undi...araganta late gaa raava saayantram... AKBAR nijangaane tuition unda?..hmmm..undeuntundile..aina nuvvu inka chinnapillavi...endukainamanchidi lategaa vastunnanani ammato kooda cheppu..leka pothe kangaaru padutundi.. CUT TO; YOUNG WOMAN Akbar entra inta late...aiyanemo coffee newspaper lenide toiletki kooda vellaleeru..telusukada neeku... AKBAR Sorry sorry..akka ...repatinunchi mee aayana time ki bathroom ki velletattu chesataanule... Its apparent that Akbar in many ways is a binding force in the locality and people depend on him for a lot of things. As he finishes his sortie, we see him weave to the town centre and towards a factory like shed ala the waterfront, we see a small horde of 7 seaters and drivers ahead. Akbar approaches the shed.(these same people whom he delivered to, will ask him to get out of the town after CM debacle*) 5. EXT/INT THE AUTO SHED - DAY We see Akbar make his way to the auto shed and park his cycle. The garage ahead of him looks like an open barn, it is in actuality a part of a timber depot, cutting huge pieces of logs. We can hear and see lots of saw dust and other chaos.


In the shed are auto rickshaws lined up and several auto drivers ready to start off on their day. The scene is similar to that of union workers waiting for their boss to turn up and assign them their jobs. Several auto guys greet Akbar as he makes his way in. One of his best mates, PASHA, who is a dark, moustached, slim looking man comes upto Akbar.. PASHA yendi be inta late? Lucky ga Masterji inka raledu, kani Babbar bhai daggara ni gurinchi cover chesanu, adigite yedu gantala nundi ikkade vunna ani cheppu,ardhamainda. AKBAR light tisukora..yedo yuddhaniki veltunnattu yendukanta bhayapadatav,prati varam atanu manaki class pikadam, manam vinadam mamoole kada, yenduku ra anta tension padatav PASHA noru moosukora, yevaraina vinnarante anavasaram ga leni poni chikkullo padatav,vudyogam voodutundane bhayam lekunda poyindi niku Akbar is busy checking on the engine of his auto. He checks to see if the oil level is okay. We notice the rest of the auto drivers in the background are either standing and talking or busy tinkering fervently with their autos...meanwhile, AKBAR Abe, eppudu ardam chesukuntaavuraa..maname vaadi aadayam raa... vache 18 gantalu chachi chedi manam dabbulu sampadincvhi pedatam vaadiki...vaadi autolu kaadu... PASHA (HYSTERICAL) Aapara pichoda, ammo.. neetho nannu ippudu evvaraina choosarante, naa udyogam peekestaru... Pasha is not happy with Akbars attitude, while Akbar shakes his head at Pashas nervousness. Its obvious from everyones body language that, the Masterji is someone everyone is a little wary about.


AKBAR poddupodunne entra champutunnavu... ee roju kooda mee avida tiffin pettaledaa... PASHA normuyyara..ippudu ma avida sangati yenduku Suddenly we hear a shout...a lean man is addressing the crowd in a dramatic fashion, SONDU (MOCKINGLY IN MYTHOLOGICAL-TELU) enduku meeranta aadavallalaga gummugoodi muchatlu pettukuntunnaru... Akbar and a bunch of other guys laugh. Sondu, is a poor replica of Rajnikanth, dark skinned and bushy hair. He is someone everyone is used to. He is one of them... SONDU (DRAMATICALLY) (CONTD) Naamata vini andaram Masterji raagaane..vanukutuu moorcha podam. Appudaina aayana aatma ki shanthi kalugutundemo... Much to everyones delight he starts dancing the famous song from Basha...a tape recorder (handled by a Chinna*) is playing the song in the background... SONDU (CONTD) Nenu auto vadini vadini ra...nyaya maina ratu vadini... We realise that Sondu is already tipsy* so early in the morning. The gang of drivers know this, someone in the crowd remarks... DRIVER Arrey, aint ra Sondu,podunne idli lo beer kalipi tinnava enti..? We notice that some of the auto drivers are busy gorging on their tiffins...We see Akbar thinking, turning to Pasha, as Sondu continues with his antics.. AKBAR veedu malli modalpettadu raa baabu...adi ee cinema raa...Balayya idli lo beer kalpukoni tintaadu... PASHA (THINKING HARD) ...Laxmi Narasimha IPS!


AKBAR (HAPPILY) Aavunu raa nuvvu cheppindi correctee.. Pasha suddenly realizes he doesn't want to be part of the fun, PASHA Chi nee abba...em aalochistunnavu raa...vaadu mana kompalu munche munde piluvu vaadini... Akbar waves to Pasha to shut up, meanwhile Sondus show is getting dramatically over the top....the music pauses for a second.... SONDU (MIMICKING/ACTING LIKE MASTERJI) ...naamulane ivvala meeru rendu pootala tindi tinnagalugutunnaru...aavishayam marchipokandi... The music continues playing...The drivers are laughing all over the place, except for Pasha who is looking even more tense, Akbar is enjoying this tremendously, Suddenly there is a shout... VO Rey Aapandiraa!! Shh.. there is an attentive stir within all of them as someone approaches from the shadows of the factory, its Masterji and his troupe behind him, the person everyone has been waiting for... 6. INT AUTO SHED - DAY We see all the auto guys disband and stand in a line. Everyone murmuring to a quiet now. Masterji addresses them. Masterji is an intense looking, rugged, middle aged marwari, hes got a sheaf of money in one hand and a pad with notes on. Hes got an air of distrust and disgust about him. The auto gang looks on at him Masterji speaks, his voice echoes in the hangar... MASTERJI (THROUGH HIS TEETH) Meerandaru chala venaka badi varam collectionlalo chala teda vachindi... Sondu, standing next to Pasha and Akbar, mutters under his breath


SONDU Arey enni saarlu chepthaadra same dialogue..alsipodaa? Pasha, the nervous one agitatedly nudges him to shut up. PASHA (LOUDISH WHISPER) $Normuyyi chattanakodaka... Masterji hearing the commotion, barks, Pasha cringes in fear... MASTERJI (WALKING BY THE DRIVERS) Aapandi ..chattanaa kodakallaraa...atalugaa undaa.. sarigga vinandi ee vaaram edaina teeda vachindo..(silence as he looks at everyone) Meeru kashta padatledu, naa okko auto kiraayi vaaraniki 5000 rupayalu...meelo okkadu dantlo sagam kooda samapadinchatledu.. emi peekutunnarraa andaru...panulu chestunnara, gaadidelu kaastunnara...lekapothe urlo ammayalaki kadupuchesi pedutunnara... All the auto guys look at Pasha, who doesn't like the attention, meanwhile Sondu grabs the opportunity.. SONDU (WHISPERS) (a portion of the Basha song negative version of basha song)...... We cut to groups of auto drivers looking at each other, laughing nervously. Masterji hasnt noticed all of this, meanwhile, Akbar seems unnerved, Pasha looks nervous, while Sondu seems exasperated...he begins miming Masterjis dialogue as he continues, he knows exactly what he is going to say next... MASTERJI Nenu mee andarini rodla meeda nunchi teesukochi udyogaalu ichanu..naa moolane ivvala meeku rendu pootala tindi dorukutundi, ...marchipokandi okkokari auto lo ara litre vaaram evvariki naya paisa ivvatledu... (MORE)

9. MASTERJI (CONT'D) mee giraki ee mee auto naduputundi, udyogaalu niluputundi..gurtupettukondi...inka vellochu...

We hear grunts of protests, but generally there is a muted chorus from the auto drivers.. AUTOGANG Sarrey sir... Sondu mockingly, SONDU Masterji ki jai! Masterji ki jai! The rest of the crowd, some of them join in.. AUTO CROWD / SONDU Masterji, amar rahein! Masterji amar rahein! Masterji seems confused by the sudden adulation, not knowing if it was a genuine outpouring... MASTERJI (Rao Rameshs improvised dialogue) He sniggers and walks away, followed by his troupe...we can hear staggered laughter in the crowd.. CUT TO: We see Sondu muttering something to himself, Pasha nervously wiping his forehead...Akbar is making his way to his auto, and so is everyone else. Sondu to Akbar and Pasha... SONDU panilo vellemundu chai kotti bayaladeerdaamu raa... Akbar and Pasha nod in approval....we see a gang of autos move out of the hanger, some of them pushing the autos out to save gas...each one hoping for a good profitable day ahead... 7A. EXT BYLANES AND CHAI KOTTU - DAY We see the trio walking down a lane towards a chai kottu .An old melody is playing on the radio somewhere....The trio reach the chai kottu, continuously blabbering illogical nonsense*..


AKBAR Seenu anna...2/3 chai kottu... Arey Chiru cinema eppudu release be?.. SONDU Naakem thelusu bey, nenu emaina vaalla intlo panichestunnana? The duo laugh out loud at their own joke... AKBAR Nee yenkamma, neeku nijangaane ivala pichipattindi Meanwhile an agitated Pasha... PASHA (HYTERICALLY) rey, Masterji daggara vudyogam vadulikunenta dhairyam naku ledu ra, na kutumbam mottam na meeda aadari padi vunnaru, aina varaniki 5,000 rupayalu yela adugutadu ra... Akbar and Pasha are distracted from their mutual buffoonery for a moment.. SONDU nijanga auto to anta dabbu sampadiste manam e sinugaadi tokkalo kottu lo thokkalo chai tagakkarledu The chai guy looks up at Sondu annoyed..but joins Sondu on his day dream talk, mesmerised... SONDU (CONTD) hayiga,hayiga poddunne lechina ventane voka andamaina vanta chese ammayi, china jacket vesukuni,vedi vedi coffee teesukoni na mancham daggaraki vatchi mudduga SONDU (CONTD) Sondu garu, mee coffee...aba..abbaa... Sondu and Akbar laugh, Pasha sighs...we notice that the lane behind them is very vibrant and busy, little children are getting ready for school, people are crossing the frame repeatedly as the day gets on its way....meanwhile,


PASHA (TO SONDU) chi, niku baga pitchi pattindi ra, nuvvu e janmalo maravu SONDU yem matladutunnav ra, yenduku marali ra nenu, nenu matladutunnadi mana life lo nijala gurinchi AKBAR Abba..gurtochindi ...naa final year exams deggaraki vastunnayiraa, inka koorchoni chaduvukovaali... SONDU Matilenooda, inka aa tokkalo exams raastunnava raa..enti ippatiki moodosaari kada?, enni sarlu dobbinchukuntavuraa?...aina neeku shankar dada MBBS laga auto Akbar ani birudistaaru anukuntunnava enti?... AKBAR Chup be, nenu auto driver la undupotanani evarannaru? jeevitham lo chala undi raa cheyyataaniki...firstu ela golaga ee exams pass ayyipoyi graduation chetlokocheste..edaina electrical course chestan raa...arey nijaniki naaku engineer avvalani undindi telusaa.. emi lekapote naa sonta garage aithe pettukuntaanu raa... Srinu has been listening on to the trios conversation while attending to other customers... SRINU CHAI-WALLAH enduku Akbar ilanti kalalu kani time waste chesu kuntaavu...naa maata vini Masterji deggara loan teesukoni bussiness pettu... AKBAR Aa, Avunu aa taravaata atani deggara banisala padundaali...samasye ledu...naakosam Edo okati chesukovaali.chesukuntaanu...


SONDU (MOCKINGLY) Neku malle neejeevitam..chavu...nuvvu inka Pasha nannu choosi nerchukondiraa, Eravai idu vachinaayi..anaadani, pelli avvaledu, naa sampadana anta taagudu-vaagudikee... PASHA (ANGRILY) ante yentra ni vuddesam, ipudu ma amma vallani, bharya pillalni road meeda odeleymantava saale? SONDU 18 yellaki pelli chesukuni, 15 yellaki mi avidiki kadupu chesi,10 samvatsaralu samsaram gadipesina niku intakante yem ardhamavutundi le PASHA (GETTING EMOTIONAL) rey..matalu tinnaga rani, roadlu mida tagutu tirige tagubotu na kodaka, nikem telusu ra kutumbam to vunde anandam. Ina niku cheppina ardham kadu AKBAR Koncham meesollu aapandi...poddupudunne entra...prashantanga unte Masterji gaadi 5000 ela sampadinchalo allochinchochu. isaari aina 3 samvatsaraalanundi baaki unna mana bonusulu teesukundaamu raa... SONDU burralenodiviraa nuvvu...vaadu manaki bonuslu istaadani inka nammutunnavu?...avanni Utti maatalu raa mananni gupetlo pettukovataaniki... PASHA Nuvvu aagara Sondu, Akbar cheppindi right...5000 sampadiste manaki mana bonuslu tappakunda istaadu...avi vachinayante intlo t.v konochu, maa avida adigi adigi champestondi, nannakemo kanti opertion, ammaki vanta saamanlu..inka mana chinnadaaniki school dress koniyaali raa ...eesamvatsaramaina...


AKBAR Tappakundaa raa..adaina, vaadu manaki ichinaa ivvakapoyina manakimaatram ee udyogam avasaram raa... vaadu adiginattu cheste manake manchidi...inka vaadideggara bonuslu ippinche poochi naadi... SONDU Entroy? Em chesthavu, cycle chain tho damkhi isthava enti? PASHA Arey Akbar vaadu nijangaane dabbulu istadantaavaara...vati to intlo vallaki emi emi konachu ani alochistene santoshamugaa undi... Akbar is thinking about what Pasha asked...Sondu picks up some biscuits shoving it into mouth..... SONDU Arey soodi aapara...nuvvu nee family sentimentlu..edupugottu daily seriallu choosi choosi chedipotunnaru.. A noise distracts the trio from their discussion.. (*change context slightly to infer that they have taken loan from Masterji and are paying back heavy interests) CUT TO; 7B. EXT BYLANES - DAY Just then, there is a tumbling noise ahead of the lane. We see a mini lorry, filled to the brim with all kinds of household saamaanlu precariously balanced all over it. Like something out of a fevicol ad. The sight is amusing to look at. For once the trio, including Pasha giggle at the sight of the lorry struggling to make its way on the lane, huffing and puffing like an old railway engine. We see there is a family cooped inside of it. The trio look at each other intrigued and amused. 8A. INT MINI LORRY - DAY By the drivers seat we see a spectacled, worried looking, 52 year old man, PURUSHOTTAM, he seems like he is about to have a heart attack...


PURUSHOTTAM Arey edava, evaduraa neeku licence ichina chavata, rokallo lo rubinattu nadapaka pote koncham mellaga nadapochugaa.. DRIVER polavaram nundi suutannanu...enti meeru ishtamainattu matalu isirestunnaru...meere choostunnarugaa roadlu entha daridranga unnayo...nenem cheyyala..nannu bandi nadupukonivvandi saar.. Behind his seat are 4 other women, sitting uncomfortably,tightly packed in, moving constantly with the truck. The oldest lady among them, the Nayanamma barks.. NAYANAMMA Narakam narakam, arey edava, elanti narakaniki teesukochavu chavedo akkade chachevaalamu gaa...rendu Rojula nundi polavaram tirigi veldam ani mottukutunna...aina Ee musali daanni gurunchi eppudu aalochinchavu ganakaa.... PURUSHOTTAM (ANGRILY) amma kasta nuvvu voorukuntava, asale manam digalsina illu yekkadundo ardham kaka nenu chastu vuntenu NAYANAMMA Aa avunu raa...polavaram lo mee nanna kattinchina illu chinnadaindi... ippudu raaja bhogam choopinchataaniki...teesukeltunnavu mari ....naa chaavu akkade chavanivalsindi musali danni himsa pedutunnavu... We see that Purushottam is trying really hard to control his temper. The rest of the three women look at each other in half amusement and half tiredness. The youngest of them, who is reading a book, a petite, slightly nerdy, but cute looking 14 year old, KAVITA remarks to her mother...


KAVITA Amma bathroom, please naanna ni ekkadaina aapamani cheppu, nalgu gantalanundi control chesukoleka chastunnanu. The mother, a sweet looking woman, AMMA AMMA inkasepu vopika pattu talli, inti daggariki vachesinatlunnam,yemandi? Inkentasepandi, daggaraki vatchesama? PURUSHOTTAM Ikkade ekkado annade,mundu evaro kurralu unnaru, vaallani adugudaamu. We see the bus is nearing the chai kotti where the trio is... NAYANAMMA Aa avunu adokkate takkuvaindippudu...lokam mottaniki nee deggara iddaru pellikaani kooturlu unaru ani dappu kottuko... ade le allagaina sambandaalu vastaayemo, e kurra vedhavalu voorukuntara, vooranta oorenti..aa pandulu enti..ekkada choosinaa ave!!!....vallani choodu appude songa kaarustunnaru... We see Akbar and co; and the scurrying pigs from a POV of Nayanamma...meanwhile, KAVITA Nayanamma. Koncham oorukuntaava? Assale naaku talanoppiga ga undhi, ee chattha lorry lo kurchoni. AMMA Kavita!!...(asking her to watch her tongue) NAYANAMMA Paravaledu le amma, koduke patinchukovatam ledu inka vaadi kooturu emi pattinchukuntundi, naaku tagina shaaste jarugutundi le amma...


The mother smiles tiredly at her eldest daughter by the window, who smiles back. They are used to these complaints. We see the bus has just approached the chai kottu and screeches to a halt... PURUSHOTTAM (TO THE TRIO) Aapu, babu koncham itu vastaaraa?.. So far the fourth woman on the bus has been quietly listening to everyone else talk. She is a dark, tall, typically classic in her beauty, LAKSHMI. (As we see her, we also see spider seeds floating in the foreground). She has a little boy on her lap, her youngest brother, 5 year old BUJJI, who was sleeping until then, stirs awake and stretches... PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) Hello, ee town post master Laxman vaalla intiki etu vellalo koncham chepthaara? We see Pasha talk from the window.. PASHA Itu nunchi thinnuga velli, modati right theeskondi, adey road lo, malli thinniga vellandi, a tharvatha a road lo edama wipu ki thirigi, full straight velthey meeku oka borewell kanipisthundi...daani edurey Laxman vaalla illu....kaani vaallu ippudu akkada lerandi, cityki vellipoyaru... We see that Purushottam hasnt understood the directions properly, he asks Pasha again..all this time Sondu is disinterested in the goings on, sipping on his chai, reading a paper, while Akbar goes upto the driver and asks him..(can show total BG atmosphere, need not be shot exclusively regarding the following three dialogues) AKBAR Ekkad ninchi vasthunaarandi? Meeku theliyada, ee road koncham lorilaki kashtam ganey untundi, mundu jaagratha... DRIVER Maakem thelusu babu, city ki deggara unna roadlu kooda inta chattaga untayani...


AKBAR Thirigi velletappudu, dindi velle road teesukondi...adi koncham baganeuntundi... Meanwhile Bujji who is on Lakshmis lap, gives out a loud yawn, exclaiming... BUJJI Amma...aakaliga undi...thinadaaniki emaina undaa? AMMA Undara kaasepatlo intiki cheruthaam...koncham sepu aagu Meanwhile Purushottam and Pasha are still discussing the route directions in the background, suddenly Bujjis toy sunglasses fall out of the window... BUJJI (YELLING) Ayyo, na kalladdalu...padipoyaayi...akka, teesivvu akka... Akbar notices this and picks it up, does a mini Rajni thing with the glasses and hands it over by the window, smiling. Bujji enjoys that, Akbar notices Lakshmi for the first time...Lakshmi smiles politely and looks at Bujji saying... LAKSHMI Thanks cheppu... BUJJI Thanks anna... Akbar smiles, his eyes shift to Lakshmi and Lakshmis to his. Just then the truck starts off and dustily moves off ahead... Bujji sticks his head out of the window...waving bye. CUT TO; 8B. EXT CHAI KOTTI - DAY Sondu to the other two... SONDU chal re,sollu kottindi chalu bayalderudam pada Sondu looks at Akbar, who seems like he is in thought.


SONDU (CONTD) Arrey marachipo...aamey naadi... AKBAR Chi..eppudu ade aalochistuntava... SONDU Ahaa...nuvvu emi aalochistunnavu amma?... AKBAR naaku oo family unte... ilage saradaga undedi SONDU (DRAMATICALLY-MOCKINGLY) Akbar annayaa...Ika memee nee family anna.. Akbar is looking at Sondu, tiredly annoyed... SONDU (CONTD) manamanta voke kutumbam,bharata desam mana maatru bhoomi, bharatiyulandaru mana sodara,sodarimanulu... PASHA vokka Sondu gadi vishayam lo tappa! They look at Pasha, surprised he is joking for a change..The trio laugh jabber and move on.... 9. INT LAKSHMIS HOUSE - DAY We see a door bang open from inside a house. Purushottam can be seen at the door step. There is old dust flying all over the place. He steps cautiously in followed by his wife, daughters and son. All of them are carrying bags and other luggage items. The house they have stepped in is a typical Andhra-Brahmin sort of a household.. There is a courtyard ahead of them, sun beams through the entire place. It looks very homely but also dusty. As the entire family trudges in, Bujji is the first one to shriek in excitement.... BUJJI Ye!!!..super!!..paatha illu laagane undi..yeee...!!! The father is pleased with his sons exclamation..


NAYANAMMA Ayyo devudaa...e dummu,dhooli tho nenu chachipoyetlunnanu We hear the lorry take off outside. We see the entire family right in the middle of the courtyard, taking in the place. Bujji starts running around excitedly...the father looks at his wife for approval...she nods with a smile and then at his eldest daughter, who puts her hand on his shoulder and says.. LAKSHMI chala bagundi nanna....inka baga chesukovatchu NAYANAMMA yente chala bagundi? intiki shani pattinattundi, tulasi chette ledu,aina akkada manaki yenni mokkalu vundevi,asalu e inti vaastu sarigga ledu... KAVITA Amma...nanna...bathroom ekada...nenu vellali..urgent.. PURUSHOTTAM Teliyadu amma...meda meeda choosava? Bujji is running all over the place...we follow him as the rest of the family takes in the place, getting their luggage in... AMMA laxman garu yevaro manushulni pampistanu ani annaru, yevaru raledenti? PURUSHOTTAM Manam vachinatlu telisundadu.podununchi eduru choosi vellipoyuntaaru...kaasepatitaravaat a nene aa centre lo choosostanule... Meanwhile in all this hada-vidi...Kavita and Nayanamma find the bathroom at the same time.. KAVITA Nannu mundu vellani Nayanamma, naku koncham urgent ga undi. Nainamma, very sweetly says,


NAYANAMMA Sarey amma...koncham naa byaagu gummam deggara odhilesaanu...adi thesukuraava... Kavita frustratingly goes to get it....Nayanamma meanwhile makes herself comfortable in the bathroom...meanwhile Amma is looking at the kitchen, her husband right behind her... AMMA Chala rojulanundi avvaru unnatu leru...bagane pani undi... Lakshmi enters, LAKSHMI Avunu amma, ippude modalettedamu... Lakshmi finds a cheepiri katta in the corner and immediately starts dusting the place...Purushottam meanwhile goes to look for the puja room...he finds the remnants of an idol...and does a silent namaskaram....suddenly we hear a shriek... KAVITA (SHRIEKING) Amma...itu choodamaa, Nayanamma lopala gadesukundi...aameki telusu gaa naaku urgent ani..cha eppudu inte... Meanwhile Bujji has found an old kite with a string from somewhere and is busy trying to get it to fly...Purushottam is going from room to room, opening them up with a bunch of keys he has...Amma is busy unpacking everyones things in the courtyard....she yells at Bujji.. AMMA Kothi la gantuleyadam aapara...edava..itochi akkaki naaku sahayam cheyyi... BUJJI Oka nimisham amma..e kite ni testing chesthunna... Kavita comes rushing towards her dad.. KAVITA Mee ammani bayataki rammani cheppu...choodu lopala gadesukoni koorchundi... The father sweetly comforts her saying..


PURUSHOTTAM vooruko talli, peddame kada mundu vellani ra KAVITA Naa bonda...5 gantala nundi mottukuntunna..aina nanne tappu paattu...antele... Lakshmi comes in, already dusty and sweaty with cheepiri katta in hand... LAKSHMI Osey, akkada inko bathroom unde, kinda floorlo store room pakkana... Kavita rushes out...Lakshmi joins her father at the small balcony...he is looking out silently at the town... LAKSHMI (CONTD) yenti nanna alochistunnaru, vatchi naku ammaki kasta help cheyyandi, inka chala samanlu sardhali She notices her father looks at little somber...he looks at her and says... PURUSHOTTAM Mana jeevitam malli modatiki vachinde...kotha uuru, vinta vayasu lo inka elanti kashtaalu choodalsostundo...naalo inka aa dhairyam ledemo chitti... Lakshmi takes her father by the shoulder and says...(lakshmis theme starts, total brisk action and camerawork) LAKSHMI kashtalu entinanna?..asalu Kashtale lekapote jeevitam deeniki, ..choodu, polavaram uuru vadili hyderabadki deggara vachamu...mana business bagavaataniki...ante naana inka antha manche avutundi...asalu deeni gurunchi kangaru padaku...ippudu jarige daanigurunchi aalochinchu.. Lakshmi begins walking out briskly, gesturing animatedly with her hands...


LAKSHMI (CONTD) Annitikanna mundu sampadana..ante vanta gadi...adi set up cheyyali...aataravaata ikkadi janaalani chadavaali..vallu emi tintaru...valla ruchulu enti ani...aa taravaata oka chinna parcel counter petti... uranta mana adbutamaina ruchula guruchi telisela cheyyali... The father follows outside... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Inka undi..vinu...aa highway paina leasuki teesukunna jaaga choodali..chosi akkada hotel nadapataniki emi pettali ela pettalo..alochinchaali...aa taravaata market lo manaki kaavalsina saamagri undo ledo choodali... She turns around to him... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Inka..inka hyderabad velli naa prapancha prakyata rajumundry avakai ammali...adi ganaka nadichindante...inka mana sampadana ki tiruguledu...oka pakka hotel inko pakka avakai... LAKSHMI (CONTD) inka mana business kosam yenni permissions tisukovali, yenta mandi chetulu tadapalo devudike teliyali...anduke naa bujji nanna...inka pani gurunchi aalochinchu... She smiles, looking at her father... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Enti ala vishayaalanni nuvve nerpinchavu..marchipote gurtu cheyya mani kooda cheppavu...sarrey pada, ika pani modalupedadaam... He smiles, tears in his eyes, feeling proud of his daughter...suddenly we hear a shriek...we look up to see an agitated Nayanamma and Kavita, they are both shrieking simultaneously...talking at the same time....


NAYANAMMA Arrey Purushottam ee orru lo neelu leva? Nenu snanam ela cheyyali...koncham occhi aagipoyinaayi... KAVITA nanaa nanna ...bathroomlo chaala ballulu unnayi ...okkasaari raa nanna.. PURUSHOTTAM Arey bujji gaa...akka arustondi ento choodaraa.. He looks at Lakhsmi... PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) mee Nayaanama godava ento choosi vastaanu... Bujji rushes up to see..meanwhile father and Lakshmi join Amma in the courtyard... CUT TO; BUJJI yekkadunnayi..choopinchu, vatini visiri paresta Kavita points to a balli crawling up the wall...looking content in its surroundings...Bujji pounces on it...holds it by its tail and shoves it at his sisters face... BUJJI (CONTD) hey choodu yenta mudduga vundo, ninnu yemanna anda idi, yendukala aruustav KAVITA Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Meanwhile downstairs...Nayanamma comes to join the rest of the trio.. NAYANAMMA ayyoo..nuvvu ni kuturlani adupulo petuu..ila arustu vunte repu villani pelli chesulovataaniki evaru munduki raaru?


PURUSHOTTAM Amma, nuvvu velli pooja gadi saddu..nenu migataa samanlu saddukuntaanu... As Nayanamma leaves, we see Lakshmi, her mom and dad lifting the rest of the luggage from the courtyard... AMMA Oka rojanta pattetundi... Lakshmi looks upstairs towards Kavita who is running after Bujji... LAKSHMI Kavita...jagratta...kinda padtaaru Kavita is heatedly chasing Bujji who runs upto the terrace... KAVITA rey pilla deyyam aagara...nuvvu chachavu ivala naa chetullo... Bujji is giggling, as we enter the terrace and watch Kavita and Bujji play cat and mouse...we leave the household behind...hearing voices... LAKSHMI Kavitaa..aaputaava inka..vanta modalu pettali kindiki raa... CUT TO: 10A. EXT DEVARAKONDA TOWN CENTRE - DAY The town centre is a buzz with daily morning activities. We can see several 7 seater auto rickshaws lined up, getting village folk on board, their assistants yelling out destinations... AUTO ASSTS Mallepally...Mallepally.... AUTO ASSTS (CONTD) Sagar...sagar...sagar... AUTO ASSTS (CONTD) The rest of the area is cackling with sounds and sights. We see several chicken shops, mutton shops, vegetable vendors, hair saloons, small hotels...the place is alive with people and daily business...


VEGETABLE VENDORS Vankai20rs...tomata...15rs..randaam ma... randi... VEGETABLE VENDORS (CONTD) Cabbagi...cabbagi...10rs Every store or shop has their own music playing...there is a cacophony of film music...but there is a beauty in this chaos..the beauty of people getting on with their work with single minded devotion...for survival... CUT TO; 10B EXT AUTO STAND TOWN CENTRE - DAY We see a teenage boy running fervently, he is tackling all the busy activity around him like hurdles in a race. He is tallish, lanky, very dark, CHINNA. He seems excited about something...and seems to be searching for someone in the auto stand, sweating and breathing hard, he finally finds whom he is looking for, his eyes light up... CHINNA Akbar anna....Akbar anna... Akbar who is just getting ready for the day, wiping his auto clean, looks up...Chinna comes upto him, breathing hard... CHINNA (CONTD) Anna...ekkadikellavu..podunnunchi vetukuntunna... AKBAR Anti bey..emayyedi...ikkada Nee pani nenu chestunna...choodu..podunnunchi ekkada chachavu raa... CHINNA Arey undu anna, mundu naa maata vinu...inka nuvvu dorakavemo ani bayapaddanu...thello anna..thella touristollu...darga deggara aapi pettina...sagar choostaru anta anna ..manchi savari anna...dollarlu anna...inkavaraina ...choose munde ..pada anna... Akbars eyes light up...a bunch of tourists is just perfect for a start in the day..


AKBAR Rey...emi kaburu techavu raa..pada raa..nuvvu cheppinate avute neeko dollaristaa... CHINNA Arey endanna..dollar rate padipoyindi teliyada neeku... As Chinna gets on the back...Akbar revs up the engine and speeds away... AKBAR Nee abba, neeku dollar rate gurunchi ela thelusu be... CHINNA podunna neellundaka pothe ..paper rattukoni elta..pollaniki..he he he AKBAR Chi...nee abba...anney vivaraalu avasaramaa be ... 10C INT AKBARS AUTO TOWN CENTRE - DAY As Akbar leaves the auto stand...Sondu enquires... SONDU Arey savari lekunda..ekkadaki raa..?? AKBAR Thellollu raa...pandaga...sagar ki SONDU Nee yankamma...enjoy raa..aithe nuvvu oka quarter baaki naaku (gesturing with his hands)...nee auto saripoka pothe naaku call cheyyi...thella ammayilato krishnalo dubki kottukunta... Akbar waves cheerily and the auto speeds off, away from the town and towards the highway... 10D EXT HIGHWAY LINK ROAD - DAY As we see the auto speeding towards the dargah..we can hear voices from within...


AKBAR Arey entha mandi unnaarraa? CHINNA Chala mandi anna...pichollu ...vallemantunnaro ardam kaaaledu kaani...mana darga gatekeeper enlish medium peter kadha anna...vaadu cheptunnadu...vallaki India choodalani undanta...adi mana style lo!!... Akbar laughs, AKBAR addirindiraa... CHINNA Ante entanna?... AKBAR ante rojantaa mutton biryaani pandagee raa!!..hmm.. Chinna yelps with delight... CHINNA yeee..anna, vallu inka akkade vunte bagunnu, nuvvu e roju time ki vatchi vunte e tension vundedi kadu AKBAR Nee yenkamma...kangaaru petaku be...asale tirigi vellataaniki diesel kooda ledu... CHINNA Anna...oka maata cheptha...feel avvaku...nuvvu, chala cheap gaadivi... AKBAR Rei...nenu nee boss ni ra.. jaagratha... We see the auto reach the dargah and screech to a halt. 11. EXT DARGAH HIGHWAY LINK - DAY The dargah is amidst a beautiful setting of banyan trees, small hills and blue skies. We see a group of tourists, baking in the sun...Chinna gets off and rushes towards them..


CHINNA (RUNNING TOWARDS THEM) Welcome sir...your taxi come sir...get inside sir. Akbar follows Chinna who is already getting the group together.. AKBAR Arrey Chinna, aagu..ekkuva maatladi vaallani bhayapettaku be..nenuvastunnanukada... Just then he is stopped in his stride by a big, tall, bearded man, Babbar. BABBAR Re Akbar...ekkadaki veltunnavu raa...chaala rojulu ayyindi masjid ki vachi... Akbar is a little nervous of the big guy..we understand from his expression that he has encountered him several times before... AKBAR Assalaam aalay Kum Babbar bhai... BABBAR Walaykum As Salam Akbar...anta banenaa..? AKBAR antha bagane undi Babbar Bhai..edo nadustundi... Babbar is as tall as Akbar, but more muscular and very fierce looking. Through his attire we understand he is a very devout muslim... BABBAR Enti Akbar, anta kashtapadatam kooda manchidi kaadu...kudha kosam kooda koncham time ketaayinchu..enti? AKBAR ayyo ala emi kaadu...koncham exams deggaraki vachinayi..inka auto tensions meeku teleendemundi... BABBAR aithe..thellolakosam masjidki vachchavaraa..


AKBAR (TRYING TO BE FUNNY) Arey pani anna...kadupukosam anna...thellolu aithe enti nallaolaithe enti...dabbukaithe rangu undadu kada anna... BABBAR Arey Akbar khudha nee kadupu nimputaadu. kangaaru padaku. anta dabbu venaka padatam Manchidi kaadu...vachche shukravaaram ...masjid lo chinna function(vindu) undi....vastaavu kada!! Akbar doesn't want to disappoint him and he also wants to get past him as soon as possible, his one eye is on his savari.. AKBAR tappakunda anna alage anna... BABBAR Nee sangati teleyadaa...cheyyiche rakam...asalu mana muslimla izzat lekunda poyindi...anduke... Qayyum saab vastunnaru mumbai nundi...nuvvu tappakunda raa...sarenaa AKBAR Pukka anna...pukka vastaanu. Akbar seems to feeling restless...he has had several such lecture filled encounters with Babbar before... AKBAR (CONTD) Bayaladertaanu anna...giraak eduru choostundi... Babbar moves aside silently..Akbar begins to leave.. AKBAR (CONTD) Khuda hafiz anna... BABBAR Khuda hafiz Akbar..kanipistaaunduu..mee nanna antunde vaadu ninnu oka manchi musalmaan ni chesataanu ani... We see Akbar rushing to meet the tourists, muttering something to himself in irritation...


12. EXT DARGAH TOURISTS - DAY Akbar makes his way into the crowd which has formed around Chinna who is already talking away, trying to impress the crowd... CHINNA (BROKEN ENGLISH) You see Krishna river...very beautiful...then water can battalu ippi swimming...I close eyes, no watching.. Akbar interrupts him.. AKBAR Good morning gentlemen and ladies, I am your savari... We see the crowd is largely a group of young backpackers, a group of seven. Boys and girls, all of them reaches out her hand to Akbar.. MARY JANE Hi Akbar, I am MARY JANE and Im from Dallas...and these are my friends from Texas Tech. Akbar is concentrating hard to understand her... AKBAR Hello madam...I Akbar chinna also devarakonda... Chinna nods excitedly...not understanding whats going on.. MARY JANE Well Akbar, we have seen Hyderabad and are not really impressed..what we want to do is to explore the countryside outside thats why we are here... AKBAR Correct madam...nothing here only madam...highwaylu...uuru..manchi airu and sky..most beautiful madam..I show u madam.. CHINNA?? koota anna...koota


AKBAR Nooru muyyi be... The rest of the crowd seem to be very impressed with Akbar... MARY JANE Alright Akbar...looks like youre our will you take us out today...we dont have too much money to spend..your not gonna cheat us are you? AKBAR No problem cheating..but no meter madam..7 seater madam, special no meter...i show you spend everything...paisa vasool madam..guarantee Akbar is ushering in everyone excitedly.. AKBAR (CONTD) Inside inside inside....right Right right... We watch Babbar watching the auto speed away in front of him...his face not easy to read... CUT TO; 13A. SONG 1, NATURES WAY The tourist gang is enjoying the ride in the auto. Everyone seems comfortable in the spaces they have created for themselves...the sun is warm, the skies are blue, there is a light breeze in the air, the birds are chirping...the setting is perfect...We see the auto speed across the highway as Akbar talks animatedly.. CUT TO; 13B EXT LAKSHMIS HOUSE - DAY We see Purushottam and Lakshmi come out of their house, they walk through the alleyways and lanes of Devarakonda.


Taking in the surrounding...Lakhsmis eyes taking in all things beautiful....little children playing marbles, the marbles glistening in the sunlight, women in brightly coloured sarees sieving rice, the rice shimmering in the sunlight, the wind in her hair, the warm sun glistening on her her everything seems suddenly quite magical....even the pig with her piglets scurrying about seem cute, the cow giving milk to her hungry calf....old men at the centre smoking chuttas, the water being pumped by a borewell, everyone seems to be glistening in the sunshine...Purushottam is indistinct in his expression.. PURUSHOTTAM Lets find out where the vegetable market is.... Lakshmi gives him a distracted nod.... CUT TO: 13C EXT NAGARJUNA SAGAR - DAY Akbar is gesticulating and describing the place the best he can in his broken english...the thella chaps are being treated to some local fare like, dried fish, pink candy, ice gola, ganna juice etc. AKBAR Best dam of India sir, biggest dam and best dam of India sir... The wind is blowing hard and the water is spraying, everyone is having a good time. Chinna seems to be smitten by one of the girls. 13C EXT ETHIPOTHALA WATERFALLS - DAY Everyone is having a great time Akbar covers Chinnas eyes from Everyone stops to eat lunch and Akbar gorge on biryani heartily taking a dip in the lake. seeing too much of skin. some beer. We see Chinna and and shyly.

AKBAR Best waterfall of India sir, biggest waterfall and best waterfall of India madam.... CUT TO:


13D EXT DEVARAKONDA VEGETABLE MARKET AREA - DAY We see Purushottam and Lakshmi checking vegetables in the market. Bright red tomatoes, Green cucumbers, Purple brinjals, Red carrots, all bright and colorful....we see her pick up a tomato and bring it to her nose, sniffing it, we see her check the kothmir, she brings it to her nose, a smile cuts across her face...we see her begin to negotiate with the vegetable vendor...a large lady, with a big red bottu and kind eyes.... LAKSHMI Yentaki amma? 13E EXT DEVARAKONDA FRUIT MARKET AREA - DAY Lakshmis eyes are gleaming wide, we see that she is approaching a mango market yard. Mangoes everywhere....her eyes warm to its familiarity, a grin cracking her face...her father notices this...we see Lakshmi bend over to feel the mangoes in her hands, bringing a plump green one to her nose, she savors the ecstasy on her face thats indescribable... We see her lips envelope a mango, her teeth biting into it, her throat groaning in its myriad flavours, her head bent in admiration, her eyes closed in appreciation... LAKSHMI Its perfect... CUT TO: 13F EXT HIGHWAY TOWARDS DEVARAKONDA - EVENING The group is taking in the scenery, as the auto chugs along to Devarakonda, visible on a milestone...Akbar and Chinna also seem to be taken in by the atmosphere... The sun is burning down the horizon, the sky is a haze of colours, grasshoppers are bouncing in fields nearby,shepherd and cowherds make their way back home... 13G EXT DEVARAKONDA LANES (MUSLIM AREA) - EVENING Purushottam and Lakhsmi have their hands full with packets of fruit and vegetables. They are on their way home. Purushottam notices that they are in a muslim dominated area. His eyes go over that place...his face a mixture of annoyance and fear...Lakshmi is intrigued...there are green flags and bright colours.


Women in burkha and stalls lit brightly, selling ittar and bangles...Lakshmis eyes go to those stalls...As she wanders towards them, Purushottam pulls her away...Lakshmi is taken by surprise... PURUSHOTTAM Manam, valla jollu to ellakarledu... Kaani... LAKSHMI

We see Purushottam leading Lakshmi away... CUT TO: We cut to a POV of Babar, who has noticed all of this...His eyes go to Purushottam and then Lakshmi...and the rest of her body, we cut back to see his face...his teeth grinding away...his face unreadable.... 13H EXT DEVARAKONDA LANES - EVENING Lakshmi is a little annoyed that her dad pulled her away...She pulls her arm away from him... LAKSHMI Sarrey nanna...inka meeru intiki elipondi...meeru ee korikayalu theesukoni intiki elipondi...amma, vanta thayar cheyyali...nenu kavita inka amma kosam konni konnali... PURUSHOTTAM Arrey kaani late avutundi...repu elipovacchu kadha... LAKSHMI Nenu padhi nimishaalu lo osthaanu nana...meeru elandi Purushottam reluctantly takes the bags from Lakshmi and leaves....Lakshmi is happy to have her own space for a while, we see her walk on....we notice her getting into an auto... We cut to a POV of Babar noticing her.... INSERT In the distance we see Akbar and gang making their way in the auto....


13I EXT MALLEPALLY CENTRE - EVENING We see Lakshmi at the town centre, she has finished buying some nightclothes and some other provisions...she is waiting by the centre for an auto....none seem to be in sight until Akbar and the tourist gang come in driving past her.... in the rear view Akbar notices her seeming stranded as he crosses her, having ignored her request for a lift a moment earlier...he looks at Mary Jane... AKBAR We should pick her up, she wont get any autos at this you mind? Mary nods a sure....we see Lakshmi watch, a little surprised, as Akbars auto makes a U-Turn and screeches to a halt beside her...we see her enter.... LAKSHMI Devarakonda? AKBAR Nalgu rupaylu amma... Sarrey.... LAKSHMI

As the auto picks up...Lakshmi settles in her seat, she is observing the tourist gang and the scenery outside as the sun begins to set.....we stay with that for a bit.... Suddenly, 13J EXT DEVARAKONDA HIGHWAYS - EVENING The auto swerves violently to the left, to let a passing lorry speeding away dangerously on the highway...Akbar notices its a punjab number plate...Everyone in the auto is stunned momentarily... AKBAR Crazy fool, he could kill someone... As the the auto continues to chug along, we notice the remnants of the speeding lorry ahead. It has taken its toll on a bullock cart filled with crates of avakai...the cart has been overturned and the cow pulling it has run away onto a nearby field, leaving a helpless bullock driver, trying to get his cow back and recover mangoes rolling on the highway....


In a moment Akbar is out of the auto, trying to reign in the fleeing bull, leaving the cart owner to fend for his goods...Lakshmi is observing Akbar... Out on the fields, the sun is setting, Akbars hair is backlit as he tries to reign in the fleeing bull, he tries pulling at its harness, Akbar cajoles it, trying to win its confidence, a true horse whisperer sort of a moment, him and the cow, both sizing each other up....a bit like a game of kabbadi match in 48 frames.... Lakshmi watches transfixed....her eyes fixed on Akbar...Mary Janes eyes are also on Akbar.... and then suddenly Akbar pounces on it, catching it unawares, he brings the cow to the relieved owner..... The auto continues on its trip homeward....Lakshmi looks across her at Akbar, as the rest of the tourist party admire Lakshmis saree and ear-rings....the sun is setting behind... 13K EXT DEVARAKONDA HIGHWAYS - DUSK As the auto continues on its sojourn.... MARY JANE Hey can we stop somewhere for some tea... We see the auto stop by a chai kotti on the highway...Everyone is out on the road, smoking or taking a sip of chai...Lakshmi gets out but stays by the auto, her eyes go to Akbar....who is at a distance with Mary Jane... MARY JANE (CONTD) We could use someone like you in my factory in Delhi, if you ever want to check it out....give me a call, we have an assistant managers position open in our electrical dept. Akbars eyes light up as Mary Jane takes out her card, handing it to him.... MARY JANE (CONTD) You have a degree dont you? AKBAR Yes madam,very soon madam...thank you madam... Lakshmi watches Akbar shaking Mary Janes hand....


The auto continues into the town.... DISSOLVE TO: 13L EXT DEVRAKONDA BUS STOP - DUSK We see Mary Jane and co; say their byes to Akbar and Chinna and leave by bus....Akbar and Chinna say their byes like giddy kids, Lakshmi interrupts them, giving him his 4rs and walks away..... From the top we see Akbar with his auto at the centre, with Mary Jane leaving by a bus and Lakshmi making her way into the town.... She turns to look at Akbar, smiling at herself as she sees him lift Chinna over his shoulders and make his way into his auto... SONG 1 FADES. FADE OUT. 17A LAKSHMIS HOUSE - NIGHT We see Lakshmis house from the rooftop. The entire family is assembled and sitting in the courtyard. The house looks more tidier. The family is sitting together and eating dinner. However Purushottam is fiddling with the TV. We see he has managed to hook up some wires through the antennae...but the signals are not coming in properly.. PURUSHOTTAM (HITTING THE TV) Mee Nayanamma t.v. Ki ooru nachaledu anukuntaaa... LAKSHMI Nana...boojanaaniki raa...ippudu aa tv avasarama? PURUSHOTTAM Neeku telusu kadha amma, naaku aa news vinande mudda notloki digadani... Suddenly the reception comes through and TV 9 is playing. Pleased, Purushottam comes back to the dinner area...


BUJJI Nana nanna..., cartoon network pettavaa nana... please. PURUSHOTTAM tharavatha pedataale... The setting is very cosy. The family looks wonderful together. Kavita is balancing a film magazine and eating at the same time. Amma is watching the TV intently, while Nainamma is trying to look up the same magazine of an irritated Kavita. Lakshmi is watching all of this, and is smiling contentedly. The full moon is showing through the courtyard. LAKSHMI amma..vantagadilo voka shelf vundi choosava? Adi naa pachchadi saamanlaki AMMA Sarey sarey LAKSHMI Nenu repey market ki velli, pachchadi ki kavalsinavanni kontaanu Kavita looks up from the mag, Nainamma steals it.. KAVITA Akka, nannu telsukellu, intlo kurchoni, kurchoni pichekkutondi... Lakshmi nods in approval...The father is watching the news attentively...Purushottam still looking at the TV says.. PURUSHOTTAM repu nuvvu velletappudu nenu kuda vastanamma, nenu repu bank account open cheyyali, iddaram kalisi documents tisukuni veldam Amma looks up, AMMA Emandi, koncham dabbu avasaram padthundi, intlo inka konni saamanlu kavali.. NAINAMMA Inka entha kavali, Polavaram nunchi motham theesukoni raaleda?


Amma keeps silent to her comment...Nainamma bickers something under her breath.. NAINAMMA (CONTD) yemma mahalaxmi inka na kodukuni vadlava,andaru kalisi vadi jeevitanni pindestunnaru. Lakshmi looks up sternly at her Nainamma.. LAKSHMI nayanamma ooruko...evariki mood ledu mee maatalu vinadaniki... Kavita claps joyfully, pulling the magazine away from the Nainamma and making a face at her...Purushottam looks back from the TV to his wife, who is looking at him...he gives her an old friendly wink...Amma is quietly annoyed.. LAKSHMI (CONTD) inka Kavitha nuvvu intlo koorchoni vanta gadi saddu.. KAVITA adenti..nuvve kada indaka veldamannavu...amma choodamma, nana.. evaraina cheppandi nannu teesukella mani... AMMA Yente adi chinnapillalaaga... LAKSHMI Amma manaki nillu sarigga ravanta, bayati nunchi techukovali, anduke andaru kasta jagartaga nillu vadandi... KAVITA Ayyo nenu thala snanam cheddamu ani anukunna..chi! Chatta orru iddi...atleast mana orru lo Godari undedi... Everyones attention is distracted by a news report..There is a news report about a bomb blast in Mumbai... TV REPORT The bomb blast yesterday has now officially taken a toll of 42 lives..the Let has accepted responsibility for the bombings... We see images of a bombed area in Mumbai..


TV REPORT (CONTD) We spoke to the national security advisor about the growing hatred of muslim youth, not just in India but across the world... The national security adviser appears on screen.. TV REPORT (CONTD) Muslim youth are being lead in small units from across the state...their education begins in small madrasas in small towns... As the voice fades away, we see an agitated Purushottam eating and animatedly talking to his family... PURUSHOTTAM Ee muslims..cha eppudu inte...deniki paniki raaru...manadeshanni brashtu pattinchentavaraku nidrapooranukunta...vaallaki emi kaavalo kooda ardam kaadu... The rest of the family look up from their dinner to look at him... PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) choodandi mee andariki ippatike chaala saarlu cheppanu..., muslimulaki dooram ga vunte manchidi, manam jagrattaga lekapote vallemi cheyyadaniki venakadaru, gurtu pettukondi manaki polavaram lo yem jarigindo..anta valla moolane Amma interrupts.. AMMA Avanni ippudu enduku andi... PURUSHOTTAM mi andarni vallaki kasta dooram ga vundamani gurtu chestunna ante Kavita looks up from her magazine and says non-chalantly.. KAVITA But nana, Shah Rukh Khan laantodu dorikithey...pelli chesukovacchu kadha...


Purushottam turns back, irritated...Lakshmi intervenes... LAKSHMI (WHISPERING ANGRILY) Enti, Nanaki inko heart attack isthaava? noorumuyyi inka... KAVITA Nuvve normuyyi, ShahRuk Khan gadu, Gauri ani Hindu ammai tho pellichesuko leda? NAYANAMMA Eee gadu geedu eppudu nerchukunnara? LAKSHMI Kavitaa!!...avvani high society lo kudurthai... Purushottam turns back to the TV, Kavita just shrugs her shoulders...Lakshmi is glaring at Kavita, when she suddenly realises Bujji is missing.. LAKSHMI (CONTD) Arrey Bujji ekkadiki vellipoyadu.. At first no one is startled...suddenly it occurs to everyone he is not in the courtyard...everyone leaves their dinner behind and starts looking around the house, things slowly begin to get frantic... PURUSHOTTAM Bujji...reyy...bujji...ekkada unnavu ra... KAVITA A banda gaadu inthey...rendu nimishaalu emo kallu thippithey mayam ayipothadu...reyy bujji.... Everyone is calling out his name, except for the grandma who continues eating her dinner... LAKSHMI Bujji...ekkada unnava nana...bujji... Suddenly Amma, notices that the front door is open... AMMA Ayyo a vedava baitiki vellipoyadu...


Lakskhmi and father rush to the door...they look out into the street... 17B LAKSHMIS HOUSE STREET - NIGHT We can hear music and can see a procession of revellers bringing a deity down the street...lots of people are dancing and the music is a typical theen maar type... Lakshmi and father notice a small figure at the head of the pandal, dancing...its Bujji...having a great time..the pandal is headed towards the house.. LAKSHMI Ayyo ...aa yadavani choodu...taginoodila ela gentulu vestunnado akkada PURUSHOTTAM (LAUGHING) ha..ha..ila joker lanti kodukuni nenu kannana, nammabudhi kavatledu Lakshmi leaves the house walking towards the procession... LAKSHMI Nuvvu aagu nanna..nenu testaanu vaadini... As Laksmi approaches the procession we see, someone has lifted little Bujji and is dancing with him. Pushing him up in the air...Lakshmi is startled by this and rushes towards the procession...we also see Chinna leading a dance with a bunch of brat packs on his own... The procession is a melee of people and Bujji along with his dancing partner have gone deeper into the crowd. Lakshmi is a little frantic...suddenly she sees Bujji being thrown up in the air... BUJJI Yee..superr...inko saari anna... Bujji is loving it...We see now that his dancing partner is a drunk Sondu...Lakshmi approaches the constantly moving procession and yells at Sondu... LAKSHMI hey ..hello.., vadu na tammudu, ala gallo visurutarenti, vadini ila ivvandi


Sondu is either too drunk or cant hear her...he continues holding Bujji and dance..Lakshmi tries to grab Bujji away from him...Sondu gets aggressive and starts frightening Lakshmi by dancing more violently with the kid around his shoulders...Lakshmi is getting upset and desperate to get Bujji out...She tries reaching out for him again... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Hey taagubootu, vadulu vaadini, neeku pillalato ela jagrattaga undalo teleeda.. Just then the procession stops...we notice that the idol is propped onto an auto...Akbar is driving it...having noticed whats going on..he gets out and pries Bujji out from a drunk Sondu, the music and dancing and fanfare continues unabated... Akbar hands over Bujji to Lakshmi...apologetic in his eyes. She takes him from his hands gratefully and leaves...Akbar gets back into the auto...watching her leave with Bujji in her arms, he smiles... As we see Lakshmi leave the procession we can hear her admonish Bujji.. LAKSHMI (CONTD) Yadava, andarini kangaru pettavu...ala kothi la dance chesi hero anukuntunnava... BUJJI Repu, sankranti kadha akka...kite egireyyali... LAKSHMI Kites eggreyali...aithe akkada ninnu evaru egaramannaraa idiot... BUJJI kani chala saradaga vundi akka chup... LAKSHMI

We watch the procession, Lakshmis house and Devarakonda, melt in the moonlight...the sounds dimming slowly... FADE OUT;


18A. DEVARAKONDA MAIDAN - DAY We can see the maidan is filled with people and all sorts of kite flying activity. Setting is beautiful. The blue sky is littered with kites, there are children on the maidan trying to get their kites airborne...the maidan overlooks the fort. Its sankranti, we also see some makeshift kite shops and customers. We see little Bujji in a corner of the massive maidan, trying to get his kite off the ground. Its the same yellow kite he found when he entered his house. We see that the kite hasnt been tied properly, and everytime Bujji tries to get it off the ground, it just comes crashing down. He is getting increasingly frustrated with his efforts. Bujjis efforts are being watched by an urchin boy, a couple of years older and clearly more street smart than Bujji, he smiles to himself...the Urchin boy comes upto Bujji.. URCHIN arey, neeku yegareyatam raaka pothe itu ee... Bujji looks up startled.. BUJJI aithe nerpistaava...deenni chivara varuku pattukoova...gaali raagane egarestaanu... The urchin boy takes offense that he is being asked for assistance...He grabs the kite aggressively from Bujji and walks away... BUJJI (CONTD) Arey arey...anna..yakkadiki vellipotunnav anna, na kite itchei Bujji runs up to him, the urchin boy begins playing cat and mouse, shoving the kite around wildly as Bujji tries to get his hands on it... BUJJI (CONTD) Eyyyyy...Jagratta, arey arey ala uupaku...chirigipootundi...aa kite naadi...iticheiii... URCHIN (GETTING AGITATED) sarey raa mirchi dabba teesuko raa...teesuko..


Bujji begins screaming and bawling...the Urchin gets frightened by this and runs away, leaving the kite behind. A sobbing Bujji takes his kite back.. He examines the kite closely, sees that its torn across the edge...tears begin welling down his eyes as he sobs silently. 18B DEVARAKONDA MAIDAN - DAY A hand falls on Bujjis shoulder..He looks up with tear swept eyes to see a smiling Akbar, the sun lit behind him like an angels halo... AKBAR yera, emaindi ..enduku edusthunnavu... Bujji shows him the torn kite, his teary eyes wincing at the sun shining above...Akbar takes it from him and has a look at it.. BUJJI Idi inka egaraduuu.. Akbar consoles him.. AKBAR cha..cha...yedavaku..ila ra ,asalu dinikemaindo chooddam Akbar takes Bujji to a nearby rock, he examines the kite, showing it to Bujji he says... AKBAR (CONTD) ekkuvaemi chiragaledu raa...apudappudu aina chinigite kooda manchidey , daniki inka egaraali anipistundi... BUJJI (EYES OPEN) nijangaa...? AKBAR Avunu ...kaani... mundu chiniginadaani sarigga antinchaali... BUJJI avunuu... kani ela ?


Akbar looks around..he finds a food stall nearby...requests and picks up a handful of cooked rice...Bujji watches Akbar fascinatingly as he crushes the rice in his hands, making a soft paste out of it... BUJJI (CONTD) Emi chestunnavu anna..? Choodaraa AKBAR

Akbar uses the paste as gum and mends the torn area of the kite. The paste acts as gum, drying quickly and mending the tear...Bujji is happy... BUJJI Yeee!!...baga ayipoyindi! AKBAR Appude kaadu raa...choodu sarigga kattaledu...ila kadite kite egaradu ..(its tied like a shoelace) Ohooo... BUJJI

AKBAR Choodu nuvvu shoe lace sarigga kattukoledanukoo padutaavu kada...deenni kooda ante raa sarigga kattali... BUJJI (IMPATIENNT) Sarey aithe kattu, kattu..baga kattu.... We see Akbar tying the Kite. Bujji is fascinated by how his hands move in an assured manner, the twine flowing through his fingers like an experienced tailor. Bujji watches on, his mouth open... AKBAR mundu ila loplnunchi bayataki teeyali...taravaata ila kolavaali... Akbar lifts the kite up...there is a silent connection between him and the kite we feel...he bends the stem of the kite..the sun dipping in and out, pollen dust hanging in the air... AKBAR (CONTD) ippudu etu gattigaa undo choodaali...


BUJJI kite manchidaa kaada? AKBAR chaala manchi kite raa, anduke manatho undi... Bujji looks at his kite proudly...wanting to get his hands on it.. BUJJI Konalantey..Edi Manchi kite oo telustundi anna.. ela

AKBAR telusukovaantey chala unnayi ...kaani appudappudu konni kites vetukuntuuvachestayi raa... BUJJI (WIDEYED) Ee kite naanu vetukkuntuvachindi anna, idi maa store room lo kanipinchindi... AKBAR Aithe idi neede.. During this time Akbar is giving final touches to the threading, its done...he swings it in the air to test it... AKBAR (IMPRESSED) (CONTD) Hmm bagundi raa... BUJJI Pada anna yegareddamu...okkasaari paiki ellindi ante nenu choosukuntaanu... Akbar smiles at him... AKBAR Aagu raa...naa charakaa...manja teesukostaanu... We watch Akbar, take his own charaak and maanja and attach it to this kite... BUJJI idi nee charakaa naa? AKBAR hmm..(noodding)


BUJJI Naadaniki kadutunnavante....naakichestunnava? Akbar smiles.. AKBAR Err....sarey Bujji is ecstatic... BUJJI Yeeeeee.... BUJJI (CONTD) Pada pada..yegareddamu..yegaredamu anna AKBAR Aagaraa..inkoka chinna pani migilindi BUJJI Inka Enti anna...!!! AKBAR ee kite evarido andariki teliyala leda.. BUJJI Haa..telavaali!!!?..elaaa...? Akbar takes a pen out his pocket and begins to sketch a huge smily across the kite, then with a piece of newspaper he attaches a tail, giving it some character..Bujji loves it... AKBAR Ok ippudu egaradaaniki ready gaa undi..airport ki veldaamu pada... BUJJI Yeaaaaaaaaa!!!! CUT TO; 18C DEVARAKONDA MAIDAN - DAY Chinna is holding the kite in his hand, Akbar is a few metres behind, string and charaak in hand.


Bujjis eyes are gleaming with anticipation...Akbar, we can see is a pro, he is monitoring the tautness of the string, the charaak in his hand and the breeze in his hair, he is looking for that perfect moment...there is an air of anticipation...silence as most sounds are muted...we can hear just the wind and some screeches of children in the background...its like one of the shell shock effects in war movies, where everything is suddenly surreal...we can hear Bujjis heart pounding...and we sees Akbars eyes, crinkling in concentration ala western cowboy style... Suddenly there is a gush of wind, its a perfect moment...Akbar yells out to Bujji... AKBAR vadileyiii...!!! Bujii lets it go a moment the kite is up in the air, his eyes go up in wonder at the sight...silence...and then.. BUJJI Yeee..yegurutundi yegurutundi...yegirindi... We see the kite soaring in the skies. Among many other bigger brighter kites, Bujjis little yellow one still stands out... Akbar flies it for bit, getting the course correct...yelling at Bujji to handle the charaak... AKBAR Deel vadulu...deel vadulu... Bujji happily assists... 18D DEVARAKONDA MAIDAN - DAY Akbar hands over the twine to bujji, bujji happily begins flying the kite by himself, giggling and marvelling.. Suddenly a big fierce looking red kite appears from nowhere, challenging the yellow one...almost like a hawk hovering around a dove... BUJJI Anna..anna ...mana kite tegipoddi anna tegipoddi...edookati cheyyi... But Akbar is up for the challenge..


AKBAR Arey basti mein sawaal raa...vaadini vadiledi ledu...emantaavu raa (bujji)... Bujji is angry about the confrontation but excited about the challenge... BUJJI Sarey anna...chincheyi anna chincheyi... We see that the challengers are the young urchin and some of his older friends from a hillock nearby...we can hear them taunt and tease the yellow kite... URCHIN vacharanaa kodukulu..mana manjha tadaka choopiddamu... The challenge is on...its a fight to the finish...what begins simply is now a duel of gladiatorial proportions. Small yellow against big bully red. The odds are stacked against the little one...but its heart is brave and it will go down between screams and shouts and taunts and curses, the battles rages in the skies...a battle so great, that the rest of the kites and the crowd in the maidan give up their sorties to gang up against each other... Every roof top in Devarakonda is now watching this with animated wonder...people stop in streets to watch who will win...women drying clothes on roof tops call out to their family to watch the duel... Devarakonda skies are now blue, yellow and intense to death battle is on...Akbar and Bujji are fighting hard, the Urchins have the upper hand..a couple of near escapes, couple of almost wins, it can go anyway... From Lakshmis courtyard the duel is visible...she looks up from her grocery and other kitchen work to the sky...its a duel which has the town split...who will win... The up and down battle continues, the confidence of the Urchins is high, they almost have it, the twines are interlinked, you dont know who is going to come out unscathed...Akbar is doing his best, but so are the urchins, he is pulling frantically at the twine, the charaak going berserk in Bujjis hands...Bujji is wide eyed, following his masters instructions...egging him on... The kites are could go either all depends on timing and who dares...who dares to deel chodd. Akbar does the dare...


AKBAR Deeeeel vadulu... The charaak is spinning out hands...its spinning on the running, covering ground on jumping from one hillock to control, it jumps out of Bujjis ground...Akbar is jumping, the maidan...the urchins are another...

Finally...a kite cuts out...its the reds....the Yellows are victorious....Akbar now drenched in sweat, looks at an ecstatic Bujji...they yelp with joy... AKBAR AND BUJJI Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....tempesam maname gelichaamu... They run after the red kite at the same time reeling in their yellow one...the Urchins are cursing.. 19 DEVARAKONDA STREETS - DAY We see Akbar and Bujji chase after the kite, across the town, leaping over people and walls...they are on rooftops, they are on top of vehicles, they are on top of anything, which helps them not loose sight of the red falling kite.... The chase continues into the residential area, roof after roofs, lane after lanes...when finally we see it dip into a home... Akbar and Bujji who are on a roof, unthinkingly jump into the household and right into a stack of mirchi and haldi, THUMP CRASH BANG to come out looking red and yellow...and very funny. Its Lakshmis courtyard...Bujjis house...Lakshmi is looking up, stunned, so are the Ammas and Kavita...the kite comes and falls plonk on Bujjis head. Lakshmi looks at the sight of the duo, stunned silence and then the ladies in the house start cracking up with laughter... Akbar smiles, a little embarrassed and mutters an excuse and leaves... AKBAR Sorry andi....edo,..chooskokunda... BUJJI (EXCITED) akka akka memu gelisaamu akka...memu gelisaamu...Anne naakosam yegiresaadu.. (MORE)

52. BUJJI (EXCITED) (CONT'D) choodu... ee erra kite... meme tempaamu.

We see Akbar leaving through the door, smiling, shaking his head at his own behaviour....we leave Lakshmi looking at the haldi, mirchi stains of his hands and feet on her door and floor...she looks on...smiling... Meanwhile Bujji has run out of the house, kite in hand he yells at Akbar who is already down the road... BUJJI (CONTD) Anna...ippudu idi evarini etukkuntu vachindi.. We see Akbar just turn back and smile at Bujji... DISSOLVE TO: 20 EXT. TOWN CENTRE DEVARAKONDA - NEXT MORNING The town centre is a buzz with usual activity. We see Akbar is loading in passengers into his auto, Chinna is yelling out for people to get in. We see Lakshmi approaching in the distance. She seems to be looking for something. She sees Akbar and approaches him, feeling a little hesitant, she steps back while other passengers get into his auto. She is waiting for him to notice her. Akbar finally catches her eye. AKBAR Oh arey meera...ekkadakainaa..vellala?.. Lakshmi a little uncertainly, LAKSHMI avunandi... mi auto mallepalli veltunda? post office akkadey kadandi... AKBAR (DISTRACTED) Arey chinna ..aa goni sanchi paina pettaraa... Akbar notices that Lakshmi is carrying two huge gunny bags which seem to be heavy for her...Akbar takes it from her, even before she can continue talking...


AKBAR (CONTD) enti parvatam mostunnara enti,itu ivvandi(he grabs it from her hands and throws it with ease into the auto)... LAKSHMI Err...thanks... AKBAR (UN-ATTENTIVE) Ekkandi emi alochistunnaru.... LAKSHMI Aithe ee auto mallepalli veltunada...akkada post office.. AKBAR (IMPATIENT) avunandi....adi akkade untundi...maname vellali Saying that, he turns around and gets into the auto. Lakshmi finds a place in the back and sits down gingerly. The auto takes off from the centre.. VROMMMMM CHINNA Right....right... SWISH PAN TO; We see Babbar, sitting on his beautiful enfield...looking at Lakshmi and the auto ride away from him...His face is not readable, he spits out some gutkha... 21 INT AKBARS AUTO HIGHWAY - DAY We see that the auto is filled with all sorts of people, old and young and piled on with goods of every nature, from goats to tomatoes. Lakshmi is a little unsettled with a goat sitting next to her, it seems to have developed a fondness for her chunni, her green chunni is being chomped on by the young goat...Lakshmi tries hard to get it out...meanwhile the rest of the public in the auto is either chatting among themselves or Akbar... OLD GOAT HERD Areey narasimha, entra nee kooturki patnam abbai to pelli kudirindi anta...katnam Entha itchukuntunnavu enti?


OLD GOAT HERD 2 Entha ivvagalugutaanu raa... Naakunna araekaram appacheptaanu...devudu daya valla oppukunte ..kashtaalu gattu ekku taayi raa.. AKBAR Vallu oppukokapothe..... OLD GOAT HERD 2 Entinuvvu anedi? AKBAR Ade...neeku annam pette aa okka aadaranni daarapoosina taravaata kooda mee kooturni vaddante emi chesataaru...? OLD GOAT HERD Munde shani ante...mundala kallaki bandam vestaavuraa... AKBAR Entayya..idanta avasaramaa..katnam ..vatnamm..haayigaa mee ammayini preminchi pelli chesukomani cheppu...neeku shani poddi, sthalam miguliddi.. Everyone in the auto start laughing...Lakshmi is amused but impressed... OLD GOAT HERD 2 Chass.Nooru muyyi ..neekemi telusu kuturlaki pelicheyatam ante ento... AKBAR adi teleedemo kaani ...Sthalalu amme badento naaku baaga telusu lendi....maa tatalaki appatlo devarakonda lo sagaaniki paiga sthalalu undevi ..ivvala vallu leru..aa sthalaalu levu...nenemo auto toltunnanu.. OLD GOAT HERD 2 Edo okatle aina neekenduku raa..mundu naa kooturi pelli aipotundi, adi chaalu...


Akbar shakes his head, knowing this conversation wont lead to anywhere...people are chattering among themselves, about the dowry demand in Devarakonda...the auto hits a ditch, rocking everyone inside violently...Lakshmi lets out a scream, shocking everyone else in the auto... AKBAR Meeru kanapadatam ledu..hello ...venaka..baneunnaru gaa.. Lakshmi is unsure if she is the one being addressed... OLD GOAT HERD Ninne namma.. Lakshmi shouts back... LAKSHMI (STRESSING OUT) Oh oh...aa..parledu... parledu .. She looks at the goat still nibbling at her chunni and pulls it out... OLD WOMAN BANGLE SELLER Enti ra...nuvvu parikshalu malli raasthunnavani vinna... AKBAR Avunavva... OLD WOMAN BANGLE SELLER Neeku idhantha avarsama ra..chakaga pellichesukoni, ee auto baaga nadipinchukovachhu kadha... Lakshmi is listening on interested... AKBAR Correct e avvaa, kaani, idhi naaku chivari saari...ippudu kooda pass avvaka pothey....chooddaam OLD WOMAN BANGLE SELLER Nuvvu pass avvaalaney korukuntunna ra...kaani kashtham e ra...moodu saarlu fail ayyavu... adhi mana devarakonda charitralo ledu raa.. Everyone in the auto start laughing, including Lakshmi...Akbar is red with embarrassment, he sees her laugh in the rear view mirror...


AKBAR Oye...nuvvu normuyyi...nenu pass ayyi chupisthaa... We see the auto come to a halt at another town junctionmallepalli, Chinna is yelling out... CHINNA Mallepalli, Sagar...sagar... Everyone gets out, including Lakshmi... (the very same people also go against him post CM-panchayat event*) 22 EXT. MALLEPALLI JUNCTION - DAY We see Lakshmi get out of the auto, the goat still grabbing at her chunni. The goats owner comes and takes it away. She begins to pick out her bags from the auto. We can see that she is struggling under its weight. Akbar notices this and without asking, helps her get it out of the auto.. In the background, we can see a local circus, a small girl is walking a tight rope very precariously.. AKBAR (JOKINGLY) entandi inni saamanlu...uuru vadali veltunnara enti? LAKSHMI Emi ledandi...ivi maa...intigala office lo vadileste teesukuntaa nannaru..andukee... AKBAR Oh , office aithe ikkadinunchi 5 nimishale...sahayam cheyyana... Lakshmi is hesitant, LAKSHMI Parleduandi..nenu nenu... She is beginning to buckle and fall off balance because of the weight... AKBAR deeniki emi ekkuva teesukonu lendi..naaku post office deggara koncham panundi..road aithe bagundadu..nadichevellali..


Akbar looking at Chinna, he is already walking on... AKBAR (CONTD) Rey Chinna, koncham oil poyyi ra, nenu ippudey mana Sondu gadini kalisi ostha... LAKSHMI (BEHIND HIM) ayyo meekendu kandi shrama..nenu pattikeltaanu lendi... AKBAR cheppulemi arigipoovu lendi, nenu ate veltunnanu...panilo pani ante...mee kosam prateykanga emcheyatledu.. Lakshmi is confused if he was being rude or not...but Akbar smiles...she giggles...they begin walking to the post office.. 23 EXT. POST OFFICE ROAD - DAY Akbars holds onto the two big sacks, while Lakshmi holds on to a smaller one...the duo are silent for a few moments as we see them walking down a narrow road..finally Lakshmi clears her throat.. LAKSHMI monna ratri Bujji gaadi ki help chesinanduku thanks andi... aa hadavidilo cheppaleka poyanu.. AKBAR bujjigaadu..oo mee tammuda?.... muddu ga untadu.. LAKSHMI Aa..kaani kothi kaadu...meru Aa kite nerpincharanta..inka ratiri anta niddaraponivvaledu..aa errakite gurunchi mee gurunchi cheptaane unnadu... Lakshmi smiles, thinking fondly of her brother...Akbar is silent... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Aithe exams raastunnaranmaata... Akbar is about to answer when suddenly Babbar appears in his path...


BABBAR Salaam Walekum Akbar... Akbar annoyed to see him, salaams back... AKBAR Waalekum aasalam Babbar bhai... Lakshmi has a shocked expression when she sees Akbar doing a salaam back, its a big moment of realisation for her, she never knew he was a muslim...Babbar unseeming of Lakshmi stops them in their stride and asks Akbar... BABBAR arrey gurtundi kada...masjid lo ee shukravaaram... We can see that Lakshmis body language has done a complete 360. She is standing in between two muslim men and is distinctly uncomfortable...unmindful of Babbar, she looks at Akbar seriously and says... LAKSHMI ivvandi ,itu ivvandi..nenu veltaanu lendi ikkada nunchi.. Arey... AKBAR

LAKSHMI Ledu..ledu ...parvaledu.. Akbar is surprised, he cant understand whats come over her...Lakshmi takes the bags from his hands forcibly and leaves in a jiffy, Akbar hurriedly says a bye to Babbar and catches up with her... AKBAR Khuda hafiz... BABBAR Khuda hafiz...marachipooku Akbar Babbar turns to look at Akbar catching up with Lakshmi...Babbars expression is un-decipherable as he watches Akbar catch up with Lakshmi... 24 POST OFFICE ROAD - DAY Akbar catches up with her...


AKBAR Hey hey hey...emayyindi..emi jarigindandi!!..hellooo.. Lakshmi doesnt even turn back...Akbar keeps walking up behind her...thinking she hasnt heard him.. AKBAR (CONTD) Enti madam,...emaindi..nenu ate veltunnanu ani cheppanu gaa... Lakshmi still doesnt turn back, she seems angry and scared...that Akbar is a muslim... AKBAR (CONTD) Hello...madam... Still no response as she keeps walking...Akbar intuitively realizes something is wrong and decides to stop catching up with her... AKBAR (CONTD) Chaa...sarele edo okati We leave the couple like that, Akbar turns back, shaking his head not being able to comprehend her, while Lakshmi keeps walking briskly towards the post office.. Lakshmi almost falls dropping the bags she is carrying....meanwhile Akbars slippers break into two...each of them annoyed and swearing under their breath 25A INT DEVARAKONDA FORT AKBARS ROOM - NIGHT We see Akbars is trying to study...he is making notes, referring his text book...making more notes...he seems to be a little distracted, thinking for a moment...he closes his eyes...a moment comes back to him... AKBAR Salaam valekum Babbar bhai... Akbar is reminded of Lakshmis face at that particular moment. Something he hadnt thought of until then. And then it dawns at him...He shakes his head in disgust.. AKBAR (CONTD) Cha ee hinduvulu...emianukuntaaro ento ...nenu naa exams kosam chaduvu koovatam manchidi... He gets back to his studies with earnest...his wind propelled light bulb bursts, shutting the light out...




25B INT LAKSHMIS HOUSE - NIGHT We see Lakshmi preparing some avakais, there are raw mangoes around her. The rest of the family are also involved in the process, she seems to be in thought...Her Amma notices she seems a little lost...(flash cut to; when Akbar was behind her, Hello Madam...Madam...) AMMA Entamma, em alochisthunnavu LAKSHMI Em ledu amma, repati nunchi manam hotel panulu, avakai panulu full ga modalu pettali... She gets back to her avakai preparations in earnest....the light bulb in the background flickering, buzzing... FADE OUT We see a wide night shot of Devarakonda town, small lights flickering in the distance. There is a power outage, the village goes into darkness, dogs bark, babies cry...and someone yells... SOMEONE Ruling party....zindabad! ******** Possibility of a new scene addition here ******** Music fades in. FADE IN 26 MONTAGE SONG 1 We see the sunrise above the Devarakonda town. People are going about their jobs as usual. We see Akbar make his way through the town on his cycle, delivering newspapers and milk. He does his daily routine Meanwhile, we see Lakshmi wake up and wake the rest of the house up. She gets herself busy in the kitchen. Kavita puts up a board outside the house saying curries and avakai. We see Lakshmi, Amma and Kavita hard at work making the spices and food preparations. Purushottam does the more labour intensive part of the cooking, Bujji is the official taster..


We see Akbar and Chinna washing their auto by the river side. There are other dhobis in the background using the river for washing. We see that while Chinna takes the lead. Akbar sits on the grass by the cheruvu and is pouring through his text books. Chinna is shaking his head, thinking Akbar is crazy. A makeshift stand has been built by Purushottam outside his house. It serves as a parcel counter for people to come and buy their food. Purushottam takes the position of the cashier, while the rest of the women are busy cooking, with Lakshmi leading the way. The counter is open for business soon. Bujji helps whenever he is not distracted by his kite or a puppy whom he adopts. We see Akbar plying his auto from the town centre onto the highway, busy dropping off people into various towns. He is seen on the highway dropping and in little towns picking up all sorts of people, building bridges for so many businesses and relationships (can elaborate with examples). We see him with his friends Sondu and Pasha, as busy as they are they meet each in transit on the roads or in dhabas. The parcel counter is open. People in the town slowly come in, one by one to savor the curries. What starts as one man in a line, soon becomes a steady flow of customers. There is a lot of work to do still. Purushottam has a longing look sometimes. Recollecting his Polavaram. Lakshmi spurs him on. We see Akbar pickup college students in his auto. We cut to him sitting with some of them by a field, text book in hand asking them for some pointers. The line at Lakshmis house has suddenly trickled down, customers are few to come by. The family is worried by these turn of events. Lakshmi decides to go to the city to sell her avakai. We see Akbar hanging out with Sondu and Pasha, he seems to be fighting some union problems within the auto community. We see them having a drink. Akbar just watches them. We see Babbar noticing Akbar and then Lakshmi separately. He still has an undecipherable look in his eyes. As Akbar zooms through the highway, he sees Lakshmi along with her dad inspecting some land by the side of the road. He doesnt give them too much attention and goes about his job. Lakshmi never notices him. Lakshmi notices Akbar taking a bunch of Shiva bakths, all piled in his auto...she notice him joining them in the revelry...


As Lakshmi dusts the mirchi carpet off on her Dhabha, it gets in Babars eye on the street, he winces in pain, looking up at a busy at work Lakshmi on her terrace... Etc etc, basically showing them working hard towards a better future for themselves, also highliting the aspirations of a small town person. We also see a shot of Lakshmi finally entering Hyderabad city. With avakai packets in hand, she is trying to sell them door to door and then at retail markets, she isnt having much success. Also the city is a place she instantly dislikes. We see Akbar enter the exam hall, pen in hand. He sits down to write his exam nervously. We see he is extremely pensive when writing his exam, sweating and all. Lots of time juxtapositions. We see Lakshmi make some new friends within the colony. She develops her own small gang of girls. Lakshmi and Akbars point of views of the city. Shots of Akbar working on keeping his auto in good shape, engine, oil etc. Lakshmi buying avakai from an avakai market (kothapet) We could also show how tough/sadistic Masterji and Babbar are on the auto drivers and how they fleece them off their wages/work load... Have Masterjis presence felt in the song, like him looking at akbar solving issues with other auto drivers. This sequence finally ends with Lakshmi having a really tough time in the city selling her avakai, making her feel hopeless and Akbar going to the college to see that he has failed yet again. Two dejected souls at crossroads in their lives. The song ends as we see the both of them unknown to each other, arrive at the same bus stand for the trip back to Devarakonda. Their eyes ends. 27 EXT. BUS STATION HYDERABAD CITY - EVENING There is a big crowd at the bus station, buses are constantly coming in and out of terminals. We see several people waiting with bags and other goods. There is a chaotic atmosphere, but its regulated.


Akbar sees Lakshmi, at first he wants to avoid her and sort of turns away from her line of vision, Lakshmi does pretty much the same thing. There isnt any sort of acknowledgement between them. As the last of the bus leaves from the terminal, its pretty obvious that Akbar and Lakshmi are waiting for the one bus which will take them back towards Devarakonda. There is an uneasy distance between them. The bus headed towards Devarakonda arrives. There isnt too much of a crowd. A few people alight. Lots of seats are empty. Lakshmi takes the front row, while Akbar takes the last. The bus starts off from the city. As the bus travels, we notice Akbar and Lakshmi continue sitting alone and silent, each one in their own world. The fact that they are together is forgotten for a bit. The bus stops outside the city limits. The remaining passengers dis-embark. We notice that they are at highway limits. The passengers are waiting for 7 seaters to pick them up. Akbar and Lakshmi again find themselves in the same 7 seater, this time sitting a little more closely to each other. Their mutual discomfort more evident. The 7 seater eventually stops at Mallepally, the last stop. While the rest of the passengers make their way into the town, Akbar sees Lakshmi. She is obviously stranded as it seems there arent any autos available back to Devarakonda. Akbar watches Lakshmi as she enquires about availabilities of autos. He understands her situation. After some forethought, he comes upto her. 28 EXT. MALLEPALLI JUNCTION - EVENING The roads have emptied out at the junction, there is a communist bandh. We see comrades shutting down shops, we a couple of autos whiz by even as lakshmi tries to stop them, there is a slight tension in the air, we watch that lakshmi is beginning to feel very vulnerable in what is suddenly a very quiet tension filled atmosphere. We see lakshmis eyes searching for an auto in quiet desperation. Lakshmi is still standing by herself at the empty auto stand. Akbar, who has been filling up his auto with some goods while watching Lakshmi, comes upto her.. AKBAR Helluu..arey.. anta bayapadakandi..inka aakalito lenulendi..mimmalni emi tineyanu.. LAKSHMI (ALARMED) Enti....enti meeru Matladedi..


AKBAR choodandi, na auto ikkade undi, iddaram devarakonde vellali, meeku ibbandi lekapothe vacheyochu Lakshmi looks at Akbar, silent, not being able to comprehend what to say next. LAKSHMI Err...hmm...ledu parvaaledu, nenu vere auto lo veltha.. AKBAR Parvaledaa..helloo madam..meeku repu poddunavaraku okka auto kanabadadu...kanabadina...adi naade avutundi..anduke... Lakshmi continues being silent, trying to contemplate what to do next.. AKBAR (CONTD) ekkuva aalochinchakandi..naaku meemeeda elanti duraalochanalu(feelinglu) levu...champalane alochanalu kooda ledu... LAKSHMI (STUTTERING) Cha cha adenti..ala enduku anukuntaanu...emi matladutunnaru meeru... AKBAR salaam walekum madam....gurtundaa..naku mundu ardhamavvaledu kani... taravata ardamaindi, enti meeru aa vishayam gurunchi inka kangaaru padutunnara... marchipondi Lakshmi is upset that her thoughts and deeds have been interpreted so easily... LAKSHMI Choodandi, mee auto akkataaniki naaku etuvanti ibbandi ledu... AKBAR (SMILING) sarey mari ekkandi...(or just acting as if welcome) Akbar walks past her and gets into his auto in the distance...As she turns to walk towards him...


Entha? Iravai!


LAKSHMI Koncham ekkuva kadha? CUT TO; 29 INT AKBARS AUTO HIGHWAY - DUSK We see the auto chugging along the highway. The sun is setting along the horizon, the stars and moon can already been seen. Its a beautiful setting. Akbar is driving on silently, Lakshmi is seated behind him between all the goods, her head a conflict of emotions. She seems to be gathering the will to speak... LAKSHMI (CAUTIOUSLY avunu meeru city ki enduku vachcharuu... AKBAR (MOCKINGLY) memmalni psycho laa ventapadudaamani He makes a growling sound.. AKBAR (CONTD) Grrrrrrrr...raaaarrrrrr Lakshmi giggles to herself.. LAKSHMI Ledu serious gaa..!! AKBAR Please gurtucheyakandi...assalu eeroju burra chedipoindi.. Lakshmi immediately relates to him.. LAKSHMI Nijame andi..aa traffikku..janalu..edo hitech city antaaru...bonda hitech... Silence...


LAKSHMI (CONTD) intaki meeru city enduku vellaro cheppaledu Akbar recollects annoyingly... AKBAR (Sigh..) inka deeniki..naa exam results... LAKSHMI Oh..aithe enti ee saari first class aa..? AKBAR (Sigh..) leduandi poyindi.. ayyo.. LAKSHMI

Silence as both of them have nothing to say and Akbar has lost his cheerful mood... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Sorry, anavasaranga mood paadu chesanattunnanu.. AKBAR Ayyo mee thappemi ledandi.. Naa life inthey. Exam raasthooney authooney naduputhooney untaanu Long Silence.. AKBAR (CONTD) Aunu mee sangathi cheppandi.. LAKSHMI Naademundi.. Suddenly the auto screeches to a halt. There is a flat tyre... AKBAR Cha cha...Ayyoo, puncture ayyindi... LAKSHMI Ayyoo... (play a sudden fear angle for lakshmi)


AKBAR emi parvaledu..puncture shop degaaralone undi...padi nimishaallo ayyipotundi..manodey Akbar gets out of the auto and begins pushing it towards the puncture/tea shop. Lakshmi feeling responsible, gets out of the auto and tries to help him, by pushing too.. (Create romantic montague during puncture while tea gets ready in the moonlight. Create conversation when pushing, lakshmi folds her saree, her saree gets greased which she will try to wash off later exposing her nadumu while akbar watches her) CUT TO; 30 INT PUNCTURE SHOP/TEA SHOP HIHGHWAY - NIGHT A song is playing on the radio from the film Saptapadi kulamu needandey. (May be later in the conversation, he will ask her what she will name her pickle, World Famous pickle, can be used for climax). While the puncture guy is working on the tires. Akbar and Lakshmi are sipping on some tea. A few stray vehicles pass by. The cup of tea is relaxing for the tired couple. LAKSHMI aha..tea chala bagundi,asalu ame indulo yemi kalipindo adagali AKBAR aa avunu... LAKSHMI badhagaa unda, fail ayyavani... AKBAR issaari chaala kastapaddanu...ento theliyadu...exam centre ki vellangaaney anni marchipotaanu... LAKSHMI Same problem here, nobody seems to like my avakai Meeru... LAKSHMI (CONTD)

AKBAR intaki meeru city ki enduku vachaaru?....aa byaagulu emiti..aayakai vaasana vastundi...


Lakshmi shows akbar an avakai packet LAKSHMI Avakaaye...citylo ammudaamani vellanu...akkada emo competition challa ekuvva...ok pakka emo pedda pedda brandlu,..inko pakka pratiokkalu home made picklesee ani anivaale...inka nannu evvaru pattinchukuntaaru AKBAR kaani enduku idantaa...meeku parcel centre avi unnayani vinnanu..adi baaney work out avutundi kadha... LAKSHMI ala emi kaadu, oorlo andaru intlo tinataanike ishta padutaaru, ila parcel koney vaallu thakkuvey... AKBAR Hmmm....correctee...naa Vanta kooda neney cheskuntaanu LAKSHMI Hmm.. Ante nana garu plan hotel pedtham ani...kaani adhi jarigee loopu edo okati cheyyali kadha... AKBAR Hotel aa...ekkada? LAKSHMI Ade devarakonda kotha highway vundi kada akkade pedadamanukuntunnam... kaani aa owner manaki land addiki ivvali...chala aduguthunnadu, peddaga edaina modaletey mundu koncham podupu chesukunte manchidiani... ippatikee ooru vadili vachhi chala kharchulu ayyayi.. AKBAR Avunu... ooru vadili enduku vachhaaru? LAKSHMI Oh adhi pedda kathale...bore aipothaaru... AKBAR Inka time undi, cheppochchuley


But even before Akbar says it okay for her to continue..she does...(Meanwhile Akbar is checking her nadumu) LAKSHMI (thoughtfully) Baavuntundi.. Akbar is still checking her out.. LAKSHMI (CONTD) ...memu putti perigindi polavaram lo, akkada ma tatala kalam nundi hotel vundedi, ippudu project vachi maa sthalam poyindi,court case lu gatta avutunnai,ippatikaithe manadaggara yemi ledu, chinna ga cheppalente inte.. Oh.... AKBAR

LAKSHMI taruvata ikkadiki vatcham, e voori post master garu ma nannaki chinnappati friend,anduke ala ala ala... AKBAR ala ala ..avakaila... They laugh... DISSOLVE TO: 31A INT AKBARS AUTO HIGHWAY - NIGHT They continue in the auto towards Devarakonda...The night is blue with stars...Lakshmi looks out... LAKSHMI (romantically) Amma....enni nakshatralu...entha baavunnai.. AKBAR (looking at her in the rear view mirror) avunu avunu LAKSHMI (CHANGING SUBJECT) Aithe enti ..inkosaari exams raastava..


AKBAR Hmm..choodamule edo okati ... arey mee peru adagatam marchipooyanu...naa peru Akbar... LAKSHMI Oh naaku thelusu, salaam walekum akbar. nenu Lakshmi.. AKBAR Aa.. Namaste Lakshmi,ade chooddaam.. pelli chesukuntanemo...emi aalochinchaledu...graduate avudamani korika undedi...kaani ippatikey moodu saarlu fail ayyaka ...inka naa valla kaadhemo... LAKSHMI Adenti naalugu saarlu kaada?...oh Nenu mundu moodu saarlu, ippatitho kalisi naalugo saari anikunnanu... AKBAR (SHEEPISHLY) Ledu ledu, oorollu koncham ekkuva chesi matladutaaru, ee samvatsaram to kalipi moodu sarlu... Lakhsmi smiles at his attempts at clearing himself... LAKSHMI inko sari rai tappemundi, nenu kuda graduate ne, anduke nenu jeevitham lo yedainna cheyyagalanane dhairyam naku vundi AKBAR (SHOCKED) yenti nijanga. nuvvu gradute aa,heyyy nijama..nijagana LAKSHMI Enti antha ascharyam... AKBAR ledu ledu, kadhu..super, baavundi, inka nuvvu edhaina lo


LAKSHMI Life lo em cheyochcho naaku theliedu, naku konni badhyatalu vunnai,kani nuvvu pass ite niku tappakunda help avutundi Akbar,vadileyyakunda,manasu petti inko sari rayi Akbar contemplates what Lakshmi says...he turns to her rather dramatically and says... AKBAR Avunu Nee stream enti? LAKSHMI Bcom hons... AKBAR Ayyo avunaa...naadi kuda ade...naaku help cheyyava please...please..nenu neeku ey help kavalannaa chestha...please...Commerce, Mathematics parvaledu..kaani Englishe koncham kashtam, dantlo eppudu fail avuthunna... Lakshmi doesnt know how to react... LAKSHMI (HESITANT) Ledu...sarey, kaani.. antey nenu maa aavakaya panullo busy busy ga unta...time...koncham...kastham AKBAR (EAGERLY) Arrey, naaku tuition guition emi avasaram le...edo koncham help, anthey... Lakshmi is thinking, confused, conflicted... LAKSHMI Err...okay..appudappudu..time unnappudu, tappakunda help chesthaa... AKBAR (HAPPILY) Thanks lashmi, nijanga...inka okka saari try chestaa...choodam Lakshmi nods approvingly, but shes a little concerned that akbar is constantly looking back at her...


LAKSHMI Aa sarey sarey, meeru koncham mundu choosi nadapandi 31B LAKSHMIS HOUSE LANE - NIGHT We see the auto enter Devarakonda stops outside a small lane near Lakshmis house... LAKSHMI Aapu..aapu..ikkadey aapey.. Akbar is still in the auto... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Nenu ikkadey digipotha...ikkadnunchi nadichi veltha... AKBAR Enduku inti varaku drop chesesta kada... Lakshmi gets out of the auto LAKSHMI vaddu vaddu..Akbar nijaniki, ma intlo vallaki muslims ante padadu,mukhyam ga ma nannaki,ila cheptunna ani marola anukovaddu. ippudu nanu intivaruku drop cheste vallu yevo prashnalu adugutaaru... AKBAR aina nenu auto driver ne kada, hindu-muslim ani yevaradugutaru cheppu Silence as Lakshmi doesnt know how to answer that, but Akbar helps by concluding the conversation... AKBAR (CONTD) sarle kani... naaku ardhamayyindi Lakshmi looking very apologetic... LAKSHMI Sarey of time kalisinappudu mee exams kosam ela chaduvutunnavo cheppu...nenu konni salahaalu istaanu, sareynaa.. (MORE)

73. LAKSHMI (CONT'D) Inkoti..manam english loney maataladadaam , neeku help authundi..

AKBAR (SMILING) Ok madam, we talk in english LAKSHMI Saree...ok... AKBAR (IN ENGLISH) You have to give me twenty rupees madam. LAKSHMI (QUICKLY INTO HER BAG) Yes...ofcourse okay.. AKBAR Goodnight Madam... LAKSHMI Goodnight... Akbar waits a while as Lakshmi makes her way down the street and then we see the auto start off and Lakshmi make her way into her lane. We can faintly hear Akbar singing, Lakshmi turns back... AKBAR ******************************** Country roads, take me home... Lakshmi laughs and walks on...Akbar continues singing... A light goes off in the neighbourhood, its a power break down, we hear babies crying and dogs barking and some curses... VOICE IN A HOUSE yevadra adu, ardha ratri apa raatri lekunda english patalu padutunnadu?..pattukondi... The auto falls silent and chugs along quietly... CUT TO; 32 EXT. TOWN CENTRE - DAY (Wel be using the fakir and hindu beggar concept and we can also add the concept of young girl complimenting lakshmis outfit)


Its yet another hullabulla of a day in the town. We see Lakshmi and her father make their way through the centre. Purushottam is carrying a bag and a file with documents. PURUSHOTTAM a sthalam manaki lease ki ivvadaniki ooru MLA garini voppiste mana pani ipotundamma,ina manam polavaram lo vunnappude MLA garu naku maticharu,inka manaki bank loan ravadame alasyam, highway lo hotel panulanni prarambhinchochu. LAKSHMI Aa MLA, mata meeda nilapadutaadantaava nana?...valla Avasaraala koddi matladutaaru..nammocha. PURUSHOTTAM koncham nammochu emo amma...andulonu itanu manavade(read brahmin) ivalti kaalamlo rajakeeyaalo brahmalu takkuve...tappakunda, edo okati chestaadule... LAKSHMI ala jarigite manchide nanna, valla ammagari to matladanani cheppav kada, aameki vunna manchitanam lo sagam itaniki vunna mana pani ipotundi PURUSHOTTAM Sarey sarey...Pada amma..twaraga veldaamu, 9 gantala appointment ichadu...ippudu mallepalliki bussu Dorukutundoledo? LAKSHMI Aaa..dorukutundi nana... We see that the duo have reached the bus stand in the town centre...They begin waiting for a bus, when an impatient Purushottam notices the busy 7 seaters next to the bus station... PURUSHOTTAM aina manam auto lo vellipovatchu kadamma?


Lakshmi was expecting that, she turns to look in her dads line of vision and surely enough we see Akbar, the lone auto driver, busy getting people into his auto... LAKSHMI Ledule nanna,avi challa irugga untaayi...bus kosame eduru cheddamu In the background we hear Chinna, yelling away.. CHINNA mallepalli..mallepalliki velle auto idokkate, randi randi PURUSHOTTAM Choodu choodu, adi malleapalli vetundantaa...bussu eppuduvastundo emo...pada talli... Purushottam takes a reluctant Lakshmi by the hand and they walk towards the auto stand. 33 EXT. AUTO STAND DEVARAKONDA - DAY Purushottam walks right upto to Chinna and re-affirms.. PURUSHOTTAM Babu e auto mallepalli ke ga velledi. CHINNA avunandi..yentamandi?..koorchondiku rchondi , okka nimasham lo bayalderutam Purushottam motions her daughter to get in, he takes the front seat right behind where Akbar would sit and Lakshmi saunters towards the back...She meets Akbars eye, Akbar is busy loading in goods for the passengers... He sees her and immediately acknowledges her with a grin... AKBAR Hey...avakai Lakshmi doesnt say a word, looks away and sits in the back...Akbar is a little perplexed...just then he hears Purushottam.. PURUSHOTTAM Entamma?..venaka baagane unda..lekapothe ikkadaki vachestaava?...


Lakshmi meeting Akbar in the eye... LAKSHMI Parvaaledu Nana...ikkada bagane undi Akbar understands the situation and grins back mischievously at her...Lakshmi doesnt understand him.. They are ready to go...The auto vrooms out... 34 INT AKBARS AUTO HIGHWAY - DAY Akbar is in the driving seat, Purushottam is right behind him, he doesnt have a clear view of his face, right next to him is a panthulu and another old lady. Lakshmi is in the seat behind her father along with some more goats and goat herds. She isnt exactly too happy about the company...The high on energy today morning Purushottam starts off a conversation... PURUSHOTTAM Evandi panthulugaru, chethilo prasadam edo unnatlundi, maaku evvaraa? The old panthulu mutters something under his breath and begins distributing the prasadam to everyone, first Purushottam and then Akbar...Akbar accepts the prasadam like a normal hindu would...Purushottam decides to have a conversation with Akbar now... PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) Babu, ee mana mallepalli MLA gurinchi evaina vivaraalu thelusa.. Lakshmi rolls her eyes, wishing her father would shut up and annoyed at the goat already nibbling at her voni...Akbar relishes the idea of talking to Purushottam, his eyes light up and he has a grin which no one can see in the back seat... AKBAR Antey Manchodey andi...manolla kosam aithey koncham prathyekanga help chesthadu... Purushottams eyes light up, Lakshmi is shocked she mouths the word manavaallu... PURUSHOTTAM Ye ooru babu meedi?


AKBAR Idey andi, Devarakonda lo putti perigaanu. Purushottam is interested in Akbar, he tries to have a look at his face, but cant because of the position he is in... PURUSHOTTAM Nuvvu auto ney naduputhava, verey emaina chesthuntaava? Mee nana em chesthuntaru... AKBAR Maa nanna lerandi, chala kalam ayindi chanipoyi... Purushottam is silent, silence and then Akbar continues... AKBAR (CONTD) Nenemo degree Final year andi, isaari poyindi...malli raayali PURUSHOTTAM Oh..manchidi babu, chadukovali...ey branch ammaneedi... AKBAR Bcom andi... PURUSHOTTAM Bcom aa? Arrey naa koothuru ki B.Com lo aido rank occhindi... We see Lakhsmi slap her head in annoyance, an old goat herd looks at her quizzicly... AKBAR eesaari kaasta baaga chadivithe tappakunda pass ayipothanu andi...anduke eesaari tution kooda veldamu anukuntunnanu... Purushottam needs only a moment to think before saying... PURUSHOTTAM Arey maa koothuru undi kadandi, evaina doubts kaani help kaani kavalantey maa intiki occhi adagandi. adey mana post master illu undi kadha...akkadey memu undedi... AKBAR (SMILING) Chala thanks andi...


He looks at his still shocked daughter and says, PURUSHOTTAM vedavadi, mana avakai ammey badulu tuitions chepte bagaunnatlundi... He laughs to himself, looks at the panthulu and spreads his hands out for some more prasadam...The panthulu reluctantly gives it....Purushottam is ready for more conversation... PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) ante babu memu polavaram lo undetappudu.. LAKSHMI (INTERRUPTING) sollu aaputhaara...mundu ee meeka gurinchi edaina cheyyandi, na voni thinesthundi.. Purushottam gets after the goat...the auto reaches Mallepalli..

34A As passengers disembark, we see Puruhottam asking someone for directions, Lakshmi goes upfront to pay Chinna...Akbar looks at her grinning... Hi.... AKBAR

LAKSHMI (ANNOYED) Meeru braahmalu eppudu ayyarandi.. AKBAR (SMILING) Poddhuney.. Before Lakhsmi can react, we see the auto zoom off from Mallepalli and father and daughter make their way into the town... CUT TO; 35 INT/EXT AKBARS AUTO HIGHWAY As Akbar makes his way out of the town, he comes across Sondu and Pasha on foot on the highway roads. They flag him down, excited to see him. Akbar gets out of the auto...


AKBAR Arey beevarse gaallaraa...ekkada chacharaa inni rojulu... SONDU Nee abba nuvekkada chachavube... PASHA arey ekkada unnavu raa..ekkada mayamaipoyavuraa... Sondu is in his usual high spirits... SONDU Chal correct time lo dorikav raa..chal party AKBAR Party aa...enduku raa... SONDU Inkenduku bava Fail ayyavu kadha...marchipoyaava..chal pada inka... PASHA ippatikaina nee chaduvula gola aapuraa... AKBAR ayyinanduku...koncham ekkuvaindi baammaridi... SONDU adikaadu maama, city lo kooda adhey fashionu..., naalugu saarlu fail ayyavu ra...inka em kavali jeevithaniki...charithra shrushtinchaavu...chala saadinchesavu... AKBAR Chi nee abba...moodu saarlu bey... The gang is not willing to listen and push him back into his auto... PASHA Chal chal...lopala naduvu..nuvvu Toltaava nenu tolaala.. AKBAR Arey...endi be idhi


SONDU Ready ready..right right... Sondu starts singing, a twist on a Narayana Murthy?/Basha hit song... SONDU (CONTD) nenu auto ...vadini auto vadini...nyayamaina ratu vaadini...(or sings based on earlier evura*) We hear laughter as the auto gets on the highway...we see it swerve dangerously and loose control a bit, because of Sondus antics... AKBAR Arey pichoda..chastaamu raa.. From a distance as the auto speeds on the highway, we hear voices.. SONDU Edo oka roju chaavalsinde raa... PASHA aithe nuvvu chaavuraa..mammalni enduku champutaavu... AKBAR meeriddaru..chavandi...naaku party tappuddi The auto is back in control on the road...suddenly we see a lorry heading on towards Akbars auto... AKBAR (CONTD) chi aadenti raa..inta chinna roadlo anta speedgaa vastunnadu... The lorry seems to heading towards the auto without any break in his speed... PASHA Arey arey vaadiki side icheiraa side icheyandiraa... lekapothey thineysthaadu... AKBAR isthunnaanu ra babu...aade teesukovatamledu


Akbar manoeuvres the auto so thats its right at the edge of the road, giving ample space to the lorry speeding unabated towards them... SONDU Abbey slow ga vellu bey...naaku chaavaalani ledu... PASHA Edo oka roju chavaali kada raa... AKBAR Arrey inka entha slow ra.. We see that even after Akbar has given the lorry speeding towards them space, its still in their continues coming towards them unabated.. AKBAR (CONTD) meediki vachestunnadu... meediki vachestunnadu... They decide on evasive action as the lorry continues towards them, just a few mts ahead...Akbar can see the license plate clearly... AKBAR (CONTD) PJ..arey a punjab lorryoderaa... The lorry is going to be on them any second... PASHA dookandi roooyyy... Everyone jumps onto the ditch, leaving the auto running on the side, as they fall they notice the lorry guy gives a last minute swerve to miss the auto by inches....he was just playing with them...we cut to the lorry driver, yelping with joy... The trio look up from the ditch, a little bruised and disoriented...Akbar is seething with anger, while Pasha and Sondu are too shocked to say anything... AKBAR naa koduku dorakaali raa..untadi aadiki... As Akbar looks on with anger, his friends react... SONDU poddu poddune full thagesiuntadu...


PASHA Pakkaga Vaadu Yamuduee raa...baagane lorry naduputunnadu.. DISSOLVE TO 36 EXT. PANCHAYAT OFFICE - EVENING We see that practically all the men in the town have arrived for a meeting. A few several hundred surround 5 men under a banyan tree. Its a town meeting. We see that the crowd that has gathered is already buzzing among themselves..the crowd consists of mainly men, old and young, including Akbar, Pasha and Sondu (who doesnt seem to want to be there). Among the main 5 heads we notice are Babbar and Masterji, clearly the leaders among the pack of 5. Masterji begins by addressing the crowd.. MASTERJI Peddalu vichesaaru..., oka mukhya maina prakatana cheddamani pilishanu.. MASTERJI (CONTD) Mana mukhyya mantri nalgonda prayatana lo bhagangaa rendu roojulalo raanunnaru...araganta mana uurulo gaduputaaru There is an excited buzz within the crowd...the panchayat is pleased with the reaction...people speak up from within the crowd.. OLD MAN IN CROWD Abbo...goppa vishayamee...modati saari mana uuriki oka mukhya mantri raanunnaru anamaata... MASTERJI nijamee...ayana raavaalani nene swayamugaa..aayana officerlani oppinchanu... YOUNG MAN IN THE CROWD Deenikantaraa..elections deggara paddaya... MAN IN CROWD electionlu kaadule...eemadya mana mallepalli lo factory pettalni edo sannahalu chestunnaru anduke nemo...lekapote aayana mana oorini eppudu pattinchu koovaali


SONDU (LOUDLY) evadaina enduku raavaali devarakondaki..?? Masterji gives him an annoyed look, the crowd snickers... MASTERJI Choodandi, nenu indaaka cheppinattugaa..aayanani nene chala kashtapadi (rao ramesh improvisation)..mana uuri maddatu aayanaki undi ani teliya cheddamu anukunna...taravaata taravaata aayana manaki chaala upayogapadutaadu... SONDU Evadiki...Antey..ippudu memu em cheyyali... MASTERJI Hmm..akkadike vastunna...naaku kontamandi churukaina kurravallu kaavali, uuru mottani redu rojullo mustaabu cheyalanukuntunna... There is a buzz in the crowd... MASTERJI (CONTD) Meeku gurutu undo ledo...devarakonda CM gaari pattana padakaani kinda vastundi..anduke manam ante andamuga unnatu choopidam. sunnalu kottandi,pandiri veyyandi, tubelightlu amarchandi,, veedulu subram cheyandi, roadla meeda muggu, bandu meelalu, mogavaallaki shaving, aadavaallaki pattucheeralu aayana bannerlu,cutoutlu-chinnagaa uuri ni pelli kooturilaa mustaapu chesi aayana ki manam gana swagatam palakudam...eemantaaru SONDU Vachhedi CM aa pelli kodukaa People are laughing in the crowd. Masterji is annoyed.


AKBAR Kaani Masterji..ikkada andariki poduna puta panuntundi...rendu rojula paatu pani ante..andari rojukooli debbatuntundi... Masterji is annoyed with Akbars comment, there is a murmur of approval from within the crowd... MASTERJI panulu maaneyamani cheppatledu...nidralu maanandi...uuru koosam aamatram cheyatleraa AKBAR meeremi anukoorante oka maata cheptaanu..aayanaki mana uurini baga choopinchalsina avasaramemundandi ippudu? MASTERJI Entra...nee Uddesham? AKBAR ante..CM gariki mana vooru ippudela vundo alane choopiddam saar, appudu ayanaki manaki kanisa sadupayalu kuda levani ardhmaoutundi, kabatti atanu mana vooriki yedanna cheyyalani anipinchochu. Again there is a big murmur of approval from within the crowd... MASTERJI (IN ANGER) Choodu, kaneesasadupaayalu gurunchi alochinche baada naadi nuvvu chepindi cheyyi...aayana mana uuriki vachinappudu maddatunu icchi santoshapedatam mana badyata ...emantaaru AKBAR ayyo..nenala alochinchanandi ..ante... MASTERJI Alochinchava..nuvva? vinnara...Degree naalugu saarlu fail ayyinna Akbar gaaru...inka uuri gurunchi aalochinchadaaniki bayuladerarata...


There is scattered laughter in the crowd...Akbar is embarrassed...Akbar mutters under his breath... AKBAR Naalugusaarlu kaadu...moodu saarle MASTERJI Aido saari ela pass avvalo alochinchu... Babbar speaks now... BABBAR Meeru andaru sahakaristaarani aashistunnamu...pichi panulu chesi mana Masterjigaariki ,panchayat ki chadda peru ikkadiki raataaniki Masterji chaala kashtapaddaru..anduke aayanaki ki ..okka saari gattiga chappatlu kottandi!!... There are claps all over and the crowd begins to disperse..Sondu begins a zindabad campaign, mockingly... SONDU Masterji...zindabad... CROWD Zindabad... SONDU Masterji chemche gaadiki zindabad... Laughter CROWD

Babbar and Masterji cant figure out who the culprit is...but Babbars eyes are on Akbar and co. Akbar walks out head down, Pasha puts his hands around his shoulders. Sondu with his back turned to the panchayat... SONDU Zindabad...zindabad... FADE OUT 37A EXT DEVARAKONDA FORT MAIDAN AREA - NIGHT We see tube lights all across the maidan. There is all kind of random construction work going on across the maidan area.


We can see lots of people even though working on the pandal, while some are is a total carnival atmosphere. There hawkers, doing brisk business selling cigarettes.

its night. Some are just hanging out. There are also makeshift palli, tea and

We see that Akbar and co are working on putting up poles and wiring...Sondu is his normal bullshit self... SONDU e paniki ye na kodukotchi dabbulistadu? Devuda nuvve cheppali..rendrojulnunchi chesthunnaam, ee paniki aey naa kodukocchhi dabbulisthaadura PASHA e roju ratri nenu late ga velte ma avida nannu batakanivvadu!! SONDU janak janak payal baje naa PASHA Aaparaa...mee vadina gurunchi maryaada lekunda matladutaavu enti raa... SONDU entamma..ameki 15 yellake nelatappinchinappudu emaindi raa nee maryada...appudu naa deggarake kada booruna vachi yedchavu... PASHA Neneppudu eedavaledu.. SONDU vaddura..ani abadhaloddu.. rey Sondu naku chachipovalanundi ra, nannu kapada ra, Sondu yem cheyyalo cheppara.. ivanni nuvvu marchipoyavemo kani naku bagane gurtunnai Pasha cant take it anymore and moves to hit him. Akbar who so far been diligently working on the wiring, stops him... AKBAR rey..moosukuni pani cheyyandra, lekapote ratranta ikkade vundalsostundi..


Pasha and Sondu go separate ways...we see children organizing a game of night cricket in the background, someone is trying to fly a kite, it seems like the towns biological clock has turned around... 37B EXT.DEVARAKONDA MAIDAN - NIGHT (Bulb switching on and off at keys points in conversation concept) Akbar turns to see Lakshmi walking hand in hand with Bujji and Kavita. Bujji still has his yellow kite with him...he runs along to try to get it to fly, Kavita runs after him.. KAVITA rey pilla deyyam agara.. ardha ratri nuvvu pitchi veshaleyyaku Lakshmi sees Akbar... LAKSHMI Hey hello...chala kashtapadutunnatunnaru... AKBAR Hey aavakai..good evening. enti why so night? LAKSHMI Why so night kaadu, Why so late in the night. AKBAR Adey adey, night lo late lo night..edo okatley, vadiley LAKSHMI Oh emi ledu ..uurilo hadavi-vidi choodam mani vacha...intlo kooda chala ukkaga undi..sarey chelli inka bujjigaaditho saradaga ala challa gaali ki... Ohh... AKBAR

LAKSHMI Abba enta veluturu undi kada...pagalu laane undi...bayam anipinchaledu... AKBAR bagundi kada..veligipotundi kada


Silence.....and then... AKBAR (CONTD) ee uurantaa naamoolane veligi potundi, miru e time lo kuda inta dhairyam ga bayatiki ravadaniki karanamaina naku miru thanks cheppukovali.. Lakshmi laughs... LAKSHMI Thank you sir...thank you.. No mention They begin walking.. LAKSHMI Aithe chadavatam modalupettara? ...meeru vache semester lo malli raayochu anukunta... AKBAR Avunuu...hmm time teliya kunda aipotundi...chadavaalsindi chaala always you know We can see Kavita playing cat and mouse with Bujji in the background...the duo look at that... LAKSHMI (LAUGHING) bujji gadiki inta husharu yekkadi nundi vatchindo ardham kadu.. LAKSHMI (CONTD) Hey aagu..nenu meetho koopamugaa undaali AKBAR Aa...adenti nenuemi chesanu..!!! LAKSHMI (FAKING ANGER) a roju yenti ma nannato a paniki rani matalu..manavallu ginavallu adi...idi...ani..haa Akbar laughs... AKBAR


AKBAR Ayyo..edo saradaaga ala... nenu muslim ante auto nunchi dookestaademo ani...uurika ayana kangaaru padakunda... They both laugh... LAKSHMI Chi chi chi marii maa nanna nuvvu anukunnata kaadu...emaina sare nuvvu abaddam cheppavu...aayanaki teliste chaala badha padtaaru.. AKBAR Arey ...Enduku telustundi..ela telustundi..telisinaa sare aa timeki nannu marchipotaaru...teliyakoodani vishayam teliyanantavaraku teliyakapothene manchidi... LAKSHMI Aina sarey, abaddam abaddame... AKBAR Oppukuntaanu..kaani..choodandi..nen u aayana koturi cheyyi adagatam ledu, aayanatho vyapaaram pettatledu...deetlo abaddam cheppinattu undochukaani baada pettadam ekkadundi... Akbar laughs...Lakshmi smiles..Pause... LAKSHMI Hmm..sarele..nijameele.. AKBAR Hey pelli ante gurthochindi...naku telisina abbayi vokadunnadu neekaite saraina jodi, mi nanna ki aite pitcha pitcha ga natchestadu, manolle... They both laugh, but Lakshmi acts like she is interested... LAKSHMI nijanga yevaraina unnara... naku parichayam cheyyotchu kada AKBAR ledu mundu mee naanaki kalipista...avunu ekkada aayana... (MORE)

90. AKBAR (CONT'D) kooturlani addaratri baaney dairyangaa pampaaru...

LAKSHMI Ledu aayanaki maameeda chaala nammakam ...nannagaru polavaram vellaru. MLA stalam addeki ivvataaniki oppukunnaru kada.. koncham rate ekkuve...anduke edo okati chesi dabbulu arrange cheyyataaniki vellaru... AKBAR oo manchidey,aithey mee hotel modati customer nene... LAKSHMI ahaa..manchidi..enta bill chestaaru AKBAR plate meals enta unte ante istaanu..daatlo emundi.. LAKSHMI Alaela oppukuntaamu ...adee modati booni...mee auto ninda bangaram thevaali, meeru enta iste anta manchi jarugutundi... Akbar thinks about this... AKBAR Enti eduru katnam aduguthunnaara...enduko okasaari ala anipinchindi... They both start laughing... LAKSHMI Chi muslimslo istharu kadha...(more laughter) Just then Kavita and Bujji join in...Bujji is excited on seeing Akbar... BUJJI arey anna..yekkadunnavanna inni rojulu, kanipiyyaledu..ippudu nenu kite ni super ga yegarestunna telusa Akbar is happy seeing him...


AKBAR appude kasta podugayyavu ra, konni rojullo mi akka vallani minchi poyela unnavu Lakshmi introduces Kavita... LAKSHMI Kavitha...Akbar AKBAR Salaam Walekum Kavitaji Kavita is wideyed and doesnt know how to react... KAVITA Waale...err namaste... BUJJI Arrey neeku theliyada...waale kum as-salaam anaali... Akbar and Lakshmi laugh..Bujji spots an pink candy guy... BUJJI (CONTD) Akka...naaku adhi kavali.. Even before she can answer, he pulls her towards it... Silence...conversation between the two resumes.. hmm..inka inka.. LAKSHMI AKBAR

LAKSHMI Inka...meeku exams koosam tution kaavaali... AKBAR Tuition kakapoinaa..edo konni banda gurtulu chepte... LAKSHMI Ante..Preparation appudu edooka paddati alavatu chesukunte chala help avutundi...roju emi chadavaali ela chadavali ani time table veskunte parikshalappudu Appudu hadavidi undadu...


AKBAR naa problem adi kaadu lakshmi, exam paper pattukogaaney light aagipothundi, em kanapadadu. english aithe goram, worst Lakshmi thinks... LAKSHMI Andukey baabu..model test papers unnaayi. enni ekkuva exams raaste...main exam ante easy aipotundi... Akbar sighs.. AKBAR Naaku ippudu ee uurilo alanti test paperlu evaru tayyaru chesi istaaru? LAKSHMI Aa..edi oka paper ivvu...mee examski boni chestaanu... He looks around, finds a poster of the election campaign...he tears it down(make sure tears down the head of the politician) and pulls out his pen and gives it to her...she grabs it and begins to write... CUT TO; SONDU arey kottem nenu choostunnadi kalaa nijamaa ra? Atu choodu.. Pasha looks up from his work...Sondu is pointing his finger at Akbar and Lakshmi at the far corner of the field. PASHA Ammo letter raastundaa..enti!? SONDU Love letter endi be..anssalu vaadu love lo eppudu padadu be...emi jarutondi akkada...naaku teliyaali..aa pilla evaru raa katthi laa undi... PASHA aina ammilani choosi enduku raa ala matladutaavu..?


SONDU Enduku raa..ame Naa vadinaa avutunda enti... PASHA Avunule..vadina aithe tega gauravam ichestaavu mari... SONDU Ante ...ammayini batti alochanalu marthaii... PASHA Entra nee uddesham.. Sondu still looking at the couple... SONDU Ante aameni.. aa aameni? PASHA

SONDU Nenu ameni entha korukuntunnana. ane daani meeda untundi... Pasha is on top of Sondu they are wrestling... PASHA Arrey bevaarse gaa..mati undi matladu tunnava... As the crazy duo lug it out in the foreground, we see Akbar and Lakshmi part ways for the night... CUT TO; 38 EXT. BY LANES OF DEVARAKONDA - NIGHT (Use kranthis dialogue im falling, im falling . Improvise) Sondu and Pasha totally drunk are being supported by Akbar as they stagger through a lane.. PASHA Drohi...peddha drohivi ra nuvvu AKBAR Entra..denigurunchi raa...


PASHA enni savatsaraalu nundi manam friends undi emi laabam raa...emile AKBAR Meeru emi matladutunnaro naakemi ardam kaavatam ledu... SONDU Lavvu..nuvvu lavvu lo paddavu kaani maaku cheppaledu..cha drohivi raa nuvvu... SONDU (CONTD) Drohiiiiiiii.... AKBAR Hey aapu...chath nee amma ...vaagutuune unnaru ..aapandi.. SONDU Choosaamu raa.. Ammaitho PASHA

SONDU Ame Raastundi... PASHA Neeke Love letter SONDU/PASHA Drohiiii....drohiii... AKBAR Ammayi enti , letter enti be... Akbar realises what they are talking about... AKBAR (CONTD) Abbaaa...aavakaaya.lakshmi raa..abba arey monne parichayam ayyindi...naa exams ki help chestundi raa... ante.. SONDU Abbaa...appudey tuitionlu kooda modalupettaraa? Sondu acts all horny, rubbing his hands across Akbars shoulders and arms, Akbar is totally repelled by it and shoves Sondus hands away...




SONDU Maripoyaavu ra...maripoyaavu... AKBAR Chath norumuyyi...inka picchiga matladithey tholu theestha.. SONDU Arrey Pasha vadileyi raa...veedi gurinchi manam matladi waste...manam thaagindantaa digipotundi PASHA Avunu, manam mana gurinchey matladali.. AKBAR thanks raa babu...nannu vadhileyandi.. SONDU rey pasha yela vunnavu ra, mi avidela vundi...bugundaa? Pasha now starts sobbing... PASHA nenu vodipoyan ra, najeevitam lo nenu fail ra SONDU Ohh...nuvvu kuda fail ayyava.. PASHA Avunu, kaani mana Akbar gadi la kaadhu...nenu life lo fail ayya... SONDU Emaindi bey...


PASHA inkemavvali ra, na bharya,pillalni yento gopaga choosukundam anukunna, kaani nenu...naa kooturiki manchi tandrigaa lenu, naa baryaki manchi barta lenu,kaneesam amma nannaki manchi kodukugaa kooda lenu...inkenduku raa ee jeevitam valla kosam kaaka pothe...waste kada raa...chepparaa Sondu..cheppara... SONDU Avunu correct...nuvvu waste gaadivi ra... Pasha begins sobbing uncontrollably. Akbar feels bad for the two of them, both leaning on his shoulders.. SONDU (CONTD) Nuvvu naa laaga bratakaali raa...badyatalu levu, amma nanna leru...tamil ammaylu assale leru..bindas raa nenu...nannu adige valluleru...chepte vinevallu leru...nuvvu unnavu raa..nuvvu unnavu..... PASHA Avunu raa mana muggurilo nuvve goppodivi raa..nuvve great Sondu...nuvvey great...yeraa Akbar. AKBAR Avvunu Sondu gaade great... SONDU yentha ullasamugaa unnano..entha uthsahamugaa unnano... PASHA Sondu ye great, Sondu ye puliraaja... Akbar is a shadow it...its open..As irritated and sad with the both of them...Just then moves in the lane ahead of them..the trio notice a call girl, waiting for a customer...Pashas eyes they walk by her... PASHA (CONTD) enti baby,ela unnavu baby, entha baby?...rama chilakamma...prema molakamma...(or improvise hello bro song)


He begins dancing, a little out of hand, Sondu watches preplexed, Akbar is annoyed.. AKBAR Arey pasha...pichipichi gaa cheyyaku...itu raa... The shadow retreats into the darkness with silent Pasha is twirling around, a little girl appears with a pot of water held by her hips....its Pashas daughter, she is still wearing her school dress... PASHA Nazneen, nuvva amma. NAZNEEN Avunu nanna,.. Nuvventi ikkada inta raatri puta dance chestunnavu...amma neekosam kagaru padutundi PASHA ina inta ardha ratri nillu enduku nanna todukuni veltunnav.. NAZNEEN Nayanama pampindi, taage neelu ippude vastaayi vishayam evariki teleeyadu...anduke roju e time ki nene vatchi nillu tesukeltaa.. Pasha looking at Sondu and Akbar... PASHA CM bujji talli inta ratrilo manchi nilla kosam bayatiki vatchindi, tandremo full ga tagunnappudu...manabratukulanni interaa..maname great..oorivallu andaru great.. Sondu begins to clap, Pasha begins to cry...he lifts his daughter and kisses her... PASHA (CONTD) padara talli, intilkelli podam Akbar is watching all of this, very moved by everything...Sondu who is feeling a even more depressed after seeing Pasha go home, tells Akbar...


SONDU (IN DESPERATION) Arrey Akbar, special late night show vesthunnaru ra...Mahesh Babu cinema, velli maidan lo chooddamu... AKBAR Ippuda, intha late aa... SONDU Please ra..veldaam ra.. Akbar thinks about it for a moment and says.. AKBAR sare nuvvu pada..nenu town centre ki velli wiring choosukoni vatchesta SONDU Arey tappakunda vastaavu kada raa.. AKBAR Pakka raa...15 nimishaalu raa...vachestaanu..nuvvu ellu... Akbar has been clearly effected with the goings on so far and decides being with his friends is the best he can do...they split from the lane...As Akbar walks away, we see Sondu turn around and stagger towards the theatre...he is talking to himself... SONDU arey twaraga raa chatta oorlo ontariga tiragaleenu..andaruu nannu asainchukone valle..tondaraga vocheyi raa.. DISSOLVE TO; (*The Babbar episode where he chances upon Lakhsmis window as she is changing. She horrified- shuts off the lights and runs out of the house looking for Akbar---working on it) 39 MAIDAN OPEN AIR THEATRE PROJECTION - NIGHT We pull back from a huge moving image of an actor on screen. We see very few people at the makeshift open theatre. We see Sondu lying right on the ground, watching the film with possessive passion. There is a death scene on, the mother of the hero is about to die in his arms. Sondu watches with baited breath. For the big moment.


The music is climbing, death is imminent, we close in on Sondus rage filled eyes, the screen mother dies. Pause. Sondus is crying out loud, uncontrollably, as if his own mother just died in his arms... SONDU oh amma..yekadunnav amma, nannu vokkadine vadili yenduku vellipoyavamma..naku ikkada vundalani ledamma..nannu kuda ni daggarake neku nee kodukante natchada amma..nenu paniki raanani vaadini ani vadilesavamma..nenu nikenduku natchaledamma..cheppamma... Sondu continues weeping uncontrollably before finally passing out...the rest of the crowd are unaffected...some of the kids react...(they are also in school uniforms) KIDS IN CROWD Ee Kulam takkuvoodni endukuraa... inka uurlo uncharu.. They kick an unconscious Sondu an run away... AKBAR arey evaduraa adi...aapandi! We pan across to see Akbar watching all of this transfixed. Its been quite a night for him. (*Lakshmi comes looking for Akbar and asks him to sleep in front of her house for the night. An already disturbed Akbar crashes out and wakes up the next day to a cavalcade of CM convoys buzzing around town, he gets up and goes to the maidan straight--CM dialogue might change--working on this) FADE OUT; 40 EXT. MAIDAN - DAY We pan down from the scorching hot sun to the podium where the CM and his folk are sitting. The VIPs have arrived, the entire town is in attendance, we can see media crew hanging around everywhere, mikes, coration,posters,security,crowd,the panchayat folks, all sorts of people jam packed on the maidan. The fort visible in the background....


Nearer to the podium we see Akbar,Pasha,Sondu. Akbar and his friends look visibly jaded from the work and drinks. We see Lakshmi, with Kavita and Bujji in another section of the crowd, people are waiting for someone to speak...suddenly the mike tweaks... MASTERJI Mana priyatama mukhya mantri mana uriki vicheyatam manaki chaala garvakaaranam...andaru gattiga chappatlu kottandi... We hear claps alround, reverberating through the maidan,echoing thru the fort. Its surreal. The CM comes to the mike... CM devarakonda gramamstulaina na sodara, sodarimanulaku namaskaram Applause everywhere.. CM (CONTD) e roju ilanti charitraka gramanni sandarsinchinanduku naku chala anandam ga vundi..nenu meeku cheppalanukunnadentante, raboye konni nelallo, e devarakondani manchi paryataka prantam ga abhivrudhi cheyyalani bhavistunnam... Applause everywhere, even from Sondu and Pasha... CM (CONTD) .alage mi voorini choostunte naku chala mutchataga vundi..vyavasayam abhivrudhi lo vundi, chinnna china vyaparalu chesukuntunnaru, pillalni manchi schoolalo chadivistunnaru..pandagalu, pabbalu sampradayabadham ga chesukuntunnaru..asalu ikkada nayakulam memu kadu mire nijamaina nayakulu.. The CM stops talking, the crowd murmurs. The CM has noticed a hand up in the air, cameras turn to the raised hand, people turn their heads to the raised hand, VIPS on the dias turn to the raised hand. For some reason the raised hand sticks out in the mass on people seated on their haunches on the plain ground....The CM gestures for that person to stand up...


Its Akbar...Lakshmis eyes go to him immediately. So does the rest of the towns, including Masterji and Babbar on the dias... Akbar stand up, not feeling too conscious...cameras and photographers are clicking away, black cat guys tighten their grip around their machine, Masterji clenches his teeth, Babbar pulls at his beard, The CM smilingly asks... CM (CONTD) yemanna matladalanukuntunava? Matladu paravaledu..yevaranna ataniki mike ivvandi Someone rustles up a mike from somewhere...and gives it to Akbar...he clears his throat... CM (CONTD) Cheppu baabu... Masterji and Babbar try to dissuade the CM, but he waves them down... AKBAR Sir, ila mimmalni madyalo...aaputunnanu...kshaminchan di, kaani naaku idi inko upanyasamla maaratam istam ledu andi...meru matladutaaru... memu vintaamu... There is a stir in the crowd and a grimness in the CMs face... AKBAR (CONTD) Oka vela prati samavesham lo, rajakiya naayakle matladutuu ..prajalu emo vintuu unte...inka prajaswamyaniki ardam emuntundi sir... CM Nuvvu cheppalanukuntudi sootigaa cheppu babu... AKBAR Sir mee swagataaniki rendu ratrillu nidra maani ikkada lightlu, decorationalu chesaamu... ooranta marchesaamu... enduko teleedu...anduke naaku kooda ikkada matlade avakasham istaaru anukuntunnanu.


There is muted, scattered laughter... (*scene to be re-interpreted, aeroplane sound effect, instead this time round entire crowd goes against Akbar, no applause but all round derision for his speech, hoots and cat calls asking him to sit down, someone asks to take away the mike from him, also refer panchayat scene) AKBAR (CONTD) Sir mee kantiki kanipinchindi edi nijamkaddu sir...meeru vachche daarilo...godalaki rangulu veesi, veedulu anni subramugaa, pavementlatho, drainage emo sakramanga nadustuu...uuranta subramgaa kanipinchuntundi.. CM Aaa..avunu.. AKBAR Kaadu sir, avanni paina paina hangulu, kevalam meeru vastunnaraniii... AKBAR (CONTD) sir, e roju varaku ye cm kuda ma vooru raledu sir, mottamodati sari miru vatcharu, meeto suitiga ga matladdaniki ma jeevitam lo vatchina voke voka avaksam sir idi, anduke... CM Emi kaavalo cheppandi... AKBAR Ee uuri ni inko tajmahala cheyalani evvaru koorukovatam ledu sir...maaku kaavaaalsindi samayaaniki neellu raavatam sir... maa urilo pillalu tho saha nidralu maani neelakoosam eduru chootuntaaru sir... Akbar is breaking down....there is silence in the air, Lakshmi is looking at Akbar with intensity... AKBAR (CONTD) Sir manchi schoolu petandi sir..maa pillalu Chaduvu kuntaru..aa chaduve kada sir kulam kanna manavatvam manchidi ani cheppdi..


AKBAR (CONTD) Sir nenu ratrim pagalu...highwayla paina auto tholutunnanu sir...daanitho paatu chaduvutunnanu..endukante deenikanna manchi jeetham dorukutundemo ane aasha sir... AKBAR (CONTD) Ivvagalugutaara sir ...ikkada unnavaariandarilo okkate sir...memu kashtapadutunnamu ...daani taggate phalitam aashistaamu... Dayachesi maaku oo manchi jeevithanni ichi maa aashalu nilapettandi... AKBAR (CONTD) 60 savatsaraalu gadichayi sir manaki swatantram occhi, inka maa urilo aadavallu chembu pattukoni veltunnaru sir roadlapakkaki...enduku memu meeru anukunnathaga kashta padatleda andi..chappandi... AKBAR (CONTD) Evadiki kaavaali sir tourism...avevo hyderabadlo chesukondi...maaku peda kalalu , inka pedda korikalu dani kanna pedda avasaraalu unnayi sir... Silence, as Akbar struggles to get words out...we pan across several silent faces, all looking at Akbar...Sondu gets up.... SONDU Akbar anna...zindabad Pasha joins in a second... PASHA Akbar anna...zindabad... The entire town gets on its feet....Lakshmi is the loudest... CROWD Akbar bhai Murdabad(add more -ve dialogue from crowd)...


Babbar and Masterji get on their feet, rage and embaressment in their eyes...The CM suddenly leaves being escorted by his security. The CM convoy moves out of the town in a flash to cries from the crowd... FADE OUT; 41 EXT. PANCHAYAT OFFICE - NIGHT Akbar is summoned by the panchayat. He is alone, standing in front of 5 heads of the town, including a seething Masterji and a fuming Babbar...Akbar has his head down... (*include towns people and them asking him to get his bags packing and out of the city, total desertation by the crowd) MASTERJI Entraa..matitappinda neeku..emi cheesavu ivaala? MASTERJI (CONTD) naa peranta matti kalipaavu..adii CM mundu... MASTERJI (CONTD) Asalu emi anukuntunnavu... MASTERJI (CONTD) hero...anukuntunnava Babbar motions Masterji to quieten down... BABBAR Nuvvu reepu poddunakalla ee uuru vadili veltunnavu...uurilo inka nee avasaram evvariki ledu...ardam ayyinda? MASTERJI Nee auto talanchetulu ekkada... He walks upto Akbar and tears open his shirt pocket for the keyes...and continues.. BABBAR Ardam avutondaa leda...memu cheppedi? BABBAR (CONTD) Repu podduna namaaztime ki nuvvu oorulo kanipisthey, bokkalu erutha


BABBAR (CONTD) Nuvvu mana matham vaadivi ani Masterjitho pradeyapaddite...ippatiki inka bratukunnavu... Akbar looks up... BABBAR (CONTD) Po bey po, brathuku raa, kaanie devarakonda lo maathram kaadu. Samajha kya MASTERJI Ee sangati ippude uuranta teliyacheya padutundi... Arey ernaakodaka..nuvvu chesina paniki ivvala uuranta tala dinchukovaalsi vachindi... cha mana uuriki macha techchavu... MASTERJI (CONTD) ninnu chapakamunde...naa kantiki kanipinchaku Akbar leaves the office silently... FADE OUT; 42 EXT. BY LANES OF DEVARAKONDA - NIGHT We see Chinna driving Akbars auto, there is a loudspeaker and microphone attached...a reluctant Chinna is doing his job... CHINNA andaru vinandi..devarakonda pura prajalaku prakatana..panchayati peddala adesala prakaram, Mohd. Akbar Kalam ane vyakti ,mana uuri paruvu teesinanduku gaanu vooru nundi veliveyadamainadi..repatinunchi atanu devarakonda lo kanipiste panchayati ki teliyacheyavalasindiga manavi chestunnamahoooooooo This message is repeated as the auto makes its way through lane after lane.


A sleeping Lakshmi is woken by the message. Concern shows across her face. FADE OUT; 42A EXT. AKBARS HOUSE - NIGHT Akbar standing on the hill listening to chinnas fading voice. Bulb is flickering. 43A EXT. DEVARAKONDA FORT AKBARS HOUSE - MORNING As the morning sun makes its way up, we see Lakshmi walking in alone towards Akbars house. We notice that all his belongings have been thrown out.. She sees him, standing by the edge of the cliff overlooking the town...He hasnt noticed her and seems to be in deep thought looking at the town below...(*insert dream images from childhood right upto adulthood when Akbars dad dies--uyyala,learning namaz, father teaching kite flying, going to school, failing and being beaten up, father teaching and frustrated at his non learning aility, going to town on dads cycle (shld mom be non existent always?), people saying salaam to dad and namaskars, Akbar idolising dad---shld i repeat dad sequence earlier too as line??), Akbars mom/dad good times kodak moment??--needs work) Lakshmi waits for him to turn, waits another moment and puts her hand on his shoulders...he turns, surprised...(*Lakshmi could bring avakai-perugu annam with her, asking him to eat be worked on) AKBAR Hey avakai..enti ila... AKBAR (CONTD) Emaindi...ikkademi chestunnavu... LAKSHMI Ade..nee gurunchi ratiranta oodarakodutoone unnaru... AKBAR Avunu, ratripoota evvariki nidra kooda lekunda chestunnaru..em chesthaam Akbar chuckles at his own joke...


LAKSHMI Akbar...nuvvu ala yela jaraganistunnavu...edo oka margam untundi..vallu ninnu urinunchi ellakodataaleru...edookati cheyaali...pada manam velli panchyat lo matladdaamu Akbar is silent... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Aina vallu evvaru nee intinunchi ninnu bayataki gentadaaniki...vallaki aa hakku ledu Akbar..nuvvu ala choostoo uuruko koodadu... AKBAR Ledule..lakshmi..vallaki hakku undi... LAKSHMI andenti ala antunnavu... AKBAR ee illu maa nanaki panchyat vallu ichindi...okapputdu ee kotaki aayane kaapalaa kaase vaallu...aayana pooyaka vallu nannu ikkade undanicharu...ikkade putti perigaanu lakshmi... AKBAR (CONTD) Nenu nadipe auto kooda naasontham kaadu...Masterji de... Silence... AKBAR (CONTD) Assalu ikkada Naaku antu..emi leedu lakshmi...zeero LAKSHMI Ledu Akbar adi nijam uri janamantha nee sontham ..valla aashalu nee sontham...vaallu pichollu... vaallaki emi telusu..neelanti vaadi avasaram undi ikkada...(ee uuriki neelanti vaadi avasaram chaala undi)


AKBAR ilanti neetulu... vinataaniki baagane untaayi,kaani emi paniki raavu...okavela ochina ...ippudaite kaadu..ikkadaithe kaadu... Lakshmi is frustrated not knowing what to say...when suddenly Pasha and Sondu burst on the scene, panting from having run... 43B AKBARS HOUSE - DAY Pasha and Sondu are excited... PASHA Arey ekkada chachavuraa...uranta vetukutunnamu neekosam SONDU nenepatinuncho cheptunnaraa...nuvvu ikkade untaavani..manode...masjidlo untaadu.. akkaduntaadu ani uuranta tipputunnadu AKBAR Emaindi raa...enduku ala arustunnaru... SONDU Entaa?...nee yenkamma tv choodaleda be...nuvvu hero ayyipoyavu raa..nuvvu pedda hero ayyipoyavu mama... AKBAR Emi matladutunnavuraa... PASHA Maakemi paniledaa raa neeto jookulu veyataaniki...raa raa..nenu choopistaanu kinda choodu roadu vaipu choodu emi kanipistondi,emi kanipistondi... AKBAR Enti ...ekkada raa... Sondu and Pasha are pointing out a path which can be seen faintly from the mountain...Lakshmi is also looking on eagerly... We see a dozen trucks filled with sand and bricks making their way into Devarakonda...


AKBAR (CONTD) entra adi..emi jarugutundii... Lakshmi is searching for an answer too... SONDU Nee yenkamma...mana rashtra prabutvam digochindi raa CM gaadu manchodu tagilaadu...vaadu 500 toilet laki...24 gantala neela supplyki..cementu isaka pipulu pampaadu raa... SONDU (CONTD) Atu chooda raa...atu choodu Akbar cant believe what he is hearing, neither can an ecstatic Lakshmi...they all hug each other... (*as trucks move in, cut to reactions of Babbar,Masterji and other registered people in panchayat, show graffiti images on walls, as trucks mow past--expressionist/naxal statements---like we demand from our leaders jaago india etc) CUT TO; 44 DEVARAKONDA TOWN CENTRE - DAY. As Akbar makes his way into the town centre along with his friends, he is greeted by hordes of people. Someone lifts him up in the air, the contractor trucks pass into the town with cheers and hoots...people are yelling... CROWD Akbar bhai zindabad...zindabad... The crowd lifts him and takes him to the panchayat office...Masterji and Babbar are there, in the background we see still more lorries roll in... CROWD (CONTD) Akbar..uuru vadili vellataaniki veelu uurilone undaali... CROWD (CONTD) devarakondalone undaali... The crowd is joyful, loud and vociferous...Masterji and Babbar cant get any words in edgewise... CROWD (CONTD) Akbar auto ataniki ivvali ivvali...


CROWD (CONTD) Akbar bhai zindabad...zindabad..zindabad... Masterji and Babbar have no option but to relent as the mass of crowd has taken over the panchayat office.. BABBAR sarey sarey oorukondi oorukondi Akbar ekkadiki vellatledu... There are cheers all around....Lakshmi looks up at Akbar and he back at her...fighting back tears of joy...its time to celebrate in this town... 45 SONG TWO A CELEBRATION OF SUCCESS/DREAMS/CONVICTION THE TOWN IS A RIOT OF COLOURS AND REVELRY. Akbar AND CO ARE IN FULL SWING. CELEBRATION AND COLOUR ALL AROUND. We see a lot of development work take place across the town. Drains are built, bathrooms and water supply is taken care off. Akbar and gang are supervising all of this... Full on theen marr dances by Akbar and co. Akbar also formally introduces his friends to Lakshmi. They bond together and spend time in the town, buying her curries etc. Pashas wife in burkha and Lakshmi seem to hit it off well, spending time buying bangles etc. It is Idd and there are celebrations in the Muslim neighbourhood. Lakshmi, Bujji and Kavita are part of the festivities... Lakshmi dresses up like a muslim girl, much to Akbars amazement. She does an aadab to him...Sondu falls flat on the ground... Much to the mutual disgust of Babbar and Masterji who have to reluctantly participate in the festivities... In between all the celebratory activities, Lakhsmi takes time out to coach Akbar for his exams. We see Babbar checking out Lakshmi...its clear that he is lusting for her...he tries every chance he gets to get her attention...but she ignores him, much to his frustration...


Even Akbar notices Babars attempts, but subtly avoids Lakshmi from getting into his hands... We see Masterji drinking, watching Naya Daurs chariot race on TV...something seems to be sparking his interest... We see a shot of Lakshmi talking to her father on the phone, who is in Polavaram...she is talking to him animatedly.. Mostly the song focuss on the mini transformation that happens in the Orru.. THE SONG ENDS WITH Lakshmi CLEARLY FALLING FOR Akbar. BUT NOT NECESSARILY VICE VERSA. Auto stunts by akbar. Akbar feted like a hindu god. Might establish that purushottams loans have come through(add somewhere) INTERMISSION 46 EXT. TEMPLE DEVARAKONDA TOWN - DAY We watch Lakshmi from a distance. She is finishing a prayer at the temple. Bujji is with her. There is a strong breeze. Very few people are at the deserted temple. The temple itself is very small,very sparse and minimalist. Lakshmis bright magenta sari contrasts strongly against the barren brown terrain. (Lakshmi is thinking about why she is fallingin love with Akbar, all kinds of voices and questions in her head). We see her walk out of the temple, offerings and prasadam in a plastic cover. Bujji is holding her hand spinning a yo-yo humming a tune... We see Lakshmi a little more closely now, we see from her expression that she seems deep in thought, contemplative. Bujji is distracted, the background sounds are muted and we watch her closely, Lakshmi is oblivious to the world around her, she is almost trance like in her fixed gaze at the road below...we can barely hear the background noises as she enters the town...what can be heard are strains of music from the celebration earlier...those sounds, unseen images for us, but not for her head... Suddenly there is a huge blast from a lorries horn.. LORRY HOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNKKKK


Lakshmi is startled awake from her thoughts, she turns to see that Bujji has run off across the road,the environment now suddenly noisy and chaotic... LAKSHMI (HYSTERICAL) Bujji, ekkadikeltunnavu...edaina bandi guddestundi ...assalu ittu raa nuvvu...ekkadikeltunnavu nuvvu... Bujji is across the road already... BUJJI (BACK TO HER) Akbaranna ippude kanipinchadu akka ...naa bomma choopinchi ippude vachestaanu akka... LAKSHMI (IRRITATED) raa ittu...pichchodila parigettaku... Lakshmi is after him, crossing the busy road, extremely concerned... We see Bujji make a left into a small lane, Lakshmi immediately loose sight of him, she gets even more frantic and tries to catch up with him... CUT TO; 47 EXT. MASJID LANE - DAY Lakshmi is in a Muslim neighbourhood. She is probably seeing it for the time in Devarakonda. Her eyes go up at the architecture, flags, urdu lettering, its a new world all of a sudden. She sees that the lanes are virtually empty, save for a few men wearing skull caps and children running around merrily. She is in an environment which isnt entirely comfortable for her. We hear the muezzin call out for the prayer, we understand that there is a masjid nearby and a prayer is in progress, Lakshmi heads down the lane, cautiously... LAKSHMI (MUTED) Bujji..arrey ...ekkadunnavu nuvvu...bujjiiii... ittu raa raa vedava...


As she heads down the narrow lane, a grand masjid suddenly appears to her left, showing bright as a pearl in the sunlight, Lakshmi is drawn towards it...she nears its walls...through the walls she sees a world that she has only imagined thus far, there are groups of worshippers bowed down in prayer... At a far left, Lakshmi can see an emptier space. She sees Akbar in white kurta and pyjamas, in an attire never seen before...and next to him Bujji, mimicking Akbars every move, much to the boys delight...its apparent that even Akbar is oblivious to Bujjis presence... Lakshmi looks on transfixed...suddenly, Babbar appears right in front of Lakshmis face... BABBAR Salaam walekum Madam... Lakshmi is shocked and startled by his appearance, she is desperately mumbling for words, staggering backwards, as Babbar looms towards her.. BABBAR (CONTD) Enti madam, lift kaavalaa...naa bike ekkandi...intivaraku dimpestaa... He points at his enfield sparkling in the sun...Lakshmi staggers back, looking her and there for help... BABBAR (CONTD) Kangaaru enduku madam...ikkada mee meda evvadu kaanukooda veeyaledu...nenu unnanu kada, randi dimpestaanu... LAKSHMI Ledu. ledu...parvaaledu.. LAKSHMI (CONTD) Bujjiiii....!!! Suddenly Bujji appears like the wind... BUJJI (EXCITEDLY) Akka,akka nenu kooda muslim aipotha ippatinunchi..okka saari akka please akka...muslim akka... Lakshmi grabs his hand...


LAKSHMI (STERNLY) Bujji... itturaa tikkaloda..intiki pada chepataa..neeku undi ivvala... ...and they run out of the neighbourhood.Babbar looks on, his face undecipherable, he turns back to see Akbar in the masjid, finishing his prayer... We close in on Babbars face...seething in anger.. CUT TO: 48 INT. BABBARS MECHANIC/MUTTON SHOP - DAY We close in on huge pieces of mutton being chopped in a frenzy. We pull back to see a banian clad Babbar, muscles rippling through, slashing through bone and meat with a manic intensity. Its obvious he is taking his rage out on the meat...We can see Masterji in the background, smoking a hookah.. Akbar walks into keeps on cutting waiting to get a deafening on the the shop, Babbar notices him, but still through the meat...Akbar watches silently word in...the sound of the butcher knife wooden stump...

AKBAR Salaam Walekum Bhai Babbar stops his we trolley with him, we see him take a seat, Akbar follows him but keeps standing... AKBAR (CONTD) Babbar bhai.. Pilichaaranta BABBAR (IN RAGE) Bhai, evaduraa bhai neeku? arey..bandhalu kalipithe chesina tappu challu tundanukuntunnava... Silence, As Akbar is watching Babbar... BABBAR (CONTD) emanukuntunnavu bee? hero ...aaaa? AKBAR emmaiyindi Babbar bhai..?


BABBAR Emainda?..arey nuvvu naaku eppuduu gauravam ivvaledu raa...poniley edo manodivani uuru ante maryaada ledu neeku...mee nanna meeda gauravam tho.. adi kooda pakkanapettaa Silence, as there is an air of expectancy, workers working behind Babbar in the shop, stop to hear what he has to say... BABBAR (CONTD) Kaani mana matam raa..daanni nuvvu kallathokkutunte...adi ela baristaanu be..chattanaakodakaa... Silence... AKBAR mana mataannii....emi matladutunnaru Babbar bhai? naaku ardam kaavatamledu.. Babbar stands up and rushes to meet Akbar face to face, whispering in his ear... BABBAR Oka hindu aamayi venakaa padi aameni, ame thammudini masjidki teesukochi...emanukuntunnavu raa...nee abba jaagir anukuntunnava..? Silence, as Akbar tries to understand him... AKBAR Nijanga meeru emantunnaro naaku ardam kaavatledu... BABBAR eevatirra ee lakshmi?..unchukunnada?...roju ratri ame intikellostunnavaara...? Akbar is in a rage, in a flash he takes Babbar by his shoulders, getting ready to smash his fist across his face...his hand is up! his teeth are clenched, his eyes are flaming, his body shaking with fury...Akbar like we have never seen before... BABBAR (CONTD) Cheyyi ettemundu aameni emi cheyyagalugutaano okkasaari aalochinchu...


Akbar lets go, slightly... AKBAR emi peekutaavu raa...aa emi chestaavu.. BABBAR Vaala ayya manaa muslimlani chaala premistaadu anta kada?...bagane santoshistaadle vaadi kooturu neeto tho padukuntundani teluste... Akbar looses it, he yells, but keeps his hands to himself... AKBAR nee amma.... BABBAR Amma varaku endukuleraaa..ayyavaruke chaalle...naaku pooyedi emi ledu..nashtam antha aalla ayyade... Masterji snickers in the background, Akbar calms down a bit, obviously thinking about Babbars comments... AKBAR emi kaaval be neeku? nee samasya naato, magadivaite naatho pettuko madyalo ammayini enduku teesukostaavu yee...neelo magatanam tagginda... Babbar comes forward as if wanting to strike him..Masterji from the back... MASTERJI aagu Babbar!... BABBAR nuvvu neeku ochina maryaada renditini oori avatala issiri padestaanu bey.. AKBAR ...nannu ee uurinunchi issirestaava?... janalu oorukuntaaru anukuntunnava? Babbar starts pacing the room, we can see his gleaming silver enfield in the background...


BABBAR Aaah..akkaderaa ochina chikku antha...uriki peda hero ayyi koorchunnavu ... kaani ninnu ooriniunchi elagaina tarumuthanu choodu. AKBAR Cheyyi raa...cheyyi...emi chesukuntaavu cheyyi... Suddenly Masterji who has been quite all this comes up ahead.. MASTERJI mee iddariki nenu settlement chestha Silence, MASTERJI (CONTD) Auto nadipe teeta ekkuvundi kada neeku..oka auto pandem eskondi ra... AKBAR (PERPLEXED) pandemaa... auto tho naa...picchiekkindaa meeku...pandem deniki... MASTERJI (EYES GLEAMING) Mari vaadu vaalla nana tho maatladathaanantunnaadu...oka vela nuvvu gelisthey...memu noorumoosukoni padi untaamu, adi naa maata Akbar is thinking.. MASTERJI (CONTD) Kaani nuvvu odipothey nuvvu norumuskuni ee ooru vadili vellipovaali..enti ...oppukuntunnava?


Silence as Akbar thinks...angry at the predicament...he closes his eyes thinking hard...images and sounds of Lakhsmis father yelling at her come to his mind...images of Lakshmis father beating her come to his head...Akbars heart is beating...he can hear sounds of yelling and crying in his head...he sees images of Lakshmi yelling at Akbar for putting her in this situation...images of Masterji and Babbar laughing, as a humiliated Lakshmis family walks out, bags packed from the town...he has an image of himself beating the shit our of Babbar...he opens his eyes... AKBAR Pandem ki ok, kaani nenu gelisthey meeru panchayat ki rajinaama ichchi shaashwatahamga ooru vadili vellipovali. Inka masterji, mee kinda autolanni maa sontham. cheppandi, oppukuntaara!!? MASTERJI Enti masterji autolaa(improvise) AKBAR Enti dammu ledaa BABBAR Rei!! em vaagutunnavuraa... MASTERJI (INTERRUPTING) Hey babbar aagu. sarey Akbar, maaku ok ra, chosukundamu AKBAR Emm..choosukundam... He turns back once more pointing his finger at the door AKBAR (STARING AT BABBAR) (CONTD) Reii inko vishayam, idi mana madya godava...lakshmi ni induloki thechchaavo.. Silence.. AKBAR (CONTD) Ikkada jarigina uppandam evaraina thappithey, vaadiki maathram kukka chaavu thappadu. BABBAR RRREEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!


Poraa, po


Babbar is seething in anger, his fists are clenched...Masterji calms him by putting his hands on his shoulders...he turns to one of his assistants, MASTERJI (CONTD) ooranta cheppandraa.. (*establish some sort of motivation/pre incident in screenplay, where in auto racing established as a possibility later on) CUT TO; 49 INT DEVARAKONDA FORT AKBARS ROOM - NIGHT We can see shilouttes of Akbar and co by the lit window... SONDU Auto pandemaa,piccha neeku PASHA pichooda, ninnu munchataaniki valledo plan(padakam) esuntaaru raa... LAKSHMI aina deniki aa chatta pandem... AKBAR Choodu naaku telisi vallani panchyat nunchi bayataki gentadaaniki idi okkate margam..okevela nenu geliste aina mana uuriki inka manchi jarugutundemo... LAKSHMI asalu aalantolla maatalu ela nammutunnavu Akbar? AKBAR Ledu lakshmi mundu vinnu...vallu munde raajinaamalu raasi oka coverlo peti ready ga unchutaaru...nenu gelisanaventani vaatini mana mla ki ichestaaru... LAKSHMI Aa inka nuvvu oodipothe..?




LAKSHMI ...maa andaru chevilo puvvu emaina kanipistunda... Silence, as Sondu and Pasha dont speak, they already know... LAKSHMI (CONTD) vallu ninnu ee oorinunchi yellakodataaru...antekada..cha Silence, the answer is clear... LAKSHMI (CONTD) aina ilanti paniki raani vishayaallo tala doorustaavu enduku...asalu eemi ayyindi neeku..pichchi pattinda pandaalu avi kaasi...emi saadiddam anukuntunnavu Akbar...hero avudamu anukuntunava...? Akbar is a little surprised with Lakshmis outburst... AKBAR Edainaa oori manchike kada lakshmi.. LAKSHMI Aa avunu..inka nee manchiki? Asalu nee gurunchi eppudaina alochinchava...malli emaina ante adi chestaa idi chestaa nantaavu.. Nenu elaagaina B.Com pass avvali lakshmi...gurtundaa...anni utti maatalu...cha... Sondu and Pasha look at each other, also surprised by Lakshmis intensity... LAKSHMI (CONTD) aina naa pichchi kaakapothe naa panulanni vadilesi..nenu enduku ikkada...maa nannani, bussiness ni, aakariki hotelni kooda vadili ninnu chadivinchalanukunnanu kada, baaga aindi ley..tagina shaste jarigindi...naaku jaragalsindele... AKBAR Kaani lakshmi...


Lakshmi storms out of the house, not allowing anyone to see her breakdown... Akbar, Pasha and Sondu just look at each other.... CUT TO; 50 DEVARAKONDA TOWN - SUNRISE FADE IN The sun rises in Devarakonda town. We see its still early, very few people are out on the street. The town looks like a cosy gaulish village, where everything is peaceful and happy, very idyllic. Missing is the chaos. We see a few newly built outdoor toilets. A tap of free flowing running water! FADE OUT FADE IN And then we see a figure, its Chinna on a cycle. He has a megaphone attached to it and he balances it with difficulty... CHINNA Vinandi vinandi...,iroju Aadivaaram, andaru intlo aa telugu seriallu choodatam apesi... valla atta mamalu, kodallato... mana kota maidanamlo oka prayeka... kanu vinu erugani oka vinta karyakramaaniki haazaru kaavalsindigaa...korutunnamahooo... We see some people in the town get up, irritated at the early morning announcement. FADE OUT FADE IN We also see Lakshmis house, bathed in sunlight. We see Lakshmi is lying on her bed, her eyes open, hearing Chinna speak. FADE OUT FADE IN


We see, although not too clearly, someone messing with Akbars auto. Something like a mini oxygen cylinder is being inserted into the exhaust area. FADE OUT FADE IN We see the fort above where Akbars room is. Its locked. We see Akbar standing on the edge of the cliff, looking down at his town. His face, expressionless/undecipherable. Even from there we can faintly hear Chinna... CUT TO; 51 EXT. DEVARAKONDA FORT MAIDAN RACE AREA - DAY There is a carnival like atmosphere yet again. Albeit more colorful and contrasty than ever before. People are colorful, the grass is greener, the sky is bluer. (contrast to CM day out-where everything must be more blendy) We see two gleaming 7 seater autos, glistening in the sunshine. People are looking at them in admiration, for a town where the 7 seater is like furniture, this is a rediscovery...little children are getting in and out of the auto, Babbars henchmen shoo them away. We see Akbar standing with Pasha, Akbar is looking for a face in the crowd, he cant seem to find it. We see Babbar standing with Masterji and co at another end. Babars glistening Enfield still accompanying him. We see Sondu with a mike in hand, addressing the public in his typical style... SONDU Uri sodari..Oh ladies/gentlemens inka panchayat peddals...pratekanga nanu abhimaaninche ammayilandariki...namaskaaram...(ne eds to be very funny) Babbar and Masterji look up at him annoyed...


SONDU (CONTD) Ikkadiki vichesinanduku krutagnyatalu, devarakonda charitralo likimpatagga eedu seatarla auto pandaaniki gana swagatam palukutuu ...maro saari swagatam... There is innocent eager applause from the assembled crowd. We see Bujji along with Chinna, sitting on top of a rock cheering away.. BUJJI AND CHINNA Yeeee Akbar annna.... SONDU Babbar gaaru Akbar gaaru meeku telisinatte ilanti vinuuthana karyakramamlo palugonenduku opukunnaru...ilanti oppandaaniki kaaranam, CM gaaru cheppinattu mana urini oka mukya paryataka kshetram gaa marche modadi prayatnam ..deeniki kaaranam aina mana uuri panchayat ki okkasaari gaatiga chapatluuu... SONDU (CONTD) Mana panchayat peddala chevulaki vinapadela...inko saari.inka gattigaa... Applause...Masterji yells at him.. MASTERJI nee vaagudu chaalu inka...staji digu SONDU Agandi ..chivarisarigaa mukhya vishayam..nenu cheppochedi emiti ante...rajastanu lo onte pandem, kerala vaasulaki boatu pandem...mari mana devarukonda vaasulaki...?? CROWD mana goppa yedu seaterla auto pandem... Applause all around.. Akbar and Babbar look at each other, standing next to their autos.


Pasha is joined by his arm around the from behind by his is laughing at his

his wife in a burkha, he mistakenly puts wrong burkha clad get whacked real wife...we also see his daughter, who predicament...

Akbar still cant find the face in his crowd. Babbar looks at his associates, one of them gives a thums up expression. We can still hear Sondu on the mike (Sondus dialogues need to be ad-libbed during dub/shoot*)...Masterji is getting irritated... MASTERJI (WHISPERING IN HIS EAR) Reyy, Sondu aapumannana... SONDU idi kala nijamaa ..ippude vachina vaarta...Masterji gaaru ippude eevandaaniki bahumati kooda prakatinchaaru...Akbar geliste mana Babbar gari sonta enfield bandi Akbarke sontham Babbar turns to look at Masterji surprised...Masterji irritatingly shrugs his shoulders...Babbar looks up at Sondu with hatred....Sondu sees that... SONDU (CONTD) Babbar bai..okkasaari andariki chetulu uupu..nee goppadanam gurunchi...andaru krutagnyatalu cheptunnaru He waves reluctantly, the crowd applauds... SONDU (CONTD) ee pandem nibandanalu chaala suluvu... iddarideggara mapu untundi...roaddu poduvunaa prati kilometerki..pasupu jandaalu yegutuntaayi... Vaati prakaaram devarakonda paata uuru kotta uuru, kachcha roadlu pakka roadlu annitini daatukuntu chivariki evaraite ee geetha thokkutaado..vade pandaaniki dora...


SONDU (CONTD) Aithe sodara sodari manulaara...roaddu Pakkana pillalu janda vandanam chestunte jaagratta...mana autolu vallani eki tokkochu...anduke vaalni kottha toiletlake pampandi uurini subramugaa unchandi Someone grabs the phone from Sondu...static noise, as Sondu falls off comically... Its race time... 52 MAIDAN RACE AREA - DAY Akbar and Babbar get into their respective autos. Akbar gives one last look at the crowd for her face...nothing. They look at each other...and the little boy, standing innocently in front of them, he is supposed to be the flag off guy, except he has no flag...he is holding onto his shorts Yet the entire crowd comes to a silent buzz, the auto engines are humming, everyone is watching the kid....someone gives him a lollipop... Waiting, we see his hands get busy, Akbar and Babbar are watching closely...And then his nada on his short gets loose and his shorts coming falling down to his feet to reveal his naked backside to the laughing town people...thats the flag off... The autos are off, the race is on. 53A THE RACE - DAY (THE FOLLOWING SEQUENCE NEEDS CHOREOGRAPHY AND EXTENSIVE STORY-BOARDING) The race is on, Akbar races ahead, much to Sondu and Pashas delight, Babbar has already lots of ground to cover. The autos are surprisingly fast. They are stripped out to its barest, with just the wire frames visible. Akbar is leading the way from the fort maidan onto the town by lanes. Chicken and goats run away in fear. Dust and other debri scatter all over. Babbar is the more aggressive and destructive of the two drivers. We see he smashes his auto into all things possible, from ramming into clothes lines and running over saplings and flowers, Akbar on the other hand uses the turf like an obstacle course, trying to cause as little damage as possible..


From the lanes of the town our men are across the cheruvu, we see there are a small hordes of people perched on hillocks and rocks nearby cheering the squad. We see yellow flags dotted everywhere, some kids are playing with it... The autos very magnificently splash through the cheruvu, we see Akbars face confident, Babbars face filled with hatred. Chinna and Bujji are trying their best to follow on with the action on a luna. Akbar looks back , grinning to see the lead he has over Babbar. He sees Babbar disappear behind the rear view mirror, Akbar is alone momentarily.(*flashes of images when Akbar momentarily thinks about what could happen to Lakshmi) Suddenly he is joined by a grinning Babbar, they are neck to neck, Babbar took a short cut off course... Chinna and Bujji yell.. CHINNA AND BUJJI mosam mosam! Meanwhile the action continues as the autos leave the town to enter the highway, here its neck to neck, Babbar is increasingly violent, jamming his auto against Akbar any opportunity he gets. Akbar tries to keep his cool and concentration as Babbars aggro just keeps intensifying... There is oncoming traffic, so this course is especially dangerous. There are scattered village folk here and there cheering, suddenly this course suddenly moves to the wheat fields along side the highway, here its a hail of dust and dirt as visibility is extremely difficult... Suddenly Akbar realises that Babbar is not anywhere next to him, one moment he was neck to neck or just behind and the next moment he completely disappears...noticing that the course flags are still visible ahead, Akbars sixth sense makes him brake to a halt... We see that the auto has braked just a few mms before a huge ditch... at the bottom of the ditch is a sign that says khuda hafiz Akbar. Akbar face is a mixture of relief and anger. He gets back into the auto and continues with the race. From the bushes we see a frustrated Babbar appear, his plan A having not worked...He pulls out a cell phone. Babbar now appears in Akbars mirror..We see that Babbar is trying to align his cell phone with Akbars auto.


We see a homing device below Akbars auto, its beeping, the trigger is in Babbars hands. While the autos are making its way through the course, its not easy for Babbar to align the device properly, its keep moving out of range (this logic needs to be worked on) In a flash both the autos are back on the highway, its downhill from here, the last leg before the final run through the town and then the maidan. Akbar is making it difficult for Babbar because he is constantly moving in a zig zag pattern. Heavy traffic is dangerously whizzing by. Suddenly as Akbar is on a lone stretch of highway, its the PUNJAB lorry headed straight for him. We cut to the Sardars face in the lorry... SARDAR Mil gaya Andhra chicken curry... Akbar knows that if he is wedged off the highway it will be curtains for him, Babbar is gaining ground. He grips his steering tight and heads on straight not wavering...we cut to the truck driver... SARDAR (CONTD) Aaja aaaja...dekhoonga saaley... The two vehicles are on a collision course..the huge truck is headed straight to Akbar, Akbars eyes are fixated on the truck, his glare and grip unwavering...they are coming in together, a collision is evident...the truck driver face is incredulous, he cant believe he is up for a challenge, he grits his filthy teeth... SARDAR (CONTD) Jai Guru nanak, kirpan...keerthan... AKBAR ...Illallah..rasool allah... The two machines are mms from colliding, we can see a horrified Babbar right behind...he cant believe whats about to happen... The truck skids to the side at the last moment, brake and veering offcourse, we cut to the Sardars face, agony and defeat writ large... SARDAR Blooody fucckkkkkkk...


The truck careens offcourse from the highway and into a ditch, Akbar is home free, Babbar who followed right behind screeches and follows the truck into the ditch...VICTORY of a different kind for Akbar...he is jubilant on the battle won... AKBAR Yaaaahoooooooooo.... We cut to the ditch, the Sardar is in the auto and Babbar is in the lorry, both looking at each other and cursing...Babbar reaches for his cell phone, the range is still there, he still has a chance of blasting Akbar to glory...we see Akbar ahead in the distance on the highway.... He clicks the press button... From a distance from atop the Sardars lorry, we see Akbars auto go up in flames...We cut to Babbar grinning.... We cut to Chinna and Bujji following in a luna, they are running parallel on the dirt road closer to the town, witness to the horror... We see the flaming auto continue out of control in the distance.... We cut back to the maidan...A young urchin has arrived, he yells to the public saying.. URCHIN Chala pedda pramadam ayyindi...Babbar auto guntalo padindi..bagane unnadu...Akbar auto matram mottam matallo undi... The crowd is dumbstruck, we cut to Lakshmi...she is in the crowd with her sister...her expression clearly of horror... (*total grief and tragedy atmosphere, as we hover over the accident area, filled with skid marks, burn outs and oil. Total assumption that Akbar is dead at this point---work on scene description) There is a numbness in the crowd, no one knowing what to do, suddenly... PASHA Hey atu choodanadi..edo auto kanipistundi... Its Babbar, people can see him make his way into the town. (From where the crowd is there is a vantage view)


Cut to the maidan, Babbars auto enters, its chugging and coughing away, as it splutters, its in bad shape-the auto, but Babbar is waving his hand out to the half cheering crowd...there is no sign of Akbar... Babbar is yards away from the finish line, Lakshmi and co are horrified at whats happening, concern about Akbar on their faces as they begin searching for him... When suddenly, a soot smoke filled auto being pushed by Akbar enters the frame....someone yells, SOMEONE Akbar bhaiiiiii...... All heads turn in his direction, everyone can make out a black figure in the distance making its way up...Lakshmi moves in for a closer look... Sondu grips the mike hard...and resumes his running commentary...He has a megaphone in hand, Chinna and Bujji are behind him... SONDU Auto padem la modalaina mana devarakonda pandem charitralo parugula pandem ga maripoyindi..mundu veelani abhinandiddamu Relief on Lakshmis face.... Babbars auto has come to a stop from the finish line, he gets off trying to understand how it stopped. He turns to see a black auto and an even Blacker Akbar push the auto past him... He is too stunned to move, in 48 frames we see Akbar go past him and cross the finish line. Babbar falls down, not believing his fate... The crowd erupts...Akbar is a hero again... They lift the soot filled Akbar on their shoulders...his white grinning teeth visible... Lakshmi has tears of laughter and relief... Someone plays/radio--we are the champions... (p.s Precise structure of scene,logic and drama to being worked on)


54 THE MAIDAN - EVENING Akbar and an upset Babbar are at the makeshift podium. The crowd has gathered around them. Suddenly police sirens are heard. Splitting the crowd through the middle the police convoy comprising two highway patrol jeeps arrive at the scene. The cops get off...We see that Chinna, Bujji and the old bullock cart driver are with them... POLICE OFFICER Evarra Babbar ikkada... All fingers point at him... POLICE OFFICER (CONTD) Constables, arest cheyyandi... Babbar begins to protest... BABBAR Asalu emaindi... naaku eemi teleedu... The police officer gives a smack across his face... POLICE OFFICER Asalu highway police ante emi anukuntunnavu..akkada auto pelicheste naaku telidu anukuntunnava...daani sakshyam ee pillale kaadu...maa rakshak police kooda anni choosaru... BABBAR Kaani ala Akbar kooda The constables push him into the vehicle. We see Masterji seated there already, handcuffed... BABBAR (CONTD) enti mimmalni koodanaa... MASTERJI edava naaku call chesi Akbar chachipoyadu ani analsina avasaram emi vachindiraa..telivi leedu raa neeku... We see the police convoy move off, to a cheering crowd...people begin dispersing...Only Akbar, Sondu, Pasha, Chinna, Bujji and Lakshmi are remaining...


55 MAIDAN - EVENING The gang is sitting on a rock...Akbar is looking at Lakshmi, he is trying to clean himself up...most of the town crowd has left the area...except for a few kids who are playing cricket.... AKBAR amma..policlu inta twaraga...asalu ela... SONDU heloo..lakshmi daya valla vallaki anta munde telusu AKBAR aavakai..?..nuvvu emi chesavu? LAKSHMI Emi ledu..edo oka godavaavutundi anipinchindi, anduke ninna medeggara nunchi tinnaga mana MLA gaarini kalisaanu...manolley kada..athaniki nee chettha pandem gurinchi cheppaanu. Tharvatha ayaney chooskunnaaru Akbar looks at Sondu and Pasha... AKBAR Gaalinayallara ...Ee vishayam meeku mundutinunche telusaabe..? They nod a yes... SONDU Nee base lo bomb pedthaadani theliedu ra baabu..nee luck ra nuvvu cheruvu meeda vellaavu, adi thussu mandi, nuvvu bussu avvaledu Everyone starts laughing... AKBAR Ayyo..antha jarigindaa... Sondu and Pasha leave the frame, Akbar looks at Lakshmi... AKBAR (CUTE-MOCKINGLY) (CONTD) abba thanks lakshmi..aina entha mundu choopu neeku...chaala telivaina daanive...


LAKSHMI hello graduate ikkada...marchipoyavaa Akbar smiles embarrassedly... LAKSHMI (CONTD) nuvvu ee race ki enduku oppukunnavo telisindi..pasha Sondu mottham chepparu...thanks kaani...nuvvu inta risk tesukovatam adi naakosam... Akbar just shrugs his shoulders, not knowing what to say...neither does Lakshmi as she feels suddenly awkward...Lakshmi suddenly decides to change the mood. We see Sondu bringing in the bike towards them...She looks at Akbar and asks LAKSHMI (CONTD) Ee bandi mallepalli elthunda? AKBAR Ofcourse madam CUT TO; Akbar and Lakshmi are on the bike. The rest of the gang cheer on... For the first time Akbar and Lakshmi look like a star couple. Lakshmi is delighted to be sitting behind Akbar. Her hands on his shoulders.... FADE OUT 56 SONG 3, LAKSHMIS SONG Its evident Lakshmis completely in love with Akbar. While she cannot muster the courage to express herself, Akbar continues to be unaware of her feelings....or maybe he is confused about his own feelings... We start off with the entire gang, driving in the 7 seater towards the city. We see a milestone reading Hyderabad 100km. Pasha with his burkha clad wife, Sondu alone, Akbar and Lakshmi.(maybe Chinna, Bujji?) The contrast from the clean highways to the rabid city roads is evident. We begin with them being stuck in a massive traffic jam. Irritated the rest of the gang leave to walk ahead, while Akbar is stuck with Lakhshmi.


Golconda Fort, Charminar, Old City, Necklace Road, Tank Bund, Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills etc. The gang visits Central Mall, awed by it and everything they cannot afford; BIG CITYTOWN PEOPLE, aspirations, people look at them cus of their unfashionable attire, so everyone hits the changing rooms to look like the city declassification important theme/moment. Lot of people watching.. The gang gets into an expensive chinese restaurant. All hell and fun happens! (details later) The next part of the song, lays emphasis on Lakshmis time alone with Akbar. Without the rest of the gang, Akbar is helping Lakshmi with the door to door avakai selling. They also check retailers, hoping for a contract.. The city needs to look really evil when juxtaposed with these guys. A lot of self consciousness entering central mall. Sondu and Pasha checking out all the high fashion girls, their eyes rolling.. Akbar tries entering the CMs house, guards dont let him. He tries to wave a hi from outside. 108 ambulances and political rallies everywhere. Traffic constables telling them not to enter here and there. Feeling conscious when they hear a young crowd laugh behind them.. They look at the Gandhi and Budhaa statue. All couples Pashawife, Sondu, Akbar-Lakshmi... 1111 Car drives in front. They know its Chiru. They get off their auto and run after it. They bang the windows asking him to roll it down for one glance... Chiru rolls down his window...and god light flashes out...Akbar, Sondu and Pasha are on their knees, feeling like they are in gods presence...Sondu is emotional Sharing beedis with street sellers, buying their wall star paintings and other city memorabilia from street vendors.. Lakshmi spends time helping Akbar prepare for his exams. There are moments when Akbar feels for her but disregards it...


Time is also spent with Kavita and Bujji in Devarakonda. Lots of shots of him dropping them off from town centre to Mallepalli. There is a shot of Akbar showing Lakshmi MARY JANEs card. Akbar teaches Lakshmi to drive the seven seater. The gang stands outside the examination centre. Akbar is writing his exams again. We see him, feeling nervous as usual, not able to write... He comes out of the exams centre feeling very disappointed.. The song ends during Diwali festivities in Devarakonda town...and old lady puts red bottu and on Akbars forehead, Lakshmi smiles looking at him...(*we must establish prediwali decoration work happening in the village) There is an undefinable bond between Akbar and Lakshmi, beyond mere friendship... Etc etc..... Song ends with Purushottam, Lakshmis father coming back from Polavaram... 57 HIGHWAY TOWARDS DEVARAKONDA - EVENING We see Purushottam, bags and other luggage material by his side. He is waiting for an auto. He sees a seven seater pass by, its empty. PURUSHOTTAM Hey auto...aagu. The auto screeches to a halt. Its Akbar. Before Akbar can react, Chinna has lifted Purushottams luggage and dumped it in the back, Purushottam gets in the back, behind Akbar. We see Akbar, he for some reason feels a little uncomfortable. PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) Devarkonda velthundi kadha bandi? AKBAR Avunu sir, adey last stop..


PURUSHOTTAM Hammaya, huff..aa polavaram nunchi vachesariki ollanta hoonamayindi..inti kelle sariki inka enni tantaalu padaalsostundo. haayiga snanam cheddaamantey neellu kooda undavu..padahaaru gantalu pattindi.. Akbar is listening on, not wanting to talk much... PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) Hyderbanunchi inko moodu gantalu...emi hitectoo ento...narakam laa tayyaraindi ..aa trasffikku adi... PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) chacchananuko..mana devarakonda nee better AKBAR Avunu Sir... Suddenly Purushottam remembers this auto... PURUSHOTTAM Arrey, auto driver, nuvva, gurthunda nenu ni auto lo mundu koorchuna... AKBAR Aa...aa...avunnandi, avunu... PURUSHOTTAM Inka enti viseshalu...nuvvu edo IAS exam rasthunavu anavu kadha? AKBAR Err, Bcom sir... PURUSHOTTAM Aaa...Bcom kuda manchi de...tharvatha CA kosam try cheyochu emo. PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) Ee rendu neelallo, enti emainaa visheshaalu....Nenu Polavaram koncham pani meeda vellaanu babu, anthaa devudi daya tho baganey ayyindi.


AKBAR Peddha ga emi ledu sir, konni toilets inka water connection pukka chesaru, meeru intikelli haayiga snanam kooda cheyyochchu. tharavata mana panchayat lo iddaru panikirani vaallu jail ki vellaru..inka...antheynandi... PURUSHOTTAM Ammoo...ammoo...water connectionu, toiletlu, panchayat vaallu jail lo...abboo...devudu anta manchike chesthaadu babu... AKBAR Avunandi devudu manchi kosame chesthaadu... PURUSHOTTAM Inka emi ledu, naa kooturundi gurtundaa... dani pelli cheseste...nenu sukanga chachi povacchu... Akbar doesnt know how to react to that statment.. AKBAR Chi chi...ademi matall andi...antha baganey avuthundi... We see the auto chugging along silently on the highway. Chinna looks up to see Akbars face and then Purushottam. He is a little confused by the conversation here... Purushottam is looking for something in his bag....he finds it... PURUSHOTTAM Idigo babu, Annavaram prasadam.. Purushottam has his hand out from the back...Akbar reaches out with his left hand... PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) Chi, edama cheyyi istaavu...(kudi hand ivvu...) Akbar turns back, to see Purushottam face to face for the first time....His red bottu still prominent on his forehead... AKBAR Thanks andi...


PURUSHOTTAM Avunu babu, nenu chepanu kadha, na kuthuru, Bcom hons, papam ippudu na kosam hotel panulu chusukuntundi...edaina doubts untey intiki vasthoo undu...sarena AKBAR Sarey andi... Akbar drops of Purushottam at his door his door step, Purushottam watches the auto leave.. PURUSHOTTAM (TO HIMSELF) Papam, manchodu...kashtapadithey paiki vasthadu... As Purushottam enters the house, behind closed doors we hear shrieks of joy from his daughters and Bujji... CHILDREN Nana.....Nana vachesaarruuu FADE OUT 58 TOWN BY LANES - DIWALI NIGHT Fire crackers, bombs and rockets burst into the night sky of Devarakonda. We see the lanes are all brightly lit with lamps and diyas. All houses are beautifully decorated. Crowds are on the street, vishnu and bhoomi chakras, sparklers all over..excited chatter, laughter everywhere.. We see Akbar with friends. They are having a good time bursting crackers. Pasha taps Akbars shoulders, asking him to look back... He turns to see Lakshmi walking towards him, looking great in a festive saree. Akbar looks on, transfixed. The world around him has gone into low gear, all he can see is Lakshmi approaching him... Lakshmi snaps her fingers across his shakes him to reality.. AKBAR (SHYLY) hey bagunnavu...ivvala. LAKSHMI (laughs) thanks. nuvvu kooda baaney unnavuley...


Akbar looks at himself mockingly, AKBAR abba nenenti...pichodilaa untaaanu..nuvvu matram addiraavu.. e deepavaliki deepalu akkarledu... Akbar laughs at his joke, Lakshmi smiles... hmm..aithe Aithe... LAKSHMI AKBAR

They both seem lost for words, emotions and words not coming easily suddenly...but Lakshmi decides to shake the mood.. LAKSHMI repu results aa AKBAR ammo, gurtu cheyyaku LAKSHMI enduku! Anta baganey avutundile AKBAR lakshmi raasindi nenu, naaku telusu..edo ala ala undi..naaku telisi pootundi... LAKSHMI Oye ee saari neeku tuition ichindi nenu...marchipoooku.. AKBAR edo raasesaanu lakshmi...kaani ee saari elagaina pass aipovaali lakshmi...chaala avasaram... LAKSHMI tappakunda...adii first class lo... AKBAR Ledu lakshmi...naaku jeevithantham auto naduputu undadam ishtam ledu...naaku naa jeevithamlo naakantu o,life chesukoovatam chala avasaram... LAKSHMI adi avutundi Akbar...


AKBAR kaani mundu idi gattu ekkali... LAKSHMI idi kaakunda kooda jeevitham undi Akbar... AKBAR naaku maatram ide lakshmi...nenu MaryJaan ani american friend cheppanu kada... LAKSHMI (CANT HELP FEELING JEALOUS) hmm..cheppavu.. AKBAR ame tho matladanu ninna...ame kooda ade aninidi aithe undaali ani..ame Udyogam ivvalante..anduke lakshmi idi chala avasaram... LAKSHMI oh aithe ...south africa vellipothaava? AKBAR daani meedey kada naa jeevithamantha aadharapadi undi.. nuvvemantaavu.. LAKSHMI ante... south africa lone jeevitham undatam gurunchi telidu...kaani ikkada nee avasaram undi Akbar... AKBAR tokkalo avasaram..enti.. Rojoo mallepalli mallepalli sagar sagar ani aruthusthooney untanu LAKSHMI aputaava ... Silence.. LAKSHMI (CONTD) So south africa? Akbar nods AKBAR Kaani nenu velley mundu nee kosam okkati mathram chesi velthanu




AKBAR (playing) nenu south africa velle mundu cheyyalsindi... LAKSHMI Adey, enti? At this point, Bujji is pestering Akbar...Akbar is looking at Lakshmis face with some intensity and melancholy... BUJJI Anna....rocket kaaludam daa anna..rocket kaluddamu... AKBAR hmmm..sarey aagu vastunnanu... Akbar is being lead off by Bujji...Lakshmi wants him to finish talking... LAKSHMI hey aagu ...edo cheptunnavu... vellemundu enti??? Akbar is at a distance now...Bujji is pulling him away...He looks back at her and yells back.. AKBAR

Lakshmi and we cant hear him...a huge bomb goes off and his voice gets muted. LAKSHMI (YELLING OUT) Entii vinapadaleedu...Akbar deggarikochicheppavaa... This time she can hear him.. AKBAR Mee Naana gari tho cheppi, oo manchi kurradini chuusi deggarundi pellichestaanu...mana urilo meeolla karuvu emi ledulee... That sounds like a huge explosion in Lakshmis ears...uncontrollable tears just flow from her eyes.. FADE OUT;


59 HIGHWAY LINK ROAD TO CITY - EARLY MORNING Akbar is alone at the bus stop on the highway. He seems to be about to head for the city...We see Lakshmi running up to join him, her eyes red from crying... LAKSHMI Entidhi, city ki velthunavvu, adhi kuda marks results kosam...cheppochhu kadha... Lakshmi is out of breath... AKBAR ayyo intha poddunne enduku ibbandi pettadam ani ante... AKBAR (CONTD) hey...nee kallu enti erragaa..emaindi niddarapooledaa.. LAKSHMI aa..podunne lechanu kada anduke... LAKSHMI (CHANGING TOPIC) (CONTD) okkadive veltavaa...nenu raana..ante nannu rammante vastanu... AKBAR vaddule, asale fail ayyanante edustaanu..adi ammayi mundu...vaddule vadileii... Lakshmi smiles, Akbar seems nervous... LAKSHMI Sondu , pasha nanna teesukellochu gaa.. AKBAR vaalla edurugaa kooda edavatam ishtam ledu.. (kooda chaala sarlu edchesaanu inka avasaramledule) LAKSHMI edustaanu edustaanu..enti pichchaa neeku..antha bagane avutundi...naaku telusulada...pass aipothavu Akbar..


AKBAR naaku pass avalane undi avutee..nannu takkuvagaa anukoovu kadaa... LAKSHMI Chi adem prashna... AKBAR panikiraanodini ani anukovukada.. LAKSHMI enti piccha?..nuvvu elaa unna naakishtam akbar Lakshmi catches herself saying that...Akbar catches it... Lakshmi changes the mood... LAKSHMI (CONTD) nuvvu emianukoonante...okati typical hindu chestanu ok kada... Haaa... AKBAR

She takes out a thread from her bag... LAKSHMI Idi tirupati thread...neeku problem leka pothey tie cheyyana? Koncham manchi luck kosam... AKBAR ayyo adagaala... Lakshmi ties the thread for him on his wrist... AKBAR (CONTD) Bagundi, friendship band la undi... LAKSHMI Avunu alagey...friendship band ey..manchi kuda jaruguthundi.. Just then the city bus appears, the conductor whistling frantically asking people to get in... CONDUCTOR Right...right...chalo chalo... AKBAR Sarle edokati avuthundile...chalo bye...


LAKSHMI Bye Akbar, best of luck... Akbar nods, too nervous to say anything...the bus chugs off...Leaving behind Lakshmi waving to him...Akbar looks out the window waving back... (*Akbar is troubled by Lakshmis imagery, he turns back from his seat to see her still standing, imagery continues right upto the time he goes to pick up his marks) 60 BUS AND CITY MONTAGE Akbar is sitting in the back of the bus. Just him and his thoughts for company. He looks at the passing scenery behind him. Looks at happy people on the bus. Looks at the thread on his wrist, smiling... The bus enters the city. Akbar continues people watching. Especially successful call centre youngsters everywhere, he is watching them very closely. You sort of understand what he is thinking. He looks at happy families and people outside malls. The bus drops him right outside his university building. The tension is palpable. Akbar is extremely nervous as he gets off. We can see lots of students rush in and out... Akbar slowly makes his way into the college, heading towards the notice board area, students are whizzing past him. He can see a big herd of students all leaning/pushing to get to the notices on the wall. Akbar just stops in his stride...not able to take the tension. He moves to the lawn area, falls on his knees and does a namaaz, his hands up, tirupati thread glistening in the sunlight. He then moves towards the notice board. Its impossible to make your way through it. People are aggressively pushing and shoving at each other. Akbar very uncertainly makes his way through the crowd and towards the notice board area... He is awed by the sheer number of lists everywhere, he begins by putting his finger on the first sheet and starts moving his fingers across, slowly, people behind him keep pushing and shoving, all trying to get their space in front...


Nothing behind him concerns Akbar anymore, he is running his fingers, his eyes transfixed, his lips pursed...line after line after line, he bends and keeps moving and moving to the left as he finishes with one sheet after another... Its not looking good, he is almost done, just a couple of sheets more. He turns to look how many... He takes a breath, people are pushing him against the wall, his head hits the notice board. He takes a pause and closes his eyes. When he opens them...he can see Lakshmi written everywhere...he blinks his eyes...continues running his fingers down the sheet... He can see only Lakshmis name printed everywhere... He is on the last sheet, his fingers are running down the sheet... Finally he sees what he is looking for, the printed matter on the sheet reads See I told you, you would Pass-Lakshmi. In a flash that lettering changes to Mohd. Akbar Kalam2201977 PASS - FIRST CLASS. This is the moment of truth, he turns back, the crowd has disappeared, he can see only Lakshmi waiting for him... We see an image of a makeshift bus station in the campuswhich appears along with Lakshmi waiting for him and then disappears in a flash... Tears roll down Akbars eyes...he mouths in silence... Lakshmi... AKBAR

61 SONG 4, AKBARS SONG Akbar is running out of the campus, running like wallahs are yelling out for him, asking if he wants a ride... He smiles and gets into one, sits like a king...he is headed back Lakshmi..he looks at his wrist and kisses it... Akbar can see Lakshmi everywhere, in city signs and shop stores....traffic Lights say go, the cops say go get her School children say go get her ....(concept needs to be worked on)


Akbar gets on the bus to Devarakonda. He is standing at the foot board, watching the scenery...moments spent with Lakshmi keep coming back to him..all of them an affirmation of her love for him... He is looking out of the window, waiting for the last bus stop to arrive...he finally reaches the stop. Its the same spot from where he got on... The bus leaves, leaving behind it a trail of red dust... Music fades out... 62 HIGHWAY BUS STOP - EVENING He turns around to see if anyone is there, as the dust settles, he sees Lakshmi, waiting at the bus stand. She looks up from her book to see him watching her. A smile cuts across her face. Akbar is looking at her...fixed on his ground, not knowing how to proceed...Lakshmi runs towards him excitedly...shes watching Akbars face intently... LAKSHMI cheppaledaa...ninnu chooste cheppochu..pass aipoyavukada... Akbar is silent, Lakshmi gets concerned, Akbars face is writ large with a conflict of emotions.. LAKSHMI (CONTD) ayyavukadaa... AKBAR avunu lakshmi...pass aipoyaanu(preferably convey without dialogues) Lakshmi jumps up, shouting in excitement... LAKSHMI Yeahhhh.... She begins crying, tears of joy running down her face...kaajal is smearing her cheek LAKSHMI (CONTD) Ayyo emaindi naaku..enduku edustunnanu...chaa... Lakshmi looks down embarrassed...


LAKSHMI (CONTD) neno pichidaanni...nenu deyyamla unnanani anukuntunnavu kada.. Akbar takes lifts her chin up.... AKBAR enti piccha?..nuvvu elaa unna naaku ishtam avakai Lakshmi looks up, not believing what she just heard. Akbars eyes are saying everything... THEY HUG AND KISS EACH OTHER, ROUND TROLLEY, SUN SHOWING THROUGH, BACKGROUND MUSIC. THEY ARE FINALLY ONE. Song 4 continues... Among other montages, we also show that Purushottam is opening up the Dabha, cleaning work is being done up in a run down dhabha by the highway... Akbar and Lakshmi steal moments from that activity too...apart from stealing moments together in their town...(needs more work) There could be some near hit and misses with Purushottam for the couple.. She could be almost living like a wife with Akbar in his rice and feeding him his avakai with her hands...maybe almost making out, till Lakshmi says a firm no...etc etc. We see him tear up some South Africa documents, including Mary Janes visiting card...they look at classifieds together for job prospects etc... FADE OUT; 63 AKBARS HOUSE VANTAGE POINT - EVENING We see the couple sitting on a rock,they can see the entire town below them, their hands across each other. Lakshmi has her head on Akbars shoulders, looking very content and peaceful. Same with Akbar. They are looking at the sunset. A slight breeze in the air.(some possibility to add predialogue like kompatheesi nalugu sarlu pelli cheskovu kada, nannu burkha lo daasipettukovu kada, naa peru lakshmi nunchi saira bhanu ga maarchavu kada, mana intlo pooja sthalam untundi kada)


LAKSHMI Nanna yeppatiki oppukoru... Silence, AKBAR (FULLY RETRO FILMY TELUGU) Ee ooru vaallu kuda anthey, me nana garu kuda anthey..evaru mana pelliki angeekarincharu lakshmi... LAKSHMI Pelli gurunchi evvaru annaru ippudu AKBAR Oh ok ok ok...Evvaru mannani angeekarincharu lakshmi ..evvaru mananni angeekarinchru lakshmi... They laugh..Akbar stands up, while Lakshmi keeps sitting... AKBAR (CONTINUES JOKING AROUND) (CONTD) Raa...Lakshmi..raa..manam ikkadnunchi dookeddamu...mana prema ni nilabettudaamu... LAKSHMI Antha scene enduku, nenu enduku chavali...happy ga naaku oka brahmala abbaini vethiki, pelli cheyinchu... Akbar has a mock heart attack...they laugh, and then sit back together cosy in each others company...silence... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Nana assalu oppukoru Akbar... Silence, AKBAR Avunu thelusu... LAKSHMI Avunu thelusu antey enti, em cheddaamu cheppu? Akbar shrugs his shoulders, acting like he doesnt care... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Chi adenti picchiga, edaina chepu..


AKBAR arey aavakay...ekkuvachestunnavu, love declare chesi vaaram kuda kaaledu... They laugh together... LAKSHMI nuvvu nee kullu jokulu.. They snicker and laugh... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Em cheddaam Akbar? AKBAR Choddaam le chooddaam...painodu unnaadley... LAKSHMI Unnada? yedi Ok saari phone kalipi ivvu, matladatha... Akbar gets up and yells... AKBAR (DRAMATICALLY) Bhagavanthuda....allah...krishna,ra ma avunu mee main god evaru? chala mandi unnaru kadha, oka sarey...evaru kaaliga ga untey vaaru koncham kindaki osthara... matladali..urgent.. Laughter... and then silence, mutual sighs...Lakshmi gets up and places her hands across Akbars face... LAKSHMI (CUTELY) Arey bangaram, nuvvu brahmin abbai la putti vundotchu kada..apuudu ye ibbandi vundedi kadu AKBAR mari nuvvu voka manchi muslim ammayi la puttundochu kada ra aavakai..appudu kuda ye ibbandi vundadu Laughter.. LAKSHMI Nee vaipu elanti ibbandulu untaayi...mmee amma naanna kooda leeru(pause)ayyo ayyayyo....sorry..sorry Akbar.


AKBAR Oh paraledu paraledu light...aina painnunchi arusthunaremo...arrey Akbar em chesavu...ammai tho unnavu, adikuda na inti mundu... Laughter... AKBAR (CONTD) Papam, nana...chala manchodu...nuvvante chala ishtapade vaadu...ante pelliki oppukuntado ledu teliyadu anuko.. Silence... LAKSHMI Em cheddaamu Akbar?... AKBAR Oka muddu ivvu... koncham alochinchataaniki burra panicheyyali kada... Laughter... Chi po... LAKSHMI

Laughter...silence...Akbar looks at Lakshmi seriously this time... AKBAR Kaani...ippudu serious ga aduguthunna...ok vela, mee nana oppukokapothey...antey 99.9 percent ade avuthundi, oppukokapothey... LAKSHMI Oppukokapothey? AKBAR Nuvvu naatho vatchesthaava... Silence, Lakshmi is thinking about the question.. LAKSHMI (SERIOUS) Naa vallani ni vadili raavatam antha telika kaadu Akbar... AKBAR Ade le..hmmm


LAKSHMI daani samadaanam nenu ivvalenemo.. AKBAR ivvakarledu raa ... Silence... LAKSHMI enduku ivvakarledu... AKBAR yendukante..ninnu nee chakkati family nundi dooram cheyyalani ledu laxmi..buji,kavita,mee amma,nannamma..yenta manchollu.. LAKSHMI Mari Maa nana? AKBAR (LAUGHING) Ayyayyo ... mee nana kuda... Silence... LAKSHMI Em cheddaamu Akbar...naaku bayam ga undi... LAKSHMI (CONTD) nuvvu lekunda jeevitham alochinchalenu She begins sobbing... AKBAR Arrey edavaku raa...enduku ala edustaavu...ooruko In between sobs... LAKSHMI Naa kharma, nenu Muslim abbai thoney premalo padaala... Akbar laughs... Lakshmi continues sobbing... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Atleast edo Kamma, Kapu, Reddy ayyuntey, nenu koncham dhairyanga nana gari mundu.. She acts it out...


LAKSHMI (CONTD) Nana...nenu ee abbai tho premalo paddaanu...mana kulam kaadu kaani, telugu abbaaye nanna, koncham adjust ayipodamu... She laughs through her sobs...Akbars laughing too, but emotional too... AKBAR Sigh...avunu, easy ga undedhi kadha appudu...cha!... She looks up... LAKSHMI Em cheddaam Akbar... Silence... AKBAR vo pani chei nuvvu intikelli budhist ga maripoya ani cheppu..nenu kuda maripota..saripothundi Akbar suddenly thinks its a great idea...he gets up and dramatically tells Lakshmi... AKBAR (GIMME FIVE) (CONTD) Em super idea Lakshmi...yemanukuntunnav nenante.. Lakshmi gets up to give him a few punches... LAKSHMI Cha...asalu ninnu adagatam naadi buddi takkuva....nuvvu okkasaarina serious avvochukada... Silence, she is a little angry...Akbar realises he cant joke anymore... Lakshmi... AKBAR

AKBAR (CONTD) Lakshmiii..arey avakai..(like itu choodu) She is cross..he takes her face in his hands...


AKBAR (CONTD) nannu okkasaari aina..mee intiki pilichaava? She looks at him curiously... AKBAR (CONTD) Nannu ..naaa friends andarini okasaari piluvu bojanaaniki...ayanaki memu muslim ani kooda teliyakkarledu...nannu swayamgaa matladani...ayanni edurugaa nilapadi adugutaa..nee cheyyi naa chetlo pettamani....vaddu Ani ela antaado choodam? AKBAR (CONTD) nenu ninnu yenta premistunnano cheptanu..ela puvvulo petti choosukutano cheptanu..nato vunte niku e ibbandi vundadu ani mi nanna anukunentaga chepta.. Lakshmi looks up at him, happily... LAKSHMI nijangaa ala chestaava Akbar...kaani naaku bhayam vesthundi... AKBAR Bayam enduku aavakai...nenu unnanu kadha.... They both smile and hug each other.... LAKSHMI Hey..maa hotel vachche vaaram vooru nundi chuttalu kondaru..ikkada nannki telisina vallu andaru vastunnaru..chala ganamgaa chestaamu..ade correct time nannani kalavataaniki AKBAR Avunu...super...hey aavakai, aaroju mutton biryani aithe untundi kada? LAKSHMI mutton endukuraa neeku nee aavakai unnappudu...


She pulls out of the hug to punch him...we leave them on the rock, the night now out in Devarakonda, stars shining... We hear a smattering of dialogue from a distance... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Naa kosam nuvvu vegetarian avvavaa Akbar? AKBAR Mari naaku ee aavakai eppudu todugaa untundaa? LAKSHMI Eppudu thodugaane untundi... AKBAR (FADING OUT) Oo.nanna Oppukoka poyinaa... LAKSHMI Akbar ..odileyi ...cheppanu kada... AKBAR Sarey sarey..... We leave the two loving couple behind, their silhouettes shimmering against the full moonlight. FADE OUT; 64 NEW HOTEL OPENING - HIGHWAY - DAY Its the grand hotel opening day. We see a hotel, freshly painted by the highway. Its a typical dhabha, but with an Andhra touch, along with the katiyas we also see some make shift kobbara chetlu, banana leaves and bandipullu waiting in storage in big baskets. The scene is like a typical Andhra house warming ceremony. We see loads and loads of relatives running up and down helping with set up activities...barking instructions at each other, excitement and tension filled. We see a cow along with its calf parked at the centre. The cow is happily chewing on all the decorations, Bujji is feeding it cheerfully.. Devotional music is playing on some everywhere...women in brightly coloured pattucheera everywhere... We see the backyard of the dhabha is like a typical Andhra back yard. Large untensils and pots are being put on fire, cooks are toiling away mixing ingredients...


We see Purushottam, in between inviting guests he is also running around the kitchen barking instructions at the cooks, we also see Lakshmi and the rest of the family in the background cooking and cutting vegetables. Lakshmi is also supervising the cooking along with her father... PURUSHOTTAM Arey sambar lo uppu chala thakkuva undi...Lakshmi koncham choodu... Lakshmi comes forward to check the taste... LAKSHMI Aunu naana chala thakkuva ga undi...inka koncham veddaamu... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Arrey Kavita aa uppu packet koncham patrra... Kavita looks like she is getting bored cutting up vegetables, Nainamma is eating some gajar in a corner, Amma is supervising the serving material... KAVITA Akka...idigo uppu.. akka sweetu em chesthunnaamu? Payasam... LAKSHMI

KAVITA Chi...edaina ice cream with chocolate syrup cheyochu kadha... Lakshmi gives Kavita an irritated look, we see Purushottam go to the backyard, supervising some last minute construction work...he is yelling at them... PURUSHOTTAM meeku varam rojula mundu cheppanu poyyi ready cheyyamani..e roje opening ina meeru ready cheyyaledu..ina inka yentasepavutundi..time ki istara.. LABOURER Em chesthaam sir, meeremo paisalu emo aakari nimisham varaku aapi pedataaru...panemo jaldi kaavaalantaru... Purushottam is too mad to continue talking...he moves away...


Meanwhile Kavita catches hold of Bujji.. KAVITA arey pilla dayyam entra adi..papam aa avuki puvvulu thinipistunnavu...ittraa... BUJJI Nuvvu noru muyyi, aa dooda taage paalu koncham teeyaga avutaayi..neeku ardham kaadu... Kavita hits her head and pulls her brother away from the cow... Nainamma, eating gajar is meanwhile supervising the painting work outside...she is lecturing the painters.. NAINAMMA arey yedavalla ra..e dikku malina telugu yekkada nerchukunnarra.. PAINTER Emaindi ammagaaru.. NAINAMMA Adi maa rasava, lekapothey ya na? PAINTER (CAUTIOUSLY) Emani undali andi? NAINAMMA Ma ani undaali!... PAINTER mari memu raasindi ade kadamma... NAINAMMA Aa..edookati edavandi... Nainamma looks at the painter suspiciously... Purushottam is walking to break from all the hectic his pocket and lights it, Bujji, he is bending down children, saying... the edge of the road, taking a activity, he pulls out a beedi from while doing so he notices his son and greeting some of the other

BUJJI Aadab..salaam walekum...


Purushottam finds it curious but Lakshmi joins him, the both turn to look at their hotel..The board of the hotel comes up, its reads... MAA OORU HOTEL For Purushottam its a proud moment. His eyes well with tears, Lakshmi looks at him, giving him a hug... We see Kavita running towards them... KAVITA (SHRIEKING) Nana, lo pedda Balli undi nana... Bujji is after her, holding something in his hand... BUJJI kangaaru padaku Akka, nenu deenni penchukuntaanu le...idi manathoney untundi..choodu enta muddugaa undo...idigo shake hand ivvu.. Kavita shrieks... KAVITA Aarrggghhhh...padeyyi danni...naa deggara teesuku raaku..choodu cheptunna...aaarrrghh She runs away from him...Purushottam and Lakshmi laugh... PURUSHOTTAM akhariki devudu manalni challa ga choosadamma..anni sakramamga jarugutunnai..polavaramlo antaa pooyaka malli ila hotel pettagalugutaanani anukoledu..bagavantudaa..malli elanti avantraalu raakunda choodu... Lakshmi is thinking about what her dad said, obviously the subject of Akbar very current in her mind... LAKSHMI ippudu aa vishayaalu enduku nanna..antha baagane jarugutondi kada... PURUSHOTTAM mana tala raata ela raasundo manaki teleedu kadamma...ippatikaithey ee hotel kattesamu...repu edaina avvochhu...nenu inka entha kalam untaanamma?


LAKSHMI uuruko nana...enti ee picchi maatalu... PURUSHOTTAM pitchi matalu kadey..kuturiki pelli chesina taruvate tandriga na badhyata teerinatley PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) Inka taruvaata, nee pelli cheseydaaka naaku santhrupthi ga undadu... LAKSHMI Nuvvu naa gurinchi enduku kangaaru paduthunavvu nana... Purushottam changes the mood... PURUSHOTTAM avunu..manaki sahayam cheyyadaniki yevaro ne snehitulu ne pilitcha annav..yekkadunnaru..vatchara? LAKSHMI Ippatike raavalsindi...darilo unduntaaru... Her eyes search the empty highway.... CUT TO; 65 EXT LAKSHMIS HOTEL HIGHWAY ROAD - EVENING We see a seven seater come a to screeching halt on the side of the highway... One of the relatives at the door announces... RELATIVE 1 Purushottam garu, meeru evaraina factionistulani pilichaara? Lakshmi and Purushottam rush to the door... We see Akbar, Sondu and Pasha get out of the auto. Each one of them looking like Rajnikanth in Muthu, white kurta, white dhoti and sunglasses on Pasha and Sondu. Akbar looks smashing...they walk towards us in 48frames.


We see Lakshmi wide eyed and impressed, Kavita peeps in looking excited, Bujjis is reminded by Lakshmi to keep his mouth shut... The dhothi clad trio approaches the hotel.... A busy Purushottam and his wife also turn to see the new guests... Nainamma stops eating her gajar as she watches with curiosity... 66 LAKSHMIS HOTEL - EVENING Lakshmi introduces the trio to her father.. LAKSHMI nanna nenu cheppa kada na friends ani..ville..e rojanta manaki help chestaru..vaddinchadam daggara nundi alankarinchey varaku anni valle choosukuntaru Purushottams eyes go to Akbar right away.. PURUSHOTTAM Meeru...mimmalni? No one wants to reveal names here, we flash cut to Bujji who is in on this, watching them curiously... AKBAR Auto andi, gurthundi kadha... Purushottam smiles in re-collection, PURUSHOTTAM Oo avunu..gurtochindi gurtochindi...... LAKSHMI itanu voka roju vatchi lo konni lessons gurinchi adigaru nannanaku vilainappudu ataniki help chesedanni Purushottam looks at his daughter lost for a second, and then he remembers having made that offer himself..he smiles at the recollection... PURUSHOTTAM Santhosham babu...mee peru...


Now this is a moment, its obvious that none really want to mislead anymore at this point and as they are about to answer... A big party of relatives and friends get off a mini van outside, their boisterousness getting Purushottam distracted...they call out to him... REALTIVE 2 Namaskaaram Purushottam garu RELATIVE 3 Puja prarambam ayyinda? Lakshmi uses this opportunity to get the trio out of there and into another nook in the hotel... 67 INT LAKSHMIS HOTEL KITCHEN - EVENING There is a lot of cooking activity in the kitchen, we can see firewood, fire, smoke, spices and big cauldrons and cooks in their banians working on with big spoons... Lakshmi is with the Akbar, Pasha and Sondu are at a distance checking on the food already... LAKSHMI uff..nannu mi perlu adiginapudu yem cheyyalo ardham kaledu..kallu chetulu adaledu..asalu.. AKBAR (LAUGHING) naa paristiti kooda anthe...nenu me nanna perulu adugutaarani assalu oohinchaledu LAKSHMI chi navvu aapu asale tension ga undi...sarey emi cheyyalo alochinchavu kada... All this while Sondu and Pasha are looking at the couple Lakshmi and Akbar continue talking in the background... SONDU rey..mundu vantagadi lo vunna kattulanni datcheyyali ra PASHA Sarey


SONDU redy ga ambulance ni pilichi vunchite better.. PASHA Sarey nextu..... SONDU Vaadunnaadu choodu He is pointing to Bujji, who is doing walekum assalam to every one of the guests... SONDU (CONTD) Vaadini koncham control lo pettaali...choclatlu ready ga unnaya.. PASHA unnayi bawa... Lakshmi gestures to Sondu and Pasha to come over... LAKSHMI Arrey akkadiki ellipoyaru iddaru?..ikkadiki randi SONDU yem ledu..e akhari kshanalani miriddaru prashantam ga gadapalani memala pakkaki vellamanthey LAKSHMI ayyoo ala jokuleyyoddu..yem cheyyalo Akbar ki telusu..meeru panulanni chesi nanna daggara manchollanipinchukondi..sare nenu manager taruvata mla kuda vastunnaru..nenu nannato vundali..ayanaki avasaram vuntundi.. Sondu and Pasha, salute Lakshmi.. SONDU/PASHA Lakshmi akka...zindabad.... They laugh, but Lakshmi splits from the scene...Sondu and Pasha look at Akbar.. SONDU/PASHA (CONTD) ippudentra...


AKBAR arey pani cheyyandra...koncham manchollu anipinchukondra ivalainaa... CUT TO; 68 INT LAKSHMIS HOTEL - EVENING Musical Montage: Our trio get to work. From helping with the last minute painting job to getting some more spices and other ingredients from the market. From cleaning the hotel to supervising all the last minute labour work. Basically Akbar and co. give an initially reluctant Purushottam enough confidence to let them take charge while he takes care of the guests. As the evening be done, Akbar work, there is are hoping for draws to a close, the electrical work needs to is in charge of all the lighting and wiring chaos and tension as Purushottam and family a good turn out on opening day...

We see Akbar on the highway putting up a sign that says MAA OORU HOTEL 1 km ahead....meanwhile there is also supervision to be done at the kitchen... Akbar helps Lakshmi with all the preparations as best he can, their chemistry not yet obvious to others around them...they steal every quiet moment they can get together. Kavita is running after Bujji all the time. Amma, seems to be getting very impressed with Akbar. But Nainamma is suspicious of him and his friends and is not finding it very easy to get along. A puja begins where everyone participates. Akbar is also asked to break a coconut. Kavita is also impressed with him, when he begins scaring out all the ballis from the backyard.. The incorrigible Sondu, finds time to steal a quick drink, while Pasha finds himself bullied by Kavita into some heavy labour intensive work... Purushottam takes a break, looks for a match to light his beedi, Akbar offers him a light...


Its 7pm, Akbar is having a tough time fixing the lights, the current doesnt seem to be coming through. There is darkness in the hotel. Akbar is hard at work, everyone is praying he makes the connections work... Finally all the lights come to life, cheers everywhere, serial lights outside, all kinds of special decorative lights, the hotel is like a brightly lit oasis in the middle of the dark highway. The tables and chairs are all everyone is waiting for the customers... Things quieten fades, we hear crickets and some random vehicles on the highway...but no customers.... Music fades out DISSOLVE TO: 69 LAKSHMIS HOTEL HIGHWAY - NIGHT Lakshmis entire family is at the door waiting for someone to turn in.... Silence as no one speaks....vehicle After vehicle just zoom by not stopping... Everyone is literally out of the door looking into the empty dark highway...hoping for someone to stop.... Sondu tries bullying a motorist to stop...Purushottam and Akbar wont have any of that and let the poor motorist go.... The family begins to get worried now, everything is still and no one is speaking, the cooks in the kitchen are taking a break. Purushottam finally speaks.. PURUSHOTTAM sarle..yem kadu..mana cheyyalsindi manam chesam..ina modati roje kada yevarostaruandulo manam anta adrushtavantulamu kadu...manaki a sentiment lu enduku ...chooddaam repu elaago undikada. We see Akbar is on the highway, willing in his head for someone to stop...Akbar turns to look at the family waiting by the entrance...he turns to walk back to them when suddenly a volvo zooms by the road, but comes to a screeching halt off screen...


As we hear it reverse, everyone turns to look...the volvo backs its way into the has dark windows, so no one can tell how many people are inside... NAINAMMA Yemundi..driver cleaner okkalle vachuntaaru...bagane undi modati beram... The driver gets out and talks to Akbar... DRIVER bojanam unda andi.. AKBAR ayyo undandi..randi randi padandi... Everyone just expects his cleaner to follow, but in a moment the entire bus empties itself with like fifty people... The family and Akbar cant believe his eyes...the first customers are in... Music sets in.. PURUSHOTTAM (YELLING OUT) sardhandi..tables anni sardhandi..vaddinche vallu vunnara..a..miru velli vallakem kavalo choodandi..yevaru ibbandi padakundaduvantagadi lo poyyi veligincha mani cheppu Akbar walks beside an excited Purushottam who puts a hand on his shoulders and says... PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) Babu, bagundi..bagundi...chaala baaga chesaaru Akbar is touched...its dinner time at the hotel... As the night progresses, we see Truck after truck, volvo after volvo stopping by and folks getting out and eating... Its way more than anyone could have hoped for...their food is also a hit with lots of satisfied customers. Akbar throughout plays the role of main steward, much to Purushottams delight as he mans the cashiers desk, money is just flowing in...


In between all this chaos and happiness, lots of glances and moments are stolen by Akbar and Lakshmi.. Its almost closing time, the last of the customers are leaving... The lights outside are coming off, the kitchen is closing down..the workers are leaving, Sondu and Pasha leave as Akbar decides to stay on to help with all the winding up work... SONDU Sarey Akbar, memu vellali, repu koncham pedda berame tagilindi,mallepallilo saamanlu dinchali, nuvvu auto gurunchi kangaaru padaku..memu aa lory ekki veltaamu... PASHA (TO AKBAR) jaagartha raa..kangaaru padavu kada The duo hug Akbar...and move on... Tables and chairs are being put back together...some light dusting is going on...The katiyas are being put up in the back yard as the family slowly begins to unwind... The hotel finally shuts shop for the night. (A confrontation between a released on bail Babbar and Sondu, leading into a violent fight, where he stops Babbar from reaching Akbar is a possibility-juxtaposed with the silent goings on in the dhabha, but am not convinced of its need in the screenplay yet*) DISSOLVE TO; 70 HOTEL HIGHWAY - MID NIGHT People are beginning to unwind, Nainamma is asleep on a cot, Kavita has made herself comfortable on another cot, she is reading a book. Amma, is also preparing her bed. They are all sleeping out in the open. Purushottam is speaking to his wife about the day so far...we can hear them chatter in the background as Lakshmi comes upto Akbar, who is standing at the balcony, putting the last of the chairs into the hotel.. Hi... LAKSHMI

AKBAR Oh, anta bagane kada?


LAKSHMI hmm..alispooyanu...nuvvu baaga alisipoyuntaavu kada AKBAR hmm parvaaledu.. LAKSHMI enti veltaava ippudu? AKBAR ante nanna gaaritho matlaadali anukunnanu...kaani.. They look back and see Purushottam is making himself comfortable on a makeshift cot in the backyard...we hear him yawn in the semi darkness...we see from their POV the family all settled down in the darkness... PURUSHOTTAM Oh shiva shiva shiva....modati roju chaala adbutamugaa nadipinchaavu swaami....(he says a prayer lying down) AMMA Kavita...aa lightlu inka enta sepu yesiunchutaave? KAVITA aagamma, 10 nimishaalu.. We focus back to Lakshmi and Akbar...smiling... AKBAR ante ippudu saraina time kaademo kada.. LAKSHMI nannagaariki chaala nachchiatunnavu Akbar AKBAR nijangaana? LAKSHMI naaku telusu kada maa nannagaari gurunchi.. Just then we hear Purushottam speak...


PURUSHOTTAM Amma,a abbayyini ikkade padukommani cheppu...inta ratri vellatam manchidi kaadu..enti babu vintunavaa... Akbar looks at Lakshmi, clearly uncomfortable with the idea...he speaks out from his position to Purushottam... AKBAR parvaaledandi...veltaanu... PURUSHOTTAM Ledu ledu, nuvvu undalsinde, choodakkada mancham vesundi, podunne coffee taagi velduu gaani...padandi..andaru padukondi inkaa... Akbar looks at Lakshmi, she shrugs her shoulders... LAKSHMI padukoovachugaa..nashtamemi undi...repu coffe taagutuu matladochemoo... AKBAR Ippudu Naaku bhayam esthundi... Lakshmi giggles.. LAKSHMI abba,, mari chinnapillodilaa matladaku... We see Lakshmi get the cot and sheets ready for him, his area is a little away from the rest of the family, Akbar makes his bed by the cow and her calf...while Lakshmi takes a cot right between her father and mother... DISSOLVE TO: 71 LAKSHMIS HOTEL - NIGHT Time lapse, night sights and sounds of the now sleeping highway hotel... In the darkness as the cow and her calf chew on some grass, we see our man Akbar lying on the cot, his eyes open, but sleepy...looking at the stars...


AKBAR Allah, repu emi jariginaa ee kutumbam naa valle vidipovakundaa choodu..nenu inka emi kooranu, naaku baada kaliginaa parvaaleedu, lakshmi bagunte chaalu, Just then a shooting star shoots across the sky... AKBAR (CONTD) Ledu ledu..ala kaadu devuda, valla nanna angeekaaramtho maa pelli jarigelaaga kooda cheyyochukada. Nenu non-veg tinatam maanestaanu, maa pillalu kooda valla ishtamaina matham lo untaaru, memante hindumuslim la undalsinde, pillalaina nijamaina hindu-muslim bhai bhai ga untaaru We see Akbar is actually falling asleep as he is speaking...unknown to him, Lakshmi is nearby with a glass off water....she comes up to his cheek and gives him a kiss...a tear falling from her eye and disappears into the darkness to her bed... We cut back to Akbar who opens his eyes drowsily, rubbing his cheek... AKBAR (CONTD) entiraa baabu...varsham ippuda He looks up at the skies....and gives a mighty big yawn... AKBAR (CONTD) Devuda...shiva shiva shiva... Time lapse as more sights and sounds of the sleeping family and hotel.(*Akbars watches Lakshmis sleep--fantasy sequence) Bujji is fast asleep, hugging his Kavita akka tight, Nainamma, is snoring, while Amma is sleeping with a smile on her lips, giggling at a dream... Purushottam wakes up suddenly, with a fit of coughs, he clears his throat and drinks up all of the water which is by Lakshmis side...he smiles fondly at Lakshmi who is fast asleep, as he finishes his glass of water... He lies down, when he suddenly hears a sound...its Lakshmi, speaking in her first its some incoherent murmurs, but then...


LAKSHMI nana..inni rojulu meeku cheppananduku sorry nanna...nenu atanni premisunnanu...pellichesukuntaanu.. ..mimmalni adagataanike Bayangaa undi... Purushottam is wide awake looking at his daughter...he is waiting for her to speak again... LAKSHMI (CONTD) Nijangaa manchoodu...nana...neeku nachutaadu...ammaki nachchutaadu ...mana modadi booni atani moolaane...atanu naaku kaavali nana...chaala manchoodu... Lakshmi turns to her side and quietens in her sleep...Purushottam is touched and perplexed by the situation....he looks to his side to see a sleeping Akbar in the distance...he looks back at his daughter, his eyes well with tears....he falls back to his cot, his eyes brimming with tears...he looks up at the sky...and whispers.. PURUSHOTTAM Devuda, naa Lakshmi evarnaina premiste vaadu nijangaane bangaaram...vallidarini ashirvadinchu.. DISSOLVE TO: 72 HOTEL HIGHWAY - EARLY MORNING The morning sun shows through the highway stretch. The wheat fields by the hotel are a golden brown, ready for harvest. The sky is a riot of mood oranges...there is a light mist hanging in the air... We see the hotel, it looks content and happy. We see the family, everyone now cooped up in blankets because of the night chill, there is also the remnants of a bonfire.. (*Lakhsmis fantasy as she goes to fetch water in her bottle. She watches him sleeping--and runs back later to cover herself in a blanket--needs to be worked on) Purushottam is the first to wake up....stretching he first looks at his daughters face, and then at the rest of the family all still purring away in their sleep...


He gets up from his cot, making sure not to waken anyone and tip toes to the front yard, towards a sleeping Akbar... He tip toes, not wanting to wake him up...He comes up close to have a closer look at his face...we see Akbar, all cooped up, knees to his chest, he didnt have a blanket for the night...he is all huddled up tight...the cow and calf are sitting around a sleeping Akbar as if protecting him... The cow looks up at Purushottam, as if questioning his interference...the mother cow lets out a moooo...Purushottam smiles, looks for a blanket and covers Akbar... 73 HOTEL - MORNING We see Purushottam get into the shower, he is all excited and is singing to himself as he pours cold water over himself.. PURUSHOTTAM Oh shiva shiva shiva...chaala challa gaa undi ivvala....edaina...naa pedda kooturiki abbayini choosi pettavu...okka roojulo ento ichchavu...inkemi koorukuntaanu... He makes his way out of the outdoor shower, a towel wrapped around his waist, he is still shivering with the cold...he walks up briskly to the puja room, talking to himself.. PURUSHOTTAM (CONTD) devudaa naa bangaarutallini inka mettinintiki saaganampaali... Purushottam begins doing a puja, bell and a plate in hand...he begins by thanking the lord... He then gets up with bell and plate in hand and heads out into the yard... We hear a muezzin calling out for devotees for a masjid far away... MUEZZIN Allah oh Akbar...allah... Purushottam who is tip toeing barefeet and shivering is annoyed... PURUSHOTTAM Abba...poddupodunne enduku arustaaro ento..cha...


Just then he hears a noise in the kitchen...he stops in his stride...he cant seem to understand what that noise was...the muezzin can still be heard from a distance...cursing the call from the masjid and repeatedly saying his prayers, he makes his way into the hotel to check on the noise...he hears it again, its a soft thud and is coming from the kitchen...he gingerly tip toes, walking by the puja room he was just in, as he passes the pooja room, he does another namaskaram...ahead is the kitchen door, he slowly opens it, his other hand still holding the pooja material... The early morning sun is showing through the shafts in the ventilator...Purushottam looks inwards and sees a freshly showered in his white kurta and dhoti but with a skull cap, a kneeling Akbar, in silent prayer. We watch a shocked Purushottam a variety of expressions passing by his face, from shock to surprise to fear and finally to hatred... He drops the bell and thali... We cut back to a wide shot of the hotel, the sound of the crash deafening the landscape, the sun now showing brighter... DISSOLVE TO; 74. LAKSHMIS HOTEL - DAY When we open on the courtyard, we understand from the families expressions that the yelling, screaming by Purushottam have already been done... (or we could show silent montage of Purushottam questioning Akbar and Lakshmi, with Akbar earnestly trying to convince Purushottam about the situation, even Lakshmi tries her best, before finally giving up, because Purushottam is adamant, furious and wont have any of it) We see him standing, now dressed, but his face in disarray, his wife and his mother are also standing, looking equally disheveled. Lakshmi is standing in one corner, her eyes red with tears. Kavita and Bujji are together, hugging each other tight... We see tears roll down Lakshmis eyes. We shift focus to Akbar who is heading, head down to his auto parked by the highway... We see Purushottams eyes also tearing up, but his face is hurt and furious...


Akbar turns back to look at the family watching him, in hurt and anger...he looks down, not having anything to say...he has a slight smile of acceptance.. Lakshmi is taking one long last lingering look at Akbar, and so is Akbar... He turns and gets on his auto and drives off... All he can see is an empty stretch of highway in front of him... We see the auto make its way from hotel and onto the empty road ahead in a high crane shot.... (*we could show a song of separation, where Purushottam notices Lakshmi longing for Akbar, we watch Akbars life begin to take a U-Turn towards town politics. We could show them deal with separation in a mature manner and also Purushottams stoics POV of all proceedings....etc) FADE TO BLACK;


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