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Workover Kill Fluid Density Calculation

Friends, here is the simple Workover Kill fluid Density calculation, hope would be helpful to all: Kill Fluid Density : {(SBHP + 35 or 75) x 624.25 } / TVD , lbs/cft where, SBHP = Static bottom Hole pressure , kg/cm2 TVD = Total Vertical Depth = (Total Depth - Deviation Correction ) , m 35 is the conversion factor for Oil Wells 75 is the conversion factor for Gas Wells

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Methods & Concepts

The Driller's Method - Others formulas - Example in Simulator -

Well Control Methods applied on the drilling of the oil wells

The Driller's Method
During drilling operation of oil wells, there may be inflow of formation fluids into the well, which is an undesirable condition. The driller should detect such events and closing the well immediately. Record information after the closing of the well corresponding to stabilization of pressure, volume gain, SIDPP (Shut-in Pressure Drillpipe) and SICP (Shut-in Casing Pressure. In the case of operations on floating units, this term could be redefined as Shut-in Choke Pressure). The control method to be applied is the driller's method. That is to circulate the influx even with the original weight of the mud, keeping constant the circulation pressure named ICP - Initial Pressure Circulation. The second circulation should be made with the kill mud weight in two steps: 1. Fill the drill string until the bit by keeping the pressure on the kill line constant and equal to SIDPP. 2. Complete circulation of the annulus to the surface keeping the pressure of circulation with the kill mud constant named FCP - Final Pressure Circulation.

Attention: about drill bit off bottom

This method should only be applied with the drill bit in the bottom hole or when the kick is completely in annullus of the column. To minimize errors of calculation of the kill mud weight, the calculations made in this application considers the depth of the drill bit instead of the depth of the well to calculate the kill mud weight. The formation

pressure consider the depth of well. In case of top of the kick bellow the bit, it is recommended to apply the volumetric method until kick go through the drill bit to the annular, following then the driller's method. Formulas: ICP = Pks + SIDPP

ICP Pks SIDPP Notes a) b)

Inital Circulation Pressure, psi Recorded pump pressure at the kill rate speed, psi - Shut-in Drillpipe Pressure, psi about floating units: Pks must be recorded by circulating riser; Record the friction loss in the choke line at the kill rate speed, psi;

KM = OM + SIDPP / (0.052 x TVD)

KM - Kill Mud Weight, ppg OM - Original Mud Weight, ppg TVD - True Vertical Depth, ft

FCP = Pks x KM / OM

FCP - Final Circulation Pressure, psi

Summary of method

Bring the pump to kill speed


SICP - Choke line friction loss

Circulate out the influx to surface


Annulus Volume

Circulate to fill drill string with kill mud -


SIDPP - Choke line friction loss Drill string volume

Circulate to fill annulus with kill mud


Annulus Volume

thers formulas used in Driller's Method: