I know it’s crazy. My anxiety was actually calmed by the mysterious changing room attendant. at first I was wary about being paraded in front of thirty or so masked men and women. From the moment I walked into the changing room. But. appraising every inch of my exposed body is surprisingly turning me on. but with my adrenaline pumping every reservation I had coming in was left at the door. If only my toes looked that good. . After being instructed by my hooded chaperon to undress. I am actually looking forward to what is in store. I hesitantly obliged. I assumed my cloaked friend was a “she” because I could see her painted toe nails poking out from under the robe. She adjusted the mask slightly and without warning another pair of hands was wrapping another blindfold over top of the sleeping mask. she gently pulled my hair back into a ponytail. With the room being lit only by candles. it was understood that she wanted me to blindfold myself.Introduction Who would have thought. it made it hard to see who she was. I must admit. Handing me a red satin sleeping mask. having all these distinguished looking men in tuxes. you only live once and this is probably the craziest thing I have done to date. I can’t say I was nervous. This is so not like me. I must find out the name of her nail-tech. Dressed in a hooded robe. and women in gorgeous ball gowns. a rush of excitement started to fill every inch of my body. a woman my age would be in a pledge line with three other naked women? I wouldn’t have even considered this in college almost 20 years ago. As I have said many times.

they sure would have been from the draft coming down the hall. It wasn’t a confining tie. “It’s ok. the hand that had been guiding me slid gently up my arm to my shoulder. I felt as though we were no longer alone. I had a sense that I was now standing alone in an empty room. my chaperone whispered in my ear. but I could sense the walls on either side of me disappear. Once in the hallway. My intuition suggested we were moving into a larger room. Something about the somber pace gave me the feeling we were in some sort of procession. I don’t know how.J.” I could feel her breath on my neck as the other individual tied my hands with a similar fabric to the one used on my eyes. she whispered. I felt more . I stood motionless as I listened intently for any signs of movement. “Kneel”. Seeing my hesitation. Pennington / Ravenhurst Society – Red Book / 2 With minimal words. I really think it was meant more as a symbolic gesture to find my trust. If my nipples were not already hard from the anticipation. Why else would I be so loosely tied? As my eyes were no longer of any use. Without hesitation. the concrete floor felt cold on my bare feet. Although I did not hear her footsteps leave. I could feel my hearing start to intensify. The floor changed from the cold hardness of concrete to the cushion of a rug. The silky fabric was lightly wrapped around my wrists a couple of times. I was amazed how in tune my senses were becoming without the ability to see. Leading me into position. Once again I felt the warm breath on my neck whispering causing the fine hairs on my neck to stand up. a voice from behind me asked me to place my hands behind my back. My focus was sharply interrupted by a hand grabbing my elbow. nothing. Listening more intently now. along with my other senses. With a slight tug I was now being led through my blind labyrinth. I thought I could hear another woman in an adjacent room. I found myself willingly obeying.

” Pink? Is that supposed to mean something to me? Am I supposed to respond? Before I could muster any words. whose were pink and blue? As I tried to look to my left. “Blue”. I recognized some rustling coming from my left. a pair of hands cradled both sides of my face like blinders and positioned my head straight forward. My knees are aching and my legs are starting to quiver. The audible stillness was broken again by that same deep voice. With my arms tied behind my back. After a couple minutes in silence. A few seconds later. As if the blindfold gods were listening.J. . This lasted for several minutes then everything settled to silence again. a panel of masked men and women. All I could see were pairs of eyes peering through their masks at me. I heard shuffling to my right. “Red” was called. blind folded. I could hear people softly muttering about something. Once again the room was silent. I used to love being fucked doggy style. I could see now my blindfolds were red. Has it really been that long? I don’t think my knees are going to hold out much longer. In front of me were. It was a little softer this time. and totally naked. “Pink. He uttered only one word in a deep empowered voice. I heard a man’s voice off to my far right. With that. I could hear a female taking in a deep inhale followed by one of those long waiting to exhale breaths. for lack of a better word. A pair of hands came from behind and removed both of my blindfolds. the sounds faded away. Pennington / Ravenhurst Society – Red Book / 3 vulnerable now being on my knees. I surprised myself to how submissive I had become to the relative strangers. That led me to wonder. I don’t think it was so much anyone being quieter. as it was the people might have been further away from me. I can’t remember the last time I was on my knees that long. Squinting as my pupils tried to adjust. harder to hear.

reading lips was out of the question. his booming voice reverberated throughout the room. “Blue” must be down the line somewhere. Good choice. I could still here nothing. They were both naked and kneeling just as I was. From the middle of the crowd. I could see a gold renaissance style mask. It was making sense now. was the only other person dressed in a robe. besides the chaperones. the masked audience parted and the man I assumed to be “the voice” stepped into view for the first time. His jaw-line was sharp and his chin was slightly cleft. Hidden in the shadows. I figured the woman to my left must be “Pink”. He stood out from the rest of the crowd as he. Purple was called and two robed figures rushed in to remove her blindfolds. His robe was more distinguished by the stitched embellishments lining the bottom. I must say. With their ornate masks covering their entire faces. it was comforting knowing there were three other women sharing the same experience with me. From what I could see. . being naked in front of so many strangers is rather erotic. Red is my favorite color. I could see through my peripherals two women to my immediate left and right.J. bound and naked on display in front of a group of people. Several minutes passed in silence. Every once in awhile I could see a masked face lean to the person next to them like they were whispering. As alone and vulnerable as one could feel. “Does anyone find reasonable cause that any one of these fine goddesses not be allowed to proceed?” Finally. His mask only covered his eyes and nose leaving his mouth exposed. he was shaping up to be very handsome. And I was of course “Red”. No one else spoke a word. The only difference between the two was the woman to my right was still blindfolded. Oz has spoken. Pennington / Ravenhurst Society – Red Book / 4 Once the hands were removed from my face. Peering from under the hood.

I could feel my lips part slightly. I finally blinked which released a steam of tears to cascade down my cheek. I could barely see what was going on as I dare not turn my head. Just enough that I could feel the edges of my mouth fighting the adhesive bind of my lip stick. I could tell the woman was standing up though. my gaze intensified as I realized he was just as naked as I was. He moved to the far end of the line. I so wanted to use my tongue to help release their adhesion. As he walked forward. Once my eyes cleared and I looked up. My eyes couldn’t help being drawn down his chest. Looking into the rippling shadows caused by the fluctuating robe. but just enough to show the valley and cliffs of his sculpted pecks. standing not more than a foot in front of me was the manhood I strained to catch a glimpse of moments earlier hidden in the shadows of his robe. In all its uninhibited glory. Pennington / Ravenhurst Society – Red Book / 5 His robe was untied and parted down the middle. . I barely blinked as I did not want to miss any possible debut. I could see him reach out his hand and she rose to her feet as well. In awe. The robe was only parted a couple inches. how tacky would I look licking my lips with a cock inches in front of my face. the motion of his legs teased me by swaying the robe slightly. He moved closer to the woman directly next to me. But.J. Straining my eyes to see what was going on caused tears to puddle on my bottom lid. The expectation of what was to be found in the darkness actually made my eyes tear up. Or maybe that would be sexy? Have I been out of the game that long? I quickly remedied my predicament by closing my mouth totally. I blinked several times in succession trying to clear my vision. the Lizard of Oz was hanging inches from my face.

overcoming any inhibitions to bare all before you. their individual sponsors presented adequate representation for such consideration. Not sure. Upon good faith. you must prove your unwavering trust in everyone around you. standing in front of you. It is your duty. I could see his eyes fall to my mouth. The breeze from the turn wafts his robe to the side for a brief second. I let out the same exhale I heard earlier from the other woman. to give fair deliberation to such a request. desire and willingness only gets you so far. "Purple". Did he see my desire? Is he about to introduce his cock to my longing tongue? His thumb brushed my cheek and wiped the path of my tears. rose to her feet our gracious host turned to address his masked counsel. After the last woman. It was almost as if I had not taken a breath the whole time he was in front of. A relaxation came over all my muscles and my lips finally parted on their own. I felt a sudden rush come over me. As he turned away. conquering any trepidation. Maybe it was the blood flowing back to my feet. showing their desire and willingness to conform to your mercy. and everyone in this room right now. across my jaw bone.J. Pennington / Ravenhurst Society – Red Book / 6 He reached out towards my face. he guided my chin upwards. Looking deep into the eyes behind the mask. and to my chin. as is true in life. Trying to stay composed. but something in those hazel eyes surely calmed me. “Ladies. The soft touch of his finger trailed down my cheek. “Ladies and gentlemen. these women request council for their induction into our family. I rose to my feet. as is your brothers and sisters here next to you. Now that he was no longer in front of me. I can see why this man receives the admiration and respect for his “family”. That is why. like the men and women that came before you. the muscles in his chiseled jaw hinted a smile.” He pauses and turns towards us. With very little coaxing.” .

one final act of declaration is required. the masked sea parted and four robed figures came forward. only once you have shown complete trust in your fellow society members will the masks be removed to reveal your future. their robes were teasingly parted down the middle as well. As you have fulfilled all of your prior commitments to this process. please let one of those be for me. and for the privacy of everyone around you. And like before. “Oh God. Pennington / Ravenhurst Society – Red Book / 7 As if standing here naked in front of strangers wasn’t enough.J. what did he mean by “prove”? “For the protection of our sanctum.” Once again. my eyes strained to find what signs of life were hidden in the darkness. Just like our master of ceremony.” .

Pennington / Ravenhurst Society – Red Book / 8 .J.

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