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Week 4 Checkpoint-xmgt

Week 4 Checkpoint-xmgt

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Published by: blue33melisa on Feb 03, 2013
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Short Case-Organization Checkpoint

Melissa Eaves



John Goller


Short Case-Organization Checkpoint

The short case topic that I was assigned is Employment Basics. I am going to describe the ethical issues facing a manager in this case study along with imagining I am a manager at the company described in the case study. I will also explain how I would remedy this unethical dilemma.

The ethical issues facing a manager in this case study are that the manager is trying to be supportive of the other workers and to give them a chance to get to know him as a manager but because the other workers are older, they feel like they should not have to answer to him. Going to his boss because they do not feel that they have to deal with him is causing problems and he is trying to fix this but the other workers seem to not care.

If I were the manager of a company like this and was dealing with this dilemma, the first thing that I would do is to try to talk to the other workers again and explain to them that I am the manager and if they have a problem then they need to come to me with it so that it can be addressed. I would also explain to them that taking the problem to my boss is not doing anything but show that they are being insubordinate and that this can cause them to get into trouble. The fact is that if they cannot do their job and will not follow simple rules like knowing who to go to if they have a problem, can cause many other problems for them. I have always believed that a firm approach works the best at least it has for me in the past.

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