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Published by: Man Jian on Feb 03, 2013
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Homonationalism: "Collusion between homosexuality and American nationalism that is generated both by national rhetorics of patriotic inclusion and

by gay queer subjects." (Puar, Terrorist Assemblages, 39)
 Homonormativity: A politics of liberation through individual inclusion in heteronormative institutions that does not challenge the heteronormativity of the systems themselves. Pinkwashing: Using rights protections for one group to conceal rights abuses against another group

Enloe (2005) ‘How do they militarise a can of soup?’ “Militarisation never is simply about joining a military. It is a far more subtle process. And it sprawls over far more of the gendered social landscape than merely those peaks clearly painted a tell-tale khaki” (2) “militarisation does not make us pay more attention to people inside the military” “people can become militarised in their thinking, in how they live their daily lives, in what they aspire to for their children” “in its everyday forms it scarcely looks life threatening” (3) “even a gun can be militarised or unmilitarised” “militarisation of political dissent” (4) “rocks of misogyny and the whirlpools of militarism” (7) April 1915 – Pankhurst amongst those organising a demonstration for ‘women’s right to serve’ (8) 1915 – Jane Addams and Helena Swanwick created the pan-national Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom Corporate profits, family relations, collective attitudes (10) “Militarisation is a complex process, frequently a contested one” (11) “the outsider group campaigning to enter the military doesn’t become militarised; rather, the newly diversified military becomes democratised” (16)

“As long as you are sincere in what you say you haven’t got to know what you are talking about” – James Baldwin, 1986

Higonnet & Higonnet - ‘The Double Helix’

circulated across the world” (120) women’s rationale for suffrage did not rely upon the notion of a civilised nation – in Latin America the idea was challenged that you had to reach a certain level of civilisation before women could have equality. ‘Women’s sufferage and the standards of civilisation’ “Notions of suffrage as progress.. the picture is different” (40) ‘festival of feminine misrule’ (43) “In order to break out of the double helix. however. woman is generally understood as Other” (38) “women’s involvement in the war… so often understood to be a passive victim without responsibility for constructing the relationship” (39) Hause argues that ‘nationalist pressures silenced the French feminist movement’. especially that of women” (45) “When war is understood as an ideological struggle rather than strictly a physical or diplomatc event… we redefine its temporal limits(46) Ann Towns.. to favour solidarity “Once their military presence is institutionalised. war itself is eroticised. Eurocentricism was challenged within international suffrage movements . rather it is the security of the nation that is being prioritised (36) “sexual acts become political.“feminists in several countries confidently predicted during the First World War that women’s contribution to their nation’s war effort would bring political gains” (33) specific gains were made including the vote in some countries but political adjustments were not accompanied by fundamental changes to the situation of women “In this social dance. we need to move beyond binary models of analysis. We need to hear the polyphony of historical experience. To some extent homeoerotic” (37) “in a relationship dominated by man. linking the political status of women to the advancement of the state. the woman appears too have taken a step forward as the partners change places – but in fact he is still leading her” (35) needs of the worker are not addressed. and more rejected the idea that suffrage was a European idea.

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