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Human Becoming

Human Becoming

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Published by: Kajlee on Feb 14, 2009
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Write a sentence about your present personal crisis or issue. Use a
piece of typing paper, horizontally, and write in the center of it: Either...or.
If...then. Because...I.

Here are examples of the sentences: Either I stay in control, or
everything will fall apart. Either I stay with you unhappily, or I leave you
unwillingly. If they find out, then I lose my job (or reputation, etc.) Because
you left me,
I intend to punish you.

Draw a box around each of the two clauses with the comma unboxed
in the center. Study your sentence with its boxes, the space between them
and around them. The boxes are the figure and the space is the ground. See
if your eye can reverse figure and ground for a few seconds so that the space
becomes something! Look steadily at the comma. A comma in speech
represents a pause. A pause is to the ear what space is to the eye. This comma
has created a space: ENTER HERE and pause.
Breathe regularly and deeply as you do this, paying attention to each
in-breath and each out-breath and the little space between each breath.
Allow yourself to be with your statement with the pause button
pressed on all judgments, fears, desires, attachments to outcomes, etc.
Experience your statement with clarity and pure awareness, no layers of
drama around it, only space around it. Simply stay in the space and attend to
your breathing. This part may take the rest of the day—or of your life—and
what better way could there be of spending it?
Notice the content of the sentence. Do you see sense of necessity in it?
The second part seems forced to follow from the first? This is a dualism. It
makes the sentence a “sentence” of a judge. Who is that judge? Do not


attempt to integrate or combine the clauses of your statement. Instead, find
an alternative that does not give in to either side of the dilemma. Notice that
this cannot be done. You are stumped! “Stumped” is the left brain’s response
to space.

Being stumped makes us feel powerless. This is why we fear space!
What are we fearing? We are fearing the gap that has opened in our
heretofore reliable logical categories.
We are fearing the space that undermines logic and underlies every
reality. Continue simply to attend and stay. It will yield; it will change. The
gap will become an opening, the Taoist “mysterious pass” will appear in the
apparently impenetrable mountains before you. This is the pause that
restores. Make no attempt to figure anything out. Simply breathe, letting go
of the need to know anything, and paying attention to the space.

Here is what happened to the original sentences after this process:

“Either I stay in control...” became: “I let the chips fall where they
may.” I am not caught in having to control (a form of pain) or in being the
victim of chaos. I dropped into the space, fell into the gap and there I found
a way to live that releases me from the dilemma, is still responsible, and is
much more realistic. (When I myself did this exercise myself with this as my
chosen statement, I laughed out loud when the “chips” sentence came to me.
Humor is a clue that we are on track!)
“Either I stay with you unhappily....” becomes: “We work together on
changing things.” “If they find out....” becomes: “I will be the one to tell and
will tell it proudly or with willingness to make amends and be done with it.”
I am released from shame, the opposite of being mirrored. Now I can mirror
myself. “Because you left me....” becomes “I let go of the need to punish you.
I grieve your going and get on with my life.”
The new statements were there all along within the originals, in the
space, the comma-pause. Each of them confers a power. Each new version is
what your situation looked like before your ego got hold of it! The good witch


said to Dorothy, “You’ve had the power all along! Just click your heels....”
Her power was the ground under her illusory figural belief that she was

To contact this soul space, not filled in by drama, means seeing the
headline and not the editorial. When we drop attachment to outcome, a gap
opens in the ego’s cycle of fear and craving. Surrender results. “I observe my
life as a silent and fair witness who feels all feelings deeply but is not
overwhelmed by any one of them.”

From: Unexpected Miracles: The Gift of Synchronicity & How to Open it


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