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CCAR 2013 Program

CCAR 2013 Program

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Coastal Cities At Risk 2013, Feb 7-11, Manila, Philippines
Coastal Cities At Risk 2013, Feb 7-11, Manila, Philippines

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Published by: mosecretariat on Feb 04, 2013
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About the Initiative

International Research Initiative on Adaptation to Climate Change — Coastal Cities at Risk (IRIACC-CCAR) is a fiveyear program involving in-depth studies of coastal megacities in Canada, Thailand, Nigeria, and the Philippines.
Photo from Reuters

IRIACC is managed by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and funded jointly by IDRC and Canada’s three main research granting bodies, known as the Tri-Council: the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

CCAR website ccar2013manila.wordpress.com Photo credits Cover Photo by Neal Oshima from Lungsod Iskwater: The Evolution of Informality as a Dominant Pattern in Philippine Cities, Alcazaren, et. al., co-published by the Luis A. Yulo Foundation for Sustainable Development, Inc. and Anvil Publishing.Inc.

Building Adaptive Capacity for Managing Climate Change in Coastal Megacities


February 7-11, 2013 Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati, Metro Manila Philippines

Hosted by: Manila Observatory Ateneo de Manila University

Table of Contents

Program   Par(cipants  of  CCaR  2013:  Directory Prac(cal  Informa(on Contact  Informa(on  and  Maps
Serving Sizes



Wednesday,  6  February  2013  
  5:00  –  6:00  p.m.       Participant  Registration   Dusit  Thani  Hotel,  Makati,  Metro  Manila  

9:50  –  9:55  a.m.       9:55  –  10:05  a.m.         10:05  –  10:15  a.m.   10:15  -­‐10:20  a.m.   10:20  –  10:30  a.m.   10:30-­‐11:00  a.m.       11:00  –  11:30  a.m.             11:30-­‐11:50          

Thursday,  7  February  2013  
DAY   1:   Introduction   to   IRIACC   Coastal   Cities   at   Risk   (CCaR)   project,  updates  from  city  teams,  and  presentations  on  climate   change  adaptation  initiatives   Venue:  Ballroom  B,  Ground  Floor     8:30  –  9:00  a.m.   9:00  –  10:30  a.m.   9:00  –  9:15  a.m.           9:15  –  9:45  a.m.         9:45  –  9:50  a.m.       Participant  Registration  (continued)   Dusit  Thani  Hotel,  Makati,  Metro  Manila   Opening  Session   Welcome  and  Introductions   Presenter:  Antonia  Yulo  Loyzaga   Executive  Director,  Manila  Observatory       An  Introduction  to  Coastal  Cities  at  Risk   (CCaR)  and  CaR   Presenter:  Prof.  Gordon  McBean   University  of  Western  Ontario,  Canada     Welcome  Remarks:     Honorable  Jejomar  Erwin  Binay,     Mayor,  City  of  Makati    

Elisea  Gozun,  Presidential  Adviser  for   Climate  Change,  Philippines       Nessim  Ahmad,  Director  of  Environment  &   Safeguards  Division,  Asian  Development   Bank     H.E.  Christopher  Thornley,  Ambassador  of   Canada  to  the  Philippines   Group  Photo  before  Coffee  and  Tea  break         Coffee  and  Tea  Break   Adaptation  Research  at  the  Manila   Observatory   Presenter:  Dr.  Gemma  T.  Narisma   Regional  Climate  Systems  Program,   Manila  Observatory      

Measuring  Subsidence  and  SLR-­‐   Challenges  for  Coastal  Cities     Presenter:  Dr.  Fernando  Siringan   University  of  the  Philippines,  Marine   Science  Institute     Intense  Climate  Disasters  in  the  Asia-­‐ Pacific  Region   Presenter:  Dr.  Vinod  Thomas,     Director  General,  Independent  Evaluation,   Asian  Development  Bank                                  

  11:50-­‐12:20     12:20–  12:30  p.m.     12:30–  1:30  p.m.   1:30  –  3:  00  p.m.   Climate  Change  Research  at  IDRC   Presenter:  Dr.  Carrie  Mitchell,  Senior   Program  Officer,  IDRC   Q&A   Lunch,  Dusit  Hotel  Manila       3:00    –  3:30  p.m.   Coffee  and  Tea  Break      

City  Team  Research:  Progress  Updates     Vancouver,  Canada   Dr.  Gordon  McBean,  University  of  Western   Ontario,  Canada     Deborah  Harford,  Simon  Fraser  University,   Canada     Manila,  Philippines   Antonia  Yulo  Loyzaga,  Manila   Observatory,  Philippines   Dr.  Emma  Porio,  Ateneo  de  Manila   University,  Philippines     Bangkok,  Thailand   Dr.  Wijitbusaba  Ann  Marome,  Department   of  Architecture  and  Planning,  Thammasat   University,  Bangkok,  Thailand     Lagos,  Nigeria   Dr.  Ibidun  Adelekan,  Department  of   Geography,  University  of  Ibadan,  Nigeria  

3:30  –  3:50  p.m.   Urban  Hazard  and  Risk  Plan  for  Metro     Manila     Presenter:  Chairman  Francis  M.  Tolentino     Metro  Manila  Development  Authority     (invited)       3:50-­‐  4:05  p.m.   An  Overview  of  Climate  Change     Adaptation  Research  at  the  Shanghai                                                                   Climate  Center     Presenter:    Dr.  Zhan  Tian,  Shanghai     Climate  Center                                                       4:05-­‐4:20  p.m.                                                                                       Adaptation  to  Climate  Change  in  Urban   Transport:  A  Case  Study  of  Shanghai   Presenter:  Dr.  Xiao  Chen  Liu,  Shanghai   Climate  Center   4:20  –  4:50  p.m.   4:50  –  5:10  p.m.   5:30  p.m.   Q&A     Preview  of  Day  2  and  Announcements     CCaR  Team  Dinner,  M  Café,  Ayala   Museum    




Friday,  8  February  2013  
DAY  2:  Dialogue  with  International  Organizations  and  Partners   Venue:  Ballroom  B,  Ground  Floor   9:00  –  9:30  a.m.             9:30-­‐10:00  a.m.             10:00-­‐10:30  a.m.   Space  Technology  Applications  for   Climate  Change  Adaptation  and  Disaster   Risk  Management   Presenter:    Dr.  Yusuke  Muraki,  Space   Technology  Specialist,  Regional   Sustainable  Infrastructure  Division  (RSID),   Regional  &  Sustainable  Development   Dept.,  ADB  –  JAXA  Project       Reducing  Exposure  and  Vulnerability  to   Disasters:  Asia  Pacific  Disaster  Report   2012   Presenter:    Dr.  Jerry  Velasquez,  Head,   UNISDR  Asia  Pacific  Regional  Office   represented  by  Dr.  Sujit  Mohanty  -­‐   Programme  Officer)       Robust  Decision-­‐Making  in  the  Lousiana  Gulf   Coast  Region   Presenter:  Dr.  David  G.  Groves,  Rand   Corporation  (Video)     Coffee  and  Tea  Break  

11:00  -­‐  12:30  p.m.                                                             11:00-­‐11:30  a.m.         11:30-­‐12:00  p.m.       12:00-­‐12:30  p.m.  

Climate  Change  Adaptation  in  the  Private   sector                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Global  to  Local:  Climate  Change  Adaptation   in  the  Business  Value  Cycle   Presenter:    Raissa  R.  Bautista,  Chevron   Corporation     Private  Sector  Research  in  Climate  Change   Adaptation  and  Hazard  Management   Presenter:    Dr.  Rodel  Lasco,  Oscar  M.  Lopez   Center   IBM  Smarter  Planet-­‐Smarter  Cities   Initiative                                                                               Presenter:  Dr.  Delfin  Sabido  IX,  IBM    

12:30  –  1:30  p.m.   1:30  –  3:00  p.m.  

Lunch   Scientific  Presentations  by  CCaR  and  Manila   Scientists   • Social  vulnerability     • Economics     • Health     • Storms,  flooding     • Sea  level  rise     Coffee  and  Tea  Break  

10:30  –  11:00  a.m.  

3:00  –  3:30  p.m.  


3:30  –  5:15pm   5:15  –  5:30  p.m.  

Scientific  Presentations  by  CCaR  and  Manila   Scientists,  continued   CCaR  Strategy  Session  –  1   Discuss  strategy  for  discussions  on  Monday   Feb  11.       Preview  of  Day  3  and  Announcements  

Saturday,  9  February  2013  
DAY  3:  City  Simulator  Modelling  II   Venue:  Meeting  Rooms  3  &  4,  Breakout  Rooms   Note:  Participants  should  bring  their  own   computers  and  GCRS  version   09:00  –  9:30  a.m.             9:30  –  9:50  a.m.     9:50  –  10:10  a.m.       10:10  –  10:30  a.m.   Introduction  to  the  selected   quantification  framework  for   the  resilience  measure   Presenter:  Prof.  Slobodan  Simonovic    University  of  Western  Ontario,  Canada     City  Simulator  Modelling:  City  Updates   Brief  presentations  highlighting  the  current   state  of  modeling  work  in  each  city.     Manila,  Philippines   Presenter:    Dr.  Gemma  T.  Narisma/  Dr.   Kendra  Gotangco     Bangkok,  Thailand   Presenter:  Mr.  A.  Shamseddini  /  Ms.  Yanin   Chivakidakarn     Lagos,  Nigeria   Presenter:  Prof.  I.  Adelekan    



  10:30  –  10:50  a.m.   10:50  –  11:20  a.m.   11:20  –  1:00  p.m.   Vancouver,  Canada   Presenter:  Ms.  Angela  Peck   Coffee  and  Tea  Break   Explanation  of  the  Generic  City  Resilience   Simulator  (GCRS)   Presenter:  Ms.  Angela  Peck   Lunch   Discussion  of  the  Implementation  of  the   Generic  City  Resilience  Simulator  (GCRS)   Presenter:  Ms.  A.  Peck  and  Prof.  S.P.   Simonovic,  University  of  Western  Ontario,   Canada  

Monday,  11  February  2013  
DAY  5:  Technical  and  Strategy  Sessions     Venue:  Meeting  Rooms  3  &  4   9:00  –  10:45  a.m.       10:45  –  11:00  a.m.     11:00  –  12:00  p.m.       Technical  Discussions  on  Themes    Group  discussions  on  issues:  socio-­‐ vulnerability,  economics,  health,  weather,   flooding,  sea  level  rise   Coffee  and  Tea  Break   CCaR  Strategy  Session  2:  Group  Discussion   This  session  will  discuss  and  plan  projects   for  the  next  2  years  in  some  detail  and  for   remainder  of  program  more  generally;   updating  of  reporting  and  the  use  of  the   logframe;  plan  our  next     meetings  and  preparation  for  scientific   reports  and  papers.   Lunch   Title:  CCaR  Strategy  Session  3:  Collaboration   and  Future  Planning     Continued  from  above:  discuss  projects   and  plan  projects  for  next  2  years  in  some   detail  and  for  remainder  of  program  more  

1:00  –  2:00  p.m.   2:00    –  5:00  p.m.  


Sunday,  10  February  2013  
DAY  4:  Field  trip       9  a.m.  –  9:15  a.m.   9:15  a.m.  –  3  p.m.   Announcements   Field  trip     12:00-­‐1:00pm   1:00  –  5:00  p.m.  

  Lunch  will  be  at  Café  Juanita,  Pasig  City.    

  generally,  updating  of  reporting  use  of   logframe;  plan  our  next  meetings  and   preparation  for  scientific  reports  and   papers.   5:00  –  5:30  p.m.   Closing  Session     Closing  Remarks  from  Institute  Organizers   and  Sponsor   Final  Announcements                                        

Photo   Name,  Title  &  Organization,  Email   Adelekan,  Dr.  Ibidun  O.   Senior  Lecturer  &  Researcher;  Lagos  CCaR  City  Team  Leader,   Dept.  of  Geography,  University  of  Ibadan   Ibidun.adelekan@ui.edu.ng   Ahmad,  Mr.  Nessim     Director,  Environment  &  Safeguards  Division,  Asian   Development  Bank         Bautista,  Ms.  Raissa  M.   Manager,     Policy,  Government  &  Public  Affairs,  Chevron  Corp.   rrbautista@chevron.com   Bercilla,  Ms.  Jessica  D.   Science  Policy  Specialist,     Manila  Observatory   jbercilla@gmail.com   Binay  Jr.,  Hon.  Jejomar     Mayor,  City  of  Makati       Castillo,  Ms.  Flordeliza  del   MSc  Candidate,     Ateneo  de  Manila  University   fpdelcastillo@observatory.ph   Cheewinsiriwat,  Dr.  Pannee   Assistant  Professor,     Dept.  of  Geography,  Chulalongkorn  University   pannee.ch@chula.ac.th  








Chivakidakarn,  Ms.  Yanin   Ph.D.  Candidate,     Spatial  Planning  and  Urban  Dev't,  Politecnico  di  Milano,  Italy   yanin@mespom.eu   Clarete,  Dr.  Ramon     Professor,  Dept.  of  Economics,     University  of  the  Philippines  Diliman   ramonclarete@econ.upd.edu.ph   Cooper,  Dr.  Richard   Senior  Manager,  START   rcooper@start.or.th   Dado,  Ms.  Julie  Mae   MSc  Candidate,     Ateneo  de  Manila  University   jbdado@gmail.com   Dalupang,  Mr.  John  Paul   PhD  Candidate   Ateneo  de  Manila  University   eporio@ateneo.edu   Davies,  Dr.  James  B.     Professor,  Dept  of  Economics,     The  University  of  Western  Ontario   jdavies@uwo.ca   Doberstein,  Dr.  Brent   Associate  Professor,     University  of  Waterloo   bdoberst@uwaterloo.ca   Fasona,  Dr.  Mayowa  Johnson     Lecturer,     University  of  Lagos,  Nigeria   mfasona@unilag.edu.ng     Gertz,  Mr.  Aaron   PhD  Candidate,     University  of  Western  Ontario   agertz2@uwo.ca   Gotangco,  Dr.  Kendra   Climate  Change  Researcher,     Ateneo  de  Manila  University,  MO   kgotangco@observatory.ph   Gozo,  Mr.  Emil   MSc  Candidate,     Ateneo  de  Manila  University   emil.gozo@gmail.com   Gozun,  Hon.  Elisea     Presidential  Advisor  on  Climate  Change,     Office  of  the  Philippine  President   bggozun@gmail.com   Groves,  Dr.  David     Policy  Researcher,     RAND  Corporation   groves@rand.org   Harford,  Dr.  Deborah   Executive  Director,     Adaptation  to  Climate  Change  Team  (ACT)   adapt@sfu.ca   Joakim,  Ms.  Erin   PhD  Candidate,     University  of  Waterloo   ejoakim@uwaterloo.ca   Lannigan,  Dr.  Robert   Professor,     Dept  of  Pathology,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario   Robert.Lannigan@LHSC.ON.CA  
















Lasco,  Dr.  Rodel     Director,     Oscar  M.  Lopez  Center   r.lasco@cgiar.org   Loyzaga,  Ms.  Antonia  Y.   Executive  Director,     Manila  Observatory   aloyzaga@observatory.ph   Marome,  Dr.  Wijitbusaba  Ann   Associate  Dean  of  International  Affairs  &     Communication  Development,  Thammasat  University   wijitbusaba@ap.tu.ac.th   Marquez,  Dr.  Norman  Dennis     Director,     Health  Science  Program,  ADMU   nmarquez@ateneo.edu   McBean,  Dr.    Gordon   Director,  Research  and  External  Relations  -­‐  Centre  for   Environment  and  Sustainability,  CCaR  /  Western  University   gmcbean@uwo.ca   Mitchell,  Dr.  Carrie     Senior  Program  Officer,     IDRC   cmitchell@idrc.ca   Mortsch,  Ms.  Linda   Adaptation  and  Impacts  Research,  University  of  Waterloo   ldmortsc@uwaterloo.ca   Muraki,  Dr.  Yusuke     Space  Technology  Specialist,     ADB,  Japan  Aerospace  Exploration  Agency  (JAXA)   ymuraki@adb.org     Nakhapakorn,  Dr.  Kanchana   Assistant  Professor,     Faculty  of  Environment  and  Resource  Studies,     Mahidol  University   enknk@mahidol.ac.th   Narisma,  Dr.  Gemma   Head,  Regional  Climate  Systems  Program,     Manila  Observatory   narisma@observatory.ph   Nordin  Bin  Hasan,  Dr.  Mohd.     Emeritus  Professor,     ICSU   nordin.hasan@icsu-­‐asia-­‐pacific.org   Olaguer,  Ms.  Deanna   Project  Development  Officer,     Manila  Observatory   dolaguer@observatory.ph   Ortiz,  Ms.  Monica   Research  Assistant,     Manila  Observatory   amdortiz@gmail.com   Oulahen,  Mr.  Greg   Network  Manager,     Coastal  Cities  at  Risk   greg.oulahen@gmail.com   Owrangi,  Mr.  Mohammad  Amin   PhD  Candidate,     Western  University   mowrang@uwo.ca   Peck,  Ms.  Angela   PhD  Candidate,     University  of  Western  Ontario   apeck3@uwo.ca  
















Perez,  Dr.  Rosa   Research  Fellow,     Manila  Observatory   rtperez1@yahoo.com   Perez,  Mr.  John  Edward     MSc  Candidate,  University  of  the  Philippines   jbdado@gmail.com   Phillips,  Mr.  Victor  Adewunmi   Postgraduate  Student,     Dept.  of  Geography,  University  of  Ibadan   victor_phillips2000@yahoo.com   Porio,  Dr.  Emma   Chairperson  and  Professor  of  Sociology,     Department  of  Sociology  and  Anthropology,     Ateneo  de  Manila  University   eporio@ateneo.edu   Rovins,  Dr.  Jane  E.     Executive  Director,     IRDR   jane.rovins@irdrinternational.org   Sabido  IX,  Dr.  Delfin  Jay     R&D  Executive,   Systems  &  Technology  Group,  IBM   jay.sabido@ph.ibm.com   Santiago,  Mr.  Ramon  J.     Public  Safety  Consultant   mon_santiago78@yahoo.com   See,  Mr.  Justin  Charles   MSc  Candidate,     Ateneo  de  Manila  University   justin_see2006@yahoo.com   Shamseddini,  Mr.  Amin   PhD  Candidate,     AIT  (DPMM),  Bangkok,  Thailand   a.shamseddini@gmail.com   Simonovic,  Dr.  Slobodan  P.     Professor  and  Research  Chair,     Dept.  of  Civil  &  Envi.  Eng'g,  University  of  Western  Ontario   simonovic@uwo.ca   Siringan,  Dr.  Fernando     Professor,     Marine  Science  Institute,  University  of  the  Philippines   ando.msi@gmail.com   Stewart,  Dr.  Ronald   Department  Head,     Dept.  of  Environment  and  Geography,     University  of  Manitoba   ronald_stewart@umanitoba.ca   Thomas,  Mr.  Vinod     Director  General,     Independent  Evaluation,  ADB   vthomas@adb.org   Thornley,  H.E.  Christopher     Ambassador  of  Canada  to  the  Philippines,     Embassy  of  Canada  to  the  Philippines       Tian,  Dr.  Zhan     Senior  Research  Scientist   Shanghai  Climate  Center   tianz@climate.sh.cn   Tolentino,  Chairman  Francis  M.     Chairman,     Metro  Manila  Development  Authority  (MMDA)      



















Tolentino,  Ms.  Deborah   CCAR  Secretariat   deborahjsbt@yahoo.com   Vicente,  Dr.  Celine   CEG,  Manila  Observatory   celine@observatory.ph   Villanueva,  Ms.  Marife   Trade  Commissioner,     The  Embassy  of  Canada  to  the  Philippines   marife.villanueva@international.gc.ca   Villarin,  Fr.  Jose  Ramon,  S.J.   President   Ateneo  de  Manila  University   Virji,  Dr.  Hassan   Executive  Director,  START   hvirji@start.org   Wahab,  Dr.  Bolanle     Senior  Lecturer  &  Researcher,  FNITP,  University  of  Ibadan,   Ibadan,  Nigeria   b.wahab@mail.ui.edu.ng   Wong,  Dr.  John       Epidemiologist,  Faculty,  Ateneo  School  of  Medicine  and  Public   Health   johnqwong@gmail.com   Xiaochen,  Dr.  Liu   Research  Scientist   Shanghai  Climate  Center   liuxc@climate.sh.cn  

  Maligayang  pagdating  sa  Pilipinas!   Welcome  to  the  Philippines!    

Transportation  from  the  Airport  to  the  Hotel   If   you   requested   a   transfer   from   airport   to   hotel   upon   arrival,   the  Manila  Secretariat  has  already  made  arrangements  for  your   comfortable   transport.   Upon   exiting   the   baggage   claim   and   customs,   proceed   to   the   hotel   desk   and   representatives   will   direct  you  to  transportation  that  will  take  you  to  the  Dusit  Thani   Hotel.     If   you   have   not   made   transport   arrangements,   you   can   take   accredited   and   metered   airport   taxis   (Yellow).   These   are   available  upon  exit  from  the  airport.     Ninoy   Aquino   International   Airport   (NAIA)   has   three   terminals,   which  are  not  interconnected.  Terminal  1  houses  foreign  airlines   while  Terminal  2  and  3  house  local  airlines,  including  Philippine   Airlines   and   Cebu   Pacific   Air.   Your   arrival   terminal   will   be   the   same  as  your  departure  terminal.     NAIA  is  approximately  8  kilometers  from  the  Dusit  Thani  Hotel.   Depending  on  the  time  of  arrival,  some  delays  may  be  caused  by   city  traffic.  Approximate  travel  time  to  the  hotel  is  30  minutes  to   an  hour  if  traveling  at  rush  hours.      








  If   you   requested   roundtrip   transfers,   transportation   has   been   arranged   for   your   departure   from   Manila.   Please   allow   for   at   least   an   hour   and   a   half   travel   time   from   your   hotel   to   the   airport.   Passengers   should   be   at   the   airport   at   least   two   hours   before   their   flight   schedule   because   of   security   checks   and   queues.     Transportation  in  and  Around  Manila   Taxi   Metered   taxis   are   the   easiest   and   most   convenient   form   of   transportation.   They   are   available   all   over   the   metro.   You   can   take  one  directly  from  the  hotel  entrance.  Flagdown  rate  is  PhP   40  ($1),  PhP  3.50  per  additional  kilometer.  Ensure  that  the  taxi-­‐ meter   is   on   and   that   your   personal   belongings   are   secure.   It   is   best   to   sit   in   the   back   of   the   cab   and   keep   your   doors   locked   while  in  transit.  Only  cash  is  accepted.       Metro  Rail  Transit  (MRT)   The  Dusit  Thani  Hotel  is  located  0.25  km  away  from  the  Metro   Rail  Transit  (MRT),  which  traverses  EDSA,  a  major  thoroughfare   in   the   city.   You   can   purchase   single-­‐use   tickets   to   your   destination   at   the   station.   There   are   also   connections   to   other   rail  systems,  the  Light  Rail  Transit  1  and  Light  Rail  Transit  2  (LRT-­‐ 1   and   LRT-­‐2)   at   the   MRT   stations   Taft   Avenue   and   Cubao,   respectively.  Fares  range  from  10-­‐14  Pesos.  This  is  an  option  to   bypass   traffic   on   EDSA,   but   it   can   get   crowded   at   rush   hours.   There  is  a  women’s  car  for  female  passengers.   -­‐ The   MRT   route   can   be   accessed   here:   http://dotcmrt3.weebly.com/stations.html     -­‐ LRT  1  and  2:  http://www.lrta.gov.ph/route_map.htm   Bus,  Jeepney  and  Tricycle   Other   forms   of   transportation   in   Manila   include   buses   along   major   roads,   jeepneys,   and   tricycles.   Fares   for   jeeps   and   buses   start   at   8   Pesos,   and   other   fares   depend   on   your   final   destination.     Currency   The   official   currency   is   the   Philippine   Peso.   Exchange   rate   is   about   PhP   40   to   USD$1.   There   are   money   changers   at   the   airport   immediately   after   exiting   baggage   claim   and   customs.   There   are   also   major   banks   within   shopping   malls,   with   the   closest  being  SM  Makati,  Glorietta  and  Greenbelt.  Depending  on   your   bank   policies,   you   can   also   withdraw   directly   from   ATMs   accepting  major  card  types  (VISA,  Mastercard).     As  of  January  30,  2013,  these  are  the  current  exchange  rates:   1  US  Dollar  =  40.6  Philippine  Pesos  (PHP)   1  Canadian  Dollar  =  40.52  PHP   1  Thai  Baht  =  1.36  PHP   1  Malaysian  Ringgit  =  13.21  PHP   1  Chinese  Yuan  =  6.53  PHP   1  Nigerian  Naira  =  0.26  PHP     Communication   Cellular   phone   chips   (“sim   cards”)   and   top-­‐up   credit   are   sold   cheaply,  less  than  PhP  100,  in  many  convenience  stores.  Major   carriers   include   Smart,   Globe,   and   Sun,   which   also   have   3G   access  for  smartphones.  Internet  is  available  in  the  hotel  for  free   if  you  are  booked  at  the  hotel.  The  country  code  is  63  and  the   area  code  in  Metro  Manila  is  02.  

  Electrical  Outlets   Outlets  in  Philippines  generally  accept  2  types  of  plugs:   Flat  blade  plug       Two  round  pins     Item                       3  meals:                    Breakfast            Lunch                    Dinner               Incidentals        

  Voltage  is  usually  at  220  V.  You  may  need  an  adapter  or  voltage   converter  if  you  have  different  plugs  or  equipment  voltage.     Accommodation  and  Venue   Hotel   guests   are   booked   at   the   Dusit   Thani   Hotel,   which   is   in   Makati   City.   The   conference   venue   is   right   beside   a   sprawling   shopping  complex;  a  short  walk  from  the  hotel  entrance  closest   to   Ballroom   B,   one   has   convenient   access   to   a   large   grocery,   department   store,   hardware,   and   Filipiniana   shop   for   native   souvenirs     Due   to   the   number   of   participants,   the   meeting   room   will   be   moved   to   Ballroom   B,   Ground   Floor,   of   the   Dusit   Thani   Hotel   instead   of   the   Meeting   Rooms   on   the   2nd   Floor.   Breakfast   is   included  in  your  hotel  stay,  as  well  as  lunch  and  snacks.       Reimbursements  and  Daily  Subsistence  Allowance  (DSA)   As   per   the   per   diem   rates   from   IDRC,   the   maximum   for   the   Philippines   is   226   CAD/day   for   all   expenses   including   hotel   accomodation,   meals,   and   incidentals.   For   meals   provided   as   part   of   the   hotel   accommodation,   or   conference   meetings,   the   cost   of   these   are   deducted   from   the   DSA   provision.      

 CAD   70.00  Total   14.00   17.50   38.50   22.40  

  About  the  Philippines  
  Weather  and  Clothing   The   Philippines   is   a   country   with   a   tropical   monsoon   climate.   Expect  hot  or  humid  temperatures  (an  average  of  26-­‐27  degrees   Celsius)   and   the   possibility   of   rainy   days.   The   venue   is   air-­‐ conditioned   for   your   comfort.   Outside   the   venue,   pack   light   clothes  and  a  small  foldable  umbrella  –  useful  in  the  heat  and  in   the  rain  –  or  a  light  rain  jacket.       Safety   Like   many   other   urban   cities,   safety   in   Manila   involves   a   lot   of   common   sense.   Avoid   wearing   expensive   or   showy   clothing   or   jewelry   and   keep   your   valuables   in   safe   areas   (e.g.   leave   your   passport,   laptop   at   the   hotel).   If   you   are   traveling   after   the   conference,  do  share  your  travel  plans  with  the  Secretariat.  The   emergency  number  is  117  for  Police.  Travel  tip:  Carry  around  a   calling   card   of   hotel,   along   with   contacts   of   Manila   Secretariat   found  at  the  end  of  this  document.      

  Food   With  (some)  bias,  Filipino  food  is  really  tasty.  Some  specialties  of   the   country   include   lechon   (roasted   suckling   pig),   a   variety   of   fresh   seafoods   and   fruits—Philippine   mangoes   are   famous   for   their  sweetness.  There  are  also  international  cuisines  available.   Vegan/Vegetarian   options   may   be   limited   in   small   restaurants.   CCAR  participants  will  be  taken  to  M  Café  and  Café  Juanita,  both   local  restaurants  known  for  inventive  takes  on  Filipino  cuisine.       There  are  some  weekend  night  food  markets  like  Mercato  at   Fort  Bonifacio  (http://www.midnightmercato.com/  Open  Friday   and  Saturday  from  10:00pm  to  3:00am,  on  Sunday  7am  to  2pm)   or  Cucina  Andare  (https://www.facebook.com/CucinaAndare/   Open  Friday,  Saturday  &  Sunday,  4pm-­‐3am)  that  have  street   food  and  local,  fresh  cooking.       Sights  and  Shopping   The   Philippines   has   over   7,000   islands   with   a   wide   variety   of   activities   for   travel   and   tourism.   Within   the   historic   City   of   Manila  are  the  walled  city  of  Intramuros,  the  Manila  Cathedral,   and  Rizal  Park     (http://www.lonelyplanet.com/philippines/manila/sights).   Corregidor  Island  and  Tagaytay  with  Taal  Volcano  and  Lake  are   accessible   for   day   trips.   You   may   ask   the   Secretariat   or   Hotel   staff  for  more  information.         The  Dusit  Thani  Hotel  is  in  the  Makati  Central  Business  District,   and  there  are  many  options  for  shopping  and  eating.  The  closest   malls  are  Glorietta,  SM  Makati,  and  Greenbelt.  Bargain  shoppers   usually   head   for   Greenhills   Shopping   Center,   which   is   in   San   Juan  City.       Language   The  official  language  is  Tagalog  (Filipino).  English  is  spoken  very   widely.     Culture   As   the   tourism   slogan   says,   “It’s   more   fun   in   the   Philippines!”     Filipinos  are  known  for  their  generous,  happy  and  hardworking   spirit.  We  hope  you  have  a  safe,  productive,  and  most  of  all  fun   stay  in  the  country.    

    CONTACT  INFORMATION  AND  MAPS     Conference  website:     http://ccarmanila2013.wordpress.com     Manila  Observatory  2013     CCaR  Conference  Secretariat   secretariat@observatory.ph     MOsecretariat@gmail.com      

                        HOTEL  ADDRESS  AND  MAP   Dusit  Thani  Hotel   Epifanio  de  los  Santos  Avenue   Makati  City  1223,  Philippines   +63  (2)  867  3333  

Airport  Arrival  Map:  TERMINAL  1   Finding  the  Dusit  Thani  Desk   Desk  Receptionist  Cell  Number:  +63  917  851  3309  

http://www.dusit.com/dusit-­‐thani/dusit-­‐thani-­‐manila.html       Hotel  Contact   Wynces  G.  De  Mesa   Group  and  Convention  Services  Manager   Direct  Line:  +63  (2)  238  8820    

  CCAR  2013  Manila  Secretariat     Ms.  Deanna  Olaguer  (“Didi”)     Project  Development  Officer   dolaguer@observatory.ph     Cellphone:  +63  918  903  4523     Ms.  Deborah  Tolentino   CCaR  Secretariat   deborahjsbt@yahoo.com     Cellphone:  +63  917  821  4555     Ms.  Monica  Ortiz   CCaR  Assistant   amdortiz@gmail.com   Cellphone:  +63  915  1126200                               NOTES  

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