This is the little source of research about the problems and factors faced by the employees of BlueSky organisation. ( Data collection date, 10 November 2010).

Questions 1. Is BlueSky need of cultural changing? 2. Is the company budget going over because of less team workers? 3. Do the organisational management need to get more specialisation training towards their jobs? 4. Is there wide communication gap between management and employees? 5. Do the company not run smoothly because of its informal structure? 6. Do the employees not put their sufficient efforts because of extra burden of work?



we need to get interview from some employees of this organisation. which carried these questions.Interviews: For the purpose to find out the fact and figures about BlueSky Ltd. Interview held in the same organisation’s office on 10 November 2010.   What are basic responsibilities of the employee of this organisation? Are they doing any extra duties which are causing their mental and physical burden?  What kind of relationship between management and employee this company is following?  Do they like to create any changing on management level?  What is the best way according to them to approach the top management?  Are they doing well to meet the all requirements of their customers?  How can this organisation maintain its position in global market?  What is your best opinion about the culture and structure of any organisation which can provide smooth environment of work?  What is the best source of delivery the data or information from top to bottom? .