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pump analysis

pump analysis

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designing of pump and impeller using FEM
designing of pump and impeller using FEM

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Published by: JAy Patel on Feb 04, 2013
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The E387 is one of the most widely studied airfoils at Re≈ 105

. The previous chapter

showed reliable force measurements made at various facilities. The measurements were

in relatively good agreement when Re ≥ 105

, but at Re = 6×104

(the lowest Re of

the studies) there was considerable disagreement in the measurements. Also, at this Re,

there was a drastic drag increase at moderate lift coefficients.

The source of these discrepancies is not fully understood, and the cause of this drag

increase has not been identified satisfactorily. Further, it is not clear what happens to the

forces as the Re decreases below 6×104

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