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Prospectus Design: Biswajit Das, Planman Marcom Contents: Arundhati Banerji Entire Content Copyright@2008 by Planman CHE

Dr. Malay Chaudhuri, Founder Director of IIPM & the author of the path breaking best seller ‘The Great Indian Dream’ The Roots Year 1963... A dream... A proposal to Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India to set up an Institute under the name of “Institute for Planning and Administration of National Economy”... A study tour of Europe & a man. The roots of an institute with a difference. An institute oriented towards the promotion of corporate growth, based on innovation and entrepreneurship in harmony with national economic planning objectives, aiming at a sustainable and ethically acceptable growth rate. Conceptualised by Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri, India’s leading economic visionary, The Indian Institute of Planning and Management was formally registered in the year 1973. After completing his M. Sc., Ph.D.& D.Sc. from the School of Economics, Berlin, Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri worked with leading organisations and institutions like HLL, IAS, Simla, XLRI, Jamshedpur (as a Professor of Economics) & IIM, Bangalore (as a Professor of Economics), before resigning from his prestigious job at IIM Bangalore to start what is today regarded as India’s Greatest Academic Movement... The IIPM Movement! The first residential Full-Time Post Graduate Diploma Programme commenced on 12th August, 1974, with students selected through admission tests-cum-interviews held in Delhi, Kolkata, Bombay and Bangalore. Admission tests-cuminterviews have so far been held in 15 centres, namely, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chennai, Patna and Trivandrum. Over the last decade, IIPM with its strategic partners IIPM International (International Institute of Planning and Management, India), IMI (International Management Institute, Belgium) and Planman Group has been aiming to bring a completely international touch to entrepreneurial education

in India, thereby making it superfluous for students from India to look for study opportunities abroad. IIPM aims to bring students from all over the world to come and study in India and realise what the education at IIPM has to offer, at the same time bringing a superb international mix of students on campus. With growing demand of its programmes and changing needs of the market IIPM has retained its superiority by becoming very restricted in its intake over the past few years. IIPM group’s venture IIPM International has filled in the void by becoming pioneers in bringing in corporatization in education, and thereby catering to a larger market, without of course compromising on IIPM’s forte - it’s world beating education and global exposure. IIPM, thus, runs only the flagship programme while IIPM International runs a multitude of programmes catering to various needs of the market. This prospectus applies to all the IIPM group programmes. IIPM group provides students with more than 10, 00, 000 sq. ft. of built-up infrastructure through its various facilities. All IIPM facilities are Wi-Fi enabled. IIPM is headquartered in Delhi’s Chattarpur Area. The IIPM campus has World-Class facilities ranging from state-of-the-art computer dromes to huge amphitheater-type classrooms to mega-auditoriums, as well as exceptional recreational facilities like swimming pool, mini golf, pool, billiards etc. IIPM also has branches in Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Jaipur, Bhopal, Indore, Cochin, Bhubaneshwar & Dehradun. IIPM Mumbai is operating from two architecturally beautifully towers in Bandra & Khar - the heart of Mumbai. Other IIPM branches also operate from similar modern buildings with state-of-the-art facilities.

While this prospectus reveals all true facts about IIPM (at the time of going for print), students are necessarily advised to check the IIPM website at and its FAQ section to remain updated with the latest from the world of IIPM.


History of the institute


With changing times and near dismantling of the Planning Commission in India. becoming a trademark of the free market fiscal bottom line oriented driven system. was quite distinct from that of the private sector in the free market economies originally developed through colonial exploitation. social and cultural upliftment of masses and (3) cultivation of taste for literature. To make a happier and humane society. Problems of development of the private and the public sectors were. viz (1) pursuit of knowledge. we would not be able to translate the laudable goals of plans into physical realities. The scope and role of the private sector in our country. intellectuals around the world are waking up to the inevitable need for International Planning in the search of a more humane and sustainable society as man is becoming increasingly alienated from the society and violence . IIPM International along with IMI aims to reorient the IIPM course to the new realities of the Indian economic system while remaining committed to the basic philosophy of global humanism. The Indian Institute of Planning and Management had thus set before it the twin tasks: to reorient education and research towards the needs of both the sectors and to establish the link between the national economic planning and the development of private enterprises in our country. IIPM aimed at developing a three dimensional personality in its students. As an educational institute. We had even failed to do justice to the private sector in as much as we had not succeeded in impressing upon the students the basic framework within which the private sector had to operate in our country. Otherwise. while India unfortunately abandons principles of National Economic Planning. future entrepreneurs and managers need to understand not just concepts that are taught in traditional B-Schools around the globe.INDIAN THOUGHTS. to be studied and analyzed carefully in the background of national economic planning. however sophisticated the planning models may be.both internal and external . but also concepts of International Planning and Humanitarian Economics. in the context of national economic planning. 4 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . Thus the need to re-focus on welfare concepts has actually acquired greater importance today. which IIPM International aims to impart. In fact. fine arts etc. GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE Aims & Objectives The IIPM course was conceptualised in 1973 keeping in mind the unfortunate fact that education in India till then had still remained primarily oriented towards the needs of the private sector and had overlooked the specific requirements of the public sector. (2) commitment to economic.

etc). Globally renowned Marketing Guru Dr. Personality Development and Mentorship Programme at the Institute. HR. Mrs. Having said all that. but also get personalities. fine arts etc. educated and employed India. These are some of the key reasons that students of the Institute not only get exceptional placements. The Indian Institute of Planning and Management aims at initiating training and research on problems of development that must be solved for realising The Great Indian Dream of a healthy. that exposes them to the functioning of leading global corporations and institutions. It is far more than what the best B-Schools across the world have ever conceptualised.. the Economics part of the curriculum is by itself at par with a Master’s programme in Economics. social and cultural upliftment of masses and (3) cultivation of taste for literature. It’s a programme in entrepreneurship (which helps you become not just a manager but much beyond) with compulsory specialisation in Marketing. what really makes the big difference in the lives of students joining the IIPM movement is perhaps the unique Leadership. Philip Kotler during his session with students in IIPM along with Professor Shouvick Dutta THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Aims & Objectives 5 . The course creates exceptional communicators.. irrespective of their backgrounds. every student typically defines it as a life changing experience. Apart from the above specialisations.. is not an MBA course. Indian Thoughts. which they can be proud of for the rest of their lives.In India. students are required to choose another extra specialisation of their choice (which could be something like Finance. orators. therefore. From one to all. although it might be popularly seen as one. viz (1) pursuit of knowledge. The IIPM course further incorporates World-Class global exposure through the three phase structure that every student undergoes viz. Global Perspective. We aim to create entrepreneurial managers who are globally competent. yet are committed to India. As an educational institute. 1) A compulsory global tour of a developed country like Switzerland/Germany/USA etc. In fact. (2) commitment to economic. 3) Constant interaction with students from all over the world who come to study/spend a semester at the Institute.. one of the founding members of IIPM society at a relief camp for the poor. The IIPM course. Suroma Chaudhuri. 2) Compulsory exposure to the classes/seminars of globally renowned faculty members of leading B-Schools from all over the world. we aim at developing a three dimensional personality in our students. Economics and International Planning. public speakers and leaders out of each and every student in the Institute.

who can face with confidence emerging challenges of international markets.. and most importantly for the people who work for them apart from having a terrific sense of commitment for the country.. it is imperative for tomorrow’s leaders to be aware of the above mentioned facts. When these wealthy nations today talk of being one with the rest of the world and of concepts of global village. For this. pro-India policies. on the IIPM philosophy Aims & Objectives The IIPM programme is today regarded as the only course with a WIDER COVERAGE than MBA/MBE courses taught anywhere else in the country because of its integration with National Economic Planning and a compulsory Marketing specialization.. While some wealthy nations enjoy the luxury of material aplenty. 6 “We need to understand that sustainable growth can be achieved only by committing ourselves to macro level growth strategies that would encompass the bottom 80% of the population and not just the top 20%.” INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . so that they can face with confidence the emerging global challenges of international markets. IIPM aims to create a new generation of globally competent entrepreneurial managers. and yet. great motivational skills and leadership qualities. while remaining committed to remove massive poverty of Indian masses within a generation. their talks simply stink of hypocrisy. we fail to realise that unrestricted satisfaction of all desires is not conducive to human wellbeing nor is it the way to happiness.Prof. In the light of globalization. This conscientious approach would make a growth rate of 12% per capita per annum possible. which would help Indian organisations to become stronger and compete in the world markets successfully. Arindam Chaudhuri Hony. Director of IIPM Think Tank. A growth rate of 12% per capita per annum would imply that India can beat USA in terms of purchasing power parity within the next 25 to 30 years and become economically the strongest country in the world. making it the most INTELLECTUALLY STIMULATING course in India. the fact remains that more than twice the number of people killed in the 2nd World War die every year of hunger and curable diseases. In the light of globalization of Indian economy and capitulation of Indian brands.. The Indian managers need to develop a strong vision for their companies. The time has come for India to lead the way in showing that this carnage can be stopped with the help of determined leadership and long term committed vision. while remaining committed to remove massive poverty of Indian masses within a generation. Future leaders must be aware of this and not remain intellectually handicapped. IIPM. or even maximum pleasure.. the government of India needs to support the Indian organisations with suitable pro-people.. despite such dismal figures.

The faculty associated with IIPM maintains an exceptional standard in conducting leading-edge research that is directly related to course development. Md. Md. course development. The students thus get a chance not only to learn from the faculty but also to discuss and debate the concepts they learn with the decision makers of the economy. making it perhaps the only B-School in the world with so many management graduates in its permanent faculty.R. new dimensions are added to the existing class material. the faculty focus has been on aspects oriented towards creation of a more happier as well as a growth oriented society.Dr. not only to help them overcome their professional problems. who have shared their insights and ideas with our students in our class rooms and beyond. Ex. Mitra. Dean. Every year. Dean . Ever since its inception. Research has helped IIPM develop its own subjects like ‘Beyond Principles of Management and Economics’. all seminars conducted at IIPM are on topics oriented towards growth and well being. a guiding force behind IIPM society in order to create a just and equitable society. They are phenomenally committed to the cause of creating future entrepreneurial managers with a difference. the law of increasing marginal utility. who has been applying welfare aspects of economics to real life situation to single-handedly try and change the future of millions of people in his country through splendid visionary entrepreneurship. wherein students are taught concepts like survival of the weakest. an endeavour that has resulted into the creation of the internationally acclaimed ‘Grameen Bank’. FMS. Philosophers & Guides IIPM has had the good fortune of associating with some of the leading lights of our times. managers who would not only concentrate on profit maximisation but also on welfare maximisation. Yunus from Bangladesh. Roughly 35% of the permanent faculty at IIPM are who showed us the light THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Friends. IIPM has developed its own model to calculate the contributions of each member of the 7 .Chatterjee. but also to contribute to their personal development. teaching and consulting. C. They divide their time among four complementary activities: Research. Nobel prize winner Prof. They devote considerable time to their students. apart from the age-old concepts of survival of the fittest in the market economy and law of diminishing marginal utility etc. The permanent members of the faculty are mostly IIPM alumni with exceptional academic records and industry experience.FMS. N. IIPM’s total faculty strength comprises more than 300 permanent members and more than 250 visiting members. University of Delhi A constant source of inspiration behind IIPM Dr. The invitees have comprised amongst others.K. Bagga The Guru . Therefore. Yunus during an informal get-together with the faculty of IIPM Dr. P. J. Nobel laureate Dr.

IIPM cannot be held responsible. This creates an intellectually stimulating and exciting environment in the campus and students get a first hand experience of how things work in other countries. Students will be sent to different B-Schools (which will impart the programme) as per the sole discretion of IIPM and they will have no right to choose which B-School they want to go to. Shanta Devarajan. Lausanne . London. France etc. Nestle. BMW. 100% of students joining IIPM will be doing a special course on Global Management for one week in one of the top 20 B-Schools* of the world and getting a Certificate in Global Management from the B-School that they attend. Omega etc. Oxford University. From the batch of 2009 onwards GOTA is being taken to a completely different level all together. IMI. Europe. Students are also required to submit projects on the areas of key learning. World Trade Organisation. More than 7500 students have gone for IIPM’s GOTA to countries like USA. Sulzer. The United Nations. Citigroup. During the GOTA visits. students entering IIPM have to undergo a 2/3 weeks study tour to a selected country in the continents of Australia. The World Bank. Cambridge. Haas School of Business. UK. Students should have passports available and would have to obtain visas for the country of their visit. World Bank. Asia. Suzuki. IIPM bears the entire cost of this programme for all students. International Labour Organisation. America. If they are not given a visa. WIPO. Chief Economist for South Asia. Europe. in the last two years alone! When all students return after their visits to various countries. GOTA 8 *The B-Schools have all been ranked in past amongst the top 20 B-Schools of the Business Week B-School ranking or the Economist ranking or the Financial Times rankings. Italy. lodging.GLOBAL OPPORTIUNITY & THREAT ANALYSIS(GOTA) Global Opportunity & Threat Analysis (GOTA) In the light of globalization. Insead. FIAT. they are encouraged to share their experiences and the knowledge gained from the interactions through structured discussions with other students of the institute. IBM. This cost includes cost of air travel (from the nearest international airport) as well as the entire cost of boarding. USA INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . Judge School of Business. The idea is to make the students aware of how a truly global economy works and also to bring a fresh outlook to life conducive to entrepreneurial learning. However IIPM might include any other institute if it deems fit. Credit Suisse. IIPM has conducted seminars and lectures in association with organisations/institutions like: IMD. food and faculty mobilisation. with a wax replica of the Queen of England 60 of the brightest Spring Summer batch students (06-07) at Citigroup Center. Africa. Honda. Swizerland. at a seminar in USA Students at Madame Tussauds.

” Prof. The more such exchanges take place. Advisor INSEAD..” WTO. As a group of young intelligent professionals... Guy B. Sr. dynamic and interactive. Europe Prof. Miles Dodd.. I feel that this initiative gives the students a good exposure on the international business environment and must be encouraged.. Director INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Global Opportunity and Threat Analysis Programme (GOTA) 9 .. Executive Director I think IIPM’s effort in bringing students to Europe is ‘Superb’..” Michael Page International Tulika Kumar.SAFRAN. they were excellent. Knapton My interactions with IIPM [students] have been good and I think IIPM’s effort to expose students to a variety of experiences and speakers is very useful. France (Ranked as the No. France Management experts who taught our students during the GOTA (Global Opportunity & Threat Analysis) Programme comment.. South Africa. 1 management programme in the world for many years consecutively). It was a real pleasure to interact with the students from the different branches of IIPM. France Jeanne Robert.” SAFRAN... as we wish to strengthen our ties with Indian academics. We hope these initial visits of Indian students will be followed by many others. The students also revealed clear signs that they understand a good deal of the subject. I think that they were very good Ambassadors of IIPM because they were punctual. the more confident people will become. International Management Institute. Director for South Asia. Geneva Shishir Priyadarshi.. well turned out and very pleasant.. Israel and Eastern Europe The IIPM group was bright. We thank IIPM for having given us this opportunity to be know more of India’s tomorrow managers.

a student. Rajib Shaw Rossmann at Kyoto University. USA West Port. Lausanne IIPM students at Oxford University. USA Students at the UN Headquarters in Geneva during a seminar on Globalization & International Security USI-Business Council. Japan Prof. Tulika. Lausanne. Italy Ajay Banga .Students attending a lecture session on knowledge management at IMD. Michael Page International. Citi’s International Global Consumer Group interacting with IIPM students. Geneva India Center at Japan organizing a farewell party for our students Port of Antwerp. Geneva Shanta Devarajan. Chief Economist for South Asia. Malaysia Singapore Management University IIPM students at UN Centre. London IIPM group inside th IIPM students for a class at a seminar in World Bank. Japan Factory visit at Pascual Dairy Products. Linda Rapacki (USA) Ms. giving a vote of thanks at Kyoto University. Mansi Bansal. Washington Students group at El-Mundo Newspaper in Spain . at a seminar in USA ENEL. Rajat Shukal felicitating Dr. Executive Director. Belgium Felicitation at NYMEX to Ms. World Bank.Chairman and CEO. Switzerland Ms. Spain Noted analyst Arvind Subramanian presenting a paper on ‘Why India’s growth is like nobody else’s?’ .

Indra. MONDI ITALY TECHNIP ITALY S. FACT. Kobe. South Thames College. Alam FloraL. Cesce. Michael Page.p. National Bank of Fujairah. Honda Co. IT People Consulting. DOW Chemicals. Webster University. Antwerp Port e European Parliament. IFC.R. Belgium PARIS AFII (Agence Francaise Ministry of Industry and Finance). Munich International Airport. Westport. Oxfam. Royal Bank of Scotland SWITZERLAND WIPO. World Bank and IMF. International Christian Unversity. Wipro MALAYSIA HSS.G. Spanish Tourist Board. Talgo. Zidao Communication. Pascual Dairies AUSTRIA Klagenfurt University. WTO.N. Ministry Of trade & Industry.A.M. Airbus SPAIN G. UN. Misport. INDIAN EMBASSY OF INDIA. Siemens AG. SSES. Deutch Bundesbank. (Giant Group)..Some of the important companies/universities/sites visited during the GOTA tour JAPAN Kyoto University. Oxford University. SWEDEN Embassy of India. GSM Association.B. U. ENPC Business School. British Telecom. Volvo. Sanofi Aventis. SKF FINLAND Bank of Finland. Opel Forum BELGIUM Ghent University. SIYA Group of Companies. UNCTAD GERMANY ARRI AG. PASONA Inc. Hyogo Prefecture. BNL. Emirates Bank. UCA Global. Arabian Radio Network. Singapore Port Authority. Citigroup. NEWater. Adam Capital. VCD Tech.A. European Parliament. IBM. Carbonic International. Nanyang Technological University. I. GRP Industries Ltd. EURONEXT. Suzuki Motor Corporation. UN LONDON University of Central England. BMW AG. Vienna University of Economics. Singapore Management University DUBAI Seven Seas Group Of Companies.O. 11 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Global Opportunity and Threat Analysis Programme (GOTA) . Harvard Business School (Malaysia chapter). Panasonic Centre. MARKETING. Citigroup. Deutsche Bank. MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG. Teknion Furniture Systems (Malaysia) Send Bhd SINGAPORE ICICI.S. Abu Dhabi Commercial bank. USI Business Council. Kone Corporation USA NYMEX.. ACER..

Said School of Business etc have in past taken classes and EDP’s in IIPM. Kellogg School of Management. all IIPM students get taught by professors from some of the world’s top 20 B-Schools*. These interactions are not merely at a guest lecture level but at a level where all our flagship programme students get to be taught at least an entire course by them. Though Delhi and Mumbai being corporate hubs remain the favourite EDP destinations in India. London School of Economics. NYU Stern. professors from the top 20 B-Schools also take special sessions with IIPM students of multiple branches when they come to India to participate in IIPM’s Academic/ EDP calendar. Apart from the above. Stanford. INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . Professors from Harvard Business School. Chicago GSB. The Global Outreach Programme thus also brings professors of International repute to IIPM in India. The students of the One Year Global Programme additionally get to be taught additional super specialisations by them in India as well. MIT Sloan School of Management. Global Opportunities and Threat Analysis Programme Participating B-School: Affiliate B-School: Participating School for GOTA: Participating B-Schools in India Strategic Marketing Programme Wealth Management Programme: 12 *The B-Schools have all been ranked in past amongst the top 20 B-Schools of the Business Week B-School ranking or the Economist ranking or the Financial Times rankings. London Business School. Yale School of Management. so that the students get the best possible exposure to world-class teaching.GLOBAL FACULTY & TEACHING Global Faculty & Teaching Facilitated by IIPM International. enabling these students to be taught by professors from not just one but a majority of the top 20 global B-Schools . Haas School of Business. Typically the regular programme students undertake the Advanced Global Management course under these world renowned professors during their GOTA programme in one of the top 20 B-School campuses abroad. all IIPM branches get a chance to host multiple professors every year.thus giving them an exposure which very few B-Schools around the world can boast of giving. However IIPM might include any other institute if it deems fit. INSEAD. Wharton. Our past partner B-Schools for GOTA include HAAS School of Business as well as Judge Business School. IMD. Judge School of Business. Columbia GSB.

Columbia Business School Rajeev Kohli. Harvard University Sunil Gupta. Stanford Prof. Mark de Rond. Tobias Kretschmer. Cambridge University Prof. Graduate Business School Akash Deep.Success. Partha Mohanram. London School of Economics Sir Geoffrey Owen. ESB Prof. Performance. Columbia Business School Prof. Chicago GSB Prof. Michael Yaziji. LSE Prof. LSE Dr. Skander Essegaier Wharton Prof. University of Oxford Prof. Rick Aubry. Raymond Richardson. George Wu. Tom Kirchmaier. Isaac Getz. Saïd Business School. Kellogg School of Business Gita Gopinath.EVA : Maximizing Shareholder Value STEPHEN R. MIT Sloan School of Management Prof. COVEY . Achievement PHILIP KOTLER . Owen Darbishire. Wharton Pietro Veronesi.Strategic Marketing INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Global Faculty & Teaching .The Success Principles 13 ZIG ZIGLAR . Kellogg Johannes Pennings. LSE Prof. Chicago GSB Prof. NYU Stern Leigh Hafrey. Yale School of Management Prof. NYU. IMD International Amitava Chattopadhyay. Stern JOEL STERN . INSEAD Donald Marchand.Organizational Management JACK CANFIELD . INSEAD Lakshman Krishnamurthi. Columbia University Ravi Dhar. Zur Shapira. University of Chicago.International Management Gurus Who Have Taken Exclusive Seminars With IIPM Students !! Some distinguished professors who have visited IIPM include: Philip Kotler. IMD International Andre Laurent. Ari Ginsberg.

Reception of students of State University .G L O B A L Global Student Exchange Programme IIPM International Student Exchange Programme Under the Global Student Exchange Programme at IIPM.Higher School of Economics. They also enjoyed the best of Indian hospitality as they were accommodated at residences of IIPM students. Under certain specific cases. After the successful completion of the programme. they got an opportunity to visit McDonald’s training centre in India to understand McDonald’s India marketing mantra. Moscow visited the IIPM Campus at Delhi for a period of 2 weeks to undergo an advanced course in Strategy and Marketing Management. This is the reason why at IIPM more stress is given to help these international students develop cross-cultural management skills. Undergraduate and Graduate students of management institutes and universities from all across the world visit various IIPM campuses in India for a duration varying between three weeks and one trimester. the students receive academic credits for the same. Moscow Students from HSE. During the entire phase of their stay. the international students who come down to the IIPM campuses need to bear the cost of their food and accommodation. Moscow at IIPM’s New Delhi campus Some of the Universities which participate in GSEP State University . This enabled the students to get a true flavor of ‘Indianism’ along with the best academic inputs from the institute. social skills and language skills. and later to visit ITC e-Choupals in villages in Western Uttar Pradesh to understand rural marketing initiatives by one of India’s largest business conglomerates.Higher School of Economics. During their stay. 14 International Exchange Programme Students wearing the Planman CHE T-Shirts INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . accommodation is provided to these international students at the residences of IIPM students to give them a feel of Indian customs and culture. It is a firm belief at IIPM that the globalised world requires more managers who can effectively and efficiently function in a multi-cultural environment. IIPM charges no tuition fees for the courses offered to these students under the student exchange programme. It also helps these students to explore more growth opportunities across the world.

leading to transfer of credits for the same.. Philip Siedel. Derivatives. Germany participating in Club activities at IIPM Mumbai with IIPM students..and striking a picture perfect pose during the activities! INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Global Student Exchange Programme Johannes Kepler University.they attended exclusive sessions on Yoga and Meditation. There was quite a lot of fun in store for them as they participated in various in-campus activities along with the IIPM students. Students of Ingolstadt University. cultural centres and financial institutions. Linz (Austria) at our campus Library.. These students.. Strategic HR etc. Ingolstadt Germany accompanied by Prof.. 15 . Indian Financial System and Indian Culture & Cross Cultural Management. the students also got an opportunity to experience the best of Indian culture-curry . Germany IIPM Mumbai played host to 15 students from the Ingolstadt University.. Students of Johannes Kepler University. Linz. They attended sessions on diverse subjects like Multinational Business Finance. and Economic Environment to Business. specialized on different aspects of management for a period of 4 weeks with students of Mumbai branch in Feb ‘07. New Delhi. Apart from various lecture sessions and visits to trade bodies. Compensation Management. Applied Finance.. Linz (Austria) 16 Students from JKU.. . were here in campus for a month to attend 3 exclusive courses: India’s Foreign Trade..and at the billiards table! Ingolstadt University.

Career Cell at IIPM confirmed more than 1000 companies participating for placements last year. actively involved in various rural development and social upliftment programmes... ICICI Prudential. Bharat Shell. 16 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . 09 & 10! In a glittering ceremony in Mumbai. Coca Cola. The Strategic Management Gruop . Banking. IIPM has once again proven that even when it comes to International Placements. Essar Group. the IIPM Placement Dean received the award. Berger Paints. Services.for 08. ICICI Bank. Hutch. Times Money. IIPM has had the highest no. Max New York Life. of Placements in India for three consecutive years. Dubai and Singapore and across India work closely with corporations across the globe to identify opportunities for students.. In addition. GE Consumer Finance. Kotak Mahindra. HSBC. Evalueserve. IIPM alumni currently would be found in various Fortune 500 companies. Highest placements amongst all B-Schools in India! Members of IIPM alumni society of more than 15. Asian Paints. Reuters. Standard Chartered. business American Express. i Gate. Met Life.IIPM wins the Dewang Mehta Best B-School award for Highest International Placements IIPM has now won the prestigious Dewang Mehta Best B School award for Highest International Placements in India for three consecutive years . London. Shopper’s Stop. Oracle. Primus Telecom. GE Money. a large percentage of IIPM graduates describe themselves as self employed within 10 to 15 years of graduation. ING Vysya. it is second to none. It has had the unique distinction of having placed more than 99% of its students over the last ten years and more. NEC. Citibank. which aims to serve as an intellectual and professional home base for its graduates throughout their careers. IIPM alumni clubs are spread all over India. TATA AIG. and many many many more! Insurance. trying to create an impact through their own entrepreneurial ventures. Schneider Electric. who can be found in every field. Crisil. India Bulls. 2008-2010. IIPM’s Career Management offices in New York. Fortis. Yahoo. Infrastructure. Hindustan Levers. Skoda. 000 enjoy a life Alumni & Placements long association with one another and with the institute. HP. FMCG. 2009 stood at 2700 and 2010 stood at 2850. and geographical location. GroupM. Finance. No particular career path is typical for IIPM graduates. Consulting. The placement figures for the year 2008 stood at 2650. Oil. Bata. Citifinancials. Consumer Durables. They included ABN Amro. every sector was well represented across all IIPM centres. HCL Infinet. as well as in organisations of all sizes. HDFC Bank. Deloitte Consulting.. IT. Oswal Group.

edu Some of IIPM’s recent recruiters 3M India Ltd A C Nielson American Express Services India Ltd Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group Avery Dennison Aviva Life Insurance Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited Barclays PLC Bharti Enterprises Bluestar Bombay Dyeing Capital IQ Citibank India Pvt. Citi-financial Coca-Cola Copal Partners Cushman & Wakefild DBS Cholamandalam Dstbn Ltd Dell Deloitte Consulting Deutsche Bank DLF Universal EICHER GOODEARTH LTD.Naveen Chamoli ‘95 Original scanned portions from an article in Hindustan Times on 13th July ’08.iipm.Com Oracle Pantaloon Retail India Limited Pepsico Philips Pipal Research PriceWaterhouseCoopers QAI India Ltd Reebok Reliance Industries Reliance Infocomm RK Swamy BDDO Sahara Global Samsung Satyam Computers Sharp Business Systems Shaw Wallace Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Mutual Fund Taj Hotels TATA AIG TATA Consultancy Sevices The India Today Group The Oberoi Group UB Group United Health Group UTI Bank Way2Wealth Whirlpool Wipro WNS Yamaha Motor India Yes Bank Zee Network Zydus Cadila Prashanto Banerji ‘97 Namita Chhetri ‘98 Viraj Kalra ‘01 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . Eli Lilly Ernst & Young Essar Group Evalue Serve Eveready Industries Exevo FCB-Ulka Group Federal Express Corporation GE Money Godrej & Boyce Goldman Sachs Google Grasim Industries Limited Haier Appliances HCL Infinet HCL Technologies BPO HDFC Asset Mgt Co. Ltd. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Hewlett Packard Hitachi HSBC Bank HUTCH iBilt Technologies Ltd IBM ICICI Bank India Bulls ING Vysya ITC Wills Lifestyle Jet Airways Jindal Stainless Ltd JM Morgan Stanley Johnson & Johnson JWT Kelly Services Lewis Berger (Berger Paints) LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd Lufthansa Airlines Max Healthcare Ltd Max New York Life Insurance MetLife MGF India Microsoft Corporation Naukri. For complete article log on to www.

. Heatly & Gresham Henkel. The managers of IIPM have been a good profile match with respect to culture and competence in our organization. Baan Infosystems BirlaSunLife Insurance Burgundy Infotech Chicago Pneumatic China Trust Bank CII Cimmco Birla Cipla Citicorp Compaq Chambal Fertilizers Ltd CitiCorp E-Serve Coca Cola Cosco Denso India Dainik Bhaskar Dainik Jagran Dara Shaw Direm DS Group Elbee Emery Worldwide Eternit Everest Egon Zender Future Soft Solutions Fag Precision GE Capital Gestetner Global Telecom Goodyear Geep GTC HCL Infosystems HCL Perot HDFC HRDC HSBC HT.COMPANIES PARTNERING THE PLACEMENT SESSION AT IIPM in the past few years.. Global Alumni & Placements It was an overall pleasant and enriching experience dealing with IIPM and we look forward to your continuing support in the years to come. The overall process was handled quite professionally and we are impressed with the quality of education imparted and exposure given to the students.” BERGER PAINTS S. Spic Hitkari Holtec Consultancy ICICI Prudential ICRA I-Energiser Indian Express Indian Emulsion Intercraft IT&T Jaypee Greens J. well trained.” PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS Shiela Pakrasi (Manager. Bhattacharya (Sr. General Manager Corporate HR and Personnel) INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL .K Capital Services AAR ESS EXIM Accord PR AKC Group Bajaj Capital Banaras House Bentley Birla Trexim Blowplast Ltd.Com Ranbaxy Ltd Radisson Rajdoot Paints Samsonite SAS International SDI India Ltd Shriram Pistons Ltd Sita World Softek India Result McCann Sakura Bank Sanwa Bank Sumitomo Corp Total Lubricants Turner Morrison TATA Infomedia TBWA Anthem TCIL Timex Usha Martin UNITECH Ltd.G Chemicals Llyod Insulations Mahindra McKinsey & Co. Accor Amrop Anand Group Anthem A..K.. Human Resources) 18 It has b een a wonder f ul experience to be a part of IIPM’s placement process. well placed!” Rakesh Hero Motors Hinduja Group Co. Microsoft Modicare Modi Revlon Paras Ltd Perfect Relations People. Usha India Unitel Consultants Valvoline Cummins Wimco Wizcraft Zenith Infotec Rakesh Malhotra ‘93 IIPM students.Pharmaceuticals Jindal Group Kajaria Ceramics L. Dean-Placements.

Arindam Chaudhuri. CFS Financial Services Pvt Ltd. Allegro Capital Advisors Alliance Infrastructure Allianz Security Allied Digital Services Alltimesjobs Almondz Capital Markets Pvt. the dynamic Ms. Balaji Transport Barnies Coffee BASIX FOREX AND FINANCIAL SERVICES Batlivala & Karani Securities India Pvt. BLB Group Blue Star India Body Care Bombay Dyeing Bonsai BSP Info. CGN & Associates CGS Chambel Fertilizer Channel Technologies CIBIL Clear Capital Club Mahindra Holidays CM Software Communicate 2 Compare Infobase Computer Mart Concordas Convergys Core Tree Cosmic Softech Cosmo Tradex (UK based MNC) CRISIL CVENT D.99 Acres A G Technologies A&C MAX Aarti Group Aastha Consulting ABN AMRO Bank N. Ltd Benihana Bhartiya International BIFM BIG 92. ACER Computers ACES Aci(Asia) ltd AD’S WORLD Adani Group Adecco ADVEL Advertising & Marketing Adventity AFL LOGISTICS Ahimsa Industries AHL AIRCEL Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd. addressing a Seminar An IIPM Deans’ conference in progress THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . Dean Global Affairs Amit Saxena.U.V. Kiran Bedi with Delhi Head of Establishment. BUSH CONSTRUCTIONS Cambridge Candid Software (P) Ltd Care Hospital Career Launcher Career Plan Caritor Casan Glasses CCS Computer Cease Fire Cellar Stone Centurion Bank of Punjab CFC Intl. Ltd. Tiwari. C. Alstom Amrit Feeds Amtrak Infonet AMUL Anagram Stock Broking Anand Rathi Group AND Designs Angelique International Limited Anmol Sekhri & Associates Approach International Armstrong Arrow Coated Art World Arvind Mills Ashoka Builders Asian Paints Asian Tiger Fincorp Aspire Systems Assotech Real Estate ATS Services Private Limited Automart Automartindia (A Mahindra Group.Infonet DARSHAW Datamatics DCM Shriram Fertilizers & Chem D’damas Jewelry Decision Craft Analytics Deepak Nitrite Deknot Delhi Press Group Desert Spring Design Co Devyani International Dickenson Intellinetics Dikenson Intellinetics EAC.P. Dean ISBE Youth Icon. Dean Administration Partha Saha.Euro Asia Consulting Easy Solutions E-Biz Chem Ecole Solitaire Edleweiss Electrobug Elegant Jewellers Eli Lilly and Company Prof. Prof. Ltd. Ashok Bose. Dean Special Projects Indraneel Das.7 FM Birla Insurance Advisory Services Ltd. Birla Power Solutions Ltd. HDFC and Sah & Sanghi Venture) Avalon Business Intelligence Aztec Exim Pvt.

Ethno Research ETP Group EURO RSCG Global e-procure Global Exhibitions and Conference Global Hunt Pvt Ltd. Gateway Technolabs Genisys GHS Consulting 20 IIPM Bulls raid… Ritesh Dogra Gautam Hari Varun Makkar Anup Mundra Depender S Indranath Bani Barata Abhishek Jain Arun Mehra Arpit Kapoor Rohit Joshi Swati Jain Vikas Malik Vivek Shukla Shan Jamshed Joy Shakar M Ashish Bist Dinesh Kaushik Narasimha Raju Varun Kapoor IIPM stands proud of the noteworthy achievement made by the following students during the Campus Placement Session. with India’s leading Retail Financial Services Company.(Airtel) Gallops Mall Mgmt Co. Finoble Advisors FIRST GLOBAL First India Enterprises Pvt. : India Bulls Mohit Kumar Prashant G Sachin Vahil Sumant Bhalla Rahul Agarwal Sanmeet Singh Deepak Kumar Nipun Wadhwa Jhilam Java Naseem Ahmed “We are what we repeatedly do.Tokyo I-gate IL & FS i-maatrixx consulting IMPETUS Inchcape Shipping Services INDAGE HOTEL Indepesca Overseas India Bulls India Infoline India Mart Indian Satellite Research & Development Organization (ISRDO) Indicus Analytics Indigene Indigo Consulting Info Edge Infoprocorp Corporation Infrasoftech ING Vysya Life Insurance Innovative B2B Logistic Solutions Pvt. is not an act. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd Enkay Entrepreneur Incubator E-Nucleus Envision Era Group Esys Technologies ETA General P Ltd.” Varun Gandhi Shweta Mittal Gautam Gupta Debasish C Anirban M Sachin Gautam Sachin Tiwari Ronald Laishram Abhisekh Paliwal Abhinandav B INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . India Bulls. Excellence. Globeop Financial Golden Palms Grand Group of Hotels Granton Advertising Greenfield Online Gridstone Research Group M Hansa Outsell Harinagar Sugar Mills Havells Group HBE GROUP Helix Financial Heritage foods Hewitt Associates Hindustan Level Network Home Solution Homz “R” Us HTMT Hufort Health Care HughesNet Fusion Hures Capital Hypercity Hytec Group ICICI Direct ICICI Lombard ICICI Prudential Life Insurance ICSA IDBI Bank Ideal Tech Communication IFFCO . These students have been confirmed by the organisation. Ltd.Deepak Kaistha ‘97 Subhoshekhar Bhattacharya ‘97 Arundhati Banerji ‘97 Abhimanyu Ghosh ‘98 Rohit Manchanda ‘98 Elmeca works Emcure Pharmacuticals Emmay HR Enagram Endeavor Careers Pvt. Ltd IN-SITE Integra Micro system Integreon Integrix India Pvt Ltd Alumni & Placements Executive Access Executive Search Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd. but a habit. then. FITCH Ratings Fluent Foresight Fortis Securities Fortune Informatics Ltd Foundation System Fourth Dimension Franchise India Frost & Sullivan FUCHS Galaxy Rent-a-tel Pvt. FAINGER LESER Famy Care Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. Expeditors F1F9 India Pvt.

Microsoft Gold and Certified Partners Midas Events MIDDAY Mirchi Events Mirza Tanners MITASHI Mitsubishi MODE Modellers Pvt. Maxwell Industries Mearsk Logistics Media Group of companies Micro Clinic India Pvt.K Industries Ltd Jagran Engage Jai Durga Plaster Industries JBA Associates JBA concrete solutions Pvt. Ltd. Nimble Systems Nirmal life Style NIS Sparta NISA Nitesh Estate Nityo InfoTech Corporation 59 IIPM students… Storm ICICI Bank IIPM students scale new heights ASHUTOSH TIWARI SJOYENDRAMOHAN AMIT KIRAN ABHISHEKH RATHI ABHISEKH THAKUR NEHA SHARMA ADITI GUPTA PARITOSH TIWARI MAHUA RAY VINEET PANDEY AMIT KUMAR GIRI AVINASH BASULA GAURAV NAGAR GARIMA JAIN M HARISUDHAN ROHIT KR SHARMA ASHISH PANDEY ANAND MK MEENAL PATEL RAHUL DUTTA ISHA CHHABRA DOLON PATRA ASHISH NAGPAL ANINDITA LAHIRI WALID HASAN HEMANT SOOD BUSHRA PRABUDHA ROY VISHAL THAKUR PRITHVIRAJ AMBAVATI PARTHA PRATIM MISHRA AMITABH TRIPATHI SACHIN MATHUR NADEEM AHMED SAURABH KHURANA RUCHIKA GUPTA HIMANSHU BACCHAN MANSI KAPUR SAI GUNARANJAN JAGDISH BILURKAR VISHAL THAKUR FARAH MOTO MUKTA GOGNA AMIT AHUJA ANSHUL MATHUR CHARU AGARWAL SEWALINI SUMIT BHARDWAJ KRITI CHOUDHARY ANIKENDRA GHOSH GUNJAN KUMAR SUNNY KALRA NEHA BHARGAV CHANDNI SACHDEV KIRANLATA JAISWAL NISHANT SAINI SAROVAR JAIMOL class of 2003-05 21 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Alumni & Placements . Ltd. Ltd.Rajat Thareja ‘96 Mansi Bansal ‘05 Anirudh Sharma ‘00 Rajat Shukal ‘02 Shikha Ghosh ‘03 Intercontinental Inter Globe AviationP v t. Ltd New Horizons NextGen Publishing Ltd. Ltd. JPM Chase Jullundar Motor Agency K Infotech Kairali Airlines Kaizer Kaplan Financial Karvy Commodities Karvy Consultant Keane India Kerry Blue Consultants Keselec Schreder Private Limited Keystone Realtors Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Ltd. Ltd Mahendra Engineering Ltd. JMD JMD Group Johnson Lifts Ltd. Ltd. (Indigo Airlines) InterGlobe Enterprises Interlink consultancy Interlink Marketing Consultancy Io-Global Services Pvt. Lehman Brothers Libsys Corporation LKIC Group London Express Lotus Exhibitions MAA TV Macro Strategy Maestro Mafoi Consultants Magnum Resources Pvt. Ltd. Kotak Securities Ltd Krishna Packagaing L & T Infotech Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan Laser Lights Lason LAUNCHPAD Laurent & Benon Management Consultants Ltd. IPM&SL Itrust ITW Signode J. Mandanna Associates Manipal Group Manpower Consulting Manpower Services Ltd. Maini Group (Makers of REVA electric car) Malwa Industries Mancer Consulting Services Pvt. MONSTER INDIA Morgan Chase Mosaic services Motilal Securities NAM Securities National Engineering Industries LTD National Institute of Management National Timbers NDTV Media Neda Communications NEG-Micon INDIA PVT Ltd Neptune Consulting Netsystems New Era Consultants Pvt. Mansukh Securities & Finance Ltd March Infotech Marcus Evans Mata Securities Matrix Maveric Systems Ltd.

Kiran Bhatia ‘94 Deepak Shah ‘95 Rahul Wadhwani ‘98 Novartis Novel DIGI Solutions NSE. Here at IIPM no dream is far fetched.” Kaushal Mishra (2005-07) INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . Radico Khaitan Radio Mirchi Rama Hyundai Ravin Cables Ray Consulting Group Recerche Red FM Redington India Ltd Reliance General Insurance Reliance Money Reliance Retail Reliant Media RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL Richie Rich RNCOS ROI Consulting Roots Education RPG Cellucom S&S Associates S. My experiences at IIPM have made me a more complete and professional individual.IT Nucleus Software (Global Banking Products & Solutions Provider) NucleusTechnologies Nurture O&M O’Neil Software Limited Ocwen Financial Office Tiger Om Logistics Omintech One97 Pvt.KUMARS Sabmiller Sahara Computers & Electronics Ltd. Oomerbhoy Pvt. the least you can become is the best. SmartTECH Consulting Group. Ltd. Ltd. I have experienced the spirit of change triggered by a movement like none other than the IIPM movement. Prosearch Prospect PROV INTERNATIONAL Prudential ICICI A sset Management Company Quadrangle Consulting QuantM net technologies Ltd R.Sujit Roy ‘94 Ms. This new renaissance is about a dramatic shift not just in ideology but in the way management would be treated henceforth.A. Primus Telecom Principal Asset Management Company Progeon Prognosys Systems Progressive Infotech (P) Ltd. Salient Business Solutions Sami Labs Sapient Sasken SATYAM CINEMA Savex SBI Securus Records Management Pvt. R. Pantheon Advisory Parsec Loans Patni Computers PC Solutions Pvt. Plan One Playwin POLARIS POONAWALA Power Dsine Premier Group (Premier Security & Guarding Services) Prime Market Reach (P) Ltd. Société d’Exportation du Golf de Guinée (SEGG S.) Softel Networks Softquest Technology Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Sonet Microsystems Alumni & Placements OptiMix Orchid Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd. Pegasus International Pennzoil Pentair Water PEOPLE GROUP Peopleone Consulting 22 Centuries after renaissance. Ltd.Com Simplex Siptech SKF India Ltd. Orient Fans Oswal Retail P T Education Panalpina World Transport India Pvt. Ltd. Ltd Shasun Chemicals Sharekhan Shoppers’ Stop Shubam shipping service Sify SignJobs. OPI PERCEPT Perot System Placement and Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.

Apart from this. Sp e c t r u m Pla ce m e nt & M a r ke t in g Services SPER Sports Station India Pvt. Pipal Research 23 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Alumni & Placements . Ltd Synovate Systematix Shares Ltd.SPA Securities Spark Leadership Incorporated Spear Publishing Spectra Net.Prime Financial Star Car Rental Star India Private Limited STR (I) Pvt. I can confidently say that my improved overall personality and communication skills immensely helped me in getting the placement.” Udit Gupta (2005-07). Ltd Spyker Jeans Staff Service net (p) Ltd Standard Chartered Finance Ltd.) Stryker Sun Earth Ceramics Sun Networks Sundaram BNP Pariba Supplier Business India Pvt. SYSTIME Sytems & Softwares T. Ltd Unikem Unistal Systems Unistell India United Liner Agencies UNITED PHOSPHOROUS Usi Networking Value Chain Value First Value Momentum Vangaurd Associates Vanglez Vantage (Khandwala Securities) VARDHMAN VENUS JEWEL Vertex VGL (The STS Group of Companies) Vimta Labs Vinaya Export Virgin Comics Virtusa Vitage VOLTAS Vserve Global Webex Communication Wenger & Watson Wizarth Advisors Yatra. But with time confidence started seeping in and I experienced the difference within me. (Specialized Technology Resources. Ltd SureFin Investments SUTHERLAN GROUP Swedish Trade Council Symphony Services Synopsis India Pvt.E Education Tacker Technologies Ltd. Every other day we had to give some presentation or had to participate in a debate which was tough Trainedge Transearch India Transgraph Transreporter Travel2agent. one thing that stood out was the stress given on improving our overall personality and communication skills. Tecnova TECPRO SYSTEMS Tehelka. Aparna Kumar ‘95 The course content of IIPM programme helped me get well versed in wide ranging topics which hold practical significance. TreMyn Triumfo International Tulip IT services Ltd.) Team Lease Techbridge Networks Technofast Consulting Solutions (P) Ltd. Inc. Ukli Real Estate Totem Projects TradeIndia.Com Zicom Electronic Security Systems Telesis Global Teletech Services TERI – The Energy and Resources Institute Tesco Thakur Marine Services The Claridges-Hotels and Resorts The India Today Group The Research Pacific Group The Taco Maker Thinksoft Global Thomas Assessment Thomas Cook Thomas International Thyme Advertising Time Manager International Times of India TIMES OF MONEY Timesjobs. Taj Hotels TATA Consultancy Services TATA ELXI TCM India TDI G ro u p ( Ta n eja D e ve l o p e r s & Infrastructure Ltd. Standard Chartered Investment & Loans (India) Ltd .I.a division of Punj Lloyd Ltd. Ms.Ltd ULJK Unicon India Pvt.

.. shared my experiences with the students while taking a few classes and now I am back in the industry. M...” Ex. Rajat Shukal.Business Strategy & Development. Hong Kong Executive Director ..IIPM Alumni includes: Managing Director. though at IIPM life was wonderful and full of excitement. I did my research. K.the crests and troughs of emotions .. at times wondering how it was going to benefit us in the future.. Rakesh Malhotra and very ably supported by Anirudh Sharma. Interactions there made me realise that the extensive focus on economics had made me intellectually superior to all others around.that we all encountered during the entire day and the last 15 minutes.... 03-05 Essar Power Ltd... on projects and cases. I couldn’t stick there for long and came back to where I belonged : IIPM.. Chandan Kar. We used to work hard... and then the names kept on pouring in.. I got placed in one of India’s largest information technology organisations.. And the defining moment when Rakesh Sir (Dean) started announcing the names. Then. 9 recruitments in one go.. wherein the results were getting declared.-Xerox Sourav Chatterjee ‘95 24 Today 7th Feb 2006 is exactly one year from 7th Feb 2005 wherein we all got placed.. enjoying giving consulting to some of the top companies internationally... and many more The two pillars of strength behind IIPM. Chaudhuri and Ratna Chaudhuri Alumni Speak To be true. Singapore .. Fuji Xerox. I had no idea about how life after IIPM was going to be. it’s still fresh in our memories . Oracle Corporation. we went for our summer training and realised that we actually were better than all others around because of our extensive focus on projects and case based discussions with less focus given on lecture oriented teaching. and mine was the first. Dr. Essar Group INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . And hope you repeat the same success when ESSAR visits IIPM again this year. It was the single largest group to be recruited by ESSAR from all the b-schools in India. After IIPM. We at ESSAR thank the entire placement team of IIPM spearheaded by Mr..

I never felt tired. Hongkong. Amidst the business events and festivities. (6th largest in terms of Market Capitalization) in the Strategic Finance and Investment relations department. with their families. Ramagopal Rao. where I have outstanding experiences and great learning every day. Malay Chaudhuri & Mrs. London. 2003. although he was very busy. now with Oracle Corporation (South Asia Region) as Executive Director. success is just beside that someone..” Mr. success might be far for some others. one of the faculty members of the class of ‘82.05 BATCH HAS RECEIVED THE BEST NEW PERFORMER AWARD AT ORACLE and mentions. receiving a memento from Partho Sen Gupta. seen in the above photograph with the Director of IIPM. now the Managing Director with Fuji Xerox. INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Alumni Speak Mr.. Ratna Chaudhuri JAISON JACOB. Muscat. 05-07/SS . Business Strategy & Development. Each day at IIPM brought along a new platform to participate and perform. I went to meet Mr. I am so glad I chose IIPM for my career. While the course was rigorous and the assignments never-ending. Dr. PGP/SS/2005-07.” DLF Limited Deepak Kumar Gupta. “It’s all because of the IIPM COMMITMENT. I was a little worried with respect to finance placements. Toronto and various parts of India..” QAI India Ltd. Success might be near for some. he first gave importance to my work. But now believe me. receiving a memento from class of ‘82 faculty Partho Sen Gupta I still remember an incident.. Hongkong. I thank the IIPM placement team and every professor from the bottom of my heart for bringing me to the position where I am today. I am more than happy working with India’s 6th largest and leading real estate company DLF Limited. I became all the more focused and my new self was a pleasant surprise to me as well. Swati Hora. Rajat Shukal once to get my resume checked. but once someone is in IIPM. Asheesh Khaneja.Mock interviews RIGOROUS TRAINING DURING PLACEMENT WEEK Group discussions Class of 1982 which reunited in the winter of 2002. 25 They came from far away places like Singapore.

Ratna Singh (Human Resources) Ms. which we had planned earlier. HR The annual HR conclave being held in Zurich Prof. Sehgal.M. HR) Alumni Speak We are glad to hire students from IIPM. I have seen strong verve & positive attitude in them.” OSWAL GROUP Mr. Manuj Mehta (G. As the vision flows from top to bottom. Head North Members of SMG with HR conclave delegates in Zurich 26 Avery Dennison has decided to visit only IIPM campus for its CLDP program (Management Trainee). they are always aware of current affairs & business. Asst. and look forward to keep hiring students from IIPM. Piyush Pandey Ad Guru Prasoon Joshi flanked by IIPM Deans at a 4Ps-IIPM awards ceremony INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . VP . It was our pleasure to pick students from this institute and we dropped the idea of visiting other campuses.” EVALUE SERVE Ms. thanks to the summer interning they complete. positive attitude. The institute has developed a good name among all the sectors & business fraternity. impressive academic record & good communication skills.Head HR. they are appropriately given exposure of almost everything which a potential employer may look at. We have observed IIPM students understand corporate culture. One doesn’t feel that they are raw & new to the business world.” DPM Manoj Jaiswal. impressive personality.” Unicon Dhiiraj K.We are very happy with the performance of IIPM students as in the past and we would definitely make this a repeat process at IIPM in the future as well. Ratna Singh .PCG. Arindam Chaudhuri felicitating ad king Mr. I wish the institute & students very good luck & a bright career ahead. Evalue Service The students had good conceptual clarity.

K Raghunath (Director HR) “The students from IIPM have a good understanding of multiple disciplines and exhibit strong commitment. Sulajja Firodia Motwani receiving her award from Legendary ad personality Gerson da Cunha Former Miss India Manpreet Brar during a Farewell Party INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Alumni Speak . GCMMF (Amul)BM Vyas.Dr. Find the students to be down to earth. Mallika Sarabhai & Umang Hutheesingh lighting the lamp of wisdom at IIPM Ahmedabad 27 Ms. Chaudhuri during an IIPM seminar “IIPM as a conducive Learning environment with a course curriculum that’s a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge which is not only contemporary in approach but also relevant to industry.4Ps awards ceremony MD. The enthusiastic response shown by both the students and faculty have convinced us to try and make this a repeat process. Puneet Pratap Singh (Sr. enthusiastic and have a good understanding of the business environment. Raihan Raizada (Recruiting India Region Deloitte) Ad Gurus Aleque Padamsee & Prahlad Kakkar. The values and ethos they posses are their biggest strength” EXECUTIVE ACCESS INDIA Mr. M. Consultant Asia) HR Conclave delegates enjoying an evening out! “The students of IIPM have exhibited a high level of professionalism in their approach and have been well groomed to take on the corporate world. K. Shauna Chauhan. Arindam Chaudhuri. They seem well prepared for future challenges in corporate world” PUNJ LLOYD Mr. Prof. Jeh Wadia and Rajiv Piramal at an IIPM .” DELOITTE CONSULTING Mr.

Advanced Java. * Class room courses of six trimester (of 18 months’ duration inclusive of Thesis Trimester) plus 3 months’ Project Feasibility Report/ Trimester Project/On the Job Training. IIPM group offers many other programmes. Under Graduate and Executive Programmes. .Full-Time Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship* Subject International Planning Area International Economic Planning C National Economic Planning Area Economic Analysis Economics of Village/Small Medium/Large Industries C Corporate Economics Comparative Economic System Comparative Economic Development Income Distribution and Welfare Economics Economic Theory Indian Economic Development Economic Environment for Business Regulatory Environment for Large Scale Industries National Economic Planning C Indian Economic Planning Comparative Planning & Management C Regional Planning Entrepreneurship Area Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice-I Indian Business Environment Preliminary Scanning of Business Ideas Business Plan and Project Implementation Family Business Management Support Systems for New Enterprise Creation New Enterprise Identification & Selection Enterprise Establishment and Management Agri-entrepreneurship Environment Enterprise Development and Management Emerging trends in Agri-Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice-II Marketing Area Basic Marketing C Sales and Distribution Industrial & Institutional Marketing Marketing Consumer Behaviour Market and Marketing Research Advertising C Strategic Marketing International Marketing Export-Import Documentation and Procedures Quantitative Techniques in Marketing Personnel & Industrial Relations Area Organisational Behaviour C Organisational Development Personnel Industrial Relations Finance & Accounting Area Basic Finance Corporate Accounting Production Area Manufacturing Process Production Control Entrepreneur and Creativity Industrial Design Fashion Design Quantitative Techniques Area Applied Mathematics Applied Statistics Operations Research Computer Area Computer Concepts and Application Computer Courses (MS-Office. + Inclusive of the duration of Trimester Project. Internet Java. Details of those programmes can be found in our website and got from our cousellors. C = Core Subjects. ERP Solutions) Foundation Courses Business Law Industrial Law Company Law Written Executive Communication C Verbal Executive Communication C Constitutional and Social Environment Entrepreneur’s Risk and Social Insurance Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Motivation Corporate Policy Corporate Planning Corporate Information System Corporate Control System Office Control Project Control Principles of Organisation Specialisation Pe r s o n n e l / Fin a n ce / Ent re p re n e u r sh i p/ N at i o n a l Economic Planning Research & Projects Research Methodology Philosophical Methodology Project on National Economic Planning/Project Feasibility Report Trimester Project+ 28 Full Time Programme In Planning & Entrepreneurship INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Prospective students may note that this prospectus contains the course structure only of IIPM’s Flagship Post Graduate.

4. In this case.Trimester wise distribution of subjects and credits PART 1 1st Trimester Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice-I Quantitate Techniques International Planning Management Accounting Comparative Economic Systems & Development Micro Economics Basic Personnel Management Indian Business Environment Marketing Management Organisational Behaviour Business Law Preliminary Scanning of Business Ideas What they don’t teach you at IIMs Executive Communications Market Research IT Total 2nd Trimester Business Plan and Project Implementation Operations Research Sales & Distribution Management Digital Marketing Advertising Consumer Behaviour International Economic Planning Welfare Economics Managerial Economics Beyond Principles of Management & Economics Basic Financial Management Basic Industrial Relations Family Business Management MIS & Computer Applications HRD Industrial Law Executive Communications Research Methodology QT in Marketing Agri-entrepreneurship environment Computers Total 3rd Trimester (Project Trimester) 6 Projects of 3 credits each Summer Project PART 2 1st Trimester Support Systems for New Enterprise Creation Macro Economics New Enterprise Identification & Selection Comparative Management Management of Consulting Firms Company Law Enterprise Establishment and Management Services Marketing Business Policy International Market Research Entrepreneurship Organisation Development Rural Marketing Enterprise Development and Management Credits 2 8 2 2 2 2 2 1 3 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 36 Credits 1 3 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 38 18 16 Credits 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 Brand Management Emerging trends in Agri-Entrepreneurship IT International Economic Environment for Business Specialization in HR/Finance Total 2nd Trimester Export Procedure & Documentation Economic Environment for Business Strategic Marketing Direct Marketing Business Policy National Economic Planning International Marketing India’s Foreign Trade Social Marketing Public Relations Production Management Total Quality Management Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice-II Specialization in HR/Finance Total 3rd Trimester (Thesis Trimester) Diploma Thesis Grand Total Specialization Details 1st Trimester Personnel Specialization Group Dynamics Advanced Industrial Relations Management of Training Programmes Transactional Analysis Manpower Planning Managing Across Borders Finance Specialization Mergers & Acquisitions Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management Advanced Accounting Hire Purchase & Leasing Advanced Financial Management Corporate Finance Institutional Finance Total 2nd Trimester Personnel Specialization Industrial Psychology Wages & Salary Administration Strategic HR Advanced Personnel Management QT in Personnel Finance Specialization Forex Management Multinational Business Finance Advanced Costing MCS QT in Finance Banking & Insurance Project Appraisal Corporate Taxation Total 1 1 1 2 16 42 Credits 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 14 40 Credits 10 200 Credits 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 2 2 2 2 16 Credits 4 4 4 2 2 2 4 2 1 1 2 2 2 16 29 Note : 1. class room credit courses to the same extent will be dropped. Class room courses indicated here may also be completed before schedule through intensive training and cancellation of vacations so that students have more time at their disposal for acquiring practical experience/completing Feasibility Report/Trimester project. Number of credits indicate the number of class periods (60 minutes in a week for a course during one Trimester of 10 weeks). 2. Credit weight may be changed due to academic reasons INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Full Time Programme In Planning & Entrepreneurship . Students may undertake Summer Project : equivalent to 24\36 credits. 3.

Rajita Chaudhuri ‘94 3 YEAR INTEGRATED FULL TIME PROGRAMME Part 1 1st Semester Quantitate Techniques Appreciation of Literature Appreciation of History Executive Communication Statistics Micro Economics Introduction to Marketing Financial Accounting Income Tax & Auditing French Appreciation of Performing Arts. Thus. Culture & Life Project Total Summer Project Credits 4 2 2 4 2 2 2 8 4 4 2 4 40 20 2nd Semester Quantitative Techniques Introduction to Personnel Management Appreciation of Literature Appreciation of History Executive Communication General Awareness through Quizzing Mass Communication Introduction to Finance Financial Accounting Business Law French Appreciation of Performing Arts. Engineering etc. In the first year. Biology.). IIPM pioneered the Three Year Integrated Full Time Programme for undergraduate students wherein they do the same IIPM Programme in the second and third year.Three Year Integrated Full Time Programme It has been observed that MBA Level education is offered to students of all graduation streams (History. Geography. a bridge course to Planning and Entrepreneurship Programme is given to these students so that they become capable of competing with students in the second and third year of their studies. making it obvious that MBA education academically. Culture & Life Project Total Credits 4 2 2 2 4 2 2 2 8 2 4 2 4 40 30 *10 months For the second and third year course see academic programme PAGE 28 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . therefore. has got nothing to do with graduation.

Micro-Economics To enable students to analyze factors that determine costs and prices of commodities under perfect competition. Concepts like the iconoclastic “Theory ‘i’ Management”. what motivates them to become an entrepreneur and the process through which they create their enterprises and run them 31 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Course objectives of select papers . Welfare Economics To critically examine the scope of pricing for optimum utilization of national resources for achieving maximum welfare of the people. Emphasis is placed on the integration of economic theory with various functional areas in an enterprise. oligopoly and monopolistic competition. Economic Theory To critically examine current economic theories and their relevance in different economic systems. YET THE SAME ACADEMIC Superiority & Uniformity IIPM is the only institute in India to have contributed to Indian management and understanding of Indian economy through two #1 best selling books . Comparative Economic Systems and Development To acquaint student with problems of Indian agriculture. ‘Law of Increasing Marginal Utility’ and ‘The Trickle-Up Theory’ originated at IIPM and are taught to students at all the branches of IIPM. Siddharth Nambiar ‘04 Quantitative Techniques To acquaint the student with the application of mathematical and statistical tools for analyzing problems in order to arrive at a decision. monetary and fiscal policies. model of income determination. Entrepreneurship : Theory and Practice The objective of this course is to educate the students about the field of entrepreneurship. Techniques developed by Operations Research for rational systematic decision-making and optimal solutions are also taught. Many of the star faculty members of IIPM travel to multiple branches of IIPM to take classes to maintain academic uniformity.MANY IIPMS. international economics trade and balance of payment. Macro-Economics To acquaint students with national income analysis. industry. Corporate Economics To develop the ability to apply tools of economic analysis in business decision. ‘Happy Capitalism’. Process of interactions between the government and the business and between the business and the society is examined. ‘Survival of the Weakest’. monopoly.‘Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch’ & ‘The Great Indian Dream’. Economic Environment for Business To acquaint the student with national and international economic environment in which an undertaking has to operate. They would be given an opportunity to explore how an entrepreneur is born. commerce and international trade. Planning and Management of National Economy To acquaint students with the basic tools of planning a national economy and to help them understand the specific managerial problems involved at all levels for successful implementation of the plan.

New Enterprises Creation The objective of this stream is to provide comprehensive knowledge and develop competencies to star t own independent business. readings and lectures from guest faculty will focus on critical aspects of family business management. 32 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . Personnel and Industrial Relations To acquaint the student with the content of the personnel functions as practised in an organisation and its role in developing and utilizing human resources. focus on promoting viable enterprises will certainly help exploit its operational efficiency to the hilt. economic and political environment on the individual and the organisation. social. entrepreneurship and their application through case discussions. problems and unique concerns of family business involvement and management. the course attempts to create an understanding of entrepreneurial dynamics. Among the various strategies to promote planned growth in this sector. This stream will be useful for those who want to launch their own business. Agri-Entrepreneurship Amidst the changing paradigms and demanding global structure. wish to become smallmedium industry consultant. The course is designed to develop in students the sound human relations skill required in today’s industrial setting. The course will draw heavily on the personal experience of students in the class. (c) working of organisation as a system and (d) effect of cultural. In order to remain a front-runner needs to primarily focus on the agriculture sector. Corporate Accounting To present the theoretical foundations of accounting and to prepare students to use accounting as an effective tool for control.Marketing Corporate Policy and Planning Quantitative techniques Executive Communication Quantitative Techniques Organizations Development Planning and Management of National Economics Value Analysis Research Methodology Business Law Work Measurement Computer Concepts and Applications Comparative Economic Systems and Development Macroeconomics Organisational Behaviour Course objectives of select papers successfully. Family Business Management This stream is designed for students interested in the issues. videos. The course is also designed to develop the ability to analyse and decide questions concerning allocation of business funds to competing alternatives. the backbone of the economy. students are familiarized with the expanding horizons of entrepreneurship. students will sharpen their learning of entrepreneurial emergence and sustenance. Drawing upon various studies of entrepreneurs and their achievements. Cases. Basic Finance To develop skill in using the techniques of financial analysis and to acquaint with financial environment in which business operates. Through extensive reading and participation in group discussions and facilitation by the Instructors. In the latter phase. Role of market in the context of national economic planning is examined. Marketing To introduce students to the marketing function as practised in a modern corporation. counsellor or teacher-trainer with specialized post-graduate qualification. Organizational Behaviour To impart basic knowledge about : (a) the behaviour of an individual and his relationship to the members of the work group. (b) group and intergroup behaviours in organizational systems. India. This specialization will develop agri-preneurs with distinct traits and skills to exploit opportunities galore in the field of agriculture.

Research Methodology The course objective is to develop a scientific method for examining and distinguishing objective and subjective conclusions. . so that they may be capable of distinguishing between genuine and spurious research. Corporate Policy and Planning The course aims at developing the skill in formulating the strategy of the organisation taking into consideration alternative opportunities. since modern managers have to take decisions often on the basis of research findings. Computer Concepts and Applications To acquaint students with the scope and limits of computer application for solving business problems as well as national economic planning problems. project planning and scheduling. Business Law To give an idea to students of the body of laws within which business functions. Written Executive Communication The objective of this course is to develop communication skills in letter and report writing. Company Law To acquaint students with the body of laws governing a corporate body. to evolve a system of analysis in order to avoid deviations due to bias to emphasise objective evidence and to equip students with basic conceptual foundations of social research and tools and techniques of research. personal aspirations as well as social responsibility. performance measurement and control. 33 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Course objectives of select papers Project Control To acquaint students with the methods of projects evaluation. Spoken Executive Communication The objective of this course is to give students practical guidance on how to communicate orally to enable them to take part actively in discussions and to address an audience. project cost control. project organisation and manpower planning.Corporate Information System To present an insight into the advances that are taking place in the area of information technology and how these advance can be utilized for providing business organisation with timely information at all levels of management required for efficient conduct of the enterprise. Organizational Development To acquaint students with theoretical as well as practical problems that an organisation has to solve for continuous development. Constitutional and Social Environment for Business To acquaint student with limits and scope of business activities within the framework of the constitution and existing social structure and to create an understanding of processes that affect business decisions. Industrial Law To give an idea of the latest development and trend in industrial law which are shaping and changing industrial relations. corporate capability. Principles of Organisation To acquaint and critically review the accepted principles of organisation and to examine relevance of these principles in different economic systems.

T. Network Securities HTML. Access Introduction. EDI. Project Estimation. Developing Baseline Project Plan. Data mining Introduction to E-Commerce. Firewall Information Technology Projects. Java Script. Project Quality Management. Finance Advance Finance Portfolio Management Investment Analysis Forex Management Corporate Finance Leasing & Hire Purchase Institutional Finance Q. E-Commerce and Internet. Data warehousing.All our students specialize in Marketing & IT. they have a choice to specialise in Entrepreneurship/National Economic Planning/Finance or Personnel for added advantage. Defining & Managing Project Scope. Control Systems National Economic Planning Area Economic Analysis Economics of Village/Small Medium/Large Industries Corporate Economics Comparative Economic System Large Scale Industries National Economic Planning Indian Economic Planning Comparative Planning & Management Regional Planning Marketing Sales Consumer Behaviour Market Research Research Methodology Advertising Industrial Marketing International Marketing Q. Additionally.T in Marketing Strategic Marketing Brand Management Distribution Management India’s Foreign Trade Export Procedure & Doc. Project Risk & Communication. in Finance Mergers & Acquisitions Corporate Taxation Merchant Banking Project Appraisal Advanced Costing & Accounts Multinational Business Finance Mgmt. Excel. Project Implementation. in Personnel Salary & Wage Administration Mgmt. LAN. Conceptualizing & Initializing the IT project. Layers. Rural Marketing Services Marketing Direct Marketing Social Marketing Public Relations Marketing Communications Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship Area Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice-I Indian Business Environment Preliminary Scanning of Business Ideas Business Plan and Project Implementation Family Business Management Support Systems for New Enterprise Creation New Enterprise Identification & Selection Enterprise Establishment and Management Agri-entrepreneurship Environment Enterprise Development and Management Emerging trends in AgriEntrepreneurship Personnel Advanced Personnel Group Dynamics Labour Law Industrial Psychology Orgn & Manpower Planning Q.T. Closure & Encapsulation. Power Point. FrontPage ERP. OSI. MAN & WAN. Payment Mechanism. Project Scheduling & Budget. of Training Programmes Advanced Industrial Relations Human Resource Development Transactional Analysis Managing Across Cultures Specialization Comparative Economic Development Income Distribution and Welfare Economics Economic Theory Indian Economic Development Economic Environment for Business Regulatory Environment for INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Microsoft Office Networking and Internet Web Applications Enterprise Computing E-Commerce Project Management 34 Word. INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT .

3 Marketing (Basic) National Economic Planning Advertising Financial Management Human Resource System Summer Training Projects on Electives Diploma Thesis Organisational Behaviour Computer Packages Consumer Behaviour Sales Management Operations Research Indian Eco. (See also placement service).Trimester : 1 Trimester : 2 . as will be clear in the following project distribution table. He writes a project report connected with practical assignment. there are various other projects and training assignments. Apart from the above. Projects can also be completed on the basis of research materials available in libraries. Normally a student works in an organisation on a practical assignment for about three to nine months. The projects must provide sufficient indication that the student is competent to assimilate skills acquired in various disciplines for successful application to solve a complex problem.5 Trimester : 6 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Projects Trimester Project / Project Feasibility Report Each student has to write a project to justify the award of testimonial/certificate/ title. which are compulsory for all students at IIPM. This should show that the student is capable of scientific analysis of a problem and can approach the solution for the same in a systematic manner. . Development Entrepreneurship 35 Trimester : 4 .

students doing this programme will get a certificate in Advanced Global Management from NYU STERN. Additionally. THE ENTIRE COST OF TRAVEL.ONE YEAR FULL-TIME GLOBAL PROGRAMME IN PLANNING AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Widely acknowledged as the leader in providing global exposure to students. Supply Chain Management. 6 Ranked B-School. the 2011 ZEE Business survey of India’s Best B-Schools ranked IIPM as the 5th Best B-School in India and ranked it the No. The programme participants will undergo a unique programme spread over 1. the programme participants will be taught by a mix of IIPM’s world-class faculty and faculty from leading global B-Schools. BOARDING. the students who get selected for the Investment Banking elective will get an additional Professional Certificate in Investment Banking from NUS. At the end of the programme. Singapore. Admissions will be based upon a written test cum group discussion and personal interview. One Year Full Time Global Programme Strategic Marketing Programme International Residency Investment Banking Programme by: INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCY PROGRAMME AT NYU STERN What makes the programme perhaps most unique and distinct from any other similar programme in India is the compulsory International Residency Programme on Advanced Global Management that the students will undergo at NYU STERN. all the students will be eligible for a certificate in Advanced Global Management from NYU Stern. The candidate’s current experience will be of crucial importance since the programme requires high levels of the understanding of how global businesses work. making it the most rigorous and superior Executive Programme taught anywhere. 400 contact hours in the space of twelve months. The programme will have a phenomenal focus on Economics. The super specialisation on Investment Banking is conducted along with faculty from NUS. LODGING AND TEACHING IS A PART OF THE PROGRAMME FEES. A unique combination of major electives in Finance and HR coupled with super specialisations in Investment Banking. In India. IIPM is proud to announce its first Global Executive Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship. the World’s No. Leadership & Personality Development. All students will go through a special course on Strategic Marketing imparted by faculty from the Haas School of Business. GLOBAL CERTIFICATION: Thus apart from IIPM’s certification and becoming eligible for a Post Graduate Degree in Business Administration from IMI.1 B-School in India in Global Exposure as well as Intellectual Impact. Over and above that. International Marketing. Brussels. In its endeavour to break new grounds in education in India. All in all the students will be taught a minimum of five weeks by International Faculty from the world’s top-most B-Schools. MIS and IT etc. along with a compulsory specialisation in Marketing. a high emphasis will be given on the personality of the student and his emotional quotient. Entrepreneurship. ADMISSIONS: The programme will be delivered only at the New Delhi campus of IIPM and commences in March & August every year. and a certificate in Strategic Marketing from Haas School of Business. IIPM was awarded ‘India’s Most Innovative B-School Award for Its Unique Course Contents and Global Exposure’. making it the most globalized Executive Programme offered in India. At the first ever 2008 Best B-School Awards in India organised by Deccan Herald. 36 ALL SELECTED STUDENTS CAN AVAIL BANK LOANS FROM IIPM’S BANKING PARTNERS INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . Inclusive of the programme at NYU STERN students undertaking this programme will be spending two weeks in the USA. make up for the rest of the programme.

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Executive Communication Services Marketing Organization Development Business Policy & Competitive Strategy Economic Environment of Business Marketing Strategy Welfare Economics TOTAL Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship ACADEMIC AREA Entrepreneurship Leadership & Strategy Strategic Marketing Leadership & Strategy Leadership & Strategy Economics & Public Policy Strategic Marketing Economics & Public Policy 37 Additionally in this trimester students have to choose a combination of one Elective & one Super Specialisation from the following options: FINANCE ELECTIVE 1. 13. 9. 3. 9. 7. Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions Statistical Methods for Business Decisions Marketing Management Managerial Accounting in Decision Making Management Information for Decision Making Executive Communication Organization Behavior Micro Economics Human Resource Systems-I Organizational Event Analysis for Experiential Learning Business Law Comparative Economic Systems System Essentials 30 CREDITS 4 4 3 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 Credits Credits Credits Credits Credits Credits Credits Credits Credits Credits Credit Credit Credit ACADEMIC AREA Operations Operations Marketing Accounting Entrepreneurship Leadership & Strategy Leadership & Strategy Economics & Public Policy HR Management Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Economics & Public Policy IT Management ACADEMIC AREA Operations Entrepreneurship Leadership & Strategy Finance Strategic Marketing Strategic Marketing Strategic Marketing Information Systems Economics & Public Policy Leadership & Strategy Economics & Public Policy Economics & Public Policy Economics & Public Policy HR Management Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship SECOND TRIMESTER 1. UC Berkeley) GOTA Advanced Global Management (International Residency Programme at NYU STERN) Global Opportunity and Threat Analysis THIRD TRIMESTER 1. 8. 2. Insurance & Banking 3. 5.PROGRAMME STRUCTURE AND CREDIT DISTRIBUTION FIRST TRIMESTER 1. 11. 8. Indian Financial System 6. Advanced Accounting 5. 10. 4. 7. FOREX Management 4. 10. 6. Management of Financial Systems 12 CREDITS 4 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 1 Credit 1 Credit THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL One Year Full Time Global Programme . 2. Portfolio Management 2. 5. 12. 6. 16. 14. 3. 8. 7. 4. 11. 2. 4. 15. Operations Research & Decision Models Consumer Behavior OB & HRD Financial Management Advertising Sales Management Brand Management Management Information System & KM Managerial Economics Executive Communication National Economic Planning Global Economics & International Planning Macro Economics Human Resource Systems-II Industrial Law Company Law TOTAL 30 CREDITS 3 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 1 Credits 1 Credits 1 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 27 CREDITS 3 CREDITS issued by IIPM 12 CREDITS 9 Credits 3 Credits 30 CREDITS 4 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 15 CREDITS SUPER SPECIALISATION – STRATEGIC MARKETING (Conducted by Haas School of Business. 13. 5. 3. 6. 12.

International Marketing 2. Strategic Innovation Management 3. Manpower Planning 4. Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture 2. 8. 9. Logistic and Supply Chain Management 3. Students can choose any combination of an additional 3 credits from the HR elective FOURTH TRIMESTER 1. 4. 2. Business Intelligence Using Data Mining 2.FINANCE 3 CREDITS Only for students who take HR elective. 7. SUPER SPECIALISATION . 5. Overview of Investment Banking 2. Singapore) 1. Global Operation Management 2. Valuation 3. International Marketing Research SUPER SPECIALISATION – OPERATIONS & SCM 1. 6. Capital Raising Strategies In Corporations SUPER SPECIALISATION . Training & Development 2.LEADERSHIP & STRATEGY 1. 3.HR ELECTIVE 1. Compensation Management SUPER SPECIALISATION . Leverage Buy-out and M&A 12 CREDITS 4 Credits 4 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 2 Credits 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit One Year Full Time Global Programme SUPER SPECIALISATION – INTERNATIONAL MARKETING 1. Strategies for Managing Networked Businesses SUPER SPECIALISATION . Group Dynamics 3. Operations Strategy SUPER SPECIALISATION – IT & MIS 1. Strategic Talent Management 3.ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1. Business Valuation Using Financial Statements 3.INVESTMENT BANKING (Conducted by NUS.HR 3 CREDITS Only for students who take Finance elective. Students can choose any combination of an additional 3 credits from the Finance elective. Managing Strategic Partnerships and Alliances 2. TQM & Production Mgmt Rural & Social Marketing Marketing Research Retail Management Business Ethics Distribution Management CRM Business to Business Marketing Database and Hi -Tech Marketing TOTAL 30 CREDITS 2 Credits 1 Credit 2 Credits 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 11 CREDITS ACADEMIC AREA Operations Strategic Marketing Strategic Marketing Strategic Marketing Entrepreneurship Operations Strategic Marketing Strategic Marketing Strategic Marketing 38 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . Negotiation Analysis SUPER SPECIALISATION .

Thesis 18 CREDITS 18 Credits 39 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL One Year Full Time Global Programme 16 CREDITS 4 Credits 4 Credits 4 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits .INVESTMENT BANKING (Conducted by NUS. India’s Foreign Trade SUPER SPECIALISATION – OPERATIONS & SCM 1. Mobile Policy and M-Commerce SUPER SPECIALISATION . Investing in Private Equity 3. Micro Finance SUPER SPECIALISATION . Advanced Personnel Management SUPER SPECIALISATION . Financial Engineering SUPER SPECIALISATION – INTERNATIONAL MARKETING 1. Students can choose any combination of an additional 3 credits from the HR elective. Gender & Leadership 2. Strategic HR 2. Project Appraisal HR ELECTIVE 1.FINANCE 3 CREDITS Only for students who take HR elective.HR 3 CREDITS Only for students who take Finance elective. Options & Futures 5. Financial Valuation of Technology Business 2. Export Procedures and Documentation 2. Performance Management & Appraisal System 4. SUPER SPECIALISATION .Additionally in this trimester students will study the following papers from their chosen fields of Elective and Super Specialisation: FINANCE ELECTIVE 1.ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1. Corporate Tax 6. Risk Management 3. Great Leadership Strategies and Visioning 16 CREDITS 4 Credits 4 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 2 Credits 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 2 Credits 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit 3 CREDITS 1 Credit 2 Credits SUPER SPECIALISATION . Mergers & Acquisitions 3.LEADERSHIP & STRATEGY 1. Students can choose any combination of an additional 3 credits from the Finance elective. Applied Finance 4. Revenue Management and Pricing SUPER SPECIALISATION – IT &MIS 1. Outsourcing and IT Based Businesses 2. Technology & Strategic Consulting 3. FIFTH TRIMESTER 1. Multinational Business Finance 2. Cross Culture Management 5. Fixed Income Market 2. Service Operations Management 3. Derivatives. Singapore) 1. Work Psychology 3. New Product Development 2.

E D G E A GA A ZIN R D EO E FT D HE YE A R Rendezvous with Vineet Vohra. 1 � PRODUCT � PRICE � PLACE � PROMOTION � Volume-II BUSINESS AND MARKETING Issue-22 4Ps World Class I S S U E at Rs. Telugu. it may be added that two of the key aspects of IIPM over the years . with twelve years of education and consulting experience behind it through the successful implementation of its exclusive and innovative consulting strategies for IIPM.IIPM strategic alliance. Malayalam. Planman CHE aims to fulfill the growing industry needs worldwide of highly competent and educated manpower . IIPM International is Planman CHE’s first initiative. it can only be concluded that the potent combination of an innovative institution (IIPM) and a futuristic institution (Planman) will take the IIPM movement further to global heights through IIPM International. Tamil.are both Planman innovations.of which Indian manpower forms a very important part.a centre of higher education at IIPM International.Natinal Award for ‘Faltu’ Natinal Award for ‘The Last Lear’ A special screening of Planman’s Do Dooni Chaar for Shri Kapil Sibal IIPM INTERNATIONAL International Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM International). IIPM International shares a lot of resources and facilities with IIPM in Delhi. It also caters to the mass market through its cost effective programmes that it imparts from ISBE (Indian School of Business and Economy) . India by Rajita Chaudhuri Here’s why Bollywood beckons gi ed ad-film makers 7 December .through its cutting edge education and marketing consulting. ING Investment. Hyderabad. However. ALSO. so marketers are now chanting the family mantra to win APRIL 2011 | VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 4 | RS. 2 0 Power: Night without end 3 ma y 2 0 0 7 53 t h e n a t i o n ’ s g r e a t e s t n e w s w e e k l y CHANGE of CIVILISATION AMERICAN DOUBLE STANDARDS. Ahmedabad and Gurgaon. In just a span of a decade. Over the years. IIPM International offers the same programme from Mumbai. Later it aims to develop newer courses to satisfy the needs of various speciality sectors. Hindi.10 BUSI NESS AND M ARKETING M AGAZINE C O N T E M P O R A R Y | A C T I O N A B L E | 128 Everyone is HR C 26 “REITs is rich returns guaranteed” bemoaning lack of ‘family time’. That is why most aspects of IIPM and the achievements of IIPM are mentioned in this brochure and students are assured that the same would carry on with IIPM International as well. IIPM International initially plans to take the unique and superior courses developed originally by IIPM to larger sections of students across the globe. THE PLANMAN GROUP The Planman Group is undoubtedly one of India’s most futuristic institutions with a passion for taking India and its values global. Bhojpuri. Gujarati. Chennai. Pune. IIPM International thus takes the World-Class IIPM education to a larger section of students across the world while retaining every aspect of IIPM life and experience. Now. Planman Consulting helped IIPM grow into what it is today .. Kannada. Bengali. faculty. Therefore. 1 I N R E G I ON A L R E ACH NO.its terrific placement record and its superb personality development focus built through the cutting edge course on communication skills training .1 IN REGIONAL REACH Allahabad HC’s verdict defies all logic. WHAT INDIA MUST LEARN AND HOW IT BRINGS AN END TO THE HOW THE ARAB UPRISING IS A ARINDAM CHAUDHURI writes on issn 0973-4333 i n d i a ’ s mo s t i n f l u e n t i a l b u s i n e s s a n d e c o n omy ma g a z i n e In English.. Planman Consulting has started Planman Centre of Higher Education (Planman CHE).20 December 2007 PLUS : A special feature on the three key tenets of why companies are admired by various stakeholders • Wealth Creation • HR Policies • Corporate Social Responsibility Top 5: Why Samsung & MotoYuva reign supreme this fortnight PANORAMA 2011 LEARNING The AN ICMR AND 4Ps B&M SURVEY INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . Bangalore. Marathi. has been started by the Planman Consulting Group which was founded in 1996 by renowned Management Guru Arindam Chaudhuri. About IIPM International 40 Planman Consulting is responsible for the phenomenal success of its parent affiliate. Oriya & Punjabi NO . 25 /- 28 Yeh Dil Maange More U I MAT T WN G . While IIPM offers its courses now only from its campus in New Delhi. IIPM International students get the IIPM courseware. Urdu. placements and certification. CEO. Through the Planman . a not for profit institution.13 F EB 2 0 1 1 Rs ` 05 11 only only Jet-Sahara deal: Enemy lies within! Naresh Goyal’s entrapment subscriber copy not for resale Plan for N-power plant in Haripur sparks revolt Madhur Bhandarkar has a shot at a new genre MATTERS OF THE HEART SIMMERING DISCONTENT 28 Quick Service Restaurants: A quest for magic Is there an end to the crisis? R s . Planman has emerged as perhaps the most intellectual and influential business group Electricity theft leaves Manipur in the dark POWER TO PILFER 24 7 F EB . Assamese. IIPM. IIPM International offers the same IIPM courses with an increased global perspective to cater to the global markets on the whole. Injudicious DaimlerChrysler headed Muslims! for a split? Look. where the ‘brains’ are going brother! by Jack Welch S I G N AT U R E INDIA’S FIRST AND NO.

arindamchaudhuri. Renowned Ad Guru Aleque Padamsee now drives Planman Marcom as the chief advisor and mentor. With a strength of over 1500 people already. Planman’s IT initiative. is the largest multi-interest management consulting firm in India with key divisions being represented by the leading names of HRIC. It owns ICPAR. Through Planman. www. As mentioned earlier. The groups entertainment arm. ICMR & GSIC. marketing. Students invariably also become a part of a large number of industry consulting projects during their stay at IIPM. Planman Marcom gives creative consulting to the whos who of corporate India in the areas of Advertising. the investment banking arm of Planman.planmanmedia. Business and Economy & 4Ps Business and Marketing as its key initiatives.considered the most prestigious film festival in the world. has leading magazines like The Sunday Indian. brought leading rock groups like MLTR and Air Supply to India. in India with business interests in Management Consulting. PR and Events. More than 75% of the consultants at Planman are IIPM graduates. CEO Search. The Great Indian Dream Foundation is Planman’s social sector initiative and has been supported in the past by none other than the legendary Sachin Tendulkar HR Consulting. Planman’s clients include every other Fortune 500 company. as well as leading Indian organisations. and has. media initiatives. Its management consulting wing. placement activities. INDUSTRY INTERFACE The entire set of corporate consulting activities at IIPM are carried out through Planman Consulting .which won the National Awards as well). Planman Motion Pictures is already a leading name in the world of filmed entertainment. Media Consulting and many more related activities in association with IIPM. USA & Singapore.IIPM’s strategic alliance partners for corporate activities AND NOW THE INITIATORS OF IIPM President Abdul Kalam with 14 editions of TSI Smt. So in summary. GIDF works across India in the areas of Health. is Planman Consulting which took care of the entire range of international alliances. in the Industry Interface section (ahead of 4 IIMs). one of the leading PR firms in India. attending workshops organised by Planman-IIPM regularly to hone their leadership as well as corporate strategy skills. growth & expansion activities of IIPM. Marketing Consulting. readers are requested to log on to : www. www. with CEOs and Presidents of India Inc. Planman Technologies selected at the Tous les Cinémas du Monde (World Cinema Category). members of IIPM faculty are always engaged in numerous consulting assignments. The media venture of Planman advises leading organisations across the globe in engineering and management of financial resources.Ad Guru Aleque Padamsee launching Power Brands Amitabh Bachchan & Hema Malini at a FICCI Frames Felicitation event IIPM is today Red Carpet for The Last Lear at Toronto a front runner when it comes to Industry Interface. one of its productions . Planman Media. www.Dosar . amongst others. which in turn bring awesome industry exposure into the four walls of IIPM classrooms. No wonder it was ranked 3rd by ZEE Business . Planman Financial.planmanmotionpictures. Market Research.planmanconsulting. In 2007. Planman today employs more than 1500 MBAs working through 10 branches in India. 41 For more details. www.iipm.gidf. UK.a member of NASSCOM and an ISO 9000. ISO 27001 company . Education and Employment. T&D one of the fastest growing IT companies in During IIPM’s key growth years .com. Information Technology. Shiela Dixit & Shri Arun Jaitley at Planman Media Awards Ex PM of India Shri Deve Gowda at a Planman event INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Industry Interface . www. Cannes Film Festival . Most of its films have been award winning and highly acclaimed (including two films -Faltu and The Last Lear. Media & Entertainment. Planman Consulting. As India’s largest multi-interest Indian multinational management consulting firm. Event Management. Planman undertakes Executive Development Programmes.since 1996 .

1 in Intellectual Impact (ahead of all the IIMs). 2010 Ranked 9th Best Private B-School in India Ranked No. IIPM has strong reservations on the methodology applied by most of the magazines to rank B-schools. This stems out of the fact that IIPM believes its course contents are far superior to those of any other institute in the country. often magazines take out rankings without IIPM’s participation . IIPM has constantly been ranked in the top 10.based upon student perceptions etc. Narayana Murthy greeting each other after receiving their Priyadarshini Awards Prof.1 Private B-School in North India MAIL TODAY Rankings. R.1 Best B-School Delhi NCR Ranked No. 5 in Placements as well as Course Content. 5 Overall. 2005 Ranked 2nd in industry interface (ahead of 5 IIMs) Ranked 3rd in course contents (ahead of 3 IIMs) Ranked 8th in infrastructure & facilities Ranked 8th B-school in India (ahead of 2 IIMs) INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . Functional Heads. 2010 Ranked No. this speaks volumes about IIPM’s academic standing. Being an institute totally focussed on ‘quality education’ and ‘faculty’. 2011 Ranked 26th Best B-School in India Only B-School with 5 of its branches in top 100!! BUSINESS TODAY / INDIA TODAY Rankings. IIPM was ranked No. DNA Rankings. No.1 in Global Exposure ECONOMIC TIMES 42 In spite of being invited by various magazines. 1 in Global Exposure (for the third cosecutive time) and No. Rankings. B-School Ranking & Awards Awarded the Dewang Mehta Best B-School Award in the Non IIM Category for Three Consecutive Years!! In the 2011 Zee Business Best B-School Rankings. No. Executives. Arindam Chaudhuri receiving the Deccan Herald Best Faculty Award. Arindam Chaudhuri and N. In such rankings.1 Global Exposure HINDUSTAN TIMES Rankings. 2006 Ranked 5th Best B-School in India by MBA Students >> (Ahead of 3 IIMs) << Ranked 7th First Favourite B-School in India >> (Ahead of 2 IIMs & jointly with IIM Lucknow) << Ranked 8th Most Recommended B-School by Recruiters. However. IIPM has constantly tried to stay out of various B-Schools rankings taken out. IIPM believes that educational institutes should be judged primarily on these two grounds (most of these B-school rankings give a maximum of only 20% to 30% weight to the same). 2010 Ranked 9th Best B-School in India Ranked No.Prof. MBA Wannabes and current MBAs >> (Ahead of 3 IIMs) << Ranked 11th Best B-School Overall >> (Ahead of 1 IIM) << BUSINESS BARONS Rankings. 3 in Industry Interface and No. In a country with more than 1000 B-schools.

Prof. Dr. Prof. Chaudhuri has been awarded the title of ‘Bhartiya Shiromani Puroskar’ by the Institute of Economics Studies. The same institute has also awarded IIPM with the gold medal for its outstanding contribution to management education. at the Best B-Schools Awards organised by the Deccan Herald Group. The most coveted award of the function. from the Director of IIPM. Coimbatore. in the year 2000. In May 2003. Mumbai. he was awarded the ‘Centennial Service Award for Professional Excellence in Recognition of his significant achievement in the field of Education and Management’ by the Rotary International during its Centennial celebrations in Mumbai. On 14th February 2004. Malay Chaudhuri for his immense contribution towards growth of education in India. Dr. On 10th Aug. amongst others. This prestigious award had been received in the past by Dr. Prof. On 15th Dec. Malay Chaudhuri were awarded the ‘JJ IRANI AWARD’ for the best group of management institute by the PN Singh Foundation. INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . On 23rd September 2007.Abdul Kalam amongst others. Prof. The honour in past had been given to Mother Teresa and Deepak Chopra. On 15th January 2005. Arindam Chaudhuri was awarded the Best B-School Teacher (North). K. Malay Chaudhuri receiving the Hall of Fame Award from the CEO and MD of Infosys. Prof. On 28th September 2007. he was selected amongst one of the 50 leading thinkers under the age of 40 to represent South Asia at Wilton Park (an organisation supported by the European Commission and British foreign office) where he was invited as a special the Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Prof. In the year 2001.Foundation. Dr. he was selected as an advisor to the consultative committee to the Planning Commission of India in the areas of education and social sector. M. In 2004.the Indian arm of The World Round Table. Chaudhuri was awarded “Management Guru 2000 Award” by Chennai based Om Venkatesa Society which annually honours management experts. the ‘Hall of Fame Award’ was presented to the Founder Director of IIPM . Arindam Chaidhuri was awarded the Life Positive Reader’s Award in the category of ‘Change Agent’ . IIPM was selected by UNDP as its key partner institution in the ‘Leadership for Results Programme’ for People Living With HIV/ AIDS. Arindam Chaudhuri receiving the Priyadarshini Award Awards for Professor Arindam Chaudhuri At the age of 28. Chaudhuri at the convocation in 2006. Arindam Chaudhuri receiving a special gold medal for his contributions to IIPM. M. at the age of 29. Arindam Chaudhuri was awarded the Priyadarshini Academy’s Biennial Global Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of recognition and deep appreciation of his pioneering achievement in bringing about significant attitudinal change in society. Chaudhuri was awarded the “Personality of the Decade Award” by K. at the first ever Best Business School Awards in India organised by Deccan Herald. He was honoured along with NR Narayana Murthy & Subir Raha. On 10th Aug’ ‘08.J. ‘08 Prof. A.G.K. at the age of 32. Sheila Dixit . Mr.P. 2007. Prof. IIPM got India’s Most Innovative B-School Award for its Unique Course Content and Global Exposure. Arindam Chaudhuri & Dr.Prof. Kris Gopalakrishnan at the Deccan Herald Best B-School Awards Dr. he was awarded the ‘Example to the Youth Award’ by the Rotaract Council in Chennai. Arindam Chaudhuri was awarded the prestigeous LOUIS MARCHESI FELLOWSHIP by the Round Table India Foundation . IIPM was nominated by the World Bank Institute to be on its ‘Steering Committee’ for the Corporate Social Responsibility Conference. On 19th September 2006.

All India INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . IIPM students have also won numerous other 1st prizes at other academic/non-academic events like Case Study Contests. Choreography.‘WE’forVICTORY B-School Ranking & Awards Thanks to IIPM’s exceptional personality and oratory skills development training. in the last few years. ICFAI . IIM(A) Debate Competition at Sprint-07. they have won the maximum awards amongst all B-schools in India. our students are the smartest in the country with arguably the best communications skills possible. WORLD-CLASS STUDENTS! Debate . Music competitions.Ahmedabad Debate at IIM Bangalore(2005) Debate at IIT Roorkee (2005) Debate at BITS Pilani (2005) Debate at JIMS Rohini (2005) Debate at IIT Kanpur (2004) Debate . Dean.Group (Chacha Ki Choupal) at Andaaz-E-Chaos ‘07. Business Quizzes. Centre for Under Graduate Studies and Executive Communications . No wonder.DELHI (2004) Debate at GURU NANAK INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (2004) Debate . Fashion Shows. Other than winning the 1st Prize in Debate from almost all B-Schools.. at Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Management (2002) 44 Prof..Best Speaker Trophy at British School (2003) Debate at AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL (2003) Debate. Personality Contests. Rajita.Best Team at Symbiosis (2004) Debate at IIT. JAM.

IIPM students . & Felicity ‘07.. Thomso(Personality Contest) at IIT Roorkee (2005) Ms. Trophy at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (2003) Best College Award at Sydenhams (2004) ICFAI Challenge Trophy at “INCANDESCENCE (2005).. Ahmedabad (2007) Antakshari at APEEJAY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT (2004) Singing. Pilani (2003) Light Fork Category at LSR (2003) Light Indian Solo at Hans Raj College (2003) Singing at Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Management (2002) Singing at Sydneham College (2002) and many many more..Birla Institute of Management (2006) Choreography at ICFAI (2005) Solo Singing at Richter’. Fashion Show. Kshitij (Personality Contest) at JIMS Vasant Kunj (2005) Personality Contest at IIT Kanpur (2004) Mr. Sinhgad Institute of Management. Nirma University. Indian Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad Mr. Mumbai (2006) Fashion Show at ZEE FESTO MANIA (2005) Choreography at PARADIGM ’06 . ICFAI Pune The Runner . Nashik. too Ms. Pune in (2006) 45 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL B-School Ranking & Awards .Felicity . Choreography.Best in Personality. Trophy at “NEEV 2003” SCMHRD. at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (2003) Western Music Competition at Maitreyi College (2003) Best Male Vocalist at BMS. Fresher at BIG-FM(2007) Ms Chos (Runners up) at IIM (A) (2007) Ms.Up Trophy at “Spectrum 06”.. Music. UNMAD (Personality Contest) at IIM Bangalore(2005) Ms. Rhapsody (Personality Contest) at Maitreyi College (2003) Fashion Show at KC College.

Rhetorix - the debate club organises THE 1 2

CICERO’S CHALLENGE - The International Inter-School Debate competition every year at IIPM
3 4

1) Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri awarding the winner of the Cicero’s Challenge ‘06 with a cheque of Rs.1 lac. 2) Winners of the Cicero’s Challenge ‘07 with Prof.Arindam Chaudhuri and Cyrus Sahukar, MTV VJ and Master of the Ceremony 3) Finalists of Cicero’s Challenge ‘07 with the winner 4) Gautam Bhimani, noted Cricket Commentator - Panelist at Cicero’s ‘06

Students’ Committees/Councils In order to promote self-administration and to encourage maximum students participation, while avoiding intergroup rivalry, coordinators for various activities are elected by the students during the first week after joining the institute (on the basis of individual student’s description before the class of his/her interest and credentials in the past). Coordinators are changed at the end of each year. Senior students hand over the charge to junior students, as soon as they are elected. Any demand by general body of students for change in any matter already incorporated in the Prospectus will be considered as violation of understanding between students and the Institute on the basis of which students are admitted. In all such cases, the current programme of the Institute will be declared as cancelled and students will be required to withdraw from the institute without any claim on refund of fees already paid (except caution deposits). A nominee of the Director (preferably from amongst the recipients of Director’s medals) acts as the Secretary of Alumni Association. His/her term is usually for one year. The term can however, be extended by the Director.

IIPM’s International Clubs IIPM believes in providing its students a plethora of choices in grooming their academic and extra-curricular skills through compulsory participations in various club activities. Through these club activities, students polish up their skills in management, leadership and team-building. Academic Clubs Seminars/Guest lectures/Industrial Visits 4Ps B&M - The Marketing & Advertising club at IIPM organizes the annual Business and Marketing Quiz, DARE as well as Brand & Strategy Summits etc., wherein the biggest management authors and practitioners are invited to deliver lecture sessions on a diverse field in marketing. The club also organizes various discussion forums, seminars with marketing heads of various companies, who make themselves available to interact with the students and answer all their queries. Human Factor - The HR club, organizes various seminars, workshops, HR Conclaves, team building exercises and lecture sessions by leading HR practitioners and consultants, wherein they share with the students case studies and new developments in the HR sector.


IIPM Clubs

Xth Commonwealth Study Conference: Delegates from 16 Countries at IIPM Campus during CII’s Young India Session






1) “Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi showers words of wisdom” 2) Mr. Gregory David Roberts with the winners of Parables ‘06 - National Story Writing Contest (Mumbai) 3) Mr. Pankaj Munjal - at a Seminar in IIPM 4) Mr. Suhel Seth - addressing a seminar for IIPM students

Finex - the Finance club, brings in industry stalwarts to address various issues in Finance – Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Stock Markets and many more. Amongst other interesting activities, Portfolio Management Games are a special favourite with the students. E2 - The Economics and Entrepreneurship Club, organizes seminars on entrepreneurship Participants at the Cicero’s Challenge along with by inviting entrepreneurs who have made it big, and even renowned economists from Shri Salman Khursheed (above) and Arindam Chaudhuri & Sulajja Motwani (below). around the country. The club also publishes an Economics magazine – Economist – every alternate month. G-40 - The IT club, organizes quizzes, introduces the latest concepts in Information Technology, through a series of seminars/lecture and IT fairs organized at the campus. SMG - The Placement and Career Counseling club, assists students during the placement season by organizing counseling sessions by leading career consultants. They also organize mock interviews, GDs and personality tests to help the students garner self-confidence. Rhetorix - The Debate and the Case Study club, contributes to the IIPM case study journal – Strategic Innovators. The club selects the best debaters amongst its members and sends them to participate in various national/international level competitions and tours. Every year, the club organizes India’s largest Inter-School Debate Competition“CICERO’S CHALLENGE” - GREAT INDIAN DEBATE COMPETITION at our international campus. Some of the important SEMINARS organised by IIPM Clubs: • ROLE OF ‘IMF’ IN INDIA: Addressed by Mr. James Gordon, Senior Resident Representative (India) IMF; Apr 2002. • Entrepreneurship Development in India: Mr. Natwar Singh • WTO & Globalisation: The Indian Perspective; Dec 2002. • Corporate Restructuing in the liberalized scenario: Dr. M.B. Athreya


Participants of Global Student Exchange Programme at IIPM.



IIPM Clubs




1) Dr. M. B. Athreya addressing a seminar on ‘Corporate Restructuring in the Liberalized Scenario’. 2) Prof. Rohit Manchanda explains the philosophy of IIPM 3) Prof. Rajita Chaudhuri, Mr. Vivek Seigell (Country - Head Retail Consumer Finance HCL Infosystems), Mr. Prathap Suthan (National Creative Director, Grey Worldwide India) at a seminar on Advertising & Marketing 1 2 3

1) Mr. T.N. Seshan addressing a session on ‘Changing the Education System’, organised by IIPM’s Centre for Human Development. 2) Mr. Vasant Sathe, during a seminar on ‘Poverty Eradication of Indian Masses’. 3) Dr. Manmohan Singh & Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri during an IIPM - FINCUN Seminar


• Knowledge Management: By Dr. Charles Savage, Father Of Knowledge Management; Sep 2003. • Convergence: Financial Consolidation; June 2003. • India’s Management Dilemma: By Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri; Feb 2003. • Good To Great: In Search Of Corporate Excellence. September 2004. • Competency Mapping: By Mr. G.K.Sinha, Evp (Hr), Pepsico. July 2004. • Corporate Governance: By Mr. S. K. Gupta, Vp, Dcm Ltd. October, 2004. • Managing Employees Ideas For Performance. May 2005. • A Paperless World: By Mr. David Ramsey, O’ Neil Software Year 2007 • Entrepreneurship: Views And Avenues • Making Of Maverick Entrepreneur • Lifestyle Diseases & Cancer Awareness: Dr (Mrs) Ramesh Sarin (Apollo) • Mba Students’ Contribution To Society: Mr. Uday Raj • Cii Young India Session: Xth Commonwealth Study Conference: 16 Delegates • Retail Management In 21st Century • The Smart Entrepreneur Seminar • The Big 4ps Seminar • Innovation In Corporate Lending & Managing Financial Risk • What Do Companies Look For In Employees Now-A-Days? • FirO-B: L P Rajan, Dean , Mba Of Mvit • A Case Study Of Hr Initiatives In It Company; G V Suresh, Head Hr Of Continuous Computing India. • The 21st Century And Our Search For Simultaneity : Subroto Bagchi, Coo And Co-Founder Of Mindtree Consulting • Competitive Marketing Strategy – A Case Study On Sbi • Turning Great Strategies Into Great Performances • Pre - Budget Seminar ’05 - Budget For Indian Economy And Release Of Report.

IIPM Clubs

• Post -Budget Seminar ‘05 – Budget Analysis • Vat Seminar - Implementation And AnAlysis Of The Value Added Tax • Post -Budget Seminar ’06 – Budget Analysis • Succession Planning • Mapping The Mind Of The Modern Consumer • Hr As A Strategic Business Partner - ”The Myths And The Realities” • Emerging Challenges In The Banking Sector • The Chemistry Of Indian Retail; A Paradigm Shift • Water Management



Mumbai • Canbara Industries. Mumbai Whirlpool. Mumbai Marvel Fragrance Pvt.... Ltd.T. Delhi • Coca Cola.. Delhi LG. Mumbai M c D o w e l l ’s ( T h e U B G r o u p). Delhi Mc... Bangalore Reva Motors. Bangalore The Hindu.S.. Delhi • Escorts. Mumbai • Saicon India Ltd. Mumbai LG India. Chennai Ford India Pvt. Mumbai Bajaj Auto. Chennai Sundaram Clayton. Ministry of Defence.Ltd.. Hyderabad 49 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IIPM Clubs . Mumbai United Phosphorous Ltd. Chennai Maruti Udyog Ltd. Delhi • Indian Council for Cultural Relations. Ahmedabad Coca Cola India Ltd. Chennai EFA. Delhi • Nirulas. Ahmedabad GCMMF (Amul).Ltd. Mumbai • D K Jewels.Some of the important INDUSTRY VISITS organised by IIPM Clubs: IIPM students get to attend industry visits from time to time. Delhi • Samsung. Mumbai Forbes Marshall. Delhi • Seagrams. Mumbai • Total Presentations Devices India Pvt. Mumbai • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sapphire Machines Pvt. Mumbai Die- Craft Pvt. Chennai Royal Enfield Limited. Some of the industry visits include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Times of India. Ahmedabad Airports Authority of Ahmedabad Divya Bhashkar. Mumbai Pratibha Pipes Factory. to help them get updated with a first hand process orientation in various industrial segments. Mumbai Tata Motors. Bangalore Toyota Kirloskar. Delhi • RBI. Mumbai TVS Logistics. Mumbai Electronica. Ltd. Mumbai Thyssen Krupp. Mumbai • B. Mumbai Coca Cola. Delhi ITC Green Building.donalds training centre. Chennai Coca Cola. Delhi • Shri Lal Mahal Basmati. Delhi • Parle-G. Delhi • Parle. Delhi • Bata. Delhi ITC Choupal.E.Ltd. Delhi • Times of India. Hyderabad • Mahindra & Mahindra.. Ahmedabad Meghmani Organics.

The Health club.The Performing Arts club. Other Professional & Special Interest Clubs: • Aurobindo Memorial Manav Seva Kendra • Association for Democratic Socialism • Africa Study Centre • Australasia Business Unit • Brand Management Club • Communications & Media • Club America • Culture Society • Centre for Human Development • European Club • Finance Club • Food & Agribusiness Club • Health Industry Club • IIPM Wall Magazine Society • International Business & Development Club • Investment Club • Leadership & Ethics Forum • Business & Entrepreneurship Club • SACK (Students Against Corruption & Kickbacks) • SEED (Students for Ecological & Environmental Development) Sports Clubs • B-School Cricket Champions • Billiards Club • Bull’s Eye : Shooting Club • Carrom Masters • Golf Club • Volleyball Club President of Global Operations Management.The Lifestyle club at the institute. helps the students bring out their best in various forms of performing arts. as throughout the year.(Students for Theatrics and Generic Evolution) .Miss Universe. Avik Dutta gets global with REDNEX at an Amaze .GIDF Club initiative! THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . organizes periodic stress management programs through the art of yoga and meditation. Some of the important sporting events organized by Torque are: T h e Au r o b i n d o C h a u d h u r i Memorial Annual Cricket Tournament GOAL – the annual soccer tournament Week of the Gladiators – a dedicated week full of various competitive sporting activities. canoeing and other activities that help the students cope up with challenging situations and leads to self discovery. HEAL . it keeps on organizing one or the other sporting activities. The club also invites various philosophical preachers to deliver courses on Art of Living. musicals.The Adventure Club. From food to cultural theme nights. Cult makes its presence felt in anything and everything it does.The Sports Club. The club organizes nature trips through forest trips. Natalie Glebova in IIPM Campus as a part of GIDF Club initiative Torque . rock-climbing. is responsible to help its members unwind from the daily hustle and bustle. white water rafting. RECALL (Recreation & Exploration Centre for Accelerated Learning & Living) . It organizes street theatres. screening of plays/movies and many other forms of creative performances. is the most energetic club. The club is completely a students’ initiative & the institute takes no responsibility whatsoever. STAGE . CULT . organizes events that are offbeat. choreographies.


The winners IIFT Delhi 8. After being ripped by SRK 5. Breaking a bottle on the head 7. Participants from IPE. Facing the guillotine as a punishment 6. SRK with Rajita Chaudhuri 3. Dare organizing committee 9. Hyderabad (the runners up) and Kelly SoB 4. Push up competition with the Badshah 10. SRK dancing with a participant from Chicago Booth SRK S OCK ! R IIPM 2 11 3 4 7 9 . SRK with Arindam Chaudhuri 2.1 1 & 11.

e. the IIPM 4Ps Quiz competition! The B-school marketing quiz which also happens to be the biggest in the world. the path of hard work instead of choosing the shorter path based on corruption which brings disrepute to the country! 53 IIPM Clubs .10 “I love IIPM and love coming back to IIPM” declared SRK as curtains came down on Amaze 2011 . IIFT Delhi were the deserving winners after 4 hours of fun. had participants from 3 continents and 193 B-schools!! The finalists of DARE 2011 included Kelly School of Business . happiest and flamboyant best!! He told the students that he hoped that they chose the longer path to success i.the biggest B-school festival on earth . ISB Hyderabad and IIFT Delhi. Chicago Booth School of Business. celebration and quizzing with Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan at his wittiest.with the conclusion of it’s flagship event DARE’11.

the talent hunt to identify the best creative and academic talents who can represent the institute in various inter-college festivals. AAGMAN is a specially designed in-house event at the institute through which a new batch is welcomed to a whole new world at IIPM. Aagman has been synonymous with the Annual Cultural Evening at the institute. the annual intercollege festival and AAGMAN (see below). Over the past years. It also organizes T-30.Non academic clubs: Alchemy – The Cultural Club is responsible for organizing AMAZE. called the MOONWALK night. Arindam Chaudhuri at Aagman ‘08 Manjari Fadnis at an IIPM function INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . the annual cultural evening at the institute. The club also throws a special welcome party for freshers. AT A G L ANCE Prof. which witnesses participation of students from all batches along with members of the faculty.

Mr. Kabir Ali Cricketer.AMAZE Amaze is the annual management festival organized by IIPM. England & Mr. Naina Balsawar-Ex. this 3-day event has witnessed participation from all leading colleges and management institutes from all over India. ance at a gl Participants from St Andrews University UK presenting their business plan at Amaze ‘06 Events at Amaze include: Debate Flip Back Just A Minute Face Painting Creative Writing Ad Zap Best Manager Dumb Charades Corporate Quiz Antakshari Choreography Fashion Show Mr. and even some internationally. Amaze Rock Show Jatin Pandit at Amaze ‘06 Panelist for Fashion Show ‘06: Mr. England. Angad Bedi Ms.Miss India INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL .. Vikram Solanki-cricketer. Over the past years. It is a forum for the students to express their inner self through various interactive games and activites. & Ms..


It organizes blood donation camps. slum education programs. is re s p o n s i b l e f o r o rg a n i z i n g various social sector development projects and activities towards the upliftment of the economically weaker sections of the society.GID CLUB The social initiative club. health check-up camps. social awareness campaigns/rallies. polio eradication drives and other important vaccination programs amongst others. PRICELESS SMILES .

AMAZE iti b a c tiv her clu and ot e dia in m es .


10. 00. Bharat Jhunjhunwala an award of Rs. santhals. 000 • S Gurumurthy an award of Rs. adivasis • Medha Patkar for her selfless contribution for the cause of the displaced people across India • Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya for his contribution in organising the Bengali intelligentsia to restore democracy in Bengal • Sunanda Sanyal for his lifetime contribution for the well-being of students and his participation in restorting democracy in West Bengal • Belur Sramajibi Hospital for its commitment in providing advanced healthcare to the poorest of the poor • Pradip Bose for his socio-political vision in predicting the fall of stalinism everywhere and for joining the struggle to restore democracy everywhere • Dr. 00. 00.1. 000 • Pulak Narayan Dhar an award of Rs.1. Veer Bhadra Mishra & Maulana Abdul Batin Nomani (2006). 000 to award talents in film making BARUN SENGUPTA MEMORIAL AWARD in JOURNALISM for 2009 of Rs. 000 to award talents in plays • Satyajit Ray Memorial Foundation of Rs. 10. Social Work. 000 each • Dr. 00.Ilina Sen Accepting on behalf of Binayak Sen Mahasweta Devi accepting her award IIPM National & International Awards IIPM has instituted many cash and non cash awards as a part of its commitment to Literature. 000 • Dr. 000 each in 2010 • Soumitra Chatterjee for bringing to life various characters of Rabindranath through his acting in films or plays • Suchitra Mitra for taking us into the mystical world of Rabindrasangeet • Dr. 00. an award of Rs. 00. 00. 1. 000 each IIPM created a foundation with a fund of Rs. Bindeswar Pathak (2003). 1.1.notably through her novel Gayatri Sandhya IIPM also set up the following foundations in 2010 • Nandalal-Ramkinkar Memorial Foundation of Rs. 00. While the first three authors got a cash award of Rs.1. 00. • Abul Bashar for his novel Phool Bou and • Gour Kishore Ghosh for his novel Prem Nei. 00. • Atin Bandopadhyay for his novel Neelkantha Pakhir Khonje. Fine Arts. 000 to award talents in art-sculpture • Shambhu Mitra Memorial Foundation of Rs. Peace and Contribution in the field of Entrepreneurship. Kaushik Basu for his incisive writings in economics (Dr. 00. Some of the Cash Awards that IIPM has given in past include the following: • Subhash Mukhopadhyay : An award of Rs. 000 each • Debabrata Bandopadhyay • Manas Ghosh GOUR KISHORE GHOSH MEMORIAL AWARD in LITERATURE 2009 of Rs. 1. 000 Joint winners were • Syed Mustafa Siraj for his novel Aleek Manush. 000 each • Sankha Ghosh • Nirmalendu Gun AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN PERFORMING ARTS 2010 • Kaushik Sen an award of Rs. 00. 00. 000 each for showing communal harmony and integration after the Varanasi blast in 2006 2008 SURAMA CHOWDHURY MEMORIAL INTERNATIONAL AWARD IN LITERATURE of $1. 1. 00. 000 60 . • Dr. 10. RABINDRANATH TAGORE MEMORIAL AWARD of Rs. 1. • Dr. 10. 000 in memory of Shri Gour Kishore Ghosh. an award of Rs. Management and Economics. 00. 00. Tushar Kanjilal for giving shape to the poet's rural economic vision • Selina Hossain for depicting the contribution of Tagore in Bangla literature in Bangladesh . Ashok Sanjay Guha for his academic researches in economics • Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar for his incisive columns • Gurcharan Das for his people centric management thoughts • Mahasweta Devi for dedicating her life for the tribals. as was in practice for years in both rural and urban India. 000 for his commitment towards making public hygiene easily accessible and for his serious intent towards eradicating the practice of manual laborers tasked with the indignity of carrying human excreta or night soil on their heads. 000 for his contribution to poetry in India. Basu accepted the honor but did not take the cash). 00. 2010 MANAVATA VIKAS AWARD of Rs.10. 000 AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN JOURNALISM 2010 • Rabi Ranjan Chattopadhyay an award of Rs.

Arundhati Bannerjee and Mrs. 00. an award of Rs. 000 Irom Chanu Sharmila 2010 SURAMA CHOWDHURY MEMORIAL INTERNATIONAL AWARD IN LITERATURE of $1. 000 Anna Hazare 61 Key office bearers of IIPM. 1.5. 00. Ratna Chaudhuri at the First Surama Chaudhuri Memorial Award Function held in Kolkata. Gurcharan Das accepting his award Kiran Bedi with her award AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN HEALTHCARE • Dr. 00. 00. 000 each • Binayak Sen for commitment towards social justice. Devi Prasad Shetty (2010).1. 00. 00. an award of Rs.1.Virender Sehwag accepting the IIPM-TSI award Dr. 000 AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE in PRACTISING EDUCATION • Syed Nurul Islam Midiya (2010). 000 each. India IIPM National & International Awards AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP • Y K Hamied (2010). 000 • Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay • Bibhutibhushan Bando'dhyay • Manik Bandopadhyay • Tarashankar Bandopadhyay • Jibanananda Das • Ashapurna Devi . 00. 000 Khaled Hosseini for his book A Thousand Splendid Suns 2010 RABINDRANATH TAGORE MEMORIAL INTERNATIONAL PRIZE in Literature/Economics/Management 2010 of Rs. 1. • Ramapada Chowdhury Rs. 000 2011 BHARATIYA MANAVATA VIKAS PURASKAR of Rs. • Ilina Sen for social justice and humanity • Prakash Kaur for contribution to the society in upholding the value of girl child by adopting 60 abandoned girl children • Dr Kiran Bedi in 2011 for prison reforms and human rights • Justice V R Krishna Iyer for judicial reforms • T N Seshan for electoral reforms 2011 RABINDRANATH TAGORE INTERNATIONAL PEACE PRIZE of Rs. 00. an award of Rs. 000 • JRD Tata Memorial Foundation in Entrepreneurship • D h i r u b h a i A m b a n i M e m o r i a l F o u n d a t i o n i n Entrepreneurship • Pranabendra Kishore Memorial Foundation in Rural level sports • C K Prahlad Memorial Foundation in Management • K M Mathew Memorial Foundation in Journalism • Sukanta Bhattacharya Memorial Foundation in Literature • Kazi Nazrul Islam Memorial Foundation in Literature 2010 RABINDRANATH TAGORE INTERNATIONAL PEACE PRIZE of Rs. 000 The award was given jointly to 7 authors. 00. 1. 00. 00. Each award will be of Rs. humanity and human right and working for the tribals. Each award will be of Rs. 00. 00.1. 00. 00. an award of Rs.1. 00. Excellence in literature at a regional and/or national level will be awarded from the income generated from these foundations. 000 each are being set up in memory of the rest of the six winners. 000 Foundations of Rs.51. 00. 7. 000 IIPM also set up the following foundations of Rs. 1. 000 AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE in SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION • Swami Haripadananda Maharaj (2010). Excellence in respective fields will be awarded at a regional and/or national level from the income generated from these foundation. 00. 1.10.

Surat. the event was organised by Dainik Bhaskar. thoughts and education confined to students of IIPM. as well as best-selling books.which ran short of chairs . 000+ turn up to hear It was a night to remember for residents of Jabalpur as more than 55000 people turned up to hear Management guru Arindam Chaudhuri speak on Discover The Diamond In You and his Great Indian Dream!! Hailed as the biggest gathering of intelligentsia ever in Jabalpur. Actual shots from a seminar at Nagpur A report on one of Prof. People packed up the Wright Town Stadium . 000 people at Nagpur and 25000 plus people at Raipur last year. Therefore it brings out world-class magazines like Business & Economy.The IIPM Think Tank led by it’s Honorary Director Arindam Chaudhuri does not believe in keeping the IIPM research. The same thoughts are then promoted through public seminars and taken to the common man as well. the event showed the mass frenzy that Arindam Arindam Chaudhuri Chaudhuri has been generating. Today no other management speaker attracts more people world wide to his seminars as Prof Arindam Chaudhuri does. Human Factor etc. 4Ps Business & Marketing.and heard the 120 minute speech with rapt attention as Arindam elaborated upon the ways to achieve personal success as well as change the nation! . specially amongst the intelligentsia and youth. Ahmedabad. After more than 40. Over the last one year thousands have come to hear his mantra of social change at various places like Kolkata. Vadodara etc. Arindam’s seminars! Actual shots from the seminar at Jabalpur 55.

Dean . the #1 Economics best seller and Distover The Diamond in You .. Arindam Chaudhuri presenting SRK a copy of IIPM Think Tank’s Power Brands! Glimpses from the launch of Prof.the genuine record breaking #1 Management best seller.The #1 Self Help best seller!! Professor Chaudhuri satisfying his fans!! 63 Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra celebrating the sales of a staggering Arindam Chaudhuri.. Arindam Chaudhuri’s books “Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch” .. launching The Great Indian Dream in President of the Congress Party. 00. Student of class of ‘92. 000 copies of DTDIY in a record ten days! King Khan launching Arindam Chaudhuri’s Discover The Diamond In You! IIPM Think Tank Best Sellers and Seminars .. Ms..facebook. Malay Chaudhuri (Director IIPM).. Sonia Gandhi receiving the first copy Delhi of The Great Indian Dream. Faculty & Fellow IIPM ‘96.IIPM ‘2000.coauthored with Dr. Hony. “The Great Indian Dream” .arindam or for IIPM Think Tank updates tweet at https://twitter.For Arindam’s thoughts connect at www. Tarun Tejpal. Shri Adi Godrej at the Mumbai Launch of CYCBTH Media

Bandra (W) Mumbai . OF MARKETING. South Korea.iipm. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN O Questioning organisational Volume V | Annual Issue: 29th February 2008 THE INDIA ECONOMY REVIEW 2008 RETHINK EDIFY DELINEATE www. Art of Living The Centre intends to organise weekly lectures by renowned personalities from various walks of life apart from business in order to inculcate the finer aspects of human sensitivity in students. 145. Domino’s t h e 64 As an institution which believes in serious academic pursuits that have practical implications. the Indian Institute of Planning and Management has always been a forerunner in academic endeavours. C ALIFORNIA THE Y O U A N I N T E L L E C T U A L S O L U T I O N T H AT H E L P S Y O U R E D U C E C O S T S A S W E L L A S O U R B U S I N E S S G R O W A N D B E AT T H E C O M P E T I T I O N . Banjara Hills. UNION BUDGET 2008-09 : AN INCLUSIVE INTENT 25 13 Director HR at Af nity Infotech tellsIIPM Planman Ahmedabad Campus us how he uses technology to aid HR N e e d DAV GROWTH: DAVID NORDFORS. and thereby. Deccan Gymkhana. EGMORE. Apart from the Research and Publications cell at IIPM. 100 Feet Road. NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH. US New Delhi .V. the following centres of academic excellence also are present. T . P L A N M A N C O N S U LT I N G HUMAN FACTO R THE Contempor ary | Ac tionable | Cut ting. the Institute reimburses 50% of fees of event organised for disabled children in association with CRY foreign language course (conducted by the embassies) to students on successful completion of such courses. 6-3-252/2.600008 IIPM Planman Mumbai Campus N LY G L O B A L C O N S U LT I N G F I R M T H AT C A N G I V E Y O U R O R G A N I S AT I O N A THROUGH IT’S 360 O I O N T H R O U G H B E T T E R I . seminars and research on sustainable and ethical needs of man and woman (physical and psychological) and on how to plan and manage a society. IIPM has started 4 academic journals: ‘The Human Factor’ (HRM). Road. 893/4.411004. Pune . Film stars Hrithik Roshan. Volume 2 Issue 1 OUTSOURCING www.) and to draw appropriate conclusions for India.iipmt hinkt ank . New Delhi . 40 Find out why the CEO. PROF. PR & CRM .110016. to contribute towards the economy by creating quality leaders. IIPM has also started a technology quarterly TN (Technology Next). Germany. Next to Canara Bank. A C T I VAT I O N B U P D E G C E IA T L ness Growth Consulting W W W . MADRID PLANMAN MARCOM/336 n.. segmentation and targeting form the critical three-pronged tool for a firm 19 How do you recruit top .com Understanding radical transformations in contemporary strategic philosophies www. A P P L I C AT I O N S .560034 Hyderabad IIPM Tower.D November .com Rs. Centre for Comparative Planning & Management The Centre intends to study problems of planning and management of production units as well as social affairs in different socioeconomic settings (e. Centre for Leadership Training The Center intends to train social/political workers. China. B-27. Enthusiasm Officer byJunction of 32nd IIPM Tower. They can be beneficial when used appropriately but they may be habit-forming and carry the risk of unpleasant side PLANMAN FINANCIAL INVESTMENT BANKING E .Ed ge IIPM Planman Hyderabad Campus 56 Sr. Off C. BRANDING . Inqulab Society. SIA | EUROPE | AMERICA A N AN IIPM INTELLIGENCE UNIT PUBLIC ATION I I P M D R E A M G R E A T I N D I A N T H I N K T A N K & F O U N D A T I O N P R E S E N T A T I O N 70 GM HR. USA. Chennai IIPM Tower. Preity Zinta. entrepreneurs and managers. which ensures full growth of human capabilities avoiding dehumanizing process of industrial civilization.g. Pune IIPM Tower.iipmthinktank. Opp Oak Wood Hotel. Bangalore . setting benchmarks in education and industry.A u g u s t 2 0 0 6 Vo l u m e 1 I s s u e 2 w w w. Consquent to that. C-10. ET BACK TO YOU IN 24 H O U R S A N D P U T Y O U I N T O T H E H I G H G R O W T H PAT H ! 70 THE BUSINESS STRATEGY KEY: JUAN JOSE PESO VINALS. W E F I N D O U T W H AT Y O U R C A PA B I L I T I E S . ‘Need the Dough’ (Finance). Qutub Institutional Area. Whenever such centres start functioning. As a part of our academic endeavors. etc. Arindam Chaudhuri envisioned the idea of publishing journals. Ranbaxy ponders over the issue - J u n e 2 0 0 6 MPETITION E-MAIL TO growth@planmanconsulting. Round & S.. Sears Qutub Institutional Area. Bhandarkar Road.380015.level talent? Director GCH. A radical school of thought. STANFORD UNIVERSITY FACTOR 14 INNOVATION JOURNALISM AS A DRIVER FOR ECONOMIC INNOVATIO N India is sometimes called the Ahmedabad Chief Mumbai New Delhi New Delhi 19. Inspired by the research and talent bank of the institute. Gulbai his Opp. Israel. Erramanzil. Volume 1 Issue 3 J u n e . students living in the Institute’s accommodation will have to abide by the Institute’s decision to enrol themselves in different centres to enhance the effectiveness of teaching by having small groups in each centre. IIPM Tower II. “ – David Litvack ” AN IIPM INTELLIGENCE UNIT P U B L I C ATI O N Research & Publications : The IIPM Think Tank INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Research & Academic Centres THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT .II IIPM Planman Chennai Campus 08 MIRAGE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID: ANEEL KARNANI TH The man’s got Proving why C. Road. Marshall Road. Taiwan. C O M entropy INSIDE THIS ISSUE TH PROFESSOR OF STRATEGY. C O R P O R AT E A D V I S O R Y I s s u e HNOLOGIES PLANMAN MARCOM ADVERTISING Feb-April 2008. these journals and magazines aim to integrate academia and industry to create intellectual capital. colleagues! Tekra. c o m Rs. Centre for Entrepreneurship Development The objective of the Centre is to teach how to write bankable project reports and to give theoretical as well as practical guidance in setting up and running industries/organisation. Prahlad’s theory of wealth at the bottom of th pyramid is based on weak fundamentals the STRATEGIC INNOVATORS Pizzazz ! Derivatives are like prescription drugs. trade union leaders etc.100 Only 2 NEED THE DOUGH? M A K E W E A L T H W H I L E O T H E R S T H I N K O F I T S D o u g h ? HUMAN Understanding Understandin the ‘innovation’ needs of your target the audience is th most critical strategic tool for media FIRM FAILURE OR GRADUATION: ROTHAERMEL & 20 INCUB ATOR F NAT THURSBY. Indraprastha Gas charts out a Development Plan for the HR manager of today IIPM Planman New Delhi Campus-I A p r i l Explaining why positioning. INSTITUTO DE EMPRESSA. Centre for Executive Development Executive Development Programmes in the areas of Planning and Management of National Economy. Koramangala. Strategic Innovators as well as India Economy Review are all regular supplements with Business and Economy. Volume 1 Issue 3 Strategic Innovators A R E T O D R E A M : S T R A T E G I C A L L Y ! I N N O V A T I V E L Y ! w w w . ‘Strategic Innovators’ (Case Study and Strategy Journal) and ‘India Economy Review’ (Economy) in respective specialized areas of Management. Today Human Factor is full fledged monthly magazine of repute while Need The Dough (now rechristened as BFM). Hyderabad . DE ANZA www. What do you do when you want to make a difference with your web designs.400050. IIPM Tower I. Bangalore IIPM Tower. IIPM Tower. i i p m p u b l i c a t i o n s . Tower. Regional Centres of Studies & Research The Institute is likely to open centres of Studies and Research in Bangalore and Shimla very soon. 100 IIPM Planman Pune Campus IIPM Planman New Delhi Campus . Chennai .G.iipm. F O R U S C O N S U LT I N G D O E S N O T O N LY M E A N A critical per perspective on whether university linkages prove strateg strategically healthy for global corporations 38 E-COMMERCE WEBSITES: THE CUTTING EDGE STRATEGY KEY: MA PROFESSOR MAHARANA. Ahmedabad .500082. Director HR on why GAP is a great place to work! IIPM Planman Bangalore Campus RS. MARKET INTELLIGENCE V o l u m e S U LT I N G 1 . Corporate Planning are conducted.December 2007. Prof. Beat The Competition. Centre for Human Development The objective of the Centre is to initiate discussions. Centre for Foreign Languages Saif Ali Khan during a Valentine’s Day To facilitate a career in export-import organizations.gidf. 419.100 .

puts newspaper boards in strategic points in villages to spread socio-economic awareness amongst villagers. It runs ambulances for village India.IIPM’s Rural Development Programme workers cleaning the dirty streets and drains of Gaya Dr. organises rural entrepreneurship programmes. The programme has about 250 rural schools as well as many rural medical camps. K. the Director of IIPM. Malay Chaudhuri addressing the rural workers of Manav Seva Kendras while (below) they listen attentively A rural entrepreneurship lecture in progress An IIPM flood relief camp Children in IIPM rural schools do their daily drill 65 An IIPM flood relief camp A rural newspaper board to spread literacy A rural womens education camp THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Rural Development Programme Rural Development Programmes IIPM’s rural development programmes are carried out from Manav Seva Kendras in various villages of India. M. Chaudhuri. organises relief camps during national calamities amongst a plethora of committed social activities under the personal and passionate guidance of Dr. works for upliftment of women in rural areas. .

Advani 1 2 66 3 4 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . Aurobindo Chaudhuri was a bright student of IIPM’s batch of ‘92. Shri Salman Khurshid.. Shri L. As a part of IIPM’s rural development programmes. 4. Shri A. 1994.. 2.J. The Great Indian Dream Foundation & Hindustan Times. Shri Narendra Kumar. Arindam Chaudhuri. Mrs. The foundation is working for the cause of human development focusing on the less privileged sections of the society in the rural & urban areas of our country.The Great Indian Dream Foundation It aims at doing everything possible in order to achieve The Great Indian Dream of making India an Educated and Healthy nation. Shyama Chona.P.K. Sheila Dikshit during the first ever child conference organised by DPS Society. His spirit of working for a better India lives on through the Great Indian Dream Foundation (GIDF). 1. he had gone to the IIPM campus in Gurgaon to take classes for a batch of rural students. Abdul Kalam. 3. The then President of India Shri A. It is a collaborative effort between IIPM and Planman Consulting. GIDF aims to empower the vulnerable sections of the society by building up their capacities through education. Shri Arun Jaitly. Prof.P. 2000. Aurobindo Chaudhuri The Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial ‘Great Indian Dream Foundation’ was launched on 28th March. Abdul Kalam. free of poverty and its inhuman indignities. health and skill-based development. An unfortunate accident during the lunch break took him away from all of us. on 21st October.J. Chief Minister of Delhi Smt.

with Prof.. Arindam Chaudhuri INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . educated and poverty free India by 2025! You must be the change you want to see!” Sachin Tendulkar Past Brand Ambassador..“You may say I’m a dreamer. Let’s work towards a healthy. Let me not be the only one. GIDF Education Cricketer Brian Lara with GIDF’s Arindam Paul during a GIDF event Health Employment Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova promoting the cause of GIDF.

Deepak Kaistha. UGC or other acts.M. Sandeep Ghosh (Dean Admissions. Dr. Malay Chaudhuri & Mrs.M. All India) & Amit Saxena Students joining IIPM go abroad for GOTA (Global Opportunity and Threat Analysis) programme. Luc Van Mele. Dean of IIPM with the Dean of IMI. Ratna Chaudhuri at the IMI Campus in Belgium The two teams of IIPM & IMI in IMI headquarters. IIPM teaches only its own programmes and does not teach IMIs programmes. During their stay abroad. after a meeting 68 These Degrees are awarded by IMI in recognition of IIPMs excellent standard of education and training in entrepreneurship.D.) & Graduate Degree in Management (G. Professors of IMI on a visit to IIPM campus in Delhi.International Management Institute Degrees Sourav Chatterjee.G. they have the opportunity to interact with Professors/Associates of International Management Institute.)] in recognition of the excellence of IIPM’s programmes. UGC or other acts. Arundhati Banerji. These degrees do not come under the purview of AICTE. IMI awards its MBA/BBA degrees [Post-Graduate Degree in Management (P. Belgium INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . Mr. Ms. These Degrees also do not come under the purview of AICTE.D. The Hony. Europe.

in addition to trimester projects (on-the-job training) etc.per class (of 45/50 minutes) will be imposed on students if their attendance is less than 80%. but also have a relevant experience in application of theory to practical situations. This is much more than what is prescribed for any M. Lecture Hours No method is a substitute for a rigid academic schedule. 69 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . A fine of Rs. Attendance Failure to attend any class results in an automatic deduction of 2 marks per class from the marks awarded in the trimester examination.Method of Teaching The Institute uses case study methods (no overemphasis) along with class lectures to encourage active participation of the students in the total process of learning. programme. Trimester Projects/ Research Projects/Project Feasibility Reports are essential parts of the curriculum with the aim to acquaint students with practice so that not only do the students have a sound theoretical background.E.B. However. The same will be collected at the time of handing over Attendance Certificate/Final Marksheet/Testimonial. 100% attendance is rewarded with 5 additional marks. To create an atmosphere of the pressure found in the competitive environment and long hours of work. 25/. the average IIPM full-time student has to attend a cumulative of more than 1250 contact hours.

• Prof. 000/- for best performance in Industrial Relations. • Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Award of Rs. 000/. 000/- for best performance in National Economic Planning Area. some other prizes have been instituted by IIPM. Director’s Gold (gold plated/gold in the centre) and Silver Medals are awarded for excellence in all spheres of life as perceived by the Director. 5.Malhotra Memorial Award of Rs. • Mamta Memorial Award of Rs.each per month are available to economically weak yet meritorious and social service oriented students. 000/. 000/- for best performance in Beyond Principles of Mgmt. Scholarships & Awards INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL 1 Left: Mamta Nanda. 5. Adhikari Award of Rs.Shukla Memorial award of Rs. 5. Programme. 000/- for best performance in Extra Currirulars. 1. 5. Srivastava Memorial Award of Rs. as well as by individuals and organizations for excellent performance by students in various subjects. 1. 70 • Pranabendra Kishore Chaudhuri Memorial Award of Rs. 000/- for the most passionate IIPMite of the batch.2. To carry on the tradition and pay respect to all those who have contributed to IIPM’s success. • Prof. 500/- for best performance in Quantitative Techniques Area. 2. B. 500/- each for best per formance in Marketing and in Organisational Behaviour. 500/- each for best performance in Advanced Personnel Mgmt. 10. Chatterjee Award of Rs. 000/. THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . S. 000/- for best performance in Welfare Economics. B. M.C. Right: Students receiving various awards. Rank holders in trimester examinations are awarded merit scholarships of Rs. • Col. 000/- for best performance in Managerial Economics. • Prof. 500/- for best performance in Manufacturing process. • Dr. • Dhirendra Kishore Chaudhuri Memorial Award of Rs. • Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial award of Rs. M.N. 5.Dhanda Memorial Award of Rs. C. Bhandari Memorial Award of Rs. 000/- for the IIPM bright star. • Dorothea Chaudhuri Memorial Award of Rs.R. • Col. • Prof.for best performance in Social Service Projects. and Economics Project. 500 for best performance in Industrial Law. 5. • Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Award of Rs. 500/- for best performance of Corporate Information System Area. K. • Hiran Devi Dhanda Award of Rs. 000/- for best performance in OB&OD Areas. 000/. and Industrial Psychology.for best performance in Rural Dev. 500/- for best performance in Written Executive Communication Area. Besides these. 000/- for best performance in Comparative Planning and Management Area. 000/. 5. Subba Rao Memorial Award of Rs. • Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Award of Rs. each trimester. • Blanche Shukla Award of Rs. 5. • Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Award of Rs. 500/- for best performance in Sales and Distribution. 5. 500/- each for best performance in Business Law and Company Law.S.C. H. • Dr. 000 for the best expression of musical talent.3. 1. S. 500/- for best performance in Introduction to Market Management (Intregrated Programme) • Prof. • Aurobindo Chaudhuri memorial award of Rs. Bagga Memorial Award of Rs. • Mridula Kar Memorial Award of Rs. specially in the field of performing arts. • Amitabha Kar Memorial Award of Rs.A few scholarships of a value up to Rs. 5. N. one of the most loved students and the then faculty and administrative member of IIPM fraternity.

Course content of papers for re-examinations will be as per the latest syllabi followed at the Institute. Students will be given the opportunity for re-examinations (to be held one month after final examination) in the subjects they have failed or, if they so desire, to improve upon the marks already

Students who secure an average of 60% and above will be placed in the first class. A student who fails to secure an average of 50% and who does not pass in all the papers will only be awarded the trimester marksheet and not the certificate/testimonial. To be eligible for such testimonials, one has to pass at least 100/120 credits inclusive of core subjects and has to acquire relevant experience (2/3 years) as an executive.





Examination/Re-examination/Re-evaluation Examinations are held at the end of each trimester. Periodic tests and quizzes are held to assess continually the achievement of students. Written examinations may be supplemented by oral tests, whenever necessary. Marks obtained by candidates will be sent to parents/guardians with remarks on general behaviour of the candidates.

obtained. A fee of Rs. 50/- per credit will be charged for all re-examinations.

Award of testimonials

Convocation/Award of Testimonial/Certificate/Title IIPM awards a certification in Planning & Entrepreneurship on successful completion of the entire course. IIPM’s main courses are the One Year Executive Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship, Post Graduate Level Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship and the Three Year Integrated Programme (Under Graduate Level). On successful completion of these programmes, students will be awarded the Institute’s title of Associate Fellow of IIPM (A.F.I.I.P.M.). Partial completion (120/100 credits and above) of the programme of interrelated subjects will be recognized with the award of a certificate/testimonial indicating specializations in a narrow field (after 2/3 years of work experience). Whenever a student, who has been awarded A.F.I.I.P.M., completes a Research

Mrs. Ratna Chaudhuri at the IIPM convocation


It was a real privilege to get to know your unique institution... The country owes a deep debt of gratitude to Dr. Chaudhuri for his vision in establishing such a fine Institution...” Father of the Indian Green Revolution, Dr. M. S. Swaminathan, President, Pugwash Conferences...

Shishir Priyadarshi, Director WTO; Geneva

Convocation ceremony 2005- Dr. J J Irani



At the time of awarding the final marksheet, the Institute may award/deduct up to 10% marks in all subjects, if a student performs/does not perform certain voluntary tasks (like extending help to the Deaf and Dumb Society, Blind Relief Association, Blood Bank etc.) and participates/does not participate in literary and cultural programmes suggested by the Institute from time to time and develops/does not develop

Students attending less than 65 percent classes will not be entitled to testimonials. They will be awarded semester marksheets, if they otherwise, qualif y for testimonials successfully. Winners of Gold Medals, Prizes, Certificates of Honour etc. will be invited to participate in the convocation. Others will be sent the testimonials by registered post after the convocation.




Award of testimonials

Project (Thesis) of prescribed standard under the guidance of the competent Professor/Research Executive approved by the Institute, he/she is entitled to use the title Fellow of The International Institute of Planning and Management (F.I.I.P.M.comparable to Ph.D of University System). Honourary F.I.I.P.M. is also awarded to distinguished academicians, corporate leaders, social workers for life time achievement.

a clean and decent life-style during his/her association with the Institute. The Institute reserves the right not to award title/testimonials to students, who organize strike/demonstration/ragging/ gherao etc. and thereby prove themselves unworthy of entrepreneurial leadership in an organisation, even if they complete the academic programme successfully.

All the eligible students who required placements got placed from the campus itself. more than 700 companies come to campus to make presentations and to interview students. All the Middle Eastern countries are managed from India. Many students use IIPM resources to conduct networked job searches. For the same purpose. Depending on the recruitment policy of organisations. To be eligible for Trimester Project/Placement Service of the Institute. The Institute’s Strategic Management Group (SMG) assists eligible students in securing suitable jobs/trimester projects. and not-for-profit organisations. their gross salary compares well with students of the same age (26/27) coming out of other national Institutes. After about 5/4 years’ experience as Executives. entrepreneurial ventures. however. For this purpose. a student has to satisfy the following criteria : (a) he/she has to secure an average of 50% marks. USA. No fee is charged for the service and no binding obligation to find a job/trimester project for any student is accepted by the Institute. It has been observed that more than 70% of each class usually accepts offers from companies that recruit on campus. Students must. (d) he/she has to clear all fees due to the Institute. targetting smaller companies. students are usually absorbed as Junior Executives in appropriate pay scales with allowances if their performance is found satisfactory during the period of trimester projects. Job & Career Opportunity IIPM students complete the programme at a relatively younger age (21/23). which select mostly engineering graduates.Placement Procedure Each year. as well as globally maintaining and performing liaison work between possible employers and the Institute’s students. For the last four consecutive years IIPM has had the highest number of International Placements in India apart from the highest placements amongst all B-Schools in India. Attractive stipends/scholarships are paid to students during trimester projects. (c) he/she has to pass 90% of the papers examined. market research and surveys. many of them having 2/3 years’ previous work experience. Students failing to qualify for placement service/trimester projects or unsuccessful in obtaining trimester projects have to write project feasibility reports based on library research. (b) he/she has to obtain 55% marks in oral as well as in written executive communication. London. Last year too saw a record of more than 700 companies visiting the IIPM campus for placements (see ALUMNI & PLACEMENTS page for further details). 74 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . the office keeps effective contacts with firms all over India. IIPM has offices in 18 cities of India. Students opting to become entrepreneurs afterwards are entitled to consultancy service of the Institute at a nominal cost throughout their active life. & Singapore. (e) he/she has to attend 80% of all classes. note that the Institute is a place for serious academic pursuit and not an agency to provide employment.

m. 03:00 p.m. Open Forums.m.Students Open Sessions    Individual Class Preparation   Study Group  *Small Group Classes ** Some classes begin at 8:30 a. Faculty .m. 06:00 p.m. Class Sports & Special Interest Activities Sports & Special Interest Activities  Lunch Break  Class Sports & Special Interest Activities Sports & Special Interest Activities Class Class Class Guest Speaker Session 04:30 p. 09:00 p. To accommodate. Students spend between one and two hours preparing for each of the next day’s classes. Tuesday* Wednesday Thursday* Friday  Study Group  8:00 a.m.m.m. 8:30 a. 11:30 a. while others begin at 1:30 p. students allocate their time according to their own interests and needs. Sports. Monday 7:15 a. Study groups. Class Class Class Computers Computers Case Study Presentations Class Communication Class Communication Class Executive Executive Projects Class Class Class 01:00 p.m.m. 75 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Class Schedule . which enhance and supplement individual class preparation. Before and after class. typically meet daily. individual classes are occasionally extended or a morning class may begin early at 8 :00 a. 10:00 a. Most students are involved in the wide range of extracurricular activities offered on campus from afternoon to early evenings. complementary activity such as visiting case protagonists and other guest speakers.m.m. 01:30 p.m.A Week at IIPM Students in the required curriculum typically participate in eighteen 90 minute classes per week.m.  Club Meetings.

The minimum age for the programme participants is 20 years & above.Admissions E-PAT: The Real Test of Aptitude in Entrepreneurship IIPMs Admission test E-PAT (Entrepreneurship & Planning Admission Test) is based upon a written test. group discussion and personal interview are compiled together to compose the final score. Though students may join after graduation. IIPM considers mature students with or without formal qualification. IIPM’s admission test E-PAT is based more on parameters pertaining to EQ (Emotional Quotient) and overall personality mapping since it has been globally observed that high IQ often takes a backseat to high EQ when it comes to Entrepreneurship. the emphasis is on practical learning to improve entrepreneurial skills and not on formal completion of any degrees or board examination. IIPM considers mature students with or without formal qualification. Management and dealing with human beings. group discussion and interview. the minimum qualification for this programme is education till IXth standard. 76 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . emphasis here too is on practical learning to improve entrepreneurial skills and not on formal completion of any degrees or board examination. Life experience and job experience through paid or voluntary work is considered. The minimum age for the programme participants is 17 years & above. Full-Time Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship Being an entrepreneurship course. life experience and job experience through paid or voluntary work is considered. the minimum qualification for this programme is education till IXth standard. 3 Year Full Time Integrated Programme Being an entrepreneurship course. Unlike CAT. Though students may join after 10+2. Here too. Success in E-PAT is more likely to make you a better future leader than success in any other exam focused on IQ. E-PAT is conducted throughout India in more than 15 centres. Thus. the total scores of the written test.

5. 77 Note : For details of fees refer to the attached fees sheet. . Caution Deposit Caution Deposits (including deposit for hostel) are refundable not earlier than three months after the withdrawal from the Institute. proportionate seat rent only is refunded. annual establishment fee and refundable caution deposit must be paid along with the first installment of tuition fee etc. the student’s name will be removed from the register of the institute and parents/guardians will be informed about it with a request to remove the ward from the Institute. at the time of admission. In all other cases. Mode of payment All fees are to be paid by Bank Drafts payable at New Delhi. THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Fees Payment Schedule Fee Fir s t ins t allm ent o f tuition fe e along with th e admission fee and refundable caution deposit for library etc. 1. 000/Thereafter. Fine for late payment The institute reserves the right to impose a fine on late payments on defaulters after the due date in the following manner late by one week: Rs. Cheques/Cash will not be accepted. Male students making their own arrangements after opting for the institute’s accommodation will not be refunded seat rent etc. 000/late by two weeks: Rs. 500/late by three weeks: Rs. five and eight months after the beginning of the session).All other fees are to be paid in three more installments (due two. 2. If they are required to vacate early. must be paid at least six months before the beginning of the programme. 10. No application for waiving fine for late payment/re-admission fee will be entertained under any circumstances. Re-admission may be considered only on request from parents/ guardians and after payment of fines and re-admission fee. Annual (three trimesters) seat rent. Provisionally admitted students are refunded fees only in the event of their failure in qualifying examination and if the result is known before 1st September. 000/late by four weeks: Rs. Students are allowed to stay in the institute’s accommodation up to a maximum duration of 3 trimesters. if residential accommodation is required. fees once paid are not refundable under any circumstances.

try to help innocent students to complete interrelated courses (equivalent to at least 66 credits) through correspondence material (and. content of courses. The Institute is known for its unique programmes in Planning and Entrepreneurship and the placements its students get and the kind of research work it does. If a course is dropped before commencement of the programme. however. if possible. Any concession achieved from the management under coercion will not be regarded as binding on the Institute. fees charged or to make any other suitable modification should these be deemed necessary in the interest of the Institute. All disputes are to be settled in Delhi Courts only. The Institute reserves the right to emphasise this difference in approach and maintain its academic independence. IIPM conduc ts its own programme in Planning & Entrepreneurship (a non professional course). Because of inclusion of subjects related to National Economic Planning / International Planning and our effort to integrate them with various functions of an entrepreneur (who has to lead a team of executives specialized in diverse fields). through occasional contact programmes) in order to avoid disturbance of academic atmosphere by unwanted elements. the Institute is an academically independent & self-financed autonomous body. fees paid by the students will not be refunded. our two-year programme’s de-jure recognition as equivalent to any degree is superfluous for any judgement on academic standing of the Institute. Students. students will be refunded (after one year) fees paid in advance for the remaining part of the programme. The Institute is neither affiliated to any University nor has sought de-jure recognition for its Academic Programmes from any statutory body. etc. students will be refunded all fees paid by them. 78 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Rights Reserved THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . If a course is however. is the tremendous market recognition that IIPM is proud of. Hence.IIPM is a non profit society registetred under the Society’s Act of 1960. Acceptance/Recognition (de-facto) of the Institute’s academic programme is indicated by the list of companies which have so far offered placement/Summer/Trimester projects to IIPM students. The Institute reserves the right to change the requirement for admission. The Institute will. The Institute also reserves the right to drop any programme on account of administrative and other constraints. dropped in the middle of the programme due to students’ agitation. who are concerned about statutory recognition. graduation. need not apply for the programme. If a course is dropped in the middle of the programme due to circumstances beyond the control of the Institute.

which have bearing on corporate management.. the IIPM programme in Planning and Management is considered superior to standard MBA courses.Chatterjee.. Department of Management Studies. but also additional inputs of Economics with special emphasis on macro level planning and National Economic Management.. I state that the courses taught at the Institute cover not only regular MBA curriculum.. 20th of August 1995 (when he was the Head.K. N. I have myself grown with the Institute. In view of this. P. Adhikari.).R.Jain. Banerjee.Gujral.The course content of the Planning and Management Programme of The Indian Institute of Planning and Management covers all the subjects taught in MBA course in the Indian “The course content of the Planning and Management Programme of IIPM covers all the subjects normally taught in MBA courses. Manmohan Singh (who became the Prime Minister of India in ‘04) during a seminar organised by IIPM in association with FINCUN THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL Management Gurus speak “It is my pleasure and privilege to state that I have been associated with The Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) since its inception.. Based on my long association with IIPM. At the current state of environment... In addition..” Dr.. 10th of July 1980 (when he was Dean.. the course content of IIPM included 16 and above credit courses to integrate the management programme with specialization in National Economic Planning.T. University of Delhi) Universities.. as a teacher. students are thus exposed to a variety of subjects in greater detail. Shri. 12th November 1996 (Renowned Consultant and Advisor on Information Technology and Ex-Advisor to A. M. Utpal K. I.” Dr. I have no hesitation in admitting that the IIPM course is superior to any regular Post Graduate Diploma/Degree Course exclusively focussed on just MBA curriculum. when we talk about global business management.. The IIPM programme in Planning and Management may be considered superior to standard MBA courses. Chaudhuri and various batches of students over the years since 1973. University of Delhi) .” Dr. Bibek Debroy and Former Prime Minister Shri. Faculty of Management Studies. I have no hesitation to say that IIPM’s two year programme in Planning and Management is superior to standard MBA courses. Gurcharan Das. Faculty of Management Studies. Indian Institute of Technology.E. 79 Shri. as a friend and philosopher to Prof.C. Delhi) “.I. Vasant Sathe & Shri.IIPM covers all the subjects normally taught in MBA course in addition to 31 credits course in Economics. 6th of March 1995 (when he was Dean. Shri.K...“. in addition to a 32 credit course in economics to integrate the programme with specialization in National Economic Planning.” Dr.

M. Prof. IIPMs original research work has been time and again quoted in various articles. K. Every year the Director of IIPM Dr. More than one thousand articles on IIPM/ quoting IIPM have come out in the print media and faculty of IIPM have made hundreds of appearances in the electronic media. Chaudhuri presents budget alternatives before the actual budget is declared. IIPM has constantly made news due to the right reasons.80 Being totally focussed on academics and research. Rarely an article on managem ent e duc ation / mangement consulting comes out in the media which does not quote the Dean of IIPM. His views on the budget every year are exclusively telecast on ZEE NEWS on the day before the INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IIPM news THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT . Arindam Chaudhuri ! He has been a columnist with various newspapers and magazines including The Hindustan Times apart from regularly contributing for The Times of India as well. He is regularly invited to participate in various programmes in the electronic media and has been featured in programmes like Movers & Shakers.

The Times of India in 2001 and The Hindustan Times in 2002 organised seminars exclusively with faculty of IIPM in various cities of India something that they both had never done with any other management institute before.both print and electronic. . Prof. Other faculty members of IIPM are also actively quoted in the media . Arindam Chaudhuri has been featured in the cover stories of the sunday supplements of The Hindustan Times as well as The Telegraph apart from being on the cover stories of various other newspapers and magazines as well.81 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IIPM news budget as well as on the day of the budget. The Economic Times featured IIPMs research contribution to Indian management “Theory ‘i’ Management” in a front page cover story.



They bring with them real life case studies of their experience. It operates from The IIPM Campus at Satbari in South Delhi. recreational and relaxation facilities. Spread across acres of lush green. which provides the best of sporting. All India Infrastructure: IIPM in Delhi provides students with over 50. INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL . by various business and current affairs magazines. All India Prof. IIPM Delhi is currently located out of a 3. A. The institute is also known for the lighter side of student life. The landscaped greens all around add to the beauty and serenity of the campus. IIPM Delhi has been separately ranked ahead of many of the IIMs on several criteria. Prasoon Majumdar Dean Academics. The faculties at the institute comprise of experienced individuals from the world of academics and business.5 acre lush green campus in the Chattarpur area of South Delhi. Prof.IIPM NEW DELHI 84 IIPM Delhi is the largest management centre in the country with the highest intake of students every academic year. this campus draws resemblance to any European campus. enlightening all the attendees. Sandeep Dean. of built-up infrastructure. 000 sq. ft. away from the hustle and bustle of the city. time and again. which provides a perfect setting for academic pursuit in the laps of nature.

Volleyball. allowing students free access to the World Wide Web or data servers from any corner of their campuses. Golf. thereby speeding up the search process. table soccer. all equipped with the latest A/V equipments. IIPM Delhi by far outnumbers any other business school in the country in terms of total number of classroom space offered. The campus has specially designed auditoriums with the best of acoustics. Lawn Tennis. 85 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IIPM NEW DELHI . which can accommodate up to 500 students. Cricket amongst many indoor games like Chess. 000 titles from the world of business and management. The IIPM library also has an online indexing and title search facility. etc. With over 30 fully air-conditioned classrooms. recreation centres to rejuvenate oneself and spacious canteens that offer the finest dining experience at a subsidized rate. Badminton. conference halls for business presentations and group discussions. the International Campus offers separate sporting facilities in the form of Billiards. apart from over 50 different journals and magazines from the world over. Additionally. Table Tennis. The IIPM campus has a spacious library covering over 50. enabling students to locate a specific title and its availability. Carrom.The IIPM campus is completely Wi-Fi enabled. Swimming.

they have also expanded their intellectual horizon by contributing in various forms of print media – newspapers. With around 70 visiting faculty members and over 100 permanent teaching staffs. the Delhi centre boasts of a strong faculty team.Faculty Faculty at IIPM in Delhi constitutes a heady mix of youth and experience. rarely seen in any other management school in the country. The visiting faculties at IIPM on an average. From the formulation of an Alternate Budget every year to providing consultations to the Planning Commission. magazines and journals. Many of them also bring along a first-hand practical experience of 20-30 years in various organizations. thereby enabling them to communicate to the students their own experience in their field of discussion. Most of the faculty members at IIPM regularly contribute to the exploration and dissemination of knowledge through various national and international forums in the form of lecture sessions. possess around 15-20 years of academic experience in established institutions all over the country. training workshops and round-tables. from representing FICCI for 86 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IIPM NEW DELHI . Faculties at IIPM in Delhi also engage in numerous consulting assignments of national and international importance. close to their heart. on various issue based topics. At the same point of time.

IIPM students are also recruited to assist the accumulation and assimilation of the right data. BEd Amitava Guha .MBA Aditi Sharma .Centre for Marketing Management) Abhimanyu Rai . PGDM (IIM-Cal).MCom. MBA.BA.PGDM.MBA (Dean Administration.MBA. PhD(Trade) Akhilesh Tiwari .MBA . ICAI Amim Ahmed .MCom. when they get together in organizing key events at the institute.PGDPM. ICAI.the development of the entertainment industry to assisting World Bank the right way to fund developmental projects in the country. AFIIPM (Dean-All India) A.Com Amit Saxena . AICWA.MBA Amit Bagga .EMBA.MBA Amita Tandon . MPhil Anirudh Sharma . AFIIPM (Dean . MPhil Abhimanyu Ghosh .B Tech. faculty at IIPM have been associated with considerably many other projects.MBA Ajay Duggal .PGDBA. rivaling each other in sports meets or grooving and jiving together at rock shows.BCom.MPhil (Eco) AK Sengupta . PGDPSM A J C Bose . MBA. Delhi) Amit Sood . PHD Akram Hoque .MSc (Stats). Faculty list 87 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IIPM NEW DELHI A Sandeep .MBA Alok Kumar . M. MA (Eco). The student-faculty relationship at IIPM reaches a new pinnacle beyond the classroom. During all these projects. AFIIPM (Dean . All India) Ankit Jhamb . BCom Angshuman Paul . pursing MA(Eco) Aman Chugh . FCA.P Goel .PHD(Commerce).Centre for Mentorship.FDP(UCLA).

MBA Mridu Singh Jhala . UGC-NET Mashkur Zafar . MCDDS.Academics. PGDBM. Delhi) Prasoon S Majumdar .88 INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IIPM NEW DELHI Anu Gulmohar .R Vaid .MBA R. OCA.MBA Brinda Balakrishnan .MBA Anuradha Sharma . LLB. K Pandey .MBA Mukesh Mehlawat .BA (Hons).BE (Mechanical).MBA Kiran Bhatia . Pursuing PhD Pooja Katara Sharma . MBA Jatinder Singh . MBA (Narsee Monjee).Administration.BCom.MBA Col.PGDM. All India) Pushp Lamba . MPhil (French) (HOD . BA Arindam Chaudhuri . PGDCL M K Chaudhuri . PGDHA.MBA. MBA. MBA.BCom.MA (Eco).PGDPM.BA (Hons). MBE Aparna Jain . AFIIPM Jazveen Matharu .C Jain . PGDPM. MCom. Six sigma Green Belt.GOTA) Neetu Nirjar .HDIE.MBA Nitin Sharma .MBA Prashanto Banerji .MPhil.MBA Harpal Singh .PhD. ITIL Bipul Singh .MBA (Hospitality) Archana Mehra . PhD(Psyc) Chakrapani Sharma . AFIIPM (Dean .PGDPM. MA(Eco).MSc.PGDPM.MBA. MBE.Centre for Leadership & Strategy) Neeta Tripathi .M.Masters in Mgmt.BSc (Biotech). Pursuing PhD Kaushal Mishra . MCSE. LLB Nitin Ralhan . MPhil. PGDIR THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT .MBA Nomita Kapoor . MA(Eco).MA (Eco). PhD (OR) N R Chatterjee .BTech. MCom.Centre for Economic Research & Advanced Studies) Arundhati Banerji .MBA. PhD.BCom. MCom.MSc. PGDPM.A.MBA Chandan Singh . MBA Pankaj Upadhyaya .MBE P. PGDHRM. Bahl .Mcom. Singapore) (Dean . N. Pursuing PhD Jaydip Dutta Gupta .MA (Psychology). AFIIPM Naved Yusufzai .BE.MBA K K Srivastava . DLL Indranil Das .PGDPM.MA (French).MBA Gyanendra Kashyap . PGDPM.MBA Manpreet Randhawa . MBA Naveen Chamoli .MCA.PGDPM L Raghavan Iyer .International Alliances) J Chaterjee . PhD Namita Chhetri .BE (Elect & Telecom) Maninder Singh .Centre for Undergraduate Studies. DSc (Founder Director) Madhu C. M.MSc (IT). MPHIL (Eco) Bharat Tank . CDBA Anubhav Saxena .) Dhruv Khanna . MSc (Applied Psychology) Chanda Mehra .Phil. AFIIPM (Dean .K Katiyal .MBA Anubha Walia . AFIIPM (Dean .MBA Donita Dickson .MBA Archana Mehta . India) B.MBA Naveen Baweja .PGDPM. Pursuing PhD Mita Singh . MSc (Def Sc. FIIPM (Dean . AFIIPM (Dean . MBA (NUS. AFIIPM.

ICAI U C Tiwari .MBA Vishalam Lamba . AFIIPM Rajita Chaudhuri . IIPM) Ravi Inder Singh . PGDM S Swaroop . MBA. MPhil. AFIIPM (Dean . All India) Rushi Ahuja .BCom. PhD (Fin) T.Placements. S N Ghosh .MBA Randall W.MBA Varun Verma .MBA Rajat Shukal . Ramaswamy .Centre for HRD) Rohit Sharma . CISA S C Gupta . AFIIPM (Dean .MS (Sociology) Ranjan Paul .This is a partial list of faculty members.MBA Rohit Manchanda .P Gupta .MA (Sociology).BCom. PGDPM. MBA Y. ICAI Rahul Dutta .MDPA.PGDBM Satish Kumar . Livingstone .Centre for Undergraduate Studies and Executive Communications.MBA Vishal Salgotra . UGC-NET Surya Jena . GICAME-Stanford University. MA (Psych) Zubair Ahmed Salroo .MBA.MBA Sudip K Ganguly . AFIIPM (Dean .MBA Simrat Gulati .MBA Sujit Kumar .MBA Susheela Chamoli . FCSAI. PhD (Mgmt) Ramakar Jha .BTech.MCom. USA Saurabh Kalra . PGDBM Swati Gupta Sharma .MBA Shuchi Sharma . Global) Rakesh Suri . LLM. ICAI.BSc (Agri).MA.MBA Sanjay Kehar . MBA Virat Bahri .MBA Sray Aggarwal . MMC Sourav Chatterjee . ICAI Waseem Alam .MCom. AICWAI. MMS.MBA Ratna Chaudhuri .Centre for Planning & Entrepreneurship. Dean International Placements.MA.PhD (Law).PGDPM. All India) Rajat Thareja .MBA Swapnalekha Basak .MBA Veena Kumar . Dip in Mktng Mgmt Sharmista Ray Ghosh . Pursuing PhD S S Mehta .BTech.MBA Shoaib Ahmed .MBA.MA (Pol Sc).HDIE. PGDPM. B.BCom.MSc (Stats).Ed. PGDIRPM. MBA. MA(Eco).MBA Sanjay Banerjee . PG Dip in Intnl Laws. AFIIPM (Dean .PGDBM-IIFT (N Delhi).MBA Seema Dogra . MBA Shivalee Kaushik . MPhil Sham Sharma .BSc.MCom.MBA . PhD. PG Dip in Lab Laws S K Bose .MBA T K Nagpal .MCom.BTech (IIT Kgp) Vaibhav Raj Soni .MBA Steven Philip Warner . The list is indicative of the exceptionally talented and nationally renowned experts who have been associated with IIPM 89 THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PL ANNING AND MANAGEMENT INDIAS GLOBAL B-SCHOOL IIPM NEW DELHI Rahul Bhatia .PGDPM.PGDPM. Delhi) Spriha Srivastava . PhD (Management) Sandeep Bhatia . AFIIPM (Registrar. LLB.BCom.MBA (Assoc.PGDPM. All India) Rakesh Malhotra .FCIS (UK).MBA Vinesh Chhabra . ICAI Sanjana Adlakha .MBA (Dean Placements. Dip in Labour laws.

journals.books. Since we operate in an on-line work environment. text books or other resources for further learning. which is fun-filled. equipped with the latest A/V equipments. students get to submit their projects. attendance records and other important information without much hassle.IIPM MUMBAI IIPM DEHRADUN IIPM NOIDA IIPM CHANDIGARH IIPM AHMEDABAD IIPM BANGALORE IIPM KOLKATA IIPM LUCKNOW IIPM BHOPAL IIPM JAIPUR IIPM HYDERABAD IIPM GURGAON IIPM BHUBANESHWAR IIPM COCHIN IIPM INDORE IIPM PUNE IIPM CHENNAI At IIPM. setting an enviable benchmark for others to follow. This is planned specially keeping students’ convenience in mind. multi cuisine cafeterias. With fully air-conditioned classrooms. etc. magazines and CD ROMs. test scores. At the same point of time. Students across different programmes. With this commitment. All IIPM Towers across all branches are Wi-Fi enabled. Apart from the IIPM cam. assignments. hence. all the IIPM Towers are an amalgamation of latest technology and modernity. referring to research reports. access to dedicated student servers help the students to download notes. simple and more engaging. we have ensured that all IIPM Towers have the very best of infrastructural facilities. The libraries also have an online indexing and title search facility. allowing students free access to the World Wide Web or data servers from any corner of their respective campuses. gymnasiums and billiards rooms. online. All IIPM libraries are stacked with numerous academic titles . spend a considerable amount of time in the campus library. the IIPM Tower in Mumbai also boasts of a swimming pool!! One of the most striking feature of any of the IIPM Towers is the library. All the campuses are located in the heart of the city and are well connected with public transport facilities from all corners. to facilitate a better learning process. . thereby speeding up the search process. enabling students to locate a specific title and its availability. pus in Delhi. we have always believed in providing the most comfortable learning environment to our students.

.If You Think You Can. You Are Right!! IIPM WORLD-CLASS IN INDIA ..

Vani Vihar Square. Phase 8. Near Kolar Bridge INDORE : IIPM Tower. Chattarpur Road.3. Road.NEW DELHI : IIPM Campus. C-56/30. Road. Kolar Main Rd. Near Bombay Hospital. Egmore BHUBANESHWAR : IIPM Tower. SB 39B. Ernakulam DEHRADUN : IIPM Tower. Satbari. PU-4 COCHIN : IIPM Tower. 100 ft. Koramangala HYDERABAD : IIPM Tower.iipminternational. Hazratganj CHANDIGARH : IIPM Tower. Sears Tower. Iyyer Lane. 278-279. Erramanzil. Chandan Haula. Rambagh circle. 893/4. 419. 19. Near Technopolis BHOPAL : IIPM Tower. ELTOP Industrial Area. MG Road. Deccan Gymkhana CHENNAI : IIPM Tower. S. Inqulab Society. 6-3-252/2. Plot No. Ashok Marg.79. A-411 Saheed Nagar. Opp. 145. Commercial Plot No . Sarv Dharam. Starlight Arcade.iipm. www. Khar (W) BANGALORE : IIPM Tower. Mohali JAIPUR : IIPM Tower. AQ 6. E-781. Sector V. Building No.G. Bhandarkar Bapu Nagar KOLKATA : IIPM Tower. 16.Road PUNE : IIPM Tower. www. C. 40/9210 Dwarai Swami. Banjara Hills AHMEDABAD : IIPM Tower. Sector32 NOIDA : IIPM New Delhi-110074 GURGAON : IIPM Tower-1. Sector -62 MUMBAI : IIPM Tower. SAS Nagar. Marshall’s Road. B-Sector. Gulbai Tekra. Salt Lake City. Opp. C-127. Janpath LUCKNOW : IIPM Tower. Make Your Own Destiny . Rajpur Road www.

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