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Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 11-20

11: a] b] c] d] 12: a] b] c] d] 13: a] b] c] d] 14: a] b] c] d] 15: a] b] c] d] 16: a] b] c]

The commonest form of inquest in India is police coronor magistrate medical examiner system following is court of inquiry coronor magistrate high court supreme court section 174 deals with inquest inquiry summons dying declaration dowry death is dealt with IPC 498A 498B 304A 304B powers of chief judicial magistrete 10 years 7 years 3 years none of the above leading questions are permitted in dying declaration examination in chief cross examination

d] 17: a] b] c] d] 18: a] b] c] d] 19: a] b] c] d] 20: a] b] c] d]

reexamination Turner's syndrom is 47/xxy 46/xx 46/xy 45/xo chromosal defect is seen in all following except Turners' syndrom Klinfelter's syndrom concealed sex all of the above the sex can be best distinguished by following except somatic sex anatomical sex generic sex gonadal sex the following is not included in Gustafson's criteria attrition secondary dentine root transparency absorbtion of alveolar sockets

Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 21-30

21: a] b] c] d] 22: a] b] c] d] 23: a] b] c] d] 24: a] b] c] d]

investigation of death in prison is conducted by police coronor magistrate medical examiner system following cann't award punishment coronor magistrate session c ourt high court a case booked under IPC 302 is tried in 1 st class magistrate court 2 nd class magistrate court assistant session court session court punishment for murder is dealt with IPC 84 302 320 375

25: a] b] c] d] 26: a] b] c] d] 27: a] b] c] d] e] 28: a] b] c] d] 29: a] b] c] d] 30: a] b] c] d] e]

powers of 2 nd class judicial magistrete 10 years 7 years 3 years 1 year coroner's inquiry is in practice Bombay Calcutta Chennai Nowhere in india brachiocephaly is due to fusion of following suture sagittal coronal parietal lambdoid squamous cranial capacity is 5% more in female 10% less in female 15% more in female 20% less in female pre auricular sulcus is helpful for sex determination age estimation race determination height determination lower end of femur is useful for determination of age and weight sex and height age and sex stature and weight non of above

Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 31-40

31: a] b] c] d] 32:

Cherry red color of p.m.lividity is due to opium red phosphorous carbon dioxide lead tetroxide when full thickness of skin is involved, it is of

a] b] c] d] 33: a] b] c] d] 34: a] b] c] d] 35: a] b] c] d] 36: a] b] c] d] 37: a] b] c] d] 38: a] b] c] d] 39: a] b] c] d] 40: a] b] c]

following degree of burn I II III IV burn of both upper limbs amounts 9% 18% 27% 36% boxer's attitude is due to carbon soot in muscles coagulation of muscle protien lipolysis carboxyhaemoglobin blisters of burn contain albumin and chloride carbon air plasma and WBC ulcer in 1 st part of duodenum in burn is Cushing's ulcer Marjolin's ulcer Curling's ulcer Joule's burn moist heat causes burns scalds Joule's burn non of above postmortem burns do not show line of congestion blackening of skin singeing of hair pugilistic attitude the sex can be best distinguished by following in severely charred male body testicle prostate scrotum penis the following is one of the causes of death in burn injury primary shock secondary shock toxaemic shock


all of above

Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 41-54

41: a] b] c] d] 42: a] b] c] d] 43: a] b] c] d] 44: a] b] c] d] 45: a] b] c] d] 46: a] b] c] d] 47: a] b] c] d] 48: a]

Spaulding line is indicative of Hydrocephalous Foetal death Still birth viable baby Posthumous child is child born after the death of father child born after divorce child born without marriage child born after artificial insemination precipitate labour occurs when foetus is small when vagina is spacious due to strong uterine contractions all of above SIDS is due to hypersensitivity prolonged labour precipitate labour poisoning viable baby is 28 weeks old 32 weeks old 36 weeks old non of above infant is a child born at full term below age of 1 year viable baby none of above act of omission does not include lake of care lake of proper nutrition not to protect from extreme heat and cold non of above hydrostatic test is not required if baby is viable

b] c] d] 49: a] b] c] d] 50: a] b] c] d] 51: a] b] c] d] 52: a] b] c] d] 53: a] b] c] d] 54: a] b] c] d]

umbilical cord shows vital reaction ossification center for lower end of femur is present child is illegitimate the suppositious child is posthumous child battered baby ficticious child illegitimate child presence of alveolar duct membrane in lungs of foetus at p.m.examination is suggestive of still born baby live born baby decomposition dead born baby Spaulding line occurs due to maceration mummification adipocere formation rigor mortis following is the test to compare wt. of baby with wt. of lungs hydrostatic test Wredin's test Ploquet test Foder's test For positive hydrostatic test at all stages following is must in lungs blood tidal air residual air gases of decomposition atavism means resemblance of features to grand parents mother father brother and/or sister

Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 55-66

55: a]

Rape is defined under section of IPC 375

b] c] d] 56: a] b] c] d] 57: a] b] c] d] 58: a] b] c] d] 59: a] b] c] d] 60: a] b] c] d] 61: a] b] c] d] 62: a] b] c] d] 63: a] b] c] d] 64: a]

376A 376B 377 IPC 376c deals with sexual intercourse statutory rape sexual intercourse amounting to rape sexual intercourse not amounting to rape presence of semen in vagina is proof of coitus rape indecent sexual assault all of above catamite is victim of rape accuse of rape passive agent of sodomy victim of bestiality statutory rape is a sexual intercourse with girl under age of 16 yrs. during menstrual period without ejaculation by impotent male unnatural sexual offence does not include sodomy buccal coitus rape bestiality natural sexual offences do not include rape incest female homosexuality none of above presence of smegma on penis indicates recent rape indicates recent sexual intercourse rules out recent sexual intercourse indicates STD. sexual intercourse with own wife is rape if age of wife is less than 12 yrs 15yrs 16 yrs 18 yrs rape is noncognizable offence

b] c] d] 65: a] b] c] d] 66: a] b] c] d]

cognizable offence grievous injury none of above in India minimum age of a boy to be charged for rape is 14 yrs 16 yrs 18 yrs no defined limit minimum age of a lady to give valid consent for sexual intercourse is 12 yrs 14 yrs 16 yrs 18 yrs

Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 67-80

67: a] b] c] d] 68: a] b] c] d] 69: a] b] c] d] 70: a] b] c] d] 71:

required gm % of reduced Hb to develop cyanosis is 5 10 15 20 hyperkinetic circulation is associated with anoxic anoxia ishaemic anoxia stagnant anoxia histotoxic anoxia characteristics of ligature mark in hanging is as follow except up in the neck brown parchmentised incomplete transverse Le facie sympathique is seen drowning hanging strangulation choking in hanging first to be occluded

a] b] c] d] 72: a] b] c] d] 73: a] b] c] d] 74: a] b] c] d] 75: a] b] c] d] 76: a] b] c] d] 77: a] b] c] d] 78: a] b] c] d] 79: a] b] c] d] 80:

trachea. jugular vein carotid artery vertebral artery followig is not seen in Burk and Hare method traumatic asphyxia smoothering throttling strangulation following is not type of atypical drowning salt water wet drowning dry drowning immersion syndrom secondary drowning syndrom most cardinal sign of antemortem hanging is hyoid bone fracture dribbling of saliva ligature mark on neck postmortem lividity on legs and at upper margin of ligature mark hyoid bone fracture is common in hanging strangulation throttling drowning hyoid bone fracture is common after 10-20 yrs 20-30 yrs 30-40 yrs after 40 yrs bansdola is form of hanging strangulation throttling smoothering lynching is form of hanging strangulation throttling smoothering following is not type of strangulation garroting mugging throttling choking following is not mode of death

a] b] c] d]

shock coma syncope asphyxia

Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 81-90

81: a] b] c] d] 82: a] b] c] d] 83: a] b] c] d] 84: a] b] c] d] 85: a] b] c] d] 86: a] b] c] d] 87: a]

corpus luteum is maximum in size at 4 weeks 8 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks following is not positive sign of pregnancy foetal heart sound ammenorrohea palpation of foetal parts all of above normal colour of vaginal mucosa is blue purple pink red most common cause of death of mother in pregnancy is bleeding anaemia eclampsia infection following is the earliest finding to confirm pregnancy foetal heart sound ammenorrohea palpation of foetal parts USG pregnant woman can not be hanged in sentence of death till delivery delivery and 6 mths after that delivery and 12 mths after that delivery and 24mths after that uterine souffles may be heard after 8 weeks

b] c] d] 88: a] b] c] d] 89: a] b] c] d] 90: a] b] c] d]

16 weeks 20 weeks 24 weeks Aschem Zondek test may be positive 5-9 days after conception 10-14 days after conception 15-20 days after conception 21-25 days after conception of ligature mark pseudocyesis is pregnancy in unmarried girl pregnancy after death of husband spurious pregnancy false labour pain foetal parts are seen in x-ray at 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks

Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 90-100

91: a] b] c] d] 92: a] b] c] d] 93: a] b] c] d] 94: a] b] c] d] 95:

MTP act was introduced in 1970 1971 1972 1973 following is most common maternal cause of abortion Diabetes renal failure Syphilis Infertility one doctor can do MTP up to 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks Commonest type of abortion is Natural Criminal Therapeutic Accidental The conceptus is call embryo up to

a] b] c] d] 96: a] b] c] d] 97: a] b] c] d] 98: a] b] c] d] 99: a] b] c] d] 100: a] b] c] d]

8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks Expulsion of fetus up to....... is termed abortion 8 weeks Up to 20 weeks Up to age of viability Up to full term under following indication pregnancy can be terminated at any week of pregnancy Therapeutic indication Eugenic indication when pregnancy is result of rape None of above rule of Hasse is for determination of Age of pregnancy Age of fetus Height of fetus All of above Commonest cause of death in criminal abortion is Fat embolism Air embolism Septicemia Hemorrhage to give consent for MTP minimum age of the pregnant woman should be 12 years 16 years 18 years 21 years

Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 101-110

101: a] b] c] d] 102: a] b]

Reformatory is accuse of Rape youthful offenders mentally unsound person physically disable The common site of rupture of hymen is lateral anterolateral

c] d] 103: a] b] c] d] 104: a] b] c] d] 105: a] b] c] d] 106: a] b] c] d] 107: a] b] c] d] 108: a] b] c] d] 109: a] b] c] d] 110: a] b] c] d]

posterolateral none of above Hymen can be ruptured by 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks superfoetation means fertilization of two ova of different ovulatory periods fertilization of two ova of same ovulatory period supposititious child none of above catamite is when child is agent of bestiality when adult male is agent of bestiality when child is passive agent of sodomy when male is passive agent of sodomy sexual perversion include sodomy bestiality statutory rape none of above incessant sexual desire is known as transvestism ionism sadism satyriasis sadism is incessant sexual desire torture and infliction of pain on lady for sexual gratification to tease the girls or women All of above pedophilia is sodomy with child rape on child girl torture on child incestual relation with daughter having intercourse with dead body is necrophagia necrophilia sadism fetichism

Mechanical Injuries
Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 111-120

111: a] b] c] d] 112: a] b] c] d] 113: a] b] c] d] 114: a] b] c] d] 115: a] b] c] d] 116: a] b] c] d] 117: a] b] c] d] 118: a] b] c] d] 119: a] b] c]

following is not a feature of an abrasion superficial minimum or no bleeding simple injury leaves permanent scar Green color of contusion is due to bilirubin haemosederin haemotoidin haemoglobin color changes of bruise are due to changes of haemoglobin glycogen urea albumen ligature mark is type of imprint abrasion scratch abrasion graze abrasion none of above in following injury infection is common contusion abrasion laceration stab wound tailing of wound is suggestive of ante mortem wound direction of wound depth of wound none of above beveling of wound is suggestive of ante mortem wound direction of wound depth of wound none of above margins are ragged in contusion incised wound laceration stab wound following is not a feature of postmortem injury gaping bleeding vital reaction

d] 120: a] b] c] d]

none of above IPC 320 defines grievous injury homicide hurt dowry death

Mechanical Injuries
Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 121-130

121: a] b] c] d] 122: a] b] c] d] 123: a] b] c] d] 124: a] b] c] d] 125: a] b] c] d] 126: a] b] c] d] 127: a] b]

Greivous injury includes incised wound of scalp incised wound of face hospitalization for 10 days avulsion of nail judicial hanging is culpable homicide amounting to murder culpable homicide not amounting to murder excusable homicide none of above imprint abrasion is scratch abrasion pressure abrasion graze abrasion impact abrasion brush burn is imprint abrasion scratch abrasion graze abrasion none of above the amount of blood in small bruise is 20-30 cc 40-50 cc 60-80 cc 100 cc incised wound is caused by drawing striking sawing all of above hesitation cuts are suggestive of ante mortem wound murder

c] d] 128: a] b] c] d] 129: a] b] c] d] 130: a] b] c] d]

suicide fabricated injury in perforating puncture wound there is entry wound entry and exit wound exit wound all of above following is not a skull fracture ring fracture green stick fracture pond fracture gutter fracture IPC 319 defines grievous injury homicide hurt dowry death

Mechanical Injuries
Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 131-140

131: a] b] c] d] 132: a] b] c] d] 133: a] b] c] d] 134: a] b] c] d] 135:

Incised looking wound is split laceration superficial incised wound superficial stab wound cut laceration chop wound is caused by blunt and hard weapon sharp cutting light weapon sharp cutting heavy weapon all of above following self-inflicted injury is rare abrasion incised wound stab wound contusion following could be cause for vasovagal shock testicular injury drowning in cold water endotracheal intubation all of above to give consent for examination of a patient having injuries his age should be minimum

a] b] c] d] 136: a] b] c] d] 137: a] b] c] d] 138: a] b] c] d] 139: a] b] c] d] 140: a] b] c] d]

7 yrs 12 yrs 18 yrs 21 yrs following is type of a laceration split laceration avulsion stretch laceration all of above tentative cuts are suggestive of ante mortem wound murder suicide fabricated injury in penetrating puncture wound there is entry wound entry and exit wound exit wound all of above in judicial hanging injury is common to following trachea jugular vein carotid artery cervical vertebrae IPC 302 defines grievous injury homicide hurt punishment for murder

Mechanical Injuries
Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 141-150

141: a] b] c] d] 142: a] b] c] d]

defence wounds suggest suicide homicide accident all of above contre coup injury is seen at site of primary impact on opposite side of primary impact on site and on opposite sites of primary impact all of above

143: a] b] c] d] 144: a] b] c] d] 145: a] b] c] d] 146: a] b] c] d] 147: a] b] c] d] 148: a] b] c] d] 149: a] b] c] d] 150: a] b] c] d]

following are the characteristics of battered baby treatment is delayed or neglected history is not consistent with findings age of different injuries is different all of above if external haemorrage exceeds ....of blood volume death is likely one tenth one fifth one third one half patient of more than.... years can give consent for blood transfusion 7 yrs 12 yrs 18 yrs 21 yrs fracture a-la -signature is pond fracture depressed fracture stilett fracture gutter fracture following is not true for laceration margins are ragged bleeding is much bruising of margin can be seen deeper tissues are irregularly torn following is not true for artificial bruise margins are well demarcated vesicles may present itching is present color change of bruise is present IPC 304 A deals with dowry death culpable homicide not amounting to murder abatement to suicide attempt to murder IPC 44 defines grievous injury injury hurt assault

FireArm Injuries
Forensic Multiple Choice Questions 151-160

151: a] b] c] d] 152: a] b] c] d] 153: a] b] c] d] 154: a] b] c] d] 155: a] b] c] d] 156: a] b] c] d] 157: a] b] c] d] 158: a] b] c] d] 159: a]

lesmoke powder is type of smoke gunpowder semi smokeless powder smokeless powder primer posterior taper part of barrel connecting it with chamber is leed muzzle action bore following is not a content of rifle cartridge primer wad propellant projectile piggy tail bullet is ricochet bullet tandem bullet dum dum bullet frangible bullet gunshot residues on hand can be demonstrated can be detected by spectrophotometry paraffin test Harrison and Glory test all of above following is hand arm pistol carbine shot gun rifle 1 grain of black powder produces ..... c.c.of gas 50-100 200-300 400-500 600-1000 single based smokeless gunpowder contains nitroglycerin nitrocellulose nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose none of above yawning bullet is that rotates end to end

b] c] d] 160: a] b] c] d]

travels in irregular fashion breaks into multiple pieces does not enter skin but leaves a groove on the skin in case of rifle flame extends up to 3 inches 6 inches 12 inches 24 inches