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Neville Goddard Lectures Volume 4

Neville Goddard Lectures Volume 4

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Early teachings from the New Thought Movement of the late Victorian era.
Early teachings from the New Thought Movement of the late Victorian era.

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Neville Goddard Lectures Volume 4 of 9

“Your world is defined by your conception of yourself, plus your conception of others, which are not their conceptions of themselves.”

25 Of Neville Goddard’s Lectures

Compiled Into One Volume By David Allen

Self Published June 2011


Good Friday - Easter Grace VS. Law Have you found him? He Dreams in Me He is dreaming now 1 He is dreaming now He Is My Resurrection He wakes in me His name I Am in You I Am the Cause I Am the Lord I Remember When If Any Two Agree Imagination Imagination Fulfills Itself Imagining Creates Infinite Power Infinite States Is Christ your Imagination Jeremiah's Discovery Jesus Christ Judas the revealer Live the Answer Now Love Endureth


for Jesus means "to save. God was manifest in the flesh. but God IN man must be awakened.Neville Goddard GOOD FRIDAY . That drama must TAKE place in the mind of man. is dying. Now. let all else go. "Great is the mystery. do quickly. The story is. healthy person in this world." We are told in the story they all fell to the ground. "Now that you have found me. but hidden in that man and bound hand and foot is the second man that rebirth loosens and lifts up. that would save him. and that second man is God. and the man. look into your minds eye and define carefully the solution of a particular problem. do you know what you are actually seeing? You are seeing Jesus. A man is in a garden." In other words. Now when you read the story you might think that that drama took place in a garden. "Where is Jesus?" Again the voice answered. When you define the solution to the problem. It takes a man. You see the case history. For this is all about re-birth. And one called Judas comes in search of him. What would save that man from such a verdict? What would save him? A state of health by which he would rise from that bed and become a normal.that the man is well in spite of the evidence of your senses to the contrary. "Christ in you is the hope of glory. seemingly to betray him. so he asks the simple question. Then he said. is the state of health. That is his savior. a normal man. [4] . Not Christ in the pages of history. and this is the technique by which he is awakened. but do not let Me go.EASTER Lecture by Neville (Circa 1954 Edited by Jan McKee) You know the story of Good Friday. He asked those in the Corinthians to esteem him as a steward of mystery. Its night time. seemingly. a man of sense." Christ IN man. You heard the verdict of the doctor. No matter what reason dictates. and he uses the word "mystery" no less than 18 times. and what you have to do. thats the only way to touch a thing. but do not let ME go. "Where is Jesus?" Then the voice in the dark answered." Then Judas goes out and commits suicide. and its dark. you hold onto Jesus. but do not let go of this concept -. "I have told you that I AM HE. a ward. So the mystery is all self." Then he spoke of the greatest of all mysteries. and you touch it by becoming intensely aware of it. the one hidden from the foundation of the world. When they regained their composure they asked the same question. He comes into the garden. "Now that you have found ME. let all else go. Jesus being that the man is healthy." This time Judas kisses him and the voice said to him." So the state that would save that man from what he is. No. let go of everything you have ever believed. Right now just imagine you are in a sick room of some wonderful hospital. "I AM HE. Now come closely with me and let me take you into the garden of your own mind. You hold onto it.

That will lead you toward Calvary. It is called. and he cant pay it back. the good news concerning George. and I said to her. If you remain faithful to the concept you will be led right into the fulfillment of that state. Not by water only. Jobs he can do and do well." The wise man said." As Moses lifted up the serpent do you think a man lifted up a brazen serpent as told in the story and that everyone who looked on it was instantly healed and those who would not look were not cured? Its not any serpent. wonderful jobs are offered to him. that is a truth. He said. isnt it wonderful. This is the story of our wonderful Easter. George will again call me and tell me that. I take my savior and I crystallize him by the doing. and yet does not die. The story is. your Jesus. he called me to tell me its so good he doesnt know what. Then when I DO it. I have a friend in this City who I met recently and he gave me a very sad story. You must catch the spirit of it and apply that truth. So I must now learn the art of dying that I may live. if I know that if I assume that I am the man I want to be and persist in that assumption. and I lift myself up to the belief that I am what I want to be. he could not have chosen more wisely. rather than. For the serpent sheds its skin. in my imagination. on reflection. For you will resurrect and make alive the state that began only as a concept. In other words. He said that in the immediate present two. [5] . "Except you be born again. I have the knowledge.Let me tell you of something that happened only last Friday. if persisted in. Well. imagined I was speaking to my wife. really. I would say killing that I may survive. to say. "You. but by water and the blood. Now here is the story. While shaving you dont have to go into some church to find Him while shaving. Now he has another problem. He had borrowed money. Now this is how a man is born of water and of the spirit. dont let Him go. I will now assume that he has taken the right one." Then I allowed her. Man must be like the serpent. and I know that in the immediate future. while in the act of shaving." Then he gives this clue. but let all else go. to take. thats marvelous. and that will lead towards Easter or this wonderful day that we speak of as the Resurrection. who grows and outgrows. "Yes. "Isnt it wonderful. If I told you now that an assumption. in the Bible. If I have that knowledge. that is water. I must DO it. and hold on in your imagination to the concept that you ARE the man that you want to be. a master of Israel and you do not know? Except you be born of water and the spirit. even so must the son of man be lifted up. So. though false. I thought of him and I instantly. Disengage yourself from the whole vast belief that you formerly entertained. I must put it into action. When you know what you want in place of what you are. Things are just going from bad to worse. ye can in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven. you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. But not to DO it is to try to bring this being to birth by water only. We are told this is the one who came by water and the blood. the best one. then you are seeing your savior. But water is not enough. He was up against it. re-birth. Thats how I do it." Three hours later. will harden into fact. I would gradually become that. by laying down all that I now believe. Both are great and he doesnt know which one to take. Calvary means fixing in your own minds eye that state. but I cannot bring to birth my ideal by bare knowledge. "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. you look into your own minds eye and know exactly what you want in this world. "How is it possible a man my age may once again enter my mothers womb and be born again?" He said. I die. A serpent is a symbol of the power of endless selfreproduction.

that is your only glory. and grow and outgrow. out and man puts it on from the outside. Its when man awakens within himself from his birth at Bethlehem and he awakens as God. You cant put it on from the outside. extend your feelings and trust your touch and participate in all the flights of your imagination. just what would it be? You can grant it. isnt it wonderful. If I do not change and grow and outgrow. and it will find itself only in changing form. For man is immortal and he must die endlessly. and the thing touched takes on the blessing which was determined by the mood that possessed me as I imagined that I touched it. So. I did nothing more. for He is within you. it must become crystallized in my world." and I allowed her to say. When you do it daily. I dropped off all that I formerly believed concerning George. in my imagination. you have learned the art of living. For great is the mystery. I didnt give him anything. Not some Christ external to yourself. then I know nothing of the mystery of Easter. the news concerning George. if you have learned the art of dying. but today it has become almost a parade of what is new rather than the new man." and then I continued with my project of a simple shaving." Well. It comes from within. you die daily as the prophet said. our churches are bursting with new finery. the great mystery is that at Bethlehem God became as we are that at Calvary we may become as He is. and simply stated. If you know who you REALLY are. just as I granted it to George. [6] . For I raised myself from the knowledge that George was unemployed and struggling to the knowledge that he is employed. and began to LIVE on a higher level concerning George. for Easter is really the greatest of all mysteries. I put him on by daily exercising him in this way. when I put on the new man. and do not be afraid of your sensitivities. I didnt send him on a job. You could at this very moment. If I now touch anything. Put on the New Man." Man waits for some little event called death. virtue goes out of me. I simply turned in my own minds eye to my wife. "Yes. that is your hope. Christ in YOU is the hope of glory. bearing witness to the mood that possessed me at the moment that I touched it. So. like a serpent. he called and gave me this exciting news. By becoming intensely aware. "I die daily. you can grant it. but not bursting with new men. So.Today. That is simply lifting up the serpent in the wilderness. and he thinks that is dying. For there is no transformation in a physical death. put on foliage. but there is transformation in mentally dying and dying daily. When you walk the earth and you see anyone in need. "Isnt it wonderful. And Calvary is the opportunity that comes very day in the life of a man. "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. So. or saying to the tree. but the one in you. let us not perpetuate this thing by our finery. I shed the skin. how will I put on a New Man? Its like saying to the boy. ask yourself what would be the solution to that individuals problem. Thats the story of Easter. That isnt really dying for the simple reason that that kind of death does not bring about a transformation. When I become intensely aware that I am hearing what I want to hear and am actually touching what I want to touch. which is lovely. and we are told in the story. There is not a thing wrong with getting new clothes and new hats and all the lovely things in the world. The one hidden from the foundation of the earth. put on manhood. I didnt raise one finger to get George a job. and I so lived it and so made it real that in three hours. You can do the same thing with anything in this world. For life was a creative idea. who was not physically present.

touch it and believe it. then you imagine that he is that being already. if I take my mind and I apply it. I cannot function beyond my present physical state. Now when I took what I did for George. actually all day long but not confining it to one simple little thing as I did for George. but in the course of a day I have unnumbered opportunities to weave this wonderful robe by simply hearing good news for others. rooted in me. and Im not going to carry some little insignia to tell them who I am. you too can say it. but I weave my robe and those who have the eye opened will see me as one of their own. Well. this is what happens. It was said of this one called Judah. and his eye red with wine. For here it is said. Who takes his vestage and bathes it in the blood of grapes and takes his colt and ties it to a choice vine. how would I take up my cross and follow [7] . it has no life. the vine. I radiate who I am when they see my garment. Easter is a daily opportunity to simply die that you may live. for the garment in the Bible is what a man wears mentally. and Easter comes not once a year. When you know what he would like to be. when we are told. "you are rooted in me. unless we be born of this knowledge and the application of this knowledge. Its not an amethyst. go out and apply it. Unless the branch be rooted in the vine. It is called the amethyst in the New Testament. and his teeth white with milk?" You are told in the very last act. "Judah comes and he takes his wonderful robe and he bathes it in the blood of grapes" its not a man who takes off a robe. You wonder why he called himself the vine? He said." Any man. and I will tell you that man will become the embodiment of what you have imagined him to be. When you apply it. Its called. So. but when I live a life according to these truths. While you look at me and can hear me. just as though it were a fact. now you have a little of the knowledge." You are told that Judah took his robe and bathed it in the blood of grapes. Although I have just made the claim. the wedding garment. It is called the wine-colored robe. Its not a robe I weave on the outside. Every man can be changed. "If any man would come after me. let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. "They placed a wine-colored robe upon Jesus. So. "I AM the vine and ye are the branches." Well every man in the world is a branch. If you know it. I am actually weaving a wine-colored aura around my being which then enables me to function consciously on higher levels of my own being. When you do it. in the Bible. Now that can be said of every man in the world." you can claim that I am rooted in you and I end in you as you are rooted in and end in God. and he ends in me as I am rooted in and end in God. If I hear only good for others and trust what I hear as though I heard it. the amethyst in the Old Testament. I was actually weaving my wine-colored robe. And you have the power to change him by taking the man and seeing him as he seemingly is and then asking what he would like to be instead of what he seems to be. Everyone must be redeemed and your life is the process by which this redemption is brought to pass. "Who is this one who comes with his garments dyed in the sap of wine. So. and this is a mystical fact. we cannot enter this eternal state called the Kingdom of Heaven. This is Easter.So. then it is your duty to lift up every man in this world. But when I live this life according to these truths. Not one must be discarded. Without such a robe. trust it. Turn to a loved one and commune with the loved one concerning this man. Discard no man. I must weave that robe if I would awaken. I am actually taking my robe and bathing it in the blood of grapes. you cant see it with the physical eye.

So. Dream of that man actually walking this earth and identify yourself with that man. and this reminds me of that wonderful poem of the death of Abdula and what he said at the end of it all. remember. all that he consents to. I can follow after this idea. then I must deny that concept. Associate yourself in your own imagination with that as if you were he. [8] . that self. I am told I must deny myself." Good-bye. then things begin to unfold to bear witness to the truth of your assumption. When you actually feel that I am he. You try it. if I consent to a man dying. He appeared among all the mortals and they were weeping and kissing his worn-out body and he turned to them and said. So. take a man that you would love to see in this world. or giving up something of which he is especially fond.after this idea? First. and a mans true self is made up of the sum total of all that he believes. If its not some tangible thing on earth you want. Usually man thinks that means giving up something he loves. You can take this principle and apply it to everything in this world. take some noble concept of a man. Easter is the art of dying that you may live. all that he accepts as true. It was mine. When I do that. and put in its place the embodiment of a healthy being. giving up the pleasures of the table. "I am not the thing you kiss. It hasnt a thing to do with giving up external things. cease your tears and let it lie. and continue in that state. it is not I. It is: a man must deny himself.

and this is what I have discovered about this level. It was not always known as a mental state. but not having the desire. thus bringing grace. clothed in this garment of flesh." That is this world. each according to its own kind. just as you were born here from below. "But I say unto you. though at the moment my reason tells me I [9] . we are on an entirely different level. Tonight I am speaking not from theory. and because of the consequences of your act you restrain the impulse. by the action of powers not your own. I can stand here physically. succeeding generations. The first . and be in any part of this world mentally by assuming that I am there. that is still not good enough . ." and then he puts it on an entirely different level and not one statement conveys it more graphically than this one: "You have heard it said of old 'Thou shalt not commit adultery. which we have heard. LAW We are told in the first Chapter of John: "The Law was given through Moses. then.we admit we are here. 'Thou shalt not'" and then he states it. Causation in our world is really mental. We are told in the First Epistle of John 1:1-3: "That which was from the beginning. I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them. We find ourselves here but we know we had not a thing to do about it. . And so. Standing here. no one brings about his own spiritual birth. to look on a woman lustfully is to already have committed the act with her in your heart. And so laws were instituted and men abided by these laws. if I desire to be elsewhere. "Be not deceived. for then you haven't committed the act." Here we find that the harvest is nothing more than the multiplication of the identical seed. law. our testimony. For. but I say unto you. that which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you. that is not good enough. trees yielding seed. says he: "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets.the act was committed with the impulse. viewing the world from that assumption rather than thinking of that state. In the very beginning God established the law of identical harvest: "And let the earth put forth vegetation. God is not mocked. so that you may have fellowship with us. You will be born from above. and fruit trees bearing fruit. in which is their seed. a mental level. We turn first to the law. I am speaking from experience. We simply found ourselves." And then he interprets law for us and puts it on a mental plane. Tonight I will show you what I have found about this sowing. Outwardly they observed the laws. Then came the great revelation of "grace" that interpreted the law. We are called on to pass on to other generations. and you will be begotten and born from above." Unnumbered columns have been written about this grace vs. You will find yourself born spiritually in the same miraculous manner. Whatever a man sows so shall he reap." These are the two births that take place in every individual in the world. it was believed (in the beginning) to be spiritual. No one brings about his own physical birth. which we have seen with our eyes . He is born by the action of powers not his own. this law.'" To restrain the impulse. but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. But to have the desire. Here. He is born by the action of powers beyond his own. Then there will be God's mightiest act. "You have heard it said by men of old.Neville 03-12-1963 GRACE vs.

and they got it. physically ." And grace is God's gift of himself to man. I know from my own experience that if I dared to do it. But it cannot in way qualify you for the second birth. and when I was four (or not quite four) I began to function consciously with memory . Things would happen to compel me to go. What would it now be like if I were in possession of security? Let me now make the same psychological motion ." And they said to him: "Well. Well. and on a certain little island in the West Indies. and you cannot bring that about anymore than you brought about the first. the second is a complete gift.all in my imagination . who hungered for wealth. I can't tell you. But the second birth is something as though you were actually doing it yourself. Suppose at this moment I desired certain security that I do not now enjoy . none whatsoever. like wealth.I can acquaint you with this law and then leave you to your choice and its consequences. and I. I can share with you what I have experienced and tell you how it comes. and it worked.that is the second birth: the twice-born man has received "grace. there will be a reshuffling of the events of life and compel the journey on my part. It is a process. No power in the world could stop it. he can't save himself. But may I tell you: no matter how good you are in this world.I hunger for it. just as though it were true. I have no conscious memory of being born from my mother's womb. No self-made man. you will be here next Friday. You are consciously born. For this is the gift." With man. and every [10] .but memory didn't go back to my birth. no matter how wise you operate the law. For he made the statement: "What if you own the whole vast world and lose your life?" Then he said: "It is so much easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. If I dare to assume that it is so . It is called. that is the gift. but nothing is impossible to God. Many a person who had nothing. you couldn't get there and be back so here you are stuck. faith.grace is salvation.could not resist it.can't afford it. And what is the secret of God's election? I do not know.you are committed. but oh! what things happened to them when they got it! They wanted it and if you want it. When man tells you he is a self-made man he is not speaking of any knowledge of this mystery. and I hope you will play it wisely when you hear the law and how to operate it. I will acquaint you with the law and show you how I operate it and how it works. it is impossible. That is grace. which is called "grace" . I will walk across a series of events from the moment that I do it. You can always give it up. something that happened so suddenly. take it.and then view the world from that assumption. but here is the law by which man moves in this world. It comes without warning . yes. No matter how wise you are. you are on a wheel with the first birth.no one knows the moment it is going to come. Now the second birth is sheer fantasy. So. it doesn't in any way qualify you for the second radical change in your mind. not salvation . then who can be saved?" He said: "With men it is impossible. That assumption of mine would build a bridge of incidents across which I would move to the fulfillment of that state. That is grace. though everything in this world would tie me here. my senses tell me I haven't the time . I was born on a certain day of a certain month of a certain year. and then gradually consciousness possessed me. Play it as wisely as you can. That would compel the journey. and suddenly you are born. I had no knowledge of it. "What must I do?" they asked. like anything in this world.the man . Now the same thing is true not only of a physical journey but a journey into other states. You are actually born.

when God really gives you himself.is centered all over. and the tomb is your skull. in this simple little garment out of which you have just for a moment emerged. He calls you "father" to fulfill the 89th Psalm: "I have found David. They can't see you because you are invisible." And you didn't know you contained within you the son of God. there comes the moment in time when suddenly a power beyond your wildest dreams is taking place in you. a living being. And you find this being completely sealed and entombed in your own skull and you are fully awake for the first time in eternity. he calls you "father" and you know he is your son. you didn't know. he explains: Out of the blue you are torn in two from top to bottom and then you are sent.the fulfillment of the great messianic 89th Psalm.the intense power you feel coming from you that now seems to be in the corner of the room . And here for the first time in eternity you are awakening in a tomb. truly begotten by yourself. Now the 17th verse of the 1st chapter [of John]. Here the father-son relationship is established forever. And you always thought prior to that moment." "And as God has life in himself . and the very moment to the end of birth is taking place in you. you were awake. you awake. and here he presents you with his son." which fulfills that chapter. something that is fire and alive. . my servant. you have no control. and until that moment you didn't know you were dead." All of a sudden you awake. And you aren't doing it. you are invisible. you were alive and walking about the earth. and you [11] . more real than anything in the world at that moment and yet. and out you come. for unless you be born from above you cannot in anywise enter the Kingdom of Heaven.you are being self-born. You took it for granted you were alive and that one day your body would die. fully clothed. but not while you walked the earth with them. It is the most fantastic garment in the world. In the 3rd chapter [of John]. in the great gift." You don't see yourself. after you are told: "Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ" (we are told how it comes through Jesus Christ). whether cremated or in the earth. but you are more real than they are. the Son who is in the bosom of the Father." and he has "cried out to me 'Thou art my Father. and out of your own wonderful being you are coming. All of a sudden it comes to the end and you return once more.God the father . The witnesses become present and they are here to witness this event in eternity. whether you survived or not. your whole being explodes. And so. It has three fantastic parts to it. . Then comes the second. You look at him and there is no doubt in your mind who he is and there is no doubt in his mind who you are. That was grace but it comes in stages. he has made him known. and suddenly there is an explosion and he is standing before you and he calls you "father. Suddenly a similar power possesses you and you can't stop it. It is being done to you and as the power is intensified. not a thing you can do about it. Then you know what it means: "God is Spirit and those who worship Him worship in spirit and in truth. The whole thing you are doing. the Rock of my salvation'" . they would speak of you as someone who was dead. my God.so now he grants the son to have life in himself.moment of time is conscious and so vividly alive. The entire drama as described for us in the gospel you are enacting . Suddenly as you are tied with it. That first one is simply your birth from above to fulfill the 3rd [chapter] of John: "You must be born from above. we are told: "No man has ever seen the Father. And yet. Then begins the work and you come out as one being self-born. but that would be death and those who saw you put away. and the force .

Now we are told we can delay it. What must I do to be saved? Believe the Gospel. Find the law: "Blessed is the man who delights in the law. I don't care who he is. suddenly the stump comes out. But still it is Scripture. not by sight. I have no assurance that you can delay it. No." "For the things that are seen. For he gives himself to man before man can be free to begin the everlasting temple. "were made from things that do not appear." not a few things." we are told. so the law is mental. but it did not benefit them. of doing it . because it didn't make sense to him -though you reject it and maybe by your rejection delay your call. No one can fill my place. That wasn't it. Not one in any way can be rubbed out. no matter what he has done in this world. the instrument that moved me forward by certain contacts. with his conscience. No one in this world is good enough to earn it. It is a marvelous benediction: "Blessed is the man who delights in the law of the Lord." Walk now by faith. the cause was unseen. It may." The law of identical harvest." He appears. And we are all taken up in this eternal place where we are put into the everlasting temple which God is making out of us. was the cause of my being forward.ascend right into Zion.I certainly have done it. you have done it. . God's infinite mercy brings about the second birth. . And the law is so simple." We see a man . the whole vast world has done it. I do it wittingly or unwittingly.well what made him what he is? He once assembled certain states and knowingly or unknowingly he fell into it. but it would appear that rejection on the part of one because he heard it but did not accept it. so he can't be the cause. not physical. As you are told: "Things seen were made by things that do not appear. because he puts you through all the paces of the world until finally you have no power to reject the story when you hear it. making out of himself. Go to church. and that may appear on the surface to delay your call. therefore all will get it. No one can fill your place. Not one can be displaced. God actually expresses to man a mercy with which man is incapable. So I fall into a state. in spite of our weaknesses. who meditates on it day and night . If you go to the foundation it is mental. he prospers. of ever judging himself as worthy of. everyone will be saved. as people who practice it outwardly thought would in some way bring good for them. The temple will be unfinished. The harvest is only the multiplication of the identical seed. for in all that he does. Remaining in the state. but I fall into a state. eventually you will be called." Tonight some of you could reject it. mediating on it day and night. Hebrews 4:2: "And the good news preached unto us was also preached unto them. let me now quote you the 1st Psalm. Someone begins to appear in my world who is instrumental in making me move forward in the direction in which I should go. and we are so fearful while we are here in this world of law. that is why I find it difficult to believe that." "In all that he does. I do not know. It's mental. But while we are here in this world of law. Causation is mental. which is yourself. These three parts mark the great gift. for in all that he does he prospers. So what man has done . I may on reflection think he. I know from my own experience not one can be unsaved. and falling into it he remained long enough to take on that initial statement of God: "All things must bring forth after their own kind.and in spite of our limitations. because it was not mixed with faith in the hearer. Romans 17:4: "He calls a thing that is not seen as though it were seen and the unseen becomes seen. If that is true then I will thank him for what he did but I can't [12] . No man in this world with conscience and mercy could ever judge himself as mercifully as God judges him.

If there were no other than the wise use of law . Fortunately God started in the beginning a plan of redemption. And that's the law. the everlasting temple not made with hands? I do not know. he awakens and you don't know you are asleep. anonymous. because you can use it unwisely. the second birth from above. but it will come to pass. because no man can look me in the eye and tell me he feels himself worthy of such a birth. It is a gift. But I don't conceive myself to be good.this would become the most horrible hell in the world. No child born of woman could cross the threshold that admits to conscious [13] . here. though he introduced me to the right people and all things added up to the thing that I was doing. I am unmoved in that assumption and you become it.to own the whole vast world and yet not to be redeemed from that wheel of recurrence . So I warn you of the law and leave you to your choice…and its risk.if he imagines it and persists in that imaginal act. A man imagined . it will come to pass. and yet we are free beyond the wildest dream of man. I can say to every being in the world: you are going to get it. And yet. having set you free. as I conceived myself to be. as the world calls good. and assuming that you are what I would like you to be. where he picks you at one moment of time. to choose anything you want. And yet with my memory of the past I would say: "Neville. and mercy is God in expression because God is love and mercy is God in action. stating that you should not do this. an unearned gift and you can't be good enough. the most generous. for imagining creates reality. If you imagine something unlovely of another. because I know in my heart I am unworthy. and its grace. choose life. I only know he promised us to build a temple for us. then I would have to go out and try to make everyone good." a temple in which God will dwell. But even if you are the most loving. As you are told in the Book of Deuteronomy: "I place before you this day good and evil. "We are the temple of the living God. And the mightiest act of God is when you. where he saved us from the wheel of recurrence. And what is his greatest secret. But the cause of it all was my assumption and my faithfulness to that assumption. It will boomerang too. picks another at another moment of time to put him into that eternal structure. For we are God himself in the spot we call the "New Jerusalem." So. without your knowledge or your consent. for you are entirely free to imagine anything in this world. the kindest being in the world. If I felt I was worthy of it. you are unworthy of it. I have had the grace of God. I dare to assume that I am. I don't need your consent or knowledge if causation is mental. use it wisely for yourself and for others. and feel that you would like to be it. you still cannot by your own effort be born from above. the sound sleeper.claim he was the cause of my good fortune. We are the temple. life and death. I cannot stop it." Therefore. But my hands are now washed of that. it is all spread before you. So. With a memory and a conscience he couldn't possibly do it. or that you are what I would like you to be. This is an act of mercy. Do it. blessing and cursing. To me that is the most exciting thought in the world. I can't conceive of anything more encouraging in the world than to share with others your own experience and tell them that they cannot lift themselves by their own bootstraps. I can't be like a mother over you. and still feel I am capable under stress of doing things of which I would be ashamed. he'll come to that. Every time you use your imagination lovingly on behalf of another you are literally mediating God to another. I have done unnumbered things of which I would be ashamed." He suggests you choose life but he can't take from you the right.

" We shall be like him. He couldn't because you'll play all the parts. in his first Epistle. I could not in my heart feel that some mercy should be stressed nor have the impulse for mercy had I not played it. having played all you will forgive all. but the full glory of that inheritance is not fully realized in you . you couldn't live with yourself. but not toward salvation. to make yourself happier and free in this world. in the hope that someone. Then you know the mystery of the Epistle of John: "It does not yet appear what we shall be." That is how all Anglican services close.or for the moment is not fully grasped by you while you are still in this body. No man in this world could live with himself if he could now bring back into memory the past. And so. Because if it was not for God's infinite mercy to hide your past from you. he's been redeemed. Then that which ascended is completely displayed to you and to the heavenly host. Therefore. You have inherited heaven. long time in coming and at the very end you will have played all the parts." (that is the second verse) "which comes from the love of God. a fabulous purpose. For he said: "I have not come to abolish the law or the prophets but to fulfill them. For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be [14] .life without the death of God. will in the not distant future share in that fellowship. It is called the apostolic testament: "That which was from the beginning. As Blake said: "Do not let yourself be intimidated by the horrors of the world. and may he be with you all." Peter.the mystery of life through death. You must then play the part of the apostle." So he associates grace with salvation. but you have played and shared with the others all that you have experienced. Romans 8:28-30: "We are called according to his purpose. until that moment in time when he takes off the garment. for there is no change in your identity. and share it with those who will listen to you. law is not really in conflict. Had I not played all the horrible parts in the world I could not be merciful when I read about them in the papers. I can't get away from a sense of predestination when I read Scripture. You have been a long. All of a sudden you awaken to the full glory of your inheritance. that through whose birth you may have and share the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. To me it is the most inspiring just to read it and just try to feel it. you will be redeemed." So we have all played it. Do that toward this world. everything in the world." And then that fabulous passage that always closes the Anglican service (which in our country is the Episcopal service)." There is a purpose to God's play. and then this mighty act of resurrecting himself as you. Don't go back in memory and try to find other things you could undo towards salvation. He died to make me alive . or maybe all. Everything is ordered and correct and must fulfill its destiny in order to achieve perfection. So grace vs. The minute it is given he is saved. But because no one can play your part. That which we have seen and heard we now proclaim unto you that you may share with us this fellowship. Corinthians 13:14: "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. that which we have heard and seen with our eyes. but we know when he appears we shall be like him. (1:10) identifies grace with salvation: "The prophets who prophesied of the grace that was to be yours searched and inquired about this salvation. But in the end. in the end you can say: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." What a benediction! What a benediction to say to a gathering like this: "That may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. you'll have played all and therefore fitted yourself for God's use in the building of His temple.

he justifies you. foreknown state." It seems that God has forsaken us when we go through a war. When they ask you: "What must I do to be saved?" go to the Scripture and show that with man it isn't possible." Not a thing that man knows here through his efforts will in any way function where he is destined to be. I don't see how you can. So I pass through the fires of affliction. 26-27. And so. no." you are told. And only you can fit one portion of it. The 1st Beatitude tells you: "Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall receive the kingdom. Grace is the unearned gift. You can't be justified by your actions.conformed to the image of his son. Not everyone who has money is complacent. And now he calls us according to his purpose when this section of his fabulous (you can't conceive of it) living structure is about to be completed. In the latter days you will understand it clearly. So no one will be condemned in the end. He foreknew the entire thing and is building towards it. the gift of God himself. because it is himself. the community. You could be intellectually a star. For he is rising into a world that will be completely subject to his imaginative power. (That is the 10th chapter of Mark." And you will forgive all and be happy that he in his infinite wisdom and mercy could put you through that fiery ordeal to bring you out qualified to fit in his eternal temple. you will not be replaced by anyone and all will be equal in the eyes of God. Because God. You cannot by these earn the kingdom. But "He will not turn back until he has accomplished the intents of his mind. And the opposite would be almost the absence of God. They couldn't understand how a man could be saved after he told them what he had. You could be socially prominent and very complacent. justified. He can't be more than what he [15] . Now the opposite of grace is disgrace. "You were with me in the foundation of time. and glorified. predestination. he glorifies the individual with himself. You know everything because conferred upon you is the degree given by man. The rich man does not necessarily mean a man with money." The poor in spirit is the one who is not complacent. and you are above it all. and those whom he justified he also glorified.) With man. And those whom he called he also justified. the greatest thing in the world. In the latter days you will understand it clearly." We know what it is to be in disgrace. and interpret them in any way to avoid the conclusion of predestination. all-loving. For the "Wisdom of this world is foolishness in the eyes of God. Jeremiah 23 makes this statement: "The anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind." So. The Bible speaks of it as the "wrath of God. Everything in the world will be under his control. Or maybe my husband or wife has done something to disgrace the family. And glorification is the gift of himself as told us in John 17:5: "Father. having given himself to man. have your PhD's or your degrees behind you. A child has gone astray and society frowns upon us because we are the parents of that child. In this world of ours there is so much of real learned ignorance. I am not saying that all who have degrees are snobs. He called us in the beginning before the world was. no matter what you do. glorify me with thine own self. he'll be allpowerful. God being all-powerful. And then he glorifies you." the "anger of God. displaced (the opposite of place) where once he was with me and guided me. The entire five terms leads to one conclusion of a predestined." You cannot take these five terms: foreknowledge. God has forsaken us. called. these horrible fiery ordeals. so he calls you. for he gives himself to man. And the one he calls he has predestined. when we are going through some horrible disgrace where the world has collapsed upon us. it isn't possible. but with God all things are possible. And the one he calls he justifies. No one will be unsaved. but he calls. all-loving. about the camel and the rich man. God being all-wise he'll be all-wise.

gave you. And finally only you. And one will not be greater because you can't get more than what God gave you. as though there were no others in the world. just God and you. for he gave you himself. Now let us go into the silence. [16] .

On this level this statement sounds insane." [17] . yet I cannot take any credit for it. Lord do I seek. use your imagination and mature his face. So I have found him of whom Moses in the law and the prophets wrote. and you will see the face of the Risen Lord reflected there. a Man like to me. plays and sings to Saul. a Hand like this hand Shall throw open the gates of new life to thee! See the Christ stand!" No one could have written this statement unless he had experienced it. he will reflect your glory and bear the very stamp of your nature! May I tell you: when I looked at David. but when I was brought into his presence in the Spirit. David prophesies the coming of the messiah. the Holy One of Israel. I felt I was the Risen Lord. If you have not seen the Risen Lord (for only the apostles see him. forever. When you see David you will see the face of the Risen Lord. Having searched my entire soul I cannot find anything that I have ever done to make me worthy to behold the face of the Risen Lord. "I am the Lord your God. The word "Jesus" means "Jehovah. into the one body.that's all it means . David. so I wear (not to the mortal eye. saying: "O Saul. it shall be A Face like my face that receives thee. and when he comes forth and calls you Father. In the 27th Psalm we are told to seek his face: "My heart says to thee. I was incorporated into his body. as you are. In the wonderful poem by Robert Browning called "Saul". the cause of the phenomena of life. the body of infinite love. but it is true. Thou shalt love and be loved by. but to the Spiritual eye) the human form divine. I am not the little garment I wear here and neither are you." he is the one of whom I speak tonight. I can tell you from experience that he is a person as I am. restoring him to perfect health. Saul is demented due to an evil spirit which was sent from God. and being a poet he could tell of his experience so beautifully. He embraced me and incorporated me into his body. Now I will tell you mine. at which time they are incorporated into his body and sent) when you find David. David is the eternal youth who is buried in your mind. Jesus of Nazareth.Neville Goddard 9-15-1967 HAVE YOU FOUND HIM? Tonight's subject is: "Have you found him?" In this question I am asking if you have found the source. one Lord. one God and Father of all." I have found his face. In the story. having been anointed and made the Lord's chosen one. for I know from experience that Browning's words are true. Tonight I am going to try to show you how he will appear when you find him. Hide not thy face from me. Savior" . But no one! Browning was raised in the environment where the matching of words and thought was an art in their practiced form. Called "the Father.and there is only one Savior in the world. I have met the Father. Thy face. to become the one Spirit. your Savior and besides me there is no Savior.

for this world in its completeness is created by and sustained by Christ. if your concept of Christ is smaller than the universe. as there are in this world. But in this heavenly order there are certain levels. for it is you who brought everything into existence. my dear." Since that day back in 1929 I have done things you might say the Lord wouldn't do. In this Psalm. You are me. on the 24th day of May (two months after this fantastic vision) this is what she heard: "I am God himself! I am he who brings you into this world and takes you out! I AM! I AM! I AM God forever! I will never leave you." It is here that the drama is taking place. the Lord says: "I have redeemed you. You cannot raise an arm. you are redeemed. I AM! I AM Jesus Christ. your world. No matter what she must experience in the time to come. yet I have never felt any estrangement from that spiritual body." Then the voice proclaimed: "I am God and I am you!" fulfilling the 10th chapter of John: "I and my Father are one. and since that time I have felt no divorce from that body. you can't think. and I know you. Back thirty years ago I was called into the presence of the Risen Lord. and he is you. because there is nothing but God in the world! So in this wonderful statement of hers she was told: "Jesus Christ is your glory. then you don't know him. for I have called you by name. I was asked to name the greatest thing in the world and I answered in the words of Paul: "Faith. today I have begotten you. the garment I shave in the morning." In the first verse of the 43rd chapter of Isaiah. in Spirit. He said: "On this planet man cannot raise his hand and not disturb the farthest star. when she was told: "Jesus Christ is your world. The other day I read this little statement of James Dean. because God became you that you may become God. and if it happened to me it will happen to everyone. so your world is Jesus Christ! Now. While walking the earth as Neville I am just as normal as you are. for "He who is united to the Lord becomes one Spirit with him. "I have redeemed you. one of the greatest astrophysicists of all ages." Described in scripture as the power of God and the wisdom of God. yet last spring she heard a voice within her say: "You are David. my Son. my Son. and I want to love you with all of my heart. my Son! I am speaking to you from the depth of me. don't despair. You are mine. David is speaking. Jesus Christ is your glory. hope and love." When you reach the point where you are called by name. When I found him it just happened." At that moment he embraced me.'" This lady was called David by one who proclaimed: "I am God and I am you." I and my begotten are one! Now. she can always lean against this experience of hers and relate it to this parallel verse of scripture. That's how great you are. The being in the depth of this lady proclaimed the most profound thing. for I have called you by name. these three. Virginia." May I say to all of you: if you haven't found him. but the greatest of these is love. I was incorporated into his body. and you are He! By his glorious power all things come into your world. I walk the earth as Neville.Now let me share with you a wonderful experience of a lady who is here tonight." and the second Psalm." He is. [18] . but at night I assume my heavenly one. You are mine. saying: "This is the decree of the Lord: He said to me: 'You are my Son. This lady is very much a lady. but if anything is done the Lord had to do it. without affecting the furthest star.

but the word means "church protocol. Paul tells us in his letter to the Corinthians that." as in the statement: "Within you stands one whom you do not know. Everyone will be incorporated into that one body. And "The Word became flesh and dwelt in us. The word "en" also means." So the Word . the Greek word "en" is translated "among. These are the traditions of men. Why he does this I do not know. glory as the only Son from the Father. and . he took upon himself the form of a slave and became the obedient unto death." People may think this has something to do with the social order. and after he embraced me and I fused with his body.which is God himself .You are told in the first [chapter] of John: "In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Now the men are rebelling and it will only take a few years before it will all be back to the way it was. The early fathers were all married. the teachers third. and you are allowed to eat meat on Friday once more. but I have been sent to tell you how the drama of Christ unfolds within you. then one came along who was ignorant and wanted everyone to be as ignorant as he. I was sent to tell you the true story of the mystery of Christ. tradition dictated that it was a sin to eat meat on Friday. not one in my holy mountain. taking you with him. The body you wear is the cross upon which God is crucified. The eyes perform a function. as it is the Father's will that not one be lost. While we are here on this inferior level of awareness. there are various levels of awareness. while I was sent to fulfill the command of God." The resurrected are those who are incorporated into the body of the Risen Christ. even death upon this physical cross of man. that you may be as he is! In the Revised Standard Version of the Bible. I was sent with the words: "Down with the bluebloods. as each perform their own special function. yet there are orders there just as there are here in this physical body. but who dwells "within" you. Wanting to sell more fish. the nose another. which change as fast as they are created.it is a body just as real as yours is now. The "church" of scripture is "the assembly of the resurrected. [19] . so he made an order that they marry no more. Christianity hasn't a thing to do with that which is made by the human hand. Then you will know that you and he are one. the ear another." but the word is "within." It is not someone who walks "among" you. and we beheld his glory. like in the army. "to give self wholly to." Emptying himself of his divinity. God actually became as you are. the traditions of men. and the miracle workers fourth. as opposed to the commands of God. Now that tradition has changed. we have lost sight of our maker.became flesh when he gave himself to you." The world is full of the traditions of men. That is the mystery of scripture.may I tell you ." The word "logos" (translated "Word") is "plan" and the plan itself is God. and from which God will rise. the prophets second. He puts the apostles first. I do know that I used the words of Paul when the Risen Christ asked me to tell him what was the greatest thing in the world.

the helper. In the meantime remember: everything is a state of consciousness. So learn to exercise your creative power by applying the law. and the part he is playing was God's choice in the beginning. It's a play. and its fruit will vanish. And one day you will be called to enter that one body. [20] . and things will happen and you will bear the fruit of the tree of security. You want security? Then assume that you are secure. you may have that too. and when I found David he was simply a young impression of the Ancient of Days I had beheld. You want to be known. You may wonder what happened and think someone deceived you . or the speaker in tongues. and it will not matter whether you play the part of the teacher. It is my hope that it is now. But you will find Him when you see David and he calls you Father. But you will never find the cause of the phenomena of life until the David of Biblical fame (who is my son) calls you Father. a Hand like this hand Shall throw open the gates of new life to thee! See the Christ stand!" And you know. So begin now to live a wonderful life and exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of everyone. If one is playing the part of the apostle. it is not because he earned it. Anything you want you may have. but when it comes to God's promise . It is all grace. but don't think you can make it happen .you can't. and he will. forever. Any state occupied bears its fruit.it will be fulfilled. through all. and your world is forever bearing witness to the state you are in. will you know that you and I are one. for there is only one God and Father of us all who is above all. for you may have anything you want! You want to be wealthy. the administrator. and then and only then. you may have it. Thou shalt love and be loved by. Get out of that state.the market went down or your product is no longer wanted . you cannot earn this experience. I only know that I beheld his face. but what determines this order I do not know. the miracle worker. a Man like to me.but you can only eat the fruit of security when you know you are its tree. and in all. That is why Browning made David say: "O Saul it shall be A Face like my face that receives thee. and more grace. grace. before that the world was.Paul takes eight (which is the number of Christ) and gives eight orders within the body. he embraced me and incorporated me into his body. Now let us go into the silence.

living next door . saying: "Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou. he looked out of the window and said: "Do you see that bush? As many leaves as are on that bush are the years.' When the following Friday arrived." Hugh Downs. and that is God Himself. this lady merged with a fact and remembered an experience of long ago. the master of ceremonies. Your external body is the imagination. In the dream I was viewing a tape of one of my shows. Hugh Downs merged with the future and lived an experience he did not remember. Then the dream ended.' and the producer replied: 'That's understandable. and when I recited the poem my daughter went to her library and . having been giving a cue to ad-lib for the next thirty seconds or so. desiring to check the time I switched on the television to the "Today Show.turned to the page where the verse was autographed by my third grade teacher. A few days later. O Lord? Awake! Do not cast us off forever! Having hurled Himself into time/space. God succeeds in awakening in man. while visiting my daughter I told her of the dream. said: "Let me tell you of a dream I once had. I don't remember having seen any of these people.Neville Goddard 03-13-1967 HE DREAMS IN ME The Old Testament calls upon God to awake." Tonight I will take the two and try to show you who this presence really is." Then one day he told her he had a dream that everything was nothing. Now. In my dream I am a ten-year-old girl. One day he told her he had always known her and that there would never be a time when they did not know each other. Having memorized a verse I wanted him to write. But in the New Testament. Let me begin by telling you what happened to me last Tuesday morning. The she told me of a little boy of four. Although I could not remember the poem prior to the dream. It is your imagination who is calling upon you to awake." In his dream. asking my father to write in my autograph book. [21] . when I said to the producer: 'Do you know. God is dreaming he is man and sees Himself as enslaved and cast off. and I will know you when my head grows and reaches the sky. for you are all imagination and God is you and you in Him. I dedicated it to him as he recorded it in my book. The lady writes: "I am seventy-two years old. let me tell you [of] one who merged with the past and lived an experience of long ago. Early in the morning.removing an old autograph book I had given her many years before . Your own wonderful human imagination is God. and in the Book of Ephesians calls upon man to "Awake and rise from the dead and Christ will give you life. upon awakening I recalled every word in detail. who ." Returning sixty-two years.comes to see her often. the show I had dreamed of only a few days before was taped. for this show is to be taped next Friday. Describing an incident of long ago.

Starting from the center God is working towards the surface. as told us in the 15th chapter of the Gospel of Luke in the form of the parable of the prodigal son." You and I. All through scripture you are told that God loves the second son. and experience that portion of history. and . for "Your brother was dead and is alive. however. destined to awaken and remember the Father who gave us birth.he who enters the world of death to become a slave. While you are experiencing the dream. He loves Jacob and hates Esau. There are those. and kills that fatted calf. In fact you are called upon to revise every day of your life and sometimes even to eradicate it. I have fought the good fight. the robe. awakens. [22] . and when He arrives you and He are no longer two. How can that be? Because you are now merged with a dream. hungers. That you can merge with a section of the beginning or future relative to this moment. Why? Because you have once more merged with this section of time. In the beginning we all agreed to dream in concert and no one has ever violated that agreement.' That night as I fell asleep I heard the voice again. If a lady can return and so merge with the past that she can relive an experience of long ago in detail. trying to persuade you. the dream becomes subjective. as my friend's dream of the other night. you think you had a wonderful dream last night. it is objective and real. Now let me share a vision of a lady. dreaming the dream of life. The second son . But while he is moving He is influencing your surface mind. Awakening in the morning.coming to his senses . He was lost and is found. who would not agree to this cruel experiment. but this time the pronoun was changed to: 'I have run the race. for this is a dream which you can modify or radically change. for He begins to question the reality of the world in which he lives. And when he returns the Father gives him the ring. She has kept the faith made in the beginning. so it takes a while for Him to awaken and reach your surface mind. while living in this world of death are that second son.' May I tell you: having had that experience. Awake. the experience was a reality. I have kept the faith.Modern man now concludes that the entire history of the world is laid out. If you would only realize that the depth of your own being (which is your human imagination) is trying to instruct you. and a man can advance into the future and interview those who will be taped the following Friday . She said: "While gazing at the fish in our pond and thinking of nothing in particular I heard a masculine voice say: 'You have run the race. and we only become aware of increasing portions of it successively. This is a world of death and everyone here is dead. this lady is at the end of the journey. He loves Isaac and banishes Ishmael. You have fought the good fight. yet while you were dreaming.remembers the Father who gave him birth.where is the experience of the past and where is next Friday's show? Is everything already finished and we simply tune in on certain states? Yes. but one! You can tell when He is moving toward the surface. to get you aroused.

It is He who is dreaming this world in which we find ourselves." The word translated "among" is "en" meaning "radiating from within. awake! Expand! I am in you and you in me.) But the special instruction stated in the 44th Psalm is that which one gives to one's self: "Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou." (Some of our priesthoods do that today to imply that they have divine instruction which others do not possess. [23] . you claim that which already exits by identifying yourself with the state you desire to dream into objective reality. and . We are the brothers who collectively form the Lord." God. And what a race it has been! We suffer because we are sharing in creation's cruel dream. stands one whom you do not know. destined to join that one being that is called the Lord. very serious instruction.Listen to these words: "Among you stands one whom you do not know. who is our own wonderful human imagination. radiating from within you. Hear O Israel. and you will not turn until the race is finished. I am a brother and friend. you can slip into any section of time and live an event you desire to externalize here. There is not a thing you can imagine but what already is. The 44th Psalm is a Maskil of the Sons of Korah.there is no final death. We are dreaming the dream of life until we awake." So. advisedly: God your own wonderful human imagination . In the beginning as the gods in scripture. Within your bosoms I reside and you reside in me. Claiming that the poem. speaking in this great poem." This I know from experience. Eternity exists. by saying: "We are not One: we are Many. So I say. Not seeking recompense!" Then he tells us that you and I turned away down the valleys dark. Lo! We are One. the Lord is one compound unity one made up of others. There is only the one Lord. Without loss of identity you and I are One being. You and I are heirs to the universe. O sleeper of the land of shadows. mutual in love divine: I am not a God afar off. "Jerusalem" was dictated by the brothers on high. Within your bosoms I reside. Just as the lady slipped into a section of her past and relived it as though it happened for the first time. the Lord our God.dreams in you. and you reside in me: Lo! We are One. As the Elohim we came down into the world of death by entering death's door. forgiving all Evil. O Lord? Awake! Do not cast us off forever!" Now listen to the words of Blake. which is: you will keep the faith. the human skull." The word "Korah" means "one who removes the hair on his head.although you will die from this section of time . The word "Maskil" means "a special. calls upon man to awake. Laying yourself down in the grave of man. And the word translated "stands" means "a covenant. When you imagine. you took upon yourself all of his limitations and weaknesses. saying: "I am not a God afar off. he begins it in this manner: "Awake! Awake. we agreed to do it." from within you is the covenant you made with yourself.

So here in the tenth hour the creative power of God is being revealed to my friend. I recalled that last October. but that moment in time when the creative power of God is being explained. Believing my watch had stopped. it will seem to be the only reality. Now. Lord' enters in. nor was it 4:10 in the morning. when I glanced at my wristwatch to discover it was 4:10 o'clock. looked at my watch again only to find that it was still 4:10. Monday. but he who does the will of the Father who is in heaven. And the test began at 4:10. and as you merge with another. Whatever he wants is! All he has to do is adjust his thinking to the state desired until it becomes alive within him. Then I continued to explain the word of God for what appeared to be an hour or so. When one begins to hear the words of the Father as recorded in scripture. In the 1st chapter of John. this is all symbolism. his feelings change from apathy to warmth and respect. A day is counted from 6:00 o'clock. and scripture tells us that if the dream repeats itself the thing is fixed. The whole vast world is finished. A subjective desire reflected upon becomes objective. during the night it seemed the only reality. As the dream began. my friend saw the world he disliked symbolized as a person who became the great examiner to test his ability to overcome it .to modify or radically change it. [24] . Ten does not mean 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. Broken down into three fourhour watches of the day or night. Although subjective when you awaken and once more merge with this section of the dream. and at that moment the state will objectify itself in his world. and my friend must write his name. and the time of 4:10. Here is a vivid experience of a duplicate dream." (You will find this statement in the 7th chapter of the Book of Matthew). God's creative power is now unfolding in my friend. The number ten whose letter "Yod" begins the name of God (YOD HE VAU HE) [pron. As he recorded his name. and the hour. I awoke to discover it was not on my wrist. That the great I AMness in man is God and that all things are possible to Him. or create. You have formed in the image of his Father who is God. YOD HEY VAV HEY] carries the symbol of a hand. while in a dream at night. In his dream he encounters a teacher he has little or no respect for. it is said that when Andrew found Jesus. the creative hand of God. Man is separated from all other animals by reason of a hand.Now let me share with you a very precious experience of a gentleman who teaches at UCLA. he remained with him because it was the tenth hour. 4:00 o'clock is always the tenth hour. a thrill ran through him. and the Lord will shortly bring it to pass. and he heard a deep masculine voice say: "Not everyone who says 'Lord. make. the date. Give a man a hand and you have a creator. that one is beginning to awaken from this dream of life. You can take off this section of the dream. but when he discovers the man to be the great examiner. I was teaching. Going over my notes. Suddenly the exam had begun. That which looks like a hand in the monkey or ape can convey food to the mouth but it cannot fashion. Just like the dream last night. Now he knows his own wonderful human imagination is God. and you and I are merged in a dream from which we are awakening. Now the challenge is his.

Then break it and return once more to merge in this section of your dream. Those who call upon themselves to awaken rather than call upon a god to awaken them. [25] . and reflect upon that which was so real only a moment before. and without Him was not anything made that was made. All of these acts of scripture will come to you in audible form. The Sabbath is simply that moment when you do not make any effort to make it so. 'Tis we who lost in stormy visions Keep with phantoms the unprofitable strife. so that it seems now to be the only reality. Tonight take a mere wish and see it in your mind's eye as fulfilled. the human skull. Do that and no power on earth or in the universe can stop that which you have imagined from objectification." God is urged to awake in the Old Testament. and you imagined and it came to pass . And one day we are going to awake as the poet said: "He has awakened from the dream of life. You try it.then you must come to the conclusion that what is done grows from what is finished. Contemplate it. So what is done grows from what is finished." God dreams in you and you can test him any time if you are alert. heard the voice as she watched fish . Then suddenly you find him moving in a serpentine manner in the form of creative fancy.the symbol of those who accept the gospel of salvation. while in a waking dream.The lady. He works in your depth. As you test your creative power you will discover who you are. while in the New Testament the plea is for man to awake. because God became man that man may become God. Sit down and think of a friend and watch this wonderful. and keep the Sabbath. So in the Old Testament. but in the end it became a fact. moving being create mental images of him. Simply rest in confidence that it will be objectified. It is going to happen just as you judged it as good and very good. No one can come down into this world and violate that agreement. all the various tones of reality. In the beginning it was only a wish. and then you will discover who God really is. Allow your wish to take on objectivity. Everyone has kept the faith. because you know it is already so! Do not labor to add to it or take from it. Merge and lose yourself completely in it. When you think of someone you can catch Him. including perception. If all things were made by God. underlying all of your faculties. for He steals into your conscious mind least disguised in the form of creative fancy. You and I agreed to dream in concert before we entered death's door. for He is all within you. O Lord? Awake. The God of the universe is one with your wonderful human imagination. O sleeper and rise from the dead. God is called upon to "Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou. and you will awaken to find yourself moving into complete fulfillment of the story of Jesus Christ.

Are you not told that by him all things were made. Find that person and you will find him to be yourself. the Son of David.The creative power of the universe stems from imagination .the one and only creative power of the world. not strangers. and that is God Himself. God did awake and is telling the world that man must awake. We have suffered because we are sharers in creation's cruel dream. and when you know what you did and see the results thereof. and rest in confidence that it is done. Christ is not another! Christ in you is the hope of glory! Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you? That's what the apostle asks in the 13th chapter of 2 Corinthians. It's a crude experiment. To no longer call upon God to awake but man. in the Old Testament you are calling upon God to awake. and without him was not anything made that was made? And God is a person! It is a person who stands among you.as the parable tells us . Everyone plays the part of Job. but the end is so glorious that one forgets the pain.[text corrupt] --. That is the challenge. and God is man and exists in us and we in Him. Nothing can be created without creative power." We all share in the suffering. The eternal body of man is the imagination. and your desire projects itself on a screen of space so you can see it in your world .not all left our heavenly home. dreaming the most cruel dreams. As the Elohim we were brothers. ever creating. but a brother and a friend. ask that of anyone in the world and if he is brutally honest with himself he will tell you he cannot know it until it has been experienced by him. and in the awakening we are greater than we were prior to the beginning of the dream. but . not an impersonal force. The story is told us in the Book of Job. agreeing to dream in concert or we wouldn't be here. by feeling the thrill of accomplishment. as told us in the 8th chapter of the Book of Romans: "I consider the sufferings of this present time not worth comparing to the glory to be revealed in me.it would be eternal darkness. But nothing! If you start to imagine that things are [as] you desire them to be regardless of reason and your senses denial and lose yourself in that end just as though it were true. because we are dreaming in concert. then you will have found him of whom Moses and the law and the prophets wrote: Jesus of Nazareth.the real man . Well. for when He awakes you are redeemed. You are a person. for man and God are one. but it takes all to awaken. So no longer call upon a god in some remote place and time. I know people see an absolute God but if God could not --.then you are the one they are talking about in scripture. for the end is simply to awaken from the eternal dream of life. God is a creator. but call upon self .for man is all imagination. and failure is inconceivable. And in the New. Imagination is not a God afar off. God became as you are that you can become as He is. yet here is the challenge: "Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in [26] . Now. We ventured forth. ever transcending whatever He created prior to that moment when He made the commitment and entered the world of death to overcome it.

you?" Now, if Christ is the one quoted as radiating from within you, and by him all things are made and without him is not anything made that is made (even the bad), then you must find him. If there is only one maker, is it not He who made your awful day, your awful month, your awful year? If you are brutally honest with yourself, you will admit that what happened was related to your imaginal acts. When you recognize and acknowledge this, you have found him. And because He is a person and you are a person, you know exactly who He is. Now, walk with your head up high, knowing that you have learned from your mistakes; and from now on try to imagine the best as you perceive the best to be, knowing that these acts must project themselves in this world. Then you will awaken and rejoin the brothers, for "I am not a God afar off, in me lo we are one, forgiving all evil and seeking no recognition." If we are one, why should I demand recognition? Why not forgive all, for they know not what they do. So I tell you: the God that you formerly dreamed in you was your own wonderful human imagination. Put him to the test. Conceive a scene implying the fulfillment of your desire and - to the best of your ability - merge with it. If you succeed in moving right into the scene, do you know it will become objective before it is seen in this section of time? It will become as objective as this world. Then when you break the spell, that which was objectively real only a moment before will be to you as a dream, but you will know it to be. Then wait in confidence that it will happen here, and when it does share it with others, that they may believe or not believe you; but tell them, because we are all one, so in the end you are simply telling yourself. That is the eternal story.

Now let us go into the silence.


Neville Goddard

He Is Dreaming Now Tonight‘s title is: ―He is Dreaming Now.‖ God‘s name―His real presence―is within us, in the very midst of us, for His real presence is concentrate in His name. ―Come, let us go and look at him,‖ said the brothers, and each took one of Alice‘s hands and led her up to where the king was sleeping. ―He is dreaming now.‖ said Tweedle-Dee, ―and what do you think he is dreaming about?‖ Alice said, ―Why, nobody could guess that.‖ Then Tweedle-Dee said, ―He is dreaming about you; and if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you would be?‖ (from ―Through the Looking Glass‖ by Lewis Carroll) Now, to us, that seems a fairy story; and, yet, it is so altogether true. If the Dreamer in you left off dreaming anything that you now entertain, where do you think you would be? Is not the Dreamer and the ―I‖ of waking a pair of identical twins? We think this is the real world, and then we speak of the ―dream world.‖ To us, that isn‘t real, and yet we are told in Scripture: ―God speaks to us through the medium of dreams, and makes Himself known through vision.‖ (Numbers 12:6) And, yet, we say that is not real, and yet: ―God speaks to man through the medium of dreams‖; and He is the Dreamer in man, identical with the ―I‖ of waking. When we really wake, we will not be God and man. It will just be you; and you will be God, who was the Dreamer. The whole will simply awaken within you. it will not be a twin. The wall of separation will be broken down. It will only be God; and God-and-you will be the One. ―God becomes as I am, that I may be as He is.‖ (from ―There Is No Natural Religion‖ by William Blake) When the promise was made that God and an Angel would lead Israel, this promise was given special force by Jehovah‘s assurance that ―My name is in him.‖ That is, Jehovah Himself would lead them. Well, who is Jehovah? In Scripture we are told His name really is ―I AM.‖ ―Go, say to them that I AM hath sent me unto you…This is my name forever, and by this name I will be known throughout all generations.‖ (Exodus 3:14-15) ―There is no other name.‖ (Acts 4:2) Now, here in this room―take this simple little object here. My simple apprehension of this corporeal object we call sense. It is now a ―sense‖ object. It is ―real,‖ for I can see it, I can touch


it; if I strike it, I can hear it. So, this is called ―sense‖ because it‘s present. If absent, it‘s imagination. What I want to teach everyone who will listen to me is to tell them―to convince them―that the so-called ―absent‖ states are just as real as the present states. If man, the spectator, could only enter into these so-called ―absent‖ states―these images in his imagination,--―approach them on the fiery chariot of his own contemplative thought‖ (from ―A Vision of the Last Judgment‖ by William Blake)―if he could enter into these states and give to the state the sensory vividness that he now gives to this, and give it all to his imagination; if he could give it all the tones of reality we now give to this, using our senses, it would clothe itself in what we call ―objective‖ reality. Here in this audience tonight there is a gentleman. He started a business in Chicago in March of this year. If you knew the market in the month of March as you know it today, it was at the lowest point in years. Stocks tumbled and tumbled day after day, many dropping ten or fifteen points a day; and on paper billions and billions were lost. As far as the mind goes, they were lost. There was no market to raise money for business. He needed two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to launch this business. It is a manufacturing business, manufacturing special instruments―technical. No one had any money,--no individual, no group. He went through the month of March, April; and then in May he called me from Chicago to tell me he was too close to picture. He couldn‘t use his imagination because he was too close to it, and all the negative arguments the papers gave you, the brokers gave you, friends would give you,--everything printed that the financial situation gave you looked forward to a greater and greater depression. He couldn‘t stop it. So, I heard what he had to say: he wanted two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I said, ―All right, I will hear it for you. I will now reverse the entire conversation from you wanting two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to a conversation that tells me that you have your two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and I will persuade myself of this so-called ‗invisible,‘ and therefore unreal state. When I am self-persuaded of the reality of what the world would say to be unreal, it‘s done, and it will not fail! I will do it now.‖ So, he hung up. I did not leave the ‗phone until I was self-persuaded that he had called me and told me of the good news that he had his two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to launch this new venture in these special things that he is making. Well, he is here in the room tonight, and last night he gave me a letter setting forth the highlights of this entire state. I have given you the first three: it was incorporated in the month of March. The need was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. March and April went by; and in May he didn‘t panic, but everyone simply turned him down. There was no such thing as a money market. Then he called me, and I‘ve told you the exact conversation between the two of us. He is here in this City now; and in this statement he said: ―Out of the blue, a broker called me and told me he heard of this new venture, he had investigated it, examined it, and he would like to underwrite it for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars,‖ which he agreed to.


He‘s dreaming now―dreaming your life. literally became as I am with all of my weaknesses―with all of my limitations. for nearness implies separation.‖ Joshua answered himself: ―I have chosen the Lord. and assumed the restrictions of man. until it happens. He literally emptied Himself of His infinite wisdom and power. and Man is the one that awakes within Him. ―Come. (Joshua 24:18) He said. and he will know that he is your son. So. ―All things are possible to God‖ (Matthew 19:26). I don‘t realize it. you will see His son in your presence calling you. and that what is imagined is as real as what my senses now dictate.As he agreed to have this company underwrite it for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He is not pretending that He is me. and then you will know Who-You-Are! You will know that you are that central figure in Scripture called the Lord Jesus Christ. his need was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. can I do it? Well.‖ (Joshua 24:15) Then Israel said. He is not pretending that He is you. So.‖ But nevertheless. it can‘t be done. too. without weakness. and I am not different from any person born of woman. Man hasn‘t the slightest concept who God is! ―God is not a God afar off‖. for the name will unfold itself within you. or because of that. One day He will awake from the dream of life. and then finally He awakes within man. and he has raised between the call in May and this day three hundred and fifty thousand dollars.‖ You will know you are his father. I and my household. That little line of demarcation between the two when man in his dream worships a false god is all removed. You will serve the Lord?‖ (Joshua 24:22) [30] . will serve the Lord. that I may be as He is without limitations. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in thee?‖ (Second Corinthians 13:5. I have found the True God! As we are told: ―Choose this day whom you will serve. test it. because of this. but man worships a false god. and there will be no uncertainty as to this relationship between you and the Son of God. Revised Standard Version) Does man realize it? If he is honest with himself. I did it in this case. Now. ―No. friends then called and asked if they could buy a hundred thousand dollars‘ worth of shares when he had shares to sell. I did morning. And they say because of the market. if that is true and someone tells me that my own wonderful human imagination is God. test yourself and see. and then hen knows who God really is. God is not even near. We are invited to test Him.--that‘s God! He actually. Why? Because ―all things were made by Him. that I can give to that unseen state a reality that will project itself upon the screen of space and become as real as anything now on the screen of space.‖ (John 1:3) Well. and share that reality with others. he is invited to test it to see if he really is in him. he agreed. and without Him was not anything made that was made. and to that. and the ultimate revelation of that name is ―God the Father‖! And because He is God the Father. God and man are One. ―Father. whose Son is your son. noon and night. He is my own true identity! My own IAM-ness. And He is in the very midst of me. So. ―We. he will say. ―You are witnesses against yourselves.

he got it for twenty thousand dollars in the hills of Hollywood. but nevertheless we would move into an apartment. I have no concept of the value of these homes. I said: ―I haven‘t the slightest concept of the value of a home. it was the only home I‘ve ever really felt was home.‖ [31] . but do you sleep elsewhere in your imagination. and naturally he paid taxes and these things. A friend of mine. bought his home seventeen years ago. and that Being within you is your own wonderful human imagination. He did improve it somewhat. Now. The True God is within you. for I‘ve only rented since then. rented homes. first of all. nicely constructed. it has been a lovely home.You cannot bow your knee before anything in this world when you have chosen the True God. well reason tells them. no. Then he spoke to me about it. the only home that I have called ‗my home‘ was really my Mother‘s home. but. I think he built it. but he didn‘t have rent to pay. He paid twenty and spent ten. Then came the present moment that he wanted to unload it. they all showed it. it was once owned by Kaiser‘s son. ―Do you really want to sell it?‖ He said. the husband wanted to sell it. he began to put more and more value on the house. to the other party. But if they do it and it will become a fact. not a large area. You want to let it go. it would have happened anyway. That meant he had a home of thirty thousand dollars. what a view! A beautiful view. No. It would be cramped for us. It was a lovely home. So. my dentist. But you must. I have rented apartments. And if you sold it. but he didn‘t spend in excess of ten thousand dollars in the seventeen years that he lived there in making certain changes. they read the papers and make concepts of what a thing is valued at. you couldn‘t sleep in it.‖ Well. ―Where would you go?‖ ―Well. You are asking seventy-five thousand for it. That‘s what he wanted for it. I said. and because you had had the experience of this house. It was his first home. want to sell it. ―Deep down in my heart. he put in a swimming pool and made a few structural changes. like all people. you will sell it. but no one came up with anything near seventy-five thousand. for one solid year he gave it up to this party.--you would have sold it. it was very. and see how they project themselves in your world and become real.‖ I said. but―oh. In fact. at our age we would not get another home. but he lived there. give to your imaginal acts tones of reality. We‘d move into an apartment. you would view it from the place that you now occupy. if you had sold it. to that party. If tonight you sleep in a state other than this state and view this house from that state.‖ Well. and see it as something you had formerly owned that is now owned by someone else. and view this home from that assumed state? Well. I left home when I was seventeen and a half.‘ So. very big. ―Do you sleep in it every night? I know you do physically. I said to him one day at the pool. you would be sleeping elsewhere. but they have never been my ‗home. and he finally got it to seventy-five thousand dollars.

now. sleep there tonight. [as if he made] a friend and a companion of one of these images. We accumulate and accumulate like a pack rat! Well. So.--let go of all these things that you have around you. He unloaded the house within one month at seventy-five thousand dollars in cash. You can‘t take all of this furniture. but they wouldn‘t move unless they sold. And then you clothe it with the tones of reality.‖―Well. if you have a home or even an apartment. I said. Now he has this lovely apartment. and paid him in cash to get out within thirty days. I only ask that they do it within the frame of the Golden Rule. and this is supposed to be a depressed market where you can‘t find people with cash because all the things have gone down. my friend here tonight. that‘s what he did. because he couldn‘t use them in the smaller area. ―out of the blue. and they want to buy another hundred thousand dollars‘ worth of stock. But you must sleep there tonight and view this home from that place.…then he would rise from his grave. ―Well. they went down to see the Le Brea apartments. I would go into a bank. Now he is in the new apartment where I saw him and dined with him just about a month ago. you‘ll make a lovely job of it. this is a grave. and it was just the answer to their prayer. Well. so he tells me. That‘s where you find it. but if I had a desire to start a business and it needed two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. which he agreed to. You have no offspring.‖ a broker now underwrites the whole thing for two hundred and fifty thousand. You‘ve seen the place. That. if I had confidence in what I could do.--a total stranger [he didn‘t have to pay an agent] came and saw it. his new state]. And then friends want to buy. he got his three hundred and fifty thousand. But. and he‘s blissfully happy. ―If the spectator could enter into these images in his imagination. within the month. in one month he sold it for the seventy-five thousand and moved out. what you accumulate. approaching [that image] on the fiery chariot of his [own] contemplative thought. and they saw one they liked on the tenth floor. he couldn‘t raise it. let go of the turtle. I wouldn‘t‘ think that strange. but you are going to take the best pieces. I do know. You can‘t take your animals there. let go of the parrot. and you clothe it with all the sensory vividness that you can give that image. and try to raise the money.--no agent came.So. There are two bedrooms and two baths. He had to give up half of the things he had. you can do it. and they have investigated the nature of the business. for seventy-five thousand.--―then he would be happy in it [his new choice. and it is adequate for the two of you.‖ (from ―A Vision of the Last Judgment‖ by William Blake) So. you will have to let go of the dogs. and you will sleep in that place. [32] . Would you have it done unto you? Well. Now in seventeen years you know. You will find homes for them.‖ A total stranger. I don‘t question people‘s right to ask seventy-five thousand or a hundred thousand or a million. He found it! You will find it first in your imagination. When I start a business―I have no desire to start a business. and Jim unloaded his home that he only paid twenty for. So. then. like it. He has this three hundred and fifty thousand pledged.

So. to whom can I turn? I turn to God by. ―Were there not ten of you. when. Now today. I simply appropriate it. No. ―When you pray. Jim now thinks that it didn‘t happen because he slept in his apartment before he physically occupied it. in my own imagination. and the kind of a prayer that took place. and not a so-called physical cause. That‘s the whole vast world in which we live. he thinks. really. The physical cause only seems. I don‘t beg for it. We are so sound asleep. appropriating this state. Well. It wasn‘t done because he did it. believe that you have received.--not one with the ―I‖ of waking. ―Why. and He is the dreamer. ―in spite of what Neville said. it will be done for him. and one spoke and it became a fact. you give him six more months and he‘ll be convinced beyond a doubt that what he did in imagination and what his wife did had no bearing whatsoever upon the sale. now this man―out of the blue―he heard of this thing―he wanted to get away from Bel Aire. and he rationalizes everything in the world. Well. even after a month. if God is my own wonderful human imagination. and you appropriate what you want. Every external so-called concrete fact has a spiritual cause. and you will. He thinks it would have happened anyway. and he thinks that this thing would have happened anyway.--it would have happened anyway. Now he justifies it. where they didn‘t beg anyone in the world for anything. That‘s what the nine said. believing that what he says will come to pass. the other nine thought it would have happened anyway.--he wanted to leave that environment and come to the hills of Hollywood all by himself because the place is all alone right up on the very top of these mountains.‖ And it‘s only a month! Well. You don‘t turn to any god on the outside and appeal to him to help you. I know the beginning―the conversation that took place. There isn‘t a thing that is now true as fact that was not once only imagination―not a thing in the world. that doesn‘t make sense!‖ I could tell you unnumbered stories where I know the cause. and only one has returned to say thanks?‖ (See Luke 17:14-18) Well. and he thinks this is the real world. And he kept on going.‖ (Mark 11:24) And whoever says a thing. The ―I‖ that wakes is confined to the senses. everything you see in the outer world was first only an image in the imagination. Thank you. not a thing could cure them of their leprosy. it is a delusion of the fading memory. You turn to the inside. But that is the story told throughout the Bible. but one Samaritan came back and said. is He not speaking to me? Is He not telling me that He dwells within me? [33] . What do I want in the object world? I hope for that. It is a subjective appropriation of the objective hope. I must now subjectively appropriate that state. I say the Dreamer in man is God. we could never believe in these irrational things of which I speak. That is what I am told to do. Well.

‖ All I ask of him. too. as Lewis Carroll put it in this lovely poem. but within history. he wrote it in longhand and signed it himself.‖ Not at the end of history. And the whole thing is done by a motion in mind. and so you will remain here until you reach the end of the journey. I move from where I am physically to where I would like to be [34] . The causative motion is within the mind. you‘ll know yourself because you are the Father! Well. so. from whom I came. none in May.--they asked dot let them have a hundred thousand dollars‘ worth of the stock when he was selling stock in the new company. what have you done? I have found the Father. But while we are here in the world of Caesar. and then in the month of July to raise ―out of the blue‖―that is his expression――out of the blue‖ came this broker and underwrote the thing for two hundred and fifty thousand. and then friends asked.‖ She went right through it into a world just as real as this. and when you know the Father. but certainly on behalf of others. So. for that is what I am told. ―Thanks. And the things that I have done. is He a liar? Well.--I would like to know that it happened. who is God the Father. and even greater than these because I go and leave the world. and you must be wherever you are in imagination. The motion on the outside is under compulsion. do I believe it? Or. It hasn‘t a thing to do with a man in time. It has all to do with that Supernatural Being in you. on behalf of yourself. no. but it‘s not as the world believes it. with no funds in April. And then he will come to you if he has any heart within him and say. ―Through the Looking Glass. That talent is to exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of others. and we are one. Who unfolds Himself within you as you. Who is he? He said.‖ Well. and you dwell in me. for he is the president of the corporation. The true identity of the child is the Lord Jesus Christ. He gave us Himself. he was big enough to write it out on his own paper. You are all imagination. So. you will do also. You go right through the image and occupy the image. And you are the Lord Jesus Christ.‖ I am going to find that.-not one penny. but you are only occupying this body for a moment. it could have happen and he could have left this City and not have told me one word. ―Thanks. Every child born of woman has that Being within that child. God was your own wonderful human imagination. you know Who-You-Are. I don‘t want a nickel. And. ―I am the Father. for you will know the Father. and you became persuaded that the thing imagined is true. the Dreamer-in-you. then. And. You can sit right here now and assume that you are elsewhere.‖―and what a marvelous name for it! It is truly the ―looking glass. ―All the things that I have done. and the paper bears his signature. if He tells me that. the incorporation in March of 1970. when you began to imagine lovely things about another. ye shall do. Your body is here. you have literally mediated God to that ―other. The truest story ever told is the story of the life of Jesus Christ.--he didn‘t persuade the friends. and the telephone call to me in Los Angeles from Chicago. He didn‘t dictate it to a secretary. Now.‖ Well.―I dwell in you. you have mediated God to another.‖ My friend said to me. I know from my own personal experience that it is all true. Anytime you exercise your imagination lovingly on behalf of another. I tell you. I have his own record giving the seven stages. But. you will know the truth of the things that I say. exercise the talent that He gave us. So.―don‘t neglect yourself. I am returning to my Father. The whole thing is true.

in a little church off Times Square. You will be compelled to make the journey. Naturally. and I was a little bit disappointed in that. then. We bought the ticket. standing at a certain spot in the City. If you can possibly make it. Well. this night in question they couldn‘t get there.‖ We sailed the very next day on the Argentina. but Britain was at war beginning in September of 1939. and then think of San Francisco. in my imagination. And you will walk across a bridge of incident―some series of events that you do not consciously plan. and here you have two of everything. the book. Then one day in the month of August I received a letter from my brother. We used to have about a thousand people three times a week: Wednesday. I should see it three thousand miles to the west of me. for I lived in America. then. So. Consul in Barbados when I came back. I had duplicates. and he said. I should see the whole vast world from that position in space if I have assume that I am there. the War was on―not our country. and I had no plans to go to Barbados. I brought out. and she with the rest of my family lived in Barbados. At his very moment I assume that I am now in New York City. close my eyes to the obvious. and it was snowing―about twelve to fourteen inches of snow on the ground. save a slow freight taking mail. Finally. which was a good crowd for that sort of weather. First of all. and maybe a hundred people came. It sailed at midnight. and without getting passports or anything. Meanwhile. and I expected the usual audience of about a thousand people. I didn‘t realize what I was doing. The night that I brought out my book called. So. in New York City. and we got it. Well. We were in such a hurry. your plans have changed. how would I know? Well. the man at the dock said to me. and I didn‘t know it. I had no idea Mother was that sick. so. she want to see all of her children around that bed of hers before she dies. I didn‘t even get my return passage. and you will awake to find the whole thing is changed. You are not supposed to have two passports and two of everything.‖ Well. and I know it‘s difficult to get passage to come here. when I came back. when my Mother died. ―Your Faith Is Your Fortune. you could be arrested for this. but this is what happened. I should see it away beyond where I am standing if I am standing. Always these lovely letters.‖ it was in the month of February. I had to get them from the U. try and make it.physically. and if I really do the motion―if I really succeed. and so there was no contact with little Barbados. The whole structure of your world has changed.S. That was a British possession. [35] . Well. ―You know. view the world from that assumption. and it will compel that physical journey. but if you can. And here. here. I didn‘t realize it. a friend of mine had sent on my passport and the things I left here. She had been sick for two years. what would that do to me? That motion in mind would compel a physical motion to correspond to it. Friday and Sunday nights. look at the world. Would I see it from there? I should. they never told me how sick Mother was. But the book sale was simply nil. Back in 1941. we simply rushed aboard. and I was very proud of. Well. I didn‘t get any papers. My wife and I even sent off and made the reservations to go to this place in Maine. And. I speak from experience. There is no possibility of saving her. I had planned to go to Maine for a vacation of a month. ―Mother is dying.

for His name is in me. and you are the Dreamer in me? Here. that is a shock to Alice. this is a conversation that takes place within us. That had to be canceled because I had already prepared the place to go out to Barbados. I can tell you that I went to bed and prepared that place. Well. my wife and I sent off to Maine and made reservations to spend a month in the State of Maine. the true reality of my Being is that Dreamer-in-me―the One Who is dreaming the dream of life. I had ―gone and prepared the place. So. and it leaves the ―outer‖ man wherever he was.‖ He said. not knowing of my very sick Mother.So. let us go and look at him. and I assumed that I am in my Mother‘s home. And that‘s the Guardian Angel that leads me from darkness [36] . that where I am. I didn‘t‘ know Mother was ill. and God is in man as man‘s own wonderful human imagination.‖ (―Through the Looking Glass‖ by Lewis Carroll) Well. and when I go and prepare a place for you. came the month of August.‖ (John 14:2. if you and I are one. then. he is dreaming about you. ―Dreaming about me? Nobody could know that!‖ ―If he stopped dreaming about you. Well. ―I am poor. In fact. and here I was under compulsion―I had to go. limitation socially. test me and see‖ (Second Corinthians 13:5) We are invited to test Him. where do you think that would be? It exists only in your imagination. and the whole thing was so natural to me. If you stop dreaming about it. the Dreamer. I assume to be the weaker one. for we are told: ―Come. just as though I were there in the flesh. Well. The ―I‖ in me. ―Everything is possible to God‖ (Matthew 19:26). Anyone can do it. I will come again and receive you unto myself. it could be limitations of the flesh..--it goes and prepares a place. ―where do you suppose you would be?‖ If you stopped dreaming of being poor. where do you suppose poverty would be? If you stopped dreaming about anything that you now think you are. and when the place is completely prepared. When I woke the next morning the snow was higher. It prepares it and compels me to make the physical journey and it had made all in imagination. he is sleeping now and he‘s dreaming. So. ―Well. how would I test you.‖ said Tweedle-Dee. this night in question in the month of February I slept in Barbados. the Dreamer returns and picks up the garment of flesh where it had left it and takes it across a bridge of incidents which it will prepare―my rational mind could never have devised the means.‖ And whatever I say I am. I went sound asleep in Barbados in my Mother‘s home.. And what do you suppose he is dreaming about?. and this is sound asleep. and you animate it and keep it alive. if you stopped dreaming that. ―I will go and prepare a place for you. that I become. and then. there ye shall be also. it has not life in itself. and here I am in Barbados with the warm tropical air in Mother‘s home. just the opposite of the state into which I fell when I went to sleep. you‘re invited to do it. for life is in you. limitations of anything. Well. Here.Well.--it could be poverty.3) Well. I went to bed in New York City with the snow on the ground and still coming. And. the poor man is poor only because he is dreaming.

and I heal. that would have happened anyway. and they are letting people out. He knows tonight―he may forget tomorrow. then finding what they had hoped to find. but he knows tonight what we did. you listen to that. what‘s His name? I AM. that a depression is on. the TV will confirm it.‖ It doesn‘t make any difference what you know tell me. That‘s all that matters. So. even though the papers will tell you. ―Father. for you are simply applying the same law.‖ (John 1:3) ―I kill. They started behind the 8ball. That is the ultimate revelation of God-in-man. doesn‘t really matter. they are not paying very much.to light. If His name is in me. and He is Jehovah Himself! And Jehovah‘s name is the concentration of His very Self. it doesn‘t make sense. He is in me. Then friends of his. When He unveils Himself as God the Father. but it proves itself in performance.‖ And you know this wonderful relationship between yourself (the Father) and the son of God who now is your son. you hold onto a new kind of dream. too. investigated. this Dreamer-in-you can do everything. Jerry. He has no other name. and he knows tonight between May and July he raised three hundred and fifty thousand dollars on an entirely new venture. and without Him was not anything made that was made. from bondage to freedom. because His son calls you. profits are [37] . the One in you―the Dreamer―kills and makes alive. with money to invest―they. and now he wants to underwrite it. I‘m not telling you it makes sense. and I make alive. even I am He. No. they want to put their money into something that they think is good and solid. I wound. then. He. If you do not accept it. What does it matter tonight if my friend tells his friends in Chicago what he did or what he asked of me or what I did. as head of all the big corporations. first of all. he investigated it and approved of what he found. and you can‘t get a job. Now.‖ Yes: ―I. here in this world. and all the magazines will add to it. He is the Father. and then what happened? They may never believe what happened or what I did. and you must take a cut in salary in order to hold your job―well. it isn‘t sound. and it does everything. be rational about it. ―No. then His Son stands before you and calls you. and you will simply confirm everything they suggest.‖ And you know who you are. and that Being is in you as your own wonderful human imagination. ―For by Him all things were made. the world. So. being a rational state. Therefore. and so the broker saw a profit for himself. There‘s only one Creator. and what he said he did. Well. If you believe it. ―Father. what you think about it. He does. They may go blindly on saying. this is the great mystery as revealed in Scripture. heard of it. Well. will tell you that that‘s irrational. I know from my own experience with my family what they have done. you are applying it. and will not dream that dream―don‘t let them give you that kind of a dream. There is only one Being that can create anything. So.‖ That‘s what we are told in the 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy. And if there is evidence for a thing. this is a rational world. a better dream. Today. or what somebody else thinks about it. That‘s a rational thing. Don‘t think for one moment that there is a God who makes alive and another being who kills.

‖ said he. His name is Joshua. There is a man who is paid a huge salary to write in the newspapers to scare people to death. you can plant good seed or evil seed. who does exactly what I am talking about―it‘s all in his imagination―started behind the 8-bal. your imaginal acts are coming into your world.‖ So. Well. my brother didn‘t do that. he just simply has his own dreams. It is entirely up to you.‖ (John 10:30) And.-the same meaning. if you will buy the paper. I say to everyone: it is entirely up to you. but I got a big check. That is life itself. They go all over the world to find an accident. they were the most precious possession in his [38] . we can pay what we want. But some horrible thing about someone you do not know―a big headline.down. My brother Victor. ―It was just my imagination. you can plant seed that frightens you to death or seed that is so altogether lovely when it comes into the world. don‘t forget it. Well.‖ ―He who sees me sees the Father. you do not even recognize your own harvest! You will say. and you will say. you pick it up and read it. and so I got my dividend check. huge business. he ended the year and he could give me twenty per cent of my money. ―I don‘t know this. you cannot turn to another. It was a twenty-per-cent dividend. every share of stock is owned by the family. So. And may it now grow in your mind‘s eye to a huge. and then huge big headlines. you did. as people think. I never did this. ―Joshua‖ and ―Jesus‖ are identical in meaning.‖ Yes. Not satisfied with those they can find here. they are advancing into the future. he doesn‘t agree with that. and all the other ones. and therefore dividend checks are down. noon and night you are imagining.--he had ten children: nine sons and a daughter. So. My father didn‘t have one red cent. because if you know Who-You-Are. ―Joshua‖ is the Hebraic form of the Anglicized name ―Jesus. He writes headlines. When they said that things are down and you can‘t get this and you can‘t get that. So. It‘s not public. noon and night you are harvesting. so. when they confront you as a harvest. to him. How many companies are paying twenty per cent? He paid me twenty per cent on my stock. He can dream as much as anyone can dream. That‘s all that he does as a job. and you start dreaming. because he didn‘t read the papers.‖ No. The whole vast world is simply the harvest of men who cannot stop imagining. they are going down and down and down. So. therefore. my dividend check was twenty per cent of the value of my stock. So. Something good―some wonderful bit of news is buried in the last page or on some other page. twenty per cent. and. but we are a private company. they go all over the world to find them. Well.‖ and he tells you: ―I am the Lord. You can‘t stop it. if you know who you are. I would say to my friend Jerry: ―You know how it worked. ―Choose this day whom you will serve. to scare you to death every morning. What he did have that he valued more than a red cent. and morning.‖ ―I have chosen to serve the Lord. so this year he did a fortymillion-dollar business. It means ―Jehovah-Saves. May I tell you? they are not receding into the past.‖ We started with a few little pennies borrowed―borrowed money―back in 1922. morning.‖ It‘s the same thing. so. it is Jesus who is speaking: ―I chose the Lord. and he‘s not influenced by rumors. and they will confront you. so. and scare you. and he doesn‘t have a TV set. So. That‘s unheard of.‖ (John 14:9) ―I and the Father are one.

It‘s in the bank. Two years later a stranger came in. ―Well. Roach & Company. God literally became as you are.--and said.‖ He said. All he got from us as collateral was my brother‘s signature and my father‘s signature. but He has no limitations when He wakes.‖―no taxes to pay on it. ―I will tell my lawyer and he will bid for me. and simply exercise it. Goddard & Sons. And to do that. but I have no money and I have no collateral. It was owned und the full name of ―___ N. so when He wakes in you. and see how He wakes [39] . a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. ―I would love it. reducing the equity every year by so much. but he had to feed them. that you may be as God is. many personal possessions. on a little borrowed bit he started. You advised me how to invest and what to do. but we were the owner. You and God are One. ―Do you want the building?‖ Vic said. tax exempt. and so I leave you now a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cash.‖ ―I‘m not asking for any collateral. He emptied Himself and took upon Himself the form of a slave. ―You are my best friend. so they did not know which client he represented.‖ he said. he left my brother. it grew and grew and grew and expanded from one island to another island to another island.N. believe Him and exercise the talent that He gave you. so. three homes. He is simply growing.‖ My family‘s name would be J. And it is still growing. and this (indicating the body) is the form of the slave. shelter the.‖ He said. ―I‘ve got no collateral. you will have no restrictions. I have money. He was consciously dreaming. so at the end of ten years it had been paid. with all the weaknesses and limitations of man. ―With what?‖ He said. which we did. And from that little beginning. He represented many clients. It was reduced year after year after year. But until He wakes. in cash. in spite of the depression. but my brother Victor was the Dreamer. he―on the surface―was the owner. I tell you. We kept our promise. it‘s all over the islands now. He picked out the building on the main street. When that man died. because if they know I am bidding for it. and he had no money. no limitations. which would imply the family owned it. He doesn‘t listen to any arguments about depressions and recessions and whatnot. pays me nothing. they are going to bid it up. They paid back the money that he paid for the building in ten years at six per cent. and not one person outside of the immediate family owns one share in the business. So.‖ And. He knew exactly what he wanted.world. and found Himself in the form of man. which is your own imagination. and clothe them. It is Himself. with borrowed capital. When the sale was over. ―Are you going to buy the building? And Vic said. and became a billion. He said. the lawyer bid that day. it‘s entirely up to us if you know Who-You-Are.‖ ―But.--it was for sale.

in your world. ―Nothing is impossible to God,‖ and God is your own wonderful human imagination. So, He is dreaming now. Oh, yes, I know He‘s dreaming―dreaming it all, but dreaming horrible dreams. What horrible dreams they are dreaming: getting even with this, and getting even with that. You can stop it now, regardless of what the world tells you, and start a new record―a new dream. Leave it alone, and start dreaming something entirely different. Well, how do you do it? What would it be like if I were the man I want to be? So, you start with wanting to be. You desire to be other than the man that you seem to be. Well, now, is it true that I could be? Well, if it were true, what would you see? And how would you see the world? And how would your friends see you? What would you say when you meet them, and what would they say if all the things that you now would like to be, you are? And where would you live if it were true? Would you still live in the limited state, or would you live in a more wonderful place, in a better state? Well, then, live there mentally. You say, ―I have never been in such a place. I wouldn‘t have the courage to go into that place.‖ Mentally sleep in it. I have told this to my friends time and again. In New York City we have a place called Tiffany‘s, and we speak of ―a Tiffany.‖ Well, that is the height for certain things. I am not speaking against Macy‘s or Gimbel‘s; they serve a purpose. But people will pass by Tiffany‘s and go into Macy‘s or Gimbel‘s to buy a wedding present of, say, eight or a dozen glasses. It is sent off to the Brideto-be in a Macy box, cost more than twelve lovely glasses from Tiffany that would be sent in a Tiffany box. I know that from experience. There are people who were born on the east side of New York who have never crossed the barrier; they are embarrassed to leave their little place and come as far as Fifth Avenue. Those born on the west side never come to Fifth Avenue. They were born, and they die, there. People live in Brooklyn. They were born in Brooklyn and they die in Brooklyn seventy or eighty years later and never see Manhattan. They are embarrassed to go out of their own little shell. If they will not go out physically, just imagine trying to go out mentally! They are embarrassed. They wouldn‘t go into a Tiffany; they wouldn‘t go into a smart shop. And I‘ve always said you can buy better things in the better stores, and not at these inflated prices that people tell you. But, it takes some bold step in the mind to have you change your pattern of thinking, and therefore your pattern of living. Tonight, if you really would like to transcend the world in which you live, transcend it first in your imagination, and don‘t ask how it‘s going to happen, how will things move in your world to permit it to happen. They will move. But first, in your mind’s eye, be the person that you want to be, and walk as though you were; and in a way that no one knows, you will become that person. Well, soon or late, we become,--and we start to be and do our fixed beliefs―what we really believe that we are. Soon or late, we believe and we are and we do.


Well, tonight, you want to be noble―I mean, a noble being―not one born to the purple, not one born by physical descent; I mean noble in spirit, noble in mind. As far as I am concerned, I accept no aristocracy of the flesh―only the aristocracy of the Spirit. I refuse to accept any aristocracy of the flesh. We are not race horses! They do that way. First of all, they are not bred that way―those who claim to be of the aristocratic world. They simply breed them within their own sphere. That‘s not breeding them physically. And I do not accept the physical descent. I accept the spiritual descent. So, in your own mind‘s eye, find Who-You-Are. Can you go higher than the Lord? You can‘t go higher than the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is the true identity of every child born of woman. Let him know that he is that Being. He begins to dream nobly. If he really is the Lord Jesus Christ, he will not entertain any unlovely thought in this world. He will become incapable of entertaining any unlovely thought. So, if I tell you that you are, you may not believe it, but I know I am telling you the truth. So, when you sleep this night, sleep as if it were true, and daily walk in that assumption; and that assumption, though false at the moment, if you persist in it, it will harden into fact.


Neville Goddard 5-8-1970


Tonight's subject is: ―He is Dreaming Now.‖ The Bible begins, as far as man is concerned: ―And the Lord God caused a great deep sleep to fall upon man, and he slept. And then the Lord God formed woman out of man, and then he told man that he must leave everything and cleave to his wife until they become one‖ − one body, one spirit, just one. That is the beginning of our story. In Lewis Carroll's book, Alice Through The Looking Glass, all these great writers take the same theme; all the great poets, they do it. And here we find this one little…well, a little dialogue: ―Come and look at him,‖ the brothers cried. And they each took one hand of Alice and led her up to where the King was sleeping. ―He is dreaming now,‖ said Tweedle Dee. ―And what do you think he is dreaming about?‖ Alice said: ―No one can guess that.‖ ―Why, about you!‖ said Tweedle Dee, triumphantly. ―And if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you would be?‖ Where would you be when you are the creation of the King who is dreaming, if he dared to leave off dreaming about you until he completed his purpose? For the Lord God has sworn: ―As I have planned so shall it be and as I have purposed so shall it stand.‖ ―And My will shall not turn back until I have executed and accomplished the intents of My mind. In the latter days you will understand it clearly.‖ What is his purpose? ―He has made known unto us the mystery of His Will, according to His purpose which He set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time.‖ So what is this plan; what is this purpose? His plan − He is so in love with His creation that exists only for Him and not for itself; like an author − the play and all the characters they exist only for the author. They have no existence outside of the author. But He so loves His creation, He wants the creation to exist for itself. And there is only one way that it can exist for itself, for now it only is an animated body, the whole vast creation and He desires that it cease to be the poem existing only for Himself, but to exist for itself. And there is only one day and one way that He can do it. He can do it only by dying and becoming His poem. Only as He dies and becomes you, will you live for yourself. ―So unless I die,‖ said He, ―thou canst not live. But if I die I shall arise again and thou with Me.‖ So God dies − actually dies, and becomes His poem; He becomes you. And now you must dream the dream of death as he dreams it. The poets speak of it as ―the dream of life.‖ I rather go with Blake and say: ―My Emanation yet my Wife till the sleep of Death is over.‖ Shelley calls it ―the dream of life" He hath awaken‘d from the dream of life; 'Tis we, who lost in stormy visions, keep With phantoms an unprofitable strife,


And then He brings confirmation of his gift and His promise to her. sharing with Alice all the horrors of the world.‖ And now we'll continue the dream. and my most priceless possession is my son David.‖ So he takes Alice through all the horrors of the world and then in the end. Then He tells Alice that you are going to have a son. the flat surface that depicts it. And you are Alice. a glorious son. a girl. And then one day He awakes within Alice and Alice discovers she is the King that was dreaming. who is the King's son. And so one day He gives Alice himself.‖ then he makes you a promise: ―But if I die I shall arise again and thou with me. But He so loves her. He's not more than a teenager − twelve. One day there is an explosion within Alice. flat surfaces depicting that which I would like you to be. Well. although she's Alice. very fair. my glory I will not give to another. I can think of you forever and forever and you are but shadows within my mind. it waxes. ―I have tried you in the furnaces of affliction. but he tells you: ―Unless I die thou canst not live. think of Alice and put yourself in the place of Alice −Alice Through The Looking Glass. And so he continues the dream with Alice. how would Alice know that this gift of God to herself. and he is telling you what he is going to do. she doesn't feel strange that she is the parent of this wonderful son. it wanes. which was a boy − a handsome boy with beautiful eyes. for my own sake I do it. And Alice tells him: ―But how can this be. thirteen. Now. instead of thinking of Alice. and beyond the measure of beauty. prepare you to receive my glory (―For I cannot give it to another. He animates her by being aware of her. How different the cubic reality is from the ―dimension. That's his son. he will not let her go. ruddy. for my own sake. He puts her through all the furnaces. will awake. because he has to if she is going to bear his name. So Alice is simply within the imagination of the divine Imagination: only a flat surface.‖ he tells Alice.‖ Then he tells her: ―The Holy Spirit will overshadow you and the son to be born of you will be called Holy. You don't want that sacrifice. but this is the dream of death where everything comes into being. and fair of skin. They are all great. seeing I know not a man? I know no man. instead of thinking of Alice. man. And the King had told her in the beginning: ―That's how I will prove to you that I will die and rise in you. ―it will be David. the Son of God. beautiful eyes. a youth just like Alice.But I will go with Blake. It appears. When the dream is over. But you are not that which I would like you to be until I die and live in you and turn you into a reality.‖ One day. I will give you myself and the only way I could ever give you myself is to give you my most precious possession. when I take you through all the trials of the world and prepare you to receive me. He thinks from Alice. and he stands before Alice and calls Alice: ―My Father. And when he awakes he is the dreamer that is God the creator. His name will be David. and Alice sees standing before her this youth that He described.‖ He makes that promise. is complete? He tells Alice that He has a son. Well.‖) I have to bring you into a state where I can give you myself. the most fantastic play.‖ And Alice doesn't feel strange about it. and it vanishes. and then the son [43] .‖ that is. moving because He observes her. you weep because he is going to die that you may live. He leaves everything and cleaves to Alice until he enters Alice and dwells within her and thinks from Alice. For how should my name be profaned. individually. the great King who is dreaming.

Wouldst Thou not One that would never die for Thee or ever die for One who had not died for Thee. for in them you think you have eternal life. All these are simply quotations. For. to put it into the form of a story that man. ―My Father. It is all a movement of mind. And had He broken that ―spell‖ before He completed his purpose. accepting the story.‖ Well. His name is ―I AM. Don't you lose the vision. and see the horrors all over the world. and yet it is serving a divine purpose. One day back in ‗54 I heard these words. Now. So where is He moving? It's only a movement in mind. And the whole vast world moves because God moves within Himself. He died for you. yet it's a horrible play. for they are men of vision and they have made every effort to tell in their own wonderful way. save in Imagination? Where on earth is he moving where he is? He's all places. but they have stayed with me since the vision. to occupy you − just as you occupy a house and think from it. it becomes a man. but if I die I shall arise again and Thou with Me. And God's death is simply to cease thinking of you and to think from you. Listen to the radio tonight or the TV tonight or tomorrow morning‘s paper. you will find every quote that I've made tonight is from Scripture. and He was dreaming of Alice. If you have a good concordance.‖ ―For as I have sworn.‖ So you take your vision and make every effort. Man could not Exist. He has no other name. And if God dieth not for Man and giveth not Himself Eternally for Man. turning you from a moving animated body into a life giving spirit. The vision was audio.‖ And then − and only then − does Alice know that she is the King who was dreaming.‖ ―My will shall not turn back until I have executed and accomplished the intents of my mind. But He swore in the beginning: ―And the Lord God swore‖ that he would not break it until he had completed his purpose.appears and calls Alice. there would be no more Alice. there is no place where God is not. as Tennyson said: ―Truth embodied in a tale shall enter in at lowly doors. search the poets.‖ That is from Jeremiah the 23rd [chapter]. You remain faithful to the Promise: ―Unless I die Thou canst not live. The intensity is determined by the strength of the vortex you create. too. It is just like a whirlwind with a center of perfect stillness. We are but [44] . the 14th chapter: ―As I have sworn so shall it be.‖ Where is God moving. just ―I AM. So here the story of the King who is dreaming and he is dreaming the most glorious play in the world. don't get lost in the play. So ―The will of the Lord will not turn back until He has executed and accomplished the intents of His mind. as I have purposed. So within you now God dwells. Brother against brother − the whole thing is in conflict. We are told: ―Search the Scriptures. It would have vanished as though it never were. And here a voice is speaking: ―You do not move in waking any more than you move on your bed in sleep. based upon your talent. into his own being. will find it moving story. And as I have purposed so shall it stand.‖ That's His name forever and forever. so shall it stand. You only believe that you move when you wake. you will find it difficult to grasp it.‖ So God died. as you think you move in sleep.‖ ―In the latter days You will understand it perfectly. so shall it be.‖ He is your redeemer.‖ I am only quoting Scripture. if it is your home. In the latter days you will understand it perfectly. Those who do not have it − my last is from Isaiah.

I say: ―She's your mother. My daughter was born in 1942. Then you will be able to move your mind into a larger focus and split it. and the intensity is determined by the vortex that I create. I moved from here to my home. I was having the most marvelous game with myself. I know I do not move during the night. or any other background that you would turn and say: ―All right. Well. so he has this…none of those things. I went to sea. and I am having the most glorious romance with her mother which she didn't know (the romance with her mother that was twentynine). And you will take this fabulous keyboard of 6. I came here tonight in my friends‘ car. We have flown several times. And I knew all these were states. the individual experience. I met my wife in 1936. I moved.‖ But I still knew she was going to be my wife. To acquire a keyboard on which we will play tomorrow. when her mother was twenty-nine. I knew it that very moment. I said: ―You don't know it but you're going to be my wife. I moved from my home to here. one note after the other leading up to a huge keyboard. but many a time we took the ships.‖ And then I took the ships. She says: ―Nope. and I will think: ―Well. I had…she was going to be my wife.‖ and she doesn't know that at all. That came years later. So. at twenty-seven. And all these things − and I'm playing them all together. but she didn't know that she was going to be my wife. I tell her: ―That's your mother. Tomorrow you will take two events widely separated in time and slide them together. and they will sound differently from the individual note when you encountered it. entirely different. and you will play the most fantastic creation in the world. and she denies it. It's all a movement of mind. She heartily disapproves. save just move from one side to the other in bed. Then he tells me it's like a whirlwind with a center of perfect stillness. knows nothing of that mother.] She didn't with me. He wants the poem to exist for itself. This is the time of the vision and here is my daughter. having the most fantastic thing.animated bodies and He doesn't want the poem to exist only for him. financial. She knows that I am in love with this young lady who is twentynine. [45] .‖ and yet the voice that never has deceived me tells me I do not move in waking any more than I move on my bed in sleep. I trust we'll go back tonight.‖ And I had no social. So here he dwells now in man and man thinks he is moving. and did all these things that I took my wife so often across the Caribbean on ships. I fell in love with her the very moment I saw [her. that I only believe that I move when I wake. I was excited as I was when I was young and in love with her when she was twenty-nine. as I woke at 2:00 in the morning. You ask me why we go through hell in this world. and here the whole thing was as clear as crystal. Today it seems like a chromatic scale. but hit five. I met her mother in 1936. acquiring notes. My daughter.000 years. She is what her age is now: she almost will be twenty-eight. So Wednesday morning as I woke at 2:00 in the morning. here now it is up to date: it is 1970. hit ten. as I think I move when I sleep. intellectual.‖ She doesn't know her mother. Wednesday morning. here I took my daughter and I was having fun with her. I was having the most delightful time. But I tell you. knowing that each one was a state in itself and not related to anything unless I chose to relate it. I just knew it. as you would your fingers on a piano and hit − not two events widely separated in time.

And out of Him came Eve. through all these years that she's been my wife. (The first time I saw Olivier was in that picture. You give up everything that you are − your creative power and your wisdom − and take the weakness and the limitations of the one that you brought forth out of your own being: ―My emanation yet my wife till the sleep of death is past. Wouldest thou love one who never died for thee? Or ever die for one who had not died for thee? And unless God dies for Man and gives himself eternally for Man. ―I have dreamed in my life. the same thing happened to me. So you and I are creating now − or rather we are gathering together through our horrible and lovely experiences. and then he had to leave everything − his father. yes. one after the other. more alive. Man could not exist. everything. And life within me I will animate the entire thing. That every moment of my life I am acquiring a new note on this fabulous keyboard. And I was enjoying every moment of it.‖ So God dies. Take the one of Emily Bronte.‖ Then you will understand what all these poets have been trying over and over again to tell us. And you will bring forth your Eve.I could take all these states. Hasn't a thing to do with vision. she's only a state. And will I then create out of that fabulous thing an Alice.‖ So we are gathering together a fabulous keyboard on which we will play tomorrow and produce that perfect one with whom we will fall in love. ―dreams that have stayed with me ever after and changed my ideas. But then my visions completely turn them completely over. when the vision is more real than you are here now? Far more real. Karl Marx writes his theory. I was creating the most wonderful drama using only the experiences from the day I met my wife in 1936 up to the present moment. So you will create your wife out of what you will play from the keyboard that you are now acquiring. I can say with Bronte. And so another one writes another theory and another theory and so you have all kinds of theories in the world. So you die. So. and her father falling in love with this young girl. after the vision.‖ These are the very words of Emily Bronte. You want her to exist for herself. that I will so fall in love with something coming out of that fabulous keyboard that I too. And my wife.‖ says Cathy. that you do not wish her to exist only for you within that poem. even though they seem to shake the entire world. They all sit down and write their theories. will do for Alice what He did for me? I will say then to that that comes out of my creative power: ―Unless I die Thou canst not live. save in her Imagination − it was all in Emily Bronte. It shakes the world. his mother. And I was playing the most fantastic thing. You've seen the picture and maybe you've read the book. a garment for the soul divine. but if I die I shall arise again and Thou with Me. Hasn't a thing to do with it. as told you in the very beginning of Genesis. she was only a state in my world. individual states. It's a little theory. but it doesn't mean it's true. She didn't know it. and there is no way you can make her exist for herself unless you give yourself to her. Wuthering Heights. for ―joy and woe are woven fine. So how could I ever be what I was. There was no Cathy. and cleave to his wife until they became one. bringing in all kinds of suspicions from my daughter.) There's a character in it called Cathy. with the reality of life. and you will so fall in love with that. They have gone through and through me like wine through water and altered the color of my mind. on which I will play tomorrow when I completely leave this garment. and I played the most creative part. She wrote it. from vision to vision I have been compelled to change what formerly I believed. too. [46] . I could no longer accept the theories of men.

I was part of his poem that existed only for God. he had to give me himself.So. no other way. So let them all speculate and let them run around trying to find another way to the Father. making all the characters himself. they‘ll come. ―For I will not turn back until I have executed an accomplished the intents of my mind. Someone comes to town with a huge balloon of advertising and they all rush to hear what he has to say. To do that. His intention is to give himself to you. in the end you will eat from the Tree of Life. He has an eternal son that he shares with the characters of his poem. in the greatest book in the world. It is forever. for you will be God.‖ said the brothers.‖ ―Why. For there is only one way and no other way.‖ and then I know that I am the King who was dreaming. To do that he had to give me himself and he is a father. and he is a father. where do you think you would be?‖ But he will not leave off dreaming about you until his will has been accomplished. you'll never modify it. In the beginning it seemed you must go here and go there and go elsewhere to acquire all kinds of knowledge. about you. as though there were no other in the world − just you and God. ―And if he left off dreaming about you. he wants to give his son life in himself. I only existed with him as an animated body to move and do as he willed. Eat it as much as you want. There is no other way to the awakening as God the Father.‖ Read it carefully. And he so loved me. And he will not break the dream. You don‘t need a son called ―David plus‖ or ―David minus‖. Because he fell in love with his creation. For he is a protean being playing all the parts. No one can arouse him until he completes his intention. Then having acquired this fabulous keyboard of experiences − oh. They come at the end of time. ―Oh. Now. And then they come back and wonder: ―Why hasn't it happened to me?‖ And you remain silent. Even though it proves itself. that he wanted to give me independence and freedom. God became as I am that I may be as he is. it's all within us. and his son stands before me and calls me ―father. and being the father he has to now give me his son. And you will know what it really is. So I tell you: he is dreaming now and he's dreaming about you. You remain faithful to the vision.‖ said Tweedle Dee. because He has life in Himself. Let all the others speculate and carry on with all their nonsense. and independence means that I can do as I will.‖ That's all over the Scriptures. and they get nothing but nonsense and an empty pocketbook. having given me himself. There is nothing in the world but that. he is dreaming now and I wonder what he is dreaming about. and eventually only you. let them shake the world. he is David.‖ ―But no one could know that. the character in his poem. and it isn't Neville. he must now give me his son. it'll be modified tomorrow. and there is no other son! You aren't going to find him called by any other name. They have been running around from post to post and wonder ―why it hasn't happened to me. Today's great theory that may even prove itself in performance will be disproved tomorrow by some modification of that theory. If they haven't come. will you play! You'll play it beautifully and bring forth one that so captures you that you want to give your emanation her [47] . the Bible.‖ In the end. the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. ‖So come and let us go and look at him. ―In the end you will understand it clearly. for you know exactly what they've been doing. And so. You can't modify the vision of God.

so I poured it in. So you buy something because of highly publicized TV promotions. it didn't go down. But they do not know the world‘s picture. too. There are unnumbered ideas in the world. Lindsey. Well. and you remain faithful to the vision. Someone highly publicized a little − what is called ―Liquid Plumber. as you've seen in the papers − don't think for one moment it's all in one direction.‖ And so I had some moment in my bathroom where the sink was all stopped up. That is the story of Scripture. knowing as Tennyson knew. and with signs saying: ―Impeach the Mayor. and they are protesting − not any war in Vietnam − protesting their pay. and these fellows with their helmets − these strong. It would make no difference at all to you. And all brother against brother. Now. They cut it based upon what the policy of the editorial setup is at the moment. But you forget all of that nonsense. On Wall Street today. God actually became you that you may become God. how they're going to cut the news. and you were taken to see the King. they can give you a thousand and one arguments. and the lowly door will accept it in a most literal form. Called the plumber the next day. as the poem exists for the poet. it will simply cushion all blows. The vocal minority seems to be the majority.‖ − and walked with their American flags towards city hall.own life. So they are not all protesting in one direction. a bunch of workers. After you have had a vision you are led by the vision. They took the same theme from Scripture based upon their vision. and men live by their ideas. then unfurled the American flag − eight or ten flags. And you. and they will live by it. you dwell upon it. For the rational mind is going to live longer. strapping men − became so incensed they jumped upon these fellows and beat them unmercifully. carrying signs this way and signs that way. and you go about on this vision. You dwell upon that and let the whole thing go past you. for they all do it. and let no one divert you. and the only one who gets richer by the advice given by one who's talking about living longer. so I got the Liquid Plumber. Water still remained. and he was sound asleep dreaming. will lay your life down in her and cleave to her until you become one. to make your emanation exist within herself and not just for you. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and the Mad Hatter − they‘re all nuts. But one of the angels did. in abundance. and you thought that no one knew what he was dreaming about. It makes no difference. He couldn't come that day but he would come the next [48] . those in the angelic world would appear nuts to the rational mind in this world. Poured it in.‖ So you can tell it. He's called Tweedle Dee − a nut. And eventually that truth will erupt in its true form within them. construction workers with their helmets on. that: ―Truth embodied in a tale shall enter in at lowly doors. They want a raise in pay because of inflation. is the one who talks about it. and they will see the truth of what was intended in the story. It's not the majority. It's the story of every great imaginative writer in the world and all the truly great poets. although the world convolves as it is today. And then groups of these war protesters came by on Wall Street. The country's completely divided. and they tried to the best of their abilities to tell it. Let no one think by tomorrow morning‘s paper…depending on the cut of the paper. and it would go all the way down and just eat up everything that is organic and will not hurt anything that is not organic. It said it's heavier than water. So you are the Alice of Alice Through The Looking Glass. Oh.

And so you turned on the TV and you saw it and you bought it. Another one tells you how to become a millionaire overnight and so he will sell it to the gullible. Now you are acquiring a keyboard. So when he came the entire sink was eaten away by the Liquid Plumber. How To Live Forever. Sounds like the devil but you learn to still hit another one that sounds harmonious.‖ And you give yourself to your own creation that it may exist for itself and not only for you. So I asked him: ―Does this thing work?‖ He said: ―It does for two people: the one who manufactures it. these glorious things existing only for you and not for themselves. no one could question him.day. died two years ago. and what you bring out. selling his little nonsense. makes cowards of us all. A man. And he goes from one little place to another. Here is a sink completely eaten up by Liquid Plumber. That's the world over. It is still on TV and I am sinning.000 years of experiences building a keyboard. and would not miss one measure? It's all you can do. And that product could be how to get rich. out of that fabulous keyboard…And then you bring it out and you want it to exist for itself and not only for you. This is revelation from beginning to end.) Well. so I am the silent sinner. but he sold many of them. So it was forty-eight hours. think of life. And then one day you discover you don't have to go on this way forever − you can jump. Multiply me because of my embarrassment. and suppose you could only play it in one direction. and the one who sells it. Or you can go back in time.‖ [Laughter from the audience. and your fingers can split and you can hit two notes together. and each note is simply an experience in life. You are the animating power of everything in the world. a friend of mine.] They are the only ones who profit by the Liquid Plumber. And when you enter into that state. He left behind an unsold volume. You can produce it and bring it into a dissonance. You go back to the book of books that will not change − it's the Bible. he knew that it couldn't catch up with him. And you take all these experiences and you are the artist now. when I should protest. and you will meet them. But I haven't protested to the station that advertises this nonsense and I haven't protested to the one. I went to his funeral. It's not history. Now let us go into the silence Are there any questions please? [49] . it's not secular history. (That was the title of his book. So that is the world in which we live. So. because whenever he died. ―So unless I die Thou canst not live. the place where I got it or to any one who manufactures it. 6. Hasn't a thing to do with secular history. because to sin by silence. you do the same thing that God did for you. Perfectly all right. And one day you become so proficient that you hit a note and though it's a discord. And so that same thing goes for selling any other product. instead of playing on it forever and having all these things come out. you learn how to resolve it. And you think of that chromatic scale. All these characters are eternal states of consciousness. Well now. but if I die I shall arise again and Thou with Me. So he makes his little money and he still leaves the book. they become animated because of your entrance. And you become the most expert on this keyboard.

if you took a sheep as the leader. they all do it. at sea. [Is that] what we're doing while we're here? A: Why certainly my dear. He knows he has to leave it behind him. and he's breaking his brains not to. There is a little practice of getting into bed and thinking of the day in reverse order.‖ They are part of the Brotherhood. throw him overboard. If you gave your time to it. they renamed the cities. He only stole about a billion out of the small island. too: Trujillo − that little tiny island − statues all over to Trujillo. and contemplates this world of death. Take the leader of the sheep.Q: After one is awakened and he has left the garment on earth and he returns home. But he has to have that for posterity. a man who has a billion dollars − oh. But they don't know it. and begin to simply dwell upon the eternal story and hope it will take place in you. So they all do it. Stalingrad − now it's Volgograd. but they're not lost. what does he do? A: What does he do? He creates. and pick themselves up and like sheep they will follow anything. letting it be to those who want it to be. you'd bring it back. He never thought that would ever happen. A little fellow here in Santo Domingo. and built up his own little reputation. and wondering how to protect it in the right channel. my dear. the redeemed body. you are sound asleep. what is he doing. And by the time you get to where you started to undress. Any other questions please? Q: You use that keyboard analogy. It's an experience and it is caught in eternity. even of torments. Compare the original to the portrait − well you'd faint if you thought these two are the same. He builds himself. if you take all the details. They renamed the rivers. every moment in time is a note. he wants to live here forever. That's what man does. the belled one. And he builds himself portraits of himself. He goes through by jumping from cleaning his teeth to dinner. Stop being the sheep and stop following and following just because it's a popular thing to do. He wasn't yet cold when they renamed it for him. because the mind tires so quickly if you take it in reverse. all the sheep will run and jump overboard. He doesn't want to die. and the fellows put the little things around their heads and broke the statues and smashed them. all the sheep would follow and jump overboard. always glamorous portraits. may I tell you. Though the body gets older and older and weaker and weaker. That's a fact. Tonight. he can't think for one moment…he wouldn't for one moment think of death. There is quite an [50] . Stalin had thousands and thousands. he did the same thing. As Blake said it so beautifully: ―Those in Great Eternity Who contemplate on Death said thus: What seems to be is to Those to Whom it seems to be and is productive of the most dreadful consequents to Those to Whom it seems to be. And all the rivers are renamed. You may not remember the entire day and all the little sequences of the day. but Divine Mercy steps beyond and Redeems Man in the Body Of Jesus. he wants to live here forever with his billion dollars. that is a fact. And people are still carried away with these stupid little leaders. They‘re just like sheep. and contemplate this world. It's a very good way to go to sleep. You know. like Stalin. despair and Eternal Death. and Hitler had thousands and thousands of statues of themselves. and took the leader and threw the leader overboard. Man thinks he can go all through the day.

In the morning when we get up.interval between dinner and cleaning your teeth. the mind tires and off to bed you go. and get ready for the day − and how many record the individual incidents of the day? [51] . wash our face. off to sleep. we jump up. If you took all the little details − and they're all individual notes on the keyboard − before you go just a matter of moments.

and his ascension." In these four short phrases we find the preexistence of Christ. containing within itself all that the parent contained. when a voice said: "It will not be long. therefore we must express that which the parent plant is. as we leave the world we go to the Father. If its flowers were red. And everything God the Father possesses. Again we are leaving the world and are going to the Father. And so it is with us. We came out from God the Father and were planted in a world of death. she wondered about her destiny. It was God's purpose to give us himself. he who sent us has never left us. In the 16th chapter of John we are told: "I came out from the Father and came into the world. I could put this in the first person. the suckers partake of the plant's life. for we came out from the Father and came into the world." Feeling so small and young among [52] . So the seed. that which was transplanted will bear red flowers. Moving up at an incredible speed." How can this be? Let me use a simple analogy. As she gazed into his eyes she felt herself immersed in love and in a voice so very tender he called her. Whatever happened to him happens to us. is truly a mystery to be known only by revelation. That is the great mystery of scripture.Neville Goddard 06-28-1968 HE IS MY RESURRECTION The gospel. his incarnation. we possess in our fullness. which appears to be a little secular story. and God is a Father. That is why I can say. containing within itself that which was in the parent stock. Then. regardless of how healthy the stock may be. Let me now tell you of a vision a lady who is here tonight shared with me. having died. While existing within the plant. dies and is made alive to become the parent. she imagined herself aboard the train and was instantly on it. She found herself viewing a very long train ascending from a very dark cavern into which she descended. "We came out from the Father and came into the world. A plant contains within itself the suckers which can be removed and transplanted. The seed falls into the ground and dies in order to be made alive. His son reveals himself as our son. Immediately upon entering its blackness. Again I leave the world and I return to the Father. we become quickened and grow into the parent stock. Again. like the sucker. a world of mortality. we must return as the one Father who sent us out. "Babe. The only way he could do it however was to detach us from himself." So all of us were chosen in him. Then a triangular-shaped light penetrated her brain and she found herself standing in front of a very tall chair upon which a great being was seated. showing us the secret of life through death. Yet. but when removed and transplanted they become the parent. plural sense and say: "We came out from the Father" for we are told in the 1st chapter of Ephesians: "He chose us in him before the foundation of the world. his death. for if we were a father before detachment." and she entered a world filled with pinnacles and sparkling light. when it is transplanted it appears to die. Now.

you will return on time. but I was not individualized. Neville. "Record It" appear in script before her eyes. a role he did not choose but was born to play. Before coming out I did not know this.000 years to mortal eye. the Son of God is one with God. is established. Yes. but we were not individualized. In the statement: "I came out from the Father" the pre-existence of Christ in you." This statement was picked up by invisible voices which echoed and re-echoed and re-echoed all the way down through time as she awoke. I am his resurrection. We did not voluntarily detach ourselves and enter this world. but were made subject unto futility in the hope that we would be set free from this body of death and obtain the glorious liberty of the sons of God. There never was a time that you and I were not partaking of this tree of life. saying: "Where is the promise of his coming? Forever since the fathers fell asleep. she said: "That is Neville" and the being seated in the chair began to describe me in the most endearing. six days would be like 6. thereby knowing he is the Father. God's creative power and wisdom. We are told that in the last days scoffers will come. who is your hope of glory. not a moment before or after. Christ. I am not speaking of some little man who walked the earth 2. His detachment and entrance into the world through his birth from below is his birth into death. we contain within ourselves everything the tree of life contains.000 years ago. Like the sucker which contains within itself everything that the parent tree contains. This is how all the fathers return. They are called by the depth of his own being. but cannot know it until detached and transplanted. Marta and I were called to the front where you. all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation." The scoffers do not know that a thousand years is as a day to the Lord. Having died. I partook of the tree of life. But he is spiritually born to play the part of siring that section of time to which he belongs. she said: "What shall I do?" when something exploded in her and she heard a voice and saw the words. but will not know it until we come out from the Father and come into the world. she saw the Father. therefore. pre-existed. Now. Then. As He promised. but of the mystery of Christ which is buried in every child born of woman. his return to the Father is essential. death will be transformed into sleep. Now let me tell you of another vision. after the long interval of death he is born from above into a world of life. He comes back bearing witness to the fullness within himself of all that the parent contained. This lady said: "While standing at attention in a military drill. Your return begins through the impregnation by one who has awakened. for the son erupts into the Father. from which we will all awaken as God the Father. Individually we will all have these four mighty acts erupt from within to spell out the being we really are.these pinnacles. I am his resurrection and know myself to be the Father. possessing terms ending with these words: "He is my resurrection. Having come out from the Father and coming into the world. Having resurrected the Father in me. [53] . He buried himself in me as he buried himself in you before you came out from him. Seeing me in the distance. He does not arbitrarily choose his offsprings [sic]. dressed in a long black robe.

black is the incomprehensible mystery. for she has been selected to receive the imprint. and an incomprehensible secret which Dorothy knew (but don't forget: Dorothy was present by invitation to the last supper)." The word translated "black" should be "the blackest of black. a word must be repeated. Again I will say: what does it matter? She told me that all through her life she has never wanted things and knows that is why she has never accumulated worldly possessions." Here. We came out from the Father. "I am black.' Dorothy Dix then entered the room and said: 'I will explain it to you. Some remember when the union took place. In the Song of Solomon. Now. Then you spoke profound words of eternal wisdom. knowing she had been impregnated by the Holy Spirit." as there is no way to say "holiest" in Hebrew.' I was so surprised with that remark that I awoke.presented us each with a black umbrella. eternity. May I tell her that at this moment she is richer than the richest man in the world." In Hebrew there are no superlatives or comparative. Another lady who is here tonight shared this experience with me. but thirty years for the child to be born. always seeking. It is all supernaturally done. or hours. One who is a Son of God by nature. are standing in a room. said to her friend: "What am I going to do for the next thirty years?" And her friend replied: "What are you talking about? Did he not tell you that you are blessed? What's thirty years when you have been waiting throughout eternity to reach this point in time? How can you be concerned. which was opened and raised over our heads. always searching for the cause of life. awaiting that moment in time when the egg is fertilized. still with the umbrellas over our heads. holy. as "black-black. such as "holy. To emphasize the comparative. "Suddenly the scene changed and Marta and I. holy. Walking through the centuries we have carried our egg. this vision was preceded by a conversation following my last lecture. having been born for that purpose. but it is not experienced [54] ." To make it superlative. Hers has been a questing mind. when I said to Marta: 'Did you understand what he said?' and she answered: 'No. will be used in that capacity so that others may become sons of God by grace. but comely O daughters of Jerusalem. the word must be repeated three times. at the last supper. saying: "I am black. but one who was present. saying: "In my dream I was talking to two people. containing divine silence. The world "black" spoken by the bride should be repeated to the nth degree. Then one appears who she least expected to be able to interpret it. black as the curtains of Solomon. In symbolism. when one looked at me and said: 'How far is it?' to which I replied: 'It is only thirty minutes away' and awoke. receive the gift of God Himself. and in her dream she did not understand it. eternity. black like the curtains of Solomon. when this lady. Don't discount that. containing within ourselves the ovum (all that is necessary to become the Father)." This lady has conceived of the Holy Spirit and is now waiting . because I was dressed in black as I revealed the mystery of mysteries. by invitation. when you know that in just thirty years you will depart this world and enter an entirely different age?" That conversation prompted the vision which she did not understand. "I am black. the bride speaks. but comely O daughters of Jerusalem.not minutes." This is the blackest of black." The symbolism in this vision was perfect: a black robe and black umbrellas. miles. black is the incomprehensible divine silence.

In the meanwhile don't neglect the law of God which is: An assumption will harden into fact. for you will reap the results. when it sank on an iceberg in the Atlantic. for the hate you write about goes out and brings the violence back into your own being. he reaps. where it sank on its maiden voyage on an iceberg in the Atlantic. You may not remember your thoughts and deny you have anything to do with what you are reaping. Tonight the movie. as a man sows. Kennedy's death was a violent action. Tonight some unknown author is writing a story in order to pay the rent. One day he asked the board: "Who am I" and it spelled out the word "Christ." Believing he had sinned because of entertaining the thought. but I am told that the Kennedys had apparently felt they were destined to lose their sons this way. there is no fiction. As a family they entertained this sense of martyrdom. And if all things are made by him and without him is not a thing made that is [55] . but you must be willing to pay the price. it is based upon the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. but when he told his minister (who was of the high church of the Episcopal world) he was immediately educated out of what they called "neurotic sin. Speak the tongue in which you were born that you may be understood.on this level at all. Although the movie was recently made. The story may not sell. There is not a moment in time when imagination is not acting. or be silent." If you want to speak Latin go to the Vatican. as Christ in him is his hope of glory. A friend recently told me that when he was about nine years old he received a Ouija board. This lad was educated out of his belief when he should have continued in it. Paul said: "I would rather speak five words that can be understood than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue. And people say there is fiction? No. but you can only harvest what you plant. a ship filled with the rich and complacent was on its maiden voyage. when a marvelous vision descended upon him revealing an altar with everything attached." Believing the board completely. causing the events of the world. but it could not enter my world had I not brought it in by an imaginal act. Imagining yourself to be a good author you can write a horrible story of hate and violence and reap the results. but for a moment he will lose himself in its creation. who go around with their long robes and conduct a service in Latin which no one understands. this sense of violence which caused it to come to pass. In the novel. he thought he was Jesus reincarnated. those whose lives will be touched will not recognize his harvest. filled it with the rich and complacent. You are free as the wind to imagine anything. written in 1898. "A Night to Remember" will be shown on television. If an assumption creates its own reality then there is no such thing as fiction. which duplicated a book called Futility. to test yourself and see if Jesus Christ is now in you. I may forget what I assumed today and when it appears I may not recognize my own harvest. Fourteen years later the White Star Line built a duplicate of the imaginary ship described in the book. but don't come here where very few people understand one word outside of English (and even that poorly) and speak in an unknown tongue. Scripture urges you to examine yourself. he prayed for a great sacrament and complete absolution of this sin. and when his story comes to pass in the tomorrows. There are no accidents. should read scripture. These so-called "wise" people.

Then I realized how very stupid they really are. the kingdom will unveil itself from within. One day He will awaken in you and all that is said of him will be experienced by you in the first person present tense. and your entire past is wiped out as though it never were. So that little planchette. and from that moment on no man. It is necessary for you to go through the muck and mire of this world so that this seed may erupt. yet the so-called wise men called it neurotic sin. for I was raised in the low church of the Episcopal world and my mother used to tell me that the priests were the wisest men in the world. moved by this lad's own unconscious motion. Throughout the centuries they have fooled the people into believing they are so wise because they can speak a little phrase in Latin. who is he? I'll tell you who he is. I tell you: your own wonderful human imagination is Jesus Christ. knowing that although he may sit on a throne he does not know who he is. but as my own wonderful human imagination. You will simply ignore his words. I believed her until I became a man and the visions began to appear within me. And tomorrow if he leaves this world he will find [56] . yet I see them as blind leaders of the blind. my son. How do I know this to be true? By imagining a state." "In what manner did he do it?" Again. Now I know that Man is all Imagination. remain faithful to my imaginal state and it happens. the divine body of which we are His members. When you hear salvation's story and believe it. He is your own wonderful human imagination. There never was another and there never will be another. Heaven is not earned. who is perfect. while they speak from theory. "Don't ask questions. They stand openmouthed and bewildered as I speak from experience. and God is Man and exists in us and we in Him. remaining faithful to it and watching it come to pass in my world. and they reply: "Don't ask questions. Believing that God makes all things. you will be thrilled beyond measure. I know exactly what he went through. regardless of his position in the secular world. not as someone divorced from me.made." "He came out in what way?" "Out of our holy blessed mother. "Where?" you ask. and may I tell you: far from being ashamed. it is a gift. And when it does you are one with God." At the end of your conversation you will discover you have been talking to one who doesn't know the answers. There is no such thing as earning your way into heaven. They call it blasphemy when I tell them I have found the Son of God who called me Father. again I am leaving the world and going to the Father" they give you only the literal meaning and say that a glorious being came out from the Father. But when you ask them to explain the verse I spoke of tonight: "I came out from the Father and came into the world. my son. can stand before you and make you feel unimportant. I made my desired state alive and can now trace its maker back to my imagination. as foretold in scripture. All you have ever done as a man in this world of mortality of which you are ashamed will be wiped clean. The Eternal Body of Man is the Imagination and that is Jesus. I have found him. so he gives you all kinds of confused thoughts to bewilder you. revealed his true identity. I know this because if He makes all things and I imagine. During my thirty years on the platform I have talked with them time and time again. This is the great secret of the church.

preparing you for the fullness of time when the egg you have been carrying throughout the centuries is fertilized. The world is yourself pushed out. you are using it on yourself. most intimate manner. but her memory returned to another age. for when you do. Remain faithful to that assumption and in a way that no one knows you will become it. Imagine and then drop it. You don't have to burst a blood vessel.unknown by the world . unknown to the world. thirty years later. in an environment best suited for the work yet to be done in him. You haven't changed. Then try it again and again. for I have other sheep that are not of this body. All you need do is assume you are now what you want to be. You told me than about a father and a son and I didn't understand. I must gather them all into one fold before I can return to the Father as the Father. This is my story. it erupts and all that is said of Christ is experienced in a personal. as you would still have two more years to go to be clothed with immortality. another work. Use it lovingly on behalf of everything." I tell you: throughout the night I move through sections of time. Then. another time. the same voice. or do the "right" thing in order to succeed." as he was hoping spiritual birth would come to them before death appears. is taking place in you.will instantly possess your immortal garment and mortality will be blotted out by light. and she said: "I recall you vividly. and while you are about your Father's business working this principle. Now let us go into the silence. as there is no other. You dwell upon it and don't neglect the principle of your wonderful imagination. [57] .himself in a world just like this. A lady here tonight is not yet twenty-eight. call the "right" people. Death here in the twenty-eighth year would leave you still unclothed in a spiritual sense. You still have the same face. Paul is speaking to those he addressed when he said: "We groan in this body waiting for our heavenly body. In the 5th chapter of 2 Corinthians. while you .

As Paul said: "If Christ is not raised then our faith is in vain and we are as men the most to be pitied. one God and Father of us all who is above all. and they should. for you cannot experience it and not see the Risen Christ. but could not have been preached as risen. Not like it. The body was selfluminous. one body. I felt as though I were a being of fire. one Lord. Who is he? The Lord Jesus Christ who is crucified in us. the lame walked. Every conceivable imperfection vanished as I glided by.Neville 03-24-1967 HE WAKES IN ME Tonight's subject is "He Wakes in Me". There was no need for any external light. but of one form with it. through all. when the drama is coming to its close. no moon. He was never crucified on anything outside of man. In fact. I could see as far as vision desired. is really the high watermark. clothed in a body of air. so restricted. one faith. and in all. one God and Father of us all. There is only one. who experiences Christianity in its fullness." The garment was not white. heavenly chorus singing my praises and calling me by name. for I was light enough. Eyes returned to the empty sockets of the blind. I felt so bound. it is not I who live.are but part of a single complex. to unite into one single body. as told in the 9th chapter of Mark: "His garments radiated light with such an intensity that no fuller on earth could bleach a garment comparable to it. the missing arms returned. is an apostle. the very center of the Christian faith. the chorus sang out: "It is finished" (which is the last cry on the cross) and I felt myself . one baptism. and because he was crucified in us. We are told in scripture that our lowly bodies will be changed to be of one form with his glorious body. these events ." The resurrection. I felt myself lifted up as I heard a heavenly chorus sing my praise and my victory over death. Every one who is called. In 1946. Paul said: "I have been crucified with Christ. and as I glided by a sea of human imperfection. one Spirit. but radiant light. one Lord. When the last one was made perfect. who experiences the resurrection. [58] ." Sunday morning the churches are going to proclaim that Christ is risen. one hope. There is only one form. he must rise in us.now a being of fire clothed in a garment of air . I should say "he wakes in us". no sun." These words precede the resurrection. one Spirit. but Christ who lives in me.but how do we know this? By the witnesses! By those who have experienced the resurrection. no stars. everyone was made perfect. Coming from within everyone will be raised. And if we have been united with him in a death like his we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his. one by one. although not described in any portion of scripture. accompanied by this wonderful.actually crystallize into this tiny little body called Neville. Now let me share one of these with you.although separated in time . because Christ is risen . as though I couldn't turn in any direction. of him the Son of man will be ashamed when he comes into the glory of his Father with the heavenly angels. And in the 8th chapter of Mark it is said: "Those who are ashamed of my words. The experience of the resurrection in the lives of the apostles is the indispensable inner testimony without which Jesus Christ might have been raised.

Everything in your world is produced by imagination. We will take just the one word. Then in 1959 the resurrection came. the great Messiah. is buried in you as your creative power and wisdom. for they could not behold the glory of the man. There isn't a thing that was not first imagined.On this level your body is animated and wonderful. the Lord Jesus Christ. It's not something that comes out and leaves you here.and it isn't so at all! Christ. but when it hits you." Do not read this passage on the surface because translations are strange. yet when it becomes an objective fact it seems so independent of your perception of it. Everything that appears without was first an image. Now listen to the words of Moses (the eternal state of the prophet through which all men pass) as recorded in the Book of Deuteronomy: "The Lord. it dreams horrible experiences. You will wear this heavenly garment before you experience the resurrection. Man has been taught to believe that a man was crucified on a wooden tree. There is no other garment of Christ and there is only one Christ. Buried in you. Then one day your imagination begins to stir and without warning you are resurrected. your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you. translated in the Revised Standard Version as "among" and in the King James Version as "midst". Go back to find the Hebrew meaning for every word in the sentence. We are told in Paul's letter to the Corinthians (I think it is the 6th chapter): "God raised the Lord and we also shall be raised by his power". followed by my birth into an entirely new age. so everyone who is raised is he. I retired as usual. and may I tell you: what a power! Called the power of God. the inmost thought of man. the bowel. that you forget its origin and do not realize it was produced by you. There is no warning. it comes to you just like a wind. that he had to cover it. although many experiences precede it. Then came [59] . who is the Lord Jesus Christ. This is how it happened to me. And when he returned to the Israelites. but you cannot compare it to that radiant garment which is your transfigured self. as you wear your transfigured self and know yourself to be a being of fire dwelling in a body of air. nothing more than a dream which was created by the dreamer in you. The Hebrew word thus translated means: "Within yourself. taken down from it. but in the end this power begins to stir and as it does." So. this transfigured self is a wind. from your brethren – him you shall heed. for in this transfigured state you are told to tell no one until the Son of man is raised from the dead. The resurrection comes so suddenly. At first you feel it as a vibration. just as I have done throughout the years. it fulfills all that was foretold in scripture regarding itself. which is God's creative power and wisdom lowered to this level. and put into a grave . Your garment is the grave in which God is buried as your own wonderful human imagination. Something comes out of man that is the Lord. from man." Moses was the one in the ancient world who experienced the transfiguration. the heart. The resurrection begins the entire drama of Christianity. "From within you the Lord God will raise up for you a prophet like me. the very core of a person. his body shone so. the Messiah. an unearthly wind. yet this is the garment of the Risen Christ. Here is the prototype of the one who is to be raised up out of man.

" It is exactly 1260 days. causing me to divert my attention from the garment on the bed. I knew that if I pushed the base of my skull something would move. and then rose to look at this body out of which I had come. Possessing a peculiar. and before he even picked it up he said: "It's Neville's baby. "When Jesus began his ministry he was thirty years of age. I didn't give birth to a child. but simply produced the evidence: an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes. [60] . It never occurred to me that the body was a garment I was wearing and it was a garment of death. or 3 ½ years. the garment was gone and in its place were my three brothers. of which a child is the symbol. If you are to enter the kingdom. I was more awake than I had ever been before. If someone struck my hand they struck me! If food was placed in my mouth I ate it. bathed. the child is but a sign. (Now. That his power is born on a higher level of his own being. I was consumed with the desire to get out. just like a child coming out of the womb of a woman." The babe is a sign that God is born. innate knowledge. yet I was entombed in my skull and it was completely sealed. for one rose and as he walked towards it his attention was attracted to something on the floor. and his ministry lasted 3 ½ years.this unearthly wind. I felt as though I was going to explode. and some will be persuaded by what you say. So the resurrection is followed by your birth from above. When I looked again.) Intensifying itself in my head. and something rolled away leaving an opening large enough for me to put my head through. in incredulous voices. They. in both Hebrew and Greek the word "spirit" and "wind" are the same. I realized I had been in that body all this time and had not realized it was a tomb. neither can the perishable inherit the imperishable. while others will disbelieve. for flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven. If the body was fed. I knew a clarity of thought I had never known before. to the end of the great drama. and the evidence that he rose is called a birth. Then I squeezed myself out inch by inch. Then. heard the wind. Now. and the other two where the feet were. As I looked. Then come all the other events. it was me for as far as I was concerned I am it. one sitting at the head. God buried himself and then raised himself. Standing alone in this empty tomb. but instead of being in my head it was coming from the corner of the room. as told us in the Book of Acts (now in the form of one called Paul). said: "How can Neville have a baby?" He didn't argue the point. you must leave the garment of flesh and blood which you have been wearing throughout the centuries. which stretch over a period of 3 ½ years as told us in scripture. you will remain in the world because the need is great to persuade others of the kingdom of God and of the truth concerning Jesus Christ. Then the wind increased. Obeying that instinct I pushed. that I must be experiencing a massive hemorrhage. For a few seconds I remained on the floor. or shaved. But instead I began to awake to discover I was in my skull." The other two. I had always thought that it was I. A little babe wrapped in swaddling clothes is a sign unto you that Spirit was born. You shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes. as though built in at the beginning of time. Scripture tells us: "This shall be a sign unto you. too. It appeared to be dead. so when you speak of the Spirit of the Lord you speak of the wind. but its head was moving from side to side.

and I am born anew through his resurrection. one God and Father of us all. Without loss of identity you will wear the garment of the Risen Christ. but it does. one faith. Having limited himself to man by assuming the state of death. In the scene he was to be shot. when you are regathered into the one body you are far greater than you were prior to the fragmentation. and vanishes. There is no such thing as ultimate truth.not as another. then I have found him . God buried his creative seed in you and as it begins to awaken you are transformed in consciousness. and I do not see another but know I resurrected. He was an actor. or your brain billions of atoms . you are the one who is rising. Everything in this world waxes. Now a fragmented one. But there is something buried in man that is immortal. As we are told in Philippians: "He will change my lowly body to be of one form with his glorious body. one hope. We are all united into that one body. one Spirit. [61] . but as my own wonderful human imagination. Let me give you something tonight to put your mental teeth into.I don't know. wanes." Where is he? Crucified within you." If Jesus Christ is within. -he shot me!" Then he awoke. Not many Messiahs. he rose from that body. We speak of someone having immortality in his architecture or his music. completely restored to life and said: "Why that S. "I am the Lord your God the Holy One of Israel. but that is nonsense. And when you are raised from the dead you must be he. Your lowly body is transformed to be of one form with his glorious body. And when the union takes place. your Savior and besides me there is no savior. destined to overcome his self-imposed limitation. for only the Lord is raised. one baptism. Truth is forever increasing. nothing immortal. but in the end they will all be gathered back into the one body. You are told: "God raised the Lord. As he fell to the floor. but this night the bullet was real.Then you will depart this world never to return again. A friend of mine who is here tonight told me of an experience he had in a dream. one Lord. for truth is an ever increasing illumination. How can I say that my own loins contain as many children as I am capable of siring? They all come from me. for as he is formed in you he is your very self. And when he rises in you. The word "Jesus" and the word "Jehovah" mean "Jehovah saves" or "Jehovah is salvation" and the only savior recorded in scripture is the Lord. This is a world of death where even the most concrete mountain decays. Now put him to the test. playing the part and wearing the costume of a Greek. If that were true it would be stagnation. Don't ask me to explain the mystery of how one can contain all. There are not many Christ's running around. only one. God transcends the limitation of this little garment and overcomes death. and we are born anew through the resurrection of Jesus Christ within us. for you will have raised yourself to a higher power and know yourself to be the one God and Father of all. it is not another. There is nothing here that is eternal. Without loss of identity every child born of woman will wear the one garment of the Risen Christ.O." This is done when Christ is formed in you. and so is power and so is wisdom.B. yet they seem to be many bodies when they enter this world. and the actor who was to shoot him was told to use a blank. You might just as well as ask how your body can contain billions of cells.

for in the end there is Jesus only. There is nothing but Jesus.perhaps in a protest march . which is a complete lifting up and raising oneself from this wheel of recurrence. for everyone is that being who is the Elohim. If your name is John. before you say. But when you return from the mountaintop. "I am" before I say "Neville". That's the oneness." That's what we are told in scripture. the compound unity of one made up of others. what a blessing this seeming disaster would be if this innocent blood results in redemption. and as I have purposed. So in the end everyone will awake. Here is the dreamer. Now. the prototype of both the law and the promise have vanished. was simulating the catching of a car thief. or "I am" Bill. He had no intention of killing anyone." You can't divide it! You may ask a question and a seeming other may answer. so shall it stand. He has experienced the Fatherhood of God by the discovery of the only begotten Son. you are he. yet you do see it fragmented when you see another. if it would give the boy's family any comfort. It is he who is playing all the parts. "I am. his is innocent blood. But when someone innocently walks by . who calls him Father." That's the name of God. I say this. and I am quite sure the young boy attended some form of synagogue or church and there was a measure of love there. too.and someone kills him. for there is nothing but God. but their reply comes from a source who says. "John" you say. and you walk knowing yourself to be the embodiment and fulfillment of all law and prophecy. so shall it be.now playing the part of the thief .to descend. (It was a drama. now fully awake.the prototype of the law. If one goes into battle to kill and be killed. the deputy pulled his gun and shot him. a fine young lad in his twenties. And all things work for good to those who love the Lord. You can't divide I am.in the form of a dove . David. and Elijah the prototype of the promise. The deputy didn't know his gun was loaded. and is now waiting for the final curtain . for if the taking of innocent blood results in redemption (as it does in my friend's case).Last week Milton Berle's nephew. this eternal death! So I tell you: the Lord Jesus Christ wakes in you. In one consciousness we agree to the play and become fragmented. so in the end there is Jesus only. but walked unarmed when shot. the assemblage of the gods in perfect agreement. He has experienced the birth from above. I will not turn back until all that I have planned is perfectly fulfilled. I would tell them that their son has experienced the resurrection. You say. How can you? "Go and tell them that I am is my name forever. "I am" Jan. He has no other name. for it was not an actual event). "I am" Paul. "I am" Grace. and when he wakes. but you cannot divide I am. "I am" before you say anything and I say. If one could only see that everything in this world is moving for good because God planned it all. but only the one God is playing all the parts. Now. who is Jehovah.began to run as directed. "As I have planned. and you are he. that's not innocent blood. but as Berle . We are the gods who agreed to the unity of dreaming in concert. This is the name by which I shall be known throughout all generations. You may look at a fragmentation. All responses precede the [62] . then the killing of young Berle also results in redemption. Climbing the mountain you see Moses .

and no one worthy of the name of God would leave a piece out. But when I go. but each in his own good time. those who believe will continue the message and the others will eventually believe. one after the other. All will awaken to the knowledge that they are God. [63] . Now let us go into the silence.mask they wear by saying "I am". We are all gathered together. for in the end everyone will be redeemed." Each in his own good time. and I tell it from morning ‗till night. only One. I am like Paul. for in the beginning was a plan and in the end the plan will be fulfilled. but telling you what I know from experience. But no one can become conscious on the higher level by any good work that he does. I am not theorizing. There will be a missing part in the puzzle. No one will be lost. "In the latter days" (as told us in the Book of Jeremiah) "you will understand it perfectly. the whole is not put together. nothing but God! This wonderful story is true. so in the end there is only one God. it's simply "God raised the Lord and will also raise us by his power. he has to make it fit as it ought to. There is no such thing as accumulating merit. There is a plan to the entire thing. There is nothing but God. He can't push it in. because if one is gone. I must remain and tell it because of the need. not from hearsay or speculation. and the will of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind. I am speaking." You will see how everything was done according to a definite plan. Everything has to fit. and some will believe while others disbelieve. You can't earn it.

Read Exodus 3:13-15. 'I AM has sent me unto you. and men began to call upon the name of the Lord. 1963." Then as the sun rose Jacob faltered because where God had touched shrank. That was the second grand revelation of the name of God. the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob has sent me unto you. no matter what we do with it. your God. That is what man at that level of consciousness believed to be the creative power of the universe. And he has to trace it back to his origin of the act. Today. that the name is "I AM." The words are every form of the verb "to be" . In Genesis 4:26 we are told that a child was born whose name was Enosh. This is the night." No other.nothing. That is the first time that man began to call upon the name of the Lord. and when it came to the breaking of the day God said to him: "Let me depart. And then comes a revelation of another kind. The very act of producing the most sensitive thing in the world is the form of a child." for said he "I have seen God face to face and yet my life is preserved. And this will lead you out of the wilderness into the promised land.) Now we turn to the Book of Exodus. "Say unto them. Missiles in space that can reach the sun. nuclear bomb. has sent me unto you.'" So when you come to the people of Israel. but they didn't know what to call upon.' and they ask me 'What is his name?' what shall I say? And the Lord answered: "I AM who I AM. The word Enosh means "mortal man. electronic brain . where man once thought the sex act was God. so Jacob called the spot where God touched him "Peniel. it is not constructed by man. Nothing in this world that man can conceive is comparable to the brain of a child. they thought it was sex. where the name changes because it wasn't yet revealed. the God of Abraham. And Moses said to the Lord: "When I come to the people of Israel and I say to them." And God blessed him. and all of a sudden it came out of this fantastic organism. We have a bomb. how God reveals himself to his chosen vessel." something that is fragile. and it increases in its value to man.Neville 02-26-1963 HIS NAME The Bible is not a product of human beings." which means "the face of God. what is the cause of the phenomena of life? The next time we see it is in the 32nd chapter of Genesis."I AM that I AM" . Read Genesis 32. It was the sinew upon his thigh. something that simply wears out and disappears. It is the history of man's discovery by God's revelation of the changing name of God. Then he said to God: "What is your name?" and God answered: "Why do you ask my name?" He would not tell him." [64] . 'the Lord. (There isn't a part of the world that someone hasn't erected phallic images in its worship of God. For the child conceived the instrument that now frightens us. a man called Jacob (the supplanter) wrestled with God. and this is my name forever: "I AM." And he said: "I will not let you depart until you bless me. Man began to call upon the name of the Lord. Who could deny that nothing in this world that man has ever created was comparable to that of a child . we are told. these IBM machines. say to them the God of your father.I will be what I will be.but nothing that man has ever devised or brought to birth can compare to a child. Man thought it was the creative act. Mortal man began to ask concerning his origin: Why am I here. but that can't compare to the brain that conceived it. born to Sarah. Moses. you and I are witnesses to the most fantastic things that man has conceived.

and his wife was distraught. this is blasphemy against God. which we find in the New Testament. stone him to death. so he would sleep on the land itself. One who was born of a Hebrew woman who knew an Egyptian man. So the being you really are . does man know who he really is. But until that day comes take the second revelation of the name of God. For it is not what I really want in this world.he slept right on the ground." If he has spoken by a son. With his head to the ground he would hear oil coming in. that his name is "I AM") . you feel who you really are. Exodus 2 revealed the name. You can use it for anything in the world. but I go occasionally when I am invited and someone takes me.if the second revelation is true (and I can tell you it is true. but now he has another problem. pushing 70 . and remain in that limitation.he has no financial problems. Now if you blaspheme against this name. Today the man . His present [65] . as told us in Leviticus 24:16: "Anyone who blasphemes against the name I AM." "Sin" is missing the mark.Then comes the final revelation. I am poor. I am ill. "I am.the final revelation of God to man concerning who he really is." And the day that you actually contact it as though the "I-thou" concept was within yourself. so I die. I am told in John 8: "Except you believe that I am he you shall die in your sins. his father. and he would come home sometimes in the morning at 6 A. So last Saturday I and my wife were taken to the Turf Club. I am not a member of the Turf Club." and the name has already been revealed in Leviticus 3. I do not know. How he got the money necessary to buy a small little plot of land." And I dare to say: "I am unwanted.I would say he is ten years my senior. then he is [a] father. So here I am blaspheming against God. and then . I am completely ignored in this world." Well. that they may be one as you and I are one. and he has forgotten the name of God. as people will do. so he told me himself. He didn't build some little shack . but he bought a small little plot of land in Ventura County. He is worth over six million. How could I blaspheme against the name of God? With God all things are possible. Now here is a true story which I heard this last Saturday. He has given away fortunes. weird little fellow. missing the mark. he would smell oil.it doesn't mean you worship something on the outside when you say. and then they told me his story. and the son reveals to that man that he is the father of that son. which is 68. I remain where I am at that moment of not daring to assume that I am the man that I want to be. "So in many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets but in these last days he has spoken to us by a son. cursed the name of God. He had come here penniless from Kentucky. so his name is "I AM. Stone does not mean that you take stones and throw at him. The stones are the literal facts of life. I was introduced to this little man who sat just one row below. You are told if you blaspheme against his name you must be stoned to death. which is "I AM" and use it and use it wisely. and they listened to see what God would say to do to such a man: stone him to death. and he brings something entirely different that man has not seen before.M. that was not told me. "What has happened to you?" He was sleeping on the land bringing it in. If I don't believe that I am the man I want to be. keep them in thy name which thou hast given unto me." He gave them the name that was his name and the name was 'Father" . or for anyone else that I love.and only then. He reveals the name as "Father. Strange. He wanted to have oil. And so God speaks to man in his final days through his son." "Holy Father.

when he gives you his last name. trust in his name." He doesn't want any other glory." And so: "Show us the Father." If you know the name. But I will reveal a still greater name as man begins to awaken. and you tell him. So. He once used the name of God wisely and brought wealth into this world. I am the father. that's no problem. are you?" So you see all the things in the world wrong with him." said God in Exodus 3. You are his father. 'Holy Father keep them in thy name. Until that day comes. and anyone to whom the son chooses to reveal him." The stone is "showing the facts of life. No one knows the father except the son. And when he succeeds in his purpose the man to whom he has given himself is God and God is "Father.' that they may be one even as we are one. You are told: The man who blasphemes the name of God. then the 89th Psalm is fulfilled: "I have [66] . Phillip? He who has seen me has seen the Father." I am the Father. believe it. but in these last days he has spoken to us by a Son. "I have been so long with you and yet you do not know me." And the son reveals the nature of the father. if he drops twenty thousand. thou art my son. but he doesn't remember the name of God. Therefore. and calling you father. and no one knows he is the father. But he is bored and he is not physically well. he calls you father.problem is boredom. and trust in his name. Now he is saying: "I am unwell. These are the stones. for that is his purpose. where he reveals himself and gives himself to man. and he will never forsake you." There is no way in this world that you and I will know we are one. He could bring health into this world if he would use the name of God. Here the name changes as man begins to awaken as God. He brought it all in. "I am smelling oil. as I have seen him . And when you see him. Where is the child if I am a father? And here comes the child into being and he is David. "David. There you see David. You have called the name of God. and he doesn't remember how he brought oil into being by the name of God.and use it wisely. 10th verse: "Those who know thy name trust in thee. If he drops ten thousand. this day I have begotten thee. God's name is I AM and that is God. "It is my name forever. It's God himself giving himself to man." That's what he would say. save through this last act of God revealing himself. but he has forgotten and those around him don't know. And that is God's final revelation to man on this level. and you are his Father .which is forever his name . God's only begotten son.and you will see him. "In many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets." is what he would say. as we are told in the 9th Psalm. and the final name is "Father. which thou hast given me. that I do know. "Holy Father glorify me with thine own self. and you will be the Father of the same and only begotten Son of God. So tonight if you know the name. use the second revelation . I am hearing oil. stone him to death.I know of no greater chapter than the 17th of John." He is blaspheming the name of God. and David tells you who you are. and the final revelation . Tuesday through Saturday." so he is showing the facts of life.then you and I are one. who was listening? If you would say to him: "What are you doing?" "I am smelling oil. He goes to the track five days a week. it's no problem. The name is the individual himself. I tell you. "You aren't feeling well. When he put his head on that earth and began to listen. there must be a child. For I can't be the father of your son and not be you." That is concealed in man until that last moment when the veil is lifted and the fatherhood is revealed to man through the nature of the son. were you the man you want to be." the final revelation. And you listen as though you heard what you would hear. how then can you say 'show us the Father?'" So here." and you'll be satisfied. which is "Father.

my God and the Rock of my salvation. and yet he was dead. who were born not of blood." This verse is something entirely different in Greek physiology. and then he awakes for the first time to realize all through the ages he has been dead but he didn't know it. but the same sense of I AM-ness. It includes fatherhood. and you always take it with you [67] . his brothers. but of God. And then they began to show him the facts of life. You haven't changed your distinct individuality. To be born of man is to have human parentage. They knew his earthly mother. it is so deep. only a far greater self. "Unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins. in time. He thought he was asleep while he thought he was awake. you who think yourself alive. and they named them. we are told: "They took up stones to throw at him. but you left it when you came here tonight. And you tell it to the world in the hope you can make it as clear as it is to you. and all along he believed he was alive. But now he is resurrected by the mercy of God. nor of the will of man. but now it is enlarged to include fatherhood. Then he disappeared out of their midst. it is true and the day must come.'" That was blasphemy on their level and they took up stones to throw at him.furniture. as revealed to us through his prophet Moses in the 3rd chapter of Exodus. and that father is God. all consumed in a matter of moments. in God's own wonderful time. left it wherever you have this outside wealth. What stones? They told him they knew his father." Here a man was dead. he doesn't know he is sleeping. when each individual will have the same experience and he will pass through it all. The self that becomes his father is the same self that it was before. Until that happens use his name wisely. the sleep is so profound. and the facts contradicted his claim. "To be born of blood" they meant that the seed of man mingled with the blood of woman. Then you read these words in Revelation 1:18: "And he thought himself alive and he was dead. It was born of God. health. because he had offended them. They said: I know your father and mother. It wasn't born that way. and they named the four brothers. or recognition. Something entirely different. And the sleep is so deep he is likened spiritually to a dead man. nor of the will of the flesh. they may be insured. I promise you it will not. but you left them wherever they are. and from this union came a child. try this principle by the use of God's name. They were all left behind wherever the people were. He could not argue with that mind. but don't blaspheme against the name of God. The whole vast world. Whether you accept it or reject it." And you see him and yet there is no change in your I AM-ness. your homes. Joseph and Mary. because they knew exactly his physical background. that he had blasphemed the name of God for he claimed 'I am God. he awakens himself in man and brings him forth. It will not fail you. In the meanwhile. Therefore they were stoning him with the facts of life. Use it for wealth. where man suddenly awakes within himself and he steps out of his own skull to find out that all along he has been sleeping. and he is telling them: "If you will receive what I tell you. and his sisters. Standing here just about two years ago I left this platform and looked out and saw these enormous flames and all these beautiful homes burning. Then one day. For one thing bear in mind this: you may have wealth tonight and have it heavily insured . It wasn't born that way. They implied multiple sisters. maybe in vaults. I will give you power to become children of God. You may have stocks and bonds." So. These were the stones. But one thing you can't leave behind.found David" and his cry unto me: "Thou art my father. jewelry. furs. To be born of the "will of the flesh" is by sexual impulse.

but bored. You may bore your friends." So everyone who came here tonight brought that name with them. and yet I could sign a check if I knew I had it. intellectual. don't blaspheme against the name. you can't crow about it." Who are you? "I AM. because you didn't earn it. "No one knows who the son is except anyone to whom the son chooses to reveal him. You can have a treasure and not know you have it. that I do know. but I have no power to tear that curtain and show you David. Everyone is destined .that is God. use it lovingly.your mind. Then you have to walk the earth for the remaining years shut out. and I tell you: "What are you hearing?" And you tell me: I am hearing so and so. When you leave here you are going to take it with you. see to it that what you are hearing. Can you go any place where you can leave behind your "I AM"? Where can you go in this world where you will leave behind you the only power in the world. Well. Therefore. and today he is worth millions . your very being. your own I AM-ness . but only God knows when he reveals the final one. For you will draw it out just as this man drew out his oil from this little bit of dirt. Use it wisely." And Jesus Christ is God the Father. He tells you exactly who you are. It was all God's plan from the beginning: "He who began a good work in you" at that moment brought it to completion "at the day of Jesus Christ. their financial. He and he alone will reveal you as the father. I can tell you: you are going to be the father. "I AM"? "Those who know thy name put their trust in thee. I can talk about it and tell you about it but I cannot lift the curtain for you -only the son himself can reveal you as the father." who are you? Are you not then Jesus Christ? Then you realize the words: "Do you not realize that [68] . you may bore everyone that you meet. And he will be just as he is described in the Book of Samuel. Begotten out of your own wonderful being . if Jesus Christ is God the Father. or I am thinking so and so." But I will tell you: one day he is going to tear that curtain from the mind and stand before you and call you father. no doubt about it. Maybe you don't know you carried it with you. And then you are one with the heavenly host. "Put their trust in thee. but all of a sudden you are a father." and he calls you father. so that it cannot become to you actual or fully realized in you until you take off the garment for the last time. You are so excited you can't think of anything but. You will be able to use it wisely through your earthly days. You will know exactly who he is. nor of the will of the flesh. I could die of starvation for want of a dollar. what you are thinking. and you know God is his father. And although you are now heir to a present and to a promise that has already been fulfilled. You may be a single man.you can't brag about it. and it's David. I can't tell you the thrill that is in store for you after it happens. If I had a billion dollars deposited in the bank but I didn't know it." Not in the bank. is in harmony with your highest ideal. this heavenly thing that has taken place. Begotten not by any woman in this world. and David calls him "Lord. You can't leave behind you God's name. and would withdraw it for my earthly need. not in their social position.after you find the name. nor of the will of man. feeling. And because it is God. there will be no doubt in your mind whatsoever. but of God. you still cannot share it with others. because you can't think of anything but this enormous event that has happened to you. Then you will know he was "not born of blood. and you are a father in the true sense of the word. You are looking at your only begotten son. because you are still wearing the garment of flesh. or any other position. He's put himself into you. a man who has never known a woman in this world. and maybe in this embodiment the final one will be revealed to you.

no matter where you are. How then can you say show us the father?" So the son given could not be that being who calls himself father. and there is no way he can prove that he actually gave that gift of himself to you. The word will always be fulfilled. the glory of God the Father. and to the degree that you remain loyal to what you are imagining and hearing. and at that name every knee must bow. see it to the best of your ability. Twenty means "disappointed [69] . use his name as revealed through his prophet Moses. you always fulfill Scripture. whether you are unwanted (as you think you are)." So David called him "My father." The symbol of Christ is that of an ox." Then where is the child? So he brings up the question: "What do you think of Christ?" and they said: "The son of David. his only begotten son." Let me go back into the Book of Leviticus. "And when you go to them just tell them 'I AM' has sent me unto you." So he tells you who he is and who David is relative to himself. For at the name of Jesus Christ every knee will bend and every tongue will confess that he is Lord. If the Christian doctrine offends. save as David. nobody asked him. as your son.Jesus Christ is in thee. He who has seen me has seen the Father. Just simply assume "I AM". having gored it. and there was Jesus only.lead yourself from these states of barrenness into states of fruition. well then he has gored you by whatever he has to say. Every child spoke of its father as "Adonai. then the owner of the ox must pay to the owner of the slave thirty pieces of silver and then the ox must be stoned. you will actually externalize it in your world. David in the spirit calls him "Adonai. And now. that he must be sold for thirty pieces of silver. should it be in conflict with what you believed when you came here." And because God is one and his name is one. Moses was present.not walking the street with you as a friend. But until it is revealed to you. and the father is Jesus Christ. and when it all subsided there was Jesus only." I hope you realize that we have not failed in our effort. Who called him father? David. male or female. Now if what I have said this night offends. The prototype of Jesus the Christ was Joseph. the slave will be censured. you are destined to know yourself to be Christ Jesus. Elijah was present. but as your son. unless of course you fail to meet the test. Here we are told: "If an ox gored a slave. or God the Father. So he asked the question. It is only Jesus and he has one son and he is sharing his son with you . Don't judge it before you try it. and he was sold for twenty pieces of silver. a fruitful state." People think he gave his only begotten son and his name is Jesus Christ." translated in the English: "My Lord. Eventually you will read the words: And the whole thing disappears. He said: "I am the Father." a word used by every child when it refers to its father. or unemployed. they all saw the glory of God." Then why does David in the spirit call him Lord? If David calls him Lord. and you name it. again I go back to Scripture: "And he offended them and then they sold him for thirty pieces of silver. "You see me Phillip and yet you do not know me. in the name." Lead them out of the wilderness into light by my name. So. When you can lead yourself today. how can he be David's son? And no one asked any further questions. whether you are now bewildered. "And God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son. So David is going to call every being in this world: "my father. He gives himself to every being in the world. No! Jesus Christ by his own confession is God the Father. hear it. The Bible in miniature is in John 3:10. smell it. (as you may be) .

it has all been when I was faithful to the use of God's name. small as it has been. you could throw all the bricks in the world at him. Reduce it to a three and three is also associated with resurrection. whether you accomplish them or not. [70] . throw it at the Queen of England. go back and apply this principle towards the fulfillment of your dreams. For "If the ox gores and in any way hurts a slave" . And to the degree you remain loyal to that assumption. On the third day the earth rose up out of the deep." Not in anything outside of thee.expectancy." Thirty is divine perfection. then make me sorry for my thirty pieces of silver. then the ox must be stoned with the facts of life." or even as they know you . And he is fully aware of it. People will always throw the bricks at you and remind you of "When they knew you. And the conflict between what he promised and what he has delivered so far. . And so. When I dared to assume that I am what at the moment reason denies and my senses deny it.for we are all limited as we wear these garments. were it true. throw it at any person in this world for the lack of getting any ambition of theirs. Bricks are coming all over the place . then I invariably realized it. President Kennedy is frightfully limited in his office as President. and you as a friend know I have not realized it." and it is your name forever and forever. And your name is "I AM. to that degree you will externalize it and reap it as fruit within this world. and you throw [at] me all the rocks in the world. for Scripture is all about me. "Those who know thy name put their trust in thee. if I should offend you by what I say. You can throw it at the Pope. Now let us go into the silence. Then we are jacked up suddenly and we have to go back to the use of the name. as we all coast after a while. I can tell you in my own case. No man in this world can tell me while he wears the garment that he is not limited. So put your trust in the name of God by walking out of here tonight in the belief that you are already the man. . and what he has delivered. If I took you into my secret and told you my ambition. Nevertheless. I coasted.what he promised in his campaign to get the office. and remind me of what I told you against what I have accomplished that is true of every being in the world. So here. and I remained faithful to it. the woman you would like to be and see the world as you would see it. There have been unnumbered times when I have not been faithful to it.

one Lord. I said: "Was? He is the heavenly man!" Then quoting Paul I said: "Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust. and .like Paul . who is gathering us one by one into his body to become one body. Without loss of identity. the same Lord." In other words." Do not think of Christ as some little boy who was born in some strange manner two thousand years ago. as a person. It came through a revelation of Jesus Christ. like Paul. present tense experience. We will know from experience that I AM in you [71] . The life I now live in the flesh. when this age of Caesar comes to its end. where God actually became man that man may become God. Henceforth I regard no one from a human point of view. While in Barbados this summer. From that moment on.Neville Goddard 09-30-1968 I AM IN YOU As Paul said to Timothy: "Great indeed. but it is not over. I AM the same body. I regard him thus no longer. You. the same God and Father of all. you will experience the truth of scripture.understanding . We are dealing with a cosmic principle. as a person. Resurrection has begun. I did not receive my gospel from a man. Even though I once regarded Christ from a human point of view. It is not I who live. I conferred not with flesh and blood.you will say: "I am in the Father and you are in me and I am in you. Those who teach that the resurrection is over are misleading the faithful. we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven. the same Spirit. that the nature of God reveals himself in a series of supernatural experiences." (John 14) The phrase "in that day" is an eschatological term meaning. for there is only one Spirit. I leave seen the Ancient of Days. one God and Father of all. singular." It is in you. but Christ who lives in me.everyone can say: "I have been crucified with Christ. all arguments. you will say: "When it pleased God to reveal his son in me." I have stood in the presence of the Risen Lord. and you in me and I in you. There is only one Lord and you will know yourself to be He! No one will be above you. my sister asked if my Christ was once a man. doubts. My answer to her undoubtedly was the same Paul gave when asked a similar question." Scripture is not secular history. When these take place in a first person. will not be less than the Risen Lord. for . Jesus said: "In that day you will know that I am in the Father. we will all know ourselves to be this one unity of being. and questions regarding your true identity are hushed. one Spirit. I live by the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. is the mystery of our religion. The process has started. "at the end of the journey. but a mystery which is most important that we understand! Speaking to his disciples. I was not taught it. we confess.

" Paul did not claim that the resurrection was over. a purpose. In this letter. Knowing you are not schooled in theology.strangely enough . He never knew a human Christ. I answered in the words of Paul. because they know your weaknesses and limitations. and the Word was with God and the Word was God." Now. Then when you tell those who love you. they cannot see the relationship between you and the one spoken of in the seventh chapter of John: "How does this man have such learning seeing as how he has never studied?" Like the Sanhedrin. It is in you.not because of any acquired merit on our part. a plan. they will not believe you. And any suffering you may go through here means nothing. and said: "I consider the sufferings of the present time not worth comparing to the glory which is to be revealed in us.which was to give himself to you one hundred per cent. you will know yourself to be. It takes time. who appeared to him as he appeared to me. causing him to proclaim the truth. all institutions. so whatever he was before he became you." The Greek word logos (translated as "Word") means "meaning. The Word became flesh and dwells in us. the Old [sic] Testament tells us: "In the beginning was the Word. We will be united with him in a resurrection like his . So I ask you: who is Paul? Is he not the first of the chosen who broke the seal and discovered the mystery which was shown to Abraham? Paul persecuted everyone who claimed to be a member of the way. they will not understand how a man with no learning could claim that the Old Testament had been fulfilled in him. This you will know when you experience the entire story of the Lord Jesus Christ in the first person. all laws that interfere with the individual's direct access to his God. that the nature of God reveals himself. but because he chose to be united to us in a death like his. It was Paul who said: "If I have been united with Christ in a death like his." Here we see that God had a plan. God chose you in him before the foundation of the world. I don't think she was any more impressed than that chair over there. I shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his.when he asked me what was the greatest thing in the world. all customs. You were chosen in him before the drama we call the world began. In my own case. This he has done. Paul knew this. as a person. and . only the Risen Lord. Paul declares his independence from men and his dependence upon God. Paul had no intermediary. present tense.and you are in me! When I had finished explaining this to Daphne. a purpose . when suddenly the revelation broke. He states that the crucifixion is over. [72] . but it is so important for you to let go of all intermediaries between yourself and God! Paul's Letter to the Galatians is the first book in the New Testament. because the garment of flesh is worn by one who is crucified. He repudiates all authorities. I was taken in Spirit into the presence of the Risen Lord. a plot.

In his first letter to the Galatians. will you know that you are God. saying: "When my little boy was quite young. Our son would spend hours looking through the pages of toys. you are God's Word. he sent me. and man becomes God. and he becomes you . Learn to adore your own humanity. not Neville. Return to the point of being chosen before that the world was. After we embraced. I am speaking the words of the Risen Christ. who is God. Walking this earth right now. I answered his question in the words of Paul. As you will see. moving towards fulfillment. My friend wrote. yet he has never separated himself from me. That was in the day when you could not get a job unless you were a member of the synagogue. when one is united with the Lord he becomes one with him in spirit. Man is looking for some impersonal force to worship. whom he had persecuted in his blindness. all written twenty years prior to the gospels. deciding what he wanted for Christmas. This we have done for the past eight years. One day the Risen Christ will bring you into his presence." Limited to the concept of three-dimensional space. but God is man! When I stood in his presence. How can I be one with the body who sent me? Because "He who sees me. giving meaning to the world. God unfolds his nature in man. That meaning is Christ. Only when God's son unfolds within you. but in the Spirit world of which I speak. which is to unfold and reveal you as God. I mean it literally. It is he who says: "I am in you and you are in me. If God was a father prior to choosing you.this mystery which was set forth in Christ for the fullness of time. Now. unless God's son appears to identify you. So when I tell you I am in you. You are a man.are you not a father? Yes. Dwell upon this being who became you. I am enclosing a card advertising the current issue of that catalog.The prophets foretold of the coming of God. we should continue to apply God's law. Try to remember when he made known unto you the mystery of his plan which gives meaning to your life . Since then I have asked myself: who is Paul? Was he not the beginner of the Christian faith? Our New Testament records thirteen of his letters. as a family we called the Sears' Christmas catalog. while we are here waiting for God's plan to unfold. but there is no way to prove this. a plan which cannot fail to fulfill its purpose. He will incorporate you into his body by an embrace from which you will be one forever and ever. Lo we are one. Here is a simple story. was with God and was God. it is now called ―The Sears Wish Book!" [73] . sees him who sent me. the ―Wish Book‖. The Word. This I know from experience. but they did not say how. Paul went out on a limb by declaring his independence from all organizations. for I am one with the Risen Christ. who is God. Only the Risen Christ is aware of his true identity. yet Paul refused to accept any intermediary between himself and the Risen Lord." The Risen Christ is the eternal heavenly man. Having taken upon himself man's nature. we think of being sent out of the room while the sender remains.

the Lord is one. View the world from its fulfillment. yet I have no way to prove it to anyone. simply play the wishing game. Claiming it had to be that man. If your desire is to be happily married. there is no fiction. yet they have married another. the Lord our God. but from the skull of man. however. only to confess they are not yet divorced. keep this story in mind. What they really wanted was to be happily married. Find your desire in God's wish book. Don't think you cannot afford it." One day you will be that actor. but countries plan for unborn generations. yet my friend knows she is its creator. In the parable the actor takes a little child in his arms and says: "This is the kingdom of heaven. a story told as if it were true. ladies have told me they wanted to be married now. and the little child in your arms will symbolize your entrance into heaven. You and I. If something you have imagined is delayed producing its reality for you. make your desire real by feeling its truth. Either that man or no man. [74] . I have asked: "If he dropped dead right now would you still have the urge for companionship? If you would." You are destined to awaken as that one God and Father of all. Don't forget the great Sh'ma: "Hear O Israel. Time and time again." Know what you want in life and do not condition it. How can there be fiction in a world where imagining creates reality? For eight years her son has known the catalog to be a wish book. I have shared my experiences in the written form. I cannot convince you unless you have faith. Fulfill every desire as you walk towards the fulfillment of your real purpose in life. then he is not the only man. claim you have it. Housed in this garment of flesh called Neville. God's purpose has unfolded. Wanting a certain home. Speaking to you through the medium of desire. When I awoke in this simple little thing called man. you cannot enter it. giving passages of scripture to support them. I wondered how this mortal being could bear such responsibility. Unless you accept the kingdom as a little child. are anxious and find it difficult to wait. for there is only one God. where God is crucified. not only for the present little ones. which is to awaken God in you. It is a signal of God's birth . claim you are. I know we are all children and want our desires instantly fulfilled.Whoever has that account thinks this is an original idea. Parents with large estates plan. but for the offsprings of their offsprings. Lose yourself in the feeling of possession and give it all the tones of reality. I now know from experience that we enter human history to fulfill scripture. I tell you: the story of Christ is an acted parable. I have heard them say there was only one man. and now that has become its official name. Having reached the end of the journey. You are not going to become a little god to run around with other little gods. You see. leaving the one who hears (or reads) it to discover the fictitious character and learn its meaning.not from the womb of a woman. aware of all of its weaknesses.

Randy came to the hospital to visit me. because fitness is the consequence . When a man is regenerated. Seeing the Bible I had brought with me. but was not aware of what I teach. When you read the words of Christ in the New Testament. Change does not occur prior to the visions. He was my physician as well as my friend. no matter what is put before him he would not take it. Place all the liquor in the world before a man who does not drink and he will not be tempted. he is no longer in the world of generation. think of the Risen Christ. His week was not complete unless he went to church on Sunday. died. You are not chosen because of your acquired merit. you are a thief there. for the heavenly man is speaking. for when the visions happen.but it will take time. I received a notice today that my good friend. yet he would not be tempted.of the kingdom of heaven.His name is I AM. to Randy that was not religion. therefore there is no temptation. If you are foolish here. the one God and Father of all. The minute the vision takes place. therefore there is no temptation. Believing in the reality of what I am doing. And when you awaken you will say. any ideas which you have championed here. Randy questioned my interest in it. If a man is not a thief. for the mask we wear here causes a barrier between us. Everyone will be regenerated and overcome without effort. Well. or radically change. undoubtedly is now modifying his beliefs . I told him how Esau represented my outer world. In 1952. In the not distant future you will depart this world to discover that death will force you to modify. because his energies have been turned up into regeneration. for you will be alone. while recuperating from a serious operation. [75] . I AM awake.not the condition . I deceive myself into believing that my subjective state is now an objective reality. But in the New Age we will be intimate eternal brothers. the consequence has occurred. you change. like walking with a cane because you had one and felt undressed without it. I will know you better and more intimately there than I could ever know you here. If you are a thief here. You do not awaken there as some wise person. all sharing the one body as the one Spirit. You will not look around for any other. Randy has been gone now a few weeks and. That was something to be done. We are all rising into the one body of Christ without loss of identity. Now let us go into the silence. To him religion meant going to church every Sunday morning and spending an hour there. no desire to change. the one Lord. Taking the story of Esau and Jacob. Everyone could undress before him. All of the world's tobacco will not interest a man who does not smoke. and from then on scripture will fulfill itself within you. you are foolish there. That I could close my eyes to it and clothe Jacob (who represented what I wanted clothed in outer reality) with the skins of Esau. Randy.

and unlovely things. Every child born of woman is recorded in the Bible . but he cannot find the Maker. as told us in the 19th Psalm: "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows forth his handiwork. you may wonder what it is all about. Then they analyzed it and discovered it to be dead. everything will continue forever in this age.' Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures. But. no matter how much his handiwork is analyzed. Our world is God's handiwork. from which they returned with earth.not as John Brown or Mary Smith . war. I tell you: the Bible is all about you. to us a son is given." Our scientists have discovered how to go to the moon.but as Jesus Christ. taught by false teachers. and the psalms he interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. dirty politics. Man searches on the outside to discover how things are made. spiritual biography.you name it. All that is written about me must be fulfilled. and the [76] . it will not reveal its maker. as this age will continue producing poverty. for he is the child's true being. but they will never find its maker. but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son. When you least expect it. ‗Where is the promise of his coming? Forever since the fathers fell asleep. Until God's son reveals himself in Man. The unknown author of the Book of Luke (like all the others) wrote only of his own experiences. But when Christ comes it is like a thief in the night. `Did not our hearts burn while he opened to us the scriptures?' Then he said to them. graft. When you read the 9th chapter of Isaiah. They will find many wonderful things about it. The story of Jesus Christ follows this principle. Peter tells us: "Scoffers will come in the last days scoffing and saying. Turning to his disciplined mind in self contemplation. so do not look for signs of his coming in the outer world."' Certainly they do. for any Christ coming from without is a false Christ. It is your own personal." Luke is speaking of the Christ in you. He comes only when the individual finds the Son. for it is God's Son who reveals his maker. and the Old Testament is a prophetic blueprint of his life. `Everything written about me in the law of Moses and the prophets and the psalms must be fulfilled. but may I tell you nothing could be truer." for when the Son appears he reveals God as his Father. Today three of our citizens received the Nobel Prize for their great work in trying to analyze this wonderful land of ours. Listen carefully: "To us a child is born. that which is not written in scripture is non-existent. for God's handiwork is here and here alone. poverty . war.' Beginning with Moses and the prophets. Christ awakens within you to reveal yourself to yourself. No matter where man goes he will discover that everything is dead. all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation. Graft.Neville Goddard 10-19-1969 I AM THE CAUSE According to a rabbical principle. "In many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets. he is Jesus turning to his disciples and saying: "`Scripture must be fulfilled in me. And they said to one another.

Mystics claim you have been dreaming there for 6000 years. You may think the child that is born and the son which is given are one and the same. but when David . you will not truly die. The son appears 139 days later. And in scripture the Wonderful Counselor is associated with a serpent. he experienced death but did not really die.look outside of yourself for the cause of all life. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God. So we see the 3rd title. you will feel a vibration so great you will think you are going to die. knowing good and evil. has much to do with the serpent. You deliberately entered the human skull and laid yourself down to dream the dream of life. will hear the voice of the Son of God and awaken from your sleep of death. Instead we are restored to life in a world just like this. the third great revelation is that of Wonderful Counselor. and then I remembered scripture: "He is not dead. but the names are true and are revealed in perfect order. Now. We are told that: "No one ascends into heaven but he who descended from heaven. the serpent said. or Mighty God‖. It takes an enormous power for Mighty God to stir himself and awaken to find the symbol of his birth as that of a child. "No. but I can say that when it happened to me I felt as though I had been entombed for unnumbered ages. Mighty God. The first name given to you when you fell asleep was ―El Shaddai‖ which means ―God Almighty. I go to awaken him. the Lord said to the gods: "Behold the man has become like one of us. "Father. we don't. and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. too. and his name shall be called `Wonderful Counselor. for when God sends his Son into your heart crying. it was the serpent who suggested eating of the tree of knowledge. But one day you will awaken! Now completely individualized. Referred to as the wisest of all of God's creations. Prince of Peace. long sleep.like a scientist . but sleepeth. And when told he would die. the vibration will awaken you from your long." One day you. but far from dying. but I'll tell you: you went voluntarily. in the same 3rd chapter of Genesis. I have had no vision to support such a time interval. you have found the cause. Wonderful Counselor.God's only begotten son . the Maker and creator of it all. It is he who reveals you as God. so must the son of man be lifted up. Even though we depart this world and seem to die.and you will . Now. you will bear the name Everlasting Father.comes from within and calls you Father. No one took your life.the [77] ." When you read these words they do not make sense. For a moment I wondered how I got there. you laid it down yourself. self-imposed sleep." The Wonderful Counselor did not lie. to continue our journey for unnumbered centuries. the cause of all life. but when you experience them .government shall be upon his shoulder. the son of man. knowing good and evil. And when your son reveals you as the Father. for believing himself to be you." These revelations do not come in the order the prophets recorded them (or some scribe changed). You may not know how you got there and why." you will hear it and awaken from your long." just as the serpent said he would. but they are not. Only by coming down into this world of experience can you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and become as the gods. You will awaken within yourself to discover that you have been entombed there for unnumbered centuries. You have the power to lay it down and the power to lift it up again. Everlasting Father. Prior to that moment in time you .

Then. is conferred upon you. Prince of Peace. as have the communist world. You are God's word which was in the beginning. is not described. This is your true identity.the son of man . You will know that you will not die. not to change them.descended. a world of dirty politics. it will go on and on because the story of Christ is one of [78] . You will bear the four titles. a world of graft. Just read the papers and you will see what is taking place in high places. by definition. And you will ascend like a fiery serpent. a fiery being with human face. and it takes all of the sons to form the Father. You came into this world to experience its horrors. and human hands. He is God's word which cannot return to God empty. but must accomplish that which he purposed and prosper in the thing for which it was sent. the serpent of scripture is described in the 6th chapter of the Book of Isaiah as the seraphim which surround the throne of God. and when it happens you are the only one who knows it. yet admit that they have sold over 13 billion dollars in conventional arms to poverty-ridden nations.‖ You are destined to have this experience as the fourth title. You . You are not pretending that you are man. but beyond that. Then you fragmented into many sons. you became man by assuming poverty. This world was never intended to be other than what it is: a world of poverty. Our politicians promise to eliminate war and poverty. You aren't going to change it. Now the 4th title. Now. you were God. Isaiah gives him six wings: two to cover his face. to buy what we are manufacturing. for you are the gods who came down. but only here on this little earth is this wonderful work revealed. Your eyes will be opened then. of which it takes all of the brothers to form. immediately he saw the heavens open and the Spirit descended upon him like a dove. the wisest of all God's creations. You were not only with God. But you can‘t stop it. Read the first chapter. though you were rich. the 10th verse of the Gospel of Mark carefully. the Prince of Peace. Having foretold it you came down to fulfill it within yourself. The seraphim is [sic]. though you were strong. to cover his feet (which is a euphemism for his creative organs) and he flies with two. human voice. Before we came here we were brothers. and one day we will awaken and return to our brotherhood as God the Father. The whole vast world declares your glory.an infinite being assumed all these things for their experience. You assumed weakness. You are not some little amoeba which came out of the mud. ask people to sign papers to stop war. you came down from heaven and emptied yourself of all that you were in order to assume the limitations and weaknesses of the human flesh. but will return to the heavenly state from which you . this heavenly being. This does not physically happen to you. and the name by which he is called is the Word of God. is sent in the form of a dove. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. with a pious look. Our politicians have forced nations who can't afford to feed themselves. and in so doing you will fulfill scripture. a world of war.third title of Wonderful Counselor is conferred upon you. and you will see that only the one upon whom the dove descended was aware of it: ―When he came up out of the water. and you will know good and evil from experience.

That which comes out has no mother.like the seraphim . one moves up in a spiral motion . [79] . but you may fall back to sleep again and continue your dream. God could not grow in wisdom. Fusing with it. yet it is so important. At the base of your spine you will see a pool of golden. but man does not know that this. Breaking away from the wheel of recurrence. We are told that: "As the lightening shines from the east to the west so will the coming of the son of man. for only here can this biological experiment which expands the power of God and the wisdom of God be cradled. Someone must have thought you dead to have placed you there. One half moves north as one half moves south. Without this world. not knowing you were its cause? The same thing is happening in the waking dream. Haven't you had a dream where you were scared to death. even though what you see may frighten you. pulsing light which is the blood of God. whether you can accept it or not and I know that you will never disprove it. He would be stagnant if he could not expand beyond what he is. until he awakes from it in the manner of which I have told you. but it strikes within. no beginning of days. is a dream. You will discover this great truth only when God's son stands before you and reveals you to yourself. It's very easy to be caught up in the reality that you. yourself. Your head is the Mount of Olives. an ever increasing creative power. and your body is that which is split from east to west. But when the time was fulfilled you heard the cry of the son of God which awakened you. too. something will arouse you and you will awaken to find yourself in your skull. or ending of days. This world is based upon a circular principle which repeats itself over and over again. you ascend into your skull like a fiery serpent and your skull reverberates like thunder. liquid. or you may have entered the place voluntarily and fell asleep to such depth that others thought you were dead. no father. Everyone is in this world because he is born from below (from the womb of woman). leaving a great valley. but while here he must be born from above (from the skull). God is an ever increasing illumination. but you know yourself to be very much alive. but you alone are writing the script. for unless you are born from above you cannot enter the kingdom of God. I have awakened you. He redeems himself by lifting himself out of this world in a spiral motion.and is redeemed. of which you are its sole author. for that which is born from the skull is aware of being the Maker of all. where only the dead are placed. whereas redemption is based upon a spiral principle. are making.redemption. You may have many horrors in your dream and believe what you are seeing is a reality outside of yourself and beyond your control. I am telling you what you are going to experience. This is essential. You know it is your grave. momentarily.God is holding to the promise he made himself: to awaken within himself and fulfill the play recorded in scripture. an ever increasing wisdom and ." People are looking for lightening to strike on the outside. This tiny planet appears as only a speck when viewed from outer space. One night as you sleep.by reason of this one little speck called earth. and as you come out of that tomb you are born from above. where he wears these little garments of mortality .

therefore they are nonexistent.The story of Christ is not what the world is talking about. started in my brother's imagination. It's a circular principle where nothing changes. because their gross business last year exceeded $30 million. I simply persisted in my assumption and watched it harden into fact. They are merely parts God is playing as he passes through states. and are not willing to give up your present state. Anything can be created by a mere assumption.once you know they are only parts. He dreamed of owning a building which housed the family business. you will remain there.be it a rich man or a poor man. That building. Today I don't think you could buy the family out for multiple millions. The part of a president. If you test him and discover that it is he who creates all things by producing tangible proof of his reality in what you did. The individual changes only when he leaves the wheel in a spiral motion. But he had a dream. You can become what you would like to be in the twinkle of an eye by the simple act of assumption. Having nothing on the outside to turn to. but poverty will exist then as it does now. Tomorrow's generation may think it will be different. When I dared to assume I was the man I wanted to be. Test your imagination. It seems so real to its occupant and to those who observe it. Becoming possessed by the dream you created in your sleep. or a dictator is a state. The presidents. Or you can create something ignoble and become so immersed in it you believe in its reality. my brother had the guts to imagine and believe that his imagination would create his reality. you can become so puffed up in your own concept that you forget its creator. and when entered it is animated. when one day a total stranger bought the building for the family. so let me repeat it: What is not written in scripture is nonexistent. you observe your own creation. The principle of the rabbis is true. looking at your desire and not from it. it will begin to externalize itself. he would stop opposite a building which occupied an entire block at the widest area of the main street. only states of consciousness. It's like a wheel. on his way to work and return. and there he would imagine seeing the words: Goddard and Sons" on its marquee. And when it does you may return to sleep. Do as my brother did and discover the depth of God in you. a beggar or a thief. which became the foundation of our family's growth. just as you do in your night dreams. There will be changes in passion and eventually they will return to what they were. And the day you dare to remain faithful to your assumption. then no one will be able to persuade you that what happened was a coincidence. You can play any part . the known or unknown . trusting them to pay him back over a period of ten years. and if it is a noble dream. but it is only a state. That persistent act taught me that this world was a dream. [80] . He isn't going to change the world. But if you don't know this. and that is when he is redeemed. enhanced by reason of his experience of death in this world called earth. Twice a day. for there is no other God. and dictators of the world are not recorded in scripture. kings. My oldest brother at the age of 18 had no money and no prospects of getting any. a king. He persisted in this act for two years. I did not discuss it with others. He returns to the world from which he came.

But I tell you. and . Is there any cross or image of Jesus Christ in the world that wasn't made by a man? There is no description of a person called Jesus Christ. having created such a vast enterprise he may go to sleep and believe his one thousand employees are the cause of his incredible wealth. This is a world of effects. but do not speak. Wonderful Counselor. They have ears. he simply persisted in his assumption and it hardened into fact. Declaring that you are now it. Jesus does not come at the end of human history. [81] . as my brother did. But if you look into the mirror of your mind and . But you cannot depart this world by changing your thoughts. The world is made up of infinite states which man falls into unwittingly . as told us in the Book of James. Do you like what the mirror reflects back to you and your background tells you? If it is not what you would like to live with. Rather. when the Father in you who fell asleep begins to stir. you will see it reflect itself in your world. therefore. don't make little images of him and stick them on your wall to worship. trying to interpret signs on the outside. Not knowing how it was going to come about. don't look away and forget the image reflected there. We are all inclined to forget that we are the makers of all that is happening. Then one day you will depart the world and return to the world from which you descended.My brother lived by and built his fortune on imagination's foundation. Ever since that Father fell asleep all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation.or deliberately. and when he does. An outside God never existed. the dream's maker. Then he awakens you. When the politicians promise change. yet there are unnumbered pictures of him throughout the Christian world and people bow before that which is made by human hands. smile as you have through the centuries. for it will not fail you on this level or on the higher level. you turn away and forget what manner of man you look like. continue thinking from that state.seeing what you desire to see. and Prince of Peace. but it is so easy to place the blame on an aspect of self rather than on you. the God spoken of in the scriptures. for you are the Elohim. No one knows but the Father in you. The ministers of this world are talking about His coming. Tonight one of you could experience his coming.will receive the name and carry the special powers of Everlasting Father. seeing yourself.forgetting . It will happen in the fullness of time. you . Learn to use your imagination consciously. Read the 115th Psalm and see what the psalmist said about any image bowed to as some power that can help or hinder: ―They have mouths. knowing they aren't going to change anything. don't accept it. for you will know yourself to be the Jesus Christ men worship outwardly. eyes. and no power can stop you from experiencing its truth. Live in that awareness morning. don't argue. The world is yourself pushed out.we blame our dream. Of course. look into the mirror of your mind and assume that you are what you would like to be.Mighty God . but do not see. So don't look for any change on the outside. for he comes individually. Do not be afraid to claim your birthright. you will continue to perpetuate your unlovely state. noon and night as though it were true. And of your reign there shall be no end. He was a poor boy who deliberately moved into the state of wealth. If you look into the mirror and. but persist in your assumption.

Those who make them are like them. for when the Father of all life appears. yet we are one in spirit because we have the one son. you and I . We are all individualized.as the brothers who have returned . because without all. but do not walk. We are all one! One is no better than the other. must and will be fulfilled. [82] . I am not speculating. All that is said about the True you in the law of Moses and the prophets and the psalms. I have awakened from the dream of life. or here he is.but do not hear. There is no aristocracy of privilege in this story. I did not hear it from a man. but do not feel. Now let us go into the silence. feet. and you are here in the final picture to fulfill that which you dictated before you came down. therefore we are brothers who collectively form God the Father. noses. there he is. you shall know him because you will be one with him! The Bible is all about you. They have hands." believe him not. but do not smell. And God's son. by his very nature reveals God as his father. But you will never really understand my words until you experience them. It is my pleasure and my privilege to open your mind that you may understand scripture. Now I only wait for others to awaken. and our son is his son. are you not God the Father? This I know from personal experience.‖ If anyone should say: "Look. the Father is not complete. So when God's only begotten son stands before you and reveals you as his father. The prophets you inspired were only organs of revelation. and they do not make a sound out of their throat. Scripture is based upon the principle that the True Man comes here to fulfill. So I tell my story over and over until everyone hears it and sets their hope fully upon this wonderful story that one day must erupt within them. so are all who trust in them. Like Paul. That is all I am here to tell you. and you will. And when we take off these garments and rise. for we will all have the same son. are we not one father? There aren't multiple sons only one. There is nothing I want more than the awakening of all.will be in a state of ecstasy. It's all in scripture and everyone will experience it. We will never lose our individuality. it came through a revelation of the true meaning of Jesus Christ. nor was I taught it. I am not theorizing. If your son is my son.

wealth.but there is no other. while his parents. the LORD. you are asleep relative to it. appear because of his dreams. After searching for him for three days. Our religious leaders teach Christ as someone on the outside who is different. I make weal and create woe. Luke tells the parable of Jesus. do not understand. When a storm wind descended upon the lake they woke him. I tell you: the one who fell asleep caused the storm. standing before him. When the feast ended. saying: "Master we are perishing. In this world Christ is asleep. and the wars. I. Christ will externalize." Then He rebuked the wind. I will know calm and weal. for He is [83] . Your own wonderful human imagination is Jesus Christ. for the nearness implies separation. do all these things. You and God are one. I am! To say: "I am" is near. you are! In his book. when you discover yourself to be the cause of your life. and is the same being as the one who . Mary. going up to Jerusalem for the Passover. an individual. I form light and create darkness. for as He is. or teachers. Man is the ark of God in which Christ . so are we in this world. The cause of the phenomena of your life is not on the outside. and there was a great calm. happiness. and horrors. for you are God's temple. who overcame. who .God's creative power .is contained. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you? I tell you. his parents . lovely dreams or ignoble ones. Now individualized as John.did not seek him out until the day was past. scripture tells us that as God is. depressions. you are Christ's outer projection. so are you in this world. God. you will never find it. his father said: "Son. yet Christ in you is your hope of glory. the only place you will ever find him is within! The life of Jesus is a pattern which will unfold in you. And when He awakes.Neville Goddard 02-21-1969 I AM THE LORD "I am the LORD and there is no other. for as He is. your acquaintances. but in your own wonderful human imagination. surrounded by woes and weals because of his dreams. so are we! The story of Jesus Christ. Wherever you are. when they found him in the temple. I am the ship in which Christ sleeps as he dreams the storms of my life. You could be dreaming noble. how could you do this to us? Do you not realize we have been seeking you anxiously?" And Jesus replied: "How is it that you sought me? Do you not know that I must be in my Father's house?" Here is Christ declaring God to be his father. "As He is.upon awakening . and the spirit of God dwells in you. In the Book of Luke we find Jesus.quells it. are acted parables. and is now living elsewhere. as well as all of the miracles recorded in the New Testament. until Christ awakes. is to claim God is another ." (Isaiah 45) Then John tells us. If you are unaware of your imaginal activity. Sam. and the raging waves became quiet. And the world will know no peace." Although man is taught the God who creates the weal and the woe is someone other than himself. but whatever you dream. or Sue. not a phantom of the earth and sea. as your imagination. now twelve years of age. confusions.thinking Jesus was in the caravan .upon entering a boat with his disciples. can never be so far off as even to be near. for there is no other. falls asleep as they set sail. I am the ark of God. If you are seeking the cause of the phenomena of your life among your kinsfolk. or joy.

The world is always looking for new teachers on the outside. for the trinity is difficult for man to grasp. The disciples of scripture are disciplined aspects of the mind. What a wonderful experience! In the 40th Psalm we read: "He lifts me up from the pit. out of the miry bog and places my feet upon the Rock. [84] . Causation is symbolized as the foot in the 40th and 69th Psalms. As he scraped them off. returning by the seed of contemplative thought. In this 40th Psalm the statement is made: "In the volume of the book it is written about me. This is true. As Blake said: "The oak is cut down by the ax and the lamb is slain by the knife. for you know who you are. they reappeared. and houses round about him. This is the great doctrine of the unity. for when you awaken. the stormy seas will be no more. When David stands before you as your son. Although he tried to scrape them off. But when we discipline our mind. Asleep. Although the world appears to be large and overpowering." My friend's vision reveals that he has come to that point. Man is the ark of God and everything is contained within him." Our world is the storm spoken of in the 8th chapter of Luke. we quell the storms. I have often thought that the doctrine of the trinity should have been the doctrine of the being. and when you do. caused by the magnetic seed called Man. In the end. when there is nothing there but shadows. My friend saw the clusters of magnetic seeds around his feet. but when man awakes. is lifted up and placed upon the Rock . You and I are one when my son David calls you father! Then you will know that everyone in the world is that same being. than as a trinity. the symbol of God's creative power. taste. as he is your very self! You will find him." Here we see the foot. as well as in the 10th [chapter] of Romans. there will be no more trinity. But causation is within the one observing the effect. As he observed buildings. only what you desire. No longer will you seek the phenomena of life among your kinsfolk or acquaintances. but asleep you will find someone or something on the outside to be its cause. for a series of events will unfold within you and you will bear witness to your own fatherhood.the human imagination! His vision is showing him that he has now become aware of the only causation. we have fallen asleep to our creative power. you can trace the event taking place on the outside to an imaginal act. hear. It's easier to speak of the doctrine of revealed Christianity as a unity. Having entered our body. the storms rage. There is quite a difference between being awake to your imaginal activities and being asleep to them. but their forms eternal remain forever. Christ is not another. you find life in the temple. trees. touch. they instantly reformed themselves to produce automatic changes in his world. Awake. That everything which appears magnified on the outside is caused by magnetic seeds around his feet. then you quell the storms of doubt and fear within you. as they will all have the same son.your wonderful human imagination! A friend recently shared this vision with me. man will overcome and put all things under his foot. and smell. you will know that you are God. Once your five senses are so disciplined you see. its causation is the power observing it. he realized they were caused by tiny magnetic seeds which were clustered about his feet. and has placed his creative power upon that Rock. You are Christ. for the world is nothing more than a magnified shadow.

Think of the world as different. but your friend was not the cause. you have scraped off the little magnetic seeds. but will turn within to find they are all waiting to be fulfilled in God's temple. and in the Book of Exodus it is said that it came to pass on the eighth day. I. physical storms arise according to man's dreams.you will be constantly aware of what you are imagining. who is your own wonderful human imagination. the Lord. for . but they cannot relate the same technique to a toothache. thereby proving our unity of being. Then the financial. These seeds of contemplative thought are so tiny they are often ignored and even scraped off. Now. marital. The number twelve is telling us that he had arrived at the point of creativity. am he who does all these things. Every scriptural miracle is an acted parable. But if he does not know that the cause of the weal is his imaginal activity. and carry this awareness into your dream world. Causation is not on the outside. As you begin to awake. Besides me there is no God. [85] . the Lord. causing the outer world to appear so large. as in that day. therein causing your misfortune. completely individualized. but awareness causes them to reform themselves instantly to magnify their new formation in the outer world.You cannot blame anyone for your misfortune. for when they found him he said: "Why do you seek me? Do you not know I must be in my Father's house?" Having identified God as his Father. we are the same father of God's one and only son. asking and answering his own questions. thereby causing their rearrangement. who will reveal himself to all. his parents searched three days before finding him in the temple. your dream prompted you to confide in your friend.knowing the world you want to build and its cause . the numbers three and eight in scripture are always associated with resurrection. You have the power to rearrange your thought-seeds to produce a different pattern in your outer world. am the cause and there is no other. for the seeds are contained in man." He knew that although we are a diversity of faces. You will not falter. It is imagination who enters the boat called man and falls asleep in order for the journey of life to begin. and as you do.My old friend Ab always began his classes with the statement: "Praise be to that unity which is our unity. We are told that on the third day the earth rose up out of the deep. he goes on to claim: "I and my Father are one. you discover there is only one God. magnetic seeds swirling around his feet. I form light and create darkness. happy storms. individually. You will no longer seek your desires among things. but they do. the outer world would vanish and leave not a trace behind. You could claim a friend betrayed your trust. If imagination's seeds did not reform themselves. Yet there is only one cause! I." Today. Luke tells us that when Jesus was twelve years of age. My friend saw tiny. Awake. I make weal and create woe. you are aware of the thoughts you are creating every moment of time. This is the world in which we live. men cannot believe that imagination is the cause of the phenomena of life. This is done by a change of attitude. he will continue to dwell in the storms of life until the disciples rouse him to remembrance. They will agree that an artist can imagine a lovely picture and bring it forth on canvas. it comes from within. He could dream of something lovely and know healthy. That he has now resurrected and moved into the Father's house.

it appears to take place externally. I have known those who so enjoy hating another that they do not want to change. If God changed the act. so are we.Now. Then the world will change to conform to the change in you. As the great drama unfolds. as you are its creative power. and when I confronted him with his imaginal acts. bad or indifferent . Every person. imagining he was telling Roosevelt everything he disliked about him. for you are God's temple. there would be two of you: one who imagines. but you will be invisible to their mortal eye. for you are an immortal being. And because God is love. all of the imagery of scripture will surround you. which is to discover your true identity. wearing a garment of mortality. I remember a man in New York City during the Second World War. He will resurrect and you will begin the real drama. yet it is within. or church. for you will be spirit. for as He is. and the spirit of God dwells in you. and become aware of what you want to imagine. Believe in the reality of what you are now imagining! Rearrange those little clusters around the foot. when imagination lifts us up from the pit and places our feet upon the Rock. If to you a storm is raging remember. and he will point to a synagogue. cathedral. Every morning when the man shaved. you rise from the sleep of unawareness. One day you will awaken from this fantastic dream. They seem to receive a certain pleasure out of hating and do not realize that they are only hating themselves. and when they are fixed with feeling. they will speak of you and identify the child as yours. who claimed he despised Roosevelt. the fourth chapter of the Book of John: "As he is. he would talk to himself in the mirror. I ask you now to take the challenge and change your thinking. We can. place. although I know it is not an easy thing to do. to find yourself enhanced by having experienced the mystery of death. God instantly plays the parts designated in your imaginal acts and suffers with you because He is dreaming. but will allow it to be externalized. A good Christian would call that statement blasphemy.be it good. Ask the average person where he thinks God's temple is. but God does not dwell in houses made with hands. dreaming the world into being. he said: "I pay $10 to see a [86] . and one who changes the imaginal act. The gentleman attended my meetings. Although the world appears external. God is spirit and dwells in his living temple! Imagine . He will not change your imaginal act. its reality is within. or thing. By disciplining your thoughts. for you contain eternity within yourself. The child and the witnesses will be there. But one day Love will awaken within your skull. is animated and rearranged from within.is because of our attitude towards life. being all love. But. While witnessing your spiritual birth. however. But when we stand on our own feet." This thought follows on the heels of the definition of God as love. be gracious and kind and thank another for the role he played in our drama. Do not look for God outside of the temple.and God is acting. relax in the knowledge that your outer world will conform to the new fixation. The storm will subside and there will be a perfect calm. giving the other either our praise or blame. so are we in this world. yet I am quoting the first epistle. No longer will we stand upon the foot of another. it is only raging because you are not aware of your imaginal activity. Coming out of your immortal skull. we realized that everything that happens . but they will not see you. we stand on our own feet.

He came from a Germanic background and could not get over the fact that we were at war with Germany. he has cried unto me. you can augment it through intensity and persistence.they stand silent. you came into the world to fulfill their words in the New.Broadway show which does not give me the joy I receive during that ten minutes in the morning. making the storm rage by the pleasure he received telling Roosevelt off as he shaved." David will literally stand before you as a young man just coming into adolescence. my God and the Rock of my salvation. and the world as bearing witness to their arrangement. Now let us go into the silence. Christ is housed in every child born of woman. then went to Florida. Having inspired the prophets of the Old Testament. The entire book. invisible and miniature. and priests. You awaken and. The same thing is true if you want to love someone. after three days you find him in the temple and scripture is fulfilled. he said: "Do you not know that I must be in my Father's house?" but they could not understand." Well.that temple you are! The parents (meaning tradition) sought Jesus on the outside. and you will produce a corresponding rearrangement in your outer world. for the venom that he spewed out every morning returned to him. bringing him into the world by meditating him into being. I tried to tell him to awake. He blamed Roosevelt. And when I go further and tell them that David called me father in fulfillment of the 89th Psalm which states: "I have found David. You are the one who will find David. It is the same David who cried out in the Old Testament: "You will not leave me in the pit. you will never understand it. that I have seen David of Biblical fame. But he could not believe me. and he is in his temple ." And you do not. even though he knew Germany had declared war on us. As the universally diffused individuality. And remember: all you need do is rearrange your power-filled thoughts. He lost his New York City home. 'Thou art my Father. When I have told rabbis. It is you he will call "My Father. in the miry bog. preachers. is all about you. He could not see the war as a bad dream. my God and Rock of my salvation'". If you want to hate someone. but when they found him within. Think of your thoughts as magnetic seeds. for your human imagination is the only God you will ever know. It's entirely up to you what you think. As long as you think the Bible is speaking of someone other than yourself. where he lost everything there. they laugh. and he was confusing it. from beginning to end. individually. that he was sleeping and only dreaming that Roosevelt was the cause of his world. [87] . Take the story of my friend seriously. unable to make the Bible their biography. I tell you: you are an immortal being whose autobiography is recorded in scripture. this man created his own storm.

This is the grandfather who made the fortune we are now enjoying. Fully awake and aware. returned to sleep." I awoke. we are told: 'If there is a prophet among you. Here is one I received many years ago. I am not one who prophesies by looking into a crystal ball. You can say: "I remember when my friend had nothing and now he has much. his power to remember when! Having nothing. The son spoke to his children saying: 'Your grandfather would stand on an empty lot and say: I remember when this was an empty lot. Speaking to those present I said: 'I remember when this was an empty lot." or: "I remember when he had much and now he is so poor. This principle can be used in a destructive or constructive way." Then I pictured the building placed there so vividly the very stones molded themselves into the form I envisioned. You can say: "I remember when this was a glorious building and look at it now" as you become aware of rubble where once a glorious building stood. [88] . I know I am the central figure of scripture called 'the Father. In the 12th chapter of the Book of Numbers. and feeling wealthy you can say: 'I remember when I had nothing. or "I remember when they were unknown. my experiences concerning the power to create." which could imply she is now ill. You make the decision." Does that statement not imply that the state of poverty no longer exists for you? I remember when I was unknown. I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision and I will speak with him in a dream. and are therefore responsible for its effect on the world. I remember when I couldn't sell a book.' Then he would paint a word picture of his desire for that lot so vividly that those who heard him could see it completed right before their eyes. but one who has fulfilled scripture. It's entirely up to you how you use your imagination." as you imagine a glorious building. in Spirit. but must share it with all that will listen." You can say: "I remember when she was healthy. or astrology. In this simple way God revealed his power to create. teacup leaves. It was the kind of home the great financial giants lived in at the turn of the century.Neville Goddard 4-10-1968 I REMEMBER WHEN When I receive a great revelation concerning the creative power of God I cannot keep it to myself." implying they are now famous." A scriptural prophet is not one who tells your fortune. I was visible to the three generations who were present.only this time I was the grandfather. you can become aware of being surrounded by wealth. but one who hears the Word of God and fulfills it. Or you can stand on rubble and say: "I remember when this was all rubble. cards. in the interior of a stately mansion in New York City. and re-dreamed the dream ." I came into the world to fulfill scripture and share my revelations. I found myself. If you asked me if I were a prophet I would answer in the affirmative. So you see what power was in that revelation. recorded the experience. but the operation of your creative power is completely up to you.

Christ will come. motion cannot be detected save by change in position relative to another object. for Jesus Christ has never left you. Then say within yourself: 'I remember when my reflection was so different. When people say Jesus Christ is coming again do not believe them. David. the people said: 'We are sons of Abraham and have never been in bondage to anyone. I tell it to you now in the hope that you will put yourself in an I-remember-when mood and trust your memory. Unless there is a fixed reference from which an object moves. tonight you find yourself in a state you no longer desire to express. Although he seems to be invisible. affirming that it was fixed. but in the second vision I experienced it. persist in feeling its fulfillment. thereby sinning and missing your mark in life! Regardless of what you may desire. for if you do. but not in the way you were taught." You were taught to believe that sinning is when you do something wrong. Listen to these words from the 8th chapter of John carefully: 'If you remain in my word you are my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. If you do not move (mentally) you continue to live your undesirable state. as you cannot detach yourself from imagination. Do not those words imply memory? In the first vision I heard of memory. therefore he has never left you! [89] . feeling will become believing. God the Father and Christ your creative power are the same being. the people claimed to have never known bondage. I am with you always. yet Jesus told them: 'If the Son sets you free you are free indeed. Look at yourself in the mirror and dare to see radiant health and happiness reflected back to you. Let us use a weak." Persist in seeing your new image reflected there and you will resurrect that state. even to the end of the age?" Then how can you look for him to return? Scripture states that Christ was taken up into the kingdom of heaven (which is within) and that he will come in the same manner as he was taken up. but look at him now!" Do that and you have moved relative to the man." Questioning this statement. Yes. you must learn how to move into your desired state. the one and only creative power of God scripture calls Jesus Christ. belief sets you free. I remember when. Did he not say: 'Lo. If Christ (God's creative power) is in you. As sons of Abraham. for only when you recognize God's Son. sick man as our fixed reference and looking into our mind see a strong. the desires and the fulfillments. Now you fill in the events. no movement will appear. your concept of yourself or of another. is in your own wonderful human imagination who is Christ and Christ is the only God. and as you feel this wonderful relationship. and as I did a fabulous structure took form." This is true. because memory is your own wonderful human imagination. When David stands before you doubt flees. In the beginning of creation the Spirit of God (his creative power called Christ) moved upon the face of the deep. Christ has never left you. as your son are you really free." To this Christ replied: 'He who commits sin is a slave to sin. healthy man. but I say you are sinning when you miss your mark in life by failing to move! If. As I stood on a vacant lot I remembered. And the dream was doubled. Your image. Now. I remember when. that the law was established by the Lord as told us in the 41st chapter of the Book of Genesis.I remember when I couldn't sell anything I wrote. he cannot come from without. and say: 'I remember when he was weak and sick.

You see. I have told you I am the Father. are having the same experiences they had while they were here: hating." Six months ago the man asked my brother to buy him out. One day the two of them were standing on fifty acres of undeveloped land. he cannot return. and because the man wanted out. In the audience tonight are three to whom I made this statement and they rejoiced.' If you loved me you would have rejoiced because I go to the Father. My friends. Now. only young. when my father said: 'You know Vic. but it is not. Now I say to all: unless I go away I cannot come to you. Learn to control your wonderful imagination and you will discover that the whole vast world is yourself pushed out. If you love me you will rejoice in the depth of your soul. with the same problems they had here. And when you awake in the morning Christ (your imagination) awakes with you. My brother set that whole thing in motion. Last night I visited many of my friends. I go away and I will come to you. but not from revelation unless my father told him. A few years ago while in Barbados I asked my brother about the business and he replied quite innocently: 'It is doing remarkably well. for the Father is greater than I. for you will know that. disliking. This is done many times unwittingly. That the Father dwells in me and I dwell in you and you dwell in me. but his hours are long and I think he is getting tired. loving. as my brother. Becoming invisible. This I know. May I urge you to always use your power in a loving way. my brother got the business at his price. liking. fulfilling scripture. This is the unity of our being and there is no other. or you could not remember your dreams. stating that the hours were too long and the responsibility too great. It is possible to take a business that belongs to another and tear it down. which opened to the beach. I spent my entire night in a world. you are aware of them because Christ has never left you." The property was then owned by three sisters who were not interested in selling. [90] . I can close my eyes to this world and enter that world instantly. the man who had really wanted the property was in Brazil so my father bought it. which is not real to this one. There is no limit to your creative power. They are the same people. but one day when they were ready to sell. but the effect is the same. therefore. to me this world is no more real than the world I visited last night. although I will be invisible I will never leave you." This statement appears to be conflicting. this would be a good place to build homes and hotels. for it can be used unlovingly with the same results. for being fully aware that I have already died. Simply stand on your new belief and say to yourself: I remember when. See what you want to see in your mind's eye in place of what you see on the outside. in the 14th chapter of the Book of John the central character of scripture said to those who were beginning to fulfill scripture: 'You heard me say to you. yet so solid and real to those who inhabit it. so when you find me you find yourself as the Father. Take what I have told you this night to heart and put it to the extreme test in this world of Caesar. although gone from this sphere. The man who owns two-thirds of it is a good manager. Christ became you. The human imagination is the God the world honors (as they should) for imagination is the creative power of the world. who have gone through that little gate the world calls death. regardless of whether your dreams are beautiful or horrible.Tonight. not only those who are here but those such. Victor has done this many times before.

You will find yourself moving across a series of events which will lead you to the fulfillment of your desired state.was doubled. but when the flame is increased the boil is assured. is there anything more important in this world? Is there any TV program. thereby affirmed and made a principle for all to prove. so if you discover one who desires to play the part of envy. Those who do not will show envy. I couldn't leave this platform without it. for thought only takes a moment of intensity to be made alive. Everything needs resistance in order to move. How it will come about I do not know. let him play it. You can move by assuming you have changed so much that they no longer recognize you. Remember when your daughter was single by imagining she is married. Instead you are becoming aware of your new state as a present objective fact. And if you will remain faithful to your new awareness. Memory is such a frame. Perhaps your friends remember you as poor and unknown. which causes the one spoken of to have more! He may never know who caused his success. The key is this: While in a state you no longer desire to express. Those who love you will empathize. Use your same circle of friends." If you can remember it you are no longer in it. you may have heard a little jealousy in their tone and that is good because envy adds fire to the statement. I only know it will unfold. Observe their faces and listen to their whispers as they look at the new you and remember when! This is what I was shown when God spoke to me through the medium of vision and made himself known to me in a dream. it will crystallize. I urge you this night to seek the kingdom of God and all these things will be yours! [91] . saying: 'How long have I been here?" and when I replied: 'Two years" he asked: 'Did I learn anything?" to which I answered: 'Yes. but it wasn't. but this time see them from a different angle. movie. If we know that God speaks to us in a dream or vision. radio.although experienced many years ago . Compare what you want with what you have. If they differ you must make the effort to move. Many years ago my friend Bob discovered this. or newspaper greater than a revelation which comes from the depths of the soul giving an eternal principle of creation? There is nothing in this world equal to it. A kettle of water placed on a low flame is slow to boil. that I built a word picture so clear that those who heard it saw the building as something objective to them. you must move inwardly by claiming: 'I remember when I was in a state I did not like. In his vision he questioned me. and from that frame of reference you can observe the expression on their faces. I was so intense in my vision of being the grandfather. Go through life remembering when. Dare to assume you are the one you really want to be. You couldn't drive your car without resistance. You must learn the secret of motion. My vision . for their envy will become a resisting force which will help you move forward. Start now to remember when your friend wasn't well by imagining he is healthy.The thought expressed by my father seemed to be an idle one. so I ask you to try it." You must have a frame of reference by which you can detect movement. but it was done by an act of remembrance with intensity. If you see envy don't try to change it. Haven't you heard people say: 'Who does he think he is? I remember when he had nothing and was a nobody!" Now. you learned how to move.

but you now have a law which states: 'Whatsoever you desire believe you have received it and you will. Everyone will experience scripture just as it was foretold: the resurrection. which is God the Father. Now I want to leave the world and go to the Father. And as he rises in you all impossibilities will dissolve as you will realize that everything is coming into your world from within. horrible problems. the birth of joy.Do not let anyone tell you that Jesus is coming again. but I have given you a law which will cushion the blows of life. finding your Son David. yours to experience when your memory is restored. Coming out from within I see a world and 'others" who have power over me. I am not promising you complete relief from all physical problems. Listen to these words carefully and you will see that the Father never left you: 'I came out from the Father. and since [92] . How is that done? By returning within. This is your destiny. into his one body. ending on this lovely note: 'All is done as I have told." And he meant exactly that. the creative power of God. As I told a friend tonight. The words 'within" and 'above" as well as 'without" and 'below" are the same in scripture. but when the child is born she forgets everything because of the joy that the child is born." You are destined to know such joy. and when he appears you will know him for you will be just like him. but I do know that you are going to conceive and bring forth the greatest thing in this world which is the birth of God. your ascent into heaven. There will be problems. It is he who speaks to you from within. And where is heaven? Within! So I came out from within. some of you are having physical and emotional problems. which will never fail you and there is no limit to your power of belief. 'The Mental Traveler": 'I traveled thro' a Land of Men A Land of Men and Women too And heard and saw such dreadful things As cold Earth wanderers never knew For there the Babe is born in joy That was begotten in dire woe Just as we Reap in joy the fruit Which we in bitter tears did sow. Things are going to happen and you will find all kinds of challenges." And where is the Father? In heaven. one God and Father of all. for he has never left you. but be of good cheer. It's entirely up to you as to how and when these revealed laws of God are used. But don't forget what I have told you this night. your birth from within. for we are told in the 16th chapter of John: 'When a woman is in travail she suffers. It came to me from the depths of my soul. one Spirit. so don't expect it.' Here Blake is telling us what he saw in his mental journey. one Lord." That's a law. for the child to be born in you is Christ Jesus. as Blake said in his poem. no one ever promised you that it was going to be easy to bring forth the greatest gift in the world. In you as your own wonderful human imagination. Now. and the descent of the dove. Christ is crucified in all and will eventually awaken in all as he gathers us together into himself.

You will know it because there is only one Father and one Son. [93] . for we are One. And when my Son calls you Father. memory will be yours and you will know the truth of what I say now. that I am in my Father and my Father is in me and I am in you and you are in me. you will know that you and I are one. the cause of all life. Now let us go into the silence.there is only one within where can I go that I can come again to be seen coming from without? When you return to the source.

so he equates God with the human imagination: that God is the human imagination. We are told that: “With God.‖ Well.it doesn’t have to be good.to tell it. In the 18th chapter of the Book of Matthew you read these words: ―If any two of you agree on earth about any request that you must make. which was also a neighbor -. leaving three children: two little ones and a demented boy in his early teens.‖ [Matthew 18:19] Find two who agree. the neighbor wanted to be free of a disturbing element in the neighborhood. all things are possible. ―Neville. I can only acquaint you with the Law and leave you to your choice and its risk.‖ This he said long before he had a nickel. it doesn’t have to be this. she wants you to put it into a positive statement just like that -. that they were gone. Well. but any request -. that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.Neville Goddard 3-22-1971 ―IF ANY TWO AGREE . But one has to learn something outside of this and govern everything by Love.” Then we are told: “All things are possible to him who believes”. and she has done a remarkable job in the world of Caesar in dollars and cents. dependable income. Now.a couple with three children. and then you stop. She has exercised this talent of hers which she has learned. . but we have Scripture for it -. If you put it on a record.“that you must make. I‘m quite sure that she was perfectly innocent in the wonderful work that she did.―but tell me what you want. she wants you to make a statement in a positive manner. she can hear you as distinctly as anyone could ever hear you. . and I tell you the story that you may see.‖ Concerning the Law. Her ability to hear distinctly is so keen and wonderful that she heard him affirm what he had affirmed.‖ Now let me explain to you what she means by this. So she [94] . and he persuaded himself of the reality of what he was hearing. It‘s entirely up to you. what have I done? Have I done something that is wrong? A neighbor of mine -. can you conceive of something greater? If two agree on earth concerning any request -. a friend of mine called me today. consistent with integrity and mutual benefit. that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father. Everything must be governed by Love. and all things are possible to the human imagination. So. that or the other. Everything must be governed by Love. regardless of what they do with the Law. In a matter of days the parents were killed on the highway.a male neighbor -. as you have. steady. and that request will be granted. If you speak to her -make a sentence. what she is hearing is just as accurate as that recorded record.” Here we are told the greatest secret in the world concerning the human imagination. She was quite concerned. from this platform. So.asked me if I would play back his record for him. She has a very keen ear. So she heard him distinctly say that he was free of this disturbance. She said. like the great Professor* who said: ―I have a lavish. and really quite disturbed.

I acquaint you with a principle and leave you to your choice and its risk. -. [95] . that my neighbors are gone. dependable income. But I say. leaving behind little children -. from ―Love‘s Philosophy‖] We are only one! So. She is fantastic in hearing what she wants to hear in the world of Caesar. only one God and Father of all. Now you may say. consistent with integrity and mutual benefit. There‘s only one spirit. If someone can say to you. and now I am free of that disturbance. Can you find agreement on this level where I will tell you. In one another‘s being mingle. Now.two little tots in their swing. She is completely exonerated as far as I am concerned.he‘s a little bit demented. She simply applied the principle. do it in love. and now you have heard this. and you heard it with me. you now -in my absence -.may I tell you? we are one body. the early teens -. but may I tell you? You can go beyond that and take it into the world of Promise. and he‘s not quite aware of what has happened. So I tell you. the parents are dead. you heard my voice? You listen to my voice. She had only heard. ―If two agree on earth about any request that they might make. -. by a law divine.‖ Well now. Could I say to you. ―You did nothing that was wrong. and the other one.‖ and your ear is so sensitive that you can hear exactly what the other one says -. What did I do? ________________ * Robert Millikan I tried to persuade her. ―I have a lavish. and can you hear with me that? Because what I said before was as much a lie based upon this level as the other. that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father. she didn‘t do it. that‘s a request. she didn‘t ask that. And here are two agreeing: you heard the voice. It doesn‘t limit it there. And then. having heard my voice distinctly. only one lord. Did she do it? No. You simply exercised a principle. The lad who asked of you. whatever you do. they‘ve been killed in some freeway accident. I have had the experience? I have had the experience of which he speaks. -. the experience of the ascent into the heavenly sphere. the experience of the discovery of the Fatherhood of God. can you go into another level and have someone who really sincerely desires to have this spiritual experience of the Promise as that lad wanted to be free of a disturbing neighbor? So. the experience of the resurrection and the birth from above. ―All things.did you ask him anything concerning his motive behind it all?‖ Well.there are two witnesses now. steady. if these two parents are now gone from the world.they are totally unaware that their parents are gone.you hear my voice actually state what you heard it state physically.wondered. and so I am telling you now of another level. as I have told you on this level.‖ [Shelley.

what horrors he would do in the world! Their two parents are gone? All right. and she has made millions -. but her whole interest has been on the world of Caesar: getting security. If someone asks of you this night to hear good news for them. it has not interested her. the two could be within yourself.‖ -. The Promise does not interest her.and I plead with you -. she knew these voices. she simply got his request. She didn‘t ask reasons beyond. You can say to yourself. dollars and cents. hurt anyone. This world is one‘s own imagination ―pushed out. perfectly normal. and you don‘t even need another one. You don‘t have to do anything on the outside. Now tonight she is faced with this. but I can see a great interest in the Law. positive mariner what you have. She asks you simply.‖ The whole vast world is all imagination. so he didn‘t‘ want that.treat it lovingly. So. so they are gone.don‘t state it as a hope. As far as I am concerned. It does create reality. ―State it in a bold. but not until man is incorporated into the Body of Love will he actually be able to exercise this Power where he can stop time and then start time. you are exercising a law. and that‘s her business. and then they become what you and I call ―realities. but the Law does. she knew who you were because she knew the voice. because she is a delightful. Because. So here. which was perfectly all right. She believed that imagining creates reality. ―I hope to have it. and ―With God all things are possible. and then listen. and she started with not one penny in this world when she first heard me. I can‘t see any interest in the Promise when I talk to her. and the Promise means nothing to her. lovely lady -. for one moment. certainly hear it. I say to you. may I tell you? -.So. treat it.‖ So. There is another friend* of mine back in the east. I am telling you of a principle -. that all these socalled objective realities were simply first imagined. She has been trained that way. but she believed what I told her.but millions. They go all the time anyway. State it as a fact. ―All things are possible to him who believes‖. You are telling a principle. and so. and she knew voice after voice after voice. and it disturbed him.‖ Therefore. because we are living in an imaginal world. the human imagination is equated with God! God and the human imagination are one.which is really what you hope to have. I tried to persuade her today that she didn‘t do a thing that was wrong.‖ -. She was in the telephone business for quite a while as the head of her department on long-distance calls. as I am telling you now it does. But here. you are in big business. It need not be someone as sensitive as she is to the human voice. And she could actually register that voice. and she has discovered the Law. Before you could even announce who you are. but try to find out something behind the reason why they are asking it of you.a lady who would not. you come to her. When you own buildings on 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth you are ―in the money. and she works it beautifully. She has been so trained to hear sound. a little man who wanted freedom from the disturbance of what he called a disturbing neighbor -three little children playing all the time.‖ When you have businesses all over the world.Author of ' The Magic Of The Mind ' [96] .a Law that cannot fail. that you may do it in a _________________ * Louise Berlay .

am I not equating God with the believing one? And the believing one. as she did. it must externalize itself in my world. [97] . I don‘t need any other to do it.‖ And so. you be the judge. I wound and I heal. I wound. Don‘t minimize it. So. steady.and listen to his voice as he is confirming that you have it. I do all things. He did it all within himself. pleasant thing. You don‘t need another‘s voice in the sense that you let him come into your world. the one who is listening and hearing.‖ Well. you can hear a friend of yours tell you that he heard the good news about you. dependable income. Then there are two: this one that I am hearing and I.she‘s not here tonight. These are the two who agree. or to help anyone. all things are possible. I say to this lady -. isn‘t that one‘s own human imagination? That‘s all that it is. tell a friend without his knowledge. I am telling you from my own personal experience that only when you are incorporated into the Body of Love will you exercise the Power that can stop arid release time. If I have a desire to help you. Or. he did it unto himself.‖ And I do everything. I can‘t find one limit in Scripture.loving way. then it is conclusive. your own wonderful human imagination is the only cause of the phenomena of life. leaving behind three little children. and none can deliver out of my hand. and he became the two. There is no other power! That is the God spoken of in Scripture! That is the only God -your own wonderful human imagination. there is no limit. all I need do is simply to imagine that I have heard them. Well. If two agree in testimony. It could have been removed in a thousand little ways. If you could stop time without love.‖ He didn‘t ask another to state that. and then listen in your own wonderful manner to your own voice for that matter. state it. That whole family could have been removed without the destruction of the parents. So.‖ So. -she did not do one thing that was wrong. and she heard it distinctly. consistent with integrity and mutual benefit. I make alive. ―The whole vast world is only the imaginal act ―pushed out. I tell you. and then have a friend whose voice you know well -. There is no limit set upon this Principle--but none whatsoever. ―I kill. ―There is none that can deliver out of my hand. She simply accepted a person‘s request.‖ and ―All things are possible to him who believes. and these two agree. The Professor didn‘t do that. whether it be a violent thing or a lovely. but it was removed in that manner. and you can go to any extreme in this world. I heal. He said. Do you know what you want tonight? All right. and because imagining creates reality. a friend of hers is here tonight who will see her. It doesn‘t matter how big it is. you put it to the test.rubbed out. You know what you want. we are told: ―With God.‖ as I am told in the 32d chapter of Deuteronomy. You actually write it out in your mind‘s eye. and in a matter of days they are gone -. ―I kill and I make alive. ―I have a lavish. So. what a horror you could create in this world! But you will not for one moment exercise that Power until you are first incorporated into the Body of Love. then I actually hear them tell me what I wish they would tell me. and have him first state what he wants.

you are free indeed. the gift of God. He didn‘t recognize his own son. He would not put on the garment of the king.‖ So. ―As your soul Liveth. will discover that you are actually. so the stripling -. In one another‘s being mingle. That‘s what I‘ve been trying night after night to convince everyone who is here: that you.‖ -.‖ No one knows. it would be entirely different. the Bethlehemite. And the day will come that everyone will know it. ―Grace‖ is equated with the power of God. ―I am the son of Jesse. and there is no power in the world that can persuade you that you are until a son -. and you have my grace -. you are free indeed. ―For my grace is sufficient unto thee.‖ The number ―five‖ is grace. ―Five‖ is simply ―grace. but it was only done to herself.‖ We are all one.to set the father of the man who destroyed the enemy of Israel free. He is suffering from amnesia.not the son -. whose son is that youth?‖ And Abner said. So. there must be a son. so he stands before him. by a law divine. ―Inquire whose son the stripling is. and he asks his lieutenant. you are the little weak one.‖ And people wonder: What on earth is that all about? ―If the son sets you free. one day. and he‘s insane. Who is the father of the man who brought that head here? The king‘s name is Saul. and my power is made perfect in weakness.‖ He said. he took only the grace of God. not five little stones as told in the story. The ―king‖ is everyone in this world. 0 King. because: ―All things.you have my power.‖ Here in Scripture you are told: ―If the son sets you free. and it is His Son who stands before you and calls you ―Father.and because He is Father. ―Whose son are you.‖ A demented king stands and he looks at the head of the ―enemy of Israel.the young lad -. You go forward.Now. Here is God‘s gift of Himself to man. young man?‖ And he said. He took it off. It‘s all beautiful imagery. ―Abner. [98] . if we were not one. And one day you will discover from your own experience that you are God the Father. and the king does not understand who is standing before him. And he destroyed the enemy of Israel. literally God the Father! The central theme of the Christian faith is the Fatherhood of God. That‘s the central theme. and the king said to him.‖ and he wonders. They weren‘t five stones.comes holding the head of the giant in his hand.because the king had sworn to set the father -. and grace is God‘s gift of Himself to man. He only carried five stones with him. I cannot tell. I tell you.

They will grow into this wonderful world [99] . Lord?‖ ―I am he whom thou persecutest. ―I heard that you. you will actually see Him. Now. when she called today at 10:00 this morning.and that he‘s your son. and the ascent of myself into heaven.I have actually experienced the Resurrection. That‘s the kind of a lady that she is.frightfully disturbed -. my heart went out to her because she was quite disturbed -. You will know Him to be your son: and knowing your Scripture that He is the son -. and hear the friend say to you. and the descent of the dove. Forget it. and the discovery of David.Paul‘s first name was Saul. and for the rest of her earthly days that‘s done. a butterfly.of getting rid of a neighbor? Why limit it to the dollars and cents of making a fortune? Why not take it into the Promise. She wouldn‘t hurt anyone. He will be the one who is standing before you. The whole vast world is Saul. and the birth from above. and all of a sudden I am set free! This is the story of Scripture. -. I would ask her to go outside of that now. and Saul was converted into Paul.‖ So. and have someone within your own Self say. When he was Saul. memory returns. What have I done? For really. ―Who are you. I am the Lord. and as far as the little children are concerned.‖ .and then let that friend‘s voice be the voice that you are hearing. she has money. She really wanted that beyond all things. but they are still in a world just like this. She wanted money. ―Saul. my Son returns. if she could hear that which was not true and then it becomes true. then you know Who-You-Are. and he remembers he has promised to set the father free of the man who destroys the enemy of Israel. You are God Himself. then take a friend. and he is set free! ―No one can set me free but the Son that I have forgotten. You will recognize Him. to go back to the story. and then he heard a voice saying. The day will come. they will be taken care of.the only son of God -.‖ And then he changed his name from Saul to Paul. And so. why persecutest thou me?‖ And then he answered. and she has it. arid you are reveling in what the friend is saying concerning what you have experienced.‖ and then listen as though you actually heard it? If you can‘t do it that way. If she could only become hungry for It.well. ―I have experienced the Promise.with the thought. So. do not limit it to the world of Caesar. limited for a little while in a garment of flesh and blood to tell the story to encourage others who are still in the demented state of Saul. she would not kill -. he went out to destroy the entire story as he heard it. It is all in trust.‖ So. He looks into the face of his own son and he cannot recognize him because he is actually suffering from amnesia. but she has it now. as she was hungry for money. They have gone from this little world. then it is conclusive. But do not dwell upon what has happened concerning the death of these two people. why limit it to the world of Caesar? -. and he is the Father. and have the two agree. Saul. She got it. ―If two agree in testimony. Then comes a complete return of memory.

dreamt of violence. I [100] . which is called by the simple. or that it was not some little shepherd boy lighting up his eyes for one moment before this little power ran upon its way.‖ He was dreaming of being a hero. But I am telling you.my own wonderful human imagination.influencing every one who can be used to aid me in the objectification what am imagining. do the loving thing. and he simply -. use that as your rule. and everything will be perfect. simple term the ―Golden Rule‘. So. So. ―I am from above and you are from below. Here‘s the one who said. He must be this.in his own strange way -. Whatever you do. you are of this world.‖ We are all actually one. This is the ―Esau‖ of Scripture. Here is the ―outer man‖ called Neville who came into the world first. -. And if you are ever in doubt. it is one Being speaking to Himself. and you can‘t go wrong. because we are all one. This is the story. And then after that. But he does it.‖ Do you think one man is talking to men? No. and that‘s the ―Jacob. ―I am from above. I am not of this world. In one another‘s being mingle. because today it seems that man feels only if he were a hero in a military sense that he really is a hero. -. and then he is influencing the entire world. and you are from below. your own wonderful human imagination is creating all the realities of your world.‖ So. They aren‘t two separate little boys. comes another one. do it lovingly.of ours. That‘s what Yeats meant when he said: ―I will never be certain that it was not some woman treading in the wine-press who started the subtle change in men's minds. if you are ever in doubt. you are of this world.‖ Then you will be able to understand Scripture.‖ This is the ―twin‖ that comes into the world. do lovingly.I don‘t care what it is. All the objective things in the world are but the outpouring of our imaginal acts. that or the other in some fantastic manner. that the one who could say. by a law divine. ―All things. this is an adumbration of that which comes later into the New Testament. ―Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. and then the day will come that you and I will meet ―on high. if I stand here now and lose myself in an imaginal act. I am influencing the entire world -.

and it‘s limited to its senses. I will show you how I need not be anchored here. I will stand here. where would I go? I know exactly where I would go. Esau came first. noon and night. but I want to go elsewhere. he is that ―Second Man. and ―see‖ it as I am now seeing this from this platform? I can do it.the room. the 15th chapter. They are rival races from their birth. and reason denies it.am not of this world. I take ―there‖ and make it ―here‖.‖ And the ―thing below‖ is the body that you are ―wearing. Well now. Well. He never gets away from it. assume that I am elsewhere and see the world from that elsewhereness. And that second one is your own wonderful human imagination. that the ―Second Man‖ is the Lord from Heaven. I don‘t travel. and my time will not allow it. not knowing that. the younger o‘er the older reign. But these rivals within man -.‖ Now. and the younger. my senses deny it. But there is something outside -. Moffatt‘s translation].‖ and he is the Lord from Heaven. which is the second.his name was changed from Jacob to Israel. He is called in Scripture the Lord Jesus Christ.‖ He came second. because these two. Man. he is tied to his little body ―Esau‖ morning. you are anchored here.what reason allows. if I do it. Now we are told in the first book of Corinthians. I simply [101] . So I stand here.far beyond this. So. which is the ―Second Man. Everything in this world tells me I can‘t go. let me in my imagination go. certainly! It‘s my own wonderful human imagination! Can I. Well. Is there something in me that could dominate this little man that insists that this is the only reality? Well. and ―here‖ vanishes. -. this [indicating the body] is the ―Esau‖. one the mastery shall gain. I only accept as real what my senses now dictate -. So. while standing here. who became Israel as he wrestled successfully with the Lord. And he will actually dominate when he comes awake within this wonderful story that is Scripture. the second one who is mentioned in Genesis as Jacob. It can only accept as true what the senses dictate —.‖ and that is ―of this world. I bring ―there‖ here. is the Lord from Heaven. but I don‘t want to be here. as we are told in Scripture: ―In thy limbs lie nations twain. and I take ―then‖ and make it ―now‖ And with my eyes closed to this world. what would happen? I‘ll go there.the second one eventually will become superior. my pocketbook will not allow it. yet that younger one is destined to be the master.‖ That‘s from the 25th chapter of the Book of Genesis [Genesis 25:23. Well.‖ So the Being that is speaking is your own wonderful human imagination that in Scripture is called ―Jesus Christ. rival races from their birth.

we are dealing with the most fantastic mystery in the world. no regrets. They are awake in a world just like this to continue their journey. but his father Isaac said. So. That‘s what we are told in the Book of Genesis. and he must take it even though he deceived me. and it will all come to pass.because you are actually solving the problem of God. [102] . I gave him your birthright. That‘s what Fawcett said: ―The secret of imagining is the greatest of all problems. If you can solve the problem of imagining. and no one should stand in judgment of what she did. She heard it from me. supreme delight lie in the far-off solution of this mystery. I only ask you: when you hear it. make them rearrange their words to fit a pattern of love. Then you hear that. So ask.‖ [from ―The Zermatt Dialogues‖] -.envelop myself in my wish fulfilled. you are solving the problem of God! So. She exercised a Law that she heard. Never do unto another what you would not want them to do unto you -. now you must vanish. I deceived myself into believing that I am what one moment before reason denied and my senses denied. they will go in their own wonderful way. Esau came back from the hunt. and the three will be taken care of. then I open my eyes. for supreme power. even though you make a mistake and people are injured. I gave him the right of birth to come into this world and be as real as you seemingly are. And when it seems to take on all the tones of reality and all the sensory vividness of reality.never do it. I do not stand in judgment. -.‖ It was a self-deception. and this world returns. does it really matter what the world thinks? You see. to the solution of which every man should aspire. They will want to go and you hear it in that way. supreme wisdom. I gave him my blessing. So. I cannot take away my blessing. Try it! And if it proves itself in performance. So. mix it with love. why do you want the neighbors to go? All right. like tonight two are dead. I cannot take it back. and see the world as I would see it if it were physically true. and as he came back Jacob vanished. ―Even though he deceived me into believing he was you.the mystery of imagining. They may want to go without violence. too.

for in him we live and move and have our being. so if the word ―God‖ would turn you out. I ask the question. All things exist in the human Imagination. The power of believing is God himself. is your own Imagination. how you can enter into a state. in your Imagination.‘ This therefore that you worship as unknown.. no two believing in the same god. This is what Blake said: ―All that you behold. 28) The great Blake said it differently. If all things are possible to God. though it appears without. it is within. as man‘s own wonderful human Imagination. a story of Paul coming through to the Athenians. for he saw the inscription over and over. We go to church and the mind turns outward to some god. of which this World of Mortality is but a Shadow. [this] I proclaim unto you. I think I have told it to the satisfaction of most people that we are the operant [103] .‖ (―Jerusalem‖) Then he said: ―Babel mocks…‖ We are all familiar with what Babel represents: the confusion of tongues. It‘s difficult for man to make the adjustment. God in man is man‘s own wonderful human Imagination. O Divine Body art all A delusion. But that‘s not what Scripture really teaches. And so he said: Babel mocks saying.‖ ―He is not far from each of us. but within man. That is the creative power of the world. I think I have told it simply enough how you can test it. and he calls upon these men.‖ (Mark 9:23) That is Scripture. Scripture teaches that the power that creates the entire universe is not without man. nor Son of God That thou O Human Imagination. Are we not told in Scripture: ―With God all things are possible‖? (Matthew 19:26 and Mark 10:27) We are also told in Scripture: ―All things are possible to him who believes. To him and to the speaker.Neville Goddard 7-14-1969 IMAGINATION Tonight‘s subject is Imagination. they have different concepts of the creative power of the universe. having been trained to turn on the outside to some god that he worships. He equates God and his son with the human Imagination. the Lord Jesus of Christendom. Divine Imagination is identical with the word ―Jesus.. and he paints a word picture of someone before whom we must bend our knee and cross ourselves. You read in the 17th chapter of the book of Acts.‖ So. He said: ―As I passed by…I saw [an altar with] this inscription.‖ (Acts 17:23. there is no God. now. then it should be possible for you. Not yet speaking different languages but speaking one tongue. but I know thee O Lord. 27. and God is your Imagination. Now. try to make the adjustment within yourself and begin to believe that the God of Christendom. ‗To an unknown god. So. when I think of Jesus I do not see a being outside of my own wonderful human Imagination.

reaching for the moon. I have told. and Napoleon. as I was coming through from the depths of my own being.‖ Or it could be some tyrant trying to conquer the earth.‖ What was the significance of the vision? All of man‘s ambitions are like clay.‖ I stepped off onto this dead body in space. is not enough. little ornaments but the cheapest of cheap! You can‘t conceive anything cheaper in appearance and in quality. for the dreamer is one‘s Imagination. cheap beyond measure. here is the experience: I am on a spacecraft headed for the moon. how to realize my objective in this world in a more simple way than I have so far succeeded in telling it. made on earth to sell on the moon. That is the cause of all.power. And those who now have billions. let me say that everything in this world contains within itself the capacity for symbolic significance. a Stalin. Now. A few days before I closed in Los Angeles. I am asking for light so that I can throw some light upon the Law. You want to transcend the limitation of your world where you were born. I went into the moon through a very. Now. made of clay: little cups.‖ I said to myself. and so we will hit this object in space. little plates. but he left every penny behind him. a little after 4:00 o‘clock. you have heard the expression time and time again: ―Oh. it is all in one‘s Imagination. I am headed for the moon. I asked the depth of my own being to show me. little saucers. I retired quite early. ―I have said everything that I have heard from within myself. put them on the moon to sell to tourists. So. Or it could be some financial ambition. I have told what I have experienced concerning the Promise. He had reached the nice. but he left the estate. and friends who know your limitations will say of you: ―He is reaching for the moon. Well. the moon. and thought: ―Here. first of all. Could I tell them something more about the Law that would make it a little bit more simple? What can I say that I haven‘t said?‖ So. he is reaching for the moon. All these were reaching to conquer the earth. I picked them up. in the wee hours of the morning. examined them. To whom would I turn? ―So. They were cheap. We have to apply it. and this is the vision: I am on this craft and I am headed for the moon. There are others on the craft with me. They will all turn to dust. I say to someone on the craft: ―May I get off?‖ and he said: ―Certainly. maybe 9:30 or 10:00 o‘clock and I communed with myself. ripe age of seventy-five. objects made on earth and placed on the moon to sell to tourists. to recite it. a quarter of a million miles away. Instead of landing on the moon. dead as dead can be. He started out as a poor boy and left an estate of five hundred million dollars. very large tunnel – a tunnel wider than the depth of this room. Now. they will leave every [104] . There were little objects for sale. man made these things. There they were. to show me exactly what I could say that I haven‘t said. But forget that part of it. A man died here the other day in Texas. the moon has within itself the capacity for some symbolic significance. We have had a Hitler. Alexander the Great. commit it to memory. for we are the operant power. everything that I have experienced concerning the Law. To hear it. The object is dead.‖ It could be an ambition based upon your social desire. just like some sideshow at a carnival. Now we are actually on the verge of stepping on the moon.

lack of time.000 miles to the west of me. If my desire this night is to be in New York City. it is going to be dropped anyway. Knowing New York City quite well. I must now see it 3. I am seeing it from San Francisco. if I would realize it in spite of the limitations that now surround me (money. For if I could find something more simple to tell them than I think I have told them. as I now see New York City 3. I must be in it. I must. He‘s not hoping for it. from that moment that man is made aware that he has a million. he is actually in it.penny behind them. I asked the question of myself and the depth of my own being answered: so what is the significance of the dream? Tell man. So. though I remain in it only for a little while. when prior to that he had nothing. You can take it in a financial sense. I contemplate now New York City. If I go into that state and dwell in it and make it natural. A man who this night came into a million dollars. I have done it. then I open my eyes. take it in any way whatsoever. not that he shouldn‘t have what he wants. approach them on the fiery chariot of his contemplative thought. this I have used only as a spatial example. or maybe my commitments will tie me here ?I don‘t know. just as though it is made of dust. I would assume I am standing in a most familiar part of New York City and let it surround me. That is what the vision revealed to me. and then think of San Francisco. this would be it: To enter into the state and not simply think of the state. Thinking from it differs from thinking of it. he is walking in the consciousness of having a million dollars. 'I am shocked' to find that I am still here.000 miles to the east of me. Standing here. He is not thinking of it.000 miles away. He is thinking from the consciousness of having a million dollars. a series of events that will lead me and compel me to take a journey to New York City. I went into the moon. Now. he emphasized ―enter into the image. I came back here. I must enter into the image that is now something on the surface of the mind 'out there. I must shut out the belief that I am in San Francisco. a minute or so.' 3.‖ not to contemplate it as something on the outside. I have entered into the state of my desire and I will move across a bridge of incidents. if he could make a friend and companion of any one of these images in his Imagination‖ well. obligations. ―If the spectator could enter into the images in his Imagination. Nevertheless. what other point was driven home to me? This is the point: instead of landing on the moon. Blake makes the statement. call it what you will. certainly he should have it. take it in the social world. I say I can‘t afford the time. I must learn to think from it. yet my desire is to be in New York City. or maybe I can‘t afford it because of lack of funds. Even though at the end of my journey I will leave my things behind me and they will all be as [105] . That is what came to me a few days before I closed. but he can get it. wishing for it. I still want to be in New York City.

for whatever you find about your own wonderful human Imagination.‖ for if all things are possible to him and he dwells in me. I teach it. That‘s the greatest secret in the world. when man who is trained to believe in an external God to whom he bows. you can‘t divide it into different kinds of spirit. if his spirit dwells in me. You came into the world for a purpose. I try to find out what that spirit is in me that I can call by another name that is more intimate. supreme wisdom. God is spirit and his spirit dwells in me. And if all things are possible to God and if I can but believe that they are possible to me. financial background? Must I accept the limitations of birth? Well most people do. I should not allow anything to interfere with my discovery of that spirit in me that is called the ―Spirit of God. I imagine. ―Man is all Imagination and God is Man and Exists in us and we in Him. I have found it and the spirit of God. [106] . (I Corinthians 3:16) Well. I am not saying it is the easiest thing in the world for you to accept this. But when we are here in this world of Caesar. you are finding about God for your Imagination and God are one and the same. at that. and I am all for it. All difference lies in content. So. The secret of imagining is the secret of God. We cannot imagine differently. well then it‘s entirely up to me to find out how to believe it. I observe objects. You imagined yourself into this world. how to use it. intellectual. The Promise is fixed. That is something that will come to every being in this world. The Eternal Body of Man is the Imagination and that is God Himself. Imagining is the reality that we name this power called God. the inevitable blows. if God is spirit.‖ and God is spirit. Well. Who am I? Am I the little one that was born on a tiny little unknown island with no social. but I don‘t observe the power in them. for it has been predetermined. and the Spirit of God dwells in you. But have I read Scripture? Did I read the words that I am the temple of the living God. as do you. to whom he prays then to discover that He is not on the outside at all. It will come as a shock. I do not observe imagining as I do objects. by learning the technique of Law and how to apply it. Blake said in this quote from ―Jerusalem‖: ―Although I behold Thee not…‖ Well. here it‘s perfectly true. how many know it or care to know it? They still want to realize their earthly dreams. an awful shock. which is God himself in me. and the spirit of that God dwells in me and all things are possible to that God? Well. So I don‘t observe imagining. Every one should aspire after this secret and try to unravel it.‖ (Blake) Now.though they were made of clay – all cheaply made. It will come to those who have never heard it before as blasphemy. supreme delight. the thing I quoted earlier. and when the purpose is fulfilled you will detach yourself from it and return to the being that you were prior to your descent into this world. As we are told in Scripture: ―Do you not know that you are the temple of God. and his spirit dwells in you. There is no other God. is my Imagination. and you‘ll imagine yourself out of it. I can cushion the blows. But I cannot change the Promise. [my] response to the eternal question: ―Who am I?‖ will determine the circumstances of my life. Now. Now. not knowing this ?in fact. I must make every effort to locate him. Anyone who finds it finds supreme power. every man.

We are on the verge of it. I don‘t differ in the act of imagining from you or any being in the world. Let Babel say there is no Son of God. He said the Yankee know-how. I am. He wrote that 100 years ago. That is what I am sowing. When he becomes wealthy he may forget the means by which it came about and think all the external forces that were used to bring it to pass are the causes. to take my vision of the kind of a suit that I want. say for wealth. who sees that: ―You. But if they have been trained to believe [in] their little beings and my own tiny little Imagination. When he rises in me I know it then because I rise. [107] . What is now true was once only imagined. for had I not imagined what I have imagined. so shall he reap. God is not mocked. ―Be not deceived. The only difference will have to lie in the content of my imagining. ―As a man sows. Then you tell your dressmaker or I tell my tailor what kind of a suit I want. You are wearing dresses. their engineers will contrive the means to get there first. It seems so real. the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ. I couldn‘t think. he‘s not mocked. Divine Body called my Human Imagination. I could not encounter the conditions that I encountered. he suffers us. So. this was once only imagined. So. A man imagined it a hundred years ago. So I allow him with his know-how. not ―he‖ rises. but he had to imagine it first.‖ God is your imagination. The Imagination in every one is God. And I will turn to the one who gave the blows and blame him or blame them.‖ (Galatians 6:7) Well. that‘s just his imagination. when the blame (if any) is in myself. for the only thing I can 'sow' is what I imagine. What am I imaging? If I imagine something little and feel sorry for myself ?all right. because the blows will come to me. you are wearing all kinds of things. Then comes that wonderful statement of the prophet. and he is my Imagination and I do not differ from any person born of woman. we will get there first. Well.‖ And were he not buried in me I couldn‘t even breathe. O Human Imagination. life will prove that I had every reason in the world to feel sorry for myself. Now what is then proven when I put it on was first only imagined? A man imagines a desire. But one day he will rise in me and as he rises in me. It‘s just a plain piece of cloth. will I now change from an external god to the internal God and find him in myself as my own wonderful human Imagination? Let Babel rant and say there is no God. but they had to be imagined first. but do not know it.Well. We are told: Don‘t fool yourselves. He even imagined the nation that would do it. Having picked out the material.‖ We are going to the moon. So. what am I sowing? I am sowing everything that I am imagining. we are one. I am he now. They had to play the part that they played because he imagined what he imagined. he executes it. He has become me to the point that we aren‘t two. I have located him. You go to a tailor or your dressmaker and you pick out the material that you like. and no matter how others try. people will say: ―Oh. This is the Law of Scripture. We are in a room. buried in me. Jules Verne.

compelling you to [108] . but not as something external to myself. and he will call me ―Father. I can believe but have I made all things come to pass? It can only be my lack of belief if that statement is true.‖ Then I am looking right into the face of the Son of God.‖ I say: ―I am weeping. How on earth could that produce the result when I‘ve just assumed that I‘ve done it?‖ Well. It‘s not difficult if you‘ll try it.‖ (Mark 9:23) Well. I could not in eternity see myself as something external. I must see it only by reflection and the world undevoutly reflects what I am doing within myself. for reason will deny it. making ―there‖ here and ―then‖ now.‖ Then. He stands before you. ―Father.‖ I don‘t say: ―My body is tired. entering into the image is the most delightful thing in the world.‖ I say: ―I am tired. the Imagination that will entertain him that‘s where he went. Everyone.‖ That is my Imagination. Everyone will have that experience.‖ Well. Try it in the simplest little way: putting yourself elsewhere by making 'elsewhere' here. Doubt cannot be the God of whom I speak for doubt is called in Scripture the devil. and all things are possible to him that believes. wait and see if a little bridge of incidents does not quickly appear. The day will come I will actually see myself. when my senses deny it? So reason cannot be the God of whom I speak.‖ So. his name is ―I Am. If I will have no room in my Imagination for doubt then I am on the road to learning the art of believing. Only then do you know who you are. that you are God the Father. Well then. ―For all things are possible to God. one day. 'the demon' and he finds rest only in the human Imagination. I am not theorizing. I will know myself only by reason of the son who stands before me and calls me. ―I didn‘t do anything. wait. You can try it tonight when we go into the silence. and only then.I say: ―I am in pain. and this relationship is something so deep and so profound there is no uncertainty whatsoever in you when you are confronted. I don‘t say: ―My body is weeping. Let me repeat: we are the operant power. How to believe when reason denies it. you can do it. I just did a simple little thing in my Imagination. Knowing it is one thing and doing it is another and the minute you try it. One day you will actually see the Son of God. The minute you do it and open your eyes. will I know who I Am. when my senses deny it? Well. So how then to believe when reason denies it. I am not speculating. is not Blake right when he says: ―Thou sufferest with me‖? Though I do not behold…I can‘t quite see you as something external. but until that day comes let us discover God within ourselves as our own wonderful human Imagination and then test it. in the twinkle of an eye you‘re back here and you will say to yourself. and you see him and you know he is your son and he knows you are his father and there is no uncertainty whatsoever. everyone. And you can do it. I am speaking from experience. will have that experience.

I wondered what on earth have I done? I felt I was a sinful being even to entertain the thought. the whole world can rise in opposition and it makes no difference to you. After you‘ve done it. could go right in and possess it [109] . life will be marvelous for you. but he streams into our surface mind least disguised in the form of productive fantasy. But you can‘t find him and not share it with others. I was raised in a very wonderful Christian orthodox home. But Mother was raised that way and she made her exit from this world in that belief. you‘ve done it. deferred occupancy. I simply had a daydream but without occupancy. I know I had it. for God is that pure imaging in ourselves. as the whole vast world was mistaking personification for persons and the vehicle that conveys the instruction for the instruction itself and the gross perspective for the ultimate sense intended. He underlies all of our faculties including our perception. So. For wherever you are God is there. grace at the table. things that actually happened in her world. when I was exposed to this at the age of twenty or twenty-two. but difficult to accept after the training most of us here have had. Well. as told in Scripture: So Philip found him and he goes and he shares it with Nathaniel. perfectly wonderful for this is the one secret in the world that everyone should aspire to solve.walk across that bridge of incidents towards the fulfillment of what you have done. Peter didn‘t find him.If I. but then someone breaks it and I forget it. that‘s God in action. It works that way and after you have proven it.. I must confess I couldn‘t sleep. I had to wrestle with myself and finally. where Sunday school was in order not once a week. his brother found him and then shared it. I have found him. To her the Bible was secular history. There‘s no place in the world more holy than where you are. I know this much: if you believe to the point of acceptance.‖ (I Corinthians 3:16) What temple in this world made with human hands could compare to this temple when no hand could make it? It comes into the world and it‘s a temple of the Living God. That‘s one of the greatest fallacies of the world. It isn‘t difficult to grasp. when I put it to the test and it proved itself in performance then I knew that I‘d found him. walk as you ought to walk as one in whom God dwells. in my Imagination. I wondered if I‘d done the wrong thing to visit this friend. I didn‘t occupy it. could go right in and possess it and make it mine. I am not telling you it is not a shock and it‘s not difficult to accept. we find and we share it. if it‘s the first time you‘ve been exposed to it. I sit here and have a daydream. Andrew found him and he goes and shares it with his brother.. But again. which was a secular concept. She didn‘t realize that she. I don‘t occupy it. It‘s a daydream. I don‘t go in and possess it and make it mine. but twice a week. if this is the first time you‘ve heard a thought of this nature. in the hope that you will accept him. If I. 'perpetual construction'. you keep on doing it and become all the more rooted in who God really is and you‘ll walk with your head up. Peter. Mother reading Scripture to us and interpreting Scripture based upon her concept. There‘s no church built with human hands comparable to the temple of God and ―ye are the Temple of the Living God and the Spirit of God dwells in you. in my Imagination. All I can do is share him. It was so completely different that it turned me inside out. (See John 1:40-46) So here.

You will in the attempt to disprove it. this is our great secret concerning imagining. having fun at a dance and you are in the company of God. If you exclude one. I tell you. you become ever more discriminating. because it is like almost peeking through the keyhole of someone else‘s door. prove it. You simply assume that it is so. you represent him to yourself as you would like him to be. tho it appears Without it is Within. And then slowly you will come to completely accept it and then you will walk in the company of God. you represent him to yourself as living well and earning a decent living and assuming full responsibility of his job and you push him in your mind‘s eye. You won‘t have to wait for Sunday morning to meet him in a church or any time of day. actually clothe myself with it by assuming that it‘s done now. You don‘t go out and trample it. No matter where you are.and clothe myself with the feeling of the wish fulfilled. You will think of a friend and if he is distressed. your circle will widen. So. If he is earning less than what it really takes to live well in this world with his obligations. It‘s sort of self perpetuating. So you widen your circle. [110] . but hold it in abeyance and try it now.' I identify my own wonderful human Imagination. ―Jerusalem‖) So. it‘s your own failure. you will not disprove it. No. you can‘t exclude anyone. He can‘t maintain that job. In your Imagination of which this World of Mortality is but a Shadow. But you don‘t sit down and work with that one to make it so. You will not read those pages. it doesn‘t interest you. you take in all because. You hear a piece of gossip. [a statement made by Anthony Eden at the Guild Hall when he was Prime Minister of England]. eventually. Well. Just try it. They don‘t know the people and they will go right out and repeat what this person is paid to print. I would only ask you not to deny it to the point of not trying it. Others read only the obituaries to see who‘s dead. He‘s paid to be a gossip hound and people read it. Today in the morning paper. If you doubt it tonight. You plant it as lightly as you would if you sowed a field. if persisted in will harden into fact. until I feel natural in that assumption and that assumption though at the moment denied by my senses. If he‘s unemployed.‖ (Blake. this is what I mean by 'Imagination. You‘ll become a far more wonderful person in the world. Don‘t think for one second that you‘ll live a loose life. You will. many people turned right away to the gossip columnist and wondered who is living with whom and they love it. you sow the field and it comes up. You will simply suddenly dwell upon the noble things. even if you want to disprove it. And who wants to reap the tears forever? So. you represent him to yourself as gainfully employed. It makes no difference where you are once you know God and God is your own wonderful human Imagination and you‘ll become extremely discriminating because you‘ll know you can‘t entertain these ideas with complete acceptance of them and not reap them in your world. Not only for yourself will you do it. you could be standing in a bar enjoying a drink. ―all that you behold.

the interval of a month. All right.‖ (Exodus 3:15) Therefore. that‘s God and ―all things are possible to him. they don‘t remain twenty. and they grow. clothed as you are now only the body is young. Resurrection is a departure from this age into that age called ―the Kingdom of Heaven. ―Go tell them I Am has sent you. a young body about twenty. when I requested that I have this room for 10 talks. because the immortal you cannot die and the immortal you is far more real than the garment of flesh and blood that it wears in the world of Caesar. to find yourself restored once more. are not burned in the furnace. But nothing dies.' but he cannot die. Now there‘s no room for a final death with Christ in man. it was granted and from then on I had no more desire for it. I encounter them all the time and they are young. that‘s God! Who is desiring? I Am. And the journey continues until you resurrect. Learn the law. That to me is the Lord Jesus. but when this is burned in the furnace (cremated) you.' they were seventy or eighty.‖ but only when he in you resurrects as you. I met them in their twenties. This is the limit of contraction for a purpose. I am much. who is ―I Am‖? That‘s God. ―That is my name forever and forever. sixty-one. my mother. not as something external to ourselves but he will rise in us as us. you start with desire. Well. [111] . eighty-five when he said good-bye. He is buried in us and one day he will rise in us. I meet them. my father. the occupant. The desire was realized. well it was a month ago that I accepted it. Well. so I identify our Imagination with God. Then I came a month later to fulfill it. Who is desiring? Well. why not learn his law because the blows are inevitable. I am. and you marry there too and strive there too and die there too. could I write him a second letter pleading with him? Could I in any way hope after I had realized it? No. that you may cushion the blows. then I will apply it and apply this principle towards anything in my world. So.' I am speaking of all for everyone imagines. If I wanted this room to lecture in when I came here and then I got confirmation from the management that I am allowed to speak in the Marines‘ Memorial for ten days and the dates are set. forever and forever. start right there. But while you are in it. Could I continue desiring if I had it? No I couldn‘t. who is feeling? I Am.‖ (Mark 9:23). I simply walk in the assumption that I have it. Well. the same thing is true in all that you do in this world. You are restored. So. though when I said good-bye through the gate of 'death. I Am. much older. Well. Nothing dies in this world for God is the God of the living. This is my name for all generations. You say goodbye to a friend who has gone through the gate we call 'death. not a baby. will you leave this world of Caesar. I had to wait the normal time. after we‘ve gone through the furnaces of experience in this world of Caesar. You grow there and you are just as afraid as you are here. And the principle is this: First.when I say ' I. They grow there too.‖ as we are told in the book of Exodus. when I know what I want to cushion the problems of the moment. for Christ resurrects.

―What will they think when they find out that I am not a Roman Catholic?‖ She said. on their little trucks. but they knew that I was not safe because I was a Protestant. very honest about it for the simple reason her father was that family‘s closest friend. who is God? Your own wonderful human Imagination! Did you imagine it? Well. So. now do you regret it?‖ he said: ―No. And what number of millions of people wore them and are still wearing them – and he never existed! They mount them on the front of their car. now they say he never lived. I used this principle to get out of the army and I got out honorably discharged. Another was in the army. a crushed shoulder. Don‘t turn to any outside power. I didn‘t run away. hundreds of years ago they started this nonsense. I made up my mind that I wanted to get out of the army and then I thought. My wife was very. The very one who said ―No‖ to my request was the very Colonel who called me nine days after I began to apply this principle. ―Were it not for St. to protect you against an accident. Christopher they would not have returned. And all these saints – the saint of the road. I was in the army too. he came back with TB. Down south our Cardinal admitted that tens of thousands of these little medals. so unnumbered millions of these little icons. I did it quite simply. he was in the army. he had put his seal of approval. Well. If he never lived why did they ever start it and yet. And these came back. They know you can‘t be saved anyway. Then when he came out he gave up completely and got married and has a nice little family. But he believed it and they believed it and the father and the mother believed it. I wonder how many still wear St. it‘s done. I wouldn‘t be here picking up pots and doing all these things in the army and being trained. we all go and have fun. They love me dearly and I am not one. hundreds of millions in selling them to the many. one with a foot missing. trust God. on the reverse side of that little medal. Well. And their mother told me in all innocence and they went along with the mother. And now. ―It doesn‘t really matter. so what?‖ So. When they asked him: ―Well. I would be a civilian in New York City in my own apartment with my little girl and my wife. he lost one foot and the arm was completely smashed. the Seal of the Cardinal. that‘s God! Now trust him. Nicholas? They treated him as a saint. it was acceptable then and I did it in good faith. until it takes on the tones of reality and when it does. on their bikes and now to discover at this late date… I‘ve gone out with these friends of mine to greet three fellows who came back from the war. [112] . one arm. The church has just demoted something like a hundred saints. It‘s like treating Santa Claus as a saint. after making fortunes selling little pictures of them. not as long as these fellows were. little medals.You simply dare to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled until it seems natural. His brother was going into the priesthood and he came back deaf. if I were out.‖ But whoever started that nonsense started it for a commercial reason and they made unnumbered millions. They entertained me very well. and they believe it and one was three years going for the priesthood when the war broke and he thought it better to serve his country than to become a priest. where would I be? Well. I said to my wife. but I didn‘t come back fragmented.‖ She really believed it. One was a marine. ―Christian‖ meant nothing to them because you either are a Roman Catholic or you are not a Christian.

You can see the garment. for where could I be save in Imagination? If I am not sleeping here in Imagination. I am speaking from experience.‖ and that day I was honorably discharged and on a train headed for the fulfillment of my dream. I went to sleep in the barracks with all the boys all around.‖ [Deuteronomy 6:4] Don‘t look for a second god. and slept in New York City. [113] . I came back. I was thirty-eight. ―Hear. And. God is one. you still want to get out of the army?‖ I said: ―Yes.‖ I went to bed. So.‖ He didn‘t say.‖ And he asked a thousand questions and to each I said: ―Yes. They saw a man called Neville Goddard sleeping in that bunk but they didn‘t know I wasn‘t there. But having tasted the army life.' Well. So it‘s the 'one' made up of 'others' and that is exactly what the word Elohim means. I simply knew what I wanted. He changed his mind. Louisiana it was way down south and I am up here in New York City. I couldn‘t appeal to some higher echelon.‖ Then he said. There aren‘t a million little gods running around. believe that you have received it. As far as I was concerned I was sleeping in New York City. We are the 'others' and all collectively make the one Lord. which is called 'I Am. and you will?‖ You will read that in the 11th chapter of the book of Mark: ―Whatever you desire…. Well.‖ Well then. if it‘s good for you. I wanted to get out. sir. I didn‘t hurt any one. but is the garment the man? I was sleeping in Imagination which is God and ―all things are possible to him. ―No. He actually acquaints us with the law. O Israel: The Lord our God. I was left to my decision. So. It‘s a plural word. the Lord is one. When I thought of Camp Polk. I could take it only to my commanding officer. bring me in a new application. Who is ―He‖? My Imagination. I went to bed physically on a cot. I am not here. he was my commanding officer. There is only one God. there aren‘t any second gods. I didn‘t tell them what I was doing. ―Disapproved. Well. without his permission. who was only a few months old and the same Colonel who had disapproved my application called me in and said: ―Goddard. then the same man who disapproved was the one who actually granted me honorable discharge . and he disapproved it. And that one God became humanity and in man that one God is man‘s own wonderful human Imagination: that one God. ―All right. The Colonel could tell me nothing to persuade me to change my opinion.My son was a Marine and he was already in Guadalcanal. He leaves us entirely to make our decision.‖ that was final. one made up of others. Are we not told: ―Whatever you desire. If he had said. I simply assumed I was a civilian living in New York City with my wife and my little girl. but you would have to find out where I am in Imagination to actually know where I am. I went to bed without anyone in the barracks knowing what I was doing. I had the paper in my hand. ―He‖ changed the Colonel‘s decision. sir. The word translated 'God' in Scripture is Elohim and Elohim is a compound unity. You see the garment that I am wearing. I didn‘t ask any one‘s permission. He volunteered with my consent for he wasn‘t more than seventeen when I gave my permission for him to join the Marines. and leaves us to our decision. I wanted no part of it. No one was hurt by my application of God‘s Law. but in my Imagination in my own bed in New York City. As far as they were concerned I was sleeping on that cot. I am not theorizing.

We cannot imagine differently. Now let us go into the silence. let them. we have to make the decision. You have different values.‖ [Joshua 24:15] Will I serve a false god or will I serve the one and only living God? And that one and only living God is your Imagination – my Imagination – and that is the immortal man that cannot die. If they want riches. in my vision of the moon I asked for light concerning the law [how] I could tell those that I am trying to teach. regardless of what tongue you use to express yourself…there is a universal language. So. And can‘t you imagine? Well. Am I a little unknown being. ―Choose this day whom you will serve. So. as I said earlier. please? Q. you will discover you need no intermediary between yourself and God – none! He became you.don‘t you know that you are. all right. begin to change my response to the question. to buy food? Well. What does it matter? If they want to be in the social world at the very top. What is my response to the eternal question. No envy whatsoever! If they want to be important in the eyes of the world. struggling for a dollar to pay rent. I will be unable to pay back and will always have to keep looking for someone else to borrow from while I remain in the consciousness of being a little unwanted nonentity. that you may become God! Now. let them be. are there any questions. we are all past masters at misinterpretation. but there is a language that is a universal language of symbolism. and that is the language of symbolism. imaging is God in action. ―Who am I?‖ That response determines the conditions of my life. for the universal language. what are you imaging? You determine that. knowing who he is? So. as do you. that‘s what will happen to me. I can borrow money and beg for money and if I remain in that little concept of myself. Good! When you completely accept this. a more simple way to realize their objective in this world. For. Grant them exactly what they want. All differences lie in content. You are in union with God and God is within you and what better companion could you have in this world than to walk in the company of God. And there‘s no being on the outside to change it! I‘ve got to bring about the change within myself. but every day of the week. And then that night [114] . Let me remain at that moment just what I am and change it now. walk with him not only on Sunday morning. ―Who am I?‖ And if God dwells in me I ought to be important. everything in this world contains within itself the capacity for symbolic significance. Unfortunately. and don‘t you say: ―I am‖? That‘s God. I say. let them be important. not against some one else in the world. [Inaudible] Neville: I would not say that every dream needs an interpretation. That doesn‘t make any difference to me what they are. Most of them do. I imagine. So.

Well. my dreams and your dreams) therefore. 6) Well. they say. I asked down south (I haven‘t the time here ?it would take more time than I am allotted here for two weeks) but down south they write me letters asking me to explain a dream.000. if God is my Imagination. ninety-nine per cent of the books written are a waste of paper) but because a thing is printed. ―Look. I look upon the dream as my own being – the depth of my being – attempting to reveal something to me in the language of dreams. four of them. I came across a book that contradicted the whole idea. any man who writes a book (and may I tell you. many more ?they estimated they had about 300. ―He is reaching for the moon. I cannot discount the simplest dream. the moon is only a symbol of anyone‘s desire.came the vision. But every dream has meaning. and leave yourself open and empty to God. for instance. I must learn the language that it is using to convey to my surface mind this message.‖ (v. [The same man continued his question.‖ And you would say about someone who has no background to even aspire: Why he is crazy! Here is this man without any educational background. witness to what? Have you witnessed the birth of God in you? Have you witnessed any of these great mysteries of Scripture? One of these ―Witnesses‖ came to my door about a year ago (in fact. which they find difficult to interpret for themselves. Question: As regards symbolism. today we have enormous groups of people calling themselves by other names.] Neville: I find myself intuitive enough to interpret the dream of another. but I don‘t look upon a dream as the result of any undigested piece of beef. ―The Friends of God. It may be produced by some undigested piece of beef. if you are a witness. this mysticism . Long before we entertained the thought seriously of reaching the moon. big one in New York City where the Yankee Stadium couldn‘t hold the crowd. Well.000 who were there to get up and testify from experience about their name. And as they grow (and we outgrow in this world) they turn to me for the interpretation of a dream that seems to have no meaning. real beyond measure. and all dreams proceed from my Imagination (that is. he has a book. .‖ So. the other person. I would not accept that.000-odd people in the stands alone. This is vision. I was busy at the time reading my Bible. for here the moon is something that man aspires to reach. and ask any one of the 300. because he sees it in print.‖ but it is sheer nonsense from beginning to end. When it comes to vision. that is something entirely different. but only one came up the stairs). and I would not say that any person‘s individual approach is the only way.‖ Well. and that this is the only way you can have a mystical union. [The man continued with his question]: It was not just one person. We just had a huge. In other words. So. So. It was a very simple presentation. . it was several who called themselves. I spend hours every day with the [115] . A vision is just like this. They called themselves by a very wonderful name in Scripture. and Yankee Stadium can take care of 75. they say to deny yourself and all images. They called themselves ―Witnesses. if the stands can take care of 70odd thousand and the field certainly [holds] many. Neville: First of all. ―He is reaching for the moon. But they were allowed to come down on the grass. As we are told in the 12th chapter of the book of Numbers: ―God makes himself known unto man in a vision and speaks to him in a dream.‖ I don‘t know whether you have Neville: Well. thinks he must be a wise person. and he hopes one day to leave his imprint in the world concerning that which only an educated man can do. we used it as an expression.

You can‘t do it.‖ which is Love. one baptism. according to the numbers of the sons of God. and then. without loss of identity. I am reading his Word right now. she went on down and they gabbed and pointed their finger up: ―Mark that one off. one hope. leave them alone. one God and Father of all‖ (Ephesians 4:4-6) only one.‖ And then something led to something else. the word is not within you. I will never in eternity lose my identity. ―I will send a famine upon the world. I said: ―I am sorry. as I am the father. fully aware of the greater self. what can you do with people? I mean. neither will you. I am busy. until that famine is sent upon you by the God within you. Of the same son you are the father. ―Father. one Lord. but for the hearing of the word of God. it will not be a hunger for bread or a thirst for water. I answered the question. and yet we are one. there is only one Father. we have eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I have a family. but I cannot give you any more of my time unless it is by appointment. Q. We will never bring about an [116] . ―There is only one body. and everyone is going to be the father of that son. or something?‖ So. She said.‖ So. she was going to have her way. She came up and asked me if I would open the door to let her in to explain God‘s Word to me. That shows the unity of our being. I said: ―I am awfully sorry. one spirit. ―Love. and she said to me. If you are the father of my son and that one son I know to be my son. but you came without an appointment.‖ [Amos 8:11] Well. We are told in Scripture. she wouldn‘t allow me to brush her off this way. but we are brothers. everyone here is destined to discover the fatherhood of God as himself through the Son calling him. So. as spoken of in Scripture. ―What are you? A Mormon. Well. In fact. one body but I didn‘t lose my identity.‖ Everyone. one faith. We have enormous pressures in the world to make the world good. I came out as Neville. When I said. ―Do you know what it means?‖ So. He asked me to name the greatest thing in the world. She came to the door with her Bible all marked up with little pieces of paper. [Inaudible] Neville: Ultimately we turn to the One. and I am busy. So. this was about 4:30 or 5:00 o‘clock in the afternoon. I am expanding my identity but there is no loss. only within myself I was conscious of a greater self. I told her my interpretation of the passage she quoted. and I said: ―I am sorry. so she started quoting some Scripture. and I have no time to entertain you or to discuss anything with you.‖ So. I‘ve got to get to someone else.Bible. I can‘t give one person all the questions.‖ So. my lady. You are more interested in making an extra dollar. You can‘t come and ring my doorbell and expect admittance. Q. When I am embraced by the risen Lord as he wore the ―human form divine. You cannot take a man by his nose and put him into a state of consciousness if he resists it. yet no one is going to lose their identity. You are the same God. he‘s going to hell. So. ―He has set bounds to the people. on the street (looking to see what reception she was going to get) there were about three or four down on the sidewalk. it takes all to make the one. When we separated from that union. we are brothers. and we don‘t have interruptions this way. and we live a very quiet and nice life. Scripture teaches. [Inaudible] Neville: My dear.‖ Then she started quoting. and that‘s all you can do. these words.‖ he embraced me and we fused and became one spirit.

This is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. to unite into a single body. I mean they are dead! They can‘t move an eye. [Inaudible] Neville: My dear. They are not aware that they are standing still. This is the nature of this world. So. you find this in every walk of life: good and evil.' ―No one can come unto me. and you will see this world so differently. They didn‘t spill it in Santa Barbara. Ten million dollars for this. the world is dead and people don‘t know it. when you released it they would continue on their intention and not know for one moment that they were still for 1. you can help anyone in this world.‖ (John 10:30) Not one could be here tonight if my Father didn‘t call him. everyone is favored. even though they are walking it. You will know that what you are feeling within you. Q. When I speak. little explosion. This tree bears good and evil. who is the risen Lord. you arrest their activity within you. It is always borne on this tree. And all of a sudden you will come out of it and you will eat of the tree of life. you will be shocked beyond measure. certainly. All that is taking place in the world belongs to the eternal structure of the universe. a hundred million dollars for that and then just wait a little while. So. We are called out of this state one by one by one. I don‘t mean they are standing still like soldiers at attention when they can still blink their eyes and move the body. And the resurrection is not a collective thing. So don‘t try to burn it out. [Inaudible] Neville: Why. they have all the efforts in the world to make it a better world. it is an individual experience. where are the twenty-seven million? Only that week twentyseven million dollars worth of oil for our boys in Vietnam and they can‘t account for it. individually. dead as dead can be. [Ed. and you will get to the point where you will help everyone. unless my Father call him. you‘ll not stop the tree from bearing good and evil. twenty-seven million dollars in oil can‘t be accounted for.000 years. and it bears equal number of fruit. The day will come that you will have this experience. I am not for the crowd.000 years. They are up the wrong tree. they pocketed it themselves. Somebody had it. all divorces. They are going to do it anyway. and as you look at the people round about you. note: reference to oil blowout in 1969. wayward [117] . All marriages. you could arrest. All of a sudden: ―Where is the twenty-seven million dollars in oil gone?‖ Why. to make them all this so-called 'good. you are part of the eternal structure. And if you arrested that motion for 1. You see. This is your first little blow. I want to help every one in this world. This is all part of the structure of the universe.] That came out of the sea. and every one stands still. Q. You didn‘t get created.unbalance of good and evil. But you are not going to change the nature of the tree. You go along your own way in all the lovely things in the world and grant the others to do what they want to do. So. all love. We‘ll get off this tree of good and evil one day and eat of the tree of life [when] that day comes which comes with the resurrection. Dead.‖ (John 14:6) and ―I and my Father are one. and then at the end of a year a little investigation: a committee is formed to find that those who got the hundred million to dispense it for good. Even those who may never come again were called.

you cannot deny that in spite of that assumption there are a few conscious doubts and fears. So. Imagination and faith are the stuff out of which man fashions his world. not as an external being who may be quite watching you when you are praying. It is the spirit that possesses the body. If one could but see with the awakened eye as the child comes through the womb.) [Question concerning assuming the wish fulfilled]…you cannot allow any conscious fears. It is now animated by the spirit of God.love. that then becomes an animated body – a living being. faith is the subjective appropriation of the objective. Well. We are only animated bodies now. (That [one‘s] the act of creation.‖ are one and the same. In him we live and move and have our being.‖ Where could I go.. Neville: The question is: having assumed the feeling of the wish fulfilled. when we speak of creation. departing from my Imagination? I am all Imagination and that is God. hates it is all part of the eternal structure of the universe. Then you will see the whole vast world is a dead body. hope. [Inaudible] Neville: Because it‘s a dead body. as dead as the moon and all the relationships are worked out in detail.. ―I wonder if he saw me?‖ because your Imagination will always… As we started off the lecture tonight quoting from the 17th chapter of the book of Acts: ―You have an unknown god. and faith and Imagination are the stuff out of which we fashion our world. for the word ―breath. Eventually you have such complete confidence in Him. That is what people say. I don‘t mean erecting a little man of clay. the whole pattern of its life is there. So. both in Greek and in Hebrew.‖ the word ―wind. but practice will make it less and less so and you will trust God so implicitly. I am not speaking of the creation of life. The day is coming that we will become life-giving spirits. Q. lovely friendships. [118] . which is called breath.‖ [and] the word ―spirit. So whatever I am imagining. Good night. Now. but not a life-giving spirit. it breathes the breath of life into man‘s body.I will tell you of that unknown God and he is not far off. Man was always a part of the structure of the universe. I do not deny that. my Imagination is seeing.

Neville Goddard 10-26-1968


I say imagination creates reality, and if this premise is true then imagination fulfills itself in what your life becomes. Although I have changed the words, what I am saying is not new. Scripture says it in this manner: "Whatsoever you desire, believe you have received it and you will." This statement goes back two thousand years, yet even before that Jeremiah tells of the same principle in his story of the potter and his clay. But until imagination becomes a part of your normal, natural currency of thought, you will not act consciously. Like breathing, this awareness must become so much a part of you that you will not turn to the left or the right to praise or blame anyone. When you know this presence it will not matter if you started life behind the eight-ball, or in a palace; as a poor, or a rich child; you will realize that life is always externalizing what you are imagining. Lacking the knowledge of this principle, you can reproduce your environment - be it pleasant or unpleasant - forever and ever, as you feed your imagination on what your senses dictate. But knowing this principle, you can ignore the present, and untethered by the so-called facts of life, you can imagine the present as you desire it to be and feed upon your desire, rather than its omission. Now, imagination cannot be observed as we see objects in space, for imagination is their reality. Faucett gives the name, "God" to the cause of the universe, saying: "God, the creator, is like pure imagining in ourselves. He works in the depths of our soul underlying all of our faculties, including perception, and streams into our surface mind least disguised in the form of productive fancy." Listen to your thoughts and you will hear God's words! A thought that is not felt produces nothing. But a thought producing motor elements reproduces itself! Catch God in a moment of a motor element such as anger, fear, or frustration, being congratulated or congratulating, and you will know what is going to happen in your world. Unless, of course you arrest your thoughts and revise them. Most of us, however, are not aware of what we are doing, so we do not observe the creator. But we can catch him as he streams into our surface mind least disguised in the form of productive fancy. If, while riding the bus, driving the car, sitting at home, or standing at a bar, you hear a remark and react by moving on the inside, that remark will fulfill itself in what your life becomes. This principle sets you free, if you are willing to assume its responsibility. But whether you assume it or not, you will fulfill your every motor element thought anyway. So in the end you will not sympathize or condemn, but simply tell those who may be going through an unpleasant experience of this principle, and - if they accept it - let the principle work in their lives.


Now, the average person in America is either Christian or Jew. Ask any one of them if they believe that imagining creates reality, and the chances are they will give you a negative response. But although they do not know it, if they believe in God they believe in imagination. They may read scripture and accept the words on the surface, but their meaning has not become a part of their thinking. Last night, for instance, I heard Billy Graham for the first time. Here were thousands of people in the audience listening to a thousand-member choir sing the song, "Oh, how I love Jesus." Now, I don't want to be critical, but when I heard Billy Graham speak I realized that he had not the slightest concept of Jesus, far less his second coming. He said: "If Jesus should come now, just imagine, there would be no more cancer, no more heart failures, and no more death." Billy Graham believes heaven is made up of flesh and blood bodies in excrementitious states. And they would have to have bathrooms there, if there were no more death. If you were still in a body, that is excrementitious. You would have to take in food which is given you, and what you could not assimilate you would have to expel. And, unless you lost all sense of shame and reverted to the animal world, you would have to have a bathroom. I listened to this man and asked myself: is this the man who was entertained at the White House and received by the Pope at the Vatican? (On the other hand, the Pope is equally silly concerning the mystery of Christ.) Then at the end of the program, there was an appeal for money. He will give you two books which you hadn't asked for. One interprets the Bible and the other interprets the first one. All you need do is send in your donation to this simple address: Billy Graham, Minneapolis, Minn. "But," said he: "this program is costing us $500,000, and we don't have that sort of money. So if you are alone please send in a contribution. But if you are not alone then take up a collection among all who are with you and send it in." Now, this goes on night after night for one solid week! He is a grand and wonderful being, but he has no concept of the mystery of Christ. Now, I want to show you what I mean when I say you can be exactly what you want to be. Let me begin by telling you that for the last couple of months I have felt like the devil, yet I knew I was responsible for the hell I found myself in. The doctor gave me every possible test, and when I saw him yesterday he told me I was a dilemma. Do you know what a dilemma is? It's an argument presenting two or more alternatives equally conclusive against an opponent. In other words, if you start on the assumption that whatever you choose your conclusion will be wrong, you have a dilemma. You can use anything as a dilemma. That's me. My blood indicated one thing in a certain test and the opposite in another. The tests only confirmed what I already knew: that the cause of my discomfort lay in the depth of my soul and not in any secondary cause - such as a thyroid, heart, liver, kidney, or anything outside of myself. I am wearing a body, but it is not me. I put myself into this body, which limits me. I am its operant power. It cannot be causeful, as it only reflects what I am entertaining in my imagination. I must not justify it, condemn, or excuse myself in any way. Knowing I did not feel well, I changed my feeling, and when the tests (which I had taken to please the one I love) came


back, I learned I was a dilemma. I ask you to take the same responsibility. To not pass the buck to any person, organization, situation, or circumstance, but to discover for yourself that imagining truly does create reality. If the cause of all life is God, then God must be all imagination. And because you can imagine, then - like God - you are pure imagination in yourself. Regardless of what reason and your senses deny, you can imagine anything and bring it to pass if this premise is true. Now let me share a few wonderful letters I recently received. A lady writes: "In July my car needed repair. As I signed the credit slip agreeing to pay the cost of $62, I imagined it was a check, for I never sign a check unless there is money in the bank to cover it. August and September passed with no request for payment. In September a man stopped by and, eager to sell his house, asked me to list it for him. I told him that I was no longer in the business and recommended my former broker. I forgot all about it, but in October, just before the car repair statement arrived, I received a referral commission from my former broker in the amount of $68. - six dollars more than the cost of the repair of my car. Here the money - like the story in the 6th chapter of Luke - came to her pressed down, shaken together, and running over. Everyone in the ancient world had a big pocket where grain was placed and pressed down until it ran over. Just like the baker's dozen this lady received her $62 plus. Then she said: "For some time now my favorite chair has needed new upholstery. Choosing the material and pattern was easy, but the cost of $87 had to be imagined. So rather than limit myself to an exact figure, I simply imagined my chair as already newly upholstered. While sitting in it, I denied its worn cover, and when thinking of it while in another part of the house, I always saw it as I desired it to be. In early September, while on vacation, our neighbor had a heart attack. His wife, desiring to be with her husband, asked if their son could stay with us until their return. Since he and our son were playmates and inseparable, John stayed with us for five beautiful weeks, and when his mother asked how much she owed me I kiddingly said, 'Nothing! But, some day when you have an old, worn out hundred dollar bill tucked in your billfold and you don't know what to do with it, you can give it to me.' And the lady replied 'That's exactly what my husband and I agreed to do,' and from her billfold she took a folded hundred dollar bill and gave it to me. That money paid for the chair's new cover, plus an additional $13." Again we see the money came to her pressed down, shaken together, and running over. When you apply this principle towards the seeming other you are applying it towards yourself, because there is no other. We are told that when Job forgot himself in his love for his friends and prayed for them, his own captivity was lifted. Then all that he seemingly had lost was returned, multiplied one hundredfold. As you forgive another by thinking of him as you would like him to be and persuading yourself of the reality of your imaginal act, you are forgiving him for what he appears to be by putting him into an entirely different state. Do that and you are substituting a noble concept for an


If the present Mrs. That's forgiveness! Forgiveness tests the individual's ability to enter into and partake of the nature of the opposite. where she told me this story. and as she walked up Broadway she felt the hat on her head. Although a torrential rain had caused the roof of their home to need replacement. so in her imagination she placed the hat on her head.000.not a hat. so that the former can no longer be remembered. she decided to buy her organ. who expressed a desire for a new Baldwin organ.500 from his estate. he has not forgiven! The memory of what was done or said must be replaced by something else. while walking by a hat shop. Keep thinking of her in the former state and you have pulled her back into it. Now. externalized.500 arrived from the estate. so when it arrived. She would not look in a store window and be disillusioned.000. Ten days later a friend called and invited her to lunch. Forgive her by so losing yourself in the idea of her new state that it is all you can remember. This she promised to do. my friend told her that every time she sat down to play. because you are still seeing her in the old state. for there are only states. yet when he passes you on the street he remembers what was confessed. and when she shook her [122] . she spent it on necessary home repairs.000. my friend received a call from her friend asking why the roofer had waited to give his estimate until after the Baldwin had been purchased.ignoble one. she decided to apply this principle. Now. the estimate of $1. and when she received a check for $4. Now here is another story: My friend went to Pittsburgh this summer to visit a childhood friend. Contracting for the organ of her dreams. A priest will say: I forgive you. "Baldwin" across the front of the organ and claim it is their top-of-the-line model and paid for. If he can remember. she fell in love with a beautiful hat in its window with a price tag indicating a cost of $17.000 trade-in allowance on her present organ . instead of giving it to me through a friend?" I asked her if she felt obligated to her friend.700 was delayed. the friend handed her a hat box. She often came to my meetings. Although the Baldwin top-of-theline model was priced at $5. saying: "I don't know what possessed me. Onassis remains Mrs. and when she arrived home she imagined taking off the hat and placing it on the top shelf before looking in the mirror.making the total cost to be $3. Then Ann said to me: "Why didn't God give me the money to buy the hat. Ann was a member of the world's oldest profession. Kennedy in your eyes you have not forgiven her. she was told that it would be going on sale for $4." Opening the box she reached in and brought out . I do not like it on me but I think it would look lovely on you. but the hat.50. When she arrived. and not the former one. the friend's father had departed this world. but this day we met on the corner of Broadway and 72nd Street. One day. owning an inexpensive organ. that of being a lady of the evening. but I bought this hat and when I brought it home I realized I had made a mistake.000 and the organ was installed. who lived in New York City. But when another check in the amount of $3. she agreed to pay the $3. Wanting it so much. plus they would give her a $1. to imagine seeing the word. Ann. Then my friend told her the story of my friend Ann.

I haven't always been wise in my choice. be it Unity. for only then will you realize that Jesus Christ is in you. to discover that I am creative. and when she admitted to owing two weeks' rent. Here is a principle the lady used for her organ." After telling the story. If my thoughts were motor driven and they were unpleasant. But this lady has gone beyond any man-made ism. But whether they were pleasant or [123] . Reason came in and told her all of the money from her father's estate was gone. and a small card which I carry designating that I am an ordained Unity minister. whose name is I AM. the power of the universe is in you. I awoke wondering why anyone would want that card. and the little card which gave her title to a certain level of consciousness has been removed. how much money must God give you to get you to buy a $17 hat? If he gave you a thousand dollars you wouldn't have bought it. for you are not in the habit of buying such expensive hats. I was taught Christ was on the outside somewhere in space. my friend asked: "How much money must God give you to buy the organ? You have the organ because you imagined it. No. apply the same principle towards the new roof. but when a new roof was needed she forgot the source of the phenomena of life. indeed. For you have the gift of possessing whatever you imagine. You would have paid your rent and perhaps bought some groceries. I asked if she had ever purchased a $17 hat before. That power is the Lord Christ Jesus. but you would not have purchased the hat. As nice as Unity and all of these groups are. That I create from within and that my life is the fulfillment of my own imaginal acts. Then I became more alert and discovered I could catch Christ as he streamed into my mind least disguised in the form of a creative fancy. they are playing their parts on certain levels of consciousness. I knew what to expect unless I revised them." The card contained the central object of truth in her dream. was missing. May I tell you: you have the power within to create anything! Let people be what they want to be. She has found Christ because she has paid the price. reason will take this divine gift from you and leave you poor.the price paid for truth . or Science of Mind. You will never know it however unless you test him.head. When she told me $4 or $5. a lady wrote. for imagination will not fail you. so God knows best how to give you the hat you desired. while you set goals for yourself. for she has transcended the psychological level and entered the third level of the ark of life . It doesn't matter what has happened in your life or what the evidence of your senses tells you. Tell me Ann. But I took the challenge and tested myself. Christian Science. not based on vision. All of these are man-made doctrines. for imagination is always fulfilling its imaginal state and I have imagined unlovely things and reaped them by becoming the fulfillment of what I was imagining. Upon opening the purse I discovered that $30. If you will let it. But when I returned. would you have bought the hat? I'll answer for you. if you are faithful to that which you have assumed! Now. I asked how much she usually paid for a hat. saying: "I dreamed I was in a large department store with a dear friend who agreed to watch my purse while I shopped. She has paid the thirty pieces of silver .the level of vision. my friend was gone and my purse was sitting in a paper bag on the floor. I said: "If while admiring the hat you found a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk. She was shown that she had paid the price for Christ. Again the answer was No. no you would not.and now she has transcended any ordination in this world. Now.

I hope I am internally well dressed. While the old gentleman . I ask you to take me seriously. Blake was right when he titled his wonderful picture: "More! More! is the cry of the fool." Scripture tells us: "All thine are mine and mine are thine. I knew I would fulfill them. If a man has $500 million and a girl stands at the top of the social ladder it is because God. Faucett was right when he said. supreme wisdom and supreme delight lie in the far off solution of this mystery.who was a philosopher and teacher at Oxford University ." for all that God is. Less than all is not enough. Imagination will not fail you if you dare to assume and persist in your assumption. as you inherit God. He also sent a copy to one who was a physicist at one of our great universities. Onassis draws from a trust fund of over $20 million. Believe me. Believe it is true and it will come to pass. There are the demands of charities. The world does not cease to be at the moment in time when your senses cease to register it. And if I modify my garment to suit the level upon which another stands. for as long as he wants more he never has enough. You would think that was enough. for imagination will fulfill itself in what your life becomes. but you can adjust yourself to a way of life where it would not be. A friend of mine sent Mr. is yours. But the cry of "more" is the cry of the fool. no matter what it is. May I tell you: death does not terminate life. Faucett my book. you must have a fortune to gratify that desire. No one but the divine society could have dictated this chapter. I hope my garment is so powerful one cannot stand in its presence unless qualified to be there. when you inherit him less than all is not enough. Believe it is real. I tell you: imagining creates reality. "Revision".if you desire to be one of the ten best-dressed in the land. Mrs. Instead. Persuade yourself of its truth and walk blindly on in that assumption. The physicist felt that since the statements recorded there were not scientifically provable. I do but certainly not on the outside. so do not limit yourself by anything that is now happening.will be realized there. but having read the chapter on revision as you requested. conceive a scene which would imply you have it. in them." Here was a man filled with praise for a thought the scientist ridiculed because it was beyond his grasp. Imagination will fulfill itself. I personally have no desire to be named among the externally well dressed. saying: "I do not know who Neville is. for supreme power. that he may see the being I represent. the book was not worthy of his library. Knowing what you want. and called his attention to the chapter called.unpleasant. He is your possession." The secret of imagining is the greatest of all problems to the solution of which the mystic aspires. Envy no one.unrealized here . you are restored to life to continue your journey. I know that he could only have received it from the brothers. Now. for it is true. had the desire and is fulfilling it. You can't stop it. [124] .wrote the sweetest letter. so whatever God is. and your dreams . you may know of someone who had an assumption but died before it was realized. plus . I hope my light is blinding. for imagining is forever creating reality. There is nothing wrong with it.

[125] . but do you think Lawrence will be waiting for me so we can get married again?" Well I answered in the same light vein. Now let us go into the silence. Once you have experienced an unhappy state you would have to be a stupid idiot to repeat it. was making his exit from this world. But after the resurrection there is no giving or taking in marriage.wanting to perpetuate it? No. saying: "God is merciful. for you are above the organization of sex .said: "I don't want to go now.away beyond it. He really is.in a very light vein . I told my sister-in-law that there was marriage in the next world and she .When my brother. But just imagine two people who have spent their life fighting like cats and dogs ." I'll let it be at that and you can give any interpretation you want to regarding what I have said. Lawrence. God is merciful.

and you will catch Him in the act of creating. You could have great wealth and be afraid of tomorrow's needs. for all things exist in your own wonderful human imagination." While she physically held the rail of the streetcar. your I AM. Coming into the bay. Watch your thoughts. requesting that if she did not return.Neville Goddard 6-3-1968 IMAGINING CREATES The creator of the world works in the depth of your soul. Because God is pure imagination and the only creator.found employment as a waitress in order to help the family. Then. bad. she was entering the bay of Samoa.000 from a law firm in Chicago. or have nothing and travel the world over. It may be good. you have found Him. but the salt of the sea in the wind. you may not recognize your harvest when it appears. so she extended her face to the heavens and let the rain mingle with her tears. Physically tasting the salt of her tears she imagined it was the salt of the sea. As the streetcar reached its destination. for He is your very Self. Lucky for her it was raining." Two weeks later this girl received a check for $3. the money was to be given to her niece. moved the family to San Francisco. she saw a ship [126] . and if you do not forget what you are imagining and it comes to pass.although possessing outstanding artistic talent . and she could not restrain the tears. Let me tell you a story of a lady I know who traveled in her imagination. who lived high. As she tasted the salt of her tears she said to herself: "This is not a streetcar. but a ship and I am not tasting my tears. you have not found God. It seems that two years before. Taking the streetcar home from work that first Christmas Eve. the girl was on a ship sailing for Samoa. her aunt had left the United States. Within one month. where the girl . she found the car filled with young boys and girls. she mentally touched the rail of a ship moving into Samoa. feeling she could not stand being ridiculed. She was devoted to her father. Every moment of time you are imagining what you are conscious of. overnight. If you imagine and forget what you imagine. When this lady was about sixteen she lived in Northern California. you have found the creative cause of your world. but if you forget how it came into being. singing and happy. the family discovered they had nothing! Her mother. feeling the moonlight shining on her body and hearing a voice say: "Isn't it a heavenly night. He supplied all of the family's needs very well until the day he was killed. so when you are imagining. or indifferent. including perception and streams into your surface mind least disguised in the form of creative fancy. God is doing it. if you imagine a state and bring it to pass. underlying all of your faculties. You do not have to be rich to be happy but you must be imaginative. Remember: God is your consciousness. wide and handsome.

taste.will continue to live.000 at that particular time. but how do I get you to believe me? But whether you believe me or not. noon. The image in his hand was misshapen. and night. and events from seeming others.what He is imagining. And being young she did not consider the future. but the potter. and within one month she physically fulfilled her imaginal act. Will this act change your world? Yes! I tell you: the God of the universe is shaping you morning. I urge you to shape your world from within and no longer from without. With her five senses (sight. as you accept words. Imagination in you will awaken and you . Then believe you are the Lord! Be like the lady who transformed a streetcar into a cruise. You will still be in a world just like this [127] . Walk in the assumption they are true and .being spiritual sensation . while your world on the outside remains. that image is misshapen. but he reworked it into another image as it seemed good to the potter to do.the being living in it . and we are the clay in his hands! (Isaiah 64) Remember the day your boss criticized you." At that moment her outer senses experienced what she had used her inner senses to make real! Now. not two! If God's I AM and your I AM is the same I AM. It never fails if you will go all out and believe that your human imagination is God. Now. our God. sound. You are not someone apart from God.fully aware of who you really are . go down to the potter's house by taking the same scene and reshaping yourself by remembering the day your boss congratulated you on your accomplishments. he is a God of the living! So when the garment you now wear comes to its end." means imagination. you . scent. Because God cannot die. I know from experience that God and you are one grand Imagination. Describe yourself as you would like to be seen by others and believe your words.' So I went down to the potter's house and there he was working at his wheel. actions. As the moonlight touched the wake. the same. imagination . The present moment is a formed imaginal act. That is your destiny.because no power can thwart God . The Lord. Being undesirable. define what you would like to be." The word translated "potter. Lose yourself in your new state. and there is no other God! One day. and touch) she transformed a streetcar in San Francisco into a ship in the South Pacific. for I AM cannot be divided.is the creator of the world. Unable to discard yourself. momentarily. is one I AM. you will experience.plowing through the water leaving lovely white foam in its path. but it was not! It is reality. its spray touched her face and a man standing near said: "Isn't it a heavenly night. Arrest it.will know that all things are subject to you. Many will say that was just coincidence. and you can change it in yourself by following the advice given in the 18th chapter of the Book of Jeremiah: " 'Arise! Go down to the potter's house and I will let you hear my words. but I tell you: this is how the law works. and you are molding an image of yourself based upon what he said. your reasoning mind may say she did have an aunt who had the presence of mind to die and leave her $3. and we are told that the Lord is not only our Father.

has murdered. feel the thrill of fulfillment. You don't ask the vessel if you may rework it. God is infinite mercy. for there is no other and you are giving your imaginal gift to yourself! Hear your friend tell you his good news. Remember: you don't have to abide by anything you dislike. And as it does. a vision appeared in which a woman said: "Find Neville and he will give you the rainbow in the sky.playing all the parts. no matter what he has done. The part of the thief. believe what I am telling you. who loves his brother and could not understand how he could do such a thing. The world is yourself pushed out. and let it take place in your world. you will forgive a person.every state will be experienced. and to fulfill scripture man must do every thing. Realize you are responsible for its consummation. and there is nothing but forgiveness of sin. We must do everything the world condemns in order for the spirit of Christ . It is but a vessel in your hand which is not properly shaped. just go your way." When the spirit of Christ is formed in you.one until you awaken from the dream of life. you will see no one to condemn. recognize your harvest. Go down to the potter's house and rework it into another vessel as it seems good for you. My friend. Anything man can do is recorded in scripture. for it is true. so that when memory returns he may forgive all. When you imagine for a seeming other you are blessed. As he replaced the phone. And when this happens to you. the potter. [128] .to be formed within us. It is not that you are indifferent to war or murder. the murderer. Then you will move into an entirely different age. a friend received a call from his mother telling him that his brother had killed a man. and it will. while I was in Barbados. knowing that the evidence of what you have done must appear. Had I not played every part. and when I heard his story I said: "It is done. I will tell you now. I would not have been born from above. to realize the oneness of the being that you really are. If one is not well or does not earn enough to pay his expenses. rather you feel as though you have witnessed the change or heard the good news. Everyone must play every part. that no one can reach the end of the journey without having killed someone. to do. as we all have. but you will see the world as a play with you . so how can you condemn Pharaoh for something God did? Tonight my friend told me his mother had called to tell him his brother had been set free. Ask yourself what you want and then give it to yourself! Do not question how it will come about.the author . but you can rework another.which is continual forgiveness of sin . Last year. You can not only rework your concept of self into a new one. see the joy on his face. Until then. the rapist and the one raped ." My friend called me in Barbados. Pharaoh would not let his people go because God had hardened his heart. the concept is misshapen.

you breathe reality into the state and. for an idea alone produces nothing. telling of some prominent person who has been unfaithful and you enjoy a bit of gossip. Seeing the world related to your new position. See a headline that someone was murdered and you stop to read it. you must act upon it by producing a motor element within yourself.There must be action. to the solution of which every mystic aspires. Then wrapping yourself in space. because you now walk in a world that is not disturbed by his negative state. and supreme delight lie in the solution of this far-off mystery. Can you now see how we are implanting the horrors of the world? Read the morning paper." Here you see that the change of governments is the result of the change of ideas implanted in the mind. You must act within yourself by entering the idea. When someone calls or makes a request of you. President Hoover once said: "Human history. through its many forms of governments. Become aware of the thoughts you are thinking and you will know a more pleasant life. saying things are fine." How is this mystery unraveled? By claiming you are all imagination.in fact the rise and fall of nations . All of these are ideas implanted in the mind. when he finds himself no longer thinking negative thoughts. which cause the rise and fall of nations. whenever you think of him. Whatever you do. imagine he is telling you something lovely. and mentally seeing your world relative to your assumed position in space. there becomes here. you have created it.could be written in terms of the rise and fall of ideas implanted in the minds of men. as it would mean nothing. its revolutions. Believe me: Here was a child of sixteen who transformed her tears into the salt spray of the sea. all you need to do is close your senses to the room you now occupy and sense the room where you would like to be. it must be something that takes the desire from being an idea and moves it into the creative state of fulfillment. Here is motion. supreme wisdom. its wars . And. plant loving. If you would like to be elsewhere. Or you may feel the touch of his hand. I tell you: imagining creates reality! If you want to change your life you must become aware of the ideas you are planting in the mind of others! When you meet someone who is negative. but as Douglas said: "The secret of imagining is the greatest of all problems. and you ignore it. Do that and you have moved. By closing your eyes the obvious here vanishes. and your senses will deny any change. It may be the sound of their voice telling you it has already happened. watch television. It makes no difference what others do. a [129] . he will never know you were its source. Open your eyes. for yours was a psychological motion. I know this doesn't make sense. Then. See another. and through the act of assumption. The very first creative act recorded in scripture is when the spirit of the Lord moved upon the face of the waters. or listen to the radio. having moved from where you are to where you want to be. for supreme power. and you will observe how their words frighten you in order to get your attention. kind thoughts and you will be blessed in the doing. put a lovely idea in its place. Read the scandal sheet. You will know it and that is all that is important.

One day. I urge you to use it wisely. is happening. So when you leave religious institutions. Paul tells those who have arrived at the end of their journey. or will happen to you. Having heard his good news. Once I saw a monstrous witch in a cave teaching little children the black arts. You will save one who is unemployed by mentally hearing him tell you he is now gainfully employed and making more money than ever before. who is the Lord God. but their curse means nothing. it will curse you. When she saw me she screamed: "O Man of God. you will subjectively appropriate your objective hope and never turn back by doubting the reality of what you have done. Rivers. God's son David will look into the eyes of the being you really are and call you father. I ask you now to believe in the invisible God who became you. (Galatians 5:1-14) In the spirit world. and San Francisco into Samoa. those who would control your mind and make you dependent upon them. Those who teach the black arts and how to hurt people.streetcar into a ship. Everything that has ever happened. for God is Man." In the Book of Galatians. and the Father of all! I have disclosed the one and only source of the phenomena of life. all organized societies are personified. and trying to detach yourself from it. when seen in the spirit world. Now a lady wrote me. for when it came to pass.not understanding . Then you will know that you have found him of whom Moses and the law and the prophets wrote: Jesus of Nazareth. Recognizing you as his eternal father. its personification will curse your leaving. comes from God. who is your own wonderful human imagination. but when you leave that belief. I have seen them all and they are nothing more than shadows. You are so much greater than it could ever be. and laws that would interfere with your individual direct communion with your God. organizations. They cannot [130] . mountains. David signifies that your journey into the world of death is at its end. she never forgot her moment of despair when she imagined a state and it came to pass. Every orthodox religious group would enslave you for the rest of eternity if they could. He will not call you by the name of the mask you wear. customs. to reject all laws and institutions which would interfere with the direct communication with their individual God. for it wants to feed on you.she questioned self and heard the words: "Because I want you. you think of the face you wear. Representing a need of the ladies who own it. Even the Los Angeles Woman's Club building is personified in the spirit world. cities . but you are not it. She is blessed. for they will have lost you. and . Just leave them alone. what have you to do with me?" The Bible tells the same story. are only personifications of organizations who keep you from contacting the only God who is within you. You will simply watch it come to pass. saying she heard a voice cursing her. When you say "I am". they will curse you.everything is human. for David is the express image of your invisibility. And from that moment on you will share your experiences with anyone who will listen and save everyone you meet.

As time passed you began to assume you were John Brown and began to respond when you heard the name John.touch you when you completely reject any intermediary between yourself and God. You were born and others began to call you John. When you imagined being secure did you forget the feeling? Are you imagining you are secure now? You may have no evidence that you are secure. [131] . and imagination will have created its reality. for that reality you already are! Now let us go into the silence. but as you allow others to tell you how much you are loved and wanted. you will begin to assume it. how successful and famous you are. Try it. Now to come back to tonight's theme: Imagining creates reality! Have you imagined something and it hasn't come to pass? Then what are you imagining right now? Are you imagining you are John Brown? You were not born knowing you were John Brown.

Do you realize that with this power you could cause them to commit suicide and think it was what they wanted? Like the lemmings. and drown. their life was not. No matter how long you hold it . He embraced me and incorporated me into his body of Infinite Love. As you look at it. that I came from thee. a minute.when it is released the scene becomes animated once again. you could make them run towards the ocean. They have received them and know." I will now tell you the truth! Power took me to stand in the presence of the Risen Lord. Jesus said: "I have given them the words which thou gavest me. Wearing his body of love. Now suppose. but it will not be yours until you are first incorporated into the body of Love! This I know from experience. It takes no rise from outer things No matter what you see. in truth. or the stock market in the course of a hectic day. as everyone continues their intentions. for I have arrested an activity which seemed to be independent of me. or an hour . you change their intentions and . enter beyond their depth. Activating my word. so he has granted me (his son) to have life in [132] . waiting to be accepted in order to be experienced. But the power of which I speak is far beyond that of nuclear energy. you arrest an activity within you and everything stands still as though frozen. I stood before Almighty God who said: "Time to act. Speaking to his father in the 17th chapter of John. for as the Father has life in himself. such as Grand Central Station in New York City at the peak of the rush hour. having arrested the activity within you. Suppose you entered an animated scene. That's what you can do with this power. and they have believed thou didst send me. There is an inmost center in us all Where truth abides in fullness to know.you discover that they move under compulsion to fulfill that which they now think they initiated. their life was in me.be it a second." My word is truth. Rather than insist on opening up a way Whence the imprisoned splendor may escape That is effecting everything As a light that is supposed to be without. to discover that although their forms were.Neville Goddard 02-16-1968 INFINITE POWER Robert Browning tells us: "Truth is within ourselves." Then I was sent back into this world to tell the story of God as the infinite power of the human imagination! Nuclear power could destroy New York City. Wearing the Human Form Divine. This truth is within you.releasing the scene with the changed motivation .

Now personified as power. calls my twelve. remote in time and space. who wrote. not to condemn or judge the world. when my friend Marge Broome appeared. "Suddenly I realized Marge was gone. he enters the room. 'I must tell this to Neville. is defined as God's power and his wisdom. When I tell others what has been revealed to me. and a group of gay. or identification. I am seated on a chair in a large empty room. Man is saved through belief. He is tall. far place. Many will tell me they believe. happy young boys and girls entered. wrote down the experience and returned to bed saying to myself. sheer unadulterated power. When God gave himself to me. as suddenly as you approached you turned and swiftly made your exit. I am not here to judge anyone. regardless of what they may say. this lady was called to witness the embodiment of the [133] . and condemned through lack of belief in the nature of the son of God. I teach the infinite power of the human imagination. "Moving swiftly. "I awoke bewildered. and begins to speak of power. expecting the talent given me to be wisely invested. to find myself in a far. not knowing to what extent it will be believed. I said to myself: 'What do I . the doorbell rang. as in the case of this lady.' Instantly I am asleep. I see the carriage door open. and carrying a small attaché case. and topaz. but that the world may be saved through me.' then I arrested the thought and said: 'I will go within and imagine I am with Neville. . glass fronted with marble pillars. Then. purse. you continue to talk of power. 3/4 inch thick polished topaz. redreaming the dream. . Having no transportation. saying to myself: 'I will tell him on Monday.'" Last Monday she brought me the letter! My work is not complete until my Father. As I reach the point of telling how I imagined myself there.but no one! Starting on the surface of my being. causing so much confusion I awoke. Enter into the joy of the Lord. with gray curly hair. as a man who is the embodiment of power and authority steps out. I realize that you are God and you are Neville! Showing no sign of recognition. I was sent. no money. no man comes to me save my Father calls him . You can break it into many pieces and get a lot of money for it. he sent his power into the world. Neville. Stopping in front of my window. I have doubled the investment and will hear the words: "Well done my good and faithful servant. That son. called Christ in the New Testament.' Instantly I am in your apartment telling you the dream. And I am hit in the forehead by a 3-4 inch long. As we looked at it a man walked over and said: 'That's very valuable. Suddenly a self-propelled carriage appears. embedded with gold.myself! Now. This selection is always done in the depth of the soul.' That commercial idea appealed to me. so I placed it in my purse and again headed toward your house to tell you of the dream. saying: "Last Friday night I went to bed filled with the message I had heard from you. wearing an envelope cape. Recognizing and applying the truth of my words. as well as my car. in the depth of the soul. As though by appointment the carriage appeared. Many are called to hear salvation's story. but I find it is only lip service. As I look at him I recognize you. you entered it and vanished from my sight." Now let me show you how the disciples are selected. walks over to me. Few are chosen to believe it.

this lady remembered the power of which I speak. And as she sees her grandmother alive. no matter what it is. saying her child was to be kidnapped. you can dwell in any state in your imagination just as though it were true. Becoming angry. merely actors in the play of life. She exercised it. as she needed that experience. car. Then her body became rigid and as it fell against the lady. personified as Jesus Christ. I have given her the word the Father gave me. but their power is as a firecracker compared to the power of Imagination. I was sent wearing the garment of Jesus Christ . the scene changed. She had to experience this in the depth of her soul in order to know that it was true. Without any background or degree behind you. with lots of vitality. After incorporation into the body of love. I will return to the body of Love. Jesus Christ is he who sent me. But I am not unique. she took her own child and left. as I tell you another dream. This lady has tasted of the power of the age to come. who had removed her books. Although her grandmother had died in 1962.the power and wisdom of Imagination! Now I know myself to be the power which can effect the fulfillment of desire! Having no friend. or topaz. As she demanded their return. which has unfolded itself in the depth of the soul.yet she knew he was God. After what appeared to be a very long time. she saw the symbolism of the act of love. Each girl held a chart covering twelve days. That she could revise the day's experience by using the power of her imagination. A girl showed her a chart with the letter "K" marking the day. a friend. and now sees everything as a symbol and we. and instantly . personified as man. While trying to bring the past back to its former state by replacing her books.Infinite Power. money. [134] .found herself in my apartment telling me her dream. he too will be sent by God. this lady returned to find the room now occupied by another. this lady told the girl she didn't have to experience these things. She has received it and now knows the truth from personal experience. yet the man she knew as Neville. She saw him as the man she knows as Neville . She knew he was God. or a car) into the state of your choice. This lady found herself in a dormitory with many other girls. and in a way no one knows your power will take you (without a topaz. you see Him. Returning to an old state. She has been faithful to the word and proved it to herself in the far regions of her mind. I know that every child born of woman will one day be called and embraced to become one with the body of God. She saw power. remember: everything. is vested in man as his Human Imagination. Few see my true identity. This lady has been called. she sees it as the same play being repeated with slight modifications.without any form of transportation . That is the power I have been sent to tell you about. Then. so when you see me. Many see me as a physical man. she realizes it means nothing. They embraced and she could feel the coolness of her grandmother's skin. she appeared to be young. wearing the form of love. as well as the atomic bomb. He has never left me. is a symbol. Now that is power! There is enormous power in wealth. This power. Now. and she is in a room where everyone was singing because her grandmother was coming. with each day headed by the first letter of an event she would experience that day. As doubt began to permeate the room. And when I leave here.

I have been sent to tell you of a power of which you may be totally unaware. or John. To tell you that you do not need any social." This does not mean to believe in Neville as a man. Andrew. his social position. Exercise your creative power! Prove the truth of my words in the depth of your being as this lady did. but we had a little position.not on the surface of your mind. or financial background to achieve your goals. yet no one could understand his words. Jesus was condemned for always being in the company of tax collectors and sinners. My father is he who you call God. we didn't have much money." When asked: "Who is your father?" he replied: "If you knew me. They are symbolic states of the mind that believed what they heard and were called in the depth of the mind. but my ultimate origin can only be known when he who sent me reveals it. It takes place while you walk the earth. even though the churches recognize them here. and not God. you would not believe me. for they persisted in seeing the physical garment he wore. if [135] . so we had our own pew. Knowing his physical origin. reserved or purchased pews are a thing of the past. were not called while fishing. Divorce the man from the message and believe in my words. And when the minister sees them there he tears up his prepared sermon and tells them what they want to hear." Then they took up stones and stoned him. And when they asked him where he came from. Do you realize you could be number one in the social register. but to believe what I tell you. Every Sunday morning mother would bring her brood to sit in that pew. Peter. I know my father and you know not your God. but in a deeper region of the soul. yet fulfill your every desire if you will but believe me. I know this to be true. it is still an unwritten law in all the so-called "proper" churches to reserve certain pews for those who have large sums of money. and saw only his physical one. for I and my Father are one and the words I speak are those of my Father. Saint Luke's Hospital sits between Saint John the Divine and Saint Thomas Cathedrals. I was born in a little island called Barbados. you would know my father also. but you know neither me nor my father. vital.yet not reach your objective? And you can have none of these things. because they did not believe his ultimate origin. her grandmother vanishes from sight. Have you ever noticed that the best church pews are always reserved for the rich? When I was a boy. have the intelligence of an Einstein and the money of a Rockefeller . and wonderful and recognizes the symbolism she represents. In New York City. James. the wearer. My physical origin can be verified. for the drama of scripture is supernatural. Then you will be called . who is Jesus Christ. intellectual. When the question was asked: "What is the work of God?" the answer came: "To believe in him whom he has sent. or wealth. Today.young. A lady willed two million dollars to Saint Thomas. he answered: "If I told you. knowing that if he doesn't they won't be back to give him more money. The disciples. but even though the name is not allowed. No man is ever called because of his facial beauty. Do you know that the phrase "he who sent me" is placed on the lips of Jesus twenty-five times in the gospel of John.

the old boy outlived her. for it indicates that my work is finished and departure will shortly come to pass." In spite of the warning the people chose Saul. Believing in the reality of your imaginal act. I now wear a garment of flesh in order to form a nucleus of those who believe in their Human Imagination. she went within and as she imagined herself in my home she was instantly there. the story is told of how the people. Imagining. you will have tested and recognized the infinite power you are. In the book of 1 Samuel. I do not feel it will be long before I will vanish. That is pre-existence! Entering the world. But man must be constantly reminded that this God is his imagination. and go on from there. You could be in prison and imagine yourself free.Bishop Manning died before her. but in that day I will have no ears to hear you. Looking at a coin he said: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's. Then you will cry out to be saved from a god of your own choosing. and she entered the circle. wanting to be like all the others. who dwells within you. or topaz to sell. and the powerhouse of the world! Infinite power resides in your Imagination. it would make no difference to you how you are released. And when he has taken everything from you. Otherwise. ask your heavenly Father to provide more money for you by imagining you have it. who enslaved them exactly as the prophet Samuel had foretold. Jesus never violated the law of Caesar. You want a king? A dictator? A savior on the outside? You are free to choose one. They will reach the seventy. so Saint Luke's fell heir to two million dollars. If Caesar wants more taxes. Then Samuel said: "A king will take your sons from you for his army. until I have finished the work I was given to do. Believe me! The story of how God became man that man may become God." Your heavenly Father. Having met the test. came out from the Father. I was sent to tell you that your own wonderful Human Imagination is the real Christ! You will prove this to yourself if you will test yourself and see if you are holding to the faith. your male servants. desired to have a leader over them. while a god believed to be on the outside will enslave you. This cannot happen. leaving not a trace behind. then the 144. however. is the most glorious story ever told. But when it happens and you find yourself where you imagined you were. Well. you are free indeed. Being doubled. your daughters and your money. My friend tested herself when she found she was denuded of a friend. or knowing the only true God. Imagination. he will take you. money for a taxi. He will take your maid servants. In that day he will enslave you as he has all the others. which means that the thing is fixed by God and will shortly come to pass. but remembering my words. That is what goes on in all of these so-called proper churches and hasn't a thing to do with being called. you set yourself free. This lady had a double dream. and when God sets you free. I. the hospital (run by the Episcopal church) would receive the money. but I will [136] . She had no car. has the power to set you free. the glory I possessed before that the world was. I take comfort in her vision. the dream contains a double jet of truth which is: she met the test. she is called. Only then can I ask my Father to return me to the glory that was mine.

and own the world. promising the one who sent me (which is myself) that I would subject myself to all the limitations of the flesh and drink the cup of experience.having done exactly what I was commissioned to do . but I will drink this experience to the last drop. until time proves that I am God. that it must be so?" I came into the world. Jesus turned to those who seized him. I have the power to call forth twelve legions of angels. my faithful servant. into the joy of the Lord. and said: "Do you think I cannot now pray to my Father and he will send me more than twelve legions of angels? But how then can scripture be fulfilled.prophesy for you: Any power outside of yourself will enslave you! Knowing that he embodies infinite power. who will say: "Enter." And there is no joy like being once more reincorporated into the body of love! Now let us go into the silence. Then . [137] .I will return to Him who sent me. Knowing who I am.

for states are that into which the sons of the Most High fall. There is unity in God. but to be every one of them States of the Sleep which the Soul may fall into in its deadly dreams of Good and Evil. Every state is an attitude." I was asked this question: 'When you use the word ‗state' I don't think others know what you mean. you may try to move. Knowing you can move into another state. move into any state. If you dwell in self. you identify yourself with it by saying: "I am poor or I am rich. but by occupying that state you are not less than one who has ambitions to enter the White House. I am known or I am unknown. so would you please explain it?'" Tonight I will try. or the Vatican as the Pope. There are unnumbered states and the occupant of one state is not better than the occupant of another. By this it may be seen that I do not consider either the Just or the Wicked to be in a Supreme State. So God's creative power fell into division and passes through states which results in resurrection into unity. Your creative power did not willingly fall. a state of experience with a body of beliefs which you live by. But the state.pity you will express the state. do not condemn or praise it. a certain body of beliefs. not willingly. for each is a brother in the highest unity and all are one in the body of God the Father. Blake made this statement: "Eternity Exists and All things in Eternity Independent of Creation which was an act of Mercy. but by reason of the will of him who subjected him in hope.Neville Goddard 03-22-1968 INFINITE STATES Quite often someone will say to me: "I don't think others understand you. a state of experience with a body of beliefs that an individual son of the Most High occupies. The individual desiring an ambitious state is not greater than or less than the one who doesn't know [138] . And if that an individual son of the Most High." (Not just a few. As a son of the Most High you can. the attitude of mind to which you most constantly return. We are told: 'You are sons of the Most High. the sons.into infinite states of consciousness." When you find yourself in a state or see a seeming other in a state." I could go on indefinitely. in the twinkle of an eye. for all states exist and no state is greater than another. I am wanted or I am unwanted. constitutes your dwelling place. another body of beliefs. Paul tells us: 'He was made subject unto futility. "Nevertheless. his creative power. the chances are you will fall asleep that night in the same belief. all of you. In the 8th chapter of Romans. Always expressing a state. but the chances are you will not remain there for a state is made up of a body of beliefs! If you spend the day thinking from a certain base. but all of us). descend into and experience states. It was your Father's will that you. you will die like men and fall"…. because there are infinite states into which an individual son of the Most High may fall.. but you must persist in staying in the new state until it becomes natural. then are we not brothers of the Highest Unity? And are we not also members of the ultimate body who is God the Father? So the states into which we fall cannot mar or in any way deter our immortal self who fell. A state is an attitude of mind. yet God the Father is made up of gods.

It seems his men had used too much nitrogen in the fertilizer. If you feel you have nothing to live for you must repent by changing your attitude radically from that state.he is in a state and remains subjected to it. How do you get out of a state? Through belief! You must believe in the doctrine. repent and believe the gospel. Let me illustrate with this story. "I wonder what it would be like to work there?" Knowing nothing about the company. saying: 'On my way to work the other morning I passed a very prominent building and said to myself. Don't feel sorry for yourself. for if you do you will make the state a habit and remain there for the rest of your days on earth. you will know that you are really it by the feeling of certainty it inspires in you. the Father of your life. and whose employment I had just imagined. I played with the idea of them offering me a fantastic salary and even imagined seeing my name on the office door. he returned the following Tuesday and replaced them free of charge. This same gentleman shared another experience with me. inquiring about the garden. Wanting some landscaping done. Assuming you are not the man (or woman) you want to be. If you don't like it move into another. and his wife moved into their new home at the beach. Can you believe the precept that believing you have already received your desire will bring it forth in your world? If so. but an attitude regarding self. That very day while at work I received a call from an agency hired to fill the executive positions for the company whose building I had passed. Within six months three trees had died. you can believe this doctrine and move out of any state. who attends the lectures." The word 'repent' means 'a radical change of attitude'. you will act upon it. they invited five landscape artists to give them bids. A gentleman. which caused the roots to burn. for if you feel certain. that they are already true. for God in you is your own wonderful human imagination and God is always acting! You may be physically incapacitated. You are told: "Whatsoever you desire. By states I mean attitudes of mind." The precepts of Christ must be accepted literally. You must feel your desires are already realized. my friend decided to test his imagination. then tonight you can change the things that are happening in your world. Instead. The agency was calling to ask if I would consider working for their client. Now. And if you can believe and persuade yourself that things are as you want them to be to the point of actually moving into the feeling they are true. who is God. but you are forever acting in your imagination. especially the trees. believe you have received it and you will. Two wouldn't even bid because of the location of the property but after choosing one. Upon seeing the trees. demanding the trees be replaced. for they will be fulfilled literally. I was so shocked to realize that the law could work [139] . so while sitting in his car he imagined that he was leaning against the one healthy tree while gazing at the three which had appeared to be dead. the lawns and gardens as well as several trees were planted. If you don't act you are not convinced. Your attitude need not be towards another. The New Testament begins: "The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Don't condemn yourself for the state into which you have fallen. for the truth of any concept is known by the feeling of certainty that the thought is true. Then one day the landscape artist came to the house. instead of getting angry and calling the man. they will be felt and seen in your world. but were now healthy and beautiful.

not willingly but by the will of him who sent us. The day will come when you will understand all of these precepts as being literally true. We are all brothers of the highest unity. Contemplate another state. but the state to which you most constantly return constitutes your dwelling place." The being that you really are. So David's name in the most specific sense is 'uncle". Having unity in thought. causing you to experience the state you are now in. it does not yet appear what we shall be. yet after my resurrection and return into unity David (father's brother) called me Father. My brothers call themselves Christians but their definition of Christ would differ from mine. That purpose is to follow a certain pattern back into the unity of being. Unity was broken for a purpose. Here is one to be found 1 John. yet I would tell you that Christ is God's creative power and wisdom which descends into states. We are all brothers. You see. Then it divides itself and just as quickly reassembles itself into a man seated in the lotus posture. a rock suddenly appears before my vision." How will we know him? By becoming as he is! The preachers of the world will tell you that when he comes. My sister and brothers at home do not believe in the same Christ as I do. and returns as the being who sent it out. the 3rd chapter. This he will continue to do until his purpose is fulfilled. We were made subject into futility. creative power fell into division and will be resurrected back into unity of thought once more. but their eternal form remains forever and reproduces its external form by the seed of contemplative thought. The word is 'David' and means 'lover. even though we were all born in the same family and raised in the same environment. It was in the year 1936 when I saw the rock that scripture claims as the God who gave me birth. noon. for he is [the] father's brother. You will be kind and considerate and have his fine qualities. descended to the weakness of the flesh. in your attitude towards life. and night. but we know that when he appears we shall be like him. predestined to resurrect into that unity which was broken in our fall into division. beloved' but specifically 'father's brother'. We are now the sons. One day while quietly sitting in the silence. So when I speak of states I am speaking of states of consciousness. It is from there you are going to live and perpetuate until you move in thought. You can change states morning. when resurrected into unity David is he who reveals everyone as the Father. The day will come when David will call you Father too. [140] . but now I know it does!" You don't have to remain in a state if you have made a mistake. and the same being who brought your present form into being will restore and make alive the other state.so quickly. We did not volunteer to fall into these states. From their state of consciousness they believe in a man who lived two thousand years ago. you will be like him in character. the 2nd verse: "We are now the children of God. but I tell you: you will be like him who is in the depths of your soul meditating you! This I know from experience. the state desired. But when we return we will discover that we are the very being who subjected us. attitudes of mind which create a body of belief. resurrects. As Blake said: "The oak is cut down by the ax and the lamb is slain by the knife. God's creative might descended to experience states in order to become greater than it was prior to the descent. in the beginning we were drafted. If David is the father's brother and everyone is a brother in the fall into division. destined to return as God the Father! Now let me share with you a word that I use night after night.

but rather I would know that I am He! This thing called Neville who stands before you is his emanation. to three quarters. the ability to enter into and partake of the opposite. Now you see who the word 'David' means . You have never seen your face look so beautiful. which changes from a quarter. such strength of character. don't be like the moon. because all things exist in eternity and can be brought into being by this meditative being. When you see someone in despair can you represent him to yourself as he would like to be seen? And can you persuade yourself that what you see is real? To the degree that you are selfpersuaded he will become that man. Then you will have conquered by forgiveness! You will [141] . as he glows like the sun you return to the being he is meditating in this world of mortality. Looking at himself and knowing there is no other. which comes when infinite mercy (who is within you) steps beyond and awakens himself. to full . And when he awakes from his descent and begins to ascend. meditating himself. You are his emanation. you will know him because you will be just like him. and as he does. Nothing ceases to be. for when you see him you will be just like him. There are infinite states and combinations of states into which God. who looks just like you. falls. Now. his reflection playing the parts he dreams.'the father's brother'. when we return to unity we are God the Father. Everything is a state. to a half. which repeats itself over and over again season after season. you would know they were pictures of different people. a body of belief. your own wonderful human imagination.awaken. You bring your talents. You will let no one deter you. God the Father is my brother. taking me back to the unity of being. When you have this experience you will have nothing to do with anyone who claims he or she is Christ. He brought it into being. the same set of circumstances happen to you? Every year it is always very hot when it is time for your vacation or you are always broke around Christmas? Or that when you eat strawberries you always break out in a rash? All of these are patterns created in the world of states in which we all live. and although you cut off its head a thousand times he will restore its eternal form by the seed of contemplative thought. We are all brothers.meditating deeply. You have never seen it contain such majestic power. who one day will rise and. enhanced by the descent into these states. But when you meet the rock that begot you and the God who gave you birth. Have you ever seen anyone in this world who is exactly like you? Your children may resemble you but if you put a picture of one of them beside yours. A state is simply an attitude of mind.the one he put through the torment . Have you ever noticed that at certain times of the year. you . and having been subjected. And as one you return. You can be any man. would you not? No one has the same fingerprints or the same odor as another. That is David! That is the play! That is the mystery of life! Now to come back to the beginning.or the earth. As I looked closer I discovered I was seeing myself meditating me! And then I knew that when he awoke I wouldn't vanish. only raised to the nth degree of majesty. any woman that you want to be when you understand the mystery of states. of which the greatest is the art of forgiveness. Fortunately there is a limit. a phase of experience. you are He! No two seeds of contemplative thought in the depths of the soul are identical. When you see this being in the depth of your soul you are seeing the one who descended into these states. he will call me Father. bringing your gifts which are the result of your experiences traveling through these states.

I lived in what I thought them to be. for to forgive is to change your attitude towards another. simply hear him tell you he now has a wonderful job. to the degree that I am self-persuaded they will become it. The moment the feeling is natural. for we have the same Father." If you don't completely forgive you cannot forget. and as they do I die to what I formerly made alive. and you can fall into any state! I am not telling you that one state is right and another wrong. How often must I do it? Seventy times seven or as long as it takes me to convince myself that it is true. Make it now by occupying the state long enough so that it feels natural. If you are ever in doubt always do the loving thing. leaving the memory of what was forgiven. if you persuade yourself that you are now what you want to be. If the state of affluence is new. so every kindness to another is a death in the divine image.have taken him out of one state and placed him in another. I urge you to use your own wonderful creative power and deliberately move into the state of your choice. you think everyone knows it. Then you will know you are doing the right thing. is the art of forgiveness. wealth is yours! I paid thirty dollars for my first suit. you die to that and live in what you want to see. and man must play every part. don't ask him how he lost his previous job. God in his infinite mercy has hidden from us the parts we have played. Do that and you have taken him out of the state of unemployment and placed him in the state of the gainfully employed. Haven't you had a suit of clothes that felt so new you were conscious of them every moment? I know when I bought my first suit I walked down Fifth Avenue thinking everyone I passed knew my suit was new. By forgiveness I do not mean a verbal agreement. Now. I purposely laid my life down to what I saw and lifted it up to what I wanted to see. so walk in the state until it becomes natural. Only willing to see what you want to see. If someone comes to you and tells you they want a job. That's exactly that happens when you move into a new state. I am simply asking you to judge all states with love. when you fall into a state you can't help but act from that premise. Today a suit will cost me $200. so conscious of my new suit. By representing others to myself and persuading myself that they are as I would like them to be. you have forgotten what you were before. No matter what was said. True forgiveness is complete forgetfulness. You see.00. thereby no longer keeping them in the state that compels them to do what they did! While in a state. and then I died to that thought. because the shock would be too great if we were to see the horrors that we have committed as we passed through all these states. but I was so aware. every act of kindness is a death in the divine image for in every act you sacrifice yourself. When I lay down my life for another he is my brother. Making alive what you no longer want to see. and as you change you forget what they said or did. To completely forgive I must completely forget the event. thereby resurrecting another (who is myself) into a new state. Blake tells us: "The art of living is forgetting and forgiving. As brothers we fall into states and resurrect ourselves into the unity of the Father! So the greatest talent. if you forgive me you can't even remember what I did or said. man must play the part the state dictates. but regardless of the [142] . That's forgiveness. People passing paid no attention to me. the greatest challenge to overcome. but no one knows or cares whether you are rich or poor. I did it deliberately so I laid it down myself! I have the power to lay it down and the power to pick it up again.

[143] . as the thoughts flow from you they become a natural part of your body of beliefs. The same is true for a state. If you will think you are famous and remain conscious of the state long enough to make it natural. But let me wear it long enough for it to feel natural and I will no longer be conscious of it. and the world will proclaim your fame. when the suit is new I am aware of it. Now let us go into the silence.cost. You may desire the state of fame.

Every attribute of God is personified. 24) In John 1 (which brings Christology to its height." If I say to that. a horse. and you know the difference between one and the other. I have seen that wisdom and it is a man. you wouldn't quarrel with that.and there are hundreds of millions in the world that call themselves Christians . his meaning.Neville Goddard 03-22-1963 IS CHRIST YOUR IMAGINATION Tonight's subject is in the form of a question: "Is Christ your Imagination?" When we ask the question we expect the answer in terms of our current background of thought. many. There were blond and blue-eyed pictures. it is almightyness.all 46 pictures were projected as so-called originals. [144] . If I take that now and analyze myself in another world. and each artist claimed that this was an inspired picture as it was presented to him. that imagination is the power of performing mental images. He calls upon all of us who would read that letter: "Test yourself. Now. you know you are standing in the presence of infinite might. there were those with a very black skin . as far as the Bible goes there is no single book that takes the secret of Christ and brings it to this height as you will find in the Gospel of John) . You may not see it as graphically as you see it in its present form in the room at the moment. "imagination" and "Christ" I think there will be no problem tonight if I define . Let us go back to the Bible. No two were alike. and he painted the picture. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in thee?" Here we are told: "All things were made by Him. So. I am asking the question. What does the Bible say of Christ? In Paul's first letter to the Corinthians (I will just give you the highlights) he defines Christ as: "The power and the wisdom of God. So I ask the question: "Is Christ your imagination?" Can I personify the imagination? I will. When it comes to Christ . Sitting here tonight.say . the sign goes to the end of the second letter to the Corinthians. and they are two separate objects in your mind's eye."imagination. man has been conditioned to believe that Christ is a person. many years ago in New York City this French artist went to the library on 42nd street and brought up 46 different pictures of Christ and screened them with his little lantern. and quite often that is not adequate to frame the answer. So his power is personified. speaking now of this presence that was with God.in the Gospel of John. his power: "By Him all things were made and without Him was not anything made that was made. I know. but you could see it vividly in the mind's eye and discriminate. and may I confess I have seen that power . It is not just power. Think of a tree." He is the power of God and the wisdom of God." I think you will agree with me when I define "Christ. So here he calls it the power and the wisdom. and in order to answer myself I should really clarify the terms. Well. dark swarthy skin. you can think of anything and see it mentally. And when you stand in the presence of that personified aspect of infinite being." It is the power and yet it is wisdom. and no two have the same mental picture of this person. They think of Christ as a person.the very use of the word instantly conjures in the mind's eye a person." (1:23.and yet it is a man.and it is a man. So here is a creative power. and you stand in the presence . that is the power of imagination.

the first ending. in the first chapter he tells us what this power will do for us. and you who read his letter. using hands. God became man that man may become God. put color upon it. always have an end. put motion upon it. But I go to sleep and I can dream. and have the most wonderful drama . walking the earth. but my salvation will be for ever and my deliverance will never be ended. In becoming man (as God is the only creative power in the world) what in me creates? My imagination. but I can imagine it.that wasn't first imagined? Do you know of anything in this world that is now proved as fact. Do you know anything in the world of man that man has created . and look at the earth beneath. and an image is simply the product of this reforming imagemaking faculty in man. if it started a process of melting. and God sunk himself in us. that wasn't first imagined . and then it externalized? Yes.but the emphasis is not on power. The word "Jesus" is "Jehovah saves. First of all there are two endings to John. that was his sacrifice. That is forever. let us put him to the test in us. that is the power." I can't come to any other conclusion than the fact that Christ of scripture is my imagination. I may not have the ability to execute it the way artists can.well then. In the greatest of all the New Testament. Without being an artist I can dream.only imagined. as a concrete reality. because the promise is: "The earth will wear out like a garment. and with its end we have our end as part of the system. if not my imagination? And here when I lose the conscious faculty. for the heavens will vanish like smoke. and they who dwell in it will do likewise. Now. I can actually dream. I say he is our imagination. I cannot conceive of a picture that a man can paint on canvas that is more alive than my dream. do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in thee. which is John.from the clothes that he wears to the homes that he inhabits . the earth will wear out like a garment.and that is my imagination. and whoever the writer is who calls himself John: "Now Jesus did many other signs that are not written in this book.Now he asks me. if "All things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made. no matter how long it takes it has an end. to actually limit himself to the state called "man.yes." So.like the earth . But this is not the only power and wisdom of God. I can imagine a picture. the creative power of the universe. to test ourselves: "Test yourself." Our scientists tell us today that the sun is melting in radiation. but it first began as an image. So we. yet I can't put a thing on canvas. which is the 20th chapter. And what is doing it. Dream as no artist in the world conveys. for were it not for this sacrifice of God." (2 Corinthians 13:5) And he made all these things ." That word "salvation" means Jesus. using implements of the world. which is man's imagination. this restricted area. but these are written that you may [145] ." That is salvation. he declares might as power . Now who is Jesus? If Christ is the power and the wisdom of God. I may not have the talent to put it on paper. Revelation in John's gospel is an act of God in self-revealing." man would . to save man and lift him up to immortality. If it took unnumbered billions of years. Look around. I can imagine a book and the joy of having a book. To stop that process of bringing man to an end: "My salvation will be for ever and my deliverance will never have an end. He states in the beginning . So. it is on redemption and revelation. Let us take the real ending. John does not emphasize the power. He actually became us that we may live. Were it not that God became man that man may become God. As we are told in Isaiah 51:6: "Lift up your eyes to the heavens.wear out like a garment.

taking the form of a slave. the name Jesus .) So everyone is moving on that wheel that is being worn out. for God redeems us and God resurrects us. That is the name called Jesus. It certainly isn't this. I can't describe it to anyone. like the heavens. When Blake was asked quite innocently about the mysterious name: "What do you think of Jesus?" without batting an eye.the divine name. even death on a cross. which is Jehovah. and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. but he emptied himself. at the name of names. but in spite of the number of the signs and the character of the signs. There is only one name. You go through the same story as told us in the gospel . who do not believe in the resurrection. but who is Jesus? We have this wonderful thought expressed in Paul's letter to the Philippians (2:6-11): "Though he was in the form of God. . and that individual then enters a new age. I assure you. wearing out like a garment and vanishing like smoke. and it is above every name. That power is latent in man.few. who is Jesus? Christ is the power and the wisdom. being born in the likeness of men. every man.believe that Jesus is the Christ ." That identifies man with a slave. that is man's imagination.and when he passes through this series of events." He gave him the name. What that body is like. only one being: Jesus. There will be a radical discontinuity of form (not the form I now wear here today and have for the last fifty-eight years) . lifts us up and confers on that risen Christ the name . that name is conferred. lifted up so that the whole vast wonderful being that was sunk in man is now awake. for everyone. Like the world today puts the two words [146] . we are told.is lifted up. I can't find words to describe the glory that is yours. in heaven and on earth and under the earth. But how to display the glory of the being that you are when you are resurrected? This is shown us by the Sadducees. Only a few believed and they imperfectly. Jesus simply is Jehovah's name. and so are you." and then hastened to add: "But so am I. far less resurrection. all believed the name where the power .and believing have life in his name. and at that name every power in the world must bend. and few believed in him . The Sadducees were the intellectual giants of that day and they . An entirely different age that is immortal. even his disciples. yet I will know you and you will know me in eternity.any more than today could not even believe in survival. The whole teaching of the Gospel of John is based upon faith and unbelief in him.000 years ago were the wise men. Every child born of woman in this world one day wears that name. he did not consider equality with God a thing to be grasped. because until the end of that age we are still subject to being worn out like a garment (as told us in the 51st [chapter] of Isaiah.is conferred. That is what the author is telling us in the very end. But for all the sameness of identity we will actually know each other. you will know me. Have faith in him.the name. Either one or the other. on that risen Christ. Jesus . But not one will fail. Jesus. They are the modern scientists.all Christ in man . Conferred on the risen Christ. Many signs he did.but identity…yes. The Pharisees were the priesthood of the world.everyone will . The Sadducees of 2. Where it is lifted up. Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name" (not an indefinite article) "which is above every name. that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow. it did not evoke faith. or you disbelieve in him. to the glory of God the Father. Blake replied: "Jesus is the only God. ." He is the power and the wisdom of God. "And being found in human form he humbled himself and became obedient unto death. one after the other. eternal. Well now." So in the end.

That name is conferred only at resurrection. Found that power in myself. and your imaginal act will become an immediate objective fact. Now he is called "the Lord. When man has played his part and God has completed his purpose (which is to bring forth from us himself and make us all gods with him) then these garments . But you and I will be lifted up above it all into an entirely different world. And being found in human form he humbled himself and became obedient unto death.but it is not the body you will wear. all vanish. therefore. "And Jesus said to them. but those who are accounted worthy to attain to that age and to the resurrection from the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage. There isn't an element that wasn't brought into being by the creative power of God.made up of all the elements that feel so permanent and so wonderful . If I can repeat it and repeat it. You will be completely above the organization of sex. Survival is continuity. the man must take the wife and raise up children for his brother." and everything should bow before him when it happens. and the world will be as though it never existed. and you will be startled. Afterward the woman also died. filled with all the passions of the world. for the Bible calls him Christ and personifies it and speaks of [this] presence as a man . the second and the third took her. and Moses said: "If a man's brother dies. leaving a wife but no children. all the weaknesses of man. and it is sustained in me because he sustains it by his imaginal act. the first took a wife. by his own wonderful divine imagining. So they ask the question based upon the law of Moses. I say to you: the day will come you will have the experience." And then to find himself with all the limitations of man.they will vanish like smoke. Then you will not be wearing these bodies." (Luke 34-36) They are completely above the organization of sex. are shadows thrown by this fabulous being above. So is Christ your imagination? I say Christ is the power and the wisdom of God. No one will believe you. and died without children. taking the form of a slave. which is Christ.and they are not. this garment of flesh. and this power and this wisdom creates everything in the world. everything that is man? Then God exalted him at the end when he resurrected him and gives him the name. And what we call reality today. and these imaginal acts externalize themselves in facts. for they cannot die any more. did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped. being sons of the resurrection.it is all imagination. then I have found it. Philippians 2:6): "Being in the form of God. Imagination becomes completely awake and you will create at will. all this fabulous world of ours . for everyone will be resurrected.together and they speak of survival as resurrection . Jesus Christ is simply the resurrected being that is God now. It is a fable. When he ceases that imaginal act all the elements will melt. What we call sex here. because they are equal to angels and are sons of God. wonderful as they are for us. didn't think it strange. you are told (as I quoted earlier. So. they aren't going to believe you anymore than they believed the first person to whom it happened. an eternal world. "The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage. In the resurrection. and they are all wonderful . resurrection is discontinuity. You leave the field completely and enter the worlds of eternity. being born in the likeness of men. I can trace to my own being an imaginal act that became fact. everyone will get it.but that man is Jesus. No need for this kind of creativity. because he has resurrected the power within him. then I repeated it and it became fact. He is the first that rose from [147] . whose wife will the woman be?" (Luke 20:27-33). because they did not believe in the resurrection. but emptied himself. and likewise all seven left no children and died. even death on a cross.may I tell you I have seen it . And the body you really have. Now there were seven brothers.

these false Messiah's who promise the nations they will lead them to some victory. Believe in Christ. and we are lifted up and pass through the series of events leading into the kingdom of heaven. So you imagine something lovely of another. Now we are told in the 1st chapter of John (11-13) . You will be surprised beyond measure how it works. That is not believing in Christ. God's mightiest act is performed.the dead. This world is vanishing. It's all over.but that is not Christ." It isn't a past: it took place in one. give them if you feel that way about it . they will be used. even to your own satisfaction. and then conquer the enemy of Israel and lead Israel to some victorious end. because you believe in Him. and it is taking place in unnumbered. for Christ is really my imagination. but no one believed him. And when you least expect it.all these things are lovely. and everyone in this world who can aid that change will be used to bring it about without their knowledge or consent. not only my salvation is dependent on it. he is resurrected out of this world. then God resurrects you. if they can be used to externalize what you have imagined. and if you don't believe in the reality of that imagination. even a little temporary victory. happened 2000 years ago . that in man that is man's imagination. and have a sweet feeling towards that one that hasn't yet realized how to be lovely. the crucifixion is over. The resurrection is taking place in everyone that is called and lifted up." At that very moment that you interfere with his life. But you do it and believe in the reality of what you have done. as he would like the world to see him. Everything claimed of him that you thought. so luminous. the garment will be shown you that you will occupy. then you don't believe in Christ. Messiah hasn't a thing to do with this world. That's not Messiah. for all things are possible to Christ. You don't need the consent of any being in the world. Christ in man is the power and the wisdom. becomes a mercy because he exercises it lovingly. yes . it is just light. Then represent him to yourself as though it were true. Bring him before your mind's eye and see him as he would like to be seen by himself. you reshuffle the entire deck. like the rainbow. a conquering hero who would come just like a man out of some glorious background of warriors. and you stand bewildered when you see what God did for you.well then. Who is the being? My own imagination. To believe in Christ is to see someone in this world. Go back and read Paul's letter to Timothy: "Those who teach that the resurrection is past are misleading the faithful. wearing out just like a garment. and all things will completely rearrange to mirror the change that is going to take place in him.he is speaking of an entirely different kind [148] . We have them all over the world today. You can't describe it to anyone. Though we seemingly remain here still wearing this garment for a little while. Up to the very end who would believe the story? They were looking for a different kind of Messiah. your imagination. That is believing in Christ.but not the resurrection. that your mother taught you.even though I fail .it is happening. If I read John correctly. It didn't stop. You can't describe it to any being in this world who thinks only in terms of a garment of flesh. Though you can go to church every day and give ten per cent of your income to the church of your choice . something without his knowledge. I don't believe in Christ. At that very moment. They always look for that kind of a Messiah. As we are called. If I don't believe and test it . It is such a living thing. and then. because: "All things by a law Divine in one another's being mingle. and believe in the reality of what you have done mentally. I must actually believe in him. Then you will live it out.

but in the bosom of the father there is a son. You have actually no parents. but I can't tell you the condition that experience will carry when it happens." No one has seen him. with the name exercising infinite power . the prologue of John. everyone. So the cry on the cross is true: "My God. because he so completely gave himself to us he suffered total amnesia. So my question. and in that very first chapter. and that was divine imagining becoming human imagining. without loss of identity you will bear the name "Jesus. God is divine imagination and he limits himself to the very limit of contraction." He is actually going to call you his father. It will make no difference to you whatsoever. for God actually died to become you. for the emphasis is not on power and wisdom it is on redemption. So. You can see him only reflected in the son. as far as I am personally concerned: "Is Christ your imagination?" I say: yes. And the day will come. and actually dies in the sense that all the power and all the memory of his glorious being had to be completely forgotten." Everyone is destined to be Christ Jesus .of birth: "And those who believe in his name will be born. There is no mirror to reflect the consciousness of the son. the Lord. [149] . Some will exercise it more than others." There will come that moment in time when the son reveals you. it bears much fruit. the rock of his salvation. and you only know your face in the beauty of your son. the mystery of the grain of wheat that falls into the ground. my God." Not born in any that this (the body) is born. Then we. You come right out of a grain. If it doesn't fall into the ground it remains alone. The first eighteen verses are the prologue.lovely as it is to many of us . but certainly the gift is the same. There is no limitation to the gift. complete forgetfulness of his divinity as he became us. "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." He himself has cried out. He reveals himself. but the son in the bosom of the father. his Lord. you are self-begotten. when lifted up and the great name which is above all names is conferred upon us. why hast thou forsaken me. When you are born. nor the will of the flesh nor of the will of man. revelation. No one knows the father except the son and anyone to whom the son chooses to reveal him. Then we are told in the 10th [chapter] of Luke: "No one knows the son except the father. building our little world .it is so different. compared with that same power when raised up. I can tell you from now to the ends of time. And when it happens to you.without loss of identity. and you will know your name is Jesus Christ the Lord. You can't see your face because you are mirrored on earth. the gift of Christ Jesus. and the whole thing is lifted . not of blood.and now you know why you couldn't see the face of the father. to become me. for the son is going to call you." only Spirit. but that is not the face. everyone in the world is destined to bear the name of Christ Jesus.that power. called human imagination. We will know each other and all glorified. but of God. and he reveals the father. and in the very last of the 18th verses he shows you the revelation: "No man has seen God at any time. Now let us go into the silence. This is revelation. he has made him known. it will make no difference to you if all the wise people in the world rise in opposition and tell you: you started from some grand little amoeba. And yet don't limit it only to power and wisdom.the veil is lifted . "My Lord. if it falls into the ground. and then you will know who you are. and the power we exercise is so fragile. The mystery of life through death.

yet the world knew him not." In this poem. That thou. which every child born of woman must hear. Little Lamb God bless thee. O Lord God of hosts. and thy words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart. understand. This belief will cause the Word to erupt within him. Blake is repeating the same story as recorded in the 15th chapter. Blake tells this story in a simple way in his "Songs of Innocence" as. Little Lamb God bless thee. Listen carefully to this statement by Blake: "Babel (the world with its multiple tongues) mocks saying there is no God or Son of God. we are called by his name. He was in the world. this iron mill. telling us all that the human imagination is the God of scripture." What was it that Jeremiah ate? The Word. he discovers who he really is. the world was made by him. assimilate. For thou also sufferest with me although I behold thee not. art all a delusion. the 16th verse of Jeremiah. But I know thee. O Lord when thou ariseth upon my weary eyes even in this dungeon." Now in the Book of Jeremiah he tells us: "Thy words were found and I ate them. For he calls himself a Lamb: He is meek and he is mild. He became a little child: I a child and thou a lamb. We are called by his name. and fully accept. Blake is telling a most profound truth: "I a child. The Book of John begins: "In the beginning was the Word. and as he experiences God's Word. and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He came to his own home and his own people received him not. He was in the beginning with God: all things were made through him and without him was not anything made that was made. and thou a lamb.Neville Goddard 11-17-1969 JEREMIAH'S DISCOVERY The body of scripture is the Word of God. for I am called by thy name. Although this appears to be a nursery rhyme." Then the Divine Voice replied: [150] . O Divine Body. O Human Imagination. THE LAMB Little Lamb who made thee Dost thou know who made thee? He is called by thy name. And what is the Word? What did Jeremiah discover to be the truth concerning God? He discovered that God was the human imagination.

In the 8th verse.you will know the truth. even though he now wears a garment of flesh and is restrained. and the spirit is likened to the wind. Even though I continue to wear this garment. the body you wear decays . So. I have experienced scripture." Here we find the words "water and" are not in the original script. but instantly) hell is transformed into heaven. Not a thing can remain imperfect in its presence. unless you are born of water and the spirit you cannot enter the kingdom of God. as I saw men tear pages out of the Bible and eat them. Only believe in me that I have power to raise from death Thy brother who Sleepeth in Albion: fear not." Here the word "water" is not used. It is the imaginative body. O trembling shade. yet our early church fathers added to their words in order to conform to the church's traditions and conventions. One day you will know this from experience. the Lord God of hosts. the Lord continues. They were taking Jeremiah's statement literally. I am with thee always. truly I say unto you. There is no realm called heaven. I visited a mental institution with my brother. instantly (not over a period of time. You are in heaven by reason of the fact that you wear the body which has awakened within you.and one who had experienced God and claimed: "When you see me you see the Father. [151] ." It is he who makes this statement: "Unless you are born from above you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. I will no longer be restored into another garment similar to this one as I will depart this sphere altogether to become one with the body which was mine before that the world was. who was the doctor there. Now. Let me give you a couple of examples. completely changing the picture." Then Nicodemus questioned: "How can one who is old once more enter into his mother's womb and be born?" The answer is recorded in the 5th verse as: "Truly. Restricted by all the weaknesses and limitations of the flesh.a master of what is considered right concerning God . saying: "The wind blows where it wills and you hear the sound of it. They have been added by the early fathers of the church to support their tradition of baptizing a child with water. Lawrence. But the prophets were inspired and wrote what they heard and saw. but you cannot tell whence it comes and whether it goes. If you go into hell. and in that knowing you will be set free."Fear not! Lo. and wherever that body is. Man is destined to discover that he is the Lord God of hosts. there is heaven. what did Jeremiah mean when he said: "Thy words were found and I ate them"? How can one eat words? One year when I was in Barbados.but it is not you.no matter what the world will say . and then . which is slowly wearing out and must one day be discarded. is wearing. so it is with everyone who is born of the spirit. and wherever it goes is heaven. for I am the Father. It is a mask that you." The prophet Jeremiah (which means "Jehovah will rise") is telling us in his 15th chapter that we are called the Lord God of hosts. As we walked down the hall I could hardly believe my eyes. The 3rd chapter of the Book of John tells of a conversation between one called Nicodemus .

and because Divine Imagination contains all. It certainly did nothing for him spiritually. I heard the wind." and Revelation. and what cannot be assimilated (like the physical world) must be rejected or eliminated. the body of scripture is the Word and the Word is God. I knew not whence it came and whether it went. you will hear its sound. the early fathers added to the word of God. from having been born from above. the statement in the 34th verse of the 19th chapter of John: "When his side was pierced out came water and blood" the word "water" was added. Remember. My mother came to this country when my little boy was two and a half years old. as it brings in quite a good income. The word was added. The only thing that happened during that ceremony was that my son got his head wet. Although water and blood are symbols of birth. then go into the 59th: "I am the bread that came down from heaven. Starting with the 51st verse of the 6th chapter of John. but you will not be able to tell whence it comes or whither it goes. I took him down to an Episcopal minister. I AM the door: I AM the way. and one of the first questions she asked was if he had been baptized. where he put a little water on his head. This is true with everyone who is born of the spirit. Then he can't go to heaven. I know. It was in my head. Divine Imagination reproduced himself in you as your human imagination. that the wind is correct and the water is false. So it is with everyone who is born of the spirit." yet. and said: "Suppose he dies. The Book of John has many mighty I AM statements: "I Am the light of the world. to support the traditions of the church. When my mother insisted that my son be baptized." and to her it meant baptism by water. and it hasn't a thing to do with water. I tell you: behind the mask you wear is the only God. it is expected that something be given for the event." Mother was struck by the words "water and spirit. or I AM the tradition. all added by the early fathers to support the traditions of the church. everything is contained in the human imagination. Rather they tried to make the words conform to their traditions and conventions. but seemed to come from without. This is one of the many little indulgences of our churches. I have mentioned only a few verses. but I could take you through the entire Bible and show you many places where the words were changed to make them conform to the traditions of the church. Although the fathers do not charge for the little ceremony. regarding the adding to or taking away from the words of the book. our early fathers did not heed them. But." but at no time did he ever say. but water hasn't a thing to do with it.as the spirit (wind) moves where it wills. I AM the bread of life. He who eats my body will live forever." In between these nine verses you will find the words which support the holy communion. One day you will awaken to this fact and discover that the [152] . eliminate the second half of the 51st verse right through the 58th verse. When she learned he had not. "I AM the convention. she was shocked. however. This he said in the synagogue. in spite of the warnings mentioned at the end of Proverbs: "Let no one add to or take from the word of the prophecies of this book. The Word is to be eaten by assimilation.

" As you dwell upon God's word its meaning will be revealed to you from within. That withinness is from above.are one creator.but you are. but one day you will eat (experience) the word of God and expand to the awareness of knowing. or feed your family because of the limitations of the body you now wear. Only by being born from "within" can you enter the kingdom of heaven.but it is within.human imagination and God. Then you . Now assimilate it by dwelling upon it." The average person is not interested in hearing revealed truth. God of hosts. You came "out" by being born from below.the God who created the world . That's where the spiritual birth takes place and there is no water present. before you can break the shell to discover your true identity which is contained within that shell (body) you have been wearing. do it. If it pleases your family to have the little child baptized. You are eating the body of God as you hear the word. but for the hearing of the word of God. be born from above logically? The world thinks "above" is out there .world is yourself pushed out. It will not be a hunger for bread. buy clothes. born from the womb of woman and approaching the grave. Divine Imagination . When someone dies here. or a thirst for water. you did it all by yourself. for your journey is one of constant expansion and you could not expand unless you first contracted. Nehemiah tells us: "They read from the word of God with interpretation and gave the meaning so the people understood that which was read. What nonsense! Religion is revealed truth. Identifying the word with the bread of life.will begin to expand beyond what you were when you decided to contract in order to expand. and that aboveness is the skull of Man. "I am He. just as the world is God pushed out. Not one will fail! Today you may be satisfied with your earnings and the place in which you live in your contracted form. for this world does not terminate at the point where your senses cease to register it. as told us in the Book of Amos: "I will send a famine upon the land. No one imposed this limitation on you. You did it in order to expand your power and your wisdom. Everyone will succeed. you may find it difficult to believe that you are the Lord God of hosts . How could the story of the birth from above be explained logically? How could one like Nicodemus." Unable to pay rent. it is because they have departed from the body they [153] . but baptism with water hasn't a thing to do with entering heaven. You have to reach the limit of contraction and opacity called Man." This will happen only when the hunger for such an experience comes upon you. you begin to expand in the bosom of Divine Imagination. You have the power to lay it down and the power to lift it up again. John is telling us he has fulfilled the statement in Jeremiah: "Your words were found and I ate them and they became a joy to me and the delight of my heart. O Lord. The New Testament is only the fulfillment of the Old. for I am called by thy name. for you . As this knowledge awakens in you. Yesterday I read a sermon in the paper where the minister said that religion should be rooted in reason.

It must be experienced to be known. My knowledge is not rooted in reason. but now I know the word of God from experience. While wearing it. and I now wear the garment in which he rose. as the touch of exaltation which arises in me imparts to my nature. Jeremiah discovered that Jehovah was his own wonderful human imagination. Because it is so beautifully told. Then I took it off to come into this garment of flesh. for they are sons of God who now know themselves to be one with God. He became a little child: I a child and thou a lamb. for you could not expand until you first reached the limit of contraction and opacity called man. If you awake in a dream and know exactly who is imagining it. He knew that all things were made by imagination. Everyone is instantly restored to a terrestrial life until they are born from within (from above). The same thing is true in this world. and wherever I go. Then one day you will completely awake to find yourself in that body which is the Lord Jesus Christ. So when you read Blake's "Songs of Innocence. When my mother told me of the word of God I believed her. for he has risen in me.are now wearing. too. Become aware that it. and when it is shared. saying: "Babel mocks saying there is no God or son of God. and without imagination was not anything made that was made. you can control your dream. all impossibilities are dissolved. it is revealed truth. Truth cannot be proved logically. It was mine before that the world was. but I know the truth of which I speak. some will believe and some will deny it. to know that everything is your imagination pushed out. O divine body art all a delusion. For he calls himself a Lamb: He is meek and he is mild. and he knew the power of the creator. whatever he imagined happened. is heaven. he knew . clothed in that form. his words will live forever: "Little Lamb who made thee Dost thou know who made thee? He is called by thy name. it is because God has unveiled himself in the individual. then they are restored no more. Awake! Remember who is imagining it. but they are still in a terrestrial world just like this one. and when truth is revealed. O Lord." Knowing exactly what he had experienced and how he traveled across the bridge of incident which led him back into this mundane state called the waking world. I know this to be true. but thou. and control your day. but I know thee. But in that realm. Blake identified the human imagination with the divine body of the Lord Jesus Christ." remember: Blake is telling a profound truth in the language of the child that it may be kept alive. is a dream.that he had returned. O human imagination. The restriction you imposed upon yourself when you came here was for the purpose of expansion. There are those who tonight will deny my words. [154] .when he opened his weary eyes .

We all fell into individuality and diversity. What I am telling you. for everything is within you. you change it within yourself by changing your attitude towards it. the 16th verse. And if you don't like what you see. in you. and no physical baptism has anything to do with it.now believing himself to be you . Everyone will be gathered. God . The day and hour remain the secret of the Father in you. the Lord (singular) our God (plural). but I know what I have experienced and I cannot deny them. because they confuse the mind. And when this world ceases to be. the Lord (singular) is One" One Lord became numberless gods who are now being gathered back into the one Lord. because it did not. Penetrating your brain and annexing your body. You and I were before that the world was. as we are the universal humanity which Blake calls Albion. I know from experience. As the one Man gathers himself together.is going through the afflictions of the world as you until he awakens. I do not know. back into the same one Man who is God the Father. Then he is sent to experience God's Word. In the world of Caesar I am weak and limited. when he will stand in the presence of the Risen Lord. Yours is a spiritual birth. however. and prosper in the thing for which it was sent. I know exactly what I had for dinner this night. but must accomplish that for which I sent it. Then you will see the world as nothing more than yourself pushed out. Then. As your attitude changes.to be one of the watchers from above. If it pleases the family. we will all rise." In this simple poem Blake is sharing Jeremiah's experience as recorded in his 15th chapter. one by one. one day. for he will [155] . I cannot deny the food I ate. experience the real baptism. baptize your child. for "My Word cannot return unto me void. Little Lamb God bless thee." and God's Word is Himself. to be embraced into his body of love. The lamb is a symbol. for the body will not be complete until all are redeemed. It is my hope that I can take from you the things that have been added to scripture. When. You and I are the gods contained in the one God. so does your world. but don't think that because someone put a little water on its head that it had a spiritual experience. The Hebrew word "Elohim" is sometimes translated singular and other times plural. Little Lamb God bless thee. We still are.and I know that everyone is going to have them. you will awaken to enter into and become one with the garment that was yours before the world was . I am not speculating or theorizing.We are called by his name. contemplating the world of death and eagerly awaiting the return of all your brothers. Everyone will. as in the great confession of faith of the Hebrew: "Hear O Israel. We took our own life when we entered this world." You are not born of water and the spirit. but we do not recognize one another. we will all be enhanced by reason of the experience of coming here and conquering death. any more than I can deny the visions I have had revealing my true nature . Forget the word "water.

but must turn to self and say: "No man takes my power from me. you are the Lord God Almighty . we may know who God is. and knows that all things spring from her own wonderful human imagination. rather.but still restricted until you take off this fleshly garment of the actor. until it is left for anyone else to occupy. and functions in a realm of perfection. You may not desire the wealth of a Rockefeller or the fame of a Richard Burton. and depart this stage forever.you eat it by dwelling upon it through the act of assimilation. hang it up.it transforms everything into the perfection it knows itself to be. we are given a law whereby. but the being of whom I speak is perfect. I will pray for him that he has it. so shall he reap. but the immortal you who does not function in this world. she knows she is doing it by accepting the fact that imagining creates reality. pouring forth blood. but when you know that imagining creates reality. I certainly have no desire for that kind of money or fame. no limitation whatsoever in that realm. Having sent himself into the world clothed as you. you will reap its fruit in your world. will live forever." Someone may be a rascal and take from you what is yours. To the degree that you are faithful to that assumption. you will acknowledge that no one could come into your life unless you called [156] . I lay it down myself. everything is transformed into the perfection that you know yourself to be. That is heaven.as it moves in the universe . There can be no blind. You cannot grasp it all at once. no deaf. as you glide by. no halt. but first you must know what you want." As you imagine you are the man (the woman) you would like to be.having heard it with interpretation . don't think of eating the body of a physical man or the pages of the Bible but the Word of God. Certain portions you may not be able to digest. which . And no one comes to me save my Father calls him. for he and I are one. When you read the Book of John. Everything here is fading and will one day vanish. leaving not a trace behind. Heaven is not a locality but a body. one of which is: "As a man sows. but she has completely accepted it. Everything you have ever accomplished here will disappear. you are sowing that imaginal thought in your mind. It is stated many ways. That's why the symbol came to her in a vision which she can always fall back upon. The beautiful imagery she saw in her vision is telling her that she has completely accepted the truth. She may falter in proving it in the testing. Now she knows that she cannot pass the buck by blaming her husband or her children. which .not awaken until he has accomplished his purpose. when he awakens. The law is simple. She has eaten my body and drunk my blood through her acceptance. as it moves on to perfection elsewhere. so reject it for a while. Eventually you will eat the entire loaf as my friend saw it. through its operation. Now she knows she doesn't have to go to church to have a little wafer and drink a sip of wine to eat the body of God. That then becomes the realm for the time. But while we are here. Rather. a character. but if someone tells me they really want it. as alive.

him. And he could not have taken from you unless you - by your attitude towards life - had allowed it. The world is yourself pushed out, and you either control it or you don't. That's the story of scripture. There is no other God other than your own wonderful human imagination. If, when you speak of Jesus Christ, you mentally bow your head (if not physically) do the same thing when you think of your imagination, for that is he. Imagination is the Word of God who is God Himself. The world was created, is supported, and sustained, by your own wonderful human imagination. Change your imagining! Believe the change into being and you will live in a wonderful world of life.

Now let us go into the silence.


Neville Goddard 02-23-1968


Although only a few are teaching this wonderful principle at the present time, many others will follow; and because the Christian world believes in a man, this question will be asked over and over: "Do you not believe that a man called Jesus Christ walked the earth?" It is my hope that I will be able to clarify this point for you tonight. Listen to these words from scripture: "You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Thy Word is truth." And speaking of Jesus Christ: "His name shall be called the Word of God." Here we see he has a name, so he is a person, yet he is the Word, the truth that sets man free. Confessing that he came into the world to do his Father's will, in the 6th chapter of the book of John he makes this statement: "This is the will of my Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in him should have eternal life." Now, there is not a truth (or a lie) that does not have a man as its agent, as it takes a man to express either a lie or a truth, and Jesus Christ is called the truth! So when you are called upon to answer the question: "Don't you believe on e unique man was born in 4 B.C. and named Jesus Christ?" answer it in this way: "Jesus Christ is not a man, but God's plan of salvation. One of the saddest and yet poignant statements in the Bible is recorded in the Book of Samuel. David's son, Absalom revolted against him and tried to take over the kingdom. All during the battle, however, David inquired over and over again: "How is it with the lad, Absalom?" And when he receives the news of Absalom's death he goes up to the chamber over the gate of Jerusalem and weeps, crying: "Oh Absalom, my son, my son. Would I have died instead of you. Oh Absalom, my son, my son." This is a foreshadowing in a not altogether conclusive or immediately evident way of the story recorded in the New Testament. In the New Testament, we find that God the Father does that which David longed to do. He longed to give his life to restore his son, but he couldn't do it, for only God can give his live to save his Son. Speaking to humanity, Blake put these words into the mouth of Jesus: "Fear not! Unless I die thou can'st not live. But if I die I shall arise again and thou with me. Wouldest thou love one who never died for thee? Or ever die for one who had not died for thee? And if God dieth not for Man, and giveth not himself eternally for Man, Man could not exist." God died by emptying himself of his divinity. He is not pretending he is dead, but actually becomes the very breath of life of every child born of woman. Now walking in the forgetfulness of Man, God has prepared a plan for his return, a plan whereby everyone is redeemed. This plan of redemption is Jesus Christ, but because it is personified man has taken the vehicle that conveyed the instruction for the instruction, and the agent that expressed the great truth for the truth expressed. If truth is to be expressed, it takes an individual man to express it. Therefore,


when the story of redemption unfolds in a man, he relates his own experience. Now we are told: "Everyone who sees and believes in the Son has eternal life." The words "see" and "know" the same in both Hebrew and Greek, so if tonight I paint a word picture of the plan of salvation, I am showing you God's Son. It does not necessarily follow that you will understand what I am saying and believe me, so the statement is made: "To everyone who sees the Son and believes…" Tonight I hope I can tell it so clearly that everyone can follow and understand what I say and accept it! Jesus Christ is not a man! He is not a person, but God's plan of redemption which must be discovered and understood. To enter this world one must wear a body of flesh and blood; yet we are told that flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. It takes a spiritual body to enter that kingdom and my words are spirit! If I tell you a story that many in this audience have experienced, and you accept it, you too will experience the truth that will set you free. No man can set you free. This man called Neville is simply an agent expressing truth. It is not good enough for you to just understand it. You must believe - not in Neville - but in the truth he is expressing from this platform and his books. If I lie and you believe what I say then you can't prove it and will remain a slave. And oh, the pain that is promised to the teacher who dares to lie and mislead those who trust him. (Read it in the Book of James.) I am telling you what I have experienced, so I can't lie. Jesus Christ, God's story of salvation, has been fulfilled in me. I have experienced the birth; the discovery of God who is David; the splitting of the temple which is one's body, the ascent of the Son of man into heaven, and the descent of the dove. The majority of the people of the world will not accept my story, for they want a person on the outside as their personal savior. Tonight many who are facing their inevitable departure from this world are hoping to meet what they call their "savior," but their savior is a plan of salvation who is God Himself! When they ask you the question and insist on a Yes or No answer, ask them to come and reason with you in this manner: You believe in scripture? Let us turn to the 11th chapter of Matthew and read the story concerning John the Baptist. It is said of him: "Among those born of woman, none is greater than John the Baptist, yet the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he." Now let me ask you: Is Jesus Christ man of flesh and blood? Then he is not greater than John the Baptist. You don't believe that? Well, it was Jesus Christ who made the statement: "No one born of women is greater than John the Baptist." If you insist that Jesus Christ was born of woman and therefore in this world of flesh and blood, then he is not greater than John the Baptist. In fact, if you insist that Jesus Christ is a man of flesh and blood, and the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John, then is he not also greater than Jesus Christ? God's plan of salvation, is an entirely supernatural drama and hasn't a thing to do with any child which came (or comes) from the womb of a woman. His story takes place in an entirely different area, for man comes out of his own skull. That's the birth from above. There is a wonderful hiddenness of Christ in the 6th, 8th, 18th and 19th chapters of the Gospel of John. "Isn't this Joseph's son? How can he now say: 'I came down from heaven'? He is Joseph's son in the eyes of hundreds of millions of people, but Jesus doesn't make that confession. Rather he


something in me opened and expanded. You would know: "My Father is he who you call God. Now. for if you knew me you would know my Father also. seemingly independent of my perception of it. Only when I had contracted my senses once more would the reel start and move." You will find the hiddenness of Christ all through the Book of John. let me share an experience which was recently shared with me. observing the tape move from one reel to the other. when I remembered that if I would arrest the activity I observed in my own mind. each time realizing that I could not start the action in my open and expanded state. and thinks they can blast the universe apart. Then I went to bed and this is my dream." How can Jesus be sent from heaven and be Joseph's son if Joseph is a mortal man? In the 8th chapter of John they ask him: "Who is your father?" and he replied: "You know neither me nor my Father. a power completely unknown to man.tells you: "I have come down from heaven not to do my will. I notice that the instant I did it. who said: "Who are you and where are you from?" And when he would not answer. The only thing in the universe that could cradle this biological experiment called Man is right here in our small planet . The lady writes: "Last Sunday night I felt your presence so strong that I sat down expecting to see you. And when I awoke I was disappointed because I had not stopped and started people. If you dwell upon this thought you should feel so great! The entire universe was created by an orgasm of God to produce this one little system! Have you ever seen the orgasm of a man under [160] . it would freeze. with each galaxy containing one hundred billion stars. I was watching my tape recorder run. but the will of him who sent me. you wouldn't ask because you would know that he is yourself. And although it takes a man to express God's plan. I know my Father and you know not your God. He can only be known and experienced as the plan of salvation. if you know Christ in the true sense of the word. for did he not say: "I am not of this world"? The drama unfolds in an entirely different world and what I share with you is that which I have experienced in that other world." In other words. and heaven is within. Christ cannot be seen by mortal eyes. Immediately I stopped the activity in my imagination and the reel moved no more. Man is frightened by his own little devices. but they are only little firecrackers. Instead all I saw were lights flickering on and off like fireflies. but then I realized the significance of the symbolism of the dream and was elated once more.consisting of a sun and called Earth. Pilate said: "Do you not know I have the power to release you or to crucify you?" Then truth replied: "You have no power over me unless it is given you from above." There is only God! God in the eternal state of existence! God in procession and God in return! Her experience of the night is a foreshadowing of her return to union with herself! Coming into the world she has played her part and is now tasting of the power everyone will exercise in the new age.") His world is not this world. but I could not start the reel again until I contracted my senses." (This word translated "above" is "anothen" translated in the 3rd chapter of John as: "You must be born from above. yet they can find nothing like our small little earth. One who expressed the truth stood before Pilate. You might have seen yesterday's Los Angeles Times where the astrophysicists at Cal Tech claim there are one hundred billion galaxies in our universe. This fascinated me so I did it several times.

If you reject this. When they ask you if you believe that a man called Jesus Christ was born of Mary. ascended into heaven. you are seeing the Son of god. Here is God's orgasm. only a limit to contraction. Again I am leaving the world and returning to the awareness of being the Father. but a plan to create and expand the creative power of God. When God's plan of salvation is complete. you are the fruit of the tree of life upon which Jesus Christ (as God's eternal plan) was crucified. Luke. Then the man in whom the eruption has taken place will linger to tell of his experience and encourage his brothers. When you can see this clearly in your mind's eye." That's where Jesus Christ (God's plan of salvation) is embedded. called Jesus Christ. You will have found David. You can. you have returned to yourself. When you have had all of these experiences you will be witnesses to the truth of God's word. tell them the true story of salvation. where he will exercise a power greater than the wildest dream of mortal man. so he takes the state and worships it. Matthew. which is expressed by a man. but Blake tells us: "The gods of the Earth and Sea sought through Nature to find this tree. man could not exist. but that is not Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ is God's eternal plan of salvation. As a witness. which is the descent of the dove. but man not knowing this cannot discriminate between the state and its occupant. and was crucified on a wooden cross. Jesus Christ is God's plan of salvation which unfolds in a man! Now you will carry on when I am gone and you will be asked about him. Mark. it grows and erupts into these major events until the climax is reached. Personifying the Son. There is nothing here that can do it! God had to die in order for man to live knowing "If I die I shall arise again and thou with me. The churches have organized and personified him. for you will be witnesses! You will have been born form above. No one knows the authors of the gospels. lived. but their search is all in vain. Then you will know from experience: "I came out from the consciousness of being the Father. but to enter that age called the kingdom of heaven." Remember: there is only God the Father! This world is not some accident. they call him Jesus Christ. They have painted pictures of him and placed them on the wall. Then he will depart. for if God dieth not for man and gives himself eternally for man. You will have been split in two. Men are looking for that tree in time and space. God unfolds himself in man to know unlimited translucency and expansion! Jesus Christ is God's plan of salvation. There is no limit to your expansion. and witnessed the descent of the dove. Engrafted there. and came into the world by being aware of its existence. Taking on the limit of contraction and the opacity which is man. not to be restored to this terrestrial world. for God's plan is his Son called Jesus Christ. and John are anonymous names of men who related their own experiences. you do not [161] . and only one is successful. Man is that limit." When God became man he brought with him his plan of salvation. That's divine reunion. and one system comes out that can cradle his experiment to make man in his own image. who calls you Father.the microscope? Billions of live organisms are there to attempt the likeness of the man. there grows one in the human brain.

believe in yourself. mountains. you will know its truth and be set free. but you will have to work for it. but you will know that it was your own body that was divided. And when you read that David called God "My Father. And regardless of what we do now. He had him as someone of flesh and blood on the outside and could not give up that concept. the bride who comes down at the dawn. God planned everything as it has come to pass. for when the people heard his words." We are cast in role after role." and they left. it is within you. who will not walk with me again. but if I could find out how he made his millions I would delay this for a while and come back tomorrow. so a man comes and expresses it." Don't think that because you are now playing a noble part. but that is the fulfillment of the 6th chapter of John. never to walk with him again. [162] . the whole Bible will open up. as are the cities and the villages. He cannot walk with me while believing in a physical Jesus Christ. you cannot move to an ignoble one. You will discover yourself to be the River Jordan. I tell the truth as I have experienced it and there will be those. This I know from experience. When you enter into the awareness of being the mountains." All of the mountains of the scriptures are within you. This truth must be expressed by man. Tomorrow I will put you in a sphere where you will have your millions. Just like an actor. you may play the part of a king on the stage of time and space tonight. mark my words. and the cities you will walk in their heavens and earth. you are going to be asked: "Don't you believe in Jesus Christ as a man whose mother was Mary?" This is a question I have been asked all through my teaching years. until the work we asset out to do is completed in us. So to you who are teaching now and to those who will follow. or our social or intellectual position. But if you say: "I want this wisdom. He has never returned." Scripture records that the Mount of Olives was split.all are you. like this gentleman. are you not God? As these events happen. The entire gospel of John tells about faith and lack of belief in self! John tells you a story about himself He is expressing truth and personifying it as a man and it's the truth you should worship. for "All that you behold." If you accept the word of God that abides in you. I am only fulfilling scripture. they said: "These are hard sayings. for the truth will then engraft itself you and unfold within you. Everything is done and everything is perfect. of God's plan of salvation. for in eternity all are men. Just before I closed last December a man took issue with me. I want the millions first. One must learn to leave the man alone and hold onto the truth." then are you not God? If it is said that God's body was split from top to bottom. cities. and tomorrow be cast in the role of a clown. in your Imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow. when we leave here we are cast in our appropriate roles." I say to you: "O foolish one. You become the Jerusalem. though it appears without. for the truth will set you free. and you will see the wisdom of Blake when he said: "Rivers. villages . regardless of their names. "God only acts and is in existing beings or men. and it happens to you. for there is nothing but Man. for my words were in conflict with his concept of Jesus Christ. because when he unfolds in you everything said of him is experienced by you. when my concept of him is the personification of truth. Being God. your soul is required of you tonight. the villages. not the man! John urges you to "Hold onto the truth." and David calls you "Father. Then you will know who Jesus Christ really is. and as it will be consummated.

and Man is God. for there is nothing but Man. [163] . Now let us go into the silence.individualized. you will personify God's plan of salvation called Jesus Christ.

It was the bluest of blue. Then he hammered a wooden peg into my shoulder and taking a sharp instrument. I am in a room. Then the drama as first told in the Old Testament and explained in the New as the life of Jesus Christ." (You will notice that everything is on time." Who could dip with me but myself? The Word of God is planted in every being and all the blows of life stir and agitate the Word. So the central figure of the New Testament declares: "I AM the door. As we embraced and the scene began to fade. with one circular motion he severed the sleeve of my robe. although they know it not. kissed me on the right side of my neck. We all rose and stood perfectly still as he walked in. to make known. Walking straight as an arrow to the end of the room. Imagination is speaking. "I AM" with dalet inserted into it." Judas is called the betrayer of the Lord Christ Jesus. So the one who reveals (betrays) the truth is Judas and those who do not understand recoil from his message. Dalet. the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. but Judas and Judah are one. but no one can ever know my thoughts but myself. I saw the discarded sleeve. In biblical thought. carries the symbol of a door. So we have the Divine name. causing it to take root and begin to unfold. Then a tall. he turned at a right angle and walked to the end of the room. teaching the Word of God to twelve men. a man's name reveals his character. The Divine name "Lord" is "Yod He Vav He". say thirty feet square. As he walked out the door I knew he was going to tell the authorities what he had heard. pulled it off. turned at a right angle and walked to the center. as I kissed him on the right side of his neck.an individual . Who could reveal the secret of God but God himself? Who could reveal your secret thoughts other than yourself? I could take you into my confidence regarding certain things in my life. handsome man about forty years old and about 6'4" in height. the one in scripture who is the most condemned. The dictionary defines the word "betray" as "to reveal. turned and approached me. and you . We call him Judas.are cast in the starring role! You are that which is being revealed to yourself. entered. So if anyone reveals Christ as the Lord it must be God himself. "He who dips with me into the dish.Neville Goddard 10-2-1967 JUDAS THE REVEALER Judas.) "The hour has come. Tonight we will take the name "Judas" which is spelled "Yod He Vav Dalet He" [Ye-hu-da]. The full significance of the name is understood only when it is manifested in him who is the Word made flesh. Suddenly one man rose and quickly left the room. and discarded it." Jesus Christ is called the Word of God. let us be [164] . the 41st to the 45th verses. or to deliver into the hands of the enemy. called "I AM". beautifully attired in costly robes. Rise. this Word is truth. Now let me turn to the 14th chapter of the Gospel of Mark. Extending his arms to form the cross he embraced me. Now let me share an experience of mine that took place on the 10th day of October. is the true revealer of Christ. the fourth letter of Hebrew alphabet. 1966. We were all dressed in ancient robes and seated on the floor. saying: "The hour has come. unfolds. They are the enemy.

clothed in their ecumenical costumes.fulfilling the 22nd and the 53rd chapters of Isaiah. and betrayed me with a kiss. seize him and lead him out safely. saying: "The betrayer has given them a sign that the one he shall kiss is the man. The road is unpaved. and do not know they are sinners. There was a Cardinal here who developed some kind of a clot in his right arm. and kiss him. She said: "One afternoon in May of 1965 I was lying on the floor with my eyes closed. yet the dust does [165] . Judas embraced me.misunderstanding the story . the revealer of scriptural truth. like a tree bearing fruit he will be made manifest. is in you and when you arrive at a certain point. as a horsedrawn carriage appears to my left with two people in it.condemns the revealer. when the peg will fall and I am relieved of its burden. scriptural characters are known only as they are manifested in you who are the Word made flesh! The whole vast world . The word "Judas" means "to celebrate. and anyone who reveals this truth is condemned." This true story unfolds in man. as the story of the betrayer is repeated." Then comes the finale. I was given complete authority over all the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the world until the end. my betrayer is at hand. Judas is he who reveals you to yourself! So. But Judas.he extended his hands to me. These fellows come down. Judas is the revealer. The question is asked in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah: "Who has believed our report and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?" In this world the right arm is symbolized in the Mass. with a cloth on their right arm. the Man who is the Word made flesh." Who are the sinners? Those who recoil from the revelation of the truth that the human imagination is God! Tonight one billion who say they believe in Christ will recoil from the thought that their human imagination is God." Then the evangelist speaks of the one who enters. but he who recognized the personification of truth embraces him with extended arms.going." and revealed me as the one in authority . No one knew who the betrayer was. Judas was not the one that departed to tell what he had heard. he extended his arms. only that he was to enter quickly. He was the celebrant conducting the Eucharist. the hand of power. to worship with extended hand. and on the higher level the sleeve is severed to reveal the arm of the Lord. for every man has the Word buried in him. One day that Word will burst the seed and expand into the tree of life. to revere. "The hour has come when the son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. claiming that I could get out of my body if I wanted to. Walking as fast as a soldier does on a rapid march. Suddenly I am viewing a country scene. All this is symbolism on this level. see. embraced me. Hammering the peg upon my shoulder. Let me now share an experience of a lady who is tasting of the power of the age to come. never the left hand. beginning with the words: "My hour has come. go straight to the one who is being revealed. Judas is known in his full significance only when he is made manifest in you. putting into the shoulder that which would form the burden of Israel. for the true Christ is God's power and wisdom housed in Man as his own wonderful human imagination. Those who do not accept the truth but see only its embodiment would destroy him. in that communion must be taken with the right. and when they amputated it he was given special permission from the Pope to conduct the Mass with his left hand. Now." That is exactly what he did . enemies of the truth. called me "Master.

I have entered a restaurant and.the Son of man . It is through this door of awareness that he enters and embraces you. And when you do. Then he delivers you into the hands of the enemy. yet the Son of man is Jesus Christ. and Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I have arrested an activity within me and everything stills. and . Like the first act of any play.and in the word "Judas. That is God's awakening and your extraction from the play. Now. nothing has passed away. all facing the carriage. knowing that if I arrested an activity in my imagination everything will stand still. the words Judah. to be dead. The word begins with the letter "Yod" meaning "hand". and Jew are one and the same in scripture and mean the creative hand of God. from which he is born and dies over and over again until the Word buried with him awakens.I asked myself: 'Where was I?' and a voice within me answered: 'Paris. animates a section of time until the buried Word of God hatches out and he is born from above. The players are merely actors on the stage. The world is a play which has already been written. and as he does. when one by one we are all united into a single being who is God. forgive them. Everything seemed to be in the process of motion. anyone who enters by me is saved"? You can only come through the one door. 1778. Those who are having these experiences are tasting of the age to come.'" May I tell you: this world is a play." They attack because they do not [166] . for you are compelled to tell your experience and those who hear it will recoil. three abreast. totally unaware that the world is a play and the garments dated.knowing I was there only a second ago and completely awake and aware . He betrays you by revealing you to yourself as the being upon whose shoulder the responsibility and authority of many are nailed. "Father. Man." God doesn't redeem you from the outside. It is lined with trees in the act of motion. everything continues as intended. Imagination is buried in his predetermined play. is the play. then comes "He. they know not what they do. Every one of us exercises the right to turn this wheel of recurrence. I have entered scenes just as solid and real as this room." a "Dalet" (a door) is added. yet perfectly still. Then I intuitively knew that my presence made them inactive. Judas appears to betray the Son of man. as we pass through the same scene over and over again. but is reenacted over and over again. observing people being served. for they know it is not so. for every character in scripture is in you! All things exist in the Human Imagination. It takes experiences of this world to agitate it and get it in motion in order for God to awaken. and that when I left they would become animated again. Are we not told: "I am the door.to be one with God the Father. which is the Divine Body! The Word of God which was with God and is God.not stir. all the characters of scripture enter to play their part. for becoming involved in the emotions of the unfolding acts you do not realize it is only a play. This lady saw a scene in the year 1778. but not moving. That Word housed in you must be born from above for you to inherit the kingdom of God. as told us in the Psalms: "To the Lord God belongs my redemption from death. One being buried himself in all! His buried self containing his plan of salvation is called the Word. Judas reveals you . you will discover this world which seems so alive. Releasing it." "Vav." . who is one with God. Judas. Ladies in skirts to their ankles and men wearing period clothing were standing to my right. but getting carried away with the action you weep and laugh. Instantly I am back on the floor.

Each differs in his interpretations. What did God give us? Every character in scripture. because his framework is within you. because the infinite God is buried in you! Take my words and dwell upon them. I can see it all unfold in my mind's eye.as my friend did .it simply goes on forever. not the dead. The world has condemned a man called Judas. the garment is gone.know God's revelation unfolds from within! Test your own wonderful human imagination this night and believe in the reality of Christ. the Word of God.and view the scene. and your immortal self is the human imagination. See. and everything which appears to die does not. Imagine the state you desire to express in this world. You cannot go into eternal death in that which cannot die. but the gospel. yet he is the eternal character who reveals God in man. but in the interval you are free to choose whatever you want to be or do. and play the part or still it . let us be going." The world and all within it exists. reanimate the character. and no two interpret Hamlet alike. for I am telling you what I know from experience.but it cannot die. When I shed this garment and it is burned. Pilate continued: "You [167] . in his "Visions of the Last Judgment. Believe that all things are possible to him. His play will unfold in you. but you will not go outside of the framework of God. Have you ever seen "Hamlet"? I have seen it maybe a dozen times as different actors play the part. In my vision we were all seated on the floor when authority entered the door. but remains forever and forever and forever. your creative power. but you cannot destroy the interval that it walked this earth. is buried in all who are present in the scene. and as you go about your business you will see how quickly it will come to pass. for the outer part doesn't really matter . we are told that it is the will of our Father that of all he has given us nothing shall be lost. "Rise. Here was God Himself transferring power to the one he betrays by a kiss. dissolve it. my betrayer is at hand." said so beautifully: "Eternity exists and all things in Eternity independent of creation which was an act of mercy. And God's Word will slowly unfold in you. So to go back to Blake: "Why stand we here trembling around calling on God for help and not ourselves in whom God dwells? Return to self in whom God dwells and scripture will unfold in you!" When Pilate asked: "Where do you come from?" and Jesus did not reply. I don't care what you do to the body you wear. but will be raised up on the last day. to the man in whom God fell. You can rub it out. This section of time never passes away. That was his act of mercy. or turn it into ashes . as is their privilege. I AM a God of the living. casting you in the central role. he expands beyond what he was when he buried himself in us! In the 6th chapter of John. And so it is with the part you are now playing. And when he extracts himself from this bondage to decay. And you will raise them all at the last day. You can change it and play it differently if you desire." We rose and stood at attention as the symbol of authority moved across the room. but buried in the world is God himself. Then one day scripture will unfold in you. as the immortal you cannot die. Blake. Someone will come upon a scene in this time slot. The scene this lady saw in 1778 in Paris remains forever as a part of the play.

therefore he who delivered me into your hands has the greater sin. all everything. all governments.will not speak to me? Do you not know that I have power to release you and power to crucify you?" Then Jesus said: "You would have no power over me unless it had been given to you from above. as it is not what they are expecting. where Jesus said: "No one takes away my life. all Popes. I have letters from people who believe that I who make this statement am a devil. Not knowing you are human imagination. in the New Testament Judas is the only suicide. and think that's enough. I have the power to lay it down and the power to lift it up again. my wife. Unable to believe that their own wonderful human imagination is God. you . my daughter and son are just as precious to me as they always were. the human imagination unfolds as scripture fulfills itself in you." So no one can take your [168] . They are looking for some external God to deliver them. My brothers. They are doing and saying these things because they are struggling within themselves. for I and the Father are one. light your candle at Mass. The crucifixion is over. as is my father. They cannot believe that the only God so loved us He became us that we may be as He is.recoil from what I am telling you. so I am not a different person because of my experiences. they are the sinner who is missing the mark in life . You must be born from above to get that same power! Only then will you know the power to annex the play that is repeated over and over again. Another is implied in the tenth chapter of John. That is why he was told to "Lead him away safely. you imagine all kinds of things and cause the blows of life. as told us in the first chapter of the Book of Samuel. When truth is revealed the majority will not believe it.and that goes for all teachers. Then Judas will appear and betray you with a kiss. were it not part of the play created from above. yet I am the same person I was as a child named Neville. and yet there is no loss of identity. In your blind state you think you have the power to release or crucify. Find God within you or you will never find him. But I know that one day they will awaken and everything they have done will be forgotten and never brought to mind again. Tell the sinners of the world that the cause of the phenomena of life is in them and they are going to resent it. Follow no external being . and friends. Buried in you. Unwilling to apply your imagination. yet all taking place within. They depart because they cannot accept the truth. You would rather go to church. scripture will unfold in you! You will find yourself in a room. the story of scripture is true." This world is a play and you can do nothing. yet there is not any. I know from experience that Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human imagination where all things exist. I lay it down myself. there is only resurrection. Now. From beginning to end. My mother is just as dear to me. And when you do. The minute you believe someone external to yourself is your great leader he will enslave you. I have experienced everything said of Jesus Christ in scripture. for they cannot believe that God is in them as their own wonderful human imagination. They are gone from this world but not to me. they will try to tear the revealer apart. clothed in robes of the ancient world. sister. but you can do nothing were it not given to you from within. But you aren't going to be crucified.as the enemy of Christ . Every word of it has been fulfilled in me. Unable to accept the truth." The violent simply leave your world. One after the other all are being resurrected.the sinner Judas betrays Christ to.

so God died. God is addressed as "Holy Father. your true Fatherhood is revealed. No one takes it from me." Keep them in the name of Holy Father that they may be one as we are now one! The name Father is given to you not just as a name. Blake) Because God is his own Word. so I know nothing is lost. Wouldst thou love one who had not died for thee. he expands as the story of Jesus unfolds within you." saying: "Holy Father. And you will say the words: "Who will believe my report" To whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? Then you will tell it because you cannot restrain the impulse. saying: "No one takes my life. In the 17th chapter of John. When the hunger comes the seed is about to burst. but as an identity. keep them in thy name which thou gavest to me that they may be one as we are one. You can't lose Judas! The world thinks he was the son of perdition. When it happens to you. Revealing himself to himself in the state of Judas. or ever die for one who had not died for thee? And if God giveth not himself to Man. the individual in whom the seed bursts. Man could not exist." (William." I cannot restrain the impulse to talk about it while I still wear the garment of flesh. In the beginning God committed it. I lay it down myself. but if I die I shall arise again and thou with me. I have the power to lay it down and the power to take it up again. there is within me as it were a burning fire within my bones and I am weary with holding it in and I cannot.life from you. but for hearing the Word of God. So Judas is the most maligned character in the New Testament. which is buried in all and contains his plan of salvation. In the Old Testament. in the end you will commit suicide to be as He is! Now let us go into the silence. but Judas commits suicide. He was the only one who committed suicide there. he died and reached the limit of contraction that you might live. yet none are condemned because the Lord himself said: "I take away my own life. Saul committed it as well as three others." So in spite of what the churches teach there is no condemnation for suicide. not for bread or water. So I tell it and some believe while others disbelieve. but the "son of perdition" means "the belief of loss. knowing "Unless I die thou canst not live." Committing suicide to become as you are. but until then they would rather have the orthodox concepts of God. Everyone will experience this same story and no one will be lost. They are simply not hungry for the Word of God. When God's only begotten Son calls you Father." I can move in time tonight to the year 2000 and see it taking place now. "If I say I will not mention his name anymore. because I know it is the truth. Then the same one that came to me will come to you. But the time will come when a hunger will come upon them. or I can go back to the year 1778 as my friend did. [169] . He will nail the peg upon your shoulder and sever your sleeve to reveal the arm of power. as told us in the 17th chapter of John: "Of all that thou hast given me I have lost none but the son of perdition". I also know that in this fabulous world of ours there is something in us that awakens and shows us that we are God the Father. don't be surprised if no one in your family shows any interest in your experiences.

When I saw her pity poured forth from me. put my arms around her to offer sympathy. Without the help of any man or government you could lose everything you possess and become dependent upon society. individual man passes through states but the states remain forever. place yourself center stage. then allow a friend to enter and see you in your new state. and smell if your dream were real.Neville 01-15-1968 LIVE THE ANSWER NOW Every fact is a dream made visible. I wanted to see the girl. Remain faithful to it and you will discover that the state has its own way of externalizing itself. Write the script . I fell asleep and dreamed I was in a very strange and barren land. simply remain there until you feel its reality. sincerity.' "Dwelling upon that thought. I also know. That like a traveler. Take time to set the stage. and money. The moment you contemplate [170] . Hundreds of people were walking down a long roadway. touch. Then the girl arose. taste. Regretfully. however. time. that the spiritual states of the soul are eternal. leaving behind a girl. You need not ask anyone's permission or help. energy. give the desired state occupancy. Clothe yourself with the reality of the state you have just created in your imagination. Curious there. but moving into the new state in your imagination." My friend was shown how discriminating one must become. to what I called `reverent baloney. not only from personal experience but from eternal vision. I invited them in. what you would see.I thought of these people. hear. You must. All you need do is enter the state of poverty. Then let the feeling go its way toward fulfillment. devotion.while reviewing my day . saying: "Not understanding why I read the Bible but never attend church. "That night . a friend brought a group of missionaries from the Mormon church to the house to convert me. Rather. who was possessed by a screaming voice. Or again: without asking for help you could assume wealth by occupying the state. and walked away completely cured as I awoke. A friend recently wrote. How do you occupy a state? By asking yourself how you would feel. so I invite you to live as though your dream were already a fact! I am convinced that every dream (desire) I have dared to live in the now has gradually and unnoticed blossomed into fact in my life. when suddenly the voice began to scream from within me. and no matter what I said they would not listen. Feel his touch. Being the star of your production. as I am here.the words he would say when he sees you. I sat beside her. they expressed their own opinions and would not let me speak. and wondered how anyone could give such love. with craters everywhere.

The world's wise men believe we are heading for the end." The word incurrent means giving passage to a current that flows inward. To Blake. "And such the Holy Gospel of Mount Olivet and Calvary. for each individual recorded there represents a state of this age. I know they are not gone. That no matter how awake one may be in this world. but to be every one of them states of the sleep which the soul may fall into in its deadly dreams of good and evil. Instead. a long table appeared before her inner eye.into which we are all moving . a state may be entered either deliberately or unknowingly. [171] . A judge. with a door opening to Eden every two hundred years. but you are going to become what you contemplate. but are restored to wear a new." The serpent. Looking directly at her. young. you will seem to die to those who cannot follow you . Blake understood this truth when he said: "From this I realize that neither the just nor the wicked are in a supreme state. for she is already awake! She will bring back vision after vision paralleling scripture. such as a sponge when placed in water. knowing good and evil. Whether she likes it or not she will be compelled to receive it.something you become the very thing you behold." This age has already ended and an entirely new and different age . to find yourself in a healthy. Every conceivable part that Man could play is openly described in the Old Testament. but the New Testament records states which unfold in the individual. and every two hundred years an individual can enter the New Age. You may leave an old body with missing hair and teeth.but not to yourself. no one is exempt from falling into a state. Now. While on the cross. you are restored to an unaccountably young body." which is the Old Testament. It was he who told the woman: "You will not surely die. but its climax has already occurred. This lady has been conditioned by Divine Providence to receive spiritual communion. the judge raised his gavel.has begun. yet everything is taking place now." which is the New Testament. for my vision is open and I have seen those who have departed this life. Blake described the Bible as: "The Divine written law of Horeb and Sinai. these words were spoken: "It is finished. is the personification of God's wisdom and power. Blake saw the world as a play of six thousand years. for scripture only records finished history. while everything in it was Man. That night her heavenly Father taught her a great lesson. This I know to be true. Entertaining a state in sympathy. and Man was God. One night as she was mentally reviewing her day. new body with your hair and teeth intact. lowered it to the table and proclaimed: "The incurrent eyewitness. We think we are moving in one direction. as a biography. when it left paradise following the serpent. robed in black and wearing a white wig. my friend entered it. It reads as though it happened to one person. was sitting at one end holding a gavel. and healthy body. the wisest of God's creations." Entering a world of death. The New Testament describes the entrance into the New Age. Let me now tell you of a vision the lady had. space was a woman. who shared the dream of the screaming girl. but will become as the gods.

but you must move into it. you are unable to know a thought greater than yourself. The little boy spoken of here is everyone in this world. it is impossible for a thinking being to know a thought greater than self. It may not be very flattering. And because God is a Father. and in a way no one knows. will call you Father and your true identity will be revealed. for God . Nor venerates another so." Knowing what you want. And Father. Try it. Therefore.wants to be known and loved by you. you could never know Him. how can I love you Or any of my brothers more?" When the priest heard this. But remember: you are its power.the Father of all life . and screamed: "What a fiend is here!" Then he burned the little boy. Although your dream may seem impossible. He must become you. There is no other way to discover your Fatherhood. David. No one can do it for you.became individualized in order for you to discover that you are He. invite it into your consciousness by feeling it is real. If you want to be known. Do that. believing in the feeling of your wish fulfilled. That is why it was necessary for God to become as you are . Your desire started in motion when you wore it. he must have a child. If God . You see." records a true revelation: "Nought loves another as itself. Wear this feeling as you would a suit of clothes. one day God's son. Dwell upon a thought. and you will realize that it is not original. I can tell you how to move into another state. assume you have it and let no one divert you. for it is impossible to transcend a thinking being. Nor is it possible for thought Greater than itself to know. he took the little boy by the hair. for He cannot discover any other than Self. "Whatever you desire. That the thought itself is complete and therefore every thought is Divine plagiarism! Enter a mood and watch the thoughts that come to you while there. your desire will appear as an eruption of your continuous thought. "Little Boy Lost. believe you have received it and you will.the creator of all life . for this simple principle will not fail you.Blake's poem. as he had burned others before.that you may be as He is. as it does not operate itself. I urge you to dream nobly. get into the mood by feeling recognized as you move about. I know. you will be. states are permanent and it is up to you to get out [172] . Its appearance is simply a hidden continuity which came to the surface. but if you really want to be known. Therefore. and persist until the feeling takes on the tones of reality. Then as the feeling becomes familiar you will be amazed how things will reshuffle themselves and you will get the publicity you desire. Being a thinking being. Do your father's will. for if God did not become you.

try to grab a solid object. when you can move into another state in your imagination? But once you have moved into the state of your fulfilled desire. will pass through. why not become it? Why sit in a state you dislike and argue. I don't even know what a stomach looks like! I simply got this lady to move from the state that had the bad stomach! Leave the state containing poverty and move into the state containing wealth. Think of a state and it seems a mere possibility.until you begin to become aware that you are dreaming. and you will discover the people there are just as stupid. buried in a state. with no ill effects. don't be like Lot's wife. Think of a room. Having descended into a world of death. and just as sound asleep as they are here. however. They will come to some conclusion. if he could make a friend and companion of his image. an individual.but not an animal. Hold the object and will yourself to wake up. In your night dream you take everything for granted . you will express it. Ninety per cent of those who leave are totally unaware of what has happened. and it is the only reality. This room has reality and substance because you are thinking from it. but if they are honest with themselves. Instead. you pass through states.of the state you are now in if it is undesirable to you. they will know that there was no physical reason for my death. [173] . But if you will rise from your present state and bury yourself in another. just as ambitious. but their forms eternal remain forever. for you are immortal. Blake said: "If the spectator could only enter into the image in his Imagination. They do not even recognize the change. but you cannot die. I have been shut out of this world many times. no matter how tame he appears to be. and after the silence she returned to her home on Staten Island. but they do not die to themselves. I simply left and did not return. any more than you do when you are asleep. Step out of this garment and you will instantly step into another. to return to find this body cataleptic for maybe twenty or twenty-five seconds before I could animate it again. While she was there we talked of higher things. If you can be what you want to be." Now. Don't look back at your former state and preserve it. for salt is a preservative. and you will awaken in your dream to find yourself in a world which is just as real as this one. to continue your dream. like a post . as you will come back. Blake tells us: "The oak is cut down by the ax and the lamb is stayed by the knife. But enter it by thinking from the state. But if you do not awaken it is because you have passed through the gate we call death. the doctors will cut up the body to see why I died. Observing their passage. you are a spectator of other states. The moment you become aware that you are dreaming. Every character in the Bible is a state of consciousness that you. One day a lady in New York City came to see me regarding her stomach problems. and wealth will take on reality. When this happens don't get panicky. I didn't give this lady any pills. Arriving there. you wake up. If sometime I do not get back. she went into a favorite German restaurant and ate all the food she hadn't been able to eat in years. if you have any red blood in you investigate the world you find yourself in. he would rise from the grave and meet the Lord in the heavens. we think they have died. If you find yourself waking. and it is but a shadow.

the Lord our God. for this world is His play! One day you will leave this play. for it takes all of us to form the Lord. but for your family and friends. Persist until you enter it. as there is no other. He entered the state unknowingly but couldn't escape its effect. in your Imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow. Shoemaker took the brunt. misjudged the finish line. Take the challenge of scripture: "Whatever you desire. as everyone is contained within you.leading by lengths . in the physical event. is one Lord. why not live well? I think we will all agree that it is easier living when we have wealth than when we are poor. you do not need their permission to be used to externalize your dream! The owner used the horse. knowing that in a way unknown and unnoticed by you it will erupt to become an objective fact. But who controlled Shoemaker's behavior? The owner told Shoemaker the dream before the race and he listened attentively.the owner of the horse did! You do not have to have a dream of the night to influence the behavior of others.not only for yourself. though it appears without it is within. you are not in it. "Hear O Israel. Persist in your assumption and it will harden into fact. That is exactly what happened. then. I have no desire to have lots of things. But we will return to the one God. Willie Shoemaker was riding a horse which was favored to win. The whole vast world is only yourself pushed out. which was a financial loss to him. a truly great jockey. the jockey and everyone who bet on the event.But while you are here." (William Blake) If everyone is contained within you. you are really giving it to yourself. He was condemned and received his sentence. He lost the race in the same manner in which he had envisioned it.he could not get enough energy again to win the race and therefore lost it. Try it and see! And remember: the Father who became you is speaking to you through the medium of dream and revealing himself in vision. believe you have received it and you will. and it will become the only reality. we fell as the gods. Shoemaker. "All that you behold. [174] . Who knows who is dreaming what is happening today? Two years ago I watched the Kentucky Derby on television. You can sit quietly and enter a glorious dream. When you imagine for another. he couldn't do anything about it. You can dream during the day and influence them. Live in the state of your fulfilled desire now. knowing you are God the Father who conceived it all. but they do not tell you the cause. the owner of the horse had a dream in which he saw Shoemaker . why not assume it? No power on earth can stop you from imagining. Now let us go into the silence." Take the challenge of scripture and assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled .misjudge the finish line and ride the saddle to ease the horse too soon. then realizing his mistake ." Dare to believe you have what reason and your senses deny. The night before the race. to externalize his dream. Beginning as the one God. but if anything can be mine by the simple act of assumption. If it's shadowy. but Shoemaker didn't have the dream . The morning paper records what happened.

There is no gift of the spirit comparable to love. How can I? Or who will believe it? How. The apostle Paul tells us.‖ May I tell you these statements are to be taken literally and fulfilled literally. I know from experience that God is love. Paul‖ said: ―Oh could I tell he surely would believe it.‖ Although it sounds terrible to think of drinking anyone‘s blood. Listen to his words. These are attributes of God. We are told. If God never revealed himself to man. Now you may wonder if there is any hope. when he brings you to where I have been you will actually see God‘s living. until he brings you to where I have been. for God is redeeming himself.‖ Tonight. you wear the body of the Risen Christ. ―Be persistent in the race. I am as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. but love is not an attribute of God. ―I know it is myself. and in the end love is the only thing that is alive. happening and will continue to happen until all are saved. Oh could I only say what I have seen. but have not love. absorbing it like a sponge. [175] . who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross and despised the shame. But he did it for your sake. Until everyone is redeemed. for he knew what he must experience before he committed the act. hope will be realized. golden liquid blood and say to yourself. what I am about to tell you may seem incredible. God is love. looking to Jesus. all the power of the world. But. in his lovely poem ―St. ―He who has not loved does not know God. Everything in this world will pass away. only one feeling and that is love. When you stand in the presence of the Risen Christ you have only one emotion. but an act of God in selfrevelation. That is your last day.‖ This is true.‖ Then he takes all the symbols of God and compares them to love. And when love embraces you. He despised the shame. ―Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels. but love will endure forever. I doubt that man would ever know that God is love. Faith will be fulfilled. Oh my divine creator and redeemer.‖ This is not a conclusion that the prophet reached after years of philosophic study. in spite of all the horror of the world. your worldly power and wisdom is as nothing. the pioneer and protector of our faith. There is.‖ Then you will fuse with it and. although I know it doesn‘t make sense on this level. up you will go on the spiral stairway into the kingdom of heaven. ―He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day. any chance for his return. in a sense. pulsing. And the last day comes to the individual every moment in time. the body of love. for I remember when he nailed himself on this body (this cross he now wears). but if love is not present. So ―He who does not love does not know God for God is love. You could have all the wisdom of the world. for God is love. but it is all scripture and all true.Neville Goddard LOVE ENDURETH Tonight‘s subject is ―Love Endureth‖ We are told. That is why Myers. It has already happened and it is still.

.. no next of kin had been notified. taking only her change purse with her. She did not carry my books. ―In my dream I was looking for something. We are told that. ‗No. infinite love. you have three precious ones. while visiting in New York City. but I tell you that everything said in that book called the Bible is literally true and will one day be experienced by you and fulfilled by you literally. Not for one moment could I arrest her attention as I have yours now. Mary had gone to the grocery store and was on her way home when she was knocked down by a passing car and killed.‖ God died and his blood is in you and God is love.‖ That‘s perfectly alright. Love Endureth. yet I didn‘t know what it was I was to find.. ‗This is faith. ―Haven‘t you heard? Mary was killed last month and there is no more metaphysical library.‘ A hand then reached out and removed a coin as the voice said. Then I discovered three coins in my left hand. even to the drinking of the blood. and the truth and the life. that‘s present. at the end of his days Paul expounded to them from morning till night about Jesus. Since there was no identification on her person. yet over the years she had many an opportunity to hear from one who had experienced scripture. I have animated you. I had purchased many books from Mary. When I told a friend that I was going to the bookstore he said. ―Let not your hearts be troubled for I am the way. If the word ―Jesus‖ offends you. they suggested he contact the morgue where he identified her body. while others disbelieved. ‗Shouldn‘t there be thirty pieces of silver?‘ and a voice answered saying. ―Unless I die thou canst not live. Five days later her husband stopped by the shop only to discover it was closed with unopened mail still on the floor. You who seem to be alive.‖ ―Because I live. Looking at them I said. I wanted to visit a bookstore I knew well and had visited regularly while living in New York City. only in the profit they would provide. She made a considerable amount of money out of me. Whenever she noticed I was looking at a book. And ―He who drinks my blood has life in himself. When he went to the police to file a missing person‘s notice. yet had remained married. but she wasn‘t interested at all. But if I die I shall arise again and thou with me.‘ Removing the second it said. The lady was not interested in what the books contained. One evening. It was love who began a good work in you and it is love that will bring it to completion on the day of Jesus Christ. for I have placed my blood within you. Mary never gave me the chance to convince her. I want to thank you for sharing your visions as they come to you and I will use them as they apply to the topic I have chosen.. Love is the ultimate reality. In fact I doubt if she ever knew I wrote one. Love said. One I can use tonight. this lady and her husband had gone their separate ways. you will live also. trying to persuade all who would listen to him using both the Law of Moses and the prophets. for Jesus is love. That was all she wanted. You will recognize the blood of God as that which gave you life while you walked the earth. you will live also. This lady said. Change the word ―Jesus‖ to ―love‖. use ―love‖.‖ See the difference in tense? Because I live.Last summer. So I tell you. I know. And some were convinced by what he said. the moment I put it back on the shelf she removed it and changed the price. He is addressing the spiritual you. for I have seen her do it.‖ Now. but are really not until you drink my blood. ‗This is hope‘ and as the last [176] .

I have always loved my father. he who calls himself my Father.‘ Then I awoke. who is love. Not the thirty pieces of silver. ―Faith.‖ Could you believe that psalm could be literally true? It is. Night after night scripture unfolds within me and I experience it in a first person. Her story has gone out. ―I am the Father. ‗This is love. So I tell you God. this night he appeared to be about 30. During the last few years in New York City we were warned not to walk in the park.‖ In my dream the grass was no longer subjective. endures. But how to tell you until he brings you to where I have been. I met the image and symbol of the authority I love. last. but Love Endureth forever. So what is objective and what is subjective? Is it not wholly determined by the consciousness from which it is spoken? In a dream I am telling my father that this is a reality. one day I felt an urge to go for a walk in the park. He who sees me has seen the Father. Night after night scripture fulfills itself in me. but objectively real. Which was the fact and which was the reality? And who is my father? Christ tells us. She held the three precious ones in her hand and the voice began to speak. Then I said. but the greatest of these is love. tonight. they are all attributes. the coin of hope and the coin of love. ―He made me to lie down in green pastures. and the first. for that is the price you pay to the owner of the ox who gores another. hope and love. and what I experienced only yesterday was the dream. Although he died when he was 85. that they can submit themselves to.‖ Who did? The Lord. Regardless of these warnings. The ox is [177] . but God. ―Would you believe it.‖ Faith will one day be transformed into vision and will. endures forever. green grass. Everything is going to pass away. You will have the three coins. These are the three priceless ones. fulfill itself. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.‖ Here is the fulfillment of the 13th chapter of Corinthians. and you who have heard it will have the same experience. But the power being sought can only be found within. these three abide. They are seeking the authority whose image is an earthly father. It will simply pass from the earth. present tense experience. Seeking a creature of authority. talking to each other.one was removed it said. but God is love and therefore the greatest of these. and I can‘t tell you my thrill as I walked through the park and enjoyed the green. The following night I am with my earthly father. like the 23rd Psalm. I would always submit myself to him and he was always generous and kind. one day you will experience every word of scripture. who is love. the coin of faith. Hope will be completely realized in this state. So here I am stretched out on the grass with my father in complete fulfillment of the 23rd Psalm. therefore. We were lying in this beautiful green grass. ―The Lord is my Shepard. as told us in the 3rd of Exodus and the 6th of Isaiah. and now it is an objective reality. So when I met my father. literally. And the last shall become first. said to be better than. And he will bring you to that same level. a power said to be Christ. I shall not want.‖ The whole vast world is seeking Christ. It had rained a great deal that spring. And whenever vision breaks forth into speech the presence of deity is affirmed. and then you will know that everything said in scripture is fulfilled. hope will be fulfilled. only yesterday I dreamed that I saw this grass and remarked to myself how green it was. for the last was love. I can‘t tell you my thrill when someone who comes here has a vision of that nature. I tell you. Faith will be fulfilled. as there were muggers day and night. Everything else is an attribute of God.

I have done everything that a man is capable of doing. and in the end there is nothing but Jesus. An abundance is yours. he (or she) will love me because I first loved him (or her). Hope and Love as: ―Faith is believing what is incredible Hope is hoping when all things are hopeless. but a sword. for ―Unless I die. ―What is the greatest thing in the world?‖ And you answer. but as one. and you are He. thou canst not live. And when he says. no man. we read. Just as in the story of Pygmalion and Galatea. But she has the three precious ones. You are one with the body of love. ―I live. there is no way you can boast. And you will know it when you are embraced and become consciously one with the body of love. everything will pass away. Now that you and God are one.the symbol of Christ. that is unspoiled. but when I was embraced by love everything that I had done up to that point became as white as snow. But. I will wait in vain. She has the answer. or organization of men can put you asunder. And when you leave this sphere you awaken as the being the world is talking about.‖ it is because I live. when you are embraced by love. The great artist created an image out of marble and fell in love with his image. In the first epistle of John. That is the world of love. You are saved by the grace of God and since it‘s not your own doing. you become one with the body of love forever. for how can there be a resurrection without death? So God dies. if I were hungry I would slay and eat. an ox-gore.‖ Why tell anyone of your hunger if the world is yours? Well. ―But the greatest of these is love. And when that happens thirty pieces of silver is given the owner. but love endures forever as told us in the 13th chapter of I Corinthians. You know that ―If I were hungry I would not tell you. Then [178] . And in that resurrected world you know every desire is already fulfilled. because he loved us first.‖ You will not rise as two. for when you stand before the Risen Christ the question is asked. that is eternal. So I tell you. your true being is veiled in flesh and no one can see the body you wear. But there can be no resurrection without crucifixion. he who comes not to bring peace. hope and love. on this level. ―We love. the fourth verse. Without change in identity. knowing who you are. but if I die I shall arise again and thou with me. you know that you can appropriate anything you desire with no concern as to how you are going to get it. But if I imitate God. which you are. because he first loved us. Now make it a personal ―I‖ and say. and Love is forgiving what is unforgivable. just for the taking. you have a world that is infinite. The cattle on a thousand hills are mine.‖ Then you will add. but now includes a far greater awareness than before. Someone once defined the words Faith. no change of your wonderful individuality.‖ Our love is only a response. ―I love because God first loved me‖ and imitate him as a dear child. No one on earth can save you. It‘s the same self. they shall be as white as snow. but I tell you that though your sins are as scarlet. you become this infinite being who is Jesus Christ. a self who is none other than God the Father. yet there is no change of identity. Tonight I ask you to imitate God as dear children. ―Faith. therefore you will live also. for the world is mine and all within it.‖ The world teaches that another is love and completely unattainable. But while you are here. If I want the response of love and expect it to come from another.‖ for when Christ embraces you.

as God. the great artist. created you and falling in love with his creation he gave it the gift of life by giving you the gift of himself and God is love. which endureth forever. Tonight fall in love as God. When this was done the statue became a beautiful woman and the first word she uttered was the name Pygmalion. and you will live there as man also. Imitate him as a dear child.he prayed to the goddess of love to endow it with life. for you are love. The first word you and I ever uttered was Jesus‘ name. for in time it will all pass away. Now let us go into the Silence. [179] . for before we could ever utter a word we had to be aware of being. and that. and that is saying I AM. Love any state so much you die to any other. Live there. Greater love has no man than this. the one and only reality of the world. Fulfill every desire of your heart. God. And always remember who you are.

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