Elaborated paragraphs

Cynthia Hatchell 7th grade Language Arts

Characteristics of Elaborated Paragraphs!! 1) The writer clearly states the main idea in the topic sentence. .

.Characteristics cont’d 2) The writer supports the main idea with at least three examples.

CharaCteristiCs Cont’d 3) Sentences are related and connected. .

and exact nouns.Characteristics cont’d 4) The writer uses vivid adjectives. . strong verbs.

. and end.Characteristics cont’d 5) The writer uses an anecdote with a beginning. middle.

dialogue.6) The paragraph includes quotes. and statistics that support the main idea. facts. Characteristics cont’d similes. . sensory images.

.Characteristics cont’d 7) The concluding sentence restates the main idea and brings the paragraph to a definite close.

.Characteristics cont’d 8) The writer uses age-appropriate vocabulary.

Characteristics cont’d .9) The sentence structure is varied.

and punctuation. grammar.Characteristics cont’d 10) The paragraph contains correct spelling. . capitalization.

Elaborated Paragraphs Activity: Worksheet pages 25.26. and 27. Follow the directions as you practice writing elaborated paragraphs. .

Elaborated Paragraphs Assessment Pick a topic of your choice. Write an elaborated paragraph on your topic to be turned in for a grade. .

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