You'll notice a real difference in your English _______ you get back home. I'm sure you'll find a school in London. Use the phrases below which will help you to complete the following exercise. but here are the names of some others in Cambridge just _______ you cant find one in London. In case unless if as long as when ADVICE ABOUT LEARNING ENGLISH You won`t learn much English ________ you make some British friends. Carry a notebook around with you ________ you hear any new expressions.A: A friend is giving you some advice about learning English. I can recommend a good one. . _________ you need a grammar book. Of course. You will learn the language quite easily just ________ you work hard. ________ you study hard you wont make much progress.

Look at the pictures and complete what your friend says to you: a.We can try the new Italian restaurant if _________________ . I'm sure _________________ b.We'll be able to go to the park unless _________________ d. You phone her before your visit.Bring lots of warm clothes in case _________________ C.B: You are planning to stay with a British friend.As long as you book early.

I can pick you up at the airport as long as _____________ f- Bring as much money as you can in case _____________ WELL DONE… .e.

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