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Miss Naisteter 28.1.

13 Grammar

Spongework Activities
A writing exercise we do each class to open up our brains and start learning like sponges. Schedule: Monday: Questions and challenges Tuesday: Quotes Thursday: Riddles and Mysteries Friday: Freewrites or maybe something crazy

The Rules for Spongework Grading: I will collect your notebook atleast 2 times each bisemested. Your notebook will be collected next Monday 4.2.13. You need to take it home Friday 2.1.13 to make sure it is complete. Your parents MUST sign it. I will not accept a notebook without a signature. Your spongework is worth 100 points. Missing activities will be MINUS 10 points. Your sponge work will be 25% of your grade in this class along with quizzes, class participation and behavior. 25 % means it is important. If you fail spongework each bimester, you can fail my class. Each day late is MINUS 10 points. For example: 1 day late = 10 points off. 2 days late = 20 points off. I am grading you on ability to complete spongework good grammar, complete sentences, punctuation, and spelling. Procedure: Everyday we will have a different sponge activity. You need to copy it and write a good and thoughtful response. Each sponge activity will require a minimum of 4 COMPLETE sentences. Always label your sponge activity. For example: Sponge Activity #1 It is YOUR responsibility to bring your notebook to class. It is YOUR responsibility to get the spongework completed. It is YOUR responsibility if you miss class. Ask someone in your class for the spongework. There is no excuse for lateness. Unless you bring your liver to class on a platter. Cool points: These are bonus points added to your grade if I think something you wrote was awesome. Being creative. Being funny. Using big and creative words. Use your dictionary. Writing more than 4 sentences. Drawing pictures and using colors. Pretty counts.

Parent Signatures: I, ________________________, have seen the grammar notebook for my child, ______________________. Yo, ________________________, he visto el cuaderno de grammatica de mi hijo, ______________________. 1. Signature & Date (Firma y Fecha) __________________________________. 2. Signature & Date (Firma y Fecha) __________________________________. 3. Signature & Date (Firma y Fecha) __________________________________. 4. Signature & Date (Firma y Fecha) __________________________________. 5. Signature & Date (Firma y Fecha) __________________________________. 6. Signature & Date (Firma y Fecha) __________________________________. 7. Signature & Date (Firma y Fecha) __________________________________. 8. Signature & Date (Firma y Fecha) __________________________________.