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DNA-The Double Helix Game Directions: 1. Open the internet on the computer. 2. Go To: 3. Click on the Reading section: The Discovery of the molecular structure of DNA-The Double Helix 4. Read and Answer the Prelab simulation Questions below. Pre-lab simulation Questions 1.Who is credited with the discovery of the double helix? 2. Each rung is composed of two base pairs. Either an _____-T pair that form a ______-hydrogen bond together, or a C-______ pair that form a ______-hydrogen bond. The base pairing is thus restricted.

3. Human DNA contains about _____% each of adenine & thymine and _____% each of cytosine & guanine. 4. The DNA of humans is composed of approximately ___________ base pairs, making up a total of almost a __________-long stretch of DNA in every cell in our bodies. 5. Was Rosiland Franklin nominated for a Nobel Prize? Why or Why not?

6. The __________-___________ backbone is on the outside of the helix, and the bases are on the inside. 7. The backbone can be thought of as the _______ of a ladder, whereas the bases in the middle form the ______ of the ladder. 8. Click on Play a Game-DNA the Double Helix in the picture to begin the DNA game. 9. Then click on Skip intro (it does not work well). 10. Fill out the chart with the correct DNA strand identification from the game. Complete the table with the correct answers: Organism 1 2 3 # of Chromosomes # of Base Pairs

DNA Extraction Virtual Lab Go to: 1. Give 3 reasons why we need to extract DNA? 123-

2. Click on start lab 3. List the steps in extracting DNA: 1234-

4. What (10) materials are needed to extract DNA?

5. What is the purpose of the isopropyl alcohol?

Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab 1. Go to: 2. List the steps of gel electrophoresis: 12345How do you know?

3. What charge does DNA have?

4. Which strands travel the farthest? Long or Short? 5. What (6) materials are needed to run gel electrophoresis?

6. What do you look for to ensure the gel current is running correctly? 7. What is the chemical called that is used for staining the DNA? 8. _____ light may damage your eyes. 9. What are the 3 correct estimations of the base pairs from the gel?________, _______, _________ Create a DNA Fingerprint 1. Go to: 2. List the (8) steps to create a DNA fingerprint. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 83. Who is the culprit of the case of the Licked Lollipop?