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Broadening the Conservative Base

The Mathematics of Success in a Three-Party Race

Social Libe Gay/Feminis rals, t Activ Intellectual El ists, ite Labor Leader ship


Wall Street Fiscal Elite

Its time for a New World Order

President George H.W. Bush (R)

Main Street Fiscal Conservatives Social Conservatives

Americans of Color, Elderly, Under-educated Rank-and-File Labor and Non-Labor Union Membership

It Takes a Village
President William J. Clinton (D)

With the Wall Street Elite awash in luxury and excess, Main Street Professionals struggle for economic survival as white-collar livelihoods are routinely offshored to India and corporate scandals bankrupt 401(k) retirement savings all as the dutiful Main Street handmaidens faithfully march to slaughter by the steady drumbeat of Republican globalism. Meanwhile, Social Conservatives helplessly watch the steady drain on American sovereignty and freedoms as the corporate elite shift economic investment, job creation, and national loyalty from the United States to third-world nations for the sole and exclusive purpose of furthering the comforts of the Wall Street Elite.


What was once a proud party that advanced the interests of the Labor Class and those excluded from the American Dream, the Democrat Party is today a mere tool of the Cultural Elite who are wholly disconnected from the values of the partys traditional and current base. Over the past 30 years, the Democratic Party has shifted its focus from the advocacy of the Labor Class and the Economically Distressed to the full embrace of Radical Feminists, Homopolitical Activists and Intellectual Elitists who have starkly different values and political objectives from Americas Elderly, Blue Collar Labor, and her People of Color.

Registered, but Politically Inactive

Forced to Choose Between Republican Globalism and Democratic Socialism, the Path to Political Empowerment is a Short One, Indeed
French philosopher and moralist Marquis de Vauvenargues (1715-1747) wrote in his Reflexions et Maximes that It is easier to construct a new party than it is to rise gradually to the head of an old one. In the context of the modern-day American political process, such a theory seems to contradict every conventional wisdom and instinct given the fully vested nature of the Two-Party system in Americas political psyche. With the Republican and Democratic Parties wholly dominating practically every state and federal election cycle while cumulatively amassing 98-100% of the casted vote, it would appear that de Vauvenargues postulation is baseless and is nothing more than a navigation of idealism and wishful thinking. Moreover, given the tremendously high stakes on a broad spectrum of issues ranging from skyrocketing healthcare costs to accelerated offshoring of American jobs to widening trade deficits and rising taxes, a principled vote in support of a new political movement with no chance of winning is a novelty that cannot be considered in the full throes of a political war against an enemy on the cusp of making significant gains in Americas policy-setting objectives. Such a wasted vote would only provide aid and comfort to the opposition Republican/Democratic Party whose policy agenda is clearly directed at promoting what is known to be evil and which threatens the values of a country you love and see becoming more unrecognizable on practically a daily basis. However, when one stops and carefully considers (1) the dynamics and vulnerabilities of the current Two-Party structure, (2) the mathematics of victory in a three-party race, and (3) the efficiency of a targeted and resonant recruitment strategy, the impulse of hopelessness that characteristically dampens the enthusiasm of a new political party movement is quickly displaced with a sense of urgency and purpose that can only be inspired by a very real and reachable finish line of success.


For Most People, Political Affiliation is More an Expression of Disdain AGAINST the Opposition Party than it is a Reflection of Support FOR the Affiliate Party. As Such, the Bonds of Party Loyalty are Artificial, Shallow and Capable of Being Broken.

Take this little test. Seek out any opinionated friend or co-worker with a well-known political affiliation and pose this simple observation and question: I cant believe you support Mitt Romney for President. Why are you voting for Mitt Romney in the upcoming election? Almost instinctively and by defensive reflex, your friends response is likely to sound something like this: Well, AT LEAST HES BETTER THAN Barack Obama who is an avowed Marxist trying to destroy America! If you approach the question from the standpoint of political affiliation, your friends retort will have a similar defensive undertone: Of course Im Republican! ITS BETTER THAN being an idiot Democrat who only wants to ____________! If your friend is like most Americans, his response to questions challenging his candidate or party loyalties will have two (2) characteristic features that give tremendous insight into the basis of his political affiliation. First, his response very likely reflects a basis of animosity and disdain for the alternative candidate or party - and hes probably right in his assessment. Secondly, your friends response will likely fail to include articulable, discrete reasons that reflect a positive basis for promoting his candidate or party of choice. Perhaps without even being conscious of doing so, your friend will be communicating a very common and very telling secret shared by countless millions who participate in the American political process: Political loyalty is driven by DISDAIN of the opposition, not necessarily SUPPORT for the candidate or party of choice. When directly engaged about the basis of their political affiliation and support, most people will openly acknowledge that theirs is a selection based on the lesser of two evils. Although they are not particularly excited about the candidate or party they support in any given election, they are absolutely certain that the opposition candidate or party must be defeated at all costs, even if it means giving little-to-no critical scrutiny to the positions and values of the candidate or party ultimately getting their vote!

The implications of this dynamic are significant. For starters, such political affiliation based on repulsion virtually guarantees that half of the participating American Electorate (i.e. Americans registered to vote who actually participate and vote) will not support the Republican Party, while the other half of the participating American Electorate will not support the Democratic Party. In a very real sense, most people are more accurately described as either Anti-Republicans or Anti-Democrats to reflect their political disdain for the opposition party than the more traditional Democrat or Republican labels that are used and which infer affiliations of support for the remaining Two-Party alternative. Moreover, because the weak bonds of party support are not nearly as strong as the forcefield of party opposition, the foundations of support for both the Republican and Democratic Parties are highly tenuous, as is the infrastructure of their historical political dominance. Recognition of these two basic truths is a literal blueprint for the dismantlement of the current power structure exercised by the Two-Party System.


The Republican Partys Loyalties to Globalism and the Wall Street Elite is a Fundamental Betrayal of Core Party Supporters. The Democratic Partys Embrace of NAFTA, Radical Feminism and the Homopolitical Agenda is a Direct Assault on the Values and Interests of Blue-Collar Labor, the Undereducated, and Americans of Color the Democratic Partys Base.

Party loyalty is a temporary currency and one based wholly on voluntary subscription. Unlike a military draft where choice is not an option, enrollment as a registered Democrat or Republican is a decision left exclusively to the individual. The highest ranks of the Republican and Democrat leadership cant make you join and support their party if you dont want to, nor can their status and influence keep you out if you do choose to join them. The simple act of signing a voter registration card is the sum total that determines whether one is a Republican or a Democrat. There is no litmus test that establishes an objective threshold minimum to affiliate as a Republican or Democrat. You want it, you got it. And if one decides that the Republican or Democratic Party no longer serves its prior utility, he or she is free to leave at any time and can even join ranks of the other party without resistance or consequence. Perhaps surprisingly to many people, the only thing that prevented Bill Clinton from being a Republican was his decision not to register as one. Neither Newt Gingrich nor Ronald Reagan himself could have kept Bill Clinton out of the Republican Party if he chose to join! George W. Bush is a Republican only because he chose not to register as a Democrat. Given the voluntary nature of political affiliation and the relatively weak basis for direct party support, the vulnerability to the power structure of the Republican and Democratic parties is obvious. As the elite, controlling ranks of both parties become more and more emboldened in their promotion, facilitation, and advancement of their respective political ideologies, they necessarily expose in increasingly undeniable fashion the significant disparity between the elite beneficiaries of their parties and the base constituencies whose voting support empowers them. The Democratic Partys open embrace of the Homopolitical Agenda, the normalization of gay marriage, the glorification of homosexual celebrity in the media culture, and the high pedestal reserved for militant feminists who use Democratic Party power and political influence to impose the egregiousness of partial-birth abortion and other counterculture ideals on an unwilling public is directly contrary to the values and ideals of Americas Elderly who came from an era of innocence based on tenets of faith, family and country. The effort by gay activists to advance their own political agenda by presuming a brotherhood of struggle with Americas People of Color who were fundamentally excluded from participating in the American Dream and routinely savaged and occasionally murdered for nothing more than the genetics of skin color is an insult and arrogance of the highest proportions. Together with a hostility by militant feminists and gay activists towards any and all tenets of faith in the Public Square, the disconnect between the Cultural Elite and the church-going men and women that fill Americas black churches is complete. Add to the equation that the Democratic Party was a co-conspirator with the Republican Party to usher in NAFTA and the subsequent loss of millions of Americans textile, steel, and manufacturing jobs by the December 8, 1993 stroke of Bill Clintons pen, and the blow to Americas Rank-and-File Labor is undeniable and likely fatal as Globalism continues to develop and expand under Barack Obama and his AFL-CIO allies keep the collective anger of their membership ranks directed at the Republican Party. Not to be outdone, the Republican Party continues to perpetrate a fraud on its core party supporters, primarily through its unabashed advocacy of Globalism and its crown jewel, free trade. Sold to the American People as a way to cut consumer costs by lowering manufacturing costs, the first generation of Globalism was ushered in during Bill Clintons very first year as president with the passage of NAFTA. Because the Professional Middle Class and most Main Street Fiscal Conservatives were not directly affected by the outsourcing of blue-collar textile and manufacturing jobs, NAFTA and GATT were largely problems that the Labor Unions, Undereducated, and People of Color (i.e. core Democratic constituencies) had to bear. Besides, the significant rise in stock holdings and tax-deferred 401(k) investments was too much of a pleasant distraction for most Main Street Professionals to take notice of the devastation being reaped on Americas Labor Class, much less foresee the ambush in-waiting for themselves a decade down the road. Twenty years later, Middle Class Professionals are themselves in a battle for economic survival as the tentacles of Globalism attach themselves to traditionally secure white-collar livelihoods. If the 1990s was the decade when Americas industrial economy evolved into a service and information economy, the 2000s was the decade when Americas service and information economy became Americas greatest export commodity. Now, as the legacy of NAFTA extends into its third decade, the breathtaking rate at which the Wall Street Elite have eliminated the services of Americas systems analysts, IT professionals, software developers, engineers and service professionals is matched only by the expanse of a burgeoning middle class in such countries as India and Singapore. Left behind are countless hundreds of thousands of the newly-impoverished American Middle Class who characteristically (1) are overskilled and/or oversalaried, (2) have extremely heavy debt burdens (mortgages, education loans, credit debt), and (3) whose fond memories of the 1990s stock market gains have been displaced by egregious high-profile corporate scandals and withering 401(k) retirement portfolios. Yet the Republican Party Establishment continues the drumbeat of free market Globalism to appease the Wall Street Elite as the Professional Middle Class marches dutifully to its own execution.


In a Three-Party Race, Capture of 35-38% of the Votes Cast Constitutes Mathematical Victory. The Constitution Party is Uniquely Poised to Pull Heavily from BOTH the Republican AND Democratic Parties, the Key to Third-Party Political Empowerment.

Perhaps the greatest misconception about third-party political movements is their viability for success. Although many people are inclined to give some level of respectful acknowledgment to the ideals presented by a new political option, most are hesitant to abandon the familiar comforts of their current partys predictable betrayals as they engage in battle against the evil opposition forces. So focused is the intensity against the enemy opposition, that few core Republican and Democratic constituents are able to identify where exactly the friendly forces reside given the frequency of policy letdown and disappointment by their own party leadership ranks. However, such a cursory dismissal of a properly-designed third-party fails to consider the mathematical realities of a well-designed, properly targeted recruitment and party growth strategy that exploits the full breadth of the Two-Party Systems vulnerabilities. Given the repulsion basis that characterizes most peoples political affiliation, ones alignment as an anti-Republican does not significantly vest one as a Democratic Party proponent. Similarly, just because someone recoils against the agenda of the elite Democratic Party does not mean he or she is a committed Republican Party advocate. Just because 50% of the Voting Public will never support the Republican Party does not mean they wont support the Constitution Party. Just because 50% of the Voting Public will never support the Democratic Party does not mean they wont support the Constitution Party. And with the increasingly obvious and undeniable betrayals by both the Republican and Democratic parties of their respective core constituencies, the potential to drain huge segments of these betrayed ranks from both parties is very real and very significant. For unlike a two-party candidacy where success is defined by a (50% + 1) majority, success in a three-party race requires a substantially lesser 34% at a time when well over 70% of the American People are disgusted with both parties. Because the Republicans and Democrats have little-to-no potential for new growth since nearly half of the Voting Public are avowed enemies, a finely-tuned and directed recruitment strategy that exploits these betrayals on a very personalized level is the very vehicle to strike directly at the parties bases. In doing so, the very foundations of the Republican and Democratic political structure will be fractured and with it, the enabling support for the Wall Street and Cultural Elite.

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