Character Biography – James Adamson

Age: 48 Occupation: Brain Surgeon

James studied at medicine at his local University where he met Martha, she was a girl he always saw in the Library of his university, he never plucked up the courage to speak to her but during a graduation party they started talking and somehow they end up kissing, shortly after Martha has to leave for Germany, and James is left having known her for a few hours and has to say goodbye

The Story of the Brain eating surgeon is set in modern day 2013 Origin Born and raised in New York, James has seen a variety of cultures but has never travelled outside his country, he’s never he grew up with over protective parents and found comfort in his books, he’s always had good grades and exceled in every class except P.E, though he’s never been bullied James is a nervous wreck, always apologizing for the littlest things.

Personality James is socially inert, he’s never had a girlfriend and has only had one kiss, which he obsesses about, he’s awfully clumsy and stutters though he’s got an intelligent mind he isn’t arrogant, he’s very meek and kind Motive His goal is to win Martha over, he’s going to consume Dominik’s brain because he’s able to steal people’s traits and abilities after he’s drank a cocktail which is mainly made up of his victims’ brain, James is scrawny little awkward nerd, whereas Dominik’s is every man’s aspiration and every woman’s dream What’s with the brain cocktail? James is a very nice person but one night changed it all, a night where is had his first brain… since then he’s had this split personality he calls “Grundy”, Grundy is the man who goes out and stalks people before eating their brains, James is too nice of a person to willingly do this, but years of being in the background brought out this person who stalks and drinks brains.

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