Sweet Water Science Committee Meeting Tuesday, February 5, 2013 10:00am – 12:00pm Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District 260

W. Seeboth St. Milwaukee OJ Noer conference rooms A & B AGENDA Welcome / introductions – Val Klump (UW-M School of Freshwater Sciences) 1. Brief status update on testing for and addressing human pathogens in stormwater – Cheryl Nenn (Milwaukee Riverkeeper) – 10 minutes 2. Brief update on EPA’s recreational water quality criteria – Cheryl Nenn – 10 minutes 3. Quick heads-up on the University of Michigan Water Center’s new Great Lakes restoration-focused grants program – Val Klump – 10 minutes (information emailed in advance) 4. Follow-up discussion on topic/s covered at past meetings:  Technical aspects of TMDLs – Cheryl Nenn and Ezra Meyer – 10 minutes

5. 2012 citizen phosphorus monitoring results – Cheryl Nenn and Joe Rath (Milwaukee Riverkeeper) – 20 minutes 6. Prioritizing watershed restoration projects – Cheryl Nenn and Ezra Meyer – 30 minutes 7. 2013 Science Committee meetings— scheduling and potential topics – 10 minutes  Possible future topics: o MMSD KK R. flushing tunnel feasibility study o Evaluating phosphorus and TSS reductions from leaf-collection programs and policies o Research into markers incl. fluorescence to monitor for sewage in stormwater / the rivers (Steve Corsi, USGS) Adjourn

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