George Foreman- A True Champion Motivation, a quality possessed by a few individuals in society, the desire to accomplish, the yearning

and the fierce hunger for what is rightfully theirs to achieve despite any adversities. As I interpret the thoughts of humanity, I have discovered words that have inspired me. One in particular is a quote by George Foreman, Heavy Weight Champion of the World: “I am a winner each and every time I go into the ring.” Mr. Foreman has outmatched several hundred contenders in his quest to become boxing champion. He has also demonstrated that he is a champion outside the ring. Through the jagged road of economic recession, I have learned from Mr. Foreman how he encountered a life of pain and a myriad of socio-economic tribulations. Through untainted confidence and his desire to help society, he breached the gap to leadership in the AfricanAmerican community inspired by the scriptures and his fervor for sports. George Foreman’s life has been characterized by success, virtue and leadership. At age 62 he has attained the highest recognitions in boxing, as an Olympic gold medalist in 1968 in Mexico, and then becoming the oldest Heavy Weight Champion of the World at age 45. He has also excelled in becoming a prominent businessman by successfully launching his renowned George Foreman Grill owned by over 100 million individuals worldwide. Despite all his success as an athlete and as a businessman, Mr. Foreman has shown a deep and undeniable love for his community, Marshall, Texas where he grew up. After retiring from boxing, Mr. Foreman has contributed by sharing the Lord’s message in his weekly sermons. Also, he has stayed true to his commitment to enrich the youth of America growing up under the same underprivileged conditions as he did. He opened The George Foreman Youth

Foreman as a source of true inspiration. Foreman as a role model in the community. I know that in time. one day. I will give back to my community by helping future generations become better educated. . as a mentor to the youth and as a business leader. Although I am still young. I have recently joined the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) at my high school to develop my leadership skills and learn from successful business professionals.and Community Center in 1984 so he could put children out of the streets and rescue their future from a life of crime to a chance of being successful like him. I have developed a profound admiration for Mr. Also. My dream is to create prodigious learning centers for children residing in disadvantaged areas so they have access to knowledge and information. By following his example. I will make a difference in my community and I will always have Mr. it is not too soon to start giving back to my community and I have found that a way to do that is by volunteering for several organizations. when I achieve my goal of becoming a successful professional.

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