Teacher’s Name: MS. Deena My Name: Kazi Md. Waliul Azim

AUGUST 28, 2010


There is a river within 2 km west of our school named Buriganga. interviewing parents and by visiting the river site. Waste from hawkers 1/3 . From a river we can get water. I have also learned how to use a computer to prepare the report. Waste from tannery 3. Some of the sources of water pollution are as follows: 1. The main source of surface water is the river.0 METHODOLOGY: I have collected information of the river Buriganga from different websites. We cannot live without water.0 INTRODUCTION: The other name of water is life.0 SOURCES OF WATER POLLUTION: The river Buriganga has been polluted by us for years. 2. 3.WATER POLLUTION 1. fish and even we can move from one place to another place by boat. launch and steamer. We drink and wash things with water. newspaper article. The water of the river Buriganga is polluted. Waste water disposal 2.

0 STEPS TO REDUCE WATER POLLUTION: To reduce the water pollution of the river Buriganga. This should be stopped. clothes and take bath in the river. polythene bags into the river.4. Filling river by putting sand and other things 4. we have to do the following things: • Aware people for not to wash harmful things. • People should not fill the river with sand and other materials. Taking bath 6. • The hawkers. Washing clothes 5. Cleaning dirty goods 7.0 CONCLUSION: 2/3 . 5. passengers should not throw wastages from foods. • The tanneries process skin of cows and goats with dangerous chemicals and throw all the wastes into the river.

There are no fishes in the river. 3/3 . The smell of the water is also very bad and makes people sick. People working in the river are having ill health. The entire environment has become polluted.The colour of the water of the river Buriganga has become black. We all must be aware to make the river pollution free.

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