How to Personalize the Tools Menu in a Form

(JFr, Feb. 21, 2012)

From    the User form, we would like to : Open the Responsibility form, Launch the Signon Audit Users report, Open the My Communities Web Site.


Declare the Special (Zoom)

Tool Report Action

: Special1 .. Special15 : Special16 .. Special30 : Special31 .. Special45

So, 45 different actions are possible from a standard form. 1.2 Enter in the personalization mode:

1/ 5

3 Declaration of the Specials: It is also possible to use an Icon Note carefully the Special number and its usage Save and open the form. if you test them now .1. But. you will get : 2/ 5 . look the Menu Bar.

You can use Global Variables as parameters 2.1 Activation of the Specials: Open the Responsibility form: Note: if isn’t already done.2 Launch the Signon Audit Users Report: 3/ 5 . you need to link this form to your menu to avoid security issues.22.

Note: if isn’t already done.3 Launch the My Communities Web Site: 4/ 5 . 2. You can use Global Variables as parameters. you need to add this report to the requests group linked to your responsibility to avoid security issues.

5/ 5 .

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