 Malaysian government spent RM 250 million on VMY 2007 .2005  During 2006.  Training programs were provided  Launch of program called ‘Malaysia Welcomes the world’  Senior tourism officials were sent on tour to key target markets in Asia and Europe to promote Malaysia as a premium tourist destination. work on this campaign was started on 31st December. the Malaysian government started taking steps by upgrading the infrastructure in scenic spots and taking other initiatives in order to attract foreign visitors.

Launch of Bus service by Malaysian government in Kuala Lumpur called Hop-On-Hop-Off service . Special events throughout the year in different part of the country as part of VMY 2007. Tourism Malaysia launched a new program called ‘Discover Kaula Lumpur ‘ .  Focus on cheap Air travel to Attract the tourist and boost tourism  In mid 2007.  In 2006.