How to perform Ruqya by Shaykh Abdul Rauf Ben Halima Take some water galon of 20 litter surah fatiha

ayatal kursi Qulowali o ahad qulowali o nas Qulowali o falak and three ayat : surah araf verses 117 to 122 surah yunus verses 81 and 82 surah taha 68 to 70 each one read read 11 times on water. you are going to drink, take bath with it. take a litter of it and empty it in a day. during bath collect the water to put into garden. for 12 days. you can spry water in your house, door, roof, and the ground. - second step: treatment to remove while you reading all verses and surah you can also do the same thing on olive oil and once you have taken the bath put that oil on your effected areas. if you have stomch problems and think you have eaton some thing with the sehar y ou have to take the SANA LEAVEs....its give you dehrea if you have been efected by sehar. take one full spon of sana leave with half a litter of quranic verses water and boiled it for 10 minutes with empty stomch. you have to continue to do this until it will not give you any pain. SANA LEAVE are very important as Hazrat muhammad sallaho alai waslam said you ta ke sana leave atleast once in years or once in your life. --- Hijama is the remedy of shahar --- if you having a bad dreams and if you remebers ... how you prepare yourself to catch him for that you have to read ayatal kurse, ayatal kursi, Qulowali o ahad,qulowali o nas,Qulowali o falak 3 times and wipe yourself with i t and surah baqara 148

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