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.`_n 7¸S¸¨¸\` C_:
.`_n \:`I¸S "Ÿ¡:
Am Yisrael Chai.
Od Avinu Chai.
Ai sh.com
# 1 - Am Yi sr ael Chai
The people of I srael live.
Our forefat her st ill lives.
( cf. Genesis 45: 3)
¨¸O¸7¸v ¨¸:\O¸S¸I |`O¸S_O `:¸S
n` v¸ C_ ¨ D_ S` I¸ I
¨¸O¸¨_O¸Dª_v `s 7_: q_S¸¡
Ÿ ¡7 ¨¸ a_ n¸ S ¨_ r 7¸ a C :
.SŸI¸ª_v CŸ¡` 7¸D¸I
Ani ma' amin b' emuna shelema
be' viat hamashiach,
Vi' af al pi sheyit ’mame' ha
im kol zeh achakeh lo
bechol yom sheyavo.
# 2 - Ani Ma’ ami n
I believe wit h perfect fait h in t he coming of t he Messiah;
and even t hough he may delay, I will await him every day.
( Maimonides’ Thirt een Principles)
7¸S¸¨¸\` (¸7_O "¡¸"
.C¸ª_p¸¡ `_n
Dovid melech Yisrael
chai ve- kayam.
# 3 - Dovi d Mel ech
David, King of I srael, lives forever.
( Talmud - Rosh HaShana 25a)
P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs
Ai sh.com
¨¸I C`p`r¸n_C_7 S`¨ C`ª_n \¸:
.¨¸v¸S¸O ¸¨`¸¸D¸OŸD¸¡
C_:¸Ÿ: `¸D¸¨_" ¸¨`¸¸D¸¨¸"
.C\7¸v ¸¨`¸_D\I`D¸: 7¸D¸¡
¨¸I\¸v¸:¸¡ (`¸¸7¸S ¨ \:¸¸I`v¸¨
.C_"¸_p¸a \:`¸¸O¸` v¸"_n
Eit z chayim hi la- machazikim ba
ve- t omcheha me' ushar.
Deracheha dar chei noam
ve- chol net ivo’ t eha shalom.
Hashiveinu Hashem eilecha ve- nashuva,
chadeish yameinu ke- kedem.
# 4 - Ei t z Chai m
I t is a t ree of life for t hose who grasp it , and it s support ers are happy.
I t s ways are pleasant and it s pat hs are peaceful.
Bring us back, Lord, t o You, and we will ret urn;
renew our days as of old.
( Proverbs 3: 18, 3: 17, Lament at ions 5: 21)
C`:¸: ¨_O\ IŸ¡O ¨_O ¨¸:¨
."_n¸` C_: C`n_S D¸I_v
Hi nei h ma t ov u- ma nayi m
shevet achi m gam yachad.
# 5 - Hi nei h Mah Tov
How good and pleasant it is
when brot hers live t oget her in harmony.
( Psalms 133: 1)
¨¸n¸O\¸I ¨ D_S \"¸I:
.¨¸:¸:¸¨I ¡`¸:¸o¸7 \SŸI
I vdu et Hashem be- si mchah,
bo' u l ef anav bi r ’ nana.
# 6 - I vdu
Serve God wit h gladness,
come before Him wit h j oyous song.
( Psalms 100: 2)
P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs
Ai sh.com
¨¸¨Ÿ¡D S¸3¸D |Ÿ¡ª3O `a
.C`¸7¸v\¨`O ¨ ¨_I¸"\
Ki mit zion t ay’t zay Torah
u’devar Hashem mi’ Yerushalayim.
# 7 - Ki Mi t zi on
For Torah will come fort h from Zion
and t he word of God from Jerusalem.
( I saiah 2: 3)
Ÿ ¡7¸ a C¸ 7Ÿ ¡:¸ ¨ 7¸ a
"Ÿ S¸ O ¨_ 3 ¨_ v_ :
.7¸7¸a "¸n_o¸7 S7 ¨¸p:¸¨¸¡
Kol ha' olam kulo
Gesher t zar me' od
Veha' ikar lo lifached k' lal
# 8 - Kol Ha' ol am
The whole world is a very narrow bridge,
and t he main t hing is t o have no fear at all.
( Rabbi Nachman of Breslav)
¨¸S¸I_¨ ¨¸:¸v¸7
.¨¸`\:¸I_¨ C`¸¸7¸v\¨`I
Le- shana haba
bi-Yerushalayim ha- benuya.
# 9 - Le- Shana Haba
Next year may we be in rebuilt Jerusalem.
( Passover Hagaddah)
P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs
Ai sh.com
¨¸7Ÿ¡"¸: ¨¸\¸3O
."`O¸D ¨¸n¸O\¸I DŸ¡`¨¸7
Mit zvah gedola
lihiyot b' simcha t amid.
# 11 - Mi t zvah Gedol a
I t is a big mit zvah t o always be happy.
( Rabbi Nachman of Breslav)
¨¸"\¨¸` `¸¨¸:¸I :_O¸v` "Ÿ¡:
C`¸¸7¸v\¨¸` D\3¸n¸I\
¨¸n¸O\ 7\p¸¡ |\\¸\ 7\p
.¨¸7_a 7\p¸¡ |¸D¸n 7\p
Od yishama be- arei Yehudah
uve- chut zot Yerushalayim,
kol sason ve- kol simcha,
kol chat an ve- kol kalah.
# 12 - Od Yeshama
May t here st ill be heard in t he cit ies of Judea and in t he st reet s of Jerusalem,
t he sound of j oy and t he sound of celebrat ion,
t he voice of t he bridegroom and t he voice of t he bride.
( cf. Jeremiah 33: 10- 11)
C`p7¸S `7 S¸¨¸I ¨Ÿ¡¨¸O I¸7
.`I¸¨p¸I v¸"_n |Ÿ¡D¸: _n\¨¸¡
(`_:¸o¸7O `:¸D7¸v_D 7_S
.`:_CO n_pD 7_S (¸v¸"¸p _n\¨¸¡
Lev t ahor bera li Elokim
V’ruach nachon chadeish bi’kir ’bi
Al t ashli’chayni mi’lifanecha
V’ruach kod’shecha al t ikach mi’meni.
# 10 - Lev Tahor
Form for me a pure heart , God, and rej uvenat e wit hin me a proper spirit .
Do not forsake me, and do not t ake from me Your holy spirit .
( Psalms 51: 12- 13)
¡`¸OŸ¡¨¸OI CŸ¡7¸v ¨_\Ÿ:
\:`¸7¸: CŸ¡7¸v ¨_\¸:_` S\¨
7¸S¸¨¸\` 7¸a 7_:¸¡
.|¸O¸S \¨¸OS¸¡
Oseh shalom bim' romav
Hu ya' aseh shalom aleynu
v' al kol Yisrael
v' I mru Amen.
# 13 - Oseh Shal om
He who makes peace in High Places, He will make
peace for us and for all I srael and let us say, Amen.
( Job 25: 2; end of Amidah prayer)
P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs P opul ar S ongs
Ai sh.com
7¸ S¸ ¨¸ \ ` :_ O¸ v
\:`¸p7¸S ¨
."¸n_S ¨
Shema Yisrael
Hashem Elokeinu
Hashem echad.
# 14 - Shema Yi sr ael
Hear, O I srael, t he Lord our God, t he Lord is one.
( Deut . 6: 4)
IŸ¡O 7¸:_O\ IŸ¡O |¸CD
.|¸O¸S 7¸S¸¨¸\` 7¸D¸7\ \:¸7 S¸¨¸`
Siman t ov u' mazal t ov
Yi- hay lanu, u' lechol Yisrael, amen.
# 15 - Si man Tov
I t is a good sign and good luck
for us and for all of I srael, Amen.
( Kiddush Levanah)

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