Introduction This book is about spiritual truth, which this material oriented world of today sadly lacks. Its profound wisdom is lovingly given by a great soul who has reached the supreme state of Avatar. He comes from dimensions far beyond the Spirit World. His last incarnation was in ancient Egypt: possibly more than five-thousand years ago. An Avatar is an evolved soul who has reached that supreme state of being: that wonderful high-level of soul growth that enables that soul to become one with God. Every one can reach this highly evolved level of soul growth and reach that wonderful evolved level of Avatar. The Avatar had never given his name; he once told us names are not important. We reasoned we could not refer to him as that evolved soul from higher dimensions, he then said call me ‘Bethesda’. For over forty years he has contacted through a lady, who wants no publicity or recognition, and she forbids me to use her name: she considers herself to be just a simple instrument of God to permit the Avatar we know as ‘Bethesda’ to bring these words of wisdom to this darkened world we call Earth. I did enquire from him how he communicates through this very spiritual person; he tried to explain to me but at that time I did not understand: this was about forty years ago. Since those days I have acquired sufficient soul growth to understand the process. It is not trance medium-ship or overshadowing, he told us he bypasses the physical mind. She is old now but still a very spiritual lady; she also has a very sharp and perceptive mind with the ability to assess the character of a person in an instant. She is not attached to any religious movement, she has never claimed to be a medium, and she strongly dislikes the American term channelling. She only claims to be a spiritual instrument for God. The Avatar once told us she had been trained in a previous incarnation for this purpose. She does not fully understand the seemingly (to her) jumble of words that flow from Bethesda at the time he speaks through her as an instrument, she has to rely on taped audio recordings to listen to the words of wisdom afterwards. She is eighty-nine years of age now, but her physical mind is still very-sharp and perceptive. Spiritual understanding is an expansion of consciousness, and some readers will find they are touching a form of enlightenment after reading and absorbing these words of profound wisdom that the Avatar brings from a dimension beyond the Spirit World. Because of this, I ask the readers of this book to apply the test of their own souls to all they read, all they hear, and all they are taught. Even the flow of

wisdom that the Avatar brings in his teachings throughout the book: apply the test of your own soul before you accept it. Also apply the test of your soul to all you read, hear and see; it may be in the form of religious doctrines, political speeches, or something from the glib tongue of a person that may be trying to influence you. I am sure many readers will find a greater understanding after reading these words of wisdom. The Avatar has frequently told us . . . ‘Truth has a ring of its’ own’. I would like to add an answer to a question I asked the Avatar in September 1993 it may help the reader to understand the highly evolved level of soul growth a soul can reach when that soul reaches the evolved state and reality of an Avatar. As a teacher with love for God I walk with you and give you my help when you are in need of me. One thought from you and I am there. One thought of this need, and I come to try and help. ‘Do any of you have a question you would like to ask? Frank W. `I do have a question, Bethesda,’ . . . `you said one thought from you and I am there`. How can I think of you, the physical mind always seems to want an image to focus upon? I can form a mental picture of the Avatar Jesus or many other great souls; but what does my physical mind use as an image for you when I know it not? `You have no need my son! Just think of me with love. Think of me in whatever way you need of me! I am light as God is light. I am love as God is love. I am energy as God is energy. You seek me. I am formless. I have no need to register in human form. I am divine love. I am divine wisdom. I am from God for God. Just seek that which you need to have from God, and I will come and help in whatever way I can. It helps sometimes to have a form in your own eyes to identify; I cannot give that which I am not! Think of me only as a teacher of love from God to bring to your life that which God would have me bring. It does not matter my son that I have no likeness for you to recognize; as God is formless, as all Avatars are formless in the union with God, as all realization in God is formless: so it thus must be. The physical forms I took when I was in flesh are no more. It matters not! You think of me in anyway your wish. It matters not! If you wish to give me a likeness to help you, then that is your choice, and you may do so, my son. It does not matter! I come with love for God from God. I am sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for, my son. But I cannot bring anything else but the truth. If it is not the truth, I will not speak it. If it is not from God, I would not bring it. `My son: That is why, people in that material world want to think of God in a human form, it gives them an image—something to cling to. But how can you contain God in a human form? You limit God when you think of God as humanity. Do you not? Think of the love that God brings as limitless and formless. It is there, timeless, powerful, all embracing, and all releasing from the negative. `My children:’ If you could but know of the great abundance of light and love we send upon your lives you would rejoice; if you could but know how often we come close to you to bring you comfort when we see the need. Sometimes you are down and feeling lonely, but slowly you may begin to feel a great sense of release and peace: then you know we are there with you. It is so difficult to break through the heavy materialism of that worldly existence to reach a soul that is in need. The measure of what you receive from us depends upon your receptivity and reaching out to receive it. If you close off in grief, if you close off in anger or any negative attitude, then we cannot reach you. But if you will release yourself in gentleness and love, to be receptive: then in truth we can send much to you. I want to see you fly to God. I want to see you move at such a pace you cannot resist the desire to keep on moving to Him. Let your understanding be so powerful of God that you cannot resist the desire until you reach Him. Do not let that material world cheat you into thinking it can answer your needs and your happiness: you have moved too far away from that. May all those who seek enlightenment through these teachings that I bring, find the

wonderful bliss that comes with that great awakening into the reality of God. I give you my love. I give you my peace. I am Bethesda. I hope these words of wisdom that this book contains, will guide many readers into greater understanding, and perhaps for some, the threshold of enlightenment Frank W. The divine laws are very simple, and yet so difficult to live. Through soul growth a person will gain greater wisdom and make wiser decisions. Prologue When you look with detachment at all you see you see in this material world you call Earth, you can see destructive conditions that do not respect that vital element of existence we call nature. Look around you at what is happening through the human frailty of reasoning in the actions of mankind that are completely contrary to the laws that God wants mankind to live by. You see man destroying animals, you see him destroying the beautiful fish in the oceans, you see him destroying those wonderful animals in the jungles, you see him tearing up the forests, digging up the wealth of the earth to bring him more material luxuries for him to enjoy. Man uses powerful machinery to gouge out the bowels of the Earth to take every last handful of gems, ore, and minerals of every kind: man is leaving nothing for future generations. Throughout the ages you see man taking the life of another human being because that person does not please him, the colour of his face does not please him, the religion he follows doesn’t please him, even the area where that person lives: he doesn’t want the other person to live there. Man wants power, man wants wealth, and he wants authority over much of existence as possible. All these are reasons why he can destroy another human being. Many of the human-beings on that planet you call Earth are breaking every natural law that God ever made! How can you not wonder how life will end when you see the constant misery that people of this world are enduing? It cannot go on! Negativity cannot conquer the positive—never can it be done! God is still in command even though he has given man free will over his own life and activity, but God has not given man free will over creation. Religious movements have misled mankind for centuries: they have created heavens to suit their own congregations and hells to suit their own fears. In truth all religions are man made and not God dispensed. I ask you not to be confused with religious beliefs and the reality of spiritual truths: they are not the same, and most frequently they are completely opposite conditions. Religious beliefs can be changed but spiritual truths cannot! When a leader starts a new religion, the followers are told . . . `This is what you must believe, and these are the rules that you must follow`. They are then presented with an idea of a god that will fit into the ideas of that which they want their own religious belief to be: which is far removed from the reality of that which God is. They present to their flock a seemingly nebulous creature in some remote heaven, and say this is your god. Their god is usually, a magnified man who can bestow favours and privileges as he so chooses . . . I know of no such God. The God I know and love has no shape or form, He has no gender, He has no skin colour: God is the pure energy of creation. God is the super-supreme-intelligence that governs and controls all universal life and rhythm. God is the life-force that permeates existence in all universes and the unseen dimensions beyond each universe; and still more universes and dimensions beyond, beyond, beyond—God simply is!

or any other great soul has ever reached God without the struggle that went before it. There is absolutely nothing in the material world that could compensate you for the loss of that security within. thus it is with God. even if at times you wish it would disappear No-matter what comes into each life. Pre-voice Everyone has to move through every eventuality that life on Earth presents. and again to be aware of his . whatever sex they have acquired for each journey. . with the results of those qualities come particular religious beliefs. This is your refuge and your leading guide to the way you must take and the pathway you must walk to God if you truly seek to experience the higher-consciousness and that highly evolved god-like state of an Avatar There is nothing in that world that can destroy your true peace if you are singular in your longing and love for God and your determination to be one with Him. Great peace and tranquility will come to you when you know you are part of God and you are truly seeking unity with Him. add to spiritual truths. To growing souls it will be endured. man has to come back again. it is used as an easy way of identifying a soul because man-made words are so inadequate when there is a need to put something spiritual into mundane terms. for the above reason only. I too had to overcome all the obstacles that everyone that every reaches God has to do. you can move through it all. The struggle is not easy . even if it’s in a way you do not like. No one. She or he: whoever it may have been. you feel the soft gentle touch of his peace coming ever surely to envelop you. Religious beliefs can be changed. You do not have to let the conditions of that world of matter keep you pressed down into that valley of despair. I am telling you this because I too had to walk that way. I give this to you because I am dwelling in this bliss and I know the rewards of the effort are beyond my ability to describe them to you. I too had to struggle through flesh. I use the word he not to identify man only: I speak it as an easy way of identifying a soul on the way to God. . no-matter-what they were in life. break spiritual truths. Religions have tried to alter spiritual truths to fit into their actions and the decisions of man in this material world. There is so much man could have.The male terms him. But if you want to reach the level of higher-consciousness you have to push aside the difficulties and hardships that are part of that material world and cope with them. and darkness has a free rein where it should not. spiritual truths cannot. As you seek and sit in meditation awaiting His presence. man. Your world today is so devoid of spirituality in its truest and purest sense. All had to walk every step of the way. stretch the spiritual truths. The soul is the ingredient of God within man. or any of the Avatars. but he has lost the ability to reason with his soul. They have tried to alter spiritual truths. throughout the pages of this book of teachings. you feel the faint whisper of the wind around you. not even Jesus of Nazareth. Chapter I Teachings from an Avatar As the wind blows beloved children. because truth is truth and it cannot be changed or broken—it will always remain a spiritual truth. I hope you can understand what I mean The term. or he is used because there are no man made words in any language of your world to express the reality of that which God is. because everyone has the strength of the Divine Creator within. To mitigate this darkness and this deviance from God. You need to know with a calmness and serenity that all must be endured and lived. if it were it would have no value. but they will never change a spiritual truth.

`My beloved children: Let no one tell you that you can enjoy the luxuries of the world endlessly and find God. if you seek to extend this tolerance and loving to others. Mankind is divine. supplies which are pure. When you wander away from this awareness there is the temptation to live materially. I think your world of today. There is a physical well-being that comes from the use of the extravagancies of that world. ever unchanging. He loses sight of this wondrous fact when he begins to only evolve materially in that world and seek the pleasures of the world before God. If only he could learn to turn inward to seek the satisfaction of all he needs from God. and to exist in that world of matter. you will only satisfy the physical body and your living expectations from the material world. he must have the material to satisfy his needs. Is it not? Man wants to know. to think materially. and to experience all things that can be invented to ease his life. when you turn to God you find you want less and less of material desires. This is the purest and the simplest form of energy that can give you evolution to your soul. he will be left wandering in matter. Mankind has walked away from . until he will set aside that longing for matter and crave the sweet solitude of the divine. unsullied. Whether these satisfactions are that of food. While you thirst for the world and hunger for its offers. uncluttered. with desires for this and desires for that. Whatever they want. seeking always the association of the physical senses. man is not material: all of mankind is truly divine. to think. and of the tolerance you would like to extend to all humanity. With soul growth. Only the evolution of the soul to God in its full awareness of what that union means can that cycle of rebirth which man has waiting for him be broken. that true longing and seeking will help that soul find the Beloved Creator. Then nothing that is part of that world of matter will satisfy you. They always seem to want something different and are never satisfied: because they are always eagerly ambitious for more and more things of the material to satisfy their worldly desires. they will always want more. That growing soul finds it wants so little from that world of matter. the gentle loving of living for others before your self. even if may seem not to be worth it in your opinion. If people do not live God. Entering into flesh is the choice each soul makes in order to grow closer and ever nearer to the Beloved Creator. but until mankind learns to come back to the truth of his own inner self and seeks evolvement of the soul above and beyond all else. accommodation. is in the throes of a headlong rush materially. or whatever form his fancy takes him. Discipline your living and your expectations if truly want to reach that unity with God. ever constant. There is nothing of that material world that can bring you the happiness that you feel when you have these quiet moments linking with the Beloved Creator. then. How more fulfilling. When a soul turns to God in the true surrender of self. and free you from rebirth. occupation. my children. Reincarnation again and again back to Earth is inevitable. As you grow closer to God spiritually you will understand my meaning more. and you want less and less of material desires. and to satisfy his life. you are at least trying to live God in that material world. With soul-growth you will find you want God more and more. You cannot! You must simplify your lives and you must learn to deny the body what it continually craves for. If you seek the solitude of God. and ever flowing into you from God. and more rewarding this it would be to have all your needs supplied from the divine source. This is why that world today is in the state it is. they will never know the meaning of true living. nothing can make them happy. There is an empty hunger in the lives of so many in that world today.inherited origin of existence. for nothing of that world will appease your spiritual longings.

and this will have to be accounted for in time to come. for that which they have done. and disaster. `Is it not? Greater troubles are yet to come in this way for your world. complications ensuing. Diseases will become more rampant. are now open to be devoured. `At what cost my beloved ones . when they have cut the forests down. You are going to see before too long. Reckless disregard for nature’s bounty is resulting in the ruination of the soil. but there will come a time when He will let humanity realize the error of their ways. to be consumed by man. . because the forests are disappearing—they have not the home they were intended to have. and advertised as the latest taste to please the palate of man. it is many Then. While wallowing in these conditions. When has there ever been anything that you can compare with that which mankind in that material world is seeking and taking from it today. They can expect no miracles to extricate themselves from their dilemma. `Would it not? Beautiful species of creation are moving to God in their own evolutionary state of being but they are thoughtlessly being slaughtered by man. There will come to that material world. . There will be more and more groups preventing that which is being done from being extended further into other areas of that world. the mind of man understands not any of the aspects of The Divine Creator. of beliefs. because of the reckless disregard of mankind for their need to honor and respect the lesser species of existence that they are harming so greatly in their mad rush for diversity of appetite. and of attitude to others? When has there ever been such a disregard for the feelings and needs of others as there is in that your so-called modern world? There have been many civilizations before which have been cruel and wicked. When you see. man’s rampant disregard for nature. diseases that cannot be eradicated. Countless numbers of birds. . are finding it harder and harder to live as they normally would. . But when has there ever been the population in that world as it is today so steeped in the advanced technology of material things? Within that social strata of your world there are the understandings of modern technology and the comforts and the luxuries that come with modern living. great devastation to land because of the clearing that is being done today. You will find more and more groups will stand up and demand that these people who are doing this wrong must be accountable. it is not just one aspect of life that is destroyed. and insects. They must learn by experience sadness. perhaps exporting other residue to nations. killing more species of the various fish and fowl to satisfy their appetites. Mankind is unaware of truth. . and they will eventually stop the ravage of mans actions upon nature. but they must account for the results of their actions. When has there ever been such a time of degradation of morals. God is very patient and God is very forgiving. . animals. the less they are satisfied. Animals that were sacred once in time. and people are quite happy to dally in the heavy world of matter . or things that are only used to pamper the fads and fancies of man? Is this not so? `My beloved children: God is very generous. It is the divine law! Special souls are reincarnating at the moment to minimize this impact upon the world. It would seem the more nations get. indecorous of understanding spiritual truth.the divinity that is person’s inherent birthright. They will try their utmost. at what cost? Mankind has to awaken to the reality of its existence before they plunge ever deeper into that abyss man is at the present moment experiencing. while at the same time the extravagances of their menus. . would make you weep . what is the end result of their labors. Then God will leave them to their own free-will-choice of what they have done. and the more are their ambitions for greater and more generous allocations of life’s offerings. They are killing more animals.

Although. The nations of Africa are very vulnerable at the moment. but very damaging end. The poor are being trampled on in a way that has not been obvious for many years. or to stand back and reflect. a more accountable way. It is moving so furiously in various directions. to the cost of so many other people. and they have to do a great deal of soul searching. If they could do this. The people will only be subservient for a time and there will be an uprising. and using this to move into a better advantage of living more wisely. In God’s planning for this earth. but they have not the wisdom to cease what they are doing. The people of these countries will rise against such leaders. After a period of time they will slowly change. They are not content to look at what is happening and think . with the old standards rapidly being torn down and the results thrust upon the people of your world. and want to show they are equally as able to match the developed world with their own. a spiritual revolution within the suffering masses of the world. No . and lust for power play a big part in the decisions they make. You have some idea of what the world is doing in this mad rush for material gains. They can then compare and realize that there is a better way. they would not perform acts of vandalism that they do upon that world. They madly go ahead. such suffering must come before man will learn the folly of his ways. Can you see this? The developing countries should be taking things slowly and gradually. Do you understand this. and what they do. Then once again. my children? I know you older ones here. The developing countries of the world are so eager to emulate their cousins of the developed world. They will not allow themselves to be pressurized into such activities and wrong results because of these leaders. for a great imbalance will be their reward. Experiments in laboratories have reached a very dangerous level. The governments of your world are so busy with their economies they cease to think of the ramifications upon the people who have to live with the decisions of their leaders. that is not for us’. . as compared to the present way mankind lives today. They seem to want to be sure they will emulate and overtake. You cannot retract from God’s creation without accounting for it! Mankind cannot manipulate the balance of creation and expect success to follow. ‘That is not wise. How wrong they are! They must be shown differently by similar activities of the newly arrived souls. have experienced in that material world the contrasting conditions of early days. in this small gathering. There will come to your world a reinforcement of evolved souls that will reincarnate from higher worlds to counter the material thinking of mankind and that which they represent today. That what was good enough for others. Then greed. The damage done in the meantime will be great. They will become uncontrollable in some instances. If only mankind could turn their minds inward and reflect on what they are. Change must come to the leadership of these countries before it is too late. they seek to want overnight. and the suffering will be great. then they will begin to realize they to must stand and be counted for what they have allowed to happen. and you in your world once again are going to feel the ramifications of these experiments. without some forcible kind of protest. `Can you see this. The young of the world have not that comparison to make: they seem to accept that this is the normal way of living. they will flow on to their unsuccessful. It is very sad that such tragedy should come to that material world. . they seem to have an uncontrolled desire to overtake the developed countries.The present occupation in the world of humanity is such a mix of evolution of souls of all levels of growth. they will have to be accountable for the results. He very wisely allows these remedies to occur when they are most needed. my children? I think the turmoil in your world today is causing so much distress to people who are sensitive to these conditions. but alas. with a great number of human beings that still exist at the lower range in the scale of evolution. ambition. This has to eventuate before it is too late! God’s ways are wise! God never determines what man must do: He lets man decide what he will do. Once started.

Do you not agree? There is no uniformity of gentle growth. the better way and turn away from all this material greed that your world offers. More lives are going to be lost. the hungry. Thus. the decisions that they make are wrong. thought of. and people will learn and gain soul growth because of the karmic debt that has to be repaid. This makes the world a very unsafe. and all they aim for as their main goal in life. the balance has to be corrected. Therefore.leader must feel impervious to that which will follow. `My children: I am sad to say the suffering in that physical world is going to be greater. When God created that Earth He created a jewel. emerges this hotchpotch of population you have in your world today—the greedy. There is a lack of balance in the decisions of those in authority. and satisfaction with the quiet . contentment with less. a thing of beauty for man to enjoy and move through in harmony with it. These words are for those who do not want material possessions. the ambitious. Emotion will triumph before reality takes hold. Hurt will come that is not wanted. the very poor. as you have been so accustomed since birth. and less greedy. and recognize a sending forth from God the spiritual energy that they must allow to animate their bodies. The making of their money is all they can see. They are so bent on making money and on being successful financially they lose sight of the fundamental reality of life. Can you see this? They will be so sickened of what the world has done. Sensitive souls will react to this. Somewhere there is the other level. or to feel they are safe from the repercussions of what they have sown. will be wealthier spiritually as an outcome of this turmoil that your world is now suffering. . and are among the rush of other nations trying to overtake their neighbors regardless of what lies in the wake. . but there is a great haste for material gain—that is not the way to God! To find God you must have quietude. All these varying degrees of activity will seem to be taking place at once. Try with your inner-self to feel with the mind instead of thinking with it. Nature is going to say to mankind . all they desire. whose desires are not directed at acquiring luxuries from that world of matter. You will gradually experience a form of knowing that the physical mind cannot produce. There is a need for the spiritually inclined souls to take their time and be still. they will turn around and do the opposite to that which they are seeing done. I think the economical situation in your world today is very precarious. a desire for less. and the needy. Many of them will be the results of mankind’s abuse of nature. But because man’s own lack of inner understanding of his own reality. They have errors in their ways. More hurt is going to come that is ever necessary in your world if mankind is to learn their lessons. Even though the world today is undergoing such a revolution of negativity. . Mankind will then have to realize through hurt. and rejuvenate. There should be no place for revenge in the thinking of man . You have many varying degrees of evolution within so many people in your material world. It is as if humanity has been placed in a bag and shaken up. ‘I will make you listen! I will make you take heed of the laws you are breaking’. Then there will begin a disquiet climb back into the truth of whom and what they are. there is in the ultimate great hope for mankind to come from this: because out of devastation and misery will come the opposite as a result of revolution of what is occurring. he is living the opposite. from the result of this shaking. and of his own origin. the selfish. or contemplated. and the law of the positive has to placate. evolving souls who feel the need to seek the quieter. cleanse. `Is this not true? The newly emerging under developed countries of your world. are trying to emulate their wealthy brothers. gentleness. There are many tragedies to come to your Earth. This is a necessary experience. Then those who are less ambitious. but for a time all sense of reason will not apply to those who have been so hurt. and a very inharmonious place to live. to produce a mixture of souls of all grades. .

the matter beyond your Earth. You are evolving. These scientifically minded people have not the ability to even begin to touch the fringes of matter! To them this incredible distance is nothing. Man has to learn to do without his huge mansions. through many lands. Only through growing into divine understanding can man begin to know that which he seeks to know. God’s laws maintain the whole of existence. you begin to understand and fashion the thinking: which must be the divine thinking through eons . They will need to learn how to evolve their souls in the purity of spirituality with God. . you see little pinpoints of light and you know that each of those pinpoints represents another atom. It is not for man to probe before he is ready to know. of what they consider will be activity in matter. Therefore. and hear the cries of humanity. and the water rising to a great degree. When you evolve with the consciousness into the mind of God. God’s laws were formed and fashioned for this purpose. you will always be secure in the way you live. I see fires raging. I see the taking away of man from his ways of transgression. ice. another facet of matter. It is too vast! It is too far away for man to ever travel to find out. there are other universes like this one . The wise will understand their need to gravitate to God. for what they must become. to be sharing. learn you no longer have the need to enter flesh. there other forms of life exist. Mankind is futile: mankind is hopeless and helpless to combat the force of nature when these events occur. and be content with simple dwellings. I see great changes in that world. I see the flooding of other lands. I see too. You have to learn to forgive. eventually. I speak of what I see coming to the world eventually. they only see suffering and despair. with the destruction of harvests. . and I see him reaping the rewards of his longing and seeking of God. some great distance out there beyond this universe. must come into lives of mankind and be the important force in human existence.discipline of taking only that which is really needed. God’s laws are there to be obeyed. they must be obeyed! The wise will learn and understand God’s divine laws. to govern creation. understanding. and in understanding and living the reality of what you are. `My children: In all I give I see the hope and the joyous glory of this turning from negativity to the positive. I see the gentle spring after rain. Mankind understands not that what is happening. I see too. When you see the sky at night. unrecognized by those today who see only success. They see not the divine hand of God behind it. which is disappearing. Mankind will be humbler. nature in all its force and in all its revenge upon man. These great qualities. and the cleansing after fire. This must bring accountability of actions: the law of cause and effect in its full operation for God. . to keep it balanced. I see famine and I see the darkness of despair in so many parts of your world. for man’s wrong-doing I see as I speak. I see man very eagerly scanning the sky for new facets of existence. They see desolation: they see not the spiritual need. They are so excited when they can speak of their distance successes of capturing the various points. with the winds and torrential rains damaging other countries in their wake. . for past debts is coming closer and man must pay for his folly and unwise actions. the disappearance of land. which emanate from the Beloved Creator. and more content with a simpler way of life. For God’s love is still reaching out to calm and to compensate. I see the emergence of new lands from the mighty oceans. and you will as time moves by. to be tolerant with others: you also need to be caring. and to keep it moving in the direction God intends. because mankind cannot stem nature . Somewhere. `Beloved children: I speak not of tomorrow or the next day. These laws are there to govern the universes. The time for payments. and to their reasoning with the physical mind of how far matter goes can be fitted into their own intellect. You will go through many incarnations as these changes come and go. and forgiving. They will learn to understand that they will have to account to God. the green shoots of re-growth. Then know in truth.

The folly of man is infinite! It knows no bounds! The ego of man also knows no bounds. and in His generosity. green and harmonious in all its` beauty. God encourages the seeking of wisdom. . which they use to search for this and that. Because of the distance in light years. it is the wise that seek God. They represent just one form for life for mankind to experience on its journey to the ultimate reunion with the whole. the beauty of His creations in so many forms. unafraid of mankind’s guns and knives. but seek God and the understanding of His wisdom. But there is man in that world of matter it is his experience in this lifetime he should be fashioning. They seek with the instruments in the laboratory to answer their thoughts and their desires. The mind of man cannot possibly understand that Earth and matter are but minor atoms of His creation. How can a human being imagine that God who created all that is on Earth could not resist from creating greater and more wonderful aspects elsewhere beyond Earth? I would like to think of the world again. If first they seek God. only elucidated. but they do not do that. gaining from association with the purity of nature. also other items of technology. it is gone from the present. Scientists use their telescopes and radio telescopes. wherever in your world they may be. they will see only the limited result of what the instrument is capable of seeing. and in so many facets. However. not one item of truth or knowledge of one atom of any form of His creation. I would like to see man moving in the forests of the earth. instead of gazing at the television screens. Seek to evolve the soul and the consciousness.of time. seek God from within. It matters not what they use. and only experimented with. I say again in all wisdom and in all understanding. when on your Earth there are people that are starving? Children are hungry. you see the doors opening for you to enter and savor the wonder that lies behind them. Only when you are wise in God’s understanding do you see why these things are so. I would like to think of the rivers running with its purity of water. and turn to the expert of creation to ask Him to unravel for them these mysteries they seek to understand. You can see not only matter you can see the other worlds and other dimensions of existence. and the consciousness of man is limitless. Seek not the sight of the stars in the heavens. Seek to enter the mind of God more and more deeply. I would like to think of all the mountains nestling safely. . Seek the divine. only guessed. The soul’s vision is limitless. By seeking God first and evolving to Him. and unmindful of all the extremities of negativity in that world. God encourages the longing to unite with Him. with all their extremities and obscenities . in truth or knowledge. I long to think of all the gentle animals and birds moving freely in their rightful place of existence. The mind of man cannot see the immensity of God. Mind not that you have not achieved on that Earth the material successes that scientists try to reach for their laboratories. Why does man spend the money sending objects into space? Man tries to seek answers to some form of matter that he can have no possibility of understanding. my beloved ones. whatever God has and is He shares equally and gladly with all who reach Him. and the oceans gently rising and falling. They are but children playing with their toys. the rest will unfold for them. God will never hold back from His children. and have unraveled for you the secrets of creation and the whole of existence. and have revealed unto you all truths and all knowledge. I long for the day when man will sit in quietude seeking The Beloved Creator . and people are suffering. Man is convinced he is the greatest thing in the universe and God could not improve on him. Why does man spend great wealth upon seeking answers that he does not need to know? What does it matter if Mars once had vegetation? Why do things matter.

Turn not to the world for your solace. I would not bring it. but turn within. I could bring you talks on this and that. and will come to those who seek the way to God in ever increasing numbers. or it does not exist. but I am eager to help those who are willing to be helped. not in agony or discomfort. You are in flesh. I want to see you face it in hope and not despair. I could bring you tales of many things. the decision will come to give up that physical body. a life devoid of sickness and despair. this supreme indescribable force . I am not negative. Understand this supreme energy. There is then the outcome of the world in this. Then and only then. They have all these gadgets at their command. I want to see people growing old without pain and suffering. and not think you have to follow blindly the way that world is moving. touched. touched. I am very hopeful! I am despondent of the world as it is today. and they think this is the example of being successful. in your own time. I want to see the results of this search. and move back to spirit. also in the understanding of truth and his inheritance of soul growth in the spiritual time that is to come through eternity. less cruelty. The most cherished and wealthiest of gifts you can receive will come from that one force of love that has never been seen. Again I tell you. if it was not the truth I would not say it. and those who are willing to learn and to listen.pouring forth that will imbue into their own intelligence. I want to help them find the way to God opening wide for them. and energize their negative thinking. I bring from God. I want to see a movement through time from birth to transition. but I wish to see the change coming to mankind before he moves further and further into the darkness of ignorance. but in the gentle passing of time. I am not despondent of the outcome my children. but in joyous decision to slowly leave behind that semblance of matter they have worn. Turn within to seek the surety from God that you are divine and on a mission of love. but I want if I can to make you understand the reality of that material world you are living in today. I wish to encourage those who seek God before the world. You will find as the world moves along. In these truths I bring you messages of hope and of trust that must come betwixt you and the Beloved Creator. with less greed. They are afraid to be different to someone else. You see beloved seekers: mankind thinks success is the attainment of all these extraordinary results of modern technology. Do not equate God to humanity. I want for them to move back to their spirit home without the suffering of that pain that many aged people seem to experience. a gentle life. and in your own way. with the extravagance of the indulgence of the soul in its search for God. I bring from God. These truths I bring that you may know them. such as God. kindness and gentleness will be more apparent. If it were not from God. you are incarnate in that world and you must face that world before you leave it. Turn not to the knowledge of man for your comfort. That will surely come. Do not equate God to what He should be according to your imagination. but I would say the measure of man’s success in that world is his closeness to God. and ever increasing strength. You can still stand apart from this negativity and move along this pathway of growth to God. Then the morality of mankind will slowly and firmly establish itself to where it rightfully belongs. I want to see you face it in the reality you have of choice. or heard. There will come a time for others to think of others. `My beloved children I want you to see that so many in your world today are afraid to look beneath the surface of physical existence. and less inhumanity one to another. of which I am not despondent. afraid to put their trust in something they have not seen. or heard in human understanding and values. This love I bring. for you to spiritually progress as you journey through matter to Him. They feel it has to be tangible. I want to show them a way to a loving life.

you have to take account of time through age. and all . the cosmic life force. It animates the growth of an animal that is being formed.that cannot be placed into any category to please the fallible mind of humanity. It animates all matter. It is the same life force that flows through and animates all things that have existed in the past: that exists now and will exist in all future time that is yet to come. Have your faith and your trust in the knowledge of the life force. This divine life force enters your body to keep it animating for you to use. . and that is what you will receive. It constantly deviates into the various countless forms it needs to take and become. It is used to create and to maintain your body . You can maintain the health within that body with this divine energy. Not what you want! But what you need! The soul knows when the time has come to withdraw from that physical body. Believe then. . God is above and beyond all that you could envisage. It will harmonize throughout your activities in life until the departure of the soul. and slowly will reduce itself to the fragmentation of matter. You need to understand that because the cells are different. love. Then use it to heal the body! However. and to sustain its existence. The soul’s only need for a body of flesh is to maintain itself in matter. and it contains all the plant life in that world of matter. He can put all the medicines he wants into a body that has no life force. It gives you electricity for your homes. and this same energy flows into your body continually. You cannot expect a body in its later years to react in the same way a body would use this energy in its earlier years. It animates a baby in a womb. His balance of creation is fashioned from truth. It will not respond! Put your faith in this breath of God. and use it according to the divine law. it also gives the other dimensions that what they need for their activity. Send it forth by the power of your mind and your will to various parts of your body that needs the help. and the young bird within an egg. the wealth of the soil. the rivers. continually and ceaselessly. It is the one sole energy in existence. It is the force that contains the seas. it will make no difference . . It is the law! Remember. Your body will be devoid of soul! Your soul will have withdrawn from that physical body and returned to spirit. Then above and beyond all else. and it gives you fuel for your motorcars. you would have no Earth to inhabit. and it comes from God. Send it believing it will help! Do not send it in doubt! Send it in belief and in the truth of that reality that I give. You can direct this energy to heal and maintain your body: for it is the life force of God. it is a facet of God’s will that enables you to exist within the time span of your soul’s entry into a physical body. This divine energy takes various changes in form according to the activity of the eternal laws of creation. and all other worlds. It animates all other universes. from the highest and noblest. and the understanding of the need for the force of divine energy that exist to keep creation in harmony. to the lowest and vilest. . . if you use it wisely. In all truth God’s energy governs all facets of existence. It is the life force. This cosmic energy can be directed to various areas of your body to heal. This is God’s gift to you! If God withdraws that force from your body you cannot move. Then the body will be inert. It gives the stars the power to hold their form in place. With all these facets overriding all else you can and you will find the healing you need. Countless forms of divine energy are taken from the one source. it is the same life force that animates all creatures. then know in truth. This cosmic energy of God enters through the Medulla Oblongata area of the human form. when the life force is animating that is the secret of your existence in matter. you cannot live. Man can do all the surgical wonders he wants. If all things were freed from their gravity and allowed to plunge madly here and there. the make-up of the organs is different — but the body is subject to the divine law. God understands what you need spiritually. Put your faith in this breathing that God does into your body to animate it.

Each soul always has someone hovering over his or her life. real. but to God. it automatically attracts to that soul a helper from the higher world to lead them and help them along the way of truth and light to God. and important part of soul’s journey to God. will not prevail if the soul knows it must depart. your feet are upon that pathway of divine love and light as you journey through the endless time of eternity in your need to rejoin the Beloved. Then. to them. Do not think what you want to be so. To so many people in your world the acknowledgment of any life beyond the worldly one is just taboo in their acceptance. Beloved seekers I want to convince you that you are all divine. Only to those who have come to realise the significance of the higher dimensions. tangible. The closer you grow to God. I give you my peace. The mind belongs to the Body. and forgotten about until the time of transition back to our world here. Depend upon the inner resources of the soul. a longing for this inner awakening by the soul. Ask.the efforts of your mind and your will. and by the dimension of spirituality of the existence. I give you my love. Thus. even though it is not sufficiently known to that soul for what it is. There is no other way. Do not rely upon matter to bring you the security that you feel life must bring you. This happens almost simultaneously when expressing the need for seeking this truth. Now at last this recognition of the spiritual individuality of that soul has been recognized. put your trust in God. There is no other hope but in God. with God’s divine life force that you need to have to animate in that body. expecting it to happen. Expect to come that which you know can come. waiting for this call from the soul for this deeper attachment. the greater will be your wisdom. to many people of your material world it is none existent in their understanding. if you make wise decisions. and force it through your mind. and let Him lead you where I know you long to go. this is an accepted recognition. When a soul enters flesh it is not forsaken by God and thrown into the hurly-burly of the physical. Therefore. at the same time . They are always paramount. but the consciousness belongs to the soul. There is no other life. will come. but with God. Remember. Put your hand in His hand. it is the same as switching on a light in a darkened room. you become master of your own destiny. will be so! It depends upon the laws of God. It is an expressed need for spiritual help. I am Bethesda. Chapter 2 The Avatar and the Link between Two Worlds When a human-being seeks enlightenment through a sudden decision of longing or intuitive searching. The linking of the two worlds is a very vital. In seeking divine truth and wisdom. beloved one’s what your life is entailed will reveal it’s-self as time moves by. I also want to truly convince you of Gods’ animating energy that you may bring to your physical body that healing that it needs. Because the two worlds are so separate in the understanding of humanity. The worlds are interpenetrating one with the other: separated only by the dimension of the energy. The human factor must of necessity function in the material world. and will it expecting it to heal. it is almost as if it is none existent. thus. they release within their very being a light into the darkness they have been living within. Do not depend upon matter for your happiness or your optimism. This light in the darkness of your world can be seen very clearly by souls in our world. it is a very important step when acknowledgment is made from within the soul of man that they are looking and yearning for something beyond the material. but I do leave His wisdom and His strength that you may slowly gain in soul growth as you journey to Him. I wish I could leave within you this knowledge of truth.

and recognition. Many people have now reached the ability to accept this reality. you are more in need of the benefit that comes from the souls in this higher dimension. and you are entering into this more conditional understanding of truth. Teachers of wisdom and truth are very active in the progress of all growing souls. Try to understand that it is possible. only if you are willing. into the supreme energy of God. Much help is given to a growing soul as it journeys along the divine pathway God: they will not do it for you! They will not interfere with the right of a soul to make its own individual journey to God according to its own desire. They are not so much as taken for granted as overlooked. This awaits all true seekers of enlightenment in the expansion of the consciousness into this greater energy of the divine. and if they will allow it to encompass them in God’s light. for you are entering into the greater search for divine wisdom. It is important to join hands with the higher world. and disciplined intent. A growing soul will always recognize the reality of God’s influence upon its search for Him. I know you are aware of it. and a reality. to all those evolving along the way to divine unity with The Beloved Creator. and then move in unison with your teachers from the higher dimension. presuming that it will be automatic that you will do this request. The response to our help depends on the ability of the soul to accept this fact. If you are seeking soul growth and greater wisdom. I know you accept it. and you were seeking slowly and gently to find your own way to God. is the combined existence of the two severed completely. confidence. These unseen helpers will guide you along this lighted pathway of divine wisdom. to seek from God the purity of his truths and the immensity of His wisdom. helping. When that cord is broken then the soul returns back to the higher world: then and only then. The need is there now for people to recognize this unity they have with the higher world. Physical death automatically creates the severance of the cord that links the two. for it is always dependent upon your acceptance and your willingness to agree to this free will decision that you have to make. ability. and submit to this help. It is very important to live within this understanding that I speak of while you are still in the physical body and you are still seeking the divinity of God.the soul’s vibrations are still functioning in its link with the higher world. inspiring. This help comes from our world with a loving longing for the purest that God can send to be a part of your physical existence. Thus. Any soul who is on the pathway can receive this if they link with love. I want you. but sometimes these things get pushed into the background of your thoughts. Then never forget the spiritual aspect of yourself is still functioning and vibrating in the dimension of spirit while you are walking in matter in a physical body. These teachers are very intent on giving all they can to all seekers of divine truth. Thus the human life encompassing the soul within is still vitally attached to the higher dimension of existence. and encouraging all you do in that material world. constantly be aware of this loving mantle of higher energy that is surrounding you from our world. . Always I respect your right to make your own decisions in the way you choose. Although you are in a physical form and moving along the spiritual pathway to God you are still connected to the higher world. Then you were beginning to awaken to the realization of the duality of life. This need is more so now than in the earlier lives that you lived. even though the body still separated in its existence in the lower physical world of matter. while each one of you therein this material world are still functioning in your physical body. I never ask anything. and I want you to retain it in your thinking. then the greater truth awaits you. in order to help you grow to Him. that those in our world are constantly and actively engaged in watching over. and I make that a condition. and is never separated: only in death does the separation become an actual reality. However. They will indeed give the fullest measure of help they can. This is where you are to be most concerned. `My children: I want you to remember this very carefully. and function as one with Him.

`Can you see what I mean? I speak of this tonight. by probing into areas that a person should not be attempting to meddle within at all. to delve into the psychic haphazardly. and if in seeking. because you here.Those who seek can draw great strength from it. to remind you that your feet need to be pointed in the direction of God. and guide them wisely as they search for divine wisdom should guide them. and I remind you again. or something there. or put aside your shortcomings in order that it does not hamper your journey to God. Many times you will think that world is becoming too heavy. Because of this help. as you and all growing souls search along the way for divine wisdom. This is for the unwary traveler. But. This protective love from our world ensures that you are safely journeying to God. it is very important for souls that are beginning the journey. sudden feelings of guilt that you have done this or that. This only comes from a higher dimension of understanding and evolution in God. They should not accede to the temptation. and none who would harm you can have access to your journey or your efforts. and be encouraged to a great degree in order you can discipline your life. This is not truly so! It is simply a case of giving dedicated effort all the time for something spiritual to enter into your longing. or take something more interesting and exciting to lighten the burden of growth. Think of it as partners in your journey to God. Do not ever encourage them to seek excitement from the psychic. or you are allowing the material existence to become dominant and too paramount. Always. It is protection given by those who watch over each awakened soul. This always comes to a soul to enable it to find something more concrete coming into its life that will point the way to God. and that you need to forsake this or that. though you are few in number. a teacher who is sufficiently evolved to protect them. and nothing exciting to report. If not careful. or little sudden thoughts that you may have neglected something or let something spiritual fall by the wayside. or to seek a quick way of overcoming the necessity of the search. or attitudes you have. Everything you put forth in into the higher dimension can penetrate spiritual levels where it must and should reach. This helps you to avoid encountering the darkness. are not always the result of your mind thinking them. Always know that when you reach this great area of growth that you have the protected influence of the divine. They lovingly encourage you not lose the way. and to ensure always that the pathway is lighted before you. It may seem like drudgery in the early days to those who are beginning. and gently seduce you back to God if you falter along the way. Seekers must be careful they do not become caught up in activities that could harm them. you can be inspired by it. that the astral world is not a pure world. so you do not encounter opposition from sources that are detrimental to your well being. and always with love will take your hand to guide you spiritually. prompt you into sudden thoughts. They are often prompting love from our world. something here. The silent partners of our world who walk with you in love. `Can you see what I mean? Once you awaken your true spirituality you are then automatically entering into the greater depths of divine love from our world. you can arrange your life more easily. and may be tempted along the way to experiment with various interests. to seek only the purest of help from our world. a seeker can endanger him or herself. It is important. curiosity sometimes is unwary. Without intruding into your private life. It is not filled with souls of pure design. when nothing seems to be happening. Never let you feet slip away from that pathway to God. Then you can find a greater strength and discipline in your daily administrations. You know I have given before. These little sudden thoughts you have. and more readily. Gently the unseen helpers prompt you. They can also prompt you into sudden misgivings. You would be wise to warn anyone who is starting on this pathway to God. you will . and it is very important that they do not seek to communicate with the astral. People are sometimes encouraged to take what they think is a short cut. they can in little gentle ways.

and wisdom: this is the only way for a soul to move into this great growth. You have been through all facets of this search for God. of energy. it is also being used in the Eastern Bloc. Great-evolved souls are longing to reach out and encompass seekers in their love and light to help them find their way to the Divine Creator. and you can only suggest. and sad though it may be. It will come into range of greater danger. they are merely seeking to conquer this dimension of understanding. To seek the divine. and God alone. They are tapping into sources that are not going to help. by your own approach. `Have you not? `You know exactly what I mean! If you can spare others the disappointments and the dangers along the way: then truly are you helping them. They are using this power of the mind in very many ways. You can be an example by your own living. `Then you can do no more my children! There is at the moment a great deal of research being done by the military in your world and by the forces of various governments of your world. or something that is more evident. is to cling to the divinity of the higher self and the higher world. Always tell them to seek God. You will encounter people who are eager to experiment with the unseen. or the astral beyond. you can only lead. as it was called in Europe. truth. but enlighten them. which is for all to encounter and conquer. ‘Advice is a word I hesitate to use. and by your attitudes. It is then you will be called upon to guide them by advice they will request from you. but it will help them and encourage them to look beyond the material! That is very true! But they can be in great danger as their spirituality in this astral dimension of existence suddenly comes to light. I know it is not easy to persuade people if they are strong-minded. but you can only try. if they experiment and come into contact with the lesser worlds beyond. It is not only confined to the western countries. but you know the way I mean you to use it. the purity of the divine. and the east of that area. The armed forces. It is also important to urge them to resist the desire to seek information and experimentation with the lower and less evolved souls in that world in which you live. It is the only true way for a soul to evolve to God! There are many great souls waiting to take the hand of seekers and guide them along the divine pathway to God. It may not stimulate their physical interest. they are not using it spiritually. You cannot force anyone! They must then learn the difficult lessons. and acquired through your journeys in time. but it is the surest way. They would rather seek something that is more physical. You are then serving them and serving God. and blindly try this or that. They will not find it in the astral! They will not find it in the psychic centers and the psychic experimentations in that material world! It will only serve to prove that life does not end with that negative condition called death. and you can only give advice. to help their countries efforts and success in the military field. you can only guide. or to benefit humanity. illumination. the military aspects of countries. They are using it for military purposes. However. . This is very dangerous! They are linking with powers that are not always devoted to the good of mankind. It may not be so exciting to their curiosity. and gently educate them into the dangers of experimentation with other worlds. Therefore the greatest advice you can ever give. and consciousness. They are not using it for spiritual intent. These governments are not seeking the highest and purest guidance. `Can you understand what I mean? Encourage them always to deal with the purity of the evolved. of the countries there. or if they are not sufficiently spiritually orientated. Lead them with your understanding and the wisdom that you have. are using this power of the mind to a great degree. It is these evolved souls that will guide and protect the aspirant in that search for the divine pathway to the Beloved Creator. they can only learn according to their own free will. Do not interfere or dominate. and not anything less! Then they can journey and strive for the active in awakening many in the time that is yet to come.

Other countries have been very quick to emulate. Never be tempted to take anything less than the highest and the purest you can gather from the Divine Creator. and is. and to a degree are able to manipulate it—but only to a degree. but also upon those engaged in the usage of it. if it is to be used with wisdom. it will bring in its wake. and think those who seek God are the only ones who seek to use this power. and need to do. and has been doing so for many years. ultimately. look deeper than the surface. seemingly. You therefore. successful outcomes coming to their lives. unhappiness. God! Then this will be the positive result that you can acquire and achieve through your efforts. much is being done in this way. This therefore. this divine power. Do not think for one moment it is isolated: it is not a secret you can keep. I am fearful of the manipulation of the energy that can be achieved. even in a minimal form. not a once only walk in that world. when you strive for the positive. exhibitions of great wealth that many people in your world are acquiring. It therefore does not have the motivation of the divinity of the search for God. and not directed to any spiritual motivation. Seek your success. do not crave. for purposes of power and domination. It is a purified motive. Do not live with your heads in the clouds. You will never want and never go without if you are living in this positive ray of God. Manipulation by powers that are going to use it for military purposes. They will not be helped by using it if the purpose is not the greatest and highest of motives. `Can you see this? Positive and negative: there again you have the illustration. It is the law! This hidden force can. They are not touching anything of the divinity that they should. Because of this. These people are manipulating in the material aspect of life only. follow. therefore. Know in truth they cannot conquer and harness anything of destructive purposes or for purposes of a lesser motive. and seek for themselves that which they think they can achieve. Russia is also a nation who is using it to a great degree. and many other things will follow in its wake. and not for the benefit of soul growth. can be manipulated for good or evil. When you live in the negative. will only bring you benefit. They are the forces that bring people. It can bring destruction. and those you seek to help benefit. You have witnessed and are doing so today. from the source of all things. There are forces of light and forces of purity from a higher dimension of understanding for those who seek this energy and its manipulation for the purpose of God’s intent. and when you seek only the positive. being manipulated at the moment in your world. This occurs if it is negativity that they are seeking and living within. you attract to your life the forces of negativity. and a purified result will come. all the vitality of the positivism of God. Then you must seek and dwell in the light of God. They may to the eyes of the world. seem to be successful with money and with acquiring luxuries in life. will be able to understand how the deeper wisdom can tap into this greater dimension of energy that awaits you. but my children. Those who acquire from material sources. You here this night will use it I know for the highest and purest of motives. for they cannot expect to be victorious when their goal is not of The Divine Creator’s intent. There are actually schools teaching this in the armed forces of America. `Can you see what I mean? This power. These divine forces will always conquer the lesser. seek your benefit.for the purpose of a material level. with material means. not only upon the world. misery. and dwell in all that and dwell in all that is positive as you seek Him. and with material motives will never in the ultimate be successful. and do not try to emulate anything they are doing. in your search for God. When you live in the positive. and your inner wealth. those who are using it for evil will bring evil unto themselves. These people are not using it according to the soul within them. this is an eternal journey we are on. then you bring into your life. My beloved ones: Do not envy. It cannot benefit humanity if the motive for using it is not spiritual. not the protection as it should and must have. Forces of darkness seek it also. They will have to suffer the consequences. destruction. . You will see. however.

to where it is today. Let the divine wisdom of the self be the criterion of what you should. and you may think you could have more. not yours! You cannot feed them truths that you think they would like to hear. quietly. with those who will come to you for help them: be discriminating. and live His laws. But you must never feel embarrassed. or rejected. You must simply. and to be discriminating. `Can you see this? You need to be openly truthful. you attract from our world greater souls than you would if you were on the lower level of understanding and growth. in helping someone to climb that ladder of spirituality. and you have every right to reject them if you cannot accept them. the highest that you can from the divine force. I bring to you the spiritual truths. You must not force yourself to take upon your understanding. It is from that higher level. Then the easier it is for great evolved souls to reach down to reach you. accept it. They are the ones who must reach up or reject according to what they feel within their inner selves. There may be a glimmer of light from the stirring of soul growth within that person that will give them their first thirst for spiritual truth. be kind and helpful.’ `Can you see what I mean? `My children: The responsibility will be great for you there in your world to guide other souls with divine truth. reach out with your hand to them with the wisdom you have: not the wisdom they have! `Do you understand this? You must remember. So never compare. ‘Where there is no reaching up. and you would like more. and need to acquire in your life for your journey in time. because they are challenging. You will find the need to be very firm. That is a material comparison you are making! That is your physical mind telling you to want more and to seek more. Sometimes you feel that you may be embarrassed. You can. That is their prerogative: that is their right to have that. You have to give your help. or what they expect from you. What you must tell is the divine truth that you have learned spiritually. Remember. understand the higher you climb the ladder. It is much harder for these evolved souls to touch those who are floundering on bottom level of soul growth in that material world. . the thing you are not ready to take upon. you must not feel overlooked. and come to accept as divine truth.Remember. Then if you live for God. and have the firmness of the teaching that you know is divine truth. and help them climb up to you. You may think you have less than so many. what they think at this time seems success to them. and if they are not according to what you take as truth. to be decisive. . or absorb it is their responsibility. and never seek to possess something because others have it. there can be no reaching down. forlorn. They too need to claim their divine right of soul growth. Seek always for your lives. you do not want to descend down the ladder and be at the bottom with that person. the nearer you are to the top. Ignore it! Silence it! Push it away! Let the soul within you decide the measure of the receptivity that you are taking from life. this is not what I can believe then you have the right to ignore it and to reject it. is often detrimental to the soul. This is the law! You will then attract to your lives the qualities of the divine that are important to your living and your soul growth. never envy. Remember this . Do not think that in helping someone you have to always agree with what he or she are asking of you. God will always supply your needs but never to excess. If you feel within yourself. and that which you should have. or they seem to think that your words are incorrect and do not impress them. That is not teaching them anything. You have to teach them divine truth and they have to accept or reject that divine truth. Thus. and the expansion of your consciousness. Let God bring into your life that which you need. and journey to this great unity with the Beloved Creator. I think. or they will be ready to accept. You have to reach down. and you need to be openly expansive in the words of wisdom that you have to give them. You have earned that right to vibrate on that level through the growth and wisdom of your soul. my children. . and lovingly be firm in your convictions what you have come to know as truth. you are vibrating on a higher level. Now whether they can receive it.

You are never going to have a room full of people that are all absolutely alike in their thinking. . It is up to us to accept or reject that which he sends. . unless you really and truly believe for yourself. you know this for yourself to be truth. and some seek it because they want a change. . Therefore. You can only say this is what you think. or increase to be in accord with the one he is sending it to. longings. and every motive is different. others come because they are curious. and many difficulties will arise in your present journey as you search for God. because you could obscure the truth in the process. Apply the test of your own soul to all you see. This is where discrimination is important. to chop around. It is not for God to change. Every desire may be varying by many degrees. and I truly know this is the way of Gods wisdom. you are not saying to others . or cannot accept the teachings that you know is the absolute truth.’ You must never say that! They have to find these truths for themselves. How can you water down truth to suit the likes and ability of many to accept or not? God does not water down his truths because some of his children cannot accept them! `Is this not so? Truth is truth! Wisdom is wisdom! It is thus: God sets the wisdom and God sets the truth for us to know and follow. Let them see it! Then leave it for them to pick up. and I am still trying to accept it. strengthen. but do not declare it as the truth of God emphatically. Is this not logic? If there are doubts in your own thinking. I give this because you will come up against many personalities. Apply the test of your own soul to it all! When the awakening soul is given a spiritual truth. you do not deliberately hurt. .Stand by that conviction. This is where intuition and wisdom come to your aid in presenting them with divine truth. mislead. and take it from there. water down. ‘I have learned for myself this is the truth. that truth will come back at a later date. and some may come because someone has told them. . then you must not express it to others as the truth. hear. You can say this is what I have read. and motives. Every personality is different. then you cannot give it to others. nor pander to them. This is where each of you here this night exercises the ability to firmly believe within your inner-self the truths that you are now expounding. this is what I have been told. when the soul has more growth and is ready to receive it. The motive for the search is not the important issue. many beliefs. and how you say it is important. or walk away. which is being given. the ones that are most receptive are the ones you least . Sometimes it is surprising. The important issue is the receptivity of the soul within them to receive that. ‘This is the only thing to believe. That is their right! You must never pander to the personalities and the idiosyncrasies of all those who come with the need to learn. Let those people be the ones who think they can. This is honesty! However. There are many opinions. my children. it instantly recognizes that truth at that time. You here this night that have growing into enlightenment can only tell them what you have found to be truth. I am still searching. every level of evolution is different. . If you cannot believe God’s truth if you cannot in all sincerity. to reject. if you are firmly convinced this is truth you can say with conviction. . you must be over-careful in what you say and to be careful what you speak of. Nothing is uniform in humanity. It is also important that you do not offend them. but always there is only one truth in each condition that may be in focus at that time. Certainly you can do that. Is this not truth? There are going to be all the different depths and levels of understanding. for it to be so. Some seek it because they think it is fashionable to think differently. Remember. and many theories. Truth has a ring of its own! Truth has to come for all at a time the soul is ready to receive it. honestly say. or read: no-matter how holy it is supposed to be. That is not the way! Beloved seekers: Never be dominating with this is right and you are wrong. and show them truth in your own living. . If the soul does not recognize that truth when it is given. in your own beliefs. This is not the way to bring it! Just quietly and gently tell them. and this is what you feel. Because they are difficult.

Never dominate! Never seek to impound into their thinking. you in turn give to others all the help you can give. You are not responsible for any other soul’s progress to God. to get to know the ability of each pupil. and they will be hungry for more. and helping where you can. If the soul is not ready for truth. and that soul will have yet to labor until it is ready. and are ready to take upon themselves this illumined journey far more easily than others who appear to be ready. This is when the soul is the criterion of what it can and cannot accept. to any or those who ask for it. when it is ready in its own way! In its own time! Then as you journey along the pathway to enlightenment. because truth can only reflect upon a soul that knows it to be so. All you can do is to do what we are doing from our world to you. even though they can believe it. Some will want to go too fast. Do not sit in judgment of those who cannot. without making any effort themselves to act or think for themselves. Focusing on a direction of how and what you give to one person. this is what you must believe. All the different levels of pace will be there for what they believe. then they in turn can receive to themselves that which they are ready to receive. If they want you to carry them on your back. It is when the soul within is hungry for God. However. nor are you responsible for the measure of the speed of their journey. it just means you are sifting. of tales of this and that. You are responsible for your journey to God. Never force that which you know to be spiritual upon anyone. you know instinctively you cannot possibly accept it. and get to know the direction each pupil is taking. we send to you all the love. all the care. People that never for one moment you would expect to think this way. you have not to be a doormat for others! You have not to sacrifice your beliefs and your soul growth because others are draining you. If someone tries to feed you dogma. Never reject or refuse to give the truth as you know it. not the senses that often motivate in the decision making of people. It is when the soul is crying out for acceptance and recognition of its divinity within you. can send forth the supply of what you have within. and that person . You here. to cope. not the material thinking and understanding. A soul may not be ready to take upon itself this understanding. Then you in turn can pass on to others that which you have been taught by souls from this higher world. sorting. Each soul must find God for itself. that teacher has to get to know each pupil. of ability to understand. is it not? You will sense that this person will benefit from that approach. It is an automatic rejection of that which you are hearing. We can only send to you there that which we know are spiritual truths from God. nor must you do so. it is not your right to do so. This does not mean you being judgmental or critical in your effort to help. and will not accept it. it will reject it. this is right. This is when the souls are really receptive to God. Do not sit in judgment on those who are too lazy to make use of it. `This is logic. So you in your turn when you have the spiritual seekers coming to you. When a soul is stirring into the consciousness of the reality of its true identity. you will find the ground is fertile. However. `Can you see what I mean? As a teacher has a class with varying levels of intelligence. but knowing it is not the way you would give it to another. and you then must learn to discriminate and segregate in your own understanding. how much you accept and use is entirely up to you. Let each one take upon them-selves the journey to God. offer all the help from God you can to those who also seek it for their journey. Then the little seeds of wisdom will take root. and to progress. They may surprise you. `Have you not found this already? Thus it is with those who are not ready for God: their soul is not yet awake to be receptive. It is not the mind.expect to be receptive. and some will be slower than they need. in this small group. This is not teaching them of God! God does not dominate you: you must never dominate another. and all the help that we can. who are progressing to a greater degree of soul growth. You are not responsible for what they believe.

if you let those be the ones to continually bombard you with what they know and believe. for you are growing to God. and give back to Him the highest and purest you can give to Him. We always look with the eyes of the divine upon you. Then you are taking the first steps to becoming an avatar. . It cannot be the same as you expect to receive from God. Then if they truly want to receive. ‘You have not given as much as you receive`. and everything I am. Just give it every day to God. You are seeking from God all the wisdom and truth you can acquire and achieve within each effort that you make. Seek each day from God. and do not compare it with the day before or the day after. the highest He can send you. . it is not important. Where you may think you are this or you are that. and any others that seek enlightenment. . ‘Father I am here I am completely yours. or by self-devaluation. We do not look with the physical measurements at what you are doing. and not cloud their judgment and their receptivity by the over stimulation of their physical minds. But come each day before God. to God it is equally as vast and wonderful as that which He is sending. `Can you understand that? Thus. and without restriction. You are moving along this eternal pathway. or importance. You can in this process. and it is not being helpful. You are the ones who must not expect to measure your giving according to that which you receive. the greatest of desire. then they can talk and can tell you their thoughts. Whatever returns to God from you. or evaluate with the physical calculations of your world. The physical mind will always try to influence others in their activity with attitudes. beloved ones always give of your time to God unreservedly. the greatest of longing. Thus in the time gone by and the time to come. Just simply give to God all you can. we are working in this direction for you. However. this eternal journey of light to God. we see very differently. . You have to encourage them to listen and to and learn. ‘I give to you without restriction every thing I have. That is all you can do! Then all that comes will indeed be enough for God to know that you are growing to Him. That is never God’s way! God just sends endlessly. `Can you see the direction I am pointing you to? `Beloved ones: Preparing a soul in the journey to God is a long process.from another approach. and the highest of motivations. and you are giving. We do not estimate. You will find some are not prepared to listen to spiritual truth. We look with the eyes of the divine. If one day you are not as good as the next day.’ ‘This is all you have to do. Give each day the best you can. love. This is the way to seek God! You are not in the class of comparisons: you are simply seekers of truth and wisdom. the purest He can send you. . You are not motivated by greed. You are in humility. It is a very serious business to enable a soul to be receptive to the call of God in service. allow for it in what you are giving today. excitement. It is not being kind. and desire in the awareness of your own true spiritual identity. and their intellectual avenues of approach. we can bring nothing less. . the divinity of the self. You can only give with the greatest of love. We can only bring that to you. Openly unwind from that world and open wide your soul and your consciousness to God’s love. longing. surrendering utterly to Him with love and a truly sincere desire to become at-one with Him. there must be an understanding that they are seeking. and then receive from God what you can. .’ ‘I sit in receptivity of every thing I can receive from the source of all. without restraint. God does not say . You are not motivated by a lust for power. according to the readiness of that self. ‘I am not good enough. . for what God would want of you. by self-criticism. be receptive to the highest and the purest from our world. upon the divine within you. We measure for God. Just let your soul be constantly open to receive all that you can from God. Do not sit and think . Do not restrict what you give by self-renunciation. Say to God. They would rather tell you what they have to tell you even though they have the lesser understanding. and are being prepared to serve Him. We are seeking to prepare this small group who are seeking that divine pathway in order to reach that supreme goal of unity with God. they must be open to receive. and I have not prepared that`.’ I have not done this.

he could not hurt another human being. If you need them. Those people with great material wealth will leave that world spiritually bankrupt. Do not seek wealth from the world for wealth’s sake. you will take with it exactly what you have earned and acquired. There are no measuring sticks from our world or from God.’ This is not way to God: just give and just receive. and only what you need for comfort to strengthen you and to support you. when your soul leaves that heavy body of matter. and without condition. . and longing. In truth when you seek God it has to be with sincerity. If there was one spark of love for God within a soul. but the excess of these material possessions will not come if you are surrendering to God. you will get them! Then take from that world only what you need to exist in it. Other things of that world will be given to you if you are meant to have them. and to build upon. they will leave that world of matter empty handed. and will come in accordance with what you are able to receive. and in the desire for The Beloved Creator. and not what you want. I think the misery. ‘You did not do as much today as yesterday. then they will have no value to your spirituality and soul growth. just because they are available and others have them. You will only take with you’re the qualities of inner-self. Do not seek big houses and luxuries. love. in love. humility. that wealth that you have stored within. So just simply surrender in humility. regardless what is meant for your life in that particular incarnation. surrender without restriction. to use. nothing from that material world can you take into the next dimension. You will have all the comforts you need: for in giving to God you receive from God tenfold and more.The rewards will then flow to you. one day or the next. for he will recognize the deceit. then let time take care of what you have given and gained. All that will be at the end of the journey is the acquired result of the efforts you have made in this life you have lived. You cannot pretend to God! You cannot pretend to our world here! We do not look at the words that you are uttering. God knows what you need from that material world! God will always provide for you that which you need. You cannot deceive God! It’s impossible! When you seek God. and every thing you are. While you journey through this present incarnation. whether you did enough. If there was one desire for God in his soul. ask God to give you only what He knows is best for you. seek him with simplicity. Surrender everything you have. in sincerity. but you will never be given to excess. and you are not doing as much as your neighbor. in longing. a devotee upon the pathway to God. Know you are a child of God and you want to return to your spirit home with sufficient soul growth that you may unite with Him. At the journeys end. is a clear reflection of the lack of soul growth within those beings in that world who permit these conditions to exist. not even a grain of sand. . Ask God not to bring to you things of that world. not the material wealth of your lives. to absorb. and if you are ready to use them wisely. he could not see another person starving while he had more in the bank than he could ever use in his lifetime. When you are a child of God. That is the sole purpose of every soul’s existence that incarnates into a physical body. Too many material gains can be detrimental to your soul growth. the suffering. They are not important! They are not necessary to anyone’s journey to God! Beloved ones: Enrich the soul and not the body. That is all you can take with you. Do not seek the jewels of that Earth just because you want to have them. Expand the consciousness. the poverty and the degradation that is going on in that world today. saying. it brings a responsibility to recognize the laws of God and to live them. Then humbly ask of Him to bring to your life that which your life needs. There is no escape! . That world of matter with all its seductions and its treasures can mean nothing to the growth of a soul that is utterly and entirely devoted to God. If you seek from the world. all these treasures it can heap upon you. It will not matter one iota. we read the soul we see and know what you are seeking and why. Benefits of that material world can also come to your life. . and you do not seek God and His divine love.

Know that what you want or desire from life. reach into divine wisdom. . and why this path is so long and lonely. you have to keep on that divine pathway until you are united with Him. and every obstacle: they are there for you have to conquer along the pathway to Him. but we will never take it from you. that is your right and your choice. no matter how difficult the pathway. and you have many lessons to learn as you journey along this difficult and sometimes lonely course. God is wiser! This cannot apply to those who are not seeking God. I do not promise you there will not be struggles and disappointments. However. We will always walk with those who seek. you cannot cheat. try and ease your lives. . if it is God you want. When you are weary. every struggle. have chosen this divine pathway in an effort to become one with The Divine. `Is this not so? Why would you try to live them if you did not believe them? That would be foolish. Always without restriction. That is not the way for a child of God to live. its rewards are impossible to describe in the man-made words of your world. We will never. for they have no such barriers to their behavior. and I will make this a little easier. There is no escape! Sincere seekers of soul growth are living their lives according to the laws of God. deny you the right to grow to God. I do not promise you an easy way to God. then the effect will follow. Always look at your life. They have no such rules and regulations to live with. We will be there beside you. or long the pathway may be. You here this night. and a path of self-regulation of your life. and by the rules they themselves have designed. and when you are in pain. In all truth. The recognition of the goal at the end of the journey should be your realization in God. I do not promise you there will be no pain or hardships. you have to go through every test.’ ‘I will do this. we will comfort. that love will pour endlessly into The worlds are linked: they are united they are not separate. You cannot make the journey you want according to your rules. There are no excuses allowed for deviation according to what you think what you should do or want. You have to walk that path every step of the way. through the eyes of The Divine.That is why this path is so difficult. I am only promising you will get love unlimited. for no one can avoid the divine laws. You can’t think . I bring you a path of discipline. ‘I will soften this a bit. They simply live life according to what they think. is not always what you need from life. That has never been my promise to you. Do not covert what another has because you do not possess those things. Then when you need love. It is demanding from you even in those within the highest and purest of motives. If they create the cause. Do not ever compare your life to the lot of another person in that material world. why would your small group come here each week to hear from me these words of truth if you did not want to hear them? You would not come. and let this be your supreme objective. Only the see into our world with the eyes of your spirit is the barrier that is between us. and no such restrictions upon their actions. You will get understanding and inner peace unlimited. Do not have self-pity for yourself because you have less than someone else. and know in truth that wisdom is the voice of God! . with support that will help and uplift you with light from our world. it will get me there: it will not! The pathway to God is relentless and ruthless in its intensity. If this is not so. we will that pain. and you cannot deceive. because it is not easy to walk this divine pathway to enlightenment and supreme consciousness. and others like you. and know what is in your life is what you need or you would have more. You can make those deviations. or what you think. I bring you divine truths. These people have in turn to endure the consequences of their actions. inability to there Beloved ones. how lonely. You cannot take short cuts. We will help when you hurt.

then your soul is not ready to forgo your reincarnations back into matter. Then you yourselves must let the truth be only that which flows forth from your spiritual understanding. and in all the activities in existence. Chapter 3 The Avatar explains the journey to spirit and the folly of man In the maze of humanity alive in that world today.Man has poisoned the Earth with his overuse of chemicals. Religious organizations can bend and twist the truth to make it viable to what they believe. The way to God is a spiritual journey: not a religious one. Then when sickness comes. You must match every word they utter with the understanding of God’s laws. to help you minimise your need return to it. Then for a soul to return again into heavy matter of a physical body is sadness and a sorrow for that soul. in action. `Is that not truth? Until you are able to live God in perfect truth. but its origin is in the Beloved Creator. you speak of divine wisdom. He invents and manufactures more things that make his life easier and even more luxurious. I bring you peace. many profess the love for God. You have many religions in your world today. the beliefs that they profess to be truths you will find they are sadly lacking in the intrinsic wisdom of the Divine Creator. and forsake all material desires of that world forever. truth that is unaltered by circumstance or time. a place of harmony and people that understand the reality of that which God is. try and try to attain this level of being while you are in flesh. and what they want you want to believe. because it is a part of God. I am Bethesda. but not so easy to live God. . it is very difficult to find a place of peace. If you quietly analyze these religious doctrines with your soul. Man is destroying the oceans with pollution. You must also watch the mouthing of their words very carefully. to try. and forgiveness. `My beloved children: That indeed is a time for sorrow and weeping! After a soul sheds the physical body and comes home again to us in the higher world after its sojourn on Earth—that is a time to rejoice. They can add to the truth. `What is He going to do about this problem he has? Where is God when he is in pain? Why is God letting him suffer? Man has to change things—not God! I bring you love. the soul cannot respond accordingly: the soul is a reflection of truth. . It is very easy to say. You must be one with The Beloved. he asks God . When you have tasted the joy of the divine and sadly know you have to leave it again because you are still tied to Earthly desires. . unwavering. . but do they live Him? Their mouths say the words but their souls are silent. all the qualities that enable souls to ennoble their evolutions as they journey their way to the Beloved Creator You cannot compromise on the qualities of God. Unless you speak truth. in word. for truth is truth. . That is why I urge you so strongly. ‘I love God’. That is the time to be happy . bend. permanent. or stretch the truth. but they can never break it. and always expressing itself as the same truth to be expounded time and time again. Religious beliefs can be changed. He has ruined the atmosphere above the Earth. Truth is truth inviolate. The soul has its existence wrapped in divine truth. you cannot adjust them to suit yourselves or to fit any man made belief. is living Him: thatmeans in mind. take away. It is very easy for religions to deliver their words of wisdom from the pulpits and to coach their flock in words of their so-called truth. He seeks only luxuries of that material world. compassion. understanding. When you speak of God. spiritual truths cannot! I think the most difficult part of loving God.

You cannot achieve it in one brief incarnation! Many seekers journey a long time through many phases of many incarnations. There are also religions that teach not to forgive. in one life or another. and leaning from those mistakes. then you have traveled a long journey through time to reach that stage. I think the churches of that material world. I see families on that earth weep in deep sorrow for the one who has left them. knowing you are going home to spirit. and returns to its spirit home. There are many who thought only of the world of the flesh. I cannot weep for a person who leaves that mundane world. It is when we in our world see others coming back who have denied God in that material world: they are the ones who have been casual and uncaring in their journey through that material world. and the unquestioning loyalty of God to his children. it carries that mind impression through its lifetime. I speak the truth when I tell you. I understand their sadness at losing the presence of such a one. God has given all His children free will. and call them teachings of God. When you understand this truly. and I say it again. hate that is directed from one religion to another. However. It is very hard to release a mind that has been indoctrinated by these so-called truths when they are so very young. Many more are yet to question the religious beliefs that they are being educated in so dogmatically. and what it can bring them in pleasure. the forgiving. as you here have found it. when a soul finds this love for God. These are the only riches from your world you can bring with you. and material desires. God gives them forgiveness. Some today are questioning the beliefs they have been taught. Yet the majority of people in your world follow blindly with their spiritual blinkers on. return to their spirit home with great wealth of the soul. With soul growth you understand the loving. Then when a young mind is impressed this way. and the darkness of that material world. These are the souls who return to spirit as paupers. and lived Him while on that Earth. in one form or . Because the soul is struggling along the path of evolution and through eternity to reach God: each one must learn the lessons for them-selves by making mistakes. and the none-judgmental living of His divine presence. with their material values. They are the souls who come back with no treasure. and openly teach the revenge principle of living to their flock. when you shed that body of flesh. You then leave behind the trauma. as they move through their life and times believing the doctrines of their man-made religions. when that one is not yet able to qualify truth for him-self and follow that truth? I have said it before. which blindly bind their flock to these teachings of man. These people of religions then have a lot to account for if they speak not the truth of God. They are impressionable. Divine evolution has been accomplished because another soul understood God. They take young children’s minds and crowd them with these so-called truths and with their beliefs that chain them to a circumstance of living that is so foreign to the divine truth. when one comes back to our world with divine wisdom emblazoned in their soul and divine growth showing so clearly. God never takes revenge.and to be filled with the joy of living. All those who live God to their best ability while on that Earth. I feel very sad for these little ones who are the innocent victims of religious indoctrinations. How then can God judge such a one. It is only when you understand God that you question this so clearly. That soul is once again free to experience great joy in leaving behind the shackles of heavy matter. and no soul growth. They thought only of their sojourn in that physical world. How much we rejoice. very trusting. no divine wealth. the trials of matter. and God never avenges in any way! God never judges a human being by his or her behavior in that difficult journey back to Him. and gave no heed to the divine journey through eternity. how can you believe the doctrines of religions that teach hate. and the trials of flesh. and it is so wrong to fashion a little mind with these untruths of reality.

and rather be hungry than neglect God. That material world may please you while you are there. It is not a gathering of wealth that you can repeat in the next life. walk this disciplined pathway. is a great achievement! Never minimize that which you have gained by easier ways to live. Unswerving must be your devotion! Strong must be your will! Do not to give way to temptation! To many. When a soul in a body. and the evolution to God that you need to gain in that world and take back with you into spirit. Then that my children. I watch over you with understanding. It is the God knowledge. there is nothing of that world can help you. it will seem simpler to take the easy road to the world and neglect the pathway to God. You here in this small gathering have come a very long way. When you have learned the truths behind existence and creation . Then you have the belief in knowing you are seeing the beginning of the journeys end as you struggle to reach God. When the material living clouds your judgment you will be inclined to put God on hold while you work at the world. but cannot recall the old. it is obvious. waiting to be understood. trust. and can never be worn again: it has finished its earthy life. with love. When the time comes for you to transcend a matter and journey back to God. but sadly they neglect to educate in the divine truths. I know you have to live. . ‘My beloved children’: I watch over you with love.another. Then that is the time to become sad and worried: for you then have lost your way in that world for a time. you then will become possessed by that material existence. and to be lived. however. . I would neglect the world. and enjoy the pleasures of nature. What then of the worldly possessions that you have gathered unto you? Can you take with you? What knowledge of the vast worldly interest can you store in your soul. and you have to find an occupation that gives you security. or easier paths to follow. but I would never neglect God. and know there are still many more lessons that have yet to be learned. This truth is difficult to understand . It does not mean you cannot have pleasures along the way—that is not Gods decree at all! You can enjoy the material life. takes upon itself a task to help it survive that soul does its best and works hard at that task. and hope. The soul can take on another body. gone. Keep them always in quality and in accordance with your understanding of the divine understanding. I deny that not! Never strive to seek more and more of material gains and forget God is there. but always continue forward to God. but it can never take you one step closer to God. That what you have been in this lifetime is just an experience for growth. Much more discipline is required to journey along the divine pathway if you sincerely seek the Beloved Creator. can never be recovered. Enjoy the things of the world you choose. Then you journey on throughout eternity until you reach Him. You are a very different being when you reach spirit: you are not the earthly one. Seek the disciplined pathway. That body you have worn in that world. when you take upon the task of journeying to God in truth and the reality of truth. and I see the light you carry as you move forward in this incarnation to reach The Beloved. if you seek God with all the divine needs that you have in your soul. as you move back to God? They are so busy educating in worldly knowledge. when this becomes an obsession and transcends the need for God. There is nothing and no one in that world that can hold a person if the soul knows its time has come for it to leave. Unity with God is only achieved. I think if I were on Earth today in a body I would rather be poor in the wealth of the world. You understand God’s truths that have to be lived. knowing it is its economical security. That life is forgotten. no-more to be returned to: because you have left that existence behind. More so should it be. That journey to God is irrevocable! It must come! Every baby who is born must leave that world of matter when the time arrives for the soul to return to spirit.

It’s the only way! God’s laws are very fruitful laws. and all the qualities of God that are there to be lived. They teach you the character you must achieve. I have heard you say how dark the world is. There is so much misery. they are perfect laws. The transition they have to make will be very painful. They teach you the lessons of love. I would never make that world my goal! I would never make the assets of that Earth. . I see such hunger abroad in your world today where there should be no hunger. I see the inequality. and the divine path to follow. Never feel inferior. They will have to come from a darkened existence into light. the covertness of my existence. looking for guidance. Seek to free yourself of all those qualities that are foreign to God. Let not your lives be any of those negative things. you will take great inner wealth with you back into spirit. in order to make myself worthy of God. Is it not? The souls in that world. There are so many people in your world that have to suffer so much before they can lose this state of being and start to achieve the quality of divine living. My only focus would be to seek and seek God. and what they have yet to find. very costly to them. Their very beings are fed by drugs. looking for love. because you are not high in the hierarchy of living in that world. because you have less than someone else. and very long. the sorrow. It is much harder to be tolerant. I would journey through that world the best way I could. sorrow at the understanding of what they have yet to achieve. as they indulge themselves in the luxuries of your world. All that is completely the opposite to the way of God! So give not that darkened world your time. and what a very difficult struggle it is to live in that Earth world today. It is much harder not to judge. It is also much harder to struggle and find God. This glow will show a wondrous truth. when you have not the wealth that others have. If you learn the spiritual lessons well. It is much harder to be forgiving than to be angry. unfairness. for they cannot live the way they are. can be nurtured. you are the successful those people who will not accept the reality of reincarnation and the truth of the divine journey that they make to God. Then in living them. That material world is everything to them. They will have to come from understanding the worldly qualities. I see torture and ravaged bodies. and they are very wise laws. you purify your soul as you move through time. the homelessness. my body healthy and my living pure. and the lives that are slaughtered. It is like being on a merry-go-round and never alighting. It is because of all this wrongdoing they attract such negativity to their lives. They must do this. to the understanding of divine qualities. and seek. and there are the lessons that you learn as you move through life. and greed. who are living such negative lives. follow. If you will examine them very carefully. There are the tests. and finding the opposite from those that have the responsibility of having to care for that child. They are the ones who have yet to find the way. forgiveness. I watch with anguish. and in this purifying your body responds. because you have found this understanding of God to live. than to be intolerant. and all they seek. To see a little child reaching out in its younger years. but when it gets to youth. Never feel a failure. and you will not be afraid to live it in spite of that world. It is so sad! The child can be molded. must find a way to break through them. You are truly the wealthy ones. deep. and you are making great strides along this divine pathway of light. I would keep my mind healthy. and see the light of God shining for them to follow. They teach you justice one to another. fed by drink. Give not that darkened world any of your ambitions. just to gain some superiority in matter. than to judge. It is all they understand. This response becomes a glow in your living and in your existence while in that physical body. all they want. having no such upbringing it is very hard to bring it back to this understanding and living. fed by inequalities of existence because of what they take and foster in their beings. You can feel proud you are spiritually wealthy in every way. deep. and I watch with sorrow. so much cruelty. and live the difficult road of self-discipline as you journey back to Him.

have misunderstood. because the conditions of that material world seem oppressive to souls that are sensitive. Sadly. they have tampered with oceans. Man thinks he can improve on that which God has created. or in western terms: the law of cause and effect. or distorted spiritual truths in favor of religious beliefs and doctrines. The operation is an automatic action by the soul: the inner-self. he must play the price and bear the result. Then my beloved children. That is in procreating life other than the normal way. and not in accordance with God’s divine laws. They have taken it from the evolution that they consider should be improved upon. or allow the scientists to carry on endlessly as they hope to do. It is the law! Scientists have tampered with and changed many varieties natural plant life. because you have transgressed so much in past lives. There is only one creator. You see the men of science trying to emulate God every day. godlike in their evolution. treated as God. and according to the divine law of Karma. They will have to pay the price that their souls demand for tampering with divine laws. one Supreme Being. in a way that God cannot. when it was never their mission or their desire. nomatter what it has done to their lives. and glorifying in the understanding of God that you have to follow. Mankind is indifferent. This will come back and haunt mankind in the time that is yet to come. They have given of their lives to God and his truths. I speak in truth. Now that they are tampering with the procreation of animals and humans. `Is this not truth? They tamper with the understanding they have of life and they use it wrongly. mistakenly called God. they have tampered with mountains. this is divine truth. but by God’s laws that have not been lived. They came with humility and love to serve God. They will have to pay for what they do in that world. They have tried so many times to bring spiritual truths to mankind. the seas. and is purifying. and the rivers. Some Avatars have been glorified by man as God. Man thinks he is better than God. and godlike in their intentions and ambitions for Earth. The soul has then come through the fires of trial. ignored. to reach unity with God will be shorter and shorter. If man transgresses God’s laws. Those other journeys you have to take. Never has an Avatar ever claimed to be God. and they have tampered with truth in every way. and know without a doubt. divine reality. The soul is the computer of the divine. They have displayed it unquestioningly. and must record only truths. and to achieve the level of authority that God has. governing all creation with His unlimited laws of love and wisdom. When these great souls came back to the higher world. for the call of the world is so seductive to them. and left behind such dross. They have tampered with the produce of the world. and will not condone. They tamper with life and undo life in a way that is not of God’s doing. They are trying to procreate the forces of life in some other way than the normal divine way. They never professed to be God! They were godlike in their understanding. overshadowing all existence. you see them trying to usurp Him.You seekers of the divine truth in that material world. civilizations past and present of your world. The Avatars that have come to the Earth have tried so very hard to start this movement of understanding. and they have displayed it. These people who are at fault will have to atone for it. No one can escape the justice of God. Now they are creating cloned beings: God never intended any form of life to be created that way. They call these successful achievements. only reality. Let God’s truth be that which you cling to so dearly. They have bought the purity of God. and lovingly. is blind and deaf to the divine truths. unselfishly. I speak not in revenge. you can be very sure are the wealthy ones. and never has an Avatar ever professed to be God. This justice is not meted by God. It is a struggle in the darkness of that world at the moment to keep hold of this truth. who understand this truth you believe. they left behind so very little of what they had tried to achieve. I speak not in gloom. . they have tampered with the bowels of the Earth.

more power. there would not be the population explosion that you have today. but these loving people are very thin on the ground in your world today. gather that. They are unwise in what they want. where the inhabitants continually seek progress that cherishes the flesh and to obtain the goals of greed. in order to achieve what they have for themselves. Beloved seekers of God. They are the ones moving at a rapid pace to the supreme goal of unity with God. in that material world. There would not be the need for the scientific endeavors to feed. and man must pay the price. and house them. Then you have the other type who are merely inventing and seeking answers to material questions. You see the few who desire only to live God. They can rid the world of disease. to desire only to follow. An evolved soul: a soul who would ask them to endure all sorts of tribulations in order to help those living in dire states of existence. You find the majority of the human beings in that material world. This problem is of mans making. would rather follow one who could offer them a better living and more money. They are not given any encouragement in their efforts to improve the conditions of those in abject poverty. Those who try to help and live God’s laws are not given the following that they need. clothe. who merely show the way of sacrifice in self-living. These caring souls are not given the support they should have. and show God’s laws to all those who will listen. They have been greedy. and helping the world: there are many who do so. in the trials of your lives never lose sight of the need to . All through the various civilizations you can see how mans actions have been the cause and effect of that they now must suffer and follow.That world was never meant to be a place. learning. If God’s natural laws were allowed to proceed. and live God to the fullest as they journey through Earth life. and should gather unto them. They try and live God as best they can. seeking out. and the laws of the Divine Creator. The population of your world was never intended to exist in the proportions that it has expanded into today. helping the animals. It was intended for Earth to be gentle world and a beautiful world. Then you find humanity in its wrong doings. and they have been cruel and relentless in their ambitions. and indifferent to the suffering of others. That’s not wrong! But it is very wrong when they start tampering with the natural laws of existence. until they understand the truth of what the few know now. and the assistance they require. and they must atone for that which they do. to teach. as man is doing today. Never in any era of existence has the population of that planet Earth been so-great as it is today. as they do today. and for each soul to evolve to become united with the Creator. they are the ones they follow. They are then stepping on ground that is sacred. They try to tend to the sick and help the homeless. But there are souls who wisely contain the tribulations of life. more authority. and pleasures for all. How many would follow them? They would rather follow one who teachers them to gather this. to have a large house and enjoy holidays in exotic locations. the laws of creation. This was never God’s intent for that world! It was to be a place for growing. They are unwise what they try to achieve. a world with enough for all. You in that world have religions telling their flock to procreate more and more. and more of the negative to that world. and mankind lived God in that world. There is nothing wrong with science if it is achieving good things for the people in that world in the way that God intended. They have inventions and answers that will bring more comfort. in order to spread their flock far and wide. They also kill their fellow inhabitants of that world. again. In the time that is rapidly approaching nature will be unable to provide for all in that physical world: simply because mankind will not discipline themselves. and taking someone else’s possessions. these people you will find are so very few in your world today. Is that not so? Few are the people in your world that would follow an evolved soul. The others will struggle on and on. coveting. I am high in understanding and mindful of the good that many scientists do towards helping the sick. and again. It is not God’s way. That’s not wrong! They can provide food for the hungry. It was never God’s intent for mankind to live that way.

Never think God cannot understand your need for this or that. Love its struggle. and the courage and the peace of God to help you understand. Just move to God with this loving. No one is ever neglected by God. the best. Never wallow in weeping and wailing. but accept it with divine wisdom. in order to find this pathway of light that you have been blessed to find. Never think that sorrow brings you nothing but sorrow. and no soul can avoid making mistakes. Then know that every thing you endure or enjoy in its own way is to bring to you the evolution of the soul. and never begrudge the experience. to have your luxury cars. but you can in the divine sense. Watch the continuing effort that they must give. peaceful humility and gratitude that you have reached in this life now. then you are losing the way to God. There are those among you who seek always the biggest. Never deny it to others! Never belittle their efforts to find it. Through all these many experiences you are constantly gaining in evolution of the soul to God. also you must have the peace. That is the way to God! Never deny any soul your love and understanding. but the time to deal with them. to have your holidays and all the joys of that world. and all the material things that are not of divine necessity or of divine will. the mistakes you have made. discipline. Just think of the struggle you have had to reach this divine understanding that you have now. Giving you what you crave for is not always the answer to your spiritual evolution. Then know with confidence when the time comes for you to leave that body of flesh and . Because you have sufferings and sorrow in your life do not succumb to temptations to make it easier by other earthly means. You may not be able to love that soul in the physical sense. and not condemnation. Moreover. To cope with it the best you can. That was not your mission! If that is what you seek. and it is not the time to question these things. and happiness also. in the divine sense only. Never deny the understanding of your soul to another who is in need of tolerance and help. You incarnated into a physical body with an acquired level of soul growth at that time of entry into a physical existence. Never think. you came to be fed. and to love as you are loved. God understands! Giving you what you want is not always what you need. Then in accordance with the divine laws: always the two to are required to make the journey fulfilling and fruitful. Then not only are they losing the way to God. because you have to go through all this sorrow. and the wrong doings you introduced into your lives. sadness. at this level of evolution that you have earned. and to grow closer to God. and that blessing is never denied by God if earn it. for it can also bring you joy in the divine sense. and no one is ever ignored by God. joy.grow through suffering. to grow through it. if that is what you crave for. You may not be able to approve or condone. not even for one-moment that God can never see what your life is like. Seek the wisdom of God to guide you through it. You are growing through all facets of living in a body of flesh in a material world. You came to be housed. Always live through your sorrow with divine wisdom. Above all. and you came to be helped with your health along the way. These must have been there. Love the soul that lies hidden beneath that ugly exterior. and bathe your wounds at the journey’s end. for no one is born perfect. there is the love of God to help you move through it. they are deviating from the divine path. You also came to be comfortable. and love its stage of existence at that moment. and with the ability to enjoy life. Now you are required to enlarge it. Just think of the times you have been in the body before. or their need to find it. You did not incarnate to have a big house. you must have the balance of joy and sorrow. If a life is lived in the divine vein of spiritual understanding. the wealthiest. of sacrifice. You cannot understand why it should happen to you. Watch the struggle of others with love and understanding. never deny love and understanding to a soul who is not growing to God as it should and is still making mistakes. and you must have the struggle. to be happy.

It is a fair and just law. leaves behind that darkness. every thought. and administered by God with great love and great compassion. and on. according to the divine law. You may think your life is very unfair—lose those thoughts they help you not! It matters not if life’s unfair to you: that is not the life you seek—it’s the divine life you seek! If the world gives you unfairness.return to spirit. and the way you think. That which you have done in contradiction of God’s laws follows with you and has to be accounted for. That misery that is in your world has to be accounted for by each and everyone who makes it. if you continually live God. I tell you in truth. and live in love. God’s justice ensures every thing is accounted for. tempting you to forget God and live the pleasures of that world. It is also wise for you to ask for God’s help to ensure and guard over your life. Your divinity within you will ensure you cannot evolve until you have first mitigated that which you have done wrongly. and any human being in that stage of living. Every act. and no one can escape God’s justice. that is capable of doing and thinking much evil also has God’s compassion. because that material world is such place of injustice. Then that soul will be able to move into the light. but look not in anger. You can feel sorrow for the suffering of a soul. It will not be made easier until the lessons have been learned. to acquire greater growth. It may seem so easy to look around you and see the many opportunities that are there. but it is never so. . and on. and all its sorrow. you will ultimately become like God. That wrongdoer’s journey will be sadder and harder. knowing it will come without question if your sincerity is there. that soul must work itself through everything. according to the way you live. It is not always his or her choice. Seek the divine help you need to contend with difficulties. I speak not lightly or easily of the difficulties in the past you have had. and that soul by its own volition. When it comes to a person it has to be lived through. forgiveness. and that soul will grow through it: because it is a lesson it must learn! Those who perpetuate the injustice will also have to grow and learn through it. It is also very easy to succumb to the world and put God aside. It will seem so easy to ignore any divine understanding that you could have. with all its sadness. Even the most evil of human beings in that world today has God’s compassion. and repaid in full. Unless you focus on the divine rules of living. it is a very understanding law that is encompassed in love. It is an unforgiving road at times you may think. you bring with you the growth and understanding that you have so gained. every deed. and no one will do it for that soul. and find the pathway to God. Look at that material world with all its darkness. Always watch with great happiness the ones in that world who seek to help animals. but they have to live through it. No one anywhere! Do not think it will be forgotten once the body has been left behind and you move on to the next dimension. and lived through. and the knowledge that. The price. Those are the people who help to give a quality of life that is seldom there amongst the majority of those in that world. whatever the deed. Thus. it will pass and your soul will move on. God does not cruelly and angrily judge. They never escape anything. you will find it very easy to succumb to the material existence. but never think that is the culmination of its’ living: it is but a phase that soul has to conquer. for God’s justice covers everything. for it is a very long and difficult road you have to walk to reach God. Live in light. live in peace. `My Beloved children: Always ask for God’s help to see you through all problems. `My beloved children: You may think your life is very difficult. who seek to help the environment. is demanded divinely by your own understanding of what your soul tells you must be accounted for. live in joy. who seek to help injustice. Look at the misery with understanding and not condemnation. Live in the understanding that you are prepared to make as many journeys as you are prepared to make. It is so much easier to live the worldly way on that Earth. He watches with divine love. every step of the way. It is very difficult to have your every thought governed by divine laws.

Love is the weapon of creation. just quietly and gently into that world of darkness. You have not to get up on a soapbox and preach every moment you can. I bring spiritual truth to your world. That is not what God asks. It is the power of the mind that propels the energy to where it is most helpful. I bring God’s love to your world because there is a great need for His divine love. Never let someone’s wealth tempt you from this disciplined pathway you walk in your quest for enlightenment. Then importantly. to every soul who can be receptive to it and needs it. Everyone cannot go into parliament. Those people with divine understanding can achieve much with their thoughts. The animals that are mistreated can feel love flow to them. This is an infallible law Chapter 4 Guidance from an Avatar . and send the great love and compassion of God. and often enough. Love is the weapon of existence. If you go short of God’s love. be not of the world of matter if you want to find God. it’s not important. and not with the intended drive of ambition! Never let this condition called ambition. I think the power of the mind is very much underestimated. live the love. and fashion it to help you the best it can. and if you project them long enough. because there is a desperate need of God’s truth. you will find a change come unknowingly. That is not what God asks. and God’s energy must penetrate them. Something comes to sooth them. When you use this power of the mind with love. replace your desire for God. God would not create that world. Anything that is enwrapped in love will have a greater power than that which is just merely sent. Just live God. it is only the truth that can be accepted Darkness can never exist where there is light. Focus upon someone who is so wrongly living. God’s peace. God’s enlightenment. as some do with these thoughts and beliefs. and he could not create the world. If you go short of luxuries. Is this not so my children? So much thought is given to action and the performing of physical deeds. `My beloved children: With this. Everyone cannot go into positions of power where they can use their wealth for this or that. I tell you so little is given to the power of the mind. and live the generosity. I am Bethesda. Focus on them.Always strive to emulate them and their way of living and thinking. if he did not create it with love. it helps to project it to the one you are seeking to help and guide. I come to serve. Live it and give it everywhere you can. for that power of the mind propels you onward though life in evolution to God. and that is not God’s way. Your thoughts must somehow touch them. Only humble and simple souls with understanding of God. by sending out understanding and love. live the compassion. even from someone else’s thought it helps and comforts. it’s not important. Always struggle to God with the quality of living and with divine motive behind you —spiritual motive. Wounded birds understand this with love in their suffering. You have not to start arguments of what you think is right. If you go short of divine wisdom—it’s very important! If you go short of worldly things. can achieve more with their actions than those who have great wealth. and they know not what. Accept what comes to your life with gratitude. and wisdom around you—that’s tragic! Focus on God in every way you can. because I love my God. To the few enlightened souls who are moving along the pathway of soul growth to God. Never think the energy is not directed by thoughts to where it goes to—for it is! Do it with love and do it with understanding of this divine wisdom: then you make this more effective.

that is not the true test. disciplined. Then you can begin the wondrous return journey to God without this heavy encumbrance of matter.’ However. compared to living on that planet Earth. when you absorb and move into the evolution of soul growth to God. and no boundaries like Earth. . when each one can reject all matter and never come again. no matter what! If you have all your comforts and all your needs. exaltation. You all have the gift of free will. endless: it has no barriers. Then wanting not things of the material existence because you are suffering. Many times you have been in that world before. That world. When you can leave the body and know you want nothing. you take with you such a continuing sense of joy. and live that truth! There is a great opportunity for you to realise the way to God is not through a worldly attitude. when you think of spirit as something you can’t even see. and you know the material things are there. ‘I need no more journeys back to Earth. fulfillment and love. one craving or a longing for something. There is no race. Hold it not close to your soul or your heart.This pathway to God I speak of it is hard. Is it not? It is a round ball of matter in all that huge concept of existence. no color. but because it must come from the soul in absolute truth . you know in your inner-self it is timeless. it is just hanging there suspended in space. Those of you with sufficient soul growth and understanding know you have to make that journey time and time again. but crave it not. However. The true test is. . Then. When that world makes you happy it is temporary and transient. while you have in your heart one faint desire for that material world. that choice is yours according to the divine law. That is why I urge those of you who have so much greater understanding. You have all this before you. However. their high technology viewing instruments. You shrink your soul into a body. and sometimes very lonely. that is not the desire you must lose. . and not because it is hurtful and cruel . . . So waste not this journey. . `My beloved children: Then you can truly say . to cling to spiritual truth. but let it go—relinquish it! Cleanse the body. difficult. you then will have to return to lose that longing. then you will find yourself moving into that divine understanding of spiritual truth. ‘I do not want one single thing that belongs to this material existence. absolutely nothing of that world. grasp the divine. . Is this not so? There is a painful loneliness for a soul returning again into a physical body. when you can say . if you desire to come back to materialism. You must lose all desire for the material. you must desire nothing. but through a spiritual desire. Souls that are growing to God know that they have yet to face that ultimate journey. but for a soul close to God it is indescribable. seek the highest and the purest always. . truth that will never bring you again to that planet Earth. your planet. . with a great longing for more. it is something that associates the senses for a time and passes. there is such strength and immense power in the living of God in spirit. I want only God! When you can say that my beloved children you have relinquished the need for reincarnation. until you reach that state of being. use your wisdom to know and understand as I speak of these words of encouragement. not that material world. It’s a way of life that brings you satisfaction and joy you can’t find in anything belonging to that material world. and no creed. and understanding.’ ‘This must be something you must truly mean. not because of suffering and struggling in your existence. Mankind is still finding it hard to conceive there could be life beyond Earth and that there could be some other life forms somewhere beyond that one on Earth. my children. knowledge. therefore in truth. and I have no more desire for that world of matter. They are still trying with their telescopes. not because the material world is hard to live in. when you look at it. or seem to be able to touch. understand. because the soul still needs the experience to journey through matter. I also want to tell you it is the pathway of joy.

You can be part of those who choose the positive. The most difficult part of life is withstanding the darkness of that world and being able to prevent it battering the soul with misery. You have not to be part of those who choose the negative.’ ‘I must move aside: for over all this darkness. It is very difficult for you to watch such misery in your world to the great degree it is today. this is followed by the opportunity to move from ignorance to knowledge. and all lose desire for matter.’ Never let the world become paramount to your existence! Never let it fashion your thinking or your actions! Never let it make you hard or uncaring! Never let it make you so unmindful or unaware of the need of others! The way you walk in life. and dimensions within dimensions. to make this journey you are on the last one you will ever need to make. is growing and moving ever forward to become one with The Divine Beloved. . Life not just within your facet of materialism. It is a lesson you have to learn. it is within all existence. There is no name that religions may try to label God with that will ever be able to portray the true meaning of God—GOD SIMPLY IS! Seek God with all the fervor of your being. for within me is the true divinity of existence. the God Mother. even in thought. If I can help anyone seeking the pathway to soul growth. let your pathway be one of light and love nomatter what negativity that world displays for you in this present incarnation. that world you live in is but a drama of existence. If I can help you feel not lost. this is but a material experience. within many universes. ‘This is not real!’ ‘It is not the true essence of living. you can move through that dark material world with divine peace and tranquility. He will let man endure. is allowing the divine within you to surface and help you overpower the heavy material existence in that world of matter. Why do they need to resort to those material aids to tell them there is life? Turn to God. It is but a play upon a stage of existence—it is not existence! It is a material manifestation provided by God for you to fashion according to your desires. Then know in truth. and you will find the truth that there is indeed life in existence elsewhere. worlds within worlds. Seek the Creator—the Beloved God. In the spiritual wisdom that you have grown into. seek God. and then say to yourself . God has no shape or form. If can give you the hope for the . and the path you have to walk. Then I have not come in vain. He will let man suffer and experience. you can see God in all things. but He will never let man go beyond the point where he must cease. all seeking to find that there is life somewhere. with suffering everywhere. although you have misery surrounding you in that world. it will matter not: it is but an experience in that material world. Your inner-self: the divine you. The greatest living of each day. the Father God. seek now. If you choose to live that life in the positive light of God. the divine something that governs and controls all universal life and rhythm. to make it beautiful or destroy it with hate and anger. It is not the soul that is being destroyed: it is but the physical manifestation around the soul. Never let that Earth be the criterion of your goal! If you have a hard time. Mankind is but a tiny speck of sand. It brings you out of the negative into the positive to enable you to strive for that unity with God. the light is ever before me beckoning me on. upon that great sea of existence. Try to rise above the conditions of that material existence. an illusion. although God has no shape or form. God is the pure energy of creation.and probe devices. the way you move through that incarnation from beginning to end is the opportunity to move from darkness to light. from anger to inner peace. and to fashion it with love and tranquility. but warmly safe in the love of God. Then know in truth. . God is neither male nor female. utterly and completely.’ ‘Let me leave this dark world behind. That is the true goal of the soul! My children of love: Try now. There is no skin color. and give you reason to know joy instead of sorrow. but I can promise you in truth God will never let it be so. You have the right in that world as free souls to make the choice. . though the negative may frequently seem to outweigh the other.

If only he would suppress the material. to ensure that everyone has equal share of the benefits of that world. I am Bethesda. Then. How can one person see another starve? How can a human being deliver cruelty unspeakable upon another brother or sister? In the eyes of God all people are brothers and sisters to each other. Chapter 5 Spiritual Truth from an Avatar In the plains and the desert God is there. undiluted love. Why can religions set each other in a state of enmity and confusion? They all try to achieve the superiority of their own particular religion regardless of truth that is there is for all to embrace. and all qualities foreign to God. You do not have to be a close-knit-family of birth to be a brother or sister: all mankind are brothers and sisters throughout the world. Mankind is behind all of this! Man exploits nature and his fellow human beings for his own benefit. How could he be? This cannot be so when man teaches the negative. Because this is the way of mankind we have the chaos in your world. To the scientists. and let God emerge as the dominant factor. because of reasons of their own. You are all part of God who has set you free in that world. then my children. they are not of God. In their blindness to truth they ignore the spiritual and let the material emerge as the only factor of their journey on Earth. Do we not? Wars. the soul must be tangibly examined and practically examined or it does not exist. I bring you God’s love I bring you God’s peace. darkest expression of man. the killing. along with all the negative qualities that come to the fore within sections of that world. if that need for me is still there. the envy. the greed. I leave you joy and the promise I will journey with you until you reach the Beloved Creator. my beloved children. People. how different the world would be? There would be no one hungry. nothing anywhere without God. God is within that man. the physical side. No river can run without the power of God within it.future. If only they could see with the eyes of God. Then how can they teach of God until they have this constant sharing of possessions. and unqualified love one to the other. unmitigated love: not the physical love the world . I have not come in vain. They cannot be of God unless they teach love. Every bird that flies. and mankind cannot exist on Earth without God. If they try to tell of God in ways that do no qualify according to God’s divine laws. no one homeless and everybody equal in opportunity to live in that world in security. God is stifled. If they preach the opposite. For God is love. because people also only seem to recognise the material and the negative within themselves. God is there. and every animal that walks the earth. cruelty. and envy. they also are not of God. but you are all linked one to another. On the top of every mountain and the depth of every valley. God has not made those religions—man has made them! Man claims to be inspired by God. God is within them. There is nothing. of riches. Mankind cannot walk or talk without God. and lets his ego reign supreme. my children. Man seeks power. but He is still there waiting to emerge. and a way of life resulting from hate. You all are a part of God and not a separate identity: that is why it is so inconceivable that man should hate man. wish their religion to be the supreme one: then there is always this enmity between religions. with all the beauty and warmth that radiates from souls as they evolve to God. greed. The growth of the soul is simply the journey to God When you live in that material world it’s very hard to see the divine. Even in the deepest. Mankind has the ability of suppressing the divinity within their inner-selves. No ocean can roll to the shore without God being part of that motion.

and living in the love of the divine. This love constantly flows to each and everyone in it. I watch mankind in its confused state of material existence. Also I would like to see them being able to play as . is material in mind. and God limits it not. and so many expectations from the senses twenty-four hours a day. because that person has closed off the receptivity to its soul. because they can afford to buy it. for God’s love must have fertile ground to find a resting place. Every thing that exists. It’s the measure or the receptivity that determines the receipt of that divine love. the truth of its own divinity. I would like to see little children being taught gently of God. It is a sorry-state that mankind is in. and you also live in divine understanding of another’s weakness. They forget without God it would not be there. because in the midst of a great crowd there is a variance of understanding spiritually and a variance of soul growth. slowly but surely as they grow. You see them enjoying themselves. If one being is open to God. they just expect more and more. God has fashioned with love. This is the way it is with humanity of the world. then living in God’s laws. If you choose to live in the opposite to God. and watching the world with envious eyes. you live in a world of negativity. Has it not? It has become so greedy for the physical and material aspects of life. and many expressions of creation with many living things but this present civilization has become so mercenary. This is not the way of God! I would like to see a little child taught at its mother’s knee the truth of God. then that person will receive little of God’s love. You cannot generalize by herding them all together and then classify them as this and that. and the truth of its own spirituality. Is this not true? One cannot generalize I know. Each human being must learn to open wide to this receptivity to its soul. To the most evil in that world. If you seek your happiness from that material world you receive only that of the material in whatever form it takes. and not fed upon a diet of materialism as it is today. Without God it would not have been created. and that aspect cries out for sustenance. It cannot. with wisdom. How often do they think of God? That world has gone through many eons of time. You can only suppress God for so long then suddenly this power of God will be so powerful it will blow away that which they hold so dear. They must learn to open wide to receive this love which is the power of creation. . and accept what they have is theirs as an automatic right. and will not be suppressed forever! The soul has the power to demand recognition and to demand an opportunity to activate its incarnation in a way it should. cries out for recognition. You cannot expect God’s love to take root when human beings are living opposite to God. and the opportunity to express itself. I wonder how many people stop to thank God for what they have. and you may wonder how many of them ever think of God. They take the pleasures of the world for granted. They must turn back to God! Humanity cannot live in the negative alone. Then while they are in a body. When the children are able to understand they are forced to listen to the demands of the world in the physical and material sense. and wonder . Everyone has that aspect of God within. It is like holding a stopper on a great force of water. For a time the human hand can control that force but ultimately the force of water becomes so powerful the stopper is blown away. but the receptivity is so vastly different. many civilizations. but divine love which goes forth endlessly as a power going out to everything that is in existence. if a person is being mean and hurtful to another person. and with understanding. . However. You have often seen people at play in the many luxurious resorts that you have in your material world. I would like to see they are taught gently of these things. that person will be receptive to the great force that is flowing from God.knows. and to the most pious in that world God’s love flows the same. Is it not? When you live in God you live in great peace and great love.

to those living His laws. the humblest of beings living in abject simplicity. As you live that life in that world. or the progression of the soul growth into the greater consciousness. These are people with such wealth they have no desire to think of God. They may go to church on a Sunday and mouth their beliefs. God does not say you can have no pleasure. to know and accept their path is not the physical material aspect of life. God dwells unsuppressed within a growing soul and gives a free rein in all His laws. but I still understand what that world is like to live within. Then the material minded people. I think one has to evaluate which is the most valuable. and follow the doctrines of these man-made religions. people seem to think the more they can gather unto themselves. God does not say you can have no material things to make you comfortable. not as semi-adults at a very early age. No one and nothing can take a soul to God but the soul itself. because integrity and quality used to be taken for granted at one time. in people with large luxurious homes and possessions. it cannot be blocked: you must let it grow. they can practice and embrace all the socalled physical knowledge of that material world. That world of matter that you live in. They have their busy social lives and the so-called social importance. If God withdrew this energy that planet Earth would cease to exist! With the expansion of the consciousness you may see the ceaseless movement in your world. If they could but know. God denies you none of that! An important factor in all this is: if you live His laws then you know there has to be the point where you want to say: ‘I want no more of material desires. I only want God. It is an eruption of spirituality in the true essence of that word. With this insight you realize if God withdrew his love and energy for any one moment in time. I long for the people of that world. but the spiritual. as a soul evolves so does the consciousness expand into the wisdom of God. and all the things they can have. Evolution is so important to a soul. It has to do so! The more you try and stop this through ignorance. They feel in some sense superior. to practice His truths and wisdom: that is like the energy of growth within the soul. is missing so much of the precious things of life: it is bypassing those things. if they had this insight would indeed know who is the richer. You can see the opposite. Mankind lives because of God! Human beings can learn intellectually. but have not the time to think of God. and the more they can show their friends. or for whatever reason of that soul’s expression of the divinity within itself. and do. In all truth each soul has to walk to God individually. I see so surely and so clearly the souls within humanity longing for an opportunity to express their divinity. to obey His laws. I know I am a teacher for God. the happier they are in their way of living. These are people with kindness and understanding as their way of life. live with. the more you are building within yourself a time for an eruption. the dispenser of all that is of quality in existence.children. I still am able to see the negative and positive of existence. with gentleness and love flowing forth from them. I still understand the frailties in that world. The self has to grow and evolve back to the Beloved creator. I know I am living in bliss. animate or inanimate. I long for the people of your world to recognize God the creator.’ In that material world. They may think they are good and earning their way to heaven. They may think they are better off with material progress. They have been given free will. that physical way of life and the soul expressing itself in materialism. That energy of growth within the soul is the same energy within all of existence. and they can practice all the teachings you have on Earth that humanity has come to acquire. A soul evolves through the effort it makes to live God. . There is no religion in that world that can do it for them. and everything vibrating with this divine energy in some way or other. are living God. your Earth would cease to exist.

but he will have to account to God eventually. people can turn their faces to the light of God and glow with longing. Man has to be an expression of God in various forms of animation before he can eventually know he has reached the point of self-realization in God. say it. When you can willingly share all that you have with others who have less. then you can say to God .’ When you can truly mean it. and He will be there with His love and generosity. and without a doubt your soul will know it will happen. For there is no way-out! You can only merge with the Beloved Creator when you have cleansed yourself of all negativity. in one life or another. If you ask God to transform the negative into the positive. Until you do this. Man has to fall down and be picked up. and reach out for God. It is being blocked. and when you can truly accept that God will provide for you. mankind needs to turn around from what they are now doing and living. and still come back to the main pathway. you will have to keep coming back. The soul can do everything God does. in the chaos and confusion of man-made problems in your world today. Every soul has to walk every step of the way back to God. you will never question or doubt God’s wonderful presence in yourself and every thing. ‘Father. if it does it the way the divine laws dictate. However. It is how that soul uses that opportunity and how it grasps that opportunity to recognize the divinity within—that’s the secret! Man can turn away from God if he wishes.They can live anyway they choose with worldly things. also understand the truth of his laws. . All souls have to experience the male and female aspect of the self to balance the emotions. They have to do it! It is in different stages at the moment. you will always return to a body of flesh. of all desire for the world and any aspect of it. in one form or another. and live it—God hears your cry. At some point in time during the growth of your soul. Then with this faith in the Beloved Creator that you have. you are truly coming home to God. I know the spiritual beings on Earth long for God. Thus. Each one has to endure the tears and the sorrows along with the joy and the laughter. This is a lot to ask from you my children. The wonderful alternative is. because man chooses to ignore the divine laws. not even for a single moment of your Earth time. an expanding understanding. and cry out in anguish at having to come back into a body. being bypassed. the soul does not move to God until the soul is evolving with an expanding consciousness. ideas. if you need to do so. Until you have learned to obey God’s laws. God never stops him. But. and to withstand all temptations to be otherwise. Then beloved seekers. Eventually each soul must come forward and find its way to God. Time and time again each soul will return. then that soul will have lack of growth and lack of understanding. and help. They all can be transformed by the great energy of spiritual truth if they long to reach this elevated state of existence. Every soul has to find God! It has to! There is no exception! God does not allow one expression of his divinity to be greater than another. Therefore. Then in truth. and a desire for the reality of divine truth. if souls lack in these qualities they will never move to God.’ ‘I want only you. effort. for I am not so foolish to think it is . . When you can truly sacrifice time. he has to go sideways in diversions. because of the evolutionary difference in the world. You are then walking in divine light. lift my burden. and being pushed backwards into negativity. Everyone has the same opportunity from God. and again he will have to return to that planet Earth. and have no vengeful thoughts to another human being.’ ‘There is nothing in this world for me but you. and material desires. no matter what the situation is. forgive. Then back again. These laws do dictate! You cannot find someone else to do the growing for you and you cannot find someone who will go through the experiences for you while you sit back and wait. and deliverance from reincarnation. you will be able forgive anybody anything. until you have relinquished the world completely. It is only then you may see your enemy as one you can love. my beloved ones.

They will come! Many avatars will indeed come to the Earth. and your soul will glow in God’s light. You may think you live simple lives. and it gives it the opportunity to emerge from darkness into light. and therein is the truth and the reality of their divinity. Then by . Meditation is part of a means to an end. It is vital you meditate! It is vital to reach out to God with your consciousness! It is vital you seek this greater understanding. you can with your soul. and experience a deeper insight. and this deeper wisdom from God. my children. Thus. You will be automatically inspired by the avatar’s divinity. Everything is important! Everything is vitally linked one with the other! Although you are there in your quiet corner of that material world. somehow. that is all that matters. His animals. if you ever want to live with Him in the divine. God loves everything of His creation! The evolution of the soul is energized by God's love. God reads the soul. He then knows those souls are moving towards Him. it is only part of it. in a quiet part of the world. on a regular basis. from the largest animal to the smallest insect. and then meditate. you can feel the vibrations of love flowing forth. You will find that something. there are no quiet parts of that Earth. nor will it excuse you from the wrong aspects of living you are doing. you have to earn them and live them. That is why I say to all of you . ‘Make yourself grow into understanding.’ Just because you think the right thoughts and you want God. You cannot pretend to have them. but you have to live them. You may practice meditation to any depth. and His nature. it does not mean you are entitled to have soul growth and enlightenment. and you may understand them. . but when you are back to a more material state of mind. you may want them. you cannot come home to God. and I will love that one next week. but in the journey of the soul through eternity. they have no meaning to God. kneel and pray to God. God’s divine love is all embracing. but not all the means to the end. that divine aspect of God within. will make it possible for you to come within the reach of such a one. God is very wise in his love for his children. How many go to church. and is attached to like-minded beings in that world of matter. God loves all things with the same gentle love as He has for a human being or any aspect of nature. in spite of matter. and make yourself find the effort. Meditation alone will not take you to God! You have to exercise the right action. God cannot hear the prayers of those who do not say them from the soul. someway. and you inadvertently hurt someone who is not living his or her life in Gods province of laws: then that meditation will not block-out the mistakes you are making. God loves all things constantly. . Above all. You must also learn to harness it to the right thoughts and the right actions. If they come from the mouth and the mind. The Earth at the moment is sadly lacking in this divine presence of these great souls and the light they emit. Your divinity is expressed through the inner-self. It is so inspiring to have the benefit of an avatar. from ignorance to wisdom. It is not! Very few are able to fulfill the requirements of the divine laws to come home to God. and think they are excused all else because they have prayed to God? They think they are good enough now.easy. His birds. and those souls who seek God will gravitate toward these highly evolved beings: that also is a divine law. you are attracted to them. God does not say I will love this one this week. and you can be so touched by the avatar’s very presence. and never again to return to flesh. When God sees those on Earth who are living out the self in divinity. reach out by your thoughts. Until you do. the rights desires. There are no unimportant areas of that world. but they will come. you have to live God in the flesh. the right thoughts.

there are ten who are good. Many unsophisticated primitive people in your world are actually closer to God than those who come to convert them. will always find a resting place. It is pointless to send missionaries to try and help primitive people to know God. The waves of energy going forth from the right thoughts of people to the world. You cannot live any of those aspects of life if you love God. This sort of leadership exists in cruelty. and never think who is spiritual and who is evolved. These vibrations that you send out will be felt somewhere in that world by someone. self-developing. and take within the thought of divine reflection in order to meditate on divine surrender. There are leaders of some religions in your world that have become very powerful. and cling to the sincerity of seeking Him. They are self-made. You cannot and must not allow your physical mind to think this way! Utter kindness and love can flow forth from the most primitive of souls. Never speak disparagingly of anyone. and not do anything but live Him. Then that particular leadership is floundering in the ignorance of the divine. They have their own recognition of The Divine. Then . with adherence to their ego and obedience to their way of dogma. even if they are they good or bad on that earth plane. wrong action. if you understand God. then you as growing souls will feel this divine surge of the power of love within you going forth to all living things of that world. very wealthy. You truly cannot! Hold your inner-self within the power of God’s love. But the loudest noise and the darkest of deeds are made and enacted by those who know not God.your very will. You will feel a longing in your soul that cannot be satisfied. you can send forth the powers of the divine into that world. and misery for many people under its control. but not of God. A seeker of the Divine can never express the desire for power. For everyone that is evil. These leaders who claim all authority from their flock are without a doubt not of God. Those following the pathway to soul growth can never be part of the cruelty and the uncaring attitudes that are so prevalent in so many religions. there are ten who do think of God. and never allow the teachings to include the desecration of nature or other beings in that world. This recognition that they have. and the self-glory of such a leader. Is this not true my children? God works in a mysterious way within all of His children. For everyone who does not think of God. Would it not? It is a balance of the good with the bad that maintains the equilibrium of that world. the greed. living and existing in a far-flung corner of that world. your world would know self-destruction. or dark thoughts. may be nearer to the truth than those beliefs the converts to the mainstream religions blindly cling to. anywhere. self-taught. and domineering. the power. You would be surprised if you knew what that soul within that being was. in living God is like living the true divinity of the self. It can be an all-embracing love that sometimes can uplift a whole nation of people: for the very fact a person with greater soul growth leads them. and how evolved he was. Most of these leaders are demanding. `Beloved children: The power of The Divine Creator is mighty! Thus. If you love God. if they do not know God themselves. you can never express ego. You also have the other avenues of actions where you have the negativity of leadership. They are so wrong! Growing souls think within. has the same aspect of God within them. and not moving to God. Each of those souls. He may have come to take on a mantle of flesh in this ignorant form for reasons only known to his soul and God. When you see a simple undeveloped native. then through your eyes you think he has his own idea of that which you call religion. and let no one tell you it is the last resort of living. Let no one tell you it is unimportant and boring. who may lead an uneventful life and a very primitive life. the balance is always in favor of God. The difference is: the call of the divine is stronger in some and weaker in others. I think if everyone incarnate thought evil thoughts.

you never see God. That is a person can be recognized as one of simplicity. There are many people in that world who need help. Accept your courage to live that life in the flesh no matter which person ridicules you. It also means loving the forests and rivers. who laughs at you and who scoffs and scorns. because even if one positive thought of yours falls on one person. That person has the lack of ego. and loving all aspects of nature in that world. the religious leader of that other aspect of life is without a doubt not of God. Live God and never be afraid to declare that love for God. or finds one soul to awaken in desire to seek God. and still they want to add more to what they already have. When you see greedy authorities forcing their opinions on others. powerful in some area or another. always wanting to be ambitious. you long to right the wrongs. So many seek to be powerful in the social aspects of life. He or she quietly presents an evenhanded deliverance of the good things of life. and comes to express the reality of God to the people in that material world. You long to touch the world and heal it. If the power of your love goes forth and reaches one lonely heart. God can surly work though you as one being. When you see the very wealthy people. If you love God. Powerful love can flow forth from you and powerful rays of divine energy will be emitted by you from God. you are also devoid of the desire to control people. they will show a gentle love that flows with the wisdom of the teachings they present. and those in poverty something to help them. You have more inner wealth than anyone one who has many material possessions and great authority over others. then truly that is a victory and not a failure. Accept your soul’s longing for God in your way of life. Thus. if you seek God. other good souls will come forth to hear. because you are unable to touch such enormous numbers of negative people. and you have a desire from within your inner-self to help and to share with those who are in need. Serving God means simple things. Then that person shows the truth of God in everything. Do you not? You long to cry out in anguish and ask them to listen to word of God and not to the word of the opposite. if you love God. Then you see that God missing from their lives. but God may have other ideas. this is really serving God. You long to give the hungry food. keeping them free from disease and pollution. However. in the fullest sense of that word. Try not to have this feeling. those with great wealth seem not to respond to those in need. and clearly emits a shining quality that lacks any thought of self. and the power of God is at work in that material world. and you are generous in your understanding of what God wants. Again. Never underestimate God! Never think you are unimportant to God! Accept the truth of your divinity. that is victory. You are devoid of ego automatically.that God-longing never allows any thoughts of selfishness or greed to come through your soul. Sometimes someone comes to really teach of God. and you long to open their minds and their hearts to the reality of life. if you can love and find God to any great degree in that world: then you are more powerful than those who seek earthly power and position. You may be a soul who considers its-self to be very unimportant. generosity. be that person male or female. the homeless somewhere to live. These things will tell you God is behind that soul. to be powerful in the leadership of a government. I can tell you in truth. hugging their wealth to themselves. this . It is often a powerless feeling that is there within you. Because of this projecting of love and wisdom. and always wanting to be better than someone else. and the lack of desire for the world. It means making sure that the things you take from your world hurt nothing and no one. This is serving God. tending them carefully. `My beloved children: When you see how the negative thinkers of that world are punishing the world. with a positive outlook. You see those in your world who have no regard for the finer things in existence. then if you are doing the best you can. and accept your desire to improve as you walk the pathway to enlightenment. It means loving animals. the sick healing. my children.

and that is the expression of God you must seek to find and hold. Never join them. in a torrentially flowing river. perishing. Walk the difficult days and the pleasant days. Focus on God night and day. Those people who are growing spiritually. True love for God is always constant. You wonder sometimes . There is an opportunity in this present incarnation for you to grow and take giant strides to God as never before. and the joys. you cannot pull the blinkers over the eyes of God: for He is all seeing. and all doing. your loyalty. and so greedy. You must be evenhanded in your being to reach God. Walk through the hardships. can I come to and speak these words of truth from Him. with no highs and lows of emotion just an evenhanded gentleness. they are missing so much of true living. the all-important quality of tranquility is not there within you. all knowing. but always let God command your devotion. I come to teach you of a way to reach Him. `How does God know who is ready for a another example where you see not God. an evenhanded peace. If you did not have this dual divinity in that dual existence. Walk with the same level of peace within you. but God reads everyone. Question this not! Accept it with love. for everything you have and who you are comes from God. You would only exist in the higher dimension: it is because your spirit is connected to that body you are alive in that material world. and never take part in that which they think. That connection with spirit is constant and unbroken. you are walking in matter. and who is not ready? But with God’s great wisdom—He knows! He knows! There may be billions of souls existing in your world. for this is vital to reach God. the trials. You can relate to the world because must exist within it. God knows in an instant what every person is thinking or doing. flowing constantly from you into that material world. . even though you walk in flesh. and will see God in every aspect of existence. The spirit is the superior factor in that dual existence—not the body. I feel a deep sadness. and your love. your reward is the spiritual constancy of your efforts. Never let anyone harm or hurt your tranquility within. even though you are also journeying through that world of matter. Walk your path in that world my children. and who you are. and the level of divinity within each one. I am a teacher for God. . deep. If you sincerely seek the divine as your way of life you surely can transcend much of that world of matter. Many are the conflicting reasons why you are where you are. Keep that divine peace of God. Only those who are devoted and long for God. will see God in a grain of sand. and you are never absent from the Divine Creator. I know my words would fall on deaf ears if it were given to too many inhabitants of your world. what you are. . God is never absent in anything anywhere. and try always to surmount that which needs surmounting as you reach for God. Your world today is so mercenary. Never let that world color your judgment or suppress the divinity within you. Therefore if you seek God in spite of what that material existence is offering. I teach of the qualities you need to possess. Let your desire for God be so powerful and so determined to achieve the bliss that comes with consistent effort of that desire. because your body would be separated from you. and that essential evenhanded tranquility. no matter what troubles you—keep that peace within you. you would not be alive in that world. If you have your highs and lows. unchanging. a higher state of consciousness will embrace you. You cannot deceive God. and despite all that it is offering. and direct you to the avenues of growth you seek to find. With the varying degrees of existence that depend upon your need to grow. going back to nature. Remember. you are acting on emotion. With that emotion. For those who want the world. but you are living in spirit.

I know divine enlightenment is what all seekers of soul growth long to achieve. I walk with you in blessed peace. I am Bethesda. Any problem that is fact today can be a blessing tomorrow. Even in darkness see light. Even in pain see relief. Man cannot become like God until he becomes one with God. Chapter 6 A Simple Guidance to Meditation `My beloved children: My own desire is to take each of you by the hand and walk with you to God. My whole desire is to bring encouragement to you to seek God with a passion that cannot be extinguished. I can see where you are and where you can be, and I can see the measure of your haste to God; I also long to bring you ever closer, and ever nearer through your efforts toward Him. That material world is not for you my children. Your love for God is too strong, and your desire to unite with Him is too strong. That world is but a necessary part of your existence to reach Him. Your love is not to the exclusion of God, but to unite with Him. I read your souls, in them I see there a message for God coming so clearly from you, and God in His love and wisdom understands and helps in ways you could never know. Never feel you are wasting time. Never feel you have not attained the growth you want; you are not to know where you have reached, or what you have achieved in this present life. Always believe in positive thinking, and always believe you also can become an avatar. Do not seek that world—seek God! Love all you can and help all you can. Join them not! Judge them not! Understand their inadequacy at this moment in time, and understand how long their journey has to be until they too seek God. Each of you in your life can be understanding, gentle, and seriously committed to the search for God as you rise above the conditions of that mundane world. Commit yourself to the Divine Creator, never mind that material existence. If you stumble or if you fall, pick yourself up, for you will walk firmly on that pathway again. You are too strong in your desire for God to ever weaken to that world. Let your days be filled with peace, no-matter what the problems, what the trials: for they are only material. These problems will leave you; consequently you will find yourself growing and growing as you move to God. There is nothing in your world that you cannot conquer or overcome. There is nothing in your world that can hold you, when your time to leave is ready. Nothing and no one can hold you beyond your desire, when you have earned that right to leave the material existence. While you are there, accept the responsibility you have to God to go through that journey. Learn to push away the world and seek the Beloved Creator. Let God see the sincerity of what you are doing and leave the rest to Him. Do you want this great force of divine energy and love to flow unimpeded? A force so powerful that can enlarge your soul growth and consciousness to that of God. There are two directions a life can take . . . One is to become engrossed in that mundane world: the other is to focus your search for divine wisdom and eternal bliss. You will not find the latter in the religions that man has made in that world, and called them reality. You will not find them in following dogma that is only fashioned to the needs of that particular faith, and to hold its flock within the boundaries of that religion. You will not find it by moving into that world, with all its noise as your companion. To find the pathway to God you have to learn to withdraw from that world, and expand your consciousness into the mind of God. This is difficult to achieve, but never impossible. Then the closer you grow to God the easier the pathway becomes.

Turn away from the darkness, the chaos, and the man-made problems of that material world. Segregate the time of day to dwell quietly with God as often as you can. Sit quietly and gently in His divine presence. Push away the physical mind. Push away the flesh that calls you to give it attention. Thrust from you the hurrying thoughts that insist on being listened to: they will always attempt to intrude when you are trying to be still. Ignore them! Give them no way of growing into more thoughts! Empty the mind of everything: just push it away, just think of nothing! Just sit there quietly and gently: picture the sea gently breaking upon the sand. Picture the sun setting with shadows playing upon the waters. Think of the forest see the deep shadows within. Hear the little gentle flutter of the wings of little birds. Listen to the murmur of insects as they also gently fly around. Feel the coolness of the ferns around you, and dissolve into this perfect peace. Glide upon a river; see the banks of the river gently moving far, far, from you and slowly receding; leaving only the cool, cool waters around you. Think these thoughts of peace. Let no time be there for the worldly thoughts to take over in the mind. Hear within your soul the sweet music of the spheres. Hear the beauty of the tones flowing for you to understand. Smell the invisible perfume of the flowers that are blooming beyond your reach. Feel this pulsation of God moving through all these things that you have around you in these thoughts of love for God. Let yourself drift quietly into this state of peace. Hold that peace and let it deepen. Let that subtle quietude become a cloak that guards you from the world; a cloak that resists anything that seeks to intrude. Feel only this great velvet depth of peace, beyond. Let your consciousness soar, very gently and very surely towards this great vast reservoir of God. Know without thinking. Just know instinctively from within the self that you are pushing towards this great well of wisdom, and you are going to drink thirstily from what it holds. Know, every sense you have and every cell of your body is going to be rarefied, and is going to be intrinsically changed. It is going to function on a higher level of vibration, with a higher understanding. Don’t tell yourself these things in words. Don’t think the thoughts in the physical way . . . Just feel the sensation of knowing quietly coming from within the self. Just feel you are a part of the divine whole, feel that you are merging with the divine whole, and feel that you are going to become one with this divine whole. If you practice gently and surely time after time, and do not be disappointed if you do not succeed, not only once, but fifty times. Be not disappointed if you have to keep on gently trying this, day after day and week after week: It matters not, you are making the effort. You are sitting silently. You are actively endeavoring to communicate with God. This is the important factor! You have started! You are doing something about it! And one day you will be surprised that suddenly you can automatically, instinctively, switch from level of one consciousness to another . . . Like turning on and off a tap, and you will then be embracing that greater wisdom without understanding it has happened. It is just there! You will see things so differently. You will know things so clearly. Even before people speak you are going to understand what they are going to tell you. `My beloved children: . . . This is possible! This is reality I give, but you must work for it! You must make the effort! *** Reach deeply into the great silence. Hold on to the great stillness. Order the physical body and that restless physical mind to take a back seat. Tell them to be still. Let your inner-self be in control. Do not move. Do not even swallow mouth saliva. Do not even move your little finger. If you do any of these things you have to go back and start again at the beginning. Eventually the body will start to obey, that is the easiest part. The physical mind will constantly try to interfere, but if you are persistent, after much effort it

will respond and become still. Then the mind of the soul will slowly emerge and claim its rightful place; it will transcend the intellect and go beyond, and see things the intellect cannot grasp. It is the soul mind that sees and perceives that which is beyond the five senses. Learn to think with the soul mind, because it is this soul mind that transcends the intellect, goes beyond and sees things that the intellect cannot grasp. Surrender to God and let go of the senses, one at a time; for this is the only way that you can become part the higher consciousness. Frank W. The cost of choosing God before the world is no cost at all. It’s wealth. The Noise of the material shuts out the whisper of God. Chapter 7 Karma: The Law of Accountability Sometimes it is difficult for those who love God to remember, that spark of God is in everyone, regardless of what they are and what they do. When you see the atrocities that are happening in your world today, and you watch those who perpetrate them, you wonder how they could do so when they are a part of God. Try as people may, they cannot blot out the divine from their understanding. It is impossible to separate the inner self from God. A person can remain stagnant, and he or she can deliberately disregard the laws of The Beloved. But they cannot blot out the essential aspect of the soul, which is the divine. All of humanity has a great need to come to realise they cannot shut out the divine animating their existence. People cannot walk, talk, move, breathe, or think, and none of the essential functions of the body can operate unless God’s divine energy is flowing into each human form. You cannot separate the divine aspect from the physical! It may not be fashionable in that world today to declare one’s love for God. It may be conducive to the comfort of the mind if they can pretend God does not exist. They can pretend and believe they have not to account for anything but to enjoy life: that is so very easy to think but so impossible to do. Every thought and every deed is recorded for a person to account for in each life. God does not sit in judgement: that is for man to do himself. The soul is essentially like a divine recorder of what a being is in each life. No one can escape the actions and thoughts of any life without accountability; it’s not the petty small issues that man has to be concerned with, as much as the essential endeavours of a journey. A person in a lifetime makes small mistakes, or they may be caught up in the mainstream of life on that Earth, but it is what one is as far as integrity goes, and the understanding the spiritual responsibilities: such as honesty, love, caring, and living of God’s laws in the essential. Those are the things that concern a soul in the journey of life. Where these actions transgress the laws of God, then they must be accounted for, and they must be mitigated in the time that lies ahead of them. A human being can never pretend or ignore these aspects of the self they must be brought before each individual to judge themselves, to account for themselves, and to seek the way life must be lived, then to account for them. Most people on Earth are aware of the many tragedies that constantly occur in all countries, they are also aware of the misdeeds against human life in that world today. No-matter how dire the acts may be, no-matter how terrible human beings are one to another, always remember, the divine justice is the supreme justice. They can be bought to account by man, and they can be punished by man, but ultimately, the supreme justice is God.

It matters not what the world does to punish them, the spiritual justice must prevail, above and beyond all else. Until a human being has accounted completely for his misdeeds, in the spiritual sense: no one in any existence can ever grow closer to God, until they do so fully and totally. Humanity is very misguided in your world if they blame God for anything. God does not sit in judgment on any deed whatsoever, and he does not seek to call to account any being. He has set in motion his laws. God has released every soul into the journey back to Him by its seeking of perfection. God has given all human beings free will and the responsibility of seeking and achieving soul growth; therefore, God never intervenes in whatever people think or do. God never intercedes. God does not condone, approve, or encourage, and God does not punish. He says . . . ‘You are the one responsible and you make the decisions, but you take into account that which you have done, what you are, and what you must become.’ ‘Ultimately, you yourself must work through the rights and the wrongs, until you reach me.’ That is God’s test for all! They are the conditions God has made upon all His children for the journey back to Him. No-matter how evil the deed, or how desperate the behavior, each soul has to account for its-self, in the undoing, the pain, and the dues. Without correcting the wrongs he has done man can-never find soul growth, and will never be at peace. Thus, there will be no sense of fulfillment, and no moving towards the Beloved, until the accounting of that which each individual is and that which each individual has done has been amended. The karmic link which man is making must be worked through, both individually and collectively. More than this, and far greater, is the responsibility to account for what has been done rests with the one who leads. The one who follows and does the deeds is still accountable; but the one who directs the operation and gives the orders, he is the one who has the greatest karma to mitigate. Accountability is such an important part in growing to God. How easy it would be if you could misbehave, act as you want, and live how you would like. You may think if you just said . . . ‘I’m sorry’, it would correct the wrong action. Even at times people may try to make the efforts fade, and think it would be all right: how unbelievable that would become in living! How much better is this sense of accountability, and the need for each individual soul to face what he or she has said or done, then to work through it until all is eliminated? How much fairer it is that way? How much fairer it is for man himself to have work out what he must do, than have someone sit in judgment? I think you will agree the better lessons are learned if the one who does the deed has to account for the punishment. He will realize then he will have to face the consequences, and then have to reexamine what he has said and done and what he has been. Then the ultimate decision of what he must do and how he must correct it is his responsibility. This way he will realize the ultimate futility of trying to move away from God in the decisions that flouts divine laws. When you think the laws of God maintain creation in its multiple forms and the existence of all there is, and to depend upon the balance those laws in their operation. When the divine laws are flouted, there comes from the cause the effect that follows. This is the law of karma! `My beloved children: No-matter how tempting the material world is to you: resist and examine carefully all that comes before you. You are blessed in having the understanding to know that this truth must be lived. Then you can account to yourself from what the world is tempting you to do, and what you know is the spiritual way and the right way to do something. God has given the gift of free will to all His children. God never interferes with that gift. He never retracts that which He has given to every soul incarnate. God will never allow mankind’s free will to extend hurt and harm to that world, beyond that which He will allow in the ultimate. The power of God can manifest in ways man cannot comprehend. Be very careful if you take the wrong path, for it’s a long lonely journey back

all you will want is to be at peace with the Beloved. I think. in thought. it does not become so difficult. only make a cover. what you seek. Inwardly. ever surer. and always exercise divine wisdom in all your activities. You may decide to give your time to taking and exploring the little highways and byways of that material world. Then my children. I seek. It matters not how comfortable your life. The one fact that you can be sure of. Then until you can say . It matters not what the world gives you. You may desire to linger in the teachings and beliefs of various religions of that planet Earth. Taking your comfort from that world is but a temporary illusion. what you think. Whatever other diversion you try. no-matter what other appreciation you put upon your life. you will never know the meaning of true fulfillment. They are not really pleasures. you will find yourself wandering in a circle. Thus. Then you have to mitigate that what you have done wrong. and you have to re-journey again along that pathway. an assumed aspect you have taken upon yourself for this journey in time. This other attempt will surly have to be. that narrow path of light which only leads to God. No-matter how you color it with anything else. . Then you are moving ever closer. and deed. they do not obliterate or hide . It is not religion of which I speak—its spirituality.’ Then and only then are you truly fulfilled. but you lose the opportunity to grow still further. thoughts. That teaching is an inescapable fact of existence. but getting nowhere. The journey will seem easier.again to where you are at this present time. is that you are divine. Then know this truth: you all are a part of God. no-matter what you do. The pathway to follow is a spiritual pathway. you are an aspect of God. . The essential you is hidden within it. You lose not the growth you have archived. and the love you have for Him becoming a hunger you cannot satisfy. the flesh of the body and the clothes you wear. a play. and will eventually to reunite with the Beloved in perfection. and deeds. and different paths that they follow. the truth is—your soul is divine! Inevitably you must journey back to God in the fullness of that responsibility. happiness or peace. if you truly seek unity with God. If you choose to cling to the divine pathway you must reunite with the Beloved Creator. Always apply divine wisdom to the decisions you make. you realize the futility of trying to separate your life from the way of God. you can still be tempted away from God for a time. There is a point in time when you have to realize. Always evaluate any situation in a spiritual way. There are so many religions in that world of yours today. It’s not fact! It’s fallacy! Anything except that which takes you to God in the fullest sense of that truth is fallible and illusory. It is an assumed covering. you have to account for all misdeeds that you have done. When you face all these truths. Unless you come close to the Beloved. all taking different paths to God. With this material temptation you waste the precious time in redoing. they are a dream mankind is dreaming. and each one in life is acting a part. a role that you play in that world. they all have different ideas. You have to retrace the steps that you have lost in the little diversion you have allowed yourself. you cannot lose your way. regardless of what and how long it takes. When you are getting closer to God and when you are accepting this way to find Him: then you become more inseparable from God. to the ultimate reunion with God. it becomes easier to follow this pathway to Him. words. ‘Father I am one with you. No-matter how spiritual you are. and you must journey back again until you are one with Him. what you are I have become. You are all equal in divinity. because of the love and longing is there within you to find God You will find your very being aching with longing for the Beloved Creator. different laws. If you turn your face to the light and accept the inevitable truth that God is the creator. If you follow that path from start to finish. Humanity thinks these physical pleasures are so natural and so wonderful. word. but it is not really you.

No-matter what price you pay. until a person’s soul has been cleansed for all that person has done wrong. His strength. and see the divine hand of God hovering over everything. Little children are taught to be good when they are babies and taught to do right things.’ No one can fool God! He takes one look at you. you cannot have one tiny thing happen to you in your life that God does not know about. no one to help you cheat along the way. but He never weakens in his resolve. Every individual suffers. and what man must become. I am ready for you now. See through every action. Everyone in pain and everyone who is suffering. and you must want God so much that nothing else matters. as I have said so very often told you. however minute it may be. you are very much mistaken! You cannot have a thought. see through every act. Finally. to ultimately free them from the guilt of their actions. God looks at you and smiles gently: then He allows you to start the search again. and they will have to grow to God in-spite of them. In truth. Therefore all that comes from the world can only comfort and attract the outer covering only. is in the ultimate the triumph of the spirit and in its growth. You are seeking God! You must find God. He looks upon everyone. can his spiritual self be freed to resume the upward journey to God. His power. they are obedient until they are able to think more . man can be imprisoned. There is no easy path to follow. ‘Father. Let not the atrocities and the wrongs of that world become the yardstick you judge humanity within its measure. and satisfy the crust which covers you. for the spiritual laws must be obeyed. and essential to that fact he has to account spiritually for what he does while he inhabits a physical body. but the soul within is untouched by the tragedy. right wrong or otherwise. `My children: There will always be physical bodies so afflicted with pain and suffering. The ultimate victory is with the one who suffers. but the soul knows it overrules all the cruelty of that world. These are the reactions of fallible beings making very foolish and evil decisions. There is no sentence of the physical self that anyone can serve. To spiritually gain from that which the body may sufferer. it is beneath that outer covering of physical materialism. Let not the world and its illusory fantasies cloud your judgment. and will eventually grow to God. he is losing control. Only by living those laws to the fullest can man unify with God once again. . man can be disposed of in any way you can name. . In the physical sense. Human beings must account to God for all they have done. and not the one who thinks he has gained control. You can deceive yourself you can tell yourself anything—but you cannot deceive God! Lovingly and generously. Man can be exiled. I have been very good. that does not mitigate him from the crime of spiritual disobedience he has committed. they still have recourse to His peace. in the perfection of what God is. and I am ready to resume my union with you. make God your goal. and lose not the grief that you feel for them. and God knows them all. This essential you only flowers and flourishes if it’s being nurtured by the spirituality of the true divinity from God! It is an inescapable fact: the divine truth can never be disputed or disallowed. If you think you can cheat God. I ask you to lose not compassion. The essential you can only be satisfied by the love of The Divine. You cannot go to God with a smile and say . They will have to account for them. The real you. They also will have to mitigate until they have lived through all that experience that was so un-divine. There is no easy way to God. and essentially His love. and all they are. in every one of many lives that he or she has lived. for truly you must take every step yourself. to climb back to Him. Billions of people at the same time can be doing these things at the same time. still has that great love and strength of God within them. He reads your soul and He understands what you are thinking and feeling. but still. is still within. Though their bodies are hurting and they are calling out in agony of the flesh.the true you. and judgments that should never be made.

They have the brains. Then that illumined soul will know it will have no longer the need to reincarnate in that world. to see very clearly what life should be. That world of matter has been too strong in persuasion. you selected a path which fulfilled more and more the laws of God. This is the same with the spiritual being of the self when you leave God. The inner-self is calling to each spiritual awakened person to get off this form of merry-go-round and come home. they can belie it by the way they live—but it cannot be lost! When a soul comes back onto the divine pathway to God.freely for themselves and make the decisions for their actions. and you reach out for that supreme goal of union with God. You have made mistakes. Therefore. they all come back again to God. people who for a time seems to forget the divine path. they have the intelligence. the less spiritual becomes your judgments. You would not now have the longing for the union and this growth to the Beloved Creator. They are living within the laws their parents have set them. and walked the way of that world continuously: you would not now have the understanding your soul has gained. These people think it is very clever to belittle spiritually enlightened souls who declare . because deep within this inner-self is calling from the soul. Consequently. they can ignore it. and making mistakes as they go along the way of life. The paint of matter is doing its work of coloring the judgments. but the more you indulge in the material existence of that world. but some will still remember the Beloved and follow the pathway of the divine. you have acted unwisely. Then my children. You still proceeded onward. and moved much closer to God or you would not be where you are today. some will take the path of that world. and not wise in the ramifications of what they decide to do in their young lives. With this insight you marvel at how the intellectual people cannot see the folly of what they decide. done things. when they begin to think for themselves. All that is part of growing back to God. and you will see with eyes of clarity the mistakes and decisions that are made. Later in growth. and what you will do in that world. you have come home. They are not wise enough to make the decisions they make. There are so many spiritual beings in that physical world. You will see with eyes wide open the wrongs mankind is making. and all part of understanding the spiritual journey. No one can lose the spiritual growth they have attained! They can hold it stagnant. In time. you then know the bliss and the wonder of that what only God can bring. and the covert of the flesh has been too subtle for them to withstand. Every life you have lived you have been able to find the way back to God because you have wanted God so much. You obey God when you are beginning the journey back to Him because there is the memory of this to take with you. and move forward again. you would have found yourself seeking more of that world and what it offered. Thus. There is no joy in that world that can surpass that moment. and you have taken wrong paths. The soul will have passed the tests. and the less you will crave things of that world. they are setting out upon a journey of free-will choice. and without you even knowing why you chose this divine pathway. and decided things you would not now contemplate. you grow further and further away from these lives you are living. So many people in that world today feel it incumbent to deny God. This memory helps you spiritually as you journey back to the Beloved. you resolved to follow it to God: in order to return to the source. Each journey you have made my children. Can you understand this? If you had chosen the opposite way. without knowing why. home to the Beloved. You have grown into the ability to evaluate. The whole self is then conditioned to this wonderful reality of bliss. it is there waiting for it to pick up again. and coloring the decisions you make. you have earned greater soul growth. Imagine the joy that flows to the soul when the day dawns and you have not the decision to make of where you will be. This is so with all souls growing to God. Then the less you will need material things. they lose judgment accordingly. but they do not have the spirituality to look through with eyes of divine wisdom to see that which they are deciding and doing: is so very wrong.

This is a fact today. That world today is giving mankind so much more opportunity to be able to see the issues of life better than ever before. They also think that death obliterates all. your world is wide open to everybody. there is no more. and people have the opportunity to hear and learn about many different things. wealth. Why cannot mankind see so logically and so clearly. They are born into flesh. Then there are others who live in great luxury. . that is the imbalance in their existence. that the law of reincarnation is the law of justice and of true opportunity? Sadly man clings to the acceptance that death is the end of all there is in existence. and wealth . Only you can to decide if you want God or that material world. and they live their life. They cannot reason why some people would choose the divine pathway to God. There is so much more opportunity in various facets of existence as never before. In the early days mankind was not receiving this communication and could not see beyond their-own little narrow path of those earlier times. for there would be so much injustice to human existence. Why would they think it could be so that a wonderful gift of creation like a human body is only once to carry a life? Can they not realize there must be some deeper force than that materialism that surrounds them? How can they not see how futile it is to live for the world alone? They do not look upon the world and see some of the population in abject poverty and misery. There is so much more communication between the people in your modern world. Not one thought can be touched by anyone that is denied another to lean. This is because the mind of man can only reason to as far as the intellect allows. There. which will never be understood by the physical mind. existing. Why would you think you would choose a life like that to experience? A life that is saturated in misery. hunger. I surely believe that mankind will come to eventually realize there could not be just one life. luxury. no tormented limbs or body problems. illness and health. There would seem to be a more material purpose in creating a life. There are so many different lines of thought. . with nothing but misery to contend within their life. The scientists are slowly moving to the thought that there must be a greater power than they understand behind existence. with good health. . The materialists still deny there is anything but the . and there is not one corner of the world that is hidden from anyone. Where is the justice of existence? What is the purpose of existence? Why would souls take upon themselves a life that would only bring them misery from start to finish? Those human beings with nothing to uplift them or to make them feel they have achieved anything. This is an illusion! Is it not? It is only when you look at the law of reincarnation. . also of comfort and the lack of comfort. take what they can from it and enjoy it to the fullest. and there would seem to be so much more to live for in that world of matter. You have the opportunity to see the thinkers of your world at work. no sickness. while others live in affluence and comfort. They also have the spiritual there to tempt them and to satisfy them. while others walk in comfort. and you realize you must acquire sufficient soul growth as you travel from the start to the finish by yourself to reach God.themselves in their belief of God. My children. There is logic behind the law of reincarnation. and with death their very existence is ended. are many with nothing but illness and cruelty around them. they grow. I cannot understand why mankind would think that there is only one life. Poverty and homelessness exists in countless numbers among people in that world today. These facets of living are for all to go through and with divine wisdom from within. There is no such thing today. and cannot be compared to earlier times. ‘God is justice personified! There could be no rhyme or reason in the way life is disposed of in humanity unless there was more than one life to live. I tell you in truth . If life were but one experience there would be so much equality in opportunity of living. also at the same time. but they understand this not. You must experience the taste of poverty.

Then in giving yourself to God. they write them as expressed thoughts for others to read. Those who truly love God and want God. then along with the gift of free will. All these things give people the opportunity to see things for themselves and judge what they must think is right. He also watches very carefully. place not the riches of the world before the gathering of wisdom to the soul—that’s the way to God! You will never walk in peace or harmony until you do so! Find God in your own time . the beauty of nature. you gather . Mankind now has the opportunity to watch them digging in the ground for previous civilizations. There is not one penny you could earn in that world. unless they have the love of God. nothing physical. and the myriads of species in existence today. then the world will come to you. in your surrender to God. can bring you closer to God unless the soul within is telling you the truth behind existence. God perceives with love. living a very simple life. and plan more investments. If you make materialism your goal. More and more opportunities are available for people to see on the television screens the wonders of science. . you will not find God. with no material gains or possessions. and all you are. How then could you earn money of the world? How could gain all those luxuries to yourself and your life. or breathe without God. You cannot walk. The more you seek divinity. You must share with others if you love God. and soul: will eventually unite with Him. but spirituality is the key to eternal existence. and cannot see there must be a wonderful pattern to existence beyond the understanding of Humanity today. how you react to what you have. the truth of your spiritual link lies with God. Surrendering to God does not mean you lose the worldly security. Mankind seems to be so obtuse. The rich people treasure their gains so very selfishly to themselves. Intellect is not the criterion of growing to God. You automatically draw unto yourself the security of living. without the power of God behind it? God lets you have the opportunities to seek for yourself the comfort of those material opportunities of what you want and need from that world. they are also making films for others to see as every day goes by. Until they can give that to God. All you have. Nothing If people cannot see this. If you want them just to keep for yourself and will not share them with others. but never make them the object of your attention to acquire them. and sadly watches the mistakes you make—then He waits patiently while you undo them. . is given you by the grace of God. unless the very force of God was within you. if you make material possessions and the riches of the world your life’s desire. talk. You must understand that what you have to use is yours for a borrowed time only: it is not yours to possess. There are those who watch their bank accounts. think. but it is so wrong if you are selfish with them. it means you gather the security of the world to you. but they have nothing. Then you have more wealth than ever that world can give you. the intricacies of nature. give God your loyalty and your longing. and the intellectuals are still groping for a physical explanation to the logic of everything. You can also be deeply committed to God and very sure of your direction as you journey along this divine pathway to the Beloved. they are paupers. it gives you the opportunity to acquire or reject. and you could not gather unto you anything in the way of riches of any kind. It is not wrong to have comforts of that world. fallible though they are. Therefore. but you must find Him! Enjoy the comforts of you life in moderation. then greater the law of attraction of comforts and the essentials of life are drawn to you. those who truly surrender to God their very essence of their being. People writing their books. then you have surely have lost the way. Let them come unto you naturally and gently as you move to God. You can be a very humble person. Intellect may affect one materially and physically. in body. then they will live in darkness until they do see this truth. mind. greedily count their money. Give God your love. There are those who watch their possessions and lock them away for their own use.

Never lose your trust in the ultimate opportunity to seek from God the answer to all your needs. You all are divine! You are not physical! The composition of the true self is divine! The physical covering is divine in its creation and its origin.unto you the very facets of existence that He has allowed to be created to bring that security to your life. you turn to God. Never weaken your trust and faith in the Beloved. but reach always for this divine energy. and what you think you need. I know you can and I believe you will. but the real healing will come from the Creator. God created you with this energy. Sometimes you are meant to carry a burden for growth. you turn not to the world for the answers. . in order to help you through life. . unless he chooses to live the life of a beggar. Seek God relentlessly. Seek from God this divine energy that flows endlessly from Him to your world and all existence. God knows your needs. for reasons he has of his own. and sometimes you are meant to lose the burden to be in comfort. so you will acquire more awareness of this energy. then why do you not think you can be healed by it? God’s law is omnipotent! A great step forward for you all is to learn this truth and live it. and devotion. and believe that which you seek will come for you. and what your soul needs to grow to Him. It is never a necessity. then know in truth the energy God sends is coming to you to harmonize the body. Seek Him without a thought that He could not be anything but perfect. and you are walking to Him in a way that will bring you a need of never again to enter a physical body. in any form whatsoever. faith. It is coming to you once again. It is by choice that the Avatar sometimes chooses a life of poverty. although he or she never has to exist that way. I have given you this truth before . and can create an existence he or she may need or want at a whim. Let God answer the needs of your body and soul. An Avatar may choose to live in poverty. When your trust is so complete and your need is so great. The Avatar has command of God’s creative force. . The world’s medicines will help you. and to give your soul a chance to animate in matter. Let the Beloved Creator with divine wisdom answer from the very depth of your soul that what you are seeking. in order to give you the opportunity to make the most of that existence you have for your soul to grow to Him. An expression of your trust in God is never greater as when you surrender to Him in need. ask Him to satisfy your needs. remember its’ wisdom. what your life needs. please help me. sets in motion an attraction to the essentials of life being drawn to you for your security. When you have the need for greater healing then seek this energy from the divine source. You are not wise enough to know what you want or what you need. it is always choice: that is the difference. Never will you see a deeply spiritual person living in want. Live God. You only ask for what you think you want. . If you are in pain and suffering.’ If you say it with conviction. but the true God—the beloved creator—the God of love. for reasons betwixt the Avatar and God. not just the human existence. then truly turn to God and say . there would be nothing in existence. Loving God and wanting God so deeply. the God of strength and peace. its potions will help you. not a religious god. seek in utter trust. then you know you are putting your strength where it firmly belongs. God never lets his children want in dire necessity when they truly seek Him: for God is the supply and God is the supplier. Then in truth you are nearing Him. The body has only been given to you to protect the soul. but to all existence. Seek that what the world can give of course. Never ask God to give you what you want. As you acquire more soul growth. Unless this energy was flowing to all known and unknown existence. It is not divine in the essential journey of carrying the soul for the purpose of the growth of the soul: it’s only the soul and the consciousness that goes through eternity. for the ultimate cure will come from the Beloved. never lessen your faith. . ‘Father.

and will and must become one with God. . It matters that you stop and help someone who needs help. I am Bethesda. . It matters more that your soul is attuned to understanding the divine way. life brings you a peace that you cannot describe. . Seek not the impossible of expectations in existence. You will find yourself being able to evaluate. The soul is that atom of God within: that magical part of God that is the real self. . and it will take you to the end. and the soul will feed the body. In Sanskrit there is a word to describe this expansion of the consciousness. It is better to stay still to help those around you. with the sole purpose of turning that worldly knowledge into additional wealth. It’s made of material essence. all egos. Material minded people only see the life they have. because at in each stage of life it deteriorates. It means living God every minute of every day. Then the soul is virtually moving into divine orbit. You cannot pretend to God. loving God with every breath you breathe. I give you my peace. but never impossible. It is not! When you seek God. you renounce all self. Only the soul journeys to God! Feed the soul. and must return to its fallible form to where it belongs. Seek not to be young again. . To speak glibly of loving God and wanting God is easy. discriminate. and understand so readily the true importance of all there is in that world to watch and to know. That is the law! It is natural! It cannot exist through all eternity. and seeking to still expand the level of this. It’s not easy to achieve. the importance of the life they have. When your soul desires God for God alone. and all desires that are not of God. and hard to achieve . It does not matter if you have not the great intellectual powers of the universities. This supreme state is known by the masters as Samadhi . than to charge through life just to grow in wealth of the worldly coin. and the wealth of the life they have. You cannot pretend to the Divine no matter how hard you try and no matter how hard you try to convince yourself you cannot convince God unless it is so. It does not matter if you cannot understand the books of learning in that world. I give you my love. but to live that divine concept is a different matter. faith. This state of existence is difficult to undertake. Your consciousness can expand into the mind of God. your help. With this peace you can reach out in true love and longing for that ultimate state of consciousness that only comes with unity with God. and love. The soul is not the spirit! The spirit is only a vehicle that carries the soul. and remain a pauper. Respect it! Respect that which composes it.Seek from the Creator the divine healing to permeate the body. and your wisdom can grow without you realizing its expansion. Religions have so confused their followers for centuries in their mistaken belief of assuming the spirit is the soul. It matters more if your soul knows the divine interaction between each human being in its divine belonging. Seek the divine. if it were it would have no value. that is not the way to find God. wear it in trust. and the soul inside will glow with divine light. Your body has taken you from the beginning. Then indeed your life is being lived as was intended for this journey. live the divine—and most surely you will find the divine in its fullest expression of the Beloved Creator. rather than moving through life with great material learning. Samadhi is a state you can earn through the inner reality expanding into the greater understanding and the wisdom of God. and expounding God in every activity of life regardless of opinions and ridicules of that world. It also means understanding the disciplines of the divine pathway. Then the closer you grow to God the easier the pathway becomes.

the less you need of that l world. Chapter 8 Light from an Avatar `My beloved children: I never grow weary of trying to tempt you along this spiritual pathway. that is not growing to God. if you are forced to find God. Then in a material world. No-matter how hard or lonely the way. and the understanding that the condition you call time. and know in truth. God is sending love and comfort. but move to God in the glory of victory. See the mistakes of the world. Never let the world tell you there is an easier way. I tell you in truth. You will never find God where there is hate. Ultimately.’ It may seem. You will never find God where there is greed for power and authority of any kind. because like Jesus. and should. Then in all truth there is no one who will be able to take you from this divine pathway. criticism. see the horror of the world. and love is the epitome of everything you could ever gain. Beloved seekers: I want you all to know Gods peace. I tempt you with the understanding of helping your soul within to want Him. Then you and you alone must declare your need and your desire for God. is not really important in that world of matter. ‘I never bring one word that you cannot trust in. you will indeed be like a wanderer in the wilderness. . No one can force it and you cannot hide it: but when you have found it your soul will glow. . and that my beloved children. Never grow weary of the search. Love is the key to all soul growth. so desperately. `Beloved ones: I want you to believe me when I tell you . and follow. with material values. Love is the key to everything there is. . the less you want of that world. Let it help you to grow in the way you want to grow and not the way the world wants you to grow. I want you to feel the healing energy of God flowing into your body. The world is dark because mankind has made it dark. you walk with God. in spite of the hindrance of that world every soul must come back to God. . is the wealth of any journey. that the material world falls away. Seek God with the simple love and longing. Through all of this. in the humility of love. You will be open to scorn. it is only a passing phase. in the humility of sharing of understanding and forgiving—that’s where you will find God. and so fully. What is most important is the measure of the growth you have acquired in your efforts to reach God? Time is a man-made thing. and forced to live God . to tempt you away from the world and tempt you back to God. from desire and not from force. and most assuredly. . I try to help you understand that world is not a reality. you must become like God in your thoughts. to many people on your Earth. And the closer you grow to God. Thus. and see it with so much understanding. when you ultimately know God in the unity of bliss with Him you cannot imagine the joy you will receive in the absolute surrender of soul to this bliss. but growth to God is endless eternity. see the agony of so much suffering in that world. That is my temptation. and open to endeavors to destroy that which you declare. and let life around you pass in time. The closer you grow to God. words and deeds. Through all of this. the body may hurt but the soul is growing. follow it to God.If you choose to surrender to God in service. governed by material desires. greater peace. If you are forced to love God. moving to where it must. Do not be defeated by that world. it is so far removed from reality and difficult to conceive—but it is truth I bring. and all must learn through darkness that mankind needs light to live. I want you to feel the tranquility of better health. Love is the power and the energy that will bring this whole human existence back to The Creator. When I tempt you to God. divine love will always be your companion.

Must it not? There must be no room for suspicion or doubt if you there are to convey with conviction that which is given from our world. where within. God is not stagnant: He is moving and wanting you to evolve to Him. I bring the peace. give God the love and the longing. You have the right to have your individuality respected and your trust not violated in anyway. For you can never forget. We bring to your world. Intellectuals will never be able to pull down a blind on a soul who understands the truth of God. when you have touched it. Covert nothing anyone has accept what you have and attracted to your life as necessary for your growth. feel the power of knowing you are of God. and have an overwhelming desire to seek Him more and more. I want you to understand. Individually you are of God. Knowledge is man-made learning. Give God the time. That is your reality! When you feel you cannot succumb to this wondrous way of living. and you feel the bliss. it is only you that is holding yourself back in that world of matter. and will know without a doubt you will be free to move to God. There will be times when you feel too tired. then my children you will never see darkness or despair. and a different reason for their suffering or their joys. I urge each of you this night to turn your face to the light of God. Whatever you are is not necessary what you will become. but that is not the yardstick to judge that world of life by. you are divine and you can. Do not let the world hold you in its power. when you are ready for it. and the divinity of God is what you will become. all truth. not just one. the quality of truth that God intends you should have. this communication is a combined operation betwixt the two worlds and not one sided from our world only. If you are to convince seekers of truth of the integrity of that which you give. faith. walking the journey with you.The reality of your divinity is within. This sacred trust must be sure and firm betwixt the two worlds. You unite with the consciousness of all creation. and some so little. or be separate from the feeling of bliss and great peace. and you feel and know everything there is to know. You think not with your own mind. A state of stagnated consciousness will leave you. you will never be the same again. and I bring the hope and joy to every life that I can. but wisdom is God made knowledge Chapter 9 Wisdom and Understanding from an Avatar. More on Samadhi Samadhi is a condition of consciousness. You are then in touch with all wisdom. To your small gathering here. I give you the promise of my eternal vigilance in your lives until you no longer need me. you must first believe it yourselves . and know the bliss that only comes from The Creator. and trust. only hope. remember. then you will find that a change will slowly make itself known to you. I am Bethesda. too lazy to give time to God. You will only want God. This condition is a gift from God that you have earned. Nothing is impossible! Then know and understand each soul that journeys in a body has a different experience to endure. nor with the feelings of the flesh. Feel hope. You are only on that Earth for a short time. Some may seem to have so much. but you are with God for eternity. Then in all truth. Do not let matter make life so dark and hopeless that you feel despair. and longing to make it two steps and three steps. We in our world will be with you. you lose your own and merge with God. The higher-self merges with God. remember then.

You have discarded the fringes of knowledge. As you acquire greater soul growth. You would not have thought this possible if it had been given to you in your earlier stage development. when we have true seekers that are singleminded in their longing and determination to follow the divine pathway regardless of the material temptations in your world. My beloved children: You have come through many facets of searching before you reached that level of soul growth that you have today. then I think you will understand the need for this to be a condition of our exchange of understanding in what is given. you will find yourselves completely immersed in aspects of wisdom that you could not have known before this spiritual awakening. we give all the help we can. If you can visualize the enormity of the task before us. The quality of communication must always be of a high standard. nor communications inconsequential to the greater ramifications of truth that you seek and need to know. This is not the type of search that should be taken on in your incarnation. We are not of that ilk! We are teachers of truth and enlightenment for God. casual communication with the astral world is not. I know. and you have laid aside this aspect. It is only possible for us from our world to bring these .or you cannot convey it to others with any sense of conviction. I am sure you can find in the words I bring. These people have no desire to reach for the greater understanding that can only be found in the humility of submission to the divine understanding that is God. then we in our world are truly united with all those who are on this pathway of soul growth. We understand that the road is difficult and long. both in the transmission and in the receiving and in the information given and received. with a pathway that is very narrow and very demanding. It is. It is not intended for us to bring the teachings of trivia. important to many to have the inconsequential communication with a curiosity of excitement in communicating with discarnate entities. I think this is something that you will agree with. We are completely ready and truly united to serve you in your work and your goal to help you find that which your soul is longing to know. There are evolved souls from this higher world who are destined and responsible for guiding you along the way you have chosen. You here have experienced this way. and in the absolute sense of divine existence. Is this not so? The goal of your lives you have now decided is the serious desire to find God in the fullness of what God is. If others are prepared to walk that narrow path to The Beloved Creator this can truly be a blessing for them also. We cannot accommodate truth to satisfy those who are more interested in satisfying the ego within them-selves. would it not? This will be the foundation of the program and progression of that which is to come. True seekers will have to face the many difficulties that will confront them at times. There are those in your world and in the astral world that caters to such egos. We have no desire to bring gems of information inconsequential to the ramifications of understanding that you long to know and others will seek from you. There is no deviation from truth in order to satisfy the individual egos and longings of those who are not truly dedicated to this oneness of understanding and longing for God. The very desire of your soul for this way of life has led you to the mission of those seeking unity with God. a consistency of teaching in the direction your lives will take you. Is this not logic? It is therefore important that we build this trust between us on firm foundations of mutual understanding and responsibility for that which is given and that which is received. now at this moment in time you are linked you with those in our world. I think this would be acceptable. Therefore. You have probed the depths of truth that lie there for all to know. It is too disciplined for many to submit their lives to the ultimate in this goal. You have no time for trivia in a world that is so desperately in need of enlightenment. We are humble in longing to bring to Him. those who truly seek.

If you were only that which you see with physical eyes you would not be in the search for God as you are at this present time. It is equally important that your thoughts be centered on the inner-self. all time you give to God is food for the soul. You see we understand the heaviness of matter. . We offer it lovingly to all who have embarked upon this journey to the supreme goal. You would not have rejected the material pleasures of that world as you have. Is it not? This is perhaps unnecessary because when you have sufficient soul growth you are able to see the inner-self that we can see. and love are denied to those around you and denied to the world at large. Unless you accept it as reality and apply it to your living and your activities. if you are fair to yourselves. You love. and we understand that at times you have to withstand your world’s demands upon you. but unless you live it. and what God represents. If you could look deeper into the core of the self. Then my children. You also are prepared to submit your lives in the way that you have in the search for The Beloved Creator. I give you this. This does not mean you can lessen your efforts in the spiritual search for God. it is the divine hand writing the pages of the book of your life. only because encouragement is important to those who are on the divine pathway to God. it is to encourage you. tolerance. you think of the physical manifestation of yourself that you see in the mirror. but remember. then how far have you progressed along the pathway to God? Think of what God is. visible only to eyes empowered to see for God. and you feel for your world the compassion that it needs to be given to help it through the trials of this dreadful era of existence. Compare that to what you think you are to Him. The journey may be slow. We understand the difficulty of seeking and loving God with the intensity that you have. just because you cannot truly understand how far you are along the pathway: it does not mean you can excuse yourself when you weaken to the temptations of the world. If you are something more that physical body that you see. I know discipline is important to a spiritual seeker. it’s because the innerself is so far evolved to The Beloved Creator and so determined to find Him. then it is not possible for us to take you to these greater depths of understanding. If you are honest with yourselves. and say in all truth . it is wasted. When you think of yourself. ‘There is no other way!’ We give to you this knowledge. although we are far removed from the confines of the physical world. and evaluate how far yet you have to go. It is always important that your physical lives be molded according to the reality of acceptance that you can give to the truths that we bring. If that material world becomes your goal. You would not give your life and submit yourself to the discipline of the search for God and enlightenment. Do you not? You calculate your worthiness according to the interpretation of this physical mind above the body that clearly says . `Beloved ones: It is not to discourage you I give these words. It does mean you judge not yourselves entirely when you can only see that physical form. with all your faults and your failures. . ‘It’s you. . you would not be as harsh as you are when you are viewing the physical. understanding.truths to you. The purpose of seekers lives is so clearly defined to evolved souls from our world: it’s not the body that we are viewing it is the soul glowing within—that is the book we read! It’s not the lives you live that is your yardstick of your future. if you continue this single-minded way to God. is a very different person to that which you see.’ I am sure the criticism you heap upon yourself at times is indeed intense. you care. . If compassion. and the pathway may be difficult: this is because the real you within that physical body. according to the truth that we bring. you would not be so strident in assessing the efforts of your attempts in the spiritual domain of your endeavors. You cannot judge yourself at all until you can feel with the ability of the inner reality to assess that which you have become. . and you would not have single-mindedly chosen this spiritual pathway to God. I think you have the qualities more deeply embedded in your thinking than you have really understood. then there is no purpose in knowing if you cannot live these truths.

of His devotion. That is the difference! It is not in the giving from God. It is of no avail to try and comfort someone living in darkness until he has been shown the way to accept the reality of his origin and his destiny. automatically closes himself off to the ever-flowing love and light of God. These are the qualities of God. this great ability to flower. The only difference is the ability of the soul to receive it. you will find much greater are the conditions of understanding that you possess for the qualities of life. word. This is because he or she has rejected it. and the fervent closed mindedness of so many of the religions that will not allow any other to be right but themselves. and there is no finality to the measure love that flows from God. who are so willing to accept that which He gives so lovingly.You would not willingly hurt another. In the eyes of God. If you are honest and examine carefully the approach you have to life. You see the difference is not in the giving from God. It is not for God to segregate according to the purity of the one: who to many people seems evil. in order to be able to reject the ignorance that they have been locked into for so long. but because it has been rejected by that person. to use it. There are those who accept the existence of the Creator. Not because God isn’t sending. The churches teach their flock that God only loves the good: this is only halftruth. and to feel its presence. A soul accepts it with the understanding wisdom of his or her very being: and that is the one who is receiving the treasures. and become fulfilled in the true meaning of its very existence—that is the soul who is receiving real wealth. The greatest sinner in your world receives from God. and to the existence of the love. My beloved children: When you think of the extreme religions like the Islam faith. and builds upon the love. Humility is a quality of vital importance to any seeking God. or deed. Can you understand that? The one who is seeking God’s love is receiving God’s love. to the availability of the love. that person then can let that spark become a flame within the inner-self. To be inadequate is a misused word when applied logically and literally to the one so declaring. because it has become enlightened unto truth. The Beloved’s love is unqualified. there are none that are unworthy of His love. Such a soul who is storing within its innerself. the love equal to the saint: for God loves everyone with great equality. But be very careful humility does not become self-derision through the desire to be honest in the assessment of your-self. be it in thought. but in the receiving by the soul who is the recipient of this divine love. Unworthy is also a word that is not always accurate and very erroneous. endlessly and so compassionately. It is this understanding of reality that is vital to your world. This perpetuates the darkness within his very existence. When that person is aware of this reality. A person. and a level of wisdom higher than you really thought you possessed. A soul may be living in darkness because he has chosen that material world. it is endless. When you think of the complete fervency of their belief. to evolve. You will find it is a deeper understanding of truth that you have. who does not love God. you have to accept that there is something within the people who . receives nothing of God’s love. and with all its illusions to satisfy his living. They have to be encouraged to accept it. God does not refuse His love to those who seem not to deserve it in your world: that is in the material and the physical qualification. who has rejected the concept of anything beyond the material existence as reality. it is in the measure of the receiving of the one who is seeking God. and embraces the love. then can the soul push through the heavy darkness and confusion of the material existence of your world. because that soul is lacking the ability to understand. You do not choose deliberately to inflict pain or suffering upon anyone. He is receiving it because he is aware of it. It is therefore urgent that all humanity is awakened to the reality of God’s divine love. A soul. Is it not? It’s no good trying to force someone into submission of belief. even in thought if you could avoid it. and His compassion. with all its frailties. because God loves everyone.

You are witnessing a dilemma of the human factor. and it must be given by people who will not be swayed because of opposition. You need to work with the power of the spirit flaming within you and shining forth into the darkness that is yet to come. and when we can show them the alternative to that which they have come to accept as truth. It is essential that souls in your world dedicate themselves to this task or you will make no mark on that darkness. Is it not? Morality of home life. It is the outer covering. They must become louder and more definite in the proclamation of truth and the reality of life. You are what you are to day. Voices must be heard. then you will find that this core within them will suddenly be enlarged into a great light of understanding. it is imperative that the soul within is touched and enlightened. more denied in justice and in the dignity of life that is their rightful expectation. and of everyday existence. I understand the dilemma you have in the understanding of the seemingly remote possibility of swaying the masses—the masses that are now deeply embedded in the irrational fervency of what they have come to believe. of commerce. has become weakened. I know. we can help them to look even deeper than that which they already believe. At least they have this acceptance of a power beyond the material that is governing their lives. and the release from the bondage of the ignorance in which they are living. and even scorn from those who understand not. Can you not envisage the possibility of others achieving that which you have achieved? Time. When we can show them the vastness of the truth. it is linked to God and is linked to all humanity through this oneness with God. more prolific in suffering. their future potential is their true inheritance. and almost none-existence in some areas of your world. All these qualities lead to the degradation of life instead of the improvement of life on that planet Earth. derision. but before a conclusion is reached this must come to be before this can be reality—a beginning. You have had many trials and enlightening experiences and subsequent growth into the reality of the awareness that is now yours. Thus. Is this notunderstandable? When it is possible. must pass. Law and order is being challenged at every level of life. and it has in the ultimate the final say in the analysis of that which they are in matter. which at present is locked into the falsity of their beliefs. It must take people of courage. which is absolute in spiritual truth. This understanding has the ability to obliterate the past and present for them. Remember this: Every soul is an atom of God. thus. You must give the truth to the world with the authority of God or it will carry no . the freedom of the truth. and dedicated conviction to convey this truth. in a way that was never before been so dramatically an anti-spiritual reality. It must be undertaken by those who are so deeply convinced within their very soul of that which they believe and stand up for in all that. It is a physical condition and not a spiritual one! The mind is that which convinces each one of them of their belief. because you have become what you are today.believe this way. Thus. because those in your world are receding from reality at such a pace it must be contained before it is too late. you must harness the physical to the spiritual if ultimate victory is to be God’s. Conditions of life in so many parts of your world have never been more degrading. You cannot fight the world from only the physical. God’s intention for that world must be given momentum. has become cheapened. Man’s ability to exhibit cruelty is almost at a fever pitch in some parts of your world. something that is prepared to accept the concept that there is something greater than the world of material existence. must be given the opportunity to start to flourish and flower. beloved ones. and then the outer can fall away to reveal the inner reality of understanding. but the soul within is not convinced. the beginning is vitally important and eminent.

Understand that the power of the divine is the all-embracing power of purity and creation. Thus. They blindly have to follow the teachings or they are excommunicated from that religion. It must be of such a caliber that no one can deny its truth or its existence. for God you labour. He who thinks he has the answers will not listen to any other opinion other than that which he himself is forming to his own conclusion. the usual response of any religion is . Forcible pushing along the pathway only brings negativity of growth. He is closer to experiencing enlightenment. seek in trust for the elimination of negativity. Always it is easier to succumb to the temptations of your world only to become lost in its ways. Let life’s lessons be tempered with the compassion of the Beloved Creator. and to challenge that which they have been given. This power is not mutilated in matter. They are the ones who are able to break free. I am Bethesda. In exception to this material way. yet prepared to look and listen. and with God you love all humanity. and always yearn for His perfection. and think not that matter is . I give you my peace. the strong in conviction. . to seek greater wisdom. and the strong within are somehow able to overcome the inertia of this religious assertion. Stand fast and seek the positive. It makes such a difference if you can walk to God with understanding and wisdom. seek your help from this source. . this leaves them fearful of being spiritually isolated. Always it is easy to be tempted along the path that is easier to walk. A soul. Then look around anew. Souls then have no room to maneuver. It is so is wrong in your world for the religions to so dominate with their own doctrines and with their own dogmatic determination to fill the minds with teachings they declare is God’s law. People that embrace this struggle not in that world. Strive always for the highest in all you do and in all you are. enlightened souls will see there can be no compromise. has a greater opportunity of discovering the divine truth. I give you my love. much closer than one who is firmly convinced in his mind that he alone knows the answer. you can’t come in. a world where materialism is rampant and where the values are so at a variance with God’s.’ Only the strong in mind. Closed minds will never find God! The organised religions of the world have a great detrimental effect on the spirit of man. Eternally this power flows pure and strong. Mankind is constantly seeking more and more to make life easy and the challenge less strenuous. ‘If you don’t think like us. Chapter 10 Light on the Pathway Seek the light and do not allow yourself to be drawn into the negative that is around you.conviction. and greater logic to the meaning and true purpose of existence. it must always be to God you journey to. Seek this love of God. and not dissipated through wrong actions: for it comes from the source of all creation. and no one can possibly prove it to be other than reality. If they start to question. who is unconvinced. My beloved children: I want you to understand the importance of the communication we have established from our world with your small group. While the earth human indulges in religions the spirit dwindles. greater truth. The striving always seems to be on the physical level: for people are continually seeking more and more for their comforts. for the one seeking unity with God there can be no taking the easy way. This may seem a tall order in your world of conflict. to think for themselves.

you can have the minimum of comforts and still be secure. When you lose desire for that world and what the world contains.all there is to strive for in life. as can a growing soul. the best of that. You do not need the luxuries and extravagancies that mankind seeks today to keep them happy. and then follow. The closer you grow to God and the greater the goal of God in your life: then you will find that materialism will become less important to you. the testing time is not there. and by having simpler things in life for your contentment. When you can accept the truth that you come to the Earth and take on a physical body in order to find God. and not to let worldly desires matter so much to you. then you will be unable to spend the time giving your energy to the search for God. then the simpler your life is the sooner you will find Him. and you are not meant to have this access if you seek enlightenment. `You see beloved children: You are all divine—you are not really matter. Not everyone will be satisfied with this. if you love God. If you must have the best motorcar there is. You truly will want and less from that world of illusion and greater will be your desire to unite with God. It must come from the inner-self. is one that comes closer to God. it then becomes more reconcilable to seek the simpler life and find God. Until you have the choice. This helps you to make your choice to seek God in a simple way. it’s this path that will take you to God. then with God as your only goal you are walking the pathway of your origin and your future. Then you will realize your physical journey is really to lose desire for the material world and seek the Divine. You do not have easy access to the world’s wealth. and this longing for spirit . have you believe. Then you will find that more and more you want less and from that material world. and make that choice wisely. a roof over your head. to conquer the temptations of that world. People of your world seem only to seek things that are of a material existence thinking they must acquire the utmost in wealth from that world of matter. It is not simply the things we can tell you of. there is a need for very little to sustain you in life. you can find happiness and you can find peace. It is then you will find the task becomes much easier. if your energies always want something you have not got. food to eat. much of this. materially. to seek God. If you have a bed in which to sleep. and not everyone will be content to struggle. In your world today. much of that. and finding your happiness and rewards from that source? If the way of God is the way you want to go. this yearning and this desire for God. One day you will leave your body and return to spirit. An uncluttered life. Are you seeking God? Are you content with the divine pathway that leads to unity with God. and you will acquire a little more soul growth. It is not something that a magic wand can be waved to give you. If this is your way of existence you will never be able to find peace and happiness within those simple things. things that cost money to maintain. and security of the necessities of life. You have to want this because you want God. Material minded people think they must have the utmost in physical comforts and material security or they are failing. then you will not be able to enjoy the simpler things of life. Although once your soul is awake to the reality of the Divine. Then almost automatically you find the world has little attraction for you compared to what you seek from the Divine. then you will never find God. and not that material world: you will then realize the very reason you are there is to renounce that world. and it is one which no person who does not begin to understand the truth of God can walk. That is why everyone must make the choice as never before. but believe me. and you must have the best of this. Is this not logic I speak? I know it is a very hard path to walk. If you are continually wanting all that the material world can give you. or are you content with that world of materialism. If you are constantly striving for things of your world.

How can you tell this to someone who does not know God. and they would not want to hear them. It is then you will struggle for health and well-being. And in order to become an evolved soul. the spiritual body. If little children when they are born could be taught this truth. all your hospitals are man-made and the medications are man-made. I can understand how unattractive this proposition would be to those who love that material world. Seek immersion in this divine energy of God’s at every opportunity you have. If the soul. and does not realize the truth of his origin? You cannot tell such a person they must sacrifice and discipline themselves in order to seek this nebulous force of life. They want so little of that world. and mind are in harmony with the physical body. Contact with the divine and immersion in the divine energy touches the soul and cures the whole person. `My beloved children: I want for you to realize your world is at the crossroads. and as long as they have enough for economic survival they are truly content to struggle to God. They would only think they will find God when they want to find Him and that there is plenty of time for now. . and you are living at a very important time of civilization. This is truly the way of prevention. They can understand the material world and they want the things of that world. Then. because whatever the flood brings them. they want them: but in truth they need them not. They can only cure. I could not bring these words to those who are not ready to find God. They will not find that inner peace in the material existence: it is only found in the simplicity of living that only the search for God can bring them. They touch the physical. or try to cure. These people truly need not seek luxuries or money. They want the essential luxuries (as they call them) of the world for their comfort. then sickness is prevented. The divine energy can prevent your body from needing medical care when you live the divine way. you need to walk this disciplined pathway of sacrifice. they would walk through life without the need for medicines of your world. and everything is based on a cure for the ailments of mankind. Seek the living of God and His laws in your own living. I say . but the soul is not touched. The natural disasters . and they must make more and more money to buy more of this and that before they are satisfied. and so many can only find contentment in that world. It is all focused on the Divine! When you reach your spirit home. The world has all the answers. for it can only be reached by those who really want God. You can only sleep in one bed at a time. They would not understand. It is the pathway that all Avatars have had to walk in their journey to God. Then when you examine this carefully. Although in essence the spiritual pathway will help you to prevent these physical ailments in the first place. But they are never satisfied. then you will find the balance is not there. and live with that world in all its temptations and luxuries. my children. Is this not true? People cannot expect the luxuries of your world to bring them inner contentment and inner peace. All the medicines in that world cannot prevent an illness. In your world there are growing souls who only want God. you are not permitting any atom of your consciousness to seek satisfaction with that material world. and they are quite content with the little that they have for their needs. and eat at one table at a time. all the luxuries. they want more that’s bigger and better. but not the spirit. `There is every need for now! Mankind has devised its own scientific achievements. you will still strive more and more to become perfect in God. and sincerely walk that divine pathway in order to become a united with God. Remember.will be there in reality. . These medicines tend to the flesh. But if you allow the physical body to become immersed in that material world and its ills. So many people only want that material world. It is the pathway God intends for all His children to eventually take.

I want your world to become a place of spiritual growth. They think it will give them authority over others. You may be over populated. to maim. but you can’t destroy spirit. one person upon another person: not foreign in origin but belonging to the same nation by way of birth. Africa today is at boiling a point! So much of Africa is in conflict. This is a great hindrance to their soul growth! The day will come when their souls compel them to accept there is not truth in most of the doctrines they are given. and maiming into submission will bring about that what they crave and want. . but you cannot possibly deny it . but everywhere I look I see only darkness. You are growing in evolution to God. One has to realize you are all uniform in origin with God. The health of nations will deteriorate as long as they depend upon a physical answer for all their needs. the scales must be drawn away from their eyes and they must be brought to realize their answer only lies in the seeking of this divine unity with God. to kill. and ever expanding the consciousness until you are one with Him. they too are lost in the struggle. For a time they can be deluded with the physical mind that can be the stronger. in one of their incarnations. as messages that are only claimed to be the truth of God. and you cannot ever forget or ignore that truth. which you are in your world today. until they reach out to God.of your world are going to increase. the soul will reject it. these are the ones who are lost in matter. This is the senseless tragedy of man’s indifference to God’s laws. You can hold it back in growth. You may cloud it. He has to learn to forego the temptations of that world of matter and seek only the love of God. and give them the power to dominate and rule. How then can mankind be content to live in that world imperfectly. they will find the light within them. because you cannot subdue spirit or destroy spirit. . The various religions in the world. Yet they seek different things. This is the truth and wisdom of God’s creative force and compassion in that world. and think that killing. They are the ones who are going to find their journey is the longest and the darkest. hold it back in evolution. But there are many people who walk in the darkness of the material world. harming. People of . That soul within is linked one with another. The body of humanity struggling in matter is only a minute proportion of God’s creation. Until then. Man is not a physical being! Man is a divine being in a physical body! He is wearing a foreign garment to walk in a foreign land. can for a time hold their flock. they are completely foreign to all God’s laws. Its impossible! Therefore all their struggles may for a time bring them supremacy. forget it. awaking each of their souls to the reality of divine existence. of the incidents in matter that take place. because it is the essential you. and can imprint their dogmas on those who follow them. as I have told you before. but in truth you cannot destroy or lose spirit. Then they must start their search to find God. You can destroy matter. ultimately. even in the boundaries of each division of the African nation there is conflict. and to starve. and at times manifest in each life in false strength. You are all part of the divine. They will not diminish until your world is ready to accept and walk this pathway of light. People in churches who are truly believing what they hear may think are ready for greater knowledge. hold it down in ignorance. They cannot succeed indefinitely. ignore it. and suffer in that world the way he does? How can he not realize the way to God is so different? You see and hear of the wars. Thus. and cannot indefinitely absorb anything that is foreign to the truth and the reality of The Divine Creator. Although ultimately. One day. The soul is a part of God.

How wrong they are! All the seeking in the space beyond Earth is only a fragment of what there is and understand. other universes. to all life. and wisdom. because souls of your world are struggling to God. Loving God and living God. and other such portions from a distant planet that tell them . If you think that your world is all there is—then you are very much mistaken! It is an important part of existence. Humanity will be brought to face the truth of over population before very long. the Earth evolves. is the true reality of life. Then you will realize how very unimportant one little atom of creation is in the mainstream of existence and creation. What can it tell them. and must undertake. my children. What does it matter if there is a planet nearby that once contained life? What can they gain from taking samples from the soil. and as all these evolve God evolves also. when you can search for the greater? Seek God. It is the law! As long as you wander in that material world only seeking excitement and satisfaction from what the world has to offer. Seek from God the answers to all knowledge: that is the journey your soul needs to undertake. or life that once was and is no more? What can they attain. and to their journey to God? How can it help them if they find the scientific fact that there once was water on a planet beyond earth? It is only adding knowledge of matter to the present knowledge of matter that you already have. understanding. and what can they gain from what they are learning? They are only satisfying the ego and the mind. the universe evolves. Everything of material existence in your world evolves: a grain of sand evolves. for when you are one with Him you will know the answers to all you seek to learn and to know. Then seek from that source of all things. Considering the vastness of matter they can but touch a fragment of what lies beyond earth. and moves in unity with God’s intent for all of creation. years ago there was water there? What does it matter to their life. God governs the whole creation with love. When you consider. and the population of your Earth represents but a fraction of souls journeying to God. God balances one with the other. and inner understanding. would be to journey to the source of all wisdom. I would think that a greater source of inner contentment. and to all creation. Beyond Earth there are other dimensions. . See in every human being . . why search for the lesser. They are only bringing excitement to lives that are empty for God. Universes beyond Earth exist. Everything in creation dovetails in. It is not! Most people of your world believe that existence is nowhere else but Earth. the existence of matter in another form. Your Earth is only a minute pinprick in creation—a grain of sand on the beach of eternity. Mankind has a vain idea that Earth is the answer to everything.your world may have to account for that if your world is expected to support the masses that are beyond its resources. Mankind has so much to learn! The immense wealth that is wasted on searching the space around earth and beyond is fruitless in achieving for mankind anything substantial. unless its’ limited. and only what fallible souls have given you. Humanity will have to accept and acknowledge other dimensions. a rock evolves. will undertake. compassion. other realms of living beyond Earth. the population of Earth is a minute. God has the answer to all existence. Your world is only a minute portion of creation. to their living. a very minute portion of God’s creation. Dimensions beyond Earth exist: your world is only one portion of existence. Why would you seek knowledge from lesser than God? Your knowledge is only what the human interpretation is. and still more dimensions and still more universes. the reality of truth. the answers to all living. Even so. Your planet Earth is but a minute speck in that universe. and intertwines the worlds and the universes. You cannot know true peace. then you will never know true peace. because you are only satisfying the physical body and not the soul.

If God does not matter in the way you think. who can live those doctrines. and the good survive. his face may be a different colour. but in the innerself you are one with him. If you feel a desire for something. a lot of the preventative aspects of your forests are lost. See the need for loving God. then this is the only direction to walk. but also important to have the myriad of species that dwell therein. Live your life simply and fully. The true divinity is self last. you also have the right to live that choice. but all of them are not directed to the evolution of mankind. Man is denuding your world of these forests. No man has the right to covet for himself great wealth when many elsewhere in your world are starving. with new ones forming and the cures are unknown. If you want God. Therefore. The flesh is the overcoat that you wear for this journey and is not indicative of the true reality of the self. God’s creation is not haphazard. Destroying the rain forests as they are doing is preventing much of the purification of your world. when somewhere else in your world. when this brother or sister has not the money to accumulate the knowledge and the help that he or she needs. with many of the species dying out. Seek the understanding that you cannot be an enemy to any man: for you are his brother. another human being is dying. Seek to understand what your world has. but seek to love them in the divine sense. but lose it spiritually. If you know that God is your goal. No person has the right to hold the secret of all the medical answers to suffering. Spraying with what they have been using has not brought the wisdom of action that mankind thought it would. but let it find God and merge with God. and you may not wish to linger with them in friendship. and acknowledging God in their lives. then you have the right to live the way you wish. Treat your world gently in what you take from it. ask yourself . this divinity of God. You might not like them. you must do this or you must do that. It is the law! . Seek to love all humanity. it belongs to everyone. See in everyone the need for understanding truth. I cannot tell you. You then have the responsibility to find God in the way that you know. Old hazards are showing their form on the horizon again. where they once were depleted from the Earth. One spoils the other. and use it wisely and simply. in their future. for there is a purpose and meaning behind everything. and I can only tell what you need to do to find God. I can only tell you what you ought to do. but find God you must! Inventions of your world may be wonderful. In the rainforest it is important to have the trees. one destroys the other that may be harmful. Do not grab greedily at what you can get from that world. and not evolving as they must. he must bear the price. and you are comfortable with. Then if man’s unwise actions tears it apart and destroys it. one ought to realise that Earth was created and evolving through aeons of time to reach its present form. `Is this not so my beloved children? In your world today. There are many people in your world who think that conflict answers all claims if successful: they might win the battle physically. then you have the right to live it how you wish. and in their origin. diseases are becoming more prolific. be content with what you have. They are more to the needs of the flesh. Take heed. Do not think the end justifies the means. a different shape. . . Strains of bacteria are again appearing. When all is said and analyzed. It does not! Examine carefully your aspirations of what you think you need and want. ‘Do you need it? ‘Do you want it? Or do you want it for your growth and security? Crave not the wealth of the world. with all. If that world is your goal. Deny not the conscious of the soul its growth. as a whole. and mankind must pay the price. True divinity is the sharing of all. in the deepest sense of their meaning. How few are the people today.that exists on your Earth. The old diseases are rearing their heads and are hard to cure. one helps the other.

There is a price to pay for all the damage man is doing to nature. and I want you all to know you must not use the intellect. which you can retreat into when your need is there. Then because of this withdrawal you will find harmony. you will find you will develop the ability to detach from the world at will. and what they are in any era of existence in your world. for nature will not let humanity ignore this expense of repayment. You must not permit that what happens in that world to dictate your days of peace. which is unnatural to nature. . Do not fashion your outlook on that of your material world. . so mankind must reap! That which man sends forth. and dwelling in the bliss of the divine is a wondrous accomplishment. respect nature. in love. away from the darkness! Live in the positive and not the negative! Live simply. He has changed the course of rivers. what they do. and peace. If you give way to the dictates of that world of matter. or thrust upon you the chaos of its present state. I understand you must have a great love for God to do this. I understand the struggle is not easy. You cannot hear the voice of the soul. Once you make this known to your inner-self. let that world make its own mistakes— but do not follow them! Put your face to the light. The accounting will be a severe price for mankind to pay. . when there is noise and confusion you can quietly withdraw within yourself. You must not allow your world buffer you. and nature is claiming this price. Nature must be allowed to evolve in the natural course of events. you refuse to be muddled by that world of chaos. What mankind sows. and not let that world dictate your days of happiness. because you link with the true reality of the self. Even on a crowded bus. he has torn apart the forests. and he has reduced and flattened mountains to just plains. My children: This can be achieved if you seek and strive for this divine gift. ‘Why does not God stop this? Why does God allow this to happen? Remember always: it is not of God’s making. The soul is the seat of all wisdom within the body. and know His bliss. you will find your own little haven of peace within your inner-self. When. but you need use the inner intuition of the self.The reason for many of these natural disasters has the origin in man’s misuse of that world. tell your body that your soul is all-important. This haven is a tranquility of great peace. This is the law of karma in action! Never underestimate the accountability of mankind for what they think. Then there is the accounting that must be taken into understanding of the future and of that which is yet to come. you will never know true peace! Once you have the ability to tell that world to stand aside. stillness. Moreover he has torn from the planet Earth much that has taken millions of years to form. or on a crowded train. Having the gift of withdrawing from matter. and a wondrous feat of growth to God. Man is a vandal in God’s wonderful world. When you hear the cries of . and the longing for God is the prime factor of your life. The soul is a teacher of what is best for you. Live in harmony with all things. if you are involved in rushing through that world seeking and gaining material things unto you. and a feeling of peace overtaking you. Mankind is forcing nature to take different avenues of growth. tranquility. and if. Then you will dwell in God’s peace. the soul can dictate the terms of your peace and tranquility. likewise it will not be of God’s solving as mankind learns its lessons. Do not make your standards that which complies with the banal standards of that world. so he must gather unto himself at some future date in time. but man is denying that right to nature. You can leave that world behind and you can emerge rested and comforted amidst the tangle of all that activity around you. Live God’s laws: but vary them not! Live the divine laws and seek God with all the understanding that you have. treat your Earth gently. Listen to the soul! You cannot hear the voice of the soul in the noise of the world. My beloved children: These are the growing factors of the soul! Even though you live in a world of chaos. Then in wisdom. and follow the dictates of the inner-self.

but you still have to fulfill your responsibility and obligations to the flesh. wisdom. you will move into spirit as individual. but you can’t have both! If you are pursuing the ways of that world. Let everyone in that world know that God is your goal. The priority is The Divine! The person. You may move back to spirit with nothing material in the bank and very little of possessions to show for a journey in time. help. as they are binding themselves. and make it known you love Him above and beyond all else. You may love some people on your Earth very dearly. that person will accept and understand he or she may be different: but they will understand. they are binding you to flesh. and be close to God. If you become too immersed in the mortality of mortal flesh: you are losing in the journey to God. and move to God in great peace. but never let them possess you. The choice is yours. Remember. God is the all-embracing power. If true love is there in an association in flesh. you are individual. God is a full-time occupation. You cannot expect God to make life an easy path for you if you are resisting by your actions in that world. than dwell in the mightiest mansion in your world. Never let them dominate your life to the exclusion of God. ever constant. You must learn to love. Always remember . you can still walk gently through life. God can help you. but. may not have been with you in the last life you lived. and ever watchful of your need of Him. and he or she may not be with you in the next life as they are now: because that person is only with you temporally in this form. You choose the world or you choose God. and compassion. The choice must be made that God must come first. I understand that. You have not to be unkind or hurtful to anyone close to you or otherwise. and have my soul hungry for God and His infinite wisdom. my children. but you must be ready and willing to be helped in the way God knows you need. your needs may be very simple. who have attached them-selves to you in this life. then they can dominate your thinking and your way of life to the exclusion of God. you will know God will bring into your life all the answers that you seek and need.God can answer your needs. is on loan. your living may be very simple. and still make it well known to those around you that God is the one who matters to you. to dominate your acceptance of living. and gaining unto yourself the treasures of the world. Walk through life with those you love. Then you cannot give the time and energy to God that is needed to find God. . and He knows what your soul needs to fulfill the journey it came to make . If you allow those in this life. but do not let them possess or attach in any form to the true self. Gently submit to that which God . and care for them. Mortal attachment and physical attachment are but temporary and fleeting.That is why I say in truth. the pleasures of that world. and journey on to God as one. Then in full awareness. relinquish the world for Him. You will find if you seek the way to move through life with God the answer will be given to you. but be firm if God is your goal. Submit to God. the one who is close now. I would rather have no money in the bank. love. I speak only to those who really want God. I cannot speak to those who say they want God. who is close to you in this life. God is unchanging. Then remember. you can take with you the blazing glory of the soul. and great love. God is allimportant. . soul contentment. and all-powerful in your living. than to be the most successful person in that world today. They are but passing through this life with you. Consequently. with your desires tethered by the trammels of that world. in gentle understanding. caring and helping. and not a permanent part of you. and yet you can be very successful in your journey through life. and have. Always be gentle and loving. Then you will find you can accomplish both your responsibility to flesh and to God. ever evolving. I would rather seek from God that which I want to know. But if you step aside from this condition. and that God comes first. I would rather live simply in the humblest of dwellings. He knows when your soul needs solace.

to journey in that world for a time then you will leave it behind.sees you need: then you will receive in full His bounty and His love. and what it is possible to achieve. and is taking from nature the very foundation of its existence I give you my love. for He is patient. and ever conscious of your need of Him. my beloved children. superlative. It is not the path unless you are completely longing for God. I give you my peace. supreme consciousness that we call God. know you are searching for the ultimate in creation when you seek God. you may know joy. and expect to find Him. He is loves all His children. Open wide the self in love and longing. You cannot play in that world and think you can find God. then you can only be successful in your journey and search for the Divine Creator. Mankind has made this world a greedy world. Remember. and leave the dross behind to perish with the body. although I can in essence. Be open to this receptivity. I am Bethesda. then you can only receive the highest that God can send you. ever waiting for you. Varying and conflicting emotions will beset you in your journey though time. God is very loving. If you can understand there is a world beyond Earth to which you return after you leave that body of flesh. and do not give the self to any action that is foreign to God. God seeks from His children only the highest and the purest. God never says when you must come. then you will be able to understand that there is an existence that you are evolving into. and you may be happy. open wide in trust and belief . tell you if you truly love God and truly seek God. which is divine. Does that world matter so much you cannot give your search to God? Do you want the hazards of that world in preference to The Divine? Take with you to the spirit dimension the glory of soul growth. . as the goals and aspirations you seek to achieve The soul has an inbuilt homing device for those who are seeking God Chapter 11 The Super-Consciousness Mind I have inserted this section into the book to help readers understand the reality and nature of the super-conscious mind: the mind of God. You can only walk God’s way if you are truly ready to push the world from you and seek the Divine. . you are divine. you cannot dissipate your longing for God. you may be lonely. To those of you with sufficient soul growth. You cannot reach God until you have met the required rules of the game of life. ever loving. But if you wander in your world thinking you will catch up the time some other way. This is not the path that those who love that material world will ever take. and dissolves into the super. God is unchanging. you wear flesh. eventually. You may suffer. you have that choice. but every soul has to become one with God. . Mankind has made this world into a taking world and not a giving world. but you are divine. . You cannot! God must be the full time occupation of your ambitious and your goals. Then. You do not belong to that world: you only borrowed the body. but very demanding. If you seek greater wisdom. you will be able to relate more fully to the teachings of Bethesda. Sometimes the body will rebel and hurt you. you are only fooling yourself. you can only become as great or as small. If you can accept these truths and follow the dictates of the soul within you. He does not say when or in which life. also. and He will wait. One cannot dictate what will come to your life. An Avatar reaches this condition where he or she becomes united with.

Then like God there is no shape or form. God has no skin color. This it is because there are no words that have ever been created by the mind of man to give true meaning of that what God is. or a nebulous creature in some remote heaven. There is no gender. Then you are able to think with the information and knowledge of all that is. It cannot be learned! It is impossible! You have to grow into it! The greater the soul growth. and so much more. God is the supreme intelligence of all these things put together. until it becomes that what God is. The Avatar becomes united in God. It is part of the divine law. It is not a question of memorizing and learning. God is all you can see. It contains all the essence of all creation It contains all the purity of existence in Him . all information. and you become one with God. you can achieve also.thousand-five-hundred years ago Lao Tzu said . God is the unseen dimensions beyond this universe.—GOD SIMPLY IS! A little over two. this is because of the limitations of man-made words and the difficulties of trying to put spiritual things into mundane terms. and ever will be. That what Avatars have attained. . then the greater will be the wisdom. and like God the soul simply is. When a soul achieves the supreme state of an Avatar. a part of God. God is the whole of the cosmos and the whole of the logos. knowledge and understanding of all that is. which is beyond the human mind to ever comprehend. and the ability to expand your consciousness into the mind of God. I think perhaps it would be wiser to let Bethesda explain the levels of consciousness and super-consciousness. The super-conscious mind of God is the higher mind of His own complete superior mind. The super-conscious. This is superior to the unconscious mind. The Tao is silent but in this silence it tells you of many things. IT IS GOD! To enter this state is a bliss that comes to those who have perfected their lives. and knows all that there is to know in the whole of all creation. the Divine Creator. this higher consciousness also grows. . was. and all you can’t see. Frank W. unless the Avatar takes on a physical body for a purpose. It contains all understanding. no skin color. and still more universes. God is the pure energy of creation. It just happens! I spoke of Avatars as he or she. is the mind of action within the universes. and still more dimensions.As the soul grows closer to God. who can bestow privileges ire and wrath as he so chooses—I know of no such god! We use the term Father. God is not male or female. God. That what one soul can achieve. . that soul then truly is part of God in the fullest sense of that divine something called God.’ The soul like God also has no shape or form: the soul is that magical part of God which is the real self. It is not possible to learn all there is to know about creation. and is the perfect mind of God. so can another. and all knowledge of that in existence. God is this universe and the universes beyond this universe. The limited physical mind has so much difficulty in trying to understand this level of soul growth that all can achieve. . ‘The Tao has no shape or form though the Tao has no shape or form you can see the Tao in all things. it is a question of entering into this great mind and knowing automatically all that is contained there. and no shape or form. To tap into this unconscious mind is a gift you acquire though the growth of the soul within. or other terms. Religious movements present God as a magnified man. . according to names religious movements like to create. is the thinking mind of all the universes in creation. and all knowledge beyond known existence. Bethesda is an Avatar from dimensions far beyond the Spirit World and has reached the highest-level soul growth to become one with God. You become like God. God has no shape or form.

and have achieved this gift to never misuse it. It can only be earned through experience and . Wisdom cannot be bought or borrowed. seek it from God. it is instantly recognized as truth. Truth cannot be hidden from evolved souls. that ring of truth is not there! Feel with the soul and listen for that ring of truth in these teachings. and not to those who seek power alone. Whether truth is spoken or written. This super-conscious. it will return at a time when that person has acquired more soul growth and is ready to receive it. Spiritual wisdom is profound wisdom! Wisdom gained through the books of others is merely borrowed from those who have written down their thoughts. and finding God. wherein all knowledge is contained. to tap into this great mind of God. It is recognized as truth. an evolved soul can hear that ring. If you seek wisdom. If the reader does not recognize it as truth at that particular time that truth will return to that person at a later date. Misguided at times they may be. and no one can give you a free lift to God. The way to tap into the super conscious is to surrender to God. Ignorance is an excuse. yourself. The subconscious becomes out of control when the ability of that person is unable to direct it through the inner-self’s recognition of the need to be its master. this vast reservoir of intelligence. The ability to enter is not lightly achieved. No one can pay the fare for you. If the pen in the hand of a spiritually evolved soul writes that which is the truth. When you hear of people having access to the `Akashic Records`. This is the computer of the spiritual. Then they will perhaps recognize the puny ability of man to be supreme over all he surveys. and selfeducation to the one who is all. You have many mental breakdowns occurring with people of your world: because the soul in question is unable to cope with existing mind conditions. and they can be enriched far beyond the understanding of the mind of man as it is today. It comes not to those who are curious. and become a greater expansion of Him. because it has a ring of its own. it can be entered into by people of your world.and have gone through their inner reality of growth in their search for God. and they automatically suffer karmic consequences for that betrayal: because it is indeed a spiritual betrayal—then all the greater is the crime. I leave you my peace . if it is false. I am Bethesda. I leave you my love. It becomes a greater crime because that evolved soul has acquired the wisdom to know the difference. the effect comes automatically to those who have broken it. Do not seek it from those who are lesser than your-self. There is no key to the super consciousness other than self-growth. You have to make the journey individually. Lifetime after lifetime is necessary for this gift to be earned and achieved. and often completely opposite to that which is truth. This problem befalls that person when the subconscious mind is out of control. To misuse this great gift is a retrograde step. they literally mean they are tapping into the unconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the culprit that can overpower the intelligent human being’s understanding. but spiritual understanding brings no excuse for betrayal of that trust. It therefore behooves those who have reached greater soul growth. It must come only through the growth of the soul to earn this ability. because it has to be earned by the growth and the evolution of the soul. knowing. and that person’s ability to reason. instantly knows deception of truth by those who speak falsely. They have been able to enter this state of bliss through the expansion of their consciousness and through their dedication and devotion of their inner-selves to the goal of seeking. Mankind will one day have to recognize there is this great mind of God that is functioning in every atom of creation. If they claim to speak for God or otherwise. A soul seeking God with the purity of desire and motive. because truth is self-evident.

and You `Beloved children: There is no point in seeking wisdom that you cannot understand. nothing at all take you from the divine pathway. and the lack of success you make. that will do. but in spite of this I must bring them. Then how much greater if you have your sights on the ultimate and then strive to reach that ultimate goal. or . I know I bring to you the goals you think are far too high and seemingly impossible to meet. only the highest and the purest of your aspirations are needed to find God. for always are you loved. and let nothing. I bring you the peace that passes all understanding. Soul growth is also the living of Gods laws. Matter is only one aspect of that world. for inner wealth. Then serve God. Soul growth is the loving wonder of God within. By that I mean as you grow to God. Let love be the power that enwraps you in life. Move through it to God. gently but surly. There is no enlightened substance that man thinks he can create to match. not the wisdom of your material world. in a borrowed body. Live God. Never be impatient. ever unfolding gently to Him. never betray the spiritual understanding that you have achieved. I bring to you such indescribable love from God. If that life force is withdrawn the leaves will die. For wisdom and action come together for God. Never seek the excitement of knowledge beyond your understanding. God will lead you to where you are ready to go according to your level of growth at the time of seeking. You are not physical beings. You will find you will understand more than you realize. The fact that you are trying is so important. as you love God. and without the animation of the life force it cannot exist. When I give to you these goals. and the understanding intuitively of the divine wisdom. Let love take you from that world of matter into the divine wonder of the Beloved. or by any of those evolved souls from this higher world for the errors you make. Take them wisely. then you will move in a divine way as your soul evolves. you may find the disappointment of the failure.soul growth. It is not an easy pathway to travel. That is the criteria for success. I must tell you the truth and that is. Take your steps gently to God. and God will be satisfied with that. as you love God. and seek only the wisdom of the Divine. and for the purpose of existing. You are never judged by God. each step of the way wisdom comes with you. Let love be the power that motivates all you do in life. in a borrowed aspect of life. Intellect is not the criterion of growth to God. the truth. Just accept with love that God will lead you with love. I can only say again. as you love God. and let the knowledge. you must not feel that. and always do we send strength and comfort to help you find your spiritual-self. Never belittle it by letting the world usurp your spiritual growth. and you will find you will act differently than you thought you would. Existence. You are only there for a journey. However. Every leaf upon every tree exists only because the life force of God flows through it. If you try and reach too hard and too fast. I bring to all seekers the longing to find the resolve to hold fast to this journey to God. Seek God. and the wisdom of God flow into your consciousness when you are ready to absorb this divine condition. Never are you judged. you are divine. Chapter 12 God. I never expect that failure to find them will bring you a sense of inequality and inadequacy. I cannot come to your world and tell you this will do. If that life force is removed from mankind all that would be left of humanity is a pile of ashes.

it will transcend the intellect. God is the whole! In your linking with Him. who are evolved to any greater degree of soul growth. and in many life times that are yet to come. Man would then find that no technology could help him. `beloved ones. God is part of the whole. that this hidden force behind all existence is God. In limiting God. and its very existence. The person aspiring to God must learn to feel the wisdom of God. Matter is only one aspect of creation. The way of your world has to be altered and redirected before it is too late. it then cannot continue to exist and be part of existence. through the longing and the very surrender of the self into this oneness that you seek. No human being can shrink God into the descriptive power of words. because your soul can enter into this great expansion of understanding. as a replica of the human form. in accepting God as the vastness of the invisible whole. No manifestation of his scientific knowledge and achievements could replace God’s life force. God is not unattainable to you. because it has become synonymous with a personal relationship betwixt one person to another. Your world could crumble in a twinkling of an eye. Human beings cannot imagine or fashion as a positive aspect that they can visualise and hold as a figure of existence. need to learn to feel with the mind instead of thinking with it. it is then that enlightenment can come in the way that the soul is seeking. He is just the whole of all there is. You can become part of this whole. then he is only perpetuating his own dark destiny of self-destruction. Those intellectual decisions will be the creative force of that which he is making into a cloak to wear. Think carefully of the darkness that could descend upon Earth if Godwithdrew from your world. It is difficult to put conditions of spiritual reality into words that mankind has created for communication with others in that material world.substitute. that can replace God’s life force. human beings would become dust from which they were created. you limit your own potential to know Him. without the life force it is nothing. It is significant to think of God as the core and substance of all there is. and becoming the dominant force of his life. If a person who is sincerely seeking that unity with God can learn to think with the soul mind. In truth. They then will be able to experience a . reach out to this great awakening of understanding that God is not limited to any form or any condition of existence. then enlightenment is beginning to emerge from your inner-self: you then feel an affinity with God because you are part of that divine whole. he is going to have the physical manifestations of those decisions. God is not distant from you. It is reality! It is the truth! It’s not possible to describe any form in respect of creation with the relevance of the human mind to visualise. was. go beyond. he will then act according to the intuitive wisdom flowing through the vibrative force of God into the spiritual entity of the inner-self. its life. has limited mans understanding at times. Mankind cannot contain God in a matter of words or description. God. Man cannot become like God until he becomes one with God. because of the limitations of the physical mind. if the life force was withdrawn from matter in all its manifestations. The word. God is not separate from you. If man can learn to feel within himself the wisdom of God. Mundane words do not truly express things of the spiritual in the reality of their true meaning. If we could explain God then God would become very insignificant. He is going to have the physical results of those decisions becoming the aspect of his life. Man-made words make the vastness of God difficult to understand. This is the cloak he will wear in this lifetime. If man cannot recognize by now. it’s meaning. This is why mankind in their religions fashioned God in an image they can understand. and see things the intellect cannot grasp. and ever will be. If man uses the intellect to make decisions for his actions. People. When God relates to a soul that is beyond this narrow thinking.

they must cleanse themselves of all this clogging of teachings that have so clouded their thinking . I am Bethesda. and in each incarnation. The human being who only thinks with the intellect will not accept the reality of the spiritual-self. Mankind must realize that through the ages. They must learn it is not God’s will to cling to nationalities. and the recognition of spiritual truth.greater understanding and a greater insight into the reality of existence. religions have been formed. This has to be. It is not for the new age thinking to hold on to the antiquities of the past. and always seeking the spiritual truth. ignorant dogma that has been handed down through the generations that have long since gone. Once the soul mind is activated through spiritual growth that person will never be the same again. must account to. They must cleanse their understanding of all this unwise. the soul is allowed to grow through experience. and not from the brain. with a different religious belief. I give you my love. Then in the light of God and in the flow of God’s divine wisdom. must pray to. It is important to your world to lose this concept of God. then my life in this incarnation has not been wasted. It will be the wisdom and divine influence behind all that the evolving soul fashions. This will override the material facets of that person’s thinking. which is near to the heart area of the physical body. The person who masters this will act according to the intuitive wisdom flowing through the vibrating force of God into the spiritual entity of the inner-self. He or she then will have to answer for their actions in life. that belief may be so different. It is wise for mankind to understand that through the tolerance of God. and help you claim your spiritual inheritance. I give you my peace. in order for the soul to culminate in the wisdom the soul attains in the search for The Beloved Creator. must seek help from. as compared to one who thinks with the physical mind. God is not Santa Claus! God is not one who dispenses favors according to the personalities of those who seek these things. If I can help just one aspiring soul along this divine pathway. People will see something different about that person. and must answer all they ask for. but they will not know what the change is that has taken place. questioning. and concepts have been followed through ignorance of understanding at the time it was fashioned. The material minded person: will not see or understand that the spiritual-self is the ultimate authority within. These are some of Bethesda’s earlier teachings. they could emerge into another nationally. That person’s life will become a vastly different aspect of existence. It will become the intricate power behind all of that person actions and thoughts. From almost fifty years of searching. Frank W It is sad I think that the churches of that world have encouraged man to think of God as the personal representative of goodness that they must bow before. probing. This must come from the soul-center. I would like to leave this world a better place for my being here. to the one they claim is the only one they acknowledge in their present life. It could be that in their next incarnation. . because of the religious aspects of that nationality: it is only an accident of birth that places that soul in that category of existence. They have an urgent need to blow away the cobwebs of the past. A god to be fearful of. as the one that is right. I thought would help those of you who are trying to rise above the chaos of material existence.

and what they contain. and God alone that can continue life on your planet. are they able to show mankind a glimpse of the divine truths. that are taught to submit to the love of God to the wisdom of God. ever stronger. Let your understanding be expanded by the emersion of your consciousness into the cosmic mind of God. Those planets mankind is desperately trying to seek.The fervor of religious belief on Earth is almost a mania. If all the books in your world were able to be read freely. The exploration that man undertakes can only reach just to the extremities of your world. if that person’s consciousness is reaching ever deeper into this consciousness of God. how small is the proportion of the people from the whole population of that planet who believe and think otherwise? They can be likened to a few grains of sand upon a . It is true: Avatars are few and far between in their incarnations in your world. and find. to find out what they are made of. They want . They are also being taught to covet matter. and ever surer from the source of all knowledge. They educate the physical mind and the intellect. when you think of the endless material existence beyond your Earth. suspended in that dark sea of gravitation. Every function mankind focuses upon in that material world is geared for self-gain. they still would not be able to advance a soul spiritually. and of existence. and the thrill of possession. How many children are taught to meditate? How many children are taught to seek from the divine source to find the answers to that what their soul is craving? It is indeed a material world in which you have incarnated into in this life. for the very core of existence is God. Chapter 13 The Earth and the Reality of Spiritual Truth Never cease to give God the credit for your life. and can be closer to God than the most learned professor in your world. They rarely come until God feels the time is there for them to come into that material world. how puny in itself it is. Little children are so busy learning the facts of that world and the way of materialism. but the soul evolves and grows only through its contact with the Divine. You may wonder at Earth’s composition: that round ball of matter. want. Those books of substance and of divine knowledge that they read would be the only ones to help that soul in its divine growth. Then and only then. You will not find your understanding expanding through the reading of the books of matter. are so close to Earth. An illiterate person who is unable to read and to write can know more of God. How tiny. but for those who already have plenty. and to covet that what the world can produce in its material form. It is God. and to be remembered freely. superiority over one another. How many in your world give credit to the immensity of the potential of existence? How many people face the truth of life? When you look at the population of your world. It is a time when I think that materialism is at its height. Never mind the medicines of man and the stimulations of the material world. They are taught from the cradle to continually seek.beach Is this not so? `My beloved children: Seek your knowledge. of space. unless that soul firstly obtained his growth through the seeking of God and had the ability to discriminate from the books around him. power. and to the knowledge of God. there is no room for any other in their accepted thinking. That what man is greedily taking from the Earth is not for those in need. and more prevalent than any time known to mankind. The extent of matter is beyond mankind’s wildest understanding: they limit their world by thinking the Earth is the hub of creation. How few people there are. greed.

with no discord or anything that runs counter with the divine laws. If humanity understood the reality of that what God is. It also becomes an obsession to have and to hold so much more. Power over others would not be there. God never denies anyone that birthright. and their need to evolve to Him. . they should be able to find better and deeper ways to focus on God. and divine understanding of what life should really represent. and lived this understanding of Him. You have every right to establish yourself economically. From the moment you are born you need your soul focused on God. or a mansion in which to live. There is a great need for everyone to understand the true value of their journey. the mind would be dormant. They should not be taught of greed. The ability of harmony would also be a way of life. Children of your world should not be taken away from God. but this can become a naked ambition to possess bigger and better things. and they should not be taught to focus their attention on materialism and the luxuries of that world. It is far better to have no money in the bank. and to have the means to feed and sustain yourself. then indeed the people of your world would know true peace. while the humility of divine growth and love remains unrecognized and unimportant to the majority of people in your world. You have every right to have a home in which to live. for as long as long as the soul needs to incarnate in matter. let the superiority of the consciousness overshadow the physical mind in divine guidance. and an intricate wonder of God’s creation. Then indeed one is violating the will of God! The will of God for humanity is to seek with integrity the truth of creation and the truth of existence. to see. Therefore. They are in that material world.the power of overseeing others. The values of the material are scarcely the values of the spiritual self. to hear. but as they grow older and are able to understand they should surely be guided to the true meaning of living in that world. They must be taught to see their body as just compositions of matter. A soul’s mission in life is to grow to God. All this is relevant to God. It must revere and retain that sacred task of giving the soul a home. or jewels to wear. the understanding and recognition of divinity within themselves. They must be taught to cherish it. in order to live in comfort and not in stress. a body with all the facets of matter. and reject matter. If the consciousness withdrew. They must be taught to revere and respect their body as a temple of God. and what they must become. and to move. That has no criteria with God! God judges His children by the life they live. regardless of all else. with an ability that enables them to talk. He judges them by the goal of their search. and to instinctively and intuitively to gravitate to the Divine. and for the soul to inhabit. Fear would not exist. and greed would have no place. To also seek the truth of your incarnations from where you come from to where you go. and believing they are more important than their neighbor next door. What a place of beauty your world of matter would become. A little baby or a little child is unable to recognize this. and they should not be taught to desire from that world the comforts of that world: for that takes them to excess. Materialism is irrelevant to God! He cares not whether you have money in the bank. and to learn to discriminate between the world of matter and spirit. but have your soul expanding in the bliss and wonderment of divine understanding. As children grow older. and authority would be gently exercised wisely. They need to understand the wonder of the organs within the body maintaining the life that must be lived. and the reason for journeying through time and matter. Social status is very important to mankind today. and to nurture it: for it houses the soul. They would find divine love in existence in all people throughout your world as never before.

In this perfect world. God does not pressurize man into His way of thinking. for there is so much crime in your world. whether it is against a lesser person. mankind is slowly learning wisdom. to do his bidding. and God will ensure that this is able to eventuate. by any source other than his own desires to feel and live this way: then the lessons have not been learned. where cruelty was once so rife. this is not so in your world today. and God is all light and all peace. and what they are seeking? There would be clear skies. God lets mankind evolve gently and surely into that field of growth. If God waved a magic wand. The jungles. and not the world? What comparisons would man have to make between this religion and that religion and God’s truth? What would he have learned of living side by side with all of his brothers and sisters throughout that world? What would he have learned from seeing and understanding their needs. the valleys. and his progress. the grasslands. The very fact that man does not escape the divine justice of existence. God sees the need of that world to progress as He intends. animals that are no longer forced by man to procreate to feed him. Birds singing in peace and contentment. money and land. It is not intended that man will destroy that world as he greedily lunges forward though time. . his words. If man is forced. and his deeds: all this is in accordance to the divine laws. or a weaker one. All of your world would be evolving. his thoughts. Human beings have free will. and will last through eternity. torture. Gentleness would be there. Conniving and scheming are commonplace with people throughout that world in an effort to outwit someone else. and natural procreation would be functioning in the normal way. God governs in wisdom and compassion. a humbler one. If each growing soul learns through their own living the way to God is the spiritual way. Animals are evolving in their own special line of evolution. Alas. Soul growth then will be earned step by step. God does not come personally to transform this to His goal of evolvement. This is the world that one day will come to be: for it is the will of God. `Beloved ones: Your world could still be a place of progress. and through joy? What would he have learned through desire for the Divine. If man can achieve this through his own efforts then truly has he learned. There would be no distortion of nature by man. By the very struggle of growth. Then with all violence eradicated from your world there would be true peace. and humanity there within your world made to live accordingly. and to answer his needs. no forced the births. there must be the stimulation of mankind’s intelligence wisely directed by the spirituality of the consciousness. and truly has he chosen. Throughout your world today there is much discord. this ensures man’s evolvement. trust and peace would be there to replace all negative conditions. and they are able to exist and disappear normally and naturally. and the only way. and all mankind could hear the music of this divine creation. and not channeled to where man thinks they should be for his own benefit. as the result of the comparisons each one in flesh makes. the wilderness. However. The very fact that man has to live and to account for his actions. a place of harmony. and the rain forests of your world are all playing their part. so much stealing. the mountains. There is much violence used in order to achieve that which someone wants. and transformed your Earth into a place of peace and spiritual understanding. The oceans would be pure for the fish to live within. and can choose God through the lessons they have learned. and so much immorality in business decisions and actions.The rivers would be flowing sweetly along unpolluted. and a place of plenty. What would man have learned through experience. in which the birds could fly. There would be no animals genetically engineered to satisfy the need and greed of man. Humanity must also remove from existence all competition for power. and every living thing. and hunger: all is the result of man’s un-evolved living in that world. God allows mankind to grow through many stages of existence for them to experience divine comparison. God infinite and eternal love. God is patient. through suffering.

with a hungry unfulfilled longing for the divine state of union with Him as your supreme goal. God will not interfere with mankind’s free will. Some people can return to a body so many times. always seeking more than they already have. and cleansed in purity. That again is soul growth! When mankind can dispense with their hospitals and their medicines. and let your footsteps take you ever further along the divine pathway of soul-growth and enlightenment. It’s God’s own law! God is willingly and gently sending forth His compassion. Open your eyes to the divine presence and the divine love that awaits you. There is so much resentment. with humble desires and needs. . Exercise integrity. I know I speak of Utopia. It is the law! You can seek base products or higher products of that world. then man can truly know what living means. If this is the way you try to live and you crave only God. and deed. and no more homelessness. for they breed negativity. This still flows. or may be few. . forsaking that material world. and still not envy them . This is constant in the material thinking of mankind in your world today. Let it saturate your very being. If you seek that world. more than they need. Open yourself to God my beloved ones. Do your best to live without that I. in thought. and His light. and for those who are attuned. it’s beyond description. `Beloved ones: Truly seek God. There is before each one of you. then preventive medicine can be the living of the way through obedience to divine laws. and mine. Then you can truly accept the message from God to grow to Him in desire. Man needs to learn how to cherish the body. then surely you will only return to that material world for as little as it takes a soul to evolve. and grow to God with a love that passes all understanding . It will be a world of equal opportunities. seeing the agony of his children and the mistakes of the material that man’s mind still repeats. That truly is soul growth. no more injustice. . I know I speak of a dream of God’s. and trying to build your wealth in spirituality. It is so wrong! It is so wicked. as souls make their journey to God. no more hatred. . If you can live in humble circumstances. The words. ensuring it is immersed in health. me. echoes as a universal cry. This power of love is ever overflowing. and some people so few. and for all species in existence. Incarnations may be limitless. No more torture. and so unproductive! Hatred and fear are negative. for nature. again and again. so much hatred. When that can come. with the criteria of your thinking. So many times you hear so many people speaking of their desires. word. transcending that material world. His understanding. and so much despising the way of others. you will come again and again to have them. The choice is yours! . or if you want the things of the world. Have concern for your world. depending upon your own spiritual aspirations. the wonder of growth. God sends this to your world relentlessly. you will return. but that world one day will be the very facet of this existence. or desire to enjoy the products of that material world. and no-matter what obstacles are placed in the way. Love and peace bring the desire to share and care: this is positive. If you want to linger in the world. At present God watches and waits. and let His power of love flow into your soul —for that is the real you. no more hunger. To be able to see another’s wealth of the world and to be able to see the luxuries that someone enjoys.You have so many countries on that planet Earth with so many different populations. I want. no more killing. so much envy. and it comes from the beacon of all creation into the darkness of existence. These are the building bricks for spiritual growth for every human being in your world. Suppress your ego and let the soul manifest within you with loving concern for others. . the divine fulfillment in eternity for each enlightened soul. The key to reincarnation is with you. no-matter what man does.

. and undemanding in your worldly desires. I see your need to crave for the divine because you love God. You manifest in that world because of the need to become the higher vibration that you must. but in spiritual understanding.If you seek that world to answer your needs. I can bring these words and know they touch your soul. . Do not overwhelm people with encouragement to walk the divine pathway. the flowers of spirit. You cannot comprehend them! You live in your world to fulfill your incarnation. and if you could see the colors of love when thought by God. a material place of learning. a testing ground. which know not God. Do not encourage! Do not judge! Gently try by influencing them through the way you live. and the pure facets of existence in the spirit world. `It is the only way! Understand that material world forbid it not to any person for they must forbid it to themselves. and glimpse the wonder of the Divine Creator. Let them by your example see the divine way. Let it be gradual. Seek the conditions of divine existence as your measure of growth. You cannot comprehend the colors of spirit. Let it be gentle. the beauty of spirit. and an illusion. `Beloved ones: Be content to surrender to God. with understanding and truth awaiting for you there. and the harmony in you lives. Seek less and less of that material world to make you happy. See through and behind of all matter. and your material luxuries. but in truth. the way you think. . and the ever-sweet whisper of God flow within. Measure not your fellow humans in material attainments. . These truths have imbued your consciousness. The key is divine love. then you are surely ensuring you will return again and again. for it opens many of the doors it encounters in your world. and say . and I see your souls glow with divine light. Let them take their time to find Him as you here have done. in order to unite with God. I would not waste these words on a person who is buried in materialism and could not hear this message from God. to be humble in your existence. more. and the way you are. the beauty of a sunset is nothing and cannot be compared to anything that comes from a divine source. Be satisfied with less. `Find the divine way`. `Find this discipline. thus. and seek the world to give you happiness. Let the assets that you gather unto you be those of the soul. the peace in your lives. and you want God. and spiritual growth. It is because you here are attuned to this divine pathway . and want not God? . and not that world. `My beloved children: I see so clearly your need to reach out for God. it is for you to seek and find Him of your own volition. If you could but see the wonderful colors that flow from the divine love of God that is ever increasingly sent forth to those awaiting this love in your world. See the illusion of your world for what it is. the souls of mankind are hungry for the Beloved Creator. Do not condemn the opinion of others! Let them learn to find their way to God. Be gentle in your judgments of mistakes. Let it flow and find a resting place in the souls of those who are ready. Let the windows of divine love be open. Can you envisage the misery of souls locked in bodies. and ever more. Do not become one who is trying by force to impart on others that which you have learned. You in this small gathering have learned enough wisdom spiritually to know in the depths of your souls that I speak the truth. These statements of mine are made in the hope that this can be the way of your life. I speak to all seekers of the divine pathway. contentment. You live in your world to fulfill the wishes of The Beloved Creator.

in harmony. diamonds. and sprayed by the pesticides of your world to eliminate pests. This is not the way of God! Just imagine a world where love only lives. When man misuses and hurts the Earth then the Earth is suffering. to satisfy his hunger. They have every known form of life that has been killed to cater for the appetite of man. peacefully. Man has not helped the world to grow and build. the fish. your desires be simple. copper. They have not the simple produce of the world to offer. Let your lives be filled with such joy in your souls. the living of divine laws. oil. Man has greedily exploited the assets of the world. your needs be few. This wealth does not go to those with nothing: it only goes to those that already have plenty. The body of man was designed by God to live simply. in every corner of every nation. The Earth is a precious creation of God’s. but not to destroy other species because of his uncontrolled greed. The Earth can feel pain and sorrow through the wrong actions of man. various civilizations have come and gone. Many people in your world have an uncontrollable desire to gather to themselves as much wealth as possible in the shortest possible time. Man is leaving nothing for future generations. and of the expectation of ever growing in consciousness to reach that unity with God. The harboring of divine wisdom. In the waiting in those physical bodies of negativity. My beloved children. the death of the wild life. all of these creatures are credited by man to tempt his appetite and to satisfy his sensual pleasures. A world where animals can roam without the forced procreation they must endure. Your planet Earth suffers because of the rampage of man digging from the bowels of the Earth the riches of the Earth. let your lives be simple. and more comforts. it’s a matter of joy in our world. When you look at the restaurants of the world. The sweet earth gently letting the crops come to fruition instead of being forced by the fertilizers. Let your lives be lived in the search for God. The Earth is suffering through man. and more from that planet Earth. Think of the consciousness longing to expand into the mind of God: the soul claiming its rightful inheritance. Man is greedily taking out every last handful of gold. the dearth of the forests and rain forests. instead he has forced it to give him more luxuries. and the understanding of . nurtured by love and gently treated by man. and the cattle. The degradation of Earth by man will have to be accounted for eventually in the time yet to come. grow and evolve. this has to be! Humanity is so negative and so wrapped in your world today. Man has misused his responsibility: he has tried to turn the Earth into a plaything for his material instincts and desires. Think of the loneliness of the souls of such ones in flesh. The birds. so much that they cannot see or feel the higher vibrations of the world unseen. and everything he can turn into the type of wealth to fill his coffers. this atom of God within Every soul within a physical body must return to God. It is not man’s plaything! It is not man’s property to desecrate! Mankind was given Earth in which to live. and mankind has greedily grown to want more. you see them multiplying so rapidly. and your spiritual ambitions be many. We see the light blaze forth from your Earth and we know someone has suddenly found a spark of divinity within the inner-self. It reacts in the drying of the rivers.Every soul incarnate has within it the spirit of God. and it must in time find the way to Him. where the birds are free to fly. and it is hurting through man. the soul has to exist and have its being. for man to kill and eat. even in the most primitive form. Over the centuries. I ask of you with love. more. and think of the restlessness of the soul in it’s longing to be free. without man shooting them down to consume. and to respect things of nature. ore minerals. The Earth must be free to evolve spiritually. the fowl. When a soul awakens to God.

and the divine pathway. Let only love. My children: That world can never make you happy. I want you to know. and let the spiritual understanding grow: then the power of divine truth will manifest in your very living. I want you to merge into the mind of God. and the brilliant lights of true spiritual people there give us great joy. but let your love help them. to earn. You take with you a spiritual understanding that will take you to the higher vibration of existence: that is your wealth—make it so. and God will slowly fashion them into that which they must become. for I see a need in your world for spiritual truth. no matter what the cost. Your world is a dark shell when looked upon by the eyes of spirit. let these be your goal. and stepping-stones to the spiritual growth that must be achieved. It matters not! That is not true wealth! That is only the illusion of the material! You take with you the growth of the soul and the growth of the consciousness. every bed you lie upon. I also see the wrong values of governments of your world manipulating the populace of your world. Every human being has the divine spark within them: for they are part of God. Do not condemn the mistakes of others.divine truths. Learn to forgive! Then learn to move on until you reach this higher vibration of understanding. and no hatred. and hungry for God. to see. . and to find soul growth. understanding. and every chair you sit upon. and by desire to portray God with the flow of divine love to all mankind. for you to live God. Never think of that world as your true belonging. your wealth and your bank. I want you. That world can make you hungry for truth. forgiveness. I want to see you compassionate. Give thanks to God for everything you have and every thing you do. Thank God for the privilege of using them. Let your thinking be thoughts to help others to desire to know that what you know. Finally. I see conditions of negativity everywhere. I want to see you at the journeys end mantled in the glory of coming home. Do not take for granted the joys of existence. Let no killing be laid at your door. . Learn not to judge your fellow men. Your material world can bring discord. as you animate in the higher dimension of existence. Thank God for the food you eat and the water you drink. the potential that is theirs to have and to hold. for it enables you to animate in matter and grow closer to Him. Then you will be truly seeking the truth. and compassion manifest in your thinking. Let the banks of the world have their material coin. Let your way of living inspire others. and the things of that world your true desires. and it can bring hurt to the body. all because you are divine beings in a world that is not your home. with endeavors to overpower the thinking of others. Be grateful to God for the body you carry. See in all people the beauty of the divine. Thank God for the opportunity. I want to see you ever increasing your divine way of life in that world of matter. Desire them not! Live in simple humility! Be aware every second you exist of the wonder of God and the grace of God. Never make that world your home. I want you to experience the glory of the leaving behind that physical body and again assuming your rightful place in the real world—your spirit home. Even though you may be treated unjustly and even though you may be treated badly. `My children: I give you these words of truth. Focus not on the mistakes of others. It enables you to forsake the desire for the world and see only the Divine Beloved. That world can never fulfill you. . I see the wrong doings of mankind. They are God’s creation. to find the way that you have found. Never by force or seek to influence anyone. but see them as stepping-stones to wisdom. Let no anger be yours. that planet Earth will never again will be your playground or your home. I want you to give yourself the opportunity to grow ever closer to God. the light. no fear. . Let no vengeance be yours. Influence only by example. and live that way. They also present the wrong form of ambition to the children of your world.

for they will feel the pull of negativity ever present in their lives when they are seeking that which is the opposite of God. We see the beauty of your planet. We know the knowledge within all the universes.We see not the agony of mankind living in that world as an example of living. Immerse yourself in the divine truth. The ultimate of everything that is positive is with God. and the change within yourself. but. and constantly seek God. and not a physical body with a spirit. festooned by the beauty of God’s gifts. I give you my love. Do not let that world hurt you or have the power to hurt you. and the divine laws. Although. . God. as I have said so many times is all love. every moment. and never seek revenge. within all the worlds. and greedily drink from it. all compassion. We see also your Earth as the tiny example of worldly structure in its’ very formation there. condemn not. manifesting in matter of varying degrees of evolution. live with God and think with God. Every soul on Earth lives in a fallible material world. Divine help is ever present as it journeys through its incarnation. and varying forms of expression in that material world. in a fallible physical body. You need to learn the acceptance. `My children: There nothing in your world that can hurt the real you. The more a soul loves and wants God. and within all the unseen dimensions of all creation exists because of the wisdom and bounty of God. We see the peace and the bliss manifesting from this divine merger. we do see the light that blazes forth from souls awakened to God as the true measure of existence in your world. all understanding. and within your-self cling to the desire to be in union with God. every second. I long for all spiritual souls to reach enlightenment and the peace that they desire. `My children of love: Walk with God. You have to learn to be patient and accept this difference in desire. Each person on Earth is a spirit with a physical body. then the more the love for God manifests within you. The more you attain wisdom. you are really divine beings seeking the ultimate. and it flows endlessly into all creation. Know also that great love and wisdom surrounds each soul on its way back into a body. the more the truth unfolds in your consciousness. all wisdom. Let that world fall away: seek the Divine Beloved. the less your world can claim you. It is but one tiny planet. the merging into the oneness with God. This is an absolute truth I speak! The more the desire for God is paramount in your search. take greedily from it. We see the limitless potential of existence manifesting in many varying forms of existence for God. and divine love walks with them every step of the way until they return home. It is the law! I am a teacher for God: for I know the truth and the bliss of The Beloved. hungrily take from it relentlessly. with such vast areas of space beyond its place of existence. Then the more that growing soul feels out of place in your world. `My beloved children: There is no joy like the joy we have when we see a soul that no longer needs to return to earth. You are souls journeying to God. of every day. the ultimate reunion of each soul with The Divine Creator. I give you my peace. the more that person is attuned to the divine way and relinquishes the pull of the material world. because you love God. and all peace. for nothing will satisfy or fulfill you except your union with God. and the less that soul wants that world: for it wants only God! You cannot help people who only seek material gains. Guidance and love is always given each soul when it incarnates into a physical form. You can tap into this great resource. Your world cannot give you happiness. the calmness. Then we see too. your world cannot satisfy your needs if it is God you want. I am Bethesda. Judge not.

If you allow the noise of the world to cloud your life. as you would want to— order it to be quiet! That is a start. If you allow the world to crowd your day. its negativity. for they have a great karmic debt to repay. God is the super. superlative. I cannot understand why they are not prepared to share it with those who have nothing and are hungry and in dire need. You can also wonder if man will ever come to his senses amid so much violence. and all your interests may be absorbed by things of that world. I think of the misery that now prevails on your planet Earth. so is the whisper of God. That is not so! The very fact that you have surrendered yourself to the Divine. never say you are too tired. No remorse is to be found amongst those creating pain and inflicting misery. Find time each day to reflect with God. You have not to be a master of meditation to receive the benefit of what God is sending! `My beloved children: Never think that meditation is the only key to enlightenment. supreme mind that governs and controls all universal life and rhythm. whereas. in many countries that make up Africa. . I cannot understand how great wealth can be accumulated by so many. . and quietly marvel at the . and other regions of your world. It is the only sobering thought in a world that has seemingly gone mad. batter the physical body with its noise. God’s creation ever evolving. that in its-self will benefit you both spiritually and physically. they are more intent on keeping their own beliefs sacrosanct. and are not continually focusing on that world of matter. Woe-betide these perpetrators. but never lift a finger to help another who is suffering. all your energy given to it. you cannot hear God. All this is contrary to God `s laws! Religions should be leading mankind into spiritual truths and the wisdom of God. Then gently think of God’s world.In India you can see the suffering of the poor who lie dying along the roadside from starvation. Cruelty has become a way of life. You need to be so close to the Divine if you are to react to this truth that you hear. and away from that world. and in many parts of South America. confuse your senses. hatred. is a great stride towards unity with God. wealth has become the right for those who do not care in their gain of it. God created. like a tidal wave of disregard of dignity and decency. and its useless information: then the true wisdom and the true reality of His love are lost. then in this tranquility be submissive to the inflow of the cosmos. Never say you are too busy. I wonder how anyone can say they know God and they love God. Chapter 14 Towards Enlightenment Like the gentle whisper of the wind as it blows. You may wonder why there is so much killing in the Middle East. There seems to be an avalanche of cruelty. But alas. `My children: Let yourself hear the gentle whisper of God as He whispers His truths to those ready to receive them. and chaos.. and poverty has become an expendable acceptance for man. `Beloved children: This is not the way! Focus on the Creator: if you cannot still the physical mind. Do not feel you have to be an expert in meditation before you can benefit from God’s energy. That material existence can have all your senses directed to it. in order to achieve their satisfaction in obtaining what they are seeking. and ever producing for mankind. There is also great misery in the Philippines. Remember this my children . If you willingly allow the soul to long for God: you will find God! Gently allow the self to submit to the quietude and shut out the world. God’s laws will be the ultimate for your world: for man cannot run counter with the divine laws forever. and never say you cannot! Make yourself available to the inflow of God’s cosmic energy in the quietude of the surrender of the self to the Divine. and God is the pure energy of creation.

geography. This evolved soul sees the perfect intent to give to that world this gift: but sadly it’s not appreciated by man. The Beloved Creator. Their practice on the computers may fit very well into that physical living with all this information flowing to them. to teach God’s truths. and we see every soul and everybody is linked with God. These gifts from God are exploited and ravaged. and we rejoice. God never weakens that which He sends. do you think such a one could send hatred? Do you think God could send the idea of killing and destroying as many followers of extreme religions claim? From God comes truth. and the loving hand that sustains them. That link with God cannot be destroyed. Do you think this loving creator. They may sometimes seek it clumsily. It can only move forward: because the longing once awake to truth cannot be suppressed. From God comes love and light: this love and light never touches the negativity of your world. and of the history of the world. and gave them the ability to incarnate into the physical world. `My beloved children: There are those in your world who really know the truth of God. I think little children should be taught how to sit in this stillness as part of their school curriculums. If they can find time in their schools for all this physical activity they can surely find time to teach the children of the one who formed them: The Beloved Creator who gave them life. this compassionate soul of the whole. all speak by their very formation of the wonder of God. That soul can only move forward once that spark is awake to the hidden spring of divinity that is within the inner-self. you will find yourself able to focus the self away from the body. It is man that shuts away that which is flowing from God. The birds. this soul of all that exists seen or unseen—God. most important to let their souls receive also. to eat.wonder of God’s power controlling all. Let yourself drift quietly and gently away from the physical existence. but alas. the animals. and feel the sweet cosmic inflow from God. and ever loving. all for mankind’s own material gain and their own material comfort. history. He may not be aware of it. these are so very few and far between. and you are able to practice this surrender. their voices are growing stronger. or conscious of it. whose love never fluctuates. It is all very well to teach them mathematics. the rivers. and not the one who sends. but it is I know. something to kill. Not one thing in your world can be separated from God: for nothing would exist. These are evolved souls who seek to live God’s truths. From God comes wisdom. this everlasting power. Then as time goes by. Transcend that physical matter. it may not seem so: but in all truth I tell you it is so! We see some lights glistening in the darkness of your world. It is the receiving of that which is coming to you that is important. They are so busy teaching the young of the years gone by in your world. and who really seek to become one with God. and the everlasting sea. but it is a fact that link with God has been forged just that . it can be suppressed. We see the restlessness of so much of that world. and sometimes haphazardly. and something to pollute for his own luxurious association of the senses. ever strong. but they do seek the divine truth. and does not wane: God who is ever constant. A true devotee of God sees them through the eyes of God: he sees the loving hand that formed all things. by the very nature of his own negativity and his own thoughts that are not of God. However. Man cannot stagnate once the desire within him is awake. and that is the responsibility of the one receiving. and not one soul would inhabit a physical body. everything would perish. it can be stilled for the satisfaction of the body: but it cannot be destroyed—it’s eternal! Those who are awake to truth just seek the truth. Why not tell them of the reality of God. always in strength it flows and always in love He gives. and all that they now receive from that world. the mountains. Man sees them only of something to climb.

or no matter how long.’ Try to transcend that world. ‘I want only the truth of my Beloved God. Then you are moving to God through the sheer effort of your own soul growth to Him. If you can forge your pathway in the light of love of the Creator. but do not seek it. Every step you take to God must be one of conquering the material. You have not to allow your world to blot out that judgment of that wondrous love that awaits you. If the lives you have lived have given you sufficient understanding of the truth of God. you can resist and say . . If you are strong enough in love and truth with God you instinctively move into a wave of understanding. no attachments. and the soul will not rest until it has found God. and the more it tries to seduce you.little bit stronger. everything in that material world. the soul no longer has any need for that heavy world of matter in which to learn its lessons and to find its way back home. until it is able to revitalize the link with the Divine Creator. . but do not desire it or any of its many temptations. You reject it. or feel you are failing because you have not touched the heights you want and seek. The journey may be long. but still that person walks to God almost as if it’s magnetically hypnotized by that of the divine within the inner-self.’ ‘I want only to live God’s laws. Then that soul stagnates once again. You have not to allow that world to drag you back into the depths . Do not become discouraged. Then and only then. until the day comes when the soul is filled with wisdom. In spirit. and you have the help to find the vehicle of flesh that you will use to make your return journey to that material world . When you come back into a body once again. If you can resist it in every way. this is a divine law! God is a loving God. No one can escape that reality! The fact that you have the choice. and so weary of that material world. When that world offers you more of physical and material wealth. . and filled with divine truth and longing. . Later the reality comes once again to allow the soul the choice of returning to Earth for the opportunity to grow still closer to the Beloved. Endure it. Every step of growth that you achieve must be earned. your soul can rest and can gently move in the flow of spirit. lovingly and willingly. the more you will be able to resist. This is so. sometimes a soul is not able to withstand the pull of your world and will drift back into the ways of that world. then you can face your material world and reject your material world. That person will never be the same again. Your only desire will be the quietude of the Beloved the glow of His understanding. Live in it. then most surely you are approaching the time when you have not the need to return to a body of flesh. a way of life that allows you the opportunity to pursue this spiritual growth. so lonely for God. desire nothing. live in it. Reincarnation is never forced upon you. resist it in every temptation it offers and still say no to that material world—then that is soul growth! The more that world tries to pull you. The world of spirit is not an escape for those who want to leave that life on Earth: because from spirit they have to come back to that Earth until they have transcended the need for the physical. Imagine the joy of ultimately rejecting. The Spirit World is a refuge for souls who are so tired. seek that always. Grow not impatient because you cannot have what you want at your moment in time. the way may be obscure. not whether or one day. He sends you helpers to ease your path. This is the spiritual growth that you have come to realize is the only way in which to live in that world. If you are not ready for God you must return. no possessions. and the immersion of the consciousness into this great ocean of wisdom and loves. and I want only to find the soul growth I came to seek. If you can face this reality in your wisdom. a wise God. but be not of it. no longing for anything of that material illusion in which you now exist. soul growth will take place. You have the choice of when you come back to a physical body. and to light your way.

and never within spiritual growth can you ever do that. always seek more. and to buy his comforts. It is the divine law! You have to have the growth to match the wisdom and the power that the greater level of spiritual evolution provides. God never sees failure in one who is trying. If your wisdom does not balance with your understanding and divine truth. You cannot by sheer expectation of your efforts be given it: for you have to quietly and gently earn this ultimate state. God’s wisdom flows to those who have made a sincere effort to live God and are ready to know His wisdom. but man must pay the price. God’s truth and understanding are ready to be absorbed by those who are ready to understand. the fountain of all knowledge. you have achieved it And if you keep taking those steps you must find your way positively back to the Beloved. and do not covert the next before you are ready for that level. Do not expect to get it because you want it. On your planet Earth man can use money to buy this. Nothing is unaccountable. You have to resist all temptations! `Beloved ones: Progress gently to God. man can cheat. and a greater knowledge into their consciousness. Accept it with the love that has prompted the growth. you can imagine the chaos that would be in your world. Accept it with the love that keeps you on the divine pathway. to buy his privileges. Man can bribe. If God allowed His gifts to be given to those not ready. If you want to touch the heights of the Divine. You cannot compare with someone else how far advanced you have progressed with soul growth. You cannot compare with someone else. You have to walk that lighted pathway and you have to quietly grow. He never lets any of His children accept or receive more than they are ready for. Your soul can cry out for so much spiritual enlightenment. and know that every step you take you have earned. You must have the wisdom to use that which you receive. and dedicated constancy. discipline. you could not ever hope to evolve spiritually. and ready to use in service . and accept what you have achieved. and so divine. and man can steal. You will then feel in truth that which you have absorbed has come to you from God to your consciousness: that unseen energy that eventually evolves into God. You have not failed because you are only at the stage that you have reached at this level of soul growth. this greater understanding. that is worldly. this cosmic ocean of wisdom. Keep on trying! My beloved children: that is the step you need to reach God. `My beloved children: God is so wise and so loving. and know that the hand of God is always there leading you back to Him. keep on trying. It is so precious. with your soul ever evolving and living God’s laws while balancing on that delicate tightrope of spiritual understanding. as they journey back to Him. what you know and what you do not know. You have not to let God feel that you have betrayed Him by the lack of effort. Accept what you have learned. Never feel you have enough of what you are spiritually. you must remember you cannot by sheer desire achieve this supreme goal. so wonderful. Slowly and surely your consciousness and soul are evolving together while matching the wisdom and the truth you are acquiring. It flows to those growing souls who feel they can imbue this greater wisdom. Accept it with the love that gently whispers to you of the divine love that is awaiting you. Accept each stage you reach. This moves so very. gently with you into the mind of God. absorbing.of its material luxury. Grow spiritually. If you could buy the gifts of God like you can buy power on Earth: where then would creation be? If you could borrow or force someone to give you something you have not earned spiritually. There is the loving understanding of the struggle before you. to buy that. but you cannot have it until you have earned it with patience. great chaos would be the result. You have to earn that level of soul growth. very.

You cannot find any other way of acquiring or achieving it. is not the yardstick that takes you to God. it has already begun. they will not be separated by boundaries. cruelty. will these things arise in that world of matter. but remember. You have the ability understand it will take a long time. You cannot apply the laws of the world to your spiritual journey. and they will bring change. The reality of God within you guides you. Mankind in your world has been so slow to react. It only comes from the depths of the self within your soul. so slow to . and leads you along this spiritual pathway. souls are being born into bodies. would grow spiritually and live the divine laws: then these leaders would have the wisdom to apply the spiritual teachings to their earthly life: then and only then you would have Utopia. You cannot expect the level of education of that world to change the conditions. There would be the perfect balance between the divine laws and God’s will for your world. Surely. who become leaders in your world. You will find the civil laws will still be there. It is only when the population of your world is able to think and feel with similar spiritual understanding. for He meant your world to become a jewel of growth and evolution. except by your own efforts. Gently. or whatever you are in that better world. starvation. souls that are evolving in a greater way than those who are already there. by birth. or slaughtered for food. treated badly. you cannot apply that knowledge to the acquire growth to God. `Oh my beloved ones: This is so far away and yet so real with the intent of God to have it so.for God. homelessness. killing. you would also have laws that prevent hunger. The people will move together. My beloved children: I have told you on other occasions and I tell you again. more evolving souls will incarnate into physical bodies: thus. Then your world will know no barriers as it does today. but the civil laws will resemble more and more the laws of God. you will have to find this constant effort of those who love and know God to overcome the negativity of your world. and achieve the ability to live God’s laws in that physical world. It will be the overall understanding of God at work that will be the deciding factor that controls whenever you incarnate. but you can be a giant spiritually. If only those in your world. very surely. With this spiritual wisdom firmly established. and destroying. this balance will be achieved slowly over time by the birth into physical bodies of evolved souls. adding and filling the various senses of your world with understanding. God gave that Earth to mankind. a very poor learner. until that is so. Until mankind can achieve this spiritual understanding. You can be ignorant at school. You cannot borrow it. You can instinctively feel the wisdom of God pervading you. and yet you can be a dunce at that schoolwork in your world. with that world becoming a more spiritual place and a gentle place. no river dammed or blocked. No animal would be locked away. a very bad pupil. Having intellect and brains in your world. These laws of the Divine will be gently and surely incorporated into the laws of the world. The skin’s color and the facial features will not decide who should be where. Then you will see the difference beginning to emerge in your world. Thus. They will challenge the doctrines of old! They will not be silenced! They will not be suppressed! They will probe and they will challenge. no ocean polluted. then you still have to expect the imbalance of evolution in that world. No matter what you learn in the books of your world and in the schools of your world. and everything would be working in harmony with nature. No bird would be caged. and you cannot expect the few in that world who understand God to change the multitudes. You cannot steal it. those artificial boundaries that you have in your world today. torture. and who should be doing what. I know you can imagine the small impact a spiritual soul can have in amid the negativity of such differing understandings.

The scientists are deciding in their wisdom. and will perish when the soul departs: but the composition of the soul within that body of matter is divine. but still puny in the overall thrust of creation. The atoms and molecules of that physical body will dissipate. Nothing is wasted with God. The aspect of the divine will be growing. Every soul has to find its way back to God. and not God’s way. When you think of the multitude of opportunities you have to inhabit creation. If you can understand the body is not formed with spirit. Even in that part of that world where you live. This spiritual journeying to an Avatar is a simple: instantly he can move from one dimension to another. and mankind will have to find the truth of that! Mankind will have to realize the money they are spending on their futile exploration of matter to find the ultimate. He will gently and lovingly allow the evolution to take its own path. Every facet of life in your world of matter has its own destiny. These huge sums of money could surely be well spent on succoring the help which your world needs. they still cannot influence an aspect of life . Looking at these conditions you may think there is nothing more horrible mankind could achieve. They are waiting for sounds to come: telling them life is there. This is the stark negativity of the human mind overpowering the wisdom of God within. you then realize how puny human beings are. and its own formation. what there could be out in the depths of matter beyond your planet Earth. Mankind is so busy with their telescopes. looking into the immensity of space around your Earth. The soul within has the vibrations that enable it to return to spirit. and bring to pass that which He intends for that world. How mankind could think of the cruel things that they do I do not know. The coarseness of the human body and the vibrations of that body could never allow it to live anywhere else but Earth. God could transform the thinking of mankind. or planet-byplanet. No matter how clever humans can be. or for mankind to discover life. Because of the limitations of the physical mind. but still you find they can do just that. Every soul has to move through time in the varying stages of growth. The physical and material world will perish. man does not realize that from your Earth world you can spiritually journey into other dimensions and other universes where existence is so different. It has its own particular path to move and to follow through in that material life. but important and wonderful. you see the results of the fallible thinking of people. and the form of existence is also so different. God could change your world tomorrow if He wanted it to be so. but change they will. but the physical body can never accompany it into that higher plane of existence. and ever moving higher in growth to God. God’s worlds are not intended to be captured by man step-by-step. All life on Earth is an illusion. it is formed with matter. is a total waste. Matter is so vast and so immense. but that is not God’s will. gently and surely. When you walk in your world as you do in this present incarnation. Only the spiritual-self emerges into that next dimension of living. ever evolving. until they are energized with such a fine vibration to become one with Him. God’s patience will never mean the forcing of God upon that world with His will. It is God’s creation! It has the supreme function of enabling people to move and grow to God. you see the dreadful things mankind is doing to each other and to that world. when each and everyone will walk that divine pathway to God.understand and accept that what God wants for that world. Its’ origin is divine! It is of God! Then the soul one day at the point of perfection will become one again with the Beloved Creator. You may think people will never change. your scientists could never find the wisdom to achieve the vehicles of travel to take people to where they think there may be other beings. but not the divine. The day will eventually come.

For the wealth of the self is the spirituality of the self. the whole that is moving to God. it the unknown wonder that is hidden from the understanding of man. and that person is that age. the most money in the bank. but is never a part of it. The soul sees its’ path evolving ever onward to God. If only people of your world can realize that they are divine. and his computers. That is God’s province! God puts into motion the things that He intends — not that what man intends! Man builds his clocks. but he cannot affect life elsewhere. always share this quality with others. The soul cannot be destroyed by man. his physics. This is the worth of your existence! You can have the finest house in that world. and the brain that thinks and schemes is not the reality of that which you are. and does not say . ‘I am seventy years of age I am going to become seventy-one next year. Man cannot stay or hasten or slow down anything in some other aspect of life! No matter how clever he is. Show gentleness and love to your world and to those within your world. The consciousness is completely away and separate from that physical body. However. The body is but an outer covering. that is the truth and reality of the real you — the soul. The body might observe the rudiments of your world and eye man-made clocks and calendars then mark off the time as days go past.’ That is not the way of the soul! The soul works out each existence in its evolution. You will then realize the futility of striving in that world. or another dimension. their boats. and it is irrelevant to the wealth of the soul. . He will decide this person is this age. Man can affect life on Earth. It’s vulnerable. and their palaces. but when the time comes for you relinquish the physical body and return to spirit. Then the spiritual self becomes again the one. it can get sick and it can have disease. another world. and it cannot be manipulated by man! Standing aside from that life on Earth. is the real you. with his mathematics. With the values of the truth you acquire. The truth in all reality is: that all people are ageless. its physical structure. no matter what he can work out on his pieces of paper. They can also spend their energy acquiring their motorcars. for possessions of that world. that spark of the divine flame. This is what you should be allowing to move along the path of evolution: back to the source of all creation. The soul has no clock and it has no calendar. When you look at the composition of the human body. they are all part of the whole and the body is only one facet of the whole. it wears out. and to that material world this is the wisdom of your living. then spiritually you can express both for the world. All else of matter you acquire is irrelevant to the soul. Mankind can spend their days coveting wealth and spend their energy and working time on building huge homes. The soul is ever constant with the body in living. If you can live in that world and find somewhere to sleep. in the overall emergence into the higher vibrations of existence. find something to eat. It still influences the body. and some place to keep your body clean. that consciousness is impregnable. If you can find some security in that world to allow you to live in that body while you are there and to achieve the fundamental needs for your life that should be enough for any soul. but that soul. You will also realize how fallible the struggle of man is. All these are the qualities of God shining forth through you. for it is animating in spirit and moving to God in spirit. That atom of God within. and its spiritual reality. nor I am this spiritual or that spiritual. and ultimately with God. then watches Earth time pass by according to his calculations. . The soul does not think I am this age or that age. and the wisdom of the truth you acquire. and that divine consciousness is within. and yet . but never of that body. What are they? What do they represent? They are but a physical expression of mankind’s vanity and mankind’s stupidity to truth and reality of what people are when encased in a human body. the soul within is timeless. for each person is the soul within each physical another universe. the spiritual aspect of the self then moves very slowly in its parallel path of that life on that Earth.

with trauma. Be not afraid of what hurts that body. That’s not living! `My beloved ones: Let every last thought you have. and you need the ability to be able to move spiritually along the pathway to God. you have earned victory. you are facing the difficulties of that world. with depression. The spiritual self. you will be able to influence these conditions with the loving peace and loving understanding that you are in command of from within that body.’ You have to live in that world and you have to fulfill your responsibilities. and if you make striving for the material gains of that world the very core of your existence. You can lay your head upon your bed at night and give no thought to God. You need the comfort of your world. But: if you make living in that world your goal. for always it grows with you life after life. Remember. and that is this aspect of God and not the aspect of that material world. but I am giving you the truth of what you must seek. Try to move through time living as you must in your world. and I know it is very difficult to always keep in mind this reality. be of The Beloved Creator. I am divine. . I am seeking my Beloved. You. ‘God is within. and you are trying to evolve to God. `My beloved children: I realize this. that awareness of reality and the truth that you are a soul living within a physical body: that is the reality of the self. and that is the true self. you are moving through time in a physical overcoat only to enable that soul to animate in that world of matter. You never lose this spiritual growth that you acquire. or with grief when that world hurts you. You need security to give you peace of mind. then surely let every waking thought in the morning. but living always with . With soul growth you are continually building spiritual can be a pauper. and you need health to keep you moving. You are learning to reject what matter is. If you can but realize the jewel of your existence comes from the power you have within your material form. It is that inner-self giving out these qualities to your physical body and the organs that function therein. You have not yet achieved that level of evolution where you can be supreme in your spiritual strength. and determine the comfort of your life. it is not hurting the soul: for that is impregnable. and always you carry it forward into the next life. `My beloved children: That material world is not your life. This core condition that I speak of only comes from the divine reality within the soul. at the end of the day. Then all the more. You have to abide by the laws of that world. It is very important you understand the very core of peace. be . I know this is not easy. your spiritual self will determine the peace of mind that you have. That world cannot give you the security that God can give you. and it is not the criterion of your success or your happiness. and the very core of your well-being does not come from the body or the physical self. and you can awake in the morning and again give no thought to God. You are leaning to reject all physical aspects of life and seek only the spiritual. I am giving you the truth of what you must strive to become. If you can but achieve only part of what you are trying to do. then you are losing the message of what you came to learn. that consciousness. It is God! Do not react violently when disaster strikes! Do not react with dismay. That material world is not your hub of existence. These things are understood and accepted. you have not been defeated. and you have to seek a certain amount of opportunities from that world. You can be living with all that wealth and be indifferent to the reality of the inner-self — that reality of God within you. All that you acquire spiritually is forever with you. the very core of security. . You are in that world.

God. doctrines. I tell you in truth: that which pleases matter cannot please the soul or the spirit. Chapter 15 Food for the Soul Enlightenment is there if only mankind would seek it by retreating within. you seek in all sincerity: then you have to adjust your life so differently to that of living for that world. to depress and absorb your energy. then you certainly are not living God as you think and want. Don’t let that world decide your happiness. If you allow the weight of the material and what it brings. a love. So many of the people in your world constantly look to the material aspect of life . If it is God. and growing into that earned status of Avatar. you have to bathe it. This is mankind seeking a god to suit their own religious beliefs. Even while walking around in your daily tasks go quietly within the self. They must come from the soul! Religions are blindly looking for a god to fit into their own particular set of beliefs. and a sense of power to those around them. just think of me and I will be there. Nothing material can satisfy the soul no matter how expensive and no matter how highly professional it may be in its creation: it is the silence with God that feeds the soul. you have to feed it. and then by example of such an evolved soul. and walk with God if they themselves are not so doing. Do not allow any material circumstance. No one can claim the right to tell any soul to live. This is an acquired energy through the existence they themselves lived and acquired by the applications of spiritual laws. and exude through their personality a great peace. You are dual. The love for all humanity and all living things must be expressed if you are going to reach that supreme goal of becoming one with God. however large as it may seem. be your understanding that your inner-self is the reality of God. Your physical self needs the attention of the world. This tranquility and love does not emanate from their personality. to dominate. Don’t let the world decide your wealth. Let God! Great souls such as Avatars shine from within. and you have to nurture it to carry you through your incarnation. Always make the yardstick of your gaining spiritual wealth and wisdom. Once again I leave with you that wonderful condition of divine peace. They are laws that must be lived. house it. think God. but by their very spiritual energy. Humanity today looks too much for stimulation of the world and does not retreat into silence with God. to overwhelm you. and convictions. and let God be the overwhelming factor of your day. they can claim the right to influence the lives of others. I am Bethesda. Your world cannot bring solace to your soul. love. that you may know the love and feel the bliss of The Beloved Creator. `My beloved children: Whenever you are in need of me. If prayers come from the mouth and the mind. Subdue the mind and the physical and let the spirit transform your being into that of quietude. Moreover you are not walking the divine pathway that the Avatars walk. Don’t let that world decide your reason for living. and you are matter. But unless you give your attention to the soul that attention it needs: you are starving the essential self of its true reality. feel God. they have no meaning to God. They emit this through their auras into the active lives and auras of people near them. you are spirit. you have to clothe it.

and decide which you will pursue: the material world or God. the ones who watch over you in your physical life. Sleep was designed to replenish that what the body needs. and accept without question that you are divine. Ever active in your life are the unseen helpers. You take from that world what you need and use it wisely. the lack of use. sometimes over many lives. You could not exist without sleep. It is a false value to think you have to be religious to be peaceful and contented. How can you receive the inflow of divine energy properly if your body is in conflict with the true spiritual nature of the inner-self? Submit passively to your contact with the spirit. These unseen helpers never interfere. the spirit dimension. how could anyone think they could find their happiness from that source? Their fast motorcars. or they think they are deprived. and that you are never. to bring deep happiness and contentment into your daily life. their false values. These gifts are aspects of God that you . the blood supply. In sleep state it is revitalized because of the lack of activity. they should be nurtured gently. However. or if wantonly used to profit in that physical life of the one so doing. separated from spirit. they must have their high-powered entertainment and their expensive attributes of life. When you think of the turmoil that physical world is presenting for mankind today. and the lack of the pressure upon that body. and are always there to be watchful of the spiritual aspect of your being. ever moving into your body. If you could but know and understand the continual tenuous links that exist between you and spirit. God’s creative energy ever flowing. and in awakening you are also closely aligned. the pull of the world does not allow you that oneness you have when you submit the body to bring them happiness. and every aspect of the body. Not only are the organs receiving the necessary revitalization. All the troublesome aspects of life should be suppressed into this quiet acceptance of sleep and of the need to link with the true home of all people. When these gifts are manifesting. their fast aircraft. Accept without challenge that you are not a physical being. This can only bruise the peace you are seeking. at the same time you depend upon that link with The Divine. You have to be prepared for these spiritual gifts. and it stirs you into thoughts and directions that is not the way to God. the limbs. They truly have to be earned! You have to be ready for them in your spiritual make-up and your physical make-up. and moving as it must to every organ of your body and to every cell of that physical body. and all their artificial stimulation: that is not the way that a soul must take if it is looking for God. you are a spiritual being. by submitting to the overall reality of the divinity within that covering of flesh. never. you do not place your values in those things of that world. even in age there is still the need for the period of rest. Gifts from God are sacred. I want you to always remember that rest should not be just for the body resting but also the mind and the emotions. and when you really seek God. and all those gifts have to be earned and not dispensed like prizes. You must then be aware that the overriding intelligence must be of the spiritual. but not the dominant priority of your existence. their loud music. Without sleep man cannot survive! As you grow older your body needs less sleep: for the demand is not there as when your body was young. so is the entire body. In sleep you are more closely aligned to spirit. The life force. That physical body is but an adjunct necessary for your journey in flesh. True spirituality is the ever-continuing receptivity of the spiritual inflow into the body. In awakening. then you must assess the values. In rousing. When you really love God. and your body would wear out very quickly. The gift of recognition of those in the Spirit World is very precious if understood and if used with wisdom and integrity. you are not consciously aware as you are in your sleep state. True contentment only comes to a life. the bones. and treated with the respect and the humility they deserve. You have not! Sometimes religion makes you the opposite. It can also be very dangerous if misused. never intrude.

Events can change. and live those laws. with this questionable clairvoyance. and sometimes for excitement. (as they call themselves) in that world today. If you want to find some inspiration from the higher world—then grow into it with divine wisdom. They think someone else can tell them what to do. and to be a true mystic you must understand the laws of the Beloved Creator. They only break through the barrier to a degree that they see just a little into the world that awaits you all. and be ever aware of the reason to doubt. but rarely to anyone who is not evolved enough to understand and value this perfect gift from God. they cannot be relied upon to guide your life and to live your future by. These are adult souls who know how to use them with wisdom. by earning them. the divinity of the self. and people’s actions and deeds can force a change. Involve yourself and earn the right to receive this information. Just for something they think will make life quicker and easier for them so they will not have to work so hard themselves. and the so-called mystics. be very wary. I am trying to impress you with this understanding and with the truth. You have to be receptive of them when they come. Then if . If you want to try and see the way more clearly of that which lies before you. Some people are very sensitive to contact from the world unseen. You will never find a truly evolved soul using the psychic and spiritual gifts they have for material gain. When you pay money for messages that are supposed to be coming to you from another world. then heed this. Then they are very true. and they are very accurate and uplifting to the one who is so able to receive. sometimes there is an intuitive thought. You cannot pray and ask for the gifts to emerge. sometimes for ego. Surrender to the spiritual aspect of the self. There are those in your world who misuse these gifts. Many seek these so-called clairvoyants just for the excitement. The persons in question may have their own interpretations and are often in error. The condition of psychic phenomena is but an excitement of the senses and emotions to please that physical aspiration of the senses. and only comes to those who are highly evolved and ready to use for God these special gifts. They come. or events that may be yet to come. and sometimes the sight of something seemingly solid that has come from the Spirit World. in whichever way God wills. These premonitions of events may be premonitions of the will of God. to have the true spiritual gifts and that of deeper reflection will only come to those who are spiritually evolved enough to have earned them. Sometimes an impression is misunderstood and read wrongly. The gift of a true prophet or mystic is very rare. You have to be ready for them. be ever mindful of this. Also. Man cannot claim a spiritual title because he is advanced in a religious order to which he belongs. Sometimes the symbols they are receiving and evaluating are not truly promoted in the full accurate meaning of what they are receiving. and be ever mindful of them when they are used. sometimes a vision. They are only used in the service for God. and what to expect. They do no reach into the deeper realms that touch the ethereal dimensions of existence. That is not the way to grow to God! No one can tell you what lies in the future for you until you experience that for yourself. my beloved children. then do so by self-evolvement and self-growth to God. Psychic gifts are very different to the true spiritual gifts. These people display their ability for a monetary goal. One can be psychic to the ability of the body and the ability of the spirit to sometimes see between the barrier of Earth and the Spirit World. that does not give him this quality.are being given for the privilege of knowing and using. Know then. True spiritual insight comes from true spiritual wisdom through growth to God. Then in those cases. for to be a prophet you have to be very highly evolved. There are so-called prophets. the divine will of God can sometimes place a life in different direction. in your journey on Earth.

laborious. Others refer them to as boring. It will enhance the quality of your divinity. These growing souls are sometimes scorned at by others as old fashioned. `Seek God! `Seek the true divinity! Then you will receive the spiritual wisdom. The consciousness is the spiritual mind. Is this not so? They are taught to want so many things and are too young to understand what they are asking to be given. . . This is where souls misuse religion and the so-called psychic excitement.those from the higher world send you the intuitive understanding and guidance that is so vital and important to your pathway. They think with the physical mind. and those noisy excitements that please the body have no value to the true self. I would think a true thinker. You see just the opposite to this in the ones who seek the quiet disciplined spiritual life. and think satisfaction has to be bought at the shops. you will receive this help. I hope they can understand the difference that I have just pointed out to you. and says . When you are walking the pathway to God it can be joyous. Those tinsels your world presents. and a true solid evolvement of the inner-self. The physical mind will tell them. cheap excitement. A sensitive observer will see a true depth of contentment. There is no shortcut to God! This pathway is slow. as he moves through Earth and time. and you see great integrity. That world in which you live is fashioned by man in his undertakings. A true spiritual being looks not for the tall buildings and for the gay excitements of that world. In these growing souls you see morality. and all kinds of misnomers by these material minded people who know them not. through you. and around you. and let this beloved energy of God flow into you. and such a feeling of a true depth to life. would rather look boorishly though-out life while seeking the ultimate prize of the union with God. and it is there for you to discover. In the beginning God created it. You came into a life to forsake the world. solid with all integrity. and are not thinking with the consciousness. you never will be satisfied with that material world. They are given a false promise and excitement in life. seek this excitement. You will feel such a deep inner peace. They think it has to be always of the world. surrender to the spirit. Life is never easy in the way some of humanity would like it to be easy. but deep within the soul knows. and it contains the necessary spiritual understanding. and cheap foretelling. It may make their bodies feel better and it may make their lives feel better. When you see a family geared to excesses in money and possessions. You came into a life to grow to God. To all those people who will eventually read these teachings. A true spiritual being looks for the quiet duty and the deep treasures that life can bring to his life. and seek this so-called hidden knowledge. to choose God and reject that material existence. If you sit in the quietude. and the spiritual guidance that will lighten your pathway to The Beloved Creator. and be an eternal attribute to the soul that you will never lose. You cannot gain the glory of the Beloved without personal sacrifice and the discipline of your living. it can be rewarding. Little children are being fed upon these worldly excitements from birth. Thus true understanding of existence is there within the cosmic consciousness. but man is fashioning it to suit himself in the material sense. serenity. With this greater peace mantling your very being. You did not come into a body to be given cheap thrills. and exhilarating. you see not happiness: you see only a physical satisfaction for a time. and it is a wonderful quiet exhilaration within when you link with this divine mind of God: for true wisdom lies not in your material world: but with God. As you exist on this higher level of vibration you will never be happy or content . and full of personal sacrifice.

or ever will exist. Then seek to absorb God’s wisdom through meditation. to seek within your own lives the true values of life and the qualities that truly are essential to your growth to God. and move into divine wisdom. God’s laws and His will cover every aspect of existence. Do not see that world as the great supply base for things that please the body. See that world in all its clarity. will take you from one dimension to the other.with the things that your material world has to offer. that of God’s perfect creation. and intuitive understanding. but never covet. feed the consciousness with reaching further and further into the mind of God. how it grows and multiplies and then fashions into the human being that is born. This divine perfection is the ultimate! `Beloved children: Only you yourselves can reach God with the efforts you make as you journey through that dark world of matter. A very simple life is the life a devotee of God would choose. God is very wise and very wonderful in all His creation. there is not that distance between matter and spirit as you think: it is very close to you. See the minute manifestation of life becoming bigger and greater. the insects. as going to sleep as it were. Remember always. procreating. Do not always seek knowledge from the books. God knows you are on that Earth only for a short period of time: then you must come home again to Him. and for God to use in service. You can grow closer to God. You were sent to that world for learning and soul growth. and . It is just a different energy and different vibrations that you attune to automatically. When you think of the wonder of creation and the wonder of the physical body. You have not to traverse the lengthy miles and miles to reach the Spirit World: the depth of space it would seem is already there for you. You close your eyes when the time comes to ascend Earth. You were sent to that world for a time to make use of. covering every situation that has ever existed. it is there with you already. See everything with the eyes of God and not with the eyes of man. and the trees all moving on. and moves though into the next dimension with you. Merely closing your eyes. You have the physical body to manifest in matter: but the spiritual body is already manifesting in spirit. When you at nature and see the fish. the plants. God wants you to understand the deeper truths and the greater wisdom that all can reach through the growth of the soul. you move through the fields of energy you need to move through. to reach the ultimate state of unity with God. He provides you with a body to be used for your journey through that world. each in their own way according to the law: how wonderful God is! Nature is simply an expression of God in action! When you think of what God can do you can only marvel at the supreme intelligence that controls every aspect of life. the flowers. `My beloved children: I ask you all. Satisfy the soul. Everyone can evolve through the varying stages of the dimensions beyond Earth. how it begins with two cells. He provides you with the ability to leave behind that physical body. No one can lead you by the hand. You want them not! Seek the truth from the source of all truth. and never regard as essential. and the wonderful laws of God being fulfilled by the way nature is offering to that world its bounty. and automatically move into the spirit when the time comes. through quiet reflection. In the closing of time on Earth you leave the physical body and assume that of spirit. and you are there in spirit. Look at your world with eyes of spiritual understanding. even as you live in that world its true home is in spirit. God’s will and laws have the solution to every problem. you are very close to spirit. the animals. God provides you with the ability to expand the consciousness to His consciousness.

God never judges you for the mistakes you make. I want you to think how could you live in that world while having the battle to let God exist within your life? Only this true understanding of God can help you walk that difficult path of Earth.’ ‘You have to make sacrifices in order to apply the discipline and you have to obey the laws and walk along that lighted pathway to me`. respect. . and I do not promise an understanding journey in flesh. ‘One day my children you will understand. You must earn that wonderful wisdom. God looks at every facet of existence through all your incarnations. and never veer from if you are walking the divine pathway to Him. but you have to learn to do just that. or because you think it is the right thing to do. ‘Here you are I have bought you forward to God—you have to earn the way! You have to walk the pathway yourself. . and then grow gently and slowly along the divine pathway to God. eons of worldly years before you are ready to merge with God. It moves into eternity with you. That is not to say they are all wise. He lets you have the moments of obliteration of memory as if it is the first you will remember. He says . Growth to God must take a seemingly endless period of time. you must come of your own volition. the true laws of God are infallible: they are the ones you need to live. and through all journeys in the dimensions beyond. you have to make the mistakes. for ultimately it will guide and lead you to the truth and reality of the Beloved. Mercifully. If you live God’s laws you cannot do anything else but live the divine way through your spiritual understanding overshadowing the physical. you have to want to come to me. `My beloved children: You cannot grow to God in one short lifetime. the arrogance. but never the spiritual gain you have achieved. You must become unselfish. That is the core of divinity that expands and expands. Then you will automatically want to seek the quieter gentle ways of life: bringing to your world the disciplines of God. and the confrontation of matter. Above all of this. learn from experiences. The laws of your world are very necessary to maintain order. I will not try and make you. and He patiently waits for all those who live the opposite to His laws. and the necessary wisdom you have to gain. or even three lifetimes. Then to those who value not this truth of existence. that what you have earned: you never lose that. . and He never condemns you for any of those mistakes. You cannot put yours before theirs! I do not promise you an easy walk. You will leave behind the selfishness. and you must become caring in the deepest sense of that word. Each time you come into a physical body you will seem to more and more to live God’s laws instinctively. It will understand more and more the truth of God when you are ready to be once again with God and united in oneness with Him. You must be wrong in judgment before you can be right in judgment. It is sad for those who understand not: those who lose their way and linger in the shadows of nothingness: but God gives love to everyone. . Always within you in your soul is the storing of that what you have achieved. and He will wait patiently for each and every one of His children who truly seek divine enlightenment. You have to learn through experiences.’ ‘You can only reach me because you want to reach me. He lovingly understands you must be able to make them in order to learn and grow. and not to say they are all the ultimate reflection of wisdom. .say .’ ‘You cannot come to me because someone is making you. You must become all seeing in the wisdom of knowing that other lives are just as sacred as yours. or in two. through mistakes. for constantly it grows and evolves: it is parallel with your consciousness. God does not make you remember every step you take. He looks at you with love. You lose the memory of past lives. then as your soul grows closer to God you will seem to follow this pathway of quiet reflection to Him. through the hurts you receive. it is always with you. and knows one day you will get there. The social necessities of that world demand you must have the laws to live.

and physical expediencies. I know there are people in high places that are living God’s laws. You will yearn for the quietude of your life. Even in thought and kindness that you receive. the theology and the man-made rules. and use it wisely. You will find as you grow closer to God the dissatisfaction for that world becoming very.You will find a quiet person who is strong in his understanding attracts to him souls who need to feel that strength. for every law of God is based on logic. and they know not why: it is just that spiritual magnetism that is an aspect of God exemplified in that world. You cannot live without it! In your world. apply the test of logic. you watch those leaders of the religions of that world teaching the dogmas. because that world is a very melting pot of the opposite. You will also find that to be embroiled in situations of that world will seem almost a pain to your soul. but selectively the governments are directed to physical needs. Live in that world. Always give back more than you receive. If the medical doctors had this growth to God how wonderful could their work be for those who are sick. and you will yearn for the opportunity to turn within and seek the inner peace. Where in that world is there a government who lives the laws of God? I cannot see one! Individually. You will find the continual occupation of your life crowded with other souls. `Are they not? Never think if you live this life I tell you of. such acts of inhumanity exhibited in your world. God did not make His laws so profound that you need a great intellect to understand them. Walk that world. `My children: Whatever you do. but live with God. I know I speak of Utopia in some sense when I speak of this. Then those of you with deep insight will see these leaders exhibiting the signs of power. and physical in their thinking. as they unknowingly seek comfort and strength. `Is this not so? You find everything you believe in mockingly violated by the physical and the material existence of that world. souls who need to cling to the spiritual that is being exemplified in that soul’s life. Something draws the other souls to that spiritual person. will be very difficult to bear. but walk with God. You see in your world of matter such cruelty. and would rather seek to guide by love. Then you will also instantly know that they are only mouthing the platitudes of their own beliefs. and you wonder how any mind could conceive it without any feeling of remorse whatsoever. to live in it amid all the darkness and torment that is so rife throughout your Earth. in whatever form it may be of that world. purely intellectual. A true believer in God will always grow a little closer to the Divine Creator each day he or she lives. and this selfish living in the making of the laws as they seek to ensure their own interests are paramount. You see the lack of concern for another’s welfare. To live God’s laws you need the simplicity to know the inner meaning of the way to live. give more. God’s laws are very simple and yet very difficult to sometimes live. Whereas a true devotee of God brings gentleness and love. You will instantly know they are not truly of God. They are mostly mechanical in their dealings. you are living a life that gets . very strong. brings the lack of domination to a life. and domination. no matter the cost to get it and claim it as their own. You see greed in places of authority. They know it not. It is blessed for the soul to share than to keep to the self. selfishness. physical desires. Your world today makes it very hard for a soul who loves God. They have not the same ability to bring to lives in trouble the wonderful peace and healing qualities of the one who is closer to God. Without logic and without love your world would not exist. You will yearn for solitude. Seek from that world only what you need. and that greed of wanting more and more for themselves.

I do not want you to think the truth I bring is so profound you could not live it. Apply common sense and the laws of existence to it in your journey through time. Even in the spirit world you have to remember to live God. They are there! They exist in a different vibration of living. you always have to obey God’s laws. ‘I want this to come. It’s the end of a heavy journey. Then know in truth. refine it. not as a misery to leave behind that world. You cannot sit in your chairs at home and think . Let your own life now be lived in the way you need to move through time. then you have to earn this spirituality. and you have been dragging that body through that world of matter for a seemingly long time. Look at it as a happy release as you enter the wonder of spirit. Try while you are there to make your life worthwhile. not as punishment. Do not think just because you have entered the Spirit World you have not to obey God’s laws. Abuse the body and you pay the price in later life. . and to make your journey worthwhile. or a life of seriousness: you have to live a life of simplicity. The joy of release from that body of heavy matter is a bliss I cannot describe. It is not so difficult if you want God enough and prepare discipline for your-self to live this way. but it must come. Look after your body and treat it with respect. Then know in truth the unseen worlds beyond are but thoughts away. then it will carry your soul in health and strength till the soul is ready to release itself from that bondage. You do not have to live a life of misery. the true way to live. See yourself as the dual personalities of matter and divinity as paramount to matter! See your world as but a tiny atom of the whole. Little children should be taught from an early age the wisdom of this. That is not so! You can live it! Living the life of a devotee of God is very simple in essence. They should be taught the way to live. spiritually as well as physically. until mankind is evolved enough to live this way it will not be so. and they must live their lives as spiritual beings. but to look at as positive joy. Now you can experience the joyous release of the soul back into spirit. I want you to look at your journey’s end. .’ You have to earn it by the way you live and by the way you think. but never see yourself as only the physical aspect of your existence. but you must experience this for yourself. until the day mankind is able to realize from birth they are spiritual beings. You must live God’s laws in spirit. Bringing the application of God into that world by remembering that you are divine is very important. and bring it home to God. a life of true values and true understanding. and not have the grossness of that world as it is today. but they are there. . vibrations away and not hidden in some distance nebulous zone in space. The time is far away I know. It will become highly evolved into which will come highly evolved spiritual beings. I speak not idly when I say the day will come when Earth will be a spiritual planet. You only have to close your eyes and sleep at the end of the journey and you are there in your spirit home again. If you continually seek from that world all you want to make you contented. If you want God—then you must earn God! If you want the spirituality that brings the peace and contentment to your life. as you would live His laws on Earth. be a world of spirituality. You have to obey the divine laws wherever you are! You have to understand you are aspect of God seeking and searching to reunite with Him. until that day comes you will always find inequality in your world of matter. It will eventually. then you will not be able to move onto the spiritual pathway that you desire. or I will pray for that. nowhere. and not taught the ways of the world and what they can have of material possessions. It means you have to set the world aside in your desires. and apply your energies and longings to the spiritual seeking of the divine way.

Laughter is an important ingredient to a soul as it journeys through your world of matter. all patience. all compassion. and that is what you are absorbing. Never be too selfish. Will it into the body! It will find a resting . Chapter 16 Some Prophecies from an Avatar. It does not mean because you love God and want God. He will never judge you. God will never criticize you. Live closer to God and let that world keep its distance. God does not restrict it for it flows to the highest and the lowest exactly the same: to the purest. Laughter and joy are assets that uplift the one who is struggling with that material existence. and always remember that pathway to God is a lighted path. I walk with you in blessed peace. and impossible to halt. Just will it! By the sheer will of the desire for its need draw this cosmic energy that you receive from God into your body. you cannot forgive. It is not that way at all! You have to learn to balance the economic need to exist within it. to what degree depends upon yourself. you cannot understand. The soul within is God within. You came into the body as spirit and you leave the body as spirit. and never punish you. and can be transported by the will to every organ and every cell of the physical body. God is all love. with the overall longing for the spiritual way. `Beloved children: Never minimise the value of this love of God that is constantly flowing to you. never condemn you. It flows endlessly to the souls who are receptive to its current. God’s divine energy enters each body incarnate. The journey in between may be in matter. sends to all His children. It is in the receptivity of each soul to decide how much of this energy is received into that body. enjoy your pleasures. and the most evil it is flowing just the same. I am Bethesda. unrestricted. be ever logical. in great abundance. and never shuts you out. Never be too cold. and all logic. It will know where to go and what to do: you have not to direct or tell it. I leave you love my love. Do not feel yourself allowing the values of humanity in your world today to become your values. it is endless. you send it everywhere within the body. Let it be the pathway you follow in your journey back to Him. all wisdom. as you struggle through that world of matter. That pathway of light never darkens. It does not pay to restrict the receptivity of this energy by naming the organ it must help. Send it to every atom and every cell of your body. but you are still spirit live closer to the spirit. Do not succumb to the values of that world. Let it come closer. and I give you this desire for God that you must have to find Him. you have to be miserable in that world of seriousness all the time. They are gifts of God for you to enjoy. Be discriminating. That is what God. ever understanding. but only as much as you need to exist within that material world. send that energy and it will heal where it is required. Enjoy your laughter. You came into flesh from spirit with the soul taking possession of that inert body and helping it create that into which it was born. but always ensure they are subservient to the soul. God’s love flows through that world.

Humanity today could never comprehend. no insect could crawl. must come to realise the immensity of this energy before too long. It replenishes. It is the focal point of the divine creation within you. Is this not so? They have overplayed their use by too much usage. Medical science. It is the breath of God within mankind. This is needed as mankind journeys along this pathway in order to reach that ultimate union with The Creator. life can be revived and the body live on in life. Do not instruct this energy in what to do and where to go: for God is wiser than man: He knows what is needed and what will be received. No animal could walk. The scientists can have all the theories they want. never minimise it. Without this great life force you would not animate in that body. endless. They can deliver their judgement that they think fit. Even God is evolving as His creation evolves. and lay all reasons why it must be that life could be there. ever evolving. and no person could speak or live without this energy within them. What their instruments can see is but the fringe of what there is for man to see. It is vast. it energises. with all the medicines it has developed in your world today is directed so much on the material of the body and not the spiritual. God’s energy is unchanging. From the moment a baby is born this life force enters the body and gives it life. No fish could swim without it. and ever moving in time according to God’s creative insistence. ever endless in its supply. in that world. it uplifts. The men of science send their space probes to new horizons with the firm believe there may be some signs of primitive life. and never standing still. but until they recognise this wonderful energy of God that is flowing into everybody and every thing. The scientists are creating monsters in that world. and could never truly know the immensity of matter. and new ones take their place. or indications of water upon a neighbouring planet. It is magnifying. Man cannot emulate God! Man cannot usurp the authority and power of the Beloved . If they only realised how puny are their efforts in the scheme of life itself in matter. I have told you before. they will never understand the secrets of creation. and no medicines. . Focus on this energy more and more: never take it for granted. cleanses and purifies. When this life force is withdrawn. . but constantly evolving and changing. The cosmic energy is the gift of the Beloved Creator to procreate life in that world of matter: so that man can inhabit that body and experience the material living that he must endure. Concentrate on the areas of the body that need the most help. then change in basic form. I think all human beings. No bird could fly without it. and I repeat to you again.’ If the life force remains within. Each and everything in creation is constantly evolving. You see the scientists trying to create life. static though it may be. no type of food. God is the one who decrees what shall be and what not shall be. and they will pay the price. in their test tubes. They see the stars (as they call them) in the sky. even if he thinks he can play God. It is the divine gift from God to His creation. I want you to realise God is the procreator of all life—not man! The procuring of life in your world is the province of God and only God. Man cannot stay the hand of God. it refurbishes. I want you to realise its tremendous potential to your existence. it heals. and no administrations can revive that body if the cosmic energy has been withdrawn. ‘A body can be inert. growing. never static. and ever the same in the results that come from this great force of where it is most needed. Constantly new diseases emerge and enter the energy of matter. Scientists are now realising that there is resistance to many of those medicines today. . the body is inanimate and cannot function. Species will come and species will go according to the law of the Creator. and never make it a casual thought in your being. and to the existence of every thing incarnate.

will be of no avail in the face of nature. and the world will be so different to what it is today. but it is coming for your world. This will be followed by an era of such peace and such bliss. They are going to find the lessons they learn today are of no avail in the future. Consequently. and others created in a sense that they will emerge from beneath the sea. God is all wisdom! God is infallible! God is all knowledge and ever loving in all He thinks and all He does. Much will have to be endured. . Some are to disappear. try as he may. and then the one truth will slowly emerge to help mankind to find the wisdom to understand and know the one truth — the reality of that which God is. as these move through the course of time to be eradicated. Man will have to learn his lessons. Much rain is going to come with intense cold. The many divisions of religions will change and be eradicated. They will sorely try to cope but with resilience will move through this time of trial into a new era of life. The people of your world will be forced to realise that the conditions that they take for granted today as security. Many mishaps will occur in the Scandinavian countries. This is a long time away. and the manufacturing of many goods that people now take for granted. you are going to see great changes happening in the geographical make-up of Earth. the torment of suffering and endurance. The divisions of the life will be different. although. even frightening in the beginning. and England No country will escape the torment that is coming to that part of your world. It has changed before. consequent to the climate and conditions of living. (Perth Western Australia) will be least affected. for mankind will surely find this achievement evolving. Mountains will change. compared to the eastern part of your country. The spiritual aspect of life will become a paramount part of their education. There will be great confusion until the human population learns to cope with the situation and face the difficulties and changes that must follow. There is coming to your world the torment of change. The changes are not coming for Earth alone. but it is coming. America. There have been many changes in that world since it began. you here will find some slight changes coming. in Russia. also. for I see this as I speak. I also see a spiritual changing with mankind as humanity evolves ever closer to the wonder of the Beloved Creator. but for other dimensions of existence and other aspects of creation. and will in cycles of need change again. Little children are going to find their education systems changing. You are going to find islands around the Pacific area will change in their formations. The world will be caught up in many aspects of divisions of national interest. Mankind will have to adjust to so many changes People will find this very difficult. Your particular area where you are now. Other dimensions are growing and evolving. The Northern Hemisphere is going to endure very severe winter conditions. Where you are in the world today. Man could never hope to emulate that which God is.Creator without bringing it upon himself the effect of that which he is causing. Then God with all His power and truth will be more readily identified and accepted within that world. all that torment will have been worthwhile. These souls will find their journeys are spent in the sweet bliss of peace and not in the ravages of war and discord as they are today. There are souls who are journeying back to God in loving desire to reunite with Him. This is not in the immediate future. Climates will bring the changes that will necessitate different thinking in production of produce. as on Earth. and move ever closer to his time of not needing to incarnate in matter. and leaves behind the trammels of matter.

If you live God. In creation all is a passing phase. and mountains will crumble. and humor. Then they will in the future emerge in the fullness of that fulfillment that awaits them. You can make your corner beautiful by loving and living God. with new skills learned and followed by mankind. The Avatars of our world who have evolved into this oneness with God have tasted the bliss and lived the bliss with The Beloved Creator. Trees will wither and die. beyond. You have the curse of the drugs in that world. I see the lands that are barren today. Many great souls have incarnated at this time. There will be a new means of existence created. They will once again tenderly play in the time they need and slowly be allowed to learn the right lessons in life.It does not matter the color of the skin. I see them being given the chance to grow as children. from discord to peace. There are universes beyond. gently and with love as the years pass in your Earth time. You are sick of all the qualities that are not of God and are paramount in your world at this present time. and His attributes of love. for God is love. and ignore what is popular unless it is the truth of God being lived and emerging in triumph in the darkness of matter. the shape of the eyes or the race of any person that has come into a body of flesh. Live God. The trauma of drought in many areas will change to bountiful water. or any other differing form of matter. `My beloved children: Love will triumph! Love will triumph over everything. and it’s His creation that is changing and moving ever closer to Him. Then have the courage to transcend popularity in the face of adversity. Have the courage to live your convictions. I see little children again becoming little children. will become prolific in production. and from hate to love. the speed of the vehicles. Nothing stands still in time. the selfishness and the corruption. and the areas of bountiful water will change to drought. serve God. that change from God will surely come. as they apply themselves to truth and not the fantasies of that world. His wisdom. These evolved souls will do much to lead that world from darkness into light. Do you not? You have the curse of the excessive alcohol intake. he governs and controls: human-beings are but a minute aspect of Gods creation. God is the culminating force that will emerge and transform that which is yet to come. The permanence comes from The Divine Creator’s perfection. It does not matter where you are in that world if you live God then God is there. patience. But. The soul manifests regardless the race. Nothing is permanent in creation: it is all ever changing. New foliage and new mountains will emerge. for the power of God is beyond each act and each deed. and not being forced to become adults at an early age. from ignorance to wisdom. For without a sense of humor God must surely wither when He looks around and sees what humans do to His creation. and the lack of care for each other. It is the soul within the spiritual-self that is manifesting through a few leaders of great intent that will endeavor to take that world through this period of change. Have the courage to understand the truth that God is teaching you. and never permanent. creed. and more are yet to come. Yet they return again into flesh leaving behind this time of oneness with God for the opportunity of serving . and unseen dimensions beyond those universes. and evolve ever closer to that great force of creation. when you see and feel the light of God emerging in one little aspect of life in that world it becomes so precious to you and so beautiful. logic. Ignore what others think. Man is not as clever as he thinks he is. beyond. religion. That aspect of life on Earth is only forming a minute part of this great chain of existence emanating from God. Man must realize that material world he thinks he owns. which is God. and the new foliage will become paramount in your world. The soul within is the God within.

to learn. that atom of God within them never leaves them. then that is soul growth. Never be too cold that you cannot forgive. God’s truth is so strongly empowered within them. and never let ego find a resting place in your being. but without living the condition. Even now you are doing it from choice: for love of God. Love is a bond that will never be broken. they too have a journey to make just as you are making. and one day will reach the level that you have reached. and some are faster: but never ignore the struggles of others. Do not change your own convictions. or a nebulous creature in so remote heaven as many man made religious movements would have you believe. The light of their auras will cleanse everywhere they walk. for they are yet struggling to find that . and to live this great wisdom. This is God! . There are such wonderful spiritual truths awaiting you. and even though they hurt you. You will move through time as you grow to God until you become united with Him. superlative. The atom of God within them is ever moving forward in the purity of God. with acknowledging. `My children: Never let hate replace love. The world is matter! You are spirit! You are a stranger in that world for a time. you have just begun the initial steps as you climb along that wonderful path of truth and wisdom to the Godhead. Because they have great soul growth. Thus. God is not a magnified man. Always find time to help others. and be never too selfish that you cannot understand. to know. even though they offend. Remember. It also binds you to life itself. Never let those struggles take you from this divine pathway that you have moved upon in order to reach God. You also move from materialism to the spiritual aspect of your very inner understanding and oneness with God.Him once again as creations of matter. Find time to love them. God is the super. but when a soul chooses willingly and lovingly to walk it and live it. in truth. No matter how tottering the steps. but for a time only. and understand their growing is yet to come. and everywhere they touch. The power of God surrounds you. Some are slower. for it binds you to God and to others. Never be greedy to know it too soon or too quickly. Know in truth you have but started on the crumbs of the spiritual aspect of all knowledge. and never be too vain to think you have not much yet to learn. It will cleanse the misconceptions that are now paramount in religions of that world. When a soul is forced to follow the spiritual path it is not growth. You have never been forced. supreme intelligence that governs and controls all universal life and rhythm. I see a strong desire within each of you there. or your own spiritual pathway that is leading you into the bliss and the wisdom of The Infinite Creator. Others may not have that which you have. Never let anger replace peace. evolving will come and growth must follow: then you are emerging from darkness into light. and no one is compelling you to follow it. for you to learn and to know. protect you and lead you ever forward into this oneness with Him. and the peace of God will envelop you. they overcome all the doubts and the untruths of others. and from ignorance into wisdom. no matter how slow the steps. God is the pure energy of creation. forgive them. you are a visitor and you will leave it to come back again to the spiritual home that is yours. `My beloved ones: God will emerge in your world in such a force in a way that mankind will not be able to repel or ignore. Incorporate the opposite with that which you are by understanding without condoning. Never let vanity be your companion. You in this small group are moving along the spiritual pathway because you have chosen to. With this as your chosen way you will find you will not weaken in your endeavors.

always the goal must be God. and that . To all seekers. people of your world will be content with little to eat. but hold fast to God with the divine love that knows no boundaries and no limitations. but it cannot be exterminated unless the intent of God lies behind it as species evolve from one form to another. That which you have learned will not be forgotten. that they are going to discover new species of life forms slowly emerging in different parts of your world. You will not! If you listen to that inner whisper of God it will be the need of your soul that will successfully and wisely guide your movements: for it is the endurance of the spirit within to read the signs of what you must do. know. Mankind will slowly come to respect the right of every species to have its day. but do not force it. but not in consuming them. It will be as if there is a tidal wave of some negativity that is coming to your world that negativity will seem to be irrepressible. and food then will be of the vegetarian order. believe. Tell them gently. that which you have gained for the soul will not be lost. you will return to Earth in the time that you choose for the doing and the growing that you know must come. Each growing soul will need to reach into that area of creation that is important for it to grow into the state of higher-consciousness. Consequently the forces of light will emerge triumphant. Man should be the provider of care in looking after the lesser creatures. Never be so unkind as to not realize they are not yet ready to believe. Mankind has the dominion in the care of them. and that which will come for you. `My beloved children: There will come more of these things in the time ahead. Those of you with a sufficient degree of soul growth. many years ahead. they are going to increase. Although humans think they have dominion over animals. and giving them the security they need in their own sphere of existence in your world. and the forces of darkness will withdraw. Never continually repeat it to someone who is not willing to listen. Mankind will have to fight hard to overcome this but mankind will succeed. It will be subdued. and recognize. because He wishes to replace the extinct with new species. You are going to find.which you have found. for change must come slowly and willingly. the looking after them. as He supplants life forms. There will be surprise expressed that they have never seen this form before or that form before. The eating of flesh will be gone and the eating of grains and other vegetarian foods will be the order of the day. and the negative that at present enshrouding all else will be broken. and to live that what you are living. and when it must be. Be not afraid to claim the truth you follow. and where you must go. Thus. It is wrong of human beings to prove they are more powerful. Then the force of positive divine intent will transcend all else. and that He is the reality of the absolute all. Man may think he can eradicate that which he does not want. Do not think that you will control by the desire of the will that which you will do. but he cannot do so if God decrees nothing can be eradicated completely. In the future. as God claims again His creation to be in union with Him. it is not the intent of God to interpret it the way man does. They will not realize or acknowledge it is the power of God at work. It may diminish dramatically. Put out your hand to those who are lost that they may grasp it. Change must come gradually and permanently according to the wisdom of God. The clouds that now hover over that world are not going to lessen just yet. will in your wisdom move through time according to the need of your soul to evolve still further. No matter how long it takes the time will come when souls on that Earth will grow spiritually and succeed. by trying to prove that they are the dominant form of life in that world you call Earth. Man will no longer covet the various forms of meats that he used to eat to satisfy his palate. and the respecting of them. But never force upon another.

more meaningful. it was part of a great continent. and protest loudly at this imbalance in your world. God does not send His children to do any activity or service without equipping them first. The struggle to be heard by those calling for peace will become greater. It was a powerful nation that dominated that world in size and in progress. and too willingly acknowledged for that to be lost. Growing souls.which you are growing into. and there are many who long for peace. Likewise your need for the material things will be less. Political leaders will have to listen. the desire is too strong. and will revitalize known secrets from beneath the ocean. There is an empty darkness that envelops your world today. The lessons to be learned will be leaned. God always makes sure they are there before He calls them. Australia will not suffer to the extent that other areas of your world will suffer. The soul is triumphing over matter. It will give a new insight into the enigma of Atlantis. but they will never cease to grow to God. Egypt was once linked to Atlantis. As your soul grows you will never find the desire for God eradicated from your being. It matters not how large or small the task may be. It will reveal knowledge of a bygone civilization. The tide will turn. God always bestows the gift of ability to that soul. may find at times that life becomes quieter for them and sometimes their steps may halt or falter. They will be asking governments to rethink their policies. These people have been banging on closed doors for so long. The emergence of land from beneath the sea is going to reveal a treasure of knowledge. These leaders are going to find that the voice of the people will become more insistent and more determined. as the soul must and should. and made that which your growth has brought to become strong and powerful within. Then growing souls will use wisely that which they know. and Atlantis will emerge again in part to show this truth was a reality. or fringe insurgents who are out for something new in their lives. With soul growth. and they have almost given up hope of being listened to by those who should be listening. will not be weakened. but they are there. because people of quality will join their ranks. You here have passed the early days of change. and more successful in their endeavors to be listened to. There is also a continual conflict that rages in so many countries of that planet Earth. God gives to enable it to be so! God equips his children before He gives them the tasks of service for Him. Then you will find as you slowly and surely progress along this pathway of growth to God your desire for material things will be less. and is of God. your soul will glow and your approach to God will bring you a gentleness to your inner-self that you need in order to guide and help others. which will unlock the doors of many mysteries of the past. weird people. As God decrees. Sometimes humans are too blind to see them. Governments then will not be able to ignore the cry people send forth in the name of peace. because it has been earned. That world will experience geographical upheavals. A change in parts of your coastline will occur. and those in authority will recognize the signals that are sent from the populace and they will begin to pay heed to the quality of the protests No longer will they be able to classify them as idiots. The pyramids of Egypt are hiding inner teachings of God that will eventually be . but it will not experience the dramatic encounters as other areas of that planet The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is the part where the uprising will come. it is too deeply ingrained. to draw back from the brink to which they have driven their countries.

I am Bethesda. Time will then bring no peace to their lives. You cannot suppress it indefinitely. Henceforth. until you allow the soul to grow to God. If you ignore that cry for God and acknowledge just the outer covering. restless. he may think he will. to buy this. and he may think he has: all he will find is the fallible material substitute for the true reality of happiness. and receiving from your material world all the possessions that he thinks he wants and needs. and will not ignore its reality. it is then you must allow yourself to push that world away. or any sort of emotion that is negative. and to buy that. To the mind of mankind. `My beloved children: The truth is: man is the divine seeking the divine. You cannot feed food to the soul: you have to feed God to the soul. They hear only the voice of matter calling them. the true identity. along with the opportunity for the required time in that world. It is then you need to quietly dwell within your inner self. and they will long for something deeper.understood by those who serve God in truth. to allow your consciousness to merge with the Beloved. I tell you in truth . You have to feed it. they will not find it! `My beloved children: Even in your own lives. Man could be content with nothing if only he would let God reveal His presence within man’s inner-self. until they turn to the divine within. For a time in that life. when you are feeling unhappy. but you must also feed the soul. but deep-within the soul is crying out for God. I give you my peace. Man will never find his happiness in that material world. You will find a quietude coming that will bring a sensation that you could never have with anything of your world. I come because I serve my God. and they know not what. urging them to go there. It is sometimes necessary to suffer a little in order to grow a little. You have to give the inner-self the opportunity to become united with the Beloved Creator. wash it. I give you my love. The physical body is the coveting only: it requires material matter to sustain that body. A soul does not need religious doctrines to find God: it only needs the realization of the inner-self. Chapter 17 Spiritual Insight from an Avatar The crowded noisy material world has obliterated the sweet whisper of God within the majority of people today. . but until he lets God answer his full needs. unless they hear this imperial command from the physical to fashion their lives they think there is something missing. and uplift his consciousness to the mind of the Beloved. tired. he will never know fulfillment. and house it: but that is merely sustaining matter. they will enjoy a physical satisfaction in their lives. you will journey again. I give you my love. . You see people with a lot of money of the world’s coin. but only for a time. you are starving yourself of God at your own peril. You cannot! Tell your soul you know without any form of doubt. and you cannot. Man is in that world for the short span of years. and again into flesh. trouble will inevitably strike. You see them with rich possessions but there is still a hungry look in their eyes for something else. You can give all of this to the body. . You can feed the body. That is why you see such restlessness in your world existing hand in hand with such dissatisfaction and unhappiness. One day. it is the real self. and never know the absolute happiness that his soul is seeking. You need to allow the wisdom of God to flow into the real self and find a way to express life through this wisdom.

and no one will have to convince you of the truth of the Beloved Creator: for you are very blessed that you have this understanding in your own inner-self. They are asking questions. Is this not so? People want the riches of the world to make them happy and to make them comfortable. You observe. you know wisdom. From the moment you are born you are in conflict between matter and spirit. that inner understanding of God will not let you know peace anywhere else. There are many in that material world which have become dissatisfied with the doctrines and the religions they have been following. It is for them deep sorrow and deep pain. and in your evaluations you see that everything is geared towards materialism. but then I am expressing logic to you in this statement that you may already understand. I long for the day that world will shine like a jewel in the darkness of matter. Knowing this. Rarefy your true self by surrendering to God in the understanding of what you are. I long for the day when you all will be able to see with the eyes of the Divine: that lighted wonder of creation. you are soon pulled back towards the reality of the real goal of that journey. You in this small group can play your part. and spirituality is of God. their goals. to grow still further towards God. unknowingly. If you come into flesh understanding spiritual truth. It is not easy in that world when you have lives that are mixed. They want not a simple home in which to live they want big houses and mansions. and a state of being that the Avatars can do at will. Until all humanity is of the same desire. and do not feel inadequate because you cannot reach this. to know the true goal of their journey. they are truly seeking different resolutions to their lives. they are seeking truthful and different answers. For in truth. Do not feel discouraged. To be bereft of spiritual truth. and do not evade it just because it seems more comfortable to flounder in the material life. you cannot become lost in that world of matter for long. There are those . Does this kind of progress bring them happiness? Does it bring them the peace their soul is seeking? I am not so foolish as to think your world could be all one thinking place. their populations. You are going to find people hating people. Even one hour of peace with the Beloved God is worth a lifetime of nothingness in your world. This is because you are feeding your hungry soul with spirituality. is to be bereft of God! There are those in that world struggling towards this light. You watch the various nations. You will never want to leave the freedom of the Spirit World for the harsh reality of the material existence. they then have to enter a body once again. It is not possible! Every soul is different in evolution. You watch and evaluate the different leaders of your world. If you lose the way a little on the journey. and many inequalities. Can you imagine evolved souls having to again enter flesh when they are not yet at the stage that they need not reincarnate? They may be evolved enough to have sufficient wisdom. even one step towards that goal is important. by always seeking the spiritual reality of the self. They are dissatisfied with something that does not satisfy the inner seeking. To be able at will to enter the consciousness of God is a state of mind. and this desire is to become one with the Beloved Creator: then they will know not true happiness. you are going to find more woes in your world. with one desire within all. and their endeavors. Do not hide away from the truth of God. Everywhere there is someone looking for progress they do not have. always walk towards that truth. people hurting people. When you believe in the truth of God. Some inner urging or prompting will bring you back again to the journey you came to make. but still they will have to come back to that troubled world.True meditation is a wondrous amelioration to life’s journey. but they know they must come. You know truth.

The soul’s eternal journey is a long. and later stumbling and fumbling along life’s pathway. and finding. Never dismiss lightly the need to intermingle with different types of beings. and you need to always seek believing that from God can come the answer to that which you cry out for. If you hide the reality of what you believe. Is it not? Each stage will have new difficulties. A soul will often cry out for something it wants most badly. and come back to when you feel like it. The seeking of the soul’s union with The Beloved is an eternal journey that cannot be denied. Every thing exists according to the divine law. and then into old age: for each stage of life is a growing process. All this is worked through very carefully before you come into a body. It has to grow ever closer. God is ever watchful of His children. You need to always seek from God. They do not come to help themselves. Then with your soul’s inner strength. If you can love God in spite of anxiety and misery in your world. In babyhood. The need for association with families is also planned. in the teenage years. It is very hard to have compatibility in such situations. but there is obviously a need for those lives to be entwined or this would not be so. and often with great sadness God knows He cannot grant that soul that plea. journey-by-journey to reach God. but let your soul be with God. Finding and uniting with the Beloved Creator is not some fanciful journey you can make. difficult journey. and ever understanding of their need. nothing is wasted in the association with those people you incarnate with in that physical life. but never expect every cry to be answered! In your understanding of this. is not possible. and then turn ever more strongly toward your search to reach Him. into the adult age. then God in His wisdom and in His own good time will grant that which He knows you need or have earned. It must journey through many life times. Very carefully a soul’s need to come into flesh is planned. Therefore. regardless of any desire.who know not the true reality of God. and seek more firmly the pathway of soul growth to the Beloved Creator. it has to come from nothing to perfection. then your soul is truly growing closer to Him. in childhood. That soul may need to have that experience to grow and become closer to the Creator. `My beloved children: Never compromise your beliefs. but to help these people to find God. Then the trials that you endure may make you feel you need to turn away from God. and know God in the reality as that God is God: it will then be the example of understanding they need to be touched with. be fearless in your search for God. Just picture a little baby in your world being born. break. you are denying the very one who needs it most to find God. and also understand God’s immense wisdom in these truths. and learning from mistakes. Be fearless in your journey and be fearless in your declaration of your love for God. if you can love and want God in spite of what you are enduring. and there are some who do. Accept with grace and love the outcome. Having all the desires of the flesh answered because you believe in God. Let God know of your needs. lonely. with new experiences. and be the influence that will show them greater truths. or leave. This will be so until you are able to discard this understanding of that condition. Always live your lives in God. Some wonderful souls choose to come into a body with certain incarnated humans. seeking. making mistakes. You may find in that material world the hurts and the discords may be too overwhelming for you to bear. You may be helping them. for the soul has to go through the stages of such a . The journey of the soul is similar in a way. never expect God to grant your every wish or whim. never compromise your spiritual integrity. Reincarnation is a reality: for behind it dwells divine wisdom. In taking this direction you will find your feet will stay firmly in that material world. or they may come to give you a challenge that you need to have in your own life. Let your feet be in that world.

shed yourself of the garnishments of that world. Take gently from your world and not greedily grab its offerings. you do not need the mansions. and your soul needs unity with God. Human beings at that time did not have so much to give up. `My beloved children: I want to help you with this understanding: you are divine. and this is the way you must seek to live if you are reaching for enlightenment. In these teachings. Not great luxury. and you do not need luxury or wealth to find God. Not just one lifetime in the physical. You are not seeking wealth of your world. People today have a great flood of temptation thrust at them from that material world. remember. You do not need the material desire to succeed more and more in Earthly endeavors. but it need not go on making you seek more and more from that world of matter. but you want them not. You . just housing that the body needs. Reach into the positive always. searched for God in the physical world of some past era. Are you not? There you are living in a very physical world. . When in ages past and there was not much in that world to acquire. the task then was not so difficult. I know this sounds very easy to say. Take from that world just the essentials that you need to live to be economically secure and to have the housing that you need. you are not seeking success in your world for the sake of success. and have this. Take what you must. They then. They have very simple desires for their intake of food. If you completely surrender in love to Him. really resist them. You come from spirit to enter a body in order to conquer all material desires. enjoy that. While you crave the physical while you rejoice in things that world can bring to you: then you are not moving forward in the way that you need in order to reach the Beloved Creator. Avatars have only the garments that they need and wear. but you do not need them. `Is this not so? `Beloved ones: If you can really resist the desire for things of that world. There is nothing in your world that can ever satisfy you. You are seeking God! It is important to strip yourself of the desire for acquisitions of the physical. not large mansions. You are seeking the Divine Creator. In understanding this pathway your values need to be divine and not material in that illusion called matter. but it is very difficult to live. because you are divine. In this present time of existence in your world. you may want them. I understand that truth! You have to live in that physical world and have the necessities of life to sustain you. With this wisdom in mind. you have the greatest responsibility to you true self to resist that world. Seek the simplest in life and not the greatest. and bare the soul to God. I give you the truth of what you need. You are not eccentric if you walk this same pathway. That world will strongly hold you in bondage until you can reject all need for it. . While you may see things in that material world that are exciting to the physical. and are desirable to the physical. and decisively know that you have to resist the world. Seek from God the ultimate and the realization of the higher self in God. and leave the rest aside. There is nothing in that world that can ever claim you continually and endlessly. You only need the simplest of housing. you are lovingly and sincerely seeking God. take this. therefore. and bare the soul to God. in a very simple way. and accept they are there. reject the world. You can find God in the humblest of surroundings. and the simplest of living. but in the whole eternal struggle to throw aside all the negativity that the soul has gathered into its life.journey. You need to maintain an economical existence . You will then find that the true wealth is within. You are living in a very material world. not want them. it is very crowded materially. with the opportunity to grow to God and to become one with God. This is a reality of the flesh. you need them not. remember. Take what you need and nothing more. They want to live close to God. and reach into the beloved and eternal understanding of the Creator.

One day you have to lose that body and discard everything you have gathered unto you in that material world. If it takes you one life or one thousand lives. You can watch the opportunists in every country seeking the avarice of that world. at different times. You could not possibly take a soul from nothing to God in one short lifetime. You cannot read all the . Not one atom from that world can you take back to spirit dimension! All you can take is that what you have gathered unto your soul and the growth to God that you have achieved. The scientists of your world are crying out for the true understanding of existence. just remember. and for a short time. Remember always. This is what you must find no matter how long it takes you in any life. and their inventions. and you need to live the divine. They also can have their physical achievements. This level of wisdom has to come from knowing and understanding God.become engrossed in matter with an overcoat of flesh to protect you and to help you manifest in that world. glowing in growth. you are divine. but you still continue your journey to God. Let your soul evolve with the true meaning of life’s existence: to understand and live the laws of the Divine: those things are not material: they are spiritual. Bring your divine consciousness closer and closer to God. and see how you will shed that body. until they know God they will never have an answer. with even a glimmer of understanding could not accept the concept of reincarnation. They can never be content unless they have more of it. With all of this rife. All of this is geared toward the material. They can have all their physical explanations for conditions in your world. You stay with God at the level of understanding you have accepted and all you have achieved. That is all you can take back to spirit! If you starve the soul in that world and cling to the material. You see them continually scheming to cheat someone amid the widespread corruption. along with all the wealth of the world you have gathered unto you. and you are only covered with a body for a reason. and for a reason. When ultimately the transition from earth life to spirit occurs. It is only the soul you take to God. and glowing in understanding. You do not enter a body in that world of matter to be allowed to live in that physical body and seek only the material existence of that world. you still have to walk through that world until you find God. you are divine. while at the same time always seeking to outsmart the next person. You could not have human consciousness entering into the divine consciousness and know the truth as God knows it. Then with the souls increased awareness you will be ever mindful of the wondrous wisdom and truths awaiting you: because of your achieved spiritual growth and divinity. different relationships. but the true understanding of existence and the true intelligence behind all that is in that world cannot come from the mind of man. Then see how that physical body has to stay behind to perish. That journey to God is a wondrous experience. their machines. You could not lean the lessons you have to lean in one lifetime. linked with other people’s lives for a time. and you want more and more—that is true growth! I could not conceive how anyone. you have to leave behind. It takes you to all facets of life: it brings you to different people. With this soul growth and your consciousness you will reach ever deeper into God’s supreme consciousness. The true self is spirit! Look ahead and see the end of your journey on Earth. When you are not satisfied with the spirituality that you have. different lives. you will then find yourself a spiritual pauper at your journey’s end. How could you in one life lifetime? You cannot understand the reality of life in your world in one lifetime! You cannot lean all the wisdom there is in that world. You also take with you the glow of the soul that you have acquired in that world. and find the soul evolving even further to Him. Every possession you have ever gathered unto you. which is so rampant in your world. and in each life you are individual. you leave behind things of that world. In reality you are alone.

is the truth of God. until they seek it. then your body is out of harmony. It is keeping in existence. and wisdom. you have to feel this throughout your life. and soul. the spirit. You cannot undertake all the careers of your world. and bring it into the harmony of body. Man alone cannot keep all this in motion if there is no life force. and unhappiness follows. It has to fit like a glove! Consequently. done this. The laws of the divine are God’s alone. spirit. then that aspect of life does not exist. mind. Look upon the journey in flesh this time as an opportunity that helps you find the way clearer. When you take on a body you automatically assume the mantle of harmony betwixt the mind. till there is nothing that ever can satisfy it. sickness follows. but if the life force is withdrawn. Mankind cannot break them. only God maintains life. and the pathway that leads you nearer to the Beloved Creator. Everything that exists has wonderful energy flowing through it! When that energy is withdrawn. You are very limited! Even the cleverest people in your world are restricted to the limited understanding they can find. If only you can let the guiding force of God be your existence: then and only then will you find this wonderful pathway to soul growth. If you are only seeking that world. That world you have incarnated into will only offer you illusion. as long as that life force is in the body it can be sustained in existence. the rivers dry up. No matter how ill that person may be. . It is keeping the trees with their leaves. then life can be sustained. and trying to reach Him through the efforts you make. they cannot make them. what have you achieved during the day? You have been here. it is flowing through everything. There is not one human being who has the time or ability. the hills. enlightenment. and they must live them.books that are being printed. Only God creates life. such a longing. I want you to be able to have such a yearning for God. That what the world does not know. It perishes! The trees wither and die. and His love. there is nothing that can bring that body back to life. His truth. and only God must take life! Man has not the right to end any life at his will or fancy for any reason whatsoever. I want to see you all growing to God. In every wave of the ocean lies the power of God: this creative force of God is flowing through everything. the valleys. the oceans dry up. dissatisfaction follows. This is the same force that keeps you animated in flesh. but what have you given to the journey to God? What have you given to the search for God during the hours of that day? Have you spent some moments in loving and longing for Him? Have you spent time endeavoring to let God’s divine wisdom flow into your consciousness? Let His love. If that life force has not withdrawn. His great harmonizing energy of creation enter the physical body. to absorb all the wisdom in that world in one lifetime. and the body. growing and being enhanced by this harmony. and the life force is not there where there is no activity of living. and the streams. but you cannot do this. been there. and can be rejuvenated. I want you to feel this great desire within you becoming such a hunger. the mountains. and if you are only living for that world. When you close you eyes in sleep. they must follow them. such a craving or His understanding. done that. A person cannot feed the body when the life force has left it! No person can hope to bring a human form back to life again when the life force has left that body. if you are living for material things only. and must be followed. has come from God. because man can only reason according to that which the intellect allows. every moment of every day you live. How could the greatest thinker in your world ever hope to come even close in any form of understanding to the wisdom of God in one lifetime? That what the world has. Only God will give you the reality of spiritual truth.

you then realize how far they have to go. the injustice. That is the law! You may have burdens that are heavy but you can be sure you have the ability to see them through. I say to all seekers: You do not need economic wealth you do not need economic success. You can be joyous. You see and recognize the ignorance in the teachings of that material world. that is the true self— and that is the measure of the journey. That’s the goal you came to seek. comes the ability to make the problems easier to understand. It is not easy! You must have discipline. Each soul must take the steps it must. the closer you come to greater experiences and greater trials. and for each seeker your journey is to grow closer to God. and the soul journeys onto God. Nothing can frighten you. always try to your best to transcend all negativity! You cannot eradicate it and dismiss it. God’s law is: whatever burden comes into your life you can endure that burden. and easier to conquer: because you will have the spiritual understanding of the Divine. but if the soul is growing within. and when you see man dispensing this to others and people enduring this from others. You need to be patient. Laughter and joy are qualities of God. `This incarnation this time is the most advanced that you have ever had. Each soul must learn to reject the material. The blessing is: with this greater soul growth. and it must be conquered. the poverty. When you are ready to be at-one with the Beloved Creator. It matters not if the physical is enduring. for you have the understanding of creation. and to acquire that of the divine that they are ready for. You are learning lessons of truth. but it must be balanced too with the understanding of the negative side of life. He does not say you have to live in misery. and you need learn to take only from that world the positive. you can have laughter and you can enjoy the goodness of that world. you can find God more quickly by being on the positive side and not the negative. for no one can take these steps for them. and understand all existence. You cannot do otherwise! That is the law! You will be able to see from those around you how far they have yet to go. such an understanding bliss is yours. God denies you not this joy. You can only feel the oneness of the divinity of God. and always seek the positive. see. and you must have the understanding of the truth. and it will enable you to grow quicker and nearer to God`. `You have bought into this life greater wisdom and greater understanding than ever before`. and let the inner-self move ever forward to God. . If the negative did not come into your life. how then could you learn to reject it? Transcend negativity. That body you borrowed goes back to the earth. You will have the longing to free these souls from the imprisonment of these adulterated teachings. because it must be endured. God never gives a burden for His child to bear that is too great for that child to carry. . When you see them experiencing the cruelty of life. How you endure it is your privilege and your right to transcend. or solemnity. unhappiness. so that you can use your spiritual ability do it. and nothing can take away this immense bliss of God.You here in this small gathering listening to my words today. with such a deep fulfillment that you cannot understand or describe with thoughts from the physical mind or man-made words. and that’s the goal you must find! May you all find the strength and discipline to make this the way you all live your lives. You can transcend it by the attitude of the higher self in understanding the nature of the journey of life that you are making. If they get hurt that is part of learning and part of growing. and you must become one with The Creator. and is that not worth living for? Always know when I give this truth that you must eventually be able to reach God. . Is that not worth striving for life after life. or you would not have that test at that time in existence. Then you will know. The nearer you grow to God and the more you are trying to find Him. to understand the suffering of the world. the inequality. and you realize how blind they are to truth. you all must be able to reject the negative. or God would not let you suffer. I say unto you .

It is perishable! Nothing in that world is lasting. `I want you not! ‘I do not reject you for the suffering you bring me. Push them away! Endure them. and you will not endlessly enter flesh. to have the accolades of God. Then when the need is there you will come again with a new body. . You must move to God and not linger in that world. and they give you a sense of despondency and self pity. If it were not the truth. or from you I only want God!’ ‘I have within me the understanding of my true identity with God. all emotion. or tell you that you are in pain.’ You will find that divine state of being coming for you. Throw away these failings of flesh. This is the way it goes. Your world is only temporary. Never let the world tell you that you are poor and tell you that you are miserable. with a new need to experience a new understanding of a new existence. I would not speak these words. I am Bethesda. I want you to feel this love of God ever with you. your problems.The glory of a soul’s growth to God is an endless story of exaltation and of understanding the need to live to grow. it is only something you have to wear for this journey. until you can roll away that world. they make you feel inadequate. There are many religions in your world. and to have the ultimate truth. never let it conquer and overpower the peace within you. and never lose your direction! Never let the world pull at your senses and tell you that you are unhappy. they cloud your reasoning.’ ‘I want no more journeys. Then you can say to that world . I reject you for the fact I desire nothing of you. and then you will forget everything you had in this life—that is the law! You will take nothing with you. Yet they . Your moods. for there is nothing in the world that is me. my children. This is your great opportunity this time to find Him. nor are they yours to have and to hold. and seek the positive of the understanding discipline of the true journey of the soul to God. Do not let it hamper your endeavors to expand your understanding and wisdom with God. I want only The Beloved Creator. only with your surrender to the spirit. . you will leave this life. each one is claiming to be the one authority. You had to leave all that behind. This is the true self-seeking the divine light that is there throughout each physical life in every journey. Do not allow it to make you forget the reason you came into a physical body. Do not let your world obsess you. I only want God. They have no place in your life. You will never ride that train of growth to God with your emotions. If it were not so. I give my love to you all. move away from them. Never let the world do that to you! You are free inside to love and find God. This flesh you carry and wear is not you. Take yourself ever nearer to Him and push away the world. God would not give these teachings to you. This deep peace of God is forever yours. and I want you to have your reality of understanding fixed upon that truth. Make this journey productive! Waste not the opportunities that God has given you. and push away the material. Emotions cloud your judgment. I give my peace to you all. Do not let it suppress the ability of the soul to seek peace with God. and the heavy mantle around you must not imprison you. are all material. You come into a new life. This is your test to know and remember you all are divine. No matter what conditions you have. no matter what state of mind. push away the heavy conditions of that world then just sit quietly with your desire to link with the Beloved. and you have nothing within that world that you had last time. and emotion will never take you to God.

Chapter 18 Between Two Worlds I could not explain this form of communication to you in words that you would understand. and the means. faith. It is impossible for me to describe to you in man-made words because there are no Earthly terms that can express many profound spiritual realities. which is beyond mans physical mind to understand. He creates the opportunity for this to come about. Acceptance. synagogue or mosque. You are manifesting in flesh. This form of divine communication this night to you in your world with God’s teachings as the result is something. come to understand the futility of seeking material explanations for everything that happens before they can accept them. but not creation. and in living that truth! The weapons of high technology that man makes today can destroy mankind. Therefore. and many ways for communication to come to your world. and this is your chance to throw away that heavy materialism. It is a very hard material world. logic of God that I speak! You cannot find soul growth in any cathedral. `My beloved children: You can do it or I would not bring it. When God sends teachings to his children in flesh. it comes. church. Then when God makes an opportunity available to bring His truths to mankind you can be sure they will be found and they will be used. you are describing communication from the higher spheres to the lower spheres of Earth. are part of the process of learning to know God. The flesh of man is not the criterion of the soul within. temple. and it is resulting in the teachings that are there. and I bring reality. they This is the in unity. You are heavily engaged in matter because you are living in it. He is the one who chooses the way. you are only dreaming in that world. it does not divide! If they cannot live in cannot represent truth. It is very difficult when you have people who are skeptical and are questioning communication from the unseen world. I come to tell you and show you the way to move out of darkness into light and from despair into hope. You have no need to explain to anyone how this communication comes to you. and trust. truth unites. It is not important that they have the explanation they want to hear. You can only find it in spiritual truth. Those who are seeking must take in trust that God is communicating and that which mankind is receiving. You are not living an existence in that world. how can I describe them in man made words that people of that world are able to understand? Never think that what I bring is unattainable. You are not describing something of studio matter. Séances and the psychic world are one way of making the link.cannot live is contrary unity. They will in time as they grow spiritually wiser. You are acting a part for a time. never think it is an impossible dream that I bring: I bring the truth. the time. That material world is a dream. There are many gifts from God. When God enables communication between the higher world and matter. This to truth. but are still divine. let that . Within you is this atom of God which is always in communication with the higher world. This understanding of communication between the spheres of existence cannot be explained in words that the mind of man would understand. but this form of communication is different in all that we are endeavoring to bring in communication with you here this day. It is very difficult to convince them of the sincerity of what you believe and what you know. many opportunities. If they cannot live in unity they have to live divided.

That world of matter and the universe of matter can be destroyed in a second if God withdrew maintaining the existence of that universe. Then seek for yourself the highest and the purest of understanding that comes from the Divine Creator. That what the world has. You are God’s own children. I am trying to show you the greater pathway to walk in life to enable you to find the Divine Beloved. and He rations nothing He has to give. which I beg you to find. If you acknowledge the truth of your divinity you will move to God. a reality. I feel it is His love reaching out to the four corners of your Earth. the wisdom. However. and the promise of eternity with Him be the joy that drives out darkness and lets you live in the light. then you will be in your living and your thinking. and . follow Him and deny that world its claim upon you. Find that tranquility and peace within. Live that belief and you will find that spiritual truth. Let this understanding and this belief. I am Bethesda. this is a long time away. You with greater soul growth are blessed. People in the future will be living openly and understandingly with the two worlds. I leave you all with my love and I leave you all with my light. I leave you all with my desire to guide those who truly seek the divine pathway to God and higher consciousness. Nothing of that world matters! This material clattering and banging on your door ignore it! Don’t open the door! Tell that world to go away! There is no problem in that world that is so immense that it can take away your peace and your desire to know God. and you will not let that world claim you. Chapter 19 The Reality of Truth from an Avatar The gentle breeze of God’s love is blowing on your world. has come from God. find Him. you understand and you believe. I want to guide you into a great sense of peace. Let His love be your companion. I also see a great need for that world to awaken to the truth of God. but yet they deny their soul this opportunity because the worldly dogma has clouded their judgement. One day the world will understand there is a dual existence and it is not all material that exists in your world of matter. and the strength to follow that truth into your lives. They would rather listen to the ranting of man. and a lot more must be endured before it comes. If you think you are material. proclaiming this.physical body act that part—you do not! You tell that world it is not your world. I am trying to bring the greater truths. let His divine presence be ever with you. with such a great sense of purpose of your own divinity I want to give you such a longing to push further and further along this pathway to God. Live this in a way that helps you to understand even more the vastness that is God. I am from God. God’s all encompassing wisdom is ever flowing for He restricts nothing. So many are ready to find the ultimate truth. give you the courage. People live in that world with their hearts and souls closed and hear not His whisper of truth that flows. trying to bring enlightenment to souls on your Earth. Nothing in your world can deny you your right to grow to the Beloved. Let that peace within become an even greater pool of tranquility. That what the world does not know is the truth of God From the cost of every rocket that is sent into outer space they could bring succour to hungry nations and empty stomachs. for your world is with God.

and the physical mind cannot understand God. Every soul is linked with God for it is a part of God. When a soul enters a body it is submerged by the need for the physical body to grow and to be capable of being the vehicle that the soul needs to grow to God. and to feel and think the divine truth. Mankind utilizes the aspects of God’s creation that is so vital to human life. By living God and His laws. The physical eyes cannot see God. The people of your material world need to discard everything that is around them and live God. proclaiming His truths and telling man what he must do. and the human being’s capacity becomes subservient to the power of the spirit within. the soul knows. Can you imagine the immensity of God’s energy? When you think of what it controls and what it is behind? Every segment and every fragment of existence came from God. the physical ears cannot hear God. unable to think or to focus. The physical analytical mind is incapable of showing God or thinking God: it is the tool of the body. the consciousness of man enlarges and expands into that great cosmic mind of God. but then man adds his own interpretation . try and imagine the longing and the love that flows from The Creator. and live it. God lives in everything that exists! God comes in so many wondrous ways to show of His existence. to show His authority. The older it becomes the more ability it has to realize and relate to the duality of the self. every soul must eventually understand and live that which God is. but that awakening cannot come until the human aspect has begun to realise the need to live the divine way. awareness slowly comes into the life of that child. and to show His creative ability. God cannot make it loudly heard it must come as a whisper until the souls and the consciousness of all human beings are ready to receive it.proclaiming that as truth. knowing and awaiting to be awakened to the divine truth. all sensations. feel it. Every flower that blooms. It is the spiritual aspect of the self that has the ability to hear God’s words. all understanding. see it. Therefore. he is deaf to this whisper of God. the brutality. Not even the smallest bird can fly unless God wills it so. what God knows. Every raindrop that falls is there because God has formed that rain. God’s laws proclaim the functioning of that creation. God does not come to man in a tangible form and stand before him. Human beings think if anything has to be real it has to be tangible. the giver of all life: because one day. how then could man understand. It overrides all thinking. God’s laws are immutable and procreation is the first step in existence of a human form that the soul must use. No river can run unless God is in it. and he must know God through his spiritual awareness and his soul growth. These necessary accomplishments man thinks he can usurp. God waits in silent anguish for mankind to turn away from that material world. Man only allows the physical mind to do the thinking and to do the analysing: then the only explanations man will find is: the material aspect of existence. and the impervious disregard for things divine. it blooms because God is there. they have to touch it. but the real truth silently waits within their spiritual understanding. People know it not. If you can. People are so close to enlightenment with the soul in each incarnation. You have but to watch a child at birth. That is not the way the true self exemplifies its divinity. Until man will realise the frailty of materialism. he thinks he can dispense with God’s creation and fashion his own. but as it grows. God waits for man to reach out for the divine longing that the soul within represents. and the fashioning of the body that is overseen by the soul wanting to inhabit it. or hope to encompass the wonder of God and His thoughts? Man must feel God. It is also the spiritual inner-self that sees and understands the divinity that He represents. God sees the killings in your world. enlightenment is already there.

to make his wants meet his needs. and the smallest animal. and for far more than nature can give. the disaster of materialism. the smallest bird. `Beloved children: God does not intend for mankind to stand still and not grow: . Motivated by greed. cannot you imagine the end result that will follow. man still thinks he can improve on what God already has given in His laws to create the beginning of a life. and the population of your world is exceeding the number that God intends for it. They have usurped the divine intent. the animals. God has fashioned His laws. When people want something that your Earth does not give them. man has the temerity to think he can ignore God’s laws and make his own. man into animal. and cannot meet. Is he not? The crops that grow. He cannot! Your world in time to come has to account for the wrongs that at this moment mankind is doing. God’s laws are perfect! God’s laws of creation and procreation are perfect in the divinity of their origin! Anything less than the way of God. It cannot come except from this great force of energy that God has given mankind to use in one form or another. If all these aspects of life decided for themselves they would create their own way of doing things. to bring about the end result of what he thinks he needs. he thinks he can change them and force them to meet his needs. and demands on the provision of food that your Earth cannot grow. is that God is the creator. the scientists try to change the beginning of things to make it happen. In opposition to this. and God has decreed the outcome of those laws must naturally follow if they are obeyed.of what life must need to grow. all are being tampered with by man. all have their procreation laws to live. are the enforced attitude and desires of mankind. Opportunities for existence in so many ways mankind could never understand. and could be such a place of peace and plenty for all. The smallest ant. If God’s creation is tampered with. Each must fulfil an act of some kind to start the beginning of the creation of life. Mankind cannot do this! At this very moment scientists are putting into other aspects of life various formations of the human life. then the end result must bring the chaos eventually that mankind has to face. In view of all of this divine activity. The one law mankind must remember. animal into man. and their evolution. The balance of the population would be automatically governed if the laws of procreation were followed wisely. the smallest insect. Man has yet to realize he cannot add to. take from. There are excesses made by humanity for this and for that. and mankind has exaggerated the outcome. All of this is through the physical foolishness of man to think he is above God. If God’s laws do not give to man all he seeks and needs. Mankind is tampering with so much of creation. When you lose the balance of those laws and you ignore the rules behind them. aspects of life you could not imagine. the human lives. must bring in its wake eventually. he in his greed fashions material things from that world by raping it of its wealth. just to fashion his own wants and needs. I wonder how man can think he can usurp God in this way. There are demands upon the rivers. and vice versa. or usurp the authority of God in creation. their formation. demands upon the oceans. unmindful of God’s laws. in this way. If the acts of divinity in the procreative laws do not result in the end that what man wants. That beautiful Earth that God gave to mankind is such a place of beauty. and to the rules of God’s creative force. The human populations of Earth are making demands on that world that cannot be met. Man is not content with the gentle things of life. All this is adverse to God’s laws. because your Earth is only just one facet of life? Your planet Earth is but one facet of creation—endless creation lies beyond Earth. he then thinks he can go to his laboratories and improve on them. what chaos there would be in your world. and have no repercussions.

that is not God’s way. God wants mankind to grow in wisdom and gentleness, living in harmony with what nature provides, and what people really need. When you stand aside and see the excesses of modem living, you realize how much humanity expects that world to provide an excess that man does not need. All the buildings, all their designing, all the fashioning, all the furnishings, and all extravagances of man’s acquired luxuries from life. Mankind needs to move away from these resources, for that world was not geared to provide them to such excess. These excesses of humanity today are so great your Earth is suffering. The Earth is crying out with so much pain. Man is greedily exploiting every possible avenue that he has available, and is engineering them to his own advantage. I do not mean to give you words of gloom, because your world is still a beautiful place. On your Earth very beautiful human beings still live there, and very beautiful exponents of life still live there; but I speak of the majority. I must speak of the excesses that are prevalent, and warn you of the perils that man is bringing upon humanity by his actions. Man exploits little children. Man exploits all forms of humanity in order to bring for his life comforts, wealth and power. Man’s idea of power is to have the ability to be able to be superior in strength, wealth, and position to his fellow human beings. Mankind in his greed will use pressure and will force conditions, if need be to get his way. Man thinks his strength is power over others, through some form or other. If he could but know, the lifting of a little finger by an Avatar is more powerful in your world, than the greatest social position on your planet. An Avatar has the power to bring to fruition all that he or she requires. An Avatar can by thought be as God is. An Avatar can manipulate the great energy of God, to bring about that which the Avatar’s mind conceives, but an Avatar will never misuse that power. An Avatar never misuses that great strength. An Avatar will not use that great power for anything but to live God’s laws. An Avatar could with the power of thought destroy a building, but no Avatar would ever do this. That is not God’s way! God has given mankind free will, to be foolish or wise as he so chooses. God has given mankind freewill to live the divine way, or the material way: that is mankind’s choice, but each human being must remember, once that choice is made that person has to live it and see it through. If man chooses materialism, then he must expect to pay the price of that choice. If divinity is his choice, if living God in all wisdom is his choice, he must then expect to receive the bounty of the Divine Creator; and as surely as night follows day, it will be so! You can live in the humblest of abodes, with the barest of necessities, and you can be the wealthiest human being in that world. This is only so if you have earned the ability to live, to seek and to be united with God. Man is so foolish to think the money in the bank is his power and his security. Man is so foolish to go on wanting this, and wanting that, and never be satisfied unless there is something else always therefore him to want, to seek, and to get. How foolish is mankind? Humanity needs to look at that world as their place of domicile for each one’s journey in growth to God. People have to have enough necessities to live in that world. It is not possible to do otherwise. Man has to be able to confront that world and what it brings to his door, but that does not mean he has to live the excesses of that world, and to covet all the time the excesses of that world. You can have the moderate comforts of all there is, if greed does not lie behind the desire for them. Most of humanity today has an insatiable appetite as they inhabit flesh; their appetite is for this, for that, or for something else. Man sees one thing and says . . . ‘I must have that; he sees something else and says. . . . ‘I must have this also.’ He does not look around him and say . . . ‘I have enough for my needs!

‘I have something to sleep on, something to keep me cool, and something to keep me housed and safe.’ Man is not content he must have more and more: his desires are endless. Man’s thoughts always seem be on change this, change that, or get something new. Mankind never thinks of what is being used to make these things that they are wasting. Mankind is so un-evolved at the moment they cannot comprehend these words I bring, but there are growing souls living in your world that can. You here in this small group, have the wisdom already to know the truth of what life is all about. You have the ability to be able to see beyond and forget the petty problems of your world. Growing souls who are touching enlightenment, can forget the petty problems of that world. These souls can forget the petty problems of their lives, and look at the big picture of that world. They can look at the sky, see the sun that shines, the rains that fall, and know the hand of God is there. Many growing souls can see the flowers, the crops, and know the hand of God is behind that which they are watching. Move, walk, run, and know the power of God is within you. Obey the laws of health, and expect in wisdom a healthy body, and not a life of pain and misery. There are exceptions to this: sometimes an evolved soul chooses those problems in order to acquire soul growth: that evolved soul chooses to carry those burdens in order to grow even closer to God. You do not know the reason why things are bought to your door; sometimes these unwise problems come because of the unwise living of man, the unwise actions of man, the unwise desires of man, and the foolishness behind it. On the other side of the coin, loving and giving oneself to God may bring in its wake suffering; but in wisdom there surely lies behind that suffering a greater wisdom, or a greater reason for this. Then know in truth, in wisdom you can turn to God in the deepest conviction of longing, and in the deepest acceptance of that which is coming. For when the cry of help comes from within the very depth of your soul, then you will know God will answer you. God will lift that burden very gently, enabling you to carry it, and great strides can then be made along the pathway of soul growth. This will be so, because you are putting your trust in God. God is always in your life, and will make the load less heavy, so that you can walk in the stillness of longing to reach Him. I feel great joy when I see a young life unfold and gently move to God. I see the awaking of spirituality within, and I see that soul yearning for the highest, the noblest and the purest when the child grows older; with all craving and longing for truth and for a greater wisdom that your world seems unable to bring that child. I then see the child’s resistance to that world emerging and I see its disregard for the materialism of your world. I see the child searching and seeking more and more, to find out, while motivated by a desire to dissolve into the wonder of the divinity of God. In the terms of him or her; it matters not; for like God the soul has no gender, and it has no shape or form These are spiritual truths, and are very difficult to express in words of the material world; but in all truth—it is the truth! I rejoice at the strength and determination of those who have the strength to find God, and understand the reality of that which is God. I give you my love. I give you my peace. I am Bethesda. Calmness baffles someone who has anger to display. Each time you overcome a weakness it becomes strength.

Chapter 20 Understanding: The Divine Way I rejoice at the strength and conviction of those who find, recognise, accept, and understand divine truth. I also rejoice at the longing and determination of those seekers to find God; great strength and help flows from this world to such souls. Those persons draw to their inner-self great spirituality from the divinity of those who are working for God in the Spirit World. They bring it with them to your world make it so. You must remember, everyone incarnate is watched, by someone in this divine world of God. Every soul is watched over, and every cry for God is heard and answered. Everyone’s need is understood; and whilst man may think it is not answered the way he wants it, it is most surely met by the way he needs it. Sometimes God can see a soul cannot progress unless this way is taken and this burden is carried. God always ensures the opportunity comes, somehow, or in some way for that soul to be given the opportunity to endure, to suffer through it, and to glow at the outcome. Then that soul will return victorious to its spiritual home. Your world is a very lonely place for those who love God; in the reality of that love they are truly linked with the Divine with great love and longing. It is then they find that world is a very lonely place; they feel they are not akin to that that world and that what around them. They feel misplaced: they feel a discomfort and cannot adjust to existence there, because God is their longing. A true soul understands that in spirit lies its rightful place of being, they have incarnated into a physical body in that world of matter only to allow the soul to exist in that material form. The soul can activate in that existence in order to evolve ever closer to God. There is also a need to inhabit other aspects of life, not just that world. Thus, according to the decree of God, so it will be. Man must not think that Earth is the only place that God allows a soul to inhabit. Can you imagine the immensity of God? Can you imagine the wonderful creative energy of God only been giving that one little tiny dot of a planet called Earth? Earth, the only place in all His creation that He will allow a soul to live and exist; how vain is mankind, and how foolish is mankind if they think that? God allows the soul to move through so many avenues of life, but always the evolvement to Him is the divine reason. You come into bodies knowing you have to come, knowing you need to come. You cannot escape it! You have the lessons to learn and soul growth to achieve while you inhabit a physical body; as long as the tie of that world is with you in your desires for the material existence, you will automatically gravitate to that material existence. As long as you somehow desire to come back into a body and you have something of that world that calls you back, then you will come back. When all ties are gone from that world then enlightenment starts to become part of you. Your soul has to reject every thing material of that world. Your soul has not to accept any form of existence in that world it must only desire God, and nothing material. Then your growing soul will recognise God’s purity and the divinity of that creative force that is eternal, infinite, and exists in all things. When you can truly accept this, then you have no need to come back. `My beloved children: If there is still the slightest pull to that world you will come back. That is why I say to you in the pure essence of truth; desire nothing from that world, covert nothing, not even the smallest thing, desire nothing and crave nothing. Use only what you have to from that world. Do not want anything of that world, only the need to exist for that what you require to live God—destroy that want within you for anything material. Do not have any attachment to any people, or to anything! Have nothing! Never feel that you have to have someone with you or something with you to exist in

that world. You do not! Each of you is an individual soul and you may be lonely, but you can exist in that world with God. God alone can supply this divine affinity that is within you for you to face that world. You only crave that world because it is comfortable. You only crave things of that world, because they make you feel a little safe, a little warmer, or a little something else but they make you feel a little better. You can truly disregard everything material in that world. You can be in that world with your soul exposed to God, and say . . .’Father, it is you I want, you I crave for, you I long for, and you I seek with such a hungry longing.’ ‘My God, take this world away from me, take me from this world, let me desire nothing of this world of matter, I want only you.’ You need to eat because you are hungry, for you must eat to survive. Drink because you are thirsty, because your body needs fluid. Lay your head in sleep, because your body is tired: your body needs it to refresh and restore energy. Do not eat because you want to, or because it means so much to you; then again, if you eat because you want this and you want that, then that food possesses you. You need to discard everything that possesses you and be yourself in the spiritual understanding that you are growing to God. God does not dwell in foolishness; you must have somewhere to live, and you are entitled to have security of a home; but that is not Gods way, by saying no, for you must have that. You must have your home furnished in order to live within it. There must be food within it, water to drink, and water to bathe your body. With all these things in life, God does not expect you to forgo them. You must have them! `Beloved seekers: Know in truth: it is only when you make them a craving, a longing, and a physical wanting that never seems to end, then they will always be insatiable desires. You achieve this, but may always want something else to add to your possessions. Later you think I will get this because I may need it and it would be very nice to have. Then you see something else you may also desire: but in truth you are clinging to that world. I do not say you must not do it if you want it; it’s your right, and your choice. You can do anything you want, be anything you want—it is your choice! What I am really saying to you, if it is God you want and union with Him, then you must live His laws. Crave nothing! Want nothing! Seek God relentlessly and live His laws! I know that world is very difficult, very lonely, very dark and foreboding place to any sensitive human being who is on the spiritual path, and does not want to come back. You frequently read, or witness, the cruelties that are being performed with incredible heartlessness of man to man. You hear the dogged foolishness of what they teach is the way to God, and what they think is the way to God. Then they impose upon the gullible the stupidity of their dogmas, self-made rules and beliefs. When you see all the errors of the world that mankind is making, you feel despair, but remember it is only an illusion. It is not reality, for terrible things are happing to the human bodies in your material world. My beloved children: the soul within is the aspect of man that is growing to God. Sometimes in the most tormented person there is a growth to God that you would be surprised to see. Sometimes in the most ignorant of human beings there is the glow of the soul awakening unknown to that person. Never measure anyone’s wealth, ability, or path, just by the outside trappings of the body. You must be able to intuitively link with the divine within your innerself, in order to use this deeper insight. Then you will be able to understand that the soul within is the treasure that God is enabling to grow closer and closer to Him.

but you will grow on to God. Nevertheless. I tell you truly all your absorption of spiritual truths is through the consciousness: that is the doorway to enlightenment! The fashioning of each life in that human expression of life is overseen by the divine within. or in the most excessive drama of life. but that is not God’s way. but you can still retreat within and link with God. and not the mind of the body. and you can absorb the teachings of God this way. We also see among many souls in your world the hunger for God that is longing for freedom. the soul within that physical body. `My children: You have the power over that material existence: because the divine within you is the greatest wealth you could ever have. in a quiet corner of that world. The further away from God you are the less the body is influenced by the spiritual thinking of the body. Is this not so? It matters not where you live. We see you: that soul’s expression in your physical body: that is what we see. You can shut the world out. for you have the choice to choose it or not. and you are with God. The choice is yours and must ever be so! God could end the misery in your world today if it was His intention. That human body can be destroyed. We do not look at the outer expression of the materialism. We must show you the way. There are so many vast and wonderful teachings and truths for you yet to know. but they cannot destroy the spirituality of the self. the busiest of places. it can be discarded. We see the hold upon each soul that material world is making and we see the constant need of that world for the attention of the soul’s time. but this depends upon your free will. and show you the way. You make the choices. They can be cruel to your body.We look upon Earth and see not the dress you are wearing. but they cannot hurt your soul. Earth must evolve in accordance with the divine laws. and we wait and help. you make the decisions. until eventually Earth will be evolved into the spiritual aspect of existence that God intends. they cannot take God from you. we look at the inner wealth of the soul that you are bringing to God. Sometimes you will see in that world those who glow with love. There is nothing in that world that can keep you from God. With one thought He could regrow the crops in the areas of drought. We understand the problems of your lives. or the home you are living within. The closer you come to God and the more you seek to be with God then truth will come to fashion your thoughts and fashion your life. watch. the busiest of cities. We never intrude upon your free will. and God will not violate them. and you must live with them! Human beings have to work their free-will decisions through. You can live within the busiest of streets. and energy. no matter where it is. He will never usurp the law of free will He gave to humanity. Wherever you live in that world God is there. retreat and be with God. We never intrude upon the life you live. no matter where they incarcerate you in any prison. . it has the power over all else. and sometimes you see in others the faces of hate and darkness. You have to learn with the consciousness of the soul. so much wonderment for you to unfold and learn. We give constant love to you and we give understanding of spiritual leadership that you seek and need. We never do anything that is foreign to God’s laws: we love. life after life. With one thought He could clear the pollution of that world. We can but show you what you need. They can destroy your life. You can absorb with the human mind the thinking process of the body. but you cannot know them until you are ready. There is so much to learn from God. and we understand many things you would not give us credit for. and we work for God to release souls into the freedom of understanding and wisdom in God. in the simplest of places. Don’t let the human body tell you it is superior and it has control over you.

What a person does in your life may hurt others. the soul within is the spiritually divine power that God has given you over all else. but eventually you will come into a body again. You cannot exemplify God in your living and expect others to think you are right and they are wrong. never mind how they scoff. and cherish it. my children: they are ultimately responsibly to grow to God themselves in spite of adversity of all else. obey the laws of that land. Live within the laws of that land. Give expression to the divinity that you cram into that body of flesh to enable the soul to live. while the organs within your body make you eat. and other physical things. The soul must answer to God for its-self alone. breathe. Give love. and you cannot push the teachings of God into the minds of those who want not to hear them. scorn. Never let anyone try to take you upon a spiritual or divine path that you are not ready for if your soul is unprepared. you live God. They are not your possession! You are an individual and you must account to God for your own growth. It matters not how adverse your life is. You can have supreme power over that material illusion if you can learn to dissolve into the divine consciousness to become united with the Beloved Creator. it is separate in any aspect of any life that is among your many incarnations. Never mind what others think of you. and grow to God. Follow the desire for God within you. nurture it. do all the things you should and must but remember always the soul within is individual. live in society as you must and should in a respectful and rightful way. It may decide to move on through eternity until it again becomes a part of the whole. but it cannot hurt or destroy your soul. Never forget. That evolving soul can drink from divine tranquility and . Those you are attached to in this life are with you on a temporary loan for this journey. because God created it: it a generous gift from God to enable you to inhabit a body. and laugh. I long for all you growing souls to know and feel the inner peace that only God can bring. or what complications enmesh you. sleep. Remember this also: the real you that grows to God is separate from that body. it may be important to your security or what other reason there may be: they are only on a loan. and impair their growth to God. You cannot do this until they are ready.It does not have control! The mechanism of the human body is for your soul to use. and think others watching you will want to do the same: they will not. It may be important to your happiness. Then know this. This hurt that person must account for according to the law Karma. no matter what troubles come your way. a friendly connection. Live the divine laws of God and in your living exemplify Him. journey. or no matter how painful the body is. You cannot live a deeply spiritual life. I want you to have the security that only in truly trusting and loving God can bring for you. and reincarnate into a body again and again until the need is not there for you to grow. It is not the ultimate you! It is not the eventual you that grows to God: it only houses the real you. or any other connection. Your attachments do not possess you. You cannot force other people to think as you think until they are ready. take your responsibilities seriously in order to fulfill them. Cruelty will hurt your body and it can destroy your body. and you do not possess them. unless they are ready. that the human body is not the true aspect of the self: it is only a borrowed temporary expression of creation that you take upon yourselves to use and to live in that world. Respect it. They may be linked with you in a family connection. This also is the law! After your incarnation you return to spirit. A soul growing into this higher consciousness can reach deep within for that great peace of God. You come back to spirit. in the bliss and the wonder of The Creator.

to continue strengthening your faith. but as you need.nothing of that world can surmount the power of God within that soul. the troubles and trials that material world has bought you but remember. there would be no you. look at it and feel it as the rock of your existence! You can look at your world and see the cruelty. This is a great sense of strength of peace and of harmony. You see colors of skin determining who will have what. . and seek the divine everlasting strength. fearful for their lives. Chapter 21 An Avatar’s Wisdom Wherever you look you see the negativity of mans fallible thinking abroad in that world today. and see a different way of thinking for themselves. Without God there would be no power. it is almost as if he had tried to remove the hand of God from everything. I look then for a glimmer of light in that darkness. say to yourself . not always as you would want. People are going to rebel against the various conflicting teachings: that have been given for so long. . Seek divine love. the courage and the discipline to follow and live spiritual truth. and let the growth of your soul be the goal of your life. I see you shine forth to lighten the gloom of the unenlightened and the spiritually ignorant. You see long columns of people seeking refuge elsewhere. Man neglects to acknowledge the power of God in all things. and not . It is like an oasis to see these pinpoints of light emerging all over the world. ‘I will go within and seek my God’. You see them homeless and hungry. and you can seek from within yourself this great force of tranquility. there would be no energy. amid all of this I see people such as you here in this room that think and believe as you believe. Let that world do what it wants! Tell the mind to forget that body: you are divine. enhancing your beliefs and having the wisdom. I give you my peace. you do not see the glad faces of the adults moving in their own fashion in their own countries. I want for you to realize how important it is. the lack of harmony. and never expect you to carry a burden that is too great for you to bear. I give you my love. Man thinks he is fashioning everything that is happening according to his own will and desires. Find it intuitively by the measure of spirituality within you and with that indescribable love that you have for the Beloved Creator. Expect from God to come the answer. and where. `My beloved children: If you could but see the darkness in your world. Is this not so? You do not see the hordes of laughing children. `My beloved children: Measure not your life and success by the physical. bleak is the picture they represent. it is the opening of the door to wisdom. You see nations trying to overpower nations. Focus the core of your being on God. They are going to question them more. no future to look forward to. ask God for it and to bring it to you as you seek it with relentless longing. then the light that shines from souls like you is more and more important. Do not neglect your opportunity to grow to God in spite of that world of chaos. an upheaval of religions. demand more accountability. I am Bethesda. They are going to think more. God would never see you forlorn. You can look at your life and see the imbalance. There is going to be in the future times. you are only a temporary visitor. The darkness of mans decisions is bringing misery to so many people in that world today.

You are a divine aspect of God. all think thoughts of hopelessness. believing in God. I watch with anguish at the destruction of much that the world has to give to its children. there is something so very different that must be real truth. and know indeed within its depths lies nothing that will pollute. for they dispense their waste wherever they feel inclined. and loving God.just accept what they are told. because it energizes it with the wrong aspect of living. They cut down the trees regardless of the consequences. no poverty. Collectively thought can be very powerful. So many young people will not accept the orthodox religions. See the animals moving in the forests and the jungles. and no cruelty. Do not think your thoughts are wasted and that you in your chair at home can do nothing. As it is now. This is not the way that Earth was meant to be! If tended gently. When you sit in meditation. See the oceans rolling their waves to the shore. They will have the ability to innately know. and all they can think of is a quick way of eradicating problems. Even the big ships have no respect for the oceans. they teach them this is the way to live. and ask the glow of understanding to pervade that world. Chimneys throughout that world are belching forth their smokes of poison. they are continuing to betray God’s way with bringing up their own young children to be like themselves. I do not want to be bleak. I do not speak of tomorrow. covert that. and you are seeking God. We see your world as a thing of beauty that God has given you that jewel—that planet Earth. They will not blindly follow in their parent’s footstep and believe what they are told. If you are positive in your own thinking and living you are contributing to the whole of that world even though you are one-person in one place. and the young have no values to cling to except the material. spoil food that is being grown on the land. misery and drama. They do not spend the time nurturing. however remote you may be. Let your thoughts be the ones endeavoring to bring the light of God into that world. . your Earth would respond so generously. See the rivers gently rolling down to the sea. and recklessly ruin so much of that which nature has given them so richly to enjoy. You believe in the truth of that which God wants for His children and that world: then think it and send it forth into your world! If people all think dark thoughts. clear and pure. I would ask of you to meditate for mankind. man has greedily grabbed and exploited it because his taste for luxury and comfort has outgrown his sense of morality to make mankind happy? Why do those people that live in your world want so much to make them happy? Why do they seek and want so many material things to enhance their life styles? The tragedy is. I speak of time to come. or the next day. it brings negativity to that world. Mothers and fathers in your world teach them this is normal. I can see it happening! The young coming into bodies will be the main instruments of change that is coming for that world. He has not fashioned it gently in the way of harmony with each other. or morbid: I am only trying to be factual and honest in my assessment of what we in the higher dimensions of existence see for your world today. without the need to fear man. See your world where there is no hunger. and carcinogenic poisons are blistering the delicate fabric of the human form. See your world covered in a divine glow of harmony and love. all they can see is a problem and then try to eradicate that problem with chemicals. and crop after crop would come for man to harvest. They destroy the fish in the oceans. and every thought you think and send forth finds a resting place within that darkened world. seek this. they sometimes cannot even get one crop to grow in the poor soil they have left after its exploitation. It is rich in resources of so much and man has betrayed the trust of God in the way he has looked after it. pessimistic. and seeking a gentler way existing with nature.

Mankind was not meant to thrust himself into this vast arena of electronic activity that he is doing. You can pour all sorts of poisons into your body. and to build upon. you would not exist! You have the ability to command this divine energy to work for you. The Divine was active within. and thoughts are the creative beginning of activity. You can feed your body wrong foods. as a spiritual being in a physical world. and you have to live. for your body and for good. this is only possible if you are strong enough in understanding and belief to harness it. The electronic age of that world is harnessing the young people at a very early age. there would be no you. In your own make-up you have so much power because you are divine. you can imagine the power that will go forth into that material world. to destroy. thoughts that will not allow anything but the positive of God to emerge: if you will but continue with these thoughts. Even so. This is not fantasy! I am not giving you something that is exiting to hear. He is meant to realize his true identity. He has the ability to invent. and become a mighty wave. gracefully. If you think thoughts that are positive. thoughts that will build and not destroy. Do you see what I mean. I am giving you facts! This power is God! Without God. If you had it not. this great force of energy can override the harm that you are doing in that physical existence. What people think: they become! What people think: they do! What people think: they are! If your thoughts are dark. nothing more—just physical. and females grow into womanhood. They must grow gradually into the activities of adulthood. But behind all that material thinking the power of God is the power within him. He comes into a body. If your thoughts are of light and are positive that also comes to your life. If you stopped to think and realize the power of thought. The real you is within. Little children have to be allowed to again be children! They are forcing their little ones to become old in their youth. the divine you is a power beyond human understanding. That is very foolish: human beings are meant to grow spiritually. they are growing up with nothing else to feel is real but this mechanical. and he has the ability to perform many daring deeds. there would be no power. and gently to the benefit of all . and not have it thrust upon them at a too earlier age. and use it. you are neglecting the higher more positive side of the self. Just think for a moment of the myriad of things man does in that world of matter that you live in. It is an emotion: it is an aspect of the self that has within its power to create. he grows into manhood. then darkness comes to you.One thought from you can add to the thoughts of others going forth. Human beings are much more complicated and complex beings. You are linked with God! You have this great force or energy continually ebbing and flowing. there would be no energy. What flows into you use it! Waste it not! If you are relying upon the physical only for your well-being. they think they are physical. you would really be amazed: thought is the most powerful of emotions that man sends forth. you have to talk. but I know there is also harm. the divine-self. It will bring the thoughts of sorrow and happiness: for all thoughts such as these which the physical mind produces are powerful. my children? The mind is a very powerful instrument. maintaining that physical body. or lives sparsely in that world without economical and physical progress. electronic era that surrounds them. I do not think that man gives enough understanding to how he lives his life. which is detrimental to the body. unless. I do not propose that mankind goes back to the caves. His own physical being would be incapable. thoughts of love and not hate. because he has the ability to think them and follow them through. you have to walk. You have to animate in matter. I realize there is gain in the new inventions of that world. and others like you will think the same. Always you must choose to use that power for good.

the peace. Only then can the departed spirit know if he or she is rich or poor according to what it has acquired during its sojourn on Earth. and they take it for granted that is the normal way to live. grow to God more quickly. However. nor grasp anything around him or herself: that body lies there. then they only desire more and more. The soul within has with-drawn and gone into spirit taking nothing with it from that material world. lifeless. In the desires of the people of your world today there is such an onrush to acquire many electronic and other material acquisitions to their living. regardless of the consequences. and all the possessions that is possible for a person to acquire. I am not so foolish to think every man and woman can be an Avatar. and disregard the rest. He can draw from God. and also every memory of that wealth. He must have everything he can possibly grasp to make him happy. knowing you cannot take them with you beyond the point of transition? You leave them behind for someone else. to move through that world more gently. I mean not that! With this statement. . but being spiritual. he seems to want everything that is possible to acquire. You need enough to be content. What’s the good of spending your entire life gaining unto you things of the world. therefore. what do you see? You see an inert figure lying there. if you have spent your time in that world trying to grow to God. that person can neither touch anything. and of being The Beloved Creator: then you are touching enlightenment. You need enough to be economically secure. 'Who is the happier? I know without a doubt it is the Avatar with that inner glow: for he has earned that inner ability to raise his consciousness to that of God and see the true meaning of life and existence.humanity. . not being overly religious. and the spirituality it has gained in that lifetime's journey. That person may have spent a lifetime greedily grasping all the money that is possible to have. I ask you . safe and secure. and the tranquility his life must have. You cannot have them! You do not need them! They are of no avail! Your lifelong efforts have been useless to the real you. You do not need the trappings of that world to bring you happiness. Mankind soon becomes discontent with them. He can utilize gently things he must. When you see an Avatar living in that world he can dwell in that world and still live in its simplicity that he does. not content with this number. Every facet of their material possessions is left behind and they move to God in nakedness of the soul. Mankind today has not that ability to choose. I know. He does not want the luxuries of that world. The young children in your world today are being bought up in such an environment. What you do not need are all the luxuries that your world may throw at you to make you happy. the calmness. each soul leaves all their wealth that they have gathered unto themselves. the power of survival. . they want that number. if you acknowledge God as the Supreme Being. what can that person do at the end of the journey? That departed spirit can do nothing! Each soul that leaves the physical body at the end of the journey. It has not one physical acquisition that it can take with it in the transition from life to death—not one atom of the material world can it take! It can but take only the soul growth. It will never give him true contentment! When you see someone at the journeys end that leaves that physical body. I am giving you a comparison between the two activities of life. and realize all the material things he is grasping and greedily holding to himself will never make him happy. He is the richer and the happier. He can draw from God all the things he needs to live in that world. An Avatar can draw from God. I realize that. 'My beloved children: Do not seek your wealth from that world! I beseech you to look more carefully of what you are trying to acquire as your life's goal. It behooves mankind. he has long ago rejected them as unnecessary.

Move through matter. but man will continue to come back into flesh time and time again. But. my children. Mankind can stumble for centuries. and evade the necessity to again reincarnate into that world. but beyond that.If you are a person that only acknowledges that the world of matter in which you are journeying. Reject the matter. Mankind can go on relishing that world. The craving is pointless! It can benefit nothing but the physical mind. The less demand you have of that world. attributes that you can gently harvest for your own benefit on Earth. You move endlessly through time into eternity with God. then that world of matter becomes an agony. the gentler your way of life. and he realizes the futility of what he is and what he has been Man is divine: he must acknowledge and recognize the Creator as the supreme aspiration of his journeys. That world is meant to be a training ground for souls leaning to reject materialism and seek the Divine. or you can make it very fast by the efforts you make to face the light and walk the pathway of growth to God. Then you have no need to always strive for extra luxuries. When a soul comes close to God it is very painful to again enter flesh. and I tell you in truth you cannot live in that world endlessly seeking the world. You have to turn your face to the light. with the comparison of the divine and matter. you have not wasted your incarnation. but why do they need all the attributes of that material world that they have gained and acquired for themselves? The simpler your life the closer to God you become. this is substance that I bring. When a soul from the spirit dimension truly and lovingly wants God but finds it has to again enter flesh. nor for power and greed. the more you will find of God. someone who knows the truth as you know the truth would realize that growing to God is the vital goal of your life. for the possession of excess money and things of that world because you have already filled your coffers with your material gains. if you crowd your life with this materialism. and selecting its attributes that you can gently use. Your world is not meant to be a playground for pleasure only. the closer to God you also become. and enjoy the fruits that God has given you in your world. You can live and appreciate nature. Millions of years if necessary! This will be so until that spark of awakening comes to the fore. no matter what you are doing in that world today. you are shutting out the wisdom of God Let the power of God penetrate and invade the physical! Let the power of God overwhelm the physical! Then feel only this great peace and tranquility of love that is your birthright. there is no choice to make if you love God and want only God. Let your energy be directed more towards the growing to God. When a person comes to the journeys end and leaves with nothing gained but a . There is time to enjoy the beauty of that world along the way. and reject matter! Then. With this will also come the starvation of the soul within—the real you. and you can still have normal needs met. You can still have your laughter. If you can lighten hearts and bring to hungry souls the awaking of something more to cling to and seek. you can still have your comfort. even if you are a reigning sovereign of a nation. through eons of time. I would think someone who loves God as you here love God. and the sense of satisfaction within the mind. Seek always to benefit from your journey in that world of matter. I give in truth. Then you have truly wasted an incarnation. Absolutely nothing! All must learn they have to face the lighted way and walk to God. the craving is useless. you have not lived in vain. You can make it very slow. If you can help just one soul find God in your journey. or a person with a powerful or socially prominent position—it means nothing. because one day you have to find God.

that person is bankrupt spiritually. this food of existence. You have to complete your journey in matter until you have acquired that which you must. Tell the body. my children: the body is a covering only! The physical eyes see the physical things! The spiritual eye sees divinity! The physical body walks and talks. and all the modern inventions of science you can acquire and use. `I have no need to come again to Earth`. the joys. they are omnipotent. You here. If God withdraws this divine energy from your body. but the divine within propels you to God. it behooves you to make an even greater effort if you have wisdom to seek more from your material world which has the spiritual essence to help you find God easier and more quickly. . There is of course the accidental cessation of a life by the action of another or the actions of the self in a misguided action of time in that world. everything in accordance with His laws: God’s laws are immutable. This great power is so very powerful. in your small gathering have learned the way. but the divine must be able to override that which you are in that material world. making mistakes. Therefore. The power of God is so immense it is beyond description! This energy of which I speak pervades all existence! Can you imagine how powerful this energy is? This energy is feeding you! This divine energy is entering the body spirituality. Not one soul is excluded. and it is so very under used by humanity. God does not withdraw it because He wants to punish. This is truth. The true intent for the body is to journey through time in that world until the journey is finished and the soul can withdraw naturally. you can take your foods. thinking this is mine. it has to be completed. They would rather take a glass of medicine than bring into the body the full activity of this energy by the will and the power of the mind. building. . God is not some hierarchy looking around at his creation. and what you want to achieve. and accounting for the mistakes until divine wisdom prevails. The divine is guiding you ever closer to your divine inheritance. what you want to acquire. You have the privilege of this force of energy entering your body until the body has no longer any task to perform. I am in charge. `I want nothing of it! Avatars began the same as everybody else. You cannot flout the laws of God without the accounting of having to pay that which you have to pay. Then that person will have to come back again and again to learn the way. . and ceaselessly penetrates that physical form. and that the body is merely secondary to that divinity of the self. but the soul within knows when its journey has ended and withdraws again back to the Divine. you will find all the science and all the medicines of the world cannot do anything for you: you will lie there inert. all have to take the same journey again and again and again. Ultimately. or that one. evolving.material life. and empty of life. That is not God! God is the supreme creative force of love and wisdom! The core of all existence! God endlessly and mercifully pervades all His existence. Tell the body to use this energy that is coming into it. wandering as this one. It is only then you can say . and experiencing the male form and the female form. Do not underestimate the power of this energy! You can take your medicines. in learning to accept the divine as overall. That is. journeying through time until they have become perfect in God. or whatever it may be. the soul is in command. then that ultimately is never overlooked or forgotten. and the physical as something you do not want and do not need. back to The Divine Creator. you know where you want to be. Tell the body to use the power that is coming into it. by eternally seeking God. `I have learned it is not that life I choose. and having to suffer the pain. this divine energy overrides everything. and the task ends abruptly through error of judgment. God constantly is reinforcing. it maintains the divine within. The physical is used in the physical. If the task is incomplete. This wonderful creator is sending to you this food of creation.

this is their home for the time of growth. and learn within. from power. and the acquiring of things in their lives. the atom of The Divine Creator. and where they are going. in the homes. just to see how you handle it. and in the schools. their true realization of their true identity with God. and saying . and reasons of all sorts of things. as long as they attain what they are after. but together. you are linked to the one next to you. and you are linked to everybody in that world. Your world has quickened in the recent years. all these aspects are within others the same. you are all equal. or feel more important than somebody else. and he must respect the well-being of that world. All should be able to move freely in that world. not just in personal behavior but also in the living of their lives. just to have it. why they are there. this great humility of equality. Importance has no part in the soul. It has no bearing on your soul growth! It does not awaken your consciousness to God! Those who are greatest and closest to God are very gentle and very humble. It is in the work place. collectively they are God. and I know how so far into the future it will be before this can happen. I know how hard this is to do. so God can see this jewel He has given to mankind is no longer needed for man to grow within. There are still some ideas of separation from color. You may have earned that position in the community for reasons of growth. to a great degree. and must learn the true lesson of humility. for the morality of your world at the moment is undergoing such a tragedy of disillusion. Importance is an acquisition of the physical. God gave that world to mankind. from wealth. one equal to another. the soul within you. There was a slumbering for so long. Not the wringing of the hands in humility. my children. I think that nations are further and further along the path of separation one from the other. and they have just a portion.’ I do not mean they cannot have an identity. and must evolve. with honor and integrity. You have just a portion. and there is yours. he must learn he has to live in honesty and harmony with all his neighbors. He must learn he has to earn what he gets. It must come! It is the only way that peace will come to that world. Man must go through the honor of acquisition. But ultimately you are all level. but it will come. but the humility of the soul. it must come one day.Mankind has to learn that they have to walk in step with God and not that world. Instead of uniting in love throughout that world they are building little walls around themselves. Not take it! He has to account for the way he gets it. and mankind is now racing through time. That world can. Man must respect all aspects of life in that world and they must be cherished before his own selfish interests. Man must learn to be not in so much of a hurry. and their true home is the world. Always remember. and the way he earns it: nothing can justify greedily grabbing. from race. to make a person feel better than the next one. but suddenly motion—great motion. but that is far into the future. and importance has no part to play in your journey to God: spirituality does not know the meaning of the word. and so many reasons why they are so different one to the other. You are not separate! The life force. and this great humility of understanding the rule of the divine aspect of mankind. reasons of reward. If in this life you may have a little more authority or power as a test for you. as I have said before. You are no more special than the next one. This priority stems in so many directions. and it matters not how they get it. ‘This one in here is mine. but their true identity is humanity. and it must not be misused. Man must learn to put others before himself. They acknowledge who they are. . Therefore. . or a challenge for you to deal with. I know this is far . `Is this not true? There seems no quality to the choice that mankind makes in their judgment. It must come back to man.

No matter what that world does to you. I tell you the truth! I tell you too. . and know it will perish. but you do not own it—everything belongs to God! You can be taken away from every material possession. I could come and tell you it does not matter. These things I bring are never easy to live. all the grass that grows dies. The animals die and more animals come. even though you have every reason to have pain and suffering. know it for an illusion. to do this and to do that: that would not be truth. I tell you are divine! I tell you. All the flowers that grow in the fields. never grow weary. and is replaced. I know seem sometimes impossible. never lose faith. and lack of desire for that world. but the love and growth to God is eternal and divine. you will suffer as well as have joy. every mountain. never despair. it for fallibility. The more you cling to the material. Every thing is fallible and perishable! I tell you in truth the soul within you can never be destroyed. with gentleness in thought. It’s not what you came for. Each of you will see so many changes coming into your lives. These things I bring. every bird upon the wing. Try not to be afraid of hurts to the body. Nothing is eternal in flesh or matter.from now. it is not the important facet of your living in that world! The important aspect of the journey is to grow to God and reject the world. it is indestructible. and you will have all sorts of experiences in that body. Send the glory of the divine energy to all parts of the body. that is only material. but always hold fast to God. and try not to focus on deterioration of the body. See it merely being transformed from youth to the closer walk with God. Build your life upon it. word and deed. perishable. every house you live within belongs to God. The fish die. think with positive thoughts. build your life around it. Every blade of grass in that world. You possess it not! You will have harbored something for yourself. and it comes back into a body time and time again. and new birds come. be lived in simplicity. Seek always the overpowering authority of God's gentle administration that flows in and around you always. and more fish come. send it wherever you can! Never seeking any reward. there is someone who needs your help and your love. Everything belongs to God and everything you have is on loan to you. and never lose faith. You own nothing! You possess nothing! You merely borrow it to use! You think your house may belong to you. never give up hope. Use that power within you for the benefit of self and others. temporary. just giving gladly and generously. The birds die. every building. Think positively. and be understanding of the need to be there with the desire to grow to God. Reject the material and seek always God's laws to prevail in your lives. but ultimately it belongs to God. but you have the same soul coming into the body. 'My children of love: Let your lives be lived in love. I tell you. because all things come from God. Let your lives be lived in generosity one to another. Be patient. you will grow old. Let that world be in its right perspective. every river. you are only on a journey for a time. and it’s not what you want. the less you cling to God. you think you own. Always remember. it is eternal. Take very good care to remember. but still it will come. but I still bring them because they are the truth. you are divine! Your true wealth is in your growth to God and how close you come to the ultimate goal of union with Him: that is your wealth1 Not the money in the bank or the house you live in. I know it is so far into the future. You have to have a different body. Lose all fear of what the world can do to you. and build your life within it. You can be taken away from that material world in the twinkling of an eye. or the car you drive.

I feel this tranquility getting deeper and deeper. and if you can find the moment that you can give to God: whereas it should be the first thing that you think of when you open your eyes. It becomes something you long for. and that is what makes it so worthwhile. You cannot find that inner tranquility. Then as you close your eyes at night you should feel . it becomes something added to your activities. You go to school to learn your lessons. You rise in the morning to perform your ablutions and to attend to the days needs automatically. and feel a unity with automatically. `My children: I tell you this in truth. For every failure there is success. and a jewel you will take from it. This requires the constant linking and the constant effort to reach that blending of the higher consciousness with the cosmic.You never can have that soul destroyed. if you can spare the time. For every spiritual success. Your search for God should become an automatic longing of the day. there would be no sense of achievement and no sense of gain spiritually if you did not have to struggle to find that which you seek. if you want God the only way to God is to seek Him. Chapter22 The Divine Pathway You will find more and more the need to retreat within. take second place. the easier the pathway becomes. beloved ones cherish the soul. but when it comes to meditation with God it seems as if you have to fit it in. They cannot find God without giving the time to God that He deserves. This wonderful inner longing to be at-one with God should surmount all else that you have to achieve for the day. and respect the body. It is not an automatic expectation of your day. there is spiritual gain. and the material world is moving further and further from my desires. may be more gentle and kinder. with more love from God ever flowing to you. and the world. I have been with the Beloved Creator this day. For every joy there is sorrow. As you move further along the pathway to God it becomes easier and easier for you to do this act of spiritual cleansing. the priority of the day. but you can have that body destroyed. I want if I can. but look after the body. or the . I am Bethesda. but it gives you a sense of cleansing the soul of the worldly things. Thus. you will find it is almost like a second skin and that it requires no effort. When you are seeking God your daily activities should be an automatic necessity. For every sorrow there is a comfort. and you need. unless you shut the world away and retreat within. I give you my love. I pray with love that the pathway you walk from this point on in your Earth time. For every tear there is a smile. the soul is a jewel you brought into life. to find Him. You go to school to further your education in material things. I hesitate on how to describe it for you. . and to earn that union with Him. . and leading it closer to God. Enlightenment is hard to find and difficult to achieve: but never impossible. you will have no sense of fulfillment if you are continually operating your life materially. I know it is difficult. the closer you grow to God. Know this in truth. If you want that material world you have the right to have that material world. A devotee of God must train himself or herself in this way as they search for God. If it were easy. I give you my peace. to help you understand the need for this to become a habitual exercise that you should undertake daily in your life. As you become more profound in what you do in this way. Without being taught you cannot learn to read or write. Therefore.

you begin at once to simulate to conditions suitable to your life. never ration it. Let the end of your meditation come naturally. and never count the minutes you spend in meditation. but right from birth you automatically set in motion this force that links you to the divine of your journey. whether you like it or not. but always you will seek and search for The Beloved Creator. Many are stumbling along the path. apply the test of your own soul to these also. Ultimately. If you truly want God and are truly awake to wanting Him. telling you it wants to find God. Evaluate the truths you hear! You are wise enough for that. all you hear. But once you hear that whisper within the self. and seek within to feel the truth of what you hear. You have to grow to God! It is something inescapable! You cannot evade that journey to Him! If only mankind could realize this truth as he ploughs through that material existence. The animation within the physical and the spiritual body comes from spirit. and it is bonding them to Earth. You cannot achieve any of those things unless you learn how to do them. and reject that which you must not. and put the effort in to practicing them. You ration your day according your chores of the day. Why then would you think trying to find God and seek God should be anything less. you will then feel and know the spiritual way that you must travel along. and not forced. but always look within. You grow with age and identify with age. but still give without seeking an end. You practice your writing. so much for eating your meals. While you are deaf to this reality. searching and seeking. you have to find God you have to grow to God. . You will try many things. . Do not let your pathway be filled with anything but divine light. ‘Truth has a ring of its own. Apply the test of your own soul to all you are told. you will not seek the Beloved Creator. but soul growth does not! When you begin the journey in the body. . My beloved children: Never minimize your search for God. and all you read. The education of matter perishes. some more beneficial than others.other profound things you must know in the schoolroom. love and wisdom. These people have been indoctrinated in a kind of truth that is not of God. and not to God. until something that you feel you can accept as truth and reality comes into your life. Even these words you are reading now. think God is a least important factor in the happenings of their day? The reality is. all things must have come from spirit. they have found the path they have taken. you cannot exist! The spirit body and the physical body are almost like a duplication of the self as you move through time. whether you want to or not. less than the same effort at least in you daily administrations for God. Let them be endless! Just sit and give yourself to God! Sometimes it will be long.’ . so much time for this and that. you cannot turn back. whether you can hear the cry of the soul is another matter. you can only go forward. Remember this always. with their eyes covered with blinkers. some of them empty and pointless some of them a little fruitful. If you cut that link. sometimes short. Then you will find yourself. and you will try many paths while you are looking for God. You are almost linked with invisible ties to the spirit: you cannot lose your link with spirit and still live. and you practice your arithmetic. Man thinks that the answers to all he wants come from the material world —how wrong he is! That soul within yearns for God from the moment you start that life on Earth. as you would in your classroom? The difference being is eternal growth. but it is the soul that keeps alive that core of God within you. to the end of that life on Earth. You attract the magnetic force that you must and need in your life. you allocate so much for bathing the body. why would you not make time for God? Do people. That of Earth is an addition to maintain the body.

They move from one thing to another and seek solace in things that have no substance. but the longing is there. Then they will want the only way there is. you are trying to achieve that unity in God and that supreme consciousness. that direction to God that the soul within is crying out for each of them to find. or that what you feel is wrong.Do not be blinded by science. Many young children are more highly evolved than their parents. it does not make it right. and they do not know what they have said. or something they can accept. It is as if it is coming from within them. and the glamour—that will not take you to God. Do not think you have to follow them because they have told you they have the authority from God. and soon grow tired of them. If it means sacrificing something else. When the material world is calling you and other conditions are tempting you. be gentle and steady. but if you pursue these directions I have spoken about you can only come to God and not lose the way. They will in time find their wisdom. then do so—God is the richer prize! God will satisfy that longing inside for something you know not what. They find themselves on the path of some dogma that binds them to it. They find they must follow like sheep and accept what they are told. `Do you not agree? When you have the wisdom that you acquired in your lives gone by. you have ability to judge for yourself that what you feel is right. do no be blinded by longing and eager to believe anything that comes a seemingly spiritual way. These parents in time will be helped by the children to open their souls in their search for God. Seek always the highest of teachings. When you feel uneasy about something. in many cases they are wiser than their parents. If a doubt is there where you have to question. and they mime those empty words that they use. Many children today are finding out the truth has a ring of its own at a much earlier age than they used to. then cast it aside—do not blindly follow! When you are finding truth of the divine and when you are finding wisdom of the divine: there is a quiet sense of rightness within you. excitement. You need quietude when you are seeking God. because it comes as naturally as breathing. You need the self to be absorbed into . is it not? You hear the loud music they play. feel the rightness before you accept it. Little children sometimes speak with a ring of truth. They are trying to find something that they can hold on to. You cannot achieve it by force. You need to seek within your own inner-self the answers to the truth you want. and seek always the purity of teachings. and question the so-called truths they have been given. and they know not what they say. it is hard work. Because it is told to you in a way that sounds spiritual. that is not wrong—its wisdom! You must check and you must double check! You are trying to find The Beloved Creator. and the noise of all the machinery that seems to be rattling everywhere. it requires discipline to bring you into the reality of leaving time for God. In your world today there are so many who are desperately trying to find the truth. It is a lonely path at times: for a concentrated effort and a disciplined effort is required. There is the noise of all their vehicles. and yet the truth is there in the words they use. Your world today is so noisy. your soul is very good at evaluating truth. and denies them their wisdom in seeking the truth. Go slowly—haste is not wise! By evolving gently and slowly you will get there must faster than if you rush madly along the way making mistakes and taking wrong directions. Many are brainwashed and follow blindly the so-called truths that they are told. Perhaps someone in all good faith thinks they are leading souls to God. You cannot afford to take the wrong path. There is nothing glamorous in a soul’s journey to God. Do not follow fashions.

such a harmony of instinct you will never find in the materialism of that world. or luxurious fittings to make you feel content as you wait to find God. There have been documents found on your Earth. and you are told frequently how far away they are and how many light years to reach this and that. This ability to be able to receive and transmit communion with the higher world has been lost with the ages. You will find gradually more and more will come in search of this truth. but it is closer than you can imagine. The Spirit World and Earth are intertwined. 'Beloved ones: You must realize the Spirit Dimension is not some distant planet. and easily understood. the scientists in this field of study do not really know. You cannot buy a ticket to reach it. they are only scratching the surface. are seeking to communicate with the other world. In reaching out in thought and longing it comes close to you. It is energized in close proximity to the ability of consciousness to feel it. and more and more secrets unveiled. However. The true wealth does not require the trappings of that world. My children: It is not so with the Spirit World you are close to it: just transference of consciousness and vibration. More and more they are going to realize that just as they can communicate from one end of that world to the other. Then in those times there was no absolute silence between the worlds. You cannot see it. when you sit in that world in meditation. through your own ability of the spirit to reach it. Looking at the sky you see the stars. You can find God by the gentle banks of a river. feel it or touch it.the tranquility within: for only in the silence can you hear the whisper of God. Interpretation at present is difficult. You can find God in a quiet corner of the garden. In nature you have such an ally. and can explain today. Why do people want to spend all their time making their lives a material success? Why do people also spend their time gathering unto themselves the wealth of that world? They cannot see that their true inner wealth is evading them. You do not have to have big homes. written many thousands of years ago. Remember. you are reaching into this great cosmic force of wisdom and truth. and you are linked with spirit! You do not journey on a boat or a train to reach the spirit world: you are there in thought. but by the spirit-self within the physical body. . You cannot reach God in noise! You cannot hope to accomplish the search into fulfillment when your life is cluttered with noise. and much of it can be dangerous. they are going to be able to reach the other world. or on the sand where the sea comes rolling in and out. they are not remote from each other: one animates on one vibration and one on another. Then a very different understanding of what mankind has been taught will follow these explanations. You can find some people out of curiosity. The physical-material growth of humanity has meant the loss of this understanding— mankind has yet to regain this ability. Much of it is erroneous. These are the quiet places to give your soul the opportunity to be closer to the Beloved Creator. at once. and know it. there was frequent communication. in time to come they will be further explained to a greater degree than they know. Depending upon the level of effort is the level of communication they receive. Only in the silence can you reach out to God and find the loving response coming from the Beloved Creator. Simplicity and gentleness are essential commodities you must find if you are on the pathway to God. You are also told of the billions and billions of galaxies there are. not with electronic technology. In the early days it was very much easier. A soul which has achieved sufficient growth will be able to attune its-self to a purer form of communication with those souls from the higher world. There is coming for your world a great change in thinking. Then more truth will be revealed. when your journey is over. It requires the opportunity to let the inner self feel the divine inflow from the cosmic all.

The organized religions will find their very foundations are shattered; then they will be forced to reconsider what they have always believed as truth. There are still more documents yet to be found. Much is already there waiting to be discovered, and it will be discovered in time. Sometime in the future there will come to your Earth a tug-of-war from those who do not want change, and those who want the truth, no matter what. They want to seek to understand the unraveling of God’s message to Earth. The message that God has sent to his children has not changed since the first to the last: always it is the same it is the truth that comes. The messengers have been misunderstood, have been manipulated, and in many cases the truth they brought was eradicated. There have been many messengers who have had their words woven into a dogma, to suit the religion of the one proclaiming the dogmas as truth. Always from God the message has been the same, and will always be the same for you, because truth is truth. No one can manipulate or adjust truth to suit themselves or their particular religions. The laws of God are the same today, as they were in the beginning of creation. How many times have you heard the variations of beliefs that are proclaimed as truth, perhaps a dozen religions all speaking different stories of the same truth? They do not know the truth; they only know their own version of truth. This is indeed written to suit their own desires and ends, and to keep their own flocks tied to their apron strings. Souls must be free to find God, for you cannot find God in bondage. You cannot find God, when you are looking at things supposedly of substance, and yet so wrong in reality. You must be free to find God; your inner-self must be free to reach out to Him in its own way, in its own discipline. Think of the mass of humanity in your world today, and think of the billions and billions of people all thinking differently. All seeking and searching, some here, some there, but through it all is this core of reality reaching out to God. Until someone stumbles upon this narrow pathway to wisdom and growth, they will grope, and the will make mistakes, and wallow in that world. Let your pathway be clear before you, let it be lighted with wisdom, love, promise, and hope. Learn to use the power of the Divine in your own lives. It is not hidden from you; it is not kept from you—just rationed. You are the one who can decide how much you can believe, how much you can use, and how much you can make available to the inner-self. This great force of creation flows endlessly to you. This power of love from God is flowing freely to all humanity—do not rationalize it with the physical mind! Do not think that is impossible, it cannot be: to God all things are possible, and you are gods in the making. You have the power within you to link with this great force and use it. It is not something rationed to one or another: it is given freely to all. The measure of your receptivity is the measure of your acceptance, your belief and trust in this great force of spiritual reality. You are spirit—you are not matter! You are moving though that world for reasons I have given so many times, growth to God. You are spirit and you are linked to spirit: you are not separate from spirit. That which God sends, reaches into the self within the physical body. You do not lose contact when you are born. You cannot assume you do not have this divine energy within you. You cannot assume you do not have any more of this strength or this faith, it is still flowing: you are linked with it. Do not cut it off—use it! Bring this cosmic energy into your body, in the highest quality and quantity you can achieve then will it into the most physical aspect of the self. It is not magic! It’s not meant to be magic! It cannot make you young, and it cannot stop the passage of time; the deterioration of the physical body must follow naturally. However, it can sustain and avoid much that which besets the body.

Because of the lack of understanding within the physical mind, it understands not this energy or how to use it to help. With knowing and understanding, this cosmic energy can be directed to touch atoms and cells of the body: it can reach where medicine cannot. Then you can find yourself moving through time and age, in a very different way than one who knows not of this great gift from God. It is not something that is rationed to this one or that one, it comes to all, everybody has the same access, and everybody has the same right to it; although the usage depends upon the individual growth and evolution of the one to understand, to know, and believe. When Avatars like Jesus came to Earth, they used this energy to help. There was no magic in what they brought and did: there was a reality, and an obedience of divine laws, a knowledge and acceptance of the ultimate of the Divine. Avatars used this for mankind in a way people could not understand as they received it. The people always thought it was something magical, something impossible for any other human being to know about but the one who is doing it.—that is not so! The Avatars had a greater knowledge of how to use it. They had God's wisdom of how to use it, but it was still the same force of creative love and energy that is coming into your body from God. Grow into the understanding that you have this force. Know it is yours to use, yours to believe, and yours to trust. Then know, to harmonize the spirit and the physical is essential for the well-being of anybody. Do not ignore this truth and do not forget it’s your gift from God. It’s important to know the lessons of wisdom that helps you evolve to God. There is the need to understand the truth of what you are, of where you are going, and what belongs to you from God. It means not only knowing the lessons, but also knowing the reality and divinity of the true self as you reach for the higherconsciousness. You are a divine being, inhabiting a physical covering for that walk through matter. Matter is too heavy for the soul, it needs something to help it through that material world and God has provided the bodies that you use. In truth you are still the spiritual self within it. You are linked to The Divine Creator—linked to God! When you rest at night you find you are able to link more closely with the higher world. You will find this link is in a closer bond than you are in when the eyes open and the physical senses in operation. When in sleep the physical senses close down, to give the physical mind and body a rest; the spiritual senses are still there, actively engaged in their rightful automatic ability of linking more closely with their true home. As you awake you do not understand what has happened while you were asleep; the physical once again takes over and presents a dream like distortion. There are those wise enough sometimes, to understand a little of what is happening, but these people are rare. God has His laws to help soul growth and the functioning of the higher-self within the physical-self, His laws are wise and loving, but they are strict. But, in understanding the difficulties of humanity to conform to them you are not always able to function on the level of understanding, that level of understanding that you need to have in your search for God. You find that material world infiltrating your understanding and your consciousness. You find that material world pulling at you, tempting you away from this higher pathway: it does not want the body to take you where you must go. 'My children: Never ignore the prompting of the soul, react to the prompting with wisdom and with understanding. Give way to the prompting, and let your judgment be divine. Let your desires be divine: for there are so many material pleasures in your world to tempt the bodies that cover each soul. Do not listen! Do not let them tempt your soul! Push away that world and seek God, if it is God you want. For in truth I say again `You cannot find God in the morass of that world of matter`. Many lives are destined for physical activities for God, this is preordained: you

will find those souls helping the poor and the underprivileged. They will travel into countries far from their own to aid those who need this help. You will find many who are helping the environment, such as the conservation movement. There are many who are cleansing the rivers and the oceans. These activities although they are physical, are divinely inspired, and divinely intended, but the souls within those physical bodies have come to that Earth to perform this material task for God. Others have a reflected life, and are more quietly attuned to The Divine. They cannot find peace in that world, and cannot find solace this tranquility can only come from God. You find they are growing to God in a different way than those who are actively engaged in that world. These are necessary and natural in that human cauldron on your Earth today. Reach out in whatever you are occupied in to the higher understanding of God. In the activities of the day, do not let your mind focus continually on that world, and do not let it be energized by that world. Allow it to feel free and reach for the quietude of God. Allow it to want the gentleness of God, and the love of God to pervade above all else. Never grow too blaze' to ignore this call from nature! Always be able to walk by the ocean and feel attuned to the waves. Always be able to walk amongst the flowers and feel their warmth coming towards you. Feel the strength of the trees and their purifying of the air. Feel this with nature, and never lose it! If you are so busy and you are engulfed in that world continually, you lose the ability to relate to nature—then you cannot move to God! You need to feel this instinctive longing for all things He creates. You can watch the huge whales in the ocean live their evolution in their own particular way, and you can see the other smaller creatures moving in another particular way. You need to have infinity of understanding this one with the other; not always knowing—but feeling. I want you to be receptive to the prompting of the soul! Do not let the mind fashion your beliefs, or plan your day as if it is in command. Let the inner reality of the self be the prompting of your life—be not afraid to feel with the inner-self.! Do not think and overshadow the feeling! It is good to rationalize and use the clear thinking of the mind that is necessary on that Earth; but more importantly, let the soul be the supreme talker and prompter: it is the conscience and the power within: this is of the Divine! Always journeys in flesh are greatly varied from one incarnation to the other. However, in the evolution of the soul a suitable and selected birth is so important to the journey you take. Even then you may let the senses have their way, although you may be evolved enough to know differently. While you give way to the physical senses you may find that your life is taking a very different path to the one you will eventually find your feet upon. A pathway you will long to know more about in its reality. When you walk this path, you look back and think . . . ‘Why have I wasted the time on this and that? ‘Why did I know earlier this is the way for me? It does not matter if you have been slow, as long as you find the way, know the way, and seek the way. Only the wise ones desire nothing of that material world but that pathway to God. The hunger of souls for God is going to be the salvation of your world. There will be a time when mankind will not want to make the weapons of war. They will not want to exploit each other, and not desire to have more than their brothers and sisters of that world. They will not be able to be well fed while people of other countries are hungry. They will not be able to seek the sanctuary of the home, while others are homeless. This will come—it must come! The Divine Beloved ordains it! It will bring equality to the humanity of that world. That is a prelude to the greater spirituality of that world and a greater evolution of matter. Everything is evolving. Everything is becoming rarefied in God! It will take eons of time, but it will come to pass.

If only the understanding could be there at this moment in your Earth time in those people of your Earth who are perpetuating the cruelties and the mindless wickedness one to another. How could intelligent people not understand this great force they have within them? How can they promote the selfish ambitions they have? How can they not realize the futility of what they do? Being intelligent is not the highest pinnacle of attainment: it’s having the spirituality to recognize the laws of God, the way to God, and the truth of God. You can be a pauper, and you can be very humble mentally; but you can be very rich in soul growth. I think you would rather have the latter. . . . Would you not?' What good is the wealth of that world if you cannot have this wisdom and truth of God in your life? What wealth do you have you without God? You walk in that world of matter, you gain the treasures of that world unto you, and yet you are penniless if you have not God. When you see a soul leaving that world, rich in the worldly wealth, rich in the treasures of that world; you can then see a soul spiritually destitute, you can also see that soul empty of growth. Then you think sadly of how much they have wasted. `My beloved children: Enrich your lives with this desire to know God. Enrich your lives with the purpose of finding this great gift of evolution of soul growth, and the expansion of consciousness into God. If you could but know the wisdom that awaits you, and know the magnitude of truth there is for you to find. There is the wisdom to understand how a tree is formed, and to understand all the secrets of God’s creation unfolding before you. There is also the wisdom to be able to understand the divine creation around you, and the magnitude of all existence. Never stop striving to find it, and never be satisfied with anything less than union with God. Do not be discouraged at the slowness of your pace. Keep on trying! Do not compare yourself with others. That is pointless! Account for yourself, it matters not what anyone else around you is doing, how far forward they are or how far back they are, account for yourself. It is you and you alone that you account for! You make the journey to God at the pace you can make. You find the truth in the way you want to find the truth. You understand God’s laws as you are capable of at your level of soul growth. It is not a race! It is not a comparison one with another. It is the endless journey of souls to God. Time is not important: back the measure and quality of the search is what you want to achieve. Although, in the doing of this, I beg of you keep that deep tranquility within your inner-self. Keep that tranquility deep within you, and never lose it. No-matter what happens in that world, no-matter what the circumstances are: always cling to that tranquility within. Keep it like a rock of strength! That strength is a gift from God to you. You will know that strength by the tranquility within. It is the sustaining force of your existence! When the world brings trouble to your door, go within and bask in this tranquility. Nothing is as bad as it seems when you have this great force of peace within you; and nothing is hopeless when you have this sense of understanding. Know then in truth, that the quietude within is God, and you are able to grow to God at a greater rate when you can achieve this tranquility. It is important to remember that every day you live you need to link with God in love. You need to feel the growth, the ability of the mind to recede, and the ability of the soul’s consciousness to take you further along the divine pathway. You cannot find God in a crowded world. You cannot get to know God unless you are prepared to discipline your life; and change your life so that no obstacles are in your way that you cannot surmount in order to find Him. Reach out with love, and let your empty arms long to embrace the Beloved Creator. God is yearning for your return, and is yearning for all His children to come home to Him. God will never put obstacles in your path that will prevent you from finding Him. He will never deny you great love, great compassion, and great wisdom. The truth is flowing ever constantly to that consciousness you have within your

you can find and live in that great peace. You will find on Earth you may learn things in the classrooms and not pass the exams. lose it not. When you have come this far. and you are truly growing into enlightenment. to unite with The Beloved Creator. build upon it. you have this great peace to tap into. that truth can lie dormant unless you are able to reach further and further to animate in the mind of God: the supreme intelligence that governs and controls all universal life and rhythm. When you have that tranquility within. and you cannot miss the signposts. But in the divine classroom in the search for God you can never fail. Let that world be only a part of existence. There is nothing you cannot achieve in your search for God if you make the effort. but not your entire existence Watch it . so why should it matter so much to you? Leave it where it belongs as a part of living you had to endure. glory in your search for The Beloved Creator. just the test of the desire for God. with much laughter and joy in your lives. Spiritually you are approaching the time when you will no longer need to come again into a physical body.inner-self. If you will still struggle on and seek God. If you give up too easily. this tranquility to draw upon. and life is hard. no matter what comes or befalls you. It is like a person thirsting for a drink. When trouble strikes. You have the growing old of the body and all the tests and trials along the way. It may be because you have not studied. The pain will then be less. You take nothing with you from that material world. you have not passed the tests. or finding an oasis in a desert. the trivialities of that world will fall away. Then know every time you find this great force of the divine power within you it is bringing you closer and closer to God. then you truly want Him. This journey to God is not easy. If you are single-minded. if your search for God is built on longing and love—you cannot fail! There are no exams for you to pass. The life you live will become more purposeful and have more substance. The test and trials may be very hard around you: this then will be the time to let that inner tranquility be your retreat. and achieved the wisdom that you have. In the meantime. Just give to God your time and yourself then slowly the answers will come to you intuitively. will matter not at all. Obstacles will come into your way. at present. It does not matter if this person is doing this. You are the duality of self. Make that inner peace that rock of tranquility that you must find and keep: it is in effect the divine within encompassing the growth of self on the way to God. no-matter what that life on Earth brings you. however. and reach out to God. The journey of a soul to God takes many roads. spirit and matter: with the higher being that is spirit. and you have discipline to follow. GOD IS THE PURE ENERGY OF CREATION. and you have built upon the longing and love you have for God you cannot lose the way. it is not simple. disciplined. but you have happiness and love along the way. and the test will be easier to conquer and pass. and glory in the effort you make to find Him. The thing you have to learn is: how to cope with them and how to adjust to them. 'My beloved children: The pathway is varied. and the things of that world that worried you once. or someone else is doing that: you are not concerned with these things—you are concerned with God! You leave behind all the things of that material world when your spirit-self sheds that physical body. the hurt will be less. You have the conflict of matter and spirit to contend with in this life. If you still seek God. But if you struggle on as you journey through that material existence. You cannot lose the way. or you are not clever enough. and yet it is simple. and your path will be tested many times to see if you really want Him. the joy of knowing is beyond your understanding. but the only road that will eventually lead you to God is the road of discipline and of dedication and of longing. waste it not.

The things that go wrong in a person’s life are the results of man’s actions—not God’s! If the thought within man’s mind is pure. all its needs and all its desires. The majority of people will choose the manifestations in matter. all its ambitions. It’s the soul within everyone that’s the great important factor in human existence—not the body: the soul.with detachment. understanding and trust. and should be seeking. He does not choose the way of life that brings and attracts these material problems. These material desires are the very opposite to what mankind truly needs. they are able to choose for themselves the path each will take. You hear the cry. . Chapter 23 More Wisdom from Bethesda The higher world of spirit and the material world function in unison with each other. the peace and the beloved unity with God that is the nectar for the soul to receive. I bring you such love from God. Man then tries to satisfy the body with all its longings. . and each one of them will adopt many of these manifestations to satisfy their own desires. Man forgets the soul within is that magical part of God which is the real self. People have the gift of free will. divine in understanding and intent. and is wise in the knowledge of what reality is in existence: it is then he does not choose the errors he makes. ‘Why does God let these things happen?’ Why does God allow this or that to happen? God does nothing! Man does that on Earth. That world of illusion is the problem that besets man into the physical understanding that the body is all. and the true purpose behind taking on a body of flesh. Man has to realize while he is a physical being. Seek also to your-selves that wondrous strength that can only come from union in consciousness with that of the Divine Creator. . this divine force of creation within you to help the physical aspect of the self to see you to your journeys end. and at that particular moment in time he is essentially a spiritual being. God does not choose for anyone! It’s each person’s own choice! It’s also wise to remember when physical problems befall or hurt comes to the body: man always has the choice—not God! Mankind is so quick to blame God when things go wrong. are very often the problems he so often blames God for. If you are not living the divine truths and the divine laws. . I bring you such love from this higher world. You have such a power within you. how then can you expect to know greater wisdom? I sometimes wonder if man is the intelligent creature he claims to be. that atom of God within. Mankind forgets it is the quietude. Do not doubt! Do not fear! Trust and use this divine energy. The spirit being transcends all the physical existence of the human form and it is the top priority of any of its incarnations. This real self does not seek that which the outer tries to attain for his daily life. These are only manifestations of the material and they create a false satisfaction to man’s existence. and attracts to his life. such a force of understanding that you can use if you trust in that knowledge of what God has given you. man seems to only want the activities that titillate and encourage the physical senses to manifest in his existence. Opposing this is the noise of that world and the excitement of that world. The physical body is only in that outer covering that enables the soul to manifest in that world of matter. move through it with detachment. I am Bethesda. Wrap this love around you like a cloak so that world cannot penetrate it and hurt . I bring you such peace and tranquility for you gathered here this day. that which man chooses. This is the fuel for the evolution of the soul to God. with the main aspect of this dual existence being spirit: mankind has to learn to live in these two worlds with equanimity.

you see the selfishness. there would be no anger and no injustice. perfecting the soul all the time to enable him to reject the need to reincarnate. When you have hate directed at you. If you send love back you are elevating yourself. But living God is the proof that you truly are seeking God. Don't let thoughts of hate and anger enter the mind—dismiss them! Thoughts of revenge must never enter the mind—forget them! Where there is not love. For God is positive! All hatred. you do not want them. If all mankind were to live this way there would be no hate. give love. The important issue is how you react to these situations. It will not happen because man wants it. you most certainly could not condone it. It comes because the soul manifesting within is ready to acknowledge it no longer needs to return to that world and take upon its-self a body to learn lessons in order to grow. Never seek to have revenge upon anyone for anything. and so many places in those countries by so many people Even amongst the flock. the most difficult response is love. every second. I want if I can to help you cherish this thought . Only accept the positive! If you hate someone back because they hate you. send peace back. You are asked only in your own life to try to resist the negative. You see examples of selfishness. and you see cruelty and greed. greed. Is this not so? Try and achieve this to the best of your ability! Where you see injustice then do all you can to see that justice transpires? In the process. give love back. That is the goal of everyone who truly seeks God. Never mind if it is difficult to do because you are truly being wronged: that is not the important issue. You can be saddened by it. and do not condone that which is wrong. all pleasure in your world. Where there is cruelty. 'Beloved children: Stand aside from all of this. and you are then moving into the domain of the Beloved Creator. you are not being asked to fight that world alone. It means you have to live God’s laws. You see it being exhibited in so many countries of your world. and do not get yourself into . Where you see hunger. You have to live God every moment. ‘That living God is the most important facet of your existence.Man has to evolve and he has to move through journey after journey. with the intensity of longing that you need in order to unite with Him. seek the opposite. and to know God is important. try and feed the hungry: it does not mean you have to go forth with mountains of food. no matter how wicked or how bad it may be. It will not happen quickly. If someone is unjust to you. even if you give a hungry person one crust of bread you are feeding God’s children.’ Man needs to want God. and live the positive. of every day. you can see such pockets of negativity that operate. and are part of the way of life on a daily basis. I do not decry man in any effort of importance that he attempts in seeking God. Remember: always display the opposite to the negative. and expound God in all activities of life. anger and revenge are negative: all these conditions are the opposites of the positive. you are descending to the same level of negativity that they are exhibiting. Living God does not mean you have to reject all joy from your life. and you see the negativity. When anger comes towards you. In order to achieve that elevated state. and live the understanding that all things are God manifesting in matter. I do not mean just loving Him and just thinking of Him—but living Him. Where there is hate. to think God. or happiness. that claim they love God. you have to love God with every breath you breathe. you see crudeness. When you look at your world. but do not seek revenge Let it pass from your life as an experience that your soul had to have in order for you to progress along the pathway of your existence. The aim of a spiritual being is to achieve the oneness with the Beloved God. or he thinks he deserves it. . . give forgiveness back. and you are not being asked to wage war on everything that is wrong.

It is the desiring to do this. Work at the need to live His laws. in spite of the negativity that may be there around you. with a resolve that cannot be mitigated. Love God. Hold on to that inner tranquility. `Calmness baffles someone who has an anger to display. the more you will succeed. Then you can transcend the negative in your existence in whatever form it takes. and really yearning for it. This you need to do to achieve the goal of reunion with the Beloved Creator if you truly want to embrace the condition of that is known as the super-conscious mind. God cannot resist after the struggle to Him. I am not seeking the qualities of what is being exhibited. God's love will uplift you. and want Him with the same intensity. to hurt you or influence you. People can give lip service to say how much they love and want God. and to live every quality of God you can. . ever struggling. See that divine light ahead of you. transcend everything negative. because you want to. is the most important factor in your existence. and you are not condemned for it. Somehow peace within a person is resented by those who have it not. pushing you forward one step further each time. In truth unless you can achieve all this. struggling. forgiveness. to follow His example. sleeping perhaps for a time. Even in a family you will find it hard to love everything. for they are positive and beneficial to your soul growth. you will still flounder on the outskirts.’ ‘I come to live in a physical body. Seek always to perfect the inner-self. tolerance. It is the opposite! Always have understanding. But the soul has to desire it with a passion that cannot be quenched. Doing this because you have to will not achieve for you that what you seek. Do this to the best of your ability. and enter into the oneness with God. God cannot resist the sincerity of a seeker that truly wants Him for Himself alone.’ The way of God that is the goal to always seek and live. to find the pathway to God. It is even hard to love everything in your world itself! You will always find the opposite trying to batter at your door.negativity in any form whatever. even if you overcome some a little at a time. He knows within each of you there that same love abounds. . It must reach out again with the same intensity. There is no satisfaction in returning hate because it will never offer any satisfaction to you or your soul. and follow it through eternity with that single mindedness . and not for the glory of the gain of being with Him. and you cannot achieve all this. You will find it difficult sometimes to achieve the peace and harmony you want. ‘I am seeking God. . you are not judged for it. There will be times you will not be able to fulfill all the desires of the soul you want. you can conquer them one step at a time. 'Beloved children: Ignore the responses of the multitude seek only the reaction from God as He watches you struggling to overcome all the qualities of existence that are negative. . If you make mistakes. with the intensity of the soul. while overcoming the negative. letting nothing else matter except this single mindedness in your search for God. and not because you should. or the outer friendship of people. God loves each one of his children with a deep intensity of a sincerity that cannot be qualified. There is no satisfaction achieving revenge on someone. in spite of that tempting material world: live God to the best of your ability. They can give lip service to all the qualities of rightness in life. and love. Keep the positive always . . but it must awaken eventually. and with a relentlessness that is undeniable. The more you try. and I seek from God the goals of His creation. by a soul that is truly intent on reaching Him. The fact you are trying so hard because you want to.’ `I will not be caught up in the opposite! ‘I will focus on the Beloved Creator. whether it is in your own immediate family or an extended family.

and turn away from matter to reach into the realms of understanding with God. you can never resist. Life on Earth is a testing ground. Every soul incarnate must again awaken to the reality of the duality of the self. It is understandable how people react when they do not understand God as you here understand God. this concentrate of peace that nothing can disturb. The trials and problems.When God sees it awakening and you are struggling with the same intensity. when you can say these words in absolute truth. Then my children. ‘I have no desire for anything that this material world can offer me. This is all happening until you reach the level where you are so convinced within your soul of the truth of the Beloved. this deep peace. and reject the need to have to come again into matter. The soul is the true self within the physical form. To others. and when you can really mean it and truly want it. Once you have the desire for Him. and you have to achieve that vital growth within you. are unimportant in the end. Life on Earth is a growing place where you have to struggle with matter: where one day you have to face the reality that you are spirit and that your true self is within. but it is understandable. you no longer want anything of that Earth. and it seems a hard and lonely struggle. Is it not? They have not this truth and this reality to cause them to reconsider their action and their thoughts. It enables you to stay in spirit. nothing else matters but God. The journeys you make are sometimes fulfilling. . . their struggle in flesh must be real. The outer body is a covering that’s there only to protect. until they too can step away from it. which come to you every day. This will be because you know you are on a spiritual journey to God. The journey of a soul to God is a long and difficult one it’s fraught with many ups and downs. The more you begin to want God. This is given to you to hold firmly within the inner-self. When your desire for God is so strong it is like a burning zeal within you. Once you have this love for God you can never lose it. When you can say with utter truth and love. This protection will enable you to move the soul through your time on Earth as you grow to God. and transcend the need to experience the struggle and move onward to The Beloved Creator. Your journey on Earth seems to last a long time to the physical self. God will never allow the fire of love for Him to be quenched by anyone but you yourself. Once you have the understanding of truth within your own consciousness. then your soul is growing to God. Just wanting God. but in the reality of the true sense it is but a brief moment in eternity. God can only respond with the deep love He has and to help you to move that one step further that you need. You will be able to overlook so much that is wrong in other lives and in other ways while you exist in that material world. . and learn the lessons that you need to learn. I do not mean their reactions are right or wrong. will never be enough to preventing you from reincarnating. The difficulties of flesh will not be paramount in your thinking. nothing at all that this world possesses and not one minute thing has any meaning to me. for the heaviness of matter has no need to encompass you again: because you have learned the lessons of growth you needed to do. growing and becoming a burning fire of desire. . This reconsideration must come for them someday. Then and only then can you stay with the glory of God in the higher realms of understanding and truth.’ When you can really feel that. You have to earn the right to not come again. you can never go back to the ignorance of not knowing the true identity of yourself. Sometimes you waver while on one of those journeys. and sometimes disappointing. the more you will begin to resent a return journey to that material world. but other times you are strong.

But. the physical self. It is much better for your soul to come back again into spirit. the effects must follow. Try not to live your lives with the physical needs and desires paramount in you existence. the body cannot be the deciding factor of how long you will stay in that world. with your incarnation completed naturally. It is better to endure it no-matter how difficult it may be and cleanse the self. or when you will leave. You cannot decide with the physical mind what the soul needs to do. how sad. The soul knows how long it has come for. you cannot reject your journey at your discretion. it is natural If you think the wrong thoughts you will attract to yourself. and live within it. and you can have joy in your life: God does not deny you these things. it knows its moment of entry. If you eat the wrong food for a long period of time you will have the repercussions in the flesh. is but an expression of life for a time. you have to come back and do it again. The outer body. If your thinking is right. God does not deny you that. You cannot make decisions for the spiritual self with the physical understanding. No one has the right to end life. and of its need to clear itself of that particular situation. and to understand the need to fulfill that journey. then somewhere. you will have negative results that you cannot escape from. Having too much of what you need while others are starving is not the way to God. my children: the soul must stay there in that world until its journey is over and until its purpose has been fulfilled. longing to leave that world and move back into the higher world of spirit. Try and live your lives with simplicity and integrity of the understanding of God. you can also have laughter in your life. You cannot escape it! No matter what form the cause is—the effects must come. until you have mitigated this aspect that you have rejected. you are quite entitled to make yourself comfortable and happy if you can achieve it. Attract to yourselves through the positive. Then grow through your life’s journey the best you can until the journey is ended for you. Accept from that world that which you must. If you attract the negative to your life. If you cut short your incarnation when you must live it to its fullness of time. as it was intended. Then it will be released once again from its bondage of flesh. You must make mistakes! You are not perfect! You must find errors . Live the divine laws and you can only attract to your life that which is positive and not the negative. somehow. if you do. As you are growing and as you are leaning your lessons. it will have to be lived! You cannot reduce the time in that body because you think it is easier to do so.I know the soul within you is longing for release. Once something has been caused. The soul within you is wisdom. through your own positive actions. and through your own understanding of what God represents. if your spiritual understanding is strong. and how impossible at times to live it. how hard. It is far better to face the pain and the suffering where you are in that physical body. Although. Suffering to a soul at times can be a blessing in the cleansing of the soul. Obedience to your journey is the wisest course to take. and it knows its moment of rejection. Sadness in the physical sense can be a release for the soul and the measure of growth it must have and must achieve. you will not make the wrong decisions that attract the sorrow to your life. you yourself can live a life that is comfortable. you are leaning towards The Creator. You will to find you cannot to enter the true realm in which you are longing to enter. till that life is ended spiritually: then and only then you are able to release the soul back to God. secure and happy. those results will manifest within the physical expression of your life. the results of those thoughts. No matter how difficult life gets. but greed and selfishness can never be part of it in any shape or form it may be presented in.

You come into a body because you need to lean and grow. It is not reality it is a necessary growth to cleanse and to help those evolve which are living within it. and in many areas of your world. Seek the understanding that you need to guide you through these waters. defacing their own needs of life and peace. Put your feet now firmly on this pathway to Him and let nothing take you from that divine pathway. you can love God more and you can want Him more. into the clear passage of the future that lies before you. only returns to give required service to God. You have made errors. You also see the exhibitions of the opposite. That is past. Release yourself from the bondage of reflection and guilt. seek always to grow because of the mistakes you made in the past. It is a dream happening. Selflessly they serve! 'Beloved children: Giving love. the care. and being lived. and not return to the world of matter. Giving of what you have to help others is never waste—it is of God! I want. That is why I say. and you would not make them again: you have grown because you made them. you will move through them. you see now in these various countries. it is not equal. If you had not lived them. There is misery and suffering in all areas of your world where there barbarism is exhibited.happening at times in your thinking and in your decisions. and the help they need. You want to reach God as soon as you are able. its completely different one to the other: therefore there will be different reactions to life. if I can. and in true selflessness. Some of the decisions so negative it is impossible to think how could they live like that and be like that. Then as you will find through these errors of judgment. In time you will outgrow them. you will learn from them. The turmoil of your world is the turmoil of matter. but yet they do. You are cleansing the self. I only want to encourage. to live this positive way. and you would not need to come into a body. many countries in Africa. also the Middle East where they are now in such conflict. You would not make them now. highly evolved souls manifest right to the point when they know they can reject matter. the positive and the love they give that flows forth to others in caring. An Avatar. you would not have learned from them. and care about them more. never regret what has gone. you must not let . such as East Timor. understand the level of growth you were on at the time when you made the wrong decisions. and you would not have improved. I do not tell you to do that. giving help. parts of Russian. and there will be different decisions. and leave them behind you. you have paid for those errors. Do not dwell in the past with the feeling of guilt consuming you. you are growing into greater wisdom and greater understanding as you move through these errors. Do not go back and dwell in those errors. You have not to let it affect your own peace of mind indefinitely. that is your decision. to encourage you there in your world. then surely the mistakes that you have made have been worth it. If you look around your world at the pockets of suffering. If you were so perfect you would not need to make mistakes. if you do so you are not moving forward you are holding yourself back like an anchor on a ship. The degree of evolution on your Earth is very diverse. look to the future. You also see the souls of love going in to help them. because of the earning of that right. and you will not make them tomorrow. the love. and giving forth to that particular part of the realm. Exhibit these qualities of God in every thing you do and think. you can love humanity more. and you have learned lessons because you have made them. Know also. the errors of your ways have not been wasted because of those mistakes. even in the smallest way is never wasted. You want to reunite with God in true love. and for you to understand your desire for it: because this is the path to God you need to walk.

An Avatar does not have to have these intricate creations of science to send forth his messages for others to color your own thinking and your judgment. You must be able to live with it happening around you. They speak of diverse things happening in space. to his brain and to the intellect. You can reach any part of any world. The struggle to God spiritually is far more important. anytime. the soul does not want to be bogged down in a body that is always . as they must. all things are possible. I tell you truly. and important to his ego. You will find when souls return to God. and an all-seeing purpose of life that they are living. His choice is important only to the mentality of himself. You can be there instantly if you are at-one with God. Use wisdom in your relationship with others. The Avatar can be there in one thought. They do not realize the communication with any atom of creation anywhere. anywhere. They are immune to the spiritual call of the soul. Although an Avatar has chosen the pathway his soul will take. and their happenings: you see clearly that these are the ones who have forgotten God is the goal to seek. wisdom of tolerance and understanding. and part of any dimension. which they think is sensational. as divine beings: a creation of the most high and the most pure. You see the ones who love God. and who have been struggling to find Him. and that which will bring the greater wealth. While mankind is struggling in this way they are not focusing on the higher reality of existence. Mankind’s struggles are merely physical they are material and intellectual. They think it is wisdom. the more productive of the two. I know which I would choose as the wiser of the two. You hear the so-called wisdom of man flowing forth from the minds of scientists and other such people. return to this higher world: it’s a great leveler. Use wisdom in your judgment of action. Once you become in at-one with God. even though that which is happening is so difficult for you: lean the patience of God The torment of man will persist until evolution is equal. or any part of any universe. you have to live it. Man has chosen that which is important to man. and He can be anywhere. God has only to think for one minute fraction of a second. and far more rewarding. Use wisdom. and understand the truth of God as they must. but because of this the simplicity of God evades him. An Avatar can communicate with other forms. Everything mankind needs and seeks is available to everyone in your world if they evolve to God. and you see the ones who have been struggling to impress mankind with their inventions. Once you are in unity with God you can reach anything. is possible to the highly evolved. My beloved children: At the same time you have to only see that guiding light that only shines from God. To one who is growing closer to God it becomes an empty dream. You cannot float through matter on a cloud. and to realize not that the soul should be in pursuit of God. you know everything. You can spend one hour looking through a telescope. life which may be billions and billions of light years away in some future year. and all people live God the way that they must. or you can spend one hour focusing with God. but keep your perspective in that world because you are in matter. and walk every step of the way. and live within all negativity that man can manifest. People need to live their lives. You have to lean to exist within discord. The truth and understanding man needs to have to realize the higher power is there: this sadly is beyond him. compassionate wisdom. It is so difficult in that world in which you live to reach the souls of so many: they are deaf to the cry of God within them. Focus on God no-matter-what. he has chosen God and all that choice brings to his life. You have to keep that one light burning before that you are following. They have not to take a spaceship to reach the moon. anyone. Beloved ones: This is the truth of God and as children of God trying to perfect your-selves in order to reach God again. Does it not? They speak of communication from other areas of matter.

just quietly move your own way. The cost of choosing God before matter is no cost at all. Mankind is always focusing on something not of God. because you want the sincerity of the search. and even greater growth of the soul that you long to find and achieve. You cannot deny yourself to that material world. In understanding people around you. compassion and forgiveness. and keep your desires simple Hold on to your spiritual ambitions: which are important to the growth of the soul to reach God. the overcoming the physical with the spiritual. God is within you and will in time have to be satisfied. Deny God nothing in your life. Surrender not one jot of what you know to be truth or what you seek. will never be stilled. It will not matter how rich he becomes. He will be unhappy. Never let the thoughts of the physical mind convince you it is the thinking that you always need to have in life. and the need is there for you to tolerate them for a time.wrapped in the material existence. These spiritual qualities are not meant to be cast aside because others ridicule you. is the true value of life. The prompting of the Divine. you are showing your responsibility. because they do not have the understanding that you have. there are those who know God not. Never mind what people think of you. and he will never know true peace. these are the qualities of God. but most certainly deny your life the right to deny God. It is impossible! The Divine Beloved is all-powerful. The soul of each person incarnate is of God. Whilst you can still fulfill your responsibilities to others you can still pursue your own quiet pathway to God. or entwined with. He will not know why until he acknowledges God. the unhappier will that man be. `Beloved ones: Life need not be complicated it’s what you allow it to bring to your doorstep in that world you are living in. compared to the value of your soul growth that you take with you when you return to spirit. you are helping. Man must then let the soul be nurtured. they make you more comfortable and rich. all-knowledge and all-creation. Keep life simple. he will never be satisfied. Gentleness. and it longs for the Beloved. you cannot deny yourself to others you are responsible for. but they will not take you closer to God. . that is not what God wants. but you are not denying yourself this divine pathway. and move ever so surely back along this divine pathway to reach God: because the soul of any person will never be satisfied. In doing this let not yourself be denied the right to pursue the pathway to God in the way you choose and want. it longs for its return again to the Divine Creator. Do not judge or condemn because another person has the weakness that you have not. help them by giving them your understanding. and how powerful. struggle not for material things—surrender to God! Seek God with the simplicity of love and living that you need to do. He will never know true happiness while he keeps that soul from struggling to find God. the living of the life. You cannot suppress the longing of a soul for God just because of your worldly aspirations and your worldly desires. how worldly. understanding. then with this greater soul growth you can move further and further into the wisdom of God. how influential. they are not meant to be cast aside because you live a simple life and walk quietly along the pathway of spiritual growth. The spiritual wisdom will then influence the physical mind.—it’s wealth! No matter what that world brings to your door its value is nothing. into this limitless mind of the Beloved. he will never know true happiness until he releases himself from the material aspects of life. all-wisdom. As your soul grows so does your consciousness expand into a higher level of awareness and understanding. Worldly ambitions will not take you to God. and will never be denied that which is its birthright—and that birthright is God! You cannot deny God to the soul indefinitely. The soul within everyone wants God: it wants to unite again with the whole! The more man keeps that soul from doing so. it likes it not. If a soul finds itself separated from God. Struggle not for the world.

You cannot cheat. the soul subsides again and the material takes over the activities of your physical self. I give you my peace. Dreams are not important when they release only at the physical thinking. Your mind sometimes retains this need to act the drama of existence in all sorts of ways. then you are indeed close to the spirit. both fanciful and real. Then it is focusing on the Divine and not the material as you sleep and surrender in this state to the quietude. as long as you need me. and the greater merging of the true self with the Divine. In this deeper state you achieve the greater peace. this is because the higher-self is animating on the levels that it is. Nothing changes. and keeping you ever constant in your vigil for The Beloved. at this stage the material is kept in abeyance and the impressions you are given at that time will stay with you when awakening. and they are beyond understanding to you in many ways. You cannot achieve that until you are ready! * It is very difficult for me at times to explain knowledge that some seek on this subject. you cannot falsify. Evolving and growing souls will welcome this. Then as the sleep deepens the higher-self releases into this dimension.Just think of yourself on a journey of growth. You have to walk every step of the way with divine love protecting you. I will always come to help you. When this sleep state reaches the level of depth that it must achieve in its quietude. It is only when you are detached from matter does the soul return to spirit. You are exactly the same after death as you were before. but to make you wise. The true description spiritually. To sensitive people these impressions will have a meaning the inner-self will understand. You are close to the spirit by the fact that your physical-self closes down. empty. but the spiritual dreams that you receive you will not mistake or forget. When you again move back into the level that you do before awakening. `Can you understand my meaning? . Chapter 24 An Avatar Explains the Hidden Activity in Sleep Concentrate for a moment on the fact you are a dual personality. When you surrender to sleep you are still carrying with you in your thinking the conditions of the material happenings. It is when the self subsides in the deeper sleep state and the spiritual is in the ascendancy. Even in sleep you must be attached to matter as long as you are in that body. cannot truly be expressed in the words of that world. Then continually walk slowly along that pathway till you reach Him. fanciful experiences that your mind is producing in this lower sleep state are not important: they are not a measure for you in life. than you are to Earth. and becomes superior for that level of time and experience. impressions that reach higher than mind activity of the physical. Then you are closer to the dimension of spirit. It is this dual personality of the self that you will find makes all this possible to happen. I give you my love. but while you are in a physical body you will always be attached to matter. because the words I use are not in the format that your world can present. The meaningless. Don't depend on death to liberate you from your imperfections. at that depth in sleep. Thoughts are fanciful at times. you only give up the body. The soul is no longer the activity that it was when you were in that deep sleep state. I am Bethesda. I give these teachings of truth not to make you good. The spiritual-self asserts the transcendence from matter to spirit. I come because I serve my God. These are the dreams that will have the significance for you that you will intuitively understand. and you cannot bribe anyone or anything to get you there. The lower material bodily state when you first begin to sleep is often mixed with strange and confusing dreams. understanding and truth.

the soul in never separated from the body. and God knows everything. the pain as well as the peace. and without His wise creation and His love in creation there would be no existence. You will move through this heavy matter and you will be once again in this realm of spirit. with all your soul. and has a result. Seek God with the simplicity of understanding that is not too complicated for you to understand at any level. and growth you have achieved. He answers that call. Accept the need to have the sorrows as well as the joys. and yet complicated. a very important journey to God. that is the true meaning of sleep. Life is very simple. Know that God is perfect. The soul needs reinforcing as much as the body needs reinforcing in sleep state. So it is with the growing. You are never called upon to handle or understand more than you are ready for as you proceed to God. with all your heart and with all-your-mind. there would be no existence. no matter what limited form you can achieve. Accept all aspects of life as you need to accept each and every one of them. and you are leaning the lessons that you need to lean in order to evolve. and to help you grow spiritually. You are growing spiritually while you are in a body. Trust in God. you feel depleted. you can only understand certain aspects according to the level of understanding that you have. Seek God! Seek God’s wisdom. . These conditions grow with you. and without the power of God to feed both body and soul. it not only allows the body to recover. to regroup for the day. Always. As you grow towards the mind of God you go deeper and deeper until you reach Him. The more you grow spiritually. and He is the motor of your whole creative-self. the need is there for the levels that you achieve. then He answers that soul in the way it wants. but always keep before you this goal of God. while you are in that body. Seek it. God is wisdom: He creates. does not come until you have the wisdom to know and comprehend. This is because the understanding that you need to relate to. it has a sequel. therefore. and the cells of the body to be revived. Every journey is very important because it has a purpose. God is love. He is your refuge. and God is creation! You are on a journey. Because of this. and you feel dissatisfied with the night you have just had. Seek God with a passion that cannot be denied. and yet complicated. then you will be able to think and to know in an instance. Then the body is not able to achieve that higher state of sleep. There are some nights you find that you sleep restlessly: you sleep little. When you become as an Avatar and understand the meaning of creation. No matter what the world tells you. and so it is with the understanding. it is always the duality of existence that is able to satisfy both your body and the soul to the limit that it does.Sleep is very important to a body. and the injustice as well as the justice. Without the power of God propelling you forward. Always keep your understanding fixed on the need for the wisdom of God to transcend all material things. God hears every whisper of every soul. when you have a true level of sleep. and never deny God the opportunity to come into your life to help you understand. accept the difficulties in the same way you accept the pleasures. it allows the intake of energy to enter the body in the way that it must white you sleep. then the more you will understand. God is wisdom. The call of a hungry soul for God is never denied an answer. God is simple. Then you receive the benefits from that which you have experienced. If a soul is opening itself to God with the greatest need. It is a growing time for the body. Walk your journey with love. when the body subdues. matching your level of growth always. but it is also a sustaining time and a maintenance time for the body: this has to occur to enable the soul to remain in spirit with the closeness of God. However. and according to that soul’s need. and the soul ascends. and the more you evolve spiritually. you then feel denied the next day.

I think while people focus on the aspects of life in that world as the true life. God’s energy is the fuel of existence. you put in petrol to make it go. You will find that the peace it brings to your life is not haphazard. The divine energy moves into the body continually. it is the rebirth of your-self. but life never ends. Mankind will allow wars to happen. Man will allow some to starve. `Life never ends. There is no end to this divine energy coming into your body. Then life moves on in the higher world. but still it moves on. let your thoughts move away from the noise. never forget that fact. . but by design from God. When you ride a train the engine drives you there. Even just in thought. The energy of God entering everybody incarnate is endless. You can sit in a room crowded with people. not by chance. That word die I do not like. It is the ending of the physical life and you move back again into spirit. I think death is a negative word: it does not speak the truth! It does not even begin to demonstrate the reality of existence! It is a word coined by man. and cruelty to result.I think the moments you share with God are the most priceless moments of your life. Then when that life force comes out of that body. but it’s the people of your material world that makes it negative. Then it then it begins its Earth journey. then you die. but they will not help you once that life force is withdrawn! Focus on that when you need to at a time when you are feeling unwell. When you have a motorcar. . they are bound to the darkness of that around them. the life force of God. while you are living in that body. my children. It should not be called death. it does not cut off when it has sent enough it continues to supply that life force. a negative condition created by the physical mind. nor is it the medicines you put down your throat. you will find the reinforcements coming into your body from this divine source. If the energy is withdrawn. When your time on Earth has finished and your soul comes back to God. There is no end! The soul finally unifies with God. and it is not the end of anything! Death is negative! It is a word that people should not even begin to utter. it is beginning a new life. the body may finish its usefulness. it takes upon itself the life of that body. That energy of God is the true reason for your existence! Certainly there are things of matter you need to adjust the body. just concentrate on God. God’s energy pouring into the human body is the cleansing and purifying factor of man’s existence. and nothing can bring it back to life again. it is a time of rejoicing. and the most negative word in any dictionary. that body will lie without movement. My beloved ones: Without that life force you could never use anything else to help you: that is the core of your true existence. and some to be homeless. and take nothing from that world to help it find peace. but you can turn the inner-self quietly to God. but you know what I mean. You can add the worldly things to your body to help you. and turn to God in quiet inspiration you are receiving into your body this great energy from The Divine Beloved. Then. Then as you leave that world in thought. That soul will move through that material world in a body until that life force is withdrawn. a time of beginning to live and a time to leave behind the darkness of matter. things that are important and necessary. You leave that world aside and seek from the higher purity of the infinite this wonderful communion with God. Man will allow sickness to penetrate his body and destroy it. It is the transcendence of the soul back to the spirit. When a soul comes into a body and the life force enters that form. the soul moves on continuously until it no longer needs to come into a body. feel the energy of God pouring into your body and will it to go to the . . It is not the food your body eats. Thus the soul needs to turn to the quietude with God to receive this energy. Always have this thought in your understanding. Death is positive. It’s like God’s own reinforcement of His creation.

and will heal. or become. just God and the soul to decide. or what must occur for someone else. God gives all people free will. Never send God’s healing with conditions. and see it helping your body in every way for it to function normally. God’s plan for that person may be so very different. many. Do not expect everyone to feel what you feel. and many more ways that are to be considered. they are all factors in the overall living of the soul. not that it will. or the need of the soul to experience this in this life. It may be the need of the soul to suffer. If that body is hurt in certain ways and if recovery is difficult to achieve. Be gentle and loving. Although this may be true. other factors that may have caused that problem. Understand the needs of the soul. Never deny the body the opportunity and the belief it will heal. Then betwixt the soul who is receiving that help and God. Allow others to have a different opinion to you. in your effort to help. That persons’ need may be so very different from what you may be seeking to bring. If the human body is in any way in need of help. there is the destiny of the soul. see it eradicating the poisons and toxins that the body may contain. Never feel that you can decide what is right for someone else. then what seemingly divine right have you to tell them? Just give love. but whether it is intended to is between God and that person. The divine energy can be directed to heal. will the life force to it. and the destiny of that life. If the body is meant to recover completely it will do so. molecule and cell of your body. understanding. God will never do anything other than live with his natural laws. give the knowledge you have acquired. an individual pact with God and the soul. still send forth this divine energy to every area of your body. and leave the rest to God. My beloved children: These are the unselfish lives to live. to move. or the way you want. 'Beloved ones: Know the power of God is mighty for it is the creative force of all existence. This is why you must not promise anything to anyone when you try to help them. If it is not meant to recover. When there is always a human body to contend with God will never violate His own laws. even though you feel they are so wrong. Never feel cheated! Give your love. and see it cleansing. the will of God. that which is right for them. and heal where man cannot heal. what that energy will heal will come. Be unselfish. then it will not be achieved. Give them the opportunity but allow them to make the decision of which pathway they will walk. you can promise the love and the power of God will come to them. or there may be many. never be greedy. but do not feel defeated if you cannot achieve this in helping others to feel as you feel. compassion and the practical help in that world wherever you can. Allow others the right to evolve their way. There is Karma. If it is not according to the divine law. if it is meant to be. comes the answer to that what is to be. there is always a reason behind that problem. but it can heal. Do not assume they are wrong if they cannot think your way.areas of the body it needs to go to. even to every atom. Then see this divine life force purifying. . but never expect everything to work out the way that you pray for. Then from God will surely come to that person. It also may be wrong doing in the living of that life. What is to be will come from God. and give your help anyway you can when a need is there. then God's energy can heal. it will not come. and can heal. Will it to every aspect of your body’s existence. in their time. Never try to dominate or control the thinking or the growing of others. Not you or anyone else. it can achieve what man cannot achieve. and to be achieved. God never tells them what way to think. send it with the open love for the expectation of the will and the power of God to be revealed. and never seek to acquire things for yourself at the expense of others. and man cannot do it.

. Look around you in that material world. I bring the longing to help you grow and understand I bring you the patience of The Divine Beloved in the waiting and the trust that I will see your souls ever glowing as you move through the darkness of that world to reach Him. and casualties of wars. In the bliss of God comes the answer that every soul could ever seek to know. if they are not instructed in the It’s the blind leading the blind! Chapter 25 Religions. They try to fit God that creed they follow. and disease. The physical body is but an adjunct necessary for the the dominant priority of your existence. In the glory of God's love you find the answer to everything you need to know. How truth of God? . Every effort you put into finding God and seeking God in your endeavors to become one with God is a labor of spiritual wealth. How wrong this is! How wrong for them to think that God would condone such actions. He is ravaging nature. while claiming the motivation is the power of God behind them. and bringing about the results of that wisdom—alas. and all claiming the authority of God. Then sadly I see how little he gives to his soul growth. It can be as nothing compared to God and to a soul that is realized in Him. and they are killing each other in the name of religion. he is bringing disharmony into the lives of his brothers. To you in this small gathering I bring love and peace. or how luxurious be the offer from that material world. All are intransigent in their belief they are supreme—what then are they to bringing to your world? I see no peace and harmony in the breasts of their flock. Is this not so? Man is producing wars. It is a humble privilege to me that God has trusted me with this duty. `My beloved children: When the day dawns when you become one-with-God. to suit can souls find God. to bring the love and harmony into the lives of those on Earth. . They are destroying each other in the name of God. Your material world can offer nothing. You will know I did not mislead. God has given me this task to help to teach his truths. when I said. They are also inflicting untold misery. Prophesies and Dimensions Beyond Earth. It could be so different if he was living God's laws. no matter how exciting. and greed. copious in their doctrines. how wealthy. . poverty. What can you see to admire about the way that man is ruling that world? Man is producing hatred. The striding of a soul along the pathway to God is a journey of rewarding glory at the end. and he calls this living. I wonder sometimes at the folly of man and the futility of man. I am Bethesda. So it is in great divine love and in great divine hope of achievement I come to give for God that what He decrees. every step that is taken is worth more than I can ever tell you. and pursue Him remorselessly.Beloved ones. destruction. he is not! Your world is divided by religions. you will remember these words and know I spoke the truth. Religions have parceled God with their own particular into each compartment that they have created. each religion claims of authority over others. It could be so different if he was ruling that world with divine wisdom.’Seek God before all else! Seek Him relentlessly. and such a way of life. when I see the hours that he spends in the pursuit of material rewards from your world. He calls this the way of life that he thinks is worth achieving. journey in flesh: it is not beliefs. to be and to have.

God is love. could give anything to your life in comparison to that which you can find in the pursuit of wisdom in God? This great vista of wisdom is available to all who seek it. God rewards those who are truly seeking Him and truly love Him. of someone calling out for a holy war? If any of the many religions were right with the wisdom and with the truth of God behind them then they would not act as they are so doing. and discipline your search for God. You in this small group are evolved to the degree that you recognize truth from falsehoods. I come that you may know more truths. then that is what you receive accordingly: you attune your radio to that what you want according to that which is being sent. but if you function on the high. they would be incapable of living the lie that suits mans thinking and beliefs in that mundane world. if you wish to grow spiritually. and that you may find the encouragement. all because they are not pursuing truth. . and each must respond accordingly from the depths of the inner-self. How can you therefore feel that the world in all its turmoil. `Can you see what I am describing? If you function on the low level of vibration that is what you receive . through self-denial. I come because I serve God with love. and they are giving those who follow them false doctrines of truth. from it comes that level reception you are seeking. Thus. . and they are not living God. and live it fully. In this process it thrusts you into a higher vibration that is necessary. If they knew the reality of that which God is. and bring the spiritual guidance that you need in your journey to God. You are evolved enough to know that the way of the soul is through discipline. I know you have earned that right for divine help in these advanced stages in your growth to God. then they could never claim God as their authority. Many religious leaders quote from their books of so-called infallibility. but because you are wise in God’s truth. I have come into your lives to help. to enter it. and unhelpful to soul growth. it is for each and every one in that world to recognize this gift comes from God. God is justice God is wisdom and God is compassion. doctrines that mutilate their soul growth and deny them the expansion of consciousness that is their birthright. These things are none of those qualities when you look at the way they are living their lives. Thus.How many times in your lifetime have you read or heard in news reports. in the spiritual sense. it is parallel in some ways for you to understand my meaning. help. which also raises your consciousness to a higher level knowing. through love for God. God will know and understand your recognition of your responsibility to your divine journey. When you dwell on the worldly conditions you are functioning on a level of energy that is low in vibration. Nevertheless. If you linger in the astral that is not going to help you: force your consciousness higher into the realms of wisdom from which all God’s spiritual truths emanate. and do not let it dwell continually in the revelations of that material world. I want you. more wisdom. they are frustrated. and through longing for God. . beloved ones. it is with The Divine: you attune your conscious to the higher energy. for you to understand this is a gift from God. I come not because I think you are unwise in God’s truth. in all its misery. Lift your consciousness to higher understanding. and recognize that which is coming from Him. not me. but it is far more complicated and far more advanced spiritually when I speak of these various levels of energy. if they are prepared to pay the price they need to pay in order to find it. God is peace. God will also know instantly the resolution your soul makes to ceaselessly seek Him until you are one with Him. Think of the varying degrees of wavelengths that the radios of your world use in their operation. They have no peace within their souls. they are restless. But when you rise above these conditions you function in an energy that is of a higher level of understanding.

and you cannot read about it from someone else and automatically achieve it. There are no words to explain to you that feeling when you are at-one with God. and nothing that world can offer you to compare. My beloved children: I speak with truth. and you attract to your lives events that are worthy and necessary in your living of the changed understanding of your spiritual wisdom. and you also function on a very different level of wisdom. The illusion of material wealth is the opposite of that spiritual reality which God offers. Then like enlightened souls that have found the divine pathway your inner-self will know what you truly represent in eternity. there is not one compromise you can adopt to make it easier and more comfortable for you as you move along this way. then you have the right to move away and pursue the path of your choosing: it’s your gift of free will from God. you have to borrow it. It requires great effort. my children. then there is no compromise that you can make to your life. Then up to that time. and that is through earning that wealth. do not slip back from this one.Then in this process you will automatically benefit from that which your soul receives. is beyond description. but with only your worldly understanding I cannot compare this in words you would comprehend. But. you could not yet understand how this reaction comes to a soul when it enters this union with God. have moved through other lives in the past. Worldly considerations should be secondary when you are a soul evolved in God's wisdom seeking the ultimate. Growing souls know so well they have to make the effort to switch channels and listen into the higher wavelength of God. and it requires sacrifice of worldly comforts at times. I can compare for you a material life that is blessed with everything it could want. then know it is self-indulgent to give way to that material existence. it seems as if you have been moving blindly through an abyss and suddenly you have realized where you belong. for I have touched this bliss. Thus. or come any where near in value to the realization in God. you function completely on a different level of consciousness. it is with the wisdom of God. it requires stamina. You could never want to go back to anything less. I know it is very convenient to think materially: because it is less effort you have to make. There is nothing that world can give you. or you have to acquire it through some means of the material effort. Do not let that world tempt you otherwise. If you do not want the ultimate. Once your soul has touched this bliss you could never regret the effort you have made. they are wiser than that. If you feel comfortable with that world of matter. I can only tell you of its beauty and I can only tell you when your soul touches this it responds instinctively and immediately by attuning to the reality of its own true identity. You here. You feel more comfortable by not having to segregate your life in the way you must when you are serious pursuing God. I know this bliss! I live in this bliss! I could not describe to you with words that you would understand. When you want worldly wealth you have to earn it. discipline. I could compare the satisfaction you feel in living that life. That is not for souls growing to God. You cannot borrow it. and grow into that supreme state of consciousness. It is as if you are automatically realizing your true direction in existence. I can only tell you of its wonder. You have to earn it also. and lived many of those live with such lack of understanding. . The peace and the bliss that comes into your lives when you are touching this higher wisdom. you cannot steal it. When you seriously begin to tap into this greater wisdom. you will only want more and more. There is nothing in that world to compare to this wonderful state unity with God. You have to earn it! There is only one way to God's wealth. if you are serious about the realization in God. Do not let that world confuse you. Go forward to where you need to go. Your lives respond accordingly.

as a reality. The growth is too deep. It is opportune to apply the efforts and reap the rewards while you are still in flesh. and you are not destined to be passive onlookers in that world. Under the sea near Japan. This will come. even by stealing. I see that vision. dedication. Heavy will be the price it will pay. the longing is too strong. That world cannot overwhelm anyone who is truly linked with that insatiable love and longing. you here are going to find important changes will benefit your individual lives when you move more deeply into this wisdom. which He can use in that world. Beloved ones: Anticipate that which will come from God for you to give in service for God. and to do the necessary groundwork that you need to achieve this goal. love. It’s also an opportunity to move into the realm of wisdom that you embrace when you leave the physical body. and to live more closely to Him. I see in your immediate vicinity disturbances of nature that are coming for your Earth. you must first give to God this evidence of longing and desire for His greater wisdom and his greater truths. In the games of life played out by man. Do not waste the journey! Do not forgo the opportunity that God has given you to know Him better. Then know in truth. Then you may become instruments of The Divine Creator. you will still know the wrath of nature to a degree. I read your souls as you gather here this night. and I know it will not be thus for you. Japan has become economically too strong for it not to matter when this disaster strikes. which I am giving. You are not destined to sit on the sidelines of life. Man must become that which he must in the eternal . if it God you seek. `Can you understand my meaning? Do not dwell upon events with worldly despair. Above all of this. Balance your judgment with divine wisdom. Much of Japan's own doing lies behind the cause of this destruction Man’s headlong material desires will bring into effect these events—events that stem from the cause of such desires. but not in the immediate time as you on Earth calculate time. and you are with Him in unity of love and longing. and for you to become for God. turmoil will come for that nation and destruction will follow. and the integrity is too intent for these negative conditions to happen to your lives. With these events. You are then with God in spirit. indefinitely. and sacrifice. through lack of discipline. So many of those destined for divine service become weary and inactive through indifference. all civilizations past and present are necessary for man to learn from. and through the lack of ability to sacrifice the material for this way of life.In your world you can acquire its wealth in many ways. then the methods you need you have to utilize in order for you to find Him. you need to acquire an insatiable longing for God that overrides all else in your life. You need the required effort. discipline. You will find life in this area of your world will only be slightly touched by this disturbance of nature when it takes place In the not so distant future. This you cannot do from God! You have to make up your mind. As I speak. When you have this love for God burning within you there is nothing that your world can do to overwhelm you. consistency. This can truly be if you are prepared to make the effort now. as you here in this gathering are now feeling. You here will be spared from many of the ravages that will affect other areas of your world. I give in truth my children it will bring a great disorder to that world as a consequence.

Mankind in the ultimate will have to pay the price of this folly! Look behind that world of matter and see God’s love and logic working out its destiny for mankind. You will move through it. Give it the attention . Science will not be the magic formula to answer all that which mankind will need to know. and not the physical mind! View all events with the wider wisdom of God! You here have lived through many lives. but dwell with God as you must. The weather of your world is already changing.journey. It will become unevenly and more drastically affected by events that are to yet come. nothing will deter you or destroy you: that body you wear is only for a time. Scientists think they have answers to all problems in that vicinity. Man is racing madly through the outer space around Earth. If you would seek to tap your true reality of self you would understand how wise you really are in the ways of God. but must be a necessity in each soul's growth to God. Leave each of your individual lives in the understanding of the wider spectrum. The measure of your growth depends on that which you will give to God in this life. and not material emotion Let the ripples of discord have their way! Resist the temptation of discord and desolation if these problems are heavy for you to bear. That which you have you can lose. Think with the soul. Walk the way of that material world needs and the way it deserves. Dwell in that world sufficiently in order to cope with life. The equilibrium of your life may be ruffled and difficult to cope with for a time. Regard the problems that beset your day with infinite wisdom. that which you need you can acquirer: for nothing is permanent in the physical world. Physical suffering. Man will not have an answer to all his problems. Mankind will think they have solutions. Man will search for reasons and not find answers. but it will pass. man tampers with areas of existence of which he knows not. Man knows not of the consequences of what he is doing—but he will! Foreign objects are not meant to infiltrate that area of existence. to enable the soul to unite with Him. God is not remote: God is close to every soul and waiting for each soul to bid God to enter. Harness unto your being all the gifts of the spirit. You will never expand it if you linger in the way of your material world. Let that very wisdom you have within your soul flower and grow into its full potential. Waste not the moments in dwelling in the immaturity of that world and what it brings to your life: all that you have is incidental in comparison to the soul growth that you must achieve. will come back to Earth. in God’s own inimitable wisdom. All the gains that you can now make with your efforts in life in your search for God will bring to your soul the reward that you have earned. understands not. regardless of mans claim it will float forever in space. Leave your daily life in God’s wisdom. cluttering it with debris. Then the destiny of your Earth will become one of spiritual growth in the ultimate changes that must come for that planet. 'my beloved children. find His wisdom and live it. which now orbits Earth. You will move on the endless journey of growth to God nothing will stop you. but they are wrong Mankind will reap the whirlwind of its own doing Much of that. and comprehends not. You would realize how much knowledge you have secreted there within your consciousness. and through many civilizations. I give in truth beloved ones. You have come this far and you will move from this life into even greater wisdom. The only permanence is in God. Do not educate your life with that world: educate it with God’s wisdom. is never easy to witness. so seek God. into the greater bliss that awaits you. through the efforts you make to know God. but they will be temporary only The agony of the world in the ultimate will be the salvation of mankind. as a consequence.

There are many in your world today who are slowly stirring within their own light of this understanding of God. Dally not with the unenlightened activities of that world. Although it can be hastened and it can suddenly take wings and fly if your wisdom allows it to have full rein. I cannot make you respond. and I can but tell you. Acknowledge your origin and your destiny as divine. These people will have had the courage and the sudden illumination of the soul to question and challenge religious authority. the early words of encouragement that we gave you. Then the discipline of the soul takes it further to God. I cannot do it for you: I can only tell you of that which is needed for your own journey to God. seas dry up. expand into God’s wisdom. week after week. Never will you be lonely. the effort is yours. Earth erupts. `My beloved children: I want that you will become mature. Let this wisdom become your way of life that you may then bring to others this opportunity of soul growth through the evidence of your own lives. and floods desecrate: all things are at the mercy of nature. The decision is yours. and nothing is permanent in that world of matter. Never will you be hungry. If you live God. it is dormant within you now. the example of your lives will be the authority in that which you give in your words for God. rivers dry up. Never will you be unable to cope with whatever comes once you have entered this greater wisdom. There is nothing in your world that could reward you more than uniting with the Beloved. You are pilgrims along the way to God. I am speaking to the deaf. Are they not? These who are questioning will take many forward with them because of their example. They are rebelling within their own religions. closer than it ever thought could be possible. Man acknowledges only what he is achieving. which is God. do not shrink back into that worldly dimension of wisdom. unless you respond to that which I bring. and I want that you will grow in spiritual stature this night. You are blessed. Let me not come in vain. this whole. I think you will acknowledge and recognize that we have dallied long enough in this early stage of encouragement. needs and deserves. beloved ones. In the work that God will ask of you. You can stay inert or you can wing your way to God. Let me see the soul responding. and you have long left behind you such blindness. and giving himself the credit for all. month after month. You have left behind you now. which man is disturbing to a degree that is going to bring its own destruction in retaliation. I can speak of this. Are they not? Nature is all-powerful! Nature is God’s creation of balance in that world. and we try to uplift you to give you the necessary . expects and deserves—but dwell with God! Let the true reality of the self-merge into His consciousness and His great wisdom: it is then you will find coming into your life the benefits of this wisdom. and year after year. and you are no longer in the infancy of your leaning. then shining through you the power of God is evident to any with eyes to see and ears to hear. Know you have the power within you to grow to God and become one with Him. and to the growth of the true spiritual identity that you are. Walk the way your world needs. The way of a soul to God is slow and laborious. give your time the evolution of the soul. They are beginning to question more and more the authority of that which they have been taught. the expansion of the consciousness. Mans ego is of such great dimension he acknowledges nothing of God. Everything in that material world wears out in the eventual end. waiting to be awakened into the fullness of its true potential. nor would I if I could. Let me see each of you flowering into the full potential that I know is there. everything disintegrates. Mountains crumble. You have come through so much in your lives to be where you are today. You are then functioning in the creative energy of God.

strength for your own journey. I come each week to bring this love to you. Never will I grow weary of bringing love and truth from our world that you may know it and know it is from God . and to bring this light that you may feel it. Even in those days they did not focus on the reality of what they were hearing. Let me not mark time beside you. Man should be free to find God. and if you are in all essence of reality acknowledging that this is the way to God. and seek this truth. *** Never will I grow weary of bringing these teachings. or if you reject it: it is your privilege. but the results must come from you. We can see the impetus of the future taking you into the greater areas of wisdom that is there for you to know and we can bring you from our world. I give you my peace. Spiritual truth is still ignored by mankind today in the same way as it was all those eons ago when there was very little settlement in the early civilizations. I question it not! If you accept what I bring as truth. It is beneficial therefore that people should accept this one reality of clinging dearly to divine truth. now you can show to God. It matters not what that world offers anyone: it’s what is within the soul of man. Is it not? Progress has not bought to mankind any greater degree of acceptance of the reality of truth. I am Bethesda That which man chooses and attracts to his life are often the problems he blames on God. I give you my love. God is waiting for you. then surely by now we can expect the fruits of our labors to begin to flower in your lives and not see the stagnation of the past. Do not waste the moments that you can spend with Him Truth now tells you that God is the destiny of your journey. and in the understanding of truth that is the awakening call to seek and know more. with animated longing for God. that you mean business and that you are prepared to live the truth that you say you believe and acknowledge in yourself. people of your world seemed to be searching and discarding truths as they found them. If you cannot accept that which I bring. and you cannot . as the reality of truth. `Can you accept this? You cannot teach divine truth through any school of learning. and us. I think you will recognize the time surely is ready. I am immersed in God's love and light. The so called educational growth and opportunity has not brought to mankind any more degree of understanding truth than they had when they had none of the modern benefits. It is even so in these enlightened times. Let me see the leaps you take to God and I will be there with you every step of the way until you no longer need me. and you to claim Him God is waiting for all His children who long for spiritual truth. waiting to claim you. There is a limit of how much I can encourage. Chapter 26 From Spiritual Truth to Spiritual Wisdom In time gone by. but let me stride with you to God. and not the substance created for them by the confines of their religions.

and to rely upon the prompting of the intuition of the self to alert you to something that you feel is not quite right. They can be so easily misled. Then you will find the more productive will be your life. then you can . I merely try to assess through the evaluation of fact that is within this truth.educate any human being into accepting this truth. When souls are encompassed in the dogma of a religion they seem to stick firmly to this teaching. or to find out anything other than that which they are being taught. but they are so easily prone to wrong guidance in their need to find and seek a different way. ignorance can be changed to truth. I do not speak in prejudice. never ignore that inner feeling. a soul recognition that brings it into reality. it seems then to disregard the intuition of the self. becomes a fervor of instant rejection. The more you learn to depend upon self-reflection. scientific explanations. inward reaction. for there the divine reality blossoms and grows much more quickly than the other. the real self within. and in many instances this can be dangerous. Even just to listen to them. awareness. and then in the following of this quiet turning inwards. `Is this not so? If education could change humanity it would be I think. Many. The soul has the potential to flower and grow in the immensity of the release from materialism into the bliss and union with God: because it has already the inbuilt ability to segregate truth from the opposite. I do not think education in the higher and greater degree is always an attribute in favor of spiritual reality. or sit in judgment. That is why it is so important to seek inward guidance. It is thus more often in the simplest of souls and the humblest of lives that God is awake within. much easier to change that world. self-intuition. to seek. that particular religion is steeped in. the perfect one. that would be much easier than it is for the souls within humanity to stir and awaken to that longing for the illumined wisdom of God. When this occurs. They then become more enclosed in their own understanding of the teachings and beliefs that. Much in that world of matter is stirring. I do not seek to criticize. It is in essence. they will not tolerate the beliefs of others. Human beings are too busy hearing the voices of the world and reading what man has written. it becomes fanatical. and discernment: this is very important! People must not be easily swayed and easily convinced. The soul of man is this atom and aspect of God. Rather seek and reach out with this quiet reflection within and the response of the soul to that which you take within to reflect upon. Whilst the mind is occupied in intellectual pursuits. Is this not so? I think religious bias is far more dangerous than ignorance. or easily encompassed in something equally wrong. With seeking and challenging there also must come discretion. and you will attract less of the negative conditions of material living to your existence. than to hear the sweet whispers and prompting of God within them. If there is anything you can’t quite accept. When you live in the simplicity and spirituality of the inner-self while acknowledging the authority of the Divine within your life. the wiser you will live your life. They do not allow the soul within them to reach out. Do not let the fallible reasoning of the mind always sit in judgment and control your decision-making. but bigots imprison themselves without understanding into the darkness of none-understanding. and reasoning for that which the physical mind can understand and accept. Why I wonder do souls allow this slumbering of ignorance when they could be releasing into their inner-selves this eternal movement in their journey back to God? I think it is an accepted fact that the dogmas of religions do more harm than they realize. and none-acceptance in belief of the true reality of God. but reflect upon it. souls in your world are questioning and challenging.

you then give way to the fallible thinking of the physical mind. it is because you are letting that world become the answer to what you think should fill your life. you want nothing of that world. who are truly seeking God with the selfless devotion in the seeking. greed and domination. and you cannot understand why. The closer you grow to God the more you suppress the emotion of the senses. They seek only the answer in violence and domination of one kind or another. Negativity flowers and flourishes when there is lack of spirituality in a life: that is why you see negativity so prevalent in countries today. for they are living in the exemplifying of God. could not possibly be guilty of hurting anyone or anything. and know it to be true. and you will have a greater understanding of the proportion that you must give to the growth of the soul compared to the delving in matter. Life will become simple to live. It’s automatic! You are operating on the ray of divine wisdom. Instinctively they would recoil in the act of degradation or selfishness. my beloved children: the less dominance in your life the physical has. This is because the soul is hungry for God and you are aware of the soul’s need to grow to God. I think it goes without saying that souls who truly love God. then that is the demand that is calling you to always respond to satisfy its longing. You can seek all you want from that world. When you accept all this. When this is allowed to be . `Beloved children: Living the divine wisdom. You are dual. They do not apply any sense of spiritual awareness to their decisions. The negative is muted by the wisdom that is generated by positive acceptance of God’s presence within. is the reason why negativity finds such a very fruitful resting ground in those who are living in the materialism of that world. for they are seeking an answer to everything through power. you will never know fulfillment. and you know nothing of that world can make you happy. Souls. and it crowds out the materialism that constantly tries to overwhelm you and clutter your judgment. and the less dominance in your life emotion has. the soul knows this and hungers for the opposite. Then. You will feel there is something you want: it is like a form of spiritual longing that comes from the inner-self. There seems to be a condition of emptiness in your life. They cannot! It is impossible to be happy! Impossible to feel contented or feel fulfilled: because they are not nurturing the soul: they are nurturing the body. No matter what you are doing in that world you will find a sense of emptiness and a sense of something missing. you know not what it is for nothing seems to satisfy. This. spirit and matter! However.acknowledge the overpowering truth and the knowledge of your destiny: you then accept the inevitability of loving eternally. can never be happy if they are letting that world fill their day and answer their needs. and journeying life after life in growth to God. When a soul is truly awakened to God. when you allow matter to be the dominant one and permit it to govern your decisions by the emotion of the senses. but you will never know peace. There is no reining in of the powerful emotional guiding of their actions. Are they not? Souls who live the opposite to this have no sense of proportion. Negativity cannot exist in the positive rays of The Divine Beloved. and the closer you live in the Divine presence and the deeper you go into the wisdom of God. my children. If you are not answering that need. In the positive living and thinking of an evolving soul the negative is not allowed to be heard or to make its-self known. This is truth I bring. is expressing the reality of the inner-self in that world of matter. This is the reason why the negative seems to be so prominent and frequently takes over in people’s lives. who are awake to God’s love in the reality of their spirituality.

new houses. It will urge. new luxuries. It is impossible! A soul who knows the truth of God and is awake to the reality of the spirituality of the inner-self can never be satisfied with what that world brings to their lives. it will flower. and sterile in experience. and they are challenging. are going to be the catalyst for great change in the years that are coming to that world. and comforts you need to live with. laborious. The infancy of the young children of today will become the powerhouse of change in their later life. and bring into awareness. Thus. The young in your world today. but yet in effect they are not practicing that which they have been told by the Roman Catholic religion. The authority of the Roman Catholic Church is already under challenge. and you will often react by making unenlightened decisions. and look for more. They are not content until they seek out a little bit more of this and a little bit more of that: they want to know spiritual truth: something drives them on to find out more. They bring with them. They can find a sense of contentment in new things they acquire. They have wasted their incarnation! This wasted incarnation is because at that period in their existence this spiritual understanding is not yet known to them. just for that moment in time they are thinking and feeling this is good. These are things that make them temporally happy. If a soul is close to this awakening. I speak not with disrespect. they satisfy that sense of longing for something of that world. During all this time. That hold they had over their followers—that ridged hold has loosened. That material world can never satisfy them. You will be always seeking something of that world or wanting something of that world. They realize not at the journey’s end they will have become sterile in growth. discord. Whilst that world may doubt it for a time. the positive reality of the illumined wisdom in the Beloved Creator. from one pleasure to another they continually flit. cleanse the negativity. even a word or just a thought given them can suddenly ignite that spark within and they become hungry for more. There are portions of that world you need to live economically with.paramount. and thus it should be. but they know not what the seek until the day dawns and souls are stirred into the awakening of truth. then you attract mistakes to your life and all the negative happenings to your life. but I speak in truth. There are basic requirements of life that will bring you a sense peace and security. they want to know more of it and be part of that something. and new interests in other things. This is what I mean will never satisfy the soul who really knows God. `Are they not? . I am talking about the constant seeking and wanting more material things that you can add to the collection you already have. this inner understanding of reality. greed. Now at this point I am talking about the extravagances of life. Something is eluding them. sterile in learning. it will be so in your world today. Souls who are not awake to this divine truth are slumbering in the ignorance of materialism. always seeking and searching for that elusive something. it cannot and will not be able to keep that truth suppressed within indefinitely. as you know God: because you have grown away from the desire for these material things. new toys to play with. Many believers are staying under the umbrella of the church. You attract selfishness. the soul within is slumbering and has yet to awaken. Thus for souls in your world this slow awaking is a painful. `Is it not? I speak not derogatory. It can never be so to souls who are awake and aware the divine truth. They may be receiving a lot from the material side of life and also think and feel this is good. and it will challenge the established beliefs and doctrines of much today that are paramount in your world. They are questioning. They can be easily satisfied for a time with pleasures of that world. it will manifest. this fire will rage eventually through the reality of life.

The present Italian turmoil of corruption is going to reach deep within with its tentacles. apply them to every thought you have. Eventually. they are living the opposite to God. This well of wisdom. whatever it may be. You can never possibly come to know God without living Him. Apply this simple test . and to know God is to live God. the more your spiritual understanding is awake to divine wisdom. it does not automatically make them a good and spiritual person. but spiritually they are babes in arms. Condemn them not. caring. not only themselves but also those they touch. but it cannot be forever. they will at last come to the reality of knowing. followings. . All these experiences your world endures for a time. the young. this longing for something to fill the vacuum that is now there. and every word you speak. The greater truth then must be exemplified in your life. but when it becomes the fundamental application of that religion it becomes fanatical. love. They call for a respect for life. They may be intellectually brilliant. and these people are frightened not to believe: for they live in this constant state of fear. and is going to reach even into the Vatican. That formula is one thing. All these things are foreign to those who know God not. and not destroying. They have been indoctrinated with this fear. . Very often it is an irreverent acceptance of truth that is shaped to fit into the design of their beliefs. my beloved ones. it is a cancer that will destroy. `Could I do this? `Could I say that? `Could I be this? Then your soul will tell you from within the answer you need to hear. Can you tell me that each one of you here tonight is capable of killing another human being? Are you capable of destroying an animal? Could you wantonly destroy nature for your own purpose of gain and comfort? These are simple tests. Those who teach the truths of God must first know God. They are frightened to change their thinking and move into truth. They will have to eventually change. and what they think they know. this disease that puts the soul in bondage. One day they will have to change what they believe. that all the time they had within them this core of truth. Fundamentalism is a cancer in the religions of your world today. Many souls hiding beneath the cloak of religion are more capable of evil than those who declare nothing of belief that they have.Many are moving away from the ridged doctrines of this church. The more your consciousness penetrates the wisdom of God. a respect for nature. The vulnerable. this source of all wisdom—God! . They perhaps have lost the desire to believe. are the ones they prey upon. It is capable of destroying reason within the thinking of people. and not live those laws. for they can no longer accept this infallibility of Rome. They will have to go through this fire of ignorance. Those who kill and destroy are not living God. You will find mushrooming up in that world all kinds of situations. policies. They may have their faith. compassion. It is impossible to be otherwise! You cannot accept the fundamental laws of God. sharing. every act you do. beliefs become fear. and other experiences. and once indoctrinated with this fervor of bias and bigotry. but have in your understanding the nonjudgmental acceptance that they too must grow through experience into the wisdom that you are blessed to know now. All that will be left for them is this emptiness. It will not be spared the ultimate cleansing that must go on for that country. and those weak in understanding. Then in their desperation something will stir within them. multifarious beliefs. Just because someone has taken upon them-selves the cloak of religious order. The scoffers and the scorners in that world who deny God and defy the possibility of a creative existence in the divine sense: they are the babes in arms. fire of experimenting until they are cleansed of all this negativity.

and what they can acquire: they then know not the true meaning of living. It will have to become the automatic growth of a soul on the journey to God. this is clearly evident. It has never needed to live the laws of God more than today. `Could it not? It is sometimes in the deepest misery that a soul sometimes finds a glimmer of the deepest understanding in God. but there are the few. is it not? It is also evident when you look at the misery that they have had in that area of your world that used to be satellite states of Russia. if he only knew happiness. joy and all the good things of life. God is never critical. your world has never needed God’s love more than at this present time. It is the most powerful force in all creation! If love is denied. I also see such cruelty. and constantly thinking of what they want. and intuitively it is crying out to God for help. No matter how evil or dark they may be. desperately clinging to their old beliefs. and every hurt the body feels. . unselfish happiness. the minority who recognize the truth and doubts not the reality and existence of God. then selfishness could be a barrier for that person to find God. there can be no acceptance of God when they perform such deeds of darkness. All that will be left will be the few who are clinging. I see in all corners of your world. . When you see this dreadful perpetuation of cruelty. I speak of time ahead. In the greatest moment of pain the soul cries out from a deep well of love within. The soul knows what that body needs most. . Great changes can come to a person in a split second. This divine love cannot reach them: because the darkness drives it away. It is not divine! However. and look for me. These people are merely acting a part in the drama of life. which will at the journeys end leave them empty and lonely for God. and there will be millions who believe and know God as you know God. They will not be lost to the movement to God that their souls will yearn for sometime in their lives. He does not turn away and say. turn away from what you are. the soul grows a little closer to God. Happiness in its-self is selfish. Slowly but surely the change will come. never judging. or from military junta. If a human being was continually happy. . They know it not. then God is denied—it’s as simple as that! When you look at the misery of children who have been cruelly treated in these countries that have been set free from the communist rule. When you find someone living a life just for them-selves. from dictatorial control. I would say to each of you there. it cries out for help from The Divine. It is the force of the universe! It is the force of creation! Without this force of love God could not create.’ He is always saying. and through drama. I speak not of this year or the time after. and much selfishness being lived in your world today: this blocks out shoots of growth. so much darkness existing. When that person is constantly thinking of what they think they need to make them comfortable. Let every moment of each day bring you into the awareness and the power of divine love. God will never take over and make it happen. Those little children with souls within will not be lost to growth and spiritual evolution. and what makes them happy. Equally it can find God in happiness. . then God is present in that life. . never denying anyone His love and His presence. through tragedy. ‘Find me. but God’s love is always flowing to them just the same as He gives to all of His creation. but they are crying out for God.Where today you in that material world have the millions and millions of people who know not truth. when a person’s happiness is unselfish. It is true that material happiness with deep selfishness can blot out the love of God. But it will come! Because of the divine laws and God’s gift of freewill. Every pain the body knows. and old ways.’ He gives them the same love as he does to those who love Him. ‘I do not want to know you. through trauma. from those souls trying to reach up to bring God into the lives .

in order to conform to that which your world demands. They will pay more and more attention to the living of those who know and live God. Thus in the future these groups will become bigger and bigger. it will become so sickened with all the negativity of living that is going on. Alas. Quietly and generously with compassion share with others. Even as I speak in your government of your state (Western Australia) there are the little examples of the indifference to compassion. and exemplifying God. it would be far better if they reached up to what those who know God believe. You cannot push it upon others. Cold hard economy is not going to be allowed to exist in a future society as it is today. and why you feel and think so deeply. Yet in that so-called modern age on that planet Earth . They cannot draw a line and say . . There must become economic management that is sensible. In the civilizations gone by. It must never crowd out compassion. where compassion should be. and without His light. It is sometimes sad to see those who are aware of God and His love. and in those eras of social living. God leaves not great corridors of negativity undiluted without His love. Never be afraid to say why you live it. and louder and louder in truth. `Have they not? I truly think there is no price too high to pay to proclaim what you feel for God.of others. cannot have this. and all those below. you have not to make it a loud trumpeting of belief. . I want. ** `My beloved ones: God’s wisdom is all pervading! Very quietly God moves into the souls of all people. to help them find Him. Never be afraid to speak of God to those who want to hear. Everywhere you look there are those who cannot help themselves they have not the ability to rise above their situation. `Is this not the truth? You have not to wear it like a shining banner. and can understand the greater wisdom shining through your lives because you know God. no matter what the cause may be. ‘All those above can have that. You can find in the darkness of your world little groups of those who are living God. be it material sharing or be it spiritual sharing. In every community there are the strong and the weak. for your world will become so sickened with all the destruction. Economics has taken over. They are not going to find acceptance in the general community if they become indifferent to human compassion and allow their indifference to prevail. Never be afraid to declare your love for God if the moment is right. It is fortunate in the knowledgeable times like the present you can still speak freely and believe freely. never be afraid to say why you live your life in that manner. should never be the dominating primary ingredient for success. it will cry out and try to reach for something opposite. There must become an economic logic in allgoverning decisions. my beloved ones.’ They are going to learn a very serious lesson if they are going to persist in this attitude. and the ground is fruitful for this declaration of divine love. True relationships and friendships may sometimes submerge their own understanding and belief in order to conform. this is sad. for you to live your lives in such away that those people who watch and see. rather than those with understanding to descend down to the level of those who understand not. They need help! The governments cannot have a yardstick. If anyone questions your way of life. many have gone into prison for what they believe. as you cling to the divine truth. Never submerge the spiritual growth of the inner-self. Their voices will be heard. Is this not true? I think economic wealth of any area of existence. and it would be wrong to dominate the conversation if they are not ready. adjusting their thinking to please others in the material side of life. just quietly and lovingly live your life. It must never override the need of those who cannot help themselves.

Religions in the years yet to come will not be able to suppress the truth in the young. The privilege of entering a body must never be taken for granted. There are still those who would like to rule with the authority of the established churches and nothing else. then the closer you are coming to moving away from rebirth into a physical body. it’s an effort. but I am there within. You are being given an opportunity of spiritual growth. and when you find yourself saying you can’t be bothered. ‘I know it is there. it is the drama of life that I must ignore. Reincarnation brings a great responsibility to a life. The seeds of spirituality in that world are too strong now. ‘I am moving through this experience. Just remember how long it has taken you to come to the truth that you have now. it is ordered. This great force of creation is guiding every movement. . or indifference.’ ‘I am moving through time in a body of matter!’ ‘I am experiencing life in all the negatives and positives. who will then know and believe the truth of God. Then do not dare to be lethargic. tardiness.’ ‘I know I will never lose sight of the goal at the end of my journey—that light of God. moving to God. Never let the emotions of the body color the labors that you can bring to your life to find God. Just remember how long it has been in lives gone by before you had this realization of the understanding of God that you have in this one. It may not always be pleasing to have to endure a life in that world.—then live it! Waste not the moments in laziness. and they will reap their harvest of growth in the time that is yet to come. it is very logical. and very wise. glowing and growing to my Divine Beloved Creator. It must be accepted! It is a great responsibility that God gives a soul to merge into a body once again. such an opportunity to be immersed in materialism of that world as never before. . Even with their power of religious authority they will not be allowed to have their way. 'Is this not so? If you can resist that material world. If you can be aware of the reality of God’s truth. and knowing God. its purpose. and they are growing into great crops. for I will .there are still those who would like to suppress you. .’ `I am locked away tightly in this body of matter.’ `This is the reality of me ‘This is the true destiny of my life. it makes reincarnation become more understandable if you know behind it is the controlling wisdom of God. of every atom in existence throughout myriads of universes.’ ‘Whatever experiences come my way I know that through them. and do not dare to drag your feet in this life. and it is that part of life that is not for me. I will grow and move nearer to God. and if you are able to say no. with all the minuses and pluses. and may endure pain and unhappiness if I must. remember and just think for a moment the privilege of God giving you this body to wear. If in accepting the reality of its need. they are firmly nurtured in the ground. and letting what you believe to flower and grow: then you minimize the need for the soul's return to that material world. There is nothing haphazard about creation. In creation. everything is perfect in every detail. for it to grow and grow.’ ‘I shall never lose sight of this truth that I am spirit dwelling in this heavy body of matter. then you can say. People are living in a time when there is such an opportunity to turn away from God. Spiritual truths will be superior over religious dogmas. When you feel yourself becoming submerged in inertia. there is nothing unplanned. Thus. The surer you live your lives in the light of His wisdom and His truths. until it becomes one with the Beloved Creator It may not always be to the liking of the one who wears that body. and must never be treated lightly. This is a very important incarnation for each of you here in this room this day. and expansion of consciousness as never before. The closer you grow to God the greater becomes the acceptance of His truth.

’ ‘When I am free and live in God. and every relation you could possibly think of in that world. and I will marvel at all this magnificence and beauty. ‘That is my goal. you are still equal within to God. Look upon those around you and see them as your brothers and sisters. the mistakes they are making. that the soul within me is growing to God.’ ‘I know that I can. not as your neighbors and friends. ‘I know that the time will come when I must lay aside this body of flesh.’ ‘I know that the Creator is my beloved. and know God has given me this lovely place to live while I endure my journey.’ ‘I know I journey through time with something deep and longing within me.’ ‘You cannot find me by force! ‘You cannot find me by dogma! ‘You cannot find me by domination! ‘You can only find me by love and longing for me. . I will see all. I cannot fulfill the answers to so much that is beyond the reasoning of the physical mind: that area belongs to the consciousness.’ ‘Then I will know I am glad I came into this mundane existence to learn the day become part of God. even though terrible things are happening throughout this world—terrible things that I cannot understand or possibly cope with. your mother.’ ‘All this is taking me along this pathway to my Beloved Creator’. and feel such a glory of love from God. ‘You will find me and you will seek me.’ ‘I know in truth I am only here for a moment.’ ‘I will live in the divine wisdom. and understand it all. and want Him more fervently than ever before. Resolve too that you will never be too tired. for I am still looking through the eyes of matter. because of the love for me that you will awaken. and the decisions that are wrong. Whatever the color of the skin or the shape of the face.’ ‘I will see all this. some thing that I cannot answer. . your father. not that material world. and will become one with God. send forth light.’ ‘I know existence is there.’ ‘I know all this is there for me and I cannot see it. and never be too indifferent to give to God the effort of seeking Him.’ ‘I will hear the birds singing. Seek Him more strongly. love Him more deeply. Then resolve that you will not waste the moments and not turn your back upon this truth that you know. never be too lazy. Look at all this negativity that is exhibited in your world today: it is so opposite to God! With your compassion and love. they are a part of God as you are a part of God.’ ‘Although I have moments alone and deeply reflect upon many mysteries of life. ‘I will look at the sunsets and see their beauty. Look upon those who are leading and guiding. Every soul incarnate is virtually your brother and your sister. send forth this power of though. I shall see it all and I shall know it all.’ ‘I will feel the gentle rain and the warmth of the sun. Resolve that you will not close your eyes to this reality that you have come to know. and surrounded by worldly things.’ . see the colors of the flowers. and I will no longer need this heavy body in which to manifest.’ ‘I know at this time I walk upon this Earth with heavy feet.’ ‘One day I will lay aside all of this.’ Then beloved ones look more kindly upon those who know not this. You are not separate from God. in so many dimensions.’ ‘Even though I am in this heavy world surrounded by matter.’ ‘I know if this body may hurt and causes me pain. in so many degrees and varying degrees of creation. in so many universes.’ ‘In spirit I will feel the release from this heavy body. The soul within is equal in God—not the outer covering! Then love everything in your material world because it is a gift from God to His children.’ ‘This existence is just a borrowed visit.’ ‘As God sees all. and return to the beauty of spirit and the bliss of spirit. and take with me the glory of the growth that I have gained. You are all one in God. that they too can be uplifted and find the illumined wisdom of God slowly but surely coming into their lives. This is God's wisdom and His loving gift to mankind.’ ‘I know all this may happen to my physical self and I know above and beyond all.

It is by necessity that you are in a physical body. There are more tornadoes. ‘You will not find me in domination of another. All of nature must be nurtured gently. Each aspect of life in your world is balanced one between the other. and you harm all things. respect.This is what God is crying out to his children . False ideals and false goals drive mankind into doing things and making decisions that are so foreign to God.’ ‘You will not let me in! ‘I cannot enter where there is negativity. and of the need to be in harmony with all creation. ‘Look for me in the shining bliss of the flowers that grow in the fields. I am Bethesda. but you are not listening. the lack of understanding. you harm one thing. Your world seems to be in a fervor that cannot be soothed. These man-made ideas have no room in the divine plan for existence. which upsets the balance of one aspect of life on your Earth. and mankind must learn to live in harmony with all species of life in that world. 'My beloved children: I give you my love. the mountains and the waters of your Earth.’ God is never absent.’ ‘Everywhere there is understanding.’ ‘You will not find me in hate. find me in the mountains. and there seems to be no deep peace to be had anywhere in any part of that world. and the rivers that flow into the oceans that endlessly roll on. there is constant unrest. 'My beloved children: I weep for your world when I see what mankind is doing to it. I give you my peace. harmony. I am there.’ ‘Wherever there is compassion. I see the turmoil mankind has created. and you see changes in weather conditions in your world. It is by necessity that the material world is your training ground: in truth you do not belong there. more floods. Mankind must learn to live with respect for the earth. You see the difference today in the elements of your world. Your world: that jewel that God has created for human beings to inhabit. or deceit’. and disasters follow the natural course of cause and effect. the sky. and matched equally in attention and care. That. Never in the history of the world has mankind needed God so much as they need Him today and never in the history of the world has mankind rejected God as much as they do today! Chapter 27 Divine Wisdom and the Soul I come to bring divine love and divine understanding to that world in which you live. This is the wonder of my Beloved God. in the forests and the trees. There are differing reasons that are so profound in their upset of the equilibrium of the environment and of Earth life.’ ‘Find me in all these things. I am there.’ ‘You will not find me in violence.’ ‘Find me where there is love: I am there. and for each soul to grow slowly forward in evolution to the time that mankind needs to become one with God. upsets the whole. Everything must be in cohesion. even in the darkest of conditions God is there waiting lovingly for that soul to light the light within for God to enter. because they are the opposite of that what God is. . . the birds that fly in the sky. more raging storms. and eventually there will be upheaval of seas that will change the . There is also a fervent activity among many people to promote ideas that they claim to be from God. Where there should be love and peace in your world. anger. The effect will ultimately be reaped in the whirlwind of nature’s disasters that will follow. When you hurt the Earth.’ ‘You will not find me where there is cruelty and torture—you have locked me out! ‘I am there knocking on your door. I see the desecration. `Is this not so? Turmoil persists everywhere in realms around your world. the repercussions begin when the hurt commences. you hurt all aspects of nature in your world.

It is also in the discipline way that soul thinks. for which He is fully equipped to give. with forgiveness and compassion. in the way it acts. and we are part of that whole. keeps him further and further away from The Beloved Creator. but still part of that whole. Man is not in control of matter: man is but a servant of matter. Mankind takes God in so many different ways of understanding. and it must be allowed to grow and expand. If you could but see the soul of an Avatar you would understand what I am trying to explain. pure gold in color. He nurtures them with love. That core of all existence—God! Every act that man performs that is foreign to God. shimmering with love and divine understanding. If the majority of human beings that live on your planet perform acts that are opposite to Gods laws. If only a person could see his own aura and realize the need for his life to change and to become eventually like that of an Avatar. This allows each soul to evolve into the true understanding of all of creation. its growth. It is in loving obedience of a soul’s life can that soul grow to God. It is a perfect sight for a person to see hovering ever closer to the Creator and its imminent reunion with Him. and little aspects of that whole have been sent forth into matter to evolve and become once again pure enough to come back to that perfect nucleus. someway. It is the features of the inner-self that is seen in the spiritual body. it is the spiritual body showing and illustrating the true growth and the change that is coming to the soul. and to another He is something different. perfect. Think of God as that diamond. it is like the beautiful rays of the morning sun. God is such a gentle God and such a loving Father. Instead of ranting at his children. animating at a degree of vibration that is impossible for the human eye to see. these are visually seen as you move through that material world. Each person’s aura reflects the soul. Humanity must realize the truth of God. To one section of humanity He is one thing. `Do you understand this? All these things have been put into effect by some cause created by humanity at some stage of your Earth's existence. with understanding. and the legs. The auras of human beings are so different in their display of color and form. . and its evolution. People need to come to the understanding of the immensity of what God represents. and that tells the true story of the growth of the soul. how can they hope to purify themselves to the extent that they need to do for these souls to return to the Creator? Man merely delays the day of reunion until he once again opens his soul to the understanding of the need for that which he must become. The physical body that a person inhabits only reflects the physical image. and in the discipline in the decisions it makes that guides a soul to God. That person would then realize how far removed he is from that perfect moment of reunion with God. the arms. However. and eventually. the true self is hidden within.structure of many lands and the Arctic regions. Then the core of that person’s existence will move ever closer to the Beloved Creator. It is a person’s actions that decree the change and the growth of the soul. That is the true self growing and evolving. Now comes the reaping of the whirlwind. You may have the head. the body. The soul within man is like a small chip of the original. a minute part. There is an urgent need for each soul to understand mankind’s ultimate destiny of reunion again with the whole. The soul is like a diamond from which parts have been chipped and sent forth into the atmosphere. When you see a soul close to God. Each person’s aura is a very important aspect of the reading of the soul for God to see. and has badly served the master of creation. 'Beloved children: That human body you inhabit is a very complex instrument of creation. they come back and are reunited with the whole. and man will be made to realize that he is not the master. instead of ranting at the errors of their ways. somehow.

but they could never hope to penetrate even the beginnings of the outer realms of matter. They can send forth their vehicles of travel into space. The soul eventually inhabits every aspect of creation in order to change the soul into the purity that it must become to again reunite with God. Nothing is automatic. The wonderful aspect of the creation of the human form is due to the fact that this duel existence is there. Even in matter you cannot become spiritual just because you think it is the right thing to do. the unerring choice of living His laws. The reality of life does not lie in matter. and all must undergo this in the cleansing process of the soul. and the being that is there moving to God. as I have said so many times. . and when you have the spiritual understanding and growth to do it. You will never reach God purely from the intellectual desire that you must do it. the longing. They are all part of the dramas that you must undergo in which to live in them. it is but the beginning. the desire to do so. ‘This my God. You see a building of seemingly solid substance in your world. a dream necessary for man to move through to eventually lose the desire and the need to ever to re-enter it. In the world of spirit. It so immense that there is nothing that could explain to you the vastness and the wonder that is there. is the goal you must seek. The rocks of existence in creation lie in spirit: matter is but an adjunct. Learn to value that life you live in that world. The scientists are so unwise to inflict conditions upon that space around that . seemingly solid in matter. . but because you want to. you then realize then how puny the physical world is compared to the spiritual aspect of creation. Human beings explore what they think are advanced areas of space and what they think is there. That will not get you to God! The love and the longing to do it. It is God’s dream. and not because you think its right. God is the overriding goal of your existence! Only in living and achieving this truth can you grow and evolve to God. because you play a part in that world. God is the important facet of your life and God is the love that you strive to become in order to find the reality of existence. the depths of life in that existence of matter can never be known to the mind of man in that aspect of creation in which you live. When you can truly say to yourself. Mechanical or automatic decisions of life to reach God will not allow you to reach Him: only the loving desire. When you see the whole concept of creation and you see the insignificant piece of it that you are living in. It is the spirit and the matter combining that makes it possible for human beings to inhabit matter. you will not return to matter— there is no need for it! That physical world is but one tiny atom of existence. but in reality they are but a dream of creation. everything has to be earned and achieved by experience and the desire to do so. . All have to learn lessons of growth and change. others that also inhabit a physical body see the actions of each person. It lies in spirit! You fashion that in existence. is the goal that takes you to God. and only judge it by the spiritual aspirations of your soul. is all I want! When you can live and show to God you really mean the words you are saying. it’s the glow of the soul and the aura that decrees to all that can see the state of the soul.In that world of matter. The scientists can send forth all the inventions that they could come up with. Matter is so vast. You become spiritual because have that great love and longing to do so. and too great for mankind to ever contemplate in knowing and understanding. or that you have to do it. It is too vast. Every facet of existence that a soul inhabits: brings to the soul the changes that are necessary. just the fringe.

What can he take with him when he goes to spirit? He cannot take any part of any spaceship. The action in loving and giving to help those in need is a greater source of growth to the soul than any intellectual achievements. and how vast his homes can be. God is not impressed with these ramifications that man thinks are so important. Everything material you have achieved or acquired is left behind you. There is a need to conquer all the negativity of that world. the hungry and the sick in that world in which you live. They are sending forth so many objects. God looks for the achievement of the soul. God does not look for the cleverness of moving things and in creating things that are of the material world in their existence. Man should not display the ambitious egotistical attitude that he has adopted. There is not one atom of material existence you can take with you to spirit! Remember that. He is bitterly acquiring the wealth of the realm. God looks for a kind gesture for another. If only people would concentrate on the aspect of existence and the growth of the soul that each must acquire. Everything is impossible to man in comparison to God! Mankind has the need to look at the world and seek to make that the better place in which to live. Then mankind would be moving so fast towards God than ever he could in some instrument of travel that scientists and inventors have created.' You take only back to The Spirit World the soul within you. God is impressed by the loving humble actions one to another. I marvel sometimes that man is so blind he cannot see the soul within that is crying out for nurturing and for achieving the qualities of growth and evolution it needs to reach God. Mankind spends money on the exploration of space. in the process of time. Nothing that you can buy in that material world can go with you into spirit. as he moves through your planet Earth. If only they would spend that money on helping the poor. These acts of loving. He cannot take with him any part of matter he has so egotistically claimed as his own. beloved ones. poverty and despair. so many thousands of objects into space. to perish into the dust of matter. and to understand how human beings came to be in that area of creation where they are now living. caring and sharing. There is a need to help all mankind in your world. to conquer sickness. You can only take the nakedness of your soul in your spiritual body. and to help it become positive. he can do so. and show to God what he has become. not realizing the harm they are doing to the atmosphere because of these actions. seeing how much he can put into the bank. and a calm loving hand soothing a sick one. to understand the truth of existence. . greed. as you move back into that world of spirit and leave that world of matter behind you. Man thinks whatever he seeks to conquer. They need to understand what each soul must do to leave it. and what you have let it become. I sometimes wonder why man is so blind in his understanding to this spiritual truth. There is an urgent need to help humanity to overcome their problems. and what each soul must do to never return to it. Nothing you can covert and seek as a possession can leave that Earth with you when you move back into spirit. He can take nothing but the soul within him to bear to God. These are the qualities God looks for in each human being. mean more to God than the most extravagant spaceship that man could ever create.portion of matter called Earth. When you stand back and think of immense amounts of money that are spent on this egotistical exhibition of man's so-called achievements. How does mankind ever hope to think they could replace God by their attempts into the exploration and understanding creation? Man can only be an observer—a humble observer. and what soul growth he has achieved. seeing how many homes he can have. in the soul’s existence on that Earth. and nothing is impossible for him.

and endlessly think of what God wants you to know and live. They are moving at a slower rate than you are and moving in a different direction of spiritual growth. it will take the wrong path for a time. and eventually become what you need to be. you will become a starved spirit when you reenter the higher dimension of existence. There is no futility attached to the growth of a soul. the degree of change it must acquire and the growth it must learn to have. in order to reunite with God. Do not have outright condemnation of them. I know you have every right to use the intellectual gifts God has given you to acquire the standing you need to exist in that world. God never intended people to become so hungry for the trappings of that material world that they forgot that the soul within is what they bought into that body they are wearing. God never intended His children to become so wrapped in matter and so hungry for things of the flesh. It’s the soul within that they will take from that world when they go back to spirit. Focus on the laws of God. It must evolve back to God. they are still God's children. Also. man has not the ability. remember. but they must come back to this main path of evolution to God. but the soul within cannot. They have to become as you are now. that is God's promise! It will be stalled for a time. You have to understand their right to exist as they now existing at this time of their incarnation. as you know it today. and I am not so foolish to deny you that right. Focus also on what God expects of you in that world.I know economically you must survive. They are still part of God and must eventually return to Him the same as you are doing. That soul cannot be lost. and man has not the opportunity to destroy that which God has created. it cannot be destroyed. The evolution of mankind has been a long and slow process of change. Never condone their cruelty. but it must eventually come back to this narrow lighted road to God. and the body can be thoroughly destroyed. It is not easy. Think then how much more important it is to become understanding of someone who is so vastly different from you. The body can be hurt. evolution. merely time. You must let them grow to God at their pace. in order for you to know the truth and the wonder that lies ahead of you in spirit. Never allow their greed or corruption to satisfy your opinion of them. It has no other choice! Once a soul evolves into a body of a human being. No soul is lost forever. It cannot be destroyed by anyone at anytime for any reason. souls are now individualized in the body of humanity. If you starve the soul from the entry of your Earth life to the physical end of that life by only living the material things of that world and not of the soul. The body is matter created in a certain way as a convenience to a soul’s progress in that heavy world: but the soul belongs to God. I know: because you are living in so many areas of activity that do not suit your sensitivity. until it is once again united with Him. You have not the right to criticize and judge because they do not measure up to what you want or think they should be. Through evolution. someone you can like someone with similar understanding and disposition. and it will have a stalemate for a time. never condone their dissipation of the spiritual requirements of God just to please their physical senses. Man has not the authority. The soul will always animate as God decrees. but try to understand their right to be different. The dimension you enter when you leave the body is but the tiny . Then you will have to come back again and again to learn the lessons you have not learned this time. It is very easy to be loving and kind to someone who is nice. but gently foster the ability to understand them. Even in the face of their qualities or detriments. it is not easy when you see humanity around that you cannot be attuned to. If only I could convey to you in the words of understanding that you can comprehend. You have not to live with them continually. at their moment in time. You have not to like them.

There can be no opinions given by unenlightened souls as to the aspect of God that really exists. Until you unite with God. grasp. `Beloved children: At any stage of your growth in that material world. be understanding. Your soul will be the yardstick of what your mind and understanding can possibly cope with. You will take only the main road to God along that lighted pathway of evolution to Him. and God gave evolution to that world. With soul growth you are forever achieving a purity of self from the beginning to the union with God—it’s endless! You do not ever cease to purify yourself. Be gentle. of what they think was the cause of creation in that world: if only they knew. You will know exactly what you are ready to know! Every step of your path to God. of the beginning and the end of Earth. Gently grow according to the nurturing of the soul within you. no matter how much you may long for it. You may have ideas advanced on others. There are so many scientific explanations. you move on eventually. be patient. and too immense to ever be explained away by anyone less than God. You will find you will know exactly what you are meant to know. but you eventually find your ability to reunite with the Beloved Creator. too complicated. and because you think you would like to know—that will not get you anywhere. You cannot force or push yourself further into this understanding because you want to. or deal with knowledge that is beyond your ability to understand. The cause of the creation was God. Your conscious mind could not possibly fathom. so will your understanding: as your consciousness moves further and further into the mind of God. No matter how much you may desire it. The greatest benefit is the opportunity that is there for you to grow to God. you cannot have more understanding of creation than you are ready to understand. God is never stationary in His wonderful understanding of the need for the evolution in your world. So it will be as you move through time to God. Gently grow. as you are able. you must move on—it’s the law! There may be millions of years involved in this process. and in all worlds beyond. but you do not cease.beginning of the true reality of creation before you. the tap will drip. This is God’s law! As your soul evolves. and be ever mindful of the need to live God’s laws endlessly. Be satisfied with any aspect of understanding that you find coming to you. so will your wider understanding of the creating force. but you cannot know the whole until you are part of the whole. and the drip will become the ocean of knowledge and understanding that will eventually be yours. Never feel that you have become so advanced. and such tremendously wonderful areas of existence for you to inhabit. it was God’s cause because God is the master of all creation. Never feel disillusioned because you do not know enough that will satisfy your curiosity. revealed by your consciousness into your understanding: like the drip of a tap. never feel you must know more than you are ready to know. There are so many theories of Earth. Growth is matched with wisdom! Evolution takes you into realms where you need to be and have earned the right to be. You may stand still for a time. and He is in complete control. Only for a time can you linger. God decreed the growth of that world. It will come automatically. you have no understanding of the true immensity of creation. You cannot shortcut a journey to God! Do not think you will be able to take a by-road or a side road. God is too vast. There can be no explanations of God. every mile of your journey to the Creator is matched according to achievement of the soul to the wisdom you know. the one factor is God. and automatically you should know more of this and that. and you never cease to grow to God. The evolution and other aspects of life will continually move as decreed. In the Spirit World there are such wonderful aspects of life for you to live. God is so profound and immense. Suddenly . God is evolving as man is evolving.

one day you will find that all will seem to be revealed to you in a very different way. revealing journey of the self from beginning to end. Then the simpler you keep your life. than any book could ever do. That is not the way God works: God balances your understanding with your consciousness. because God’s wisdom prevails. You would never think it was a long journey if you knew the wonder and the beauty along that pathway you are walking. Every Avatar has walked this pathway that you are walking. and to what you are in soul growth. Be ever mindful of the chance that will come to you unbidden and unsought. and the more uncomplicated you keep your understanding. The experience of your own soul in the journey to God can reveal to you far more of the depths of truth. You then have the right to have that particular aspect of life revealed to you at the due moment in time. they are nothing compared to the computer that is the soul within you. It cannot get to reach out to the greater knowledge that is there waiting for it. You then have the right to have that particular aspect of life revealed to you at the due moment in time. God balances your understanding with your consciousness. Never think because you want to know something. Be ever mindful of the chance that will come to you unbidden and unsought. Man’s computers are puny. They think that computers are so clever on your Earth. All souls one day will come to understand this. Never think because you want to know something. such a wonder of knowledge and understanding that comes to you as you progress along this divine pathway. and are longing to find. It will automatically match what you are meant to have in knowledge and spiritual understanding while you inhabit a physical body. Always you will find you can handle what you are given because of that point in evolution that you have reached. with your soul. and with the growth you have achieved. joyous. There is such a wonder of soul growth. In the realm of God you will find you are always ready to know and understand: because you have earned the right to know. the sooner you will enter the realms of greater wisdom. and with the growth you have achieved. All the different forms of learning that you get from the books of your world are but man’s expression of his opinions and thoughts that emanate from his physical mind. the soul within. Sometimes trying to acquire knowledge on Earth gets behind the mind of man. will take you where you need to be or where you have the right to be. and bring you into the deeper waters of God’s mind as you move through time. and they have achieved what you must achieve. Avatars have not been able to take any shortcuts or any side roads to reach God. you have the right to know it. you have the right to know it. they have walked that pathway. You will find you can understand something so very differently. No one ever reaches God unless they have traveled that long disciplined journey of soul growth to Him. until they experience it. That is not the way God works. the journey of a soul is a magnificent experience: it is a wondrous. You will find you can handle the change automatically. and it does not have to be programmed or manhandled in any physical way: it’s linked with every aspect of creation. There is never any difficulty in moving further into the deeper truths that you know you want to enter. and not a match for the wonder of God’s computer: it is automatic in the divine sense. The true inner-self. Complicating your mind with extreme ideas and endeavors to learn this or that from the pen of man will not take you closer to God. Man has not the recall of his previous lives to insert into anything he writes in . If you could be patient from beginning to end. There are those that may be ahead of you in growth that may have been moving and journeying a longer time along the pathway than you. This is soul growth! Your relation with understanding various aspects of life will change. and so much more clearly than what you could in an earlier time. with your soul. wisdom and understanding. Mankind’s books only guess at what it is they do not know.

`Beloved children: Always remember. this lesson of change that you need to have will come back with you again and again until you do! You see by the mistakes of many in your world. That is why it is so important in your existence. because you are divine.that world today of what he thinks is the truth of his experience. Many claim they do. The sacred journey of the soul to God is something special. Then that positive becomes the growth and the evolution of the soul that will take you to God. even if you wanted to uplift them in some way. You cannot do so. without the fear of destruction from man. that every step you take forward is a step nearer to the Beloved Creator. You hasten the change in your understanding. and starved of the necessities of life. They are still in the process of the beginning of change that will come for the majority of souls. God is the creator. but I can assure you. You are divine! There are countless numbers of poor little children that you see in your world. they have not learned anything from previous incarnations. and you have not the right to do so. and the rivers could be flowing gently along their natural course. and so it will go on. Be satisfied with your slow-moving soul growth in your evolution to God. `Oh beloved ones: That world could be a place of such beauty. when they have the hunger to contend with. He is . It is as if you are going through the fires to cleanse the way that is not meant to accompany you from life to life. but that change will come. with the snow-capped mountains sparkling in the sun. because you have quickened your soul in longing and love for God. With all the promise of the plenty God gives them. The animals and the birds could be moving freely and lovingly. but if nothing is done they will find no growth in that interest. as you move through the experiences of life you leave behind the negative and take with you only the positive. The soul growth comes from the activity of life and the actions you perform in your endeavors to follow and live the laws of God. This life’s experiences are a building upon that which you have already done. and peace. The soul will understand only that which it is ready to understand and ready to believe. The next one will be a building upon this one. calmness. there should be enough for everyone to share. No one can do it for them! You cannot force knowledge upon anyone who is not ready to receive it. when there are such great opportunities to be had otherwise. They must earn it themselves. Never try to hasten it beyond your ability. or in any other life. There should be no cruelty or torture. The dross you leave behind. Sometimes you hasten your journey by the very innate longing of the soul to reach Him. Seas could be cleansed. there should be no deviation from the laws of God just because man thinks that he his wise enough to deviate from them. Know then. Then it will hold within it the knowledge and spiritual truths it is ready accept. because you have taken into your soul growth the best of what you have been before and bought it into this life. It’s not knowledge that you can talk and tell: it is knowledge you are living automatically. you bring the best of conditions that you have earned for your soul from the last life. they are starved of food. perhaps thousands of years from now. which will help you grow to God in this one. If you have not learned in this life. and they must work through it themselves. People will find certain things of the spiritual interesting. You are not material at all. There should be no hunger in your world for anyone. Is this not true? How can they hope to begin to understand the reality of God. and the problems of trying to sustain existence in this present life? That is why it is so very wrong to have hunger in the world. Thus. He is perfection. Your world could sparkle with purity of growth to God. such sweetness. you only remember what you have to remember through the actions of your life in this one.

such wonderful knowledge comes to you. Never covet money in your world. covert the understanding of truth and the compassionate love of God flowing into your life. Nurture what you need to do for the soul at the feet of God. and a wonderful feeling of hope that fills your life and your being. . Only judge the wealth of yourself. and charge your energy of mind with. every longing you have. generously give it. Reach out to God in the quietude of sifting with Him in the silence of submission to His will. and yet to know. Always remember for every negative story there are ten positive ones for you to listen to. It’s the acknowledgment of their failure to grow to God and to understand the truth of their existence. the true factor lies before you that you have yet to experience. He does not make a noise with His truths. The soul within is glowing in its journey to God. by the growth of the soul and its journey to God. or the success of other people. not really hurt when God is the prime object of your creative urge. understand. the pain will be bearable. If they hurt along the way. There is no room for fear in the thinking capacity of any human being in that material world who really loves God: because they know that God is positive. rest in His love and under standing then you will feel refreshed and will be able to move on. ‘What measure of being am I?’ ‘What measure of being am I taking back to God in the spirit? `What am I leaving for God to understand is the result of my journey this time? `How much have I achieved? `How much have I left undone and understood? Let your feet always tread upon this pathway with courage. no bonds upon it. and not at the feet of any man in that world. Look for the truth and the revelation of wisdom from the direct source. He is knowledge. It is a divine law to give to God every fear you have. Then nothing can hurt. Let meditation be a source of inspiration for you to be listening to God in the quiet loving way that you need to achieve to hear Him. Reach out to God with the longing of the soul. with no holds. Do not color your thinking with the negatives of that world. It is an exhibition of their thinking and the living of their lives in that material world: human beings who are ignorant of the requirements of the soul to understand and live God. Depend not upon the books of that world to give you wisdom. but it will remember. Such wonderful peace and courage descends upon you. if you live this law. and you will find the courage will come to you because of your love for God and your trust in God. with fortitude. yet to understand. which is the Beloved Creator. Do not let your mind become colored by the tales of devastation of that world. Do not let that world be the criterion of what you think brings happiness—it does not! It may bring a pleasant sensation to the body for a time. Then. No matter what the flesh is enduring they know it is only a passing phase of the body. The true joy: is the growth of the soul as it moves ever upward and ever onward to unite with the Beloved Creator. and with understanding. That is all secondhand knowledge from man to man. you will be amazed what will come to your life. and He is wisdom. every desire and understanding of truth you have. the experience endurable: only because you have given to God this great love. Do not judge happiness by the misery of your world. That which you suffer will be mitigated. He only whispers to those who are ready to hear Him. my children. He is light. Never judge your success by the worldly achievements that you have or your possessions. He gently whispers great truths for all mankind to hear and try to understand. When you have attuned the soul to the whisper of God. God does not shout. to believe. no strings. Give it to God! Give it to God gladly and freely. Covet the knowledge of God! Never covet the possessions of that world. That is not the criteria of existence! That is not the true measure of God in that material world! You are there on a journey for a time only. That is not the measure of your success. and you will find His returns to you will be such a generosity of giving.

Seek always from God the ultimate jewel that will bring to your soul the growth and the evolution that you know you need and must have. it perishes again into nothing. Earth is a creation for the drama of man in which to live. Soul growth is like the drip. I leave God's love. Make your growth to God because you long for Him and you love Him. It is a bulwark against adversity. and it is a beckoning sign to the higher world that you are ready to receive more and more of the God the Creator. and left behind the dross of matter. your soul and your mind on the Beloved Creator. never be satisfied with what that world gives you. the soul inside is glowing and growing because of your love for God. You are moving ever forward into the true beauty of what God creates. `Beloved ones: I come with such a longing to bring you ever closer to the one that is your creator. understand. Then the compassion. You know then that you have really and truly moved into the wealth of God. Always remember. God will whisper His wisdom to you continually and you will shine and glow. `Beloved ones. You will keep on making mistakes of the body and come back again and again. The Window of the soul gives a vista of truth to those who have the wisdom to see through it. There is a very big difference in moving to God because the longing within you is so real. You may be moved to move to God because one day you think you will have to do so. Your world is but a heavy physical copy of parts of existence that man needs to use as he grows to God. forget the most important asset of existence is the divine within them. Always know God's love surrounds you all. it is protection against the darkness of that material world. God's protective compassionate love ever encompasses those who truly seek Him and it is with you every step of the way. like a true diamond. to that what lies before you in spirit. I leave Gods’ peace. What you think are the marvels of creation in your world of matter: are simply minor exhibitions of what lies before you to see. We look into the darkness and see the divine light shining brightly for us to follow into that material world with God’s truth and love. How bereft are those who seek Him not? Those who seek only that physical world. and know in the world of spirit. They think if they have money in the bank they have security. I am Bethesda. When you leave it behind.That which you have on Earth is but a pale comparison. so you may as well start now. drip of a tap. the true criterion of growth is the longing to grow. and I leave God's compassion as your companion. and all you ever want. it will become an ocean of knowledge. Chapter 28 Divine Laws and Mankind's Abuse of Nature Keep always your heart. the ashes of that illusion called matter. Do not make it a matter of choice because you know you have to. and the compensation of the material. and God’s wisdom flows to you all. But that will not get you to God. Make it a matter of choice because it is all you long for. No matter what your physical body may endure. the love and generosity of God will flow to you endlessly. or the part of the diamond that must be rejoined in unity with Him and become whole again. drip. and the longing to be living this spiritual reality that you know lies before you. Seek to live God’s laws in every aspect of creation that you inhabit and exist within. They think if they . the longing to seek God and find Him.

Man will suffer in that world because of his actions. in spite of what is happening around you. God is the super. because God will never allow the negative to overcome that which is positive for it to be completely empowered in that world. it brings them comfort. Free-will is a very precious gift. All must live these laws to maintain the positive to the negative. supreme energy that governs and controls all universal life and rhythm. 'My children: Never lose your understanding of God’s intent for that physical world. and so rampant everywhere in your world. Do what you can in that world to sustain your life. Like God it has no shape or form. but where in your world is there peace? My beloved children: Where in your world is love prevailing above and beyond allelse? Where is there a unified form of understanding of the meaning of life? Within many countries of your world there is great turmoil. and God will never interfere with this gift. Man will have to pay the price because of the cause he is laying down. It is being held in suspension as it is. with these negative forces crowding out the positive. God gave the gift of free will to mankind. torture. They think of all the things they need to sustain life in that world of matter. They are ever moving. God is the pure energy of creation. and to live within it according to God’s laws. and like God it simply is. had nothing to do with its creation. The soul within is God within! That soul consciousness is God. That alone will enable your soul to evolve. except to destroy the beauty of it. and there will be a reversal of what today mankind is achieving. animating as it does because of God. for they are the laws of creation. and like God it simply is. The perfect example of the treasures that God has given your world is there for all to see in nature and in the bounty of nature. superlative. . God will never allow that world to be destroyed by the darkness of man. you will find the light will break through. and hatred: all these things are so negative. It is as if it is a gathering speed within that Earth. now he will have to experience the effect. and has nothing to do with its existence. one set against the other and nation against nation. The force of God is life. Mankind had nothing to do with its formation. They forget the most important thing is the power of the Creator within them—the soul.have possessions around them. ever evolving. God will never allow mankind to overtake all that your world is. and keeping creation growing as it must. inhumanity to man. by the force of creation. That’s not God’s intent for your world. That planet Earth has been created God. starvation. for that is your lifeline throughout eternity. ever expanding onward. let the focus of your existence be on the Divine. and your material existence is merely a means to an end. It’s as if insanity has been unleashed upon your planet Earth. and God always maintains His desire for mankind to have this gift: in the balance of all things there are the laws that prevail. Do not judge life by what you see in the darkness of matter. However. so apparent. On deeper reflection. God within is eternal and man cannot exist without the soul growing and moving ever forward to reach Him. It is a substance of matter hovering in the darkness of space. That is not God’s way! It will seem as if the over whelming cloud of negativity that is hovering over your world today will be impossible to lift. Therefore the laws insist that mankind will never triumph with darkness over light and negative over positive. which is necessary in that world for it to survive. You see cruelty. just a journey in time through that material world. The soul is that magical part of God which is the real self. `My children of light: God the creator is in supreme command over all His creation. it has no gender.

it is not there by chance. Never become violent in your beliefs to pursue them. seek His strength and His wisdom. To move and have your being on that Earth would be impossible without the Divine Creator behind it. The present conditions will change eventually: it will be through the understanding of a few good souls. Man may try. If you could but understand the laws of God in their entirety. Anyone following God in His truth must be peaceful. They must have love where there is hate. you are moving away from the negative that would pursue you. When you are tired—let God! When you are weary: lean upon God. You look at the darkened sky at night and see the twinkling of a star. and to evolve ever onward to the ultimate. and every time you think. Always remember whatever you do. the darkness becomes stronger: but light permeates all darkness. for these two conditions walk hand in hand. but he will never succeed. remember. and light transcends all darkness. When you feel that material world beginning to overpower you. This enables all things to exist. Each facet of creation carries with it the will of God. or misconstrue your beliefs. the force of God is within it. Live your lives in the understanding wisdom that you have. and they must have tolerance where there is none. Understanding of spiritual truth will then emerge into the lives of so many in that world of matter. Every time they think of evil. not there haphazardly: it’s all part of God’s creative gifts to your world. Never diminish your wisdom because others may misinterpret your actions. Never water down your beliefs because you want to please someone else. 'My beloved children: God is very wise: God graduates your wisdom. or what you are doing. You may find ridicule and scorn from others. Never mind if others around you cannot understand what you believe. You are not running away from your way of life. other universes. Every time you move.and He will never allow man to usurp that authority. there are other worlds. every mountain stream. That what you think you . but just peacefully and quietly go your way. and let not your curiosity govern your wisdom. you would know this is so. every drop in the ocean. Light will always penetrate darkness but darkness can never penetrate light. When you think in that world of the wonders around you and the marvels of existence. must express love. You are never out of step with what you are able to understand. These are not expressions of weakness. but still an aspect of creation that you have yet to understand. Go within and lean upon that rock of God. much different to Earth in substance and living. Hold fast to what you know is truth and live it. to maintain their existence. and God graduates your soul growth. push aside that world and lean upon the Beloved Creator. Why then let that world be so powerful and taunt your understanding and tolerance of that world? Let nothing diminish the peace and the quality of your life. They must have understanding where there is no understanding. They must have wisdom where there is ignorance. Recognize the authority of God in everything. Have the faith in the Beloved Creator: for every time you think of God that thought goes out into that ether around you. in some aspect or another. and the time will come when enlightenment will prevail more than ever. that star is not just a bright light it is a form of creation. for light must triumph over the darkness that at present is engulfing your world. every river. When you are bewildered. Let the exception be that you must grow in spiritual stature and expand your consciousness. it is God who enables you to think. and the expansion of your understanding must come before you know the secrets of God’s creation. Do not try to understand the wonder of creation until you are ready to understand it. and live that love. it is God who moves you. every blade of grass every bird that flies. God is supreme. You must grow in the wisdom of your soul.

he could learn from the justice that prevails there. If you create the confusion of living. they know it not. But the consciousness. God will never punish him. They speak of consciousness as part of the brain—the mind part of the brain. Scientists can never interfere with God. How foolish is man if he tries to play God? Man will draw upon himself the wrath of his own unwise activities. God never punishes anyone: He wisely lets man create his own punishment. They can manipulate matter to their own peril. God does not punish anyone! God will never stop loving anyone! God never stops sending out the wisdom and the truth for you to imbibe according to your understanding. he must expect to pay the price of his wrong fashioning of what his results are. A person can reduce the amount of these incarnations if he or she wants. or create the misfortunes of life through wrong actions and wrong thoughts. nor could the physical mind ever possibly hope to understand the immensity that is God. He lets you work through your own need to overcome and conquer. you must pay for that. always the justness of what is happening is there. The internal organs are merely matter. and to emerge out of the darkness into the positive. They cannot manipulate the spirit of man. So many of them marvel and wonder why God allows wars. for man could learn so much from nature. fashioned and shaped to the physical needs. However. He says . They think that physical form moves through life on its own accord because of the organs within it.’ ‘You will not be lost forever! ‘You will wander around in the darkness but never be lost forever. ‘You cannot do this in one life time my child. Man is the one misusing the forests: he cuts them down and destroys them. Man punishes himself! If man plays with the tools of life as he does. always in an endless flow hoping mankind will imbibe this in their conscious and understand a little. They cannot see or understand that there is such a force. and never misusing God’s wonderful gift to these beautiful areas of existence. not one atom of repayment for any wrongdoing. They are merely playing in matter. I will send you again. . That’s not Gods way! God never expects one ounce. In spite of this God still sends love to those who create these wars. So many people in your world blame God for all the misfortunes of that world. God does not punish you. but they cannot manipulate the life-force that is within all living things. and God continually sends forth light to the one who is fulfilling those atrocities. God does-not allow wars! God watches the wars that emerge from the actions of man: man’s self-created misery and unhappiness. You never pay for more than you go into debt for. It is this understanding of their need to change and very gently become one with this great creative force around them. The wisdom of God is so wonderful. when you are ready for it. you are all a part of me and you must come home to me’. ’ Man decides the number of reincarnations he makes by his actions. and become one with this force. you will know. . and answer his own need to move away from the karma of his efforts. or they can lengthen them by the misfortune of wrong thinking. God still sends His understanding wisdom forth. or the divine energy flowing through and into him. The actions are measured with the results. The physical mind cannot possibly comprehend the wonder of creation. and they can dabble in their inventions. as one thing is destroyed something else grows. Watch nature closely. He could watch the forests growing. there is always something new to thwart this foolishness of man.would like to know. something dies and another thing lives. hoping that soul will awaken to truth somehow. only that what you have earned yourself and wish to mitigate—you pay for your own mistakes Always lovingly God watches the most dreadful of atrocities. He could learn the wonderful interplay between the different species. because that what you create you have to pay for. The scientists can sit in their laboratories and look through their microscopes.’ ‘I will enable you come time and time again to give you the opportunity to grow through your ignorance into the wisdom. .

If man usurps the will of God in matter. One interweaves with the other. Those who think Earth is the answer to happiness are so wrong. your world would not hover in that part of space. If that were not so. plants and animals. There is no decay in spirit. and you take with you that eternal spirituality that moves you ever closer to the Beloved Creator. Man must learn to realize that his life in that world is fashioned to such a great degree by his previous lives. and implacably enforces His laws to be lived because they are creative. it will affect the other creations of God. they think they can improve things that God has created. and one balances the other. How foolish they are! They think with a heavy mind. Mankind will never be able to explore all of matter. but the vibrations of spirit are fine. one man dies and another one is born. It is only in the Spirit World people lose the physical ability to destroy. and man must live them to the perfect end. A person carries into its present life that which he or she has earned in the previous lives. You are eternal. However. and they are never watered down. You are created because God wills it so. `Does he not? Mankind has to realize the supreme creator is The Beloved Creator. they are not prepared to accept the overpowering wisdom of the divine laws to govern that which God has created. the beauty of spirit will be revealed to each sincere seeker when the soul returns to its spirit home. there are forms of matter beyond Earth that mankind has yet to even remotely understand of their existence. They are the divine laws. It is always the same. Not only are there are planets beyond Earth. Think God! Feel the Divine presence within. The vibrations of mankind are coarse. There are worlds within worlds. His laws are immutable. it is too vast. and no aspects of physical matter to degrade it. and all animating according to the will of God. Mankind thinks the pleasures of Earth are the pleasures of life. The scientists think their own standards must come first. They think they can. be it good or bad. Understand this then: man is endeavoring to usurp the wisdom of God by trying to create more and more lives in the area of genetic engineering. so very wrong. all must work through each condition he or she created. He does not go hot and cold with His will for others to understand the truth and live it. to mutilate. and it is beyond the ability of man to reach with any of his technology of seeing and travel. but it is far better to think with the mind of the soul. because God wills it so. and to pollute: for existence is pure in that dimension. then he has yet to learn a hard lesson. de-harmonize. and they maintain the balance of all creation. far. because one affects the other. Scientists are meddling in the procreative forces of humans. The scientists think they must interfere. But they are not! Man has become used to allowing the association of the senses to control his life. This is a physical feeling of happiness which comes from the material pleasures your world offers. Mankind thinks it is the only way to bring them happiness and peace. they think they have the right. It would disintegrate! There are other planets beyond your Earth. God lovingly watches over all his creation. If man thinks he can make his own laws and live by them. but you cannot see them because of the difference of the creation. far beyond your Earth that you cannot even see or envisage. They never vary or weaken. God does not play fast and lose with His laws. They are creation! They maintain existence. because they think they can do better than God. and think they think they have the right to set their own standards. There are universes within universes. All who usurp that law will have to come again and again until they are able to remedy the disparity of each action.This is also with humanity. You move one from that body to the next dimension. that . and know you animate in that world of matter because God wills it so. Matter is but one form of creation.

They punish. They have the luxury of expensive clothing. Their cupboards are filled with luxury food. Feed the body wisely. It must be such a great force of longing for God that enables a growing soul to never again turn to the negativity of anything less that spiritual truth.supreme state of unification with the whole of creation. Know this life force that motivates your existence. You are purifying it by that desire for God to animating more and more within you. We know the joy of infinite peace and consolation of leaving that material world. and the gifts of that world are for all to share. the more you become close to God. Know that it is God within. There is hatred because there is an Asian feature to a white feature. They have their big homes. We know the treasures that are awaiting you. There is hatred because one’s skin is dark and one is white. Your material existence in that world of matter is a punishment for the soul to exist within. while there are others who have none. It does not matter what color the skin is. In time. We see the beauty of God as you on Earth are unable to see the beauty of God. The soul is colorless. and then turn to God ever stronger in his longing to reach Him. Man must long for God with a passion that will not be denied. `My beloved children: Feel this great life force within you. It does not matter what features you have. Then in the name of God they kill to convince the other that they are more powerful. and grow spiritually. less sickness can prevail in that physical body. They have a number of big motorcars while others have nothing. 'My children: There is so much racism in your world it is alarming. featureless. While in other parts of that world there are others who have no medicines. Even within families there is hatred because of a difference in belief. your Earth could be that perfect place God intended it to be. There is so much inequality and so much difference in the living of one to the other. and they alone believe their belief is the only religious faith that has the accolades of God. live. Even within countries and nations there is hatred. then. I watch those in your world hungrily gathering their wealth unto them. while others go barefooted. Each soul takes on a varying form each time it incarnates into that world. and have no consolation for their bodies. and adopt so many varying understandings: these are created to form many different religious beliefs. The hospitals are filled and care given to all who enter them. Feel it moving from organ to organ. because others dare to think of God in another way than they do. They rake vengeance because their thinking is difference. . The ability to travel so much in your material world has not driven away the racism. If mankind was not so greedy. In your world there is so much negativity today. The soul of man must become hungry for God. because some people dare to think they. and with an understanding of the great consciousness of God awaiting him. and be gentle with it. so it can experience. People have to realize they are brothers and sisters. and they are right and he is wrong. unified together by this great spiritual gift of God to the souls within those bodies. and know it is the aspect of The Divine Creator that animates you. from atom to atom. If only mankind could realize they are but one aspect of life in that planet Earth. this will come and man will realize the futility of his way of life. People worship in the name of God. learn. The more you seek God. cleanse it. A dark cloud hovers over it waiting for the light of Gods divine understanding wisdom to penetrate it and disperse that cloud. and genderless. it has not made mankind think one soul is equal to the other. while others are starving. clothe the body wisely. Know that the physical body is but a covering to enable the soul to exist in that material world. You are all an aspect of God.

be the force that you crave and seek. Never think that whatever happens to that body is so final and dreadful. This force of God that man misuses today is misused because he uses the gifts of God within him in such a negative direction. they will cleanse and purify with this great power within them. This is God in action! Thus. Let your vibrations become finer though this great love for God. Never give that physical body the priority over the soul! Never give it more importance than the divine within! You move. Look at the flowers growing and know that God has brought them to your life. new lives will come. because God wills it so. That young bird needs help from its mother and it gets it unconditionally from the mother bird that gives a wonderful flow of love to its young. and love flow from you to others. their sweet call and their dedication to their young. and what tremendous power he has within him. That particular expression of life is no more. the colors of the skin may be different. and ever moving you through eternity to union with The Divine Creator. Look at the animals wandering in the fields. Then you will always receive into your body this great peace of The Beloved Creator: this brings you the understanding love of life and existence. but let them soar in their love for God. the real you is the soul within. The outer cover may be different. Seek God! God is the manner from heaven that each person forgets is there for each human being to use. Because life is gone. Let God’s power within you. others will follow you.God needs that body for you to express your life in that experience of your present incarnation. and stop expecting that world to satisfy his hunger and cure his ills. See the crystal clear water of the ocean and the rivers again and not as the dark polluted way they are today. and let the caring and sharing of what you have flow forth to others freely and willingly. as you leave that Earth others will come. When God withdraws that will you cannot move. but the real essence of each person is God. as you are. . See the power and wisdom of God behind their creation. If man would stop thinking of that world. you cannot think—you are inanimate! `Beloved ones: There will come a day when mankind will not need medicines. Nothing is stagnant in creation: everything is movement and all is within the allotted laws of God. But if that bird should perish there is no hovering and clinging. the conditions of life maybe different. You cannot buy this power it is given freely by God: you do not have to pay for it to maintain life in that physical body in your material world. This aspect of God is ever animating you. but it will come. I think to watch a bird looking after its young is to show you a true love of God in its expression of life. Let love permeate you. that soul within. they are just as important to God as you are. Mankind will not need medicines or hospitals. buy their luxurious foods and cram their cupboards and their bodies with that negative food of that world. but respect it: for it is part of God. Always know that above and beyond that body. no matter whom they are. you talk. Never stop thinking there is any difference between each and everyone in that world of matter. Let hate be given no room in your house of God. but see not the cruelty of man in their existence. But this should never be the thing mankind lives for—it should only be a means to an end. That is yet so far away. but the creative force which made it so is moving to others. Know that to God you are all equal to Him. All are the same within as you. See the frolicking of the little birds. Look at your fellow men around you. Let your senses not be weighed down by matter. Each person is part of God. `My beloved children: Never give the physical body the importance it should not have. Of course you need food of your world to maintain that physical body. They go to the supermarkets. As you move on. life moves on. If man could only realize the wonder of that what he truly is. Never think your life in that body is all that there is.

Even you here this day with the wisdom of growth that you have. and all the varying degrees of evolution until it is ready. You cannot reach God through force. `My beloved children: No matter how dark your lives may seem. . soul growth and desire. Even though those you love are hurting. and you make your own mistakes. Do this. I come to bring these words because God wills it so. next time you come you do not make it. of this belief and that belief: then you marvel at how people could think that way. He has given you a life and an opportunity to live that life. The force behind creation is love and light. but move on and ever on. You must account for it and work your way through it. Never feel you are unfairly suffering— you are not! Everything you think. There are no favorites! Everyone is equal! You make your own chances in life. Then you can leave this experience behind by growing through it. and never be usurped. It is the infinite wisdom of God unfolding and helping all who seek enlightenment and the ability to understand. Those struggling in ignorance and struggling to understand are left to grow to a state of readiness to attract to their life the spiritual teachings they need. You listen to the various understandings they have of this religion. You attract your own mishaps. until you one day will no longer need any more experience of soul growth: because you have reached unity with God. but God has no hand in that. When a soul is ready. always the effect follows the cause. and expanding through it. and see this great force of God waiting for you to move through that force of matter. my children. It is not by chance that you in this small gathering have a teacher to help you. my children . . of that religion. `Is this not so? You listen to the varying degrees of wisdom. . The fact you have in this life a teacher to guide and lead is because you have earned that right and are ready. cannot be muted. God never sends a teacher too soon to guide seekers along the pathway to Him. All people think this way at some time or other as they journey through their incarnations. Cleanse yourself and purify yourself. even though those you love are suffering: look beyond their suffering. That is the law! The balance of existence is so perfect.That oneness of creation permeates everything in the just balance of cause and effect. The will of God is always fashioned with compassion and justice. Each soul has to come through all the stages of growth. Never see the present. and no matter how dismal things may look and seem. He has given you creation. but to the divine within this innate justice of the law of cause and effect. Be patient! . You can only reach God through love. Remember this. You would not be left alone to face the growth to God if you were not ready. always look through life and beyond it. He knows the futility of an action or teaching that tries to force upon anyone that which they are not ready for. would not have me in your lives if you were not ready for me. always see the end. . You cannot push understanding and spiritual wisdom into the understanding of one who is not ready to understand it. Remember this also . It is the law! They may seem cruel and wicked to the physical senses. Then when you return to God you come not because you have to come. but because you want to come. You cannot force feed with spirituality a soul who is not ready for God. you still have so much to learn. that soul will be given a teacher. Then a teacher from God will come to enlighten that soul into deeper understanding that is awaiting it. You here this day. You must make of it what you do. and are will eventually purify in the one-ness of your beloved journey to God. and you must pay for what you do. so much to understand and to grow into. do. I come as a teacher to help you understand the laws of The Beloved Creator. If you make a mistake in one life.

. There would be no water. Their medicines will not heal much of that what needs healing today. ‘Is this the way? Then let the spiritual-self quietly override your physical desires and intentions: because the spiritual wisdom is always there. How puny we are when we think of the wonder of God.Do not try to hurry your growth because you want it so. which can cure. and harmonize it with the spiritual understanding that you have. eat. there is no interaction between the two. . will have grown out of proportion of that. You have new diseases coming and new strains of infection are emerging. then every time you are ready for a little more soul growth. you then need to think to yourself. Even now. We can do nothing without God. Let God guide you with His wisdom. it will come to you. `My beloved children: If you could but attune your thinking to be parallel with the spiritual wisdom that you have grown into. greater wisdom will come to you. Everything moves in its own way through time and evolution. ever. if you could work one with one as you think a physical thought. but you will be helped and guided . He tries to alter the genes within animals. into the allotted conclusions. Spiritually. and there will be no interaction between the two. That is why the scientists will never achieve what they desire through the physical overcoming of the problems. You have diseases coming forth into the world that you thought you had overcome. because the over powering problem behind it. Man can leave as quickly as he came. But that is not God's way! God will never destroy His creation. thinking he can manipulate nature as he wants. When you go to do something. . They will not! They may have great intellect: this is a great gift from God. He does things that affect the forces of nature. `I will make my decisions in this the material way’. There would be only darkness. There would be no growth in that world. It cannot be avoided! Man tampers with the crops. and nothing would grow if God withdrew His great life force from all that is in your world today. talk. There would be nothing but desolation. Every aspect of existence that exists in that world has God’s energy within it. Man forgets he must reap the effect of what he causes. There would be drought. We cannot walk. Do not expect others to do it for you. Every time you need to know more and are ready to know more. . That world would be barren without God. The procreative force acts according to the will of God. He plays with human lives. to change. when I think of the wonder that yet awaits those in your world who have to emerge into the greater wisdom of God’s creative understanding. as long as these are your physical thoughts. The scientists of your world are playing and dabbling with the forces of nature. they and that material world are reaping consequences of what they are causing. It may seem for a time man is creating that which he wants to create. There would be no light. The law of cause and effect will happen with everything. You will then realize. step by step. 'Is this not so? Every grain of sand has God within it. nor can we exist. but they have not that emerging wisdom of understanding the laws behind creation. Do not expect this healing be effective in the time that is yet to come. and mankind in that world cannot manipulate the laws of God. With one thought God can obliterate that world. This energy is the energy of creation. This great procreation of God will not be allowed to be mishandled by man! God’s procreative ability is not for man to play with. you can call upon this divine wisdom to guide you in thinking and your decisions. or alter according to his own desires and needs. feeding into the physical if it is called upon to so do? If you decide to shut it out and think . He forgets he is there through the courtesy of The Beloved Creator. all sorts of things are happening to create cause for concern and worry for mankind. I marvel.

trust and surrender to Him. This wisdom is always there to draw upon. loving. take it with God. God will never do things for you. I bring to your lives this peace of God that is ever shining before you. it is merely that you are using your duality. Let spiritual humility fashion your lives. Man does not look at the beauty of God around him. as always When I come to bring you enlightenment to help your souls to grow closer to God as you make that journey through your material world. 'My beloved children: Feed the soul and be hungry for God. If something falls down. something will repair it. If you live The Divine Beloved. there would be no wars. . The gaps between people would be so unnecessary in the way they exist in that world today. no killing and no homelessness. The spirit is superior to matter. I come with understanding of the need in your own private lives for changes to come that will take you closer to that supreme goal of unity with God. You are duality. Man perpetuates his own misery by the inner quality and his actions. and always that inner peace will prevail. Sometimes your decisions will surprise you. Then I know you will never walk away from God and you . then you will see God gives so much beauty for mankind to this greater understanding and wisdom. You are physical and you are spirit. make each action a reality. To really live God as you must. Great contentment. let God be behind that thought. it will be picked up. because there will be greater wisdom prevailing in what you decide. 'My beloved children: I bring love from God to you this day. you live God in your life. It is only transient. if you have the ability to really believe. Seek the guidance of the wisdom before you decide materially what you will do. and grow spiritually. He will not do! God will help you solve them in the correct way. Never feel you are better than someone else. It does not mean you have to be holy than thou! It does not mean you have to be sanctimonious! However. it will not fluctuate. you have to be spiritually wise. peaceful. That is. It is not making decisions for you. There would be no cruelty. tranquility and peace in your living are gifts from God. Then you let this wisdom prevail! Look at the flowers growing gently and lovingly in the gardens around you. or feel you know more than someone else. This. If you seek your happiness from The Divine Beloved. It is not taking the responsibility from you. because of this great understanding of the spiritual wisdom behind your existence. and if you seek your happiness through the source of the divine wisdom that you have attained. then you will find your lives becoming so different. Every step you take. You will find your happiness so balanced and equal. and ever disciplined in your search for Him. Sometimes they will seem not right . Let the superior guide the inferior in wisdom. Always I see that great force of God within you. Your soul moves on endlessly through eternity. but go with that great intuitive force within. So do not let yourself become traumatized by the ways of that world: it is only for a time. he is too busy trying to find materialism to make him happy. but you are using the duality of the self to be wise in your decisions and your thinking. and I see that sincere longing for Him prevailing over all else. Every thought you think. no starvation. God cannot take the responsibilities from you. you must do them for yourself in order to learn. You are not just using the singular. Be relentless in your pursuit of God. There is the essential need to believe. 'Oh my beloved children: If mankind could think with divine wisdom. I come with understanding of the difficulties of your world. You will then find a more harmonious life and less turmoil in the results of your decisions. serene. Every action of God you make. . and kind. the eternal giver. If something breaks in your life. to experience.

or whatever name you want to give to God. in love and in longing to reach out to your world in order that in someway His beloved peace and beloved wisdom can prevail. the imperfections. but through the expansion of their consciousness into the consciousness of God. this divine intelligence. In every minute atom of existence–—God is there! In all the majestic elements of nature—God is there! The tiniest insect. at nature. this divine wisdom: because the laws of God are paramount to the laws of all existence. God presents an opportunity for every soul to find the . Even in religions their understanding of God is so limited . if humanities health is to prevail. It is not the name it‘s the reality that is important. they have their long sounding pronouncements. Science has to come to terms with this truth! There is nothing that the scientists can explain as a probability unless they acknowledge that behind it lies God. They will never explain away the intricacies of existence. I say again to each of you . they must be obeyed! If the balance is to prevail. In every life you live. You cannot limit God! You cannot separate God from the immensity of creation! You cannot look at that world. . When they have done this. Be not afraid of what hurts the body. it all must be within the living of God’s laws or you will have the imbalance. at the bounty of everything that is there and not accept the role of God behind everything. . not through the learning of the material. They have their fancy names for what they discover. . I am Bethesda. and enforce this great love of God within you. until they have realized in God and know and understand the wisdom of God. it is not hurting the soul That is God! Chapter 29 Where Have All The Wise Men Gone? I come from God in peace. This will always lighten the burden in your life in that material world. `God's love is yours. The eyes of the soul will always see eternity. if nature is to remain benign. But they will never do it until they live their lives in this divine light of seeking to know and find the one: the sole creator you call God. There is such an empty. . if the perfection of life is to prevail. meaningless existence for so many of the population in that world today. I come with such a hunger for mankind to know and want God as I do. freely and lovingly sent from God` I bring to you again this peace of God to surround you. the largest animal. the disease. to all existence. .will never leave this lighted pathway. . it matters not. The physical eyes will only see the world. the reality of this creator. Not through books. the most intelligent intellect in man—God is there! There is nothing that can separate anything that is in existence from God! Without God there would be no existence! But still I hear the scientist proclaiming their determination to find the answers to existence. the disharmony and the trauma of the result of cause and effect: which is the result of disobedience to God’s laws. they will have revealed unto themselves all that God is and all that God knows. Nothing can function outside these divine laws . and yet they have to learn the lesson that every human incarnate in flesh must learn and acknowledge that the divine hand of The Creator is behind everything. `Is there not? They have no understanding of God and the reality of what God truly represents.

the horror of mans’ actions has never been worse. All these things are figments of the human concept: not the divine truth. their possessiveness over the planet in its varying parts and portions of it. but the loving God. the number of people that form the population in your world has never been as high as it is today. There is an urgent need for mankind to nullify their false focusing on national identity with countries. All these hatreds and jealousies. That voice that tells him he is accountable. It is far too high for that material world to cope with. Even God does not interfere with the free-will decision of mankind. . and they have been punished for it. All these people who are so busy persecuting one another. In the ultimate. they have not that power. the balance of God’s laws will prevail! That what may seem disaster to some is in the overall scheme of creation. I think that comparing the population of civilizations gone by to the present time. to comfort. in time. If man creates for himself the karma of wrong living. all these differences and levels of . if he does not seek it. Souls who are willing to devote their lives. Do you not agree? To reach man’s divine understanding is the priority of life today. in lives. and in effort. or has not recognized it when he found it. wrong doing. It is happening to more in too many more places. It must be reduced. `Have they not? They have been persecuted for it. the contrast. the material aspect. it does not mean it is not there to find. the compassionate God is always reaching out to inspire. and to help the transformation from darkness to light within mankind. or do that. nor that right. This is the priority of the world today. but he has free will and he does live again and again in pursuit of perfection in God. this course of action that will result in the hastening the result of this mitigation of the karma. in your world and in our world: in order to help man focus on the divine reality of himself. the comparison. it’s not because God is forgiving them: it’s because they themselves are choosing this action. but it is worse today because of the number. It is not God who has denied this truth: it is man who has not found it. I have said this to you before . and to encourage. to help the understanding become reality. and it kept reduced to a level that your world can cope with. a necessary action to remedy an imbalance or mitigate karma.truth if that soul will seek it. It has been equal in the intensity. the numerical superiority of the population to other civilizations. my children? God does not punish! God does seek revenge! God’s laws when they are lived take care of all eventualities that can ever beset nature and humanity. I don’t think you will disagree with that my children. The agony of humanity today has never been greater. . life after life until it is mitigated. God has never permitted any civilization to exist without the opportunity to know and find and live truth. This also includes their adherence to religious beliefs that they consider should be the only ones that should exist. They have been destroyed. You can destroy the human factor. `Can you see the difference. and to get him listen to that small voice within telling him he is divine. he has to work it through himself. Man has to mitigate that which he has created. the cruelty. destroying the human aspect of God’s creation have yet to come to terms with the understanding that the karma they build for themselves is a very powerful and relentless power of God’s intent for their existence. In some instances they have found it. and is compatible to that world’s ability to sustain it. and are willing to devote their lives in such a divine way that they can hasten the mitigation of karma. live on and live again. It is man that has not looked properly for this truth. but you cannot destroy the soul within which will move on. It is very easy for religions to say that sins can be forgiven if people do this.

this belongs to me.possessiveness come about through man alone.’ . everything must begin with your own area of existence if it is to permeate throughout that world. There has to be the reaching out of hand to hand throughout a world. yellow has to embrace white and yellow has to embrace black and black has to embrace yellow. it has no nationality. my children? You cannot worship a building when your brother is hungry! You cannot pour money into concrete when a child is starving! That is not God’s law! That is mans idea of living—not God’s! The communications in your world today make it impossible for any suffering to be ignored wherever it may be. Human beings revere and retain their ancient buildings. provided by The Divine: it is only borrowed by man for his use in his journey through a material incarnation before he returns again to the world of spirit from which he came. that person has no right to be there and must be ejected. physically. Everything must begin with the self. Man will again leave the higher world to return into a world of matter until he has learned to transcend the need for rebirth. of a desire to help. `Do they not? They restore them at great cost. the shape of a face. of love. Black must learn to embrace white. to comfort. to share: this has to be mans reaction to man. ‘I will make myself a better person. I will make this part of the world wherein I live a better place to live. forcefully. so completely dramatic. How can they declare themselves in such a way that this belongs to them. brown has to embrace all other colors. It is so vibrant. and it has no country to own: that soul is an atom of God! The soul is an expression of God in a human mantel of flesh! Which ever colored body a soul takes on for that journey it is important only to the soul. `Is this not truth. it is irrelevant: it’s only a physical condition of a body that is encasing a soul. and not to anyone else. even in the pain of death he must be expelled because this belongs to this person or that person. It does not matter what color the skin is. but do they cherish the souls that live within the land in which these buildings stand? Do they give the souls in need in those countries? Do they make sure those souls are fed and clothed. . . it is unimportant. They have not that right! They have not the right to judge by the color of the skin. they cherish them. The reason for incarnating is individual to the soul: it does not have to answer to any country. and you can hide nothing from the world. It is not enough for other parts of your world to recoil in horror. educated and helped through life? Do they give the same attention to humanity as they do the buildings that were built so long before? Pride in a structure is unforgivable if those who have this pride in turn neglect or reject the need of humanity seething within that world. The soul within has no color. They must do something about it in their own living and in their own lives: in order to make that world such a place that it cannot happen all those miles away. You can’t have that. that was once mine I want it back! This was never theirs! It belongs to God! Man is a tenant! Man is only a guest of God in that world! Man has no claim on any part of it! Man is a passenger journeying through life! Man is a traveler in time: he is not the owner of anything in that world whatever! Everything mankind is. If every soul in flesh stood still and said. they honor them. or express their dismay and their compassion. These are no criteria for one to be superior to another. . and has earned the right to transcend the need to reincarnate into flesh. to overpower or dominate another. God did not create the divisions within it! God did not create the man-made beliefs within it! All the little drawings round the little areas. God created that beautiful Earth for man to inhabit. the accent and the language. He must be removed. that belongs’ to you. and has belongs to The Divine! Everything was and is created by The Divine.

dwelt in His bliss: then in truth.If every-one did that there would be no hunger. the intent in longing to become one with Him. Like all evolved souls you enter into a body of flesh only as service to God from free-will choice! `My children: This is the goal you have. . Superfluous possessions are not for you. . the intent. His intelligence. they listen to the negativity of opinions. The acceptance and the desire. Your soul will reject it. The cravings of the world and the materialism of that world.’ ‘I am calling you home. you belong to me. `Beloved ones: They who love God as you love God would recognize them instantly. but you will never know peace and you will never be happy: because it is not the way of the soul to God.’ ‘Do not stay in that cauldron of negativity. in the divine bliss of union with Him. There would be not torture. They teach if they do what their religion tells them God will forgive them. he can come forward in authority and speak for God.’ ‘You are coming home to me. . and teaching their flock they are superior. has merged in His consciousnesses. how can they speak about Him to others? No one can tell anybody about God until they know God for themselves. You can travel to all the corners to that world as often as you want. Can you not? You have not the longing and the intuitive desire to follow that which they bring or follow them as individual teachers. unified in His wisdom. or you would not be reading this book. ‘You are divine. you would know because your soul would react to their soul in a second: in a split second you would know they know God as you know God and they can tell you of God. You will know at once this is not the path you want to take. torment. preaching hatred from the pulpit. they see the negativity of the deeds. and the act of acquiring to your life that what you need to exist comfortably will become an automatic reaction. indignity or poverty. they listen to the world. There would be no cruelty. they listen to the negativity of actions. They cannot hear the voice of God telling them to turn away from that and come home to Him. and dwelling in the realm in which you have earned the right to dwell with Him. do not linger along the way. You can have all the possessions of the material around you cluttering up your life. and your consciousness will-not absorb it. non-possession and non-attachment. and really have the authority of what they say and of what they do. you can also recognize them. your understanding will not accept it. you will resist. His understanding. You will find your level of understanding has deepened to the extent that you cannot follow anything but truth. You can do all of these things. You can surround yourself with all the luxuries of your material world. It has to be everyone’s decision to turn away from the darkness that seems to thrive in that world and listen to the voice of God within telling them. There are also those who come with false prophecies. Your goal is realization in God. That is why there are so few who are really credible. and nothing will satisfy that goal until the end. with false claims of being God’s disciples on Earth. you would not be fooled by anyone trying to impersonate them. You will never have any desire to embark upon any course of action that has not the seal of God’s approval upon it or God’s authority behind it. for they know not God themselves! How can they speak for God when they have yet to discover God? They know not God. . preaching intolerance from the pulpit in so many instances. and God will make them welcome in heaven. They have not that authority. can you not hear me? They cannot hear God because your world is so noisy. it will not be for you because you have the innate understanding of the divine truth: the reality of God. You cannot accept anything that is not truth. Your path is the path of truth and the path of divine wisdom. `Is this not truth? When a soul has unified with The Creator. You have those in your world who teach religion.

or rather. it is the very essence that keeps you alive and it is the essence which helps the spiritual-self to grow and evolve. this way of thinking. . and there are very real happenings of all-sorts of things going on in that world for them to see: but that is not the answer to the soul who wants God. you are not letting that energy flow into you. your soul will be flowering and growing as you reach out to reach Him. You can only satisfy your soul. this has happened that has happened.You have freedom from materialism and the blessed union of the soul with the divine energy. and this longing for something that gives them a sense of excitement. your lives will fulfill a degree of fulfillment that you cannot explain. and receive exhilaration from the seeking of physical manifestations of so-called physic phenomena. Be ever ready and be ever conscious of this opportunity that God will bring to your life. `Oh my beloved ones: There waiting for you is so much to receive from God. It is too important to miss. the more it can enter the body. `My beloved children: God speaks so quietly. Your lives will change. you need the ability to comprehend it and you need the strength and discipline to follow it. this cosmic energy is the nectar of life. excites their curiosity. Once you have put your face to the light and your feet upon that path of divine illumination. let them become immersed in that way of life if it makes them happy. . The more you become attuned to this cosmic energy of God. Remember. It is not for a true seeker of God! The answers that you need can only come from the expansion of your consciousness into God’s wisdom. you have to be quiet to hear Him. If you seek all the things from that material world continually. you need nothing from any aspect of existence—except God. You can only receive it from the divine source. must live the quiet life and must seek the quiet truth and wisdom of The Beloved Creator. Not the noise. understanding. this way of living. True wisdom will manifest in your thinking. you need the truth of His wisdom revealed to you. through the readiness of your spiritual self to receive it. Let the curious have their moments. That will not come from chasing things around the world that interest you. when you see the money . the surer and deep you seek to find it in God. . my children. not the trumpets blazing and blaring all over places telling people . It must walk the quiet way. There are those people who seek excitement. . if you are listening to noise. When you look at the jewels that they collect in your world. need His loving compassion. It will come only through the quiet acceptance that the divinity of the self must grow into the divinity of God. you can only evolve to God through the illumined wisdom of the higher-self. This is the only thing that will give you peace or fulfillment. God can transform your thinking in an instance by His very presence within you . the more it can fulfill its role within your existence. or make you feel that you are at-one with the whole of existence. There may be very real manifestations in that world for them to see. Entice it into your body and let it build within that body the divine castle that you long to have for God to inhabit. You will always fine the numbers who seek out this action. If you are living in noise. but you do not need anything manifesting on Earth from any source whatever. no-matter how real it may be. that you cannot borrow or buy: you can only grow into it. It is the nectar of spiritual growth and spiritual wisdom: this divine river of love is the building block of existence. You need His energy. It satisfies their curiosity. you need His inspiration. this energy is the energy of creation. the surer and deeper it will come into your understanding. if they want it. you may just miss that whisper of God that He brings into your life. let them seek their phenomena. but the true seeker of divine wisdom has no desire for such. Encompass yourself in this divine bliss. listen to this and listen to that. these interests are important to them.

If you spend your time in the happy pursuit of God’s truth and God’s wisdom you are gathering to yourself such wealth that will never leave you. I am seeking only the wisdom of the Divine. That’s not what God put mankind on Earth for! God gave mankind this precious gift of free will so that they may choose the material or the spirit. This is the true wealth of the soul’s manifestation in matter. it matters not. I look at a simple soul who may have nothing materially. . unless I choose to come back for you. and you will leave the flesh empty handed. But you will always be empty. They may frequently have to endure suffering in the process. I see treasures of the soul that nothing can diminish. let it be only because I want to come back for you. I want to be in harmony with everything. vegetable. foul or animal. when you see the luxurious vehicles. and ultimately into the realization with God. no matter what aspect it may be.’ ‘I have to live in this world for now. They are not the building bricks that can be blown down in a typhoon or tornado. You will leave behind all those things you have gathered unto you: you cannot take them with you. You can seek consistently all the things of the material: that is your right. There are also those who have said . there is true life. . and nothing from it that is harmful to me. and you are within all existence. You take with you the wealth of the soul into spirit and the consciousness will be expanding and glowing into that of God. You can spend your days in pursuit of the worldly things if it makes you happy.’ ‘I want nothing from this material world that is harmful to it. they think they are successful. they think they are really living. as I want to be. ‘I want to be a part of nature. They will not come with you at death: the transition of the soul into spirit.’ ‘I want this present life to help me look at the world. and may be suffering in all sorts of ways.’ ‘I am a part of you my God.that they have in their banks to count. ‘No my God.’ There are all the jewels that a life could ever need. ‘There is true wealth. . and I say to myself . not the material gemstones they have plucked from the earth. of untold horrors. I want to be part of everything that is in this world and I want to live within it in harmony.’ `Oh my beloved children: The way of a soul to God is a glorious journey. . that soul is taking into the next dimension of existence. that person’s life may be very sparse. not all the ravages they have made upon nature to get. There is nothing that can destroy spiritual wealth nothing can be taken away from that person. untold misery and unfruitful results in sequential incarnations into a material existence. They are the spiritual jewels of evolution that.’ ‘Let me glorify myself in your bliss. God did not put that Earth there as a playground for mankind to indulge themselves in life after life. you will never know true peace or fulfillment. and when you see the indulgence of their travels in that world.’ ‘Let me no longer have to return. my God.’ ‘I want to live in complete harmony with everything that is in existence. It brings . and in conjunction with it. my efforts and the pursuit of my days. mineral. but dwell with you and make you the goal of my longing. you will never be satisfied.’ ‘I want my God to be able to reach out in my consciousness and enter your consciousness.’ ‘I want to live within this world.’ ‘I want to see the need within this world questions that I can answer. the luxurious mansions in which they live. the answers that I can give to all that they can want from me for you.’ ‘I am seeking the understanding of the laws of the Divine. Those who are choosing the material and living in the material are merely living in this constant merry. be the last on that I need to make. human fish.’ ‘Let my journey this time. These material minded souls are just moving around in time and getting nowhere. and I want to live within all aspects of existence according to the divine laws’. continually in pursuit of materialism. I am divinely inspired. But often I see the light of God blazing forth in great abundance.go-round of nothingness. not the luxurious mansions that can be washed away with a tidal wave.

such peace. to gently reach out and help a soul along the path to Him. If a person who is sincerely seeking that unity with God can learn to think with the soul mind. and see things the intellect cannot grasp. you can dwell with the divine. from God to mankind. . such strength. love. let them say their words. My beloved children: We walk with you in light. Let the internal being of the self. such understanding and such compassionate love to those who seek it. Listen to the scientists. Let the governments of your world continue to make their mistakes. with wisdom. `My beloved children: I come this day with love in my heart from God. You can step aside from it: you have that power within you. so full of . Live God if you want to be as an Avatar to become one with God. I again give my blessing and my love and may the power of the spirit be ever with you all. To each sincere seeker I say . and understanding. let it take away the fear of that condition mankind calls death. Tell them they have no need to cling to that material world when they know that one day they will have to depart from it. ‘Have optimism. God gently bids us in this blessed world in which we live. a manifest of peace from God. and let them have their delusions. go beyond. let it unite with the divine energy as often as you can and let the consciousness of God become the consciousness of you. help them know they are going move into a glorious journey of growth. I bring to all. recognize. Never let yourself judge the world by the power of negativity: always respond with divine understanding. and always have faith in yourself. that you may find the pathway a little easier. He knows and hears the cry of longing from the soul within. I am Bethesda. All souls are beloved unto God. really seek it. Beloved ones enrich your lives with divine truth. the true reality of the self. to every event in your world with God’s wisdom. Let the chaos and confusion continue if they want it this way: you need not be part of it. Never despair at the lack of understanding in humanity. Help others to take away the fear of the unknown. Divine truth frees the soul from the religious dogmas that imprison it. and God’s love and compassion. because even in misery you can see joy and hope. and a sense of fulfillment that I know each soul is longing to find. The person aspiring to God must learn to feel. Let not the darkness of your world distress or overpower you. Move through it with compassion. and live this divine wisdom! God know each soul and what it needs. Chapter 30 Pure Wisdom from an Avatar. . really want it and really believe it. silent though it may be. Do not help them to perpetuate them by giving them the credence they want you to. God is all knowledge! You cannot learn this knowledge: you have to grow into it. it is loud to God. This is a service you can give to mankind. and in the desire to uplift you as you struggle through the darkness and confusion of that material world. Live in that material world but not dwell with it. and I tell you in truth my children you are beloved unto me. it will transcend the intellect. but always live God’s laws. You can relate to your world.’ In my leaving. Even in the darkest of conditions you can see light shining through that darkness. with God’s understanding.

it will not be ignored or banished: it will grow slowly and surly. stampeding over others with what they believe. He was misunderstood. and living divine the truth. then slowly and surely this truth will spread and grow. They will look for the infallible truth which is hidden somewhere in religious teachings being given them. Why should it be so difficult for man to believe spiritual truth? Why should it be so easy for him to succumb to the material aspect of understanding of life? Why does man crave for that particular line of material understanding that each incarnation brings to a life? The greed. but they are given no credence. I do not intend to give the impression that souls growing in enlightenment. But spreading as it is. These souls will be part of this main stream of truth that is going to flood your world in the time that is yet to come. How sad the indictment of man is when you look today at the evidence of twothousand years. There is no merit in trying to overpower others beliefs and hammering home to them . must go speaking from the rooftops shouting messages to the and longing for all mankind to help him understand the truth. the message will grow and more. and no opportunity for the spreading of God’s truths in any significant way. man is still misquoting him. they have in effect. In that darkened world wherein you live. yet again for man to be given the opportunity to listen to truth. he lived. to awaken man from his darkness and his ignorance. It was distorted and presented to the people in such an untruthful way. this truth will-not be subdued. there is this great need for the light of the divine to flood it. to understand it and to live it. to attempt crowds of people to come with then and not with the other. and they will flourish. since the prophet Jesus of Nazareth brought the truth for man to understand. the thoughtlessness. and more people will seek to understand the mystical wonder of God. They must not hide and shrink from declaring their belief in it. then they must struggle once again to have their voice heard. but then when something begins to grow it is destroyed and called by the wrong name. to set moving within you that core of understanding hidden there and long forgotten. to prove their point. by your calendar. That is not the way to do it! Just quietly live it: just quietly by your lives show the benefit of this truth. As each person learns this truth they must live it. he left eventually with still that world struggling to even comprehend the meaning of the message he brought. the cruelty and the ambition to progress materially: no-matter what the cost. understanding. Small bands of followers they may have. no-matter how long it takes or how difficult the task. divine prophets of truth that are trying to bring this understanding to mankind. to heed it. distorted God to the degree they no longer know or care about the truth that Jesus brought. for the roots are in the population of your world. and the indifference to others. There are other souls throughout your world: souls like you there seeking spiritual truth. . he was misquoted and he was misrepresented. and wrong accreditation is given to it . never reject their needs and never forget their needs. The various churches of your world have manipulated his teachings to give them power over people in competition one with the other. misquoted and rewritten: according to what man wanted to believe. God feels the time has come. and misquoting Jesus. They have surrounded his teachings with myths. Even though humanity is obstinate. They must not be afraid to declare their understanding of spiritual truth. It was distorted. There are prophets in your world today. Even today. But God sent him to fulfill His promise that he would never move away from helping them. More and more people will be less enchanted with the churches and the empty hollowness of their message. Jesus came. as they still do. two thousand years later. that they claim is from God. believing. . `Is he not? Man is still giving credit to the wrong interpretation of his words and accepting the wrong meaning to what he brought from God. the selfishness.

live through them. God is creation in all its purest form! Divine laws are implacable! There is a need for everyone to follow them. You need to live the divine even though you are in a body of flesh. You are divine in flesh. use whatever name you prefer. This creator that we love and worship. You will live God. It is all loving. and be lived. and given the right to be lived. to the extent that they enable the spirit to inhabit it: but it is that soul that holds the key to life. it once again links with The Beloved Creator in spirit. a change will come to many and they in turn will spread the word of truth. turn with gentleness to those who scoff. Those who scoff will have to come back again and again: for they will not find any rest in their spirit-time of living. all understanding. Man may think his medicines mend and hold the body of flesh in that world. The more a person seeks to suppress its’ soul the more the soul will seek to express itself. Withdraw that soul. you must be divine in reunion. and you will grow further and further along this divine pathway of truth until you reunite with Him. There is no breaking of this divine thread with God! At night when you are at rest and your soul is at peace. they will have to return to flesh to learn their lessons. and will evolve and grow by living God. will help it flourish. This will have to be until they succumb to this truth within them and expressed in their lives their longing to know God. The soul is impervious to matter! The soul is divine! It was created by God. you will evolve to God. omniscient omnipresent and immutable intelligence that governs and controls all universal life and rhythm. and it cannot be eradicated. until the awakening of the day and you journey on in the flesh. It cannot be separated from God! You cannot live in that world and be cut off from God! When you are cut off from God you cannot live in that material world. it cannot be squashed. reinforced. God. The Divine Creator simple is. fostered and fed by God. God is also all demanding. and cannot be deviated from the truth. it is the divinity of the self that must be fostered.that what you believe. You cannot feed the soul with physical attributes. and return back to The Divine Creator. Mother. They have the free-will gift of God to follow their own way! But by example by the obvious truth that is being given. and let them have their way. You can repair that body when it is very low: but if the soul is still intact in . They have yet to understand the truth in the message. the body is inert. It is nurtured. for the energy of The Divine will feed it. Father Great-spirit. physical food and physical nurturing of any kind. `My children: Never be ashamed of the truth. it matters not. then given a right to expression. It cannot stay hidden within a body without some opportunity to express the truth of what it is. . If you crush your soul into a physical body that soul must be given room to grow and expand. all compassionate. Once this truth takes deep root it cannot be quenched. for there is no compromise and no substitution. grow. must be fed and nurtured. All that mankind seems to note today is the material side of existence. cannot be misinterpreted and cannot be twisted or manipulated in any form whatever. It cannot be separated from Him. and life in the body is extinct and cannot be recaptured. this beloved divine something . the material answers in that material world of what they need and want. Never mind the scorn and the laughter that may follow you as you cling to spiritual truth. It will always be this omnipotent. but yet. You are part of God that is infallible and immutable: let this grow and evolve in-spite of that material world. . You may wear a body of flesh to live in that world and you may need the physical expression of life to exist in that dimension: but beloved ones’ you are divine. That is not the way! People have a right to believe what they want. all forgiveness. Never be ashamed of what you believe and know to the spiritual truth in you living.

and you are part of everything. that positive faith in the future of your existence. Move through them gently. You feel everything. you know everything. they can tell you it exists. but they cannot describe it. You must be able to forgive and endure. but you must inhabit other dimensions. But if you take the soul from that body there is nothing of the spirit left: the physical body will then perish into matter. to enable the soul to expand and grow. and you have experienced in other universes: it is all part of soul growth. `Can you understand this? God is the creator—never forget it! God makes all there is in the entire flawless whole of creation: every tiny aspect: God created it. every thought you think: God has given your material world the means to have it exist. You may live in matter now. not the understanding or the belief in it. You have. the understanding tolerance. do not expect your life to be perfect and serene—it will not! You are growing to God and you may have all sorts of opposite experiences to endure. the bliss of the love. Every bird. . If you believe the truths that you have been told—then live them! You may suffer pain. tolerate and not to expect that everyone around will be perfect: that is not possible in that world of diverse evolution. the understanding of everything that is: this one fell swoop of understanding cannot be described. the conscious expand into the wonder of the whole of The Divine.that body it can survive and grow. Until all men are perfect and all women are perfect: it will come that your life will be encompassed with others who are not so perfect and not so understanding. inequality of living. unhappy experiences. in the supreme faith of optimism. and the purity coming out of the fire into the growth of the soul. many times to come. pain or distress. the forgiveness. Let not the harrowing conditions of that world of matter affect your peace of mind and your tranquility within. every grain of sand. There are no man-made words that can describe the bliss of union with God. You have to live in that world. and many times before. so will you follow them along the divine pathway to The Beloved Creator . . As the Avatars have done before you. accept them with calmness. . The precious peace. When you look at your world it is going through. That world is a place where you come to in order to learn to discard matter. My children: Know in truth whatever comes you will go through it and succeed. As God is—you are! `Beloved ones`: Is that not what you strive for in that present incarnation: not the material world? Let the petty worries and anxieties of that world fall away. You must let the soul expand. and you will emerge back again into that precious bliss of being at-one with God. You can. you will overcome it. distress. and of your knowledge of understanding that you will grow in spirit and not in that world. other worlds and other universes. You know not what God will ask of you or expect of you. Let their petty differenced be none existent in your understanding. and not with it. This hastening ever quicker into its new way of living. walk the path and face the experiences and the opportunities to grow deeper into that divine something we know as God. in great faith and trust to accept that you walk the divine path with divine understanding and divine intelligence. As one obstacle is thrown in your path you will surmount it. You learn lessons in other dimensions. they cannot tell you of the bliss. the dross left behind. I know. a phase of growth never expected in your understanding. to reject matter and accept The Divine Creator. or many other experiences you may endure. Let it not affect that great hope. and you cannot know now what God will bring to your life or expect of you. but the forgiveness of it and the tolerance of it. you are part of it but exist within it. You will emerge like the steel from the fire. and not the approbation. Express the divine love of God to all: the forgiveness. conditions that are not conducive of peace with you. But you cannot know now what is yet to come.

You can have your mansions and fill them with treasures. it’s frightening. To go into flesh and to come out of flesh with the glorious gain of progress spiritually. and it’s so difficult to be understood by a person who loves gentleness. Never be afraid induce this energy into your body in the portions you need to: let it reach the parts of the physical body that need help. There is nothing that can sustain you or help you if that life force withdraws you are back in spirit and the body left to perish. Live on this energy that flows from God. nothing you have gained: all you take is your soul growth: the spiritual wealth you have added to that which you had when you came. `Who made this? Who created that? `Who made it possible for this existence to be where I can inhabit it? `Who gave me this cover of flesh so I can journey here for a time? `Who has given me this chair to sit in? `Who has given me this bed to lie on and this . just stop to think .changes so immediate. `My children: Which would you rather have: the growth of the soul. trust it and understand it is God’s power. but without this energy you have nothing. They too must be given the opportunity through their experiences and mistakes to evolve into the understanding human beings they must become. Live your life according to your beliefs. and look at things through the eyes of that world. Without this energy you cannot exist! You can have the most expensive equipment working for you and the most expensive medicines trying to heal you. It is a treasure beyond the understanding of those who have it not. `My beloved children: Never lose sight of the fact that The Creator has fashioned everything that exists. your journey over on that Earth. Do not follow by example anything in that world. have all the modern operations of that world. of divine understanding and expanded consciousness: is a treasure beyond description. to mend. You can acquire all the power over others that you can—but you can be a pauper when you come back to spirit. even those who are making the laws and laying down the rules are subject to evolution to God. and use them. to remedy. Remember. You can bring with you nothing of that material world. and you bring with you to the higher world a wealth that nothing that mankind could ever match. but it can also bring indifference to those who live for the material only. and take all the material assets that you can. but if that life force withdraws you cannot exist. to purify and to heal. You can have bank vaults filled with your money you have earned and made. You can take all the medicines of that world. Follow only from the inner understanding of your own soul and the promptings of the consciousness in your living. to cleanse. You return back to spirit. Everything will be left behind in matter. and gives you the ability to cope. let it flow into your body in wonderful proportions. Use it. believe in it. Fashion your beliefs according to the laws of God and not the laws of man. When its usefulness is over. Let this rare truth rarify you! Let the wonder of God’s understanding be the steel that holds you in that world. They might be in power supreme to you in social standing in that world. you bring with you not one jot of what you have gain in that world. materially. Like entering a motor car and driving it for a time. you will leave it. God’s breath that you are allowing to enter your body to sustain you. When sometimes you feel a little tempted to think with the mind of that world. . Pace can be cruel and growth can be cruel to sensitive souls growing to God. you enter a body and move through time. Live your experiences according to the inner convictions of the spirit. . created by God for you to use so the rarified vibrations of spirit cane exist in that world of matter just for a time. you will only take back that which you have gained spiritually in your life’s experience. but they may be very inferior to you in divine understanding. and a long way behind in growth of life on the divine path to God. or the body’s assets? The physical body is just a borrowed vehicle. you return empty-handed.

‘I need the Earth no-more I have understood the meaning of my life. You can be as God is! Then you can live in the bliss—the utter bliss of the divine whole. The human form is not the only expression of life that God has created or given for existence. Do not think an Avatar is some aspect of life that has suddenly grow very wise. Do not discard the wisdom of the Avatars as just some form of belief or expression. growing. and reincarnation in the world in no-longer needed. the night which to eat? `Who is filling the oceans with fish? `Who is filling the Earth with food to eat. There is no rest for the soul until perfection has been reached and you are ready to be absorbed into the whole of God: wherein you know what God knows and do what God does. various other planets. As you evolve to the level of an Avatar. How many examples of life there is in the other dimensions? How many other planets on this material stage hold life? In God’s Earth and other dimension in matter: there are countless billions of such atoms of which life is expressed in one form or another. expressing once again life on that Earth to help others to grow as they are. I know your impatience with your own growth. but the soul must learn other lessons in other ways from other areas of existence. and on. ‘I am above the need to grow and learn in that world. learning. I know your need to know more. according to your own estimation and beliefs. yet willingly you will return for God to enter some aspect of life. gives you the taste of bliss. some form of existence for service to God. There is no way you could ever understand how vast or how long it would take to reach it. I know the teachings you are following and I know your hunger for them. It is a soul within that has evolved to the perfection of God. to be absorbed in that aura. Without question. It is but one form. and your desire for haste in growth. to contain the myriad of life forms that are within it? `Who gave us everything. When the time comes and you can truthfully say . the dawn which rises? `Who gives us everything? Then think: ‘This is not the beginning and end of what God has created. Do not compare their teachings with what you think could be right: accept what they give as their message from God. you will emerge again into some form of life. . the rivers to bring us that which we need. you are moving to God according to your own evolution of your soul. . one form that is useful to the soul to inhabit. just the taste of bliss that you have yet to come. I know and recognize your insatiable desire for the divine whole. I know the lessons you are learning. There is nothing that you think is your right to have or should have will come to you until you have earned the right to have it. there are other worlds and other universes where-in life is lived in the way intended for them. the air to breathe. `Beloved ones: Discard those thoughts: remember. until you can again rejoin The Beloved Creator. to feel the bliss of his power of his aura touching yours. Whether you can believe it is for your right to do so. to be enveloped in that aura.’ But yet you are not ready for union with God you move on. and experiencing. Your footsteps hasten towards The Beloved Creator at the pace they have earned the right to walk. you are in possession of free-will—but never discard it! Never reject it! Always accept you are not yet ready to accept it fully. and nothing that you want or crave will hasten them one step further. and you think of the great distance between Earth and the end of the material universe.’ `Who created everything? God did! ‘God gave us this! God gave us everything! You look out at night at the sky and you see the lights of the sky. because God needs you to serve Him in some spiritual way. the trees to blow in the wind and give us oxygen. the oceans to carry the vessels over them from one place to another. . and on. But never reject or discard it! The bliss of being near an Avatar.

You can close your mind to what you have been: that is wrong. . all part of learning evolving. Each one is simply paying homage to the needs of the flesh. the association of the senses to make that person materially happy and to give the physical attributes rest and recreation. Then and know all that you experience in life is forgotten when you enter spirit. It is discarded and behind you! `My beloved children: That is why I urge you: do not live in your past incarnations. physical wants and the need to satisfy the flesh—then that will be so. But when turn your face to God in deep meditation. Your happiness and your attributes all become part of The Divine. and live them. and the needs of the flesh become less and less. Make the negatives of the past to become obstacles that are now gone forever. You find love in it. These highly evolved souls nurture you in great love sending forth the power and the peace that only God can bring. the conscious aspirations and ambitions of humanity. and you crave and strive to obtain the wonders of God: then you are living. `Beloved ones: This is just like children playing games: they are not experiencing anything that will bring to them the wealth of the soul. they think to themselves. You can embrace that state of well-being that nothing of that material world can bring you. This is life. accept them. What you have lived in other lives is now the past and behind you. hungry for that spiritual progress that it is needs. Make the vow to never again to walk backwards. As long as your sights are set on physical needs. People think that when they go on their worldly holidays. I know your world is beautiful. because you also attracting to your life beings from the higher-worlds that encompass you with this great power of The Beloved Creator. in all parts of your world you find beauty. but you also find the ugliness of matter. this is living.In simplicity. Do not try to get a glimpse of what you have done and what you have been—they are gone! Learn from what you are doing now and what will come for you to live and experience. and take various trips around the countryside. You can do more in one hour of meditation for the growth of the inner-self than you can in a year with these holidays of the flesh. your vibrations become finer. You can undo nothing that you have gone through. Take with you the wealth of experience that you have known. Do you not? You find the conscious greed. knowing this is all part of growing. when trouble you strikes in that world you find a quick solution coming and a lessening of the sorrows. this is living and this is what I enjoy. Then. my children. all the learning that you did and all the growing that you did. They cannot move your soul one-step further to God: but an hour in deep meditation can bring you much closer to uniting with Him. You are growing and your soul is moving ever faster to God. carrying with it all the mistakes that you have made. because you have the power within to cope and you have the divine help to help to sustain you. The soul can be nourished and nurtured. but to walk forwards to God and accept the limitation of the present moment of time that you have in your life. the growth you have achieved. Accepting life’s cruelties and life’s injustices. But the soul within is starving for God. in simplicity of a child turn your face to this divine whole and gently and lovingly walk the path to God. The evolving from all experiences is all behind you: you cannot recall anything of it to live again. and the resolution that you have of moving ever faster to God to become one with Him. But if you try and live what you are: that is right. when you succumb to the great wonder of God. accepting the obstacles that life will throw in your path and the difficulties before you: conquer them. the cruelty. you can only learn from it in how you live today. enjoy the luxuries of their hotels. and the consciousness can begin to expand as it reaches out to dissolve into the super-consciousness.

Many are highly evolved souls. then you will find yourself getting closer and closer to this great stream of divinity—this purity of you and God as one. many are advanced along the path than many people in that world who are in the flesh today. This is God’s plan for your world! There must be a balance for the evil in that world today. and all they want to live is evil. You can with love link with that soul in trouble. Live unselfishly. even by just thought and prayer. because their problems are too deep for others to understand and help. greedy thoughts have power. Their tables are overflowing and their houses are of mansion proportions. It forms a cloak around them of spiritual peace and help. there must come a balancing influence from these souls to counter the greed and the physical aspirations of that world. they require spiritual help. but in the years that are yet to come your world will have greater understanding and will have opposition to the present disregard for the finer things of life. and the lack of ability to cope. They care not if another fellow man is uncovered by anything but the sky. That important balance of wisdom is not in their life to help them. a lack of understanding. to help them. Babies coming into flesh today are very special souls.regardless of what they hurt to get them. Family life is disintegrating and the qualities of living are fading rapidly. No thought is ever wasted and no thought is ever ignored: that is why thoughts are very powerful. possessing the powers to make the laws do not have the spiritual balance of understanding to counter their physical thoughts and deeds. Many are going into bad forms of life because the love that should be there in their life is not available to them. The young people of today are bamboozled by the speed of change and by the lack of quality that used to be in life. They care not what soul goes hungry around them as long as they are well fed. There is a great imbalance with the physical ability to cope with the material problems that face so many of them in your material world today. Young people are not being understood. but spiritual thoughts have greater power. The divine sending out for help for them and the need to succor them carries great power as it encompasses them. and it must be corrected by those who have the ability to inspire people to make these essential improvements in their living. Mankind is discarding souls today because they are too difficult to help. those who possess the powers to govern. `Beloved ones: Never close your eyes to another’s suffering without endeavoring. but their spiritual abilities can be starving. All they can see is evil. They are ignored because it is a more comfortable way for man to take: they try to forget it is there. The young of today are going round in circles of need. Even those in high authority may be very talented in their intellects. Never accept the gross injustices of that world of matter without sparing a thought or even a prayer to help overcome it. Evil thoughts have power. you can by a thought encompass his thoughts. The decisions they make and the laws they make are very intelligent perhaps to them. but you can give it to God to acknowledge the need for help to come. There is indifference in adults. Young children are being thrown upon the scrap heap of indifference. think unselfishly and strive unselfishly. There is a disregard for the higher qualities of spiritual living. you would be amazed if you knew what power your thoughts have upon the lives of others. . these thoughts also have this greater power. When you look at your world today. or living in some form of horror and cruelty. `My children: You will not be here. this is rife in your world today. I have said before and I say again. They close their eyes and they turn away. You may not be able to physically do anything about it. If you generate thoughts of love and caring for others. but not to God.

The thoughts of positive understanding of these evolved souls can touch the auras of those offending. Being taken to church and being read the lectures from the church pulpit is not the answer. Punishment must come. to bring into the live of those who need it so badly. it must come from the spiritual understanding within them-selves being stirred into activity. but there is the wrong punishment and there is the right punishment. but give something filled with positive love. If you only physical punish and bring nothing else into that young life’s to influence it. they then turn to the drugs of your world to help them have a lessening of pain in their minds. love. and the example of opposite living brought to them. you are never going to succeed. I say to you ‘Give the practical help to that world of God in some way or another. and bring in the positive of right action. All the laws that man makes will not stop this problem. what rises. There are also those uncaring people in your world who make of money from tempting them. and they need to respond to the prompting of the soul within in order to overcome that which he or she is being punished for. Children that are divided in loyalty. They must be brought into the influence of evolved souls to help them see and understand. I know. it is not the answer to the problem by locking these young ones up and hammering them with punishment. and what can I give to God? I hear you cry this many times. That is why God is making sure there is a greater quality within the souls who come into the flesh today. These are the practical things you can think of in your living. there must be wisdom bought in to influence each one of them. These are the ones that are growing rich out of the misery of what they are doing to these young ones today. To be banished into obscurity is not the answer.Where is the morality of old? Where is the helping hand one to another. When you find some youthful crime. right thought and right example. or by deed.’ If you send positive thoughts to the jails of your world. You would be surprised what would be achieved through practical help into difficult cauldrons of evil. by word. Sometimes it needs a combination of spiritual help and adjustment. and with various things they are not equipped to cope with. The spiritual balance must always flow into anything that is being remedied in that world today. These are the attributes they must have to balance this activity. you are sending power and this great energy of God to those inmates in that prison. Thoughts that given practicality can uplift them and help in many hidden ways: these can only help. All the laws in your world cannot eradicate this problem. Let the aura of evolved souls just touch the aura of those offending. or to help with. sometimes they fail and cannot do it. and wonderful results can happen. To be locked away from society who are more evil inclined is not the answer. and broken-homes are very prevalent. Maybe it is only a small minority that gets touched by positive thoughts: but some of them really do get touched. They to try and get a value out of this mess. What sinks. The influence is immense without you knowing it. The worst people in that material world are spirit. but it’s not possible to help if they do not have something to cling to. This is because man in not a physical being: he is spirit. no-matter where or when? Where is the quality of the home when the father and mother was the stable influence on the children? It is not there! Divorce in your world is very prevalent. As they live their lives they can build up these qualities they can exhibit. thought of love and encompassing prayer of help. even by thought. what comes of it: one knows not. There must be love. complemented by the physical punishment of your world to a lesser degree. This great energy of God can enter the body of everyone encompassed in that prison Let this power work within and touch them to awaken their souls: because this very . ‘What can I do.

lives of hope. you can pray. remember these words . It must never become the priority of your thinking and living. but the souls within are striving and longing to awaken to God to bring about the activities in flesh that are spiritual in basis. they will never move to God one inch unless their soul awakens within and guides them along this path of understanding. You cannot force any material aspect of the self to awaken to God unless the soul within is awakened in to bringing about this activity of spiritual wisdom awakening within the body. and will eventually bring you into the union with The Creator. While people think only physical. lives of despair. The one in darkness will bring you to an end where there is only destruction and annihilation. moving. If these people are ignored. lives of ignorance. There are two paths you can take. souls and minds to The Beloved Creator. God must have that place of priority.’ You will find this positive action brings about the change that you need and seek. positive. whatever need. That is the law. look at your own lives and you think…`What can I do for God? There may not be an opportunity at the moment that seems practicable that you can think of. Ignorance of truth can only be resolved by the awakening of the soul to God. but the one that leads to God is the one that is full of promise. Nomatter what pain and suffering comes along your path. this very thought is more powerful than you on that Earth will ever know. Can you see this? `My children: Feed your souls.’ ‘I will not heed this physical problem. lives of enlightenment or lives or lives that are built around the negative.’ ‘I will move through this problem and I will conquer it. hate him. That is the physical-self and the physical mind. Try and awaken hearts. who know what might have happened? All the world did at that time was. If you give forgiveness and love that is what you will receive back in one-way or another.’ ‘I will not give it room. Nomatter how many books people read. If you hate someone or something it will rebound upon yourself. It is the law! That what I give is not impossible. But you can still think. Love brings love. feed your souls they are hungry for God. living. Can you see this? Hate brings hate. The physical body has to remain healthy. They are not physical. . Someway. and must have it. and regarded as helpless and cannot be helped. I will pass through it. easier to find and follow. If you think about it. If a great number of souls had given to Hitler this power of thought and understanding. You can re-enforce the ether with this positive love.’ ‘I am infallible with God. . Hate can only bring the wrong reaction to the one you are trying to bring the change in. they are spiritual. the one that is lighted to God or the one that is dark in matter. I know. making decisions and acting out their lives in that material existence. Then you once again have to retrieve your steps in life after life . the attributes of the self must be the attributes of the soul. . Remember always. cleansed and housed. Your lives can be lives of peace. But it must not dominate the spiritual understanding of the self. only matter: that is what you will get in that world today.prayer. .’ Say them again and again to yourself . In your world you have physical beings walking around. and seeing the light of understanding reaching out before you. lives of wisdom. ‘I am divine: this problem I have. The physical body needs attention. how many spiritual teachings they listen to. somehow. whatever hunger. It is not impracticable. my children. it has to be fed. then so they will remain. and you can send forth this positive energy to every area that you can send it to. ‘I am divine. lives of turmoil. I will not energize it. and send this energy of God to everywhere it is needed. it will come and you will find you are suddenly emerging from this dark tunnel. The dark one in matter is often easier to walk.

and will not lift out of it. all forgiving. to where I belong. this indestructible self that is divine.’ ‘I am free of the illusion of matter. conquering them. and your belief in God bring you the eternal hope and positive thinking that you must have in your material world today. It is glowing for those to see and those who are ready to see. and will it to purify and cleanse. You have the ability to grow and emerge into this fulfillment of spiritual bliss. surmounting them as you reach out to this Divine Beloved that awaits you. call upon The Divine Beloved to give you the strength to do it. but surmount it somehow. Let not that world bring you sorrow. walk in light. If you choose to linger in that material world in the maudlin thoughts of selfpity. Bring into your body this divine energy. walk in hope. glowing in a world that has lost its way. . in their own way in but their own time. In the seemingly overwhelming state of darkness your material world is now enveloped in: the light of God still shines though. or you have the core of destruction to self. The latter will bring you the negative steps that will take you back again and again to that negative world to endure and inhabit till you learn to grow into greater understanding. Let the soul within bring you boundless joy.’ My beloved children: Live in the hope of knowing you are moving to God. to strengthen your wisdom. You have within you this core of divinity. and the wisdom to do it. On the way you will attract to you the Avatars. In spite of the shadows it is bright and beautiful. moving to God. I love you my beloved children. . move through it. all encompassing. I am Bethesda. Then you are taking great strides along the pathway that leads to enlightenment. these highly evolved souls to strengthen your resolve. all understanding. and to strength your resolution to reach the ultimate. I cannot make you think or believe anything I bring: I only lead you in to the understanding thoughts that may follow what I bring to you to hear. and my longing is to awaken you to all the wonderful beauty and the wonderful possibilities that are waiting for you… This invincible self that is the God within. Will it to the mind to conquer negative thoughts: to enable you to live in the positive of God. which is God. Most intellectual people see energy as a commodity: they do not recognize the power of The Creator behind it. God is all-wise. you see humanity through very different eyes Chapter 31 Earth: A Necessary Illusion. and all others will also move along this pathway. . I leave you the peace of The Beloved to encompass you along the way. You will learn these lessons. and you are moving to unite with Him. You yourself of your own volition and your own free will walk this path. Beloved ones: Let not that material world despair you. . all loving. But if you strive to reach God with positive thoughts and understanding with hope and not despair and the desire to move forward along the eternal journey back to The Beloved Creator. When you look at the material world through the mind of the soul. someway. let it. worry and anxiety of that world: then you will stay in that worry and anxiety.until you awaken to the light that you must follow. My ambition is only to lead you along this lighted pathway: I cannot walk it for you. and face these difficulties. Those who have eyes to see can see this light. No-matter what that world throws at you. Then you can say. Waste not the opportunity! Walk in love.’ ‘I am moving with God through eternity. ‘No-more I need to return to that world of matter. and promise I will never leave you while you have need of me. You are privileged to be in a body.

somehow. Man must learn to forget tribal jealousy. When a soul acknowledges that The Beloved Creator is all-important. today it is none existent. The lines of the different countries have been drawn by man and not by God. alas. They do not even allow any of the laws pertaining to the spirituality of man to exist. and He sees the disparity among them. greed. Those countries that are making mistakes and are bringing upon the people the suffering they endure. I know it sounds like a fanciful Utopia—a fantasy where the mind does not have to exist within it. ‘Enough is enough! Then nature will respond to man in such a way there can be no ignoring the fury of what it will reek. Just pouring in food occasionally is not the answer. and the lust for power. many eons of time. But you would think by this period of time called the twenty-first century in Earth time. Little children should not be subjected to the poverty and the misery of needing medical attention and education: the simple needs of life are denied them. and like to live within it in ignorance and disobedience of all God’s laws. There has to be a solution found at the root cause of all that is wrong. that evolving to God and expanding their consciousness into The Divine One is only ambition that any soul should have. the seas rise and the fires burn. and learn the sharing and caring together. but He patiently waits and knows that in time the tragedy of the experience of life on Earth will bring them to Him in spite of themselves. They are very foolish if they think they can exist in that world without God: for without God there would be no world. They acknowledge not the supremacy of The Beloved Creator. Is this not true? God watches this evolution of His children. as they claim it to be. It is irrational in that world of plenty. irrespective of color or creed. the poverty in so much of that world. All must learn to acknowledge that the world is one world. the envy. . of other nations lives. In many cases the origin of the tragedy goes back many. to respond to the needs of each other together. `My beloved children: I say in truth. but they sill cling to their reasoning that the physical side of life has the answer to all things that they need and believe. I am concerned who is to blame and who is not. People of your world must learn they have to live together and share together. that divinity is their inheritance and their future. . There are other countries that are emerging from the darkness of un-evolvement and un-enlightenment: out of the wilderness into a world of plenty they come. yet they cannot find a way to ease the hunger. tribal hatred. They are so busy sending men to the moon and space ships to Mars. Just pouring in money is not the answer. there is no other way for that world but to live together. they do not think they are not responsible for that which happens. and there are those who throw food away. There are people in your world today that have so much affluence it becomes obscene. I realize the difficulties of intruding in other people’s lives. as I cannot understand why it has not found to be solvable. and materialism is but a passing phase in a temporary existence: they will then start to reconcile their true life to that which they live at the moment. but somewhere.There are so many people in your world today are attracted to the darkness. When you see the poverty and the misery that exists in so many countries in that material world today. When a soul recognizes that God is supreme. When the turmoil comes to your world and the storms rage. God knows there is no other way but to go forward to Him. . and I realize the imperfections their own governments and their own control. you can be forgiven for thinking the affluent countries must be deaf and blind to the needs of another. so much. Nature is very slow to anger and very forgiving until there is the time when nature says . in that developed world there could have been a solution found in the years gone by. you would think that a way would have been found to alleviate suffering for all humanity. But. there are those that go hungry.

‘It does not tempt me. You here this night in your own lives have realized this reality as truth that you are essentially on a mission of growth to God passing through that material world because you need to do so in order to awaken this truth to its’ fullest potential. when those who chose God and not that material world. .When they learn that must be the way of life. It cannot be obtained at the whim or fancy of one wanting or needing it. Then they no-longer need they come through compulsion. and you build upon it. realize the choice that they have made: they cannot and do not ever again succumb completely to the material. this expansion into God. like a toe in the water. but always deep within them. All man can see today is the compulsion of wanting. they realize the priorities of living are so very different from the other opposite that they see around them. but to the best of your ability you have tried: you have gathered unto you the glory of the soul. God never compels a soul to live a spiritual life. I want it not’: if it’s not coming from the depth of that person’s soul. Even in the last few decades the rapid deterioration of morality and integrity is very drastic. lapsing of the resolution. There may be moments of temptation. They still find the pull of that world very tempting and seduction of materialism very enticing. possessions: how fallible they are? How perishable and temporary they are? When you look with the eyes of divine wisdom of what they seek to gather and gain for their glory. My beloved children: The world of matter in which you live is so very different to the world that God wants and God intends. God gave man the free-will voice of his journey. as it were. but always back on to the divine pathway they come. this great acknowledgement of the divinity within you. God listens not. I want only you and not this world. and you have lived God’s laws to the best of your ability. each soul has the choice. . with pure longing you have to choose that God is your goal and not the world. you look and you wonder—why are they so blind? What can you do with money in the bank when you leave the body? What can you do with the homes you have built? What can you do with the luxuries within these homes and the cars in the garage? What can you do with all the trappings of that world that you have gathered unto you when the time come for you to leave that physical body and come back to spirit? Not one atom of those possessions can come with you! They are wasted! Forgotten! My beloved children: When you have gathered unto you the soul growth. But if it is only the noise of the mouth that is only saying the words and it is not the truth of the soul behind them—God cannot hear. You may have failed here and there along the way. until they have conquered the rugged road to discipline back to Him. Once a soul has awakened to this truth it can never respond completely again to anything that is material. You know you have to choose deliberately with sincerity and integrity.’ And by your actions show this truth to be so: then God hears.’ A person can speak words that have no meaning. Is this not true? The pursuit of the material has overtaken the divinity of man. Then when you leave that physical body that goes with you into spirit. A growing soul must learn to say it does not want the world—and mean it! A seeker cannot say . . Little fragile steps are taken in the beginning. When a soul can truly say to God. . only by choice. . If you were not subjected to this material existence you would not have the growth that you need to have to find God. demanding. You know you have to face the stark reality of temptation from that world. for behind them there does not rest the truth of the sincerity that should be there. In all lives there must come a time when the truth of God and the reality of God awakens to the true knowledge of each must seek and find. obtaining and holding fast in the physical sense. and you continue to build . ‘Father I love you. God never compels a soul to return to him. Luxuries. this understanding that the reality of truth and divinity cannot be bought. Beloved ones: I can say in truth.

and are striving to find and know The Beloved Creator. I give in truth. one who is awakened to the truth of God can see this very clearly.upon it until eventually it is perfect in God. giving understanding when there is a good cause for anger. I always say. I only come to souls like you who I know want to hear. it must find a resting place somewhere. even if it is not acknowledged. When you have the gentleness of soul growth. You need material possessions that you can use to cope with that world. if they are just wasted on the air. . you can be very sure that God is easy to find. You need food to eat. It is no reason to feel rejected: for once you are giving for God nothing can be rejected. It is very easy for me to speak like this. If they are boring to listen to. You have nor to be a sanctimonious bore. Even if you are rebuffed. there is nothing materially that is of any importance or of any value. is living God! In living in that physical world. my children. is important. . there is no point in me coming. I am not in that world . But only try and acquire enough of these things that you need. By just living a gentle loving life. Never make the energy of your life the goal of gaining possessions. and you see the gentle loving compassion of one who knows God: you realize who has the wealth and who has not. You do not have to become one with all the others just because of the sake of possessing. awakening God’s love where you can. for the majority of people in your material world are so busy gathering and racing through that world trying to acquire the wealth of that world. as they say. ‘You cannot educate anyone to find and want God. sharing what you have with others. . they have to want to believe. I cannot give these words to anyone who is not ready to want to hear them. I think an enlightened soul in God. the desire has to be awakened from within. a simple caring life. When you see a greedy. the understanding love to give. the compassion. they have to want to go into them of their own volition. their own desire and not from force. angry man. and flourish and grow out of desire for God. materially. You have not to go constantly singing the hymns and preaching the words from the pulpit—that’s not what God wants. If you are trying to impress your neighbor. . You must have enough currency of your world to buy these things. You need a home of some sort. We see the futility. to have the necessities of life around you. or someone else with how wealthy you are. a housing to cover the body. . You cannot coerce anyone into believing the truths I have given. how large your home is—indeed the futility is great. jealous. caring about the plight of another.’ When a soul is ready to find God. but anger is suppressed. There is nothing in that material world that could possible mean anything to one who seeks God. There is indeed on Earth a great sadness for this spirit world to watch. You are! But you have not to become a part of it unless you chose. You cannot coerce anyone into loving God. to be secure. and you take these steps to grow closer to God. It is necessary of course to be comfortable. Live your life in the wider understanding of the divine laws. . to one who is seeking God. It doesn’t matter if they do not impress anyone with what they have gained or gathered unto themselves. and the wisdom: then that my children. All these qualities are an expression of the divinity within. You realize the futility of one life and the quality of another. We see the unnecessary energy expended upon things of no importance. but never make them the reason for your happiness or the soul purpose of your existence. having compassion for your enemies. is the great wealth. and giving to others that which you know that are spiritual gifts from God. Living in your material world and sharing with the world your own divinity—then that my children. and not what you want. and giving God’s love where you can. Make them a necessary adjunct that you have to have in that world in order to grow to God. or understood: that is no reason to withdraw. compared to the growth of the soul and the expansion of their consciousness into the divine mind of God.

let them ring forth loud and clear as truth. To deceive themselves is one thing. . But when you hear that which is given by so many and claim to be truth. You have to see the conflicting emotions of males and females. This is because the lure of God is so strong in man it cannot be denied forever. If you can with discipline and spiritual strength. But you can in truth believe in that which you want to follow and live: then you will find God. You have never lived a lie. God holds out His arms and says . that is not as important as being able to know that you have always acted and spoken with the divine integrity. If the pace be slow. He never shows impatience. but to deceive others is quite another.’ I look at those in your world that mislead the people. And when you consider those who preach these words are misleading: Then that increases the debt they have yet to pay. It must never be taken lightly! When you speak the word of God: you must mean you believe the word of God. the word of God as your authority. be sure you are using the foundation of divinity. and you are trying in your own way to follow God’s laws and live them. I want for all humanity on that Earth to find God. no poverty. I want the love of God to reign supreme in that world. I see with sadness how far they have yet come and what karma they are building for themselves When you have words of truth to bring. live your lives with divine integrity. Never mutilate and create in your own meaning that which you want to say. no hunger. it is better to be slow and be honest. I want a world where nature smiles upon man and works together with man in that which man is seeking. When you tell the truth must mean you believe it to be the truth. and so many fail. There must come a day when souls on that Earth are more equal. and really mean that in the . It remains an atom within them until they deliberately awaken it and see it grow until it becomes the all-consuming fire that it will become one day: that is why it takes so many lives to find. no destruction of life and possessions to make life hard I want a loving world. surmount them. You have to struggle with the imperfection of evolution within you. love and gentleness. How can you be angry when God is so gentle? How can you do anything that is opposite to God if you really love Him? In seeking God you have to want to be like God: that it’s why it is so hard. spiritually. The divine aspect of every human being is the God within this inner divinity must evolve and expand. You have to face the realities of experience and suffering. . who utilize the Divine for gain or glory. . you realize how easy it is for the people following them to be misled.’ ‘When you are ready—I am here. compassion and understanding. I want nothing else but God. I want for all humanity to awaken to truth and reality of the divine message.God never hides from anyone seeking Him. and not moving ahead as fast as you want. I want a world where there is no sorrow. but I know it will come one day. ‘Come home to me—I am waiting. You have to experience every facet of life in your journey to God. and this garden of God’s creation can become indeed a place of hope. It is only when you have gone through all these fires of experience and you have truly said . You may at times find yourself stumbling along the path. `My beloved children: I can tell in truth. The responsibility for spreading God’s truth in that world is very great. if you really love God you can never really show anger. You can never show hurt to another. anger. deliberately. than try and make it fast through shortcuts and deliberately deceiving that which you believe. who deliberately mislead for the sake of power and leadership. You have to struggle with your human factor of existence. or judgment. Whatever you do. He only gives love. who wantonly misuse the truth to please their own ends. You have to struggle with so many conflicting emotions in that world. I cannot see it coming for a very long time. You have to stumble and fumble through so many lives. . no cruelty. you have never misled deliberately. a world of serenity and gentleness.

you can be sure you are very close to the point when you need no longer to inhabit a physical body. ‘I cannot understand exactly why I am going through what I am. the most exacting. deliberate. and take longer. then you will stumble away from that divine pathway for one reason or another. and the true conviction of the soul to really want God that will take you to God. Once you have tasted the true divinity of the search you hunger for more. so difficult to cope with. a feeling of knowing you don’t really belong in that world. and so unrewarding in many ways. you know you have gone through that which you must. . and I know I must win. `Beloved ones: God gave you reason and God gave you logic! Don’t just believe because it sounds good. It’s the seeking of God that is the most difficult. or any hard decisions. which I bring. Your thirst cannot be quenched by anything of that world: only the nectar of the divine can satisfy that thirst for fulfillment. Then my children. the true conviction of the truth you hear. like a baby growing up. When you really love God and want Him with longing. but I know I need to. . . It’s so easy to drift through that world. you feel within the feeling of fulfillment and a feeling of detachment from that world. and found the ultimate in The Beloved Creator. you see the light and you feel the glow of divinity that is truly yours and you say. Don’t give up the struggle. but when you listen because you say it sounds right. The baby has no sense of direction and has no reasoning in its true identity. There are those succumb very quickly.’ ‘I know I must.`Don’t give up the struggle my sons and daughters`. Believe because the logic of this. and so few follow the path in any great degree. before and above all else.deepest sense of conviction. Don’t just believe because I tell you so. . When all you think you see around you is dark despair. It is the true conviction of the longing. and yet the most fulfilling and certainly the most rewarding.’ If you cannot accept it— then reject it! Don’t force yourself! Don’t deceive yourself! Only when you can say with truth . God is watching you with love saying. anything less. You will never lose the way—He will . you really believe you can find God. my beloved ones. and feel the satisfaction being obtained by the senses through materialism. and find the divinity a powerful force within them. experiences that you must go through to find God. such perfection waiting for you in the time that is ahead.’ When you can say with all honesty. believe because you want within yourself to understand this divinity. When the life you live is eventually the one you make the choice to find and know God. . When you are entering the early lives of your existence. `Push through that world and reach out to me`. and I am satisfied this is the way I want to find God for these are the truths I have been waiting for. They would rather linger in that world of matter. ‘I believe. . In the midst of the most dramatic stages of your life you can feel God’s love reaching through to strengthen. Then there are those who are slow. . and decide. and I must conquer. As it grows deeper and deeper. These are the tests that you must pass. the most disciplined. There is such love. God’s love is an all-enveloping cloak of peace. it is so less demanding. you think materially and you act materially. Don’t stop the search! Don’t give up the struggle! Don’t weary of the path! Never stop looking for a solution because your life seems to be so slow in moment. not calling upon yourself for any discipline.’ Always know your hand is tightly held by God. `My children: That is why the path is so narrow. and further and further along the spiritual path it begins to be able to segregate. In the midst of turmoil in your life you can feel this peace. or it is wiser to think this is right and you must follow it—that is wrong! Only the disciplined integrity of longing must be there when you really follow the path to God. strikes a cord within and says to you: ‘This has a ring of truth. . they find it too difficult and too disciplined.

but I have not that right. You are no longer content with that which that world has to offer as education and knowledge. loving struggle. See the struggle of humanity within it trying to fine the way. They would not have conquered and overcome anything to find God. for I know not what struggles are coming into your life because you have free-will. in their own way. You see indeed.not let you! God will always lead you along that struggling path. They must be allowed to make that journey to God at their own pace. If you suddenly get glimpses of things from beyond Earth you think you have achieved greatness. accordingly. watching and helping. and there is no darkness coming for you any more. If you took away the experiences the struggles and the difficulties of their lives. a seemingly hotchpotch of humanity. the disciplined walk. but feel and exchanges with God this great force of wisdom. peace and beauty. If it takes a little longer than you like. and then—cessation. It would have been done for them. But I can tell you: you never struggle alone. Look at your world with eyes of reality: it’s a place where man has to make many mistakes. When your consciousness begins to expand into that of God’s. you cannot take away the struggles of another. If you look deeply you will see differing values expounded and differing lives being lived: like a mosaic pattern. and according to their own needs. you see then the treasures beginning to unfold. the divine reality of existence. slow. through the darkness of suffering until the joy and fulfillment are there waiting for you with Him. I would like to tell you: that your world is going to be an easy place for you. we are inspiring. You see the purpose behind all things. You see the answers that have escaped your understanding. for only you have that right to choose. not the quick spasmodic. you never make that journey without love as your companion. That material world is a place where you should see love and compassion given. No matter what love you have to give. sending forth the divine wisdom that you may absorb it and make wiser decisions. nor would I want that right. and you see the struggles of those still moving along the path to find Him. a hotchpotch revolution that it is. and you can achieve much less in a fast time. You can achieve some wonderful growth to God in a long time. my children? It would be so easy for me to ease your burdens and to eradicate the struggles along the way. If you are bereft and living in the darkness with no divine help. or what desire is there. Flashes of exuberance in your path to God are not the criteria you strive for. they would have gained nothing. Only experiencing these disasters do you find the true value in what you have found in your love for God! `Is that not logic. less arduous: but they must walk it. Some people think . my children. We are there in your lives. You are touching the divine truth and the divine wisdom that accompanies all creation. You then like God. then remember: you will make the journey eventually. want to reach out and help them find the struggling road less difficult. and is still making mistakes: with bad judgments and bad discussions. Look at your world as it is today. Time is not always the important issue: it is that which you are achieving that is important. I cannot tell you what you will choose. When you are with God you live in bliss. therefore it would have no value. with each part so different until it eventually comes into completion as one. than you want. Look for the slow fulfilling growth. That would be misleading. This very often is not so important in the struggle to find God as the one who sees nothing. and the path that takes you forward always and doesn’t allow you to deviate as you walk along the way. what a lonely place that world would be? When you are walking in light and divine love it becomes so different. Only you have that right to over come and to conquer them. It’s the long. The reason for so much is disclosed in one single thought.

Sometimes you may look at yourself and say . the goal is God. and the desire for Him is real. and do not let yourself evolve in such a way that you are giving the human face to your existence as the real living. Let nothing weaken it! Let nothing devalue it! `My children: Remember. you have to live like God! These qualities must come before you can find Him. . Do not come to God if you are angry. Do not give it an importance it should not have. trust. I know some times. walk to Him in love. You come again—you spend the time again— you leave again. When the time comes and you are at home with Him again. . You come. . remember this… You are there with God because you have earned it. and they are never more wrong. It has been set in motion as a cause. in your goals and in what you want. or do you just casually give a minute here. its’ what you do to others. . you must let them walk their own path to God. but you have to understand or try hard to understand. It is truth! If you want God. How much do you really want God? The answer lies in what you are prepared to give to Him and give up for Him. before you reach that supreme evolved level of soul growth to that of an Avatar. . . Each one of you is only on that Earth for a brief time in each incarnation. and the cause must have an effect. Think for a moment of the intervening time you spend elsewhere. It’s not Utopia of which I speak. or do you set aside the time and say .they have found the way. Others find the desire for God so strong they want no other path. Some cannot find the way— any way! There are those who find the way.You have to show . you cut your feet as you walk that blessed pathway to Him. But is spite of the differing evolutions the one overriding fact of truth is. They are all from God and they will go back to God. Think of the real identity of yourself. a temporary drama in that material world. it seems to them to become very hard. You cannot come to God if you are false to yourself. You must not be quick to judge and value another’s life. it is not a fanciful aggrandizing statement that I make . It has all been caused by the cause and effect of mankind. Make no mistake my children. `My beloved seekers: You must be able to accept the truth of the need to overcome that discrepancy in your own thinking and character if you ever want God. Walk to God through all the stress and turmoil. It is not what others do to you that matters. in a body of a human form in order to express themselves in matter. faith. and forgive— forgive at once. they are all divine.` When you add up the hours of each day and you work out how much time you have spent with God—that is the important issue. and most certainly. they then settle for the easy life. There are so many differing souls alive in that world. You have not to condone the right way to go. ‘This is yours my God. and longing. and give up the struggle. you spend a time growing: you leave. Where you see hatred. I know there many true people out there whose love for God is very true. for when that world experiences great darkness: remember this . It’s what you bring to God: the gentleness and the willing compassion for all things in that world. give love. But I want you all to evaluate this truth . . That facet of life on Earth you have to live is but a temporary act. a minute there. To all beloved seekers: I know your lives differ in many ways. desire. ‘I have been angry today and I have been at fault in so many ways today`. Are you prepared to spend the time in your day that God needs to speak with you to enable you to come close to Him in your desires to try to be united with Him. not because you wanted it and expected it—you had to earn it. before you can find enlightenment and before you can touch the higher state of consciousness. You must learn slowly and surely from this moment to live God. . . . very strong. the road is very dark and lonely.

Then to see the opening of the pathway before you. experiencing the negative and the positive. It hurts the body. I know. If not. It is a path of growth. this is to help you find the truth that is coming from within and not from without. from all the consequential things of life that deter you from happiness and from peace. of finding your true self and of moving in the direction that your soul need to follow in order to unify again with The Creator. It is not a path that is easy to walk. I leave my love in abundance with you all. but I say in truth one day you will be able to lay it aside and bring home to God the glory of the spirituality of the self. I come I know and speak these words of greatness that you must do. but eventually you have to live God if ever you want to reach Him and move away from the need to reincarnate into a physical body. That material body seems always to get in the way. I must bring and tell you the need for what you must do and what you need to become. If anyone expects just because they acknowledge God and love Him. understanding pain and joy. You come to depend upon your own inner-self to give you all the answers to all the emotions you have to contend with. and try and face each hardship with the divine wisdom. Resist the temptations to express the worldly facets of your life. I will never mislead. sorrow and peace. but I only come to have to tell you of the goal you have to keep before you. the closer you come to Him. With spiritual insight. Spiritual truth is always the same: it never changes Chapter 32 Wisdom and Spiritual Truth from an Avatar In your world of turmoil it is very precious to fine the peace of God and to retreat into the silence and find His love surrounding you. and you will no . to know your feet are upon it. it’s a struggle of pain. It is not a path that allows you to retreat from all trouble. there will be no doubts about the direction you are taking or the reason you have for following that narrow pathway. spreads divine understanding for all to walk upon. Life is all learning and growing. you will keep coming back again and again into that world of matter if you do not do that: as you need to do in any incarnation. I am not saying how quickly. I know. that is your choice. You must learn to live God. Beloved ones: The longer you walk this path to God. when or where. but I can never presume to tell you when and how—that is your choice! I give in truth. and you are taking solid steps towards unity with God. a path of learning. You must be an expression of God upon that planet Earth eventually if you hope to unite with Him. He. from other species of existence: it is a whole era of growing from nothing to everything. I will help wherever I can. but try and see through it: it’s a divine journey you are making. It’s your free will. learning so many lessons from nature. You will no longer need the solace of others to make you happy. Whatever the measure I have brought to you if it where not the ultimate it would not be truth. I cannot bring you less if the need is there for you to find more.the divine face to that world and mean that to your world as God would have you do. I am Bethesda. they are very wrong. who lives in divine light. their life will be smooth and free of pain and troubles. I will never deceive. Express your divinity while you can. and pray God’s light and peace will be forever your companion.

for all creation to know follow and respect. They are immutable. or force an entry because the think they want to or think they should do. he can drill through mountains while he is motivated by greed for the jewels within. affect the planets. But. . locked away. Through any sense of importance. All truth already exists: it is there for you to know. Man thinks matter is that for which he was formed to live within and that is all. and to understand. by individuals and by all of humanity incarnate. greed or ego. to enter. They cannot understand or accept the might of nature. beloved ones. They know not what nature truly represents. and affect all other forms activity. no freedom for nature and animals to live as God intended. They must be lived by governments. he thinks. he knows not what he does and what will be the effect of that cause that is set in motion. they cannot move one inch towards God: it can only come through the growth of the soul. expansion of consciousness and the living of the laws that govern the universes. and know them to fully understand the implications of disobedience of these laws. but they will.longer need the wisdom from books to enlighten. You have through the long journey of the eternal to move to God: to awaken within your-self that opening of the soul: to allow the knowledge already there. Unless they are truly lived there will be no real peace in your world. Man encompasses science in his own way. Man knows not the intertwining of these dimension and these other universes that are beyond limited reasoning ability of the human mind to even begin to understand. They know not what evolves of the species beyond man. they are the will of God for mankind to know and live. Man must recognize the rights of animals and other species to evolve in their own way to perfection of that which they are formed to do. The integrity of these laws fashion the creation God gave to all of us. will never be able to be mutilated in any form. Man can change mountains to molehills. will never vary. You cannot follow one or two that you think you can. Man thinks he can stem the tide of this and that. No one can manipulate the divine aspect of creation God has given and not expect repercussions. Man thinks he can play with the little fanciful things that he does. Man does not think his own deeds and his own actions will have repercussions on other aspects of creation. you must follow them all. Man does not recognize that beyond Earth there are other universes and other dimension in existence. interpret them. you can correspondingly tap into this great mind of God that has the answer to ever-thing. and then. no matter what Earthly restrictions may come to anyone living in humanity. Much of what happens in those universes. nor what eventual form of activity their souls will take to do so. Man will find that one day he will pay the price for all his exploration in space. to be released gradually and slowly into your consciousness and understanding of God. Unless these laws are eventually lived you will never find your-self unifying with God. affect matter. You must live them. the power of nature. these spiritual laws must be obeyed above and beyond all else. That call from within is divine: it already embodies all truth and all knowledge of existence. Man does not think beyond the physical appreciation of what he wants to do and doesn’t want to do. God’s spiritual laws were written in the beginning of time and will never change. my children. Man knows not how intricate wean and woven are the paths of creation. and the true value of that which God gave to nature to represent Him in the way that nature suppose to do. you can only enter and undo that lock of truth in accordance of the wisdom that you have gained through your journey. No matter what laws man fashions to control your life. No one can tap that knowledge. and thinks he has the right to achieve that which he wants. he can dam rivers and oceans. thwarting this aspect and that aspect of nature. All laws must be obeyed in conformity with the whole of creation and not one small aspect of it. the era of evolution that you have achieved. no justice.

God knows it must all evolve into perfection that it will need. it is the aspect of life that you are forming around you or coloring your judgment is precluding you from receiving that which He sends. and awaken this divine truth within you. There will be the signposts for you to read. to rejoin again into the whole. the clearer will become the sign-posts that you must read. in your moments of wrong decisions. to any aspect of creation: His love is ever there. God’s love is ever flowing no-matter what stage of evolution you have reached: His love is just the same. No-matter how long the path. Never close off from this immense power of love that is flowing. You must walk through darkness before you find light. must reflect the authority of God. Never begrudge the fall that life brings to your doorstep—learn from it. and not have the effect of that which he is causing. If you are in the humble beginnings or the greater dimensions of growth. and understanding of the truth of the Divine. correcting mistakes. the better decisions to make. As you stumble through life making mistakes. God does not stop sending it. but the love is just the same. God still sends the same love. no-matter how long the journey. and the more you seek the wealth of God’s truth and understanding. Never regret the mistakes you have made. to undertake this or that. God will never leave you in your moments of trouble or doubt. Open more widely the self to God. to choose this way or that way. no-matter what the distance or the time it takes you to walk that path. You will be given opportunities to walk this way or that. His love is intense as ever for you. Look to the future in the positive understanding that through soul growth will surely come to you. His longing is ever real to have you again to enter the perfection of the whole. the errors of decision. the better judgment. Thank God for the opportunity that He has given you to learn the lessons of the soul that you must learn. to all evolving development. beloved ones. God’s love is ever constant. You must know negative before you can live in the positive. You will find wisdom coming in the decisions that you make and the way you choose to go. learning from the errors of judgment. God’s peace surrounds it and His truth and wisdom is ever flowing for the absorption of that which is being sent to be received. you are gathering unto your own character the strength of growth: you are learning to choose. Always in moments of great trial open wide the self to God. Never regret the past of what has gone. in order to reach Him and unify with Him. You will then find you are starving your soul of spiritual nurture. the receptivity of that love is greater the closer you are to Him. in your suffering or joy—God is there just the same. they have been steps of learning that you must take. the more the trials become more painful. God always gives understanding and compassion to every aspect of His creation. His help is pouring forth as strongly as ever. All you do.Man cannot invade the realms beyond the planets as he is doing. to choose. If you reject that love. In the path that you take you will find the temptations will come to test your resolve in this way. to all races of mankind. Do not think when life is hard upon you never think that God has retreated from you or forgotten you are there. the harder are the lessons to learn. and it will one day rebel and force you to rethink the path you have chosen to walk. God’s love is completely impartial to all colors of skin. Man must learn to respect that which is the supreme power over all. My beloved children: Grieve not or carry a great sense of guilt over the past mistakes you have made and the wrong paths you have chosen. If you cling to the material and fashion your values purely upon the material you will never find the divine way that you must take. Never retreat into the personal self and discard this great spiritual immensity of love and peace that is flowing. .

and have incarnated into young bodies: the bodies are young but not the souls. Never try and hammer your thoughts and feelings into the mind of another. his own individual pace and the decision he makes must be his own to account for. the learning process. All you can do is to give love and understanding wherever you can. but do not feel encompassing upon yourself the right to make to decisions for him or to decide what you think he should do and be. It is a task these souls have undertaken in order to speed the awakening of that family group in truth. and never judge another by your own mental capacity to decide what you think should be. but this is never done if a soul is learning to find its way back to God. When you feel someone is making misguided decisions. `Do they not? If there comes a lack of parental love. That is why is so important for children. and will him the peace and the wisdom to choose the way that is right. It is free of complications if God is lived as you move through time. to take diversions that are wrong. Never forgo the opportunity to sow the seed of spiritual truth as you walk this path to God—but never enforce it upon another. and become the real person they need to they need to grow and develop into in that material world. Become receptive in all moments of decision that must be taken. my beloved ones. from the moment of birth to be enveloped in love. flowering and evolving gently. The journey of a soul to God is a very complex one. so when the time comes they can express their own individual understanding of truth. to make the errors of judgment. The path you think that someone should take may be the one he is not ready for. . But until they are subsequently able to break free from the chains of this enforced belief and follow the dictates of the soul awakening within them to the truth of spiritual growth. That is his privilege! All you can send is love and understanding. are painful reminders of the folly of man. The souls are entrapped in bodies to enable them to grow to a physical stature. Sow the seed gently. Never withhold help whenever it is asked for. is a beautiful sight. but never give the domination that you think would accomplish the deed that you want to achieve. in his own time. but because it is part of the growing process. Understand every soul incarnate is growing to God in his own individual way. and find the fulfillment of awakening understanding their right. the breakdown of family life. growing and encompassed in love. send love. let him find his own path. in the right environment of living to encourage their own growing. give the love so willingly and forcefully. Little children are souls old as time in so many cases. it is really essentially simple if the laws of the laws of the Divine are followed. not because they deliberately set out to do so. I think any child born into la family of awakened souls is blessed with more than happiness. To see a soul flowering. send your spiritual help to him to help him make the right decisions. an accident of force from a parent to a child to follow this teaching or that teaching: this can cramp their growth and it can deny them the spiritual growth that they came to that world find. and all sorts of complications that affect children’s lives: this forces them to suffer needlessly and be deprived of the guiding force of God that should come to them automatically from those entrusted in their early years of growth and judgment. But these times in your world preclude children in so much of it from ever having such opportunities. you see the true nurturing of that soul being given to it and allowing it to move gradually and gently through time. in understanding.Become receptive in all moments of judgments you need to perform. Many evolved souls are born into bodies to form part of families that are completely opposite. and their way to follow. It may be accident of birth. What you think is right for that person may be very wrong for that person. It is learning to evolve into the perfection of the Divine and therefore must be allowed to stumble and fall. The enforcement of religions upon children.

And that is why evolved souls have painful incarnations in order to help the growth of those they wish to help. Whatever form you make available to your life. sometimes the awakening can come more quickly and more forcefully for them. . a deep response to truth. and carefully fulfilled. An Avatar’s aura can reach miles and miles into the auras of others. If you can focus completely upon this limitless love of God into all creation. carefully planed. because of the suffering of their children or their family. The very power of the aura of the Avatar moving into the aura of others is very immense. They do not need the lessons. so they have willing come into a physical body that is mutilated in this way in order to allow the others to understand and grow because of it. and two-thousand years later he is still giving light to a darkened world. Often this is because it is lessons that the physical bodies around them must learn themselves lessons from. yet so wonderfully gentle so complicated—and yet so simple. Many people of the human-race have found something awakening within them-selves. The power of The Divine is so mighty. a stirring of the soul. I want you to see the ramification of the whole of creation upon the whole of life. just the fact that it is love brings it the power that is immense. The intent of these evolved souls is to help others grow to God. True healing is from the force of love from God. whenever they feel the time is nigh. and according to the soul’s growth. they touch so many lives and move so many souls along this path to Him. as spoken from the pulpits today. The power of The Divine is so empowering in its love and compassion. They consider the sacrifice of having to move into a body well worthwhile. They call them miracles that happen at times on your Earth. They have the power of retreat from that body whenever they want it. you will realize the power of love. `My beloved children: It is not always haphazard. but they come because they know service to God is required. to impress upon you the magnitude of life. and he would recoil in horror at the amount of wealth many religious movements are making in his name. to the one needing it. and this is the motive for their sacrifice for God. I think the life of an Avatar is so beautiful to behold. and yet so exacting in its demands of your growth. Jesus was an Avatar who came to Earth a little over two-thousand years ago to give light to a darkened world. Avatars need never incarnate. They are really the result of manifestations of immense divine love into the being that needs it at that time. They wait not for a physical death: they can loosen from the material and move back into spirit. It helps the souls who are so touched to grow more and faster to God because of the very presence an Avatar’s spiritual energy feeding divine energy into their aura. You find bodies mutilated with disease really encompassing souls of such magnitude of growth. through the person that is sending it. at that time. I want if I can. and they willingly submit to a body in order to lovingly give this service to The Creator. and you may wonder why they would have to suffer as they do. to want to move faster along this path toward Him. it can only inspire likeminded spiritual beings slowly growing to God to want to hurry. Have they not? It has sparked an awakening within them because suffering has come to them. They are in the perfection of God manifesting in flesh for God.If one awakened soul is in the midst of such. for this law of incarnation is by no-means scattered needless here or there: it’s carefully thought out. It goes awry at times because as long as mankind is evolving as they are you will find the mistakes will be made because of the lack of evolvement. and to not relate to life from this physical standpoint. but those around them do. I want help you to stop living in the tiny dimensions of matter of your understanding in this physical way. He would not recognize the truths he spoke he spoke then.

and if you try to live the laws of God. your body will respond. My children: Do not resent life. and move on. If you can understand how mighty and powerful this force of will is you can get it to move mountains. the more they will have to come back to it. It living the law of God in order to once again bring that aspect of a God back again into the whole of perfection. Never limit the mighty power of God within you that is yours to harness. the sooner he will grow to God and not have to return again into flesh. and unify into the one light—which is God! I don’t think. yours to awaken and yours to use. The longer human beings resent living in the world of matter. he can truly appreciate what a wonderful opportunity it gives to the soul to mitigate the past mistakes. and never take for granted that which you have. Use this power of the mind to push away the negative. accept it and try to mitigate it. let it grow. it need not keep the soul in bondage in that poverty: it really means the soul has this problem and must leave it behind it and move out of this era of existence into the positive of God The positive power of the mind is a force that is yet to be unlocked for mankind. but do not resent it. It is His gift to you. When you can will this great force that you have. is mighty. Beloved ones: Never neglect this power. The power of the right thinking. to push away this opposite condition to God and bring into action the positive of God. and move the very essence of living in you life. you can come out of sickness. sometimes the point of destruction may have advanced so far. to will the changes to your body and the changes to the future. and move forward into other dimension of existence to reach God. Reincarnation is not something to be regarded as punishment. to will the change to your life. Accept the need to face these conditions and push them behind you and move into the positive growth that awaits you. accept it. to perfect the self in spite the imperfections in matter. need not cower the soul. and you can come out of injustice and misery into the positive light of growth and progress. in spite of the prophecies of man for that body. A person’s thoughts can govern that person’s health: but a person’s attitude to existence can also bring unhealthy problems to the body. Jealousy and greed can destroy the functions of the body. God within you is your treasure from the Divine. until mankind will acknowledge the laws of reincarnation. if the intent is always there to give and not take. You can come out of poverty. my children. The sooner man stops resenting coming back into the body. be it to your body or your life. this will require another incarnation for that soul to go through. The need to live in poverty. and the power of the right understanding of the mind. Then. it must be regarded as something from God to help the soul evolve and move to the perfection that it must achieve. Let it color your judgment with the positive understanding that you are divine—you are not matter . a necessity of the soul — not a punishment. Do not resent misery. will acknowledge that such a thing exists. Acceptance of misery does not mean you have to live in misery: it means you accept it as a problem that you must work through. Nothing can violate them! And the physical body will grow in matter according to the divine laws. expand.It is the receptivity of this that will change the condition of a physical body. Reincarnation is a divine privilege. and decides to achieve growth because of it. poverty or injustice. Hatred and anger can poison the cells of the body more quickly than anything. unhappiness. it must be allowed to take it’s toll and ultimately release that soul from that physical body for it to return back to spirit. But remember. and move into the light of the growth to God. There are no such things as miracles: they are merely acts of divine achievement according to the intent of God and the receptivity of the one needing it. they are divine laws. in its purity. If your thoughts are truly pure and loving. Nothing is achieved beyond the laws of nature.

and it’s allowed to enter this great mind of God. See the wisdom of the various animals that your world has and how they live their laws. You are never allowed to live in the poverty of divine understanding and love. See the wonder of the varying animals. the dominance of man upon the lesser creatures because he is more powerful. glorious in color and myriad in the numerous species that your world produces for God. the fish. ten times more than you give. he can consume to satisfy his appetite. Let it be generous in the sharing withers others the good things of life that you have found coming to you. But along the way man thinks he can exterminate. Remember. and grow in wisdom.That body around your soul is but there for that time you spend on Earth: it is a necessary adjunct for the soul to use in order to animate in that heavy world. The more you live God in that material world. the more God will push wisdom into your understanding. let your-self be receptive to God. I think that material world in which you live. The more you love. Let the spirit overpower the physical in its wisdom and in its influence. Let nor the physical body assume an importance it must not have. the more you will attract the qualities of life to your life. and to once again rejoin Him in the perfection of the whole. See also the cruelty of man upon them. for it will try to dominate the force of the true spiritual consciousness. See the part it is playing in the whole concept of life it is playing in that wonderful world. and to allow. God reinforces. the insects. Then the need comes to allow it to grow within you. It is mighty power within you. has never experienced such darkness . Within each soul is contained all understanding and all knowledge. `My children: This is the folly of man: he tries to play God and he cannot even understand the meaning of the word. See the wonder of its growth. The more you give the more you will receive. Let not the physical mind assume an importance it tries to achieve. the soul is God within: it is part of The Beloved Creator that has been given to you to move you through time to the eternal journey of evolution back to Him. Let it be very loving in the life you live. Let your-self receive it and above all. by the spiritual living of your life. God always sends. this awakening from within into the divinity of spiritual truth. God replenishes. Let it teach it to be wise in the council you receive and you give. divine in origin. Those animals evolve into other creatures: their form of evolution is their own till the intent of God is eventually fulfilled. from the first class he enters until the very achievement of the final year of his schooling. See the divine hand of God upon everything that exists. but it’s allowed to grow. His assumption is that because he is more intelligent and more powerful he can assume dominance over them to the extent he can exterminate them or he can do what he wants with them. See the hand of God at work when a little egg is hatched and emerges forth as a bird. Then all the lessons he has learnt and all the growth he has achieved through that learning time: that is like the soul within you. It starts off in a physical body with no recollection. divine in intent and divine for the future. It is like a child like a child going to school for the first time. and the intricacies of it’s’ formation. See the beauty of nature. It is closed tight until you allow it to awaken. You cannot see a soul animating in that world without that physical body. yet the laws of God are so very simple and yet so difficult to live. the foul and the birds of the sky. The might of God is so misunderstood. it’s allowed to merge. emerge. and let it be wise in the choice of activities and the process of thinking that you acquire. The intent of God so unrealized. Let it teach you to be gentle with its-self and with others. because you have given it to others. not because it looks pretty but see the beauty of its formation.

as it does today. All the gentle truth of God is being withheld from so many. The divine laws of God are being denied to the people of your world, because of the cruelty of others, the injustice, the greed, the corruption, and the lack of moral leading of lives is bringing so much unhappiness into the lives of others. The little children who should be helped to grow in gentleness are cruelly treated, and are misused. The elderly are not given the respect they have a right to receive from their long life in that world. The sick are being allowed to fall into greater sickness because or the lack of kindness and generosity of others who have plenty. There must come to your world such a change of attitude, such a change of understanding and a change of direction. Until this comes mankind will suffer more. Governments must learn they cannot govern for the economy alone; they must govern for the human fabric of the nation they govern. Every decision they make must be fully accounted for, not just in the economic achievements but also in the achievements of the souls they should care for. The well-being of others in every form of living must be taken into account before any decision is made to correct the economy of the country. If this is done what will happen that, if that is done what will happen to this? I know decisions must be difficult at times; but always they must be in conformity with God’s laws and the repercussions on His humanity. The governments of your world are not ready to face life in this way. They are still prone to think they have the authority of making decisions according to their beliefs and their understandings. They are formed by many who know not God. They give God no name and no credit. How foolish, how unwise, how tragic? Their path must be so long, so wide and varied before they find the awakening to truth becoming prevalent within them. Sometimes you will find the words of divine wisdom flowing from a little child, even more than you would from an adult, because that little child is close to God if that soul within is evolved no matter what age the body is. Never regard as tragic the death of a child at an early age in accordance to your understanding of what you think is tragic. That soul may have chosen to come just for a brief visit, for reasons of its own; it may be the opposite, but always assume it is. The soul may chose to leave the body when it feels it accomplishes what it came to Earth for at no matter what age or what state of life that soul has achieved. Always let the credit and the decision be those of God; never think you can play God and decide that child should not have died or that child should have lived. `Beloved ones: Never decide: that is God’s province. Never assume it is betwixt God and the soul, for the justice will come out of the action that will always follow the deed. Sometimes a child chooses the suffering in it’s' childhood for reasons of growth, sometimes, as I have said before, for the growth of the family it belongs to. Give help, give kindness, give compassion, but never give judgment. Never find yourself indulging in intolerance with another because you know not why. I think the lessons in life are simple, but yet so difficult. Can you understand what I am trying to convey to you? If you can follow them and live them, then life becomes simple. If they thwart you then your path becomes darkened with the need to learn more lessons before the spiritual growth can be achieved. I want for your lives there to see then unfolding and flowing in the way that your soul is ready for, and in the way that your soul is asking for in its efforts to unite with God. You here this night have asked God in different ways and at different times to show you the way, to show you the path you must follow to bring you the comfort and help that you need in order to find it. God has heard you, and He has answered. God has answered differently, perhaps, but to each of you in your own way. If you truly give to God this condition of desire and that you truly want to be

guided along the path of eternal wisdom to Him in a way that is in conformity of your need to do so, then it will come. `My beloved children: God sees these words coming from your soul—not from your lips. Let the God see the sincerity of your request; not because you want to do something that will bring you benefit, but because your soul longs for it, and because your soul is crying out for the growth of your spirit. God reads your soul, not your lips! God can see the integrity of the request and He can see through those that merely want to feel that they are important in some way if they can achieve this growth. Desire and longing for God is the most powerful forms of energy that you can use to reach Him. If the desire and longing for God propels you into the action of spiritual undertaking, then you are surely on the path to unity with Him. If your efforts are made for gain or glory, then you will surely fall. Just seek God for God alone. Seek God because you love and want Him for God and God alone. Whatever falls into your life because of it is because it is what you accept. Whatever direction your life takes is because you have found it because of your love and longing for God. Do not find your-self gauging your life by what you think you have achieved or by what state your soul is in. Do not presume to have the wisdom of what you are or not, what stage you have reached or not, you have not the wisdom to know. You make not like what you are doing, because you have not the wisdom to decide how far you have grown. Give to God the longing for soul growth. Give to God the desire for spiritual growth. Give to God the intent to strive and strive, until you have conquered the ignorance of the soul within you, and awaken it to the wisdom it contains and the truth it knows. Let God see the intensity of your desire. Let Him see the true longing of the soul to reach Him, and He will help you. God will pull you up towards Him through sheer love. You will then find attracted to your life the souls who will help you. You will find attracted to your life all the manifestations that you need to grow to God in the way you need to grow to Him. Magnetically souls will be attracted to other souls—no-matter how far the distance if that is where they are meant to be. God will not deny from any searching soul anything that is truly right for that soul to have, and wise for that soul to follow. `My children: Do not underestimate the power of God. Do not belittle God by limiting Him to what He can and cannot do. Never feel you have the authority to decide what God thinks or doesn’t think. Never try to describe God in mundane terms that have been created by man. Never try to explain away the immensity of God; acknowledge it exists, acknowledge it is, and allow it to flow around you and fashion you in the divine way you need to reach Him. The fundamental fact you must always have in your consciousness is that you are divine. Never limit that world divine—that is the very power of your being. It’s the divine power that allows your soul to flower and grow. You are divine: that body is matter, fashioned by God and should be respected and valued, because it is of divine creation. But never let the physical body become the manifestation of your desire for life, and all that your life in matter can give to you. Never deny the right of others to have the lesser feelings until they can reach your understanding. Give them love and help, give them respect and the results of the responsibility you have toward them. Do not try and fashion their measure of existence by your own; allow them to live and grow according to their understanding, but give them love and gentleness along the way. Sacrifice a little of your-self to help them. Never sit in judgment. Never force anything upon them. Just gently walk with them through time until your time is finished; they will be attracted to that which is growing in your understanding. Your aura will expand in such a way that they will

feel the difference and know the difference. Let your life be lived as you would want to find it being lived as you move ever forward to God. Keep in your understanding on the horizon of God. Focus on this divine truth that awaiting you: it is illumed wisdom, and illumined blessing when you merge into the oneness with God at the end of your journey in that physical body. Know too, that life moves on, even in spirit; but you can also assume again another mantle of flesh, if what is wanted in God’s blessing upon your service to Him in this way. This can be so wonderful or so terrible in accordance to your acceptance of what and who you are. No-matter what the path—God is there! No-matter how difficult things are along the way—God is there! No-matter how lonely or bereft a soul may be—God is there! Let God fill your heart with comfort and your soul with solace. Let God help you bring joy to the life of others this love of Him. Never diminish God because someone ridicules what you think and what you do, and never diminish God because you cannot understand. Let your mind and soul be fashioned by His wisdom, in the time that is coming, and in the way that you are ready for. Never seek to think you know all because you know a little. Everybody is learning and growing. Everyone can achieve that which they are ready for. You too must follow the growth that must come; because you have grown into the wisdom to come to achieve it. You have the love for God within you, which is the most important thing you can have. You have the desire to reach God and the longing to reach God, which is the true motivation of a soul on its journey to reach Him. I bring these teachings because the laws of God are very simple when they are lived within. They are not some magical potion that you can take and use when you think you have the privilege and knowledge to do so. They are there implacably for all time. Then one day when man has evolved into the ability to understand this great wisdom of God’s laws he can live his life in the way that can help him attain the role of an Avatar. Man, while he is not living in truth, the real concept of God’s laws is still growing within him and he will still make mistakes, and he will still face the adversities of life until he reaches this ability to live God’s laws and merge with Him. Sickness is sometime meant to be lived by some souls until they reach that condition you call death, and will never be healed by anyone if the living of the laws of God demand that their lives should be lived in that way until they have reached the end of their journey. Others will also achieve this change, for all-sorts of varying reasons in their living of this physical life they come to Earth to experience. The desires may be there, but the reason may be different according to the life of that soul. `Beloved ones: God is love. God is light. God is wisdom. Live God as you love Him; then serve God with that love whenever and whenever you can. I bring this great love to for you to think about and bring God’s peace for you. of His service through me, I am Bethesda. you all as I come this day. I try to leave His wisdom to to try to emulate in your own living. But most of all I I bring the blessing of His love for you and the promise until you no longer have need of it.

Until a person acquires sufficient soul grow, that person cannot break through the barrier betwixt the known and unknown: because the emotional physical senses will

always mislead an un-evolved soul. Only spirit can ever conquer matter Only the higher and the purer can ever conquer the lesser Chapter 33 The Only Way I come with God’s message of divine wisdom and the boundless peace that only He can bring to a life. I come that in our moments together you can stand aside from that world and leave the material and all that it brings to a life. I come that you may dwell with the Divine, briefly though it may be, and feel the bliss that you can feel when God touches your life with only the loving intimacy that God can bring. How empty are lives that know not God? How empty they are in their daily activities when they can only focus on the physical, and either do-not know or do not care about the true potential of them selves, from whom they are, from whence they came, and where they go. Not just at the journey’s end of this life they are living, but through eternity. When you read or hear in your world of adventures into the space that surrounds your planet, excitement reigns supreme when something unusual develops, they get so excited and hope and expect that and so much more will come when they hear of it. If only they could develop their consciousness and travel into the dimensions of the cosmos with God, and see unfolding the wonder of the ultimate in creation that is God. How very mundane would that be that they think is exciting. Whilst they pursue the material and materialism and all the other physical phenomena of that world, while that is their goal they are limited; it is all a temporary illusion for the moment: it is motion in illusion. But when awakening souls pursue the spiritual path, expanding their consciousness, developing that wonderful soul growth within and they move into this great wisdom and understanding that is God. That which they can experience and know is limitless, it brings into their horizons of understanding a vastness of truth and reality that is hidden from the human conception and is only visible to the reality of the awakened self. I do not say this idly, I do not bring empty promises or vague pleasantries when I bring these words to you. I am a teacher for God I bring only truth that you may know it; but that what I give has the authority of god behind it. When I tell you all these wondrous things are there for all to find, you can be assured that this is so. Live for the divinity within and not the material without. Move along this path of enlightenment to the one supreme source of all things: who is enlightened in all that is: who is the creator of all that is; then in truth you will see wonders unfolding that you cannot even dream of in the fallible state of yourself at the moment in time. When you look at the beauty of your world and the magnificence of the creation in that world in its unspoiled state, and in the variety or the wonders that there is; if you could magnify it untold times; if you could visualize beyond that beauty, limitless in its expansiveness, perhaps you can grasp what little there is to see and know with the eyes of the spirit. The beauty of your Earth is a glorious gift of God, but it cannot compare with the beauty of spirit with the eyes of the beholder to see, and the higher the conscious the greater the beauty to behold. Never be content to let your consciousness dwell on the lower levels of understanding, even in spirit. Seek to expand this, higher and higher, deeper and deeper, and move into God’s great dimension of intelligence: then there is nothing that can equal that which you will behold.

you have to earn them and find them through the efforts of the spiritual search. and injustice: all are base qualities that are harnessed in mankind’s make-up. to the animals. He should disregard it and elevate his consciousness to a level where he is incapable of any mean action. They are interfering with the procreating of life. Has he not? Man has bought to that world the very worst of negativity. and how to undo that which they done. they have not the means to remedy them and in some instances they have not the knowledge of how to do it. cruelty. to the birds and to the fish. they have their nuclear power stations. . and never limit you horizons to the meager effort that you will think you will make because it seems the easier way to do it. It is like a sleeping serpent waiting to strike and man is finding it is beyond his control. Man is destroying. I can give you in truth when I say . greed. nor recall. It is being done now to the humanity of that world. There is so much dormant that he has created waiting to explode in your world. Man is closely approaching the danger point of-no-return in that material world. Discipline yourself relentlessly. it cannot be allowed to continue for much longer. to the crops of that world. to handle. nature.When you feel a sense of excitement of what you see and hear in your material world it is minute. disillusion. No one is going to bring them to you. my children? So many countries in your world have so many problems with what they have done. it is getting too big for him to look after. Once a cause has been set in motion the law of cause and effect has to follow its natural course. have the courage. so much poison is waiting to be emitted into the atmosphere. and all the baser results of his actions will emerge in that material world you call Earth. As long as man wallows in that very abyss of spirituality he will bring to that world the debasing that he is now doing. infinitesimal compared to a one experience of divine expansion of consciousness that can unleash for you so much to see and know from God. Man is operating in so much of his activities at the very lowest level of his vibration of ability. ‘They are doing it now. just one of those things that was meant to happen—but it is not! That is the so-called quality that man should lose. Never be content to move in the doldrums of the spiritual search. I think man has made that world very ugly. Avatars at their will can direct their consciousness to see behind all thing that which the wish to see. In these actions he is not only debasing that world but also the other forms of creation within it. ‘Is this not truth. their nuclear inventions and their weapons of war. . thought or deed. and he is wreaking havoc in the sea. through some mistake or decay that is from the result of that which man has created. in the air and on the land. anything of creation they are tampering with to prove they are superior in their understanding over that which exists—but they are not! Know in truth that mankind will have to reap the harvest of that which these socalled cleaver people are doing. the animal kingdom. Many will regard this as normal. he is mutilating. They can move in that Earth but they can dwell in the bliss and the wonder of God. word. thus he will bring in its wake the results of that negativity. no one is going to offer them to you as a gift. how to cope. . have this divine insight to know you have to make the greater effort: you have to sacrifice something of the self and that material world if you want to if you want to experiences these vaster experiences that lie before you. poverty. birds and humanity. undo. They are creating monsters that they cannot control. Man cannot be allowed to continue what he is doing at the rate he is doing it. through some human error.

or that you have to try and live on a cloud-nine away from everything. It’s the most difficult to be able to push aside the material world and devote the love and the time to God. . You perfunctory perform your duties with a responsibility that must come. toward that Godhead. I understand all that. These efforts are natural. If it is this great awaking of the inner-reality that you are seeking. Feel this core within you responding to the core of divine wisdom. . then you will attract to your life a greater force of divine energy and greater changes will come to you life whiles you are in flesh. to apply the discipline to the search for God that you need to do. But the true focus of your time is to be on God. no one will be progressing anywhere. You are in flesh this time for the purpose of gaining greater growth and greater understanding. I understand the difficulty of living in a physical body in that very material world. As long as people are content to dilly-dally in the decision making of their lives the will find they are standing still. You and you alone have to make that decision for God or that material world—but you cannot have both! I do not mean you have to ignore your world completely. should come. every time you utter the true words of love for God with the true conviction of the soul you are taking a stride toward Him. my children If you are content to let that world become your habit. You naturally have to live in that physical world and devote time to your duties to your economic survival. but the choice has to be yours and for others like you. It is the law! What you seek you find and you become. you have to come willingly lovingly and longingly. and those around you that you can help. Every thought you send to God of true longing for Him. then indeed can you move forward and you can attract to your life these great qualities of the Divine that are so vital to your soul growth. but these are not such absorbing tasks that do not allow you to give the priority of your time for God. Those who only want that material world who are content with all that negativity will only attract to their lives more negativity.You have the opportunity in your own lives to look at that world to see it with the eyes of divine wisdom. . I am sorry to say it . it will bring misery . What God is you can become—and that is truth! If you hesitate and weaken in your resolve. to His energy and His approach of longing for those to return to Him. If you apply this wisdom that you have and translate that into action. It’s the most difficult to be spiritual in. then it must be God you focus . Feel the very essence of the self stirring to the awakening and the reality and the immenseness and the vastness of the potential that you have. if you are content to take from that material world the pleasures and the sensations of the flesh that keep you happy in that world: that is your right and your choice. this I think is one of the worst eras of existence since man was created. and needs to come. if it is God you are seeking. But know also you are spiritual beings awaken to truth through lives gone by. The Divine Beloved that you focus on. and apply your life to it consistently and dedicatedly. The love for money will not bring more money to their lives. that you need to do. God cannot drag you kicking and screaming to Him. then you are not going to move to God—you cannot move to God! If you have the courage to make the decision. . and the activities of that word become your normal activities. You give your attention to that world with the devotion that it needs. Look at that world for what it is then you will have the decision to make of whether you will step aside from that and deeply pursue the spiritual path of your life. you can be very sure of that: corruption will only bring more corruption. but it does not mean you have to be tied to that world and be in bondage to it. to those you are responsible for. of true love for Him. But if you are indifferent to God then He will be indifferent to you: not intentionally. but this is the truth. to the welfare of yourself. but He cannot reach those who have close the door to His love.

new things all the time to entertain him. and they have nothing that seems to satisfy this disillusion within them. and to benefit from that which He has that given the bounty to the world for people in all countries have. You are going to see the economic climate of your world changing slowly but surely from the imbalance it is giving to the world. and of all the negative activities that they are indulging in. without having moved into any great spiritual achievement. in as much as there are too many wealthy ones with great wealth and far too many without anything. The older generation is too deeply steeped in their own ideological ideas. with the abuse of alcohol. but you will ultimately find it is a sickness that will burn itself out. They have to find a way through the darkness of their living. God has given your world such beauty. and through the last few decades there have been tremendous surge of inventiveness. excitement. and this is where the young souls coming into bodies are going to play a prominent part. they are disillusioned. because man cannot sustain this way of life and survive. from simplicity. he is speeding madly through it. At this present time they are destroying so many lives and so much happiness in that world. There will be a sickening of the disillusionment that your world is experiencing. gentle things of life and demanding sophistication. The young are going to bring about a balance of spirituality in that world. to keep. When money is used wisely and it is used with the qualities of understanding to enhance life in its highest form: then money is a gift to enjoy.of the disillusion that money does to a life when that is the longing and the ambition of a life. I give it again. to use. How many people pause to walk in a garden and just look at a flower? Many people will rush through the garden without seeing the flower: it is only a means of getting through somewhere to get to somewhere else. too deeply embedded in their habits of old for many of them to change. they will leave their bodies as they came without growth. but when it becomes an obsession. they are rebellious in so many instances because they are unsure and uncertain. Mankind is going to want something better. . in morality. and in all the economic disillusionment of the world. And they will do it! Your world is despoiled with the use of drugs. So many young people that are being born into bodies today are very highly evolved . . something greater. Can you understand this? I think when you look around you where you are now you see greed already in your part of that world and the results of that greed. Man is losing sight of the simpler. through wars. They are coming into bodies for a purpose of balance in that world. There is so much happening that will bring about almost a-turn-a-round in the years ahead. In all things man has lost the art of moving slowly through that material world and enjoying what he see. Great changes from peaceful quietude. and they have abused it. but they have exploited it. Is this not true? The twentieth century and the last few years in your Earth time has been the time of a very great changes in humanity: in a short hundred years there have been some tremendous changes of the living of those in your material world. The young in that world are going to be the saviors of that world in the years that are coming. when it becomes a longing to have. of electronic achievement and of speed. there is a great imbalance between the haves and the have-nots in that world today and it is . I think you will agree. and they are going to achieve (even in your lifetime) the beginnings of change. to sustain his interests and to satisfy his senses. in politics. I have given this before. and not for helping and sharing but for the self-gratification: then that money is a disease that will bring to a soul the results of that disease. such an opportunity to enjoy the bounty of that world.

This is going to be God’s helping hand to humanity to be able to reject that which your world is bringing to their lives. a responsibility is going to come in their actions. over the followers of these religions. People will yearn for the spiritual truth: the spiritual future of that which they are. It will be a case of their response spiritually. All souls are a part of God and all souls reflect the divinity of God within to varying ability to understand that inner-self. they are going to challenge. because they are not expounding the truth of God as it should be told. but it will come to your world. Those people who call themselves agnostics and atheists will no longer claim those beliefs. No-matter what is told them the soul within has to accept or reject that which is spiritually satisfying to it: many souls are still dormant and sleeping. as reality. Religions have not helped bring to your world the answers that man is seeking. There is going to come to that material world a tremendous surge of spiritual energy into the souls of all humanity. You are going to find the soul of man is going to respond to this input or divine energy and it will bring about a slow awaking of consciousness that they have been keeping dormant unwittingly within. They are to suddenly. People are still going to be receptive in the ultimate. without understanding why. The old conception of exploiting other people for their own ends is going to disappear in the years ahead. He will never compulsively make this happen. all promising their follows they have the answers to life. will in the ultimate be rejected as theology. but the core of God throughout all humanity will respond to the rejection of that which they are receiving. Then. and God will never interfere with free-will. as spiritual. economically. and change will emerge into the whole concept of your world of matter. slowly but surely this new thinking will emerge in areas of your world that you would have never thought it possible to happen. a stirring. an awakening coming to souls you never dreamed of. (I do not mean the immediate future I am speaking of the time that is coming to the world in years and years to come) this will be slow and gradual. emerge from this darkness of ignorance into a slow awakening. That which is now being fed to them in religious doctrines as truth. A consciousness. but they are not satisfying the needs of their follows. You are going to see it is as if they are in a state of sleep in so many instances and all of a sudden there will come a time when there is going to be an upsurge. These are going to question. because it is going to be a more leveling of people’s well-being. There are so many beliefs.apparent throughout your world. in their way of living. Is it not? This is going to bring about a change. a more sense or equality of need answered then there is today. This will not come to be in your lifetime. my children. the answers to eternity in many instances. They are going to ask questions more and more. so many different dogmas. he will never dominate or be dogmatic that it must happen. to their own need to grow spiritually. Beloved children: It is impossible for humanity to remain where it is in this inertia of understanding. You are going to see a lessening of power of religion over the populous. and they are no longer going to be sleeping: because this divine energy of God is going to be manifesting in your world to a greater degree. Can you see the difference? . even those people will find they are seeking to look and think and reason differently. even in a small way they are not going to be satisfied ultimately with what they are receiving because they will instinctively know that it is wrong. There is also going to be.

it’s being destroyed in a way that God cannot tolerate. You may not realize it. . This is logic. He hears all. They must be checked. He gives the wisdom. but the results that they are seeking will not be achieved. Humanity is expendable in as much as the physical counterpart can perish. Nothing happens under God’s direction that is without logic. I want you to try and comprehend this steadying hand upon the tiller of creation. God knows all.As the young souls come into the bodies and emerge into their lives with the spirituality that they will bring to their lives on Earth a spirituality that will bring about a spiritual reformation to your world that is so vitally needed. But in the intervening time. allowing everything to exist including humanity. He gives the love. Mankind will not know the reason behind it but you can be assured that there is a reason. Where an experiment is beneficial to mankind. Many who are working upon these so-called experiments are going to find that they are going to be without success. but there is still the power of divine wisdom behind it. Sometimes there has to be disasters. All things are in a state of planned action. and they will not understand the reason why. You must not think because this world of spirit is not visibly to mankind that it is remote to anything that happens in your world. . but the control of the divine wisdom is still going to remain the overriding power of all creation. spiritually. there has to be geographical happenings that bring misery to humanity on your planet but are important to the balance of that planet. Acts of nature are sometimes vitally necessary to the well-being of your world even though they may be detrimental to humanity living in it. God will use the spiritual of that which is in that world to override the material of that world in a way that is necessary to counteract that which man is bringing to that world. if the response is negative. gives the compassion and man must be able to ever respond to that which is ever flowing from God. Your world is polluted now to a point that is very dangerous. But the many which violate the laws of God are going to find that they are not moving in the success that they hoped or expected they would. . it will proceed. and they occur in accordance with God’s laws as nature and God decree. He understands all. and sometimes you have to hurt one aspect in order to save another: that which is the greater need will transcend the lesser. He sees all. and they will be checked. Sometimes you hear people referring to natural events as the law of nature: nature is only an expression of God in action. They in their experiment in their ignorance will continue with their experiments. in whatever form . you may not understand it but it will be so and sometimes events will occur. and he will not understand. Experiments in the laboratories are going to fail unexpectedly. or a reason. It is not! It’s still the overriding power behind that planet. there must come to the world a restraint on man in order that the world will not suffer irreversibly because of that which they are now doing to it. In accordance to the divine laws free-will is still being allowed to prevail. but the soul within is indestructible and will live on. My children. events that are beyond man’s comprehension. or a pattern. Too much already has been allowed to progress and find its way into your world’s activities. Materialism. That planet Earth as a whole is integrated. or a need. Is this not the truth? The material aspect of that world is matter. I want you to understand this law. A positive way must be mankind’s response. I think you will agree. Can you see this? I want you to understand the loving wisdom and logic of the Creator at work. God understands the limitations He must allow and He understands the course of action that must be taken to prevent the destruction of that world. with spirit being the superior aspect. then there comes as a result a detrimental effect to your world. or if the response is nil.

People are making decisions of monstrous error. do not shrink your thinking. Can you see what I mean? I want you to enlarge your vista of thinking. My beloved children: Man is going to find the lessons he is going to learn are going to be very painful. These will and must occur in order to remedy or right an imbalance to override something that would be worse to come: there is a logic behind all these things that is important to the planet or it would not occur. thinking with that narrow confined. fallible material thinking. let them be the ones you are sure are governed by the spiritual laws and not the . I do not speak of where pollution is the result of man’s activities. look at it with the eyes of God and not with the eyes of that world. The decisions you make. Don’t take at face value anything you see or hear: look through it. it may be painful. Spirit is eternal and indestructible. Are they not? These people are fallible: you think with the inner core of understanding within you. So many experts are busy pronouncing judgments on so many subjects. Divine wisdom. I think you can see what I mean. Are they not? However. Don’t fall into that habit of thinking: look at everything with the wider aspect of divine understanding—you can achieve it—just practice it. and he is free to do what he will. I want you to apply divine understanding to that world. it must take all priority over man’s wisdom. when he will. in allsorts of situations. but to the overriding wisdom of the spiritual wisdom it may be very necessary and expedient to the whole of that particular aspect of life. I do not speak of man-made events. At present man thinks he is in control of all his activities. going to be very definite. when you see nature in its own inimitable wisdom bringing disasters to your world that automatically come in certain moments in time to that material world. in whatever form it may be. look at the errors of judgment that is so manifest in that world today. Try and live your lives in the light of God’s wisdom. It is all because they are thinking materially. of things exploding. they are man-made disasters. that what may seem tragic in the human understanding. Never for one moment. and what they think should happen. what is right. then you can be assured that there is a pattern to these activities beyond the wisdom of the physical ability to understand this natural action. where material disasters occur. the material is only is only an aspect of things for a time and is perishable and destructible. temporary. it may bring misery. the greater power of the divine will always be paramount in anything that happens to that planet. Thus. it may be disastrous. The greater wisdom. They are not applying that wide vista of divine wisdom to their decision making. when. Look at the mistakes other people are making. and if. but remember that humanity living on that planet Earth are there as visitors only. Even if life be destroyed though events of nature. therefore. the soul within is still growing and living and moving along the eternal path of life in its journey to God. and do not limit your understanding to the barrage you receive through your media of that world. the need arises. apply this spiritual logic to that which you see and hear and you will have a very different understanding to that which other people are trying to give you. errors of all sorts in every corner of that world. and very convincing. Life may not be comfortable at times. of fire burning. and the spiritual will always override the material. is inferior to the spirit. is the governing wisdom behind all of creation. or rivers being dammed and causing damage because their courses are being changed. Are the not? They are bringing in their wake so much misery to other people’s lives and to the world: through their misguided judgments of what they think is best. let the fallible thinking of the physical mind be the wisdom that you apply to events of importance. very is. in borrowed bodies of flesh for the soul within to manifest in that material world.

of envy. Think what you are doing with your life. Think what you are doing with your life. how it is going to affect the growth of soul and the consciousness. and they can be giant steps if you want to make them giant steps – you can make them little tiny steps or you can make them big steps. and all the universes within those dimensions.material wisdom of your world. Beloved ones: Ensure from this day forward that your lives are responsible lives and that which you do with your lives is also responsible. only when you have earned the wisdom that you have are you able to comprehend the immensity of that responsibility. of anger. everything you do and everything you say has an effect on the whole of the self and not just the body. and what you must do while you are there. you are betraying the trust God placed in you by giving a body and a life to experience life in this present incarnation. You are a guest of God on that planet Earth. but this depends upon the effort you put into your search for Him. If it is realization in God that you seek. I could not begin to explain to you how vast is the existence that God has created. if it is truly the emergence of your consciousness into His consciousness that you are wanting. then you have the added responsibility of knowing what you are. If you are mean to other people. as part of the life on that planet and you must respect the rest of that planet. I could not begin to tell you of it. what you seek from life. If you do not do that then you are failing yourself and you are failing God. how you are progressing towards the goal of spiritual realization in God. if you are selfish. but you can understand it when you think with the mind of God. thoughts and deeds that are wrong. not just the physical body and the physical life. it also depends upon the discipline you bring to your life. When you have expanded your understanding into His understanding. All your desires. Slowly and gently you take the steps along the pathway until you reach Him: then you will know all. then you have to apply what you are and what you do—right from this moment: or you will wander in noman’s-land until you do. greed: all these things have a retarding effect upon the soul and the consciousness. Is this not truth If you have not awakened to spiritual truth or you cannot understand why you would did not think of it: it is a case of being alive in that material world: that is all you are: a human being in a material world. if you think thoughts of hatred. because you are one with Him. of all the dimensions there is. If you think mean thoughts. You have a responsibility to the body. if you are insular in thinking about what your life needs and not what the world needs: then you are retarding your spiritual growth and retarding that wonderful expansion of the consciousness. but you have a responsibility to the whole of that material world. There are no words in the human vocabulary that can explain the immensity of God and can explain the complexity of creation. and the . and only when you are spiritual aware. I cannot even begin to explain to you the complexity of the divine existence that is the whole of God. But those steps you take can be vital. But when you have spiritual understanding. the consistency of the effort you bring. If you misuse your own body through actions. It is a very serious responsibility to be in a body in that world. Then that which you give to God is the gift resulting from the acceptance of that responsibility. because God has placed you in it. where you are going. from whence you came. everything you think. You are a visitor privileged to have a body in order that you can experience life in a material atmosphere. I could explain to you the vastness of creation. let it be based on what is best for the whole of the self. you do not have to be told. then you are betraying your trust in God and you are betraying His trust in you. If you misuse your planet in any way. you instinctively know. Everything you eat.

Creating is too vast. a meltingpot of all varying degrees of evolution. and as they make the decisions that are so wrong. waiting for them to enter? Man thinks if he goes to these little planets that are waiting beyond his planet and that he is seeing creation unwinding before him. and make that longing and love that activity that takes you to Him. do not let it color your optimism and do not let it bring despair to your thinking. Stand aside and feel the true spirituality of the self overpowering the physical aspect of your-self. they will not find God in those places and yet they are wasting all this money on seeking them when there are children starving in your world. eating each other. See it all through the eyes of divine wisdom as a melting-pot of growth. If you can think with the vastness of the spirituality that you have. . that love for God. If man goes out into space in their space ships all they will see is more physical creation. seeking the awakening of the inner-self to Him. Do not go through that Earth life with blinkers on and do not go through that life locked in a material prison of ignorance. but if you can cleanse the mind. seeking understanding. help where you can. you can see and look at that world and you can see it is like a lot of little ants running around in circles in that world.application of it to that which you are. It’s like walking along a beach from one grain of sand to another: that is all they are doing. you must feel it. It is for me an urgency to persuade you not to dwell upon what that world is bringing to the lives of the population of that world. then you will attract to your life so much more than you ever dreamed of. that he is seeing the universe unfolding before him. seeking growth. You must know it. or you can see them as creations of God. through all the agony and through all the suffering will come the purification of every soul incarnate that the world will be cleansed again for God. Know that in time. destroying each other. How can anyone want to live in that narrowness of materialism when there is this vastness of divine bliss before them. Just a word. as you move though life. seek Him and you will know the answers. My children. material thinking that goes on in that world. to sow the seed of truth and to bring the comfort and solace to the life of someone who is lonely and hungry for God. if you can sweep away from the physical mind all the little narrow. If you want to be narrow in your thinking. live the wisdom that you have earned. but do not dwell upon it. dying in your world for the want of medical care. just a thought you can give can bring to some-ones life a comfort you could never understand. God has the answers to everything. if you want to be insular in your understanding. You then can. Their wisdom. to find and to awaken. struggling and threshing about in their need to understand. live God’s wisdom. with compassion. silly. then that is your privilege. and live that longing for God. I understand. Where are their priorities? Where is their wisdom? My children: Do not live their wisdom. Apply in your own everyday life the divine laws of understanding and your life will grow and expand. too big for anything that man could ever understand until he becomes one with God. Then you can watch with compassion and understanding as they make the mistakes that they do. do you understand this teaching that I bring to you? Live the understanding that you have. their knowledge can only come through the expansion of their understanding into the understanding of God who is the controller of all creation. Why do the waste their energies in seeking to visit other planets when they are so busy destroying their own? Why do they want to waste all their on these efforts of exploration into space when it should be given to the betterment of the planet on which they are living? Why do they seek such knowledge that is material in its make-up? All this is beyond them. Man understands not.

but it will take you lovingly and gently through this sea of experience into the bliss of God’s lagoon of His own pure perfect wisdom. No-matter what you have to do in that material world. Do not look at the pollution in your world! See the rivers running sweet and pure. and makes it your own obvious wisdom of growth and living. Let your higher consciousness be the gentle sponge that soaks in the wisdom of God. or five spiritual laws. you live kindness. See them finding their safe landing places. Beloved ones of that material world: Live the divine way and let that material world move along and you will not be caught up in it. two or three. See the oceans. You live them or you don’t! As you live each law. spiritual truths have to be earned and lived Epilogue The divine laws that I so frequently refer to. ‘Today I will be kind. Feel the love of God flowing through a tree. what decisions you all have to make in your daily lives.My children: Let everything you think be positive. May enlightenment be the light that illuminates your path-way. Nothing always will be perfect. See the beauty of the fish that are basking in this purity. You do not have to understand to know: you have to feel. Live gently with nature and find yourself in harmony with other evolutions of creation around you. I come with a great abundance of love. Every component part is interwoven with the other. They are simply a reality of the whole of the law. one. You do not number them and tick them off and say . the law of attunement with nature. nothing always will workout right. the law of sharing and giving. not the materialism of that world. For a soul to find enlightenment. to protect and to strengthen. and know God is the power within it. and do not measure any happiness for yourself as the result of dependency that your world has to give. are the law of love. Feel that oneness when you see a little ant hurrying along the ground. You do not live cruelty. .’ That’s not the way to live God’s laws. Feel that oneness with God when you walk by a river. always know if you make the decisions with love and wisdom behind them: then you cannot be doing anything that has not the divine authority of God behind it: because you are drawing upon the spirituality of the self and not the fallible reasoning of the physical mind. four. See the birds flying through clear skies with not pollution. nothing always will spare you hurt. In living the laws. I am Bethesda. everything you do be positive. There are no. I leave my peace. . I want all to know it is there to uplift. where there is plenty of food to sustain them. Tell yourself you will not be part of it: you are only in it because you are in flesh. the law of attunement and caring of the animal kingdom. and you live compassion. the law of compassion. and I leave that love behind because I want everyone to feel it. Let The Divine Creator guide you. and follow that guidance until you are at one with the bliss of God. fragrant and clean. you need to live the whole of that law. tomorrow I will have compassion—the next day I will have something else. Let you’re your strength be the strength be the strength within. and the and the conservation necessity of living in that world of matter. Seek your happiness and seek your peace from deep within that well of divine understanding that is lying there within you. you live the whole automatically. I leave my love. .

These are the teachings of an Avatar who has reached that supreme state of unity with God. See the sun gently warming the earth as it grows the food to eat. See the world with divine wisdom and know you are seeing the future! May God’s peace and love. His wisdom guides the reader along the divine pathway to enlightenment. and the spiritual reality will replace it! Back cover The Wisdom of an AVATAR A must read for those who seek enlightenment. you evolve spiritually into that state of supreme consciousness. See not this overpopulation of animal species so that man can slaughter and eat them. Religious beliefs can be changed. It does not flood. that supreme condition of being one with God—then truly you have become an Avatar! I am Bethesda. Greed. enlightenment and the higher consciousness. if it were it would have no value. See not the need for hard medicines of your world that poison the cells of the body. the fields and the wilderness. One day mankind’s material dream will end. Man will know he can eat your Earth’s food with safety. where their tired wings can find a place to rest. May all loving souls that exist in that material world recognize that the condition of enlightenment is the pathway that leads to the super-conscious min. true spirituality. With greater soul growth you can tap into the universal mind of God. See no more forced breeding. Wisdom is constant and sure: it is never ending and has no limit. Enlightenment leads to the higher consciousness: it is a divine experience. Spiritual truths cannot. cruelty. Most intellectual people see the material world and energy as a commodity. Enlightenment gives you the understanding of creation: you will know what you cannot even dream of knowing. profound wisdom that is long over-due. unimpeded by man’s desire to destroy or eliminate. without the infliction of chemicals upon it. They do not recognize the power of The Creator behind it. but even the greatest .See the sweet waters for them to drink. torture and material desires are rife in this world as never before. no more forcing of animal numbers to feed the ever-expanding masses of people in that material world. a merging of the supreme consciousness into the mind of God. be the constant companion to all those loving souls that are truly seek divine enlightenment. It is not easy. Now an Avatar brings divine wisdom and great spiritual insight to a darkened world. When you are in the presence of an Avatar you need no one to lead you to God: you just feel God The Avatar shows sincere seekers the pathway to soul growth. See only nature as being the cure that man uses to heal. There are people in this material world with great intellect. A perfect read for those who are trying to reach the higher consciousness. See the gentle rain that falls upon that earth. The window of the soul gives a vista of truth to those who have the wisdom to see through it. See the animals gently feeding in the meadows. It seems as if insanity has been unleashed upon this planet we call Earth. unafraid that tomorrow there will be nothing left for them. to make whole from God’s delicious nectar of divine energy that flows to all that exists. It does not overwhelm: it simply replaces and replenishes.

” It truly was a wise way of describing that unseen something we call God. then they are only perpetuating their own dark destiny. You can be helped. as we are trying to help sincere seekers to become enlightened in God. The Avatar brings to the reader the reality of that which God is. When a seeker of enlightenment learns to think with the mind of the soul that mind transcends the intellect. When you live in a material world it is very hard to see the divine. It is only through the efforts of the self: no one can give it to you. but in this silence it tells you many things. destroying. Would you or any true seeker hold yourself back in these heavy vibrations of matter? Free your true identity into this divine energy of God. . is not male or female: God is the pure energy of creation. . no one can tell you how to feel it and know it: you truly have to become it through your own disciplined efforts. when you have left behind all else but this great understanding of becoming one with the creator. hurting . The Avatars that have come to Earth in the centuries past have come to this planet Earth and tried so very hard start a movement of understanding to help people living in that material world to understand spiritual truths.” The Tao is silent. God is the super. this world is you training ground—in truth you do not belong there. it cannot be given to you by another person. Sadly. but wisdom is the voice of God. It is by necessity that you are in a physical body. Lao Tzu once said . it doesn’t exist. This material is just a physical aspect man is creating and perpetuating. has no skin color. “The Tao is without shape or form. if the soul cannot be tangibly examined and practically examined. understanding the divine consciousness of God and becoming one with it. all the negative thing s that I can think of to describe it. . . ignored or distorted spiritual truths in favor of religious beliefs and doctrines. and he would recoil in horror at the amount of wealth religions are making in his name. aggravating. If mankind cannot recognize by now that the hidden force behind all existence is God. supreme intelligence that governs and controls all universal life and rhythm — God simply is. You cannot imagine what awaits you when you are enlightened. Enlightenment is in effect. it goes beyond and sees things that the intellect cannot grasp. Learning is man made knowledge. Enlightenment is but a word: it is in truth a condition of the consciousness awakened into the vast understanding of God. Front flap To the scientists.of them can only reason as far as the intellect allows. Enlightenment is that condition of being you can only attain when you have truly surrendered to God in the fullness of your awakened consciousness. Can you see what I mean? I make no apology for you all to push away the world from your living and move to God on wings of love and longing. though the Tao has no shape or form you can see the Tao in all things. as spoken from the pulpits today. The Avatar Bethesda has frequently said God has no shape or form. . civilizations past and present in this world of matter have misunderstood. In this book are teachings from an Avatar from dimensions beyond the Spirit world: he takes twenty-six letters from the alphabet and turns them into pure wisdom. Avatars such as Jesus were glorified by man and mistakenly called god and given a godhood they never claimed or wanted. If Jesus came back tomorrow he would not recognize the truths he spoke a little over two-thousand years ago. when you are one with God. your own growth to God through your own consciousness. Can you see what I mean? Enlightenment cannot be taught to you.

The soul is the ingredient of God within man.There is so much man could have but he has lost the ability to reason with his soul. .