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Published by: Gary Jacome on Feb 05, 2013
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MindView lets you record sounds directly from within the program and add them to the
branch or sub-branch of your choice.

Select the root or branch to which you want to add a sound.

Choose Insert | Links | Sounds.

The Sound Recording toolbar appears.


User Guide

Press the Record button to start recording.

Press the Play button to playback and check your recording.

When you are satisfied with your recording, press the Save button (on the right) to save it in
the folder of your choice.

A paperclip icon now appears to the right of the branch label to indicate the presence of an
attached object. Moving the mouse pointer over this paperclip icon displays a pop-up list of all the
objects attached.

The sound is also added to the Object list of the root or branch, giving you a complete overview of
the objects you have attached to it.

See "Using the Object list" for more information.

Playing a sound

Once attached, there are several ways to playback a sound:

Double-click the sound in the Object list, or

Select the sound in the Object list and choose Execute in its local menu, or

Display the object pop-up list by moving the mouse pointer over the paperclip icon and
click the sound.

Moving a sound

You can easily move or copy a sound from one branch to another.

To move a sound, select it in the Object list of the original branch and drag it to the branch you

want to move it to.

To copy a sound, select it in the Object list of the original branch, press the Ctrl key and drag it
to the branch you want to copy it to while keeping the Ctrl key down.

Deleting a sound

To delete a sound, select it in the Object list and do one of the following:

Press Delete, or

Choose Delete in its local menu.

Remember that if you delete a sound by accident, you can always cancel the deletion by
clicking Undo in the Quick Access Toolbar or pressing Ctrl + Z.

Sound properties

Like all objects, sounds have properties, which you can edit in the Properties dialog.

See "Attachment properties: General tab" for a detailed description of the properties applicable to
sounds and "Using the Properties dialog" for a general description of the Properties dialog.

If the Properties dialog is not visible, choose View | Show/Hide | Properties to open it.

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